TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans

TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans [Reference] App Description & Overview

Make new meaningful Tik Tok friends with TikBoost. We want to help you to create more meaningful and real friendships, that will help you grow your audience even bigger.

PS - TikBoost is a fun way to make new Tik Tok followers, likes, fans and is NOT a teen dating app, so play it cool you guys ;)

All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of TikBoost privacy policy.

Privacy Policy: https://tikboost.flycricket.io/privacy.html
Terms of Use: https://tikboost.flycricket.io/terms.html

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
Email: danikemper1999@gmail.com

Safety disclaimer: TikBoost is intended to be used for making new followers & fans from all over the world to add and chat with on Tik Tok. We urge our users to be mindful when considering to share their location, full name, and all other other personal information with new friends. Additionally, TikBoost is not intended for the buying and selling of adult content. Account selling, or requesting adult content will be disabled due to violating our community guidelines. Please report anything you see that isn’t right!

This app is not affiliated with TikTok or Bytedance Ltd.

In App Promotion Photo by: Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

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TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks you for using Tikboost! In this update we have fixed some minor bugs and updated the Google ads SDK. We love to hear your feedback! Feel free to send an email (danikemper1999@gmail.com) or DM me on Instagram (danikemper).

TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans Comments & Reviews

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- I dont QUITE underatand

Dear Developer, I would be really interested in you updating the app, kind of like to just be able to gain followers by using stars or coins by following other people! I dont like tik friends because it is not like that. I can tell your app has potential, and if you update it to this idea, it would be even better! Just take note of it because all the other apps I used to use had this and I loved it! I’m sure others will too! - sincerely a tiktok user

- Slow

It’s very slow I sat down for 2 hours still won’t work and re fresh still won’t work it made my phone slow i had to buy a phone

- Dear Developer

Dear Developer, I want to get more followers on my TikTok I have used other apps like yours. But for some strange reason I am not able to log into your app. I stared at the screen for over 10 minutes and it still won’t log me in! I deleted the app and then got it again the same thing happened! I do not want to leave a bad review on this app. Could you please help me.

- It’s slow

I tried to download this app five times and none of them worked and it is definitely not my Wi-Fi because I went to different Wi-Fi places and my own and it never worked I don’t know what is happening I don’t know what’s wrong with it but I tried to download it the first time it took forever just to download and it didn’t even download it took like an hour and it still didn’t download I deleted the app second day I tried it again did the same thing week did the same thing

- Very slow

The app is so slow I let my phone sit for an hour and it still won’t log in. Hope this very short review helped you.

- Might of been taken down

So I have used this app for a while, works great. Now I try to enter the app and it’s a black screen, I hope it comes back! Alana

- Why is the rating 4+

Hi you have a problem your rating is 4+. Anyway this is a problem because what do you now what your child is doing plus what if it is Not inappropriate for your child its not like Quick math that is a 4+ game this is not education for 4+ so just letting you now.

- Confusing

I bought a membership then it linked to somebody else’s tiktok account and be try confusing app. It needs a tutorial, I quickly deleted the app. Would not recommend downloading.

- Good

I like it very good app love how it works and have a lot of things to do .I love this is one of the best apps. You can do all of things and have fun but is a really good app and I will use this all the time.

- Pro not what it says it should be.

If he gets ahold of me i will change this review. I purchased the pro account. I get no extra benifits . It says u get free coins but u dont. It says u get followers well so far zero but that is yet to be determined. It has no instruction, the bio wont accept the url video link. Everytime u login it ascks for it again. Watching videos also does not give you coins. Idk i say be careful

- Doesn’t even work

First of all when I tried logging in it took over 3 hours to stop loading and when I left the app to check something it logged me out and then it wouldn’t let me back in and after that I was nice and gave it a second chance by re downloading it and then the 60 bucks I spent were wasted and gone worst download ever!

- Help me please 🙏

So how do you work this I am so confused it could be nice to know how to use it!!! But I'm not mad just confused please help me use this cuz I wanna be more famous than Charlie demilio or so body else

- Don’t know how to work it

I don’t really know how to get my followers from this like I try and it tells me it should be in my bio and I never see anything and it’s always take me to the TikTok website

- Recommend

Love it get free coins by rating app watching a vid for 30 coins and every day get 20 more coins log in

- A little problem

So I tried signing into my account but my mom put it on private and she moderates my account so it be nice if you made it so that it doesn’t matter if your account is private or not just a suggestion.

- ?

I don’t want to say it was horrible, it’s just didn’t work for me. I opened the app and it just showed me a lack screen. Nothing happened. Maybe it was just the fact that I have an old phone. Not sure.

- Pointless & Useless

This app does NOTHING of what it says it will. Downloaded to see how I could get more followers and all I got was a headache. It looks like a dating app because it just sends you random TT profiles from all over the world asking you to either like or swipe. Plus all the accounts it showed me were minors! Ewwww

- Rate

I loved it it was outstanding and had much effort into everything written!

- Don’t waste your money

Paid for a week which cost 1.99 and then the next day it tried to get get me to by a weekly plan when I had just brought one the day before so it just took my money just make a whole bunch of random accounts if you want likes

- Won’t load

This app ain’t worth 4.6 stars if I can’t even sign in on the app cuz it won’t load

- Pretty awesome

Works very well, would be helpful if you had money though

- Won’t let you cancel a subscription

When you want to cancel your subscription it won’t show up as an option. And when you click on contact in settings the app just shuts down completely. I would like a refund!

- Ehh

It wouldn’t load but other than that

- ya its good

i mean its not the best but the one thing I don’t like about it is that it keeps on loading and loading and loading and it’s loading like a lot and I don’t know what’s going to show up so ya

- Eh

It won’t let me do anything because there has been a loading sign for the past 10 minutes

- People follow and then unfollow

It’s a great app but people will follow you than a few seconds later they unfollow could you make it so if the unfollow you they lose gems

- Uncomfortable

I feel very uncomfortable with being asked what I’m “Interested in” and the option are “boys or girls,” thats creepy and shouldn’t even be asked or even there.

- Rating

This is a review for rating and getting 10 coins

- Doesn’t work

It’s been loading for the past hour and this is everytime I try logging in I have deleted the app multiple times so it’s not my WiFi or phone something about the app because it don’t work.

- Not working???

Won’t let me sign in. It keeps staying on the loading screen! I have a iPhone 6s I’ve tried signing in for a almost everyday for a month now and still doesn’t work. I’ve tried reinstalling and restarting my phone too

- It’s really complexed

I don’t how to use it and it doesn’t work

- It just loads

For me I will wait and wait for it to load but nothing happens. It honestly would have been good if it would load. It’s not my internet or phone. It just won’t work for me 😑😢😗

- Good

This app helps to keep my TikTok likes and followers and see them every day so I like it

- I love this

It’s really helpful, it’s helping my account grow🥺thank you!

- Seems fine and so

It looks okay and pretty fine but what do u do with the coins how do u spend it?

- Legit real use this app

Hi my names Allie I was using this app and helps more than any other app it was really fun

- I’m just doing this for points

I just downloaded the app I’m just doing dis for the points

- Great

The app is great I’m having more likes and followers. Little glitchy.

- Doesent work

The app’s login page is not working. I still had it open for a hour but nothing happend. Please fix this problem and tell me when it is fixed.

- Need to wait 1 hour

When I opened the app. It’s so long to loading 😖😖😖I hate that but I rated 3 stars because I’m not sure if the app will work soon

- Um why can’t I like other people’s videos to get gems?! 😤

Can you please update this app I don’t think it works anymore please do something. When I try to like a videos to get a gem it says I didn’t like the video. Something is wrong with this app. 😒

- I like this app

This app is soooooo legit it works try it now if you need likes or followers:)

- Very nice

Took a while to log in but works

- Really bad

This app doesn’t work at all. Even with the update it doesn’t work. I put the numbers in my bio and I go back to the app and it just glitches out of the app, and when I go back into app it does the same thing.

- It was BAD!!!!

When I downloaded the app and clicked on it I just showed a black screen and when it finally said to sign in it said there was an error so I just deleted it.

- Amazing

This app is amazing highly recommend getting it

- Wish for the best

Hoping it’ll work

- Best

It is good I just give it a this because it ask

- I...

I have not got any followers yet but I might later

- Hard

This Is Not Really Getting Me Much Followers

AirBNB 🎁

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- Good so far

Hope this is a good app for you to use!

- Highly suggest

It’s not about user fake followers everyone is real it’s about actually getting a chance to show off your tik tok and this is a fyp for everyone who doesn’t get noticed enough best app ever

- Really good

This app is really helpful I would definitely recommend it

- Awesome

Hi do I have to get my car to do a little thing

- 🙁

I want to use this app but, all I see is a loading screen with with some buttons, and when I do try to press them, it kicks me out. Every single time.

- Good app

Advertises your tiktok and expands your audience well. Effective app


IT GOT ME 170 FOLLOWERS IN 2 DAYS I STARTED WITH 20, but, you do have to follow random people but ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- I think this would be good if you didn’t have to pay

I don’t get why you have to pay!

- This is the best get it now

Just the best

- Good app

Fun and easy to use

- 😿

It kept loading the whole time. And it kept on kicking me out. 😪

- Amazing

Really good to get followers

- I hate it

This is horrible I know you should work for tik tok follows but this app does nothing for you and it is terrible

- Tik boost 5 stars

This app is excellent

- U have to pay...

And it like doesn’t load

- Dk

It’s so cool recommend

- not that good

hey so when i go into the app all it shows is a black screen and it’s annoying me i’ve tried to refresh but it doesn’t work☹️

- Doesn’t work

No point downloading it

- i don’t really know

i opened the app but all it shows is a black screen so far. so i don’t really know how it’ll go, but i’m exited :/

- 😕

All I see is a loading screen!

- Bad

It keeps deleting all my stars do not install 😑😔🥺

- TikBoost

Really cool app

- Idk

How do you work it?

- glee dog


- He


- Loading problem

There’s a login problem where when you copy and paste the code you can’t sign in it just continues loading. Please fix this problem, thank you.


Lmao you can’t even log in

- Nah

This app keeps me on loading screen forever and a better way for me to get followers is follow me on tiktok @XDRileyAdamsXD

- This sucks😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

So me and my friend are trying to get famous and stuff i tried and it kicked me out i saw others have the same thing happen! So i tried again and again trying! This app is bad never using it again and i recommed not using it. All these ratings are probably fake. I made sure to check of it needed an update and it didnt im deleting the app ! Hope you guys can make it better but never getting it again!im very angry at this and dont want it to happen again!😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Yours very disapointed leyla

- Loading

I can’t even get in, I copy and paste my username I copy the code ad put it in my bio and there is no login in button. So if you see this and your in the app please write back and HELP ME!!!!

Payoneer 💰

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- Cool


- Creepy Scammers!!!

Once you create a profile, you will have no way of deactivating or deleting your account, after they collect information about you. Very illegal.

- it doesn’t work


- It’s works!

It’s really good if you spend like 10-20 coins instead of 100 coins because when I spent 100 coins I didn’t get everything I was suppose to get but when I did 20 coins I got everything :)

- Don’t work

They broke it and it DONT work

- I didn’t get it at first but I do now and it’s great

If you are confused on what to put in the blank in the beginning. Tap the copy code button,and press the button underneath that and it says open in tiktok press that after put that code in your bio.Then go to he app and press sign in.And your all good.

- Won’t work

I did all the stuff not told me to and then it would only load and nothing else


I was forced

- Sorry bad

It doesn’t work no hate

- Cool


- Pls owner reply

Ok I wrote my username and it says it’s not found and when i pressed open TikTok it didn’t do anything so fix it pls

- Unable to login or sign up

Hi! I pasted the code onto my tik tok bio and clicked sign up, all it would do is load infinitely, tried multiple times and no success

- blair y


- Fake

I added my username and put the code into my bio then it wouldn’t stop loading when I pressed sign in and the wifi in my house right now is amazing so you guys got some explaining to do...

- Tiktok

I love it it’s great

- Bafuz

Uh why is it j a black screen

- Terrible

It’s a bad app it shouldn’t even need my email and password. And it doesn’t give me stars. And I was losing a lot of followers after I downloaded this app

- ⚠️WARNING⚠️ do not download this app it banned you off tiktok it fiddle it to me 15 times.

I hate this app it’s so trash it banned me off tiktok when I have over 82.6k followers

- Yooo


- Jdjdjebsjais

Good app

- Cool


- Good app

Easy to get coins

- Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t work

- Cool


- Ree

Its okk

- I’m confused

When I downloaded it I put in my username and put the code into my bio but when I press sign in afterwards it just glitches me out of the app. It does this every time

- Good

Its ok but i still use it

- Kywm


- 🍩

Very nice

- ❤️

❤️ good

- This app is horrible

Doesn’t even work 😂

- Bad

Its garbage

- Amazing


- I never

I was a black screen and it still is ??

- Great

It works it recommended it!

- Meh


Libertex 📈

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- It’s kind of good

I just put this review to get stars😅 but it works kind of

- I didn’t get any followers

When I first downloaded this app I thought I was gonna get followers. I think it’s funny how you put so many requirements but false advertised. Where tf are my followers?

- why does this work lol

how the heck does this work?? Lol I literally went to Tik tok and it gave me followers

- .

I don’t see nothing wrong with this app. Very simple to get followers

- Hdsjhsdbdhshsb

I like seeing other peoples vids so I can make more freinds

- Great app

I wish this app gave more likes but in all its good


This app is AWESOME! They help get me as many followers as I want on my tik tok account!! I am VERY pleased with app and I suggest you download!!


thanks for scamming me out of 7 dollars and it doesn’t even work I could’ve bought a subways sandwich instead

- So far it’s good

So far it’s amazing ill check back in❤️

- App review

Needs some work but decent.

- How long does it take to sign up?

Just a question

- Noooo

Hi but it really is not working sorry it tell it. Well... i alr reached 25 diamonds and presses the video that i like but nothing

- I love TikBoost but I have a question

Hi you have to make more TikTok tok follower apps you have to please

- It keeps crashing

It keeps on crashing and that kind of annoys me. I even tried to delete it and get it back and it’s STILL crashing

- This app is the best

This app is so fun and addicted u meet new people and all its so good

- Not very happy with this app

I just join this app and paid for a week subscription for pro membership and it didn’t do anything and said I am not a pro member but still charged my card.. it a scam

- It said you get 20 stars for 5 star review

So here it is

- Fix this

When I press sighn in it loads for hours

- Awesome

Definitely boosts your account!

- I just want me coins

I just want me coins

- Not working

I’m gonna still rate this app a 5 but when I press sign in it just starts loading and won’t stop loading so i can’t even use the app for some reason

- Too slow

Too slow keeps loading

- I love this app

I got so much followers from it

- They make me do this

I’m doing this for coins

- 1 star

It is not signing me in. I keep trying and trying but it doesn’t work. I even deleted the app and download it again but it’s still the same

- Weirdos

This app is creepy why do it needs to know if your a boy or a girl and why does it need to know if your into boys or girls that is weird kids don’t use this all and then it ask for personal info this is a bad app

- not what it seems I

I might be being a little harsh on this one but this looks more like of a dating app then a app where you can get fans and make new friends.

- Coins

What do you do with the coins

- Nice

Very good, I get rewards easily. The app is really well run.

- Jazmin

This app is really helpful I recommend

- Would not recommend

Horrible app I put in my info and 1 minut later it changed it to something else half the time I did not see a thing

- How does this help us

Okay I read the name of the game but how do this game get you likes and followers and I love the why that is works and this is a great game but just don’t work for me😐

- App

I was just told to do this for coins idrc but it a pretty good app

- Slow

It will not load and it has been loading for an hour and I have gotten no new followers

- Waiting Forever

I have been waiting for a long time and it still hasn’t found my account, please fix this.

- Great app

It’s really great app allowed me to see new people

- Fine

It’s fine

- It doesn’t work

This app doesn’t help you with tiktok growth it’s just a way the get revenge bc you can see who like your and unfollow but only if you pay $30. dollars

- Good

It told me rate then 5. Star for 10 coins

- Dear Developer

It’s so slow and it’s like tinder but for TikTok that’s dumb I actually wanted an app that would help all of those TikTokers out buttttt nooooo you just my tinder and made it a different name and put a different logo on it

- This helped me a lot

This helped me a lot

- Doesn’t even load

I downloaded it and it won’t even let me log in...maybe needs an update? Not sure but not the greatest impression

- Wonder

This app I don’t get when I tried to sign in it says that my account is private which is not ,pls help me

- rating

I dint understand how the app works and this app was made just to make money, it has no purpose in it. I rate it 1/5 and I uninstalled it in 5 minutes after downloading it.

- Terrible!

The app is not worth the 4 star rate! You can even sign into you’re account it does not load so please educate yourselves and read reviews before downloading!!

- My account was DELETED

I will NEVER use this app again my whole TikTok account got deleted from using this app ( I warn you do not use this app if you don’t want an account deleted)

- Idk

I don’t know if it even works but I need coins so I am doing this

- It does not work

I will log in and everything but it just exits out of the app completely and I can’t even log in

- Annoying

This is horrible if you are impatient it takes literally for ever to even see the app I didn’t even get to see what’s in the app

- Fair app

It actually works

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TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans 1.2.3 Screenshots & Images

TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans iphone images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans iphone images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans iphone images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans iphone images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans ipad images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans ipad images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans ipad images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans ipad images
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans (Version 1.2.3) Install & Download

The applications TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans was published in the category Reference on 2020-05-04 and was developed by Dani Kemper [Developer ID: 1466077839]. This application file size is 25.8 MB. TikBoost: Get Followers & Fans - Reference posted on 2020-08-27 current version is 1.2.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Dani-Kemper.TikFriend

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