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What is arrivecan app? As part of Canada's efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent importation, use ArriveCAN to comply with the Government of Canada mandatory travel requirements before and after your entry into Canada.

Traveller contact information, vaccination status and potential quarantine location may be collected by this application.

Use ArriveCAN to comply with the mandatory travel requirements before and after your entry into Canada. It only takes minutes to help keep each other safe.
This app supports English, French and Spanish (displayed in the language of your device).

Please refer to the accessibility notice for this app:

Plan ahead and learn more by visiting the ArriveCAN website:

Travellers with a right of entry, such as Canadian citizens, permanent residents and persons registered under the Indian Act will not be denied boarding of their flight or entry into Canada if they do not use ArriveCAN. You can also seek assistance upon arrival to Canada.

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How to contact ArriveCAN (Canada Border Services Agency)?
Find this site the customer service details of ArriveCAN. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

ArriveCAN Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ArriveCAN Version 2.29.615 May 2022

- Additional Ports of Entry - Vaccinated travelers now asked for destination address.

ArriveCAN Version 2.26.928 February 2022

- Accessibility improvements - Collection of vaccination details for children aged 5+ - Expanded list of approved vaccines.

ArriveCAN Version 2.25.1018 January 2022

- Updated exempt reusable receipt such as displaying vaccination status and purpose of travel - Updated Day 4 Compliance notification to adjust quarantine period from 10 to 14 days - Updated Reasons for Travel - Accessibility Improvements.

ArriveCAN Comments & Reviews 2022

- Excited! Perhaps allow U.S. visitors to enter info early?

We are literally crying with joy to be able to come to Canada and see our beloved cottage in beautiful Ontario after so long! With this app would it be possible (with any coming updates) to allow us to photograph or otherwise enter our CDC vaccination information in advance of our coming to your country next month — for any processing you guys do upfront? Right now info entry is only a few days in advance of arrival as you know. Also: Do you anticipate integration of the Nexus system with this and the scanning or submission of testing results — to make the border crossings smooth and perhaps less prone to traffic jams? So many Qs! So much happiness! Thank you Canada for having us at last!

- Poor user experience & synching to border agents

This app is supposed to make travel to Canada easier it is a fairly laborious process to fill it out and it doesn’t link well with the border agents. What would make this app better, especially for repeat travelers back to Canada, is to remember some of the basic information about the traveler. The app forces you to manually input information about your identity, vaccination status, and testing every time you return. Although some of these things of course will change over time some of the basic information stays static to the profile of the traveler. My advice is to take the time ahead of your travel to ensure that you have the app precisely completed. The second major issue with the app is the connection with the border agent. We are repeat travelers back to Canada and at the border each time the border agent has given us the permission not to quarantine - double vaccinated and had negative tests. This however was not reflected in the app nor our communications back to the government of Canada. Daily we would receive notifications from the app about needing to quarantine in place even though we were permitted to travel per the discussion with the border agent. This caused us quite a high degree of anxiety not knowing which was right. Again, my advice to all those who are using the app is to ensure that you have clear guidance from your border agent so that you do not have to worry about what the app says.

- Seriously Unnecessary & Confusing

First and foremost I’d like to say we all waited for 2 years for the border to open up. But how can you cross now? I have your answer. A complicated app that requires to capture your passport, drivers license and COVID results but in reality you don’t 🤣 *BOTH American and Canadian border websites must act updated 24/7 on how you need requirements to cross the border. My boyfriend and I ALWAYS check both websites and we’ve never seen anybody update it until “August 21” the big opening to cross. Little did I know, I had all my information by hand and I was immediately refused by Canadian officers because I did not have proof that I needed a NEGATIVE PCR test. This was the day after they had opened the border. Everything had to be electronically documented on the Arrive Canada App and again I didn’t know since their website was not updated. I was frustrated waiting to be sent back to America along with other people waiting in their cars. Also, I had a bad experience with officers from BOTH sides. That was not my day…

- Doesn’t recognize names nor dates

I tried all possible border crossing names but none was accepted. There is no list to chose from. If you want to use the app AFTER arrival, you are out of luck, as it only recognizes dates in the future, not in the past. For me, the app was a complete non-starter. But it gets worse: at my second attempt BEFORE arrival, using the “forget password” option produces a popup that blocks the text field, so you are stuck. Sorry, not working. For an “essential” app to cross the border it’s a major nightmare. PS: Getting far worse: after choosing a strong automatic password on my iPhone, the automatic fill in first replaces my email address with the confirmation number and then doesn’t find my password because it looks for some Canadian website. The last problem may be an iOS problem but I am sure the app developers could have avoided that - like all the other app developers who managed to do so. Sorry guys: one of the worst apps I used in along time.

- Well developed + intuitive design

Really appreciate the user experience flow and design of this app. Works smoothly with features for saving your process as you go and for multiple reviews of your info before submit. Attractive interface. I recommend a little more instruction around the “Add traveler” feature, as it was a bit confusing for two adults traveling together—should we both add each other? Should we have the information only on one device with the second person as an additional traveler? We ended up calling the border crossing (a challenge in itself!) before arrival for advice.

- ArriveCAN

Far too difficult for a 71 year old to first understand the 72 hour time limit when we have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead and we board the plane at least 20-30 minutes ahead. So when it says 72 hours ahead of boarding plane or scheduled departure time you are really not saying 72 hours ahead. I had to go in over and over again to be able to register. Very frustrating and no I will not be coming to Canada again. Trying to register on an iPhone is difficult but had to use it so we could download app. Some of the areas during registration were hard to get to because they would be covered up by some “message”. And I wasn't sure what you were asking. Ex: near the end it mentioned having to do something in Canada in one area but wanted me to fill in the United States of America as my place of originating or citizenship although I did not understand what your application wanted. I tried 3 or 4 times until I understood that. This was a very frustrating process. Also you wanted covid tests to be within 72 hours which puts it very close to departure time and date. Especially since you wanted the results before boarding time. Did I mention I have been frustrated for 3 days trying to “jump through hoops?” I pray Canada will not disappoint on our first vacation out of the country in several years and first land tour in Canada.

- Glitchy App

This App must’ve been put together quickly and without much thought. This App does NOT save your information as you progress through it not does it work well on an Apple 8plus phone. Trying to call Technical Support for assistance was a 2 hour deal with surprise from who picked up on the other end worrying more about HOW I got the number! I submitted everything requested and got to the last step to submit and was sent a message saying I had to connect to the Internet (which I already was per going through the App steps) and couldn’t finish the whole process. This Application and the programmers are severely lacking and quality control needs to happen. This is a terrible App to try and use. Apparently, it’s needed to be used on a newer device (ergo why I got it done on my BF’s new phone). And seriously, if you believe in a fully vaccinated Canadian trying to get to Canada - WHY require such strict rules for crossing? This App is out of whack.

- Very good app, but Save&Close backs you up

This is a very good app, but most people are going to be getting only part way through before they are ready for the receipt. It would be improved if people were asked for their quarantine plan first, before being asked for their negative test result. Instead, you have to wait to get your negative test result for your entire party before handling the quarantine plan. Also, when you Save&Close, the checkpoint created backs you up to much. The next time you start the app you will have to back up and re-answer the same questions. The app could also be improved if - like uploading the vaccination images - you could also upload the negative COVID test results, either as a pdf or an image.

- Arrive Canada app

I arrived at the Canadian border in Vermont today with all required paperwork. I had filled out the App and submitted it. I was unaware that it did not go through completely and as a result did not have an activation number. Because of no Wi-Fi at border (which makes no sense to me), I had to return to the US, find a place with WI-Fi, hit the submit button again which took all of two seconds, return through Customs again with my activation number. Very frustrating and upsetting. If it had been made clear to me when I submitted the app that I should make sure I had a confirmation number, I would have known I wasn’t done and it would have saved a lot of time today. I am in Canada for my Mom’s funeral and was anxious to get to my destination.

- App Review

I find it’s this App not to userIssue friendly. From a Government user point of view, it makes sense. From a user point of view, it doesn’t 🤨. There are so many entry points into Canada 🚗🛻🚌🇨🇦. The problem is that the entry points are listed in Canadian Cities. I am crossing from the USA 🇺🇸. Shouldn’t it post; Surrey/ Blaine. PAC HWY has 2 entry points in the same town. Upon trying to find my entry point, I need to find the name of the Canadian side city in order to fill out the Canadian entry form📑. It takes a lot of time & research. 😠 Why do you need to manually enter the date of your COVD Immunizations & photograph your card too. It’s on the COVD Immunization card. The app is only set for an extended stay. 1 day visits are not an option. The App only excepts a designated place to stay if I get exposed to COVD. My advice is too re develop the App. 🤔

- Nice app!

The app is aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate the government’s attempt to quickly roll out the app (I suppose part of the reason was to minimize people looking for paper forms and lining up to fill them?). The development team does a very good job of responding to questions and updating the app as necessary. The app has certainly come a long way since its launch. I do have one suggestion. It could help grouping land border crossings per province (or include their province for the search feature) as not all the border crossing names are known by the nonlocals. This can save a visit to Google Maps!

- 12 and under proof of vaccination - can’t enter

My eleven year old is fully vaccinated, but the app will not give me an option to upload the document or even ask me about it. It just assumes “no”. When I called the “help” number they told me to create an entirely new account with a different email or try to do it on my desk top. So create an account for a minor with an extra email I don’t have? Also, doing it on the desktop, did not work. When I asked if I can just show the border officer the documents and still get into Canada, the response was….”it depends on the border officer!” I can’t tell you how frustrating this is! I am happy to follow all rules and get all documents together, but we his process has many flaws! I’m going to drive 7 hours to drive the border and I may or may not be granted entry. I’m Canadian with my American children.

- Need update for current regs

Unfortunately this app does not accommodate the most recent requirements for vaccinated US citizens to enter Canada. As requirements updated this week, vaccination documents must be entered 2 weeks prior to arrival at the border. This app version only allows info entry 3 days prior to entry into Canada. Look forward to getting back to our cabin and hope this roadblock will be cleared soon. UPDATE: I appreciate the quick developer response. My error was in understanding data submission deadlines. Thats what I get for getting info from the media and not official sources. Will update my review again when I finally get to use Arrive CAN, 72 hours prior to the border arrival.

- Confusing…

I don’t know what “ArriveCAN” app the government has, but they continually ask me to go on the app and report if I have symptoms. There’s no where on the app to do that… ??? … it only allows you to pick an arrival date and that’s it. No daily reporting or anything of the sort. This is extremely confusing… UPDATE: developers are good at feedback I’m impressed. However, it was stated that the app sends you a notification every day at 10am. I’ve quarantined 4 times due to work travel, and not once have I received a notification to report symptoms. Note that I *DO* have notifications completely on (banners, Home Screen, persistent, etc) and do not get these notifications. Would be glad to work with developers to sort it out because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

- complement

I have to give a good review for this particular app for people who is going to enter Canada as a transportation driver. It’s very user friendly and easy as long as you established a profile. Thank you. It makes my job much easier. But one thing is not clear to me is; If I have to drive my own transportation (car) to enter Canada for company’s business . Do I still have to go through all the regular procedures? Do I have go get another testing within 82 hours? Even though I across the board every other day by driving company’s truck.

- ArriveCAN

1.) The prompts are very confusing. 2.) The “Save and Close” feature takes you completely out of the program, which means you have no way to verify anything is being saved until you reach the final screen. 3.) The wording of many questions is awkward and ambiguous. You are expected to be completely transparent (good thing). But the wording of many questions causes you to struggle with your answer. 4.) The disclosure appears to provide the Canadian government virtually unlimited access to do what it wants with my phone. I thought the sole purpose was quarantine compliance in Canada. 5.) I filled out the ArriveCAN registration 4 days before I am scheduled to cross the border. Am I being tracked right now by Canadian authorities even though I am still in the US? That should not be the case, but how do you know?

- Review: ArriveCan

I really appreciated the way that this was designed - to not have to know everything that needs to be submitted at once - because you don’t know all of the info needed until you go through the app. It was very kind, that way. I needed to go out and then return into the app a few times (e.g., ran out of time) and it allowed for that. It also allowed for changes to your response in case you’d misread the question after you’d passed that page. Thank you very much.

- Reporting is one day late on app..

Hello, I was able to use my app to cross the border as the border guard said my information indicated that I filled out the app. Unfortunately, reporting my daily symptoms seems to be a day late. I received a call from health Canada which notes my arrival date and my quarantine aligning with that, but when I fill out my daily symptoms on the app, it seems to be reporting one day behind. I am concerned as to which to follow. I also completed all necessary updates and it is still one day behind.. Suggestions? It says I should not delete while quarantining so I am apprehensive to do anything..

- United States more likely than United Arab Emirates

So when picking from pull down menus after you’ve indicated that you’re driving into Canada, at the Peace Bridge, why on earth wouldn’t an app designer populate all lists with United States as first choice instead of forcing the user to type in the entire word United and the letter S? I’d assume that United States would be the most likely response under such circumstances? Much less likely that someone is from the United Arab Emirates or the United Kingdom. United States Minor Islands before United States? Really? May want to reconsider. Otherwise it’s a really easy app to use. Nicely done.

- One screen can’t hit a button

The app is easy to use except for one screen when the ask if you have traveled to any other countries besides the United States. The buttons No and Yes are below the save button. I tried to slide it up and quickly hit no. It took me a super long time and a quick finger to hit that button. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, turn it horizontally and a bunch of other “tricks” nothing works! If you could please fix that it would be great! The same issue is with a few more people we know so I know it’s not just my phone.

- Very helpful and great application

This application is perfect, one thing need to add which is if possible from this app developer to make an updates by allowing the customer to see what he uploaded into this app as soon as we logged into the app, for example there are two tabs to upload the vaccines and we need to see and remove one of the tabs to upload new document but we can not see what we originally we uploaded into this tab.

- Not a functional App

This is just a Google doc. Should just be on web browser. You can’t change any information after it’s been input. You can’t change your quarantine plan. And there’s no feedback if something is submitted in error. The app gives you a receipt that makes it appear that you’re good to travel but then when you get to the border they can do whatever they want to you. This app is therefore rendered meaningless. Shameful on the Canadian governments part to use this pandemic as an opportunity to make money. These “quarantine hotels” that this app is meant for is causing greater exposure. If you want an app thats going to do it’s part it needs to track Covid cases like they did in Korea. That would make the app more useful.

- Was fine

Stopped working—would not let me sign in—so I deleted—at suggestion of border guard. Now I cannot re-download. It is stuck halfway. HELP! Have tried several times but since Apple does not delete apps it just keeps opening and now I have no idea which password is being saved. This is insane. No matter what I do I fail to get signed in. I have done the update and problem persists. USELESS AND FRUSTRATING

- Needs to be updated!

According to the new guidelines on the Canada government, Canadian citizens who are fully vaccinated, are exempt from 2 week quarantine. However, the app still forces you to complete 14 day quarantine symptom checks. My trip has been less than 14 days, yet the app keeps sending reminders to submit my symptom checks. I am on the latest version of the app yet this problem has not been fixed! Extremely frustrating. Edit: I fully understand that you need to submit a quarantine plan. However the symptom check does not make sense, especially when your trip is less than 14 days… there should be a way around this.

- Flaws to watch for.

When I first started filling in the app details it crashed half way through and there was no indication that it didn’t complete correctly. If you don’t get a confirmation number you need to get back into the app to finish the data entry. Fortunately I figured that out before traveling. Also when scanning one of our Nexus cards the “E” in my wife’s name looks like a “F” on my phone so our cbsa guy called us non compliant and is making us go through additional hoops. This app certainly did not save time at the border.

- Finding a fault in the questionnaire

It’s fair to assume that this questionnaire is intended for non-Canadians for the most part In one of your final questions you asked if you contracted COVID-19 or one of its versions while in Canada, where you would quarantine. When you answer: Go home: and you come down to the address you can only include a Canadian address. However, as an American I could be home in less then 60 minutes by car and I think that many Americans who drove into Canada visiting Canadian cities could be back into the US seeking treatment or quarantine in a similar time window. Why not modify the address selection to include an American address. It would certainly simplify a complex question. I entered my Vancouver home address while visiting Windsor to see an old college friend while actually living in Ohio that the questionnaire would not accept. I hope this makes sense.

- Quarantine X 2

I’m unvaccinated…But I had COVID 4 weeks ago, I have proof. I came back to Canada for only three days before I left again for my sisters wedding in Florida. Upon my return, each time. I had to get a negative test. Today I need to do both day 9 and day 1 of my new quarantine. This is stupid. So is my day 9 test going different from my day 1 ? Having already had COVID I should be immune. That’s what getting the vaccine is trying to do … imitate getting COVID artificially. CDC says getting a vaccine may help. Nowhere does it say it prevents it. This vaccine now 3 shots in now does nothing for the variant’s that have cropped up. I just think the app needs more resources.

- App should require you to enter date of your test

We arrived to find out our test was 24 hours too old. We were sent back. If the app had required us to enter the date PCR test TAKEN it would have saved them and us a lot of trouble. I grant it was our bad math but we couldn't find a PCR test in MA and had to do mail in and wait for results. So we mistakenly took our test one day too soon. Otherwise the app works better than many government issued apps in the US. So kudos to CAN for the app, but one minor user experience change and I would give it 5 stars.

- Good App; a Few Unanswered Questions

I mostly liked the app. My complaints are: (a) it is very easy to accidentally abandon your application and be forced back to ground zero; (b) the app needs to be tweaked for the August 9th rule change. For US citizens/permanent residents who are arriving by car, you have the right to withdraw your application for admission in lieu of quarantine, but the app requires you to create a quarantine plan to complete it. While we have all submitted dummy data to get through a form, it is a different thing when it is a customs’ form.

- Garbage

Kept getting error messages when trying to upload documents despite uninstalling and reinstalling, being connected to wifi, and attempting about 20 times. Finally gave up, assuming it was a known glitch, then got turned away at the border where the only advice they had was to try things we had already tried multiple times. After being denied entry, we spent an extra hour at the local Starbucks where we continued to get error messages. So frustrating to have all the necessary documents and have our plans totally disrupted because of a glitchy app. Have a workaround if you're going to require this for entry.

- Making changes seems unnecessarily difficult.

I like the idea of a digital record for entering Canada. But today I had to change my route, including my Port of Entry, and the directions say to “start over” in the app, but I can’t get back to the “Start” page w/out deleting everything. Bummer! PS All 3 versions are different, and I’ve had different problems w all 3. Even when I deleted the app and reinstalled, a previous entrance permit was there cThen I got a “Sorry, you’re not eligible” message, which I know isn’t true. The app and its various incarnations are enough to make me turn around and go home. And I love Canada, have family there I haven’t seen in over 2 years. 😩😖

- Barb Nemeth

Completing this form has been the worst experience I have ever had providing travel information. I tried using a PC. Then I tried an iPad. Gave up on both. Was finally able to complete it on my Smart Phone but still had trouble. I gave up when it came to where I planned to quarantine and entered the address of the hotel I will be staying at. I tried to check the return home option but a Canadian address was still required. I don’t understand what I was supposed to enter. I am on a 22 day tour across Canada that is very expensive and was so frustrated with your web site I considered cancelling my trip. I sure hope actually entering the country is easier.

- Glitches

I have been able to cross the border all through Covid thanks to family status and have never had an issue with this app. Tonight has been a different story. I’ve attempted to submit my info 6 times, even logging into a new account to being told it will not submit. It tells me to log onto Wi-Fi. I did that and it still would not submit. It goes from 4% to 16%, to 80% then to tell you it has not been submitted. This needs to be fixed. You can get fined.

- Government should be expending these efforts into getting vaccines for us.

I hope in future this app will include a link for vaccinated people to show as proof of vaccinations including date and name of vaccine given to person. This would be helpful to have proof when needed for flying etc. The massive effort spent by the feds for monitoring snowbird travel should be used to monitor domestic travel to and from provinces where NO quarantine is needed before skiing etc. BC, Alta etc. 70 year old snowbirds are not spreading the virus. Monitor, email, call and have security visit young tourists homes coming from skiing at Whistler. NOT MINE.

- App forgets vaccinated status and no exit ability

So, I was verified as vaccinated when I entered the country and everything was fine for a few days and then it seemed to think I was In quarantine and started requesting day 8 testing. Somehow, it gave up around day 12 and stopped asking me to report. Thing is, I left Canada on day 3, had secondary testing because the entry test results arrived 2 days late and there is no way to get the app to stop requesting the nonsense. The app has to stop assuming people are staying for 14+ days and it needs to meet the vaccination requirements and it can’t revert from vaccinated to quarantine status arbitrarily. This could potentially get people fines or worse.

- Arrive can

It would be wonderful if there was a way to tell “you” that I have left the country, gone back to the U. S., where I live. That way you would stop pestering my mom and I wouldn’t have to check in online every day even after I return home. It would also be nice if there was a way to make a change to your date/times, or cancel it. And it would also be wonderful, if the app would save my info, so I don’t have to enter it every, single time. But I do like the app, it’s very user friendly and efficient

- Good but needs updating

It is quite an intensive tool in terms of the questions it asks and the documents that needs to be scanned but it’s pretty good user friendly wise. The problem is that it’s pre Aug 9th in that 1) it only refers to flying in some of the receipt documents even though we made it pretty clear we were arriving by land 2) there is a whole questionnaire after all the data entry asking me about my 14 day quarantine plans but that requirement no longer exists after Aug 9th. But you have no choice but to have to answer these questions if you ever want to get to the end successfully. I do have the latest update by the way. 3) when I open the receipt , I show as V (Vaccination) and my wife is I (Immunized) even though we are exactly same status. No idea what this means but anything inconsistent worries me

- Lee arrive can for other new normal purposes

As part of the new evolved normal, you can allow travelers to Declare items that they are bringing to Canada. There should be a declaration sub-site that travelers can fill out to list the items their are bringing. This alleviates CBSA having to ask travelers item declaration. It also compels the travelers to proactively inventorize the items they are bringing including money amount to Canada before they even leave home.

- Need ability to set up different profiles for air and automobile.

It’s a fairly straightforward app and easy to use. I appreciated the fact that he told me what I was going to need in advance so I could gather all of the appropriate documents. But it needs to offer the ability to set up different profiles for air and automobile crossings, since Air requires a passport and automobile only requires the enhanced drivers license

- Some issues with Different time zones

The app does not check for 72 hours instead it checks for 3 days (Integer of 3 days) instead of actual hours. There is an eTA system which also giving you authorizes you travel and these two are separate issues although their language seems the same and might lead to people thinking that if they have the authorization in one they have met all the requirements for boarding their flights while they might need both the ArriveCAN authorization and the eTA to board.

- Proof of COVID-19 test

I was wondering if it would be possible to include the question “Have you taken a Covid-19 test within 72 hours?” and a space to give a reason why a proof of the COVID-19 test is not available. Even though I have taken the COVID-19 test, I do not have the results as ye. Also because of the 72 hours timeframe the results may not be available within the required time. Thank you for all you do to support us.

- Arrive Can app

The app is great. It works really well. I particularly liked that when the submission initially wouldn’t go through the system automatically told me that my information have been saved I did not have to resubmit. The application didn’t go through the first time only because I had the wrong departure date. Well done job on the app.

- Bug: won’t allow to fill out if showing quarantine notification

The following happens if you try to fill out the arriveCAN form for a second border crossing within 14 days. After entering Canada, travellers who are exempt from the quarantine notification are told to ‘ignore the notifications’. However, there is no option to ignore the quarantine reporting in this app. So for a traveller who has entered canada and left again within 14 days, there is no way to fill out a second arriveCAN travel info and get the required receipt to reenter canada.

- Convenient way to enter information, but…

The app was great for getting all your information into the system but you can’t preload any data, and it should be the first thing the customs officer asks for. Then they would have all the answers and/or be able to check answers that are asked. The other negative is for boaters, what is the address for your quarantine plan. Clearly it will be on the water but it must be a shoreside address. I picked a marina I would be anchored nearby. Great idea needs a little work.

- Cannot complete on iPhone SE

I have an iPhone SE using iOS 14.7.1. When I get to the page to list countries visited in the past 14 days the “Yes” “No” boxes are “covered” by the “skip & save” in the lower left corner. No matter whether in portrait or landscape there was no way to answer the question and move on. There may be times when I don’t have access to a computer to complete my application. Not being able to complete on my phone will be a problem. Any solution? Short of getting a new phone?

- Took an hour to figure out the name of the port of entry

It was extremely difficult to determine something that should be so simple - the official name of the port of entry from Vermont to Canada north of Burlington, which is the first question that the app asks you. It took a long search to determine the name is in fact st-Armand - BUT - if you type that into the system it does not automatically come up -I typed it in anyway and finally it came up but it is ridiculously more complicated than it needs to be -Who on earth in the US would know that that is its name for crying out loud?

- Some significant oversights here.

Some small but annoying issues here. Having to re-upload everything every time (passport, vaccine card) is a pain. The bigger issue is there is no allowance made for day trips. Canadians who live in a US border community frequently make day trips to Canada. There is no way to put in a US address for the quarantine plan in the event of a positive arrival test, so there’s really no way to accurately fill this out. It’s a bit mind blowing that nobody considered this scenario when the app was in development.

- Work around for kids under 12!!

Workaround for kids - read this: ArriveCan won't allow you to upload vaccination information for kids under 12 years old, even though you're required to do so (typical). Change the date of birth for your kids under 12 to make them > 12 years old and then you can get to the vaccination info upload screen. The app will then allow your vaccine information to update and travelers will be marked 'Yes' under proof of vaccination. Then, you can go back and correct your child's date of birth and vaccination status flag will stay 'Yes'. Merry Christmas!

- Notifications

In the notification section, it gives you the day’s agenda but you can only see part of it. Also slow syncing to the date. It’s 10:15 am currently and it’s still showing yesterday’s “Thank you for completing today’s self check in”. I haven’t completed today’s yet and can’t until the app moves forward.

- Good app. Has issues with reporting functions.

Overall the application is well made with no issues inputting travel information in order to receive the ArriveCAN receipt for presentation to border personnel. Issues arise when attempting to verify arrival at the quarantine location or provide a daily symptom self-assessment, as there is no link or indication to do so in the app itself. The bell icon has been checked, but leads to a blank notifications page. The application was uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times to ensure no processing errors occurred during application update, as suggested in another review response. Signing out and back in several times also did not resolve the issue. Please fix, as these issues do not appear to be unique and have been indicated in several other reviews as well. Thank you!

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- Efficient, convenient and easy

A simple and quick step by step guide to travelling safely to your destination, this is one of the easiest apps I’ve used in correlation to travel and government organisation related apps. Not to mention you need it to arrive into Canada so really do make sure you download it :).

- Can’t update contact info

We’re unable to update our phone number anywhere. There should be a function to do so on the app. Thank you for your quick response and attention to this, that would be great! 😊 One other request is if it would be possible to add a symptom reporting area. We have been voluntarily reporting that we don’t have symptoms but I can see how many people might get frustrated and not report on the automated system. If it was embedded into the app I can see it being easier for people to report whether they have symptoms or not.

- Very Easy to Navigate

The app was easy to understand & navigate. Thanks

- Easy to use 👍

Application very updated

- Jocelyn Ybarzabal Feedback

Great app! Nice and easy to complete. Thank you.

- Nice App, but had a crash bug.

Nice app in terms of function. Saved my prior work fine. I did have a crash first time on submitting the application.

- Calendar not opening

Trying to add date of arrival in December. Cannot open calendar

- Can’t upload vax document

The App stops at 12% or 80% when trying to upload my vax certificate pdf or image. Says I have lost internet connection, (Coder 3 - 510), yet here I am posting this. Do you have a fix for this?


Easy to use

- Heather

I did have problems completing the form.


I can't create an account no matter how many times I've tried. And I used three different email address but still CANNOT! Help please!

- Refuses to open

Latest update refuses to open in iOS 12. Useless.

- Help please

I am trying to complete prior to our flight and it will not let us select the day we are flying, the selector wheel keeps returning to today’s date. Have now tried on two different devices, any advice will be much appreciated

- cant see how to upload covid vacation certificate ?

there are no tabs for this?

- Easy


- My receipt disappeared.

I did show my receipt to the board officer and got in Vancouver. I have started self quarantine from 12/08/2020. But when I arrived at my quarantine accomodation and checked Arrivecan, my receipt disappeared and I have no idea where I can type covid 19 report and inform where I arrived because the Arrivecan does not work. Can you inform me any phone number to solve this situation? Thank you

- Ottawa Airport not listed

I can’t use the app because they’ve only allowed you to enter information if you’re flying into Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver but I’m entering into Ottawa from the US

- Submission failed

Keeps saying submission failed after trying to upload my proof of vaccination (code 3-511). I tried using pdf, scans and photos. Had to do it on the website instead.

- Bad experience

I have registered all my information and get the code before my departure. But when I arrived at my GAA hotel and login it again, all information disappeared and I had to registered another one with wrong arrival time.

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- Airport Destination does not just fill in the drop down menu choice.

Airport Destination does not just fill in the drop down menu choice. As an example: Calgary International Airport comes up Ça lgary and you have to manually delete the Ça and space and type in Ca.

- Add vaccine card

How can I add vaccine card as well as passport in this app!?

- Another insult to our privacy

When will this end ? There needs to be an end when we are no longer being handcuffed and forced to pay large sums of money for cash grabbing authorities to show negative Covid tests to enter our own country. Then be forced to upload all our personal information. This is an assault on our personal liberties and freedoms.

- Total tyranny

To have to complete this to, say, go to the US for an afternoon & return home 4 hours later as a fully vaccinated citizen is tyranny.

- App solves nothing

Legislatively forced on us, this app solves nothing. Do yourself a favour and don’t travel to Canada.

- 2nd rate

Typical government piece of junk

- Cannot choose “None of the above”

In “what’s the purpose of your travel” page, you can choose any of the other options except the “None of the above” option. The little circle of this option does not work. V2.14.2

- Intrusive App

This app is another way for the Canadian government to track people and impede personal freedom.

- Too complicated

Complicated!!! My grandchildren were able to help but it is too difficult for other generations. Why can we not arrive at the airport with paper receipts? Why does everything have to be apps,apps,apps????

- Clown world

🤡🤡🤡Trudeau 🤡🤡🤡

- Trudeau is the worst

Unbelievable process

- Terrible

Terrible app. I can’t get by the first step. Let me know when they get a professional app. You have a hard time to write a review!

- Government Overreach

Utterly Invasive and difficult to navigate App. Ridiculous that our society has come to this over an over exaggerated super-flu… Maybe lay off the processed food and mix in some simple daily exercise and we would not be in this predicament. Embarrassed at this point in history to call ourselves Canadian and so should we all be… enough is enough.

- ridiculous

Total violation, absolutely sickening.

- Canada, you’re so disappointing

This is not the Canada I grew up in…show me your papers. With a 99.8% survival rate from covid…not everyone in the country needs to be vaccinated. Canada along with the other 19 wealthiest countries in the world has hoarded 4.3 billion doses of the vaccine and have left country’s like Africa (population 1.275 billion) with less then 3 percent having a single jab, with nothing. History will look back on Mr Trudeau for his lack of comparison and it wouldn’t be kind.

- An App for Graduate Students in English!

Too much and wordy details for average person who may have limited English fluency. This app is obviously written to confuse and trip you at the border! Too many conditions and vague language in the quarantine section. Simplify it. Design so an elementary student can use it.

- Worse than the way you treat natives

Worse than the way you treat natives

- Absolutely useless!

Downloaded, indicated under privacy statement the app may have to use my camera in order to scan health documents and then freezes. Can’t do a thing! Well thought through??? I don’t think so! Pathetic use of taxpayers money!

- Thorough application

I am more satisfied now that canada has such a detailed form to complete to further mitigate against transmission of the covid-19 virus. Very impressive!

- Dumb

This app is absolutely ridiculous and no need for it.

- Can’t proceed through steps

The app won’t let me get past the “travellers” page. The arrow button is greyed out. Have rebooted phone, resubmitted info but nothing works.

- ArriveCAN app difficult to use

Using the app on my iPad is more difficult than need be because most of the tap choices ie yes or no are partially blocked by the save and exit button. Very frustrating and time consuming .

- Doesn’t work

Unable to select any date other than today for when returning??

- How to upload my vaccinations info for Covid

During the process of registering a trip , one is suppose to be able to upload the Covid-19 vaccinations. I was unable to do so. Can you tell me how to do that upload? Thanks Romeo Varricchio 514-639-5239

- Incomplete form

In this form you say if anyone has positive COVID for the period time then they can go to final quarantine place but you are not saying to any university if any person had in this situation they don’t need for confirmation hotel mandatory or in Arrivecan app then ignore the confirmation hotel mandatory, because most of hotels doesn’t have cancellations plan for this person.

- Arrive disaster

If it had not been for a helpful young person we would have had to go into quarantine. The process is not intuitive, requires computer skills etcetera that is very unfriendly to elderly people. We had all the necessary paperwork but it was not deemed admissible without duplicating it all on this awful software. Even the requirement for a nickname is impossible impossible

- Nice app

It works very well.

- Thanks for nothing!!!

A “Thank you very much for completing your 14 days at home” would be very much appreciated. That’s the least the gouvernement could say after forcing their own citizens to go under house arrest for 14 days.

- App is fine, Restrictions are NOT

The app works fine, but the fact that the app has to even exist is too much restriction on the individual.

- Waist of time

“To prove that against the spread of covid 19” yeah we’ll check the airport as you walk though it. Absolute joke. Thankfully there’s an election next month.

- Horrible abuse of power

Government run surveillance ring. They force you to use an application so the Big Brother have easier way to control you. Bye bye democracy! Welcome to tyranny! China and Stalin would be jealous on Canadian Government.

- Arch can

As a commercial driver this is a waste of time. All information is already attended to my truck before entry. Only one question on how you feel. If it’s about tracking people the border knows everything

- What a waste of time and money

Why are we wasting the tax payers money on unnecessary things. The government has no interest I. Our well being and if they did this would not be the correct way to do so again stop wasting money and time doing nonsense in the name of Covid.

- This is super intrusive

Aren’t a lot of these questions against every law and right I have as a citizen of Canada.

- A royal pain arrivecan

Oh my goodness! This was laborious and while I abide by and appreciate our health safety guidelines, this was over-the-top given the total relaxation of rules in Alberta and most other provinces!!! Seems like a total waste of time.

- How ANYONE can rank this above a 1 is beyond me

It doesn’t support hide my email, it doesn’t even support normal Apple password management. It doesn’t support the existing apple wallet passports. It is a sponge for personal information and the terms of use make it clear that the CBSA can hang on to that data as long as they want. The SECOND this requirement is dropped this thing is getting deleted off my phone.

- Invasion of Privacy

There is no reasonable explanation as to collect so much unrelated information. Social Credit system has begun.

- Impossible for families with vaccinated kids

Unreal that a government ordered app does not have the update to allow families to update vaccine information for children under under 12 who are fully vaccinated.

- Totally User UNfriendly

The enemy of common sense. Filled out what I thought I had to fill out in the app, at home, the night before my flight, only to have an overwhelmed/cranky/frustrated gate agent demand a QR code I could not find in the app. She had no idea how the app works and neither did I, yet she said she had to see a QR code. I tried to produce a QR code about 5 times. I just kept filling out the info again and it kept taking round in circles. Eventually we filled out a paper version, only after a kind pilot was able to provide us with a pen. After getting that filled out, in a very busy/stressful gate area, we managed to find a seat in the gate area. Only once we had sat down and we had the time to really poke around in the app, did we find a whole other section of the app we were supposed to fill out. After filling out a bunch of out-of-date/not relevant info about quarantining (not a rule in Canada anymore), did we eventually get the QR code the gate agent wanted, but it was too late by then. If Canada wants to centralize, travel docs, vaccines and tests etc, then do it with an app that regular folks can use with ease and gate agents can understand.

- This thing sucks and will quarantine you if you are not careful

Wow! What a crap app! I know you have to use it, but be warned… if it fails to save your form data or you can’t load it at the border be prepared to be be treated like you are a US citizen visiting Venezuela… even if you are vaccinated and have the paper to prove it. The app lets you earn 14 days of quarantine and random checkins from government agents - all with the looming threat of a $6000 fine. When will the GoC learn to code and build process flows that actually work…? Maybe they will get it right by 2025.

- Keeps crashing with IOS 12.5.5

Opens and crashes. Doesn’t work at all. Try to reinstall and still crashes.

- Can’t open the app

I was able to open the app before but for some reason it won’t open now. I have deleted and reinstalled six times and the same thing happens. HELP!!! I am travelling to the US shortly and do not want a problem (let alone a fine) because this app does not work

- Unable to choose a future date

I am trying to enter my date of arrival back into Canada, and it keeps defaulting to today’s date.

- Missing key entry requirement- covid test

Unlike the pre-authorized process to enter US, this apps does not do one of the key thing to help travellers - upload the covid test result for pre-approval. The fact that US accepts the antigen test and Canada does not. GoC website is not easy to find this info. Air Canada website note re. antigen test not accepted is hard to see. As a result, the test was rejected at the gate. Missed the flight, costed unnecessary times and money. The apps didn’t serve its purpose. Very disappointed at the whole process. ***latest update*** Upon entry (2021/08/17), the CBSA agent just asked for the covid test result, and not the ArriveCan result to confirm that this was a fully vaccinated traveller. As a result, I was redirected to take the arrival covid test which is the 3rd covid test done within 5 days. The whole screening process and the arrivecan apps for entering Canada were not well thought out and implemented properly. This undoubtedly causes unnecessary extra times, money and anxiety for Canadians coming back home from abroad.

- Straight forward and easy to use

Keep it up Canada 🇨🇦

- Crashing

Wont let me past the “we emailed you a verification code” stage. No email ever comes!!! Fail.


I am a Canadian Citizen returning home and I am not able to select “None of the above” on the returning by flight travel option. I do not know what to do and I hope this will be fixed before I depart on Friday. Please if anyone can help me, let me know. Thank you

- Typical Canadian government app…

Complete garbage. Completely forced on us. Completely unneeded

- Easiest app for travellers

It’s pretty much easy to filled up

- Unable to create an account

Won’t take my password even though it has a number in it. Only seems like it will if I put a space at the end but then when I try to continue I get an error message “unable to create account” My app is up to date, email address is valid, device is connected to the internet and password meets minimum security.

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@Yamiche @PressSec l had to describe my quarantine plan when I arrived at the Canadian border, and I was called every few days to determine compliance. These were friendly reminders but effective, with the understanding that non-compliance had penalties. Now they follow up using the ArriveCAN app.


Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:

Canada in Ecuador

Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:

Canada in Brazil

Travelling to Canada and unable to use #ArriveCAN? You can ask someone to submit the mandatory info on your behalf by signing in online. Ask them to share the receipt with you by printing out a copy or by sending you a screenshot. Learn more:

Canada in DR

Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information:

Canada in Panama

Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:

Canada in Mali

Heading to Canada🇨🇦 ✈️? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine

Canada in CZ

Are you in CZ and heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine

Canada in Zambia

Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine

Canada in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua

👉Heading to Canada 🇨🇦? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:

Transport Canada

@FrathosCAN Hi, travellers without smart phones or computers can ask a friend or relative for assistance. Here is how to submit travel information on behalf of others who may be unable to use ArriveCAN: .

Health Canada and PHAC

@cojaba87 Hi. You would stop receiving reporting notifications if you answered yes to any of the symptom questions. If you mistakenly reported symptoms using ArriveCAN, or you are unable to continue reporting through the app, please call 1-833-641-0343.

Canada in L.A. 🇨🇦

Heading to 🇨🇦? A few steps to follow: 1. Get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. Use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. Plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:


Are you planning to travel to Canada? Use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information.

Canada in Mexico

Heading to Canada? A few steps to follow: 1. get tested for #COVID19 72 hrs prior to boarding your flight 2. use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information 3. plan for your 14-day mandatory quarantine For more information visit:

ArriveCAN 2.29.6 Screenshots & Images

ArriveCAN iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN iphone images
ArriveCAN Travel application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

ArriveCAN (Version 2.29.6) Install & Download

The applications ArriveCAN was published in the category Travel on 2020-04-21 and was developed by Canada Border Services Agency [Developer ID: 1110491633]. This application file size is 50.89 MB. ArriveCAN - Travel app posted on 2022-05-15 current version is 2.29.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: ca.gc.cbsa-asfc.tsa