Fit'em All

Fit'em All [Games] App Description & Overview

A mind blowing puzzle game.
Very easy to play, not that easy to solve.
Rotate small blocks to create big shapes.

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- Lovely game, but it glitches

I just started playing this game and I think it’s very fun, but there’s one issue so the pieces glitch inside of them. But I do love this game I like to play it when I’m watching tv (aka Netflix) so yeah it fun to play in the tho I’m on like lvl 24? Maybe I don’t rem. Anyways why is it glitching is it just for me or is this happening to all of us I’d like to know. Other then that I totally recommend this game it’s super fun challenging game. I hope to see more games by the creators but LOVE THE GAME.

- Read this before downloading, I beg you!

The shape just doesn’t match and the game is really repetitive. :( glitchy game, just a time-waster. And the ads look really poorly made and they are so unsatisfying that the creators of this stupid app should be ashamed of themselves for tricking people into playing this garbage. And also, why is there unrelated content at the beginning of the ads? JUST TO TRICK PEOPLE INTO PLAYING IT?! Delete this app NOW. It is trash. The name “good job games” is a lie. Why don’t you change it to “trash games?!” Because it isn’t even funny how awful this game is. It’s obviously just a money-making app for the developers, set on tricking kids into playing a piece of trash that I wouldn’t even call a game. Maybe if it didn’t have ads and didn’t cheat people into watching 100 minutes of ads just to get some useless prizes that hardly even do anything, and stopped putting all these glitches and junk into the game, and the shape actually MATCHED the final result, unlike the two-dimensional lies that this game constantly provides, then I would give it a decent rating, even though it would still be a stupid game that is really pointless and not even that fun.

- Not really good

So I play this game for one day and it’s okay. It’s just a time-waster... THAT’S ALL. I would barely classify as a game. There’s basically only one way for the pieces to move making this game nearly impossible to lose. This game made me basically watch ads just to get anything from the boxes to get more keys because every time there would be nothing in the box. I even tested it out. I pressed the same box repeatedly 5 times and it turned out empty. I did it on another box and same the result. This game wants you to watch ads so you can get some useless stuff. Also, the pieces glitch a lot; mainly the last two pieces just shoving into each other. Other pieces just won’t move if they are in a piece that’s already set in its correct spot (which makes it unable to move. It makes you restart the level whenever this stuff happens it doesn’t bother me because it takes about 45sec to 1mim for each level anyways). Make the game a little more challenging, give more of an actual chance at getting stuff from the boxes, fix the glitches, and add more levels. I will be willing to raise my score to five stars if even HALF of this stuff is fixed.

- Really?

I’ve been playing this game for about 3 days and I’ve gotten as far as one can playing for 3 days. This game is pretty fun I must admit but some things are really annoying. The fact that the pieces glitch together and then I’m order to refresh the board I have to watch an ad, really? The worst thing is the fact that the game has a segment where you can open chests with a key found somehow and you can watch ads to get more keys. However no matter how long you wait you can’t get a 3rd key and the 1st 2 chests are always empty! So you mean to tell me that you put time and effort and money into adding a cheesy feature where I can’t get entering from opening the chests, REALLY?! That’s like saying here pay $3.99 to continue playing this game except I have to start over! I feel like there should at least be a way to get something from the chests instead of waiting 5 minutes to watch an ad that doesn’t exist! Other than that the Ganges isn’t awful but it bothers me that you’d spend time adding in a function that does nothing.

- Fun but can be repetitive

I find the game fun and satisfying the only issues I have had were a couple of meshing glitches and pieces clicking in before others making it impossible to beat the level with out resetting it but those were simple to fix and continue playing, the only issue I find is the repeating of the different shapes, I get that there is only so many you can make but and realistically you would to reuse the same ones eventually but the spacing sometimes is a little annoying, there has been times when I did one puzzle and then like three puzzles later I get it again it doesn’t make them any less fun or anything it’s just got to the point where I’ve pretty much memorized all of them and do like ten levels a minute, though it’s still really satisfying just becomes a bit repetitive

- Could be better

When I first downloaded this game it was really fun and relaxing and something I could do to waste time, but once i got to the treasure chests every time I opened one it was always empty. At first I just thought it was bad luck then it kept happening sonI decided to watch an ad to get another key and the second chest was also empty, I figured I needed to watch a third ad but it would never load. Not only was this a problem but some of the levels would repeat each other. I remember playing this particular level and like 2 or 3 puzzles later I got that exact same puzzle again and after that another one I recently completed. This game could be sooo much better if you actually won prizes from the chest and the levels didn’t repeat or repeat as often because I know there are only so many things you can make.

- Glitches

Fit em all is a fun and relaxing game. But there are many glitches. One glitch is some times pieces glitch into each other, making you have to restart the level sometimes. Another glitch is sometimes the level will start off without a starting block already in place. So you have to shake every peace until it pops into its place. And the third glitch is on level 79. Just like some leves this level did not have a starting place. But when I tried to jiggle the pieces around no blocks every popped into place. I keep jiggling then and still nothing. I’m not sure if this was just a glitch for me but with that glitch I cannot play the game anymore. I still love this game but it is very glitchy.

- A boring time-waster.

I’m gonna just tell it to you straight. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the concept, but the actual game is extremely, undefinably boring. It’s everything I WOULDN’T want in an app. I like the premise of the game and concept, but the developers absolutely spat on it. The idea of fitting pieces into a certain shape to make a picture, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzles, they’re so fun and intricate, but they ruined it for me. It’s SOOOOOOO boring!! I’d honestly rather watch paint dry. And don’t get me started on the ads! I have no problem with free apps having ads, but this is an abnormal amount of ads for a free game! Every. Single. Level. There HAS to be an ad, and considering how easy this game is, you practically fly through levels, so every time you complete a puzzle, there's an ad, that’s almost every 20 seconds!! (Yes, that’s how easy it is). The game is nothing but a huge time waster! Just by the graphics you can tell that either, the developers don’t care and just want money, or they had an extremely low budget, like, a broke guy on the streets has more money than the developers. Giving this 2 stars is being generous!! A little TOO generous. Do not waste your time on this game, it’s not worth it.

- Time filler

The game initially drew me in as I hoped to find a time waster only to occupy my time as I waited for other games to finish any in game waiting or even to take a break from other games. The simplistic nature of the game is soothingly bland. A proper amount of ease mixed with relative challenge. My few issues with the game came from not updating the game as I was faced with a sad black mirror. Upon updating it I found the game ran, I realized user error was to blame. Even after the most recent update a major glitch I found was pieces meshing together and ultimately leading me to need to find another game worth occupying my time. Despite the flaws and errors the game is still mind numbingly simple and deserves three stars.

- It’s just eh

I got the game in the hopes of something challenging but was disappointed when I got through 20 levels in 5 minutes. It’s full of ads which is annoying and I wasn’t going to pay to get rid of ads on a game that was boring and too easy. It was entertaining for the first 30 seconds and then soon got really boring. The prizes are stupid too as the first 2 chests you open are always empty and the third chest can’t be opened because there are no ads that will load. It was a fun time waster but it was also a cash grab with the amount of ads it plays. It will play one before, one after, one if you want to unlock a skin, and you have to watch ads to get more keys that are useless.

- What a waste of time

I have played a lot of puzzle games, and to know this is #1 in puzzles is pathetic. First off, the only reason I played this game was because it looked like it would keep my brain sharp, but after about 10 minutes of playing, I lost interest immediately, The game was repetitive and boring, and my least favorite part about it is the image created afterwards. When you made a hat that had no curves, it just changed into something that looked nothing like the design. I could have been doing something productive and it would have been way better than this game. If you see this review, either look up or play Puzzledom; it’s a thousand times better than this.

- Oddly addicting

It’s a great game that keeps my mind busy. It is oddly addicting but I have no idea why. It’s been 3 days since I downloaded it and I’m already on level 556!! The only problem for me it that it glitches sometimes and after you get to a certain point, I don’t know what it is, the puzzles just repeat. But overall great game! And btw if you put you’re device on airplane mode you don’t get any adds that people are complaining about😉🙌


So I just got this app today and I’m already on like level idk 87.. well anyway this is one of the best games I’ve had on my iPod ever so if parents are reading this review this app is good for your brain to try and work it if you like brain challenge apps then I hope you like this just my thought is that you shouldn’t add as many adds on the game and can you add more skins but other then that this is a great game I would recommend this game

- Amazing game! + way to avoid ads

So simple and so easy ☺️I love this app so much . If you’re having a problem with how many ada there are just turn off your wifi and cellular data. This bypasses all the adds and when you unlock a new skin all you have to click is claim and it gives it to you without having to watch the ad.

- It was alright

As far as free games go it’s okay it’s the same old set up with the loot box’s and easy levels. I was surprised however that there weren’t adds after every level like most games. There were some visual glitches with the blocks making it impossible to beat the level without restarting and I think the skins could use some work but other then that not to good but not to bad. Good pass time on road trips. The only thing I would Fix is making the levels harder cause right now it way to easy

- Its alright

I have been playing this game for a while and i have to say i enjoy playing it. but many issues. the first being many pieces glitch into each other making them unable to move. B, way to many ads. i will play one game and each time a either restart or i finish another ad pops up. And lastly, towards around level 235 and up, the game is just puzzles you have done before that just make different images at the end. try updating more, making bug fixes and put less ads. Thanks!!!


I saw the ad of this game and downloaded thinking it would be satisfying, but NO, when I try to play the game, after I finish LITERALLY 1 level, and ad showed up. At first I thought, It is not SO bad it’s only one level. But, then I played like 8 levels and each time, an ad showed up I ended up just deleting the app because, most of the time instead of playing games, you end up watching ads. Not to be rude and I’m really sorry that I had to rate it because be star. But, I just really don’t like spending hours watching ads. But a suggestion I have for the people who made the game is, please fix the ad problem, and some people who said there were glitches, please fix those as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but not the interruptions. So, I guess this is more of an idea, than just saying it’s a bad game. I like the game though. But please take away at least some of the ads like maybe, every 5 levels at least. Thanks for reading

- Annoyed

This is one of those stupid games that manipulates you with their ads. They will have a puzzle that is so easy and then the robot controlling it is a dummy and totally fails. When they do it, it makes you want to get the game to prove it wrong and that you can do it. Then you play level after level (which are all sooo easy) and never get to the one they show. This really annoys me and the only reason why I downloaded it was to say this. Here are a few tips, make the actual game harder and then make the ads playable so they get an actual idea of what the game will be like. I’m sorry for being harsh but it kind of annoys me.

- Could be better

At first, it was a fun game. But now I am just STUCK on level 54! It seems like there is literally NO WAY to pass that level. I like the game so far, but I think I might delete the game, if I’m stuck on the level for more than 3 days. I’m asking for one update. Please make the levels less hard. The level 54 is SO hard, that I feel like I’m on a boss level!-PUH-LEASE don’t tell me level 54 IS a boss level. -thank you! Actually, I just passed that level. Nevermind. But I’ll let you know if I get stuck on another level.

- fun but repetitive

this game is super fun. i got it a few days ago and i’m already on level 251. But now it’s starting to repeat puzzles that i’ve already done in other levels. i feel like there should be more new levels considering i got this app 2 days ago and it already repeats. otherwise i think this is a good idea for a game. i’ve played it a lot since i got it and it’s a great game. i just wish it wasn’t as repetitive.

- It’s okay.

When i first got this app i new it was gonna be fun and yes of course it was i and this game for about 5 weeks and i like it it’s ok it deserves a five or for star i mean nothing to complacencies about nothing at all many just ads or something there’s a weird problem with ads in other games idk why but this is fun! U should downloaded it

- Amazing but one problem

I love the game so much. I’ve had it for like a month now and my whole family plays it. But I’m on level 550 something and I haven’t seen a new level in 450 levels. Once you get to like 100 you just repeat levels over and over again, so at least make another 50 levels or something so we don’t have to repeat the same ones over and over again

- There is a problem

Everytime it’s the same box that has a skin so I have to watch like millions of ads and i can be annoying sometimes so can you fix this please I don’t like watching millions of ads but on the other hand this game is fun and it’s worth it for me

- Great game! But one complaint

I love this game! It’s so relaxing and fun! I love how you have to put the shapes together to form a picture. But, I have one complaint. Ads. Every time you complete a level, there is an ad. I feel like there are more ad time than the time you put into a level. Maybe put a ad every 2 levels. I would really appreciate if there would be less ads. Thank you!

- Crashing problems

It’s a decent game overall but i’ve had to download it 3 times into my phone (iphone 8) and it continues to crash every time i get out of the app to do something else like for instance text someone. it will crash and then i am not able to get into the app again unless i re-download it and there’s no way i’m going to re-download the app after every single use. if this gets fixed i’d give it 4 stars

- It’s an okay app, if you like wasting time lol

First off, I think it has way too many ads. Second off, sometimes the reference picture looks quite different then what the wooden blocks add up to. Third, the ads for this game I see. Ugh, they’re super low quality! But the game has some good things, not many though. It’s a peaceful game, if it weren’t for the ads... but maybe turn off your WiFi and so if you could play with out ads

- So many problems

There is an ad after every level and the levels are ridiculously simple so you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. They also have a thing after every couple of levels where you can choose from three boxes and the one you choose always has nothing in it. Then you have to watch an ad to get another try. I’m all for people putting ads on free services so they can still make money but there are so many ads that it’s getting in the way of playing the game.

- WAY too many ads

I’m taking an incredible amount. If you’re gonna have banner ads AND an ad after every. Single. Level AND try to trick me into viewing more, without any option to get rid of them, not even by paying, then I’m not playing. The puzzles are way too easy, the difficulty curve was more shallow and smooth than a kiddie pool, and the ads basically punish you for playing. Five second puzzle AD TIME six second puzzle AD TIME two second puzzle AD TIME. Nope, not putting up with this. If I could give this game zero stars I definitely would.

- Awesome and and time consuming but

I think that you that you would like this game but once you get into the 200s then you start to repeat levels I think if you really wanted to repeat those you could delete the app and start over cause does not give you the option of going but to most loved levels so please change that

- Only fun for a little while...

The game is fun to play... at first. I started playing this game two days ago and I think that’s as far as you can get. All the levels start repeating, I get that you can only make so many, but I don’t think it’s worth it. In less than two hours, I basically finished the game. Also, multiple times the prices started glitching to the point that I had to restart the game. If you want to play this game, just be prepared to delete soon... unless you like to do the same levels over and over again.

- Bad game even without ads

The ads I saw for this game made it seem like an enjoyable and somewhat difficult puzzle, which is why I downloaded it. To my disappointment, there is literally a 0% chance for someone to fail a level, despite what the ads tell you. Every level is you simply moving the pieces around aimlessly until you complete the picture. Not to mention at the corner of your screen, the solution is given to you anyway. Horrible game on its own, and the constant pop-up ads make it unbearable to play.

- Good, but..

I find the game enjoyable. However, this may come off as rude, but it’s kind of annoying to get this many ads. I’m fine with a few, I know you need to have them, but this just seems a little excessive. It could also lead to new players deleting the app just because of the frequent ads, but I still think the game is enjoyable!

- Glitches and repeats

It was glitching on a few levels making me have to restart but that’s fine because it gives the game some kind of challenge. I noticed after a while of playing the shapes were repeating and i was doing the same things over and over. Other than those two things the game is a fun time waster.

- Too many ads

I understand that more ads get more revenue for the developer but this is nuts. Play a level, get an ad. Find a key? Wrong chest! Watch an ad to get another key! Finally get the right chest? Watch an ad! You might get lucky and go 2-3 levels without an ad but the ratio of playing to ads is greatly skewed toward the ads. Otherwise it’s kinda fun to play if you have the patience to sit through all the ads.

- too many ads

I like the game but why so many ads?? it’s less fun with ads and makes it frustrating when there is an ad after every level! and people just wanna play the game so remove all the ads then I will give five stars

- To easy to boring

When I got this game I thought it would be great because it’s almost like a puzzle game and I love puzzles but seriously this is do you wanna puzzle game I hate. It takes like five seconds for me to finish one more but it is so easy and easy makes it boring. And some say it’s relaxing but it’s not relaxing at all. You have to touch like certain parts for it to move or just leave it won’t move it’s so weird. If you end up getting this game trust me you’re going to end up deleting it.🥱x 1,000,000

- To many ads😡😠

I’m a pretty ok person when it comes to waiting but if it takes someone about like 8 minutes to go to bathroom or something depending on what they are doing. I get kinda mad and with this game it was so much fun but there where ads between ever level. I finish the level pretty quick and the thing I did longer on the game was the ads and I wish there was an ad every 5 levels not every level.😢😡

- Review when the game asked.

After playing 2 levels, the game asked to rate. So I am rating the game and reviewing the game as the game “believed” was a good point to ask me. The game is too easy and even though I did not see an ad. I know they are coming. I have not been in the game much but GOSH DARN the game wanted me to rate it. I don’t know what the game has in store, but I know if the game is like the first 2 levels then it’s gonna bore quick. 2 star for potential and asking me too quick to rate.

- Good........but not that good

The app is totally fine except a few glitches. The ads are HORRIBLE, I am sick and tired of random ads almost every time I complete a puzzle. The glitches I hope can be fixed like the fact that I try to complete a puzzle and I have to start over because I can move a price that hasn't locked in yet. This why a give the app a 2 star review. Some people may not agree with me but this my optinion and how feel.

- Ok I guess

So I played this game for two days and then the levels started repeating so I erased it. When I saw this game at first I really wanted it but it’s not all that good. The levels are SUPER EASY. And there are a lot of adds. Also a few glitches. So what do I like, well I love the different designs and the few levels there was we’re entertaining. Fix the glitches and add more levels then I will DEFINITELY give this game 5 stars

- 186

It was really good until I reached level 186. I’ve lined up all the parts correctly, there’s no other way I could have done it, but I can’t get past the level because the parts won’t click, so now I can’t keep playing. I don’t know if anyone else had this issue, but I did. So otherwise a good game

- Love it! Just a few things wrong though...

WAY to many ads. Basically after every level, there is an ad. Levels are too easy. Every level is WAY to easy, and the 100th level is probably when it gets hard. 🙄 Please fix these, I would appreciate it!

- The Durn Ads

There Is WAY To Many Ads In This Game! I have had this game for a month and I don’t even enjoy playing it because there are so many ads, and I know I can buy the thing to where there is no ads but like I am getting spammed with ads because I don’t wanna spend money on this game, it’s a fun game but I’m literally getting hit by an ad after every level, I probably spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game,

- VERY glitchy

Nice time killing game. Cool that you can get different skins. However, I cannot get past level 208 no matter what I do. The top two pieces will NOT connect. I’ve tried all the skins that I have and they will not connect. I play on I pad 4th generation with all up to date software. Need to fix this if you want people to keep playing. ***Update*** 2 months later, level 208 still glitchy. Cannot pass this level even with using the skip feature. Please fix this.

- :(

It’s a fine game but the adds every two puzzles are too much. I like listening to music while playing games but when there are adds it pauses the music so all I can do is sit in silence. Just the adds are extremely annoying every two puzzles. Also the puzzles are pretty easy. Takes me 10 seconds max to figure it out. Could be a lot better, but what did I expect from a game like this.

- The Levels

This is over all a great game and I use it anytime I need to relax. My only issue is that after you beat a certain amount of levels it just starts repeating the levels. Like the levels are going up but they are just using previous shapes. This was my only issue all in all great game. 👍🏼

- 😡👎🏻

The first time I got it, it would not let me move the blocks. It also does a add every 3 seconds. I think it is not the best, but it still has life. It probably won’t last long though. Then I locked my self out of my phone, and it sent me notifications all the time.😡I don’t like it

- Good but too many ads

This app is really fun. i’m a big fan of puzzles and stuff like that so i was excited to download the app. i downloaded it and right off the bat, there was an ad. i understand the reason for ads, however every time you pass a level, you get an ad. that is getting a bit annoying. otherwise the app is really fun!

- Could’ve been better

I’m gonna list a couple of things first if it locks in it will sometime be impossible for a while another thing is when I first got it I played till like level 200 with no repeats then that changed it is what messes up my rating because it went so long without repeats then all of a sudden repeats

- Some Problems

This game is absolutely amazing! But there’s some problems. Only 2. #1. The blocks glitch. #2. Repeat levels. I would say that problem #1 would be harder to fix then problem 2. All you have to do for problem 2 is just say more levels coming soon. For problem 1 idk how to fix. That’s all of the problems in my case.

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- Awesome..... BUT

I love this game it is so fun and really entertaining, I definitely would recommend this app. The only change I would suggest to make the game better is to not show what the picture actually is, because I like doing it and then getting a surprise to what the picture is. This is just my opinion so don’t make it stop u from getting the app because I still LOVE it. 😊 thank you

- Block interference

So after playing the game for 10 minutes and going through a series of levels I came across a problem. One or more of the moving pieces would get stuck and glitch inside another block that I was unable to move and had to restart the level. Second issue is that your website is Down and or has no domain This sets a terrible outlook on the company as there is now nowhere someone can click to report game faults. I’d recommend these get fixed and the app to be looked at for “Bug fixes”

- Pretty good but....

I do like this game, but it has way to many ads. There are ads after nearly every level and when I restart a level, there is usually an ad. I don’t know what level I’m on, but I defiantly know that the levels have started to repeat. It can get very annoying, but in the end it is a pretty good game.

- I have the solution to the ad problem

To the people who say there are too many ads just turn off your wifi and than double tap the home button and delete the history and than is you go back on the app the ads have disappeared

- Really bad

The first thing I did was check the ratings and reviews but the reviews are really bad but I played it anyway, the first level was pretty fun but then the higher the levels, nothing changed and it was so easy. second it’s so annoying because every second you get a advertisement and thus is a really low quality game. No fun In it and really glitchy. This game is not ok and boring and is really horrible. I have seen better reviews for games and most game reviews are 5 stars, sorry just, it’s a bad game.

- It’s ok but......

Fit ‘em all is amazing. However, like other reviewers, the blocks get stuck inside each other and glitch out. A suggestion I have to make the game even more fun is to use the skins to make a picture inside the shape. That would also make the game slightly easier. Thank you

- Great game, although...

I like the idea that you move shapes to make an image, although after you try to shift the blocks for a while, it starts to glitch and the blocks get stuck together. This makes you need to restart and it’s a bit of a waste of time to figure it out just to start again. Even though it’s very glitchy, it’s still a great game. Thank you.

- Pretty Crappy

I’ve played most of the game, I have all the skins available and I’m currently up to level 444. After level 200, the levels just repeat as you’ve collected all the skins you can from the levels. If you want all the skins, I suggest you turn on your wifi (if you turn it off) and wait until you get the chests. Then just watch some ads and get the skins. It’s pretty boring and repetitive and glitches a lot so it’s not that good. I wouldn’t recommend.

- Just a couple things to say

It’s a good game just I have a couple things to say about it. 1. Ads -You don’t get to many ads to be honest -Ummmmmm... A lot of stuff to unlock you have to watch ads to unlock 2.Repetitive Levels -Some people may not know what this is and some people may not notice this but it’s true -It doesn’t support your game if you repeat levels I know a lot of games that actually do this please if your are a game developer pleas don’t do this If you have read to the end of this thank you for taking your time to read this goodbye for now 👉🏻👈🏻

- It fun

This game is really fun but the adds there is just to much adds 😒it is just so stupid and the adds take so long so if you hate adds do not get it but if you love adds get it but it is fun😋🤩😒😟.

- Reason why I got this app

I only got this app because of the advertising it was triggering me and I was like bruh it ain’t that hard Now look what you have done!🤦🏾‍♀️😂 other then that it’s a great app!

- Glitches and adds 😑😠

I was playing for a bit and than a finshed a level an add came on and I wasn’t to bothered about it but then it happened again and again it was consistent so I would turn on airplane mode then I just got told that it was getting stuck any way on to the glitching it is constant I hate it it’s just not stable i definitely do not recommend

- Eh. Can be a few improvements

Hey, This is all really good game and all but I just have I few tips for players and also for the developer/s. 1. If you don’t want the ads then turn data and wifi off. Simple!! (And then when it says watch an ad to open a chest you get the chest but not the ad) 2. Developer: can you please make them a bit harder?? The levels are soooooooooooo easy and I’m already up to 136 so... Clearly there needs to be some type of challenge 3. Developer: also improve bugs. It always glitches So yeah.

- Can’t get in

The game is fun to play but I noticed very quickly is that if you go out and go back in the next day, it won't open and I'll have to delete the game and install it again to play, losing all my progress

- More ads than cable tv

I played for no more than 5 minutes after I received advertisements at the end of levels 2, 3 and 5. This is disgusting and the ads lasted very long and were baiting for you to click. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you love finishing a puzzle in 10 seconds and waiting through an ad for 30.

- Mac-likes-it

This game is so relaxing and fun to play if you like games that clear your boredom in the covid then this is the right game for you

- Glitching level 186

I was really enjoying this game till i got to level 186 and now it glitches and wont let me stick the blocks together to pass this level. I have upgraded the app and deleted and re-downloaded and still glitches.

- It goods

I'm joking don't get this app it is really bad and half if the time your watching adds them playing the game. Also why this App is bad, is because when it is advertised to you as the buyer it completely Different.

- Needs less repetition

I have only reached level 275, and already it has become boringly repetitive The first levels were fun, with different pictures each time but now it’s repeating those same images over and over again

- Amazing

I think that this game is really fun and relaxing but I just don’t get the bad reviews it is really relaxing

- Fit’ em all

It’s a really fun game and it gives you a good challenge for your self so I really like this game it’s Amazing

- Lag !

After you reach level 100 it lags so bad it’s not enjoyable anymore. It happens after you finish a puzzle please fix this

- Very COOL!

The game is very satisfying and intellectual. It is cool to get puzzles to make shapes. EXCELENT GAME

- Terrible

This games so boring you can do the levels with your eyes closed no joke. You say this game is challenging when you can get to level 100 in about 10mins when that should take you ages. At least put a challenge in it.

- Ads

This would be a ok game if not for the crazy amount of ads. At least give an option to buy out of ads.

- Adds adds adds

Very basic but way too much waiting for adds

- Won’t Able To Join

Why can’t I join in the game, every time I join in the game the game doesn’t let me in to play it, the screen goes black then goes back to home page, fix this

- Level 208 is impossible

Level 208 is impossible because it won’t let you attach the blocks and no one I know can finish the level

- Spammy

It’s a good game, very enjoyable, but the enjoyment of the game is ruined by the frequency of intrusive ads. Other games have been able to find this balance — why can’t you?

- Worst

Game is somehow good but the worst thing about this game is ads...lots of ads after every single level..really disappointed...

- Fit em all

The game starts repeating levels after a while I’ve had to make the same thing 3 times so far.

- Literally Impossible

Its literally impossible to get something out of the chest, when you want a second chance, the BUTTON DOSEN’T EVEN WORK!😡😡😡

- Ok

Me and my dad got this game today but it still gives us a different picture??!!


Good game but I got to a point where it was NOT a passable level! I am very upset and I would love for you to fix it.😡😭

- Eh

This game was ok I didn’t really like it. It was really boring and there was a lot of ads. :/

- Bug

Can’t get past 186 due to the top blocks not connecting with the rest

- The best game ever

This is the first best game ever!!!!! 😘😘😘

- terrible

too many ads once you win something you have to watch an ad once you fail something watch an ad make a better game in general

- Trash

Game has promise but ads after every 1 or 2 puzzles has ruined this game. Pathetic.

- Hi

Its average it’s fun to do if u don’t have wifi

- Horrible

Just don’t play this game if you are reading this ok?

- Eh

So close but just far too many ads. Bugs kill the fun.

- Poooghdjsbskdbdnxhbdn

Its all right I guess I don’t really injoy it I’m a kid so I might spell things wrong yeah I’m a kid so I think it’s boring yeah I’m a kid. By

- Toooo many ADs

Way to many Advertisements

- adds

too many adds like after you complete a level boom a add and next you don’t want something that cost an add boom another annoying add!!!

- Stop

Stop doing what your doing

- >:(

This game is so fustrating and anoying I hate the adds love the game the adds are so fake

- Review

Too easy

- It’s is so glitchy fix the game pls


- Wtf adds

Adds after every single level. Do not recommend

Payoneer 💰

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- 9/10

I hate having to wach commercials/I do not want to pay for them to go away but over all it is a good game.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

- For all of the people complaining about the ads turn off your wifi

Pretty good game

- Lots of ads and games doesn’t load

This game is easy no challenges in any of the levels each level will take about 10 seconds to do decent for some mindless time filling however there are lots of ads and unlike other games instead of playing an ad it redirects you to the App Store each time to a different game which is a annoying Also I find the the game fails to load approximately 9/10 of the time I have an iPhone XR

- Can’t even play

Just goes to a grey screen and crashes, on an IPHONE 11

- Terrible

Hard to play because so glitchy :( shame had potential

- terrible

pieces glitched into other pieces and i had to refresh and it gave me an unskipable 30 second ad

- Game sucks

This game is bad and it glitches all the time and it also has a lot of ads

- It’s good

It’s good but there a lot of ads and for me it never glitches and I have a iPhone 6s

- Ads at every level

It was a decent game I guess, but a 30 second ad played EVERY 2 levels and sometimes in between every level. Since each level takes seconds to complete, I was spending way more time watching stupid ads than playing. I deleted after 5 minutes because I couldn’t take it

- ADS!

There are WAY to many ads! Do NOT waste time with this HORRIBLE app.

- Ok

The game is good and all except there are lots of ads, like after every 2 games there’s an add it’s really annoying please fix

- yikes

uses the r slur. this game sucks

- honestly not impressed

i’m quite disappointed with this game. it was super boring to play and it glitched a lot so it was nearly impossible to play. the levels were the same over and over again. it was obviously poorly developed, and it even used the r slur in the ad i saw for it. really not impressed

- SO BAD!!

The game doesn’t even let me move the things DONT BUY IT!!,I’m getting rid of it.Its ridiculous,It sucks and never think on getting it

- It’s ok

It’s fun but it’s to easy it basically does it for you. So if you just want to play around it’s good. But TURN your wifi off there are to many ads.

- im lazy sorry....

I’m lazy I don’t train my brain I would reccomend this game though if dev doesn’t response it’s ok super sorry

- So many ads

There’s an ad after almost every single level. I can deal with ads but that’s too much.

- bad game

Really easy, requires really no thinking, super glitchy, a lot of ads, and a lot of repeated levels

- Far to many ads

I just saw this fax earlier on snap chat and thought I should download it so I did. AS SOON AS I OPENED THE APP THERE WAS AN AD. And after every round there is it ad it’s THE WORST

- Ok

Gives you a lot of ads and every level is super easy and once you get to about level 250 The levels are exactly the same as the first ones

- Glitch

Glitch on level 208,,,

- Troooop de pub

2 coups? 2 pubs !!

- Boring

Managed to get to level 103 until my phone died, from 8%. If you’re looking for a game to waste 10 minutes on that occasionally glitches out, then this is your game.

- Try it

Fun chill game

- Horrible

You’re lucky I gave you two for this it’s so glitchy and bad fix all the bugs or I’m turning them back to you into a 0

- Bad

This game is doodoo

- Too glitchy

App is to glitchy

- Beanyboy9991

So f**ing bad it glitch all the Time TRASH

- Too many ads

Can even play the game, hate when this is how it works out.

- Ur games kinda trash

There is nothing to it

- Too easy

I got to level 26 then quit and deleted. Way too easy.

- :D

I only had one day with this app and I’m already LOVING IT ✅✅✅

- Bad

Tons of adds and really laggy

- Hi

It is way to easy

- Terrible

Played a total of 3 minutes and I immediately broke the 6th level

- Bugs

In the level six, there is a bug that makes the blocks passing in one another so we can’t pass the level when it comes. Its a good game but you must resolve this issue.

- 🌜

I give it half just because of the ads every time I finish an apple it is an ad but the normal game writing is to

- glittchy

VERY, VERY GLITCHY can’t really play bc VERY glitchy. I could barely even play too much before it turned glitchy and it literally FROZE.

- Too many ads cause it to freeze

Way too many ads.

- Level 169 is unbeatable

This is not an exaggeration

- Ctyictiydidtyiccidttydudrudfyudriy


- Bad

This game is so poorly made it glitches other pieces go into other pieces when you try and put a piece in place it won’t and just glitches into the shape and makes me restart every time it sucks


This Game Has Way To Many Adds It Made Me Watch 2 A The Same TIMEEEEEEE

- For all of you that said it was terrible

Satisfying good game

- To glitchy

It’s to glitchy

- Crap

So much gliching

- Chances?

I don’t know if I’m just unlucky but whenever I use keys to open the chest I have not got anything and I have done it around 10 times. I might be wrong but it makes me feel that there no chance of getting something from a chest unless you open another with an ad. Also This game has no challenge and I haven’t been stuck on a level before.

- Crazy amount of ads 👎


- Too hard

Everything is fine except for level 92, it’s way too hard

- Bug

You said that you fixed level 186 but it’s still b broken

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- Best game

Sometimes this game is hard but it is also easy but when you keep going on and on to the other level it keeps getting harder and harder when you keep playing this game

- To much ads ;-;

I like this game and all, but the problem is that there’s ads right after each and every level T•T Tho it is a great stress reliever •-• I’ve had games like this before and they don’t actually have ads after EACH and EVERY level -•- I dunno wut to do about this game but it’s kinda good and kinda bad .-.

- What you’d expect

This is just another mindless mobile game riddled with ads every other level. It’s an ad to get an extra key, an ad to unlock the skin you got, etc, etc, etc. It’s difficult to play even on airplane mode since every level there’s a pop up asking if you want to see another ad. The real interesting part is how they have such high reviews on the App Store. Using bots for reviews on here, are we? All in all, not worth it. Don’t download.

- Good

Overall this game is a pretty good game if you are bored which in quarantine I think everybody is but the only thing that is kind of annoying is it asked meTo write it on the first round so that’s kind of annoying but other than that it’s great

- Fun game, with a couple of problems

Fit em all is a really fun game, but there are a couple problems. I’ve been on level 208 for a while and the pieces won’t fit. I tried skipping and it kept glitching out. There are a lot of ads, so one trick is to put your phone on airplane mode so you get no ads.

- I don’t recommend

It’s not that much different from any other mobile game really I hate the add overdose and I know that some people don’t like the glitches but I think they are the most fun thing in the game but the thing is the GLITCHES are the funnest thing in the game to me not the actual game play sooooo I don’t recommend it it’s just a stupid mobile game that shoves a bunch of adds in your face u can find a bunch of other games that don’t even show u adds at all so...

- Wry fun but multiple repetitive adds

This game is so fun and I’ve been playing it all morning since I’ve got it and it’s really fun I have to say but there is an ad after every time you play on level so what I would say is that there is an ad after and before every round❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕

- Meh

Cool idea to kill time but it’s unappealing with no sound and so many ads. Also I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling as it will only open and work properly 1 or 2 times then every time I try to open it it’s just a blank black screen and only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app, kind of annoying as it dose not seem to save my data so back to lvl 1 every time. Will wait for another update before I try it again.

- Good but

I love this game the only problem is that the box in the top right of the screen shows what it’s supposed to look like and I really wish there was an option to get rid of it otherwise great game

- Not that great

I played the game for roughly an hour and beat 200 levels, it’s way too easy. The pieces glitch out all the time and you have to reset the level every time it does that. Also it will fill up the skin unlock pictures and then not give you all of them, making watch an ad to re-unlock them, I find that really annoying and unfair. Overall this game isn’t that great and I’m going to go find a different game to play

- It’s ok I guess

I have only had this game not even a day and I am on level 255. They are making me repeat levels. The boxes are not fair bc there is only one prize and 3 boxes. They could of course put money in the other boxes to where it would be a little more fair. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. -AshKitty07

- Awesome

Ok so when I wanna get a new skin it says I have to watch an ad but when I press the button it skips the ad for me!!! And this game is super fun if you like puzzles you then this is the game for you. If you get this game then I hope you enjoy it.

- This game is really fun but it has a few glitches

This game is really fun but it has a few glitches. I was playing it when I was about to move a piece and it was glitching and I couldn’t move the pieces. I really like this game otherwise so I gave it 4 stars so please try to fix the glitching.

- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I find it satisfying, but I‘d prefer if it was like how it is in the ads—which by the way it makes me so mad when games falsely advertise their app. This game isn’t that bad about it, but still—. I like how instead of a picture of the thing there’s an outline on the actual board, if you know what I mean. Besides that, great game! Satisfying, fun, and entertaining.

- Great game, 5 stars.

I don’t know why this game gets so much bad reviews. Everything works well, no excessive ads, no glitches. This is a great game and it’s perfect for me to play. Thank you for making this. You are so kind. 😀😀😀

- No loss

There is no way to lose in this game. I wouldn’t love this game but it would be greatly improved by making it possible to lose a given level. Make it such that if you put the right pieces together in the wrong order, it would lock down regardless of if locking would prevent other pieces from being moved where they need to be. Right now, if locking a piece in would prevent completion, the piece simply doesn’t lock down.

- Great potential but falls short

Unlike the advertisement, there is no challenge to fit the parts in the proper order. Just keep pushing and they will fit. This game could have been so much more by requiring studying of the pieces and a plan to assemble them, but no, just keep pushing any old way and eventually all will fit and you can move on to the next equally unchallenging puzzle.

- Ridiculous

IT is absolutely ridiculous that you have to spend so much time watching ads when you just want to play the game. After every single level you have to watch an ad. I would not recommend this game if you just want to play a game. If you like watching ad after ad after ad then this is the game for you. Otherwise I wouldn't waste the memory space in your phone with this game.

- Only 1 good thing about the app

The app allows you to turn off vibration in the app. That is the only positive about it. It makes you watch ads after every single one and the shapes don’t match the pictures that they give you. Even the ads for this app are misleading. It’s easy enough that a one year old could do it and this app is only about money for the company. I do not recommend it unless you want to torture someone

- Really?

Hey so it was kinda nice. Satisfying enough putting all the pieces in place and stuff. Obviously anyone with an iq of over like 40 could play it no problem but the main problem I encountered was level 186. It literally will not let the pieces line up and go into place. I’ve changed skins. I’ve deleted the app and got it back to the same problem. It will not work. Please fix this

- Glitchy

The sensitivity of the pieces are extremely poor. The over all game is extremely easy, although the rating is for 4 and up. The amount of ads, that are being targeted towards children of a young age is ludacris. Level 186 is glitched to the point of not being able to complete the level, which it took me all of 12 minutes to make it that far using airplane mode to block the flood of ads.

- Level 208 is broken!!!

I love the hame but I can’t play anymore because level 208 can’t be complete!!! When the top pieces are set on top they don’t set. They don’t do anything. It’s not possible to finish it. Fix it please. I like this game when there is nothing else to do!!!!

- Has some issues

I like this game, levels are fun. However, blocks get stuck in each other WAY too easily, which makes you restart the level. I don't know if any other users have this issue, but my app has a glitch on level 186 that will not allow me to pass it.

- it’s okay

It’s a very fun game in my opinion. But there are some problems with it also. For one i think there’s to much adds just like every other game. also the game can get very glitchy so i’ll have to restart the level because one tiny piece glitches out. but other than that it’s kind of fun so.

- No thanks! Please read!!

This game, indeed is fun. Yet ads. Everyone always write reviews on ads. “Too many ads!” “Ads, ads, ads...” you have see them. 😉 This game has ads after every level, and the game is glitchy. No matter if you have the newest phone, it is glitchy. The game lags, and freezes. It is one of those games, there are hundreds of games like this, pick the other ones. This one stinks!! 😞

- Could have been better

There were way too many ads. Some of the boxes were just empty and made it so you had to watch an ad to get the reward. Sometimes the pieces will glitch out and force you to restart the level. Some of these problems need to be fixed. So they updated it and they added different boards but there is no way to earn coins. It was a disappointment.

- Worst app ever don’t download

I couldn’t even get the app to open it just has a black screen and then it crashes don’t download huge waste of your time and energy

- Hamtowncar

PLZ PLZ PLZ cut down your ADS. I have to stop playing to stop wasting my time. All the time wasted takes away from enjoying your game. Your concept is fun. Yet ALL the ADS for everything is truly annoying. Want to play more & more often. Have a developer play for half an hour & see how much fun they have.....

- Benefit of the doubt

So I read a lot of reviews saying this game is trash but I was give it the benefit of the doubt and see if it is that bad I’ll edit this to share my experience✌🏽

- The game is glitchy but fun

So when I play the pieces kept vanishing and getting stuck so if you could fix that it would be better and also at around stage 45 the game starts reusing some of the other levels and skins

- fun game, but it has some bugs

It's a fun game if you have time to kill. There are some bugs in it though. Some of the skin icons are switched and occasionally the pieces will glitch together. Other than that it's a good game if you are bored and have nothing to do

- Stuck

The game is actually good if you enjoy this kind of thing. However, when I got to level 186 it wouldn’t Lethe fit the last two pieces together, and it appears that I’m not the only one stuck on the exact level. Please fix this problem soon.

- Do not get this app🙄

This app is a total waist of time and storage! This game glitches out to often! Usually games glitch out a couple times, this game glitches out like every 5 seconds! Like the pieces won’t fit, Ik that sounds ridicules but what I mean is like i try to put the pieces in on the RIGHT place bc I look at the pic and it’s the RIGHT place, it’s just like the pieces are too close so it doesn’t let me put them in! DO NOT GET THIS APP!! PERIOD POO!

- Fun But Not

I downloaded this game cause I saw an add for it. It is a super fun and satisfying game don’t get me wrong but there are way to many adds. I spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to find and add blocker app for free. I am on level 15 and as of 2 rounds I have got an ad and there is constantly one at the bottom. So if you have a millions of hours get this game but if not don’t.

- Why so many ads????

I love the game, hate that there’s an ad after literally every level. I can’t even pay to get rid of them. It’s so annoying I can only play about six levels in a row before getting tired of seeing ads and just quit for the day.

- Not That Great

This game is very addicting just like any new game that you have just gotten. But when you play it, you have to constantly watch ads. For example, I couldn’t get to level 10 without watching 4 ads. 4 ADS? Like come on really? You also can’t play this game without wifi so there is no way to “escape” the ads.

- All Cayhun tasci apps need to be removed

This developer produces unforgivably bad apps overloaded with ads. Undeveloped ideas, poorly rendered graphics, buggy coding, repetitive, simple levels of game play not fit for children. They’ve found a way to leech money from unsuspecting victims. Every app is a scam to load you up with ads and provide as little as possible in return... just the suggestion of a game and not much more.

- Just save your time and find another game

The puzzles take all of 3-5 seconds to solve and then you have to watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE!!!! Too many ads. Deleted after being forced to watch 30-45 second ads that couldn’t be skipped. The puzzles were so easy that you end up watching several minutes of ads to one minute of gameplay.

- Problems

The game is fun but it has been mostly repeat levels since at most level 200. Also I have picked middle chest 100% of the time and it only worked the first time which shows a problem with either the chests themselves or the randomness.

- Well umm something happened

The thing that happened umm well.. I got my friend addicted with me. QwQ 10/5 simply must play! It’s addicting so do it! This game is amazing and you must play it! This game will amaze you, I got to level 59 in about I don’t really know but I wasn’t addicted at the start. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now get it, play it, and get addicted!! Keep clam And Get addicted - A very satisfied, and addicted, person

- So relaxing

This game is one of the most amazing things on the App Store. The only thing that I don’t like that there’s not a lot of levels. But all and all this is one of the best app ever

- Way to many ads

This game is not that good in terms of ads. After every level there’s and add and the ads are long,annoying, and frustrating. On the other hand about the game itself isn’t that good either. The shapes that are connected goes one way only and it’s so easy to find out we’re it goes and there’s no challenge. It’s really just a time waster.

- Alright...

I got this app because it looked fun to play, but on some of the levels, the shapes just kept on glitching for me and the tiny shapes were getting stuck inside bigger shapes so I had to restart the puzzle again.

- Not very good but ok 😕🙂

I like to play it when I have nothing to do it’s kind of calming but the worst part of the game is that every time I get to pick a treasure chest it is always a 😭. And when it gives me the choice to watch an add to get something or not it still makes me watch a add so why not just give it to me no option I would like to have a more accurate picture to.

- Good Game but

Overall a great game, however there are way too many adds. Along with that I got to level 200 in about an hour and then the levels started repeating. This is a fun game just get rid of some of the adds and make more levels and make them harder.

- Come on.

Fun game, but there are ads after EVERY SINGLE level, and no way to purchase to remove them. I’m completing puzzles in 15 seconds and spending 30 seconds watching an Ad. Literally spending TWICE the amount of time I am playing, watching Ads. Deleted.

- Fix your game

The game is fun but I think there needs to be more levels I’m on level 512 and I played the same puzzles like 12 times and it’s super glitchy the pieces get stuck together and it’s annoying, also, the box are so annoying I can open the same box like 30 times and get nothing.


This game is so glitchy! I go to play it and have to restart because it glitched out or something and then I have to watch an ad! This is a big waste of time on just watching ads! And the last on is I hate how after like level 10 you start with no starting piece. I don’t know if this is just my phone or it’s the app but it’s annoying how that works...

- Decent game

The game is very generic and fun for people with ocd and also a good competition though I do find them to be too easy to really be a challenge, but it’s a good game would recommend to someone looking for a satisfying game, but not for a challenging game.

- won’t let me pass the level

I love this game but once i hit level 208 it won’t let me pass the level i’ve tried everything i can think of and it just won’t pass the level even though i keep making the shape

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Lonniie Bandz 💰

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I Said What I Said

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I Said What I Said

@KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Who shot em? It was probably an agitator unaffiliated with the movement and there simply to fuel the flames of hatred. I don’t believe any of what I see or hear. It’s all twisted to fit whatever story THEY wanna portray at the time FVCK all ya and I mean that disrespectfully


Many people don show me love. I no fit remember all their names. But all of em. Got me to that Don Mula spot.

Son of Apollo☀️

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Adam Stachowiak

@ImSabbo @cubewatermelon I could only fit 4 pictures, but ueah, it's even more complicated than what i said. I just wish FOW still had eldritch/cthulhu stuff. It was the first deck i played, and i never cared for how they just made em all into anime people...

miel is tired

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Born to Bot

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Crelly Nagle🧐

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Fit'em All 3.2 Screenshots & Images

Fit'em All iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All iphone images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All ipad images
Fit'em All Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Fit'em All Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Fit'em All (Version 3.2) Install & Download

The applications Fit'em All was published in the category Games on 2020-04-04 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 264.66 MB. Fit'em All - Games posted on 2020-09-10 current version is 3.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cct.hingeit

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