Stack Colors!

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Move and stack the right color platforms and finally kick them to get a huge score boost in a satisfying way!

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- New Bonus Level - Bug Fixes

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- Best idea ever

Thanks for making the add and putting it on App Store this game encouraged me entire family even my 60 year old grandpa that does nothing besides sleep and eat but besides the point u encouraged over 100 people to play stake colers u should earn a lot of money for that show your boss and maby I will get a raise or even better u could become the manager so keep working hard and keep making new games because there are millions of people out there that will rate u some people were just born like Jessica stringer she had a babby a couple days ago so have fun and if u have little ones get them this app and after that site bye a fire and rost a marshmallow that is a little girls or boys favorite treat so be safe have fun and be kind to others. Love Avery Yost

- Glitches

The game will go slow all of a sudden then when it picks back up it’ll skip and I’ll lose blocks and even at the end I’ll lose a strong kick I could have had. Also at the end when you do the kicks I try by best to get as many as many blocks as possible when I do success in most of the time however the “bonus” at the end does not work at all. I have hit the back wall of the “bonus” and it doesn’t give me a bonus it only gives me a “X5” even though I have hit the “bonus” part. I know I hit the bonus because the X5 I can hardly see because most of the blocks have gone to the back wall of the bonus part and it doesn’t light up like the other “x’s” do when I land on them. I play these games all the time and everything I have done by this company haven’t always given me bonus part when I go the extra mile. My purpose in playing all these game is to get to the highest possible bonus are included with that. Especially the bonus because most of them are a challenge to get. I gave this a two star just because it’s fun to play but it’s frustrating when the game doesn’t work to its full potential. It would be extremely fun without the glitches in it going all the time cause it to fail and be slow.

- Again with the adds

Like thousands of other games, this game has way. To. Many. Adds. Normally to many adds don't bother me, but this? This is to much. In the middle of a round, a 20 second add popped up. After waiting, I got to see he end of the level, and another add popped up. Finally I got to collect my coins, then I pressed play for another round, and yep, you guessed it, ANOTHER. ADD. Overall the gameplay is fun, addicting, and a time passer. Minus the adds, five stars. I know you can just turn on airplane mode but come on! Nobody wants to do that. And a lot of times when I turn off my Wifi, it says 'Add Loading...' And it just covers my screen, not letting me play. Because of no wifi, the adds never loads, and I have to start the game over, and turn on wifi. I think most of you reading this get the point... I'm debating whether or not to delete this game... I think for now i'll keep it, but believe me, this game won't stay for long. I know you need money game, but just no! I recommend this game to people who have a lot of patience, but... 🙄

- This game is super fun but there is to many adds

Color staking is not only fun but an learning game to because you have to match the color blocks with the color of your wall and if you don’t you get some taken away it makes you want to beat your score every time that you play you get coins when you play go there is now purchasing in the app so you can just play and have fun the only thing that I don’t like is that there is so many adds so I hope that will change because this game is really fun to play and the adds make a little less enjoyable once you try you will love it and never want to do anything else.

- My fav game if all time!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this game sooo much like this is all I play I could sit here on my couch with my phone playing this game for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS if you are thinking about getting this game and you are looking at the reviews first you should TOTALLY get this game I promise you you will not regret it just at Leary try it if you dint like the game then you don’t like it I’m just saying this is my FAVORITE GAME that is just my opinion if you get this game and you dint like it then hey at least you tryed it and that is all that matters sorry if you are reading this I know this is long just try this game just get it I promise you will not regret it thank me later 👋

- Not enough to do

This game is pretty fun overall I like it how you can upgrade stuff in the game, however the attic kind of annoying now I do know that ads are what make a game free but still want to start upgrading your spin stuff at a certain point it will not let you upgrade for coins anyway you have to watch only adds to upgrade. Which I think it’s just out ridiculous concept, there’s also not enough to do in this game I got bored pretty quickly after I got both of my things up to 100 level I wish there were more gameplay options like for example how many multiplayer but we can connect your friends or having a contest with a Nother computer for like who has the highest stack I think adding things like that would be better and would commit me to play more

- Great game!!!!!

I love this game!!!! So simple yet so fun!!! I could play this game for hours!!!!!!!!! Me and my friend love it! We first got this game just to have a competition to see who couldto the highest level by the end of the month and planned on just deleting it.. than we started playing the game. I think it has been 3 months now! We ended the month and was just like.. let’s keep the competition going!! Just bc we couldn’t stop playing. We DIDN'T WANT TO STOP PLAYING!!!!!!!!! We keep saying only one more week.. and the week goes by and we’re like ehhhhh nahhhh!!! Definitely recommend the game!!!! Hopefully this helps💛

- 😍😍😍😍😍

Voodoo makes the best games how do they come up with all this!!?? The thing is that none of the games they make are boring they are all addicting and all super fun and all creative!! I just love ❤️ voodoo game so much they are amazing I highly recommend all voodoo games i guarantee you will have lots of fun and will think the same!😃🙂 Okay i’m just going to put this out there you guys need to stop this game works perfectly I love you are all haters and liars😔🙁☹️ it is so sad I had to say that. haters gonna hate

- Maybe not too many ad’s?

I think this game is great and really fun! My only concern is why so many ad’s? I honestly think I’m my opion that the ad’s are kinda of a big problem because every round you play another add. And each round is not even a minute long. So what I’m saying is that there’s ALWAYS ad’s. I feel like every three round there should be an add since every round goes by so quick! Otherwise then that I completely love this game! I think it’s great quality and I saw that in other reviews they had glitches but I have had none. But u definitely would recommend this game to a friend because it’s a very good game!!! And thank you!<3

- Let’s be honest...

The game is way too easy. All you do is avoid touching blocks. There isn’t even levels. You click start. I would not recommend this game to anyone. It fine for little kids who need to be entertained but come on. The person that is running around NAKID is funny but it gets old pretty quick. Not a great game. Sometimes I try to play the game but it won’t load. I’m stuck on a blank screen. I literally get a perfect 5.00 every time I play this app. Come one you collect coins but what do you do with them? Way too easy wouldn’t recommend. EDIT: The game says 12 AnD uP but come one once again only good for little children thumbs down 👎

- I LOVE IT A little inappropriate and I watch some changes!!!!!!!!!!!!

To start off it’s very good I know I’m not 12 but I love it why are there butts not like that I wish you can change the skin and like you canVerse people and change your name and I am 6 I still love it I am the only one in this whole tire family who has the game my cousin can have it my other cousin can have it very good I wish you can change the map everybody reading this Watch the musical Hamilton if you haven’t seen it it’s very good I know two actors!!!!! And if the Youtubers reading this hi especially hi to FGTEEV!!!!!! FGTEEV IS MY favorite you tuber in the world I still like The Youtubers

- Boring

This game is way, way, way too easy for my liking. And when you basically have everything your done, and you delete it. Not enough to do and defiantly not enough to buy! All games are like this, play get coins, buy skins in shop play some more. Add some mini games, bonus-super hard levels, someone unique! This game is good but really boring, I get the idea but the developer couldv’t gone further and made either a little bit harder or more mini games and other things you could do. Don’t waste you’re breath and DON’T download this app, it’s too bland and boring to keep. You don’t need this app for its ads and boring concept get something better than this! I would give some ideas of good games but I won’t to keep this game getting money, ur welcome.

- Booty

If i see an ad for this game on snapchat or instagram ONE MORE TIME i’m gonna murder myself. i downloaded it because i assumed once you hit a certain level you just develop some kind of irreversible brain damage because the person in the ad was so terrible. i’m on level 65, and i’m still smarter than the average everyday 3 year old. i don’t understand why i still play, i’ve had the game for 3 hours and i have 250k+ coins and my high score is 28k. every time you beat a level you watch an ad, which gets annoying. on top of that instead of letting you upgrade by spending coins you need to watch ads after every 2 or 3 levels for speed, kick, and score multiplier. garbage game, i do not recommend. id give it zero stars if i could

- Decent, but needs some changes...

I just downloaded the game and it is great! Accept for a couple of things... 1. It’s too easy! I always get new high scores after every level, you simple need to challenge players. For example, when you take turns, don’t turn the screen, have players turn it themselves. That would be a challenge! 2. Too many ads! After every single round, it plays an ad. Sometimes it play two ads, and I can’t skip it. This game is meant for playing, not for advertising other games. 3. Make more power ups! The only power ups are kick, and 2 others. Other cool power ups could include the way you could move around and kick, not just jump. Like twirl around, or dance. And others, get creative! 4. Add a shop! I don’t just want a plain old guy. Have us customize our characters and give them trails and special shows when kicking! Again, get creative! These are just a few suggestions that I hope VooDoo will look at. Otherwise it’s a decent game.

- No instructions

I like the game, and I paid to remove the ads; yet if I drop the stack and want to continue, I STILL get a 30 second ad. I no longer hit “CONTINUE”. I still haven’t figured out the 3 small colored boxes on the START page with the different numbers in them. Am I suppose to be pressing one of these? One of them even has a foot icon with “kick” over it..... there should be something to give us just a hint of how to play this game.

- Yet another low quality cash grab

I initially downloaded this game because seeing the ad player play it makes you think they’re incredibly stupid. That only makes me stupid for actually downloading it to beat them. The game is incredible easy, but that’s its purpose. The quicker you beat the game, the faster your ad is served and the fast they get their ad revenue. I don’t support this, so I had airplane mode on after my second ad. They’ll spam you otherwise. There’s no increasing difficulty. Again, why would their be? Some like that easy win. You’d have to be completely color blind for this to actually be difficult, and even that’s a stretch. I’d say Apple needs to crack down on this, but there’s nothing to attack on. It’s a lazily made game, but a good idea is limiting the amount of ads shown during a period of time (say 5 ads within 10 minutes. I know that’s a stretch, but play with it). That way developers make these games that draw people in. It’s worth everyone time and the devs still get their ad revenue. Then again, who will see this?

- Still could be better.

A lot of people like this game, and I’ll be honest. It isn’t too bad, but some things could definitely be fixed. First of all, I get spammed with ads which lowers the amount of time I get to play. I’m also spammed with the “no ads” page. You have the choice of ads in the middle of a game or pay 2.99 (something not all people have) to stop them. There’s also some lagginess when you start up the game. I do like how you can upgrade the kick, score, and speed. I’m not the biggest fan of games like these, but this one isn’t bad. It could be a lot better.

- 4 Star

I rate this game a 4/5 stars. Color Stack is extremely addictive and fun. It has a ton of great things such as “Fever Mode”. I love the end to each level. How you have to tap fast to push the blocks farther. It’s so fun and Color Stack is one of my favorite games on my phone. I do think the levels should be a little bit longer in the beginning. When you do a 15 second level and a 15 second add, it almost is not worth even playing the level. Color Stack is an amazing and fun game. The game designers did an amazing job.

- GREAT game! Couple things tho...

This game is great! Fun, helps with reflexes, entertaining... just one problem. The glitches. In the middle of a level, while I’m playing, I have to move quickly to get all the bricks, or whatever it is you call them. Sometimes it’ll just stop, and... long story short, it’s annoying and needs to be fixed. Another thing is... maybe make the colors brighter here and there... just to make it more appealing. Overall, apart from a few flaws, this game is fun, entertaining, and a great game!!!

- Great but 1 downside

I love the game but it has something about it that I don’t like. Whenever you fill the meter up that increases the size of the collector flawlessly (not hitting the wrong color once), you typically get to spend it on passing empty obstacles or a collecting a handful of large blocks. It is unsatisfying to not be able to hit 4 columns of the small blocks with it. I find it rare for that satisfying thing to occur. Otherwise, love this game to pass time.

- Fun game too many adds

I enjoy this game a lot. It’s so satisfying, BUT there’s way too many adds on here. Especially for the upgrading part of it. You can use coins for only three upgrades maybe four if you’re lucky before you have to watch another add. And the worst part is they make it for all three upgrades so you have to watch the add before upgrading anything else. You can’t even play a level to get rid of them. Maybe if you restart the app a few times it’ll let you but not even restarting helps most of the time.

- Eh.

So, I started playing this, and I thought it was great by the look of the ads. The one thing though, that is not very common in some games is that when I try to move it is hard and very slow. It feels likes ur pulling something very hard over and over and OVER again. That is why I demoted this rating a star, and another for another reason, too. It just got boring for me, so I deleted it. I’m soooooooo sorry, I really like it but think it’s just to hard to deal with. If these problems are fixed, I will re-download the game. Thx for reading this review!

- Don’t waste your time

This game is a needle in a needle stack. It’s the same crappy formula as all the others. It crashes constantly, freezes, there are ads after every level you beat and it charges you $3 to remove those adds. You wanna double your gold? Watch an add, you wanna get one free upgrade? Watch an add, you wanna just play the next level after you beat the previous one? HA! You don’t have a choice on that one you’re watching the add either way. I beat a level had to watch an add, then had to watch an add to get double gold, then it forced me to watch another just to get to the next level. If you like being punished this is your game then.

- satisfying

This company rides on the coattails of other people’s social media accounts/ hard work, reposts their videos, and then adds their game to download to their new post. If you look around, they have tons of instagram accounts doing this. Also, I guarantee the use of the word satisfying in these reviews is from people who work for the company. nothing is satisfying about this game, it’s glitches, and there are tons of ads.

- I ❤️this game

The things that I love about this game is it’s so satisfying when you collect the blocks! This game has so much juicy details in it! It’s so fun in the add of this game cause now you can do it yourself! I just wish when you collect the blocks it would be longer then tapping the screen when the blocks fall! I just do not like it when there adds the people that made this game should delete all the adds so that it’s free add!

- Ok

It is an awesome game! I haven’t seen any ads yet, I’m impressed! One thing though: when you have to tap super fast, after a little while, my hand started hurting a lot. My goal is to get to the “bonus” thingy so yeah! My hand does really hurt, though. I recommend this, but just remember that your hand might hurt after a while of tapping fast. That is literally the only thing bad about the game! It is so entertaining and fun and I could play if forever! (I don’t think my hand will make it.)

- Amazing but...

This is the best game EVER, I love everything about it but... there is a lot of adds I understand that this game needs to make money but maybe just cutting out a few adds, that would be great! But other then that this is amazing. I have over 100K coins and I’ve been playing this game for only a few months! In my opinion you should download this game! Keep making great games ♡︎

- Great game but,

So to start this is overall a great game!!! But there is one tiny problem that just annoys me! The levels just keep on repeating over and over and over etc. I truly would give this 4.5 stars ⭐️ if I could. Maybe add some more levels to the game and I would truly give this 5 stars ⭐️!!! Also another thing is the ads!! To many of them! So please try and fix that too. So just cut back the ads and add more levels and this would be a 5 star ⭐️ game!!!

- This game is a little broken

I am on level 87 because I just turned on airplane mode when I play. I get no ads and I broke the Economy. I now get around 150,000 coins every level. Also developers if you can read this: if you score 0 on a level, the game never moves on and you are stuck in one screen forever. 10/10 would recommend

- It’s alright

This game is ok. While it is a fun game I wish it would have less ads. Almost all the time there are ads like every 5 minutes. The only tome I don’t get any ads is when I’m offline. I also would like it if there would be more things to do with your coins then just upgrade you kick, speed, and score. Maybe like skins for your person or wheels cart thingy( I really don’t know what to call them)? I don’t know. Other than the complaints above it’s a fun game and helps pass the time

- Some ideas

It can be fun at first but after a lot of levels it gets really boring same thing over and over again and when you mess up on the level it just brings you to a different one it needs a lot of work like one of the update should be where you can customize a person in what shape your stacking the colors One thing that they should also add is more traps so as you put more progress in the levels it gets harder and other than that it’s a cool game

- Lots of problems

The premise is fine, however ads are shoved down your throat. Some ads will play with sound even if my phone is on silent and there is no mute button on some ads. When you are spamming the button to level up kick, bonus, or speed, sometimes an add sneaks in there to level up an ability for free. I’ve put my phone down while ads are playing longer than actually enjoying the game. I’ve gone through 12 levels and it crashed about 4 times in the middle of playing. Yay time to watch more ads!!! This is a great game to see what other add riddled games are out there.

- Bugs causing game issues

The 2nd most recent update has caused the game to become so glitchy it’s almost unusable. Almost every other level I’m having problems where the game lags, causing me to most commonly skip/miss blocks, not move fast enough, or the color doesn’t change when it’s supposed to. I often have to force close the app and retry the level, hoping it doesn’t happen again. I’ve cut down my playing time significantly as it’s been over a month and the issues still haven’t been fixed. If they would fix these issues, it’d easily be a 5/5


I was having so much fun with this game. I wanted to majorly upgrade it so I saved up until I had MILLIONS of coins- hundreds of millions actually. And I decided to play one more level and then upgrade everything. I don’t remember what level I was on but it was definitely over 10 or 200. I never really checked. Anyway, I played one more round and suddenly, instead of my score going up, it said -308. And I died. And then I was on level one and it seemed as though I had just got the game! It said level one for speed, kick, score. And I had 0 coins. So please, PLEASE do not get this game. You will only be disappointed.

- This game is great!

This game is great, but the only thing I would change is that there round gets longer each time. For example, most of the rounds have around the same amount of “stones” to stack, but if each round was longer it would be more challenging and more fun. Just something to think about. But otherwise this game is awesome!

- *Stack Colors*

Hello!This game is the best experienced game but!There are some glitches and bugs and not much ads!I just downloaded it today so improve it more and I’ll give a five star if it gets worse I’ll remove stars and end up deleting it later on....Please fix that!.thank you!Happy 4th of July ^o^.Oh and the same thing happened to me Kattix Tix!it would skip blocks and end up At another part :/ and it would pop me out UGH 😑

- Great game, too many ads

As the title says, this game is great, super fun, however, there are WAY too many ads. Always have an ad at the bottom, and after every level there’s an ad. I found a workaround to these ads, just launch the game in airplane mode and the ads will not load! However, if they make you watch an ad after you finish a level, just close the game and relaunch! The load time to load the entire app is actually faster than an ad.

- Brooklyn

Hi my name is Brooklyn and I am a 11 years old The reason why I give this a three star because almost all the time it has ads and sometimes when I play the game and just doesn’t load in and I don’t like this game because it’s kind of fun though even though it’s a little bit of stuff about it but I love this game adjust the reason why I don’t like this game it just has a lot of bad but overall I love this game it’s fun and you guys should play this game

- Too laggy

Honestly this game is fun and all but one thing that annoys me is that it is too laggy. During my first time I changed to a different color but once I pass it it lags and makes me lose one block maybe the creator can try to fix this problem. Another thing it does not let me get the bonuses even tho I touch it it just blinks on the 5.0 but overall it is a fun game like I said maybe the creator can fix this it would mean a lot to us players.


This game would be amazing if it didn't force ads onto you at every corner, every other round you get an ad. If you hit x to not use an ad for an extra life then you get an ad put onto your screen. At a certain point the game also prohibits you from upgrading your bonuses by putting an ad that you must watch as the button to level up, and randomly (if your upgrading a large amount at once) the game will throw one onto the lvl up button quickly so that you hit it accidentally.

- Amazing time killer

I love this game it is soooo fun and sadistic ting it is really easy to get coins and stuff so I wish you could buy like skins but otherwise really great game and highly recommend. If ads bother you a lot I wouldn’t suggest this game it has ads like after every two to three levels but the ads are really short

- Way to many adds !

Overall, this is an amazing game it is satisfying to play and it’s a great game! BUT THERE IS A OTHER SIDE TO THIS GAME! I honestly have no patience but I can handles watching 1 add! Or 2, but this game is terrible when it comes to adds there are so many as soon as you finished a level it will bring up a add and when you will click continue to play on the next level it will send a add. It’s like every time you click a button it instantly brings up add . 10 out of 10 would not recommend TERRIBLE GAME 😭

- Its okay.

Its fun! I’ll give it that. It has very little to do, but its fun nonetheless. A major problem is once you get past level 50. The game begins to glitch out, skipping over blocks and coins, passing through ramps, and overall lagging. Its almost like the developers didn’t expect anyone to get that far. The game just cant handle the speed you achieve. Its fun for road trips where you have no connection, because then you have no ads. And from what I can tell, there are WAY too many of those.

- Great game! But Many ads

I really like this game a lot! But it’s too many ads, why Every time I purchase something on the side a ad pops up and I have to watch it? I understand your company has to make money but give me a break. I’m just going to go back on apple arcade. Cause it’s too much. Please fix it!

- Almost everything is perfect

I LOVE this game! It’s very satisfying and it’s almost perfect. One thing that I wish is that there were different skins to earn. Another is when you have fever I think it should go for along time so you can get all of the block things so you can make it to bonus easier. There’s nothing else I would change everything else is perfect

- Good but not great

I love this game because it is so easy and satisfying. I love collecting the blocks, it’s really fun and super easy. The only thing is that I paid for no adds but I still got adds so it’s not the greatest in that way but still awesome. I do wish the levels were a bit harder though because the levels are very easy which is sometimes nice when I want it to be easy.

- Copy and paste please

This is an amazing game but like literally every game you shouldn’t have to pay for no adds and I get that’s how you make money but most kids don’t have money on their phone including me so please please please COPY and PASTE to a review to every game you own including this one. Let’s stop adds together!

- Fun game but too many adds and super glitchy

I recently download this game and I immediately loved it but I will randomly glitch and not let me play or kick me out of the game completely. Also the adds are just a little to much normally I can tolerate the adds but this is a little over the top.

- Great but annoying what happend

Basically I was at a really high level where I made 100k+ coins every level and then when I came back to play later in the day it just started me all over !! Witch was super annoying to me because I had to start all over when I was in a high level ! I would have gave it five stars if that didn’t happen it was a great game though besides that.

- So cool

It is looks so cool I can be even play this game and you should too because this is coming from a real person deadly I’m just started playing it yesterday I’m already unlock level one so you are really good at love to play this because it is so good so good so doggone so I don’t know what to do and oh there’s another game I’m going to write and it’s not just this game I’m going to write another one by Vuduu it’s going to be at its best game i’m going to try to create one of my own apps bye.

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- Adds

I really like this game but there is to many adds and some people do not want to buy the no adds option and it dose give adds still when you get no adds

- Annoying.

It is a fine game, until you realise how normally glitches happen. I lose points for taking my own colour, I don’t die when I intentionally want to. The saws are bad as well, it might be moving extremely slowly, but when you move into the area you can go in, it goes lightspeed and kills you.

- Amazing app

This app is really fun when I have no internet I like to play it I love this app it is not glitching on me at all and it’s really fun to play with friends and family the colours are really bright and the app is not boring I recommend you play this app.

- This app is the best

This app is the best you don’t I will play with my friends my family you always have a competition has more And who has the least OMG this is the best app in the whole entire world it’s so good

- I agree

I agree with everybody else. I have grammar skills though. I think that this game is a little glitchy and hard to get through the saws but the part at the end of each game where my character kicks the blocks is a pretty cool idea. Overall, it’s not a bad game.

- Great game but

Can’t get onto the game won’t even load up thought the new update would’ve resolved the issue. I’ve had the game for a couple of weeks now and have gotten pretty good and do not want to un-install and start again. Overall love the game but this needs to be fixed please help

- Bruh

Ok so, I agree that you should stop complaining about ads and that you should just simply turn your WiFi off. But first, before complaining, (this goes to everyone,) GET SOME GRAMMAR LESSONS!

- Everyone who says adds.....

You could just turn of your WiFi and play withought being mad 😒 like use your brain a bit it’s a cool game

- Why

Only downloaded it because the guy in the ad was so horrible

- Good game

Very fun game, however, when I pay money for no ads I expect no ads. I still have to watch 30 second ads to level up things, to double money, etc. it’s fine for free, but I paid for no ads, so this should NOT be happening.

- Colors are annoying

Gene you get further into the game and the 4 Colours of tiles change (various shades of red oranges purples etc) it becomes increasingly hard to see. Some of the colours are impossible to tell apart. I just end up getting mad because it’s so hard to tell between the colors. I suggest making it so whenever the colours change, the colours aren’t similar 😖

- Stack colours

I gave it a four stars because it was very fun and and is very popular to me and I all I didn’t like like it waste energy a little bit but I really like that the most of it😊😉😁

- Waste of time playing

Worst game. The upgrades become ridiculously pricey as you level up, making the game frustrating and an utter waste of time. And the ADS, ohhh those annoying ads that you have to watch TWICE before closing. Thank god I didn’t even bother buying the $4.49 no ads feature.


I love this game it is so cool and fun but it needs more work.. and there’s a little to many ads but other than that good it would be fun also for like 6 and under and it is free I have probably said I love it like 50 Times but I love it🙂😍😍

- This game is good

I seriously can’t stop playing I played for about 5 hours

- It’s okay but...

I think the creators should make it more fun by-I don’t know maybe making mini challenges or letting you change your character!?! I’m not saying I’m angry I just want improvement.

- Great game

I only just downloaded this game and I’m already addicted. I love their little butts 😂 🍑

- Good game

I really enjoy this game but I think it could be better anyway this is still one amazing game and I recommend you try it

- Glitches me out

I love this game so so much but it keeps logging me out and I can’t play it at all I can only play it on my brother I paid but sometimes he dose not let me play but after all I still like this game but please help

- Stack colours

I would not get this game as there is way to much bugs and it pops up with double coins if you watch this video so I click no thanks and it makes me watch a video anyway it’s boring and easy with no challenge and a waste of space.

- The truth about the game

The game is ok but can be really boring all you do is collect the tile and get a score but there is an add every 30 seconds and I’m not exaggerating the game is not worth it. I would give it 4stars if a ten year old made it but really it earn 1 or 0 stars. Don’t get this game

- Ads to progress? Really????

I hate it when people do this. I can excuse having to watch ads at the end of each level, but forcing me to watch ads to level up is only going to make me uninstall the game.

- This game is amazing and I think you should make another game like this.

Nooraka Booraka

- Doesn’t work idk it might be a glitch

I downloaded this app and straight away when I went on the whole screen turned grey. Please fix this!

- I pay for not adds

I still see adds when I upgrade the speed, kick or score. I would like to have my money back please. Or you fix this adds things

- The best game ever

They game is really really fun and good because you can stack blocks

- Too many ads

No tutorial or explanation of what the aim of the game is and too many ads. Pointless banner ads and an ad after your first run. In fact an ad each run.

- Easy

I immediately got 900 points ad lies but amazing game

- It’s only 3 star because..... many ads. 2.boring 3. Has to stop kids buying thing

- It’s actually ok

It is sooooo satisfying idk what y’all are saying cause my app has no ads

- 3 star

It is good maybe could be harder I already was at the bonus thanks

- The Best

I am bad at the game but it is the best thing I have ever seen

- So much lag

I thought this was gonna be fun but it would not stop lagging plus too many ads in the way. Also for the rid of ads price is stupidly high

- Good game

It is a really good and fun game but there is one problem: it is hard to control.

- Too many ads

It’s a good game but the ads really ruin it for me. There are 20 second ads after you die each time. It drives me crazy. So I will be deleting the app

- Worst game ever

It does not let me move and does not say how and doesn’t teach you all I can do is move side to side we searched the website and it does not say anything about it

- Great game

Hello it’s good for you to get the chance to get this game

- Best game

I love this game so much

- They just want your money

I paid to get rid of the ads but they kept popping up

- Ok..

The game is quite glitchy so pls fix it

- Awesome

Very good but also laggy thanks

- Not good enough

Boring and you only run around with bricks no actual gameplay this game is stupid and worthless

- Do do do do adds stop

I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ about adburtisments


Brought the game to remove adds but now the game won’t let me upgrade without watching a video!! What a scam

- Com on

Why is the game so buggy You always go through coins and squares🪓😡😡🔪


Turn off wifi and turn on airplane made then no adds 🤭

- i liked this game so much

8 hours on this app

- Great

Hello you have the best game ever

- The best game evaaaaa ♡︎♡︎

Its so fun for pepole all ages its the best game in tge world! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- Can’t open

Can’t even open the app

Payoneer 💰

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- Turn off the wifi

If you turn off the wifi there will be no ads and then you will enjoy the game more

- awesome!

It’s very nice and cool and awesome! 🤓

- The best game

This game is amazing it is so much fun I love it a lot me and my mom love this game. I just wish you can fix the lag

- Anything that is x10 and up sucks

I’m playing the game and my x##.# is at x27.6 and when i get numbers like 3000 and i get x27.6 the number i should get at the end SHOULD BE HUGE, not 9000. you need to fix your calculations on this game.

- Oop good game tho

Dose anybody notice that the coloured man has a butt😂🤣

- Good

This is a fun game but it would be cool if we could get skins for our character.

- OMG. 😁😆😃

There are 0 adds I love it soooo much it is the best game ever!

- Great game!!👍🏻

It’s a good game but there’s soooo many ads!! 😔😖

- It’s ok

I mean I get there are ads because it is a free game, but like come on. Too many adds

- Ad

To much ad

- So laggy on an ipad mini

It’s fun but there’s too much lag for no good reason

- Fun Game

It’s fun, however it can be glitchy at times.

- Good but...

Good but if there was skins and backgrounds that would make this game real good purpose and there could be badges and trophies

- Fun but adds

So much fun i love the game

- Lag

Wayyyy too laggy. Deleted it within the first five minutes of playing.

- Adds

Of course there’s ads but I’d like the game

- Okay

This game is cool and all but at a certain point it started getting pretty boring. But the game it self is nice

- No

This game glitched and ruined my phone apps and the game itself is bleh

- I really wanted to 5 star.....

The problem is this game hitches and lags all the time, making it impossible to do well. When it does this (about every three seconds), if you are collecting, it skips things. If you are trying to avoid obstacles, you will fail during a spike. Because of this the progress is much slower... and I paid for no ads, which is how much I actually liked this and it turned into a disappointment.

- I like it so Mach🤦‍♂️👌🏻

Thx ok

- Oh god help me

This game is so glitchy help fix it AND ITS NOT MY WIFI

- Decently fun pass time

It’s a fun little game to play for a few minutes the only issue though is the lag makes it virtually unplayable for example I had started up a level with bridges and the lag bogged me down to where the game thought the bridge didn’t exist and I phased through it fun game but needs work

- Lag.... a lot of lag...

I’m just playing the game then all of a sudden I freeze and the blocks go through my character and not enjoyable then 😐 hope others enjoy tho

- I love it

This game is like latterly the good game I have played with out connection my best game is roblox😘😘😘😘😘😘

- Not bad 😒

The game is kinda fun but not really, because there are to many adds and it is way to EASY!!!.

- I love this game

I GOT 40000 points in one try

- 😕

its a good game but when i start leveling up it keeps on glitching

- Easy game

It’s an easy game I like it it’s but the add makes it look hard it says harder than it looks me and my brother like it

- Ksjjsk


- Stack Colors

I think y’all should stop complaining bout’ the ads ITS A FREE GAME WHAT DO YOU EXPECT🤬🤬🤬🤬 but other than that it’s great😊😊

- laggy

the game always glitches and lags and skips over a bunch of blocks and coins

- Amazing👑

I love this game so much I play it when I'm bored or when I'm not at home I really do recommend this game it's worth the five stars!!!

- Ariana grande

This game is a really a fun game for everyone

- To many adds

To many adds

- Terrable and tooo many ads

Just fix it with not as much ads

- Fun game

This game is really fun!

- Game review

It’s I bit laggy sometimes but I think it’s just my internet

- Lag

Super lagy game

- Oh hi

Oh hi welcome to my school House!

- I love this game

This app is the best

- Boring

This game sucked it had non stop adds and was boring as heck

- Awesome

This game is to die for it is so awesomw

- Airplane mode

Turn on airplane mode. 😌

- Worst game ever

When I hit the stack really hard it landed on Bonus and it gave me X5.0 😭😡

- Laggy and too much ads

This game sucks, please do not get this app. Instead get coin master. This game is too easy and way too much ads, if you are planning to get this app, turn off your wifi for no ads and make sure you have a very good device because you can get up to 9000 ping on this app, I don’t recommend.

- Awesome

So awesome

- Awesome

I love it it really is such an addicting game! 😃


They’re and so many damn adds and I’m not paying 4 dollars wth

- It’s good

If you don’t want the add turn off your wifi and it’s pretty easy But I don’t really understand why they made the little guy so thicc like damn how dummy thicccc he gotta be

- Bad


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- I love it so much ❤️❤️

I love it so much it’s like when I play I forget about the ads it makes my heartburn so much that I could care or less when I when I lose some cubes I still get money I still get money well mostly cubes so that’s why I gave it a five Star🥰🥰🥰

- Inappropriate adds

I enjoy this game a lot. I play it for most of the day to have fun and kill time. Unfortunately, while I was playing I got very disturbing ads from the app episode. Many kids are playing this game, and ads like those can be a big deal. First there playing a normal game, than they get hit with a bisexual/lgbtq ad they couldn’t begin to comprehend, Parents have to take care of these situation before time just because of this. This isn’t a kid friendly game, not unless you do something about it.

- If the game was a little better

If the game is a little better I think he would put money like he will pay you would automatically hook it up the apples people Apple play and that would’ve been so great so I think you should like and money can I quit money and it goes to your Apple thing like good people like $5000 like

- To many ads

When I get to the end i already have about 820 when I tap I get to 5.8 my total goes up but the the ads stop it I would have a way bigger total but you put the ads there and I calculated it and I have 5,114 but on the game it said 2-3,000 so you are basically cheating me out of my score and it’s very annoying also when it glitches it skipped blocks I would of gotten which also brings my total down

- glitches, and ads.

I honestly think this was a GREAT game at first, then a lot of things happened. It’d start to glitch out and it slow me down randomly, and make me miss blocks I could’ve used. And the ads. The amount of ads is absurd.. It happens after EVERY single round, that’s absurd. It’s not a bad game, but the amount of ads, and the glitches ruins it. I think I’m going to consider deleting the app for storage, and the game itself is bad quality. 😐

- Good ... I guess

When I purchased this app I was expecting a game with really good graphics ... but the graphics are just ok. I would rate these graphics a 2 out of 5. As far as the actual gameplay goes, I would rate it a 4 out of 5. It is just a stereotypical Voodoo game. Other than that, this game is a good game if you don’t mind the “just ok” graphics.

- Really?

So, I was on the bonus level. It started to lag when I was picking up the coins and the colors. It annoyed me because it kept skipping colors. The game barely has any effort put into it. It can be fun (sometimes) and I hope this game gets better. It can be challenging and dumb at the same time. I know that this was short but try to put more idea and no lags. (And ads, don’t just pay people to get no ads. Just put in no ads.

- Boss Level = trash

Overall a fun and addicting game. But the amount of ads you get is extremely outrageous. And the boss levels, they leave zero time to react and half of the time on the curved courses you can’t see the tiles that get placed down, causing you to lose your progress and then lose the level. And if you lose the level, the game has to be closed and restarted to try again. Please fix this stuff, it’s very annoying.

- good but there’s an issue

so i love this game because it is a good time killer and it is just fun to play. but the annoying thing about it is that in the first few levels it’s fun... but then the levels just stay then same over and over. what i mean is that basically i could get a level where there is the long bricks only with coins on top of them, and then a couple levels later, it’s the same thing, repeat cycle. so i’m just asking just like lots of other people to make the levels different for once. i mean come on, there are like 3 different types of levels😌🥰 have a great day

- Ad farm

This game would have been a lot of fun if it was one continuous challenge run till you die or something else happens that makes you lose. However, just like their other games, they cut it into small segments of games, each lasting a few seconds, only to stack a ton of ads in between. Let the game continue. The whole game developing strategy for Voodoo is to allow as many ads as possible, not create a fun enjoyable game. I deleted it after just a few short games.

- I love your game From ClARA

I love your game it is the best app ever did you know that I play your game every day and every week and every time I say something about a game I remember that I have a lot of games so I do not need to download no more games at all but I have fun with my app’s a lot of fun with games

- What a bore

Only rating this 5 stars so it gets seen, I like the concept of the game but it’s so repetitive, besides the obvious overload of ads, the levels all seem the same? I kept playing waiting for it to change but it didn’t so I’m done 🙄


this game is soooo awesome! thank you for creating this game!! i love it!! it’s like a hand massager!!!!! i have had this game for TWO days and i have already gotten to the bonus and 5.0 two times!!!! i love 💗 this game so so so so much!! thank you for creating a game i can play with friends and family!!!!!

- WTH DOES cAn YoU rEaCh PiNk mean???

ok love the game super fun but y’all better stop putting I CANT REACH PINK on your ads because it is soooo annoying!!! also i think you should be able to customize your little character because you kind of earn coins for no reason other than to upgrade. anyway thanks for listening to my ted talk.

- Perfect Game

Honestly this is the perfect game to play if you things that you just can’t get on the first try of a little bit harder games there are add but there are not to many earning coins is super easy thanks to the people who made this game it is amazing.

- This game wastes waaaaaaaaay to much time!!!

I would give it five stars if you didn’t have to watch an ad after every run and then restart the game!!! And I don’t get my bonus when I hit it... so if you thought this would be a fun game like me... just get ready for a bunch of ads. I wanted offline games for my camping trip so I thought this one would be easy and fun it was the opposite so I’m warning you DON’T get this game I might get rid of it

- Good game but so much lag

I love the concept of this game, it has some really cool mechanics, but as new updates have come out the game has become ungodly laggy on iPhone 7 to the point of being unplayable now. Inputs aren’t accepted during screen hiccups and when the game tries to refresh your position it skips over some colours, making good scores impossible. This game was much better and smoother when it first came out.

- SO ADDICTING 🥰🤩🥳 but...

HAY SISTERS FROM ANOTHER MISTER! Or brothers—My goodness. This game......Is sO ADDICTING 🤗💕🥳🤗! Although..😟😞😔 *anime depressed sigh*. Everytime you complete a level, you get ADD!! 🤯😱(lolz I’m overreacting😅😂)! I really don't like that but,I still like this game a lot💕😘👌😍! If this game changes that, I would have rate this a 10/10.(Or 5/5-) 👍👌👏 Besides the adds, this game is the 💣 💥 BOMB 🤗🥳❤️👏😌🥰! -Yours truly, KyleTheWeeb✌️👌😋

- I love it

This is the best game I’ve ever gone and I just got it so yeah I love it so so much it’s the best game in the world I love this game so much I want to never want to get rid of it because I don’t have School and so I can play it every day all summer yeah I’m in my bed and I am laying in my bed with a blanket bye-bye bye-bye bye

- it’s alright...

So this game is totally awesome but...there’s glitches and ads every round u play. the glitches are pretty annoying if u ask me and the ads are as well. The ads are like 20 seconds long and we don’t have time to watch a 20 second ad so we can play another round of the game.i personally think this game is alright but the glitches and 20 second ads are really annoying.

- Amazing

I have had this app for about a month and it’s pretty cool. I only have 2 problems. Instead of the whole color changing when we reach a new color it keeps the color that we just had. And two different skins. But other then those things It’s ok.

- Needs some updates..

Overall I honk that this app is great!!!! But... when you are in the middle of the game, it lag spikes. And there are adds after every level. I know that that is how you get your money, but honestly, you should lower the add amount. Thank you for their wonderful game, and I hope you will see this review and consider updating. :)

- My review

I like this game because I get a lot of coins can I pretend it’s money and we can and we can have skin it is super fun and sometimes I am when you push it on like if there’s green and you put it on yellow I like give you less Health

- Very addicting, very few ads

Very addicting. I can't put my phone down!!! I played 99 games and have gotten to level 65 in one night. My high score is 69,552 and I'm determined to get to level 100 within 24 hours of downloading this game !

- Way too many Ads

I really enjoyed the game and dealt with the fact that it had ads in the beginning because I actually liked playing, but now it’s getting really annoying watching all these long ads after each game. Deleting the game, I’d download again if you stop running Ads after every game.

- Down right horrible

Just like all of voodoos game this game is a boring game where u do the same thing over and over again. All this game is is a place for company’s to put there adds in that’s all do not play waste of time.

- Fix the boss battles

The game is perfect but one thing you need to fix is the boss battles there to difficult the helicopter drops the blocks way to fast and in weird places it’s confusing if you see this could you please fix your boss battles

- Such a good game love it🤗😻👍🏾

This game is so addicting I love it so much I can’t stop playing but there is a lot of Adds but it’s so good that I don’t even care you guys should definitely download this game so fun I love it so much and if you download it you would love it to☺️🤗😘🥰😍🤩😚

- Too many adds

This is a fun and semi challenging game but every level has an add I would have given in a 4 star rating but after you watch said add it ask for an add to get double points so basically it’s a great game but just a few too adds maybe put an add every 3 levels with an *offer* to get double points every level

- Weird

I downloaded this a while ago because I saw it in an ad on another app, I thought it looked fun. It was entertaining for about 30 minutes then I got bored, so I deleted it. It’s been about a week since then, but I just noticed it back on my home screen. I never re-downloaded it, so I don’t know why it appeared on my home screen again. Just thought that was strange.

- Needs to fix upgrades

This app has many bugs but other than that it’s a addicting app all I think it needs is to remove the speed upgrade and replace it with something else and make the levels speed up as you go.

- Too Many Ads

I enjoy the game enough as it is, but do you think you can edit the ads so they don't play after EVERY single level I complete? You're probably not going to do it because revenue, but it should be enough as it is to not have to waste a couple of dollars because of ads bombarding my experience.


Only problem were the ad free purchase not stopping the ads and the impossible boss battles, but since my previous review it seems they removed boss battles which is good but when you purchase “AD FREE” you expect no more ads right? Well not here! They take your $3 and remove the ads after every game but the ads for upgrading your abilities are still around and the ads for doubling your points, if I can’t get all ads removed don’t advertise it as “AD FREE.”


I love this game a lot it’s very fun and can help little kids learn there colors and it’s very nice to play the only thing I do not like it’s that it has a lot of ads and also it lags a little bit but other than that I love this game very much😃!

- Glitches

This game is not only fun but entertaining. But the downside is the game would glitch and then i would miss some stacks or the game would glitch and wouldnt give me the color change so id have no choice but to loose stacks because the color was supposed to switch but didnt! Overall its a good game but sometimes glitches!

- This game is so glitchy! I can’t even play it!!

I play the game and most of the time it doesn’t not open so I can not even play. Then when I can play it always glitches. One time I played it there was a path where I can go walk up on it. The glitch is so bad that I went right through the hill path, and I could not grow my stack or get coins. After that glitch I deleted it because it always glitches and I can never play.

- Why did i even download this-

I downloaded this game because it kept giving me ads of this- and in the ads the person that is playing the game- looked idiotic- like come on- anyone can play this game- it’s just picking up blocks that are the right color and get a tower of blocks and kicking them just to get a high score- i’d give zero stars if i could but apparently you cant only give 1 star if an app is terrible- don’t download it-

- Ads aren’t the only problem

So I played this game for about a week, and frankly it’s boring. I don’t like the ads, and not everyone has enough money to get the no ads purchase. The gameplay is boring and doesn’t get harder, there aren’t any skins or different game modes, it’s really just a mediocre game to make a bit of money. I would rate one star but the gameplay isn’t horrible....

- Great game

I love this game , I’m just a little confused.. everytime i hit the bonus wall , it only gives x5 .... I thought maybe “ I need more than 5 blocks to hit the wall” but no , I’ve had plenty of them hit and pass the wall and nothing extravagant happens but a regular x5 ... other than that , great game 💕

- This game is absolutely amazing!! But I don't like the adds.

This game is not a lye it comes through to its promises but I don't like how many adds there are and how I win a round and the I have to watch and add everytime, I win or lose!! So If you change that and make sure 👍there are noooo adds I will give you a 5 star rating and a yelp if your on.

- Good but need more improvement

Such as the way the game automatically take off by itself in uncomfortable and the ads are not letting you click the x button

- The great Voodoo game!!

I love this game! It really focuses you and actually helps you too. How it helps you is it gives you something to put your mind on while quarantine. So Voodoo keep making great, amazing, and awesome games like this😊☺️💞💝

- Ok but the add!!!!

Love the game but this just happened to me the add!!!!! It’s so easy “can’t make it to pink” like it’s sooooo easy how u keep messing up like they do on the add maybe they new but it’s soooo easy how the get it wrong if I was making this game I would not make it look like it’s “hard” so plz fix the add

- To many ads

It’s pretty fun game play but it makes u watch an ad like every 4 upgrades even when u have more than enough money to buy the upgrade and it’s to the point where I don’t even upgrade stuff because I don’t wanna watch 40 abs to upgrade it so now I have 300,000 laying there when upgrades r around 1000 bc of how many ads u have to watch to upgrade

- It’s ok.... I love it.

I love this game! The vibrations always soothe my hands and it’s really fun! But there are also a lot of ads! Every few times I upgrade myself it always says free for an ad! So then I’m stuck with ten thousands of coins and have to watch an ad to upgrade!

- Fun!

Whoever considers downloading this hame they should. The ads In there are reduced so there is like 1 or 2 in each round. The game itself is great, and the purpose of it is pretty cool. So if you see this in an ad consider the download, cause it’s worth it.

- Glitchy but fun!

I think this app is great! It’s really fun. But sometimes it gets glitchy. Sometimes it is so glitchy that you can’t even play the game properly. I hope you can try to fix that because I love this game! Thank you!


this is not a game. this is a platform that showcases as many ads as possible. download this game and you will spend the majority of your time watching ads. there is an ad after every run and a run only lasts 10 seconds. there is ads to double your money which is necessary to advance through the game. all free games have gone to sh** because the consumer is bombarded by ads. do not download!

- Too many ads.

Gameplay itself is fine. Just move left and right according to which color you are and which color block is where. Simple. Sound effects make the game satisfying to play. Problem is you get an ad after every single game and then some. And each game lasts upwards of 20 seconds. Very easy app to drop.

- Glitches. Glitches. And more glitches

I love this game it was one of the best Games I have on my tablet. I don’t know if it’s my Internet connection this game is pretty Glitchy. It works better in the car than in my house that’s messed up!!😾😡

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Stack bands. All colors, gems, shapes, sizes. Check out the huge selection on our website or come on by the store and play with your favorite combinations. @ The Talisman Collection


Beaded Stack #Bracelets Gemstone Lampwork earthtone colors | @JazzitupwithDes #cpromo (Tweeted via )

Edgar Sánchez

@MelissaAstbury @FootasylumTech Awesome!!! That The Full Stack Developer must be from Apress I recognized the colors from another one that Im reading rn 🤓

Ami Amigo

@monicalent You did a great job on your bloggingfordevs site as far as UI and UX is concerned. I am curious...what's the tech stack used...especially the CSS Framework you used. The typography and colors are on point, where did you get the inspiration?


@VeruhWang I'll do a stack for 50. I like the vibrant colors. This color scheme is dope af


lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out

S Phillp

lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out

Margaret Hernandez

lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out


lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out

Dianna Hilts

lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out

Grey Stone

lowkey i cant stop playing stack colors.. 🤪 check it out

★ミ chal

I didn’t do any changes here but save for that stack widget - but I think the simplicity and diversity of colors matches so well 🤣

Erin Grey

For #wipwednesday I’m showing off some colors! These colors were to make Raymond, a new character in Red vs Blue! I usually stack the colors on top of one another (like so) and see if they go well together and match the image I’m using for color reference! #rvb

Icy Crook🥶💙

Racks in the safe, I stack it like Lays My diamonds all colors like a gay parade Go on your bitch, I could've just laid But I alley-oop'd to my homie, he ate I cooked that fishscale, he slimed out the plate Got 52 watches and I still come in late

Sarah Bryant

@Postit, please consider making a stack that has the colors mixed together instead of separated. You see, all of my notes right now are pink. If one were pink, the next were orange, and then yellow, this would help with visual organization.

Stack Colors! 2.1 Screenshots & Images

Stack Colors! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stack Colors! iphone images
Stack Colors! iphone images
Stack Colors! iphone images
Stack Colors! iphone images
Stack Colors! ipad images
Stack Colors! ipad images
Stack Colors! ipad images
Stack Colors! ipad images
Stack Colors! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Stack Colors! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Stack Colors! (Version 2.1) Install & Download

The applications Stack Colors! was published in the category Games on 2020-03-24 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 218.75 MB. Stack Colors! - Games posted on 2020-09-24 current version is 2.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.redforcegames.stack.colors

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