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GoodNovel & Books Web Novels Comments & Reviews 2022

- Expensive but Enjoyable Page Turners

If you are looking for a digital book that you could buy at the library then this is not for you. Many or most of the stories on here are Massive ongoing stories that would be more comparable to multiple seasons of an ongoing tv series that might leave you hanging for awhile as they get more pages translated. Yes it is very expensive with some stories having over 2,000 chapters. However, how much money would it have cost you to originally read all books of the Harry Potter series when it first came out or to read all The Game of Thrones books. It is not cheap to read but if you add up the amount of entertainment hours you get, reading something unavailable in stores, it doesn’t seem as painful. I have just accepted it and enjoy them. My only complaint is that the translations are a little slow once you read to the end of what they have completed. Almost like waiting for the next season of your favorite TV Series.

- Caught in a web

So I was on Facebook and this story pops up. Marriage by Mistake. I started reading and was like oooh exciting. So I downloaded the app and started to read the story. I got to a point where you had to purchase coins for the story. I’m like sure I will buy the book for $5. So thinking I bought the book I started reading. Enjoying the way the book was going and boom I would have had to pay more. I was like what. So read the comments and seen that the book was on going. I don’t believe that it was worth more than that so I did not by more. I waited for free coins. Once I received them I read. Eventually the story got to a point where I knew it was going to turn but it never did. I made it to chapter 116 before I deleted the app. The writer has talent but I’m not sure if they actually know how to make a book that continues in a good way. I believe that the writers have to write a certain amount each day. There is a way to continue a book without continuing the same story and the writer lacks in that department. It’s kind of disappointing. If you are reading this I suggest not to get caught in a web. You will not be happy when you spend 100 plus and the story is pretty much the same. I don’t know what the ending is but I can tell you getting to chapter 116 wasn’t worth more than the $5 I spent. Good luck


Saw the ad on Facebook for the book about Charlie Wade and thought it was just some short story that someone posted so I started reading it and after a while it said in order to finish the story I had to download the app so of course I downloaded the app without thinking or reading any reviews and continue reading I get about 30 chapters in and suddenly a chapter is locked so I buy the cheapest points possible the $5.99 for 600 thinking that’ll get me through the rest of the book because it was only going to charge me nine points to continue reading little did I know it was nine points per chapter after that I ended up getting to about chapter 60 still hooked in the story even though it was poorly written I was invested by this point again not enough tokens to continue reading so stupidly I bought another 600 I am now $12 into this book and haven’t even gotten halfway through the story. I decided today to check out the app and see if I could find out how many chapters are in this book since I’m running low on points again. This is an 800+ chapter book meaning it would be cheaper to just go to a bookstore and buy a hardback Limited addition version of a book then it would be to read one here. This app is a scam and charges way too much money for mediocre books

- Hit and miss and too expensive

I’ve used a few apps like good novel and I tend to bounce between them. Good novel is by far the most expensive! I’ve spent $30 so far and have yet to finish my current book. I’m pretty irritated with how much it costs to read a book that isn’t professionally edited with many mistakes and errors, it isn’t finished, and some times it gets worse as the books go on. Some of the books on here are poorly written. However, I’ve found a couple that I’ve enjoyed. So far I like alpha Asher and p.s. you’re my mate. I do not love that it’s costing me almost 3 times as much money as any of the other apps out there. And honestly, as soon as I’m done reading my current book, I probably won’t come back for another one. If you do the daily check ins to simply unlock content and not spend money, it’ll take you a day and a half up to 3 days of check ins to unlock some of the more expensive chapters. So the daily bonuses are pretty pointless sadly. I’m mostly disappointed in how the app is run, the quality control, and the amount they charge for their poor standard of works. Very sad.

- Review

I’m an author on the site & since I’m a writer, it’s only logical that I read other books when I’m on a break. The app is great & so are the stories. The only thing I dislike is how they place recommended stories in your library. I absolutely hate that. It crowds my library and it irks me. Even though I know it is a way to market stories, I still don’t like it. I’d also like if there was a space to show you how much money you’ve spent on reading stories. It would look nice if it were next to or underneath the wallet banner.

- I’ve spent too much time on this app

This app is wonderful, if you are looking for fully published works that have no mistakes whatsoever, don’t bother. If you interested in writing or reading works that are still in the making, this is the app for you. It is a bit costly. Some works are not complete. You purchase coins, which are used to unlock chapters within the book, a certain number of chapters are free. Authors do make money with this app, not by chapters, but by their overall word count for the month and it isn’t as much as a book deal. I am proud to say I have spent days on this app, reading, critiquing, and commenting. Authors want YOUR FEEDBACK. If you find a mistake, you can comment on the paragraph, a different set of eyes is sometimes the only way, and there isn’t a publisher for this. Help out your struggling poets and writers, everyone needs an escape from the world. These are the writers of the future! KEEPING BOOKS ALIVE AND WELL.

- Ehhh not bad but not worth the money

It is understandable to pay $15-30 for a brand new published book! But to have to spend more that and more to be able to read an unpublished/ in edited book is unfair. Yes you can wait two hours or try to get the free coins from reading time... etc, but the coin requirement for each “episode” increases basically making it impossible for you to earn enough without spending money. You would think writers would want their works to be read and enjoyed, but this is basically forcing you to choose spend lots of money or do not finish the book that you started. The first book I began to read has 99 “episodes” I spent $20 to read the first 50, waited every two hours to read the next 15 and now it says I can only unlock the last part with coins so- which means I will have to spend more money. Mind you these “episodes” range from 10-20 phone pages. Truly unfortunate that I will end up not finishing the book and I have started several others to get the coin reward, which I won’t be finishing either.

- Don’t Bother

Don’t bother with this app if you enjoy to read and enjoy reading a whole book if you choose to do so. I understand these books are either in the process of being written or someone’s first story but there is a thing called editing. I can get passed all the grammar mistakes but what I can’t get passed is reading a chapter or two, maybe three if you’re lucky and then being told you have to pay coins to read, or come back in so many hours or days. Sure you can buy coins just like you can buy e-books on Kindle or Nook so why bother here if you can only read so much if the book is still in the writing process and the coins only give you so much time or limited number chapters!!! As for earning coins, yeah that’s a joke! I read for over and hour different stories as far as I could go before having to wait or pay with coins and got nothing in coins for my time reading!!! I wish all the authors the best but truly this app isn’t worth it if you are an avid reader and writer like myself. Make some changes and just maybe you will have something. Check out other apps like this one they’re better than this one.

- Thoughts

I started off reading “The Amazing Son-In-Law” first. I will admit it is a compelling story. But the liberties taken with the story are as shameless as the characters in the story. The editing is horrible as is the continual synopsis of what was just read at every turn. At times I wondered just how many people were writing this story. Surely a single author didn’t forget that he had relayed his story, only worded differently, a mere three paragraphs before! I would hate to think that in addition to making each chapter 5-10 pages long, that this was done as a way to increase the text in order to force your good readers to pay even MORE for these stories than is already warranted or necessary! Why for the price I have already paid for this story I could have bought 3 books from a bookstore! Or, failing that, on this very app! It truly is sad and honestly makes me think twice about digital reading material. Maybe print will make a comeback and make apps like this obsolete. There are better ways to EARN the money spent on this app than by swindling it away from your users.

- Good books has some bugs

First off this app has a lot of good books!! Problem is there is A Lot of bugs!!! I check in every day and was going good for a while but now it skips days doesn’t give me all of my points doesn’t check me in and when I read it doesn’t count Any of my minutes! The chapters are never the same as seen it over charge me a lot which I don’t like because I also pay to read. Which brings me to my next statement which is you have to pay a lot to read, and once again the more points you have the more it charges you per chapter. I have been waiting on an update to fix this and last times I’ve updated it tells me I’m going to get points (100 or so) but never get them! So 3 stars for good books and that’s it! I don’t usually leave reviews (ever) and I would have deleted the app a long time ago if I wasn’t hooked on the books. I will update my review if this ever gets resolved while I am on it but if it keeps up I will delete the app.


This app is specifically designed to separate you from your money. You get to read a little bit of a book and then you have to buy points 1000 points for $10 well $10 will get you about halfway through a book and then they want $10 more or you could buy $50 worth and maybe read two books. The story is a poorly translated version of some Chinese story, and it becomes more and more outrageous and unbelievable as it goes along.I read for about four hours on the first book that was part of the advertising on Facebook. Couple hours was free and then $10 got me a couple of more hours and the story just kept on with further and further outrageous plot lines. Where they ask for $10 more I had to decide whether or not I was really even interested anymore in how many more legs were going to be broken or skull is fractured and I decided I was done with it. $10 lesson learned. If you want to read a book just go somewhere where you buy the whole book. Do not bother with this. It will end up costing you between 20 and $50 per book to read.

- Absolute Scam

So the idea seems great, at least until you try actually using the service. As it turns out they take a book and charge you buy the chapter to read it. And to make more money, they device what would be a normal chapter in length and subject and decide it into 3 -6 mini chapters. So a normal 20 chapter fiction book is now a 60 or 70 chapter ebook with you paying for each chapter. Apparently the “book” I was reading they tried to turn in to a lifelong mini series with no clear cut conclusion and divided it into over 2000 mini chapters. Which means if you wanted to read the entire book, yes, it was presented as just one book, would cost you over $100. On top of that, there are many typos, missing words, incomplete sentences and mistakes. It looks like a middle schooler was fgiven the job to retype the book into a e book format and no one ever bothered to check their work. This is the only app I’ve eat rated one star and have honestly felt was a complete scam and absolute load of B.S. There are so many other ways to read a book for so, so, much less.

- Fb ad gone wrong

I found this app from a fb ad. I was repeatedly bombarded by different books in the ads. I happened across a story I liked. (Alpha Asher) So I downloaded this app to read a book I had become invested in. The Facebook ad was the free part of the story. After that Id have to pay to read more. Now I don’t mind giving the author $20-$30 for a finished book. I’ve bought indie books that have cost around that amount in the past. I do however have an issue with the book not being completed and buying $50 in credits to read it. I also have issues with the fact that it’s pay by chapter. So essentially I’d end up paying way more than $50 to finish it, if it gets finished. I thought I’d look up the author on fb to try and see if they where going to publish it as a way to by pass the app. I’d happy pay for a book directly from the author. Nope the author is named Jane Doe and has 6 books under her name. I’m so frustrated with this app. Avoid it. Just don’t get into a book. This was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever downloaded.

- Greed is too real

I’m not exactly you’re everyday reader. Every now and then though I will find something and really get into it. I’ve passed the advertised post on fb until I saw the amazing son in law a few times. After reading the free version I was hooked. I figured Ok, nothing is free so I don’t hesitate to spend here and there on in app purchases, this however, is ridiculous. I’ve seen there are quite a few chapters and I’ve already spent $5 to continue reading. I believe artist/developers etc deserve their royalties and make their money. In today’s market you have to figure out how to be competitive etc but spending $40+ on a book that is only digital? I know there are books that cost way more but every single book just to finish the story? It’s not even a limited edition copy or flashy visual effects, which has some poor translation btw. Plenty of good games ruined by greedy developers but even in reading material? I can read manga stories for free😑

- Don’t bother with this

I got into this app expecting to read some nice and interesting novel but I end up getting a novel written by an author that I suspect to be a very edgy and egotistic highschooler because of the characters in the novel. This novel was in an ad I saw. It seemed intersting for like the first 3 chapters until I realize that this is just a cheap Chinese novel with English named characters. The novel itself is just a weird delusional rageful fantasy where the main character is an extremely egotistic and petty human being. The dude had people beaten up for merely insulting him. His ego is so big yet as fragile as a snowflake. I read for the duration of my free trial to see how much of a dumbster fire this novel will devolve to, and I am not suprised that it did. Also, even if you want to read this entire dumbster novel, you will need to pay like 30$+. At that price, just get a good published novel from your local bookstore. There are so many good novels out there that doesn’t have characters with emotional intelligence of 12 years olds, so do not waste your time on this.

- This app is a waste of time and money

I downloaded GoodNovel after I saw an ad on Facebook for “Mated to the alpha knight”, which I have yet to finish. I refuse to spend money on this app, so I’ll do the daily check ins to get free coins to unlock new chapters. As a result, I have so many stories unfinished because they have about 70+ chapters and I can only get enough coins to unlock 1 or 2 chapters a day. At that rate, it would take me over 2 months to read one story. On top of that, some of the content on this app is just laughable, some of these stories are so ridiculous most of the time I just lose interest and don’t care to continue reading. I just started a free kindle unlimited trial, and I’ve already read 4 books in the span of about two weeks. I don’t know how Goodnovel can justify asking people to pay money to read books that have supposedly been edited, but somehow still have continuity errors and spelling mistakes. Its not worth your time or money.

- expensive

Advertised on Facebook..... began reading a book.... downloaded the app... now have to purchase coins to continue reading! Why wouldn’t you just sell the book or make the chapters more affordable. Let’s say I purchase a coin package of 1000 coins for about $20, then to unlock each chapter would cost me between 54-59 coins each, how much money do you think I would spend to read the entire book and not to mentioned that some books are not even finished. Seriously? I downloaded another app which was similar to this one, I could purchase coins to unlock chapters or I could wait x amount of days to read it for free. I waited sometimes 5 days to read chapters but it was worth it to wait and not spend money. I am currently reading 3 books on this app and unfortunately will have to uninstall, to expensive when you have other options out there! Sorry!!!!

- The incomparable Charlie wade

What is incomparable is the unbelievable fact I am up to Chapter 1432 (no typo there) and only 53% done. They want to charge you every other chapter to keep reading. They give you 20 free credits every day to be able to read a few pages for free. It is blatantly obvious it is written by many people as the writing styles are totally different every few chapters. The story started great and turned into a money pit. I felt bad for the main character in the beginning but the writers have succeeded in turning him into an arrogant monster who you hate (while the writers think he is being worshipped) and you only continue reading about him hoping he will be served justice. Don’t fall for this app unless you have lots of money to blow on “books” (and I use the term very loosely) that each time you come close to the end, they add on another 100 chapters to keep you spending money!!.

- Total rip-off unfortunately can’t give no stars

I opened this app several days ago after having read a few introductory chapters on Facebook. Though the storyline was intriguing it quickly became predictable, and the editing and syntax were atrocious. Having edited for several authors in the past I feel qualified to review the book here.I found the book to be predictable, disjointed and often painful to read. After paying the ongoing fee to read the book amounting to approximately $35 to read 280 rather short chapters, I checked further and found there to be 2480 chapters of the book currently available, and continues to be updated regularly. At this rate it would cost nearly $300 to read this book. That is completely and utterly ridiculous. Curious, I looked into several “editor’s choice” books and found them to be of a similar sort. Do not waste your money on this app.

- Not worth it

Started reading one “book” on this app. After a few chapters had to pay to keep reading. Fine - same cost as typical book purchase would be. However, the story was so incredibly ridiculous and poorly written that when it required more money to read on I stopped. Throughout the story one character was abused by everyone- physically and mentally. Her would-be savior was barely even part of the story except to serve as another reason for her husband to abuse her. He sees someone carved an “x” into her face and doesn’t call the authorities? Of course the doc that stitched her up didn’t see it as a sign of abuse either. Her sister blinds her and at the hospital the doc says she needs new corneas but doesn’t call the cops abou the fact someone cut her corneas out and left her blind? So incredibly stupid! I just could not continue to pay for something so bad!!!

- Potential

This app has potential to be great but since everything is about how much money you can make rather than how many people could be encouraged into reading this app ends up falling short. With the way this app is setup it is almost impossible to finish a book without paying for coins unless you want to wait to read which anyone that reads is not gonna wait they need to add more way to gain coins that isn’t paying for it reward coins for referring a friend or watch ads to get coins or something. I love to read but with this app I have like 5 or 6 unfinished books and the only reason I was reading that many books was to be able to claim the coins for reading so I could try to finish the first book I started smh. The idea of this app is great but the setup is just for pure profit just like everything else nowadays.

- It was good until it began feeling like scam

Good model. An interesting story that you pay to read. But then, it started becoming hilarious when they begin releasing only a chapter per day. Imagine how long would take to read a 600-chapter book because each chapter is but a few pages taking just a couple of minutes to read? And then as one continues to pay to continue reading - you realize that at least $30 have been dropped when most best sellers are $10~$20 eBooks! Suddenly - the English becomes poor, grammar, style, editing, etc. Even comics, if that is what they are trying to copy - is a better deal because it comes with good art. Plus, some online applications that translate Asian comics have a subscription model of all-you-can-read for $60 per year.

- Cost too much, can’t hardly ready anything.

I got drawn in on a story and decided to purchase $10 to read figuring it would go to a struggling writer, etc. but this didn’t even get me 1/2 way through the book. You have to sign in daily for 20 coins and add books to library for 5 coins, you can read for 15-30 min for additional coins, these unlock very very very short chapters, and as you get further into the book the chapters cost more. If I want to read a book and pay for it the it would cost $50 just to get through it. Don’t get enough coins in one day to read even one chapter now. Come up with ads or some other method of obtaining your coins etc. after I finish this book sometime next year probably. I won’t be reading any more books from this app. Other apps out there that are better.

- Definitely a rip off.

They definitely over charge for the chapters one minute is , 7 coins, than 11 coins, than 9 coins, than 10 coins, than 6 coins. It’s never consistent & they say it’s 10 coins but than take 20 coins. Plus there is no option to just flat out buy the book or subscription to make it a flat rate ive already been an idiot & spent $60 but as I read more I see what a rip off & that it feels like the story never ends & they have writing mess ups & peoples names mixed up & keep adding chapters it went from 1068 chapters when I started to 1316. Which I’m sure will change however after I use the rest of my coins I will no longer keep the app as it’s a rip off. I will go back to My kindle app as where that’s not a rip off as for this definitely think long & hard before spending your money & downloading.

- To Expensive, What a Racket!

I am incredibly disappointed & I would not recommend this to anyone! Too expensive to even get through one book! Stay away from it at all costs there are better apps for reading out there. My first book was not a bad story, poorly edited/translated, but not bad. They brake the book down into about 300, very short, three or four page chapters and then charged about $10 or more to read about half the book. So a reader would have spend at least $20 to get through one book! Have you ever spent that much money on any type of fiction, dimestore novel, in a department store? It is not worth the money you would spend to download/read from this app. I didn’t credibly disappointing rip off and cheapskate of an app. Do not waste your money or time even worried about it.

- Good stories but disappointed nonetheless

The stories are good which is why I gave it two stars. Other than that, I’m disappointed already. I’ve read one “book” so far that had my full attention. The app is free, BUT the books within it are not. They charge a certain amount of tokens for EACH CHAPTER! Wouldn’t be an issue except the chapters are 10-14 pages long, FILLED with typos that make it hard to follow AND the book I’m reading is INCOMPLETE at Chapter 225! This ONE book has cost me $39 so far and the writer isn’t even done with it, so I’ve paid an astronomical amount for a book I can’t even finish. There have to be better apps out there with books that are well written and that aren’t more expensive than well known published books!

- Do not recommend!

Waste of money! I ended up getting intrigued by an add on Facebook and happened to read the first four chapters on the add. To continue reading I had to get the app. After downloading the app and skipping to where I left off, I discovered I had to have coins to keep reading. Really wanting to read the book before I deleted the app and having been fooled by a similar app, I purchased the $20 package and started reading. After I get to chapter 71, I run out of coins. I checked how many chapters I had left and got the $10 package to finish the book. Turns out I get to chapter 82 and the books not even done yet. I just spent $30 on a poorly written, unedited, horrendously executed plot written by a amateur author that’s not even complete. Save your money and buy a published book. This app is TRASH!

- Good story, bad prices.

I loved the book I was reading so much so that I spent $35 (or more I’m not even sure at this point 🙄) trying to just finish the book. I’m not one for books but I know I can find the same type of books wayyyyyy cheaper. But I seen an add for the book that hooked me and after purchasing the $10 one the first time I thought it would be enough. It was not. So again, purchase the $10 coins and it still. Wasn’t. Enough. The authors do not set the prices the app does. And it definitely needs to change if they want to get more than 1-2 books out of people. I would’ve looked into another book from the same author if not for the apps pricing on each chapter.

- To expensive for unfinished work

The idea of the app is great but the price is crazy!! Unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend on books you will not enjoy this app. I understand paying for books and I thought ok if I have to spend $5-$10 on a book I can do that, nope it cost way more then that per book!!! They do have the first few chapters free and they have where you can unlock a chapter every 2 hours (which is what I figured I would do) you earn “points/coins” by checking in daily and reading 15/30 minutes a day on the app BUT I just found out that you can not use the unlock a chapter every 2 hours to read the last 20 chapters of a book. Ok that just means I can only read 1 chapter per day because the chapters cost me about 30-50 points/coins. Well I was wrong because now my next chapter cost 98 points/coins and I have zero. The max coins/points you can earn in a day is 40. So I will be deleting this app. Do NOT waste your time trying to read on this app unless you have money to spend. Try apps like Inkitt or Kindle or even Moments if you want an interactive story that you can make choices on and watch the characters “play out on your screen”.

- Disappointed

Ya got me upset cause after 10 yrs of not picking a book the amazing son in law had me really interested in the book and I get bored easily when it comes to books would of gave this 5 stars if I was able to read all the chapters without a problem. But I have to wait until I gather more coins or when it say I got 30 bounces but runs out on me when I turn like through 6-7 pages or when it keeps saying that I got to pay to read the next chapters what kind of novel makes u keep paying for coins to keep ready a good book that you could a final price like that everyone that highly interested in this book would buy it

- Enthusiastic Reader

Since I’ve been reading from your app I’ve read many books. I will continue. I have not as yet, found one that I have not enjoyed. Aside from some misspelling, and some times you can tell they are not as familiar with the English language, I have enjoyed each and every book I’ve read. Kudos to the Authors for their creative, imagination, tenacity to continue to entertain the readers who log on😃😃. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more good reads. Just now getting into the other human shifters. I’ve read mainly wolves. Love the bear shifters😉.

- The supreme son in law.

I think the stories are interesting however the writing or the composition is horrid the thing that I hate the most is that it’s been over two weeks and most of the four books that I’ve been reading have not been updated not even once. I think if you put these stories up for us to read and then you don’t update them then it’s not nice. Books like the Tiger son in law, the supreme son in law, Divine son in law and the amazing son in law. It’s a shame how poor the writing is you have to wait so long for updates besides the amazing son in law takes to many turns away from the original plot. The good thing is that I found out about GoodNovel and their stories are more organized and you don’t have to wait that long.

- Way too expensive for lower than average books

I thought this app would be like Wattpad, where some you pay and others you don’t. Everything on this app you have to pay for and half of these books is not written even at the high school level. I am horrible with grammar, and it is jarring for me to read. You pay over 12 dollars to read not even half of the book. I like these books' concepts, but they are not good enough to spend this much money. If they were at least edited by the company (some sort of regulation), I would feel a little better about continuing the books. The book I am trying to read now is 51 coins to continue, but it is 6.99 for 500. None of the rewards that you get from the app for continuous use could ever cover this.

- Alpha Asher: GoodNovel App Review

This has been a phenomenal book so far. I was hooked from the second I started reading it on Facebook. The GoodNovel app is great. It’s easy to navigate and they give you opportunities to earn free coins every day. I already have books lined up to read next, I am just currently working on finishing Alpha Asher. My only complaint is that the chapters can be quite pricey where I have to wait more than one day to read. I wish they would give us opportunities to watch ads and earn more points. But overall it’s a good app.

- Mixed feelings.

The coins cost too much. If I want to unlock a whole story it would cost over $100. I could buy a book cheaper. But the story I’m reading is hard to put down. I like the idea of this app. But it’s simply too much money. And if I wanted free coins I’d have to login every day. And for 20 free coins a day I could unlock 8-10 pages, but it’s not enough. There should be an option to buy a story outright for less than 10 coins per chapter. The story I’m reading has 988 chapters and counting. I’m not trying to spend over $100 dollars on a book that I wouldn’t have a physical copy of, which also isn’t a published work, and has grammatical errors and misspellings.

- Expensive and glitches

I’m 550 chapters into a book that’s 2000 chapters long. The issue is that a chapter is 5-8 screens of reading. To read the 2000 chapters purchasing point would cost hundreds of dollars. And with the level of writing it’s not worth $20. With the free points granted each day I can read 3-4 chapters. And I will get extra point for starting other books, but often I don’t. Get credit for the time I’m reading. The authors of some books are greedy like “lord leaf” with 5-8 screens per chapter, others have more normal size chapters, 15-20 screens. Over all the concept of the app is great. And if I could pay for a book with a one time fee that was reasonable I’d be happy. But this pay by the chapter is frankly a scam.

- Good story but too pricey.

They make chapters extremely short and you have to buy tokens to read the chapters. I though that $5 usd would be enough to read the entire book but come to find that is not the case. There was an error in my purchase and I wound up spending $15...guess what...still need to spend more to buy the book. As intrigued as I am with “the good son-in-law” the pure fact that I would have to spend more than $15 to read a book on an app is ridiculous. I unfortunately will not be finishing this book. Do not purchase anything from them it is a complete scam. Chapters are 6-10 pages long and if place on paper it would probably be only one page long. This is not how anyone should read stories.

- Mated to the Alpha Twins

This is a very interesting book that I have set myself upon reading. This book had a very interesting and heart wrenching story line, overall this is amazing book with amazing dialogue, as well has character design. Even though i’m only on chapter 23 i am still as hooked as i was when i read the first chapter! I would EXTREMELY recommend this app and this story!!! This is is EVERY well written and i wish the best for the characters in all :) i cannot wait to get deeper into the chapters! i’m only at 37%!

- Shameless pay to read

I was looking for an app that have some interesting reads when I came upon this. I started to read a story that really got my attention when after reading about 2% of the story the next chapter was locked asking for coins to unlock it. I had coins given free when I installed the app so I used them. After finishing that chapter the next chapter was locked. Basically you pay to unlock each chapter. Don’t know the price for these coins but I do know that $10 gets you 1000 coins. Yes other apps like kindle has you pay for the books or even get prime to read them but at least they ask for the full amount up front not every chapter

- Ridiculous & expensive!

1549 chapters into a book I have spent more then $110 buying more coins to read the next chapter thinking it would be the ending, yet it keeps going round and round and round. Same story over and over again! If I would have known how much this app charged for readers to enjoy a story I never would have downloaded it. You get 3-4 chapters at a time, which mind you only consist of maybe a page or two of an actual written book, and then you have to wait until they load more chapters! Yet your money that you purchased the coins with to read just sits there in lingo! They should price the WHOLE ENTIRE book instead of how they are doing it, so people know how much it is from start to finish!!!

- GoodNovel

First and foremost I’ve read tons of different online books, and yes I’ve purchased to read on, but most of them were either short- some had bad grammar but - THIS App is my ALL time favorite I love the books I love the authors .. No matter what genre you like to read, they have it- me , I love werewolf stories and fiction reading them makes me feel like I’m a part of the story, and it’s nice to read a good book and get out of reality a little while.. so I definitely would recommend this App 100%!

- So torn...5 or 1?!?

Started reading one of their novels through an add, VERY enjoyable first bit of reading. Got into the app and still really enjoyed the writing. Then, the pay wall. Unlock for ‘x’ points. This didn’t seem like a big deal but the low package of points and finish reading my book. First problem, I didn’t notice I was spending said purchases points as I turned pages. Second problem I did the math... if I’m being charged 10-15pts every say 3 chapters I’m at $35 and I’m reading the book isn’t done yet and more is being written. Price is just too steep imo....unless we get a hard back after full purchase.

- Never ending stories cost $$

I love these books on here and the stories grip you and have you wanna continue reading nonstop but the more you get engrossed in a story the more you have to pay I’ve already spent all for $100 on just 3 stories and they’re not finished yet they just keep going. Even though I’d love to read it to the end to see how the characters ended. I won’t continue paying money to continue the stories either need to wrap up faster or the charges need to be less

- Fated to the Alphas

I love this app! So happy I came across it when reading a short store on Facebook. I started reading Fated to the alphas and can’t wait to see what happened next. If the third story in series and highly recommend reading if you love werewolves romances like me. The only down fall is the cost but if you love reading you really won’t mind. The series follows multi generational werewolves and trying to find their mates. Don’t want to give anything away. So go read and love it just as much as me.

- Good stories, but expensive

There are overall some pretty good stories on the app, but it cost a lot to read an entire book. They have points that you can earn through daily check-in and reading, but it doesn’t count the entire time you read. I can read an entire chapter (a long one) and it will sometimes show that I haven’t read at all. Plus, there are only select books that will unlock chapter after so many hours, but stop half way through. It’s makes it not worth investing the time/money just to attempt to read a book.

- Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman's Sinner Wife

I cannot stop reading this book and when I have to I get upset. My poor husband feels so bad when I run out of coins 😂 it does get a little repetitive but it still continues progressing and even keeps me on my toes a little bit. I wish I could purchase the book in physical form only because I love physical books but this is great for me when I'm on the go. I can't wait to see how the book continues to go and where the turns take us.

- Costs a lot

I won’t lie I find myself saying I will not purchase anymore chapters because it’s getting ridiculous BUT I love me some Charlie Wade. There are 1478 chapters and more still to come. So image how much I’ve spent reading although I do find grammar errors or words skipped here n there it’s not enough to take away from the story. I will admit I am scared to start another book I will just wait for more chapters of Charlie wade to be loaded. All of this from a Facebook ad gotta love it!

- Enjoyable but pricing is misleading.

Sure, am I enjoying the story, yes. HOWEVER, I blew $10 on 1,000 points. The first paid chapter was 10 points, so I figured that should get me through the book and maybe a bit of another one. Little did I know that it doesn’t ask you about the points for each chapter while it is taking them. 99 chapters in this book and every single one (EXCEPT for the chapter it actually asked permission to take points for!) cost 35 to 55 points each. And all of those were just taken without asking. It is looking like it will take $30 to $50 to finish ONE book. I’m sorry, but that feels extremely misleading. I haven’t decided if I will finish this story, but I definitely won’t be doing another. Which is a shame, because I could see reading more if this weren’t crazy expensive. A book has to be manufactured and shipped to a store, and no romance books would cost over $20 even with all those costs.

- Charlie Wade

Interesting story line-kind of like Count of Monte Cristo meets Bruce Wayne meets Quentin Tarantino. The writer has a good imagination albeit fairy tale-ish. The grasp of currency is that of a child, ex. Cars that cost $50-$60k cost $500k or over a million in the book. Don’t like somebody? Break a knee cap, paralyze the guy, or take a pipe to his head with no consequence because you’re rich. The conversation is so far fetched that it’s hard to read it sometimes. Over 500 chapters. Already spent $10 reading before I realized how many chapters there are. It would cost another $50 to read the whole thing. The story line sometimes contradicts itself, overly repetitive, parts missing, and expensive. Not worth spending that money, and if thats how all the books are....

- Infuriating

I got caught on a story via Facebook ad, the only reason why I’m continuing on is because I am hooked on the story but I refuse to pay the exorbitant amount of money they’re asking for each chapter! It is absolute robbery and ridiculous! The storyline is good but there’s a lot of editing details that are messed up. And the fact that they charge so much per chapter or you have to wait two hours before the next chapter becomes available is it just wrong. They need to figure out a different system. If you had to wait less or pay a little less, or even pay for the whole book I would do it! But after I finish this book I’m deleting the app! Don’t waste your time!

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- Author on this platform

Please note; you can take my review however you’d like, but I am a writer on this platform so it does make me bias. Writing is hard work. You can do it many ways. Write a whole book and throw it out there. Go through a traditional publisher if you can afford to get an editor in. Or maybe post as you write. GoodNovel makes use of the final option, allowing new authors to hone their craft and make a few peanuts. Unfortunately it means readers have to wait on authors to have time to post. It’s hard work having to wait, but it also allows you to save those free coins so it doesn’t cost you as much. If you can bring yourself to play the waiting game, you’re going to get a book for free. As any reader already knows, books can take years to write. This is just a different format then what you might be use to.

- Update Idea

Hello, I love this app and all the books on it. But I’ve being wanting to read more but I don’t have enough coins to read. And for an update I was thinking that maybe you guys could put more ways for us to get coins without having to buy them. If you could do that please we would all really appreciate it. Thank you XD

- Where is my money’s worth? Can’t even finish a book???

So I read this story on Facebook, I did not expect it to be long but I finished reading it anyway and end up leaving me hanging.. I got hooked and forgot what I needed to do. Got to chapter 10, now if I want to continue reading I need to purchase coins.. Ok, I just wanted to finished the story.. So I bought the 5.99$ for 600 coins but it turns out.. I got billed 9.99$ in my account now I’m on chapter 80.. you’re asking me to buy more coins to continue reading???? What is this???????? CAN U PLEASE EXPLAIN OR GIVE MY MONEY’s worth!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡 .... okay, so, I just figured out how things work. You purchase coins and you use that to unlock chapters of a book. So, to unlock all chapters in the book I’m currently reading.. I need to spend almost 200$. I’m not really a novel reader but the story was good. I just wish I knew it before.

- Waste of money

1. I have spent more on an unfinished novel then I would have buying several published novels. I’ll give some credit the novel I been reading has been very good. 2. You are charged per chapter which is about 20 short lines on 4-7 pages so probably only a couple of pages in a published novel. 3. After reading over 1400 “chapters” on one novel I was returned to the first chapter which is fine but was charged to purchase it again. As such the novel is unfinished and I’m being charged to reread something I have paid for. 4. While I realise I may be supporting a budding author. I can tell you that a published author would not be making anywhere near what you are charging for an unfinished novel and likely would not make that much for a series of complete novels.

- Ridiculously priced

Wish I could give it zero stars. The cost involved in completing a story is astronomical, the premise of reading stories by emerging writers is great and I would be happy to support it if not for just how much they charge for coins and how little story you get for said coins. In order to see how much it actually costs to finish a book I decided to complete the Charlie Wade story. So far I have spent well over $100 on coins and the story hasn’t even been completed!!!! I could have walked into a book store and bout 4-5 proper novels for less. Further to that they have the audacity to start the book again after the final chapter. The idea is fantastic but frankly it is a scam, I hope to find another platform that does similar things without such ridiculous price point.

- Not happy

This app has great books but it’s over priced. It needs to have a constant rate per chapter not one chapter costing 15 coins the next casting 48 coins then the next is 25 coins the next 60+ coins it’s ridiculous keep it realistic and we may actually be able to afford to read a full book. And the read bonuses are nothing you get a max of 10 coins for reading across the day and also an added check in bonus that’s ok but they charge you 60+ a chapter. You can’t even open one chapter a day with the bonus you get. And yes I’m happy to pay to read but after spending $30 and not even getting 1/2 way through a book I give up.

- Stories are good but crazy expensive!!

I have enjoyed the stories I have read so far, one of the books is not complete, a chapter a day is released. The spelling mistakes, missing words and auto correct to the incorrect word doesn’t bother me, but so far I have spend close to $80 Australian dollars and neither book is finished. I will be lucky if I finish them both for $90. Who is making the massive profits from this? If it’s not the writer maybe you need to consider publishing elsewhere, people obviously want to read your books and are willing to pay crazy amounts of money to do so. Having said that, I will finish the 2 books but won’t continue to read due to the cost

- VERY expensive

The premise behind the app is good and I’m all for supporting emerging writers, but the pricing is ridiculous. Like a number of reviewers, I’ve tried to finish one of the books (Charlie Wade - the writing’s so bad you have to keep going), but I’ve only read 8% and have already spent $10. And half of that was free. It’s going to cost hundreds of dollars to complete this, and no author is worth this. I have read the developer’s replies about the same complaints, and no, they really aren’t. You pay per chapter, and the chapters seem to get shorter and shorter, some are half the size of this review. I would NOT recommend this app, save your money and look at the self-published authors on iBooks - that pricing is realistic.

- Scam Scam Scam

All for supporting writers and paying to read but I have spent so much $$$ more for one book on this App which I have not been able to finish reading because the price is far too high and I have given up as I don’t want to spend any more $$$. I spent far more for an incomplete read on this App than I would for a book from a reputable book store where we know the author is getting their rightly owed and justified payment for their writings. This App is a SCAM and buyers beware. Yep you got me! Authors should not publish on this App, go elsewhere so you can know your readers are not being unfairly and excessively charged and scammed.

- Total Joke

I’m reading Charlie wade and it has so many chapters! Not only that. Each chapter is so short! I just went to go purchase the whole book because I’ve already spent $80 on it and im only 29% in and turns out I’m going to have to spend roughly $200 to finish the book. So $280 AUD to read a book! Are you guys kidding yourselves? Not only that. The book has so many mistakes in it. Words are left out constantly so I have to assume I know what they’re talking about and sometimes they use the wrong name and I just have to know... it’s obviously a different person they’re talking about. And for $280. Not only that. But half of the novel so far is a recap. Every time something happens it recaps what’s just happened so this book could be half as long. I love the story line but far out. $280. I’m bailing on this book. If it was $100... possibly even $120 I would have fallen for it but you got $80 out of me. Congratulations... you scammed me.

- Good but way too expensive

I do like the novels they are very entertaining but it’s incredibly expensive to actually finish reading one novel 🙄 honestly PLEASE charge a fixed price per chapter, it’s ridiculous how one chapter can cost 10 coins and others 85 coins!!! It’s totally crazy! Also the rewards for reading never tally up to the actual amount of time you read, I was reading for more than 45 minutes and only showed 5 minutes of reading so I never got the coins 😡😡 really annoying and it ALWAYS happens.

- updated version

Well I kinda like it however it's really getting on my nerves especially when updating since now I have to wait until I receive the updated version to search what I want to read

- Ridiculously expensive

I got this really excited to start reading again. Paid for $15 thinking I would get to at-least finish the book I started and I’m not even half way. I go to buy more to cover it and it’s $30. $45 for a book with spelling errors and grammar mistakes- and I’m not even sure if that’s the end? I’m all for supporting writers (and if I believed they were getting fairly paid) and I would happily pay that much for a book, if the app was upfront about the ludicrous prices and I was given a choice from the start. Really disappointing.

- Expensive

I have spent $40 to read this amazing story, “Ash Asher” but I would never pay that to buy a book...i am only paying because I am addicted to the story, I will be careful to not start another story because I can not afford this habit!!! Wish they could make it more affordable but still worthwhile for the authors....if they did, it would stand out from the other apps...I would consider paying a subscription to read freely.

- Rip off

After spending US$50 I got access to only 38% of the novel. Whilst I like to support writers and will often spend $40 - $50 on a hard cover book this app is just robbery. Would not recommend this app. Story had lots of potential, editing was atrocious. App was very clunky, you couldn’t rotate the screen to landscape. Whilst the argument that you are supporting a writer as it is quite difficult doesn’t justify the ridiculous prices and the charge per chapter which is actually only two pages of a normal A4 page. If you buy this app be prepared to be scammed.

- Rip off.

I spent $100 for credits and expected to have access to the book and maybe some others, considering that a real book would normally be under $50. They string out the chapters so that if it was written correctly 20 chapters should be 1. It feels like the writer does one a day then decides to just end a chapter when they want to, such as a change in subject of a conversation validates a new chapter. It is just insane how they charge for this the way they do. Absolutely screwing over people who pay for something by being dishonest.

- Good novel issue

Just spend $4.99 on getting 500 coins went to check out and it was $7.99 for some reason continued anyway with the purchase and spent 10 coins to continue. now chapter 70 it asks for more coins to continue (11) then to find there are no more coins, annoyed but went to contact user and nothing no way to contact so I hope you can read this and fix this The book is amazing that I’m reading but I can’t throw money at it if my credits disappear

- Totally Overpriced

First advertised cost for coins is in US Dollars not local currency very deceiving. Spent over $100 and not even half way through 1 book. Absolutely no justification for any book to cost over $200 to read especially one on internet with lots of missing words and grammatical errors. If you want to read more than a chapter a day This is not the site for you. Reasonable pricing you would have probably made way more many from me but enough is enough.

- way too expensive / hard to get coins

I started reading my first story on here, I have now spent $40 on coins and not even finished the book (obviously my choice to spend the money but I was invested in the story but that’s just trying read 1 story only!) I can buy an entire novel for $6 on Apple Books etc. the amount of coins you receive vs what you pay is no where near enough and the rewards for logging in etc are far too low. I won’t be keeping this app.

- Favorite app on my phone!   ‍   

This is my favourite app on my phone. I can read a range of stories from hundreds of genres, and they're extremely easy to find and access. It's helped me discover new books that haven't been published my proper authors  ‍ ‌  

- Waste of money

The storylines are decent. Unfortunately that is where my positive reviews end. There is no sign of editing in these stories. The chapters are short and when you have to PAY per chapter, it becomes expensive. Why pay $100+ for an unedited story when you can buy a published book for much less? Seems very clear to me that the 5 star ratings are made from fake accounts because there is nothing five star about being scammed of money for trash!

- Great platform but poor execution

I love the idea of writers using this platform to launch their books and careers but the manner in which it charges is deceptive and overpriced. Such a shame because I would have like to support this app and it’s products but it’s cost prohibitive. Such a shame. Warning to future users: the credits are displayed in USD however the current is not listed, once you purchase credits it will be converted to local currency so it maybe a LOT more than you thought!

- Charlie Wade Great Book

I really like the first 80 chapters of the book and paid the $4.99 for some coins, thinking it would be enough the read the entire book. I sadly mistaken and rudely awakened by the fact that in order to read the entire book, you will be confronted by having to buy more and more coins to satisfy ones own desire to get to the end of the book. Its just another form of scamming people out of hard earned dollars and perpetuating the story to infinity and enriching the app developers. Good on them for finding a great way to make money. I would however advise them to have an outright purchase price for people who wish to opt out of the whole coins per chapter scheme and save some angry sods like me that fell for it.

- Sucked in

I too was sucked in while I am loving the book it’s the first book I have read since school I’m 54 and I was so into it absolutely hooked I payed $10 thinking that’s ok but that only got me about 2 hours more reading and bam I was getting asked for more then I look at the amount of episodes and this is going to cost me a fortune $100s plus my dollar makes the $10 one $15 . So annoyed right now and feeling screwed over. I should have looked at the reviews before I started .

- Good but expensive

Didn't expect this app to cost a lot of money. There's nothing saying that you have to pay money for some chapters which I would appreciate if they put at least something saying that.

- Good but expensive  ‍​  

Didn't expect this app to cost a lot of money. There's nothing saying that you have to pay money for some chapters which I would appreciate if they put at least something saying that.   ‍ ‌   

- Who in the hell charges per chapter?!?

I like the the story that got me onto this app, I like the functionality and ease of the app, I would happily pay to finish reading the story I started. I’m not happy with being charged per chapter however, especially when the chapters keep getting shorter! So far I’ve spent as much as I would have to buy an actual published novel, to get 24% of the way through something that hasn’t even been past an editor or proof reader!

- Disappointed

Good story that you want to keep reading I am up to 1008 so called chapter & it’s cost me $135 chapters are 7 to 11 pages with average page has about 20 small lines I could have gone to the store & bought 3 or 4 novels for that price. I won’t recommend this & I won’t waste any more money on it. What novel has over 2000 chapters & you have to keep paying one reasonable price would have been good but you are scamming the people you are as bad as some of the characters

- Terrible

The fact that you have to pay for chapters is absolutely crazy! I can read actual published books for less! I brought tokens thinking I could read the book but I was wrong I know have spent $10 and still haven’t finished the book and it requires more money to be spent. Would give 0 stars if it was an option! There are other apps similar like Wattpad that don’t charge . I definitely do not recommend

- Amazing and nothing to complain

It's been amazing I really don't have anything to complain about, I can't really say anything about the writing part I don't write but everything else Is great 100% would recommend

- Nice idea, poor price point

I think it’s a great idea to help aspiring novelists - but paying way over normal retail for unedited stories is a bit cheeky. I won’t be using the platform again unless price point changes. Paying 15 coins for an 8 page(on an iPhone screen) chapter is ludicrous, and if it is writer set as a platform you should limit the overall pricing per novel.

- Really interesting stories!!!

This app is great!!! Really interesting stories, and genres for pretty much everyone. The only thing I have to add isnt really a complaint, it's just I which there was a like button for comments.

- Well organised

Everything in this app is very well organised and one of the best apps for reading I have seen, I love the fact that no matter who you are you can still write your own stories to enjoy!

- Not sure

The first 15 chapters were 12/16 pages long but once you start paying by chapters their 4/5 pages long and with the free coins how do they calculate how long it takes you to read, I’ve read for 45mins but it says I’ve read for 12 mins, good story’s but would rather buy the compete book/ story also they should tell you how many chapters their are and how much it will cost to read it

- lots of different stories

I really enjoy the different stories here!! I’m still working on the same one cause sometimes I don’t have the time to read like I want, but when I do I can read nonstop for hours!!!.Great app!

- Over priced

Great books! but unfortunately it costs & pretty pricey just enough for 2 chapters then have to pay again. doesn’t let you read the full novel without having to pay to continue! Zzzz wouldve been better just to pay for a novel rather than paying to read a chapter

- The son in law

Reading this mediocre story. It was compelling enough to pay for the next chapters, App asked for $5 for 600 points so I bought it, the next chapters asked for 10 points so I thought I had plenty of points to read the book. I didn’t. Got to about chapter 75 and the app asked for money again. Seriously? You think your stories are that great? I deleted the app and would strongly recommend you stay away from these con artists

- My mind is absorbed!

I love that you can keep your mind absorbed in the characters and not feel wanting for anything else. It’s hard to not stay up late and continue reading..All the Time

- Intriguing and interesting

The stories have Greta plot twist and make you want more I just wished was on price for the whole book instead the chapter cost release . But haven’t put the book down so been good

- Gives me new ideas

I'm a young writer who absolutely loves to read! This app both helps me read, and write better! If it weren't for this app I wouldn't have discovered that people like my stories so thank you!

- Good

This is a great site for books, and I am loving all the different styles of writing.. the only downside is that every chapter costs different amounts, I am all for buying these books But not if it’s costing more to buy them to just go buy other books.. Sad.

- Expensive

pay over 300 aud have not finished reading the first book chapters come out a few at a time even though I know the book has been written fully would have read many books from this app don’t mind spending money to help out new author's but will no longer spend more money for a few chapters a day will definitely delete app after finishing this book very disappointing

- multiple genres

The stories are interesting and you can enjoy the multiple genres that are offered to the users.

- Pay wall isn't too much  ​‌  

Seriously it's not bad the pay wall thing it's hard but just start a new series and read like you never read before ‌    

- Writing skills have improved!

Goodnovel helped me get better on my writing skills and my creativity too. It also helped my grammar get better and I now write much better than before

- Enjoy it a lot     ‌

It's a good platform, I'm just a reader so I enjoy seeing all the work others out into their writings. It has lots of books that everyone could be able to enjoy  ‌    

- Writing skills have improved!      

Goodnovel helped me get better on my writing skills and my creativity too. It also helped my grammar get better and I now write much better than before   ‌  

- Great app for good books

Great app for good books to read kinda sad when the books are not finished tho cuz they have really good story lines but the updates on some of the stories are so slow

- multiple genres

The stories are interesting and you can enjoy the multiple genres that are offered to the users.

- Gifts

I literally just spent 3 hours on this app reading a book im literally hooked on atm , 3 HOURS!! mind you , you are supposed to get free coins for reading for 15 & 30 mins yet after spending so much time on this app , i went to claim the free coins and unlock my next chapter but as i went to check it , it said i had only been reading for 12 minutes , can someone please explain to me how this app inaccurately timed 3 HOURS TO 12 MINUTES!!!

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- A good app for teenagers ‍    ‌

Reading it now whilst travelling, it’s a good app for teenagers, I just read the free chapters but I can tell the books are good      

- Rip off

This was a disgraceful App the story was shallow and poorly written, The App producer gave a few chapters to advertise offering the remainder of the book for free if we down load the app. Once down loaded they hold back the last chapter or so, expecting payment to unlock them. Disgraceful!! I will not recommend this app, If there was a lower score than one star, I would have used that one instead.

- Scam!!!

Crooks! Paid 30.00 for coins not recieved

- Amazing Son-in-Law

I got hooked to the story I can imagine what really is happening. But I think it’s not worth it. It cost too much, I will rather buy a book at Indigo which cost less than continue my subscription with this. I already paid $50.00 Canadian $ and it’s not done yet. Today January 21, 2021 they are asking me to put coins again to continue with the story... This is ridiculous!!

- Ripped off/scam

They ask money in the ending part of the story.


They hook you on the story and part way through the charge you which is bad enough, IF you were getting the rest of the book but then, after a few more chapters they want you to pay again! As well, the story itself is very poorly written , many grammatical errors!

- Scam

$15 for 1000 coins and don’t even get to finish a book?scam scam scam. Shame. May your family fall on misfortune.

- Not impressed

You put advertisements with samples of books up for people to read so we will download then you have to pay per chapter!? Every chapter is all of 3-4 pages long!?!? The book I was reading would have been $150.00 to read from start to finish! The storyline is great, the writing, grammar, and word choice not so much. Would gladly pay $10.00 for the whole book but $150.00!?!?!? for an amateur writers book no less!?!? Come on! Be realistic.... oh and sorry I’m not spending 200 days doing all your little “freebie tasks” to finish the book.

- Costly

I enjoy the app and find it easy to use, but the cost of coins to unlock chapters is expensive. One story I was reading I thought all the chapters were the same cost (10 coins) and that was not the case, ( most chapter are 30-50 coins). When added up 20-40 bucks isn’t a lot to pay for a book but this is a virtual book not a hard copy, the chapters are super long for the length of a regular book and the books are in for the most part early stages of editing. The stories I’ve read are very captivating and good but the quality for price is a little steep.

- Good for being stuck at home

This app is sooo cool! If you're stuck at home and just need something to do, read a web fic! 

- Support the authors!

I started using this app and it was and still is fun. People saying you need to pay to read but come on these authors need some support


OMG THIS IS THE BEST APP LIKE EVER I live and love all the different stories

- Good but expensive

Didn't expect this app to cost a lot of money. There's nothing saying that you have to pay money for some chapters which I would appreciate if they put at least something saying that.

- Really like this app!

I really like this app! I've been using the app ever since it really started and it's got great and interesting stories

- Best web fic apps

One of the best web fics apps anyone can read or create here! You can earn coins and unlock chapters

- Under-rated app

I usually don't write reviews, but this app is so amazing! I read A LOT of web fics on a variety of apps, but this one really stands out.

- Tons of books to enjoy!

This app was amazing. They have tons of books that you'll really enjoy. Different genres and more.

- Amazing app!

Amazing app. I give it five stars for the stories which are very interesting and have me hooked

- What a perfect app!

This app is just perfect!!!

- Stories are great!

Most of the stories are great but the fact that you have to constanly purchase coins may be a bother for some people.

- Good fun!

Good, fun and I love it a lot

- Free chapters!

Just read the free chapters and then decide if the book is good enough to pay to read

- Nigeria and Philippines!

A lot of authors here are from Nigeria and Philippines = really talented though and deserve a chance to be read

- Thank you!!

Hello I am one of the authors on this app, the editors take care of you quite well and are really responsive

- Romance stories!

The romance stories on this app are so good, I really like CEO genre stories its so so good! How do they write so well??

- Cold Showers

Cold Showers is such a good book, I like this book a lot

- Massive thumbs up!

MASSIVE THUMBS UP! This app needs more download!

- What a good app!

What a good app! I love it a lot, I think the authors deserve our support as they will can in the future write even better works!

- 10 out of 10!

Yeah it deserves 10 out of 10!

- Have lots of favorite authors

I follow the stories from my favorite authors, there is a FB group so I can find my favorite authors and interact with them

- Good for students

This app is suitable for middle school and high school students I feel, there are some very exclusive stories on this app so learn how to find them!

- Alpha stories!

The alpha stories on this platform is quite good. A lot of the stories on this app is alpha or romance

- UI is quite good

Good stories and good app, the UI is quite good and easy to use I feel

- novels here are good

Yeah, the novels here are really good and worth your time to read it I feel

- Pandemic

It’s the pandemic now and there is not much to do at home except to stay at home…so reading instead is quite cool

- Keeps you occupied

Not much to do during the pandemic and just staying at home, this app is pretty good at keeping you occupied. I just read the free chapters though

- There are stories that I haven't seen on other platforms?

There's a few stories that I havent seen before on other platforms? That’s why this platform is worth it!

- Such a good app

Yeah I've been reading on this app since day one and it has been going well, I like the romance stories on here!

- love this app

I love this app, it’s a good place to pass time during the lockdown period

- Very good

Before I sleep at night, I am always reading web fictions, this new app has got me addicted that I sleep much later now!

- A lot of Filipino books

The Filipino books on here are cheap

- Many languages

Saya suka goodnovel! Baik baik bagus!

- Quality authors

I have read books from Jane Knight and Maria Warren before, both of them write very well

- 5 out of 5

I read it every day, the authors update their chapters quite frequently and I always have time to read a new chapter a day!

- Good translations

The translations are quite good and I feel I am also learning more about Asian culture

- It’s a new app but try it

I am new here but this app does to be quite promising, I think this app is also new so I expect more changes in the future

- Unique stories

A lot of unique stories that aren't find on other sites, I think the collection they have here can be considered good value for reading

- I recommend it

It's a good application to enjoy reading. There is no problem I found since I installed it. Good job goodnovel!

- Supporting the authors

It’s a little expensive but I understand that I am supporting the authors for their hard work and love.

- Beta's Daughter

I only read the stories with the complete tag on it. The Beta's daughter is quite a good book!

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GoodNovel & Books Web Novels iphone images
GoodNovel & Books Web Novels iphone images
GoodNovel & Books Web Novels iphone images
GoodNovel & Books Web Novels iphone images
GoodNovel & Books Web Novels iphone images

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