Stairway to Heaven !

Stairway to Heaven ! [Games] App Description & Overview

There are many quizzes related to your real life. Choose the right answer and surmount the heavy barriers to reach heaven. Be intelligent and answer correctly in each life situation because you will be judged.

Be careful about making these decisions because each trivia decision comes with consequences. Making a good call can help you get close to gorgeous heaven and reach the peak. But the wrong choice will lead you to falling into horrible hell. Will you reach the gates of Heaven?

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
The quizzes are tricky and realistic, you must choose it right so you can climb and reach heaven eventually

2. Amazing Physics
Realistic physics will make you feel you are in the real life

3. Keep on upgrading!
So many unique characters for you to obtain. How do you want to look?

4. Relax and enjoy
Ever wonder what it was like to be in heaven? Well, you’ll still have to wonder, what choice you have to make to reach Heaven

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Stairway to Heaven ! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+bug fixes

Stairway to Heaven ! Comments & Reviews

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- This app is great (I have a few suggestions)

Ok so, this app is great you get to make choices and they decide your fate. However I find it very annoying that the choices are the same each time! I’m on my second life so far and was very disappointed when I found out the choices were exactly the same. Also the choices I think shouldn’t be “choose what everyone else chooses” I think it should be “choose your path” so like what I mean by that is instead of everything being the same, let the choices lead to different consequences and different choices for example let’s say it says “There’s a really hot guy/girl at the beach do you cheat on your boy/girl friend?” And so let’s say the the options are “cheat” “flirt a little” or “don’t cheat” so like if you choose cheat then you fall down a few steps and it takes you to a more bad question like “since you cheated you and your husband/wife divorced” and then the options are like “Oh no I really loved him!” “Aw man he had a lot of money” or “who cares my new boy/girl is much better” but like saying don’t cheat leads to a happier life with your spouse So all I’m saying is I think there should be more choices and different choices should lead to different consequences. Oh also I LOVE how this app doesn’t show you an ad like every time you hit something this app shows an ad every like 5 or 6 times you hot a choice which is really nice and I also love how it’s kinda like bitlife but more kid friendly.

- Really laggy

I really think that the game is great and I had a lot of fun playing it but it is so laggy, like, when I got the choice for a dog it wouldn’t even let me keep it I spammed the button so many times but it wouldn’t let me and I can’t even change the settings to make it less laggy because it’s too laggy to press the buttons and to be honest the ads don’t annoy me. I’ve seen many games with probably about triple the ads you have so I’m not that bothered, but other than that I really love the game and I have a good time playing it.

- It’s alright I just think you should have more freedom with choices

The idea on it’s own is alright, but there are a few issues I would like to address. First off, when you make a decision sometimes it says, “-5 honesty” as if we were lying. I feel like it shouldn’t assume that our opinion is “false” before taking off points. Also, most of the choices are straight up bad advice, for example one of the questions was, “you have a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend what do you do”, or something like that. The choices are either straight up propose to him, tell your friend, or make up stories about him. In my opinion all of those are bad advice, if you tell your friend it will turn into an argument, if you propose to him without even dating him before then things would get even worse, and if you make up stories that’s just disrespectful. The ads are also repetitive and sometimes inappropriate, maybe add a child filter? Or maybe change it to an ad every 10-8 decisions instead of every 2 decisions. These are just my opinions and suggestions for future updates. Edit: one thing I forgot to mention is a glitch I’ve stumbled upon. When there’s a choice for you to watch an ad and I press “yes” the button won’t work no matter how many times I press it, it would be cool if that can be fixed in the future.

- Terrible Game For Many Reasons I Go Over

First of let’s talk about the ads. Every two choices there is an ad, most of which definitely not appropriate for 12+. The ad button doesn’t work when you want to watch one for something like a dog. There are choices where if you don’t watch an ad you go down 30 steps lose your money or even die which is just dumb. I could go on but you get the point. Secondly the game is extremely racist and disrespectful to religion. Just the idea of the “Stairway To Heaven” is disrespectful and has been said in the Bible that’s not how you get to Heaven. Now on to the racist part of that. When you start there is no option for skin color and there are no colored people on the stairway. Another thing is how inaccurate the gameplay is. Many people have gone over this so I will keep it short. For doing bad decisions you go down which is basically extending your life. The choices are not at the correct age at all. Also if you get a dog it is with you until you die so if you get a dog at 5 and live until 90 that dog is living for 85 years, and that happens often. Overall this is just a stupid game for the devs to get quick cash. They don’t try to improve the game at all and probably look at no ratings. Thank you for reading this and stay safe!

- Strangely biased and generally not good

Judging by the reviews when i first got the app, i didnt think i was gonna be impressed, and i was right. About 70% of the game is completely just ads. You even need to watch an ad or else your money gets taken away which is not fair at all. It isnt even a game at this point. It’s just an ad farm. The choices and the game deciding if it was wrong or right was kind of weird and biased to me. One of the scenarios were “you see a good looking guy but you are with your fiance” and an option was “dont look, that is cheating” and another “look but hide it” so I chose that one because that isnt freaking cheating! You can look at people and support an attractive person without calling it cheating! And it pushes me back! Which is totally biased regarding what you do with your body sexually, also the scenario with your husband being in the shower with someone. You might be into it and not think it’s bad, and it really isn’t if you are comfortable with it, but the game doesn't give you that choice which is just really disappointing and not open minded at all. There is also no sort of diversity. No character customization, no choice of sexual orientation, just the same people. Had to delete this right after finishing it, it was that bad.

- It has it’s ups and downs

Okay, so the main thing I wanted to type down was well... the main gameplay of this app, yes I know it’s an app for kids but after I got the ads for this game, I kind of wanted to check it out, and......... BOY WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED! First off, there are where too many ads, the gameplay is practically “Hi! Welcome to the game, choose your gender, now choose your character. Perfect! Now up to heaven you go! Oh, first question, what a wond- AN AD HAS INVADED, okay up the steps!” Question, AD, up the steps, question, ad, up the steps, question, ad. I think you get it at this point, another thing that irritated me (irritated is a smarter way of saying annoyed, sorry I had to) was the fact that it took several minutes just to get to the kid stage, the game was honestly pretty boring, now onto the positive things I guess, this game can be a pretty good “time killer” if you have nothing to do, the background character designs are interesting to say the least, and I think with time this game can become a pretty good game. Sorry if this was a huge thing to read I do the “one hundred word review challenge” every time a make a review on a game.

- Worst app. Waste of time.

Saw this on an ad and decided to try it but the actual game is much more different than how it looked on the ad. The amount of ads this app has is beyond me. These ads I am receiving are not appropriate for my age, and an ad pops up about every 30 seconds. Based on the disgusting ads I have received, I do not think they should have the age to play as 12+. It doesn’t let me watch ads to have a dog or coins, when I click watch ad it just doesn’t work. Events are a little off and not matching the age when given the age these things are being done at. Just one example of this is kissing as a child or drinking at a young age, but there is much more I am not going in depth to explain. They take ALL of your money if you don’t choose to watch an ad. I didn’t even finish the steps to get there before deleting the app because of how bad it was. Ridiculous. Waste of time.. deleted this app a few minutes after downloading. Also, this is the thing that really made this app terrible: they are VERY racist. I saw no black people in the staircase.. not one at all. Other people in reviews have mentioned this as well. Every race needs representation. And to have a literal staircase to heaven is disrespectful to religion.

- Wow,..this game is something else,....

Like everyone else said the ads are ridiculous but I know you’ve heard it a lot so I’ll just stop there. But this game is disrespectful in some ways and almost racist if you look at it in others. You can’t pick your skin color or partner or even have a goal in life. Your born, go up steps, and die. The order of your life doesn’t make any sense. I’m going to party’s with alcohol when I’m a young teen and can’t drive. Im getting hit on and inappropriately touched when I’m no older then 14. I’m 90 years old and the dog I had since I was 10 is still by my side. Sweet but so not true. And I don’t get it, when you make a bad decision you go down steps,... so your teaching children if you do bad things you’ll live longer?! Like what?! If anything you should be going up steps. When it said your friends were having drinks at there party and if you had some you would go down steps. So your saying if you have drugs you’ll live longer?! No! Overall I liked the idea of this game were you could choose answers and go through life but it’s all so pointless and a waste of time.

- Horrible and Unplayable

Now, I had no expectations for this app, but this is the most ad heavy horrible game I’ve ever come across. Even with purchasing “no ads” there is a mandatory (and mostly unskipable) 30 sec ad about every 10 seconds. I’ve watched the same ad over and over more than I’ve played the game. What a joke. I’m trying to figure out how to get a refund on the ‘no ads.’ It mentions that it only means the banner ads AFTER you buy. The settings don’t work either. I turned off sounds, and it still plays. What’s worse is that it won’t allow me to play sound in the background, so all I can do is listen to the ads or sound effects. The quiz answers are wrong often too. They either completely omit a correct answer or repeat answers. Nowhere does it explain this (or anything for that matter) being a gameplay feature so it seems like a bug. I never even bother with refunds, but this was such a poorly developed waste of time it shouldn’t even be on the app store for being so misleading. It’s such an obvious and frustrating cash grab it comes off as a scam. You know, you should provide your consumers with SOME value even if you’re incompetent and greedy.

- It’s okay, it needs some changes

First things first, the story doesn’t add up. It said I became an adult, then it said I had to get a driver’s license but before that, it said I drove to a concert. Also, I like that you did add some new genders but, there are other genders out there too. This is 2020. Also, could you add actual jobs. Not just being a celebrity or something. There are people walking all around you with different unique jobs, but we don’t get to choose the job. I just wish you could choose your lifestyle. For example, if you could choose your partner or skin color, that would be a lot better. Another thing is, the basic woman and man don’t really have a goal in life. I think this game would be more realistic if you could choose what you want to do for that life. Without going through the storyline that doesn’t really make sense, and not having a choice in what you look like, your gender, your skin color, your partner, or your job. To end it off, I’m really not trying to be negative, I just think this game needs a few changes. That way it’ll be more entertaining and relatable for people who download this game.

- Honestly terrible

This game is pointless, there’s so much ads for NOTHING! For example whenever I say “no thanks” to an award that needs an ad I STILL GET ONE. And plus even if I said yes to everything there is still no point. As might as well call this “stairway to hell”. Look, I’m sorry if I offended any creators of this game but this ad thing NEEDS TO STOP. And I find it incredible that you need to pay money to stop ads. I’m not saying that all ad removal should be free but in this case with like 1 ad every 10 seconds it’s unbelievable! This is also really offensive. Look I’m not a strict churchgoer nor am I to crazy over religion, but this is offensive. For example there a some claims in this game that are not true at all in the Bible or real life. And honestly this is 2020 I mean c’mon! There’s only white people in the game! Now with all of these looters and the BLM thing goin on this is not a great time to not put any African Americans. You guys are excluding people (not on purpose). Look, the point is that there are so much ads in the game and that you should put some African Americans. If any of you guys/girls are reading this, I just wanna say thanks for your time! Stay safe during COVID-19

- How the actual detention terror shock did this happen?

I played it yesterday and it was pretty fun! I played so I can become a good person but yesterday I was having so much fun then today whenever I pick a choice that I chose correctly and went up steps it let’s me go down! It go back to that question and picked a different option and it pushed me down steps again! Even if it is the choice I chose yesterday then I chose the bad chose that sound obviously rude and disrespectful then I still go down I chose every choice in the question! It still makes me fall down steps! It’s not fun today but it was yesterday and there are SO MANY ADS! I don’t like ads nobody likes ads and this game makes no sense! When you do something bad YOU LIVE LONGER? What the heck?! No! Makes no sense! So it is like when you do good things YOU DIE FASTER? When you do bad things YOU LIVE LONGER? Like it makes NO sense! Are you telling kids that when you do bad stuff you live longer?! And when you do good things you die faster?! How the actual detention terror shock?! This game makes no sense!

- Great game but please make the ads less

I think the game is amazing and I like how your actions can affect the results. The one thing I don’t like about the game is the ads. It’s like after 2 decisions I have to watch the same ads over and over again. That’s boring and annoying. If I like the game, I would have already downloaded it. Also, it can be annoying to play the game because I feel like I am spending more time on the ads than the game. I get really nervous after I made a decision because I’m afraid there might be another ad. If you can make the ads less, then the game would be really popular and you can even add purchasing items too. For example, you can have the user pay money to get more keys. Other than that, the game is amazing and if you can just make the ads less, it will be super. I hope you can consider my suggestions and I really recommend the game to everyone. ( just make the ads less please, it would mean a lot to us)

- I like it but...

First of all what kind of game is this there are people and the people are walking isn’t you finger tired of just holding the screen and so many ads well I’m not because I didn’t have ads you know why because everytime I told me to grow or something I would push buy but what happened a scam happened you can’t push the button you can’t grow this game is so stupid I repeat THIS GAME IS SO STUPID. I don’t know how or why people make and play and download sich stupid game just like this oh and creator of you see this it’s true and you really should not make another game like this EVER! Oh before I forget it says the game is free but if you scroll down it say in app purchase and if it says yes then it’s not free😂 how stupid are these people. These are my emotions in emoji’s. 😡😂🙄😒🤬😤 You guessed it mad and I’m laughing because the creator is SSSOOOOOO stupid ugh 😩 ok well thx for wasting my time and by that i mean it took 30 minutes to download and I have good service and internet so...

- To Heaven

Lame game. I started playing the game on first man really interesting but everytime I wanted to do something answer a quiz, collect coins (don’t really know what for as of yet) get a huge advantage in steps, again not knowing what the money is far every ad is getting me further but pay attention to something else for 30 secondary’s. Man makes it to heaven which is completely destroyed by demons. I don’t have enough money to fix it all so I choose billionaire next time up stopping at everything to get money. Finally second time up fix everything, but now it says more rooms to come. So I figure play ahead knowing I already fixed heaven so spend easy for virtue honesty, wisdom and kindness. Now I can’t spend anything due to I am supposed to fix heaven but there’s nothing as of yet but to fix because the DEVELOPERS have only made 3 rooms. So pretty much it’s one long COMMERCIAL for stuff I could care less about and after 3rd turn you ability to do anything is gone. Useless game

- Downloaded it just so I could write this

This game is so ridiculously stupid, I didn’t even have to play the game to know that this is just ridiculous, the ads are moronic, the subjects are NOT for 12 year olds. First of all the ad, what I saw, was a slightly old man playing as a woman.. kinda weird, and he was like “dUr aLriGhT sO lEtS sEe hErEeEEeE” and he played through some of the questions, the commentary was hilarious and not in a good way, one of the questions was like “your teenage daughter got pregnant what do you do?” And the answers were “Find the father” or “kick her out” not questions for 12 year olds.. and this moron right as he was about to get to the top, he failed because he chose not to wear a mask in public which um you shouldn’t be putting questions that involve the pandemic, its ridiculous I’m not saying that I agree with what he chose, its controversial and shouldn’t be in this game. So yeah thanks for listening to my rant if you did. Don’t download this.. if I could give it zero stars, I would.

- It’s a ok game

Hey there. So I just wanted to try out this game because it seemed like one of those “choose your life decisions” kinda games. I do agree it is like this but when I get a chance go choose something and it wasn’t the right answer I get thrown back so far back. It nearly took me 50 minutes to get to “heaven”. Also the thing I really want to point out is that when I came across keys, dogs, and free coins, I tapped it and I had a watch a ad but for some reason I couldn’t even watch the video to get the stuff. I don’t know if it was a glitch or something but i just found it really annoying. Then when I actually got to “heaven” I didn’t even have enough coins to decorate it. I honestly think this game is great but it’s just the ads thing. Also every good decision I make I got a ad. So I think you have to have a lot of commitment and patience for this game. Anyways it’s a cool game, it just takes awhile to reach the goal.

- Terrible

I don’t even know if I spelled that correctly. All I know is that I paid $2.99 to remove ads because I am in the Navy and I don’t have the option to have internet on deployment. So, it just made sense to me to pay that now so that I could fully enjoy this game. So, the ads are still there and I don’t have the option to get any of the cool stuff without the ads that I shouldn’t even have to begin with because I paid to remove them. Sorry about how repetitive that was, but you get the point. I already read the other reviews that are upset about the religion and the racism and the biases. So, I won’t bore you with that. I’ll just say that I don’t play a game expecting to be please by its level of religion, accuracy, sexuality or w/e. It is slightly annoying not having the option to choose my complexion but not as annoying as the ads. That should tell you something.

- Again with the ads

The game itself was pretty interesting... but it lacks originality for every player. There’s no actual good/bad ending it seems. You basically pick an option, and it says good choice! +10 kindness or when you pick a choice that makes sense it says bad choice! -5 honesty. In the end when you reach “heaven” you can only spend the money you make by watching ads and start all over again. Pretty repetitive. And the amount of kindness wisdom and honesty you accumulate is only for coins which you could use to decorate heaven. Doesn’t have any other use. But don’t even get me started with the ads! Playing only one life makes you watch over 30 ads. I get that this game is trying to make money, but in the end most players are only going to end up deleting the game. It’s that frustrating.

- I like it but the ads are so annoying.

The app is fun and I like it. It’s just the ads that annoy me so much. I get it you guys want to make money but like I get a ad every 10 seconds! Can you please just slow it down a little with the ads?!?! They get so annoying and you get the same ads over and over again. Every time I choose an answer an ad pops up. It ruins the fun for everyone. I have some suggestions 1. Stop putting so many ads. 2. If you want to claim something just use some coins to buy it you do not have to put an ad every time. 3. To get coins you just watch 1 ad. People will like the app better if there isn’t so many ads every 10 seconds just to claim something or just because they tapped an answer.

- Terrible!

I hated it. First things first, I’m an atheist. I got this app as a way to pass time but I’m shocked by how horrible it was. It’s either you live in a blank world and never do anything even close to fun or you aren’t going to heaven. When my character was a teenager I chose to share a drink at a party with a friend of hers instead of not drinking. I wasn’t even choosing the worst answer and it sent me down a bunch of steps! Everybody goes to parties and has a drink. It’s shoving this false aspect of religion down the throats of its players. Don’t even get me started on the lack of individuality! You can only be a male or female, and you guessed it, they’re both white! You can’t choose a different sexuality, race, gender, or any other inclusive types of people. This game is basically that old lady in church that says you’re going to h-e-double hockey sticks if you go trick or treating for Halloween..

- Poorly Designed Ad Farm

After seeing this game advertised heavily on other apps, I decided to download it and play through while installing a software update on my computer. Literally every question was met followed up with an ad upon choosing a decision. The storyline was terrible, and gave no meaningful insight into life. I was able to complete the game in about 30 minutes because there are bubbles that pop up which advance you 50 steps for watching YET ANOTHER AD! Some of the questions had four choices with a duplicate answer. Example: “What is your best feature? a.) Eyes b.) Voice c.) Arms & Legs or d.) Voice If the goal is to completely waste people’s time and annoy people with 30 second, un-skippable repetitive ads every minute, then you’ve succeeded. If that wasn’t the goal, please go back to the drawing boards with this one.

- This app...

This app has the right idea for entertainment and fun... although it is not fun. Maybe to me it would be a bit more fun if they weren’t ads every single thing that popped up. Because of that it lessens my phone because I get 30 second ads that I cannot skip. Some things that I do it weren’t bad and more angelic but I still got sent down the stairs. Once you run out of one of the key things apparently you die??? I ran out of wisdom and it said I either get more with an ad or I die.... that logic just doesn’t make any sense. some questions pop up that little tiny children under the age of 14 would not understand. because of the ads and things that I said I only give us a two star rating... how does this ad have an average of four? Please improve.

- BitLife but make it less interesting

It’s buzzfeed meets bitlife, made by a person who heard about heaven through video games or something I wasn’t looking for a religious game or anything but this does give off the impression that you can just easily get into heaven, with random life choices that have nothing to do with going to heaven. Also if you come across satan you HAVE to watch a video I tried the falling down some steps and coming back and he still didn’t leave so I don’t really get the option I feel like you could have just put something like “you find a wallet with 1000$ do you turn it in or keep it” and you could slap an ad on the turn it in one but instead it’s just satan telling you he’s going to push you down or something.

- Issue that needs to be fixed

I’m new to this game so can’t say too much about it yet, but there’s a glitch of some sort. Whenever it asks me if I want a dog,more coins, a key,etc. I’ve hit yes (knowing I had to watch an ad, which I was fine with) every time. It doesn’t let me claim the reward or watch the ad. I’ve tried hitting the button several times but it just doesn’t work so I am focused to decline the reward. Also you should be able to change your skin color, it’s giving the message of “only white people get the opportunity to go heaven” or “white people are the generic race” which isn’t ok. [Note: I’m saying this from the point of view as a white person]. Otherwise it’s just another app to pass the time, it’s a fun concept and it has potential.

- This game is awesome!

Ok well I really want to get back to the game so I’m only writing a small review but it is super fun game it goes through every stage of life and you can choose what you do in certain situations and if you the better choice you go up the stairs but if you do the bad choice you fall down some steps and once you get to the oldest stage you get to heaven you can decorate it with money you get on the way and once you go through all your money you start a new life so you can finish that one and decorate more in your heaven room. Ok so I really want to get back to playing byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

- Poorly made and executed

This kind of game has potential but the way it was executed was terrible. You can tell it’s a lazy attempt at an app which is fitting considering it’s really a method of grabbing as much ad revenue for as little effort as possible. You can’t go 15 seconds without watching a 30 second ad, the gameplay was subpar and uninteresting after a while. I don’t mind bad graphics when there is a lot of creativity and work put into the storyline or gameplay itself, but this has absolutely nothing going for it. I don’t usually write reviews but this app just disgusted me enough with its blatant and obnoxious ad cash grab combined with lack of effort and quality gameplay to write one. Don’t waste your time, even if it’s the 5 minutes it takes for you to decide this is a piece of hot garbage.

- Ads like no other obvious cash grab

I’ll be honest most games now have ads after ads but this game takes to to far you start at 700ish steps and there’s decisions every six to ten steps after every decision there’s a thirty second ad of course you can skip a lot sooner but it took me out of the game so fast even the answers that weren’t as popular in the ratings were still right so the game was very easy to beat I’ve not finished my first hundred steps and I watched a total of ten to twelve ads I lost count after a little while I don’t recommend you play you’ll see why if you do it anyways very disappointed in the way the developers handled the game a obvious cash grab and I don’t care if they respond it’s very obvious that’s what it is zero out of ten nothing is changing my mind

- Too many ads

Now everyone who has ever played a mobile game that was free or cost less then 6.99 knows ads are unavoidable. Often times like in puzzle games they are used at the end of a level or to get more coins or hints. Here there is an ad after almost every single thing you do in the game. Some parts of this even force you to watch ads or be set back. All of this frustration only to find out when you actually get all the way up the stairs the choices and morality system never mattered. Only the coins you suffered through the ads for did and you only have 6 decorations to choose from that are so overpriced it’s like they expect you to watch more ads. Deleting this app I want 30 minutes of my life back. This game is a highway to hell not a stairway to heaven.

- Shallower than me

Ads, ads, ads; ads, Ads, aDs, adS, ad’s, and ads! Wholly crap the amount of ads in this game is only rivaled by those apps that “pay you to play.” The “gameplay” (if one could call it that) is tapping the screen about 700 times, watching the same walk animation on a loop (as in the right foot steps first every time) and occasionally making a decision who’s final outcome doesn’t coincide with the points gained or loss. And I’m pretty sure the amount of votes the would you rather and others have are artificially inflated. This game was a waste of my time, my phones memory, your time, and frankly the developers time. Also did I forget to mention their are a sickeningly high amount of ads? I think what can go a long way to help the game is to ton- PLEASE WATCH THIS AD TO CONTINUE THE REVIEW

- Disrespectful to religion

Honestly I think it’s disrespectful to the Lord you don’t need an app to tell you if you are going to heaven or not and I downloaded it to see if it had any disrespectful and false questions some of the option are not even good it will give you and question but no good option 😐??? I honestly don’t think you should get the app because that’s not how getting to heaven even works you have to be baptized unto the Lord and hear and believe and also this you have to tap allot which is allot of unnecessary work and just because you do one small mistake does not mean you are gonna go to hell right away God will forgive it’s a disrespectful app and an insult and blasphemy to the Lord honestly should not had made this game in the first place the creator should know better

- I like the object of the game

But I agree with someone I’ve read on your page about the criticism you should have more freedom it should be like a real life like they choose what is right and wrong in whatever decision they she’ll make leaves until the path that they will leave when they go to heaven or hell on this game is so did you put the wrong answer you go straight from the beginning and when you pick the one they want to pick that’s when you go straight upstairs to heaven and every time you pick a wrong answer you just have to start right from the beginning again it’s not right they should be more freedom with choice there should be more results to your choices it should be like well life everything has a choice everything has a cost

- Would not recommend

Well let’s just get started, I loved the adds that a saw for this game. It looked fun and interesting, but boy was I disappointed. First of there are WAY too many adds. The only was you can unlock new things is by watching adds. So I was supper annoyed by that but that’s not even the worst part. I than proceeded to buy the no adds which was not too expensive. So I got the no adds and than it would not let me do anything. Like I said earlier you needed adds to unlock new things so instead of it just giving me all the advantages for free it would not let me move on at all! So basically I am back to where I started accept even if I wanted to watch an add to do something, it does not let me. So overall I would not recommend this game.


Firstly, where in the Bible does it say u have to make “worldly” good choices to go to heaven. Secondly this couldnt be any more offensive when it comes to disrespecting the God some of us worship. And why is there no diversity??? Where are the asians, black, latin, hispanic???? Where are they? God doesnt take a certain color or race. Not to mention in the bible David kills a plenty and makes it to heaven??? God is mighty and fierce he would never tell us to sit there and be beat. Im pretty sure God gave us common sense as to defending ourselves. Get ur logic right dude. Hes takin our souls up not our flesh. Ugh and the homophobia i read about in reviews that they said was displayed in game?? Seriously?? Its 2020 and God NEVER says in the Bible to throw your child away for a sexuality. Horrible. I didnt even make it 5 minutes into the game and i mean that LITERALLY.

- Ads ads ads... and more ads

I liked this game for about the first two minutes after that I spent more time waiting through ads then I did actually playing. It’s asks you a question... then there is an ad... go up the stairs... oh! Look a key, you want that key you have to watch an ad (this is assuming of course that the button to claim said key actually works. So far 4 out of 6 haven’t worked for me)... go up a few stairs... another question... then an ad... go up a few more... question... ad... go up a few more... meet a dog! You want this dog as a pet? Watch this ad.. You get the idea. I spent more time watching ads then I did actually moving up stairs and playing the game. If you enjoy watching ads then this is your game!!

- Absolutely TERRIBLE

I kept seeing a bunch of in-game ads of this game, which was expected. But when I actually downloaded the game it was something else. I couldn’t even play the actual game without ads popping up every 10 seconds. To be perfectly honest, it’s not even a game. It’s a huge Ad Farm. I don’t recommend this game to anyone. Here’s a few tips to make the game a bit more enjoyable: 1) Keep the ads to a minimum. 2) Don’t give bad advice. What if somebody actually used that type of advice? 3) Don’t make the player go back steps when they make a wrong decision. Your only teaching kids that if they do wrong they’ll thrive in life. These are just my tips and opinions of what will make the game better and enjoyable Sincerely, Unhappy Player

- Good but....

This game is really fun, but there are WAAAAAY to many adds. Also, this game needs more, well, this is hard to explain. I lost interest playing the game 4 minutes in. How do I say this, this game needs to be more interesting. My little cousin plays this game ALL the time. Even a 3 year old can complain and say that this game isn’t full after 12 minutes. Not even joking, he said he hated this game. This used to be his favorite game of all time. That’s why I downloaded this app to see what all the fuss was about. I will say: nice effort. I was so sad when my cousin said he is bored of this game. :( Anyways, I hope you put this into consideration.

- Pretty much an advertisement streaming service

If you love having to watch full-length ads every 30 seconds, this will be your favorite game you’ve ever discovered. Seriously, I get that free games survive off of advertisements, but this is borderline criminal. There was a point into my FIRST play of the game where I got begged to watch an ad 5 times in the span of 45 seconds. You literally get penalized if you don’t watch an ad. For instance, the devil stops you at one point and tells you to go 30 steps back, unless you watch an ad. No other option, just an ad or go back 30 steps. That’s not how you put advertisements in your game. This feels more like a money laundering scheme than an actual iOS game. Stay away from this one.

- Glitch

I really liked the game at first but then I started noticing things like for example there is a glitch where if you want to watch a ad for rewards it will not let you. At first I didn’t really mind it but then I did. Also some of the questions the game ask is things that most people will not know. I understand that they don’t want to make it easy but one of the questions I think was about who was a lion tamer before they were a celebrity. I mean that was just...... and another thing when you are walking up the stairs the devil will knock you down unless you watch a ad but you can’t click it. Other then that annoying glitch the game is pretty fun.

- ads are out of control

this is insane. ads every 12 seconds (I timed it), and every option offers ads as well to progress, you have to watch ads to escape any bad situation, ads to get coins, you can do everything right in this game and still get to heaven with no coins and no progress because- fun fact! The game forces you to watch ads every 12 seconds but the actual buttons to WILLINGLY watch ads to get any kind of reward *don’t even work*. This isn’t a game, it’s just a clear cash grab for the “”developers””. The premise of this “game” is hilarious with that in mind though, considering the developers themselves are so obviously greedy and immoral -_- don’t even bother with this thing, tbh. It’s a complete waste of your time.

- It was funish.

I played this game for 15 minutes and I’ve already had enough of it. I saw the ads and it looked fun, and to my surprise it was exactly like the ads. When I first started to play the game it worked fine, but then I started to play it more and it started to not let me collect things even though I clicked yes. It also played the ad when I clicked ‘no thanks’ and even then I got absolutely nothing. After every other question, there were ads. It was quite annoying. I deleted the app, so I don’t have much more to say. It’s fun and all so if you’re okay with a ton of ads and not being able to collect things, I would suggest downloading it.

- Do you like garbage?

I thought this might be a cute little game about making choices and seeing by the end if you’ve lived a “good life”. Haha, no. You hold a button to walk up some stairs, and no matter what you do, you’ll make your way up. There aren’t real consequences, you just extend the time it’ll take you to get to the top. It’s very offensive religiously, unless I’ve learned wrong and the Devil can send you 12% of the way to Earth - not Hell, because the Devil exists, but Hell doesn’t - if you don’t give him money?? Or shout at him?? Honestly, unless you’re straight up looking to waste some time because you don’t wanna study or do the dishes, but also don’t wanna pay attention to your phone, this is still pretty awful.

- Ads galore

Way to many ads! If you want people To play you have to give them time to play. You spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game. When ever the 50 steps comes across the screen it does noting. No matter what I do. It just floats across. Same for the dog. I have to clock no thanks, 500 coin bonus couldn’t get those either had to click I don’t need it. I just started the game and not even 5 mins in to playing I’m writing this review. All I can do is go up steps and answer questions. Not as fun as I thought it was gonna be. I will be deleting. Maybe I’ll redownload another time and change my review will change.

- Too many ads, arbitrary choices.

Way too many adds. But the biggest issue is the choices sometimes make no sense. One situation was like “there is no food in the house except dog food: do you eat dog food, go to the store, or stay hungry”. Like eating dog food is going to send me to hell? Or is it just pointless? And then I got the drivers test and the options were “bribe the examiner, have a friend take it for you, skip the test and drive without a license”. I went up 5 steps for having a friend take the test on my behalf and my honesty went up. It makes no sense. Also, I skipped and ad to not claim something...and for an as anyway and just didn’t give me the item.

- Ridiculous Ads

The game is ight, nothing I haven’t seen being advertised. But the amount of ads are ridiculous and I just got the game. I installed this game to use as something to pass time but every time there’s another ad. Every few steps, ad there ad here. To the creator(s): The game is okay and I know you want to get money but don’t you think this is too much especially for a game like this? You already are advertising the game and you have some of downloads. I’m sure more people will download eventually. Plus you already have commercials for people watch if they wanna get free stuff or whatever in the game so just tone down the ads by a lot.

- Great!

This is an amazing game. I love the way you start as an infant then grow up, but my only concern is that the game is really glitchy. When the WiFi was out, I tired playing the game to see if it worked without the WiFi, which it did, and it was a lot less glitchy for some reason. Maybe the ads slowed the game down to make it glitchy maybe, also, the ads aren’t on when the WiFi is off. But, I really do love your game. It’s really, really fun. I would highly recommend the game if you haven’t played it already.

- Don’t waste your time with this “game”

This is the definition, of an ad farm. You can’t walk ten steps without getting offered, or forced to watch an ad. I played through the whole game on airplane mode first, hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with ads, and have a nice quick playthrough. But there are so many moments where you get stopped and offered an ad to watch, all to get some lame reward. And you can’t instantly deny the ad, you have to wait 3-5 seconds before they let you move on to the next ad. The choices make no sense, and a few only had bad options, which makes absolutely no sense. Don’t waste your time and phone space downloading this app; you’ll thank me later.

- Don’t bother buying Ad Free

After a bit I figured I’d pay the $2.99 so there wouldn’t be so many ads. Wrong. Ads for claiming coins when you go from toddler to teen to adult, etc. Ads to claim the extra bubble coins. Ads to decorate the rooms in Heaven even if you have the coins. Ads to claim the gold keys. Ads to get the answers to the little quizzes. Ads for the extra bubble steps. Ads to not pay the Devil. I want my money back. Will change rating if when you pay for ad free you actually get ad free. Very disappointed. Only part that doesn’t have ads now is when I step in the question steps. Save your money and your time.

- To heaven❤️😉

It’s ok but it’s all just adds and that’s ok but we want to play and if u get stuck with the d3vil u have to watch an ad and to get a coin ad everything’s about ads u earn some thing ad😠I’m tired of it I might delete it ☹️ beacause it’s so anoying . Anyways enough about the ads . The thing that also bothers me is that if u get it wrong u go down it’s good and all but that annoys me 🤔 I think it just wastes our time and it prob never ends .if I sound like a Karen sry .But have fun☺️😔🙏🏻

- Exterminator Needed

At first this was fun......however.....when the option for watching an ad to get either a key, trading in stats for coins, or some other perk the videos won’t load. Even after clicking multiple times and waiting a few minutes and trying again. But each time you reach an activity step, which are pretty close together, you better believe that there’s an ad right after that step is complete. The best part is that I just downloaded the update that said minor adjustments and bug fixes....guess you missed a few bugs.

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- Too many ads but still a fun game

Ok listen I’m a10 year old. There’s ads every second. when i got on the game there’s an ad I don’t know why there’s so many ads I don’t think there should be that many it surely makes the game boring 😕but I like the choose that and stuff it’s like a preparation for if it actually happens now that is a cool thing about the game though. Umm did Christians make this game probably not. Btw you don’t need to go on stairs to heaven you gotta believe Jesus if you want to go to heaven but you cannot go to heaven first everyone has a mission here on earth. Anyway the games really fun. I’m glad you made it Thankyou

- I recommend getting it unless u get really angry with adds

This game is very fun and all but there’s just to many adds unless there’s a reason with all the adds I don’t think there should be that much adds added it makes it a little boring with all the adds but I do like all the would you rather stuff it makes me think in what I would do if I had to do it I’m glad that you made the game not end with heaven you made so much characters that still don’t end cause you can restart that character story at the end I’m glad that we can decorate heaven


I recently downloaded this game, but whenever I try to play it, it crashes, so I haven’t even been able to start! I’m sure it would be a good game... If I could actually play it! Please try to fix this, or I will just delete it, as there is no point in having a game you can’t play. So can you please actually fix it!!!!!!!!? I read the other reviews, and many also complained about this problem. SO PLEASE ACTUALLY LISTEN!!!!!!!! Your game would have a much better rating if you read the reviews! Okay, I am editing this now. The game has stopped crashing, but it is soooooooo boring! You only get to make about three decisions, then it’s just endless steps! Please add more stuff!

- good something

So look I’m a 8 year old and I don’t know if I’m aloud to play this game I probably am but you could add your age, name and maybe even make your own avatar but that’s my opinion if you do agree with me well anyway this hame is awesome 👏 round of a paluse well done! I am happy that this game is real 😁😁 so I give you lots of support to make this game viral and I did change my life it maybe even change your life from naughty not the best to amazing bye!!!

- Stop with the ads 🙂

Warning for those who wanna play it: UNLESS YOU ARE **PATIENT** THERE ARE LOTS OF ADS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE OF THIS. To get coins you need to watch ads. To not move down like 30 steps you need to watch ads. You get an ad after almost every decision. To get keys for characters you need to watch ads. To even get your stats up you need to watch ads sometimes. I’m sure this game is enjoyable for a lot of people. But those people must have a hell of a lot of patience. If you want people to keep running your ads, to give you money and to keep your games coming. At least tone down the ads a lot or make it so that you can buy something to turn ads off. I’ve never seen a game with so many ads.


I’m not sad, I am a bit frustrated. There is a ad every single time, and did you know that every time you get a good choice and press continue, a ad pops up, and very long ads! So I say, you not get premium (sorry if there is no premium, I mean no ads) there can maybe be a ad probably about after every age (long time), or the least I can take is every ten choice you make right! So thanks and please reply if so, thanks a lot and bless you! 😊The reason why it’s 2 stars is because it is too frustrating! Thanks and please answer for your app Developers, thanks!

- :/

Ads... Ads, ads, ads. When it showed “you found a stray dog” and if I wanted to take it I had to watch a video right? Well I tried pressing on that button it just didn’t work, I pressed it and pressed it and nothing happened and that’s the same with the other things “if you want ____” you have to watch a ad but sometimes I do want it and I try pressing on it and nothing happens. I also think you should be able to edit your character. Please fix these!!

- It’s okay

You will find a lot of ads unless you turn off mobile data and wifi 😉 and then you don’t get any ads, you do miss out on a few chances to get more coins ect but overall it’s not a bad game, it does take a bit of time but once you make it to the end and start the tasks it becomes enjoyable

- adds

This game has so many adds that it is not worth playing every single time something happens other than moving up a step there is an add straight away afterwards. The only way to earn money or keys in the game is to watch adds which is stupid. It is pointless saying that you get to design heaven when all you get to do is press the button to spend your money not actually choosing anything. Also half the time when it says press to claim (you have to watch another add to claim anything) the button doesn’t even work and you loose the reward anyways.

- Too many ads

Playing it with my friends kids, they gave it a good go but there’s an ad after almost every decision you have to make. Not just to get coins or other bonuses (which I would understand and so would they) .. but after short decisions that move you up or down the stairs? .. they lot interest quickly and I don’t blame them. It’s a good game if there wasn’t so many ads. (I understand how games have to have ads, but not that excessively..) Sorry

- Pretty good but could use some changes

I do Really love the gamw though there are a few small problems. one there are quite a lot of adds and pauses in the game Overall those problems can be fixes and the game is pritty delightful I am impressed☻︎

- Can’t actually get into the game!

This looks like it might be an excellent game. I like the questions both about personality and knowledge, and the what would do ones can make you think a bit, but there is an add about once a minute! Way, way too many. You don’t get enough time to get into the game and become involved. Until such time as I can either remove the adds, or the makers realise that no one will play this game with the amount of adds in it that this has, I’m sad to say I’m going to give it a big miss!

- I recommend you getting this amazing app

It is so fun to play it I nearly play it every day and you can pick what you want your person to do in life and it might be good for your self try it now and see what happens

- Ads are so annoying

In this game you basically have to watch ads for bad stuff not to happen. You miss out on stuff. You step on these steps which make you lose loads of progress or you watch a 45 second ad. You cant even turn off wifi to not watch ads its so annoying. Overall this game is pretty bad unless you like ads cuz in playing 10 minutes i wasted half of that watching ads. This game is just bad.

- Very buggy and reinforces bad stereotypes

This game is really buggy with buttons, animations and ads not working very well (it’s not very fun when an ad starts blasting at full volume on your silent phone). Besides the bad user experience, this game reinforces quite a few bad stereotypes such as giving you negative points if you’re playing as a boy and cry or as a girl when you turn down a marriage and lose points. The game is a really good concept, but it’s unfortunately poorly executed.

- Terrible

I hate this game. It is buggy and has an ad every two steps. There are many many terrible stereotypes such as kissing someone will make you unkind or that fighting an abuser is wrong. Do not download this game as it is frustrating and not fun at all. If i could give this game a 0 I would. I downloaded this off of an ad because everyone said it was terrible so I wanted to see what all that was about. Now i see that those people were right.

- Too many ads

I have uninstalled it because i fed up with the ads. The game is quite fun. Not the best. Just okay. The ads is too much. Spoil my mood to keep going. There goes 1 star for you. Why 1 star? Because i saw here people complains about the ads too. Like since long times ago. But they seems dont care with the review at all? Company who doesnt care of reviews doesnt reserve any recommendation AT ALL. If there’s zero star i would not hesitate to give them zero.

- Ads and “lag”

As soon as I installed this app my phone started lagging so bad that I could barely open anything. Also the ads were at every step and sometimes I wouldn’t get the “reward” for watching the ad and would try again and either it wouldn’t work (no ad played) or it would lag the phone out again. Btw as soon as I uninstalled it the lag was gone.

- It’s ok...

This game you made is pretty cool but there is one issue for me maybe not for other people but.. THERE ARE TO MANY ADDS! That is the main problem with every game I play and I know why you creators put it the adds there it because you add something to buy no adds. It’s pretty annoying that their are so many adds, it makes me want to not play these games anymore and delete them .

- too many ads!

1) TOO MANY ADS!! this app in general is pretty good besides all the ads! Even when I turn my data and wifi off I miss out on all the good stuff! The ads need to cut back and until that happens I’m deleting the game! 2) GLITCHY + LAGGY sometimes the character lags and i have to leave the app and go back in, fix this please! 3) GETS BORING you need to add more questions and better gear because after maybe 10 minutes I get bored ... and I don’t have ADHD Surely at least add that pets can die or that you can have a relationship (not a real person, a game character) and maybe name your kids Thank you for reading, this is just my opinion btw! xxxx FIX THESE PLEASE

- Can’t watch ads when it matters

1. Too many ads 2. Still end up watching an ad even if you dont want the reward 3. Certain options don’t work, such as the floating ‘step’ bubbles, apparently only works once. Also the ‘would you rathers’ after completing it to get the reward you are required to watch an ad but it doesn’t let you. Maybe because you’ll get to heaven to quickly

- Good time killer, but...

It’s still a bit buggy. Optional ads to earn extra goodies stop working after a short time, but you’re not informed of this until an ad doesn’t play, so you’re forced to miss out on the bonus unless you close and restart the app every few minutes.

- To heaven

Even though there is lots of steps to get to heaven once you get to the top and start decorating heaven and you don’t have enough money you can go back down to earth and earn more!

- To many ad’s

This game at the start was fun but then all these ads start popping up and it is frustrating as you just want to play the game if there was no ads I would be playing this often but the ads just wreck the game for me and you so creators of this game please cut the ads to a low amount of take them all away it would be helpful.

- Its nice but...

1.I’ve played this and i’ve been pretty happy with the game but not with the ads. There are way to many ads, as soon as i finish one of the activities an ad pops up. 2. I’ve already finished 2 lives ( normal and celebrity ) but i dont want to watch ads to get more keys. I want to restart the lives. Please add this into the game if you can! 3. When decorating heaven i buy stuff, the next purchase ads Yep please fix that if you can and i’ll change the review Thanks!

- Please fix problem

This game is fun except the adds are a real pain after every single choice you make an ad pops up if they could change it and make it one ad every four choices it would be better but the game is a bit of a time waister

- Wouldn’t purchase

I mean... this game is okay but it is just annoying how many ads there are. Also some of the options for the levels didn’t even seem that bad to me but when I chose to “return the dress and get a refund” it sent me down four steps. I don’t looove this game and quite frankly... it frustrates me so much sooo yep

- Please read this!!

This is a cool game and I like the idea, but of course there is a problem: I can’t receive any bonuses or gifts or even a dog, because when I click the ‘claim’ button, it doesn’t do anything. I’m happy to watch an ad for gifts, but it won’t give me the ad OR bonus. Pls fix this ASAP! 🙏🙏🙏

- Eh..

It’s an alright game, fun in concept. But ads kept popping up all the time and I couldn’t claim coins or keys, the buttons to claim them wouldn’t work and then I’d have to lose it. Or when I step on the ‘He’ll’ step, I’d have to fall back down instead of continue. All in all, needs some improvement.

- So annoying

This app puts on so many ads and I can’t even press some buttons in the game. Every time you make a decision the screen goes black and then an ad plays. The app is so annoying and it glitches a lot, once I was nearly at heaven and it sent me back to the start and I had been turned back to a baby! I can’t press the buttons like claim or when I get a gift from heaven.

- Eh

This game is fine. But in one of the choices it’s your first love. You get kissed, but all of the options are bad options! So you cannot get past that level. The game is also laggy, It doesn’t work as well as you’d think. This game needs improvement, but other than that love it!

- Don’t get it.

You will literally spend 2/3 of your time on this app watching ads. They play every 5-10 seconds. No, I’m not joking. Oh and there will be points where you either have to watch an ad, or LOSE progress in the actual game. Could have been a great game, but ruined with absolutely spineless money grubbing. Keep your garbage off the App Store if you’re just going to fill it with ads.

- Alright

It´s a fun game but some of the things are dumb. Like if my brother was physically abusing his wife then I would beat him up. Not console him because thats a horrible thing to do. Not fully beat him up but like a slap and punch. This game is good for wasting time though.

- Too Many Ads

This game is alright, but not worth downloading because of the ads. After each 6-7 steps, which is pretty much every 20 seconds, a 2minute ad will come on, and it is often the same one on repeat. Do not get this game, as it is not as fun as it looks, and the quality of questions on each step is not worth sitting through the ads.

- Game belongs in Hell

It's a free game, so I expect it to be filled with ads but this game is ridiculous! Every 10 seconds there is an ad, and there are literal roadblocks they stop your progress unless you watch the ad. The question are somewhat interesting, but some are just designed to give you a bad outcome no matter what you pick (so you get sent back and have to watch more ads).

- Way too many ads

Has the potential to be rather interesting but its chock full of ads, more so than other games. It’s actually quite ridiculous and frustrating. Of course you can pay $5 to remove them but what’s the point, still have to watch ads for certain rewards I’m guessing. Less ads. I won’t keep playing.

- Needs more improvements

I like the game a lot, I just want so much new things like what you want to do in college and choose your job, stuff like that:)

- Not happy

When I see something that involes watching video like a the stray dog it won’t let me do it even when I press on it let me watch the video and get the stray dog and other stuff but other then that it’s boring your just walking so slow and stop most of the time for boring stuff

- Whatever u take, doesn’t work

This game is fine at first but when I played it, I chose a responsible answer for it but it says it’s a bad choice, I fell down stairs and had to repeat the question, I repeated it 3 times and chose different answers, yet they were all wrong. There was no right answer.

- gets pointless after a while

The questions are repetitive and my ethnicity or general appearance never changes. And what’s with personality quizzes? I don’t care about those. There is also way too many ads.

- Read this creators!!!

I can’t even play this game, I recently downloaded it since a friend of mine recommended this game but whenever I get in the game crashes. PLEASE FIX THIS! I was excited to play it but unfortunately, I can’t. I’m sure it would have been a fantastic game, only if I can play it!!!

- .

It’s a fun game, really. But the amount of ads is just ridiculous, I know that you need money but can’t you just lower the amount of ads just a little?!

- Good ads bad game

My son downloaded the game and was so excited to play it. But whenever it came to the character select just after loading the game it would kick him out. He tried this 15 times and it kept happening. The ads for this game make it look good and this is why I let him play it but he just couldn’t.

- Way to many ads

Seems fun, but with the amount of ads it’s just not worth it. Wouldn’t recommend at all unless you want to be watching a video every 30 seconds.... then you pay to remove them... for $5 which is just a waste... played for 10 mins the deleted the app

- Stairway to heaven is amazing

I really like stairway to heaven I bet the creators worked really hard on this game for everyone to enjoy I say keep up the good work

- Ok game

This is an okay good game, but I think that it has too many ads, and it lags a lot. Way too many ads! Unless you’re patient, you wouldn’t mind seeing so many ads. The only thing I should say is WHY ADS?!

- Good but there are bugs and ads

I don’t know if it is just me but when I try watch ads to collect my coins or something it doesn’t work Also loads of ads

- Adds

I have started to play this game but I have realised that their are to many adds. Every time I get an answer an add started to play. I mean this game is so fun but the adds are so annoying. That is all I have to say, great game👍🏼

- Ads

There is literally an ad after every single choice you make and it glitches a lot for me. So developers if your reading this please make less ads pop up because it’s annoying

- One word...Boring!

Boring with a capital B! It’s slow, the sounds are a bit weird, the answers to the questions are sometimes irrelevant. And then there’s the pop up ads mid question... what is that? Pick your promo times, seriously! Uninstalled by the time the character finished infancy. Sorry guys, not a fan at all. 👎

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- Like it but..

It won’t let me get sad doggy :(

- Why is there a game in this app

All I wanted was an ad viewing app but this app showcases some short games between ads

- Not bad toMany ads

Not a bad game but so many ads it’s extremely irritating. Takes forever to finish a game

- Just bad

This is so unoriginal, SO many adds, there are never any adds while your playing but there are 700 STEPS, and your character is so slow.. you’d basically have to watch a bunch of adds to go further unless you wanna spend your day climbing.. this game is way to long too.

- It’s ok

There’s so many ads and it’s annoying but it’s fun to play

- Waste of time

Ultimately this game is a waste of time, and anyone who other wise are the developers. All the game is, is a walking simulator where you just press and hold and answer questions. The questions aren’t terrible, thought the “correct” answers to them aren’t the greatest as it almost seems as if they’re trying to pass some sort of Christian agenda, which kinda does make sense on the basis of the game and it’s title however it may not make sense if your beliefs and world view are different. There are way to many ads. The amount of ads in the game are almost unending, because after every action you take there will definitely be an ad full guarantee. In some situations you will even be punished if you don’t watch a ad by the devil, and the punishment may be falling 30 steps to straight up death just to make you play longer.

- This game is one giant ad.

Sooo many ads, All characters are white, (you should put some variety in your game) Did I mention TOO MANY ADS? After doing ONE question I got an ad.... EVERY SINGLE TIME I had seen more ads then the actual game at that point.

- Adds

Adds every FIVE SECONDS! good game overall but no time to play.

- Waste of time

This game is the worst!😡 it is a good idea but u can’t even pic a person to be before it crashes. I tried everything! Fix it or no one will have it downloaded for more than 3 minutes!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

- Garbage Game

Don’t buy this game, it’s not fun, you have to watch an ad to be able to do almost anything. This is a scam of a game. All this is here for us to make these company money off of ads. No real content. Do Not download or these companies will continue to make garbage, mind numbing games. The App Store is getting bombarded by trash like this

- I’d rather take the stairway to Hell.

This might be not only the worst, but the greediest mobile game I have EVER played. The “gameplay” consists of you holding down on the screen and watching some of the ugliest character models to ever exist climb a flight of stairs. To really spice it up, they ask you to make decisions that not only barely impact anything whatsoever, but also contradict themselves. For instance, you’ll make a choice, and the game will give you “+10 Wisdom” before knocking you down the stairs, systematically reversing your progress. I played through it once, and the sheer amount of times this happened was both confusing and infuriating. They will also give you some of the easiest trivia ever, such as “what is 7x5.” Not only do these waste more of your time, but they also don’t do anything... it’s not the least bit satisfying. To boil it down, it’s like a bootlegged BitLife, with slow, painfully boring and aggravating gameplay. But there’s more. The ads. Oh my god, the ads. They bombard you with the “opportunity” to watch one of these probably every 2 seconds. Want to get enough currency to upgrade Heaven? Ads. Want to unlock characters? Ads. Want to not have a 10th of your progress randomly stolen at any given time? Ads. Want to see the results of the stupid personality quizzes they FORCE you to do? Well, watch an ad! I’m used to ads ruining mobile games, but when your core gameplay isn’t the LEAST bit fun? Make a good game, and THEN maybe I’ll watch ads. If you are still reading this for whatever reason, just please, for the love of god... don’t download this. Play BitLife, or literally ANYTHING else. The game isn’t fun. In fact, it’s not even a game. It’s a virtual nightmare, horrible in every way.


bruh you guys are ad thirsty and you die if you lose kindness, it makes no sense. you need to watch an ad for EVERYTHING. if you dont, you die. its basically a trash ripoff version of bitlife, which is way better than this trash. you guys make me sick

- This is just plain offensive

As a Christian I find this game just plain offensive😡 also I didn’t mean to give this game any stars🙄 I hate this

- Too many ads

There is an ad after each question. Would be a fun game if there wasn’t so many ads. They make it almost unplayable. Had to delete.

- Meh😕

The game is fun 🙂but there’s to many adds and there’s like 700 steps and kind of glitchy🙁

- Boring and doesn’t make sense

You make it to heaven only to decorate it like it’s your house? And what’s with the red skinned vacuum cleaner salesman? Or is that supposed to be the devil? Why does he just take my coins or kick me back? There’s no theme or sense to any of this game. So strange

- Terrible 😡😡

This is like every other mobile game I would rather get I different one and the game won't let me in this game is the worst don't waste your time on this game IT SUCKS

- It’s decent but don’t recommend downloading!

This game took me about 15 minutes to complete, I had to turn off my wifi as ads were constantly bombarding me and I couldn’t play. It is a very short and boring game, the statistics are randomized and made up which makes this not genuine overall I don’t recommend anyone playing this, I rate it a 3/10.

- Whyyy

Whyyyy won’t it let me press the watch video for prize button!

- yikes

it can record you. you should uninstall it if you don’t believe that it records u go ahead and try

- Too much adds!!

Way to much adds and you move so slow also what is it with some of these questions you choose the right one that anyone would do it marks it as wrong more to say but have to go

- This is the worst game I have ever downloaded

A commercial every question and you are forced by the devil to watch one or else you die or go down 30 steps.stop the commercials or else no one will download this.also this wastes my battery😡😣☹️ don’t download this

- Could’ve been good

There are WAY too many adds and the gifts don’t work

- Not worth it.

One star. 3.99 to remove ads. And it’s not worth the play with all the ads. Remember someone gets rich while you watch pointless ads

- .......

This game made me delete lots of storage it takes up more storage then tiktok

- Game

It’s good but the game is very glitchy👎

- The game is ok

The game is good but there is to many ads and when I try to press some stuff it doesn’t work



- Annoyed

It’s not bad of a game but there’s an add every 20 seconds it’s so bad! And you have to pay 5 bucks almost just to play a game

- Not bad!

Not a bad game, just wondering when will the next instalment be? I have fun playing this!

- 👹

Fun game but it does NOT need this many ads. Seriously would probably give a higher score if I could actually get through two seconds of the game without an ad popping up.

- Okay, that’s just petty

Ha. Stairway to heaven? More like stairway to way-too-many-ads land. There is LITERALLY an ad between every single choice you make. It’s fun and all, but this can’t go on. I’m deleting this game, sorry. I don’t recommend.

- Whitelivematter

All of charactors are white. Lol

- This is rediculous

Way to many Ads it’s rediculous, every five steps you take theirs literally an ad popping up 🙄 don’t waste your time

- So time taking

It takes so long to get to the top. And u have to watch a ad to get a better avatar

- So many Ads

Ads every question, only did 2 question already mad.

- Too many ads.

Every 30 seconds there’s a 30 second ad. Not worth the download, the ads of it make it seem so much better.

- Fun but far too many ads

I found it fun to play, but the ads were excessive and eventually the optional ads I could get for more coins stopped working.

- Not letting me do stuff

It’s an awesome game and I enjoy it but whenever something pops up it won’t let me get it when I click on it, and my internet is on. Then I get an ad and I’m like 😡

- The amount of ads in the game is outrageous

Played half the game and totally gave up. The amount of ads is insane, basically ask you to close and delete the game...

- Unoriginal game

Pardoning the poor grammar and excessive ads, the choices were pretty poor. If the choices were any better, I would have been slightly more favourable. All of the awful ones were condoning and pardoning sexual assault. Thats messed up.

- ugh

bad game, crashes all the time & has a million ads, plus the devil is an antisemitic caricature. it’s a no from me dog 🙄

- Canceled period

So many adssss!!!!! Plus the game takes so long and it pretty boring, all in all not a good game.

- To many ads

Game is nice.. but ads are too many.

- Bruh

It’s literally just something made to shove ads in your faces.

- impressed

this may ACTUALLY be the worst game i’ve ever played. it really has it all, ads every five seconds, guilt tripping, absolutely garbage gameplay, bad grammar, and awful graphics. almost deserves an award just for how awful it is.

- Ads awful

Too many ads I couldn’t even complete a whole life once before being frustrated with the amount of ads.

- Not bad but to many ads

It’s hard to beat the game without quitting because the amount of ads you get

- This app doesn’t work

This app keeps saying that it is just loading and it will not load there are Major bugs in this game

- Too much Ads

As the title says, just too much ads. Not even 1 min play and there’s already an Ad to see

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- I like it but,

I really like this game. I would also change a few things. I like that you only just have a man or a woman. Maybe add some in app purchases and that way you could maybe cut your ad costs down so you wouldn’t need to play them constantly. Otherwise I really love love this app. I think it would be super fun to use in those smaller teen groups then expand on why those choices were made and make youth groups fun at church. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to leave some feedback! Trac

- Confusing Timeline or Something?

I dunno, so my chracater got married and then a few steps later it says she has a boyfriend now? And then when it said I got divorced it called the significant other a girl. So I apparently have/had a husband, a boyfriend, and a wife at the same time so I was a bit confused about the placement there... And one more thing, there are way too many ads but then again there are games like this that have so many ads. Either way it's still a problem because ads aren't fun. Maybe do less ads or something I dunno. I just feel like complaining about something today. (I don't normally write reviews on apps)

- it was... eh

probably one of the most dumbest games i played. i mean some of the questions were actually interesting but other than that it was just.. really bland. the concept was ok. but when u reach to that devil part i think it isn’t fair... you guys should add like a hard game or something. it wouldn’t let me watch the ad one time and i had to go back thirty steps. also. i think there are way too many ads. i don’t mind them that much but i think it’s a bit much.. even when i got a question or game right i’d get an ad for no reason. it was kinda irritating. when i reached heaven it was so.. bleh. idk. i think it has a lot of potential tho LOL

- It’s okay

I recently came across this game from an ad that I saw while I was playing another game, it’s funny how that works. Anyways, I just started playing it and I found it to be a little confusing at first because I wasn’t exactly sure how to play. But I think I figured it out and so far this game is okay. I’ll come back and update this if I find something that I don’t like/ like about the game once I’ve played this for a little longer.

- It’s okay....

This was a very fun game but it had some critiques, at some of the stages the “devil” would come and say watch a ad? Or lose 300 coins, which I think is very mean. And I also think that this is very offensive and disrespectful towards religious people, overall I would only download it to try it, I don’t think many would like it it I find it interesting because the question part of it is kinda fun but there is way to many ads and some things in it are kinda racist, offensive or mean! I hope this helped anybody who is looking to see how his app is and what ps good and bad! ♥︎

- Good Premise but Just Dumb

I enjoy the premise of this game but it's execution is bad. There will be questions that very obviously have two bad choices and one good choice. If you happen to have one of the more morally ambiguous choices (in which two options are equally good and the last choice is bad) you will get knocked back several steps anyways. I chose to pee in the pool and got knocked back 9 steps. For peeing in the pool, something everyone has done at one point. It's just a predictable, boring, repetitive game, I would not reccomend to anyone unless you are VERY desperate to kill time. (Also the design of literally every asset is ugly but thats more of a minor thing.)

- Terrible

Another one of those games created just to make you watch ads. I put up with them because I wanted to see what happens when you “reach heaven.” The answer is, not much. You use your coins to help rebuild heaven because apparently demons have destroyed it. You’re not going to be able to rebuild all of heaven with one trip up the staircase though. It’s going to take many trips because it costs 200+ coins to rebuild one statue. I deleted the game an hour after I downloaded it and reached heaven the first time because it’s not that fun, and you have to watch an ad every 30 seconds or so (and I’m not exaggerating, download it and try if you don’t believe me).

- ads

no no no no no , there is absolutely no reason i need to watch an ad after EVERYTHING i click. it’s really annoying and it makes me not want to play the game at all. like literally everything has an ad and everyone else is saying after two questions but no it’s after like anything you click, if u don’t watch an ad u can lose money or like u can’t even level up ur life from like a child to an adult without watching an ad. it feels like i’m on 123movies cause it just keeps redirecting me to ads (within the app but still) . plz fix it because i literally can’t play ur game 😌 fanks 😇

- WAY too many ads

I don’t mind the occasional ad when playing a free game, but you can’t even go 30 seconds without having the game pause for an ad. You climb about 5-10 steps, have to make a decision, and then you get an ad. Then repeat. It takes less than 10 seconds to climb those steps so you’re getting ads practically every 10 seconds. It’s okay the first 2, 3, even 4 times, but after that, it’s UNBEARABLE. Like I said, I really don’t mind ads if they’re spaced out, but this just drove me nuts. The worst part is you have to sit through the exact same ads over and over and over... I deleted the app less than an hour after downloading.

- Stairs to tacky advertising

The idea of this game is actually pretty decent but when I’m watching ads for longer then I’m actually playing the game it gets a little ridiculous. I’ve played some money hungry games with lots of ads but this game is by far with out question the most obnoxious when it comes to these ads. Sometimes there will be a choice like accept this prize but watch an ad, that is respectable Bc it’s ur own choice and if you don’t want to watch the ad you don’t have to. I understand that you made this game to make money and I can respect that but if there was about 60% less ads that’s when I would say it’s worth the time

- Wow this is the best game ever

What’s really funny about this game is that you can collect characters and you have to have keys and you can have to answer questions and it’s really really fun and so since it’s quarantine and we have nothing else to do since of corona I’m thinking everyone who is bored in the house they should download To Heaven and it’s super Duper fun and you are going to love it as much as I do and I hope everyone is going to give it a five stars😘😘😘😘

- Horrible!!

Honestly, it’s a good idea but, they did not do it well. First off, it took me a few hours just to get to heaven ONCE!!! Second, soooo many adds!!! Every like other stair there was an add or you have to watch an add to get the nice one. Third of all, there was two good ones and a bad one. But if you didn’t choose the “right” good one you went down the stairs. After I FINALLY got to heaven all I wanted to do is delete it. I only stayed to see what you got.... you get nothing!!!! If I could give it zero stars I would! So over all I DO NOT recommend. I’m not trying to be rude but you really could have tried harder. So you can download it but, you shouldn’t! 😩😖⭐️

- I don’t like this app

I don’t like ‘‘tis app because it is disrespectful in my opinion. I think it’s disrespectful because it does not have a Blake person and because it dose not have that much people to pick from I don’t like it also because it has way to much adds and it’s like “if you rate this high you will get to heaven even better” like how will it get better I don’t get it and because it’s like “wait the devil has got you watch a add or loose 300 coins” like that much. I hope you understand this and why it’s disrespectful.

- Ad farm. Criminally bad.

I counted. In one play through of this, you’ll see over 120 ads. One hundred and twenty. Bare minimum average, skipping all the optional ones. Then you need to watch more to “upgrade” Heaven. Plus the game itself is laughably stupid, the questions are so inane that this is essentially a basic clicking game. I wouldn’t even call this a one-star game, I’d say it’s borderline fraud. It IS fraud if it somehow still has 4 stars. They could not more clearly be paying for good reviews, because no honest human could play this without hating it. I almost want to demand they pay me a portion of the money they earned off me—after 100+ ads it must have been a pretty penny.

- Despise it. Here is why:

First off, Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads. They don’t stop. I turned my wifi off just so i could actually play the game. And the game is just some super easy puzzles that you can easily solve, and a few life choices that you’ve got to choice the right choice. And the right choice is super obvious. On your way besides the kind of boring choices and the easy puzles. You’ll findkeys to unlock new characters (didn’t get any, deleted the game after first life.) And can you guess? To get the keys, you need to watch an AD. Also Satan shows up sometimes and if you don’t watch an add he’ll set you 30 steps backwords, or take a lot of your money. And I let him because I didn’t want this money-hungry corporation getting money. When you finally reach the end of the “game” can you guess what happens? Spoiler: Almost literally nothing. If you got coins you can decorate heaven. Then you can play again and it’s gonna be really repetitive. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

- I LOVE THE GAME. But to many adds

You see, I really REALLY! Love your game developer. But it crashed one day and it reset all of my progress and stats, as if is there a way to fix it? Please tell me! Thanks. And I would like to report an issue, it keeps on resetting my progress, and my keys to unlock any character, then it keeps on lagging and kicks me off then it resets. Do you know what is wrong? Please contact or write to my review back, thanks!

- Too many adds

This game would much more fun if there weren’t so many adds. I feel like 95% of the time your just watching an add. I get the adds for the ones where your clicking the bubbles for extra stuff , but literally every single thing you claim, you have to watch an add and most of the adds are the long ones, and then you also have to watch them after every move or decision you make. Honestly you only play for like 5 seconds before another add appears for 30 seconds . I kept trying to play and ignore it but it’s just too irritating.

- Ads

There’s way to many ads for a phone game. After every other step you get an ad you have to sit through. Then when you get sent back 30+ steps you can avoid it.. if you watch an ad. BUT what really set me off about this game. I did the old trick put your phone in airplane mode to avoid ads you’d think they’d be gone right? Nope the button to watch the ad is still there but you can’t watch the ad since there’s no internet so there’s no way around it. For a game about religion greed and blasphemy is a sin. Big ones at that. This game should be taken off the App Store just because of how trashy it makes the religion look.

- Upsetting things about stairways to heaven

First of all I don’t like the word games. I also of course hate the adds.😢😢And I also don’t like the fact that you only have two choices. And the fact that it is not child proof like one of the questions are if you saw your husband showering with your Neighbor would you:join them or through hot water on him like not appropriate for young kids.

- Not worth the download.

Basically you see ads everywhere making this game out to be super fun right? Wrong. I downloaded it after seeing countless ads and I realized that the game itself is just to promote other apps. Every 15 seconds you have to watch an ad. And it’s the same ads over and over. Then when you finally get to heaven, you have to continue to go back and live lives to get coins. When you finally finish upgrading the third section of heaven- even if you have coins left the other sections aren’t available. This app is a complete waste of time and I think I lost most of my brain cells.

- only downloaded to review 🤷‍♀️

First thing I noticed was how many fake or bought reviews there was for this game!! Also many ads but that can be fixed with airplane mode. Pretty boring and there's nothing really to the game. I played one round and I didn't really enjoy the game, so I'm deleting it. I personally only downloaded the game to review and call out the fake reviews but I ended up playing a round and it's just plain bad. I don't recommend this game unless you're like 5. I also clicked a bunch of bad choices bc I thought it'd be a funny way to play but it really didn't do anything.

- Ads - the game!

The concept of this game is great, and I knew I’d end up liking it, so I paid to have ads removed. But every few steps, it’s giving me ad options like, “if you don’t watch this ad, you lose 30 steps!” and just forcing me to watch an ad every few steps or I’ll lose progress or not get a key or not get a dog or whatever else. Seems really shady, requested a refund because it doesn’t work as expected, I still have to watch a ton of ads. And the personality quizzes are weird and pointless, they don’t do anything for the game other than hinder progress by taking up time. Worst game ever.

- So much wrong

This was terribly biased. The game was used to push a political side and shame others not of the side. “Wear a mask.” If you say no, apparently you’re going to hell. That’s disgusting. It should also be noted that making a game about a religion—any religion—isn’t really acceptable. You can do what you want, go right on ahead, but I won’t pretend to agree with it. I’m not offended, just... off-put. Then there’s the ads. This is open to 12 year olds and those ads weren’t in the least bit clean. I was babysitting the other day and the kid had this game. I don’t feel like typing what I saw on that ad but it was NOT for children.

- Choices

It seems like an odd popularity contest in the choices. You can pick the correct option to increase a virtue, but it is a “Bad Choice” because it is the least favorite so you fall down stairs. Also, sometimes every option seems like the bad choice. Sometimes there is a clear and obvious Good Choice. Yes, the adds are crazy in the amount of them, but it is a completely free game, so I’m not complaining about them.


This is not ok guys and it needs to be TAKEN OFF the App Store immediately! Anyone who’s a Christian reading this understands. This is a disappointment to God and honestly, me. Some people go to heaven and some go to hell, depending what they did on earth. Wether it’s a good thing you did it a bad. I haven’t even played the game, all I had to see was the ad and that was it. I got sad,mad, and confused. This is very offending not just to us, Christians but to GOD. When I saw the ratings, my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe that there was five stars on this game, a true disappointment. By the obvious looks of it, it don’t like this game. I don’t like it at all. #TAKEOFF #NOTOK!

- Great but flawed and sometimes incorrect

Hi game is fine but way to many bugs and ads. But the part that made me want to uninstall the game is one simple thing. The do you know questions are sometimes incorrect, i got a baseball question: “how many players are on a baseball team 8,9, or 12” yes there are 9 positions but there are usually 2-3 people in the dugout in case someone gets hurt. Or because there were too many signed up.

- Forcing its views of good on you

If you want to make a choice that you think is good it will make you go back. Like an actual example from the game was when it said that my kids didn’t take care of me should I put them in my will. And I said yes because they are still my kids. The game said it was wrong and I got minus 5 kindness. I then had to go back 8 steps because it was a bad choice. How is loving your kids enough to overlook their wrong doings and put them in your will considered unkind? This isn’t the only case of stuff like this happening. Especially if your game is based off of getting into heaven.

- So many ads

I love this game, really I do but there are so many ads!!!! I go up the steps make a question and then an ad. Go up the steps question, ad. And the same just repeats and repeats. The ads get really annoying and some of the “x” out buttons don’t even work. Half the time if you don’t watch an ad u go down 30 steps. This game is really good don’t get me wrong, but the same ads ever 2 seconds and doing the same thing over and over AND OVER AGAIN!!!! Love it but to many ads 😬

- Not interesting and kinda weird

I saw ads for it and I downloaded the game just to see and I was bored. If anything, it made me more bored. The storylines make no sense and the questions are boring. And the little “mini games” (the trivia and stuff) is suuuuuper easy (kindergarten level). I didn’t even get far enough to reach heaven because I was not entertained enough. Also, there are waaaayyy too many ads. They’re always popping up, even when I went on airplane mode to try and get rid of them. I didn’t have fun playing but if they fixed all of the above issues I think it’d be a better game!

- Like Ads???

If you like watching up to 30 seconds advertisements — mostly about other games — then this is the app for you! If ads annoy the heck out of you — like they do to me — then pay $2.99 for ad-free play OR just delete the app and get to Heaven through GOD! The latter is what I am doing. Although this would be a fun game if ad-free — and $2.99 is really inexpensive — I will not pay for it since most games are free and ad-free. Deleting this app is something I HAVE TO DO since the first 10 minutes of this game was 50%+ ads which aged me at least a decade!!! Sorry app developers! Hope your game is ad-free someday!

- Stupid but fun!

The game is filled to the brim with ads and bugs but it’s the bugs that seem to make it fun to play. There are times when I manage to clip through the ground and my decapitated head climbs the stairs or times when I achieve speeds that are enough to break the sound barrier as a child. The game needs a few hundred years of work but the bugs make it worth it.

- Very Inaccurate

I get that this is a game and all, but it doesn’t show the true way to get to Heaven. In real life, you can only get to Heaven by realizing that you’ve sinned against a Holy God who cannot tolerate sins and must put all sinners in a burning, literal, eternal hell. Once you've realized that you’re a sinner (we all are), you must look unto Jesus and believe on him; you must believe that Jesus is the Christ and that he came to die on the cross in our place, be buried and rise again the third day. We must believe that there is only forgiveness of sins in what Christ did for us and not in our good deeds. This is the true way:) Believe on Jesus and be saved!

- To many ads

Overall it’s a fun game, but in order to get gifts from heaven, see your scores from tests, and avoid being knocked down steps you have to watch ads. I understand that in order to get money the app developers have to have ads, but you should add a purchase where you can get no ads. It would make the game more fun, and enjoyable. If there is already something like that, or your working on putting in a No Ads purchase then, sorry!

- Too many ads

There are way too many ads, there’s one after every other question to go up the stairs. And some of the questions and answers literally don’t make sense and they should be considered all bad choices. For example: “you have your driving test coming up and you’re nervous, what should you do?” 1. Have your friend go in your place 2. Skip it and drive without a license 3. Bribe the examiner I’d say in real life those would all be bad choices, but according to the game #1 was a good answer and got me up 7 stairs.

- Wayyyy to many ads🤦🏾‍♀️

I like this game and I like the fact that it’s supposed to teach kids not to make bad decisions but... it has so many ads. I keep getting ads every now and then like I’m not even kidding there’s an ad after every few steps you take. Another problem is you can’t even get anything for free, you have to watch an ad to claim your gift from heaven, you have to watch an ad to claim your pet, you have to watch an ad to do everything🤦🏾‍♀️ Sooo time for me get this out of my phone. Peace y’all!!!

- This game is half and half

I say that 1000 hundred times and now I feel it well I have five stars only because when I first bought it I said this will be a good one but now it’s not that good so make sure to read my feelings about this game and this is very new to me but I actually like I played this game for about five years. And I am 20 years old

- stop putting ads.

Great game, but something that NO ONE LIKES is too many ads. It’s ridiculous. It’s making the game look bad.. you’re looking at ads more than playing the dang game. Also, extremely disrespectful. Not being able to change the skin color, not being able to choose what gender you want to date, and more. This game needs major changes so please listen to these reviews and change the game. Instead of trying to get money off of ads just stop being disrespectful and maybe then you’ll get even more money than before.

- Customize, Adds, and Movement

I’m not a fan of how there’s only one main look for the character. And there’s always so many adds that pop up out of nowhere and it takes forever to skip or close out of it: also not a huge fan of how you have to repeatedly tap to go up the stairs. Even the movement is kind of slow and I don’t see the purpose of the other people passing you. This game has potential. It needs more options and little fixes and it would be a higher rating for me.

- Can not get the extra points

I enjoy the trivia in this game and it has little floating points that one can try to obtain but I can never get them, I played the Would you Rather game twice and I couldnt get my extra points. I kept tapping on it to get them but No, I wasnt allowed them, as soon as I tapped on No Thanks I dont need them, tada, went right to the next segment. Its like one is not allowed the extra points. I dont know whats going to happen when I get to heaven but I hope Im not to disappointed! Because so far its only 2stars!

- Way too many ads

I expect to find ads in a free game but the amount of ads in this game take away from The ability to enjoy it. In the first few minutes of play there was an ad about every other decision. That seems a bit excessive to me. I’d rather pay for a game than have to deal with that. Also the answer choices to the questions are not always good choices. For these reasons I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone and will be deleting it myself.

- Ads

I felt that there were to many ads. When I would try to use a choice that requires me to watch an ad I could never do that choice, it wouldn’t allow me to watch an ad, but after every single other choice it would make me watch an ad. Other than that it was a good game, but maybe you should make it so that there is a bigger variety in the choices as well, because whenever I would repeat the stairway I would get the same choices.

- Not the best

I play lots of games in quarantine and all and this isn’t that good for starters you can’t pick your skin color, some of the choices make no since I remember it was “ Your kids don’t visit that often. Will you leave them your Fortune?” The opinions were” yes leave them my fortune. Spend all of it and some else” I choose the leave them my fortune option because I thought it was the right thing to do no it wasn’t I fall down 9 steps for the what seem to be the right choice

- To many ads

Every time I finish a question it gives me an ad and 99% of the time it is ads. I can barley play the game at all if you fixed the ad situation and I don’t know like put an ad like after 7 plays or something that would be a lot better so fix that. They also give false information like I am only 9 years old and I am a girl and it would say would you cheat on your wife that confused me a lot. And it is really racist like it doesn’t even talk about black people so there you go there is my review FIX EVERYTHING I SAID TO thank you

- 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

It is a very good game and it helps me control myself but I think that there’s too many ads but it’s a really really really and I personally think that because I have a pet Dalmatian in this game and I think they could at least make it a lot harder on the questions but I really love this game don’t delete it

- This is a very good game!

This is a very good game but there’s one bug when you’re falling and you tap a lot it looks like you’re falling and tapping it’s just a bug but this game is amazing I play it every day I am already on billionaire of two days of playing it in my heaven looks amazing it’s just there’s a few bugs my whole family plays it! Good game and there’s too many ads.

- I like this game but...

It just has a lot of ads and I’m just 6 years old and it’s teaching me how to get boyfriends and then yeah I’m not like a teenager o something and I wish I had a lot of money in real life cause as you may know you need money to get rid of the ads and that’s no fair cause my mom and uncle and me live in an little apartment

- This is sad😥

There are so many ads that you can’t even enjoy the game!! Also this is disrespectful to religious people (Christians) this is giving false teachings of what it will be like to go to heaven also this is very racist I would like to choose my own skin color and how I look too the questions are just stupid and over all this is dumb the job rolls are stupid I would like to have other jobs to! As a cashier a police officer the president anything! Not just rich or celebrity! This is just a awful game I recommend you to not get this game

- Could Be Better

There needs to be some challenges to earn things. Way too many ads and they are the long ones over and over. I own the app being advertised most of the time, it gets old. Space out the ads and show different ones it wouldn’t be so bad. Cute idea, but the amount of ads and having to sit through ten every 15 seconds is making me lose interest.

- Ehhhhh...

Honestly, this could’ve made a great game. But there were ads every other choice I made, and when I clicked the no need button for the coin ads, I JUST GET AN AD ANYWAY!! When someone clicks a no button for an ad don’t program it to take them to an ad! On the kind of brighter side, the choices were well thought of and I like how there are mini games, just don’t give us so many freaking ads!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

- Stairway to ads!

Spent about 5 minutes playing the game. Of those 5 minutes, 3 of them were spent watching advertisements. I get that you wanna make money off your game, but this is ridiculous and can barely be called a “game” at this point. Not to mention the handful of trivia questions that pop up are ridiculous. For example, “what do you get when you freeze water? Ice, milk, or honey?” I really don’t understand how this game has so many stars. My only guess is that they’re using the ad revenue to buy fake reviews 😂

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Stairway to Heaven ! 4.1 Screenshots & Images

Stairway to Heaven ! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stairway to Heaven ! iphone images
Stairway to Heaven ! iphone images
Stairway to Heaven ! iphone images
Stairway to Heaven ! iphone images

Stairway to Heaven ! (Version 4.1) Install & Download

The applications Stairway to Heaven ! was published in the category Games on 2020-03-30 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 452.51 MB. Stairway to Heaven ! - Games app posted on 2020-10-03 current version is 4.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.casual.stairwaytoheaven

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