CapCut [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos.

「Easy to use」
Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever,Posting only your wonderful moments.

「High quality」
Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities

「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」
Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs

「Stickers and text」
Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos

Get creative with a range of magical effects

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CapCut Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. A new text template feature allows you to play with more text styles, and it’s easier than before 2. Your text can now be read aloud! Convert text to speech to quickly generate voice overs

CapCut Comments & Reviews

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- Pretty good but could use some changes!

Don’t get me wrong, this app is great! It is 100% free, NO watermark, and has some really good features! It built-in stickers and filters that are well and good. Also, did I mention, IT HAS MULTIPLE LAYERS!! That’s friekin incredible!! I tested and it has up to five other layers of video or photo! This is one of the only apps on mobile that actually has multiple layers and is free! Onto the not so good things...It has most of the basic features you need EXCEPT good Volume, the volume feature is really bad, you can barely turn the volume down it only sounds SLIGHTLY quieter when you’re almost all the way at the “0” volume thing. Also, in my opinion there should be more options for volume customization maybe such as “audio stabilization” or something like that. Also the slow-down effects and the voice effects could use work. It has some really useful filters with camcorder and 90’s effects built into the app which is really cool. The transitions are actually surprisingly un-cheesy. I wanted to say thank you to the person who made this app! It is a really good app and definitely could use some changes but overall It’s really great!

- Better than any other video editing app but also has it’s flaws

So CapCut is a really great app. It has really all of the most advanced features that you couldn’t find in any other video editing app. I have seen that ads for these on Instagram and it turns out that they were not lying about these features. This is basically the sole reason why I am writing this review. I don’t even know why this app has a rating of only 4.5. It should be at least 4.8. But just like any other video editing app (I should be sorry to say this lol) it has it’s flaws. I want more filters, like an invert filter. Also some people may not understand English so it may be a problem for them if they want a video editing app that could feature their language. That also applies to the effects, filters, etc. So please, allow users to select their own language. It could also be good if you could put a dark mode, be able to save your music, or SFX to the app, and name your video before you start your project. This is all I have to say. Hopefully CapCut listens to my review, so that all users of this app could get a comfortable video editing experience.

- Great with iMovie but some stuff could be different

OK, so first of all, it works beautifully! I dislike the fact that sometimes it kicks you out of the app but that might just be my phone. Also with all the people saying that you can't upload videos over fifteen minutes long, have you ever heard of "Video merging"??? Also I found that if there is something like a background or something like that you can use iMovie for an easier upload (Might just be me but it kept crashing). I also use iMovie for videos over fifteen minutes long so they can be, over fifteen minutes long (XD). But I do have a suggestion with the app creators: Could you please put in an option to start a template without having a video? It would be a lot easier to record straight from the app then having to do the process of recording, then uploading, then cropping everything and all that jazz. It's just so much easier to record straight from the app! But in total, if it wasn't for the recording thing I give it a solid 4/5 stars. (By the way if a developer reads this and puts in thanks so much!)

- Needs an update

So I really love that everything is free and it has great transitions but it’s like really glitchy.. like when I’m making a really long edit and I need to watch what I’ve got so far to see if I like it, it glitches a lot and gets froze while I’m watching it. I don’t know if it’ll be better once I save it but... also, when I save photos from like google it only shows some of them it doesn’t show all of them when I have it on the setting that it shows all of my photos. But other then that I really like the app it’s just a bit glitchy and maybe needs an update but overall it’s a really good app and I recommend it especially if you have a hard time figuring out how to work apps it’s super easy to access everything and yea it’s a good app.

- Amazing!

So if you’ve seen the ads for this app, you’re probably like “they’re just saying that, it’s not that easy” but no, it really is! CapCut is definitely the easiest editing software I’ve used and you probably don’t need a tutorial for how to use it because of how simple it is! In just a few minutes you’ll be making unbelievable edits you didn’t think you could make, it’s really just the best app for editing if you’re just starting out, looking for something simpler, or anything else! Of course it has its flaws, like when you’re selecting an animation it’ll lag a bit until you select the animation which is a little annoying because if you don’t like it you have to deselect the animation tool, but doesn’t really affect the quality or anything, and sometimes it’s hard to time things right when it tries to put it in place for you, but overall just an amazing app! I’ve made such amazing edits with this app, I can’t believe how well they turned out and how easy it was to make them.

- Perfect !❤️

Im giving this app a 5 star i didnt checked the app out at first i was just scamming though it , it have everything i was looking for in one . All the other apps had only one particular thing i was looking for and then i had to download more & more apps just to make make my videos complete and successful , but this app it have everything in one . I havent made a full video yet but for all the people that says the app cant go over 15mins , not calling you out or anything but if you think wisely and smart you would come up with a thing “make the video til were it stops , then create a whole nother video were you left off , then add them both together.” I havent tried this idea on my own yet but i have a little faith that its gonna work because they literally blessed me with this app and it dont have “capcut” on the side of it to let people know what you edit your videos with . I dont know about the other people having problems with it but me myself is A-ok! 🙃💕💕.

- Superior to any other special-effects app

I was really becoming irritated by the severely limiting special effects on TickTock, and then my girlfriend on TickTock suggested CapCut. I was totally blown away but what I could do with this incredible app. The effects were superior and I love The video transparency affects to create stunning videos. I am a creator and a singer however I would really like to see some nice echo and vocal effects in the audio section of CapCut. Stuff like allowing you to have different echo, reverberation affects when adding vocals to your videos. And also having control over the reverb and echo delay time etc. Additionally it would be fantastic to have a fade in, and fade out of the visual effects so they could blend in more effectively. Other than these two features this is my app it’s incredible and I just love love love it. Best app ever for special effects. Thank you so much CapCut 💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️

- Terrible.

Kinda bad. It’s so hard to edit the layers, I can’t really put text in there too, it’s really hard to just make one simple video, and when you’re editing the layers, even if it says like 3 seconds, it goes by so fast and it’s really just one second. I have a lot of issues with the app, but the ads, oh my god the ads... I mean it’s pretty debatable because I do have an Apple device, usually if I download an app on an Apple device I get more ads then usual. But the ads stop my editing in between here and there, and when I’m trying to edit something I lose my progress and it’s just very annoying to see that your hard work is gone just because of ads. REMOVE THE ADS! I lose hours of hard work and have to restart them. This one time I had been working on something for 7 hours, because it’s so hard to edit, an ad came up and BAM! Progress lost. Then after I tried it again right when I was at the end, of course another ad. So annoying. Do not download this app unless you want to lose hours of hard work. Developers, please fix this!

- Good but..

CapCut, is a really great app. I don’t really write Reviews but Anyways that’s besides the point. It’s a really great app and all but I think they should let you make your own transitions like ( that right there, like you would click on it and it would move a certain way, I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say but yeah if you go to VideoStar they have those kind of things. Also, I think you should delete some of the transitions but not the phone one because people spend hours on edits and on here you just get free transitions :/. And I wish there was like SLOWMO so you could slow down a certain part of the video. Please look at VIDEOSTAR so you know what I mean by (. One more thing there should be more things when you make a keyframe May you take a look at VideoStar?.. Thanks! Overall this app is amazing thank you.

- A Powerful Editing App

This has to be one of the best video editing apps I’ve seen on the App Store! It has lots of effects, transitions, animations, and more that you usually can’t get for free. And yes, it’s all free. This app is really useful when I’m editing my animations, and it’s especially great because there’s no watermark. There are a few things I would suggest be added. First, there is no key frame and what I do needs key framing. Second, I wish there was a way to add more video layers without it having to be an overlay. Maybe it’s possible but I haven’t been able to so far. And lastly, I would recommend an effect or animation that is a slight camera shake (I don’t know how to explain it better). So if you could add those it would be wonderful. Overall, this is one of the best editing apps I’ve worked with. Thank you for reading my review!

- Best Editing App Out There

I’ve tried multiple editing apps for my phone and by far, this has been the most advanced app. CapCut features more filters, tools, and effects than I could ever imagine I needed. There are so many tools to make your work the most professional and fit any genre. Some apps I’ve tried, distort the audio when exporting or crash right in the middle of editing but I haven’t experienced this at all. There’s everything from music and audio to stickers and filters and all sorts of visuals that make videos very enticing and fun. If you’re looking for an editing app, this is the best one. I’m 13 and have managed my way around the app just fine. Nothing confusing at all. I just keep finding new features to improve my work every time I edit something new. I’m very impressed

- The best Editing App Ever!!! Totally Recommend!

Well, this app isn’t used often by gachatubers, but I am one of them. I struggle with trying to animate and tween, but with CapCut, it’s so easy! It has tons of effects, and it has everything! I made an Intro, in less than 30 minutes, with this app. I showed it to my little sister, and she loved the music on there too. It’s easy to work too. It has tons of stickers and options! You can do text and audio, and text is one of my favorites. You can pick an animation for it. Wavy, wobbly, shaky, etc. When you use overlay, (overlay is basically what I always use lol. ) overlay has options after you put in the picture. You can animate it. It doesn’t require tweening at all! I haven’t seen people always use this app, but they should! I love this app a lot! Please get it!

- Couldn’t ask for a better editing app

There is no exaggeration when I say that I’ve deleted every other video app on my phone. This app has everything they have and more, all for free. Some apps don’t even let you test out their other effects and other things without buying their subscription, this app is filled with loads of effects and transitions and so much more all for free and I didn’t know there could be a mobile app like this, it’s the After Effects of mobile devices. This review may seem fake or something but I can guarantee you that the reason for this positive feedback is that I make edits on Instagram and have been looking for a way to make my edits when I’m not home or on my pc. Good work to the creators, Ive shared this with others and will continue to do so!

- Why it’s the best app ever.

I use it on every video I have to edit it brings the features you need for videos I didn’t know until I really try it myself it’s best for all video edits until now am in love with the app it has every mood you want for example your in a sad mood and you want to edit a video about you being sad Capcut has it all happy, sad, bored everything. I’ve been using the app for over a year. What I like most about the app is that it free you don’t have to pay for unlimited there is nothing like that other apps you need to pay unlimited to use special features and effects but Capcut has what the other apps want you to pay for. Capcut is the best recommended for people who like to edit videos or to make videos it’s the best.

- This is the best of the best editing apps

This is the best easiest editing app ever it’s better than tempo better than vinkle better than video star well video star u can edit really good but it’s really hard it’s it’s better than viva cut and plus it’s 100% free no water marks no paying everything free and u have stickers text like I don’t know the name of all the things but it’s really good if ur a beginner and if u master it I’m pretty sure your going to stay on the app but CapCut it would be waaaaaaay over the best if it added that u can can change the color of things in effect and especially party because they have hot pink and red alert but I would like it if u added color changing to those or something but yes I highly recommend this app it’s the best

- Why does it trim the video?

So I’ve been using this since I’ve started editing, I heard of it on TikTok and decided to try it out. It works really nice, this is the easiest app to manage out of all the others I’ve tried like vllo, video star, and inshot (for me anyway). The only issue I found that kind of made me want to use another app is the fact that I made a video that was 43 seconds long (for TikTok) but when I exported it into my camera roll it only said 42 seconds. Why is this? I tried editing my video, making it shorter and then longer, deleting my other projects, etc but nothing seemed to fix the problem that when exported into my camera roll it slowed my video down by one second, therefore the transitions were slowed. Can someone help please? Thank you.

- One bug

Hello! Never really make reviews so I apologize in advance if what I’m saying is either vague or not specific 😅. The app, overall my favorite. It’s very quick and easy to use and I’ve been using it for a couple months. Since the recent update though, there’s been a bug that I rely on. One being the stickers. They don’t seem to load, as for the transitions do the same. Whenever I tap on a grey square (what the sticker icons look like) sometime it would load the ones I’ve previously put in a clip, but not the ones that I haven’t. They show up saying that I need to check my connection. I deleted and reinstalled the app and that didn’t do anything but lose clips :/. Thanks if you are reading this!

- I love this app, but I could love it even more!

Capcut is one of the best phone editing apps out there in my opinion! It’s perfect for making instagram edits or any type of video, but there are some things that could be added to make this app even more better and useable. I would like to see more masking options and shapes for the masking tool, and more transitions that are subtle but also very smooth. Transitions for the cubes that are simple like going up and down/or side to side would be nice as well! Capcut has so much potential, it just needs more added to its already great platform! I would love to see more filters, but mostly more transitions and masking options! Thank you for reading my review hopefully if the developers see this they consider my request.

- Great app, but just one repetitive problem I have

Lately, whenever I use the split tool for adding new clips or adding animations in them, towards the end of the clip, it shows a frozen frame of the previous clip at the very last second before moving on to the other one. It looks weird and very tightly cropped, and whenever I remove just only one millisecond of the previous clip, the frozen frame still shows up for like a split second. I don’t know if I could be the only one experiencing this, and it is kind of difficult to explain, but I did my best to explain the problem I’m having. Maybe it’s just me, though! But still a great app, nonetheless. 👍

- If I could give a million stars!! ⭐️

If I could give 1 million stars to this app, I would in a heartbeat. I like to edit for fun, and I have tried to find advanced free editing apps for as long as I can remember. Thank you for making this. This is unbelievable! It’s advanced, yet simple; it’s amazing!!! And to top it off, you make it free. Thank you for this incredible app. I am in heaven!!!! I could go on and on about how cool this is. I wish I had known about this app Wayback when I first started editing on Instagram. You also make green screen and overlays very easy which again is remarkable! And you update without having to pay for anything. I’m not sure how to use curves is the only thing. A+ all the way!!!!!

- This is a really VERY good app but there’s cons too

I love this app 100% it’s 100% free and a removable watermark! And really good transitions, animations, and really good stickers, and they have pip (picture in picture)! But there always some cons though I really think they should add green screens, longer free to use music, more filters like from Colourtone, the ability to import text, and the ability to delete some music you imported and label them, and fix the text box bug, maybe more sound effects, and link a “how to” video for first timers, and my last suggestion is the ability to add opacity options to text to make semi transparent text thank you if you are reading this have a good day

- Best video editing app I’ve used so far

Love everything about this app. I do a lot of shooting and editing on my phone and this app has been AMAZING. A lot of the other apps you have to pay or upgrade to get certain features but with CapCut you get everything free. The only small thing I’ve noticed is that when I export the finished product the audio and video are a little out of sync. Just by milliseconds or a second but I’m able to fix it by using another app to detach the audio and line it up. Still playing around with some of the other features but would be great if there were some tutorials on tricks and other cool features like masking, etc.

- AMAZING APP! But something happened-

The first time I downloaded this, I was amazed! It was super useful, and the effects are SUPER fun to use! But when I log back on today, and try to download another effect, it said I have internet connects. I thought that it’s a simple fix, so I disconnected then reconnected from my internet. But it still didn’t work- I tried to look up what the problem was but I found nothing. Now despite my unfinished projects in CapCut, I deleted the app, then redownloaded it thinking something would happen. But the same issue occurred once again. Please help! Is there anyway to fix this?? It would be such a let down if I couldn’t download any effects in this app... and it’s also not just the effects, I tried adding text, but I couldn’t even change the font!

- sound not working

i’ve been using this app for almost 3 months now without any problems and it’s definitely my favorite editing app that i’ve come across. However, about a week ago it stopped letting me extract sound from my videos? it just says “cannot extract” or something like that. i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone and other stuff but nothing seems to work. Every video i’ve tried to extract the sound from hasn’t worked. This is just frustrating because sound is like the base for my edits and i cant really edit without sound so i haven’t been able to use the app at all. I still gave 3 stars just because this is the first time i’ve ever had a problem and i really love the app.

- The best app I ever used! But one problem...

Hello CapCut! To be honest, this is one of the most appreciative editing apps I have used out of all the others, but there is one problem...When I first make a creation, I am fine with what I am doing, but the hardest thing I am having very trouble with is the frame rating, if you know in KineMaster, there is a option Sign where it will ask you what Frame Rating you will like, I was thinking you should add that, cause my frame doesn’t fit right and when I stretch out my Overlay, it gets blurry and does not fit, So that is the problem I am having, but in the end! This editing is very perfecto! 😄

- Amazing!

I love this app, it is working out for me. I would never think to find an app where everything is free and works wonderful! There is like cool transitions, it’s really easy and organized compared to other apps. And it is just cool, try it out dudes. But I have a suggestion, I would love that pictures that are gifs are able to keep motion. You know what I mean? Like gifs are able to stay gifs, that would be amazing because the only other method I find that makes that happen right now is making the gifs a video which consists of me video taping my screen and that is a long process which takes my album space.


After having a long video edit deleted by imovie, in rage, I felt like giving this app a shot. And without a SHADOW OF DOUBT, this is 100x better than imovie! Not only is it actually EASY to use, it contains a 100x more features than ANY OTHER editing app I have seen. Yes, other apps do have more features, but NONE OF THEM HAVE THEM FREE like capcut! I have not seen one add since I started, haven’t spend a dime, and was able to create a video 100x better than when I had it in imovie! It even looks like video made from expensive editing apps! Download this app and ser it for yourself! And yes, I am a real person and this is a real review! Thank you Capcut❤️

- Astounding App keep it up

This app is absolutely phenomenal the transitions, the way you can speed and slow down things, the sound effects and the extracted audios is my favorite I absolutely adore this app please continue to make improvements on it. This app is flawlessly the best and cheapest way to edit your videos. Plus all of its free. Great app please continue to add more transition that’s my favorite because it actually looks stunningly designed with a dribble and drop and the blur effects. It’s all fantastically put together. Astonishing app keep it up and for the people reading this I encourage you to give it a try it’s absolutely amazing!

- I love it but...

I’ve had CapCut for almost a year now and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best editing apps out there, in my opinion. I’m just now writing a review because lately the app has been glitching and it’s never been like this before. When I try and export a video I look at the results and half of it is frozen- I have no idea why it’s doing that but I’m getting super frustrated with it. People keep telling me to I download the app the download it again but then all my edits I’ve ever done on that will be gone. So this goes mainly out to the CEO of CapCut please fix this soon! I really want to make more videos on your app!

- Yo this app is good but...

CapCut is pretty much the best app because no watermark and you can have multiple layers but I had this app for like 2-3weeks and when I go and see my like anime edits it says “install now” and don’t get me wrong! But it dose this to all of my edits even my old edits and it kinda got annoying cuz it did every 0ne of my edits. But I might be just me that experienced this because I kinda have a lot of photos- and I’m not saying that this is a bad app it’s just the only thing annoying me but out of that problem this is the best app I ever downloaded or installed!.😁 Oh and this happens like now in August or in September~

- It’s great! But a problem.

I started using this app a day ago, and I found it really easy! I really like the effects, and the transitions. I’m also glad you don’t have to pay for these effects, and other things. But when you edit the pictures, and go to combo. It gives you a certain amount of duration until it just stops moving. When it stops moving it’s around 0.6-0.7 duration, until it stops just on the picture. I find that...kinda annoying to be honest. And it would be very kind of you to fix that! I’m not that good at explaining things, but I hope you can understand! Definitely recommend it tho!!

- yeSSSS- but a update idea.

This is a great app and all, but I want to be able to add music from my files. I'm trying to make an intro for yt, and I was finding some songs to use for my intro. I recorded some songs, and put them in my file, and when I got on this app, I added a picture, to see how this app actually works, and some options. (I just got this app.) and I clicked the add music button, and I didn't see an option to add music from my file, and I got sad.. so, can you please add a feature to be able to add music from a file? Thanks if you do so! Right now, I'll just use iMovie to add the music.

- Great for Editing!

If your looking for a really good and free (without ads) editing app, this is for you! Everything is super easy to use and everything is 100% free. You can make edits or just photoshop pictures. There are so many things you can do on this app. My favorite part is the video editing. I can add more videos, delete old one and even add my own songs. I personally use it to do character edits with different tools like the effect tool which really helps if you can a super cool but easy look to go for. I love this app so much more than video star or splice! It works like magic!


Ok I honestly never leave reviews on anything because I’m just lazy but i had too for this! It’s honestly the best editing app I’ve truly used paying for and being free. You get so many features and it’s so easy too work with once you get the hang of it!! You find out all these little features throughout the way and it’s just overall awesome! It does kick you off randomly sometimes but it’s not like often and it’s when like too much is happening which is understandable as other apps do that as well! But overall just an awesome app and would def recommend :))

- Aww come on >:/

Ok I am in love with this app! It the best editing app I’ve ever had! CapCut has a lot of effects,audios,transitions,and its for free! This is an amazing app! But something happened today that I’m really mad about. Like most people I do Gacha and I use the Gacha screenshots on CapCut. Since I don’t want my whole photo gallery filled with those images I hide them as. On CapCut it would let me still use hidden photos and I was SOOO happy about that! But today it won’t let me use any hidden photos and it’s not even an option anymore! So now I can’t make my edit and I was really sad about that. I was going to make a special edit but now I can’t :/


This app, is a LIFESAVER. I was trying to learn how to make simple edits of pictures and videos, adding animations in the beginning and such to make it look cool. I tried multiple apps such as Video Star and Alight Motion. They were both VERY confusing and overwhelming and I couldn’t figure out how to use them. CapCut is very well laid out and easy to use. The controls are a good size and I can figure out how to add animations SO easily. I opened the app and in under 5 minutes I already have a awesome video. There is NO watermark and that’s so awesome. This app is AMAZING!!!!! 😝 -A very satisfied 11 year old.

- One thing annoys me so much.....

Now, I like making gacha videos for fun. Lately, I’ve been looking for and editing app that’s simple to use, and I don’t have to pay to remove a watermark. CapCut covered both of these! It has the simplicity of cute cut, but with more features and no watermark! Ideal editing app, right? Yeah, for only one freaking day. I literally got this app YESTERDAY, and it worked perfectly for the first couple hours. I was very happy, because I thought I found my permanent editing app. Now, It constantly freezes, and so I can’t get anything done! Even when I restart the project, it. Still. Freezes. From opening the app to actually making the video, it just freezes and “lags” SO much.....

- App to die for!!❤️

Honestly we’re do I even start this is probably one of the best and incredible editing apps to exist when I first got this app I thought it was going to be like those other apps you have to pay for and use the lame transitions but no this was is FREE I’m very grateful that this app exist after using this free app for months I be came a master and doing edits everything is free comes with so many things LITERALLY!!! and I haven’t stoped using it I really recommend this app everything was fine when I got it I have no problems using the stuff they have on the app ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!🥰❤️

- Love it!!

CapCut is one of the best apps I used for editing, and it’s easy too!! But I have some ideas about it to maybe improve it! You should add this thing where you can post your edits so other people can see it, and like it! And also that you can see other people’s edits too! And don’t forget a thing where you can use the sound there using for the edit! Although CapCut is an amazing app! No adds, it lags on me but only when I do an edit that includes a lot of pictures! But it came out perfect! This app is definitely not a scam and is worth it!!

- I love it! But…

Recently after the update it refuses to let me use certain effects (specifically the bling ones) but all of the other ones will load. Basically what will happen is that it will say I "don't have internet", I literally reinstalled the app, lost everything, and its still saying this. At this point it has nothing to do with my internet for that reason. What does this mean? Is it a bug? Im really confused. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update bc I was making a really good edit but once I went to add effects I got angry because of the fact nothing works no matter what you do...

- Malfunctioning

I would give a 5 but a 2 is better now because the app was working fine for the first couple months then all the sudden it skips sometimes when I’m editing and I mess up the edit and when I want a new animation or effect every time I click it it tells me no internet connection how do I switch off of WiFi to my data and it says the same thing so I can’t Download half the effects and no it’s not my phone anyway before this incident I opened the app one day and all my edits that I saved were gone so I couldn’t work on my edits for 5 days that’s a major problem I spend 3hours to 2 days on my edits but thankfully I got them back it was a hassle but thanks but still this problem now please fix your app

- It’s alright! ☺️

ok so, i would give it a 4/5 or maybe even a 5/5 but, the app is VERY. VERY. VERY, weird, it kicks me out of the app. I don’t lose any of my progress, It’s just VERY annoying. And also, sometime i can’t change how long i want the photo to be. No effects on it or anything and i can’t control the photo. Then i have to start all over again, and then i do lose all my progress. And even if i go back to the beginning of the edit to see how it is so far, it just is stuck with the photo that I had just edited. So all i see is that one photo and the audio, then i have to delete the edit and start over again. Please try and fix this. Thank you 🙂 <3

- Cap Cut is Amazing :)

Really good for edits and it has lots of built in effects. My favorite effects come from the party tab and the retro tab because they fit my edit style. One day there should be an option to create your own transitions which would open a lot of creativity for users. The only problem that i have with the app is that when you lower the volume, it doesn’t lower much but cap cut is an amazing app that always gets better, they update and add new features and bug fixes nearly monthly i would 100 percent recommend :)

- This COULD be the Best video editing app ever

This app is amazing, BUT minor details keep it from being the BEST. Make it where we can edit the effects plus some effects loop “make all effects a Continues flow” we might want it longer the 5 seconds plus I want to stack my effects and make certain effects dominate over other effects. “Layers” Maybe I want 2 or more effects at one time ect. We need more options when exporting. I definitely love this app and I definitely have a few other ideas that could make it flawless. But can’t remember right now. I will definitely use it more and update my review.

- Amazing but the update...

I LOVE THIS APP I make edits all the time and this is the go to app for me it has everything I need and I love how you can have a lot of layers but unfortunately I updated it and anything I had before I updated it I can’t open, it tells me to update it after I already did and for the past 2 days I have failed to get any of my edits finished, I wish I can say I can remake the edits but I delete photos as soon as I use them and I don’t save anything unless I want to post to the public, I hope this gets fixed cause I would love to continue my progress, have a good day everyone 😁😁😁

- Amazing

I first thought it would be an editing app where you have to pay for everything, but no! It’s all free and there’s great stuff too! It has better and more useful tools than other editing apps, and a lot of music choices. I love it. It can take a little to load when there is more images, so that’s one thing. But it also saves by itself, which can be very helpful. It has a few other tiny problems that could be fixed, but not too big of a deal. Overall, it’s a great app and definitely a 5 star rating.

- One of a Kind

I have NEVER found a video app that works so well and has. so many different components. Before CapCut, I had to use a bunch of different apps to get all the effects I wanted, and there was always some annoying problem I ran into in each app. (in addition to that, after being processed through multiple apps, the finished product was always very blurry) Now, with CapCut, it literally has every single thing I could ever want and it is so easy to understand and use that I could never ask for anything better.

- Good but

CapCut is amazing I love it it has everything you would want in a editing app but after 2 or 3 edits it stopped letting me add photos it would only let me add photos in the preview I tried hitting the plus replacing it nothing worked so I stopped using it ,if they fixed this glitch I would use it so much more but until they fix it I will only use it like once a week or so and not even finish the edit their is also a recommendation I would have you should add more filters and animations I can’t really think of any examples but it would really help in variety

- Great app! But only one problem

This app is great better than any other app that I’ve tried to use! But one problem is that on the part where you could add know text,After you add the text there’s effects, bubbles, ETC-but the problem is when I press an affect or a bubble I have to take a wild guess because it doesn’t show what the effect is and when I press it it says no Internet connection but I checked my Internet in my settings and I sure do you have Internet so if you read this or see this anyone could you please update me or tell me what’s happening?

- Love this app

One thing that I would suggest for the developers is to allow more “freedom” within the app (in my case I just want to be able to rotate the “split” mask diagonally). I feel like letting users modify the masks and effects to fit their needs would greatly increase your number of consumers because unlike other video editing apps, I like that you have great effects and editing tools all laid out for free. (Edit I just found out how to do that. I am very pleased with this app 10/10 will always recommend)

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- help pls

yes capcut is an amazing editing app and i use it for all my edits but for around 1 week now i’ve had this issue… when i go into or create any new project none of the options and buttons work/respond to my touch, the only ones that work is the adjust button, adding a new clip button & delete button, that’s about it, i need all the buttons to function properly for my edits to be good and ive tried looking it up everywhere but nothing helps, can someone please help me

- my review

hi! i LOVE capcut so much, it gets the job done 100%! would recommend to anyone who is looking for an editing app that doesn't cost anything at all. yeah, the glitches are a little bad, but the final edit is GODLY. rate aside, it would mean the world to me if you could create and add a flash / flicker effect? i think it would make the edits look much more cleaner than having to add a green screen, when you can just do it in the app! thank youu, please take my suggestion into consideration! overall; 5 / 5 stars! <3

- Amazing app!

I love CapCut so much! It provides so many good options for editing and you don’t need to pay for premium options. They also don’t have a watermark that comes with it which I love! I love this app so much but I think it would also be cool if they added more features for editing but I love this app a lot and I would recommend it to so many people!


This app is amazing it helped me so much with my editing like when I want to post it somewhere I’m not just using a app where I just pick photos and then boom it’s edited because on this app I’m actually doing something and I turned out to make amazing edits that I didn’t know I had the power to make so you should definitely get this app

- Just Underrated 👌🌺💖

Well you see there’s no problems with THIS perfect app, I’m really just I love it turns my videos into a GODLY edit It’s because of this undescribable app 💅 it’s really good 😌 you should get more rate! Update idea can there be green screens? I’m not sure if there’s any I’m new to the app but it’s really Easy editing!!! Аааа 🤩 thank you for reading 💝🥺ьчеее

- My review (kind of issue)

So I have been using capcut for a while now and it is really a good app. It sometimes glitches but I know it is normal because when I export it it is normal so that’s not the issue. But the thing is now when I click the icons on the bottom (overlay, effects, filters, text, etc..) it doesn’t let me press them and now I have nothing to use for my editing so please can you fix this issue?

- Incomparable.. this is a beast

Thank you for making this app for people who cannot spend money and want something fully loaded of features at a few taps. This is simply incredible. I have not see better This app can definitely compete with some pc softwares Thank you Happy customer

- Not the best

The amount of issues I’ve had with this app is crazy. From transition glitches to corrupted audio, it’s just all over the place. My main issue however, is that no matter how many times I am connected to Internet and I have photos properly downloaded, not all of my images can be imported into CapCut. I am currently trying to make a photo/video edit of one of my idols and the app is saying that I am not connected to Internet even when I am.

- Amazing

A very easy app to use, I was new at editing and this app was really easy to learn from with its features. I especially love the fact that it doesn’t cost anything and there is no watermark. Overall amazing underrated app that I recommend to anyone.

- New Sticker

I love this free editing app so much and i couldnt ask for anything else part from one little thing and that is if u could add some subscribe button gifs in the stickers part a couple of options and a like one aswell but apart from that the app is the best!!

- Dude this is great I'm happy

I'm hella happy I found u. All the other apps required pro and you can't use half of the edits and you can do more that 3+. This is an excellent app for kids that just want to start editing with out wasting money like me. Thanks u so much

- review 🥺

hi! I love capcut so much. If you’re looking for an editing app you should DEFINITELY get capcut. Its for free too. A small problem is when you save it, it sometimes freezes the whole edit and you’ll have to redo it. Besides from that if you want great edits, use capcut. 💕🥰

- Ok...

CapCut is ok it’s just a few problems which I hope one of ur developers can reply and fix them. So the first problem is I’m trying to make a YT vid by using your app to edit it but your app is making the recording lag and then when I try it on iMovie it’s fine! I really want it to be fixed because CapCut has soooo many advantages other apps don’t have Also when I try to speed it up so the video doesn’t take so long it’s speeding the audio not the recording which is quite annoying I want both of them to be sped up. I hope you can reply to this and fix those two things, thank you!

- Confusing

I use this app to make edits of videos with text overlay, After a while, the app got way too confusing as they added way too much button options so now I completely have no idea how to add the text overlay like I used to, this is the only app which has it for free so I don’t wanna delete it either.

- Something wrong

I was using it normally but all of the sudden it says Unable to use wifi is down so i reseted my wifi then few days later while i was about to use the effect it says wifi error so i was patient again few months later its also like that. Cap cut please fix it and the laggyness

- Amazing!

I absolutely LOVE CapCut, it’s got great transitions, effects, it updates frequently, and it’s all 100% free! There’s one thing I think would be handy though: maybe there could be a way to change the intensity/opacity of effects? Thanks, great app ^^

- amazing!

This app is absolutely amazing! Everything is free, there’s no hidden costs and it comes with plenty of transitions. For my beginner editors, or experienced ones who can’t afford expensive software, this is the app for you!

- Love the app but....

I love it so much I can use for my edits and stuff! But when I try to put vid and a sound the sound gets louder and I couldn’t hear the vid please fix this I’m not a fan of the sound getting louder


I love this app so much and I recommend people to use it this app is very easy to use and I give this a 5 bc this app is just to amazing like whenever I need to edit it’s got amazing effects the bling is just too awesome I HOPE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS ♥️👍🤩🥳

- ✌️

Honestly if you’re patient with the glitching this app is awesome. The lag can be a little annoying but this app is free with no premium content so I’m not complaining I get what I need done and it delivers great results 💜💜

- Needs H265 export

Excellent tool, but it would be better if it could export in HEVC. A 50-sec 4K60 video I had went from 450MB in H264 to 150MB in H265 when I re-exported with iMovie. Would be a massive help in countries with slower internet.

- Capcut

Capcut has improved my editing skills so much its easy and fun to edit with i highly recommend it if your looking for an editing app that doesnt cost any payments

- Woah

It’s GODLY!! Easy editing app And the animations is the thing I LOVE MOST THIS APP SHOULD GET MORE RATING and more update ideas could there please be 3D text that you can move around to make a 3D intro The best thing is... you DONT HAVE TO PAY😭 IM SO HAPPY 😭😭 I’m using this forever💙💙💙 me as a fannn

- Good but few glitches

I love this app it’s so easy to edit and you can make cool movies but when I tap on a movie to edit it takes forever to load and when it loads I try to edit it but it glitches so please please please if you fix it I will rate this app 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


It has NO IN APP purchases AND DOESNT COST A CENT AND IT HAS SO MANY COOL FEATURES Developer if you read this please do not add in app purchases if you want money just make us pay $2.99 up front then don’t make them pay anymore money thanks!

- Just a bug?

I can’t press some buttons like Effect, overlay etc. I’ve refreshed the app and I don’t wanna re-get it! Idk if I’m the only one with this problem

- My review

This is so amazing that they let us use this for free while other apps expect us to pay to get rid of one watermark thank you!


Ok so I do tiktok and this app makes the best transitions, filters, effects, timing, speed, sound, and editing all round I’m so surprised it isn’t famous yet it is the most amazing app you can come across for free.

- My review

Hello guys! I love CapCut a lot, it helps if you want to make a small edit that’s for free or a yt video! I use it all the time. If you want to find an app to use taht is for free and its good, I recommend CapCut!

- Great app!

Hello everyone. This app is really simple to use when making edits, I highly recommend it as you can make amazing videos!

- Amazing app

This is probably the best free editing app I’ve seen. Everything is free which is amazing ✨ there are many transitions to use and a lot of options 👏👏


I believe that this is what hacked my phone number, I downloaded this from TikTok and apparently one night I got a call, I asked my mother to call the number and it was a lady saying that my number had been calling her and she asked her company saying it was a Chinese person, so I deleted this and the app TikTok do not download, also this is every laggy.

- What I think XD

I used it for my home screen and lock screen for my phone so I believe it is pretty good for that! 😜

- the screen play of it is absolutely annoying and horrible

this app is amazing and all but i had trouble of the screen play, it didn’t let me see the text,pictures,and stickers. this may be a bug but it’s annoying. i couldn’t view my video because of that. i couldn’t see my pictures and text. cap cut, can you fix this? please reply and try to fix it if you can! thank you!

- Amazing

Iv been using kinemaster but it has a watermark and then I found this app it’s 100x better and no watermark ;)

- It’s good but buggy and laggy.

I give it a 2 star because it’s so laggy and I tried everything to fix it so please fix it, I’m begging you. It’s so laggy and buggy and it keeps getting me out of the game. Please fix it.

- 👁👄👁

Its pretty good if you wait for the loading and its just i can make my albert edits :D


This app fixed all my worries with editing it helps u cut and crop videos AND photos adds very complex and simple transitions and i use it for everything! Everything is so simple o recognise and work through and gets everything done by time! 😻😃


this app is absolutely amazing for it being free. The transitions are perfect and gets the edit done 100%! I’m in love. So good.

- glitch…!

This is a very cool app with details but it got lag too much so I pretty much lost all of my work and efforts. Please fix this glitch

- Amo

Most of the time the screen is freezing 😔 . Besides that I would be happy if you abled for the laptop as well . I have a Mac 💻 but I cannot download it 😔

- ;(

Hi! One thing where do u find distort right and pendulum


I use this for all my edits it’s legit the best editing app I really recommend this app PEOPLE GEET THIS APP


This app is legit GODLYYY the final editing is amazing and it’s FREE like this is HEAVEN. 5/5 Download it NOWWWW

- Good but

it’s good and all but it’s very glitchy and shortening the clips takes like for ever

- Lags

It lags but it's AMAZING

- My review


- lag

this app lags too much,, hope u can fix this . tysm





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- Lag

It’s pretty good but the video itself is off compare to the editing and it’s really annoying.


It's super great everything is free I don't even think that we need A pro version to this it's already a Pro free editing app I STANNN (P.S the only thing that's not that great it is that it lags)

- Good but lags a lot

I just want to say that this app is like AMAZING. It’s free and like there are so many effects, it’s amazing. But when I edit it lags quite a bit and it wouldn’t play smoothly (but when exported its fine). It’s a little frustrating but it’s good. It’s a little tiring having to go back and forth because it just wouldn’t play properly. Please take a look!

- bruh

I love it I make edits of it amazing app and I’d love to actually be ur friend if possible 😊

- Amazing 😸

I love it! I only got it today and it was amazing, everything is free and there isn’t any watermark! I totally recommend, it’s great for making edits, etc! I 100% recommend.

- Please Fix this

I can’t press effects or overlay, please fix this

- 💌

By far the best editing app I’ve ever downloaded! LOVE IT 💖


YOOO what i love the most is the effects are all free and it has no logo or watermark. now i don't have to stress & cry over some other tweaked apps that are revoked or sum anymore. thank you so much for this! i'm so happy i found this app today.

- I love it!!

I recommend to download it and it’s amazing

- Very awesome app

Great app! had it for about 3 weeks now, I love that there is no water marks, you get plenty of options without having to pay for stuff, it’s easy to edit and user friendly, you definitely get more effects and animations then other apps might give you, I hope the app stays like this forever it’s perfect! definitely recommend downloading if you want to make cool videos and more! Have fun!

- ❤️

Love it! I just started but my friend is gonna tell me a bit more! I recommend it for beginners!! Very good app! <3

- What’s up bruh

What’s up bruh, what’s up bruh, what’s up bruh, what’s up bruh!

- Is there a cost?

I read terms and privacy policy but it doesn’t say if there will be charges for using app so I haven’t even been to the app cuz u have to accept before you even open it

- C̸o̸o̸l̸ h̸u̸h̸. I͟ w͟i͟l͟l͟ n͟e͟v͟r͟ s͟t͟o͟ ͟p u͟s͟i͟n͟ ͟g t͟h͟i͟s͟ d͟a͟m͟ a͟ ͟p ͟p


- Amazing editing app!

So I haven’t had this app for very long, but it is amazing! There are so many cool effects, sounds, transitions, etc. It’s very easy to use and everything is free! My only critique is how if your making something longer, or with lots of animations, tea rooms, texts, etc. It can get a little laggy, but it is ment for TikToks, so I understand that. But overall, I highly recommend this!

- ????

I love this app but it won’t let me use my photos anymore

- Best editing app

As long as this app says free I’ll gladly give it a 5 star it works amazingly and there are so many features.

- Good ❤️

The Best Editing App Ever If ur lookin for one download this

- Love it

I sometimes use KineMaster to edit my videos but I need pro and I don’t have the money then this app came and it have EVERYTHING I don’t even have to pay anything LOVE IT SO MUCH

- Glitches/lags

The app is amazing but I absolutely HATE the lags in the preview. It needs to be fixed! The only way I can get it without lag is to export it and see it in my photo gallery. Other than that it is simple, you can extract audios from your library, etc.

- Translations!

Thank You! the translations are amazing and they are all free, normally on other editing apps they either don’t have a good translations or you have to pay for translation. I normally use this app for its translations But it’s still good even without the translations! Thank you for this amazing app! 😁

- I LOVE it!

Best video editing app EVER! No water mark, cool translations, effects, and animations! I LOVE THIS APP!!!!

- Please fix!

Hey! So this app is great love how it’s free but it’s really really laggy, it always crashes my WHOLE phone and it lags so so so much! I love this app but I’m afraid I have to delete it :(

- Best app everrr

I loveee CapCut when you save there’s watermark and my edits look so good

- Can’t allow it to album

It won’t let me allow it to access my album/camera, I’ve tried settings and it doesn’t work.

- Amazing!😀

I love this app it’s so cool. Easy to edit everything videos and photosI have to say though the volume thing is very sensitive for me I use IPhone 7 but it’s still so amazing

- Happiness ever

Yes I am vietnamese right now im going do editing

- Definitely recommend

When I first got it, it was kinda confusing as it’s my first time editing ever. But once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and cool. It’s completely free, it’s amazing. For me it’s lags not often but it does. But overall it’s amazing. I definitely recommend.



- ✨Awesome ✨

This app is so so so Amazing 👏🏼 I have been using it to make edits and it has been so far wonderful it has to be my favourite app on my phone ,although it did glitch a bit and is taking up a lot of the storage on my phone but is over all fantastic ✨

- No

It needs to be paid not free pls

- Best app

Yo I make a lot of Naruto edits best app

- Love it!

I just got the app and I absolutely love it. There’s so much available for free. the only thing is it’s a little laggy, but that’s so minor compared to everything else. Great app!


Everything is all free and there’s so many features to use! I’m SOOO glad I downloaded this app!!!!!

- amazing but has some flaws

i recommend this to anyone that loves to edit i wish the was a button for “favourite transitions” so i don’t have to scroll all the the way down to get to a transition.


his is a amazing editing app there’s really cool stuff you can do on it I use it to edit my videos and it works fabulously. I recommend this app to everyone it’s a good start to editing as well.


It’s so easy to use, it’s free, and anyone can learn how to use it. I recommend it to anyone that wants to make yt videos

- Good, but has a glitch

The app is good, from my experience but recently the bar at the bottom that has the effect/extra stuff you can add has not been working. The bar is not sensitive and is not collecting the taps

- Impressed!!

I thought it wouldnt last 30seconds long but it did!!! And its good because its free, there isnt any inside app paying


I’ve been look long for free editing apps for a long time and capcut is the best because you can literally make the best edit without paying or upgrading to pro!!! so if you guys are looking for one download capcut it’s the best

- it dont work now for me :(

hi this app is amazing but it used to work now it dont like the basic stuff dont work can u try to fix it ty! :D

- I love it

I love this but one request of you could make a spot where it does those moving lines around the gacha character on tiktok that you make on video star, in different colours. If you can do that I’d rate it a 5 thanks

- I wish there was more


- bad.

It was good until it wouldn’t let me use some features that use to work perfectly fine. fix it, and i even re downloaded the app. fix this pls it’s annoying. It would be five star if this didn’t happen.

- Underrated

This app is so underrated and it’s actually works pretty amazing

- Do not recommend

It’s amazing for editing but after I made any project when I later on tap to view it or screen record it stays black and I can’t see anything, not sure if it is just my iPad but I would not recommend.

- Awesome app but...

I honestly couldn’t find a better app than this but from the recent update, I’m not able to press any of the buttons from Edit until Format and it’s really frustrating. I hope you can fix this soon. Thank you

- Great but something is missing

This app is amazing in its creative potential for video editing along with its simplicity to use. This app definitely stands well against most other video editing apps with a lot more accessible features. One feature however, which I do find common in other apps is reversing audio, which for some reason this app cannot do. You can reverse videos... but not audio like music or sound effects? Confused why this isn’t a thing. Hope it gets added in eventually, keep up the great work guys!

- Not recommend

This app is pretty bad tbh

- it’s a good editor, but...

it’s a very detailed editor, and one of the best editors i’ve used in a long time, but none of my videos in my photos are being imported. the only way i can get them to import is to export it through another editor. i’ve emailed the give email address about this but i’ve never gotten a reply :/

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- Glitchy but overall pretty good

I’m trying to make an edit as one does with this app but it’s really glitchy. At one point I couldn’t see the photos in the bar things at the bottom they were just black and also it’s lag is awful for me. I was trying to add a transition to part of it and it was super laggy and was taking about 10 seconds to even add the transition. the same thing happens when I try to adjust the length of a photo or video. Aside from that I really love this app. If these glitches were fixed i’d be very happy.

- Please make more transitions!!

Please make more transitions! I would love to have more As I am An instagram editor But other than some lagging I absolutely love this app! It does lag time to time when adding too much effects but I love the animations,the transitions and the effects! Wish you could add more camera transitions and animations too! Like more 3D animations and there is no watermark. I was very shock that this app is completely free I love that it provides a lot of aesthetic things too! I would rant more But all I got to say is this is one of the best apps!

- Great video making app but...

This app is great. I used to use iMovie but then I saw This. This is the best mobile video making app in my opinion. But there’s one thing that needs to change. I can’t copy the video I made, and put it on my google drive, or put it in my camera roll. Would you please add that. I want to be able to put it in a folder. And also, there needs to be a share button. I want to be able to share my beautiful creation. But I can’t. Please add these things, it’ll make things a lot easier

- Easy to use for smooth edits!

I don’t normally write reviews, but I just had to say how much I adore this app that gives us quality editing tools and it’s all FREE. I’ve already made a few edits with it and my favorite part is definitely the ready-to-go transitions and effects that make it fun and easy for beginners (like myself). The only thing I wish for is more transitions for the In and Out options, and I want to be able to use them both on a single clip. Other than that, great app! Keep up the work!


I love this app and all, but there is a bug that is very crucial. I was creating a project (under a minute) and I put a lot of pictures in it. When I left the app and reopened it, I couldn't open my project at all. I tried everything. Offloading the app, creating duplicates, restarting my device, nothing works. I could even open all the other projects, but just not that one. I'm really frustrated and I can't restart the whole project because it's too long. Please fix this problem.

- Yall could’ve done better

I don’t like it kinda because it don’t have a lot of edits. Also, why can’t y’all put a search for the music and, not from the gallery because, we might not have the song and have to go get the song. Also, I feel like y’all should have a lot more stuff. A lot of the editing stuff I have on my phone has a lot of stuff to do. I tried to do a edit but, there was not a lot of stuff as I imagined there was going to be. It was hard for me to find out where stuff was. I am new to this I haven’t explored all of it yet. But, that is all I needed to tell for y’all to fix and get more stuff.

- I cannot re-download

Using this app was amazing. For editing on a phone they really made everything pretty seamless with great quality and a wide range on tools. However, I needed to make some space on my phone and deleted the app to do so. Now that I am trying to re-download it keeps trying to download "kingdom wars" instead. I get a message "you already own this app so no additional charge" then "download kingdom wars on wifi or cellular"? And the App itself never appears on my device. So it appears I can never use it again. Even if I let the game download, I come back and have no way of downloading the app itself.

- Fun until

So I had really really fun times with this app I edited with it and did almost every edit with it so won day I updated my computer and iPad and then I forgot about this and when I remembered the whole thing was different I didn’t know how to do things so basically it kept getting worst until won day I did to effects and then I kept adding and it kept freezing and kicking me out I did another update and it was the same so please stop it from doing this other then that stuff it’s a great app and I will keep using it even tho I have to upload alotttttttttt Friday, November 13 🖤

- Underated

When I got this, I was very impressed with how professional it looked. It’s really good because of the variety of transitions and filters, plus they are all free. It’s really easy to use if you are a beginner and if you like to make fancam, amvs, etc. Also, the ability to extract the audio and the ability to overlay is some thing you wouldn’t normally see for free. My only complaint is how underrated this app is, it needs at least 4.8 stars. I will definitely suggest this app to other people😊


So I've been paying $5 a month for the past 3 years for a Video Editing App that has it all!!! Recently I spent 9+ hours on my largest video with the most editing, only to have the App crash EVERYTIME I tried to transfer it to my Photo/Video storage...🙄😡 So I came across this new App & noticed it contains the same editing features as the $5 deal... & this one is FREE..... So Far So Good... I keep waiting for it to let me down- but SO FAR SO GOOD... Let's Hope I can say bye bye to that old App & HELLO to the $60 a yr this app will save me... ☯️ZenModeling☯️

- WOW🤍

This app is perfect for all your editing needs. I have been using it 24/7 because its so easy to edit with. If you like editing I recommend this app. I told my friend about this app and she was so surprised that this app is so good. She has been trying to find editing apps for her videos so I recommend this one her. She said this is that app that she would like to use from now on. I am so happy with all my videos so far. Thank you CapCut for this amazing experience with your app

- Amazing!

This app is great. Most to everything is free, no ads, and you can literally crop out the watermark. I have a few suggestions though.. Firstly, maybe some new transitions? I would totally be willing to pay a bit of cash for some new transitions. And Secondly, key frames? Sort of odd, but it would def help out while editing. I don’t have any more that comes to mind, but this app is awesome. You should download it! Super easy to use compared to VS. (no hate to them I just am very confused haha 😅)

- I love CapCut but..

CapCut is an amazing editing app! It’s very high quality and pretty easy to work with! It’s probably my favorite editing app! Although it’s wonderful there is one small problem.. With the latest update (2.3.1) the icons at the bottom are more or less frozen. When I try tapping on them it does not work. I’m wondering if it’s a problem with my storage or something on my end or if it’s something on your end. I’m also wondering if it’s happening to anyone else. Please look into that! Thank you!

- Cool but needs some work...

Ok at first I loved this app it has awesome effects and such, but I want to maybe suggest some things to add and talk about somethings to fix. It would be cool if we could have a bigger music library because most of the sounds are basic and arent really that great. And also maybe allow longer video times other than just 15min limit ?? That would be awesome and lastly the app has been pretty sluggish not sure if there is a bug but it would be nice if editing would be smoother, i know these things take time but just thought i’d mention them! Thank you :)

- Amazing! but just a one complaint..

This app is really amazing I mean REALLY But every time that I go in for a photo to at or make a new project some of the photos are missing. idk if this is just me but it is really annoying, otherwise this app is everything I need instead of buying the no watermark or premium stuff this app is completely free. I would definitely recommend it. Pls fix this soon if not I am totally ok with this just a little thing I wanted to share...🐻🍯🧇

- I love this app! 😌

I got this app to made edits and it work out (PERFECT) for me! I have been looking for a app that has animations, and let you record your sound and have it in the video as a sound plus more! I gave this app a 5 star because it deserves it, and I would highly recommend this app! But.. there’s just one thing when I crop the video it kinda lags out but, they will probably fix that very soon but over all this app is (AMAZING)! I will use this app forever! 😌✨


I just wanted to say that it’s very annoying and disappointing that you cannot undo the careless mistake of deleting an edit. I ask that you at least wait a week to officially delete it forever and have trash icon tab with the edit being able to be recovered. I spent a lot of time on and edit and made this mistake with not much in mind because most editing apps have this feature. I really hope you get back and are able to help me recover it. Please I really loved this edit.

- Best app ever !!!

At first I was skeptical with this app just thinking it was another video editing app but long story short I’ve been getting into more video editing (I’m a rookie) but wow let me tell you this app is by far the best app I’ve downloaded!! None of that try a free trial everything is perfect unlimited editing and simple editing steps I’m still getting the hang of editing my videos more but wow this app does wonders let me tell you that !! Please never stop making this app lol


this app is REALLLY good all the features, transitions EVERYTHING are good. I love to edit on this app, and as i start adding transitions or even split and make a video shorter it starts to lag and the audio glitches and it gets very frustrating. For example video star, i could do anything on there and it wouldn’t get laggy or glitch at all. I would love to expect that from this app too!! Other than that this app is good and more people should try it out.

- Internet connection error

I’ve downloaded this app yesterday and tried to use it today but when I was working with the app I realized that it’s showing a false error. The app was saying that you’re not connected to internet but I was connected so I thought maybe my internet it’s not working I changed to sim card data but still the same thing. I hope you read this and fix the problem. Since I can see no one is reading and fixing then I don’t care bruh🤢🤢🤮

- Video not exporting well

I recently made a video and the video will come out lagged or behind its sound when while editing it was fine. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not because I usually don’t have problems exporting a video and it being the same as what I edited. But this time the effects are lagged and also the sound doesn’t match the video when in editing mode it is fine, will def change to 5stars when this gets fixed!

- a few suggestions

i love capcut! it has some of the best features i have ever seen in an editing app! i just have a few minor suggestions. 1. maybe make it so that animations can go both ways, if you understand. sometimes i have an animation with a spin that goes left, but the smooth spin animation (spin) only starts out on the right. maybe you could make it so that animations could have multiple ways to go 2. more text animations. here’s the thing- text animations don’t have a wide range of things to do. maybe you could add some of the combo picture/video animations to the text one, because i would really like smoother in/out ones. also maybe make it so you could also add combo animations to text while in and out animations are present thanks! hope you read this :D

- Amazing! But one thing

I love this app to use the bottom of my heart and I will say why first, it’s free and there’s little to no adds. It has loads of effects including things like superhero effects to camera lens to shadows. You can over lay videos and and there’s a great selection of stock videos. So to the creator of this app: great job. But my only request is that you add a green screen setting. This way you could well, use a green screen in your videos. Thanks

- Best app but need to fix the hanging thing

So I always use this app and it’s a perfect app no ads no monthly fee but the only problem is sometimes it’s hanging like today it hang when I tap one of draft project beacuse I did not finished it and it did not work so please help me it’s beacuse of the new update and can you please add more animation beacuse I love your animation and the transitions thank you hope you fix some things but after all it’s my favorite editing app

- Help me

Hey capcut I’ve been using your app for a while been making edit videos and stuff love the app honestly but anyways all of sudden yesterday it’s not letting me use no effects or different text and other things and it’s saying I have no internet connection when I Ik clearly connect can you please help me out cuz I tried offloading the app didn’t work and I even went to deleting it erasing all my stuff still didn’t work please help

- good but needs work

Soooo i was recently editing a video of mine and I had difficulty because the app kept crashing on me. Next I was editing the video when it kicked me out again and when I went back into the app and it said “insufficient phone storage” so i was like, “oh, alright.” So I deleted about 300 photos and when I went back in it still said insufficient storage and I lost about 4 days of work. I was disappointed but luckily i had saved the video before it crashed and picked up from where I had left off. Please fix this issue ASAP!

- Great App!

Hi! I think your app in wonderful. I recently started editing and this app is a great way to start someone off. Though, I do have a suggestion to make this app even better. Could you try adding an account feature? I mean one where you could save all your projects on that account and continue on another device. Thank you for taking the time out to read this and I hope you have a great day/night!! 🤗🤗

- My new go-to video editing app.

I’m a teacher and this year I’m going to, from time to time, need record lessons and messages for my students. I just bought a green screen and was looking for an app with a good chroma key feature. I tried Kinemaster, PowerDirector, and even iMovie. But none of them did what I needed. CapCut did EXACTLY what I was looking for. I don’t know how this app is FREE, but I’m not complaining!!! 🤣🤣🤣 A+ app that I HIGHLY recommend to everyone reading this review!!!

- Amazing!!

I friend told me about this app and I thought it was a waste of time at first, but it Is amazing. There are layers, Its 100% free, and they have tons of transitions, stickers, and filters. Not to mention it has NO WATERMARK which I think is insane. The only problem is the audio/songs, it’s pretty bad quality but I usually use another editing app to add the audio and then I crop it. So it’s not really an issue with me! Overall 100% recommended

- Everything you could ask for

I did a highlight reel of my football season with this app and it’s is so nice it had all the things I could ask for like slow mo reverse special effects such as an explosion fire and lightning different filters and other cool effects. So far this app is amazing and the best editing tool I have ever used. Theres also no ads and I didn’t crash once. Also all the features are completely FREE🤑🤑

- needs some changes.

this app is amazing! I love it has no watermark, has filters, you can add your own sound and so much more! but I hope you can make a update to fix some bugs. it never really loads, whenever I close out of the project it saves but it doesn’t load all these mini pictures in my edit (if that makes sense). and so I keep hanging to redo it over and over again but sometimes I have to go and if the project doesn’t load I can’t finish it. please respond to this and please change this.

- Wow

This app is like... WOW. You don’t have to pay for anything, no ads, no premium, and the transitions are REALLY good. There are so many things you can do. There is no watermark, HECK, its ASKS yoy if you want to add the watermark, no payment. You can also grap audio’s from vids on your phone or use one of theirs which is really nice.I do t see any problems with it. If you are a person who likes to make edots of tv shows, people, or something like that, try this app.

- everything I want but

This app is great, it has so many high quality options to edit all the whole being free! Though it would be nice to have the function of splitting screen with two or more vids, some of the editing I want to do require this so I have to do it on a different app, which is a bit annoying but not a big deal I guess. It’s just nice to have everything in one app so it’d be fantastic if this function is added! Otherwise I’m very satisfied!

- There’s a little problem

I really love this app. The effects and all but recently it doesn’t let u download the effects which I found weird I thought it was only me but I texted my cousin and the same thing goes for her. And I don’t know what caused that to happen bc yesterday the app was working fine. I deleted and downloaded it again and I still got the same problem. Can you please fix this?

- Pretty good

It used to be my go-to app whenever I wanted to edit something. It’s worked well for the 3 weeks I’ve been using it, but now I can’t use any transitions, effects, animations, etc. because the app tells me that I’m not connected to the internet, even though I am. I’ve tried disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting, and I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, but I still get the same pop up saying I’m not connected to the internet.

- One Problem

This app is amazing! We get to use everything on the app for free, and there’ no watermark. There is one problem though, so every time I edit, and try to playback the audio is delayed and the sounds don’t sync up. But when you export it, all the sounds are in sync, and you can also just go back a little bit in the recording. So besides that problem, I think Viamaker is great!

- Best App Ever, Recommend To Anyone!

So usually I’ve been having issues with other editing apps & came upon this one, I really didn’t think of anything at first until I made a small music clip & let me tell you I was actually in shock that I made such thing. I would recommend anyone to use this app, if I still haven’t convinced you then at least give it a try & see how it goes. I promise you won’t regret it. <3


I can’t believe it’s free and I’m surprised they’re still adding a few more more things. There is one problem tho it lags a bit and I can’t use the effects for some reason. If I try to use any effects I didn’t download it keeps on saying I’m offline when I’m literally in the same room as the WiFi router and my WiFi is on. Can you please fix this problem, I would really appreciate it

- Best app to edit

This app is so easy to use like neon it makes everything so easy for you just press a few buttons. You can also make you own like it’s so easy to the sound to making a zoom in and out it’s so easy I love this app so much it’s the app that I will use to edit and it shows the thing that you tubers use when they are like please stand by or something like that I’m in love ❤️

- "No wifi"

Ive been using capcut for a while, but yestereday it stopped working for me. When i tried to click effects or animations, it said "no internet connection, try again." however, my internet was perfectly fine. I didnt know why it did this, so i just deleted the app and reinstalled it, yet it still didnt work. I also downloaded it on my another phone, and it worked there. is there anything i can do to fix this?

- Quite Fascinating 🥰 ( Free Transitions )

First off, I would like to say thank you so much for giving us all the opportunities to edit like a pro this app has really help me have better editing skills but the only problem that lags is whenever I edit my videos I noticed that the transition don't go along with the beat of the song but it'll catch up overall this app is truly the best thing EVER KEEP 👏🏽IT 👏🏽UP👏🏽😤🔥💗

- There is some problems

So all works good EXCEPT for overlay and sticker. My screen is not glitching I turned my phone off 3 times and re-download CapCut 5 times. I tried pressing the sticker or overlay option but NONE work. It would be amazing if you update this. All good just some options doesn’t work. I have been experiencing this for 2 days and it’s still not working. I like making edits for kpop and now my FAVOURITE app is now not working. Thank you

- Some problems..

So this app is AMAZING don't get me wrong. I've been having this app for abt 2-3 months now and all of a sudden it doesn't work. It doesn't let me do anything except add audio and multiple videos and photos. Doesn't let me do overlays, stickers, text, and the other things you can do. It's really devastating and I honestly really need it to edit. I've tried deleting it and reinstalling it, closing it and opening it, and even power off my phone. Idk if it's my phone or it's capcut. But please fix whatever's going on. Please and thank u<3 -Sugey ❤️

- It’s great I love it!

Ok so I’m a gacha tuber and I use this on all my memes. I love the effects and transitions. It makes my videos much better quality. The only bad thing is that sometimes it won’t let me add images but I just have to delete the tab and re open the app and it’ll be normal again. It’s only a small glitch with an easy solution so I don’t mind it. So yeah I recommend the app and I love it.

- Good but it strted to act up....

The app is amazing!, I use it to edit all my roblox TikTok videos. I stopped editing for about a month and I come back to the app to edit a new video but for some reason it wont let me press any buttons at the bottom if that makes any sense. For example the Format button it wont let me press it. I’ve already reset the app and just incase I even deleted the app and re downloaded it. I’m not sure whats going on but yea.

- Pretty good but stopped working later on

This app was actually really helpful! I joined a 30k follower esports team as an editor! I did it, working on montages everyday. Then one day, it stopped working. So my first thing I tried doing was deleting it and then downloading it back. I did that,and then the same thing happened! I checked for updates, no updates. Now I can’t use any effects,texts,or speed or anything else. Please respond

- Stunning work!

This app has all you need for editing and is absolutely free, it hasn't crashed on me once and it has audio editing too! Id recommend it even for beginner editors because its so easy to use! There's plenty of transitions, animations, and effects for audio! You can adjust clips and even edit the amount of contrast, shadows, hue, ect. I love this app and use it for all of my editing needs

- Read this!!

This app is the BEST editing, it has every sticker you’d want, any transition, anything!! It can be hard at first because you don’t know what to do or how to do it, but once you get to know it’s literally awesome! And.. it has no watermark! Every app I had was horrible because I couldn’t afford their price, and it’s free which makes it awesome, so you can be happy and don’t waste money!!

- I love this app more than I love myself

Bruh CapCut is literally to the death of me, first no ads!!!! Second, everything is like free and the transitions omg 💀💀💀 I love them so much. (the animation ones haha) CapCut is feeding us well with these amazing animations. I use this app with cute cut pro, and it just works so well. There’s also no watermark which is a big thing. I am so glad I came across this app. I will be using this app for edits later on 🧍‍♀️

- I love this app so much!

I downloaded this app cause I saw someone’s edit on instagram and it was really good and they said that they used this app so I decided to try it out and to my surprise I can use all of the features on this app for free! I used to play for premium on another app but after seeing all that this app has to offer I have realized I am much better off using this app from now on!

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jake ❁

oh don't mind the capcut logo at the end this video was very rushed

luke / neil 🏳️‍⚧️ ceo of patbat

i really said “why do you hate gay people” at capcut wtf 😭

Mari/Angel | Semi-ia for olympiad

SM is really low budget for this Beyond Live. So little VR effect and reused set and capcut VCR. Prev beyond live was better 😔😔😔

rianne⁷ 🍓s aimee D3 🧸

@SeokjinieG @lyricfallinlove hi use capcut ^^


@shinireitakenoL @CEOofFireForce CapCut and if u need some tips(I’m not an expert so Idky u need help from me 😭💀) and shit but yeah


@CEOofFireForce The app I use CapCut since it’s my first time

kissy loves clara

@debntrikru capcut amg

Mari/Angel | Semi-ia for olympiad

SM is romantically interested with Capcut and Picsart

Mari/Angel | Semi-ia for olympiad

SM and their sexual tension with Capcut

Mari/Angel | Semi-ia for olympiad

I thought the VCR gonna be cooler but Editor-nim decide capcut vcr is enough

𓀞 𓀠 𓀡 ᴍ ɪ ᴄ ʜ 𓀢 𓀤 𓀥

@tanyainrl Capcut nder


@imliyanaaa_ Inshoot, capcut, mojo sama snow🤔

Mari/Angel | Semi-ia for olympiad

SM editor looks like they use Capcut free for editing their VCR

1.2K Dee 👁

@AyoDribbs Use CapCut to edit bro

| HBD Siva na |

@rrrraaaatttt Inshot + capcut

CapCut 2.6.0 Screenshots & Images

CapCut iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CapCut iphone images
CapCut iphone images
CapCut iphone images
CapCut iphone images
CapCut iphone images

CapCut (Version 2.6.0) Install & Download

The applications CapCut was published in the category Photo & Video on 2020-04-14 and was developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd [Developer ID: 1497663561]. This application file size is 178.18 MB. CapCut - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-12-18 current version is 2.6.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lemon.lvoverseas

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