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- Please fix!

So I’ve been watching series lately, and noticed the episodes are mixed up same with the names. Most of them aren’t even in order so I’d appreciate if it was fixed, Thank you!


I love this app so much I’ll give it the 5 stars because it has every movie I love but a lot of my favorite shows are there but there’s a lot of episodes I can’t watch because it keeps saying “NO SOURCES FOUND” some show but not all it has been stopping on me constantly too so please fix these problems, but other then that amazing❤️ thank you

- Great app but.....

Great app it’s like soap2day the thing I don’t like about watched is that there’s no cast button and sometimes any of the server doesn’t work on what I’m watching


I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS APP. I can watch almost any movie I want. Any time I want. It’s such an amazing app I love seeing the movies I want just pop up on my screen! I love whoever made this! Thank you!

- Its an amazing app with a little technical difficulties

It have like almost every movie and show but if its not an American flag the movie or show will be in a different language but other than that i find it really awesome

- 4stars

I love this app so much it has everything I want but could you let us flip the screen

- Please

Please please please please put the app. Up to date because I want to watch the Harley Quinn show so badly and I’m broke and this really helps me so please I beg of you

- Love the app but....

Love the app but I wish you can cast it to a tv. Hope in the future we can do this.

- What I think about this app

I love that but sometimes the languages change

- Channels

Could you guys please please add fox sports soccer plus and can you guys fix Chelsea tv please if would mean a lot to me guys cheers!

- Amazing

Thank you for adding tv channels, just made this app my go to.

- Fix!

I can’t watch Lords of Dogtown!!

- Best app I used

This is the best app please buy this app it’s free and good


You can watch ANYTHING on this app and it’s all FREE and there are NO VIRIUS’S!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!


okay this app is a great app all movies I need to watch and yes it will say connection lost but you just move it to another sever form the United States but I noticed a huge bug you guys need to fix ASAP so I wanted to watch the movie “everything everything” and it had the right title right picture and correct description so when I played it I noticed they weren’t the characters and it was boring so I said maybe she’s reading something but 10 minutes past and nothing changed so I skipped and skipped and it was not the movie “everything everything” it was another movie so then what I did was some research and it was totally different movie and it was called “Everything beautiful is far away” which is clearly not the movie so I searched up that movie and it was playing the same movie it didnt make sense so I deleted and downloaded the app again and every 10 seconds it would lag and load so I couldn’t watch my movies good cuz it kept on loading Also after reading the rates and reviews it’s kinda sketchy maybe there stealing your info and Some said that it was an illegal app but it’s copyrighted so who knows so be plzzzz be careful god bless you have a good day or night

- It’s not working

It’s keeps saying no channels found




of course there’s the basic problems like if an episode or movie doesn’t have a U.S flag it’ll be in a different language or there’s a ‘NO SOURCE ADDED’ thing pops up those issues would be very helpful if. they were fixed. but my main issue is i HAVE to watch on my phone because i can’t connect my iphone to my tv with AIRPLAY, because there’s no option. it would be VERY useful and more of a better experience for me personally to watch something on my big tv other then a small phone screen. & plus i need my phone for things well wanting to watch a movie i can’t on other network providers. so yes if that can become a option on the app i’d change my review from a 4 STAR to a HUGE 5 STAR!

- Over the top amazing!

This app is over the top amazing! I watch movies and shows almost every day on this app. It’s making me hard to decide if I should stop my Netflix account, it’s that great. I love how there is endless varieties and possibilities as to what I wanna watch! If they can update the app and put a setting where you can airplay on the TV or smart TV that would be amazing! If you’re thinking about getting this app don’t hesitate I highly recommend, I am not usually one to review apps ever, but this app deserves a five star review. I hope the developers can update the app and add more in-depth settings and options and maybe even updating the app icon to something more colorful or vibrant! Thank you for not making us have to pay and thank you for making this app possible! I’ve had this app for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love this app!

- Please fix the Favourites collection

I have spent almost an hour searching up my favorite movies and series to favorite them so i can eventually watch them later or some time, but the thing is i have favorited so many that i noticed when i scroll all the way down on my favourites, they only show me a certain amount and NOT each and every film i have liked yet when i search the ones that don’t appear it already shows that it has already been marked as a favorite they just dont show up anymore though. Could there by any chance be an update where i can be able to view ALL of the movies and shows i’ve favorite please.

- Great but not brilliant

I’ve been loving watching movies on this app and it worked without falter for the first couple weeks. Nothing was stalling, everything loaded in good time, and the subtitles were solidly decent in that they were only SLIGHTLY delayed. Then it stated getting funky. The subtitles would be almost 10 SECONDS off and most annoyingly, videos would play for a couple seconds, stop to load for a few seconds, and then play for a couple seconds. I thought it was maybe because I wasn’t at home at the time but when I was back at my house with solid WiFi and data the same thing happened. PLEASE FIX THIS OR GIVE ME SOME TIPS

- The app is awesome but need more save space

The app is amazing but when I save a lot of movies at once to the favorites section it gives me a limit cause when I would go back to try to watch a movie or a specific movie I don’t see it then I would have to look it up again and save it back again because there’s not a lot of space all I’m saying is I need more space so I can watch awesome movies everyday I still don’t see all the movies that I have saved in favorites it’s like it’s some type of limit on it to the point that I can’t add any more movies or shows please fix it please

- Great app but a few problems

Love the app but a few problems. On some shows episodes if there is not an American flag the episode won’t be in English and if I put subtitles they don’t work, so I have to skip the episode. Also on a few episodes it says no sources found so I Also have to skip the episode. If possible please fix this issue, other than those problems great app. Edit: it’s been about 4 days since since I downloaded the app now all of a sudden on a few episodes it plays the episode and then 5 seconds later it’s loading, plays the episode and then 5 seconds later it’s loading, and that’s repeats over and over again. Please fix this ASAP.

- Freezes and loading

I have really good and stable Internet and it holds up to 12 devices around the house and there are only two people living in this house so you can pretty much tell what my problem is this app freezes too much whilst trying to watch a movie then it loads but I have really good internet so it can’t be the internet WiFi this idk what to call it is making me get annoyed I don’t mean to sound rude but please get this bug fixed as a soon as you can as it would be pretty appreciated Overall the app is great I have recommended to a few friends

- Many great titles but series have episode repeats

I have tried a couple different tv series and run into the same issues every time. I watch for instance “A Discovery of Witches” episodes 1&2 play fine in English. Go to episode 3 and it is actually episode 2 again. Try to skip episode 3 and play episode 4 and it is also episode 2 again?!? Same thing happened with the show “The Alienist”. It’s almost as if the “memory” that keeps your place if u pause an episode gets stuck or something. I finish an episode and hit stop then try to start next episode and it is the last episode again it’s frustrating. Wish this could be fixed.

- fix favorites list

i LOVE this app, but there’s one problem. i’ve added so many movies to my favorites list that it won’t show them all when i scroll down. this needs to be fixed because i don’t remember everything i put on the list so how will i watch them all? also it would be nice if there was a “skip 10 seconds forward” button while watching. but otherwise, the app is easily the best app i’ve used for watching any free movie!


This is an amazing app it has every movie and show you can think off from 2020 new to the 1990’s. Sure it has its problems like a little glitchy but that’s rare sometimes it may just be my internet but overall it is a amazing app and I recommend it to people who have trouble paying for Netflix or any app with movies. A reminder this app is 100% free and it is great if you’re trying to binge a movie or a show you don’t have to sign up or pay for ANYTHING !


impressive selection, but i can across two problems. PLEASE FIX‼️ 1. CONNECTION LOST? please fix!! i have been using this app for a week now and the connection lost issue has just happened and it won't let me watch anything! will edit when it is better PLEASE WORK! edit: it's better :))) • i was trying to watch season 2 episode 3 of la casa de papel/ MONEY HEIST and i when i press on the american flag server, meaning it should have english subtitles like the past episodes, the audio is SPANISH • the SECOND issue: so when i saw that the episode was not in english, i just thought that it's fine since i can out english subtitles - this DID NOT WORK. therefore i cannot watch the episode. how can you say this is free to all people and claim it's english with the american flag, and have the episode in english? - on TOP of that, english subtitles do NOT WORK *ps, only season 2 of money heist is out, there are 4 seasons :( PLEASE FIX ASAP🆘🆘🆘

- Servers

This app could be great. HOWEVER,you have to click on at least 3 different servers before show will play. That’s if there are any U.S servers in the 1st place. Half the time I find one that will play then it freezes and starts playing,freezes and starts playing. Some things don’t have any servers at all. The last thing I tried to watch had one server and of course it didn’t work. I appreciate that there are things on here I can’t find anywhere else but it doesn’t do any good because I can’t watch them. If they could fix these problems then this app would be awesome.

- Subtitles

Overall this app is AMAZING, you can watch literally ANYTHING you want to! The only thing that i’ve had issues with is that there are so many subtitle choices and some of them don’t tell you what it’s saying if it isn’t speaking in english. For instance, if you watch Game of Thrones, in season 4, if you want to be able to understand the valerian language then you can’t because there is no subtitles that tell you what it’s saying! Other than that this app is great!

- Amazing

It is amazing, shared with all friends but having a 15 second back thingy would make it so much easier to use and the scroll wheel moves too quickly so it would be good if you could make it so that you have to scroll, you can’t just tap a place in the movie to make it less easy to lose your place. Also captions are a bit ahead and I don’t know how to fix it

- I want to be able to watch it on my tv

The only reason i’m rating 4 stars is because i would live to be able to connect whatever i’m watching to my tv now i have both chrome cast and roku and i would love to be able to connect it with my tv instead of having to watch a while series or movie onto my phone so please change it it would be very appreciative.

- Same problem as others people with the connection

I just downloaded the app and like every couple of minutes it pauses my movie and says that there is a problem with connection and an issue opening the server even though I have full bars. Can anyone help? Thanks! Edit: not it is randomly stopping and going every couple of seconds and it is super annoying. Can anyone help? Thanks!

- Help me please

So like I think this app has a bug because before it was fine it was working and I was happy but now it’s acting weird it logged me out and said connection lost even though i have a full set of bars and cell phone service then when I try and type in my url it says connection lost and won’t let me in then I deleted the app thinking it’ll reset or something but it still said that and still doing the same thing so I thought it’s just my phone so turned it off completely it still doesn’t work so if you have any suggestions please help me or fix it please and thank you.

- Loveeee✨❤️❤️

I love this app so much. It has all shows/movies that you want to watch. There is no problem with it but one. The one problem there is, is that when I am watching, the video will stop and load every second in the beginning of the show or movie I am watching. I wish for that problem to be fixed. But other than that, this app is a 5 star. ✨🥳

- Best app ever to stream on

I have only had this for 1 month but over all this is the best app to watch movies on Netflix doesn’t have any of the old movies but this does and one of my favorite movies cane out and it was on here as soon as it did the quality is great if you have good internet it has all the shows as Netflix does and more so I highly recommend downloading this


I love this app so much!!!! You can get a bundle from anywhere and search up different movies and tv shows from Netflix, Disney plus, and others. I don’t even need a membership to anything! I can just used watched. Here’s a small problem. It’s unavailable with roku tv, the tv I have. I searched it up, but no watched. It’s ok, love this app. But wait, is this illegal to use? Or is it a scam???

- now i can watch all of my favorite shows for free!

it’s not perfect, but it’s far better than having to pay like 30 dollars for a VPN that doesn’t even work. it’s really easy to use. you search for your show, then click the server with the same flag as your country, then binge all day long! (make sure you have an internet connection)

- Good but needs some corrections

Great app, but things are mislabeled. I was watching a show on season seven, finished one episode and went on to the next, but the next wasn’t actually the next, but an episode from an earlier season. The other links for the same episode were to a completely different show. Also, a couple of the movies that are claiming to be one movie, are actually a different movie.

- It’s great but...

I downloaded the app around March and it’s been working just perfectly but recently I deleted with the intent on downloading it right back but now I’m not able to download. The app is still in my phone but it’s not opening and when I try to delete it, it still says on the appstore that I still have it on my phone. It can’t delete and itcan’t open. Is there a way to fix that??

- Few problems!

Love the app , it’s absolutely amazing ! Just one thing that gets me frustrated when it says “No sources found” & that means i have to skip that episode. Like for example “Bad Girls Club” i have to skip all the way to 9 bc the other episodes can’t find sources. So can u please fix this or update it please & thank you ! but beside that i think netflix should be embarrassing bc this app is absolutely ridiculously amazing!!

- Great app! But two things missing...

I love this app! It works great on my iPad. But there are two features missing that would make this worth five stars. 1. There should be an option to airplay/chrome cast what you’re watching 2. Having the picture-in-picture function would be awesome so you can watch something and use other apps at the same time Other than that, the app is amazing!!

- Questions

Kindly let me know if using this app is legal. I enter in the URL which I got after searching online and now am able to stream anything within this application. I’m just surprised how this could be possible without paying anything. I have just downloaded the app today however I wouldn’t want to do anything that isn’t legal.

- Would love to see this update

Absolutely love it and I can find all my favorite movies and TV shows and also new movies that I’ve wanted to watch BUT The only problem I have with this app is that you can’t connect it to a TV. I’d rather watch my favorite movies and TV shows on a big screen instead of staring at a little screen on my phone. If you guys fix that , It would be a definite 5 star app.

- Few Bugs

I watched a movie one night then went to watch it again a couple weeks later and it no longer played but instead showed “Fail to Stream” and the movie just wont play, also a couple shows i’ve found are only in other languages than english which i find frustrating since they’re american shows

- The Movies won’t load for me

I really love this app and it has everything I want to watch but when I’m trying to watch a movie, it pauses, or needs more time to load, and I’m never allowed to watch a movie without it pausing every 2 minutes. However when I watch a show it’s perfectly fine. Another thing is I can’t watch on my tv so I have to watch on my phone or iPad

- What’s going on?

I downloaded this app. Trust me I was so happy I can finally watch movies I haven’t seen or shows I been dying to watch.. now I watched a movie last night on it. I open it today to watch a show I been wanting to see. It said connection lost? Then I thought maybe if I Undownloaded and redownloaded maybe that would fix it. It did not. I typed in the server and it said it had a user error. What is the problem? I didn’t do anything to it.

- 10/10

I have been searching for years, and I mean YEARS, for a specific show that Netflix removed long ago to now learn that this app has it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have come across 0 problems in this app. Even if I did it would have to be a big problem for me to even consider deleting or anything. I’m so thankful you have no idea 😂

- It is good but no episode or movies I want.

At first when I downloaded this app I was like this is amazing, spectacular but now when I want to watch my series some of the episodes are not there. And when I want to watch a movie that I want it is not there so can you please add some more episodes and add avengers civil war. I didn’t watch it so I wanna watch it. But at last it is still an amazing app thank you😊

- It’s great but one problem

It’s a great app but whenever I watch a tv show it would keep showing the same previous episodes if not the wrong episodes instead of playing what it’s supposed to play. Teen Titans and ghost adventures currently have that problem and I would really like to watch those shows. On the other hand, I have no problem with movies they preform adequately.

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- PiP Support?

App is good and all. But would love it even more if they supported picture in picture on iphones. Any of the developers able to tell me if it will happen and about when?

- good but...

it’s good i love it i’ve used it for about five months, it was great until recently, i tried to watch various tv shows, such as scream queens and scooby doo, but every time i try it says something like, fake play button didn’t work, or whatever- essentially it just doesn’t work with shows 😐

- 4/5

I really enjoy the app. Occasionally it won’t work for a day but other than that it’s pretty good

- so close

it is really good but I find it difficult to have to rewind without a 15s button. Having this would prevent skipping a lot of the movie to get it to the exact place where you want also I find it extremely annoying when you are in the middle of watching a movie or show and then pause to go to bed or etc. but then you can’t find where you were up to so it would be so helpful if they kept track of where you left off from.

- Can’t watch I want

I’m trying to watch The boys superhero show season 2 episode 5 but it doesn’t play it instead it plays another show??😡 and it’s not in English so can they please fix it

- Stable

Great app on iPhone and on iPad. Keep up the Great work!!!!

- It doesn’t work

The urls say it’s wrong if anyone knows the URL can they tell me please

- Cool

Hi your app is cool

- One problem

i got the app yesterday and was really happy with it, except for the fact that today I can’t watch anything because it says “Connection Lost”. I deleted and then re-downloaded the app but that didn’t work. Is there any way to fix this? I am reallly happy with the selection of movies and tv shows and would like to watch them again

- Almost got 5

Hi, your app is quite good. But it lack alot of features. Please add, 15 sec rewind and forward in app. Its the most essential thing. Try changing UI to easier design. Its good but could be better. It has a lot of connection issue. Please solve that too.

- It’s ok

I think this app is pretty good. I’ve had it for about a month and it seems to work fine until now when I start a new episode it is rlly glitchy and stops every couple of seconds. Then around 20 minutes into the episode it will play normal. I hope they can fix this problem. Even though this happens I still think this is a good app and you should definitely get it

- suggestion

I’m in love with this app but adding chrome cast will make this app ten times better because I watch this on my phone and it’s really small but if you add chrome cast it would make it better

- S

I am watching a show but in the middle of it is says connection lost could you help as I don’t know how to fix this problem other than that it is amazing

- Easy to Navigate

I used this app to watch shows that are not available on Australia’s streaming services. I’m really happy with it. User friendly. Eg. Very easy to add and control subtitle.

- It’s so good

I can watch most of my movies/series in English and it’s mostly never glitchy. I’ve only seen 2 episodes that are glitchy

- Suggestion

I think it would be good to add a chrome cast feature so that ppl can view it on tvs and not just smaller devices

- A Suggestion

Can you add download to photos feature

- Show not working

I’m trying to watch an episode of Star Wars the clones wars but it shows up with an episode of a previous season.

- Error

you can’t watch some of the episodes for example like love victor episode 5,7,and 9. It happens with some movies as well said source were not found

- This app is awesome

I LOVE THIS APP it is so easy to do but one time it said connection loss and it wouldn’t let me watch anything for a week

- amazing

I love it it has everything but im scared because i hope its trustworthy

- Add chrome cast

Please add option to chrome cast !

- It’s okay and not

This app honestly needs to stop having stutter issues. it’s really annoying when i’m watching then all of sudden it starts stuttering to load.

- Prob one of the best apps

It’s jus the buffering for me, I can manage with the rest

- It’s ok

They could improve because it takes forever to load

- Chromecast!

Can you please add chromecast. Also for some of the Bollywood movies their in a different language. Please make in Hindi or any language it is as well as subtitles please.

- Glitchy

They have a good range of movies and shows. But it’s choppy and has to load for a bit every ten seconds or so. If it ran smoothly it would be an amazing app

- German??

This app is great I can get my show I could watch on Netflix but there is a problem it says that the subtitles are in German and I cannot change it to English

- Not good

I was watching a movie on the app and this weird creepy shadow figure popped up on the screen and started walking around so I deleted it straight away

- Bug issue

Every time I go on the app it keeps crashing 😡😡

- screen cast

i think the app is great but it would be better if you added an option to be able to screen cast to different devices not just be able to watch it on your phone.

- shows not working?

i’m trying to watch an episode of a show and it keeps playing episodes i’ve already watched instead. other than that very helpful

- chromecast

this is a wonderful app but the only thing it’s missing for me is chromecast. if this feature was added this’d be perfect, thank youuu

- sources not found

it says on MOST movies/shows sources not found i thought this was a good app but idk anymore i can’t watch much at all

- ?

I heard this app is illeagal in Australia plz answer me

- Not that good

It doesn’t let me watch some movie

- It’s a great app but one thing...

It’s a great app, I love the tv series and movie selections but on some of the movies or tv shows it says 20000m extended. What does that mean? So if you could fix this it would be highly appreciated

- Loading

Too much loading I hate this

- Best app.

Love it, but wish there was Chromecast on it. Please!!!

- Cromecast

It’s required chrome cast and its very helpful to cast straight to tv

- no subtitles

this app is great but there are no subtitles for foreign movies like korean ones. even though there are choice to have subtitles, that doesn’t work.

- Waste of time

Movies lag like no tomorrow waste of time

- eh

all the anime’s are in spanish and the shows take ages to load

- Good


- 👌🏽

POV: U came from tiktok

- Problem

I typed in a URL and it says anylized failed when I was using the same code just 2 days ago please help but other than that it’s really good

- Best App Ever!

This app is absolutely free and easy to use. It is straight forward. With the code up you are able to watch everything. The quality of the videos are very good. This is the free and better version of Disney plus, Netflix and Stan. I would highly recommend using this app.


I love this app, the only problems I have are: Sometimes it stops every five or so seconds and that can get annoying There isn’t any 10-15 second forward or backwards feature You can’t go straight to next episode you have to click out of it and then press the episode but it’s not really that big of a deal It does have most movies but there’s one in particular that I rlly wanted to watch that wasn’t there (time and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio) but then again it’s not too big of a deal The code. If I didn’t get the code from my friend I probably would’ve deleted the app. I mean all of it’s free so why do we need a code? I’ve just gotten the app and I can’t seem to find a place where o can crest a watch list, although that might just be me cause I downloaded the app a couple days ago. 🦋🦋 things I liked: It is absolutely free, a friend of mine gave me the code for it and I can finally watch legacies and I can rewatch some of my favourite. It’s pretty good quality, you can see and hear things clearly. It gets movies and shows really quickly it hasn’t even been a week since lucifer fifth season came out and it’s already one there. I have Netflix and Disney plus as well but the annoying thing about that is neither of them have nearly as many options as watched. I mean seriously name any movie and I promise you it’s there. I seriously recommend getting this it’s free, it’s got a wide range of movies and shows( some are even from Netflix and Disney plus, which you probably wouldn’t find that easily) no member ship of any sort, HULU.TO is the code I’m pretty sure.

- Tayla

The show I’m trying to watch is teen mom uk and it are definitely show and it pissing me off I just got it and it needs to be fix or and update for it

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- Lag

Its a really great app but ever two seconds it starts lagging for no reason and its not my wifi so if you can please fix this it would be a 5 star 100%

- Langue

Votre app est génial mais certaines séries ou films ne sont pas en français donc je pense que douvez améliore ce niveau la , et nous permettre de régler la vitesse du film

- Pausing

Even though I have a huge amount of movies and shows to watch it keeps glitching and pausing every second

- Ability to download

Add the ability to download videos, please!



- Code

The code is

- Great app

Use code . Please add forward and backward option to the media player. I don’t see any other issues with this app.

- Not available on Mac

Really good app, works extremely well! But could you please make it available on the Mac App Store?

- Little prob

I really like this app and it works great. It’s just sometimes it crashes and loads forever and doesn’t work even though my wifi is good

- Wifi

Moi à chaque fois que je veux écouter quelque chose sa me dit pas de connection internet et pourtant je me connecte et reconnecte tjr YEN A MARRE

- Déçu

J’adore l’application mais toute fois j’aurais aimer écouter the kissing booth 2 mais il la en plusieurs langues sauf français

- wont even open

well whenever i try to open the app it just stays on the loading screen and nothing happens. i go on another app for about a minute or two and then i go back on watched and i can use watched. but then it says theres no internet connection and i press the button to retry and it still doesnt connect.

- Cast

There should be a chrome cast option please add it

- 🥳

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JAI pas trouve des série sur netflix d’ici (Canada) alors qu’il sont sur celui du states merci cette appli j’avais le seum tout ma vieee

- Worst

This the worst streaming app ever, always lagging. If I could I would give minus 100...

- Would have 5 stars if it worked proper!

Awsome movies selection but as soon as u get half way through the server stops responding and the movie is ruined!

- Awesome app! But one question...

I don’t see Apple TV (TvOS) as a compatible device. Is that true? Or is it just not listed? Can someone confirm? I’m willing to go out and buy a Apple TV box only if this app works on it! Cheers!

- Not working on my tv

Unsure how to get this working on my google Comcast from my iPhone... having a hard time.

- Add sendokai champions please

Can you guy add sendokai champions season 1 and season 2 source that all

- great app

this is a great app and i absolutely love it. the only thing that would make it five stars is if it was compatible with chromecast and airplay. but even without that, i still love it!

- kinda good

I loved it I still do but I couldn’t watch some of my favourite shows but still really good

- Amélioration

Svp ajouter le film été 85 parce qu’il y a que des liens qui ne fonctionnent pas

- Could be better

The app is really great it’s just that some movies and shows don’t have servers and some of the servers don’t work all together. It gets really annoying when there is only one server in your language and it doesn’t even work. I also think that the should be fast forward too. Otherwise the app is pretty good.

- Good

It has all the shows and movies I rate it but how do I fix the quality because it isn’t 1080p that’s for sure.

- Love the app but..

Love the app but can you guys add English subtitles to one punch man season 2? Some episodes don’t have English at all

- I can’t put on an episode

Whenever I put on an episode it takes forever

- It’s good but sometimes it doesnt work

why does it say “source not found” for some movies and shows can you please fix that :( please

- not on chrome web store

shoutout to the people telling us the code, y’all the real ones. anyways please make this available in the chrome web store tryna watch anime on my school laptop in class😹

- Make it available for MAC

hi great app but can you make it available for Mac?

- Mac

That’s a great app for free series and movies but it will be better if y’all put it on a website too so that we can have it on our laptops

- MacBook

Please make it available on MacBook App Store

- Full screen issue

When u put the movie in full screen it goes to the end of the movie then hits error put the full screen box somewhere else

- Ok app

My favourite movies are on here but they lag every 2 seconds 😡

- Great! Honest opinion:

Honestly it’s pretty good and the fact they have diff servers for it, if it doesn’t work! Pretty good but when it’s on my tv there’s sometimes wifi problems etc but on the phone works pretty great I’d give it a 4.5! And like it’s free so why complain. 🔥🦋

- Lapp marche plus. Le ne marche plus!

Le code: ne marche plus!!!

- Amazing

This work 👌

- Amazing

I really really like this app it’s like the best app for movies !!!!!!

- The app works!

Great app hoping for more links

- Free movies and tv shows

Go to the page that says instal bundle and where it says enter URL type the code to get every single movies and tv show for free.

- No longer works

It isn’t working for me

- Please make the dubbing in English

Some series don’t have a English dub in it like anime, it’s all in German, please fix this I wanna watch

- Français

S’est plate car avent il avais des film et séries en français et maintenant il en a plu

- Amazing

Awesome app, use bundle One piece of feedback is to add a 15 sec forward and back button

- Great app

It works flawlessly good app for any show

- “No sources found”

I’m watching a series and some episodes I can’t even watch because it says “no sources found” that kinda sucks bc I’m in a middle of a season and I have to miss an episode.


This app sucks, I was trying to watch a show and it kept on playing a WHOLE different MOVIE!!!!!!

- The show call I-land isn’t playing the correct show.

There is a show called The I-land and a show called I-land. Y’all put The I-land for both of those show when I-land is suppose to be about kpop boy group production reality show by Mnet, and NOT the show from Netflix. PLEASE FIX IT.

- Wrong shows

I tried to watch one show but when I actually hit play it was a completely different show than what was advertised Also if you want to watch anything that’s not in English don’t use this app

- Audio quality

This is a very good app for watching shows, movies and anime. But when I was watching Hamilton, the audio quality was terrible. Also, sometimes while watching a movie, you have to switch servers. Please fix this!

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- Amazing!!!

The app is great but there are a few things that need fixing. Like the streams for example, they are very confusing and don’t always work. After about a good ten or twelve movies in, I have to delete the app and reinstall it so it will work again. Other than a few others things the app is AMAZING and totally FREE. P.S. This app is technically illegal so don’t get it unless you like the FBI knocking at your door.

- Kinda scared...

I’ve been using this to watch a lot of old movies, it’s been working great so far as I have no problems with it at the moment. I’ve read online that it tracks and can sell your information/card, you can even get arrested/charged even. This has scared the hell out of me and will not be using. All a homie wanted to do was to rewatch mid90s and skate kitchen but I digress..

- Connection lost.

It was working perfectly fine when i first got it, loved itt but now it’s says “connection lost”, i deleted and reinstalled it to try to make it work but it didn’t :/ Fix this? Edit: it’s working again i cleared my data or cache w.e it’s called to be able to type in the bundle and it worked lol

- Works Great

It works great the movie selection is beyond what i expected. I see people stating no airplay I too have an iphone I choose the screen imaging option select my TV only complaint the movie is a little dark which I have to adjust manually on my tv settings along with stretching the picture because it does not transmit as a full screen on tv.

- It’s a pretty great app

It’s an amazing app it works fairly well it’s just that if you watch a series it might not be in place. Like if there is only one sever with the American flag then it won’t be the right episode. So you have to watch the episode in a different language with subtitles that are way to early. Either that or you can skip that episode. Other then that the app is AMAZING

- Good app but needs work

This app was good at first, I could watch any movie but not tv shows because they never had a full series in the language I know or they just didn’t have an episode. After a few months of having it nothing is working right now. It says their is a problem but I don’t understand what I need to do to fix it. If they can fix those things, this would be a great app. But rn its ok...

- Loading problem

This is a great app & has many movie choices but after a while the app stops working? Nothing loads and I’m positive it isn’t my WiFi because I have a great WiFi source/speed. It would be amazing if this bug can be fixed, I just found a bunch of movies I’ve been waiting to see and can’t even watch them :(

- it says connection lost after 2 months

i loved this app. It was something that would keep me busy for hours. But today, when I try to get on, it says connection lost. I deleted it and tried to get back on and it says the same thing. I hope that this app will het fixed so that it wont do this anymore but it was fun while it lasted.

- Can you please put this show “Avatar”

Hello, I was just wondering about this show Avatar the last air bender, you guys have it but you don’t have a sever for season one but only season 2 which is in a whole other language, I really wanted my friend to watch it but it doesn’t have a season one and it’s in just one language. Can you please put a season one sever on there and make a sever that’s English and not some other language.

- Bein Sports Usa gone

Overall the app is amazing however I recently noticed that the channel Bein Sports USA is gone and that was the major channel for me because I love soccer so can you guys add back Bein sports USA and also what happened to the favorites. Every time I would like a channel it would be gone. Fix these issue and I will surely change the ratings that I gave you.

- No complete or in order series

If you’re wanting to watch a series that you absolutely can’t find anywhere else don’t bother trying this app either even if it is here. So far I have not found a single series that the episodes are in order or even in the correct seasons. Also several that I’ve tried only have about 3-4 episodes that just repeat over and over again. Will gladly re-rate this app if they would actually take the time and make sure things are actually complete on here.

- App is awesome!

This app is awesome! I love being able to see movies that are difficult to find from years ago and newer ones too. Pretty much anything you can think of is on here. But I’m having an error saying connection failed and user error; Any troubleshooting tips?

- All good .. but

I loved this app from the first time I download it in my phone ... all movies and Series is in there .... with a good quality .. but the problem is in Translation shift time ... the translation don't set in the right scene and I find a difficulty to set in the right scene ... I wish you can fix that or at least make it easier .


whatever you do... DONT GET THIS APP! if i could rate it 0 stars i would. i had it downloaded for almost a month to watch euphoria and i clicked on it one day and everything was gone. i didn’t think into it so i just exited the app. the next day all of my photos completely deleted and my apps wouldn’t open. now i only have 4 of the 5,000 photos from almost 7 years ago. it glitched like crazy when the app worked and now it broke my phone. let’s hope i can get my pictures back!

- Pretty good

I would say this app is pretty good to watch movies and all that but sometimes when it plays it gets glitchy where the it’s playing but i don’t hear anything and sometimes it doesn’t work so I would go out of the app and it would work.

- The best thing ever

Ok here is the best thing I can think of right now this is the best app for if you want to watch movies and shows for free but the down side is if you favorite to many shows and movies it will just not work it’s like blacking the severs because of so much entertainment but over all the best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍

- ❤️

this app is very good when it comes to different types of movies but you guys need to fix how other movies/shows play when that’s not the show you pressed. For example i was trying to watch Station 19 and a whole different show was playing. Also you guys need to fix the “ no sources found “ thing

- amazing app but weird glitch

I love this app and use it everyday but whenever i try to watch a tv series i’ll complete one episode and then the next episode i click, it replays the episode i just watched but with a different title, i hope there will be a fix to this but until then, i’m keeping this a four star.

- Great app all but a few issues

Love the app only thing is I notice when I’m clicking on a next episode it shows a different episode and I tried to search up “talk back and your dead “ and it pops up the only issue is that there’s no server ?? Why does it pop up but you can’t watch it ?? . Please fix .

- loading problems

y’all have a amazing app with all kind of movies I love but when I watch the movies it like every 1 - 2 minutes it loading and it’s getting really annoying and I can’t even enjoy watching my movies without it have to load so many times and it ruins it so please fix y’all app


this app has been working perfectly fine until just now it’s been saying connection lost, but i have full bars and everything else works perfectly fine. i tried checking the app for an update, but it doesn’t need one. when i try watching anything it says error. can u fix this problem please ? i enjoy using this app a lot.

- Connection Lost?

It was working fine and it was so amazing but then all of a sudden it stopped and it said connection lost I tried closing it and opening it again and uninstalling it again but nothing works can you guys help me fix this?

- Need a lot of fixing

So the app had a few problems. You need to get the right episode for the shows. Also when a want to watch my episode I was watching before. There always a message saying playback Error. Also the loading for my movies/ shows are slow to. Please fix that too that all. I would use it more if that was all fixed. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THOSE PROBLEMS.

- Recommendations for the app

It’s a good app to watch movies and shows, but I recommend to please make an app for smart TVs AND laptops. The airplay or screen mirroring is just horrible. As i’m watching, the video starts to go slow or buffer even though the iphone screen is fine. Please make an app for TV’s!! I think more people will use this app!

- Airplay or Chromecast

Please add a airplay or chromecast option!! Me and my family want to watch stuff together but we can’t due to this not being any option. That being said, it’s a great app! It has many options and allows me to watch seasons of shows that haven’t been put out anywhere else.

- Amazing! But needs work

This app is amazing! But the other night I was trying to watch the It movie but it played a completely different movie instead, the weird thing was that the It subtitles were on but it was just the wrong movie! It’s not a huge deal but this is an amazing app!

- Different order

Ok so this app is great but when I try to watch Legend of Korra and Spongebob the episodes are in the wrong order. In The Legend of Korra all the season 1 episodes are the first episode so I have to give it a 2 because I’m not that happy with that. Could you guys fix that? Or if you’re not gonna fix the episodes can you guys just take it off? I was so happy when legend of Korra was on there but now I can’t even watch it.

- Plzz help ASAP

I have had this app for a month or two it’s AMAZING it has all the shows and movies on it, but I had one problem out of nowhere the language changed even tho I put the American flag thing it still was another language. I went back to the episode before that and it was perfect.

- Update

Kept trying did not work left it over night and tried again and it worked easy to use and good quality best app out there really recommend it. Best place to watch movies so excited

- Really???

Downloaded the app, did everything I was supposed to do. The first movie that I searched for came out. Picture was the exact same pic, the info was the exact info as IMDb but when I pressed play it was a totally different movie, in French at that...I tried to select the English subtitles that didn’t work then I tried the Arab subtitles that didn’t work either. If on the first try that is what I get, then no need for me to dig any deeper. Disappointed. Now I’m deleting it. What a waste.

- Good

I really like this app because there are tons of movies and shows that I would have to search up if they’re not on Netflix. But I’m currently watching the show “Friends” and some episodes are from totally different shows or some are from different seasons of that show. That’s the only thing that I have a problem with, but the app is great.

- Really good app

The app so far is the best show and movie app I have used. If you are reading this I prefer for you to use sever 1 🍇. I have strong WiFi so there are no glitches. I can watch movies on the go. Hands down this is a great app. Keep up the great work

- Don’t get This App

It’s Sketchy, And it might just be a coincidence but my ps4 was hacked right after I got the app. I’m just saying not only that but this is highly illegal. It’s your Own Risk Getting The App. On Top Of All That Though, it still did provide me with free good quality videos. About 6 days after getting the app it shut down on me and no longer works. Good luck

- Better than Netflix

I honestly can watch things on here that I can’t on Netflix which is amazing. But I do sometimes get an issue of it pausing over and over. Overall it’s great you can almost watch anything. From Disney movies to shows like American dad or family guy.

- It needs all episodes in English

When I try to watch my favorite shows not all episodes are on english and I don’t wanna skip it also you should add something to skip 10 seconds at a time

- Connection lost

It worked perfectly for the first episode but then it kept saying connection failed so I thought if I deleted and re-downloaded it would work but now it won’t let me in the bundle. Could you please fix it It is working now thank you :)

- Stars and slow

So the star on the app is a bit confusing I’ve looked all over the app to find the ones I stared and can’t find them, now that I’ve watched one movie and a few episodes it’s taking a really long time to load and it stops while I’m watching to load. For the series it sometimes repeats the very first episode

- Flawed

It is a good app and allows you to watch all you favorite shows for free but there is a major problem and that is if you watch a fantasy show with a made up language like the 100 or game of thrones there are not substantials to tell you what they are saying in this made up language this should be fixed

- Bug fix

I love this app it has everything you ever want to watch without paying and now it saying it can’t find file and stuff and forgive me but if it keeps saying that I’ll have to delete the app and I don’t want to bc I love all the shows and everything

- Watch list

I like the app it’s cool sometimes it glitchy but hey if I get to watch free movies I’m fine with that. But after I’m done watching them their just on my watch list and I don’t rlly like it cause I like it keep my stuff clean and organized ik it’s weird but still also some shows and movies I wanted to watch wouldn’t let me watch it for some reason

- Loads so much

There are eso much movies and shows that it’s crazy how this is free. But some shows it says there are episodes but you don’t play they say no source found. But what really made this a 3 star review is that it loads SO MUCH. It’s honestly annoying it loads every 5 seconds. If loading would be fixed this would be a 5 star app

- amazing !!!

this app has all of the movies i’ve ever wanted to watch and it’s COMPLETELY FREE ! this app is unbelievable and i love it. but, sometimes somethings wrong with the servers and you have to wait a bit to watch the movies. but other than that, this app is amazing.

- It keeps saying connection lost when I have full bars

This app is nice but sometimes it says connection lost when I have full bars and it’s really annoying me because I just want to watch my shows. Pls who ever has this problem tell me how to fix it

- Show doesn’t offer my language and replays episodes

I was watching never have I ever and there were like 4 episodes that I could not watch because English was not a language option. I was watching another show and when I would go on to the next episode it would be a previous one.

- works great but

Everything was working perfectly, and I really enjoy using this app but now it’s saying that my connection is lost even though my wifi and data are working fine on everything else. Please fix this :-(

- Rj

Great app but when I try to watch Scooby doo or old shows it says no server responded can you guys fix the problem and every tv show and movie server should be American ok and like old shows like Scooby-Doo it says no sever found pls fix it

- Amazing but...

I love this app so much i use it a lot but I am a person who loves to watch movies on a T.V. So I was wondering if maybe you guys can add something to make it Chromcast cause my family and I have movie nights and if this app had Chromedast it would so much better. Just something to think about

- Great! Quite Laggy though

it might just be because of quarantine and the mass amount of people using electricity, but it feels like my movies or shows freezes so often. It could’ve just unfrozen and frozen right again, this makes watching so much less exciting and not as enjoyable! please try to fix!

- Not bad

It’s loads good and usually plays the movie/show. But some in show when you click to watch the next episode it not even the right show. And all the streams for that episode are like that. It happened to me when I was watching love Victor.

- Great app

One of the most amazing apps out there just perfectly good movies I am so lucky I found about this app because it’s great if there’s not a US flying on this rain that’s fine I can just go find a new one but it’s actually great

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@blossomrare you can most likely watch it on putlocker or 123 movies. but i use this app to watch things:

DB 🥇🤑🇬🇪

@shaggaveIii @rAyAnV1__ It’s free

Scott Evans ➐

@fitzdrcy Wrong link


WATCHED - Multimedia Browser de WATCHED AG pour fana


@jebustilloz @onlythestyles28 WATCHED - Multimedia Browser de WATCHED AG

WATCHED - Multimedia Browser 0.18.6 Screenshots & Images

WATCHED - Multimedia Browser iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WATCHED - Multimedia Browser iphone images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser iphone images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser iphone images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser iphone images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser ipad images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser ipad images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser ipad images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser ipad images
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
WATCHED - Multimedia Browser Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

WATCHED - Multimedia Browser (Version 0.18.6) Install & Download

The applications WATCHED - Multimedia Browser was published in the category Entertainment on 2020-03-08 and was developed by WATCHED AG [Developer ID: 1480063406]. This application file size is 59.05 MB. WATCHED - Multimedia Browser - Entertainment posted on 2020-09-17 current version is 0.18.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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