Home Restoration

Home Restoration [Games] App Description & Overview

Ultimate ASMR game!

Ready to restore houses and sell it to the highest bidder!

Buy ruined houses and make it glow again!
Fill the cracks, fix the floor and clean everything!
Finally, furnish the house and it is ready to sell!


Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2WnrJzi
Terms of use: https://bit.ly/2YSx0QY

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Home Restoration Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello all! We continuously update Home Restoration to create better user experience. - Skins system added. - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Home Restoration Comments & Reviews

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- Too meny adds

Ok soooooooo. I played this app and it was kinda fun but soooooooooooooooo much adds I hate is and the fact that you have to see a video to

- Ads!

I love the game but there are so many adds!

- GG

This game is probably the best game out there.

- Cats

I love this game it is so fun!!

- It’s really cool but the ads

It’s a very cool game but the ads and it’s the same ads over and over again but it’s really fun I would play ever day


There is way to much adds I deleted this game because adds kept coming up U should make a upgrade for no adds


I absolutely love this game, but... This game has TO MANY ADS! This is a good game to use for Apple Pencils that is what I use it for. The only con about this game is that it has to many ads!!! I think you get the point... Well pls write a review if you agree or disagree.🤗stay safe from coronavirus pls😷👍

- Too many ads

I love this app and it’s really addicting, but there is too many ads. Every time you do anything there is an ad.

- Best

I love this game so much. I wish I met you

- Too many ads.

This game is a vehicle for ads. During one home project if loaded 17 separate ads. Twice it loaded ads for the ad. Then once it gave me three at once lol. You get like 1 min worth of gameplay but that one min is stretched over 4-6 minutes because of all the ads you gotta watch after doing the smallest of tasks.

- Ads

Overall I love this game but there are so many ads, other than that I love it

- This is kinda awkward.

So this game is awesome and stuff, but there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads! I mean, don’t get me wrong I love this game but I just wish that there weren’t so many ads. So please take out all the ads or I will delete this game because of you. In other words, this game is awkward and weird. Bye-Bye!

- well....

so i am giving this 4 stars even tho it could be more than that if only you would let the player chose more than just the 3 different choices of furniture at a time. maybe you could let us chose a couch or maybe a chair at times or even a fridge or something like that. also maybe we could make the flour carpet and not just hard floor ok. that’s all for now.

- read this if you’re thinking about downloading 💕

Just got this game and I LOVE IT!! I would give this 5 stars, but there’s only one problem. Ads. There are ads after basically every task, so if you’re looking for a game where you can play without interruption, I don’t think this would be for you. I personally HATE a ton of ads, but the game is so fun I don’t care too much. Thank you for taking time to read my review, hope you enjoy playing! ~Katherine ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I am already on the 2 street THIS GAME IS SO FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN😍😍😍😍😍😍

- I love it 😻 but.........

I love this game but I think it has too many ads every time we try to get something to make the home 🏠 look great it always does ads

- Great

You can learn for this game. And you fix your house and people’s house.

- Love it so much!

It’s so fun and I really love it you can make your own house

- Love the game not the ads!!!

This game is so amazing just play except one thing a lot of ads but still try it out give it a 5 star rating do not listen to the other people they are sooo wrong like what the heck I do not have much to say goodbye

- This game is not fun.

This game is not fun because it cost sooooo much to buy better supplies like a lawn mower is 100k a sadder is 1M that is to much like come on


I love this game but there’s to many ads each time I get something done it makes me Watch an add

- Read Before You Buy

I absolutely cannot stop playing this game, it’s so fun and satisfying, there are so many levels and it’s super addicting. The only problem I have with this app it that there are a lot of adds, usually I don’t mind one or two ads but these are the really long ads and it’s kinda time consuming . Thanks for reading!

- Aàaaaaaaaaaaaa i love it


- To many ads

I hate ads and if you don’t want to see ads every 5 seconds just don’t get it

- Muy bien pero dan mucho anuncio

Mucho anuncio

- Awesome but one thing

This game is amazing you have to get it I love the new update with the upstairs and now back yards but there is only one consern after the new update you get money as you make houses and you pay for new streets please make this stuff a little less expensive and you have to have 1T to buy a FLOORING!! Please make this stuff a little less expensive :) but otherwise download this game it’s awesome

- Just one complaint

There ar lots of adds

- So so so amazing

I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooo much I am glad I got it

- About this app

This app is like a home dream but I give it a 5 because it has way to many adds

- To many adds

to many adds

- Good

Good but many ads. Very satisfying game for some reason. Much more enjoyable than real painting.

- Yay

I love it

- Too many ads

Can’t even enjoy the game without an ad popping up every two minutes.

- Thanks so much

I love this game who ever made it thank you so much I’m going to fix houses when I grow up

- It is awesome 😊😄😁

It is so fun I am so addicted it would be a awesome game for anyone


I understand that it is free but the amount of ads is just ridiculous. The ads are also not age appropriate to the game.

- Great

I really like this game but there are some things I don’t love about it... like how much the tools cost. Like a cleaning tool or a paint roller, in my opinion, shouldn’t cost 1 Million dollars. Another thing is that you only get to choose between three options of furniture, and you don’t get to design the whole room... the game picks half of it for you. Other than that I really like this game! 😁

- Ads

Good game but THE ADS!!!! They are so annoying. I wish you didn’t have to pay to fix a house. It’s just a waste of money.

- Dude like what!?!?

This game equals radical and cool and I can play it all the time in my Prius and like I went green and like yeah!!🤘

- Fine but annoying 😔

To be honest, it’s kinda... meh... it’s fine. I like how you can make it how you want it. The house can look like trash or super pretty. But that doesn’t make it super good. There’s WAY TOO MANY ADS!! There’s some back to back, and ALWAYS offers in your face FOR ads!! why?! LISTEN TO PEOPLE!! Second, it’s just literally dragging your finger across the screen doing stuff. It has a good premise. I feel like that if it was expanded upon, it’d be good. I don’t mind it. But only played for like, 10 minutes.


I was playing this game on another persons phone when these ads came up AND WHEN YOU TRY TO HIT CANCEL GUESS WHAT NOTHING and if you miss click oops there goes 300 dollars. If you read do not download if you don’t wanna be poor

- Awesome

One little problem the teal grass is actually green

- Too many freaking Ads!!!!!

There are so many games on here that could be rated highly if it were not for all these freaking ads!!!!! Whoever it is that makes the decisions to put in so many ads is a freaking brain dead moron! We play the games and when we are tired of playing, we will be in search of a new game! I sure as heck don’t want to play these games that I have been bombarded with Ads for! I really wonder if it’s some brain dead moron at Apple who is doing this to us all! Undoubtedly they need to go back to school for marketing!!!

- Best game ever

It is soo fun and it’s a really good game

- Lot of things wrong

Hi! This is an ok game but their are some huge mistakes. First of all, the adds. They are so bad! Too many ads and not just in the game!! Second of all it is very glitchy. It’s not just my device. Last of all more on ads, I tapped the x on this app with an ad and it took me to the AppStore over and over. Don’t buy unless you have an iPhone i have an iPod

- too much ads!!!

i love this game so much and it’s so entertaining and fun. i love all the different rooms you get to design. but, one thing, the ads. there is sooo much ads. sometimes i get an ad than i put down one piece of furniture or do one thing, right after that, i get another ad. and what’s annoying is that the ads are really long. it would be nicer if you give us less ads that are longer or even multiple ads that are shorter. but other than that, the hame is so much fun and i definitely recommend! 👍🏻👍🏻

- So many adds

Every thing you do is an add. Prepare to paint add, pick paint add, paint an add!

- Lydia

I love this game so much. But there is one tiny problem.....the ads! I know you guys have to put ads on the game to make money but it’s really frustrating on how many there are. But most of the ads let you X out of the game. I will give this game a rive star rating if you guys take off a lot of the ads. Thank you for reading this!😊

- Love it but to many ads

I love this game but way to many ads and the ads just turn me iPad black and kicks me out of the game

- Vibrating phone

It’s pretty good it just vibrates my phone and I don’t like that.

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- Good

Ok but lots of adds and can’t get lots of good furniture


Awesome this is an under statement of how good this game is I can not stop playing it that is how fun it is

- Good

I literally cannot stop playing this game because I am absolutely addicted to it so is my brother!! 👍🏻 👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍💻

- Hihihihhhihi

It’s the best game ever

- This game....

This game is fun and all but after I do something I have to watch any add THIS GAME IS ANNOYING yes it can be fun but there is just so many adds I even had to turn off the wifi on my phone so there was no adds

- Too many ads!!

Game itself is entertaining but there are too many ads!! Two ads show up after every move you make

- Good but bad

This game is good but bad it’s good because it’s good to get you going if you were on a long trip but bad because it can get very boring

- Bruh stop with the ads!!!!😡

Okay first of all this app is pretty good and don't come for me I love playing this game do so so much one of my favorite games but there's just something that's making m want to delete the app and the is the ADS HOW MANY ADS DO YOU NEED WHEN IM JUST ABOUT TO PUT ACCESSORIES TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE IT PUTS A AD THERE ADS EVERY TWO SECONDS PISSES ME OFF SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Love this app

I really do love this app it very fun and all but only for a few days you know i think u should give more options withthe furniture

- My review

The game is good but putting so many adds in makes me not wanna play

- Good game but To many ads

This game has way to many ads; you do one little thing and then... AD! You do another thong but then, ANOTHER AD!!! It’s really annoying if your gonna have ads please not this many ads. Just have the ads after each home you finish. Thank you for your cooperation, -anonymous Thanks.

- Meh

It’s fun but there’s way too many adds! but I would download

- To many ads not worth it, boring, sells data

This app has way to many ads, every time you try to do anything such as cleaning the fridge your have to watch an ad and between every house there is another ad. They also try and trick you into watching ads by accepting gifts and other stuff Maybe if the app was actually fun I would look past this however I got bored after playing for 10 mins. It’s very dull Do not get this app they just want to suck the money out of you and make you watch ad after ad while selling your data.

- its good but...


- Ads Lie!

I have played and it gives all I need to finish the house.

- good


- Meh

I think this game is great overall but it has wayyyy to many ads every time I click something an ad shows up it drives me crazy I think they should calm down with all the ads but as I said great game!

- To much adds!!!

To many adds can’t have any fun

- It’s good but.....

I love it, I even made my brother get it, but when your looking at the price and you swipe though and it says it’s a bad Offer you can’t swipe back😡 and its really annoying

- Adds adds adds and more adds UGH


- Good

It’s super cool because I really like doing the furniture and stuff

- Lots of add

It is a really fun game but there are SO MANY ADDS! The adds just make the game impossible to play without there being at least ten adds in one round.

- It’s ok

The game is ok only it’s always easy and kind of boring just filing in stuff

- Wonderful!

This game is so awesome! I love it so much! You get to design rooms and then after sell them. I find that great. One of the really good things is that it is appropriate for young children. Thank you for reading my review! Bye! 🙃

- So many ads

As soon as you start the game a whole bunch of ads just pop up and you don’t even get a break from them, it’s so annoying and I recommend you don’t waste your time getting this game.


Way too many ads like it’s a cool game but after every step;SURPRISE ad.

- Pretty good app

Okay so I downloaded this app to see what it was like. When you do the floor part of the level it glitches and when I drag it. It stresses me out because it always glitches every time. I don’t like it

- One small problem

The game is perfect but when you go and make the profit you can’t go back to the one you have just seen and that ignores me because I can’t go back.so please fix that little thing. But over all the game is really good I highly recommend it.

- It is amazing

I love this app 5 stars because it is so fun to play and when I am bored I play it for over two hours

- Boring🥱

This game is so boring like who wants to clean a couch it’s pretty much doing chores when there are none to do

- Ads


- Too many freaking ads

Ads after every single thing you do. Can’t stand it. Had to uninstall.

- In-App Purchase SCAM

Okay So, I really enjoy this game. I was willing to spend $4.49 to remove ads; about a week ago I contacted this game company asking if I paid for no ads, would I still have to watch ads to get luxury items. So after a week, I get no reply. Today, I bought the in-app purchase hoping to see if I don’t have to watch ads to get the luxury items and 3x bonus. And guess what...YOU STILL HAVE TO WATCH ADS! The in-app purchase ONLY BLOCKS THE POP UP ADS! You still need to watch ads if you want to get the luxury items and 3x money bonus, and extra paints and stuff. Now maybe I made a mistake by paying for this without getting an answer, but I regret spending my money on this. I want access to other paints, the 3x money bonus, and luxury furniture WITHOUT HAVING to watch an ad. WHEN I ALREADY PAID TO REMOVE ADS. As much as I enjoy this game, this scummy in-app purchase has ruined it for me. I’m not playing again until this is fixed. Although, the company probably doesn’t even care because they already have my money. Bye.

- Fun app but too much adds

When I first downloaded this app it was very fun. But when I kept playing I started noticing that there’s lots of adds I’ve been through. I suggest to just lower the amount of adds in this game. That’s it for now

- Alright game

The app is fun but when I pass a good deal to see if there is a better one and there isn’t I get stuck on bad deals because I can’t go back. The app also has way to many ads and after I do one thing like clean the fridge I have to watch an ad and I don’t get anything from it. The only ads that I’m fine to watch is when I want to get the luxury item and I have to watch an ad to get it. Overall the app is fun but annoying.

- wow

Great game but there’s slot of adds

- Very boring

Hi,🙋‍♀️ In the adds this game looks super fun right🤷‍♀️? Well, that’s pretty much all the game does you fix things. To add to that, there are not many options either😭😭😭! It’s either that or you watch a bunch of videos. Not to be rude🙅‍♀️ or anything but the censors in this game aren’t the best. You gotta put your hand🖕at the bottom of the screen📲 to wipe the surface that you’re fixing!!! I’d 💖love for this game to be more interesting. Sorry if harsh but it’s my honest opinion, Thank you so much for reading!🙏

- Great app but way too many ads

I’m loving the app so far but there’s a add every 10s

- To many ads.

Ad every 10 seconds.

- Yikes

It’s fun but way too many ads it’s shocking and they’re long too

- Terrible

There is an ad every 10 seconds, literally. If I wanted to watch ads I would have watched tv.

- Good app but...

The app all together is quite fun I deal with the ads by turning my internet off but when looking at deals for the house I cannot look back on deals I have passed so if I have a fair deal then I keep looking I get stuck on a bad one and can’t go back and have no choice but to click yes. Great game just one of the drawback I hope you can fix it maybe in an update soon.

- Too many ads

Just downloaded because it’s #1 free game at the moment and could barely get past the first flat. There was an ad after every change I made whether it was floors, walls, chairs and tv’s. Then another one once it was done! I don’t know how this is #1 in the store right now, everyone must be too bored 😂

- Fun but too many ads

Ads were too many in between the game. Uninstalled the game without any hesitation!

- Nope

Get rid of the constant ads, damn. Uninstalled it.

- Don’t bother

AD after AD after AD. Don’t waste your time


Awesome game but agreeing with everyone.... WAY TOO MANY ADS. Deleted now.

- Too many ads

So many ads it's not playable.

- Good but needs changers

This is a heart good game but it does need to have a few changes like it has to have more things on one house but it is good that you don’t need internet for a lot of the things only to buy a few paint’s From a mysterious girl 😀🥰


after every single fix there’s a 10-30 second add there’s just to many it’s a decent game but way to many adds

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- Great game

Love it so relaxing! 😍

- Des annonces

Il y a trop d’annonces !! Si vous venez pour ex peinturer un mur et bien vous avez une annonce puis quelques secondes il y a une autre annonce !! 🤬🤬🤬

- Vraiment nice

J’aime vraiment ce jeu, mais s’il y avait d’avantage de tâche à accomplir dans le jeu, je trouverais cela plus captivant.

- Avis

Trop d’annonces

- Great Game

I haven’t even had this game for a week and I love it. Some people didn’t like how many ads there were. There are a lot, but I just turn my wifi off. Suggestions: Add Stairs to fix and decorate Add bedrooms Add exterior I think this will make the game even better!!!

- Great game

the game is amazing but there’s way to many adds. ppl are gonna say “just turn ur wifi off” but i’m on facetime

- Too many adds

It’s ridiculous. 🙄

- 5 secs of gameplay for every 35 seconds of ads

They force you to keep internet on so you have to watch their ads. Not worth it

- Way Too Many Ads!

Fun game but you can’t get into a flow because there is a 30 second to 1 minute add after every interaction.

- Too many ads

Every SINGLE time you click the screen an ad follows. I’ve NEVER used such an AD INTRUSIVE game in my life!!!

- Great game! But... the ads

The game is great and I like it, but I’m getting ads about every 10-20 seconds. The game also lags quite a bit but that’s fine. I just don’t really like how many ads there are, but other than that the game is great!

- ads!

there’s so many ads! for the last thing you have to watch a video to get you should just be able to buy it. you shouldn’t have to watch videos to get luxury items and should just have to pay money.

- Ok

This game is fun to play but the problem is the adds. Every time you click something or move on it seems like there is a add.😐 and it gets super annoying because all you want to do is just play but u get interrupted with all of the adds 😕

- Way too many ads

I couldn’t even get through the second level, there are WAY too many ads in this game, which is a shame because it is a fun game to play.

- Fun game but needs to be patched

When you get over a certain amount of money the game crashes and puts you back down to 0 dollars which means you cannot purchase anymore properties to fix up and sell which means you cannot continue the game.

- This game is awesome

It’s awesome because you can get money for soding

- 🙄

It’s a great game to play but there are sooo many ads that I just can’t get away from. Even with my wifi and data turned off

- Yeeee


- Waaaayyyy to many ads

Seems like a decent game but wayyyyyyy to many ads make it unplayable. 5 ads by the end of the first intro level.

- Just got it done with it

I just got this gam like not even 5 minutes ago and I’ve already had about 12 ads I even turned off my wifi it still didn’t work so I’m cucking this game just put #garbage that’s how bad it is up it’s even worse then all the games with the most ads mixed together in North America! And I wish you didn’t have to rate games 1 star or up because I would wanna rate this a ZERO and I never wanna rate games a 0 so as you can tell from my review listen to these words carefully DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!

- One of the most boring games ever

I’ve played may games but nothing made me more bored than this theres no sound besides the ads that pop up every 30 seconds and it’s the same stuff over and over again it’s just not interesting at all

- loved it

if you just turn off your wifi there are no adds , but i was on my 31st street paying like 600 mil for a house and all of my money disappeared

- Ads ads ads

Before I got this game I read the reviews and almost everyone was complaining about the ads and I thought I’d be able to handle it but nope I can’t I’m sorry I understand that’s how you get money but dang, that much?

- Holy heck ads!

This game is a fun time waster, but there are ads every time you finish a task. These tasks take about 30 seconds maximum. So there are ads about every 30 seconds!!!! There is also no way to pay to get rid of the ads. So not worth it!

- Good game too many adds

Ok even I know that ads are a necessary evil but even this is to much. Gameplay is amazing like chores mixed with cut and paint mixed but you can’t get a minute of gameplay with out a 30 second add.

- Publicité

Il y’a beaucoup de pub et je trouve cela un peu dérangeant

- Ads

The ads in this game are ridiculous. You can’t go 10 seconds without getting an ad.

- Way to many ads

Its a great game and I love playing it, although there is WAYY to many ads. Every time I try to change something in the house a ad comes up, then another and it go’s on and on. I would love if you guys could fix that problem because it makes the game less fun to play and most people will just end up being annoyed and delete it.

- Way too many ads

I love the game it’s just the ads are driving me crazy. I don’t want to spend my time looking at ads that aren’t even relevant to me in any way. Any time I complete restoring something there’s an ad and they’re always the same! Not happy about this please fix. 😠

- Fun game but too many ads!

The game is super fun and addicting but literally everything you do you have to wait for an ad.. takes up way too much time that it’s not even worth playing the game.

- Too many ads

It’s a fun game but there are way too many ads. You do one task and there’s an ad. It’s not worth playing when over half of the play time is actually just ads. Unfortunately gonna delete because of this.

- Restoreation

The game is fun but lots of ads

- Good but ads.

I think it’s a really good game although, the ads are insane! Every time I do something BOOM! An add. Add, add, add. Ads are everywhere please, please, pleeeeeease fix this. (Please!)

- The little things

I found that the touch screen was off and made it hard to play as well as so many adds but I was still addicted

- Do not Download

I can appreciate the work that goes into coding an app, if not the work, then I appreciate the funding from the company to release a free game. I understand Advertisements are normal, they allow you to generate an income. However, it is really difficult to generate a steady stream when 95% of the users who download the game will quit playing after the first two levels. When creating an app, it’s important to take user wants into considerations, not just for the game, but for the ads as well. You guys could be making a lot more money.

- Just turn of your internet on your phone/ipad

If you don’t want ads just turn of your internet on your phone or ipad it’s that easy ✌🏼🙂

- Too many ads

This would be fun if there weren’t ads every 10 seconds

- Too many ads



Way to many adds. There’s an add every 10 seconds

- Too many ads.

Such a fun relaxing game but a very unnecessary amount of ads. There doesn’t need to be an ad every couple of seconds. Can’t enjoy it that way.

- Ads

I really enjoy this came, but every few seconds there is an ad that I have to wait on, this came could be great if there wasn’t so many ads

- Are these just ads for Coinmaster?

Starting to think a lot of the games on Instagram aren’t for the game but to get you to download the games in the ads. Like Coinmaster. This game has no challenge otherwise.

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- Too many adds

Way too much adds


I love this game but there is soooo many adds! After nearly every little thing you do there is an ADD

- Too many adds and money

U have to spend a load of money and adds don't get me started On the adds

- Woww🤩

I just got this game and it’s amazing (so far) not many ads!!!😖🥺🥳🤪🤪🤩🥳😍🥰😘😙😚😛😝🤪🧐😜🤩🥺😔🥳🥳🤓🤩😜

- It’s really good just too many adds

If it wasn’t for so many adds than I would give this game five stars but I will start one house and when I’ve finished it I’ve watched about 4 ads. Otherwise it’s great. 🙂. Every other thing you do there’s an ad. I wouldn't recommend it for young children tho as some of the ads aren’t appropriate. Otherwise ( apparat from all the ads) it’s a really great game👍🏼👍🏼

- Good game but the adds...

It’s a good game but do you add


I would like to play the game and it is very fun but every time I complete an activity an ad pops up and it is starting to get very annoying, other than that it is great and I really enjoy it!

- Cool but...

Have to spend too much money in game and I am getting annoyed.😡It makes me sad🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

- Please read this

Their is way to many adds if you’re going to make a good game don’t put so many adds in it because people won’t want to play it . I am tired of watching adds for the luxury furniture it would be better if it cost money


TO MANY ADDS after every activity there’s another bloody add it’s way too annoying and can’t take it but other than that it’s a good game! 😭🤩🥺💗

- Adds adds and more adds

Every time you do something an add will play and you can not get out of it. Good if you are patient.

- No add person?▶️

Hi all, if you don’t mind adds DOWNLOAD THIS NOW if not I would not recommend this app Between every thing the app freezes and plays an add I’m fine 🙂 with it but do fix it in the future many people find it almost the most annoying thing ever!!! Over all I think 🤔 it is the best game ever!!!! 🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️

- Okay game

Is a decent game but I’m kinda mad that I paid £3 to remove ads yet still have to watch ads for the food furniture - you should change those ads to money to make it fair when we pay money for a reason.

- Addictive

I love this game and there is a lot of ads but of you just turn off your WiFi they go away. This game is so addictive and fun but once you pass level ten nothing new happens and it turns into one room levels but I did get one random grass level that hasn’t come back yet

- Good game but to many adds and not letting me on it anymore

I get an add every 2 seconds and it’s really annoying because I want to enjoy the game without adds. Also now it comes up with a black scream when I go on the game but overall a good game apart from those downfalls

- Inappropriate add

I was playing this game and thought it was a family friendly game that was until an add for it popped up on another game of mine then they started to do the floor I was like what could go wrong everything went wrong the add that they have done is inappropriate the cut out a boys private part! Do you think if children saw that they would appreciate it? NO they wouldn’t! Please take this in an change the add thanks

- Ads

The app is good but there’s a lot of ads

- broooo

the game don’t even open without crashing


I downloaded this game to expect nothing but becoming a master of design,BUT I heard something...it sounded like a man saying,”suspect 673“in a muffled voice. I URGE YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME...

- Battery killer

I have an iPhone XS and it’s very new like less than a year new, and my battery health was 100%. Then I played this game for less than 2 days maybe a total of 20 minutes and it took my battery health down to 97% in 20 mins of usage, btw battery health isn’t the same as battery percentage. Also my phone would turn super crazy hot as soon as I had opened the app for 5 mins and I didn’t like that. Last thing, too many ads like omg way too many adds

- GG

This is a good game but it sometimes glitches but that’s ok:) it is simply satisfying my family love it too! But not full stars :(

- Really glitchy

Great game but really glitchy and there is an ad about every 2 minutes

- Boring

It’s boring and rubbish

- Love

It is a amazing app and my kids love it

- Unbelievable amount of adds

Overall this app is very addictive and awesome but after playing for a few minutes the adds get totally out of control. When you finish a bit of the house every few mins there is an add 😡 I would love if someone would narrow down the adds and have not as many Thanks 😊

- Seriously?

The game looked interesting to me when I first saw it, not good just interesting, however there are way too many adds and it really got on my nerves (If you’ve seen other reviews you’ll know what I mean). This app has too many adds to function don’t bother downloading it.


I loved this app for ages but then I saw advert for it on another app today... this is when I freaked out they took my exact footage of me playing the age and used it for and advert. I AM DISGUSTED. I even have prof of this. I would defo tell people to stay away.



- Plz read

It is good buttttt there is to many adds and also I saw this on a add but it was very rude when they like cut the floor they did it as a 🥒

- satisfying

teakky satisfying game love playing it but doesnt have any sound or music bit weird !

- Too many ads

Good game very addicting however too many ads it started with a few then after a couple of levels it started ads after every activity if ads annoy or frustrate you do not waist your time !

- Adds

I love this game it’s really good but too many adds the adds drive me crazy

- It’s great but it can be a little bit annoying

I like how you can decorate the house u can get lids of money but there are quite a lot of ads but doesn’t matter bout that cause u can skip them but they can upgrade the game thx for reading 💖👍🏻 Bye dem-Louise

- TO MANY ADDS !!!!!!

I loved this gane when i first got it. When the first add cane up i thought - hay every game has one or two add maybe this game will not have many - but oh boy i was wrong random adds were just popping up every were and it was getting kn my nerves . Even when i was trying to add a sofa they would just keep on coming at me. This game would be amazing if it would just cut down on the adds. If you could just take away some i would see myself giving this game 5 stars .

- The best app

I love this app it creeps me happy

- It’s Like We’re Not Even Playing The Actual Game

Home Restoration is a great game, but, however, I have rated it a 3 because there are WAY too many ads! For example, once you clean a fridge, AD, once you clean a mirror, AD, once you clean a washing machine, AD, and so on. I would not recommend this game if you dislike ads and just want to play the game, but if you do, I would totally recommend. I hope you fix this ‘Ad Problem’!


It is a good game but there is to many adds you can tell by the title. That is why I only rated it a three. But new people might not know what to do like me.

- Good game but ads!!!

Good game and addictive but what the hell with the ads every time you click to do anything an ad pops up ruins it for me ... get so fed up!

- Amazing game I love it

I love this game so much but there is some things I don’t like about it sometimes you have to wait to watch a video and a lot of advertisements but I love this game because you can use you own creativity to great a room I love it thanks xx

- OMG I LOVE IT 😀😃😄😁

It is such a great game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️buy it

- Too many ads

This game is very fun I will amit but every time I finish some thing a ad pops up💔I love this game tho three stars

- Worst game ever

The worst game ever the ads take ages to get rid off do not download this game

- Cleaning

It is just soooooooooooooooo good

- Too many adds

I love the game but way too much adds

- Like the game

I love this game The game is cool DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Adds

Great game and idea so satisfying but to many adds please change that

- Alright

The ads just keep coming it gets to annoying other than that very satisfying and i like it other then tje ads :)


TO MANY ADDS addddddddddddddddddddddddddrdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddds

- Meh

This game was ok but it gets super boring after a while because all the levels are basically the same

- 😁😁😁😁

The most satisfying game ever

- Good game

I have to agree with the other reviews it’s a nice relaxing game but all the ads are putting me off it..

- Too many adds

Way too many adds spend half the time watching adds, if it didn’t have so many adds would definitely play it.

- To many adds

There are to many adds in this game I mean you probably spend more time watching adds then playing the game i mean it is fun but it’s to annoying sad to be deleting it.

- To meany ads

To meany ads

- I wish I could play

Spends far more time in ads than time you can play. Very frustrating

- Too many adds!!

It’s an ok game. Fun if you’re bored and have nothing to do, BUT there are so many adds it’s not funny. You would think having less adds would make them more money cause I know I would continue to play it, but can’t with all the adds so it’s getting deleted. Shame.

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Home Restoration 1.08 Screenshots & Images

Home Restoration iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration iphone images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration ipad images
Home Restoration Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Home Restoration Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Home Restoration (Version 1.08) Install & Download

The applications Home Restoration was published in the category Games on 2020-03-18 and was developed by Panteon [Developer ID: 545605917]. This application file size is 332.32 MB. Home Restoration - Games posted on 2020-06-05 current version is 1.08 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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