VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music

VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music [Utilities] App Description & Overview

VOZEE is a app that can download music from your personal Onedrive and Dropbox Drive.

You can search music you love and collect to your personal library too.

Transfer music from your device to your PC.

Set a sleep timer when you listen music on your bed.

You can play music with VOZEE after you download.

VOZEE can also identify song names playing around.

1. VIP subscription is auto-renewed.
2. You need to confirm and pay for the VIP subscription through the iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
3. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable
4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
5. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Terms of Use: https://sites.google.com/view/vozee-link/terms?authuser=2
Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/vozee-link/privacypolicy?authuser=2

Please send email to us if you have any problem:

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VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music Comments & Reviews

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- The video ads ruined it.

I love the app! It’s the best thing I’ve ever used to get high quality content and not have a problem with it. However, the recent update is just not doing it for me. Y’all have introduced video ads and as if that’s not enough, they’re are long! And they freeze my screen when they’re done playing. I know you have to make money out of this but at least reduce the length of the ads and fix the screen freezing problem. I thought it was my phone at first that froze, but I restarted it 4 times and the same thing kept on happening. Apart from that, I recommend that everyone get this app. It has everything. Literally everything. You don’t believe me? Give it a try and taste and see for yourself!

- This app is really good just not great-the one and only john bender

I love the numerous amount of media options on this app it’s is really good just not great the problems I have with this apps are, when you pause it it pops up an add, another thing I find frustrating is the multiple amount of screen controls what I mean by that is you can swipe on the screen to go forwards and backwards why I like watching movies on my phone on I tunes is that they simply have two little digital buttons that you can press to go forward 15 seconds or backwards 15 seconds this is much more well designed then the screen controls and it is annoying if accidentally hit swipe the screen and you lose your spot in the thing you are viewing, another two screen controls I find annoying is the brightness and sound settings you have the drop menu and side buttons for a reason. Other than that I really don’t have any other big Problems with this app and it is mind blowing how many movies and tv shows it has for free but it could have more movies for a trilogy for instance more Star Wars movies ps I don’t hate this app there’s a new thing going around saying if you criticize something than you hate and that sound like something a 4 year old would say any ways this was my review I hoped you like it by

- Takes to much internet

Look I love this app it’s amazing you can watch what ever movie old or new it so awesome and o highly recommended this app for you like I watched suit life of zack and Cody and that was like twenty years ago and i can still watch it but also I have few complaints witch I think you should really think about. the movie pauses too much like it takes it a second to comprehend on what it’s playing and it pauses it way to much and it kinda glitches it’s really annoying cause I want go a hole minute without it stoping with really is annoying cause you can’t really enjoy the movie but this only happenes on movies not seasons with I find really weird but I do love how I can watch new movies with is awesome cause I live in Mexico so it takes awile so the movies can come out here so this app help but it takes way to much internet so people like me aren’t able to enjoy it to it’s full potential so I really think you should take that into consideration but overall I really like it but pls fix what I said.

- Perfect but ads

I really love this apo i can watch any move or any shows! Even the latest movies are on as soon as they come out in theaters. You can connect it to your tv aswell! The only thing i have a problem with is the ads. I understand they needs ads, but its getting to be too much now. I was watching a show, and i had an ad come up, then another one after. Thats a bit much, considering both ads are 30 seconds. Otherwise, this app is amzing for free shows and movies, not only that, but music as well. You can also downlaod music and listen to it offline. Same with the mivies and shows. Besides the ads ill give it 5 stars.

- Love the app

The one things is that i don’t know if anyone else had a problem but for me I can’t see my recently watched and sometimes I lose track of what show im on it would be nice if it was marked that we watched it or that it would keep up with us well basically what other movie/show apps do that would be a big help and I have you guys 5 because over all it’s so good and no complaints but that one suggestion would be nice to have because I forget we’re Im at and it doesn’t have a mark or anything

- Bugs, glitches, crashing

At first this app was really good. I was able to play TVs/ movie with just a few glitches. Now after using it for less than a month, it absolutely crashes beyond belief. I don’t download anything, so it can’t be that, and I’ve saved maybe two things under “my tv shows and movies”. The crashes first only stopped my video from playing, the sound would keep going, and I could back out and get right back into where I left off. But it progressed to the point where I couldn’t swipe up to go to my home screen, and even turning off my phone did no good. I had to wait a solid 2 minutes every time it crashed for it to bring me back to my home screen, then I had to close the app to get back in it. Fix this issue and I’ll give 5 stars.

- Some movies/shows doesn’t play

I love the app I do but i tried to watch a few movies just moments ago and it’s said switch to alternate resource. It does that for a number of movies I tried to watch. If I’m doing something wrong please tell me and I will re rate to 5 stars. Like I said it’s a great app but when a movie or show that I really want to watch doesn’t play it’s frustrating. Also when a movie or show does play right in the middle of me watching the picture will freeze while the movie itself goes on. Please fix this Ads every few minutes in the movie is just too much. One minute I’m watching and enjoying the movie and the next I’m watching an ad. I understand the ads and to get rid of it you want us to invite people to the app but ads in the movie.

- It’s okay

I would recommend downloading if you would like to watch new movies. This app does give a lot of choices, like a huge selection of music and movies, however, there is one problem. Now, I’m usually not this nit-picky, but when I downloaded the app, I was shocked. There were so many movies that you can watch for free! But, I wanted to watch Coraline, and just as I was getting excited, it wasn’t on there. I wish this app had every movie, because I feel like it’s a missed opportunity for you guys. I’m not complaining, the app overall is good. So I give it a 3 star rating. Hope you understand, and take my review into effect! Yes, I would recommend this app to anyone!

- I’d love it if the app added back Naruto Shippuden dub

First off... I love this app I’m on it all the time but lately I haven’t been on it, I haven’t been on it because a show I’ve been watching has been removed specially Naruto shippuden dubbed, I don’t understand why it was removed but I constantly have troubles finding this series dubbed... can this series be added back and if not can I have a reason why.

- Early seasons don’t work

Overall this app is really good and recommend for MOVIES because with the tv shows it seems like they playing me. So recently I’ve been getting into ncis Los Angeles and i want to watch from the beginning but every time I try watching any episode from the first season it says “Play failed” “get tv info failed” but it’ll play episodes from the 10th and 11th season and it gets very annoying and I feel that if this app is gonna make all movies free it should make all tv show seasons and episodes free. I’ve tried watching that first episode 50 times (yes I counted) and it still says the same thing EVERY time. Please fix this. Thank you.

- The app is okay

The app is okay there are limited apps but the problem I’ve been having the most is one movie being listed but then when you open it it’s a whole different movie like just now I tried to watch “brotherly love” and the movie was listed but when I opened it it was a whole different movie and this is the second time because the other day I watched boo! A madea Halloween and I was going to watch the second movie but when I opened it it was the first movie so the listing of movies needs a little help but other than that it’s not that bad.

- It forcibly closes itself

I paused the series Lucifer at a part then left to let my dog outside but when I got back not only did the app close but the place i was at was lost so I had to wait for the video to get back to that exact spot. You’ve ruined two apps with these long advertisements. I understand you need money but you’ve made the apps unstable. The advertisements length causes the app to freeze constantly and close. Therefore your creating problems that will cost you more money than your actually getting from the advertisements

- Too many ads

An add periodically is perfectly fine. But when every time you go to download a song, or you skip a song, or any other action you do you have to watch an add. Way too many. You’re gonna lose a lot of customers because people don’t have the patience for that. Worst part about it is it’s the same add over and over again and it’s extremely loud and obnoxious every time it comes on. We come on here to listen to music. Not ads. We spend more time listening to the garbage that we have to listen to just to listen to then being able to hear our music. I personally do not recommend this app at all

- Freezing

It’s a great app and it’s not that bad but some of the movies you can’t watch from start to finish it freezes in the middle of it and it just restarts and when it freezes you can’t continue watching the whole movie you get to only see some parts of the movie but after that it’s not gonna work and you can’t watch the whole movie and some of the movies you can watch all but it’s OK it’s not that bad but it could’ve been better but there’s no doubt that he certainly needs an improvement

- Hero Academia issue

So I watching one of my fav shows and after I finished about a season in one night I went to bed I woke up and got on it again but this time it was not English you do no even understand the frustration I went through is there like somewhere I can change the language and what type of app don’t have a settings place to fix stuff and thing like that I love this app because all of the new movies came out here but this really threw me off is there a way to fix this 🤢🥱😔🙂ples .

- Freeze Frame

I’ve only had this app for a few days and every time I try to watch anything, sometime after around 10-15 minutes of a showing the screen freezes. I can still hear the show but the screen doesn’t unfreeze. This is very frustrating. I’ve tried fast forwarding the show, doesn’t work, I’ve turned my phone off and restarted, I’ve deleted the app and reloaded. Nothing works. I’m impressed with what this app has to offer show and movie-wise but unimpressed with the quality of performance. I’m giving only one star because if performance issues. Hoping this can be fixed.

- Great, but can be annoying

This app is awesome for getting new movies or old movies, music, and shows. The only thing is I get a lot of glitches. For example I’ll just be listening to my music and it skips the song randomly, there is a lot of ads but I understand cause it’s a free app. Other than that it’s great for music, movies and shows.

- good app but some bugs and complaints

The app is REALLY good. i would recommend it to people but, their’s a bug where if a ad pops up the whole skip pause disappears. it’s really annoying having to go in the app to skip a song and not being able to turn on your screen and skipping. overall really good app. i’d like to also add a option to edit the playlist and move the music around to where you like.

- It won’t WiFi transfer

I had no problem downloading movies, but when I tried using the WiFi transfer option so I could watch it on a bigger screen it just wouldn’t work. I went to the website and it had a bunch of files with 6 second clips of each part of the movie, I’m not trying to spend a couple of hours piecing a movie together. Please fix this issue because I like the app but this is a huge problem for me.

- Fix Get movie info failed bug

I give it to the developers of this app, there are a lot of good movies on here for free but it’s annoying as all can be when one clicks on a movie to either watch it then and there or adds to ones movies and tv list to watch it later on only for the annoying get movie info failed message to pop up on screen and then one can’t watch the movie anyway. Happens more often than it should. Well technically it shouldn’t happen at all. Please fix this bug. Thank you!

- The Purge

I’m getting ready to watch the second episode of season 2 and the first episode pops up. For a second I thought I was crazy so I re-clicked and it happened again. I go to the third episode and it’s some 23 min anime that’s completely irrelevant to the purge. I’m giving a four star cause at least I have other shows but still you gonna compile episodes of a season together make sure it’s right.

- Almost perfect

This app is so awesome. I only have one issue with this app, its missing a lot of movies, like a lot, the movies that are there work flawlessly except “once upon a time in Hollywood” but other than that all movies and shows I encountered worked perfectly. All this app needs is more movies and it would literally be heaven on earth.

- Pls fix this asap!

The app is amazing but sometimes it says Tv play failed and i cant watch the show/movie. Please fix that. Also mako mermaids doesnt have all shows on it and the show is out of order so pls pls pls fix that as soon as possible! I had this app for a while and the tv failed thing still hasnt been fixed. I rather now spend money on a app that actually works then skipping episodes because they dont work or are out of order. Please fix it when it will be fixed ill put a better review.

- Loved but not happy.

I loved this app. But then you changed it to just music. What happened to the movies and everything? Why would you remove that? I loved that about your app especially since I could catch up on my food network shows. Please bring it back. I had to delete you guys because you got rid of that. Now the way the app is, it doesn’t even want to work.

- Tv shows

What happened to the tv shows, they don’t work anymore. Every time I try to watch tv shows it’s just says refresh. I had a couple shows in my library and when I tried to watch them it said updating this season but, when I went to other seasons they didn’t work. So I deleted it and reinstalled it to see if it started to work and it doesn’t even let me go on to the tv shows tab anymore!!

- This app is underrated

This is by far the best app ever you can listen to music download it and watch and download movies for free! All you people say that You can not afford Disney plus or whatever you get this app and write a poor review about it! God bless whoever developed this app!! Get this app now before it gets taken down!!

- Freezing and Adds

It freezes a good amount no matter how strong my WiFi is or Data if I got to use it. And the adds and way too much, I get that’s how they make their add revenue. But it’s a bit much. I wouldn’t mind paying extra for no adds. But I hate the freezing. If none of that was an Issue it would be 100% a five star review. All the movie and TV shows for free who could complain. Please fix these issues.

- Too much ad’s

Ever sense the new update came out. I cant watch any movies or shows. Those ads will pop up full screen and more pop up after the next ad. Please developer, I recommend you put less ads and not all at once. Also it would be useful if you add a section were you can go back and finish the movie where you last started it. That way we dont have to find our way back where we left off thank you.

- App quit working with most recent update

With the most recent update I haven't gotten the app to play the movie I've been trying to watch, it worked once but when I decided to watch the rest of the movie later when I came back to the app later the movie won't play, it continues to have the spinning buffering thing and I can leave it for a long time and it'll still be doing that. Also it doesn't show how long the movie is, it says 0:00/0:00

- Wow, just wow

When I saw an ad for this app on Facebook, I was skeptical, telling myself no way this is legit. I took a chance and downloaded and was not disappointed. So much music, so many brand new movies and shows. There was no sign up sheet, no free for one month, then you pay. Just get it, you will not be disappointed.

- Glitch

The Show Naruto Shippuden is glitched because some episodes repeat, for example the last like 10 episodes from season 12 are in season 13 and I have to skip them and look for the season 13 episodes, also can you make it so when I’m watching a show or a movie it saves so I don’t have to remember where I stopped and go back

- Movies crashing!😨

Sometimes when I want to watch a movie it crashes and takes me out of the app. Most of the movies I’ve watched have worked but I was watching a movie earlier and didn’t finish it, so later I wanted to watch the movie but it crashed on me!!! This app is really great but if they could fix that issue it would be even better!!!

- AMAZING!! But one request-

Hi! Before I say anything I just think this app is amazing, I’ve been watching the My Hero Academia series! But I’ve noticed that it sadly doesn’t have all of the episodes from what I’ve seen, I was just wondering if this could be fixed or something? But other than that, this app is amazing!

- Some movies are not playing 😕

Some of the movies I want to watch are not playing I downloaded this app cause I can watch movies I have not seen in a while it was working for a little bit then nothing would work I wish it would work again cause this a a great app to have first I thought it was my wifi then I thought it was my phone it was not either of them now I’m thinking it’s just the app that is doing this if anybody knows whats wrong please do tell I would love to have this app running again soon thank you 😊

- Bug?

I love this app because I get to watch criminal minds but today I tried to watch it and when I clicked on the show, the seasons don’t pop up and the bottom half is empty and I can’t watch anything. The movies work but all the TV Shows aren’t . Please fix.

- Take the adds back and let us download movies for offline.

The update is fine but the ads that y’all added is not right. They just mess up the whole app and messes up the movie or show that we are watching. Then you can’t remove it for free so just remove the ads it’s very annoying Ty🤍.


So when I first got it I looked it had a lot of good movies so I pressed a movie I was watching it and it was going good but then it kept freezing and this is my first time ever using this app and it’s already freezing so then in the middle of the movie it just froze so I exited out the app and then I went back in and it still had my movie that I was watch so pressed on it to finish it and it was a completely different movie like in the middle of my movie it switched to a different movie do not use this app it’s just dumb 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Season save fix

This app is awsome and all but I rlly hate that it doesn’t save we’re I left of at on seasons it’s rlly annoying And I have to take a screenshot to remember we’re I left of so if u guys could fix that that would he awesome and I would rate this a five star App if they can add that just like it saves we’re u left of on movies. but overall all amazing app!!

- To much ads

Please remove the ads from the actual movies it’s really annoying and I’m been trying to watch movies I like and then I can’t even watch them because it freezes and it takes forever to load because of the ads please remove them please

- Good but has a few problems

I just got the app recently and I love it but it does not let me watch every movie. What I mean is that when I wanted to watch a movie say Charlie's Angles Full Throttle, it said switch to alternate source 1 and then said can't play movie. And it has done that to a couple of other movies I have wanted to watch. But other than that, the app is cool.

- It was an amazing app until the ads 😢

I loved this app wit was amazing great quality, no ads, could watch a lot of stuff on there that wasn't on Netflix! Until this recent update there are now a lot of ads, randomly stops and loads for a while. 🙁 I used to tell a bunch of people about it until ads started popping up now I'm not sure I would recommend it

- Loading

I personally really like this app. I would give it a five star rating, but almost every time I click on the movie/show, it takes almost a full minute to load. I like the large selection of movies/shows overall. Other than the loading issue, I personally really enjoy this app.

- This app is amazing!

I haven’t encountered any problems yet, some things I’ve watched have had subtitles in a different language at the bottom, but that doesn’t bug me. It runs well. And it’s easy to pair music. The selection is pretty awesome. And I have a varied taste in things.

- Search option problem

I downloaded this app and I don’t have a search option I deleted and downloaded like 6 times and still I don’t have the search option.

- Video

The app is 100% amazing! The ONLY ISSUE I have is once I leave the app to answer it message, it does not save your place in your tv show or movie! I think we would all appreciate a feature that saves on progress on a movie or tv show. Once that happens this app is truly a 5 star app.


This is the BEST music app I’ve had, it does have it’s ads but hey, it’s nothing for free offline music, the ads only pop up when you’re in the app, and after your download a song, they’re only a few seconds but it’s worth it!!! ✨

- My review

I’m tired of the ads after every 2 minutes.I can’t click on my show without a ad coming up an 25 second ads without being able to skip is just the worst also the Xs to exit the add be in places You can’t click. The old vozee is better I’m bout delete this app now and tell all my cousins to give a one star just because but hop y’all see how bad this app can get if y’all want more people less the ads that’s gonna get more Aachen🤦🏽‍♂️

- Best app

You guys are so nice for this app you don’t need a account a email it’s all free but something is wrong in the tv shows I want to watch a show but it says get tv info failed could you make and update and fix the bugs

- It’s a great app but-

It’s a good app but I’ve been watching attack on titan and when I tried watching more it Adair they were updating the series and now I can’t find the series after deleting and redownloading the app. And I also don’t like how it won’t keep track on where you left off

- I kinda like this app but

So I got this at over a while ago and I loved it but I started to watch a show call supernatural almost done so I can watch the final but it said that it was updated watch another season but I couldn’t. And that gets on my nerves. And now I can’t watch any show. So can you please fix it and I will consider to change my star from a two to a five if you fix it.

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- Amazing

Finally!!! I’m really glad I’ve found this app. I saw it on Facebook and I thought it was just a scam or something. Then I try to download it. This app is really good I highly suggest it to everyone however there’s one problem, sometimes when I watch movie it freezes and I have to restart or close the app again, but still A great app, now I can watch everything, secondly I can watch those anime’s I use to watch as a kid. Keep a the good work I hope there are better updates next. I’m sorry my English is a bit bad hehe

- Unreal app 😂

VOZEE is a amazing app to use unfortunately for some people it freezes a lot the first time I download this app and watched a few movies it did freeze like every 5-10 second but the next day I got back onto the app every thing was running fine nothing was freezing at all I don’t know how this happened I didn’t do anything I do feel really bad for the few people that it does freeze a lot. But overall this app is awesome no need to pay or anything🤣

- Great app

This app is the best thing I have ever found I can listen to whatever music I want whenever I want without using data. The downloading process took like 5 seconds. It is great and have suggested it to all my friends

- Problems with this app

It’s a great app but it’s not compatible with Apple Airplay /Apple TV mirroring ,, Also when we try to stream the videos it keeps buffering even with the super fast internet ,, The other issue I found with this app is I can’t have closed captions to watch my favourite shows /movies with subtitle ,, I hope they would fix all these problems with this app , as it could be one of the best streaming app if they actually fix these problems or even come up with an app for Apple TV as well instead of being limited to tiny smart phone’s screens 🤞

- Glitches

Tried to watch the hate U give at first it was good and the quality is pretty good but then it would freeze so I closed the app went back in played the movie again and a completely different movie played instead this happened after multiple attempts and still it hasn’t changed, I thought it might be by phone so I restarted it but it still did the same thing. I would love the app if I was able to watch the movie I wanted

- The apps amazing

This app is amazing but there are some things I really want to watch such as the quintessential quintuplets, darling in Fran, Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai and many more if you could add those I would use this more than I use Crunchyroll and AnimeLab much thanks

- Great App

This is a great app with loads of movies, TV shows and songs to choose from. The only problem for me was in the middle of movies, the screen would stop but the sound would keep going. I have to refresh my iPad to fix that. Is it possible for you to fix that?


This app is so good. There is every movie and or tv show I’ve ever heard of. The only bad thing is you can’t watch it on tv or computer. But otherwise it’s amazing.

- Great App

I love this app. I saw it on Facebook and thought it was a scam but in the end it worked brilliantly! The only problem is that sometimes it freezes and I have to get out of the app and go back but besides from that it’s amazing and I definitely recommend it.

- i love this app but..

i love this app, it literally has every movie i ever wanted to watch. and was able to watch it because of vozee but recently every 10 minutes into the movie there’s an ad. it’s getting really annoying so i wish how it was before if not i like it if there was one at the start and maybe in the middle and at the very end. i really hope you guys take this criticism and work on it. but i really don’t like the very 10 minute ad. other than that i love this app🤍 i hope this gets fixed

- Best app of all time for movies

This app is the best it has all movies free of charge there’s no need to pay money I recommend it it’s the best and please keep being free of charge I love it!!!

- Movie frozen half way through

Hi team, thank you for allowing me downloaded n watch movie from iPad n iPhone, I’m loving this. However, half way thru the movie, the picture is frozen, I have to close it n go back in for few times. Thank you

- Tv shows

It works perfectly I can watch and download anything I want from you tube to Netflix

- Review

The only thing is l can not get a full screen only quarter,dying to watch RUN

- Freezing

Constant freezing and no help at all 😡 you have a bogus email with no answers for help 😡 why pay for add removal when it consistently freezes , do t do it anyone it’s a joke , find a better app , you tube premium is way better and never lags or freezes, I’m never using this ever again 😡😡😡😡😡😡

- GREAT APP!! ,but

This app is a great app for music and Movies but I wanted to download or watch a tv series and I can’t seem too. Pls fix this or tell me why it’s doesn’t work thank you

- Yesssssass

Omg this is the best app ever who needs to pay Apple Music. Literally all I ever wanted was free movies and music. Thankyouuuuuuuuuu

- Why don’t other have problem??

This app has a lot of movies which attract people but when we starts watching movies, it gliches and freeze so time and often which makes me irritate and so much frusted ....i am frusted right now too because of this app....hate this app

- Planet of the apes movies

Need subtitles on when searching for movies, eg Ipman, planet of the apes, ong bak etc...

- Baba

Too many adds . sometimes you can’t skip the ads at all . If you close the app and restart again, the problem will still be there

- Ads

This app is putting an add right in the middle of my screen and I can’t see anything

- Sorta lags

Sometimes lags out but apart from that it’s really good

- To many adds

To many adds to many adds to many adds hate watching videos now and songs

- Copy of Tuner Radio Plus

Strangely enough this app is very very similar in loading screen and ad block page to Tuner Radio Plus

- Movies

Great app for movies

- Advertising

Too much

- CC

In the tv shows haven’t CC for subtitles

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Like


- sooo many glitches

for me i was sooo excited to get this app and i really wanted it but i got it and i couldn’t watch anything because it glitches every 5 seconds please fix this

- Mr

Good I like

- YouTube

Youtube disappears from app. I can’t search what I want. Any help thanks in advance

- 👑👑

so lucky to have found this app, I can’t afford Spotify so this app has changed my life.

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- Niiiice

This is like a dream app, the kind even giorno dreams of. I don’t get why people hate in it, I mean it has all of Naruto and many other tv shows, all for free. I’m still confused as to how it’s free. I feel like it’s too good to be true. GREATO DAZE

- What happened to young radio?

Why did Apple take down young radio?

- Best app I’ve ever seen

It might bug sometimes, lag, glitch out. But Aside from that it’s dang near flawless, you can listen to like any song, you can listen to music offline, it has a YouTube search where you can watch and download whatever for free , you can watch your favourite tv shows and movies with some legit quality for free. No premium. And this was like 5 mins in seeing it. Whoever made this, you are the greatest. Don’t change it

- Gabe

It’s awesome, I use it everyday without any problems!

- What’s the catch

Someone tell me what is wrong with this app

- Too many adds

Three adds at once? Are you kidding me?

- Crap Update

It was great before yesterday update.... i really like this app however update messed up.... can’t see movies now....keep pop retry even I’m connected with an internet. Guys fix that as soon as possible then I will give 5 stars

- This is amazing

This app is amazing it has everything here and the reason why it’s amazing is cause I’m 12 and my parents won’t let me turn my Netflix to mature stuff till I’m 13 but I found this app and I don’t even need to worry about Netflix no more this app has all the movies shows and that’s great the only problem is that there is ads but at least it doesn’t come like every second so that’s fine but this app is amazing and I love it!

- Battery low

Consume a lot of battery 👁👄👁

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- Wonderful app

All of the app worked until January 1, 2021. Now the Featured won’t work. It keeps saying retry. Please fix 🙏 Other than that it’s perfect 😀


when I wanna watch a k drama or anime or any movie or show in another language there is no subtitles some English movies have but it’s not really needed do I hope they can update it and get subs for other languages and stuff also cut the ads a bit overall it’s a really good app


wow, I just discover this app! I take the no-ad subscription for $2.79 CAD and so far so good! I might keep this app forever!!! 😍😍 Great job for this app! I am 100% satisfied!

- Best app to download movies, music, and tv shows

Thank you for adding back the YouTube feature this app is too good

- I love this app but

Ok so lately its been rllyy laggy to the point where i couldnt watch movies/tv shows with multiple episodes/seasons.And i still cant watch any of them pls fix this this is a veryyy good app🤪

- Needs IPad support

Ads show up without the exit button, forces you to restart the app

- Trash too many ads

I just wanna watch a movie but every 5 seconds there’s a ad like this app was so great now it’s so trash

- Poor

Ever since I updated the app it’s constantly freezing during playback

- macOS

Please can you make this app available on MacOS.

- Nice app! Watch for free!

I can watch many shows but there’s some that are missing a few seasons and where’s the YouTube function where you can download videos for free? Other than that, it’s pretty good!

- Just ads now😡

An ads very 5 min damn chill

- was good, got worse.

great app but ever since the youtube tab was gotten rid of and how theres more ads ive started looking for a better or similar app. youngtunes was first gone, now this is getting worse? :/

- Why did you change it ???

It was so good at first and it had movies but now it doesn’t it just has music and for that I don’t like it anymore 😔

- Excuse me where's the youtube tab? Hello?

Bring back the youtube tab back please smh

- Not bad (but not good at the same time)

This app is pretty good not gonna lie. I’m currently watching death note on it, and there isn’t as any ads as crunchyroll. I might be imagining things though but i feel like I’m getting ads way more often then when I first downloaded. Then again, I’m still not sure.

- Really good app to remove the ads

Good app but remove the ads

- Love it

Got to watch my dragon ball Z

- Best app

Love the app you can watch free movies and listen to songs who else love that


Y’all gotta cool it with the adds! no cap

- The app

I definitely like the app but the only complaint I have is the function that allows me to use airplay does not work properly to connect with my TV other than that no other complaints

- I’m ok

The app is great but why can’t I download music anymore?

- Ads are messing up my movies

And it’s kicking me off and taking long time to load the movie to it’s annoying

- This app is great but...

For the last 3 days the tv shows are not working but the movies are it keeps saying that they are updating the seasons but it’s al the episodes, maybe it’s still updating and I’m inpatient

- Amazing app

Has crashing issues occasionally but is my main music playing app

- No more TV shows

For the past couple of days we can’t watch TV shows

- Amazing

It’s a cover up😂😂😂

- Fix the TV series problem

Lovely app! Please fix the problem with TV series urgently

- Is this a dream

This app is too good to be true

- Would 5 star if I could cast to my google chrome cast

Please make it so I can cast to my google chrome cast

- Dawg

No cap download it, trust me

- Nothing loads

When ever I try to load something it doesn’t work is it because of my iPhone 7 or something I please let me know what is up with the app?

- Totally satisfied!!!!!

Love this app you guys are amazing .

- Happy

This is awesome love it 😊

- smh

The app is great because u get to watch all movie you want but the problem is it keeps lagging :(

- Great app but not without problems

Pros: -Great privacy policy -High quality videos -A lot of newer movies and shows you can’t get on other services -Saves your place on the movie when you exit -Uses Apple Pay to remove ads -Removing ads is very cheap Cons: -(Bug)Sometimes clicking on a movie brings you to a different movie then what you selected. -(Bug) Picture can freeze while audio continues and you have to restart app -No “Stream to” feature like chrome cast or Apple TV -Directions don’t make it clear enough that you have to go into the App Store you change or cancel your subscription. -Clicking view “terms and conditions” and “privacy policy” asks you to agree to them before reading then doesn’t open the terms.

- There’s a problem

When I lock my phone and turn it back on the music starts.

- Good quality but

Great quality but it buffers too much

- Overall good

I can’t watch anime in Japanese or in any other language and I can’t put subtitles but other than that it’s good

- Great but please add apple tv connectivity option.

Its great to use but misses on apple tv connectivity or chromecast.

- Good app

I love this app but I tried watching the kissing booth 2 and it had some lagging problems and then when I went of the app for one second and clicked back on to watch the kissing booth 2 it showed another movie instead of that one so I’m trying to download the app again

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VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music 4.2.0 Screenshots & Images

VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone images
VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone images
VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone images
VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone images
VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music iphone images

VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music (Version 4.2.0) Install & Download

The applications VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music was published in the category Utilities on 2020-02-27 and was developed by 宇红 付 [Developer ID: 1500539906]. This application file size is 150.24 MB. VOZEE - MP3 MP4 Music - Utilities app posted on 2021-03-02 current version is 4.2.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vozee.drivecloudmusic

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