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Try to pass over the blocks!

9 different cube!

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- Good but a Couple of Things to Work On

I played the game until level 20, just to make sure I was letting all the features and shops open. This is definitely a fun, relaxing, and simple game that you can easily waste a lot of time on. However, with simplicity there should be some things to spice it up. Temple Run was simple, but had upgrades. This game does offer you to change your cubes and characters, but it stays mysterious until you make the purchase with the in-game currency of diamonds. I would love to see options to upgrade the length the magnet stays on, or going quicker when hitting those little green things. With that said, the “quick” green things don’t really make you move faster. It just adds lines to the screen to make it feel like it. I do like the fact that they give the option to buy out of ads for 2.99 as a lot of other games make weekly subscriptions or don’t offer it at all. All in all, I think it’s a cute little game and it will stay on my phone which is unusual for me!


To start, IF YOU NEED TO HAVE AN ADD EVERY 15 SECONDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO MAKE AN APP. JUST SELL THE IDEA OR SOMETHING. Also I have 50,000 purple diamond things and nothing to spend them on because everything’s maxed out so why am I even playing anymore. PLEASE CHANGE THE YOU FAILED COMMENT. If that doesn’t change soon I will delete the app Okay I loved the app but I deleted it because there’s an app about every 15-20 seconds and every time you messed up, it would say in big capital letters YOU FAILED! Which is a very sad attempt to get people to play more. It’s really awful and I’m bringing it up to everyone who has the app. Also I think it gave my phone a ton of viruses because that she weren’t there before the app and randomly when you hit one of the red walls it might take an extra cube for no reason. ALSO DON’T DO ANY OF THE UPDATES IF YOU HAVE THE APP. They only make it even worse. And just when you think you have a lot of cubes and it was a good round, there’s a huge pit or a bunch of barricades right at the very end that takes most of them away. I don’t want anyone to have to deal with all this ridiculousness so PLEASE save yourself the frustration and DO NOT GET THIS APP. IT’S REALLY AWFUL.

- Glitching!!!!!!!!

I just got the game like an hour ago. You can’t play level four!!!!!! I tried restarting my phone, restarting the game, skipping the level, even deleting the game and getting it again- it doesn’t work! The reason you can’t play the level is because the guy (also why can’t you change characters?!) and the blocks were all in visible. It said I died 2 seconds in to each game. I had to delete again. I tried again but it still wouldn’t work! I’ve seen other reviews saying the exact same thing from months ago and it still hasn’t improved? That just shows that no one at the company cares. I’m really annoyed! Also, even though you can still play the levels, the other levels so far have also been glitchy! The skip level button doesn’t even work. There are ads every level and they are all 30 or 45 seconds long. I had to turn off my WiFi the ads got so bad! What really is annoying is usually I am pretty flexible with glitches. But when it gets so bad that you can’t play the game? I can’t just ignore that! Also, your ad shows that the game is not glitchy at all but seriously? If you’re not gonna fix the game then make the ads match the game! Augh! It makes me really sad because I saw the ad and was like, that looks fun! I’m sure it would’ve been if it was POSSIBLE TO EVEN PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

- It’s an okay app

When you get this app, you’ll probably want to delete it after the first few rounds unless you’re a tik toker. I kept on wanting to delete it because it’s sort of boring but every time I was going to do it I thought to myself, “Just one more round!” And that’s how I ended up keeping it for like 5 days. The things that pushed me into deleting it were these two: the ads, not being able to retry and not being able to win every round . After EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO you’ll be watching an ad, so if you’re given a choice to get something for an ad, do it, because you’ll be watching an ad anyway. And then not being able to retry levels. When you pass the level, but you didn’t do the best you could do, there’s no way to retry! So you’re just stuck with the score you have. And, it’s not even possible to win every round! They give you a certain amount of cubes you can get, and even if you end the round with the highest amount possible of cubes- you probably won’t have won it. Anyways, if you’re a tik toker get this app! If not, yeah I don’t know if I would recommend.

- The game is to HARD

Ok so when I got on the first level I tried and tried and tried and tried I know so people out there are gonna say no I played this game and the level was easy well first of all you might be better than me OR you played a long time ago so the beginning level was easy but it really depends on the level you get it changes every time and I tried 1,862 times I counted (which took forever) a long time ago the beginning map probably was easy to get a better one I mean wha5 the heck I know the developer isn’t gonna listen to me to make the beginning map a little bit easy nvm actually A LOT EASY I MEAN ITS THE FIRST LEVEL MAN GIVE US A BREAK LATER ON MAKE IT HARDER I’m just trying to tell all you people not do download this game and it’s made bye voodoo and all of know who download a voodoo game he put a thousand add in there for money I mean you don’t knew that much add money man I got a lot more adds then I tried I think I got about 15,978 add I mean I know I’m a exaggerating a little bit with the adds but it felt like it I download and deleted so much voodoo games cuz the had like a thousand adds in them the first to levels so I think I made my point bye bye and voodoo please make the beginning level a LOT EASY

- Fun! But also....

At first, it was super fun and relaxing, but after a while... Well, it ended up becoming repetitive and somewhat disappointing. After you reach the max levels on the upgrades and unlock all the different block designs, there is not really much to work for. I mean I guess I could make gem(?) goals to work for-but I’ve easily gotten a million gems and getting to the end-end is hardly a problem. even though this game is still a fun thing to do in my spare time, I feel like there should be different levels, harder difficulties, or like... more upgrades? (Not that I can really think of any other upgrades-) maybe say... a speed setting? So you can move faster, and/or make the levels longer for more of a challenge? If you have a whole day of free time and a little bit of patients and reaction time skill, then you would be able to ‘complete’ the game in a day. But I would still recommend as a pass time, if your into this kind of game.

- Cool game but not the best one ever

I really liked this game in the beginning when I first downloaded it but idk. It seems a little unfair, competitive & boring now. When I first got it, it was really satisfying & all but the more I played it the more I came to realize the game is not that good from when I first got it. I see how unfair it is by when I would try to get a high amount of stacked blocks & the lava thing ruins it by it taking up the whole space so I have no choice but to get rid of all the blocks. It’s competitive bc I feel I have to go over my ability to even get those diamonds which I can’t bc again the lava ruins that for me. & I feel it’s boring now bc it doesn’t exhilarate any real emotions from me. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t give me a feeling of total excitement, maybe make the guy on the blocks go faster? When it’s going slow & taking its time, it gets boring very easily. Also maybe had like easy, medium, & hard modes ? That also maybe better the experience of the game for me & many other people. Thank you <3 .

- Pretty fun, but needs some fixing

First of all I’d like to say hi! Thanks for starting to read this. I am a 9 year old girl who loves cats, Marvel, puppies, and chocolate. Anyway enough about me, I want to talk about cube surfer. So overall this is a pretty fun game. You have a cute little character and blocks. At first you start with one or two but as the levels progress and get harder the number of cubes moves up making it easier. Your cubes and person must pass through obstacles to get to the end. At the end you can get to 1x 2x 3x etc. or even gem rush where you can move to collect gems. A few suggestions though... So one suggestion is there is only one girl skin. I am a girl ( as I already mentioned 😉) and I have red hair 👩🏻‍🦰 and freckles, but the only girl skin has black hair. I’d like it if you could make different girl skins, with varying hair color, eye color (my eyes are blue,) and also different skin colors and body shapes/sizes, like curvy, really tall, petite (like me) etc. also you should make some trail patterns and different backgrounds. I personally would love a Guardians of the Galaxy one, so if you could make one that would be awesome. Thank you for reading! Developers please make these changes! Stay safe people!! 👾😺 PS could you please please pleasepleaseplease make a Gamora skin? She’s my fave character EVER!!! #grlpwr

- Rigged but addicting

If your looking for a game for time wasting but don’t care much about winning, this is your game. Every level there the steps after the finish line and it’s just so rigged. I use fast moves and avoiding tall parts of walls and EVERYTHING to get as much cubes as I can, but near the end I basically loose half my stack and can’t go far up the stairs. I’m very good at the game but the top straits I get to are 8-10... which isn’t as much as 20 and that extra trail of gems. I mean, I guarantee that the game is rigged to where you can only get a certain amount of cubes to climb few stairs. I’ve only gotten to the extra gems about 10 times... out of 155.. you don’t need to be a mathematician to know that’s a low amount of levels where it’s possible to reach the extra gems. The game super addicting though, once I play 5 rounds I can’t stop and end doing 10. The extra gem part gets me mad but it’s kinda fun to try and climb all the stairs. And if ads are a problem for you then 100% don’t get this game. So... much... ads...

- No Ending

I’m like on board 300 and something and have asked several people is there a ending. Games like this are fun but they get boring after awhile to me. I didn’t mind supporting the developers because I hate ads and the ads they send are never anything concerning my interest. Over all collections of the purple diamond as a form of currency. Riding on hamburgers cubes and ice cubes is total lunacy. I have tried different ways of moving to not lose cubes in the lava or whatever the liquid is but nothing works. I know I’m not crazy I have played the same board several times sometimes the boards repeats with the Airplane flying at the top. That’s why in my opinion the game needs a ending. I can’t play no more because it’s boring to me. It would be interesting if stuff fell out the plane or there were birds that you had to dodge. But it’s the same ole same ole every board. Start with some cubes collect the diamonds avoid tall parts of the walls and then get to the end of the level if you have enough cubes you can get more diamonds


Soo i was looking on the App Store and saw this game so got it and played a couple rounds and it was soo GOOD! I loved it so much it is highly recommend!!!! It has like no ads and amazing graphics! Pleeease download it and make some more cube choices it was so fun and it can pass time for me❤️❤️❤️this is kinda like my fav game so please respond!❤️to this and I hope that you have an amazing time at home! PLEASE DOWNLOAD SO GOOD AMAZING I CAN NOT SAY!!! I really think it could use an end:> but please keep it here forever and ever I know some people don’t like it but I absolutely love it! This game has cool rounds so please no hate to this rating! I don’t like haters and please don’t be mean this game is amazing so download it now!!! I’m not forcing you to but you really should!! It is so nice and relaxing an other things I really think all haters could use a brain🧠 a heart❤️ and a life👁👄👁 no hate just true so keep up the good work!! Peace out!✌️:>

- good app but some things to work on

so i just got cube surfer about 4 days ago, and it’s suuuper addicting. i’m already on level 217. it’s super fun to play and me and my sister have a contest for who can beat more levels in one day. although it’s super fun to play, there are a few things that could be worked on. number 1, the levels repeat, which means that they don’t get harder, and there’s really no point in many different levels if they don’t get harder. also, there’s wayyyyy to many ads, if i were to fail a level, i could either skip the level by watching an ad, or to just retry, i always retry, but i end up having to watch an ad every time. when i do the balloon, to get more diamonds, i get an ad, when i’m done with every level, i get an ad. i could pay for no ads, but it’s kinda expensive. 3 dollars. which is more than most of the over games i have. i would love for them to just make the level different and harder, and for the no ads price to be cheaper, or they just put less ads in. i know the makers of this game make money by putting ads in, but you don’t have to put so many ads in that you watch more ads then actually play the game. there’s also lots and lots of glitching. almost every run, the game freezes and then i get so annoyed and i was doing well, but i didn’t know what was happening during the time it freezed. it gets so annoying, to the point where i play the game less because of it.

- Ok but really unimaginative

I really liked the game at first, but then things happened. The levels started repeating themselves. I’ve played the same level at least 20 times ( I’m not kidding). Also, once I bought all of the cubes, the gems were utterly useless. I have 679,043 gems just sitting there , because there is nothing to buy. I’ll admit that playing the same level again can be interesting to see if I can screw up repeatedly, but it’s REALLY boring 😒. Another thing, why is the surfer a white male?? Why can’t I change the surfer to someone else?? I find the fact that there is no way to change the surfers appearance completely ridiculous and stupid. So, please give me more variety of cube and surfer, and make more levels. That would give the game a 4 star rating. I both suggest that you get the app, but at the same time, I advise against it. Oh, and ads. I know EVERY review says that, but it’s true. I finish a level , and I’m tossed into a full length stupid add.

- Game is fun but..

I have seen a review saying this game brings a virus, and it doesn’t. That review was saying bad things about this game and lying about it. Like, imagine seeing a review before you get the app or game, then seeing that review of lies. Now, you are missing out on the game. The game is fun and relaxing. But the best part is that it doesn’t bring up adds very often! If you are saying, “Well it doesn’t bring up ads very often because you paid for that” Well I didn’t pay anything! But on the other hand, you know how at the end of the round, if you get more than 13 cubes, you get a lot of gems, but in some rounds it is impossible to get more than 13 gems because it doesn’t provide that. Overall, you should get the game it is fun and unlike other games, it doesn’t have that many ads between rounds!

- Fun for the weekend

I like the concept of this game and it was really fun for the first couple of days. The only problem is there are only 9 new blocks to unlock and you will unlock them very early on in the game. The levels also don’t get harder either, so after you’ve unlocked all the blocks, there’s no incentive to play anymore - no new challenges, no harder obstacles, no new boosters etc. There are two boosters you can buy only 5 times and then it’s maxed out. My other complaint is that the button to watch an ad to earn more perks doesn’t always work. If you want to watch an ad to double your coins, it only works about 40% of the time when you click it. Otherwise you’re forced to click “No thanks.” This issue prevented me from unlocking blocks quicker because you have to watch an ad to unlock each one. After 3 days with the app, I am bored and deleting it. I did have fun while it lasted though.

- Game reviewer

Ok so when I play the game it’s annoys me it’s glitchy and to many adds when I get cubes it is not worth it I will lose them on the lava 😠 and and my score is just like a 6,5 this game really annoys me it’s really in fair as the person when I play all my blocks leave from the lava and when there a lot of blocks the red cubes take them at the very last part and I get like a 1 high score like they should really fix the game cuz the game is getting un fair and really annoying 😩but I respect other people opinion with the good but cube surfers need to fix the game cuz it would never let me get a good high score and I’m only on level 4 and I got annoyed easy cuz the lava take my cubes but if anything can really someone fix the game cuz I still want to play but fix it and put extra blocks so all of us can get a decent good score got you can’t get bad reviews cuz first the game is really glitchy and PLEASE FIX THE CUBES 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 I have no more to say so here some random emojis of my felling when I play the game 🙂-🙃-😒-🧐-😑-🙄-😤-😠-😡 FIX THE GAME THANK YOU :3

- Simple and stupid

Voodoo, the company that makes dumb games that are simple and easy, slaps a bunch of ads on, them moves on to the next. This game is a perfect example. This game is indeed a time waster but doesn’t have enough content to be challenging. Voodoo makes games that you are a cube or sphere or whatever else and I guess just makes you jump and immersive and fun. The ads...or I guess ad of this game shows a screen recording of this game where the player is struggling to swipe on a screen a few times and then attempts to trick you with a fake demo game. When I played it. I surfed from one level to the next with ease. With many ads in between which was expected from Voodoo. Paying no attention to the players and their reviews Voodoo is probably off making the same game with the same character models and boring graphics. Two stars for making a good time killer, but killing all of my expectations that this would be any different from past Voodoo games.

- Fun but needs work

This game is overall very fun and entertaining but needs a little work. The first thing is that when you pay 1,000 gems for a character or a cube skin you don’t get to choose Wich one you want. I know that you have to get people to want to play more bu you could make it 2,000 gems to pick or 1,000 to get a random one. Or at least let them pick between a couple of different ones to randomly be chosen for 1,500 I know this is a little much but it would really improve the game. Also I don’t really like that most of the levels you can’t get 20 times the amount of gems. I understand that it might make it easier to get more gems but it needs to at least be possible on each level. I know this is hard to change now but for future games or levels. Last this game has a few to many ads I know you need to promote your games but you could have a few less and Maybe have a option to pay a couple dollars for no ads, or better yet if they get another one of your games give them less ads Any one who is reading this review I hope you get this game its fun and helps you stay entertained. And make sure to Mark this review as helpful.

- Honestly just another seemingly interesting but actually money hungry game from Voodoo

As with most Voodoo games, it looks pretty fun in the beginning, usually with an ad from another mobile game. Then I download, and play. Get through several levels and it’s already frustrating. You aren’t able to ever get the max multiplier for the gems, even if you get the most cubes you can. Then after a couple more games I come across the most annoying feature. After I win and try to collect my gems I see a Balloon icon. I tap thinking it’ll let me go through but no. An ad. I watch and keep playing, then get another Balloon at the end of the level. This time I try to wait out the Balloon pop up, hoping that after 5 or ten seconds it will go away. But no. It’s just another poorly developed, under-done mobile game, that took a day to develop, with unskippable ads to make money for a company with dozens of horrible mobile games.

- Fun but pointless

I use to love this game, it’s fun and easy. I think this app was a great idea but it never came out right. When I first got this app, I loved that it was simple but it’s almost too simple. For example, every level is almost the same and I am now on level 150 and it is just as easy as level one. As you play you try to get gems and at least for me, they a really easy to collect. With the gems you can buy new cubes and people but there is not that many of them so soon there is nothing to do with the gems. Plus after every time I play, there’s another add. The whole game is add, after add, after add! I will say that the app never glitches for me.😀 overall I think it is a really fun app with a lot of flaws.

- Fix

It’s great and all and I love the app but I have all of the avatars cubes and max out the online and offline( not that I go offline) so that I always start with five and have waay to many purple gems cause I keep getting x20 please come out with more things to spend money on because I’m stuck with these and have nothing to do with them it’s a fun game it just seems repetitive and now that I’m not working to afford new characters and stuff it’s kinda boring. Maybe you could add backgrounds to the game that you could buy or a race against another player so that you would see who had mire cubes or diamonds than the other just something new to make it more interesting is all I ask. Also there is only one girl skin please add more or you could add a create your own avatar so that you could design it to look like you.

- Dear developer!

Ok I was excited to get the game when I saw voodoo made the game but every time i would press watch video to a new cube it would make me watch the video then I get the new cube right? BUT NO I GET NOTHING OVER AND OVER SO FIX THE GLITCH ALRIGHT? Sorry for being rude but I love ur games and made me really upset! Plus I have seen the comments I agree ITS HARD I just got this game yesterday and I just go to a level 26! It’s got a lot of bugs not trying to be rude but if u would listen to the comments and fix the bugs maybe I would play another time I won’t delete it I just won’t play it until u get it fixed!!!!AND I KNOW ITS NOT ME BEING BAD AT THE GAME ITS YOUR GAME I HAVE ASKED MY BROTHERS TI HELP ME GET TO THE ALL THOSE GEMS BUT NOBODY CAN SO I AM CHANGING MY MIND I AM NOT KEEPING THIS GAME AND I DO T THINK I WILL GIVE A NOTHER CHANCE OR ANY OF YOUR GAMES AND THATS A BUMMER BC I HAVE SO MANY OF YOUR GAME THIS IS PROBABLY THE FIRST TIME I EVER DELETED YOUR GAMES AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING BC I HAVE 36 GAMES (not all voodoo game) 😡 and yes I am to MAD to have good grammar in typing!

- Super fun, but over too quickly

This game is really fun to play, but I got all the upgrades, blocks, & characters only after playing for 2 hours. Hopefully new designs & achievements will be added so I can continue playing because it’s really enjoyable! I also think the game could benefit from the ability to pause a level and start it over. Otherwise, I have no complaints with the mechanics. One thing I really appreciate is that there are no micro transactions aside from blocking ads (which I understand are there to give the developers an income so it makes sense to pay). A lot of other games make it hard to progress when you don’t pay, and I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case here.

- Casual game for wasting time

I can understand how people say the game is glitchy or laggy in which it is sometimes, the thing I don’t get is how people get so mad because they didn’t do well at the game so they leave a bad review just because it isn’t their thing. Aside from that, I like how the game gives you the option to remove ads and it has different cubes and characters you can use but overall I would say the game is a casual kind of game to waste time when your bored. They don’t really update it that well so I wouldn’t get all jumpy and happy when it does update, but I am safe to say I would keep this app on my phone incase I’m bored. Thank you for reading!

- It was fun at first but...

The first few times I played it, I actually enjoyed it. But the more I played it, the more flaws I saw in the game. It is a very addicting game but I don’t recommend. Firstly: after you are about to finish a level and you are going up the steps, there is no possible way to get to the top every time you play. So why do the steps even go up that high on the levels that don’t? I’m just saying that is a very annoying thing and it makes me frustrated. Secondly: while you are on a level, you may come across a “speed boost”. They are supposed to boost your speed and make you go faster but all it does is add lines on the screen to make it look like you go faster but you just stay the same speed. Also I don’t even see a reason for “speed boosts” anyways because it’s not like you are timed on anything. Thirdly: when you are collecting those blocks and you go over the stacked ones, you would think it were to cut off the blocks perfectly lined up at the top. I don’t know if this is a glitch or what but it sometimes takes off an extra one because the sizes of the blocks don’t line up. It is a subtle difference but enough for me to sometimes go “What??” Maybe you can make adjustments for these issues

- Game is riddled with ads

The game itself is fun to play and the mechanics are simple and easy to understand. The problem I have is that there are too many ads. This becomes EXTREMELY annoying after the first 5 levels. When you don’t want to double your gems at the end of each level you have to click “No Thanks” (and that’s after every level you complete) in doing so you have to watch an ad. To collect the various skins for the cubes you have to watch an ad. Over and over again. I know that ads provide money for the developers, but there are just too many ads to sit through to progress through the game. I’m on level 20 and I find it terrible how many ads I’ve had to sit through just to get to the next level. Please consider fixing this problem and your game will be 100% better for everyone

- How I think I fill about this game

I don’t know if This is happening to other people but I past all the levels and had got all the cubes but still don’t past the 12 part in I’m still going though the small deleted cubes but still don’t the 12 part it feels I was about to rage so so so so so so bad it’s like the game does not like me ughhhhhh. But still it’s ok but it does freeze when I get ads in ever level I play that was really annoying and it was 30 to 40 seconds. When I do what the game to play the ads it doesn’t work so if you really don’t like ads then I don’t recommend this game for you because There’s a lot of them. When I try to play it the first time the cubes were invisible i deleted the game some many time but it still does not work it killed me.

- Well...

This game is super fun and I played it for like an hour straight. It’s very addicting and enjoyable. However, it seems to get old fairly quickly. What I mean is there’s a lot of repetition, and it seems almost purely to make money. On average, I get about an ad a level, so an ad every 30 seconds to a minute! Of course, you can purchase to remove ads, but I recommend turning off data then WiFi to remove the ads. However, you need to watch an ad to continue from where you left off if you “die”. I was worried about the age limit (12+) but I found out that the only reason this is there, is because a lot of the ads have very showy outfits on girls. Other than that, it should be more like an 8+ game, simply because of the brainpower involved.

- It has potential

This game is fine. It’s challenging (while still being passable), it has different cubes, and it’s fun... at least for a few hours. The thing with this game is that it’s one of those games that never ends, and along with that, it isn’t one of those games where you would play ALL the time. It gets old very quickly. I personally don’t mind the ad placement in this game, but I’ve heard other reviews about that, I’m kinda confused as to why the game froze but my character still moved. I had to delete it then redownload it, that was pretty strange and I couldn’t do anything besides download it again. Anyhoo, it’s overall an average game. Edit: I just played a round of the game and the same thing happened so I’m just gonna delete it for real this time.

- Awesome game (highly recommended and addictive)

I really love ❤️ this game, it is so fun and always a joy to play this game 😊. I spend like 10-15 minutes playing this game and sometimes non-stop 😝 so yeah it’s really fun and always so exciting trying not to mess up. It’s a great coping skill if you are trying to get your mind off something temporarily. So the only thing is that after each game or round there is always a ad and that can be frustrating but that doesn’t mean I will lower the star because that does not have anything to do with how much fun this app is. I would recommend to everyone who loves strategy and something to do if bored. Appropriate for ages 11+

- Great but glitching and too many adds...

This is a okay game but it’s been glitching A LOT for me and I feel like you might gotta get that fixed because other are experiencing this too... Another thing I would like to say is the ads there are WAYYYY TO MANY every single level you gotta put one? Like seriously???? Please listen to theese reviews and fix those problems because I think it’s kinda not okay,The ads are extremely annoying and get the game not really fun it just is getting ridiculous (sorry if I sound rude) but it is SO ANNOYING!!!!! I honestly kinda regret downloading this app and I feel like the last part is kinda unfair cause no matter how hard you try you never win. I don’t know if that’s the point or something but maybe just keep it on like 10? But yeah that’s all I gotta say and please notice this!

- To many glitch’s and ads!

Hi developers the game is what I was experiencing with the ad that showed you. It looked like no glitches and it’s fine. But when I got it I experience it with the glitch’s!!!!!!!!!!! The glitch’s are like when you can’t get the blocks when it’s no one block it’s stressed me out! Please fix this and also it is not worth the game if there is glitch’s. More like the bugs instead of glitch’s. I like the game but it’s basically a glitch trap for me. Also the ads they are a trap to! Every time you finish the game you get points and after that you have to watch a stupid ad!!!!! 😡😡😡😡 you have to fix this. People were expecting a fun game not a trap of glitch’s and ads. More people expected no traps of that! I’m mad 😡. This is the end of ur review! Also bye 👋 (also If I was mean I'm sorry) Bye my age is 12

- It’s a nice game but it needs touch ups

The game overall was a nice game the graphics were good. But it was a bit expensive and the diamonds for a new character and a new cube and that’s really not fair. Whenever I’m trying to skip the round it always has video not ready yet I’m gonna give me an ad right after that. And when im trying to open the balloons it does the same thing. I don’t know if it’s a scam but I can never get up to the highest level to get all the diamonds up there because like I don’t think anyone can because the challenges like they make it too high and it’s unfair. Other than that the art style is good everything else is good just need to I need to listen and spice it up and I change the the game a little bit. Tehehe 👉🏼👈🏼

- Fun, yet needs patch work

It’s fun, it’s easily addictive, and it’s simplistic. The only issues I am facing are easy and simple patches that can be easily fixed. For example, if you make it to 20X, collect those diamonds, and it happens to be a balloon round, you’ll lose all of those diamonds because it only collects when you press next. Also, more features like a different arena or background when you pass levels or harder levels would be a nice and fitting touch. Last thing, would be to add more characters and cubes. If you’re anything like me, you lose interest in games when you have nothing to play for. All in all, it’s a good game.


I have had this game for 2 minutes and I already regret it. This app is not worth my time. I would get all the cubes and I still lost ever time. I also had a lot of people that I know have the same problem. Cube surfer, y’all need to fix this. I wouldn’t recommend getting this app. If you just want to get aggravated and mad at it then go for it. This game just isn’t for me and all of my friends. I’m not trying to complain but come on! You people get payed way more then your should! It just isn’t fair how y’all get credit for an app that is rigged. Anyways, I can’t tell anyone to do I just wanted to come on here and tell people my opinion and that I’m not ever getting this app again. I’m not trying to make y’all look bad, but y’all definitely need to fix this! It’s not fair to me and everyone else who plays this game! I would rather go to China ✌🏼.

- Glitch

This is a fun game to play, but there’s a problem. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but it’s really annoying. When I was playing, I got to a certain level and the audio played but the screen froze and my cube wasn’t showing up, just the obstacles. And the screen wasn’t moving so I kept losing the level. I figured it was just a glitch so I played a different game for a while but when I played cube surfer again it still had the problem. I tried this a few more times but it didn’t work so I deleted the game then reinstalled it and when I reached the same level again, it did the same thing as last time. This is really frustrating to me, but otherwise it’s a fun game to play.

- My new fav

This game is awesome! I love that it’s challenging but yet not too hard! And there is some strategy to it. I absolutely love the little characters on the cubes! And I like that you can change them. You can also change the cubes too! The only problem with the game is there are adds. Yes I understand every free game must have adds and this game doesn’t have an extreme amount but, these adds were kind of inappropriate for children. Other than that, despite what some of the other reviews say, this game is perfectly fun and totally worth downloading! Hope this review helps! Thanks for reading

- Could be better

Took me like 4 days to beat the game and after like maybe 70 levels or maybe less I experienced the same levels. Even with maxed cubes its still somewhat difficult to reach the 20x floor, that means that its impossible for just starting with one cube to reach the highest floor. And collecting cubes to just to loose them again? They should add a level or maybe some where they let us collect a lot more cubes and if we have to much maybe that airplane that flys above we can hit it and die because we have to much cubes, something like that instead of always having minimum cubs to collect and always loosing them

- Love the app! Just a little glitchy tho.

I love this game! It’s so satisfying and easy, it’s like you never lose! I love the skins and cubs and that there only 5,000, you can get gems so easily to buy the skins and cubes, and that you get 1,000 gems if you watch an add, I love that you have a “no add button” (and it actually works) I love that you can get little prizes from balloons and the game is free! (But here’s my problem and idea) sometimes a video isn’t ready and it annoys me a little so here’s my idea, fix it please, overall the game is so fun, and it’s like I’m making my own world! Have a nice day! and please. read this! 😉

- Good but.....

Well first of all your ads are horrible I hate the ones with reach this number your legally a pro or I can’t reach pink color. Second of all the game is way way to easy I never die once and considering how easy it is it’s gets boring quick. I will admit the cosmetics are good and it’s a good concept. Another thing is the ads in the game can sometimes be inappropriate so say if my little cousin wanted to play this it would not be good cause of some of the ads. Your also lucky it’s not 2 stars because the ads were ridiculous each time you complete a level there is a ad but that as lowered down a lot less. So I guess if your looking for a quick time waster this is a app that can do that

- I love the game, but...

I love this game so much that I’m on level 520. I just can’t stop playing and it’s addictive so I just spend my time playing it, why stop? It doesn’t take too much attention so I can do other things while playing. I just have one issue. I’m so far in the game that I can’t do anything with my gems. I wish there were just more skins or cubes to buy so that I could use my gems! I see other people complaining about the ads, but I think compared to other games this game has a fine amount of ads. It’s definitely making my reflexes faster though, and I love the game overall, so thanks for making this!

- Addictive, but change the 2 things

At first when I got the ad for this game I thought it was dumb but I kept getting that ad so I decided to get it. I have only been playing for a few days but am totally addicted. This game is so fun! It is my absolute fav game! I wish you could change your character if you get higher numbers (at the end of the game) and if you could make each level a little more different from the others that would be awesome! If you listen and do those things, I would rate this 5star. But I would still totally recommend this game! Thank you for reading this! 😘🥰😍🥰😘😘🥰😚🥰😍😘😘

- (Instructions)

Ok listen don’t listen to those reviews because they don’t know what there talking about so listen to my review this game is actually really fun but listen! U know sense it’s my opinion u think that might be what I think tho! I know I know but I’m not kidding it’s actually really fun so u first start out with like one block so then u colet sry idk how to spell 😂 so anyway then u have to go past obstacles and try to get as much blocks u can so then at the end u go to the finish line and if u have 20 blocks then u get SOOOO much diamonds 💎 so and that pretty much it thank u so much for understanding ☺️

- Great Game!

I’ve been playing for a while, it’s super addicting and works fine, and I don’t find that there is an overbearing amount of ads either, it’s almost unnoticeable. I have just two suggestions however that I’m sure devs are working on already. I have an unreasonable amount of diamonds but nothing to spend them on as everything is maxed out. I think as a perfectionist that likes to get as many cubes as possible to end with, there should be an option available to retry a level and play it again after you’ve won the game.

- 👁👄👁

I honestly love this game but I have some ideas tbh. So like first basically all of the characters are all boys, I think you should make more characters with more girls in it. Next are the cubes- just make more like every week you add idk maybe 1 or 2 new ones. Ok and I think you should be able to customize a lot of things like the back round and the ground and the blocks. That would be literally awesome. The last one I think is a preeeeety good idea if I say so myself. Add like power ups that are like hidden in the game and stuff like speed and hidden blocks of large amounts ya know. K bAi 👁👄👁

- (Debbie S.) Needs to change

This is a fun game to play when I’m bored, but it needs some changes. 1, whenever I fail to complete a level or I finish a level, more than 75 percent of the time I have to watch an ad and it is so annoying! 2, the end of the levels is a cool idea, but I would just not have it. 3, I’m at level 51 right now and I’ve been noticing that ive had to replay levels. By that, I mean that, sat if I played level 47, and then on level 50, I would play the same path. It has been happening ever since level 30 and it’s getting annoying. Please try and do something about the game and think of my review as requests for the game to change. Sincerely, Debbie

- Left me wishing for something more...

I found this game to be relaxing, I love that it’s not overly-challenging but with that being said it’s almost two easy. Then there is the issue of the levels being repetitive, nothing seems to change. Same courses over and over, leaves nothing to be desired. It’s fun to play until everything is unlocked, then there is no challenge or reason to continue. What I would hope for to play again and actually purchase-more things to unlock-especially the cubes, different levels-different atmosphere/themes or environments, some challenge. Overall it is a great game...for awhile. Then it’s repetitive and boring.

- Fun game, But No Repetitive

The game itself is fun to play, however I started to realize the more I played that the levels are kind of just repeating themselves.. There’s no new obstacles added or new lengths you have to go. There should be more things added to make the levels different from each other and more difficult the more you progress. Also there should be way more block options and you should be able to see the blocks your earning diamonds for so you can pick the one you want. Having the blocks all the same price made earning diamonds pointless after about 15 Minutes of playing. It becomes redundant.

- Laggy So annoying

I play this game for an average of half an hour per day. There is ads, but not so many that you get so so so annoyed that you feel like you are gonna rip your hair out. But, every time I watch an ad, when I get back to the game, IT FREEZES. It’s so annoying because then you have to X out all of your tabs, wait for it to load again, and then another ad pops up on you in 10 seconds and it does it again. So really it looks like I am playing for half an hour, really I am only playing for 5 minutes because of the lag. I give this three starts, because overall, it’s a good game. But if you get rid of the ads or the lag, maybe I will give 4. If you do both, I will give 5. Thank you for your time. Bye.

- Good game but many bugs 🥺

This would be an awesome game, IF.. it didn’t glitch. Of course in mobile apps and games glitching is inevitable, but this was interesting. 😟 in the beginning of the level it was going smoothly. But then it started to glitch a lot. Even if I had my hand on the screen it would still make me move in directions that I did not want to go and that resulted in me losing the level or losing blocks. 🤨I don’t really know what this is all about but I don’t really mind it it was a really fun game and I give it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ this just may lose some gameplay points for other people although I didn’t exactly really mind it.

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- Great!

I am absolutely addicted to this game and u love it ❤But there is one thing that REALLY triggeres me and that is that when u get to the end if the course you have soooo many blocks but then there are some blocks that are like 5 blocks high that stop you and then you have like NO blocks yourself left and then you only get a few diamonds. But over all I really recommend this game to EVERYONE it is sooooo addicting and I can't stop playing it😃

- Overall good, but easy, game could use one thing.

⚠️READ WHOLE THING⚠️ I actually think this is a very solid idea for a game, but I think it can get too easy, and therefore too boring. BUT I think you could fix that with this one idea: make it so that there are blocks up high as well that will knock your tower if you get to tall. This way it adds another dimension to the game. One of the problems with the game is that you just collect as many of the yellow blocks as possible, a and hopefully make it through the coarse, but this way you need to think: will I get that block, or, will it make my tower too tall? 🦋thanks for reading my whole review and hopefully it was helpful🦋

- Great game but boring over time

When I started playing the game over a week ago it was awesome I wanted to try upgrade and what not! But as you went higher and higher in the levels it didn’t seem to get harder! And once you have upgraded to only 5 levels that’s it! Now it’s just boring a very short lived game! You can change the skin on the person and blocked but again doesn’t change the game play! If it had challenges and as you each level you go up the difficulty changes it would be a game I would go play all the time!

- I knew it was junk, just by playing the first level

I literally just installed this game. No matter how hard you try you’re never going to get to the very end, it doesn’t give you enough blocks. Here’s some advice. Don’t install anything that has Voodoo on it. I know by experience that it will be awful, repetitive, boring, too easy and with way too many ads. Voodoo really needs to work on the quality of their games, because they produce very low quality games. They use the same models for each game and they’re always the ads that say “i CaNt ReAcH pInK cOlOr!” When it’d be very easy to reach it. There just is no pink colour...

- Not many levels

I think most games by this company are great but all share the same problem. I got to level 70 when I realised that I was repeating the same maps again. Please take slightly more time into the game so I can spend more time enjoying different levels. Thank you for reading and please take my feedback.

- Saw it on my instagram feed enough to download it.

I’ve not even played it for 10 minutes and I can already tell it’s not well made at all. The first time I opened the app, it crashed. The second time, I got on and it was extremely laggy which I thought was to do with the banner ad underneath, I turned off my wifi and opened the app a third time and it was still laggy to the point of making the game unplayable, then it just froze. I waited for a minute or two but it just stayed frozen. If you make a game like this it shouldn’t be this laggy it makes it basically useless and unenjoyable.

- ☺️

At first I loved and enjoyed this game and then one time as soon as I open the app it caused my touch on my phone to completely not work, I couldn’t swipe up to turn my data on, I couldn’t even do my password, only my power button, volume buttons and my home button worked. I tried multiple things like powering off my phone by holding the power button and the home button but it just didn’t seem to work. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone in case this happens to you.

- 👍

I love the game it’s just that there’s is too many ads and all of the ads are for this game and it just annoys me, I say in my head “I don’t need to see this because I am literally playing the game right now or I would be if this ad wasn’t on.” If you just try to change that I would be a five star game

- :>>

I think this game is great although I do think there are just a little bit too many ads, I understand that you need ads as every game does, but if you could possibly decrease the amount that would be GREAT. If you do decrease the amount, this game will 100% be worth 5 stars

- Amazing app but...

This is a very addictive and fun game to play but it would be better if the blocks and characters were less expensive. So instead of 5000 gems maybe 1000 or even 2500. Overall it’s a great game and I definitely recommend it. 😊

- Same problem

Like two of the other writers said on level six everything goes blank so I deleted it. I will lnstall it once you have fixed the bug. It not that I don’t like the game I loved it and I was so disappointed. Please fix it

- Need a infinite run

I feel like this game would be a lot better if you could go as far as possible for a high score, rather than just going a certain distance.

- Cube surfer

Great game, buuuuut, as alll great games go, there are always flaws, so uh, I ‘m here to point them out. (Yay...) 1. So much ads! Plus, even if you turn on airplane mode, it does not stop! It’s 50% ads and 50% awesome gaming! I cannot go on like this! 2. The update. Are you serious? I’m on level 93 and some random update just ruined it for me, I go back to level one, even though now I get to change the character, This update was not an update, it was a downdate. I also suggest that you make stuff infinity mode or something? It will be much more fun!

- 😃

This game is really fun but has to many ads unless you really support the company you can turn off the internet this game requires no wifi but if you really like the game watch the ads to helps this company.

- Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ok so: The game is good BUT, after literally every level, there is an ad, no joke. If I at least get to squeeze in two levels without ads, it’s celebration time 🎉. It is a good game but I just don’t know if I would recommend it to other people. Right now it’s just an app I play when I’m bored to be honest. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Give it a go idk.

- Too many ads? I can help you

Well if you have so many ads you can simply just go to settings and turn on airplane mode there’s not even a single ad😀

- Too simple

Have you been taking drugs?! It’s a good game but it’s like you take drugs then say “ok what are we gonna do? Oh yeah a person surfing on cubes. No one will notice that it’s so simple. Yep. I did. Who the hell are you?! Or maybe your just a kid

- Don’t buy app..

I do not suggest this app because when I downloaded it I got all the cubes but only reached 5x so it’s all rigged don’t bother playing it unless you don’t care about that stuff but I just don’t see the point If you can win by getting all the cubes but you actually can’t because there aren’t enough cubes to collect at least that’s my view

- Great game but...

Look, this game is so fun and I play it everyday but two things, 1 : it has TOO MANY ADS!!! 2 : Every time I play it freezes. You may be thinking that my device is too old but my device is the newest Apple device!!!

- Don’t really like it in my opinion

It is really fun but it annoys me when I can NEVER get to the last stage with all the Dimonds and when I have so many at the end those red one they are so much so they take away literally all the cubes I have and then I don’t get far, yet again it is my opinion you can have a different opinion and yeah that is my rating

- What’s with the adds?

It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely difficult You have to get a near perfect run. But, all the adds after every SHORT run is just annoying. Voodoo puts way to many adds on their games. It’s just unfunny to play. The reason for two stars is the adds are pretty short! But it’s still so boring. >:( ☹︎

- Too many ads

I love this game but just one thing there’s a bit too many ads. But I don’t blame you because every game has to have a ad so if you could just work on that please. Other wise great game 😎

- Played one round and thanks.

Played one round and straight into a 30 second ad. Played a second round and another 30 second ad. No thanks.

- Greatest app ever

Just amazing 😉 I’m speechless 😶 the last time I had the game I gave one ☝️ star ⭐️ review but now not as many ads and I almost got to the end of 20 Those karens who put one ☝️ Star ⭐️ review r wrong

- Hiiii. so I much won’t give it a five ratting cuz a bit to much

adds through out the levels, but I would say that it’s a really cool app. But not better then roblox😁

- I haven’t played it yet but I like it

I know I haven’t played the game yet, but I played the demo, but, it wasn’t good, it was awesome! Finally I’ve enjoyed a game once in my life and yet it was just a demo. After some time of playing it, well, um............................................... I got addicted to it. I would play it for hours and hours in my own time, but I had to do homework, which was sad, but I kept getting time for it 😀🥰 So? What are you waiting for? Get Cube Surfer 🏄‍♂️ now!

- Why oh why adds can’t pass levels but it’s fun

I first downloaded this game I loved it then now it is like really bad because adds adds but it’s ok now but i can’t pass levels so I press skip and an add comes up maybe please block adds please please thanks but it’s so good 😊

- Decent but flatlines..

The game is decent until you unlock everything and have no more growth capability. This happens after a hour of so or gameplay so the fun factor drops off pretty fast because there is nothing else to upgrade or try and win. Shame.

- To many adds

I love the game and think it’s amazing but there are way to many adds every round I click next it brings up an add please fix this because it’ll get boring eventually if you keep putting adds in.

- 😉

My friend let me play this game and I was looking for it even were on App Store then I found it and I'm at home playing it having soup because I'm sick I love this game I in joy it 😄😄😄😄😄

- I really like this game

I really like this game because you can collect and lose blocks. I like it because there a times something.

- No

For the first few rounds of the game i guess it’s kinda fun but after you have gotten all the skins there is no point. also there are sooooo many ads and in general the game just isn’t very good quality. if you wanna waste your time this game is perfect but in any other case it’s a big no

- Two bad things

It’s boring and it’s frustrating because when you get a lot then going to the end there’s lots of brick walls taking the blocks away so when you get small

- It’s okay 😑😑😕😕

There’s too many ads !!! And the boost does absolutely nothing but put little speed lines all over the screen pls fix this and pls have less ads but besides that the game isn’t that bad 👍🏼👍🏼

- Addictive game

I love it 😻 so much because it doesn’t have any adds in it and I’m like ‘ Omg 😆 it so nice that it doesn’t make adds at all this is epic!!! ‘

- Good Game, too many bugs

Just after a couple of levels, the whole game just went black, it is completely unplayable like this, you can’t see the squares, or any obstacles. This needs to be fixed, or this game is getting deleted by me.

- Good

I like this game. I play it when I’m bored(Which is a lot)it’s quite satisfying too and one down side THERE ARE ADS!!! All I want is an app with no adds!!BUT.........good game. Adventure girl🌏

- Lovely made

This app has become my new,best and my favourite app ever I love it and nothing is more better than this app

- Bugs

It was really annoying me that i had to download this game and then delete it over 5 times because every time i got to the 6th level the game glitched out and i could not see anything bc the game froze and i started and it told me i lost definetly not going to download again not worth the time

- Impossible to finish completely

Even if you collect all of the blocks and take the route that minimises the amount of blocks lost your still unable to get past the very end. So if you enjoy losing over and over with no possibility of winning then this is the game for you.

- Not enough cubes

It’s a good game but even when I get all the cubes, don’t miss one and go through the smallest blocks it’s never enough to actually get to the finish line you always get to the last lot of blocks and run out of cubes so really whats the point

- Bug

Hi On level 6 every thing goes blank and then I cannot make it past level 6, and when I tried to skip it by an add it didn’t work. Overall it is a good game!

- Garbage

I’m disappointed because I got this game and there was. Already TOO many problems like you can NEVER make it to the end. And they put to many ads I dislike this app and I don’t recommend it for anyone

- Fun but Stale

the game is extremely satisfying and a great way to pass time but the levels never get harder you’re doing the same thing a thousand times over

- Good game but......

This is a good game but once u reach the max upgrade and get all the characters and blocks it’s a bit annoying cuz u can’t spend the gems and they just build up

- Trash game

I maxed out everything in 5 minutes and sometimes i get all of the cubes and i still dont beat the level and the gems bug out alot not giving me them same level over and over adds after every round and its a boring game in general

- Idk

This game is impossible to finish but it’s quite addictive like when you play near the end you just start to end and stuff idk how to explain it

- Amazballs

Love every single thing about it and I only just got it

- Your game is so good every body should play it

Your game is so good every body should play it

- Fantastic

Fabulous all though that are tons of adds

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- Ads!!!!!

The game is really good, but the ads are sooooo annoying! If you put in ads after every 3-5 levels, people would play it way more.

- Good game 😊

I like the game and all but I am on the max level and the max offline earnings, also I have all the skins. Can you make more levels and more skins to get, or is the game for my phone only up to those levels? Overall gold game 😁

- The developer

The developers mind: ok so let’s make them get a lot of cubes and make them loose most of the cubes. Sounds like a PERFECT game

- Easy!

Game is really good, but after reaching some point there’s nothing to do just playing the same thing again and again. Would be great if there would be levels, more difficulty as you go further

- ???

I liked this game until after a couple levels it didn’t let me see what I was doing therefore I kept losing, so me and my dad decided to delete it and get it again but that didn’t work either the same thing happened so therefore I say; ???

- The apps

When I was on level 6 EVERYTHING WAS BLACK I COULDN’T SEE! Same for level 7 I played this on a phone and I already pass that level🤬🤬🤬🤬😡

- tiktok

nessharted ❤️

- I can’t see

I can’t see my game is just black 😢


The game is really fun but every time I get to level 6 I can’t see anything! Someone really needs to fix that ITS REALLY ANNOYING i just wanna play the game

- A Disgusting Amount of Ads

The game is really simple and packed full of ads. The ads are practically half of it. Literally after every level is ad and there is an ad at the bottom of the screen at all times. It’s fine to have ads in your game but this is ridiculous and the 4 dollars CAD is not worth the price for the game without ads and wouldn’t be worth it if it was the price of admission. I seriously believe that the people who developed this game are soulless money grubbing goblins who hate good games and also hate good art as a whole.

- Bug?

Great game but unfortunately I can’t play past level 7 because everything becomes Blake and clear. I have skipped at least 3 levels and this keeps happening

- Doesn’t work

After about 5 levels everything became clear and I couldn’t see anything. It was a frozen picture from the beginning with clear things that you can’t make out until you’ve past them

- Just made to make you watch ads

Nice concept for a game, could be very good. However, the developer clearly just made this to show you ads. The game just cycles through the same 10-15 levels while the level counter goes up. Once you unlock the different blocks and characters, there is no longer a reason to play - no new interesting levels, no new challenges, just the same thing over and over. Without paying to get rid of ads, it is unplayable (30 second add every 15 second level). Once you pay for ad removal, you realize how unfinished it is. Do not give these developers your money or time.

- Game

This game is really bad, you shouldn’t get it!! For me, when I started level 4, I couldn’t see any obstacles or cubes to pick up, because they were all invisible!!! And then everything turned black when I picked up a cube!!! DON’T GET THIS “GAME”!!!! 😡😡😡😡😒😒😒

- Read before getting the app-

It’s a good game in all, but you could make the first level actually possible to do. Also maybe you could add music so it won’t be to boring, and if you people hate ads then turn off your Wifi. without Wifi there will be no ads. There’s also this bug in the game when you reach level 6 or this certain level there’s this bug that makes the screen go all black like pitch black so you can’t see i hope the game creators fixed this bug if not then it just shows that they don’t want anyone to beat the game, and I’m not to sure if they are recording you or watching you when the screen goes all black and I heard someone tried to re-download this app but the screen was still black when they went in the game. Sorry for making people read a bit but it’s still good to know 👌

- Broken

Game stops working after level 6 trued re installing same issue

- The disliked comments are he only real ones

If I could leave no stars I would I got to lvl 6 and the screen went all black I couldn’t see anything and you probably left the game to rot and you game reviews are probably all fake or botted no way people like this crap as a game

- Invisible cube

My cube is invisible and the map is too I just die of thin air, don’t recommend playing it until it fixes I even refreshed the whole tab and it was the same



- Good, I guess.

This game is fun but every time I go past an obstacle, it takes extra blocks away. And I’ve unlocked everything please update!

- Can’t win

Great game can’t pass level one

- Waste of a download

Game is fun but my god having an ad every two games is so annoying. Uninstalled for that reason alone.

- Can't get passed 6

And it is not my fault i can not get pass 6 at the end


I fail to see what makes this game so “addicting”. First of all, it’s too easy to win no matter how hard you try to make these stages, and speaking of that, 99% of them have reused obstacles that burns the fun and the challenge. And your character does the chicken dance which is not cool. While the ads are one of Voodoo’s biggest flaws, it’s gameplay is repetitive and lacks creativity. Sure it’s fun and sometimes they don’t need to matter, but I see more problems than enjoyment

- Too easy

Fun for a bit of a time killer but overall too easy and repetitive. I think it would be more appropriate to have the age rating go up to 12 and not 12+

- Offline is okay...👁👄👁✌️

Offline is okay cause you don’t get ads but I finished the entire game so ya. I deleted it. Too many ads when you have wifi on :3

- No new reward :)

After winning 9 of characters and cube, nothing else happen. Please had some challenge or something we can do with the diamond we are winning at the end of one tour!!!!

- Nice game but where are the women?

Why are there 8 male characters for 1 woman? Half the global population is female. I understand your demographic is male but it’s very sexist to do it this way. Very disappointing.

- Not playable because of the ads

There are ads every time you do anything, whether you complete a level or die in a level. 5 seconds of gameplay results in a 30 second ad.

- It’s sooo bad

It dosent let u win it’s just soo anyoying 😩🤢

- 10 seconds of ads for 3 seconds of game-play

This game is clearly just an ad dump. You play for 3 seconds and at EVERY screen change you are forced to watch an ad. Pretty sad Apple allows these “games” on their platform.

- Wow

I love this game but the ads are sooo annoying so if anyone doesn’t want the ads don’t pay for no ads just turn off your internet and then play

- Nice

I love this game 11/10, awesome game and everything, this game is awesome. The ads are a little annoying but I just turn on airplane mode when I play. Awesome game, 11/10, definitely would recommend.

- Good game

It’s a good game in my opinion but it needs more

- Why

This game is good in most scenes, but unless you like the fact that the controls are messed up, they don’t allow you to win any games, and have ads every 45 seconds then this game isn’t recommendable.

- 👌🏾

It’s really fun to play

- Hello my name is cheese

I like this game it’s fun. Nice and challenging. BUT PLEASE turn the volume to mute because the sounds are super annoying. From pizza 🍕😎

- Ok game

It’s a little annoying that in most levels no matter what you do, you’re not gonna have enough to make it to the bonus at the end of the level... what’s the point of putting it there if you can’t reach it? I have collected every possible cube but at the end of the level I’m left with just a few cubes because there’s no way to avoid the obstacles... and the water just sucks em away super fast! Fun game... but that gets annoying... either make it possible to get to the bonus, or get rid of it... seems like a waste to be honest 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

- Boring

I found this game fun at first but it gets very repetitive. After a while you get bored and annoyed by the ads. If the adds were different once in a while I wouldn’t mind. Overall would not recommend this game due to the repetitiveness. Very glitchy I got blocked out multiple times and it is not interesting

- Too many ads

There are way too many ads and this game is what you get when you put a 6 year old and scratch coding together

- Dangerous

Dont play this kind of game. If you can hear a lil static noice it means there recording you and may be able to see you, they sell these clips on the black market for youre own safety dont play these

- Cool game, cheap devs

It’s fun game but it gets a low review because it forces you to watch an ad after every level about an irrelevant game and provides 0 rewards other than being able to keep playing the game. Will probably delete soon

- um..

so when i collected all the cubes i didnt even win like what?

- Your game is real bad

Voodoo I’m sorry but this is the worst! GAME EVER I HATE THAT YOU PUT IN POINTLESS OBSTACLES! TO GET ITS FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!make a better game😡🥵

- I hate the ads on this thing and we need to pay to take away advertisements in this game

I mean, you basically need to pay to take away the ads in all apps but, this game has too much ads to pay’on atleast take away some of the ads.otherwise I would’ve gave this a 5 star

- stupid

how do you expect me to grab all the diamonds when you make the stacks so high i lose all of my cubes? idiots

- There are too many ads

If there were less ads people would play more resulting in more money because less ads bet more people playing for example 20 people 1 ad a game =20 ads played bet 3 games and 1 ad and 50 people less money at the start but they would keep playing and you would get more money because they watch more ads. Other than the ads it’s a good game

- How do we get to the end??

It’s like so hard to get to the end we’re all the dimonds are like god

- Skinny ice cream truck


- Dumb

Your game is horrible Kill yourself

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- The game is fun!

This game is very fun! The only reason I would rate it a 4 out of 5 is because they need to add more levels and skins. Other then that, they don’t have any glitches or anything. This is a very good game and I would totally recommend! I love to play this game when I’m bored or when I’m doing nothing. There could be less ads but it’s not bad. Out of all the games on my phone I would rather this one. Whoever is reading this, what are you waiting for download the game! Other people are over reacting and saying there is to much ads or somthing but this game is actually really fun!

- Game is great but ads are a little annoying

So this game has been great so far, I’m glad it was invented, its fun and I enjoy the animation. It doesn’t involve any violence and the idea just seems fun to me. But of course, there are always those ads and for some reason they really bother me. I mean, I’ve seen the same Disney emoji blitz ad like 5 times in a row. I don’t know if there is acctually anything anyone can do about it though... anyways overall the game was EPIC and it was definitely worth the money. ( if it costed any), but those little evil ads threaten to ruin the party... anyways, this review was written by SuPeR CoOl MiDgEt DuDe

- Please read this!

This game is really fun to play and I spend al least 1 hour a day playing this game. It’s the game I go to if I’m bored or if it’s a rainy day. I only want to suggest one thing. When you collect the cubes and then surf over the red blocks, you loose way to many blocks so by time you get to the finish line you are always only at 2x. What I’m trying to say is, it isn’t the players fault of the score you get. It’s really just how many cubes and blocks there are that determine your score. I really hope that the makers of this game read this and if they do, great game! ❤️👍🏻😊

- Good, could be better

Right off the bat, I really like this game. It’s simple and addictive, everything you need in a mobile game. Of course there are a lot of ads, like any average mobile game. However, my problem is that it’s WAY too easy to max out all of your stats. Within the first day or two of owning this game, I already had all the skins and had maxed out my starting number of blocks and the amount of gems I got offline. This doesn’t really affect the game too much, but I would like a bit more reward for gathering so many gems. Maybe some more skins?

- Poor game design

This game was fun for a little, but when i played for about an hour, I had already maxed everything out and bought all the skins, I also started to notice that there isn’t enough cubes to get to the final section on most levels, even when I did the levels perfectly, with maxed out starting cubes, I couldn’t make to to the end, that given, there is really no need for the offline production, because with in 1 night of level 2 production, you can buy everything in the game. I turned off my cellular data and wifi when using this to not get ads, so that wasn’t a problem for me. But, overall, this game gets boring and repetitive after about a day, and has very little to offer.

- Too many adds seriously

Just too much and like get a beak on it seriously like every round add add add or course it just takes away the fun and for the Add remover like why can’t we do a trial and free for 3 mouth’s why not that? But it’s good but not that good and also when I die a.t the top of my screen says an add to skip round but when I retry it’s an add she might as well just skip! But take a break on the adds really! This a fun game but like the adds are out of control. I know that this game is really fun and awesome a lot a people like and so do I but just chill on adds!

- it’s fun but meh

it’s a really fun game to play in your free time when you don’t have anything better to do. there’s an unreasonable amount of ads, after every level, but you don’t have to wait long to skip them. Also, i have like 20k gems that i got awarded labeled “offline collections” but i only spent a small fraction of them because there aren’t many block skins and the other advantages max out at level five. they need to figure out other things to do with the gems and maybe have slightly less ads. the game is also pretty repetitive so it’s probably one of those i’ll delete in a couple months.

- Easy, relaxing, but also infuriating!

At first when I played this game I didn’t even realize when the game started and when it ended. It just ends whenever u run out of the cubes. And even if u collect all the cubes and do the best you can do it’s impossible to have enough to actually win the game every time. Plus there’s not really any levels. Every level is exactly the same basically. And even when u earn the rewards and stuff there’s nothing u can even really do with all the diamonds you save up other than pay for an extra cubes. Then after 5 cubes there’s no other way to advance the game. On the other hand it is a relaxing game that helps when ur bored and need to kill time for 5 minutes.

- Nya

This game is so fun and addictive I could honestly play for hours and hours. The only pet peeve I have is that sometimes when u play and the red blocks take some of the blocks ur standing on...they take 1 or 2 blocks to many. I don’t really know how to explain it but let’s say u r coming up on 6 red blocks and u have 10 blocks. They should take 6 of ur blocks so he left with 4 but sometimes u end up with 3. I just think they should play fairly but other than that this game is a great time killer😄

- Hi

I had no clue what the title should be soooooooooooo sorry! Ok back to business! I lovvvvvvvvvvve the app!!! It’s one of my fav games and it definitely should get a better rep! I mean love the burger skin! I only have a few problems! That’s very rare for me! Ok first up you only have one girl skin! Really? That’s not fair! Alsooooooo I want you to be able to reset the game so that you can get all your gems back and to get the skins again! Love this game! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day or night!! 🥳🥳👂🏻👁👅👁👂🏻

- eh, it’s ok.

i have had this game for 3 months and i have only made it to the finish line 4 times. why? because every time i get a lot of cubes, there has to be SOMETHING that takes away half of them. then there is those 5 walls that take away 2 of your cubes every time you pass it. and in the end, you have to have 5 cubes to make it to the finish line. i overall like the game. but maybe you could take those walls away at the end, and during the level, not make the walls so TALL or things that take away pretty much all your cubes. but great job with the game overall!😊

- Not the best, great idea though

This game is very relaxing and fun to play! Although it’s a great idea, there’s a lot of displeasing issues. There are a LOT of ads, and I say that not being that much of a picky person when it comes to ads! There are so many of them that it gets really annoying. There is also several game glitches, one of them happening within gg the first 20 minutes of me having the app, where everything was black besides the background and the buttons. I couldn’t see a thing, and couldn’t play until the next day. If these problems were fixed, though, I think this idea could really get far!


If you want a game with not to many ads then this not for you and when you are reaching the end they drop the chances of actually getting a good multiplier. It is a good game but they need to add more upgrades and they need to add more blocks and get rid of the paths of lava at the end because if you have enough to possibly get times 10 or higher the lava basically screws up your chances of getting times 20. It is a recommended game but to be honest it is not a game that to many people would say is the best so basically I recommend it but it is not a game for to many people.

- Fun game, but it needs more

I liked this game and I play a few rounds when I need to kill some time. However, after playing it for all of a couple hours, I pretty much unlocked everything there is to unlock and the levels started to get very repetitive. I think this game is great but it needs more. Maybe increase the speed, difficulty, length, amount of blocks you need to reach the top of the platforms at the end, just SOMETHING to keep the game going longer. I hope this game gets updated and more things are implemented to make it more difficult.

- Bruh

Just why put a giant ending of those purple crystals if it’s like impossible to get to them. I feel they made this app in appeal to the adds of it on snapchat and stuff where it is like a person doing really bad on it and you being a human saying “well I can do better then that” so you get the app.... also it’s not skill based at all I hate how it forces you to lose blocks there should be some other way to get around like jumping where you have to lift your finger off the screen to jump so while you jump you can’t move left and right.... overall this game seems like it was made in like an hour to spam ads of it and then spam ads on the game for a quick cash grab

- Overall ok game

If you are ok with ads every minute than you might like this game, however if you are not than this game might not be for you. Overall this game is good but there are some annoying parts. Such as after a certain amount of levels you get a balloon reward where you can choose 3 balloons and you randomly get a prize. Overall great concept but you are forced to do it each time and you might not want to. Also the app is very glitchy and freezes a lot. Overall a great and fun game just some glitches that need to be fixed.

- Ok but some problems

I played the game and i found some issues you could work on. First of all its really fun but if you play it for too long you can notice some things. First of all (yes i said first of all twice 😹😹) The levels repeat a LOT. like a LOT a LOT. I get that because the game is neverending but it repeats like every 40 levels. It just makes the game boring. Second of all, it sometimes pushes your character. Now this might be me because i have very sweaty hands when i hold down on something for too long but i have seen a lot of times where i am on like a 1 block gap that it pushes over the character and makes me lose a lot of cubes. Third of all, even with the short levels u never even get the 20% thing where u can get a lot of gems. Even if i get all of the cubes, i get like 9% and this might be so they can get u to watch a bunch of ads for more cubes but whatever. Anyways i know you wont see this but i am just telling you the things i feel like you can improve with your game! ;)

- Some levels are literally impossible to max out

Honestly this game just like many of these little phone apps is clearly designed for ad revenue. The game itself is kinda fun but for those little moments when you need to turn your brain off. I’ve played a lot of it now because I’ve been trying to get maxed out. I am at the max level now which isn’t hard to do, I’ve had the game for a couple days, and there are many levels that it is literally impossible to get the max score. I don’t know why they built it like that.

- Fun but repetitive

This game is fun, I played for a few hours unlocked some of the skins maxed out the upgrades but after that it gets pretty repetitive and boring, I would suggest having longer levels cause they only take what feels like 30 seconds or so :/ have to give them credit for not lying and in there ads though they showed what the actual game is like, overall good game if you need to waste a few hours maybe if your going on a plane and need to pass the time

- Super addicting but kind of pointless

It’s really fun! I’m on level 161 now. The only thing is the levels are all pretty much the same in difficulty. Also, the coins you earn are pretty much pointless. I haven’t spend them once yet and have over 100k. And the ads are inbetween every level and sometimes 30 second unskippables. The only thing that keeps me coming back is how satisfying it is. I love it when I get it stacked really high and get to collect all the rubys on the 10x platform.

- Amazing!!

I highly recommend this app. It’s not too hard, but not too easy either. There is an ad every couple levels, but they’re only 5 seconds long, so I’m fine with it. I love the bonus gems you can get at the end. 20x is hard to get, but I like a challenge! I love how you can select any type of cube or person you want. (Love the cat btw!) anyway, this is now my favorite game, and I would highly recommend it.

- It’s fun to play with some fixes needed

First, you need to not max out everything, it makes it unfunny when you can’t buy anything new. Second, when I’m at red blocks sometimes it takes away another block when it shouldn’t, for example, when five red blocks are taking away my blocks, sometimes it takes away six or seven blocks. Third, there’s WAY too many adds, either sell the game or sell 5e idea to someone else. Something like that. Please fix these bugs and do something. Thanks for reading my review!

- I wish I could give it a five

Look I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this game because there has been a new update that makes it so you have to get over 13 blocks to get gems at the end but sometimes they don’t give you enough blocks to even get the gems, and there is only one spot to get gems instead of two, now I would be fine with it if the line of gems were long but it’s so short so that’s why I can’t give this game five stars

- Could be better.

If you are debating to get this game or another game and your looking a game to entertain you that’s not much of a challenge then you might want to try this game. This game is kind of the same thing over and over and over. It’s enough to keep you from getting bored, but I won’t depend on it for road trips. Plus if you want a new skin or cube it cost 5,000 gems. It took me a month to unlock one skin. Most levels you can’t get to the times 20 part. Even if you get all the blocks and dodge most of the obstacles.

- It ain’t hard

So I know in the adds that it says HARDER THAN IT LOOKS But I realized that they are making look hard so you could buy it I know it’s fun and all for a couple days but it actually gets easier and really boring and you shouldn’t always trust the internet because if they say HARDER THAN IT LOOKS and you play it and it’s not hard then give it a bad review that’s all and also that’s all for my review have fun in quarintine peace out homedogs ✌🏻

- A Little Hard...

Ok, idk if I just don’t understand how the game works or not but, I feel like it’s impossible for me to “pass” a level. (I mean that as in getting all the way to the end and getting all the diamonds) It’s fun, and the sounds are satisfying, but I can’t pass certain levels. I can get to the rainbow thingy, but almost never to the diamonds. I’m on a high level, like 100 something, but maybe you could make the game a touch easier. That would be awesome. :)

- The game used to be fun

I used to like the game a lot and I liked how you can still play it without internet, so overall it’s a good game. But the longer you have it the more you see little problems one of the main problems for me is that I have sooooooo many diamonds because I have nothing to spend them on. Please make more skins and different colored blocks. Also there are lites of ads but you can’t change that. Thank you. :)

- I play this game so you don’t have to

What can I say. Like many, you probably saw this ad on Facebook and got annoyed at how wrong they were playing the game. Naturally, it enticed you in to download the game. It took me three days and until level 208 to gain enough diamond to unlock every block and character (which is 90,000 diamonds). That is what makes the game fun, right? Except not. You see, they want you to watch ads or buy diamonds, so sometimes you’ll get 100 diamonds per round even though one character or cube upgrade is 5,000 diamonds. The game recycled through. You get the same levels. Out of the 208 levels I played, I can count on less than two hands how many times I hit the 20X bonus. And I literally aimed for getting every block I could every game. Overall, good way to pass the time. It’s a free game riddled with ads, like every free game available.

- Fun but too Many Ads

The game overall is very fun, but whenever I complete a level I have to watch an ad. It also forces you to get “balloons” which basically gives you more crystals, and you have to watch an ad for that. It also makes you do the “balloon” thing twice and each time you have to watch an ad. Also, the game makes you lose too many blocks making it impossible to get to the end to get a lot of crystals in some levels which I find pretty annoying. It’s not worth it, you have to watch a 2 minute pong ad for a 30 second long game.

- Absolutely horrible

Normally I will give good ratings and don’t like to be too harsh with games but this was just horrible. After the first 5 or so levels, it’s just a pitch black level. You can’t see any cubes in front of you and can only complete the level by doing it over and over and over until everything is memorized!!!! What in the actual heck do they expect us to do? Do the one level over and over wasting our time until we pass it? I tried over 10 times to complete this level until I got fed up. I immediately deleted the game after. It makes absolutely no sense! I DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

- It needs more characters and blocks

I think that voodoo should add more characters. more characters need to be girls because I don’t like only having l girl choice. There needs to be more blocks and I have a question. How many levels are there? I’m on level 508. Also I am rich in worthless purple gems after I maxed all of the upgrades, blocks and characters. I have 75,431 purple gems and I might delete the app because I’m pretty sure the game has repeated obstacles

- Maybe a little too simple...

I’ve played until level 60 to understand how the game progresses. Even at level 60 though, the game is stupidly easy. I’ve literally failed a single time so far. The game is really well designed and runs smoothly, but the difficulty needs to increase dramatically to keep me playing. There also needs to be more things to upgrade as well. Overall, not a bad game, but it does get boring after awhile.

- Needs upgrading

Hi I absolutely love this app, but I think it needs some upgrading. First of all I think it was very disappointing when I discovered there was only one girl character. Please, can you add more girls? Secondly, I think it would be much much much much better with longer levels and more obstacles. Also it could use more blocks. Finally I think that maybe The levels could have more scenery. That would be nice. Thank you!!!😊😁👍🏼

- Ads and lots of effort

First of all, between each attempt is an ad. It’s annoying and frustrating to go through about 5 ads per minute. There is always a ad problem with each game but so far this is the worst game with ads. 2nd of all, each level takes abot 6 attempts for me. I collect every single cube and still don’t make it. I avoid the obstacles at the end and still dont make it. It took about 5 attempts before I made it. On the bright side when I rarely get enough cubes on a level, it is pretty fun over all. This is just my opinion on the game.

- First game I can relax on

You read the title and it’s true the first time I started playing I was starting to get tired and this is perfect for bed time because it takes a little time for my brain to shut off like 3 hours and with this game I can fall asleep in 20 minutes and not only that but pause(hello there (your name) and unpause not only is this game relaxing but it’s fun and I love it it’s my favorite game so far

- Straight up awful, but also good

The thing I really hate about the game is that when you get cubes, it costs a large amount of gems. You also give ads. I haven’t seen much, but the ads will probably increase the more I play it. The good things are the game is fun, and I think it’s creative. Other people put ads in people’s face and everything, but you do it part time and other games activate ads in the middle when people are doing something. Please update the game for every bad thing.

- Levels Problem

This is a fun game, but... it wouldn’t let me pass any levels. I would have to do it over and over and OVER again and again and AGAIN. I made sure I was playing the game correctly and even got to the end and passed, but it wouldn’t let me move on to the next level. The more it did that, the more I got bored of it, so I deleted it. I really liked this game and loved to play it, but if I’m just doing the same thing over and over and OVER AGAIN, I don’t think it’s that fun. Overall, I think this game is very fun, just need to work on the levels.

- I ❤️this app! yet the ads...

so, i’ve seen the reviews about the ads, that does have a solution... I hope this may help because I have used this in the car, house, and many other places. turn off the wifi, and then it won’t have any ads to give you because you need wifi to play the ads. sometimes you may want the gifts that you want to get with ads. anyways, I hope this helped a little.

- possibly a bug?

Idk if this is intentional but it's annoying how every few levels you are forced to pick balloons and you only end up getting the gems from the balloons, not the ones you just got from the level. So if you were about to get 2500 gems but you have to pick balloons instead and you only get 3x 25, you'll only get 75 gems instead of 2575. It's supposed to be like a prize but instead it's like every few levels u get gems taken away from you randomly

- Really a fun time killer, but just some ideas

I really do love this game, I play level after level for hours. With that being said I wish there was a reset button, so that if for any reason you want to redo the level after you finished it, you could. Also, the amount of people and blocks is not enough, I finished all of them by level 50. But, overall this is one of my favorite apps of all time!

- Toooooo many ads

I would do a level and then it would say to get balloons and then I click it (it would be the only option on screen) then it would put a 25 sec song ad. Then I would press three balloons and after that Boom another 25 sec long ad. Then I would go play a level and then if I die a 30 sec long ad. It gets VERY frustrating and I feel like deleting also if it say that I won a skin it would say that I need to watch an ad to watch it. Another 30 sec ad. And I don’t hv an option to skip. It’s very annoying. Two stars smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

- fun but has wayyy too many ads and is rigged

the game is honestly really fun and addicting. the only thing I don’t like is the amount of ads. there’s literally an ad after every level which aggravates me so much because I end up spending more time waiting for the ads to finish than playing the actual game. it’s really annoying. the game is also very rigged and it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to reach 20x with the amount of cubes that are given during the level.

- Fun with One Major Problem

This game is a lot of fun. The basic premise is challenging but not to the point where you can’t mindlessly let off steam. My major problem is with the scoring at the end of each level. It’s frustrating when, having played a level perfectly, you’re not able to get to the 20x area at the end. It feels misleading and frustrating, like settling for less.


This is one of the Worst games I’ve played. So even if you do the best by getting all the cubes and the least minus cubes you still don’t get the x20 bonus (and that goes for 90 percent of the levels)! And there is a red pool type thing and if you have soooooo many cubes where it’s off your screen you go down to like TWO! AND There is no way to stop it no matter what. And the last thing is it will glitch you will swipe the screen to get a different cube and you won’t get it 😡! And worst of all it happens all the time! I do recommend you to not get this app or delete if you already have it.

- Fake ads

Please stop making fake ads just to pull people in. You show an example of the game and then you put on the screen to play the game. When we think it’s real it takes us to the App Store to get the game. I know this is not a very bad thing but it’s very annoying when you trick us into tapping the screen and it takes us to the App Store. If you want people to play your game just accept what it is. If people want to get it they will get it. You don’t have to make them.

- Too many adds!

The game is great, I’ve played it many times and still like it! My 2 complaints, though are: there are so many ads, I’ve even experienced one while I was playing a round! The second complaint is that, there are not many goals. For example, the first 2 days I got the game I already received every single block skin, also when you got the update for upgrades, I automatically got all of them. All in all, I love the game! But there way.... to many ads.

- It’s annoying

It’s so annoying like I would be able to do it it’s fine but why are like the really tall cubes Are always in front of the obstacles so those cubes are for nothing cause as soon as you get them you go back to the same amount you were at before you got the cubes and that is so annoying like it’s just pointless it’s like ugh I can’t and like they make it to where you can’t really beat it so i have only gotten to 10x but that is it and on the 1x it’s should be one row of red cubes not TWO!! Get it cause it’s a ONE x only so yea at least try to fix this game cause it is kind of annoying thx bye

- Great

This game is great I’ve had it for a week and I’m already on level 115. there’s not many adds and you can skip them if you want this game is kinda easy but not to much and it’s also a great time killer .I absolutely love ❤️ this game it’s amazingly fun This game is great and it’s definitely a 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️review so fun one thing thought it could use a few more blocks and characters

- Pretty sexist

The game it’s self is good. Good quality not to many ads ya know the decent game to play when your bored out of your mind. But here is my complaint, there are 2 non male characters a robot and a person with pigtails idk if that’s just a representation of a girl or a man/ gender non binary person in pigtails. Honestly as a girl I felt kinda weird usually there are at least a couple female looking characters. I’m just saying that this game might want to change it up. Hope some of you agree and I’m not trying to offend anyone! Have an awesome day and stay safe 💕

- Cool

It is fun but you can get bored after like 10 levels I rather play roblox or color by number but you can always play it when you do not know what to do through this hard time to stay home but I also want to say is everyone please stay home if we stay home this hard time will go by quicker than you think.

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Racial Dolezal

Whether you agree with it or not, one thing that I'll say about "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer for Game Cube, PS2 and Xbox" is that it radicalized so many conservatives I know.

Power of Gameplay

PAC-MAN, Curvy Punch, Escape Masters, Cube Surfer, Walkthrough (iOs, And... via @YouTube

nur mohammad

Cube Surfer - GameDid

YGJB-T.V. The Gaming Farmer

Cube Surfer levels 122-125 via @YouTube. #mobilegames #youtube #youtuber #gaming #gamer #GamersUnite #RETWEET #cubesurfer #SmallStreamersConnect #smallstreamer #support

YGJB-T.V. The Gaming Farmer

Cube Surfer levels 122-125 via @YouTube. #mobilegames #youtube #youtuber #gaming #gamer #GamersUnite #RETWEET #cubesurfer #SmallStreamersConnect #smallstreamer #support


@richarlisonx Cube surfer


@sixofmybitches cube surfer

nur mohammad

Cube Surfer - GameDid

riri⁷ ☺︎abby bae

after this what am i gonna do i’m tired of playing cube surfer 🙄


@namenomee @subtanyarl cube surfer 😭😭

Faze Jake



Cube Surfer vs. Stair Run | Which Is The Better Game? | Part 18 via @YouTube #cubesurfer #stairrun #gameplay #gaming #gamer #mobilegame #mobilegames #lemotiongaming #youtube #youtuber #youtubechannel

@JennaUshkowitz drop the numbers helix jump cube surfer subway surfers


Part 7 of Cube Surfer gameplay :D #cubesurfer #android #gaming #gameplay #gamers #game #smartphone #subscribe #youtube #indonesia #likeforlike #followforfollow #followforfollowback

Falken Tech

Top 10 Most Downloaded Mobile Games Worldwide in August 2020: 1. Scribble Rider 2. Brain Wash 3. Cube Surfer 4. Subway Surfers 5. Tie Dye 6. Log Thrower 7. My Talking Tom Friends 8. Fruit Clinic 9. Among Us 10. Garena Free Fire (Source: Sensor Tower)

Cube Surfer! 2.3.2 Screenshots & Images

Cube Surfer! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cube Surfer! iphone images
Cube Surfer! iphone images
Cube Surfer! iphone images
Cube Surfer! iphone images
Cube Surfer! iphone images
Cube Surfer! ipad images
Cube Surfer! ipad images
Cube Surfer! ipad images
Cube Surfer! ipad images
Cube Surfer! ipad images
Cube Surfer! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Cube Surfer! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Cube Surfer! (Version 2.3.2) Install & Download

The applications Cube Surfer! was published in the category Games on 2020-02-15 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 292.16 MB. Cube Surfer! - Games posted on 2020-09-12 current version is 2.3.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Atinon.PassOver

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