Sudoku Friends

Sudoku Friends [Games] App Description & Overview

Challenge your brain and play against your friends — with the hit new multiplayer puzzle game - Sudoku Friends!
Race your friends to solve the puzzle and think your way to victory! Whether you’re new to Sudoku puzzles, or a master solver, Sudoku Friends will thrill you!

*The Basics*
In each game, you’ll be given a Sudoku puzzle to solve, and every turn, you’ll get three numbers that fit somewhere in the puzzle. Find the right place for those numbers to win points! You’ll get bonus points for every row, column or block you complete. Once you’ve placed your numbers, your opponent gets a chance to play. Earn more points than your friends to win the battle!

*Play With Your Friends*
Want to challenge your friends and family? Connect to Facebook to challenge your Facebook Friends! You’re free to play anonymously, but you can also connect to Facebook to play with friends! Just start a new game and choose “Battle a Friend” to invite your friends to play!

*Play With New People*
None of your friends play Sudoku Friends? No problem! Choose a Random Battle and we’ll find you a game with a stranger. You’ll be matched with someone of your skill level!

*How To Play*
Just like regular Sudoku, the object of the game is to place numbers in the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear only once in each column, row, and 3x3 box.
However, in Sudoku Friends you’ll only get three random numbers each turn. Place them in the right location and you’ll get 10 points. For every column, row, or box you complete, you’ll win an extra 30 points.
At the end of the battle, the player with the most points wins the game!

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Sudoku Friends Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Introducing Daily Challenges! Every day, you will get a brand new Sudoku board, which you can practice your skills on. Complete the board with 3 mistakes or less to win the Daily Challenge! Also introducing a brand new way to invite your friends as well as other minor fixes.

Sudoku Friends Comments & Reviews

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- Love it.

I wish more people played. But there’s always someone to play against.

- Great game but the ads are annoying.

It’s a great game! I would love an option to pay to remove ads though! The ads in between turns are repetitive and annoying.

- Fun little game, but now even more ads...

Fun little sudoku game that I play with my roommates... the end of round ad, I can deal with that. The latest version, though, has added a new banner ad at the top of the screen. I’ve only played through one round and it’s already quite annoying as it was super flashy and such. Cannot rate 5 with that new addition.

- Too many ads!

I loved it at first, then looked for a purchase option to get rid of the ads...there are none. The ads got old quickly. 2 ads after every turn! Then they updated the ap so now there are 2 ads after most turns and there is always an ad at the top of the screen while playing which makes the board smaller. There have been several times I had to close and reopen the app because it wouldn’t reconnect to the server. Fun game, but the ads got the best of me and there’s no option to pay to get rid of them. :(

- Fun

I would definitely give thi 5 stars if there were less advertisements. You have to watch after EVERY SINGLE TURN. A chat feature would be nice also. Overall a fun game.

- Fun but too many ads

I love the game but ads after every round.

- Ads are annoying and a battery drain.

The ads are really annoying and repetitive. Having them after every turn makes me want to delete the game. Which is a shame. I enjoy the game play. I’ve gotten so used to the pencil feature and just seeing where the numbers are supposed to go. This gives me a challenge with only three squares to fill each turn and not knowing what tiles my opponent receives. Also, why isn’t there a chat feature? It’s always fun to talk to strangers all over the world. 5-25-20: You didn’t comment on the annoying ads. That’s the biggest problem.

- I really enjoy playing this

Wish there were not so many ads popping up. ☹️I realize that how we play for free.

- Luck based

More luck based than anything. You can solve more of the puzzle and use strategy, but if you don’t receive the right pieces to complete rows and 3x3’s you won’t win. A suggestion is to take the luck out of it and just let people choose to solve any 3 boxes each turn. Strategic and fair that way.

- Commercials

Love the game but to many interruptions after each turn with commercials.:(

- Too many ads.

On average it takes me 10 seconds or less to make my move, and after every move there’s a 30 second ad. AFTER EVERY MOVE. So for every minute I play this game I’m watching 45+ seconds of ads and making 2 moves. I know the name of the game is to make money, but come on. It’s ridiculous.

- Fun but limits

Unless you want to connect to FB, it only allows you to play other avatars. You can’t create an account by email. Bummer because I found the game to be very fun. If you don’t care who your opponent is, you should install.

- Fun

I love this game. There is an advertisement after every single move and it’s always the same one. I wish there were levels, like maybe that it started off easy and you build your way to expert. Something to spice it up a little.

- Good concept, too many ads

I get that free games need ads but there are just too many in this game. Also, there really should be a tutorial on how to play. I am surprised by the number of opponents who really don’t understand the game.

- Suduko is fun

I happen to like this game, at the beginning of a game it’s sometimes trial and error. You must remember which numbers didn’t work for you or your opponent. I would like to be able to chat with a player. What’s annoying is people who start games and play a bit and then go AWOL.

- Good game but....

It’s a good game, however, there is too much ads. I mean the amount of ads is excessive that I can’t bear with.

- Soduku Friends

I like the game except I don’t like that the players can leave the game. I have had games take days to play. The other player would take 1 turn a day. That is very frustrating.

- Too many ads!

Great game but the constant ads are annoying and may drive me away. I’d pay to play this game without ads.

- Love the game

I love everything about this game except for the ads! Please make an ad free version! I’ll buy it! Stop the ads!

- Possible change

Having a player place as many numbers in the allotted time would be more competitive. The way the game plays now there is more time wasted by searching for which blocks need the numbers that the game provides the player.

- Need remove ad option.

The game is great, but the constant ads are annoying and there isn’t an option to remove them.

- Ads

Ads are way too long. Should lower them to 15 seconds from the 30 seconds.

- Blitz play

Add to my review If a player lets the game expire that is a lost to them. You could be on the last play and they don’t want a lost so the simply let the game it needs to be a loss. If play you should have 24 hours to play if not you loss the game. I pushed nudge and it started the clock all over again. I love this game but you need to fix these will lose players Game is good but I wish it had an option to have to complete the game without leaving the table. I hate have to wait hours or days for the other player to take turn. Part of the game is remembering the miss play ...can’t do that if we have to wait hours or days for the player to make their move. Have both quick play and casual play and for practice have play with computer

- Could be fun

Can you please make a version that is available without the ads? Also, it’s annoying to build up a box or line and then see the tile you need to complete it go to your opponent. I guess that makes the game more competitive but it is so random and makes me not want to make the right move sometimes anticipating that my opponent will most probably get the right number to close the box or finish the line next and get all my points!

- Adds

To many adds please make a paid version so there is no adds

- Fun and addictive

I ask for ONE thing- Just please get rid of the ADs!!!

- Last person to play wins

This game needs more work. I’m deleting it until that happens. You can not have the last player to play, win every time. It’s so dumb. Let me pick my own numbers.

- Good Game

Love playing this game. I only wish there was a way to “undo/redo” a move before submitting.

- Game stalls out

I enjoy the game, but it often stalls out by not allowing my numbers to calculate, thus losing the game. Addicting but frustrating too!

- Flawed logic

The game doesn’t take into account the time it takes for the person to solve the puzzle and awards points for finishing rows and columns. Doing so, it makes it easier to score points towards the end of the game. Also, no options for selecting difficulty of a puzzle. I recommend just solving a normal sudoku.

- I got a warning?

I got a weird warning about screenshooting the board...but I screenshot the ad that was playing. Does this mean you don’t even know that ads are playing? Why is this game watching my screen like that? It’s a little creepy....

- Sudoku Friends!

Not really a true test of Sudoku ability. By limiting the numbers you can select from, the game places an unfair burden on either opponent. We should also see what numbers our opponent has to choose from while waiting for them to take their turn. I get no satisfaction from playing on this app, even though I’ve won every match I’ve played. Also, someone I started playing with went “offline.” Does that mean they ended the app or that they are off the internet? How long do I have to wait for that aborted game to be removed from my game history? No, this game is definitely not for true Sudoku fans

- Prety good

The only problem with this game, is if you wait out for your Oporto do all the hard work you can swoop on in at the end, and grab the big points!

- Love it

This is the first interactive game I’ve played, love it

- Sudoku online?

More like sudoku with bots... I also don’t know how the numbers are generated but they seem like they try and help one person win over the other person. Good concept of game but there should also be a game mode where both players have the same board and see who finishes first or something cause having only three numbers and then watching ads right after your move is very very annoying. I know it’s for the company to make money but there are wayyyy to many. I wish there was a better way to battle against friends.

- People aren’t real

There’s no way the people on this app are real. I’ve tested this by requesting a rematch with this one “person” at various hours of the day. The timer immediately starts on their turn and they’re playing.

- Sudoku Friends!

I love this game but it takes a long time to play one game. That is my only complaint. Other than that I love it!

- Way to many adds

Game play is ok points based off of random numbers makes it harder if your playing for points. Can play with random people which is nice if your friends are not online

- Great game

Love this game, it’s more interesting playing an opponent. Then doing it on paper.

- So far it’s been a fun game

Looking forward to seeing more of my Facebook friends playing.

- Ad infested

An ad after every move. So this their response “ Sudoku Friends Tripledot Studios "Hello, Thank you for reaching out, we appreciate the feedback. To keep the app free for our users, we need revenue from ads to support the team developing the game, however, we are working to improve the quality of these ads to make sure what you see are shorter and more relevant to you. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, Team Tripledot" “ I get needing ad revenue but it is excessive and makes the game annoying. The only relevant ad to me is no ad. If I must endure ads it is preferred that they come less frequently and with an option to skip.

- Points.....

So I’m new to the game and so far I’ve really enjoyed playing it..... the only downside I have is how the point system works. If a player makes a wrong guess there are no consequences (I.e. loss of point or skipped turn). I love the option to not have to put anything that’s cool but I’ve played at least 3 rounds with people who make a lot of wrong guesses but they still win because of the points for complete rows/columns/ and blocks. It makes me not want to play because I feel cheated out of my win.

- Sudoku friends

Fun game but waaaaaaaasaaaaaaay too many ads.

- Scoring

I don’t like the scoring methodology in this game. I think that incorrect guesses should count against the score. Otherwise, someone can make all sorts of incorrect guesses, but then come in near the end of the game, clean up the board, & take the win away from the person who has been answering correctly throughout. This is not a fair way to score.

- Addictive

Just started playing and already addicted! Very fun and great way to pass the time!

- Lots of ads

Too many ads

- Friend playing

How do I play a friend that’s not on Facebook?

- Great concept

It's a great concept but it needs a lot of work. First of all, players should be able to change their name without having to use facebook. I don't want to see "player37843 vs player2684" for every game. It just feels impersonal. I can't keep track of what game is what because all the players have names that look the same. Second, I want to be able to add people as friends without having to use Facebook. There should be some sort of option so that when you're playing with someone you enjoy playing with you can add them as a friend or something like that.

- Great game but frustrating scoring

Update: 4/14/2020 After original most and more game play, I find it no longer bearable with the scoring. Tired of losing to someone who can’t score anything in the beginning but wins after I have filled in the puzzle and now he/she is awarded the missing number to get the bonus. Original:Love the game, love the concept, but frustrating when you play someone who can’t score a point in the beginning and then beats you in the back half when points are higher. It Should be reversed or something. It’s like having a spelling bee and losing to someone who misspelled the first 10 words.

- AI opponents😔

I’d enjoy this game a lot more if the “random opponents” were in fact real people. It’s very obvious that they are bots and it’s just too easy to win against them. This game is very interesting and unique but I don’t like constantly playing against AI players.

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I completed today’s Daily Challenges in Microsoft Sudoku! Share your in-game progress with your friends I just got…

I completed today’s Daily Challenges in Microsoft Sudoku! Share your in-game progress with your friends I just got…

@baba_Omoloro: Dear friends and families; "Brain-Training" games to improve the mind and memory. 1. Chess 2. Elevate 3. Sudoku 4. L…

I completed today’s Daily Challenges in Microsoft Sudoku! Share your in-game progress with your friends I just got…

@eshonge: @TygaRose_Roses I do love #sudoku. I now have friends who send pictures of sudoku from newspapers too. But samurai is the best…

@TygaRose_Roses I do love #sudoku. I now have friends who send pictures of sudoku from newspapers too. But samurai…

#SundayFunday Can you put our magical friends back in their boxes? #sudoku #puzzler #picturepuzzle

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Sudoku Friends 1.3.0 Screenshots & Images

Sudoku Friends iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends iphone images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends ipad images
Sudoku Friends Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sudoku Friends Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sudoku Friends (Version 1.3.0) Install & Download

The applications Sudoku Friends was published in the category Games on 2020-02-20 and was developed by Tripledot Studios [Developer ID: 1191319103]. This application file size is 201.34 MB. Sudoku Friends - Games posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 1.3.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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