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Great game for sports fans!
Easy and intuitive control.

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- Great game

This game is great👍

- Glitchy game

I like the game concept and it was fun to play for the first week. Then I stop being able to watch ads to get more dollars and points etc. then I started having the game jump to ads in the middle of play. Finally I just won a point and the guy started dancing and would not stop. No buttons no way to stop but shut it down. So I did and wrote this review while it is being deleted from my phone.

- willam


- Literred with ads. Same defenses over and over.

This game has ads at every turn. Even when you click no thanks to an ad that will give you more items, it still gives you one. You have to score 3 times and you will get an ad at least 2 times during a short match. Defenses are also just reused so the game never becomes difficult or worth any significant time. All it is is a shell of a game that is designed to shower you with ads.

- Can’t play

I did download the game but I cannot play it just says PURCHASED.

- Good gam

Really good game love the quality

- Damu

The ads are really taking away from the actual game. If there were less ads it would be more enjoyable. The ads are really a buzz kill 🤦🏾‍♂️

- Ultimate disk

It is fun I love it

- Ultimate disk

I love this game it is so fun and cool

- Disc

I love this game 2 things can you please add more clothes shoes hats and one other thing I payed to get the ads removed and there are still ads. I don’t like the interruptions thanks....

- The amazing game

I love this game who ever made this game give yourself a pat on the back love y’all 😃😃😃👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

- Awesome

This game is super awesome I can’t get off my phone anymore I so obsessed

- Too many ads

I know ads help support the game but it is at a point where you see more ads than being able to learn to play and decide to buy or not this is getting uninstalled. It did seem to be something fun but the ads killed it’s chance with me.

- Easy fun

Good for boredom, would be awesome if there weren’t ads in between each and every round. It’s an ad factory

- Obnoxious amount of ads

Fun game but free version has obnoxious of ads. Can’t get into the groove of enjoying the game.

- Plop

I like this game and I said...LIKE👌OK and I am a nerd in my school so SOMETIMES I LIKE TO PLAY THIS GAME AND THIS IS THE ONLY GAME I PLAY OK!!!???!!!!😑

- Ultimat

This game is so fun!!!! Can u make another one of these games

- Waaaay toooooo many ads

Just don’t download this game. Ads every 10 seconds

- Add

If this were anymore of a money grab I swear

- Games

Whoever made this game I love Lum I mean I put your star top right all of your game so much good bye🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🤑🤑🤑🤑😇😇😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

- How it is 😎 awesome

You can throw the disk right threw the Person that is trying to catch it It is so 😉 amazing I love this game and you can change your team name your color and you can get shorts or pants

- Play this game

This game is amazing 😇you have to play this now take it from me I play it so go have so frisbee fun

- Unbearably long and frequent ads

Running 30-40 seconds of ads at every conceivable point. Game is fun, but the ads will burn you out in 10 mins. Would be great if ads were cut to 15secs between games and incentivized rather than forced.


Really...30 second ads after every point?! REALLY? Game play is pretty good but didn’t last it past one round without getting frustrated with the constant ADs - figure out a better balance. Till then, I’m out.

- Crashes

Great game, but the periodic crashes I get while playing are pretty irritating.

- Awesome

Coolest game ever

- ADs!!!!

Too much ad!!!!

- Yupí

Nice game

- Nice

This game is Super fun and not to many ads.This is awsome.

- Good but easy

So it’s good but too easy like you can just send the disc to the very side without hitting the wall and you’re pass the red dude’s. And I won the first part of the tournament and the screen kept circling me nonstop so here I am writing a review.

- Too many ads

Too many ads not worth it

- Don’t buy the upgrade.

Fun concept but ads are too often and annoying. I spent the $1.99 to get rid of them but still non stop ads. One star and getting a refund.

- Limited use

After a few try’s, the app freezes and screen goes black and can’t use app. Even after closes keeps freezing. No other apps on y iPad freezes. Very disappointed, if I could I would request a refund

- Adds

How about you make a game we’re adds don’t pop on my screen every 50 sec. 1 star, I take time to download your app for you to throw adds every 50 sec. deleted, and fix it

- Ads

Too many long ads

- Coronavirus advertising?

They really tried to capitalize on the global pandemic that is costing thousands of lives and changing the modern world for good. They made an instagram ad about this game and said “don’t catch the virus 🦠” which is stupid and insensitive. It is a mindless game and they couldn’t even put enough effort into it to animate the character throw the disc like it was an actual disc anyway.

- boring & too many ads

game is very low effort in quality and too many ads

- Games okay...

The game isn’t that fun but im starting to like it. Idk how to describe the game but there are some bugs!!! And then every time I join a game I get kicked out I got the New IPhone 6s and ik that it’s not My WIFI There’s nothin wrong with mine but there’s something in the game, that’s messing me up, and when I try to throw the disk it lags bad! So it messes up my phone and When I play a Game Like BitLife it’s laggy and makes me press the wrong Thing I mean I love the game it’s not like I hate it that’s why I’m giving this game 4 stars I’m like league 7 and I’m still lagging but! What I said Pleaseeeee!!!!! Fix it :)

- Nothing but AD’s

Cool game but is impossible to enjoy because of constant AD’s (overkill).

- Ads always crashing my game

Great game lots of fun. But the ads are killing the fun. Having to decide to get more money at the win or not leads you to an ad regardless. Ads crash freeze lag stall all the time especially annoying af when you are playing a final match against whoever to get the trophy and having to start the round over again. Also if you get a new disc in the trophy room they don’t stay!

- Ad heavy

Probably would be fine but I’d ad heavy enough to take away the fun

- Unlimited disks

Basically it’s reverse dodgeball so funnnnnnnnnnnnnn👍👍👍👍👍🙂😉😉

- Ultimate disk

It’s very easy to play and has the best experience.

- Glitches

So while I solely love this game, I also don’t like the fact that it keeps having this glitches where I suddenly am out of the app and back to the homescreen or the screen stays black only when I press on the app. It doesn’t always cooprerate with Me where I’m able to play it after pressing it once.

- Ultimate Frisbee

This game is very fun a specially when im bored i love playing this game to get les bored

- Why ???!

I just purchased the game ($1.99) and I still have a TON of ads. Annoying. Fix it or pay me back.

- Hey I

I am so into your game it is so cool

- Ads

Please less ads

- Paid 1.99 but still getting ads

I paid for the no ad experience and still see ads. Don’t waste your time/money on this.

- Ok

It is good ok ...

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- Still Ads?

I paid for the ‘ultimate’ experience to remove the annoying ads but there are still ads! They ARE reduced but why are they there after I paid?

- Please stop showing advertisemet !!!!!


- Super fun

Easy to play fun to hit on the bus mindlessly playing it on breaks for a time to chill

- Awesome

Awesome game so much fun love doing my trick shots highly entertaining

- Ads

Ads are so annoying I deleted it.

- Love it

So much fun!

- Ads. Ads. Ads

Turn the disc over. Want to get it back watch an ad or no thanks lose a point. Oh here’s an ad anyways.

- Advertising on Advertising

Advertising on Advertising cut it back by 75% and it’s 5 stars.

- Mg

Too many adds

- Awesome!!


- Frisbee game

Why is there no sound?

- Great game AWFUL amount of ads

After 4,000 ads you get to play 40 rounds. I’m obviously exhausted with all these ads

- Ads

This an amusing game but there are way to many ads.

- The best game

When you lose you can watch a video to get the disk then you lose a point

- Huh

Good game but too much for ads

- Way too many ads

Gameplay is fun, but you can't enjoy it with that much ads

- Too many ads

Fun game, but an ad after every level is ridiculous. Totally infuriating!!! 🤬

- Too many ads

This game is fun and great. It I will likely get rid of it as theee are just waaaay too many ads.

- Weird

I m At level 5 and I can’t continue playing because it keeps on turning around so I can’t play

- So many ADS

Ads at every turn.

- Ultimate disc

Quits when you are playing game

- We are best ever win

We and I was win

- Garbage

This game has so many ads and isn’t even that good. DONT GET IT

- Too many ads

I get that you want people to upgrade to the pro version to get rid of ads.. but the free version had a 30 second ad every 5 second (every level) you can’t even enjoy the free version. Too boring. Not going to buy the pro

- Good but bad

Too many ads. It’s actually insane.

- Ads within paid version

Fun gameplay on offence. However, the game constantly prompts you to watch ads even in the paid version. To “defend” after a turnover you have to watch an ad, or just lose the point. If you win a game you can increase your winnings by - you guessed it - watching an ad. Easy enough to accidentally hit one of these buttons too. If I’m paying for a game, I shouldn’t be seeing ads. Period.

- Good


- More ads please

If you like ads this the app for you. Not good for anything else.

- Way too many ads , that make the game so boring to play :-( you play 10 sec and after 30+ sec ads

Too many ads make this game boring

- Paid and still some ads

Paid for no ads but there are still some adds

- Meh

I can see how it would get impossible in a very short time

- Fun, but...

I enjoy playing the game. It’s quite fun, but it’s a battery drainer. It also has many ads which is annoying but understandable.

- Its stupid

On level four in tournament the third throw is impossible because three people are running at you and there’s a wall of moving people behind them ready to catch it. I can’t throw it at all without someone catching it.

- Review how you structure ads

It’s like you don’t care you have a very enjoyable game. It’s impossible to enjoy with the ad nonsense.

- If to many adds here’s a suggestion:

It’s a good game so take off the wifi 1st:don’t need to pay 2nd :it’ll be a good game

- Awesome

It’s the est Game you could ever have

- Publicité

Trop de pub

- Don’t buy - will keep putting ads

Bought the full version and it keeps serving me ads. Try to get to support the URL won’t load from the App Store. Awful!

- meh

ultimate is not a sport just sayin

- Adds

A lot of adds, a lot.

- Terrible

Every time your done the game, an ad goes on👎👎👎.

- Paid version say no adds

Make u pay 2.79$ for no adds yet after every round theirs still 30sec adds verry disshonest gonna stick time my supercell games .

- good game but...

wayyy too many ads for a mobile game

- Bad


- Really boring

Their is nothing interesting about it . You are just doing the same thing over and over

- Ultimate Fans

Pretty good simulacrum of throwing in ultimate. It’s appropriate simple for a mobile game. The ads are pretty excessive, but I might pay to remove them for $2.


I accidentally paid for no ads, and I was cool about it. However, it turns out that there are still ads. Please fix this problem or return my purchase.

- Just wanted to bring the stars down


- -

Too much ads

- Trash

It’s terrible so bad don’t buy

- Another great idea ruined by Ana’s factory

Great concept but utterly ruined by the constant advertising

- Awesome

Should be an actual sport!

- So many adds

I have never played a game with so many adds you get to play 10 second with a 30 second unskipable add then you want more money another 30 second and 10 percent more 30 seconds and worst of all you choose no ill take no rewards and bam 30 second add. I get it they want to make some money from the game but this is unplayable.

- Best game ever😜😜😜😜💓💓💓😃🤗👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Best game ever 😃😃😃😃🥰🥰🥰💓💓🤗🤗😜😜😜👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Incredible

It's really easy to throw the frisbee

- Ads

Needs more ads

- Dics throwing

Awesome game

- Toby

This games is okay. A little easy at the start but gets harder as you go. Nice game to play when you want to unwind.

- Great

This game is pretty good for when you are travelling or having dinner. Although it is a little too hard to earn money for new players. Runs great on iPhone 7

- Opportunity Missed

Could be a 5 star game but there are too many ads, sometimes you have to watch two 30 second adverts to play the next game


You spend more time watching ads then you do playing

- Needs sound

It’s ok, the usual issue if a heaps of ads, id pay for no ads if it had sound. Very Boring and no atmosphere without any sounds.

- Rip off

Paid for ad free but still get ads

- More ads than gameplay

Too many ads

- The most ad heavy game I’ve ever played

Seems fun but unless your willing to spend $2.99 (doesn’t remove all ads lol) DONT FKN BOTHER! Fake reviews as well... nobody who has played this is leaving 5 stars 🖕

- Ridiculous amount of ads

Clear example of a money hungry app developer that spams ads every 5 seconds in the game

- Too many adds

Adds after every round is too annoying

- Extremely addictive

So satisfying Can’t stop playing Best game ever played 😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😃😎

- Adds

I read a fake review about this game saying there are no adds the boxhead was wrong

- Ads ads ads!

So many ads it’s relentless. It will turn you off the game completely.

- Meh

Too many add and drops out at end of point. Good fun game

- Pretty easy and dumb like boys 🧘🏿‍♂️

I am emma and I downloaded this app in 17/ 3 / 2020 and the one thing I like about this app is that the people actually trying to get the frisbee but the two things I don’t like about this app is that it has too many adds and secondly i don’t like how there’s no music i love music in apps instead of boring no music so I give this app a two star rate bye suckers

- Good game spoilt by ads

Good game, but an ad every every turn is terrible.


An ad after every throw of the disk is unbearable! And even if you don’t want to “play” video for prizes it forces you to watch one anyway! About 2/3 of the game is watching ads. Good game but unbearable ads numbers!!!

- Nice game

Game actually pretty fun. Shame everytime you lose they make you watch an ad. Ads are extremely frequent and border on very annoying.

- Yay


- Bad👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩


- Wow

This game is so fun to play

- Extremely excessive ads, worse than any other

Game concept isn’t too bad. Needs a way to cancel accidentally touching the screen - far too easy to accidentally shoot true disc straight to your opponent Advertising is excessively intrusive, because the ads are full length and unskippable. Most games that put an ad between each round at least give you the option of skipping after 5 seconds. With this one, I had two full 30-second ads that I couldn’t skip, just for losing one point.

- This game is a fun game and it really amazing

I loved it its very fun and extremely excellent

- I just 😍 it


- Too many adds

The game is fun and I’d give it five stars but it has too many adds. Also makes my device hot. It has potential but the adds are overwhelming. Pity.

- Unplayable

Literally an ad every 10-15seconds Ads go for 30-40seconds

- Continually crashes

Great game, great concept and very playable....when it works. I have a new iPhone 7 running 13.3.1 with 100gb of storage space, and it just crashes over and over and over. Please fix it. I would love to be able to play it.

- Joke

What an absolute joke and insult .you play game max ten seconds then have to watch a 30 second ad after every win or lose only have one star so I could leave a review which you prob can’t read anyways. To the developer go get f-&@@d .

- Albie

There are no bad things about this app it’s sensational

- Way too many ad’s

Would be a fun game but you spend more time watching ad’s then actually playing

- dhsnskshrb


- Addictive

This game is very dangerous if you have a lot of stuff to do 😂 amazing game though

- fun

its fun

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- Dm1990d

Cannot here at the sound

- Way too many ads

I don’t mind ads in free games, but this one is excessive. A 30 second ad after each round or mistake really kills the enjoyment. Either give me shorter add, space them out better, or give me an option to go ad free by purchasing for $2 or $3 like most games.

- Cool Game

I love this game. Now I know how to do frisbee on a app. I already won 1 tournament . I wonder how many people make these cool, fun , and encouraging games!

- Ads Ads and More Ads

Come on, I understand a few ads to entice someone to pay, but this many is just insulting. Do it with some dignity already.

- Very glitchy

Shuts down after every throw and sometimes while the app is loading. I’m deleting it now.


Buying the app does not remove the ads. You will need to watch a 30 second add in order to keep playing. NOT WORTH IT.

- Hi

It is so fun

- Glitchy

Game is fun, but kicks me out after 3-4 rounds, sometimes sooner. Cost me bonuses. I have an iPad 7. Should be plenty fast enough and enough memory. It’s a shame. It makes it unplayable.

- I’m just chillin

I love this game and it’s so fun


This game is easy, hard, and so much fun! I’ve never enjoyed video games until I played this game!!! 💯

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥App

Very challenging app gotta be quick with your hands eyes brain

- Full page unskippable thirty second ads

Hey devs, news flash. Your obnoxious ads don't make us want to buy the game. It makes us want to delete it.

- Good game

This is a really fun game it helps me with my sports in real life also such a fun game my 4 year old sister played this game with out needing any help. Great game 5 stars out of 5.

- Return


- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmomomommomo ,5?5

Fanfics.uhihu,gut.rfhyON the.vhuk.rfhurbfk.hrgf.drgykgydrkrcugirkcjvfcbjkrcl!',rhedkgyedoegud.geyis3:468:9483💒💒🏞🏨🏩🏞🏛🌠

- Unlimited disk

You guys have not downloaded this yet what are you doing download Now

- Best game

It’s really fun best game ever

- Wish there was more

Fun and addicting. Repetitive defensive lineups towards the end and once you unlock all of the frisbees there is no point to continue playing. Wish there was more as I find myself opening the app to play then realize i beat the game in a day. Hope you decide to open up more levels or somethingg.

- Challenging

This game gives you a challenge sometimes

- Too many adds!

Every game is followed by a 30s add at least!

- Good

Good app

- Trash game

Started lagging on level one , don’t download


I play for 20 seconds and have to watch a 2 minute advertisement that I can’t click away EVERY 20 seconds

- Time waster

It’s a great game to play if you are bored

- Bad

Too many ads

- Fun

Very entertaining game

- Fun game but...

I get the idea and it’s overall appeal but the execution is just so bad. The game looks very poorly made and it gives a off a cheap vibe. Especially the dance after you pass a level. First time I saw that I was just like.... HMmMmmM... I just wish the game didn’t look like cheap plastic

- Ultimate disk

I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️

- Too many adds

There is an ad every time you score. As in every other play


ultimate disks is a awesome game you start off easy then it gets hard and you can change your team name and go against other teams and try to throw it to your teammates without the other team catching it

- Eh


- Fun but bad

Wayyyyyyyy too many ads. Way too many.

- Aerospace

Love irt

- Y

These people cheat a lot

- The best

It’s really fun because u get different kind of levels

- Cool game, but TOOO MANY ADS

Waayyyy too many ads popping up. I can’t even get into the game because 5-15 second ads play way too consistently. I’m deleting this game

- Ads

Game is ok and fun to play when you are not watching ads. I get it you have to have for a free game but this is ridiculous! I will be removing this ad Er I mean game now.



- Fix it

The game freezes way to much, I really enjoyed playing, but I’m over it. Please fix or I quit !

- Way too many ads.

Very annoying an ad after EVERY score.

- Frisbee

Wow. I never heard of it before. My son. He showed me his game. I love this game. I really enjoying it.

- 🏀🥎🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🍶🍶🍶🍵🌰🍪🍫🍫🍮🥛🍶🍶🍶


- Ads and more ads

Too many advertisements

- Súper juego

Me encanta he bajado varios pero este me encanta el juego esta genial Gracias

- Great

It’s a good game but way to many ads

- Too many adds

Too many adds, game seems fun but the constant adds outweigh gameplay by far

- Cool game too many ads

Want ads every 45 seconds then this is your game



- This is so fun

Best game ever

- Great

This game is pretty good and I like it, but it is pretty easy ,but besides that it is a very good game to me I love this game

- Bad

It’s bad

- Way, way, too easy

Not really fun because of that. Keep it for children.

- Oof

There is to many adds. Every time I fail I have to watch an add but the game is cool 😉

- Games fine but the adds killed it

Good game until it was a 30 second commercial after every level. Vary annoying. The game play is to short to have adds that close together. Deleted after 15 mins.

- It shucks

Crazy game

- Good

This game is pretty good, well made. I don’t know why people aren’t playing this game! [Im not a bot] pretty good game actually. 👉👈

- Get Rekt!

It’s ok

- Good game too much ads

Do not get this game it will make you frustrated by nonstop ads

- It isn’t too bad

It isn’t too bad just some ads

- Shit


- It good

Because you can play and pass

- Héhé je

Its rlly bad


It is so fun and addicting

- Very good cc

Very good

- First :D

First to one star the app

- Ads ads ads and more ads!

I understand nothing is free and advertising is a necessity for developers to have funds, but when there is more video time than playing time, it’s just ridiculous. There should be a limit! A game last 10-15 seconds and you have a 30 second add between each play, plus the time you waist to close it or if you try skipping it. And then, there is other ads for any given reason. In the end, you play 1 minute every 5 minutes, or even less. Don’t waste your time trying that game, even if it is a fun game.

- Fun game but the ads make it unplayable

Far too many ads and no option to remove them. Unplayable.

- Boo


- Enough ads to choke a pig

This game is fun, except all the damn ads. Too many. I would pay to not have ads. But that’s not an option

- Good enouph

This game is fun for kids but can u make a very hard one

- Kedkd

Dumb ads

- To many commercial

I deleted your game cause I look at commercial more theme I play 🥶

- Very bad

It makes you pay

Libertex 📈

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- Fun for about 10 minutes

Cute game but massively repetitive and far too easy. I paid to remove the ads which is essential but the game becomes boring quite quickly.

- Far too many ads

I get it, having ads is revenue and you can choose to buy it. That is how the developer makes a living. However, it is about getting a good balance. There are so many that I really quickly lost patience before getting to a buy decision. You actually have to be able to play the game to decide if you want it. Frustrated. Uninstalled.

- Best game ever


- .

Too easy and gets boring very quickly Far too many adverts Could have been so much better

- Super fun!

One of the most fun and addicting games I’ve played! Especially since you can feel yourself get better and going for risky shots. Also as an ultimate player myself I’m glad there’s finally an app for our sport too!

- Good game ruined by adverts

I enjoy playing this game but you watch adverts far more than you play it and that totally kills the enjoyment.

- Advert every 10-15 seconds ruins it

An advert is 30 seconds. You see them every 3 or so rounds. A round takes about 5 seconds. You spend more time watching adverts then playing a game. Waste of time, unless you love watching the same game be advertised again and again - in that case; this is the perfect app for you!!

- Ads after paying for game

Still ads when I paid £1.99. Terrible.

- The Fortnite battle royal


- Fun but too many adds

Way too many adds

- Terrible

Impossible to play . Ads every match. Pathetic

- Ultimate disc

It is a very good game it helps your throwing skills better it is great

- Very addictive n interesting


- Ultimate disc

Great little game....to all the people moaning about adverts just turn ya phone onto airplane mode job done no adverts 🍾🍾

- Ok

Fun but I’d sooner just pay for it and get rid of all the adverts

- Greater than my first ever winning game

Sooooo good

- Advert galore

Much the same as all the other reviews really. Entertaining game, but to much starting and stopping with the amount of ads you have to watch to play the game. Shame really, because it’s not bad.

- Best game ever

It is such an amazing game


AMAZING fun game

- Gavlar

Too many ads😭

- Pay to remove ads is the only way

Great game but really annoying with the number of ads but after paying £1.99 to remove them it was worth it. Now it’s much more enjoyable to play. A little easy but great fun to play in short bursts.

- Painful

Great and addictive game but adverts, adverts and adverts. Stop start ruins this fun game. Don’t bother. Even paid to get rid of adverts and they still appeared. Save your money !

- Great fun but too many ads even after paying for app

Paid for the app to remove adverts. But still have to watch 30 second adverts between games. And privacy settings pop up. Very random. I want my money back.

- Great app

Great app, too many adverts

- Too Many Ads

Spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Don’t mind paying for a full game to get rid of ads but didn’t get the chance to play this for long enough as the ads were overwhelming. Probably 3/4 of my time playing was watching advert. Pretty horrendous experience. Deleted game after 10 mins. 1 star.

- Adverts adverts advert

If you like tones and tones of adverts you will love this. The idiot that has ruined so many games by this strategy is an idiot. Adverts are rubbish we would rather pay and play.

- Fun game

Spend longer watching adverts than playing the game!

- Trading Standards here we come...

Paid £1.99 for No Ads yet after EVERY game you have to watch an Ad to progress to the next level. You need coins/gold to get to the next level say 150 coins yet winning a game only gives you 75 coins so it gives you one option to watch an Ad for 75 coins. It gives no other options. So you either watch a 30sec Ad, that you paid £1.99 to not see or you quit out the game. This could have been a much much more enjoyable game, and could have generated a lot of money for the Devs but it just seems a cash grab game. A lot, and I mean a lot better games out there that are free Such a shame

- Fun game... very relaxing 😎

Fun game... very relaxing 😎

- Too many ads

So frustrating the amount of ads.

- Too many ads

Such an addictive game but there’s so many adverts, they pop up after every game.

- Too many ads!!

They’re a pain

- Ultimate Disk

It won’t load up

- Too many ads

Cannot decide if I would buy the game as there are two many ads to give it a real go

- Good game but copious amounts of adverts

The game is fun and really enjoyed when you get a chance to play it when you’re not sitting though all the adverts!

- Too many ads

Enjoyable game but far too many long ads. I don’t mind the odd one but one game takes about 10 seconds and it’s immediately followed by a 30 second ad. You can’t build any momentum at all

- Sick ones

This game is a sick one

- Adds

Everywhere adds this is not a game this is ADD

- To many ads

To easy and all you get is ads all the time don’t download it save your time .

- Really good

It’s really easy and good

- Awesome game

I love this game and it’s really competitive

- Crashes

Download this twice keeps crashing on the same level

- Appalling

Crashes every few minutes. Pointless.


Ads ruined the game completely. Paid the fee of £1.99 for no ads. Unfortunately they still show ads by giving you the option to take the game points and money in return for watching ads 😡 if you don’t there is no progression of the game. CON!

- This game

It’s good but u don’t earn much very quick

- Too many ads

I get the company want to make money but there’s far far too many adds. I’ve deleted the game because it’s pointless. After every round there’s an ad, and the worst bit is they are length ads. I have two 1 minute adds for live poker so I’ve removed the game. Not worth it

- Great Game but you’ll need to pay

Awesome game, great concept, loads of fun but it will soon drive you to pay for the ad free version!

- I love it

I love the game so much I love more than my sister And i love my sis so so so much 1 more thing it has to many adverts

- Ads all the time

Interesting game but too many ads? Why not turn your WiFi off,simple no more ads.

- Don’t pay the £1.99

The game is disrupted between every stage with ads and if you pay the £1.99 there is no difference

Check out Ultimate Disc Golf by @TREE_Industries #indiegames

[ Xenon ] Ultimate feat. 放課後のあいつ ( Umziky ) / Pack: Game Disc vol.1 / Level(Combo): 1 ( 88 ) / 8 ( 382 ) / 12 ( 667 ) / BPM: 132

None of this would’ve happened if we all had just bought the Ultimate Love Songs Collection 2 disc set for $16.99

#Nowplaying 插曲 - 鄭秀文 (Sammi Ultimate Collection (Disc 2))

@Brodiesmith21 hey Brodie, big fan of yours! I also come from an ultimate background and started playing disc golf…

@jasonrcombs I suspect they'll create "ultimate" 4K77, 80, and 83 versions using these new 4K disc images as a sour…

34 Malandi to hahahahaha chAr, miss playing w/ u na, super laki na ng improvement mo sa ultimate like super. One o…

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Ultimate Disc 1.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Ultimate Disc iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ultimate Disc iphone images
Ultimate Disc iphone images
Ultimate Disc iphone images
Ultimate Disc iphone images
Ultimate Disc ipad images
Ultimate Disc ipad images
Ultimate Disc ipad images
Ultimate Disc ipad images
Ultimate Disc Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ultimate Disc Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ultimate Disc (Version 1.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Ultimate Disc was published in the category Games on 2020-02-05 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 132.9 MB. Ultimate Disc - Games posted on 2020-03-22 current version is 1.2.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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