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Great game for sports fans!
Easy and intuitive control.

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Bugfixes and performance improvements. Thanks for playing!

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- Who cares about ads!

This happens all the time! I’m like “ Ads are silly, but I don’t want to miss out on fun! “ Don’t listen to the ones you wine about ads! And again, it happens all the time. 😋

- Love it- but I'm gonna lose it

Love the game itself. But I hate the excessive ads and the glitches. I expect a couple of ads with a free game- but more ad time than game time is rediculous. Perhaps the goal is for me to buy the app? This game isn't worth the $4/5, so I'd rather delete it. I'm certainly not paying for the glitches that have rendered me unable to play any further. So I'm going to wait 36hours to see if there's any improvements, then Im deleting. I actually enjoy this game and have friends that I want to share it with. Enough enjoyment to leave this feedback. But if I share the current 'version' with my friends; I'll be a laughing stock. Most apps with this many ads just get deleted.

- Great game

It is a great game and all just keep it cool with the adds so many adds

- Best game ever

It’s the best game in the world like I love 💖 it

- Great game, not great app

Great game, but app keeps dropping out! Too many ads!!

- Bug fixes needed

Doesn’t move to the next level after winning. Every time I have to do a forced shut down

- It is good

It is good but it isn’t challenging enough plz make it more challenging plzzzzzzzzzz

- Way too many ads

Play the game for a minute then ad repeat the ads have killed it for me I’m deleting this game.


Ultimate Disc is absolutely awesome !!!!!!!

- Played for 2 minutes

Too many ads...

- This is EPIC

This is EPIC and Aorsome but if I win I will be the champion of doom

- The ads are ridiculous

I understand that app developers need to fund themselves, but the amount of ads for this simple game is a killer, I lasted about ten minutes before deleting the game!

- Awesome

Great Adults and Kids

- Crashes

I would love to be able to play it again......

- Pretty good

It’s a pretty good game but it glitches a lot and you can’t change your skin very much and you don’t really verse other people just the computer



- Great

This game is pretty good for when you are travelling or having dinner. Although it is a little too hard to earn money for new players. Although ads are ruining the game you can just turn your wifi/cellular off

- This game is a fun game and it really amazing

I loved it its very fun and extremely excellent and whoever gave 3 and under stars is unbelievable

- Great game

I love it simple concept easy to get the hang of and for all those who don’t want to have to put up with ads just turn your wifi and or data off

- Remove the ads

Awesome game, way too many ads Would be 5 star if fewer ads

- Won’t even load

Played the game once Tried to play it again today after updating and it won’t even load just bugs out and stops working 😡

- Unplayable

It’s a huge ad with some playing time in the middle. What a joke. Even when you chose not to watch an ad for extra reward, guess what? You get an ad anyway

- It’s ok I guess

It’s only the type of game you would play if you had nothing better to do. The same day I got it within 5 mins I was bored out of my skull Ps you have to watch sooo many ads

- Great if you want to watch ads

Honestly it’s ridiculous how many ads they make you watch. Just not worth it.

- To many ads

Way to many ads it is beyond a joke

- My advice

It’s good but needs some improving. Here’s some tips: you could make the game a little bit easier and more fun.

- Too many ads

Played it for only 5 minutes and already sick of ads.

- Not fun at all!

The adds on this game are twice every minute. Even when it offers you a bonus if u watch an add I press no an it will still play it anyway minus the reward! The game itself is decent but need further development. These game makers only care about the add revenue and it shows.

- Akshar Thatipelly

This game is stupendously amazing

- The cool suggestion

The Game Is Super Cool

- Your the best

This game is really fun

- Too much ads


- You Gaming App Creators.

Like most of you people must be so greedy or dumb or a mixture of both and other things... I don’t understand why a lot you guys who end up creating a game people enjoy would then say to yourself my next step is to turn people away from the game by adding so many ad’s they end up deleting the app altogether and go download another game.

- Terrible

This game is terrible it is super laggy, terrible graphics and has "tournaments" that are impossible to complete☹️

- Too many ads

I absolutely despise games with this many ads and pay to play model, gameplay is smooth but once you’ve played, the level is always the same

- Too many ads

Download only if you happy to watch a 30 seconds video ad every 20 seconds of playing time!

- Ads

Too many ads

- Too many ads

Too many ads, almost forcing the purchase of no ads

- Too many adds

The game is near unplayable with the amount of ads.

- Forced to watch ads always

Soo many ads, and if you click the option to lose a point and not watch an ad, or to take less of a reward and not watch an ad, IT STILL SHOWS YOU AN AD. Why have an option to take a game disadvantage over an ad if you have to watch the ad anyway. Game will be deleted for me.

- Awesome

Should be an actual sport!

- So many adds

I have never played a game with so many adds you get to play 10 second with a 30 second unskipable add then you want more money another 30 second and 10 percent more 30 seconds and worst of all you choose no ill take no rewards and bam 30 second add. I get it they want to make some money from the game but this is unplayable.

- Best game ever😜😜😜😜💓💓💓😃🤗👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Best game ever 😃😃😃😃🥰🥰🥰💓💓🤗🤗😜😜😜👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Incredible

It's really easy to throw the frisbee

- Ads

Needs more ads

- Dics throwing

Awesome game

- Toby

This games is okay. A little easy at the start but gets harder as you go. Nice game to play when you want to unwind.

- Opportunity Missed

Could be a 5 star game but there are too many ads, sometimes you have to watch two 30 second adverts to play the next game


You spend more time watching ads then you do playing

- Needs sound

It’s ok, the usual issue if a heaps of ads, id pay for no ads if it had sound. Very Boring and no atmosphere without any sounds.

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- Crashes

The game good apart from the adverts there’s way to much but the fact that it keeps closing I give it one star

- Mr Adz Meister

Simple games are always the best!!

- JUST AD AFTER AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game itself is alright but WOW the amount of adverts is unreal!!! I understand the need for ads to keep the game free but this is just overkill. Plenty of free games that don’t require that many ads. Developers really need to give their head a shake and do something about it!!!! Ridiculous.

- Googooginga


- Adverts

1 minute of gameplay followed by 2 minutes of adverts. Played for a few minutes now deleted because of adverts.

- Mr I

Adverts adverts adverts no time for playing game

- Disgusting

Charged 2.99 for no ads but still show 30sec ad after every time

- Not safe - some very violent ads

Good game and suitable for 4+ but very frequent interactive ads that are very unsuitable - sniper games, violent shoot-em-ups etc.

- Just advertise

You can play 10-15 second than 30-40 second advertise, i deleted in 5 minute

- Ultimate disc

Fun game

- Too many other stuff

I like the game, however there’s way too many ads, too much other stuff to navigate to play a game you will spend 50%of your time on other stuff, I got fed up and deleted it.

- Tremendously bad

More a collection of ads with some intermittent gameplay. Very frequent interruptions to watch poor quality ads, some not even in the same aspect ratio Don’t waste your time or reward something as awful as this

- All about the adverts..

Nothing about this is about playing a game..it’s about making money for the game developers.. it will be deleted from your device within a day or so!

- Way to many ads.

Sorry, but when you spend more time watching ads, than playing the game, it’s time to press the delete button. A shame because it’s an enjoyable game, when you get to play it.

- Far too many ads

Don’t waste your time

- Far too many adverts.

You’ll spend more time watching ads than you will playing the game. Deleted it after 10 minutes because of this. It’s a shame because it would be a fun game otherwise.

- Good Game But Too Many Adds

I realise adverts are important but not this many. After every single point you are forced to watch an advert. It makes you not want to play the same


Once i looked at the game i knew this was a gonna be a phenomenal successful game and that its worth it thank u for your awesome game and.. KEEP ON GOING!!

- 😡

When I saw the advert I started to like it and was playing it on the ad but when I got to the last part the time stopped so I think that it’s a trick to just make people buy it so if you are reading this I wouldn’t get this game!

- Ridiculous amount of adverts. Not fun at all having a 30second advert between every level

Ridiculous amount of adverts. Not fun at all having a 30second advert between every level

- Shallower than a dry river bed

From the very first court this game is the same over and over and over again. And the adverts.... My goodness you spend more time with ads on your screen than playing the very repetitive game. Oh and you choose “watch an ad” to get a reward - fair enough. But click on “no thanks” and guess what ? You watch an advert. Disgusting commercialism for a game that is shallower than a dry river bed. By all means play this game but just remember - every time you play it you will watch a myriad of adverts and each ad will be lining the pockets of these talentless developers who will just be sitting back laughing at you. Be warned!!


If you’re struggling with constant ads on a game switch over to airplane mode and enjoy ad free gaming :)

- Spoiler

**Spoiler*** You just throw it around the little men, either side, it doesn’t really matter, then you watch lots and lots of adverts.... ...then you delete the app.

- Alright

The game is good but their are a few problems. 1) The game has way too many ads 2) The game glitches on you sometimes( which can be really annoying). 3) Finally the game can just cut off on you when your in the middle of a match👎😤

- Rubbish

It is very boring you have to pay for everything. Quite frankly I’m paying for rubbish.

- Awesome


- Games


- Ads

I think ads should be gotten rid of!

- Why so many ads?

This could be a great game if you could actually play it without getting so many ads!! Why oh why, I actually deleted the game because of the ads, no need for ads between every level

- Jaxhbdjxn

I just got to the ue ueuehdjejsnsjbzjdnnzne

- Adverts, adverts and yes, more adverts

Good game to play but the adverts make it horrible. If you don’t mind watching the same advert for a game then this one is for you. Jam packed full of them.... don’t bother downloading.

- Crashes every 30 seconds

1 million adverts, 1 million crashes. Such a good idea ruined by poor quality developers and a greedy company

- Love it!

It’s an epic game and I am in love in it! You should get it now it’s amazing!

- Too much and too long advert

Nice game but too many advert and they are too long. Again Adverts making the game crash lot of times, even after finishing the advert it seems not to go back to game taping on the X tab

- Good game but way too many adverts

Unfortunately you spend almost more time watching adverts than playing the game... it’s a real shame because the game is great otherwise.

- Frisby

Love the game.

- Took my £2.99 to remove ads

I really enjoy playing this game, seriously addictive, I wanted to continue playing minus the ads and paid for no ads, so why am I still getting ads, really disappointing. Either get rid of the ads or give me my money back.

- Nice

Cool mate


Fun little game but avoid It’s Ridiculous very 5 sec game you have to watch a 25sec add £2.99 to remove them and that will not remove all the adds just the one’s between rounds. Fun little game ruined by greed

- Games

Too many ad breaks detracts from the experience

- Good but not at the same time

It’s good but you should have made there to be a chance for the players to defend😐😐😐😐😐😐🙄🙄🙄🙄😑😑😑😑😑😑

- Ads Kill This Game

I appreciate the need for ads, if this is how the developers get money. That being said, the ads are too long, too frequent and un-skippable. Sometimes doesn’t register that you’ve watched an ad and makes you watch it again. Completely ruins any enjoyment from the game, would not play again.

- Coolest game ever

This game is so so fun but watch out for the whites

- Shuts down

This game was quite fun at first but kept shutting down more and more frequently. Now, every time I open the game it starts to load, then, as soon as the loading bar fills, the game shuts down enabling no gameplay whatsoever. Would be good if this was fixed.

- Bug

Not receiving money or able to open chest after a round finishes. Also unable the button to proceedyto next round is not coming up anymore. Please fix it

- Awesome!!!

This game is addictable!

- Not a game

This is just adverts with a 5 second break for a game every now and then! Pure garbage!!

- Waste of time

Good game but, way too many adverts.

- Have to keep restarting

The game overall is good and the ads can be skipped in a few seconds which is not so annoying but every time i finish a league, there is no next button and then i have to restart the game over and over again. If it’s a bug, please fix it. Thanks

- Disappointing

I’ve just paid to remove the ads as I just can’t stand them any more. The minute I do, the app stops working and so does the app support form! Robbed!

- Good


- Love this giant

Love this

- Wonderful game

You have to love this game it’s ❤️❤️

- Paschal


#nowplaying #NPbot 風の世界 (2015 Remix) - SUGAR BABE - SONGS -40th Anniversary Ultimate Edition- [Disc 2]

Finally got around to finishing Hellsing Ultimate disc one. Rip van Winkle's death is just as unsettling as everyone says it is.

How is White supremacist feminism in ultimate silencing Black voices in the name of equity? Join us this FRI, 7:3…

@plywoodgaming: A new PB/WR for All Bosses, I was on potential pace for a 1:24:XX going into Disc 2. Too bad I had a bad rat and the PST…

A new PB/WR for All Bosses, I was on potential pace for a 1:24:XX going into Disc 2. Too bad I had a bad rat and th…

@Re2pect5 Super angry sponge is no where near the quality of ultimate disc

Episode #1: Some say “Should I?”, some say “Sorry” Tune in & invite your friends this FRI, 7:30-8:30pm ET! How is…

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The applications Ultimate Disc was published in the category Games on 2020-02-05 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 162.69 MB. Ultimate Disc - Games posted on 2020-05-12 current version is 1.2.11 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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