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Are you ready for a most amazing journey?

Well you and everyone else in the world have already been a part of this but we give you this unique opportunity to live those moments again!

Get ready to relive those incredible 9 MONTHS!

The latest version of 9 Months contains an exciting new boost system. Here are the drop rates of our loot boxes:

Small pack:
Common 80%
Rare 16%
Epic 3%
Legendary 1%

Big pack:
Common 70%
Rare 20%
Epic 7.5%
Legendary 2.5%

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We fixed some bugs and improved the performances of the game! We changed the balancing a bit to help you grow your baby healthier! Take care.

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- “Takes too long”

Okay so, for starters I’m so tired of seeing reviews saying “ Oh this takes forever this took me a week” This game is actually giving you an experience (in my opinion) of what it would feel like to actually be pregnant, like you’re exited and feel such joy. I’ve played other baby games before when I was younger and as soon as you start the game they have you in a hospital bed and cut open the mother’s stomach and boom- a baby appears and the description of the games would be “This is what happens when you’re pregnant “ but the name of the game would be full pregnancy baby app. You get what I mean? This game actually makes me feel pregnant or something and I’m only 15. It’s hard to explain but I feel like half of these comments are pressed 10 year olds upset because they didn’t have the baby in five minutes. it doesn’t work like that You don’t just get pregnant and out of nowhere you have a baby. No. You have a whole 9 months, just this game is a sped up version (ofc) you have to wait and be patient, and another thing is actually putting in effort. You can’t just be on the game for a minute go off and come back to expect the baby to be born. If you really feel so impatient try to actually watch the 30 second ads to speed up time. That helps a lot. Please stop giving one star reviews because it takes a few days. This game is teaching you how babies actually develop and gives you a lot of facts. That’s all I have to say 🤍

- Love it !

Okay so this game is actually what I’ve been searching for , because I’m 15 years old and on a medicine class that is preparing me to be a midwife. So this game is actually giving me some information that is just amazing like that “the longest pregnancy has been of 375 days “ a year and one week that type of information is amazing and like “ the heart grows bigger during pregnancy “ or that “ unborn babies feel pain like inside and outside of the womb “ I just love it- so I agree with one of the reviews I saw like that only 10 year old girls down load this game and think that they’ll immediately have the baby but no this game is actually showing you the reality and some facts that happen during the pregnancy- so like if you wanna see how the baby is being developed inside the womb you for sure need this app. At the beginning I thought that the babies had everything developed or that everything was developed at ones but no each week or month something small is being developed like the respiratory system, eyes, hands , and etc..- and like plz plz small girls this is not a game where you’ll have the baby in less than 5 minutes understand that this game is to see and experience the full pregnancy I’m honestly- fell in love with this game like within 5 minutes that I used it- so that’s why I give this game 5 starts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you ❤️

- Obsessed!!!! 😍❤️🥰😊

The second I saw this game, I thought, “Wow! That looks really cool and fun!” And I was right...I couldn’t be more happy I installed this. I love this game!!! I’ve been playing it for every day in a row, ever since I got it. It’s slow enough to get the full experience, yet fast enough to enjoy. It’s a lot of fun, and I love how you can have an entire family, and how you can take care of your baby after it’s born. I have a son, a daughter, and another son, (in the game; not in real life because I’m only 13,) and in 11 months, (games wise) I’m going to give them another little sister. This is the best game I’ve ever played, and I can not stop playing it! :D It’s really cool and educational, and I’m so obsessed with it!! 😊 (In a good way.😊) Thank you for making it. You did a great job.👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻 P.S. I have a suggestion. Maybe you could give the baby a birth certificate that you could make, and later go to and click on once and a while if you wanted to, (so that you can give him or her a first, middle, and last name,) but on their picture and the home screen, you can have it to where it still only shows their first name. Please take my idea I to consideration. One last thing: I love how you can pick their gender. That’s awesome! :D Thanks.🥰 Good job for making this game! You did awesome!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊 :D


OK so first of all people are saying that this game takes too long for the baby to be born but This game is making it a lot faster than nine months last time I checked and I have only had it for a day and I’m already two months in. So if people are saying that this takes too long why don’t you just delete the game and leave it for the rest of the people that love it. Second I totally agree with the person who said that it’s just a bunch of little 10-year-old saying they don’t get the baby in just five minutes it takes nine months for an actual baby to be developed so this is actually making it a lot faster. And last but not least I absolutely love this game I’m only 13 and we have to be taking a class about this and it really helps although some of the pictures are kind of weird LOL but other than that I absolutely love it there are barely any ads which is great I love how you can like boost up the time and get free gems and everything and you can as I’ve seen with other peoples reviews change the babies clothes and you can take care of it for I don’t know what age hopefully old but it sounds really cool so can’t wait for the day will be born. I’m done writing this novel😝

- Would recommend

I personally enjoy the game a lot, I like that you actually have to work to unlock extra traits and that you can dress up your baby once it’s born! I use a ad blocker but even when I don’t, there aren’t many ads unless you are unlocking boosts and rewards, it’s very addictive and you don’t have to pay to play at all!! Gems are very very easy to get if you don’t mind watching some ads. You are able to create at least 5 babies and still raise them once they are born!!! I love the cool little facts they have about pregnancy or about the fetus/baby at the point you are in the pregnancy. I would really recommend this game if you are interested in fetal growth or you just like idle games or are bored!!!!

- needs a few improvements, but OVERALL VERY GOOD GAME!

this game is actually one of the bests i’ve ever played. I think that’s its balanced well and that if you work hard enough and visit regularly, you can actually get the desired outcome. HOWEVER... there are a few things id like to address. the first one is the crashing. this happens especially after your baby “levels up.” there are also times where it has not saved my progress for the past 30 minutes due to the crashing. second, there is an ad every single time your baby levels up. considering how i watch 10-20 ads while i play, it seems kind of repetitive to have one right after it levels up. in addition, when i just watch an ad to use the grow button, my baby levels up and it completely cancels out what i just did because you have to watch ANOTHER ad, disabling the use of your grow button and the power up you just got. i feel like fixing those in the new update would allow me to give this app 5 stars. OVERALL very fun game!! i’d recommend it to my friends who love grinding games. it keeps you busy and it’s satisfying to see it grow.

- Good Game, But...

This is a nice game and it’s very educational over the growth of a baby in the womb. I have only made it to about 2 months by now. The only real problem I have with the game is the ads. There aren’t too many, they don’t randomly pop up. My issue with the ads is that they won’t give them to me, I know, weird. But when you are away for however long, you have cells generated I believe. I could be wrong about the name. And those cells are like your “currency” almost. When you are away it saves those cells for you. You’re constantly generating new ones even while playing the game. But every time I want to collect the cells I generated while away from the game, it won’t let me. You have to watch an ad or pay with some gems, and it always says “Ads are unavailable right now.” I brushed it off this entire time until it started saying ads are unavailable with everything. I can’t get free refills or an automatic clicker for my cells. It may be on my side but I have played this game with WiFi and without. Hope I can figure out why soon.

- Good Job

VERY EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!! In some ways, gross to. I started a day ago and I ❤️ it! But sometimes just no. I wanna play a nice relaxing game after something gross and I love this one but the pictures are disgusting and it’s just not helpful in that case. Also I hate it when it was a VERY gross ball and it created more balls as it grew so I would like it when I grow my second baby if the ball wasn’t so... bad. I’m not trying to say don’t download the game, I’m just saying RECOMMENDED if you like gross things. I’m just not that person. I still love the game and I highly recommend it! Also whoever said there’s a ad after EVERY SINGLE WEEK is lying. Badly. This game almost never puts up ads and I like it because one time my friend told me every time a ad comes up, you pay REAL LIFE money to the game creator. Anyhow almost no glitches here and thank you for creating something I can do in a boring summer. Also it fills up my boring quarantine time because it’s a awful thing to go through. 💜 Creator💜 4 Stars.

- Interesting at first

This game is interesting at first but there’s not much to do. You repeatedly tap a button. With a few buttons that are ready to be tapped at random times. You can ‘speed’ things up or get gems by watching ads. It also seems to have a glitch, I played for over half an hour and the time didn’t change. What was interesting was that while you tap the button interesting facts scroll on a thin line across the screen. Only 2 problems, first on my cell phone it’s extremely tiny and hard to read. But that’s okay because by the time the ‘fetus’ reached about 2 1/2 months the facts had repeated often enough that I was able to read them. I also enjoyed watching a simulation of the fetus developing. However without new facts, something to do and/or getting unstuck so I can get the fetus pass 2 1/2 months, I cannot think of any reason to keep the game.

- Takes too long

This game is fun, very interesting and the facts made me learn a few things but the game takes entirely too long. Seems like it’s only fun if your putting money into it for gems to keep your nutrition high and for clicks. They should definitely add parents or be able to pick eye color and skin color, hair color etc. It’s a good game but should definitely add more features i see how it would become boring after a day or 2 because i’ve been playing it non stop for over a day now and it’s becoming pretty boring and annoying that the baby is taking too long. by 7 months the “ fetus “ pretty much looks fully formed so it’s not much changes to look at and it just takes longer and longer as you go on because the hours go from 8,4 to 2. Overall i’d recommend it to someone who’s very patient but for someone with a small attention span this game is not for you.

- glitched? not growing??

im so sad that i loved this game so much in the beginning. however at some point my game stopped working for me. i didnt want to believe it but i just read someone elses review & i think mine glitched and froze as well. my center grow button NEVER fills up. i have to wait to hope timo get the “growth button free for 15 seconds.” i thought it was normal but i guess not. My baby is about 3months old almost 4.. ive been working on it for over a week now. im not complaining about the time bc i know the reviews said it takes about a week. ive been playing everyday it just seen strange that im only still 3months. my time never changes either. however the nutrition & cell bar do. im not sure if im supposed to make it bigger or not but i am constantly adding more secs to my nutrition bar. idk my feelings are hurt. i just hope it works out soon bc i want my baby 🥺

- You have to wait till 41 weeks 😤

I would like you all to know that this game is not just 9 months=40 weeks (typically). But in fact 41 weeks. It takes 41 weeks for the baby to be born. I took off stars because it takes forever to grow the baby. Someone said that this is how long people wait. While that’s true, we aren’t wanting the long experience. We would simply like to be able to grow the baby at a slightly faster rate, while still seeing the process. Like perhaps adding something that helps you earn cells, instead of watching ads.. It’s a greatly developed game but you have to be extremely patient and willing to do a lot of clicking... It took me almost a month to fully grow the baby. I would play at least 3-4 days of a week for no more than 30 mins. Which is honestly quite a lot.

- It’s really amazing and awesome I love it!!

Okay so this is really good but I have it wait for 12+ seconds!! But it’s sill a great day oh and the people who’s saying that it took a week that’s not true!! This took me for I don’t know my baby boy/girl haven’t been born yet but I think it will take 10 days! It’s really cool!! Download now!! But can u guys update and make the 12+ seconds to 9 seconds?? That I don’t have to wait for 12 or more seconds!! Thanks if u might do that!! The thing that I love is it’s so cool u can see the baby! Age so fast!! I don’t know if the baby look like that in real life.. But sill a great game tho!! I can’t wait for the baby to grow and be born and I can’t wait!! But please update the game for it be great and let more people download it!!

- What I like

It is such a fun game it makes me want to have a baby it is so cool to see the baby grow it’s it is so so so fun I can’t say nothing bad about the game cause it is a good game there nothing bad that kids can’t do in the game I give it a 5 stars so I love this app it is my favorite game I have so far it’s so much fun If you don’t have this game you need to get it and give it a 5 stars and tell us why I love the music to it’s so interesting to play I love it so much I can’t wait to I make more baby’s and it is so cute to see the baby grow I wanna play this game all day and not take a break but I have a newborn baby girl and I have to take care of her so only when she is talking a nap I can play I love this app

- This is beautiful! ❤️❤️

I just downloaded this game from an ad and when I started playing this game I just immediately fell in love with it. The whole concept of this app is overall very educational for girl or people who wants to know more about how fetuses are developed in the womb. For the users who’s keep commenting about how this process is way too long, I just wanna say THAT’S THE FREAKING POINT. This is what it takes for a fetus to be fully cooked into a human/baby!! Literally that’s the whole point of the game. Why do y’all think the game is titled, “9 Months” for? I highly recommend this game for more patient people who honestly wants to know facts and the experience of being pregnant.

- Fun

Ok, after about 7 months grow age, the grow bar doesn’t populate anymore. So the only way for the baby to grow is for me to watch ads when I get the grow bar icon on the right for 15 seconds. This is frustrating. People are complaining about how long it takes but this makes it more realistic and I like that. My only complaint so far is that when I’m doing one of the 15 or 20 second grow streaks and I level up, it takes me out and into an ad and I lose the rest of my seconds to rapid grow. I would prefer it pause the rapid grow and let me continue after the ad or level up after my seconds are over. So far I like it. I just leveled up to 14 weeks and I’ve been playing for 2 or 3 days.

- Seriously...

When I first opened this app I was kinda worried it would just be those stupid poorly 3d model baby simulators but oh boy was I wrong I spend days caring for the baby and growing it feeling more attached each time..like I actually had it and then when it was finally the day I was so excited I told all my friends and posted the updates on the baby girl I named zuri after she was born I was just heads over heels with her spending only 20 seconds when suddenly the game reloaded and the whole game restarted...I then got so mad and just sat on my bed thinking it was a dream was it just some ad for the game but no it literally deleted my saved progress and zuri...I actually cried all day because of it because I was so so attached to her even if it was a game going through the whole process was amazing but now I’m just left heartbroken...

- Amazing but.....

This is an amazing game but....when I start on the second baby, and change the skin color it doesn’t work, when o click to add cells it doesn’t work so then I have to go to the first baby and that is kinda excessive to me. And all the dumb 10 year olds are slow and impatient because it only really takes an hour to 2 days. And when I try to get gems there is a huge glitch so then I have. To close it out and I don’t get me gems and I really wanted me baby to have a different skin color but it was white even though I chose black, and I can’t change my baby’s diaper bc it won’t let me and it “2 months ”

- Slow game, factually wrong

So, I was playing the game. It was okay. But at the bottom part of the screen it flashes “facts” about embryos and infants mainly and this game really said that embryo cells act as stem cells for 6 days and that because of this the baby can regrow any part. So I guess if a baby lost an arm I guess it could just regrow. Also, it said by a couple days the embryo can start to hear.....without the brain?? How do you think humans can process hearing. They can’t. They can’t hear without a brain because there is no place to process sound. Same as sight. If the ocular part of the brain (in the upper back hemisphere) isn’t developed your eyes can physically not be able to see because there is nowhere to process what your seeing or in this case hearing. If your gonna make a game. Don’t spread very very obvious misinformation that is simply just common sense. Besides that it’s just low key boring.

- Sums it all up

The problem with half the bad reviews is they are vv impatient the game is built off of patients so therefore the game wouldn't be as fun to them then to others it is just like having a real baby except it’s just a little bit complicating but still easy at the same time doing it in a game I’ve done it twice already and my recent baby is 3 months now it only took 5 days to get the baby to 9 months I’ve played wit the recent baby for ab 2 hours and it’s already 3 months it’s really easy and fun I’d recommend to play the game before reading a bad comment and leaving it alone!! Love this game a lot

- Fun So Far

I’m really enjoying this game so far. I don’t mind how long it takes for the baby to development. I’ll actually like it if it took a bit longer. Future update ideas: Maybe a tutorial to explain the cell options (I still don’t know what I’m clicking on or how it works I just do it until I run out). I wouldn’t mind seeing more facts and knowledge about baby development being added. Adding more stats on the baby as it grows. Maybe being able to decorate a nursery room while the baby develops so we have something else to do. Or let us stock up on baby clothes/gear once we know the gender. Also being able to pre-name them (which we can change up till birth then it becomes permanent) so there can be a bit more of an attachment of player to baby. This could be a pretty fun and knowledgeable game if done right and maybe even become an educational game. *my baby is only at the 2 month mark so not sure if some of these features show up later.


First off I LOVE this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my babies are SO CUTE!! You should add an option to pick the hairstyle of your child that would be so cool! Another suggestion I know you guys are working on what happens AFTER they become a year old! I suggest you add more clothes and tricycle and school!!! This game is AWESOME AND ADORABLE!! It would also be cool if you could have a baby pass their due date and a baby premature, I think it would add something extra, overall this game is so cool and I feel like I’m taking care of a real baby! I’m going to wait till Joy (my in game daughter) is 2 and then I’ll finish her baby brother!

- I agree!

I agree with Monie🥵 she is right! I like this game even if it took me a week! This game is fun, cool, and joy like u are taking care of your own baby!!! The game tells I about baby facts and how they develop/grow. If u want to have a baby well, this is wut u play! I hope u enjoy and of u get a baby then play this game first, and u will understand the real world of a parent, enjoy this game and hope u like please put good ratings (ofc) I like this game because it will increase u and your baby to become part of your life. This is the real life of being pregnant. Hope u will enjoy and also, write a good review!!! Thank you, bye!!!

- Great game but needs work

I wanna start by saying I’m really enjoying this game. The people saying it takes too long are truthfully ridiculous. Yes it takes time but pregnancy is a process, not a quick over and done type of thing. I truthfully feel like it’s one of the most realistic baby games I’ve ever seen. That being said it does need work tho! There have been several times where it kicks me off and I lose a TON of progress. It hasn’t made me start completely over like I’ve seen some say, but it is really aggravating to spend the time and effort in growing the baby just to be kicked off and lose progress! The concept is really cool and I truly enjoy the game. But please fix the glitches!

- Amazing!

I love this game. So comprehensive. Great for learning. This game has gotten so much better now. I can finally play it without worry. I just had some ideas that’d make it easier. This includes not having the amount of hours of growth from the grow button be reduced down to only two hours. That makes it tedious toward the end(birth). If the hour number shrinks that much after the baby is born, that’s sorta boring too. Also, it seems there’s no way to reset the individual babies on the family list. Just the entire game. Please see what you can do. Thank you! 😊

- Love this app!

This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for for years to play. I wanted a game that was similar to a time lapse for baby/child development. I love that it starts off from the beginning of conception and it taking so long is another thing I love. You get to see the development stage by stage and that is so cool. I only hope you continue to increase the age of development because this is so much fun to watch and see the little sim grow. It would be ideal if you at least had to age to puberty. Thank you for making this!

- Ok, needs work

I really love the concept of this game, but there are flaws. Babies definitely DO NOT develop like this! I wish the development was more accurate with real fetal development, it would be a great learning tool. Maybe mine is just bugged, but mine is almost 17 weeks along and looks nothing like a normal 17 week old fetus. It looks more like a deformed pygmy with a tail. There are teeny tiny arm bones that are no where near the arms, no leg bones at all, a tiny little rib cage up at the neck (if you can call it a neck), and some mysterious little blue blob near the top of one arm. It’s so weird, but I’m gonna finish developing this thing and see what kind of freaky creature I’ve created.... will try to update later!

- Only 3 stars

I’d like to give this game a higher rating, but I unfortunately cannot. The game itself is quite fun, despite taking a long time for the development of the baby. But the baby is where I take issue. The unborn baby at 3 months...looks nothing like how a real baby would look at 3 months within the womb. The game is very inaccurate on the timescale. The baby at 3 months looks like how a real fetus would look at 1 month/4 weeks. A baby/fetus at 3 months....looks like a very small, actual human baby. Hands and feet would be very developed and recognizable by 2 months. Same with the shape of the head and body. For inaccurate anatomical timescale, 3 stars.


I truly love this app!! It is so educational with facts about pregnancy and babies. The graphics are fantastic and life like!! I love that it does not take long (played it about a month) to make it through the 9 months and then how the game continues after the baby is born so you can see a child’s first year milestones as well! My only suggestion would be since you have options to pick skin, hair, eye color and gender, is for us the have the option to pick between one baby or twins!

- Fun game but it’s broken.

I have restarted my game, deleted and redownloaded, and rebooted my game several times thinking this was just a glitch but it apparently is not. I would get about 5 months in with my babies and then all the bones and organs would start coming out of the babies body and my baby would turn green and red and yellow as the skin developed. I played it through to 10 months the first time thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was just a glitch that would resolve itself. But every time I’ve restarted it with a new baby, I get to 5 months and it does the same thing. This needs to be fixed. It has potential to be a really great game. But this was really disappointing.

- Killed by horrible ad timing

This game has a pretty decent concept, but the timing of ads in the latest update ruins is HORRIBLE. While playing, you will be presented with an opportunity to watch an ad and receive a reward (watch this and grow/click for free for 15 seconds). If you accept, you will watch the ad and receive the benefit, but then another event will pop up 3 seconds later, triggering another unskippable ad. The timer for your 15 seconds doesn’t stop, so it ruins the reward you just received. This makes playing pointless. You can’t reasonably advance without ads, but the design of the game destroys the benefit of watching. Did they not play this before releasing?

- I was enjoying the game until I realized this..

This game had me hooked because I wanted to see whether my baby was going to be a boy or a girl. You can normally determine this after a few months, but this game felt like it couldn’t show the anatomy for some reason while showing everything else. So I kept smacking the button over and over, just to get to 9 months so I could finally determine the gender of the baby. You can imagine the disappointment I had after tapping the button over and over and over again, to be finally told I get to pick the gender of the baby. So LAME! I really wasted a few hours on this and I’m frankly embarrassed that I actually did.

- I love these games!!!!!

All the games produced by the developers and company have always intrigued me. From the Idle Human, the Idling Car, and now this one. I love the factoids y’all included throughout the gameplay. I’ve caught myself spending more time reading the information you guys provide that wouldn’t be common knowledge. The only downside to the product is there not enough game like this and the generic games that tries to mimic this craftsmanship. My hat you the developers for these awesome games!!!!

- Love it!

I really do love this app, baby fever has been really hard and emotional for me. This gives me something to do and watch a baby grow/develop. I love the information you get through each phase, some things I never knew. The only things that I wish were different would be more clothing options, hairstyles, and maybe a bit more interactive options. You spend all this time growing the baby and then they’re here but you don’t really get to do anything with them. That’s my only complaint other than that I love this app 🙂

- Great game

I like that you all made a way to get free gems. Looking at ads to get 2 gem and is great. The graphics is great to. Keep up the good work. Very happy about this app. I like the information you all have about the baby but I wish it was more to tell then repeating some of it over and over again. I wish it was a way to save my progress so if I have to uninstall the app I wouldn’t have to start over Because the wait is to long already but to have to go back to the beginning after you was at 15 weeks is a to much. Please find away to save progress in the app thanks.

- Foetus - It’s commonly spelled Fetus

Not a valid source of anything other than time consuming entertainment for people who like watching paint dry. Past that, how am I supposed to take this app seriously if the developers use a an awkward list of information along different spellings than the universally used fetus, etc.. Foetus? Fo-ee-tus..?? Really? Google isn’t always a valid source for medical information (“it’s Cancer”) and I’m glad this was a free experience because half the things I’ve read on this app is obviously plagued with plagiarism off the internet. Foetus instead of Fetus. Even Apple considers Foetus misspelled and offering Fetus as a replacement. What am I supposed to think? I came here for some medical fun hoping to gain something from it. - Boo

- Finally got my baby girl but she don’t look like me :(

I really like the game despite it taking 2 weeks for the 41 week baby to be born. I was secretly glad my two real life boys came early because I don’t think I could do 41 weeks as impatience as I am. But I got attached and like how realistic it was. Pregnancy do emotional takes forever! Only thing I don’t like is she looks nothing like me and I wish we would pick baby’s looks. My poor girl got a unibrow 😂! Must have came from her father 😏. So 4 stars for lack of customization.

- Stuck at 4 months no instructions

I was very excited for this game and it was fun I didn’t mind the clicking and the time it took but then after clicking so much the grow option for my baby just stopped it does not grow at all even though I have a LOT of cells and upgrades everything many many times, it’s very annoying and frustrating that there is no instructions whatsoever and I’ve been stuck at 4 months without being able to grow. I would be stuck at 3 months the only reason I’m not is because I watched adds to help it grow I’m very annoying and disappointed

- Waste of time unless you’re planning on spending money for nothing

So I read the reviews on this game but decided to play it anyways. I do not recommend it unless you want to start paying for your baby to grow when it’s not even to its 2nd trimester. The grow button stops working at like 102 seconds so you will get notifications that your baby has produced enough cells offline but when you open the app and watch the add nothing happens. I think they’re honestly just trying to get you attached to your growing avatar baby enough to see if you will pay for the non-existent thing to form. That’s several hours accumulated that I will never get back.

- I love the game for the most part

I’ve played this game almost everyday for the past two/three weeks and I honestly love it. I now have two children and have it planned out the way I want in life for age gap. The only things that make me disappointed is: 1.) You don’t actually get to feed, change the diapers, or play with them 2.) Once I hit 2 years of age it doesn’t let you go further (as now I’m stuck until/if that gets changed) For future recommendation: 1.) Being able to have twins 2.) Not being able to pick the gender as in real life you don’t get to pick 3.) Being able to feed, play, and change the diaper. 4.) When siblings get older having the option to let them play together. 5.) Allow the gamer to grow child/children until age 18 6.) When child gets older have them go to school like real life.

- 9 months

I was just wondering who else is using an iPhone to play this game? I have a iPhone and when my baby reaches 14 weeks or 3 months. The growth button freezes and doesn’t go to the top and turn green. I have had this problem before and I uninstalled it and then I seen that it was updated so I re installed it and I’m having the same issues. I need this fixed! Thank you and by the way I’m 24

- Wonderful for baby fever

Can’t wait to see the ‘family’ feature, I hope that gives us the opportunity to understand more about babies genetics, maybe give them a sibling? That would be a really cool feature. I also would love the idea of perhaps multiples? Like twins, triplets. Also, I thought it would nice to add more womb-like features to the pregnancy part. The grey seems.. sterile. Anywho, this game is very sweet. I want to see much more soon !

- AMAZING but a few things

I love the game so much! I actually care for the baby. I know that sounds weird. All that bothers me is that it’s a little confusing. I spent an hour trying to get the grow up button to turn green until I found out how to do it. Maybe you can make a tutorial or something that explains it to new players. I’m not complaining about the next thing or anything, I just want the developers and you to know. I think it should go faster. I know it’s supposed to take awhile but I think it’s a little too slow. I’m also concerned about sometimes I see a review on your apps and it says that people are being recorded. Is that true? I’ve been covering my camera when I play. Please developers respond to this to confirm. Thank you for reading this and have a great rest of your day/night. ❤️❤️❤️

- Would Have 5 Stars But..

It takes so long for the baby grow. I love to see the progress but it could happen a little faster than it is and it gets boring real quick! I only play it long enough to use all the baby growth and leave the app. I came close to deleting the game but im curious to what the outcome is. I wont grow another baby though lol... should have more options other than just continuous tapping 😓🥱 other than that the graphics are awesome and it is pretty cool watching the baby grow (should be faster though 😉).

- Amazing but....

This game is a very amazing game.. I’ve been playing this game since the day I got it! It’s just so cute and obsessive and it gives you that real life experience as if you are really caring for a baby of your own! It’s a great game over all but it’s just takes SOOO LONGGGGG for the baby to actually grow and it requires a lot of green tokens to grow the baby and when you update the bar to make it more, it doesn’t really get more bigger but overall it’s a really great game, keep up the good work!

- A little tedious.

I absolutely love this game, one day I hope I can raise the kid all the way into adulthood, only issue I have is that it takes so long. Once it goes to 4 hours a growth it starts becoming annoying, 2 is just WAY too low. Other than that the game is really cool, although I wish it let me know what the gender was at some point before birth. I couldn’t tell if the game just didn’t add private parts or if I had a girl, but then one of the developments was “% development in HIS lungs” Confusing.

- Wheres the update!!!

I LOVE this game so much, but where’s the update? I’m so excited to grow my baby past a year of age! One thing that does annoy me though is that you can’t change your babies eye color and stuff with the first kid but not too big of an issue. Also I think there’s a bug because when I tap the cell button it doesn’t add anything anymore. But besides that I love love loooove this game. It helps with my baby fever lol

- ❤️

It is so amazing!! People say it takes too long, but you have to understand. When you are waiting on a real baby you wait 9 MONTHS (unless they are born early), but if they are full term, you have to wait 9 months...it’s not like you can blink your eyed and they’ll be here..it’s a process. And this game makes it seem like that. And that’s what I love about it. It gives you and experience. 10/10

- Awesome and inspiring!

This made me feel happy and inspired, I’ve always wondered what the journey for a baby would be like, I was scrolling for some games and saw this. I figured it was obviously about a baby’s growth, I don’t see many of these which made me love this a lot aswell, the music relaxes me- Moving on! The game can be bit complicated but you’ll figure that out! This app is awesome if you’re curious about the growth and the journey of a baby! ❤️

- So much potential

I love this game, I can’t wait to grow my baby. I’m just frustrated at how long it takes. Every time I hit the grow button it only adds a matter of hours to the baby’s life. I’m not saying I want an instant baby but at least make it a day at a time. Also I’m now either stuck or forced to spend money because my max refill level is lower than the amount that I need to grow my baby. This game is ridiculously tedious and difficult to achieve anything. I just wish that these few things would be fixed and you’d have a fantastic game

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- Horses Elmo

Ummm we’re do I start? This is an amazing game! Don’t recommend for kids under 10 tho. I have a few suggestions too Maybe we should get twins?-it would be cool 😎 to get twins or triplets. Maybe we should show the parents so we know what we’re making them.

- Nutrition value is going backwards instead of increasing

I think the new update is great now that there is extra help with actually progressing further with cells in the game. My only problem is now, I will work up the purple cells in order to increase the nutrition value but every time I leave the game and enter it again another time it’s right back to where I started eg. I had a nutrition value of 272M and played the game for about 20 minutes and worked my way up to get 312M. I left the game and then when I entered the game again it was back to 272M nutrition. Now this has only happened since the new update was downloaded so maybe try fixing that please.. otherwise I will unfortunately have to delete this app as there will be no point me keeping it on here if I can’t progress any further 😕

- Meh

This game is quite educational and takes you through how a baby develops which is quite a interesting and unique idea for a game. This game is fun but once you to about one month of development in the game gets really tedious, boring and not engaging. For example it basically becomes a copy of cookie clicker after the tutorial... clicking the cell button over and over and over again. Games that take a while to progress are ok but when you doing nothing but staring at a fetus clicking a button? that get boring quick. I’d suggest possibly adding mini games to add a bit more pace to the game and not make it so slow. The reason why I’m complaining about this is because it advertises interacting with a baby not necessarily waiting days maybe months just to get past the first trimester. Another problem is with the cells there simply isn’t enough to upgrade things. The upgrades do practically nothing anyway but it’s the only way to progress. Finally, when you log off for a few days (maybe cause you got bored) it always says “you have X amount of cells” “watch ad to collect” that also doesn’t work even when connected to the internet.

- Needs Improvements

Ultimately it’s a good game. I like where the game is heading, but the only major problem is it takes too long for the child to grow. It gets boring and if there isn’t a improvement on this I think a lot of users might give up on this app/game. Also there’s a bug where when you exist the game it sometimes deletes your progress, which is definitely not good. I would have raged and quit the game straight away if I wasn’t only one week in.

- Review

There isn’t a glitch in the growth but I can see why there is misconception. Disparity between the max growth limit from the beginning to mid game is a lot larger requiring ads to further growth. Overall, interesting to learn from. Good technical detail. Wish you could customise the DNA of first baby from the beginning though or at least delete certain kids (as funny as that sounds)

- Good but very slow progress

I like this game as it explains what’s going on with each stage But it is very slow progress to get the cells you need to progress in time, also it needs to show more things as you progress, for E.g. I am around the 3 months and some of the skull is formed but you cannot see it fingers and toes limbs are not really showing much. But it is a good effort I do hope that there will be more updates to the game and therefore improvements. 😊

- WHY!?

I was enjoying the game a lot and I got really far into it! (Well only 4 weeks and 3 days but I considered that an accomplishment!) Then all of a sudden I got kicked out of the game for no reason. I shrug and go back in to find......IT WIPED LL OF MY PROGRESS! I am now back to 2 weeks and it is very annoying. I spent 30 minutes on a game and lose my progress. Not great. I hope you can fix this problem so I can continue playing. For now, I’m going to let it slide but if it wipes again I’ll be deleting.

- This is a great game

I love this game, it’s so fun to watch the baby develop. Although I think that you should be able to have twins, triplets, etc. Also I would love it if you could have more that 5 kids.

- Would recommend

It is a great game that helps explain what happens during your pregnancy however I would NOT recommend this game to kids under the age of 10 as it may creep them out and it does give some information that I don’t think is very appropriate for little ones

- Too slow

The nutrition refill is way too slow !!! It takes forever to grow the baby the tiniest bit

- Takes a long time to grow.

Interesting game, while you wait, you can read facts about pregnancy and other pregnancy related things. Problem is, it takes a LONG time to get past the 3 month mark, so the game starts to get really boring and not very appealing. If we have to wait half the time to get a full growth seed, this game would be great! Great graphics, useful facts but too slow.

- Game is good but I gotta make a claim

In ur hints u say the earliest baby born and to survive is 21 weeks but I have to claim I am premature 24 weeks an survived without any long term problems or anything severe but just felt like bragging and the game is rlly good tho found it heaps fun would recommend for anyone wanting to download

- Glitch...Please Fix

Overall this game is amazing, a bit slow but very good. Recently after my baby turned 2 months in the womb my grow button stopped working. My nutrition bar is full but my grow button won't work. Please fix this as I can't go any further and I really want to grow my baby!

- Okay

The game has gotten better, but I think you could speed it up a bit, and also occasionally it glitches and kicks me off But on a good note, it’s gotten better, but it would be even more fun if we had twins, triplets and able to age up more

- Just a suggestion

Have an option of choosing straight or curly hair for both genders and hazel eyes and start first baby with options

- Good but too slow

The game is good, but growing the baby is way too slow. It feels like it will take 9 actual months to fully grow. A prestige option would be good or just a general speed up.

- 9 months old

9 months old is a really good game but the only thing I don’t like is it takes forever for the baby to be fully grown I have been at this game for about 3 weeks so almost a month now and I am still on the first month

- Very interesting

Amazing game and great to help older children learn about pregnancy and a babies development. Highly recommend to any teachers and parents teaching about human biology🖤

- Bad

Every time I play this game i get to about 5-8 weeks when it glitches me out and makes a weird sound. Then i go back into the game and it restarts the whole game again. This happened about 3 times and o hope you can fix this so i can play again.

- Glitch

I believe there is a glitch. I am no longer able to press the grow button even when my nutrients is full.

- How the hell do you feed the baby

It won’t let me feed or change the baby

- Very slow

Great game but takes forever just to grow the baby ! My baby has also hit 2 months in the womb and the grow button has stopped working😕 Please fix these issues 🤞🏼

- No Refill

Hello, I think you should take away the refill because there is no purpose to it and it just gets in the way and it’s making me increase the max limit to actually grow the baby.

- Good game

I really enjoy this game unfortunately though it takes way to long for nutrition to get full and you hardly get to grow your baby, I would love to see the process go a bit faster 🙁

- Hi

Can you make the process of growing the baby quicker it takes forever or make a suggestion to with body part to build

- Good but issue

The game is pretty cool I love how it work! Twins or triplets would be awesome but for some reason my grow button won’t work and I can only grow for 15 seconds every now and then after watching a ad

- I have a idea

Why don’t they update the game so that you can have twins and the game is amazing 5/5😍😍😍

- A little angry

It’s like a pay to win game it takes way to long to get it to grow. I wish that it can go a little faster, not to much though. To the developers it ok to do this but it’s really frustrating. Please respond.

- A little angry

It’s like a pay to win game it takes way to long to get it to grow. I wish that it can go a little faster, not to much though. To the developers it ok to do this but it’s really frustrating. Please respond.

- 9 months

This is a interesting game that gives you facts about pregnancy as you watch your child grow

- A bug

all was going well until I hit the free cell 30 sec sign then I was clicking it then my cells froze. So now I can’t do anything.

- Why the max limit

I can’t age up my baby cause I need to improve the max limit thing so it can grow. I need AF something of it and I only have T something. It’s not that fun if I can’t age my baby.

- The game is amazing

What I love about it is that you can see what a baby looks like in the tummy

- Improving.

I love the game however it takes that long to reach the next development that it just becomes boring and not great for an idle clicking games

- Great game bad update.

New update has ruined my game play, I keep progressing but then when I leave the game and come back it has lost all the progress I made before hand. Very annoying needs to be fixed!

- 😫

Too difficult and takes too long, won’t play ads to double earnings

- It takes a bit longer then I thought

I wish it was quicker

- 9 months

This a good game I like how it shows the way a baby grows now I know how my prevent Aunties baby is growing

- Glitchy and time consuming

I was up to the third month and when I was playing the game it gliched and put me all the way back to 2 months pregnant and it takes far to long for the baby to grow and develop

- Glitch

There’s a glitch in the game where every time you upgrade the green bar it goes back to 100k when you exit game


So Fascinating Watching Actually How A Baby Grows, The Kids Loved Watching Each Step Of The Growing Foetus. Great App 🥰👍

- Good but way too slow!

The game is fun and informative on pregnancy but the game is just way too slow! It makes it become a very boring and useless game. Need to improve the speed of the growth!!!

- Glitch

I liked the game at first but after 5 days it started glitching. Also would like it if you could get an automatic grow button thingy.

- Pointless purchase add free

I got annoyed with constantly having to watch adds to gain cells, gems etc so paid to remove ads - did absolutely nothing 🙄

- Update

Since the update the game keeps glitching out and App keeps crashing

- slow and confusing

i get that it’s an idle game but the nutrition refill is wayyyyy too slow and doesn’t give you nearly enough progress for the amount of time you have to wait. the game is also just kind of confusing, i don’t understand what the x1 (that changes to x3, x4 etc.) in the corner means because when you change it i don’t know what it changes

- Paying for no ads doesn’t take away ads

I paid for no ads but there are still ads in the game what a rip off

- Really good

It’s very realistic and cool but a little creepy but two thumbs up 👍💕

- No-ads - what a joke - need a refund

If you pay for no ads - that should mean no ads - not still ads - sort it out or refund.

- Review

I hate how it viabrats and I whnt off for like a minute and it started me all over again would not recommend this game to people as it is a waist of your time

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- 9 months

This game is awesome you should make it so u can make twins to

- Dare I say racist?

Why is the default skin tone white and you have to spend to get a darker skin tone and hair for the baby? In 2020, people of color shouldn't have to pay extra to be represented in your application. Being white shouldn't be an advantage in a bloody game!

- No❤️

Let’s just say this game is, um ✨special✨

- I would rate it a 5 if it went faster

Please make the baby grow faster takes to much time

- Love


- Pas réaliste

J’aime le jeu, mais je me demande bien pourquoi le fœtus ressemble à une crevette aussi longtemps. Un vrai fœtus ressemble à un mini bébé beaucoup plus rapidement. J’aimerais aussi que le fœtus puisse évoluer avec le temps réel et non seulement lorsqu’on tap. Ça serait utile lorsqu’on ne veut pas passer toute la journée devant le jeu s’il grandissait un minimum en notre absence.

- Takes too long

Maybe instead of 4 hours.. maybe go by a week at a time

- I enjoy it but like...

I was expecting something cute, yet realistic. I’m having nightmares.

- Too long

Takes way too long to grow the fetus

- Doesn’t work

Growth button is stuck and will not fill no matter how many times I shut down and restart. Wasted boosters for growth. Also, I waited 9 months for my real child, I’m not waiting the same to grow this virtual child. Growth button takes a while to fill (or doesn’t fill at all in my case). Plus you seem to only go up 8 hours at a time. I just wanted a dumb game to fidget with while baby feeds. This is not that game. If you have lots of time on your hands and are willing to waste hours a day pressing a button to make any progress, you might like this. Otherwise, just move on.

- Like it😃

Best ever

- Review

More genes would be nice along with growing past the age of two. Maybe be able to actually feed the baby or play with the baby rather than have the app do it for you.

- Good game

Love this game just find it takes way to long for the baby to grow

- This game is awesome

Get it and grow you’re a baby!😄

- Nope just nope

It’s kinda racist ngl you have to pay to get a darker tone I mean- and it takes soo much time to grow

- Growth botton

I keep on buying the growth and the award for how ever weeks come up and I loose it so if that could stop that would be great and it’s unfair that we can make more money to grow the baby

- Why the 17+ Rating

I’m just confused why it’s rated 17+ like it said “frequent nudity” but like it’s a BABY and it’s not even a real child so yeah idk

- Would rate 5 if it went faster

This game takes so long to grow the baby, I’ve been playing it since the end of august and it’s now October and the baby hasn’t even reached 9 months yet. Other than that great game

- Good game. But won’t grow

Hi! I love love this game but I can’t get the baby to grow to term. I’ve restarted twice and still nothing.

- Not worth it!

This game takes forever! Not worth it. MAKE THE BABY GROW FASTER!

- Sorry

It keeps glitching out and resetting. Sending me back to how it was when I turned it on

- Ugh

I love this idea and at first it was really fun, but it takes soooo long to grow. I’ve been playing this for months and my babies only 3 months old. I get they wanted to make it more realistic, and it is a cool game but I keep losing interest. Maybe if the baby grew more than 8 hours at a time or it took less time I’d keep playing. It gets boring after a while.

- Great game!

You should make it so you can have twins

- Make fetus it’s actual look in stages (time) in real life

Why does the fetus in 4 months looks like it a fetus in 2 weeks of pregnancy. The developer should fix and make it a proper and correct EDUCATIONAL stages of development of the baby.

- Garbage

This game takes forever. You can’t use gems to speed up the growth. Waste of time.

- Bruh

Bruh why my baby so ugly

- Fun


- Amazing

It’s awesome

- Perfect

I love thiiiiis🥺♥️

- i can’t make my max nutrition bigger???

after the most recent update i can’t find where to make my max nutrition higher and the only way i can grow it is when i get the option for 15 seconds of free growth after i watch an add. also can you make it go up by a week at a time not by 8 hours? it’s boring and takes way to long.

- Dumb

Sucks so much. Takes forever for baby to grow and it is pointless don’t buy

- expanding our 4th baby

Love it

- Slow game

The game is really slow you end up waiting along time. Open the game press the grow button. Leave game. To slow for my liking

- The app should be called wait 9 months

The game sounded like it would be so cool in the ad and I usually love games that are like this but it takes wayyy to long to make any progress unless your constantly playing the game.

- 9 Months

It was a really fun game but after a while it just stopped letting me grow my fetus and I wasn’t allowed to click the grow button at all. Only time I could let it grow was if I got those 30 second grow button for free adds which rarely came

- Time wasted!

I’ve tried 3 times to get past 2 months, 2 weeks, and the app closes and all progress is lost EVERY time!

- 9 months

I don’t like to be push the button to make the baby grow!

- Mediocre

I loved it! But it would be absolutely amazing if you added twins! Eventually triplets! Also it’s frustrating that when you start your second, third etc.. baby and you can’t gain the same amount of cells by tapping as with your first baby even though everything else is the same. But please please please add twins!!!

- TOO LONG !!!

What the hell

- Uhm...

Let’s face it....It’s just a WEIRD fudgy game.

- Interesting but not accurate

Takes a long time to grow fetus. Also when do you get the know the gender??

- Game

Eats up battery

- Good however

This game has a good concept. However, if the time passed quicker, it would be entertaining. Try four days to a week instead of 4hrs. Thanks

- Bruh

This game is retarded

- It needs to be faster

I love the game but the aging is to slow

- ok

So ik it's kill all fetus 2020 and all but like it's funny seeing the fetus look like a lifeless shrimp 😹😹😹

- terrible game

it takes too much time to grow the baby and is impossible to do anything without watching ads every 5 seconds or paying VERY expensive in-app purchases. horrible game that is 90% ads.

- Cool game

Cool concept, but it takes way too long to actually make progress in the game without spending money. Should make it easier for us by speeding up the process a bit and offering more/better deals when we watch videos

- Growth button doesn’t refill after a while

Growth button has not refilled in DAYS, it’s like they want you to spend money on gems, which I’m not, I thought this would be fun... I’ve been playing for a while & im only at 13 weeks. Don’t waste your time.

- i’m slowly going brain dead

i’ve been playing this game for 12 HOURS AND IM NOT EVEN HALF THRU DEAR GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. also i’m convinced you cannot get past the fetus stage

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- I *was* a skeptic

This is a great game, informative, fun, and engaging(and not full of ads!)I got the ad for this game on snapchat, naturally I figured ‘oh its a game with potential but probably 5 million ads’ I got to the reviews and was pleasantly surprised to see so many positive ones. Ive been playing for about 8 minutes and I’ve gotten 1 ad. The game is really fun and I'm more than pleased with it. Props to whoever made this game because they deserve an award.

- Bugs?

The Game was going great until later on when it was about seven months in, and it took away two of my options are the only options I had were to make more sales or nutrition speed. I could no longer upgrade my nutrition so every single time I want to grow the baby, I have to wait for the little grow option that pops up, and I only have 30 seconds to grow the baby. I can’t tell if this is a bug but I’m might delete the game if I only have two options now.

- Relaxing

I didn’t think I would like this game much. But I find it extremely relaxing. The music is very pretty and watching the baby grow is exciting. Actually it’s a beautiful game . Makes me think back of being pregnant and brings a feeling of peace and happiness. Crazy to think a game can do that ! Also makes me want another baby 🤣

- Takes to long

I like this game a lot. It does take to long for the baby to grow like I get it but like it takes hours for it to just grow 8 more hours. I wish this game had a feature where if I Wasn’t on this app it would still be growing so I don’t have to be on this app for so long it gets really annoying. I like how the baby grows and I just wanna see my baby actually grown not have to wait months for this baby to to be grown fully. Maybe if it did like 6 days every time I press the grow button.

- I’m at a bitter sweet moment right now

The game is cool! You’re learning a lot. What I don’t appreciate is all of the ads and with the ads come glitches. I was playing the game (I’m at 5 months now) and to get extra gems I needed to watch an ad. While watching the ad, the app just closes. I log back in and the welcome back screen says I was gone for 10 minutes. Now I have to grow my baby longer because the app pushed my time back. This has happened twice since I’ve been playing. Pretty annoying.

- My opinion

There should be ways to speed up the baby forming at least by watching adds or paying gems or doing something to speed up the pregnant young just by like a month or two because it takes a while to form the baby that it just slowly starts to get very boring and then people will delete the app I think you should have a way to speed up the pregnancy my opinion and some others I know as well so thank you for my feedback have a good day

- Fun experience, but has some bugs

This is a super informative game that is also really exciting to continue to see how babies develop in the womb. My only complaint is that twice my game has been stuck at 2 months and 3 weeks and I could never progress. The only thing that fixed it was watching an ad to get the automatically refilling nutrition, which seems to have fixed the problem.

- great game

yes the game does take long but it’s the beauty game of the game, the reason i gave it 4 stars is because the grow button is super flawed. my grow button is way to expensive every click, it should be way lower. the literal ONLY (very serious i cannot do it any other way) is to use the free grow button. i don’t mind it i just wish it didn’t have to come to that(i’d still use it but i wish it wasn’t the only way)

- Too slow

I loved this game at first but once hitting 2 months it started getting too slow for me I just wish they had made that grow button a little faster it’s very aggravating to know it gonna take u hours or maybe days or weeks for u to actually get to 9 months or more I’ve been up for 5 hours and haven’t slept thinking this game was fun I liked it but unless you have the patience to wait for that grow button every-time then this game is not for you!

- Good but broken

The game is fun and all but there are a few drawbacks. There are ads at every week basically, and it’s slow going tk get to each week as you have to wait between each addition of a whole 8 hours. Plus the vitamin boosters is broken because you can easily stack the x5 for 15 min with a 2x for 4hr and the game makes it a grand total of 7x for 4hr...because of that after one hour of game play my total currency is over the value of “aq” with “aa” being the digit after trillion.

- Pictures are gross

Ok so i just wanted to write a review on this and say how this game is first of all the pictures are very disturbing and I didn’t want to look at them for more than two seconds. Second it takes a long time to actually get it done so your just clicking one button over and over also they’re also scamming people this game does not have the choices like in the ad if someone wants to download the game and does like it then that’s ok but I don’t recommend it maybe if the pictures were different I would like it but right now it’s really weird

- Eh.

Takes forever which would be fun accept you pretty much have to watch a million ads or pay money to progress. Not to mention when you reach a progress point it opens a reward automatically and the timer for the free bar upgrade reward keeps going. So if you spend 5 diamonds for the 30second upgrade you get interrupted and it’s a waste of gems. Also the ads tend to bug out and you have to close the app all together to get it off the screen. Great game in theory but it gets a bit painful.

- Very interesting facts

There have been so many interesting things I’ve learned from this game, and I’m only 2 months into the process of the baby development. I just downloaded this game last night. My favorite fact is about the premature baby because I relate to that due to being born premature. I was born on August 13th 1996 at just 24 weeks.

- Great game

Although it is taking quite a bit to develop along with getting enough cells to upgrade what you need, overall definitely a great game. It’s a relaxing game to play when you have a lot of free time. Music is relaxing as well! Would like to see cost of upgrades in game to go down so it makes the process easier!

- This takes too long bruh

I got this game by accident thinking it was something else and I got hooked only to have it take forever to progress. To people defending it I hope you realize they do it like this purposely so you watch the ads to just get it over with. Not to mention if you watch an ad to grow 15 sec and it cuts you off at 10 seconds you lose all your time while it is telling you how old your baby is.

- Lose progress

I have only been playing the game for about an hour and I have lost progress of cells that I have earned by tapping as well as the progress in upgrading the nutrition max and other stuff the game just shuts down on me and when I go back to the game it will say I’ve been away from the game for several minutes like 30mins one time and I wasn’t even away from the game I was playing it and when it went back on all my progress was lost even the growth progress of the baby, I like the game but this is not acceptable and I won’t play it if it continues

- Honestly

Honestly the concept had me both weirded out and intrigued. I’m not a mother but I do want a child/children and I had no idea how children develop as far as stages. I’m still in the beginning stages in this app but the mother instinct in me is drawn towards what comes next. I’m honestly glad I came across this app it’s definitely opened a new train of thought for me.

- Having fun

I really like this game. You may have to wait a minute but it kinda feels real. I have a lot of fun with this game. I know a lot more facts the more that I grew my baby. I have always wanted chicken and wanted to be an OBGYN this could potentially be something I would use in college. I love this game and I rated it 5 stars hope you make more content.

- Toggle Skin Button

Oddly satisfying and addicting game. Can you make a button for toggling between inside and outside of the baby’s body? All the details are... interesting but I’d like the option of just seeing the fetus sometimes, without the full graphics. It could just be as simple as your zoom button on the side. I think it will help those who love the game but feel a bit squeamish.

- Play it I dare you to play it

This game is the best I cannot stop playing it I just can’t it’s so addictive and fun and relaxing I can’t forget the relaxing part I swear I play this for like an hour and I’m out like a light and thats what I love about it I have a hard time falling asleep and this is my go to game at night just try it and you’ll see

- Question

This is an amazing game. The daughter that I have now is a year old and I’m making her brother. But when does the boosts unlock? I see that there’s an option at the bottom for boosts but it won’t let me click on it to do anything. I thought that it’d unlock at 12 months but it didn’t.

- The best

I just started it and it is a waiting game my baby is 9 weeks old but it will be worth it my brother thinks it is gross but it is theWay of life if you think this game is gross don’t download it but I think it’s the way of life soo I got it soo yeah I LOVE THIS GAME if u have a little one that wants to know where they come from get this it will show the way of life best game EVER😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Love the game...... BUT

I absolutely love this game, but for the second time the grow meter has stopped working. The only way that I can get the baby to grow is the rare occasion I get the option to watch a video. Everything else about the game works perfectly but the grow meter. It’s taken me 2 weeks to get the fetus to grow a month because of this issue. I had to delete the game and reinstall it the first time it happened and had to start over. Very frustrating!!

- Takes too long.

It takes way too long to “grow”. Like I’ve tried plying this game for a week and it’s only 2months old in the womb still. Every time you “grow” the nutrition jumps so much higher and you can’t get enough “cells” to upgrade that meter. You can only “grow” once or twice after an idle period. And the the facts are interesting the first couple times they loop but then it’s just the same thing over and over. Which would t be so irritating if the game went a little faster and was easier to get upgrades.

- DNA?

I’ve played this game for the past 4 days or so, and have finally finished my baby! But, while I was making the baby, I used my one dna to make the skin African American, and it came out white? I went back and continued clicking the African American skin button but, nothing changed! Same with the hair! I’m not sure what to do? And why don’t the buttons work? Can anyone help me? Thank you!

- 9 months

I would love for this game to have more options of clothes and maybe let the others babies interact with each other I love the fact you get to watch the baby grow until it’s 2 years old but I would love if we can watch it grow for longer

- Good game for ads...

Does anyone else agree that once you reach 30mins of play time in the game the nutrition bar is usless? I mean once they give you to use the nutrition button for free for about 15 seconds. The amount of nutrition needed to boost your baby is ridiculous therefore you have to wait for the free 15 second nutrition button so you can grow your baby before watching a 30 second add is a little repetitive and not fun.

- Suggestion

I think that the growth button should be one day instead of 8 4 or 2 hours because it’s very tedious that I have just resorted to watching and ad to get the growth but for free and plus one day will still take some times but it’ll be more fun and you can grow a family faster

- So annoying .

This game is awesome, I understand it takes super long for a realistic experience but I have NO patients at all. I wish it will give you 5 grow options a day it usually gives me 2 or 3 and it doesn’t even do anything I can’t even notice what the growth does, No difference and I find that so annoying. Other then that this game is awesome .

- Paid for NO ADS still getting ads

The game itself is really cool and detailed. I gave it two stars because I paid for no ads but I am still getting ads. That is a rip off. Also I wish the option to speed up time went higher than 4X. It takes so long to get to the next month and the time does not move forward if the app is not open and being played which was my reason for purchasing no ads in the first place.

- Great game

I love this game buts its not really a game it’s more of a sped up simulator of being pregnant instead of being done In 5 seconds and it takes a few days to do but it makes it more fun and realistic so stop giving it bad reviews because it takes more than 5 seconds to have a baby

- Unrealistic timeline and constant work

This baby takes literally forever to grow. It’s not even worth it and when you’re offline it doesn’t grow. I went to bed and in the morning it was right where I left off. It only grows by spending hours watching adds and tapping the cell button. It’s so much work. Also the baby’s growth timeline is very unrealistic. At 12 weeks it still looks like a seahorse with a tail and no head. I know from my real ultrasounds that the baby doesn’t look like this when you’re that far along.

- It’s fun but.....

This game is very fun and I personally enjoy playing it but there is a few problems.... as u know its a simulator for having a baby for 9 months then it’s born but the baby in the womb takes wayyy to long and I fell like after playing for hours it only at 2 weeks other than that this game is a amazing game but if u don’t have patience I recommend not downloading this game☺️

- Not Accurate Enough

I’ve been playing this game for a week now and I’m at 18 weeks. What’s irritating more so than how long it takes to grow is that the way the baby looks past a certain gestational age. At 18 weeks, my baby should not still look like a piece of shrimp. Legs, arms, and head should all be formed. I’ll keep playing because I’ve invested so much time, but the creators really need to work on their accuracy. And the ad for this game isn’t anything like the game itself.

- Kid of color? Yeah right.

So I went through the whole phase of growing the first baby, which was cool and all- but because I am a person of color, I decided I wanted to raise a baby of color. So I unlocked the option for the brown skin and I go through the process of growing the baby etc etc and the baby is brown which I am happy. But once the baby is born- she magically turned white? I was expecting a brown kid, even throughout the process the baby was brown. Please fix this. I’m highly unsatisfied with this.

- Very interesting

I played this game and yes it took long for the baby to grow but I really liked it because it is so much more different then other games. It has a lot of facts and a lot off stages that’s why it takes so long. I also learned a lot about how people develop and grow. It is a very interesting game with a lot of things to do so I really recommend this app.

- Great Game, Little Thing Though

I absolutely love this game, it is so cool and realistic and fun. My only problem is, I really want to be able to age up my baby past 1 year old, to be able to continue her life and watch her grow. Maybe a few features that come with that as well, but being able to grow her up bigger is probably the biggest thing.

- I love it lol

I love the game so much , it takes some time I see but it walks you through the whole thing and teaches u things u mate not have known. I love the fact I get the see “ my baby” grow & pick how he/ she looks , I’m just 1 month and 8 weeks along but I’m loving it & hopefully I’ll be done by next week or something.

- Can you please add one more thing

That you can take care of the baby after it’s bornAfter the baby is done can you add like you have to take care until they die or something. Because I got really sad when I finished with the baby. And can you also add a backgroud if you do the extension to you take care of the human after thank you. An its a really good game now.

- Fun concept, poor execution

I enjoy idle click games and don’t even mind the overwhelming number of ads as long as the system works. Unfortunately, the growth cost very quickly overwhelms the nutrient bar and makes the game useless. I can only make progress when the growth button is free because nothing grows proportionately. I’m using all of my cells on increasing the nutrient maximum, which is still 1/20th of what it needs to be for a single growth. It’s just a deeply flawed system that’s become unplayable in the very first day. Disappointing.

- I love this app.

I really like your game it actuallyI think you should make it to like make another one you should make you should also make 10 months or 11 months 12 months you can make all of the numbers because it will get way better.

- Lose Progress

I have only been playing for about an hour now but it’s crashed several times and every time I lose all progress. Like from the beginning of the game. I can’t get past 7 weeks because it keeps crashing and starting over. If it actually saved progress I would play it, but no. I’m not fighting this. Should really get that fixed cause this is the only reason I have a negative review so far. But it’s such a bad issue it makes the game unplayable. I can’t get anywhere with it.

- Issue?

So I play the game either there is a bug or something the “grow” button im never able to push now... I have to wait to watch an add to be able to do it for 15 seconds. It doesnt allow me to push it otherwise and it never loads that part. Please fix the issue/bug whatever it is. I was enjoying the game up until it never allowing me to do anything now.

- I love this game but it has some issues

I would rate 5 stars because I absolutely love this game, but every time my game crashes or if I go to a different app, I lose my progress. One time I got to 7 months in one day and my phone had died and when I got to this game again I had gone back to 4 months and lost everything I had gotten

- Is it even possible to pass without paying?

I understand that games, especially idle games, are supposed to take time to complete, but this isn’t working. The ratio of the cells you have and the cells you need are so off, that it can take days to earn enough cells to increase the max limit so you can push the growth button just once. I started over, cause I thought that would help, but I’m just stuck at where I was before. A shame, because I think this game could have a lot of potential.

- I have just one problem 🙃

I love the game so far and I’m learning a lot about how baby’s develop. However, I’m having some trouble with one thing. When I get the unlimited nutrition for 30 seconds, it makes me need to upgrade the nutrition bar, and I just can’t keep up with it. Thanks!!

- Outstanding Game

It does take to long I must admit. But it shows me the journey of actual pregnant women which is amazing. And what’s cooler is it literally tells you facts about the pregnancy while you play that game. So it keeps me educated. And it makes me feel like I have my own little baby for some odd reason 😂. I love it! 💕

- bad placement of ads

I get that for a free game there’s ads but it’s annoying when you spend gems on a boost then there’s a pop up ad right after then you lose the boost. What a waste of gems it should pause the boost or something because it has happened multiple times and makes me not wanna play sometime. It’s a good game besides that but man is that a pain and I always try to use my gems sparingly.

- Too long

Love the game and all that it stands for but facts are it is a game and no game should take this long. I haven’t no clue what I’m really doing here. So I do know is I dont want to view ads all day just to get anywhere. If it was more to do than just watch ads and if it didn’t take so long for the baby to grow I would give this more stars.

- Seems good but doesn’t work

I’ve read the reviews and the game seems really really fun but every time I try to load the game it just crashes I tried to delete and download it again and it still crashed again I’m sure it’s just a glitch or it’s just that I need to get a new device but I really want to play the game so if you see this green panda games please can you try to fix it

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@SbOshizzi Well on the bright side you won't get period pains for 9 months

🖤A Karen’s Worst Nightmare🖤 #BLM

@bayareahausfrau @tfsellars @jacknicklaus Biden was placed in charge of the last recovery. Which is what brought the economy that Trump rode for 3 years then destroyed in 9 months back.


I’m a way better person then I was 9 months ago. It wasn’t easy but nothing’s ever been Easy for me.

9 Months 1.17.0 Screenshots & Images

9 Months iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

9 Months iphone images
9 Months iphone images
9 Months iphone images
9 Months iphone images
9 Months iphone images
9 Months iphone images

9 Months (Version 1.17.0) Install & Download

The applications 9 Months was published in the category Games on 2020-03-25 and was developed by Green Panda Games [Developer ID: 669978473]. This application file size is 385.45 MB. 9 Months - Games app posted on 2020-10-19 current version is 1.17.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.funcell.ninemonths

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