Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix [Games] App Description & Overview

Pokémon Café Mix is a unique puzzle game where the player is now the owner of a café that serves delicious treats to Pokémon.

Complete puzzles by linking together Pokémon icons to prepare drinks and dishes for your Pokémon customers as they have a wonderful time at the café!

Order’s up! Your next Pokémon customer awaits.

■ Grand Opening!
Experience what it’s like to run your own Pokémon Café that serves cute and delectable offerings for Pokémon customers.

■ Order’s Up!
Drag Pokémon icons in a swirling motion to link them together and solve challenging puzzles that create a variety of drinks and dishes with adorable Pokémon motifs.

■ Help Wanted!
Befriend and recruit your favorite Pokémon by serving amazing treats to create special friendships.

■ Seconds, Please!
As your café becomes a hit with the Pokémon customers, you’ll be able to expand the café to accommodate your booming business, allowing for more Pokémon guests and new café offerings.

Note: This game is free to start, with in-app purchases available.

Recommended specifications for Apple iOS
・ iOS 12.0 or later, 64-bit
Note: Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices that meet the above specifications. This application may not operate properly due to your device’s performance, specifications, application usage, and the like. We may require some time to prepare the application to be compatible with the latest OS version.

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Pokémon Café Mix Comments & Reviews

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- Great game overall

I have seen some reviews on this game saying ‘I can’t get past level 20’ ‘it was cute at first but then I couldn’t get past this level without using a power up’ or whatever. I also had trouble on a couple of levels, but what fun is an easy game??? They put power ups in the game for a reason and unlike other games they are relatively easy to obtain. The artwork is really nice and cute. I too thought it would be easy just from looking at the video of connecting the Pokémon icons, but boy was I wrong. You only have 4 seconds to put the icons you want together and you have to plan out every move if you want to beat the level. I really like how no level is exactly the same and how you can change up any level just by changing the leader Pokémon. I’m not sure why people are giving this game one star when they obviously haven’t even given it a chance. I’m not sure how far in the game it is, but at some point you are able to start parties which in my opinion was a great idea. With parties you are able to refresh the 2 Pokémon you invite which allows you to get stars for the Pokémon you want to level up or make staff. I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles because it is unique and just a really nice game overall. Just make sure you give it a real chance before you quit.

- beyond adorbs

I absolutely adore this game!! I usually get really bored of mobile games but this one is so much fun and i haven’t gotten tired of it since it was released! The art is so soothing! The café is adorable and I hope they’ll expand it more!! The café menu items are so cute!!! I actually wish someone could make these in real life lolol I hope they’ll add even more stuff! The pokémon are so adorably drawn and I love seeing their interactions with each other! I hope they’ll add more pokémon!! And I really love that there are no ads at all and I hope it stays that way!!! I don’t get why some ppl say you need real money to win?? You do NOT need to pay for anything!!! Some levels are challenging, yes, but they are still doable without using real money!! I know everyone’s different but tbh I finish the orders too fast that I actually wish they updated more often. Like what other people have mentioned, I wish you could customize the café to your own liking instead of a preset look. I also think the amount of acorns for continuing after you fail an order should be less, I mean 900 acorns for only three more moves?? Idk but that’s too much. Overall, I really LOVE this game!! Please do NOT change anything (expect for the acorns lol)!!

- Simple at first, but...

Pokémon Cafe Mix is a game where you connect the same Pokémon icons and clear gimmicks (ingredients) to finish an order. On my first day of getting the game, I got to order 110, before I had to stop playing. I spent only a bit of my acorns and had at least 8,000 acorns for acing each order the first time. As I started playing more, the orders got more difficult, and it was turning into a pay-to-play game. A few days after playing, I won 10,000 acorns for getting first place on a Grand Cafe Prix, and spent that all for extra moves on orders. I know it sounds stupid, spending all those acorns on extra moves, but the orders had requirements that were hard to meet. This is an example: In order to complete this order, you have to get 10 tomatoes in the basket, clear all the honey blocking the basket (and honey multiplies, so..), take out 16 dollops of whipped cream from piping bags, AND get a score of at least 50,000. I don’t think this is an actual order, but still! I usually have to buy extra moves (which cost 900 acorns the first time and increases if you need more moves for the order) just to clear ONE SINGLE ITEM. You can see how my acorns can get wiped in one day. I started to rely on the daily rewards to get through the orders, getting me past one level a day, so I deleted the app not one week after downloading it. Please change this.

- Edited: Worth the Wait❤️

I first downloaded the game when it had technical difficulties during tutorial. I redownloaded the game after those problems were fixed. ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT!!!😄❤️ The characters, good, and cafe are so adorable and creative. The levels are really easy at first, but around level 100, it becomes challenging in a fun way. The levels are hard to beat without boosts sometimes, which needs acorns, which then leads to real money. But if you wait for the daily logins, you can beat the level eventually without using real money. If you’re pretty impatient and want to beat the level ASAP, that’s prolly when you need to use real money. I have some suggestions, which is it needs more levels ASAP. I played the game for 6 days now, and I’m already done with all 250 available levels and am currently in Master Cafe Mode. However, since it requires only 50 stars to get 30 Master Points, what about those who have over 150+ stars? There should be a Master Cafe Competition similar to the Grand Prix. It’ll give more incentive to keep playing while waiting for updates. Besides that, I’ll anxiously waiting for the next update ^-^

- Cute at first but...

This game has style, aesthetics, and charm; and I was really enjoying it at first but what bothers me from fully enjoying it: is how insanely hard the puzzles get later on! This game quickly adds new mechanics about every 5-10 orders and I’ve been dreading every new one that comes for the sheer amount of difficulty they bring. I wanted to get as far as I could in the game to get my favorite Pokémon as soon as I could, but the puzzles get so tough I worry playing for free won’t be enough. What I mean is, the only way to get new Pokémon is to complete as many puzzles as the game throws at you. And the game encourages you to get good in order to keep playing: At first I liked how the stamina system only goes down per every loss and not attempt, but that means the more you struggle, the less you get to play; and if you want to CONTINUE playing is where the literal “Pay to Win” strategy comes into play. I had hoped this game would be as chill and relaxing like the cafe environment was leading up to be, but the difficult puzzles that prevent you from advancing or getting your favorite Pokémon make this game a kitchen nightmare, at least for casual players like me. I’m getting more frustration than fun the more I play this game, and now I dread tomatoes, and this game just make you as well!

- Game idea

I love this game but let’s get down to the chase: What about a Eevee garden game? You can buy a house with a Eevee as your partner and decorate it as you like! You can also collect stones to evolve your Eevees and learn recipes from watching Television to get more Eevees and if you make a certain recipe perfect you can get a certain eeveelution! You can also use Eeveecoins (coins shaped like Eevees tales) to buy decorations and ingredients to make your recipes and after you get to a certain level, you can make a Pokémon daycare for all sorts of Pokémon! Then, you can learn cakes and go on some tv shows with your recipes! And you can discover a hidden secret in the house... and then you can create your own pokeball and have your friends come over and even help you in the daycare you created! If you love the Pokémon eevee and want to have a roleplay with them, download this game if it’s created!

- Kinda gets old after awhile..

So I was super exited when this came out, as anyone, but as soon as I reached level 11 I got pretty bored. Maybe you guys could add like some mini games or another section for the café so it’s not just the same thing over and over again. But it also has its good sides, and I’m going to talk about the things that I think don’t need improvement but I guess can always be better. I like how the Pokémon are drawn, it puts a lot of.. how do I say it.. personality in the game. It make it more childish and cute. I also like the gameplay. It’s pretty fun and it’s good to play when your bored and just want something to do. Also a good game for a short bus ride or subway ride. Because it isn’t really the type of game that you want to seriously grind and play a lot. Well I mean, not as much as a lot of popular games. The ones where you HAVE to grind. I mean, it’s really good to grind. Also, thank you for reading my review. If the developers are reading this, consider the things I said at the top of the review. Like the mini games and other section. Okay, bye!

- It’s good but eh.

So, let’s get the good stuff out of the way first. (I played the switch port.) The games fun, art styles nice, (but you’ve probably heard that a thousand times from the reviews) and it’s a solid game. However, this game’s difficult, and that would have been fine, if the game didn’t have to make you use 100% of your brain. I get it, it’s a puzzle game, it’s suppose to get difficult over time, but, it pushes it a little beyond to the point where you either use power ups or lose. And 900 golden acorns for 3 more moves... I don’t know about you, but it’s a little hard to get 900 acorns out of thin air without coughing up some cash. Which leads to my next point, it’s not super free to play friendly. Yeah you can stockpile your acorns and try to save them, but there’s always those moments where you need to decide ‘Do I use my acorns to get that last tomato into the basket? Or, do I accept defeat?’ This game has potential, but, it’s underlined by too much difficulty. I’m sure the one person who happens to stumble upon this review will probably agree with a couple points here.

- Pay to Play

I really wanted to like this game. I saw it was coming out and I got my sister interested in it too. We both loved it at first but once you reach level 50 things start to go down hill. The levels become so complex and unforgiving that you basically have to spend money in order to get anywhere in the game which is sad considering the game just came out and we are already frustrated with it. It reminds me of a Disney island game I played with similar mechanics and problems. Just like that game I eventually became too frustrated to continue playing it and am not gonna waste my time and money. I really wish games like this wouldn’t get my hopes up only to disappoint me in the end when it’s obviously made with the intention of trying to get people to spend money. It lures you in with a fun, easy beginning then becomes unbeatable unless you are willing to pay. Games should just cost $5 or something and be done with it rather than claim to be free only for an invisible pay wall to stop you from ever enjoying the game after a certain point

- Fun Game, but some levels might leave youngsters frustrated

Overall Cafe Mix is a fun and cute game. It can be relaxing in the right mood and is a completely innocent time killer for when you’re on the bus or if you’re winding down for the night. It’s simplicity and charm assures that you’ll get the hang of its mechanics relatively quickly. The daily rewards are also nice and very generous. You’ll hardly spend a dime on this game if you’re smart with your daily reward earnings. While it is a good game in my book and suitable for kids, I’d advise parents to be aware that some of the later levels can be a bit frustrating for kids and to watch out for subsequent in-app purchases. It is a little annoying when you’re stopped dead in your tracks by one particularly bothersome level after coasting through all of the other ones, but a little patience goes a long way! This game is good for any fan of pokemon who enjoys puzzles and that cute cafe aesthetic but doesn’t want to stress out over intense difficulty.

- Great game, however...

Yes, the game is adorable. Yes, it’s supposed to be challenging. But given the amount of moves on certain levels, you don’t have enough. As with level 24, you have to clear the whipped cream as well as get the tomatoes all the way across the board within 10 moves. You can say I’m upset because I can’t complete the level, but I’ve tried multiple times to no avail. I think at least 15-20 moves for the tougher levels would be better instead of 10. The amount of golden acorns that you spend to get more moves is, in my opinion, pricey. Maybe instead of getting 3 moves, we get 5 moves? Complaints aside, I really do love this game. I appreciate the time that was taken to put every little detail into it. The Pokémon are cute and so is the art style. It makes the game so “warm and fuzzy”, if you will. Another note: It keeps crashing when I try to open it. It stays open for 1 second. I’m not sure what to do. - A Pokémon fan stuck on level 24

- Adorable Gameplay

Pokémon Company has yet again made mundane actions into satisfying habits. Pokémon Café delivers a savory bite of cooking combos to satisfy your favorite customers. The game controls similarly to Disney’s Tsum Tsum game that was released a while back via LINE, but with a tangy twist!! You’re able to fulfill orders and befriend Pokémon who will then offer to join your restaurant and serve up dishes using brand new exclusive skills. Overall a very laid back, simple puzzle/strategy story game that is thoroughly enjoyable. Giving it 4 out of 5 stars because of the movement when linking matches that makes it difficult to maneuver the game. Note: when linking matches, the whole board moves and this can make or break a game (on the one hand, you can use your combo to move other pieces around in order to complete the mission and collecting a gimmick or overcoming an obstacle on the board... but, if you’re not careful, you could end up moving your objectives out of the way making it really hard to complete the level).

- Another pay to play Match-3

Pokèmon Cafè is just another Match-3 game with limited moves where you will likely get stuck in the tutorial, run out of boosters because none of them help you, and run out of the game's currency before the game even lets you lose hearts. In particular, level 24 is where I got stuck and none of the boosters could help me because the red tomatoes would not move even if I cleared the whole board. By the way, I am not supposed to have to buy boosters or golden acorns (in-game currency) until order (level) 30 as that is the last level of the tutorial in Pokèmon Cafè. Also, I would like to note that there is a CONTINUOUS option to buy $80 worth of in-game currency and boosters, but more importantly, the golden acorns to add more moves to the puzzle a child is stuck on. There are no in-app purchase limits for this game like in other Pokèmon mobile games either which is why I say the option is continuous. That means that a child playing this game can spend as much as it costs to buy a Nintendo Switch and Pokèmon: Sword and Shield in a single play session if they have access to a parent's credit card.

- Cute but has one major flaw

So I do enjoy the game -- the overall puzzle mechanic is fun, the art style is particularly cute, and the music is pleasant and unobtrusive. It's not even nearly as predatory as I'd expected regarding the micro-transactions. (Yes, that's a deliberate backhanded compliment.) The game's biggest weakness is that many of the puzzle elements are random. Which icons you get and certain Pokémon special abilities are random, and many puzzle solutions require hoping RNG goes your way. Which is a problem when a puzzle needs you to rely on Pokémon that generate random megaphones and if you play the game long enough it becomes clear the megaphones are rigged to make some puzzles arbitrarily hard so you'll spend resources to clear them. (Seriously, keep track of just how often the megaphones 'just happen' to miss puzzle objectives. Far more than is possible if they were truly random.) All in all, it is the typical puzzle game that tries to be addictive enough that you'll pay to keep playing when your arbitrarily-finite resources run out. If you're patient and don't mind playing the game in little spurts throughout the day, it's a nice little time-waster for that. I will say that it's the sort of game where if the various resources weren't arbitrarily finite or if the game weren't reliant on randomly-generated elements, I'd have gladly paid five bucks for this app whereas I won't pay for any RMTs with the game as-is. Take that as you will.

- Perfect Pokémon puzzle game

I was really excited for this game when it was announced, we haven’t had a good Pokémon puzzle game in a long time and this seemed promising. The actual gameplay isn’t really original, however getting new Pokémon as staff, which will help you depending on what dish the customer is recommending adds a new strategy to it. This game can be payed to win, however it still offers a great experience to players who don’t spend money. All in all, this game is a basic but fun puzzle game, and it’s collecting aspects make you want to come back and get some new staff and cafe items. I would recommend this game to those who like puzzle games (duh) and those who like the Pokémon series, I feel like those fans will appreciate the game a lot more. So yeah, good game, you should try it, it’s free anyways.

- Cute art style but...

The game isnt too bad at first but after getting to about 60 orders I have found it extremely difficult to complete anything without spamming paid for/ earned power ups. The worst stages are the tomato stages because where they move is very difficult to control. Ive wasted all my turns on a tomato or two just because nothing I would do could move it from its position enough in the what feels like too short timespan. Its not as enjoyable anymore because the levels have gotten stressful. I’ve had combo buffs spawn in between things that cant be moved and gotten screwed over that way (hopefully something that will get fixed). Ive also had chains get stuck inbetween things preventing me from completing the rest of it. I have also had times where the game would select something next to where I was aiming for. I like the game but it definitely has some things that need improvement.

- I love the game, but...

I really like this game and everything that it includes, but the levels are so darn hard once you get to like level 30. The levels beyond level 20 are really hard, and the game doesn’t give me enough moves so I have to use a lot of power-ups to finally get pass the level. Another thing is, the linking Pokémon are supposed to move when you push them, but sometimes it’s better to have Pokémon not move around and push everything when you’re linking them. Otherwise the other items to collect like whipped cream, chestnuts, sugar cubes, and tomatoes will be way harder to get for the recipe you are creating. I really like the game, but I really think the developers should give you more moves in levels beyond level 30 because those levels are hard enough to take away all of my hearts in less than 20 minutes.

- Team Events

I absolutely love playing this game. I’ve kept it since it first came out and I’ve been always sure to play the new levels when they come out. However, there is something that bugs me, and that is the team events, specifically how unfair they are to the player in most scenarios. In order to unlock the Pokemon the event is for, the team must obtain 750 stars total. More than often however, this responsibility relies heavily on one person while most other members of the team provide very little to nothing. So unless somebody’s willing to find the time to collect 750 stars, or find one of the very few teams that have all members devoted to completing the mission, they might as well just forget about unlocking that special Pokemon. I feel this could be resolved by allowing the player to access the Pokemon in the event MUCH sooner, similar to the visiting Pokemon events where you only need 5 stars to unlock them. The 3rd or 4th checkpoint would seem like a good place to unlock the Pokemon to me, while having the other rewards more spread out between treats and boosters. If this could be accomplished, I feel it would make the events a lot more enjoyable. Thank you for reading this

- A fun and addictive game! 💕

This game’s ascetic is so cute and charming and the puzzle game is fun and addictive! While I do think the friendship system (how you recruit new Pokémon on your staff) is not the best it didn’t stop me from really enjoying this game! I’ve beaten all 100 levels that are currently out and am still having fun playing master cafe levels! I keep coming back to the game and I was scared it was going to be really hard towards the end but I was able to beat every level in a few tries at max. Trying different Pokémon, even the ones not recommended, helps a lot on some levels and for some of them you just need a little bit of luck. This game is simple to play, has a cute art style, and is just fun to pick up and play for a little while every day.

- Adorable Pokémon, frustrating gameplay

First off, this game is adorable. The art style is relaxing, the Pokémon are as cute as ever, and the idea for the gameplay is unique and interesting. But, the actual gameplay is pretty horrible. Once you get to about level 25, there are about 50 things you need to keep track of and only ~10 moves to complete it. Get rid of the cream puffs, get the tomatoes to the bottom, get this much of a score, all at once of course, whatever. It really wouldn’t be so bad if we had more moves at the START of the level, you know like more than 10 (without having to pay, in game money or actual money), and if those creampuffs were less than 3 moves, preferably 1. The sugar already takes multiple moves! Why should there be another multiple move gimmick? Anyways, this game has many positives, but also some very obvious negatives that could use some work.

- Changed my mind about this, and admitting that it’s a good game

After the 10th time of trying that took about 3 days, I was wrong about this game. Yes it’s pretty hard, but that’s only because I’m in level 135. This game is pretty fun not to mention it takes a lot of strategy skills. You have to always plan your tactics before taking a move. If you get stuck on a level here’s a tip: don’t take it personal, this game makes you use a lot of strategy and it’s hard so just keep trying. Bonus tip!: if you’re dealing with tomatoes don’t just clear stuff, you got to push it! Also if you want to get the tomatoes down, I usually spiral the icons. That usually brushes away the icons to make room for the tomato to fall. I hope you improve from reading this!

- Team Captains Should Be Able to Kick During Events, Leah’s Cheer Rush, Tourneys

My first request is that you allow Team Captains to kick out members during events sometimes people will join and not do anything, but get the rewards and hold us back from getting the Pokémon. This happened in the Holiday Lucario Event and I was really mad, and if I could’ve kicked all of the lazy people who don’t even bother to login, maybe we could’ve gotten Holiday Lucario. Next is that you bring back Leah’s cheer rush and tournaments. The first was really good the way it was, and while the tournaments need work I still miss both those features, and they made me want to play the game way more than I do at the moment. Also if you add more starters I’d like Fennekin to be added.

- Fun and Free

It’s a great game. Been playing for several months now. It’s easy to play and enjoy completely for free, so you feel no pressure to spend money on extras. There are frequent updates and events to keep things fun. They’ve so far been frequently adding new puzzles, so despite playing very constituently for several months, there’s still always something to do. The art is also very cute! My only issue is that it’s just not difficult. I hardly ever use my extra power ups for levels, and I’m really not a good puzzle gamer. It presents no real challenge. If you like colorful and fun puzzle games to play in the toilet or on the bus, this is an excellent choice. If you like stress relieving mobile games, this one is for you.

- Cute and fun but really hard...

I’ve played up to level 159, and at first I thought it was only me who thought it was really difficult. But after reading reviews, I found out I’m not the only one! I have to use my acorns nearly every level to get those extra moves, and now that I’ve run out of power ups and acorns, there’s not much else to do but pay up. It’s very frustrating how few moves you start with and how few moves you get when spending acorns (only 3 moves for 900 acorns when you typically only get 50+ acorns after beating each level?!). Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cute, I love the art style and the puzzles are fun at the start, but it definitely feels like it tries to pressure you to spend real money on it past level 50. Up until then, it’s really fun and cute!

- More good Pokemon Puzzles!

Overall the game feels really well polished and I look forward to seeing what they add with each event pokemon. I have always loved pokemon puzzle games ever since Trozei, but this takes a whole new spin on the puzzles and I like that a lot! Plus the energy system lets you play as much as you want, and only subtracts when you fail or exit a puzzle, unlike other mobile puzzle games where I can only play a limited number of stages a day. Plus as compared to some of the other pokemon puzzle games in the past, getting more pokemon gives you full body sprites of them in a cute new art style which I love. I really look forward to what each update adds!

- Makes you spend a lot of money

It’s honestly are really good game with amazing art work and no bugs(for me at least.) Anyway I’m stuck on a level because they don’t give you enough moves. Every level I’ve reached has only given me 13 moves and it’s super annoying. It also doesn’t give you enough hearts in my opinion but because of not having enough moves you have to spend a lot of hearts. It’s just forcing you to pay money for golden acorns(in game currency.)its a good idea for the company who makes the game but not for the players. The crashing in this game you can open it but then it just crashes and get you out. I still like this game and I am going to keep it but I still think it’s needs change. Remember this is my opinion play the game and have your own. P.S. anyone got tips on completing level 156?

- fun but needs a expansion

It is my biggest hype game ever but I got to a point where I raged so much so here is my way to fix it new powerup turn+ adds 2 turns and you get 10 pre try unlike the normal 3 new orders (I wont say what number I will just order them) 1: 20 whip cream (10 whip cream bags each with 2) 20 carmel (in cinamon then in olive oil) gives 10,000 golden acorns friendship boost and 2 stars 2:20 honey 20 caramel 10 pumpkins 10nuts 50whip cream gives 10,000 golden acorns 3stars 3: 100 tomatoes gives 5,000 golden acorns and unlocks litten nuggets with thick sauce ( litten red thick sauce maker) 4: 10 eevee icons (covered in thick sauce which makes it stationary and takes 1 hit) gives 100 golden acorns 5: 2 nuts (covered in thick sauce) 6 honey (covered in thick sauce covered in olive oil) gives 5,000 golden acorns 6: 10 nuts 2 Carmel (covered in olive oil) 10 tomatoes ( covered im thick sauce) gives 3,000 golden acorns and unlocks charmander orange juice (orange squeezer) 7: 10 orange juices (that work like tomatoes but first you must take it to the peeler then to the squeezer to get a orange juice made then get it in the cooler) MORE SOON I AM GONNA PLAY GEOMETRY DASH BYE

- Needs work

It’s great that this app is challenging at times because no one likes a game that’s overly easy. However, sometimes the objective is literally impossible to complete without using power ups and even then you might struggle. For example, I’m stuck on level 95 because it requires that you use five of the horn (?) power-ups. It’s frustrating because I completed every objective except this one, because no matter how many poke icons I cleared the game refused to spawn more power-ups for me; even after using my acorns to purchase three more moves. The artwork is extraordinary and the gameplay is fun for the most part, but this one flaw has me considering deleting. What’s the point of a game if you can’t beat a level due to circumstances completely out of the player’s control?

- Fun but has some stupid mechanics

It’s so fun and I’ve been playing it for quite some time each day since it’s release but there are so many stupid mechanics in it that just get so annoying like the fact if you touch a megaphone or the Pokémon’s ability thing you have to use it and even if y out just tap a Pokémon it counts as a turn even if you don’t move it which I have miss taped so much in it since some phone screen can be very touchy and it has made my lose so many time and I have spent around 6000 golden acorns to try again do to these stupid mechanics so please just try to fix them or try to cancel the megaphone/abilities or just add an undo button so it can fix so many things like that

- Ok Candy Crush Clone

It’s a nice take on Candy Crush.... though sometimes a bit simplistic. Why the negative rating is because of two things. One, a deliberate choice, not allowing cross platform saves. Seems silly to not allow easy access between Switch and iOS/Android. Second, while thinking I’d want to make my main save on Switch, I deleted the app on my phone after installing the Switch app... then decided I preferred mobile... well to my surprise the save was gone. They do give you an option to link your account a few various options to keep your save in the cloud... but it’s hidden in the menu. This is something that should be done upfront when launching the game for the first time. I would have been livid had I already bought any of the micro transactions. In fact I fee very uneasy doing so at this point.

- Really fun

Overall, the game is really great! 2 minutes into the game, and I already found a bug. It seems that pressing the skip button on the tutorial crashes the app. Actually, I can't even make it past the tutorial, the app crashes before I even get the chance to link Eevee orbs. And it turns out that I'm not the only one who's come across this issue. I've seen reports of players not being able to get past the tutorial, or even get the chance to link the Eevee orbs together because of this app crash. I'm sure the crash can easily be mended. Besides that, I still like this game. I'm a Pokémon fan, and I found the game interesting at first glance. 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I'll rate it 5 stars when the crash glitch is removed.

- I love it!!! 🐇🔥

I have probably started this game in November 1 and when I got Charmander as my first visit I was just soooo happy but in the loading screen I noticed Sobble I was wondering is Scorbunny was here because of that so I was looking in the safari app and it said the generation 8 starters were in this game I was so shocked but I never actually saw grookey anywhere but still amazing game 5 stars rate and again I love how you put generation 8 starters in the game to let you know why I like that the gen 8 starters are here is because I am just obsessed with scorbunny ;w; I watched Pokémon journeys like almost 2 times that I love pokemon please continue these amazing games!

- It’s Good But Could Be Better

TL;DR: Never really felt a need to buy premium currency (which is a plus), but inconsistent gameplay prevents it from being great. The game has simple base mechanics and objectives to follow: connect matching Pokémon icons, connected icons fill the gauge to use specific skills, clear ingredients and/or meet a point requirement to finish the level. Every Pokémon has a different type of dish they’re good at and skill that, for the most part, will complement the level. Nothing groundbreaking but a solid game that doesn’t contain predatory tactics that push you to buy their premium items. The problem comes down to inconsistent or unclear gameplay. Some levels will have very floaty or heavy Pokémon icons which will definitely change the way the level will be played. Sometimes if you retry the same level, it will switch from heavy to floaty. I don’t believe there is a place within the game that tells you if the specific level/dish you’re completing will get this type of feel. Some levels do feel like you need a specific leader that you haven’t acquired yet. This makes them practically impossible to complete without the aid of extra cafe skills.

- Much Improved Since Release

I had this set as a preorder. I played it when it first came out and it was awkward to say the least. My prior review wasn’t very positive, but it wasn’t that negative either (3 stars). I just felt some physics and hit boxes needed tweaking. Seriously the hit boxes were very strict and caused me to fail a lot of sugar cube levels. But I will say this, since release, they have tweaked those aspects and made them a lot better and more forgiving. I actually enjoy playing this now. I’ve played it more the last 3 or 4 days than I did since its release combined. It’s super fun and super cute.

- More Frustrating than Fun

Starting out, I loved the art style, cute Pokemon, and the creative little menu items. But the puzzle difficulty is ridiculous, especially at higher levels - who wants to be stuck on a level for days at a time?! And the mechanics are idiotic. For example, I’m currently stuck on level/order 78. Using 5 megaphone boosts is one of the passing requirements. It recommends using Munchlax, who I guess adds megaphones as its special skill? It’s proving IMPOSSIBLE to pass this level without it. Well, I don’t have Munchlax yet, because he hasn’t visited enough for me to raise the friendship level. And I can’t get more visits until I pass this level. And I can’t get more coins to add moves to pass this level until I pass this level. See the issue here?

- Crashes

I can’t get past the tutorial is it a bug probably I downloaded this game three times on my iPad I can’t get past the part in the tutorial when Leah tells you about Eevee tokens(I don’t know what they are called maybe Eevee pictures or maybe just things)anyway my screen go’s black and it sends me to the home screen I have the iPad storage and my internet is great from other Reviews people are saying iPhone 6 and iPad are not working but switch is and probably all other devices except iPad and iPhone 6 I downloaded it on my switch and it works but I don’t have enough storage (maybe because switch can’t hold like 10,15 games l was so hyped to play the game but now I can’t 😢😢😢😭 I am just 10 oh and Nintendo/game freak if you read this please please please please please please please please please please please please please please fix this

- Good but many issues.

It’s a great game with nice art but it’s more of a pay to win kind of game. Some levels are impossible to pass unless you use power ups. Once you’re out of power ups you cannot get past the level. I’ve even tried using different Pokémon to see if I can pass this stupid level but I can’t and it has been wasting hours of my day. Hell there’s some tournament thing going on where I can’t even try to do because I can’t get past this level. Since everything you do and get is based on levels you’re completing I’m completely stuck unless I use a power up I don’t have which means I would need to buy one which I won’t because I don’t spend money on games that are trying to get you to pay.

- Screw the tomatoes

Any level containing tomatoes, especially in the late game, is unreasonably difficult. They never go where you want them to. Other blocks tend to come in under them even after you've made a straight shot for them to fall. It's just SO annoying trying to maneuver them around when your chain is shaking all over the place and nothing moves with the kind of precision the game is asking for. Can you make them heavier or something? Or make them fall first BEFORE everything else just floods underneath it and you've made no progress? Or just increase the turn count on those levels because they are just painfully difficult

- Fun and Cute, but easily a money trap

Pokémon cafe is much like any other free to play mobile game: it wants you to spend money, and makes it very tempting and near vital to do so. I’ve played this both on my switch and my iPhone, and while I’m having a delightful time playing I also know how easy it would be to fall into the trap of in-app purchases. There is a particular level later in the game that calls for assistance in the cafe from a Pokémon you do not yet have, and so it’s far more difficult to beat without the use of premium items or spending your acorns. Overall this is a fun game! Just be wary of spending money! I could easily see a kid dumping their allowance into the real money bonuses.

- What will they do with it next...

I keep looking forward to which new visitor will enter the cafe, or when another dish gets added to the menu. Some gimmicks are definitely more difficult to work with than others (the movement-based ones like tomatoes and milkshakes in particular) but I haven’t had to use many boosters so far. In the future, will we see seasonal events? Have the cafe all decorated, replace some of the foods with themed variants, and complete special orders for Delibird in the Christmas event or Floette in the Spring one. As for the menu, we still need some kind of mixed juice drink, as well as an omelette and a crepe. I’d love to see characters like Pancham and Machamp as future customers.

- Cute, fun, but can be repetitive.

Initially, I thought this game was just cute and that the gameplay had no thought to it. It took a while, but after a certain level, I realized there was some thought in corralling these pokemon to do certain tasks. It’s very simple to play, but some of it can be annoying after a while, but it is rewarding to finish a level that’s bothering you for a while. With that said, the game is really cute. The art is bright and reminds me of works with paper art and it’s a joy to look at. The pokemon are done justice and it’s really nice when they partner up with you, cause you know, friendship. A thing I think they could do is try to add an option maybe to buy outfits for the pokemon partners you have with the golden acorns you have in excess. Or something to do with the golden acorns because I almost never use them because I’m stubborn and it’s a waste. Overall, it’s a cute and fun game to play when you want a break and if you love pokemon, but it can get repetitive. I’m looking forward to what they add in the future.

- Pay to play wrapped in cuteness and pokemon

This game is fun and cute in the beginning but after round 50 above ( currently I’m in round 63), the stages will be near to impossible to pass the round without special powers or continue. For example, for 10 turns you gotta crack cheese that has to be done in 3 turns while getting tomato soaked in oil into basket, which barred by the cheese, and get 12 marshmallow out of jars, that open and close nonconcurrently each turn. The odd of passing this without continue or powers is just really really hard. Each round you only get 50 acorns, and the cost for 3 moves continue is 900 acorns, some powers cost 4800 acorns for 3 use. So to pass the higher rounds, you need to either magically summon acorns or pay for them. It is cute and fun in the beginning but seriously this pay to play greed just ruin the game for me

- Fun, but then gets waayyy too hard later on

I actually really like this game, and it's unique puzzle solvings. It's theme is pretty adorable too. But the problem is that it gets too hard too fast. Also including the fact that if you run out of hearts, you have to wait 25 MINUTES. Which is ridiculous, because I play a game that also has an energy like function. It only takes 10 minutes for one energy to recharge! The paywall (because of how hard it gets) isn't really friendly as much as the Pokemon in this game. I'll support the game by playing it, but it's difficulty is just super annoying, and if anything makes me just close the game out of frustration. So I give it 3 stars until it can improve.

- Cute concept, but...

This is such a cute game, but the novelty wore off extremely fast. It’s hard to appreciate the adorable aspect of adding new Pokémon to your café staff when the gameplay itself is both uninspired and unpolished. This is a Pay to Win game at its core, with luck being a deciding factor of your success as early as level 60. The “swirling” mechanic is obviously something that’s been done before, but when the puzzles require you to relocate “gimmicks” across the map, there is no reliable way to do so. Tomatoes are the biggest offender. The game does not offer any intuitive way to use the swirled-up mass of icons to carry tomatoes or other gimmicks across the game area. Only thing keeping me from rating 1 star is that the art style and soundtrack are both so undeniably cute.

- Love the game one kind of major flaw

So when I was starting this game I could tell that I would love it I mean first of all you start off with eevee my favorite Pokémon so I played until like 2019 something and then I lost that one Pacific round so I’m like oh that’s OK I can just re-try until I had no more lives and I didn’t know there were lives so I press threetry and it said oh sorry but you need to wait like 20 something minutes or just 20 minutes so I waited though I didn’t realize it does it take I don’t know like 10 minutes so I waited and waited again I love this game though I love that there is no ads and I love the special events I got hattrem and I love her

- Cute art and full of character!

While the game has only been up for a few hours, I’d like to take the time to say that the game is definitely addictive (in a good way) and very fun! The character art is very refreshing and cute! The gameplay and mechanics seem very balanced and the acorns are easy to accumulate. I would say overall the game is very free-to-play friendly which is always welcomed! I am only giving this review a 4/5 because there seems to be a bug with in-app purchases that says “the catalog of products available for in-app purchase is corrupted” which really takes away from the experience, personally. Once this is fixed it is definitely a 5/5!

- Satisfying Gameplay

This game is fantastic. The art direction is SOOO CUTEEE and everything is just so pretty. Levels are fun, and challenging and I love challenge. Nothing demanding and certainly no forced used of power ups. (I’m on level 136 and have not used a single power up, it’s not that bad guys) and the sound design is PHENOMENAL. You guys ROCKED this. Everything from the popping sounds to the linking of character heads is just so satisfying to do and listen to. I really hope a multiplayer feature is added though. A competitive and or collaborative level would be AMAZING and definitely bring this to the next level. GREAT GAME!! =D

- Fun but there’s something creepy

I got this game yesterday and it was really fun but when it got late and screen time turned on It got creepy. I was going to play this game but screen time was on but when I went in it showed the screen time thing and then flashed and kicked me out. But when I went in from the tabs area it did the same thing but this time it showed the Pokémon from the loading screen. Another creepy thing happened but I don’t know if it’s normal or not for apps I’m not going to say it. But I just wanted to say that this app can be creepy.

- Great game, but I have a question...

I love this game. The gameplay, story, and art style are great and I have had no problems, until I went to check out the inn-app purchases. It said “Error. Can not connect to App Store. The inn-app purchases catalog is corrupted.” So I thought I might as well reinstall the game. But then I realized: The game didn’t link to my Nintendo account. So if I reinstall, will I keep my data? Thanks in advance, I hate losing data in games, even if it is not much. Also, if I do lose data is there any way to recover it or keep it? Thanks! There is no support page up at the time of this post.

- I died 5 times better wait 3 hours to play again

The game gets incredibly hard constantly adding more and more crap for you to deal with rather than just make you need higher scores. And you get to wait 30 minutes a life so if you mess up 5 times you can try again in a few hours. The slow lives are what really cripple this game. You will be stuck in one level for days at a time because you only get 5 attempts. It also always feels like the only way to beat levels is straight up paying for extra turns or buying power ups. Wanting a fun puzzle game to play in down time skins becomes an “oh yeah let’s see if I can beat this one I’m stuck on with my 5 lives today or if I’m just gonna close the app and try again tomorrow.

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- Amazing Game

Pokémon Cafe Mix has really cute graphics and has a range of difficulties from easy to complicated. Although there is some paid content, you don’t really need them. The Pokémon stand out thanks to their cuteness and charm. Honestly I don’t mind Leah either. I love the change of the events by making a team event for Snorlax. I love the design of all the Pokémon. Overall this is a game for all ages.

- Psychological Manipulative Gambling

This game is psychological manipulative Gambling disguised as a game. Where once cheat codes were a fun free part of a game, now you are made to delay yourself hours or days in order to satisfy even a basic accomplishment beyond the introductory phase of the game. I spent $30 on in-game purchases not just to give myself an advantage in the game but to support the creator who took the time and resources to make this game for Pokémon fans. Instead I see that my $30 contribution wasn’t enough to make it beyond 2 hours of progression. If humans lived for 1,000 years and patience and mental resources were unlimited, games like this would have a place in the world, but since they don’t, games like this serve as frustration generators and the setting stone of future gambling addicts who are having their patience and impulse control manipulated in a way that keeps more and more simple game satisfaction moments behind bigger and bigger pay walls or time walls. Buy your kid a normal Pokémon game and do NOT allow them to purchase in-game real-money based objects.

- Whenever it feels like letting you win

Due to the loose nature of the game board, it can feel like no matter what you do there’s no guarantee anything will trigger anything. I could have linked a munchlax right on top of some honey but apparently that’s not close enough and won’t clear it. Not only that but the loose nature makes moving certain mission items, like tomatoes, to their required spot incredibly difficult. You can waste entire moves just trying to get them anywhere near. Plus you’re on a tight amount of moves to begin with, usually barely enough, and are constantly encouraged to spend your hard earned currency on extra moves, power ups and extra lives On top of this, actually having the right Pokémon for the level is luck based, as the best Pokémon might not have come to your cafe enough for you to recruit it. Even the party function which aids in this is entirely random and costs currency to try and get the Pokémon you want Plus the control can sometimes be unresponsive and frequently grabs icons I don’t want to. I have no issue with touching in any other apps on my phone but this game frequently ignores or misinterprets my inputs, thus wasting my turns and thus wasting my lives so it can keep asking me for currency. An absolute mess, with an appropriate price tag - it’s worth nothing

- Has its flaws

The art style is super cute, and the concept is really nice and all but I find myself frustrated because of the move count. There's definitely not enough room for players to do the moves they want, especially with the timer when doing the links. I'm supposed to be feeling calm and yet constantly failing one level because of this is quite infuriating. Another thing is that the pieces are too loose, you're easily able to glitch or force yourself through pieces enclosed in a small space or accidentally flip a tomato upwards, unable to bring it back again. They're just a few flaws, but other than that I've enjoyed the positive aspects of the game. I do hope you fix these though.

- shop is corrupted?

I preordered the game, and I'm having a lot of fun, but there is one problem. Whenever I try to go into the shop, it gives me an error saying "The catalog of products available for in-app purchase is corrupted.". And sometimes it'll tell me there's a network error when my internet's perfectly fine. Did something go wrong during installing/downloading, or is the shop simply not set up properly yet.

- Amazing!

I normally give apps a four star rate because they always have too many ads that pop up! But in this game it’s really relaxing and it also matches things which I really really enjoy playing! Thanks for this app! 😃😃😃

- Ok so

I wanna play it but,,,, I can’t? It says it compatible with my iPhone but after talking to lena(or whatever she’s called) we go to the kitchen right? And then the screen goes black and I get kicked out. Not the first time it happened either. It happened at the start of the game just before lena talked but I just went back in the game and it was fixed. Now it doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s my phone

- Really engaging ~ Rare for a mobile game

Really engaging. Usually 99% of mobile games I get bored with in 5min then exit and delete BUT Cafe mix pulled me in. Shame about the microtransactions but I seen worse scummy tatics from other games so it’s tolerable for now as it’s early days

- Absolutely Adorable!

The art in this game is eye catching and well, adorable! Usually I download games and delete them a few minutes in but this one is different. I have a feeling I’ll be playing for quite a while.


Even though it is very different to Pokémon games in the past, it is EXTREMELY fun! The levels are easy but not so easy that it’s boring but not to hard that your stuck on one level! The Pokémon were SOOOO cute to!! This is a fantastic game!

- We need a chat with your teammates button

I love this game but in my other games like merge dragons, cat game and Lily’s garden they have teams and a chat option. So could you please add a chat button? Amarii Brown😊

- Good and cute

Adorable and quite fun but if you don’t have a Pokémon perfect for the order you are practically dead and don’t have enough acorns to buy more. Maybe you could make order skips to help other people like me. (I am stuck in order 80 help)

- Catalog Corrupted?

I think I’m the very first player and I’m really enjoying this game. It says there is a special pikachu pack in the shop, but it says that the catalog for in-app purchases is corrupted. Help?

- Crash

For some reason I can’t play the tutorial. My game keeps crashing and i have to go in the game again. But i still can’t even start the tutorial. Is it just me or does the game have a bug

- It’s me again 👁👅👁❤️💜❤️💜❤️

I forgot in the last review that I want to send messages. Like in the mailbox feature, you can send letters to your friend and it will appear there. Ok that’s it. There’s more reasons on my other one

- Seems good

I’ve been playing the game for a half an hour and the art and gameplay is amazing. I hope I see more games as this.

- Too easy

The game is super cute and might have an interesting story, but the actual “puzzles” are way too easy. You literally just move your finger around the screen however you want, and the Pokémon heads will just move out of the way for you, no challenge whatsoever. I get that this is for a younger audience, but children aren’t stupid. I really wanted to like this game.

- Good

It’s good but it always crashes when I try to begin the game so I can’t play it because of those bad crashes

- Cannot enter the game

I wonder why when I downloaded this game, I couldn't play it but just got thrown out

- Why can’t they evolve? But the Pokémon are ADORABLE

It’s so frustrating that the Pokémon can’t evolve! But I still love the game with all of its adorable illustrations of Pokémon. I just can’t stand it! They’re tooooo cute!

- Amazing but one problem

I think the game was amazing but the only issue I have is when I was playing it reset my progress to the beginning but over a great game

- So cute!

I am totally in love with this game! 💕 😍 🥰 One suggestion is that you can customise yourself and you are standing behind the counter not Leah. Otherwise, Pokémon Café Mix is the best game I have!

- Already addicted

Ok, but why is this like the cutest and most fun game I’ve played this year? Because I already looooooove it! Totally deserves 5 stars

- Addictive but money hungry $$$

Fun to play and addictive, but as you progress the orders get increasingly difficult with limited moves to erase gimmicks, unless you purchase aids to give you the upper hand or more moves you will get stuck on orders for a long time until you get lucky.

- Amazing

It sounds like the best Pokémon game yet for the mobile area for playing puzzle games I recommend this game being 5 star

- Great and Fun game!

Son I just downloaded minutes ago and its a lot of fun! Highly recomended if you are a Pokémon Fan! The artstyle its cute and nice looking, 10/10 :D

- Crashes on tutorial

I’d love to recommend this game as it looks great, both the art style and gameplay but being unable to start the tutorial has left me rating Pokémon cafe 1 Star. I have uninstalled and restarted hoping it didn’t install correctly but i am still having the same problem.

- Need more moves

I can’t find the daily chart board and I run out of moves. I can’t get more moves because I can’t complete orders so I can’t get acorns.

- Pokémon Cafe

I suggest you play this game if you love Pokémon it is really fun with the amazing puzzles you do in the cafe and you will get new Pokémon staff as you play throughout the game.

- Can’t gat through the first part

When I play this game I couldn’t even gat through the first level because it kept making me go out of the game

- Great but...

This is a great game the Pokémon are so cute! But it’s a bit to hard you should make easier levels. But overall great game and I recommend ❤️❤️❤️

- It doesn’t work

Whenever I try to play the game, it crashes early into the tutorial. You cannot get past the kitchen tutorial at all. It has a cute art style, sure, but that doesn’t mean anything when the game doesn’t even work at all.

- It’s really hard to play when you have a tremor

I’ve always had a tremor, because of this while playing this game I accidentally tap the Pokémon constantly. It takes moves so I can’t really enjoy playing

- Cute and nice art style

I like the art still and how cute and adorable it is this game is amazing they even make the scary Pokémon cute like gengar!!!

- Fun game

its a simple and fun game with pokémon there is some glitches but it just release so it dose not really matter but its a really addictive game

- Love but...

I Really love this game it’s super cute but it would be nice if you could give different costumes for the helping Pokémon but great game

- Love it so much

This is the game game you will need to get this game if you don’t your going to die

- Crashes

Can’t even start playing, crashes each time when trying the tutorial. Tried to progress the dialogue naturally and also skip but both just crash as soon as it tries to start.


I love this game and I’m only a few minutes in, the adorable Pokémon is just the icing on the cake for this. Thank you for making this adorable game :D

- Adorable

This game is so wholesome and calming. Ive always wanted to cook yummy treats with pokemon and have a cafe pokemon game this is a dream come true. i love it the drinks and food look so cute

- This is why I love the game

First it’s so cute second I love making the Pokémon theme food third I love this game

- Amazing!

This game is probably the best mobile Pokémon game I’ve ever played, would definitely recommend. SUPER CUTE!!!

- Adorable

This game is calming and adorable. This is my favourite Pokémon Game yet (My opinion) I recommend this game And definitely 5 stars


I love this game not many adds (maybe even no adds!) ,amazing story cute customers I love it! I love Pokémon and I love coffee PLEASE get this game! Love from Evie ~❤️🧡💚💙💜

- Where’s Restore Purchase?

I can’t find it!

- Amazing Pokémon Puzzle Game!!!!!

What a fun and great time spender and so unique game cheers Pokémon for Pokémon puzzle game and keep it up the amazing work you guys do!!!!.

- So cute

This is an adorable little game with a great art style. It’s a pretty fun and relaxing game and I recommend it to everyone.

- Quit good!

So far, I’m not vary far in, it’s quit good and really cute! I’d recommend at least giving it a go.

- A super great game!

This game has cute Pokémon and unique game mechanics, I really do like how you have to swirl the Pokémon’s faces! I love it!

- i Love this game

This game is so good and fun i can’t stop playing it i love it

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The second I started playing, I became addicted to this sweet new game. I have one suggestion though. Me and my brother are friends, but I think it would be cool if we could visit each other’s cafes as our pokemon(the ones that help at your cafe) and rate their food or something. Please????

- Amazing!

Amazing! Playing it mobile is great! If only lives weren’t a thing then this game would be addicting to me! Also the Charmander line is here!

- Further content needed

I love the game! It is cute and delightful to play, yet I believe it wants for further content and endeavours in gameplay. I feel there is not enough to do alternative from what is presently established within the game.

- Coffee Pokemon


- Love it

I LOVE this game I can’t stop playing it

- This game is sooo good I love it

If you like Pokémon and cute café games you will love this! It’s soo fun and cute And there is no ads too so ye I love this game :3

- Just another Pay to Play Pokemon Money Grab

There’s like 6 hours worth of content before the levels get hard enough that you have to spend money just to play them... just another candy crush ripoff

- Still needs work

I crash during the beginning before the game starts. My iPhone Isn’t super old too. I would give a higher star if I could play it.

- Cute concept, lots of crashing

It may be just that I’m on an older iPad, but it crashes every few minutes, I’m barely 10 levels in and It's crashed at the end of every level That being said, what I’ve seen the game is a super cute little time waster, the art style is beautiful and the design and layout of the different areas is gorgeous. Unfortunately due to the constant crashing I don’t know how much I’ll be able to play until it is either fixed or I’m able to play on a different device.



- Why I enjoy this game

I love this game because I love the cute dishes! I also enjoy learning about more new Pokémon as I play the game! My favorite part is seeing all of the cute items or Pokémon that are brought in the game! Love, your game lover

- C’est bien 🙂

J’aime Pokémon et ce jeu est super 👍

- I love it

It’s so fun I love playing this great game. It’s a really happy game and great for Pokémon lovers.

- Great and fun!!!!

It’s zoo fun no adds at least not yet! It’s really fun wold download this game no bugs or adds in this game one thing is it needs more things like updates! Pleas!!! Ether then that great game!

- Great game

I find this game very Entertaining and when I’m bored some days this game is just perfect for me. Maybe fo some other people not the best but this is a very fun Cute playable game.

- Really I just wanted it

I think it’s cool

- I love it

This game is amazing but it needs more easy levels

- amazing

so good i love it ao much holy gosh

- Cute but bad...

Sweet graphics and cute pokemons, but all players get the exact same cafe and characters, no customizing anything at all, and they make you fail a few orders if you don't buy in-game items with real money... feels like a cute scam that takes advantage of Pokemon's popularity.

- Such a cute and beautifully animated game <3

I love this game! Been playing since it came out. I do wish the club events could be a bit different. Most of my club’s members don’t play anymore and so I dread team events and having to find a decently active group. Maybe having a 30day automatic booting option when making teams would help keep teams active? Or having leaders be able to boot people?

- Amazing game

So fun i can’t stop playing really addictive

- Love it

It’s soo fun because u get to have Pokémon help you! SOO CUTE!

- Best game ever!

I cant stop playing, its too much fun! If you love Pokémon you should play PokémonCafé!

- PokémonCafé

I basically love every single Pokémon game so I love this 😍❤️

- Shutdown

With the most recent update, the app has been force-quitting and refuses to let me in. Please fix


This is a GREAT app🤗 definitely get it. I got it and I’m so glad I did. It’s a really good game so don’t think twice about getting it! Get it NOW!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗


This is the best game ever!!!

- More hearts

You guys should'nt just make 5 hearts max so when we are not playing we will get more hearts and the next we play we can play longer without using golden acorns

- It’s a meh

I wosh the pets also do some of your work

- Great game mostly

Such a great game! The only problem is the lives because it’s such a money grabber. Is kinda forced you to buy acorns to get lives

- The best mobile nentendo mobile Release

This game is perfect it’s cute fun challenging beatable with no IAP and works offline! Nentendo really outdid themselves! Do not pass this game up

- Great but...

I like this game but there’s one problem. Why do you have to make level 36 so hard? Make more moves for level 36.Why? Because I keep failing level 36! Please fix ASAP!

- Really fun, but has an issue

The game is super cute, fun, and overall great, but I have received an announcement that there are new levels available, which I can’t get. I recently got a new phone, and on the old one, the updates were automatic, but now I can’t even get them. Aside from that, it doesn’t crash or have many issues, and is a great game

- Great game

Good new idea using and old franchise!

- Repetitive

It’s just the same thing over and over but gradually more annoying, cute tho

- Meh

It’s really cute but pretty boring. It’s not challenging. You’re just swiping and swirling your screen till you get all the same Pokémon. Meh


I can’t even deal with all the cuteness!!!! Also the game happens to be fun.

- Not bad at all

Just downloaded and it’s pretty good! Interesting concept.

- Must Have Game

So Fun!

- Good

This game has no problems so far I like it it’s addicting


Please please please add Appleton pie. I am literally begging you. It is such an obvious dish to add, but it needs to be done. Btw great game, it’s lots of fun!

- I love it

It’s a great game but I had a suggestion what if u gave acorns a second use cuz they do almost nothing rn like what about a shop where u can buy extra stuff like that one acorns pokemon u should be able to buy him with acorns cuz he is one I also had an idea where u could buy something and like one would be like fire types will come more often or water I just think that would be cool also u should be able to buy resepys too like a acorns dish but yea great game queep up the good work and sorry if I spell rong English is my second language also PLS PLS I BEGG OF U MAKE ORDER 126 EASYER PLS ITS IMPOSSIBLE

- Great!

Love It


it is great

- This game is cute and i wish you could make a my pokemon where you can take care of your pokemon

I love the game

- awesome game

this game is so good

- What a cute game

I am loving this game. So cute.

- Not so good

The connecting Pokémon heads together mechanic is annoying

- Good game

I really do like it but I find it kind of hard. I want to thank the people who made this game. I am not on a big level but I still think it is hard to play. Even my sister got it but it didn’t work so she deleted it. Oh I forgot to tell you she didn’t really like it. And I am sorry for that it is just that some people don’t like some games. But I think it is ok not the best but I still like it not like I don’t like it. I like the yummy treat,s I wish I could have one I really do.

- A message from a 5 year old.

Daughter-“Dad this game is quite boring” Dad-“I will get rid of it” Graphics are nice though!

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Simpin' for Urbosa

Sometimes you just have to turn your brain off and play Pokémon Café Mix for 3 hours


pokemon cafe mix is so addicting 😬


@Just_Dont_Dunja Pokémon cafe mix Nah Mario kart 8 Kinda boring to play without playing it with others I would need the damn online membership


pokemon cafe mix has good physics, i say, as a pumpkin flies off the rails

PLDH ⚔️🛡️

Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey will return to Pokémon Café Mix over the coming weeks. Dec 29 - Jan 3 (10PM PT): Scorbunny Jan 3 - 8: Sobble Jan 8 - 12: Grookey

Sylveon the ho ho ho Full Cream Alcremist

@NebulaHurricane To be honest I didn't find Café Mix to be a very good game but it made it way more clear what The Pokémon Company wanted to do with the game

Sylveon the ho ho ho Full Cream Alcremist

@NebulaHurricane Oh yeah I told you about Café Mix helping promote the Japanese Pokémon Cafés. People will still do anything to eat the food featured in Café Mix because they look cute and the Pokémon Cafés make these food to satisfy their wishes


@PokemonMasters where our shiny celebi event? Pokémon Café Mix already have shiny celebi event and you guys already leave the event for so long. And make sure its a free sync pair since Pokémon GO and Pokémon Café Mix's shiny celebi event is also free. (Just kidding lmao)

✿ | roxy/nico‼️‼️ proud homophobe

back to pokemon cafe mix ig

✿ | roxy/nico‼️‼️ proud homophobe


Shiny Porygon✨

Got my #Shiny #Celebi in #Pokémon Café Mix today❤️❤️❤️

Nebula Devourer

@Ethan_ScottXY like look once gen 8 started gen 7 stuff stopped being even produced or sold new. how much new gen 7 pokemon stuff even came out iunronicly? remember when cafe mix was launch they had like shit ton of stuff made and had made a real life cafe version in japan for a while

˗ˏˋ Jupi ★ ˎˊ˗

@K4ZUICH1S0D4 project diva, katamari damacy reroll, dont starve, one piece unlimited world, one piece pirate warriors 2, pokemon cafe mix, tetris 99, animal crossing THERES SO MANY! i love switch games :')

bad dog

if you really loved me you would download pokemon mix cafe and add me as a friend cuz im stuck needing to add someone to progress


@Lonkento Except playing pokemon cafe mix ;v

Pokémon Café Mix 1.91.0 Screenshots & Images

Pokémon Café Mix iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images
Pokémon Café Mix iphone images

Pokémon Café Mix (Version 1.91.0) Install & Download

The applications Pokémon Café Mix was published in the category Games on 2020-06-23 and was developed by The Pokemon Company [Developer ID: 446737235]. This application file size is 148.85 MB. Pokémon Café Mix - Games app posted on 2021-02-08 current version is 1.91.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: jp.pokemon.pokemoncafemix

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