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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles Game Description & Overview

What is woodoku - wood block puzzles app? Woodoku: wood block puzzle games meet a sudoku grid. It’s a calm but challenging puzzle that you’ll be addicted to in no time!

Place blocks in the 9x9 board and fill rows, columns or squares to clear them from the game. Play for as long as you can without running out of space to beat your high score!

How to Play:

□ Drag shapes onto the board to place them in the grid.
□ Fill a row, column, or square to clear blocks from the board.
□ Clear multiple rows, regions, or squares to earn Combo points!
□ Clear blocks on every turn to earn Streak points!
□ Earn as many points as you can to beat your high score!
□ Have yourself a woody good time!
It’s a quiet, zen game that’s easy to learn, but challenging to master! Take your time and take it easy.


□ Beautiful graphics and satisfying sound effects
□ A tactile game experience with realistic wood tile design
□ Relaxing gameplay with no pressure or time limit
□ A light, small game that won’t take space on your device
□ Playable offline so you can enjoy this classic anywhere

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App Name Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles
Category Games
Updated 04 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 271.94 MB

Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles Comments & Reviews 2024

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Has potential to be amazing. I love this game, but there’s one thing that really irks me: as someone who doesn’t play every day or will play for a few days straight then not again for a week or so- the “journeys” are either too short or should be on an individual timeline for each person. I understand the creators are trying to create incentive to play daily but that will never happen for some people and I would like to come back to the game and not start at the bottom level every few days. Playing to 75 points is easy and boring and not what I want to be doing every week just cuz I can’t log on enough to complete each journey in a timely manner. And If they’re gonna keep it how it is can there be other options for levels with the extra puzzle elements that I can work on over time with no time constraint? Besides just racking up points in classic game play? I hope that makes sense and I hope they try to accommodate this… it’s doubtful but I really like the concept of this game I just get bored of it but I don’t want to be bored of it.

This Game Could be Amazing, But…. I absolutely love this game and play it often. Still, I find myself frustrated at the lack of basic features that would cost the developer nearly nothing to implement. Why are the puzzle pieces not more randomized? Why are the ads SO intrusive? There is, I’m sure a way to mute the sound without us having to turn our volume off. I enjoy playing while listening to podcasts or audiobooks and the ads not only interrupt but turn them off! Why hasn’t that been addressed? Why isn’t there an ad-free paid version or no ads upon successfully completing a level? Why aren’t the ways to dismiss the ads more obvious and not clickbait? Why haven’t you considered an undo feature knowing how often people complain about the jerky drag-and-drop that sometimes means a piece is mislaid? Why don’t you all listen? It’s clear the developers of this game are uninterested in what players have said time and again about this game. These things don’t feel hard to fix. I’d give it five stars if it weren’t for both the issues I and others have mentioned and the total absence of responsiveness by the developers. It’s sad to think you don’t care enough to listen.

Great game concept pretty much ruined by ads. This is a terrific game concept. It makes you think in different ways than some of the other block puzzles, and it is both creative and fun. That being said, the advertisements truly detract from the game. Not only is this one of those games that makes you go through a process of dismissing the same old ads for the same old online games, but mine often reverts into some empty ad mode where I have to click an X on an empty ad screen because the app thinks it’s time to load an advertisement for me at random times, and there isn’t one coming from their advertisers server, or wherever those ads come from. It’s gotten to the point where the game is no longer fun and I simply have to delete it. Don’t waste your time until the people making money off this put in a little effort to make sure the game is actually enjoyable rather than just a money maker for them.

Not random and too many long ads. There is a consistant lack of smaller pieces provided the longer you play, as other reviewers have stated. It means you have to replay Journey games over and over and over to finally complete them. Furthermore, the number of ad screens has increased from 2 to as many as 11 or 12 since you have to touch the super tiny ‘x’ to get back to the game. The difficult button means you switch back and forth between the ad and the download screen over and over and over until you hit the ‘x’ just right. Far too many interruptions for this game to be fun. Also, there is no way to silence the ads unless you turn the sound off on your phone. You can silence the game sounds in the app but not the ads. That means no playing in bed, at work, or in public (ie. waiting in line or in s waiting room) without turning all media and phone sounds completely off. This causes all sorts of problems when opening the game and forgetting to toggle all phone sounds, alarms, audiobooks, etc off before starting to play. And there are not enough days allowed to finish the journey activity. 5 days to get through 45 levels, each of which have ten or more ad pages after each fail and between levels. All in all, the game is fun even though the parts dropping in to be played are far from random and the ads take up so much time and are splittingly loud. Exceptionally fristrating.

Gets Frustrating. This game is super fun and simple. I play it when I just need something casual. I like that there are now more levels in the events since those are the only games I really play. However, the games are not fair. If the pieces were random, you’d occasionally get a single block or a double block throughout the game. You only get those early on when you hardly need them and are stuck with the hardest shapes as the game progresses. I am currently stuck on level 81 of the current event. I’ve played it at least 60-70 times (maybe more!) and I’m now thoroughly convinced the level is nearly unbeatable. You either have to get super lucky or be clairvoyant and know what blocks you’re going to get next. What’s the point of a game that’s set up to make you fail???? This app should be 4 stars (1 star deduction for ads and not being able to remove them), but I’m giving it 2 because it’s purposefully impossible the play.

Great Brain Strategy Game. Love this game so much. Such a great brain strategy practice and gets more and more challenging as you play (especially the journeys) which I’m grateful for. Love the good graphics without constantly flashing or creating “screen noise”, making it a good game to be challenging yet relaxing. The only thing I wish was different was the time allotment for the journeys. The levels sometimes take several attempts to complete/pass to the next and with busy life schedules, even playing a little bit everyday when I am able, I always run out of time before getting close to level 84 - which is a goal I’d like to achieve. I wanted to send TripleDotStudios an email rather than write it here in the review, but there is no contact info on the website unfortunately. Can Woodoku journeys be extended from 6 days to maybe 12? Or even 8 would be better. Please and thank you! 🙏🏽

Great Game- PLEASE Offer Paid Version. I love this game and the different challenges. I love that it isn’t timed so you can strategize before placing the tile options. What I can’t stand is that there an ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME!! Once you’ve achieved the lower levels in the “Journey” the games in the upper levels can easily be over in just a few moves (not completed, but the game is over because you have to space for the remaining tiles). So you play less than a minute, then there’s an ad. Play 30 seconds, there’s another ad. Want to try again? Oh boy, there’s another ad, often the same one you’ve seen a dozen times in the past half hour. Now for the really frustrating part: every third or fourth ad crashes the game, requiring me to reload it. Within a week, I loaded the game more than 100 times. I finally deleted it and I wish there was a version I could buy to replace it. Free games are worth what they cost- absolutely nothing. As a bonus, you get a load of aggravation for no additional charge.

Great Game. I love this game. Initially, I was going to write that I had zero complaints until I read some other reviews and I agree with what someone else mentioned: that it would be nice to know where I stand. Is my score good or bad? I would not mind if there was just a chart where I could judge myself but better yet, would be knowing where I compare to others. And better yet it would be nice to know where I compare to others and a breakdown of age groups (or some other breakdown: education level? Etc.) I did also like the idea of being able to collect the tokens and trade them in for something. As for the pieces not being random as some say, I have not run into that issue, they appear random to me. And what incentive for the developer is it to not have random pieces? I do not see any reason. Overall, it is an addictive game and I really enjoy playing. The ads are short so they really are not a hassle. Thank you!

THIS IS HORRIBLE. This started out being a great game but, either as I played more or as the developer saw fit, it gets more and more difficult. I can understand making the game harder as you go, but it has definitely changed for the worse in the months I have been playing. The developer has added more and more figures like diagonals and, as you progress through a game, you only are offered very large and unworkable figures. Three months ago, my high score was 1527 and now I am lucky to get to 800. I will delete this and search for a new one. As to the different games which give time limits for solving, they are interesting but the developers make it so difficult (actually impossible) to progress enough to make one delete the game icon entirely. That is exactly what I have just done.

Fun, but…. The game has a very annoying tendency to give you pieces you can’t use, so you lose, not because of skills, but because the piece selection is flawed. Of course, some of the strategy involves planning ahead for the odd piece that may not fit, but sometimes the pieces are so random you can’t do anything with them no matter how skilled you are. I made it to an upper level that I tried too many times to count and finally gave up. I was simply never enough pieces to succeed. I tried to buy out if the advertisements, but there is no place in app to do that apparently. The app endlessly crashes during the advertisements. I’ve had to download and delete repeatedly. As others have noted, once you go so far, you never get the shapes you need, no matter how good you are at strategizing. Seems like it’s just a set up to get you to watch advertisements.

Fun until you get to a high level. I really enjoy this game, that is till I get to a high level. I only play the daily and the Journey. On Journey, each level gets progressively more difficult. There are 84 levels in all. I am a good player so I always get to level 70. Up to that point, the puzzles get to be or quite challenging but are still doable. Depending on the week, I’ve gotten as far as 80 and twice have completed the journey. Many weeks, however, the levels beyond 75 are impossible. The puzzle only generates large pieces that truly are impossible to place and I end up with no more space and have to start over. I’ve repeated a high level dozens of times and it’s always the same: the puzzle doesn’t generate small pieces and single squares to make the puzzle winnable. It’s very frustrating and I usually quit trying until the Journey ends and a new one begins. It’s no fun if the puzzle is clearly not winnable. I don’t mind a challenge but this is just annoying. That’s why I only give this app 3 stars.

Addictive & time consuming. Love playing the games, however it could use some tweaking! The drag & drop on the pieces sometimes locks up for a few seconds & will drop the piece in a spot not intended. There are way too many long ads to watch between each retry. Some of the journeys are too long. But mostly the end of the journey puzzles are way too difficult to solve with the pieces given. The Journey to Japan is ridiculous and I spent way too many hours on re-trying to solve the puzzles. I just wanted to make it to the end!! It shouldn’t be so frustrating, it should just be fun. Great concept which is why I keep at it but come on guys, make it more fun! Also, the game will lock up after playing for a while so I just have to close it out & try later. A game for someone with lots of time on there hands.

It has potential…. While this app is not a money grabber since there is no option to buy anything, it also leaves you stuck watching every single ad after each game, even if it take 30 seconds to play and then out of moves. As you progress to each level, the ads become longer, having NO “X” button to end it, you are stuck for more than 30 seconds watching and a very high chance of freezing up. It gets aggravating having to shut and reboot the app every time. Not to mention, it is ALWAYS those ridiculous ads that don’t even fit the game its trying to convince you to download. Also, the higher the level you get, it almost seems impossible to complete. After placing the 3 shapes, your next ones are usually guaranteed to go nowhere, almost like it’s on purpose. Very bad concept, since the only options are to get frustrated or just quit playing & delete.

Inappropriate ads. Triple dot, Today while playing Woodoku, a game for 12 and up. An ad for a game came up. This game featured a women in a thong and bra style nighty. This offended me greatly for several reasons. First I do not care to see other people in this state of dress. Second Twelve year olds are not adults and do not need to be subjected to this kind of sexuality. Social diseases and pregnancy is on a rise in this in this country. You as the maker of this game can’t eliminate this fact, however we can each do our part. What ads you accept are under your control. Third the women in this ad was overweight and the man in the ad was discussed by her body. Eating disorders are a very serious mental health diagnosis. Body shaming the adolescent as well as Adults contributes to this disease. I do enjoy playing Woodoku and I have downloaded other games after seeing an ad while playing. I assume this is good for your company when player’s act on the ads we see while playing your games. It is my hope to continue to play this game and others not only by your company but by other companies who advertise on your sites. Please remove inappropriate ads from your game sites. I am giving your game a 1 star because it is my hope to be taken seriously and for others to see my concerns. We’re it not for this ad I would have given your game a much higher mark. Jennifer Conner

Fun, smart game but….. Burning out on having to sit through the same ads over and over and over and over and over…you get my point. A few ads, sure. But these are ads for ridiculous lame games that I would NEVER be inclined to download. I’d be happy to pay for an ad-free experience, but that is not available, which tells me the ENTIRE purpose of this game is one big click bait ad campaign. The ads come after every single round, regardless of how quickly the round ended. Blech such a turn-off for an otherwise clever game that allows one to play without the constraints of time. I wouldn’t mind as much if so much of it wasn’t based on luck of the tiles you are given. I’ve had rounds end after three moves because the tiles I was given didn’t work in the pre-loaded, higher levels. Ok no problem, I’ll try again, except now I have to sit through another long ad for a smutty, offensive “make-over” game. LAME.

Love the game…and a few suggestions. I really do love this game! It can be frustrating at times but totally satisfying when your pieces align correctly. I’ve been playing this game on and off for a year or so, and there’s one thing I can’t wrap my head around: what is the purpose of the gem collection and the journeys? I think it would be really cool if you could trade your earned gems or journey awards for a specific block during a game…you know a shape of your choosing. And I understand that diminishes the challenge a little and takes away from the “randomness”, but it would really increase each player’s personal satisfaction. Let’s be honest here, those are what others reviews have reported being the most frustrating and annoying… It seems like the biggest complain from other players is the ads. Is there a paid version that you can buy or subscribe to that turns those off? Also, I’d like to see how I rate with other players. It shows you your personal scores, but I’m curious what other people’s high scores are. My best score 1787, but is that a low score in the grand scheme of the game or a high score? Anyway, I still love the game and will keep playing it regardless!

Ads are disturbing.. It’s so unfortunate because I love this game. I’m sick of seeing ads that degrade women and children. These ads are for games that show characters of homeless women and children who are constantly struggling, mostly because they have been thrown out by their spouse and no longer in a “relationship” Or thrown out because they are not dressed like a stereotypical tramp. Gamifying homeless women and children is disgusting. These games imply that a woman needs to comply or looking a certain way otherwise she and her children are doomed. Another ad is for a game that degrades women by choosing outfits/hair etc for a date and then winning when the entire look is suggestive at best. No makeup = lose etc. There are more disturbing ads for games showing women and children in burning homes, digging out of the snow etc. I tried to complain but there’s no one to contact. Also the volume on ads will switch on very loudly despite having the game volume settings to mute. They took a great fun game and ruined the experience for revenue. I’d be ok with occasional non disturbing ads… and my user settings should be respected.

Doesn’t seem random. It’s a very addicting game, but also frustrating. I agree with the last reviewer totally. As the game progresses, it refuses to give you even one shape you need to keep going. It boxes you in. As the game progresses and the space gets tight, it never gives you the small shapes you need to clear an area to keep going. I can always tell when I’m screwed. Once I get to about 700 points it starts giving me the opposite of what I need and starts giving me 4 or 5 block diagonal shapes etc. I have never started a fresh game and been given a diagonal shape. If it were truly random I assume I’d get a variety of shapes throughout the game. I also notice anytime I need an L shape or a single block deep into the game I never get those. It’ll give me a backwards L that I can’t use over and over. If you play it enough you’ll notice right away.

Are you kidding?. I got my highest score the very first day I played and then the game actually changed and got harder right from the beginning! Now I can’t get anywhere close! It’s like it figures out the pieces you can least use and gives you exactly those! The game is impossible as is and not fun at all. Two things that might help are 1) an undo for the last move and 2) always replace a piece after it is played so there are always 3 to choose from with an given move. Finally, TODAY I clicked update here in the app store on the Woodoku page and it updated my app. Then, after that, in the game, I got a prompt about a new 2024 version of the game asking me to download with Yes and No choices. Neither allowed me to choose it and I had to close the app to get out of the prompt. But why would the update happen there? It’s supposed to update through the app store. Plus, I did update through the app store today. Why wasn’t that the most recent version? Something isn’t right with this. Also, by the way, this is my second low review. My first one mysteriously disappeared. Hmm… UPDATE: Now the game sometimes gives me an ad when I’m right in the middle of dragging a piece! You’ve got to be kidding! Time to find a different game!!

Dragging on. PLEASE FIX IT - I was drawn in by the diamond shaped puzzle in the ads but it is not in the game. I have been playing and doing well but that puzzle never turns up as an option. The journey builds you up and then drops you back to a level 1 for some new journey, which is really just a new title of a new theme that isn’t even expressed in the game. Changing the name of the theme when you’re just starting over with the same game, does not make it a new journey, especially when it’s just blocks on the square grid - no theme to be seen. The theme is not even apparent in the game itself, just back to a low goal. The journey thing is poorly planned. I often close out the app when I doing well and then get dropped back down to start of a new “journey.” The square grid is fine for some brain exercise but it gets old. The gems are fun but after you become skilled at collecting more of them, why would you want to start at level one and have to just score low on the grid game yet again. They had a good idea but the execution needs help to keep me engaged.

Really is a B.S. Game in the end. Will admit I enjoy playing it, but after about 4-5 rounds, the frustration of only getting 3 blocks at a time and not see what is coming next always kills a great game and eventually you’ll need to just close it and move on. This game never allows you to calculate risk when setting the third of the 3 delivered blocks. You can set areas of the board up and the game can progress and progress and you never get delivered the piece to clear cornered or areas you have prepped. It’s almost as if the game traps you in to keep trying to clear one section of the board. Decided to write this review after the last game just closed down. I had the upper left corner and basically left side of the board prepped for any number of pieces and went through multiple rounds and the game would not even deliver me a single block or double block. I highly doubt the pieces are delivered randomly. No block games being developed will ever match original Tetris.

Addicting but can only win by chance. This game is really addicting especially the journey and daily challenge. However it can be unfair and winning ends up by chance and not skill. It gives you three pieces at a time and you don't get to see what's next until you place those three pieces. The next set can totally screw you over if you don't have enough options to win which isn't fair. You should be able to see which pieces are coming next if the game is truly based on strategy and not chance. I couldn't finish the journey because it's nearly impossible, too many levels and some are so difficult that it takes days to complete combined with the chance of getting good pieces. Not all the different pieces cycle through and the game decides to give you the hardest pieces over and over again. If these frustrating things were changed then it could be a really solid game.

PLEASE READ!!!!🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻. First, to different on a mobile game not recording to ads or videos. I saw a YouTuber play it and they said it was great so, I downloaded it to see the fuss and how great it was but, as expected it was not even close on how good the YouTuber said it was so I was dissatisfied. Want to know something that’s upsetting? Ads are not even close to what the game is and it gets to hard after levels, very upsetting. Second, the good thing about this is that it was fun for a while then, the hard thing happened and got me VERY upset so I don’t recommend this but after all is decent not terrible or bad it’s not the vibe at all, as I’m writing a whole paragraph your opinion is probably “why write a whole book when it’s not terrible or great.” Well I’m doing this so you have an honest opinion on this game and what I think of it. Third, it could use more work then this, this is bad quality and I’m trying to write it in a good way which is difficult. I really think they could of spend more time on it and made it easier on levels higher then 8-10. As I was saying this game is not bad or great it is actually surprisingly good! Work harder but other then that great work. ❤️

So much time to get to levels that insure you fail from your first move…. I agree 100% with “chessacr” and their review. Not only does the game have the advantage of giving you pieces to insure that you lose BUT I played one level, on the Journey area, more times than I care to recount. The reason for this was being given the 3 pieces to incorporate into the puzzle, not just any 3 pieces, the very first moves of the puzzle, and it showed you by greying the pieces out that you couldn’t even play the very first three pieces! This is beyond an unfair algorithm. If you can’t play the very first plays of the game, by its own design….what’s the point of solving so many puzzles to advance to a level that simply cheats. I had enjoyed the game for around a week before getting to this level, so it does take skill & time to achieve this point, but should you not be rewarded with simply more advanced puzzles? Why make it so that you can not even place the very first pieces. The algorithm needs work.

Love the app, but game keeps freezing. This is an addictive app. I have different versions. I like the brain challenge, but it is so annoying when the game freezes for 5-10 seconds and I can not move any of the pieces. Often I have to restart the game. I’ve tried closing and reloading, doing a forced shutdown of the iPad, but nothing helps. What causes it to freeze when it’s time to move a piece? Also, the number and frequency of ads is so annoying! And some games like Brains n Balls don’t have a “silent” button, and so can’t play this in bed or anywhere while waiting! Why not offer a paid version w/out ads? Let us buy it once, not a monthly charge. Also, I HATE all the FAT ads! They are not true and there is no pill that can create those results. PLEASE eliminate these ads!

Most frustrating game I’ve played. This game has such potential to be a really addictive and fun game, but instead it turns out to be super frustrating and makes me want to stop playing. There seems to be an algorithm to make you lose, there’s no way it can be randomized pieces. They only give you 3 at a time and you can’t rotate them at all and you can’t see what 3 will be next. Even with an almost empty board, you still end up losing because they give you 3 big weird shapes that can’t fit into your board. If that’s not bad enough, the ads aren’t long, but they sometimes pop up in the middle of playing and end up glitching the game making you place pieces in random spots you don’t want them to be. If you could rotate pieces, or if they gave you smaller pieces to clear some lines more often, this game would be super addictive and fun. Instead I’ll be deleting the app because it’s no longer fun, just frustrating.

Ads Ruin the Experience. I enjoyed playing this at first. I challenged myself to beat my daily high score, several days in a row. However, the ads are killing me softly. They are ridiculously long. The play after every single round of the game (oftentimes the ad is longer than the game itself). They will also occasionally crash the game. And it’s super repetitive. For the love of God, offer a paid version with NO ads. Also, similar to other reviews, I hate that you can’t be strategic. The game only allows you to see three pieces. You must place all three before seeing the next three. How hard is it to place a piece, see a new piece? Asking for a friend. There should consistently be three pieces, bare minimum. And once your board is full with only small gaps, the game will consistently deliver large pieces. Ugh! I’m giving it 2 stars because of the ads. But I would love for this to be more of a game of strategy vs a game of chance.

Annoying ads, but otherwise great. This game is wonderfully addictive, however, it’s recently begun showing an ad that pops up in the *middle* of your game OVER the game. As in, you’ll be playing and about to place a price when suddenly there’s an annoying ad in the way *blocking the entire game*. You can’t see what you’re doing, and if you let go then the piece you were holding will drop who knows where. It’s made me stop playing the game altogether at times and if it isn’t removed I’ll need to find something else. The amount of times this stupid ad pops up during even one round of game defeats the purpose of playing. Seriously, they need to remove that ad and that feature. Otherwise, it’s great. There are several types of puzzles with plenty of variety and challenges. I have zero issue with anything else other than that stupid ad displaying over the game.

Love with reservations. I’ve been addicted to this game for six months. BUT there are a few things I wish could be changed or added. 1) an ad-free purchase option. I would certainly spend my money for that and I don’t really buy apps. 2) if you’re not going to offer an ad-free version then maybe reward the clearing of a level with no ads. Ads only when there’s failure? 3) level options. Each week starts a new challenge and it’s tedious to have to begin at level one over and over. For experienced players it would be nice if we could choose a starting level or if the challenge had experience levels to choose from, something like Easy, Challenging & Pro. Or just skip the weekly & keep leveling. Also HATE the ads that take over my sound because I’m always on silent so out of nowhere the sound comes on loud & now I can’t play this game in bed or in quiet places. Please please please eliminate those ads. Thanks for a fun game.

Scammed. This is clickbait. If you even see this review I’ll be amazed. I doubt that they will allow it to be posted. If you click app support, there is none. Only the website. And no way to contact anyone there either. The way the puzzle pieces are allotted is very questionable. It seems that after enough failed attempts, you’ve seen enough ads, so they let you win. It’s more likely they’re snooping in your personal info and gathering info from other sites you’re visiting so they can sell your info. I’ve tried it. It could be fun if done right. I’M OUT!!! Update, they sent me a message, through Apple, to send them a “screenshot”. How do you send a screenshot of a game? How do you send a screenshot of something that doesn’t exist? A contact link that doesn’t exist? A series of pieces that come in an order that make it impossible to win, no matter how you strategize. Just the fact they sent it through Apple tells me they are hiding their contact info. Shame on Apple for assisting their coverup. Yes, they sent a response. Had nothing to do with the fact that the game advertised is NOT the game you play. They just wanted to let me know there’s a way to confront them in private, so the rest of you don’t get to see the facts. Developer, when you send me instructions on how to play the advertised game, then maybe I’ll reconsider. Until then, you are CLICKBAIT with possible shady intentions.

Fun but Frustrating. I really enjoyed playing this game but there too many cons and not enough pros. First of all, too many ads. I would gladly pay for an ad-free option. Also, on my iPad , the ads make the game freeze and glitch out so I have to close it out and reopen it to continue. Second, where are the shapes that I see in the Woodoku ads?? I have never seen any shape puzzles come up. Third, the Journeys - I was really excited about these until they started coming out with 84 levels. Really?? That is impossible in only 6 days, especially when the app keeps crashing! And some levels are difficult and takes 5 tries or more to pass. Lastly, the daily challenges - those are fun to do but there should be an option to go back and complete the ones you missed. When it’s working, this game is a great way to zen out and relax, but all the problems made it too frustrating to keep it.

Fun game but has major flaws. This game is a combination of Tetris and sudoku. It is challenging and fun but I have decided to uninstall it because of several flaws. 1.) The developer has no way of removing ads. This is an issue for several reasons. Some of the ads are borderline inappropriate and NSFW and I often play this in public or at work on my breaks and no longer feel comfortable doing so. Also ads play between every single round so 1 minute of gameplay at most warrants a 10-60 second ad?? Really? I would gladly pay a couple of dollars for ad removal. 2.) There is no offline gameplay advancement or rewards system. Any gameplay the happens while you are not connected to the internet is not registered on your timeline. The daily challenges are treated as though they were never completed. I am offline due to my work 4-8 hours a day and would like to participate in these challenges but can’t. 3.) the game audio is broken and glitches several times throughout the day. No fix is available. 4,) Developer support is nonexistent and I have used the in-app support to attempt to resolve these issues but have never even gotten a response back. 3 months, 10 tickets. The challenges are repetitive and become boring after a while. There is never an escalated challenge after the first one.

Great game but the in-game ads are not only annoying but YOUR own ads are even more worse!. I just installed this game and I loved it at the start, but right when I played a few rounds of it, I started seeing the usual ad invasion. Can this game just stop throwing the same ads for the same games? Some ads are even sexually inappropriate too, like this one that I keep getting for that same reality show game with the cheating woman and that other ad with that “spot the difference” game with the lady on the toilet! As if that couldn’t get any worse, your OWN ads are literally NOTHING LIKE THE GAME! The ads literally show you putting pieces on a diamond when in the actual game, the board is just a big square! So misleading! How I would change the game: Add a no-ads button as well as changing your ads so they can ACTUALLY look like the game. Thank you.

Game cheats. Game is designed to cheat players so that it can be a revolving ad machine for those that play. If you need proof, pay attention to what kind of pieces you get when you start playing versus when you have been playing for a minute. In the beginning, you’ll get singles and other smaller pieces. Once the game starts getting more pieces left on the board, it will no longer give you small pieces. It will then give you diagonals and larger pieces to try and block every move. If it were random, you would get an equal shot at all pieces from the start, but after playing a few hundred times, I feel confident in stating that the game is rigged to know exactly what pieces won’t fit and it will give you them every time. The sad part, if they made the game fun and random, I’d probably keep playing long term. Since there’s no way to win, I’d rather delete the game and move on. Feel free to test my theory for yourself. If you track the pieces, you’ll see what I mean.

Way too many levels. I like this game at first, but when I saw there there are 40 levels and you only have 6 days (or so) to get as many awards as possible, I stopped playing as much. Maybe I want easier games, but there are so many games to play that I am not going to spend that much time doing the same thing over and over. Also… The one big annoying issue I have with any game is that I like to play in silence but the ads are super loud and some even play through the speaker even though I silenced my phone!!!!! This is a terrible situation when you are trying to be discreet! It’s bad enough I have to be tortured with repetitive ads for other games but to make it super loud makes me want to throw my phone. Ads should be silent because if you do like the sounds then you tend to look at your phone when the sounds stop, so the ads have the opposite affect if they are so loud and disruptive that you are trying to get rid of them the fastest way possible.

Now, no more ads during game play. UPDATE—They seem to have fixed the ads so they do not pop up mid-game. (At least I haven’t experienced any more, and I log in every day.) Thank you. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I understand that you have to show ads to offer us free games, but I have recently noticed they are now occurring also during game play. This is irritating because while I am in the process of placing a piece, an ad causes me to drop it in a place I didn’t intend. This totally defeats my strategy and ruins my progress in the current game. I do not want to play if I am concerned about losing because of an ad. It makes it not worth it to me. Otherwise, I find this game very relaxing as there are no timers or opponents. Please reconsider you ad placements.

I’m Done. I don’t typically complain about ads. I know they’re necessary part of keeping games free. I’ve been playing this game for about five years. However recently in the middle of play – – I mean during active play and ad suddenly pops up and interrupts in the middle of active play. I’m not sure why the developers of the game felt it was necessary to keep interrupting my games with an ad— some of which actually will not cancel out but leave you with a blank screen and so you have to quit by swiping up just to end up restarting the same game. this has been going on for a couple of weeks but it’s gotten worse. I have just deleted the game sadly because I really did enjoy it but I can’t tolerate that kind of invasive activity. again I get the ad thing, but plugging one in during active play is a over the top, and speaks either of poor judgment on the part of the developers or simple greed. As my title said, I’m done. Good luck.

Too many ads. It’s not a bad game but some of the ads are lengthy and you can’t close out of them. There is no option to go ad free. It seems like the longer you play the game, the more often you get the lengthy ads and they keep repeating. I wish that they would change the icons in each game more often. I have been playing this game for months and would be more interesting if they changed the icons from apples and mailboxes and bubbles to something different every couple months and especially around holidays. Have bunny’s for Easter, Flags for 4th of July, turkeys, Christmas trees…etc. If it wasn’t for this. I would have given it 4 or 5 stars. I am now adding the fact that I am bored of this game. Nothing ever changes. It is the same thing, over and over. It seems like the developer is not interested in any of the reviews people have given.

So Frustrating!. This game is very addictive but also very frustrating! I have never seen a game this impossible to finish levels in. I can spend literally hours and days trying to beat a level and it is literally impossible. As much as I play, I still have never been able to finish a weekly challenge. The first few levels are easy but by the time you get about half way through, they get nearly impossible to beat. I am a very competitive person and it infuriates me that I can’t finish- EVER. The other thing that is horribly frustrating is how the stupid ads lock up the game. I have the data turned off so the ads don’t come on when I am out of my house but as soon as I connect to my WiFi they are back again. Some might say it is my phone, but it does do that for any other game I play. Right now I am trying unsuccessfully to finish the challenge for the week and am super frustrated, so it is getting a one star. I would give it a zero if I could!

Fun with ads… except for one. Look, I will *pay* to have ads taken off. This game is fun, and I like filling out my daily puzzle calendar. But I am so tired of seeing the ads with the mom and her child suffering from poverty and the cold. I know woodoku likely has no control over the ads that rotate, but the homescapes (or gardenscapes idk which one) ads are horrible and also happen to be the longest ads on top of that. Finished the daily puzzle? Watch a sick trembling bed-ridden mom receive ice cream, her shivering daughter beg for the player to fix the fireplace (it stays broken), and them both stare at the player to fix the open window that’s been letting snow in this whole time (it also doesn’t get fixed). The viewer can’t actually do anything but watch. And there’s also ads from the same game where you watch the player purposely sabotage the mom and daughter from getting money from a puzzle. When they only get one coin out of hundreds, we watch them sob. This game is my favorite nighttime thing to wind down with, but it gets ruined by these ads every time. They’re cheap, emotion farming, long, and so frequent. Please do something woodoku team, I like this app but it’s not worth seeing that same ad multiple times a week. I’ve been playing for 10 months, and I can’t imagine how many times I’ve seen that ad by now. I’ve reached my limit. I can’t do it anymore, man.

Game won’t load. 09 Nov, 2023: The game was playing flawlessly yesterday. I did an update to the app today, and now it won’t load. It just gets stuck on a completely white screen with nothing to click, which is when I have to force stop the app. I tried restarting the iPad, nope. Force closed again. I tried turning on Wi-Fi and then loading the game, in case your update has followed that trend of requiring Wi-Fi to function even at all, nope. Force closed again. Tried starting with Wi-Fi off again, in case something useful snuck in during the last boot, nope. Force closed again. I came here to the App Store to contact the tech team, but it only goes to your (very awesome and attractive, but ultimately unhelpful) recruitment page. (Nice graphics, btw. Your artist seems to have really captured everyone) So, unfortunately, I had to resign myself to leaving this message in an open/public forum. I miss your game being part of my wake-up routine. Hopefully we can be friends again soon?

Ruined by advert greed, used to be decent. This game used to be fun and relaxing - if frustrating because you cannot turn items and it will trip you up gradually at different levels by not giving you items you need but instead multiple items you cannot place. But at least it was ad banners and very limited ads. Now, coming back to it while healing from a medical procedure … I rediscovered woodoku. The stupid & very loud not muted (?!) repetitive animated ads at every level completion and fail are just too much. I had lost all my progress and scores, but that did not bother me, I played a few regular games. Ad is super disruptive, cutting in before you knew what was wrong or even your score. Today it offered me the challenge journey. OK, let me relax with that … No, I am just like strapped to a screen and forced to view and click every 20-30 secs on these loud animated ads for games I have no interest in. None. Just ridiculous to have in game ad banners + force that many popups for games that most people either have or just are not interested in … Literally ruined by greed. People play puzzles to relax and heal. Not to get stressed out by unskippable ads you have to sit through and interact with to get rid of them. Back to my solitaire game I go. Bye.

Does this game have an unfair edge?!. Hi. Sorry if this has already been brought up before. Although I very much enjoy this game and play it frequently, I can’t help but feeling that, as currently designed, the app has a distinct and unfair advantage over its players, by the simple fact that each new set of pieces is generated after the previous one has been placed by the gamer. As the game progresses, it will always come to a point in which it should be trivial for the algorithm to come up with a set of figures that are impossible to accommodate, thereby ensuring you lose. It seems to me that it would be better if each new set was created and displayed onscreen after the first two of the previous one have been placed, but before the last one is. This way, the player can’t benefit unfairly from viewing the next set in advance when placing the first two, but neither could the game gain an advantage, not knowing how the last piece will be placed on the board. This would also add an element of skill in deciding how to place it in order to maximize its effectiveness, considering what pieces will follow. I hope this suggestion is clear enough.

Ads are out of control!!. I enjoy the game, but the ads have gotten progressively more invasive. It was annoying to have to watch between rounds. Then some ads would never end requiring the app to be shut down and reopened. Since I enjoyed the game, I put up with it, but it keeps getting worse. Now, an ad for Candy crush pops up in the MIDDLE of rounds and is maddening. I would gladly pay for a version with no ads. The other thing that is frustrating is that the new addition of watering the plants is so unfairly set up. The journey game begins on Saturday, but the drops for the plant don’t start until Tuesday, which doesn’t give the opportunity to achieve. The closest I’ve ever come to it is 188. They should make it more fair. Lastly, I downloaded the game because of an ad that features a diamond block. After playing for 2 years, I’ve yet to find that portion of the game.

Ads Ads and s’more Ads. First and foremost, this game disappointingly has nothing to do with sodoku other than the board. It’s just a new take on Tetris. Also, it is clear that this game solely exists to generate ads. The owners make their money off of those ads and micro purchases. That means they must saturate the user with enough ads to get other companies interested in advertising on their product, but what that really means is the game will intentionally scuttle your progress in order to keep their average advertisement runs on the level. They only show you the next three pieces and then conveniently you get impossible combinations very quickly and lose: now you get an add. Play it again and they provide you with two or three possible moves before there are no more possible. Rinse and repeat until they very easily provide you with the exact combinations you need so you can advance. In the end it takes almost no skill to win or lose. It’s the random pieces generated by the application which are in line with them forcing you back to the ads and curbing your progress. Very disappointing overall. Bit of advice: force close the app whenever you win or lose to skip the ad. Start the app back up and you’ll be where you left off in much shorter time or even better, don’t install this game disguised as tracking software.

It has potential but falls short on execution. This game gets really frustrating really fast because it is so repetitive. In real sudoku, you know all the numbers (hopefully!) and the game is about placing them and thinking it through. In this game, you only get three pieces at a time so there is a huge luck factor. I think the game could be great if you had a whole bank of pieces at the start that you had to place, like sudoku. You would know the pieces in advance and have to fit them together. Once you place a piece you cannot remove it anyways so it’s not completely like a puzzle but it would add the pleasing factor of actually having to think through strategy. Then if you say you wanted more points or to make the level difficult maybe they could reduce it to you only seeing a few pieces at a time. While there are some skills involved in the current set up a huge portion comes down to luck. And though it is addicting, it is also equal parts frustrating, so you burn out fast. My hope is that the developer might consider my comment. It has the potential for greatness.

Game with misleading ads to show you misleading ads. I saw an ad for this game that showed a completely different type of puzzle. I’m not sure why they would bother since neither the actual game or the game they showed is any harder to make or more interesting, but it bugged me that it was using the classic fake line of “If you can solve this you have an IQ of 180”. But the puzzle still looked interesting so I checked it out. Sadly the puzzle in the game is not the one advertised. The actual game is pretty boring since while there is a little skill to set yourself up so that you will be able to continue playing with whatever random pieces you get next, the difficulty depends entirely on which random pieces you get, which isn’t even consistent in the adventure mode (or whatever they call it). So the same level can be impossible one attempt and then ridiculously easy the next. On top of this, the game displays misleading ads for other games between each level with no option to pay to remove the ads. I gave it a go for a while but when I got to an ad that wouldn’t play and just sat there frozen, rather than force quitting and reopening the app I just deleted it because it wasn’t what it claimed to be and it was frustrating to play.

I love the game but…. Recently it’s been extremely laggy, which unfortunately causes me to “accidentally” place tiles where I never meant to place them. I have a newer phone and nothing else on my phone lags (and this game didn’t use to, either!) so I’m leaving a 3-star review in the hopes the developers will fix whatever issue is causing the game to lag. In effect, I try to pick up a tile and it doesn’t move, so I lift my thumb off the screen, and because of the lag, the tile finally DOES move—and gets plopped somewhere on the board randomly. Very annoying! Other than that, I really like this game. I notice a couple of reviewers saying the game seems rigged against them, providing the wrong tiles. Personally, I feel that it forces you to think about your strategy by not giving you obviously easy-fit tiles as you progress to a higher score. I like that and it makes me feel like my brain is getting a good workout. I was initially quite frustrated with it for that same reason but noticed that as I played more, I could see that the strategy isn’t really to fit all the tiles neatly together, but to almost do the opposite: take as many wins as you can, even if the board looks a little messy. I feel like in that respect, it’s a really good strategy game that is a rare find amongst most games which are more about luck or very surface-level strategy!

Fun, but will purposely discourage you to waste your time trying to reach the finish-line.. Daily challenge is great. The weekly adventure to try and reach the final stage…. (Used to be 50) Now 83, is impossible by the algorithm giving you a predetermined losing combination of blocks to keep you coming back for another try. It’s enough of your time just play 82 games, but to lose 30 times in a row to a single stage so you can never reach the finish line (and I don’t mean on the last stage) by, obviously not random pieces when approaching your goal, is annoying and a waste of time. It’s a fun game and used to be better, but now they keep you roped in by having a glimps of hope and rip the carpet out from under your feet. I took a long a break and came back. Now I feel like I should have just stayed away. OCD trigger warning for those who can stop.

Great game but…. Hello, first of all this game is fun,challenging, and great to play when you are bored. Second I love playing it because whenever I feel bored or just nothing really to do I play this it’s fun because it gets challenging and I love challenging so that’s why I play it. However there is just a couple problems, it drives me crazy when I’m playing and then this add just pops up on my screen so can you only make it so it is just an add after each level because it messes me up when that happens, second of all whenever I’m playing I have sound but then a couple minutes later the sound goes away so I have to clear my tab then open it back up again to get the sound back, if you are like me and you need to hear the music or sound then this would make you kind of annoyed, I’m not sure if it is just my device or if it is others but please fix! Other than that it’s and amazing game and I think you should just download it! You will make a mistake if you don’t! Thank you for taking your time to read this🍄☺️

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Tried to like this…. I really want to love this game. It’s such fun. But the glitching and freezing is now so bad it’s impossible to play! It freezes now every few minutes, usually on completing a level. It’s caused me to lose my place in the levels and to not be able to finish challenges. It’s beyond frustrating! The game often takes twelve or more hours to resolve a freeze, or you have to keep turning your phone on and off. This really should get fixed!!! Developers please take note!

Great game, but hate the new update that plays ads when you’re offline😡. I really enjoy this game but hate the new update that has ads playing when you’re offline! Why not have an ad-free version that people can pay for? I’d pay for that! At the moment considering whether I really want to play this game now that you’ve changed it to include ads even when you’re offline. Will probably delete it if there’s not an ad-free version soon.

Confusing scoring & no rewards?. This is a nice distraction but could do with a few improvements. You shouldn’t be congratulated for a “Daily Best” if it’s way below your highest score? That’s just annoying! First thing in the morning you play your first game of the day, get a terrible score and the game goes wild for a “Daily Best”?? Pointless and annoying! Also, why have a special game with the jewels if there’s no rewards?

Enjoyable, but crashes too often. As another reviewer has said, this is a bit addictive. Unfortunately it has started to crash, and turn off other apps, too often lately. Interestingly, this is a new change over the past week or 2. Quite enjoyable puzzles, just wish it wouldn’t interrupt other apps, or crash with the ads

Good game but too many adverts. I enjoy this game as a brain workout and sometimes I think it helps me “order” my thinking if that makes sense. I can be having trouble getting my head around a problem and then after I play this game, I can think more clearly and orderly. I dropped a star off my railing as there are way too many adverts! And I agree with some of the comments that the ads are for distressing games of sadness and abuse. We I have done the feedback on some and said not suitable but you can’t do that for all of them. Hopefully the developers look at my review and respond with none of those ads. Also I play it on my iPad and it doesn’t spin so I play it sideways which is still good and actually helps with not focusing on the ads 😆

Fun game. This is a fun game however, the advertisements are way too long and so annoying. You should have the right to opt out after 30 seconds and this is not available. Considering deleting the app all together due to the ads

MargieE. I like this game. Great for a few minutes or for longer to get harder games. What is highly annoying is of course the ads! Suddenly they are full length - not bits you can turn off. And usually the same one over and over and over. Quite a new thing it seems. I have deleted and reloaded this game a couple of times already because of hitches but these ads are totally unnecessary and intrusive. Please do something about them and let us all know. Thank you

Fun but super glitchy and getting worse. Fun game, should be 5 stars but it constantly freezes, kicks you out of the app and makes my phone go hot almost immediately (no other app does this, so weird). Didn’t have these issues when I first got the game but it’s now getting worse. These issues, along with long ads (that are hard to get out of) between every attempt makes it pretty unenjoyable now. Time to delete unless the glitches can be fixed! Looking at other reviews it looks like these glitches have been happening for a long time with no resolve. Disappointing.

Feature Request. This is a great game except for one simple feature required. There is a daily puzzle which can easily be missed over a few days. It’s not possible to catch up if you miss a day or two. It would be a great feature if the daily button flashed blue when a day was available to play. This is already a feature for other parts of the game.

Great game, Ads are extremely annoying. O have played this game for more than a year and I have preserved because I like the challenge of the challenges and daily challenge too. I am about the delete the game, not because playing it is bad but because, as I usually focus on the journeys, o can play a 10 second game and then have to wait 30 seconds before o can play the next game. This is fine if it’s only once or twice but I can sometimes play for an hour or so and just find it so frustrating that I have to watch so many ads. I would happily pay a one off fee for a pro version of this game to remove the ads.

The add is false. I find it super annoying that the add makes you believe it’s lots of wood block puzzles in the shape of a cat or what ever….BUT it’s really just the grid game a thousand times and it took me a while to find one! It’s in the add …block puzzles and you think that’s cool but it’s not!!! I got the fishdom game for same reason but again it’s really just a version of candy crush . It’s a deliberate mislead and I don’t understand why don’t they just do what’s in the add as that seems to work….I think for me it’s like every one is trying the con… even a silly game has a false add

Freezes & crashes constantly now!. I really liked this game when I first installed but now it's so bad with freezing and now crashing that renders it useless to play. With all the recent reviews why aren't you fixing these issues? I'll tell you why because it's because the more advertising you overload it with the worse it gets. If making money on so much advertising is what you're all about and no care about the stability of the game then this is not for me! I'm done and deleting now! The one star is only because I used to enjoy the game!

Unplayable glitching. I really enjoyed this game in the beginning but now I can barely convince it to allow me to move pieces without it glitching, freezing or, as many others have complained using so much processing power it requires a whole phone reset and a few minutes in the fridge to cool the phone down enough to function again. You also can’t have anything else open so if you like listening to your own audio while playing games this is a disaster of epic proportions as it crashes and burns almost immediately if you have any audio playing in the background.

An excellent game ruined by ads. Unfortunately due to this game not having an option to purchase ‘no ads’ I have deleted it. The game itself if entertaining and keeps you engaged. The worst thing is that after every single puzzle you win or restart you must sit through an advertisement. It is very, very annoying. With very little else offered in the game it is simply not worth keeping on my device.

Bring in a paid version. This is a great little game but agree with other reviewers - there are far too many ads. One or two ads are served after each level, whether successful or not and usually have to wait at least 20 seconds until you can skip. Also seems that even though I have turned off sounds and my phone is on mute there are adverts that still play sound. Bring in a paid version, until then I’m out.

Hard to shut down ads. I do enjoy this game and don’t mind the ads sometimes [but most times when you press the cross to close the ad it takes you to site. Then when you close site and go back to game that 🤬ad is still there and takes you back to that site again. I’m just about ready to delete this game 😞

Glitchy advert. Ads show in between each game that you have to click out of each time. One of the ads goes to a black screen that freezes my phone. Have to restart every time. Very annoying. But the game is simple to play, enjoyable and very addictive.

Good game but crashes. This game is so much fun and I wish I could give it 5 stars but the games crashes every few games and it freezes every time I play it. Sometimes it freezes every 30 seconds and then crashes. My phone and iPad are updated, so this problem is definitely with the game. Please fix it because the crashes make it impossible to play.

Puzzles ?. Not a game of skill , just a game where luck is required. Way too many ads ! Also is a big battery drainer 😡😡😡 And is nothing like the ads , Only 1 style of game - becomes very boring after a small amount of time Since update while playing game just goes to safari and opens ad , this app is getting worse , and the deception of the game play in the ads is nothing like the game - is just the same repetitive game over and over. Months later and nothing has changed - still same old block game , nothing like the game advertised.

Far out the Ads!!!. I love this game, good brain workout BUT the ads are all to do with husbands cheating on their wives and kicking the wife and kids out of the home with the mistress on his arm. If it’s not those ads it’s ads about killing, not the sort of ads you would expect from an app that is used to wind down. Improvements on the app need doing, would be nice to see what block is coming up next as no one I know has managed to score over 2500, gets boring when you can’t break the ceiling. I feel this app is just designed to lure you into other apps. I would rather pay for it and never see another app again to be honest. It’s just ewww

Woodblock. Rubbish, not enjoyable, frustrating, used to be rewarding, not now!! I’ll add to my previous comments- 1. the algorithms in this game are not encouraging. The longer you have been playing the harder it is to get earlier scores. 2. The ads are just as difficult to get rid of, not disappearing when you hit the cross or ‘clear’, some ads just don’t allow dismissal and you have to restart the device 3. Some ads have started interrupting games 4. Wonder why I ditched what used to be a relaxing game, now just infuriating

OMG so many Ads. I love the game but the Ads are making me crazy. There’s Ads after every game and they’re so loud and annoying! Also the Ads are still audible when my phone is clicked to silent, so I also have to turn the volume right down as well, I have missed calls due to this. I’d rather pay to have Ad free games, (not a subscription but a once off payment.) I understand you need advertising, but after every game....seriously? Please guys, do something about this. A few of my friends have already deleted the App, I’m probably next.

Fun app, but too many ads. I love this game but there are just too many ads - one ad after EVERY game! I get sick of closing the app every time to get rid of the ads so I can keep playing. Please make a paid version so we can do away with the ads. I only ever keep this game for a week or so before the ads kill me. Then I uninstall for a few months before I forget how annoying the ads are.

Let me be honest.. Steve Harvey caught my eye and I hoped he wouldn’t align his name with a crud game. Thankfully, I was right. I’m usually frustrated after playing new apps because I’m instantly met with adds after coasting through the levels. Which are generally boring. This game isn’t the same. There’s a correct balance of variety, difficulty and adds. One of my rare feedback moments of a positive💟

Great Game. It is a great game, it’s hard to put it down but it is also very annoying. When are you going to fix the problem of it seizing up, also the blocks sticking and sometimes dropping into the place you didn’t choose? If you do that it would be at the top of the list. Also is there a way of payment to rid of the adds??

Addictive in a good way. Reading the reviews below I of course agree with those mentioning too many ads. What I don’t agree with necessarily is that the game is set up to give you the wrong piece at the wrong time. I did think that for a while but I’ve found that there are points in the game where correct placement is crucial. Around 5/600 , 1000, 1300, 1700.. my top score is 2800. In other words there is a rhythm to the algorithm that gives you the right pieces to get you out of a tough spot if it identifies that you’re close to moving on or the wrong piece when it identifies you’re going to close out soon. Well that’s my theory. Generally the game is satisfying in either a meditative sense or in filling in a few minutes that you might have. One thing that’s interesting is if you’re right into a good game and you have to close it, when you go back to it, it usually ends very quickly. It’s like you get the rhythm but have lost it when you return. The other thing is don’t make moves that leave awkward gaps, it’s a sure way to fail. The game rewards you for being careful to not do this.

great game but so buggy. awesome awesome game love the daily challenges and the journey level things but recently it’s gotten VERY slow. when you win or lose the level and the advertisement shows up it gets stuck and i have to close and open the app a few times and it freezes a lot and i have to reopen it too. i really like this game it helps with my hyperactivity but its becoming unplayable

I’d rather pay than have the ads. I love this game! But the main reason I stop playing it is because I get so frustrated waiting for the ads to pass by. It ruins the lovely meditative experience of the game. PLEASE give us the option to buy the app if we don’t want the ads. Thanks for a beautiful natural themed game, my fave.

Intrusive ads. The game itself seems good and the interface is neat but there are far too many ads, they run for too long, and they are too loud. They also kick you out of the game and into the App Store. I haven’t been able to play this game for more than a minute at a time before an ad interrupts me. I would happily pay for it if I could get a decent go of it to trial it but instead I’m uninstalling it. It’s too annoying to persevere with and there’s so many alternatives to it that I don’t need to keep it. It gets 2 stars because if the ads.

Non stop ads. I don’t mind the game, but I gave up after very little play, as expected the first several levels are dead simple and can be completed within a few seconds. You are then rewarded with watching a 30 sec plus ad. If it occurred after say 10 successful level, yeah great, however between every single level you complete is just not worth my time.

Same as every other block game. I think this falsely advertises the game. The pictures show that you can choose from several pieces to try and complete the block, but unless I’m missing something, that isn’t the case. These block games seem to always be rigged in some way so that it offers pieces that aren’t going to fit...maybe I am just not good at these types of games,...or not a left-brain thinker..who knows. I just find that they all seem to be the same. I thought this one was going to be different, sadly it wasn’t...so deleted. Don’t need yet another ‘same’ game.

Freezes & overheats my iPhone. I really like this game, especially the journeys. However whenever I play the game often freezes when I’m attempting to pick up a time and it doesn’t always come back, although sometimes does when the banner add changes. Plus I have noticed if I play for more than about 10-15min at a time my phone gets really hot…. Not sure what’s going on here but sadly I won’t be playing anymore as the frustrations are ruining the gameplay :-(

Great game that’s wonderfully addictive. Love this game. Nice and simple, no need for flashy ‘extras’ or ‘cheats’ that sidetrack you from actually giving your brain a workout. You just compete against yourself basically. Do the journey or the daily jewels or just don’t and play to get a high score! I can just zone out of everything else and focus on one thing. Almost like meditating. Only thing that’s irritating at the moment (May 2022) is that it’s a little glitchy. Puzzle pieces seem to lag/freeze across the screen and then drop where I didn’t want them to be. Tried closing all open apps, closing the game and re-opening but still happens. Otherwise it’s my fave game on my phone! Cheers guys.

Unstable and too hot to handle. I love doing the Journey part of the game. But the app is so unstable. The tiles are often ‘sticky’ or completely unable to be moved. The other concerning thing is when this app is open, my mobile gets so hot I can hardly hold it in my hand. Please fix this up! I also have a major concern about the ads and the subsequent spam I’m inundated with. Fix these problems ASAP or I’ll have to find something else to challenge myself with.

Not kid friendly ads supported. I like this game BUT this game has ads that sit at the top of the screen that pop up mid game and opens a link in your safari and it’s either a porn website or a website saying the phone was hacked and to act on it now etc. This happens only when playing this game. I have to play it with the data and wifi turned off to avoid these pop ups. This should not be happening. Ads like these should not be supported by apps that children can download or maybe not support them in general so people don’t get very unwanted websites pop up while trying to play.

Just deleted this app. I have been playing this game every night for a month, hoping that either the ads might improve or that there was a way to actually do well in the game, but no. The ads are terrible and repetitive so I was playing just one game and then turning it off. The game is also frustratingly hard to do well in. Such a shame, would have been happy to pay for this type of game but it’s all too annoying.

Great game but highly inappropriate ads. Really addictive game, enjoying it. But the ads are so annoying, and this morning I had a disturbing ad come up that should definitley not be allowed in a game for 12+. The game the ad is for is rated 17+. It proposes plastic surgery to make your husband happy, then proceeds to take you to another ad which shows a girl who has to get ready for a BDSM party and asks you to choose which items she should take to this party - yeh let’s just say the items are not appropriate. Considering any child 12+ playing this game will be exposed to these ads it’s pretty irresponsible. Really disappointed. Have screen shots of the game ad if developers are interested.

Fun and addictive but many inappropriate ads. Played quite a bit and it’s plenty of fun apart from the ads after every single game. Unfortunately the ads a few weeks ago quickly descended into being extremely inappropriate for a game marked as safe for ages 4 and up. Had to uninstall to avoid my kids seeing the inappropriate ads and reached out to the game developer with no luck. Still looking for something to fill the void.

Need wifi to play. I loved this game. It keeps me occupied and keeps me entertained. I used to love this game when you didn’t need wifi to play it, as sometimes when I am out and away from wifi I can play it while I am bored. This is probably a new update or thing they have added that doesn’t allow me to play it without wifi. I am upset by this and will no longer be playing as much as I used to, if not at all. This is just me and my circumstances, great game overall though.

Sorry but this is really a app support issue. Hi there, tried your website to submit an app support request but couldn’t find where to enter so have to use the review process here. The Woodoku app is great and have been enjoying it for a while. However I think after the last iOS system update it now crashes or is so slow it’s unplayable. Have installed latest iOS patches and game updates but issue is still there. I have 3 family members who play and we’re all having the same issue. Hope you can diagnose and fix. Thanks

Good game but has serious problem. It’s a really good brain workout. However, 2 major issues cause me to delete the game.1) it frequently freezes my phone, causing the phone to heat up. I often have to reset my phone. This is the only game that does this, and it appears that others have had the same experience. 2) too many ads that are long, some can cause the game to completely black out, again, I had to close the app/restart the phone

Way too many Ads. Love this game. Hate the Ads.. 1. They are fake or scam Ads 2. I don’t wish to open but the placement of the x too close the ad is so small the ads always open. My virus protection blocks every single ad. 3. If we must be subjected to Ads then at least ensure we are not subject to being scammed and post Ads that are legitimate.

Ads ads ads.. I wanted just a quiet relaxing game. Downloaded this app and though great then came ads not one, but two but three after each game. Had to sit and workout where the x was to get rid of it. X is always hidden away. Sime if the adds have terrible loud music that detracts from the calmness of the game. Sadly being a cynic I think it’s just a case of get revenue from the ads and stuff the users. Either give us a paid version or remove the ads. Otherwise I am out.

Love game but annoying glitches. I love this game and especially the challenging “journey” but I spend half of my time trying to reopen the game after it shuts down or freezes after an advertisement. The ad comes on, I wait click on the x- nothing, shut down game, reopen - black, try again- okay time for a break try again later. Grrr

Good game except I need internet connection now…. I love to play Woodoku every day but now suddenly I need internet connection to play and I don’t have access to internet connection much. If this is something that can be fixed, I’d love that. If not, I’m afraid I may have to uninstall the app because it’s taking up my storage space which I need. I don’t want to uninstall the app but unless I can get this app to go back offline, I’m going to have to uninstall it. :/

Ads ads ads. A great game but please give me the option to purchase and remove ads. As it is I play the game without sound on and when a level finishes I just walk away and let the ad play. Useless mindless irritating interruptions

The Ads are worse than ever!. I really enjoyed the game it’s good for the mind, what’s not good for the mind is the ads. The ads goes for so long and every time you finish a game. Never used to be like this and you could play off-line. If it Stays like this, I’ll be deleting it, don’t mind an ad here and there, but not after every game.

A Good Game….but those Ads!. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and find it fun and challenging BUT the number of ads is just ridiculous! You finish a level and you’re stuck with an ad. If you’re lucky it’s over in 10 seconds but usually they go for much longer. Very frustrating as you just want to get to the next game. I’d rather pay a couple of bucks and be ad free.

Stopped working. I was playing last night, had to close the game for a minute but when I tried to open it up again, it shows the main title screen then it’s a grey screen and nothing. Do I need to delete and reinstall or is it something in the game that needs updating? Please advise because this is my favourite game :( Also agree with other reviews about the ads, way too much and my goodness they go for ages! And most of the time the x to close the ad is so small it takes you to the store when you press it because your finger is bigger than the symbol! Very annoying!

Woodoku. DON’T BOTHER …FRUSTRATION OVERLOAD IMPOSSIBLE TO LEVEL UP. I have been playing this game for ages it has changed and updated over time but just was better. The latest update has a puzzle that has apples with leaves that is so, so frustrating to try and clear this level. It has turned me off the game and not playing anywhere near like I was ALL the time. Levels are sometimes frustrating to get out especially when they give 3 wood cubes that it’s impossible to clear anything… seriously why bother giving levels that are impossible so you just have ho keep starting again. That’s the other frustrating thing about this game. I hope they can change these annoying things they have changed otherwise I will be giving this game a big miss. Games are all have frustrating times but they have changed this way beyond that & I am starting to dislike it and have been downloading other games. I don’t put up with the frustrating levels anymore ! Please change it, it USED to be really good! So I decided to try this game again, once again another STUPID update. Now they have blocks with crosses inside, that’s ok, but the eg; you have one colour to get the total goal collection, but they don’t give new blocks with ANY colour just making it completely useless. Why play a game with NO goal, because it’s just total frustration making it IMPOSSIBLE to pass. I am now deleting this FRUSTRATION GAME !!Q

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Tim Hortons Ad. I play Woodoku frequently throughout the day and thoroughly enjoy the game. Recently a Tim Hortons ad has popped up advertising to win a gift card. I cannot get rid of the ad unless I enter to win a gift card. I have deleted and reinstalled the Woodoku game a few times but eventually the Tim Hortons ad reappears. I am tired of deleting and reinstalling the Woodoku game so may just stop playing it. Really would like to continue playing if you could help me out.

Too many adds. The adds are too many and so inappropriate. I would never buy anything advertised here because of that. But the game itself is great and I would give 5 stars if you would stop them or give us the option of stopping them.

Game is genuinely broke. For some reason, when things start piling up as they do. The options it will present to you aren’t even applicable to the spaces available. The game presents 3 opens per turn then resets the three once they’ve all been placed. I understand randomizing the selection, but giving me pieces that can’t fit within the confines of the previous pieces given makes zero sense to me. If I can’t place then why even show me them? Give me three actual options. Essentially what’s going on here is your score makes zero difference and it’s completely up to random number generation how far you get.

Woodoku. Am deleting this although I really like it , I am so sick of looking at all he ads.

Boring. This is just a really crappy knockoff of Tetris

Simple crush game. I don’t see the game that was advertised? This is a simple crush game. Not the “fit all the blocks into this shape” puzzle game.

Ads every few seconds making this unplayable. I could handle the ad after playing a game but it has started playing an ad every 15 seconds or so during game play. It’s impossible to play the game when the ads pop up while you’re trying to make a move, it barely gives you anytime to see the board. I wasn’t even able to finish the daily puzzle today as the same ad played about 10 times before I gave up out of frustration. Also there is no option to play it without internet access so no way to get around the ads.

Fun for a bit. The game should show you what’s coming next like Tetris so you can make your own decisions, otherwise the algorithm they use just gives you pieces that won’t work and it’s game over.

Wayyyy too many ads - deleted app. There are many similar games with options to remove ads.

Clickbait. For once clicked on a game from an ad, and the actual app is nothing like what was advertised. Waste of time and pure clickbait.

Ads. Good game , entertaining but overwhelming with advertisements and warnings of hacking. More time spent on mandatory ad viewing than actual play.

Annoying. I love the game, but can’t play when travelling as it requires internet connectivity, which is a HUGE negative! The ads now are a full 30 second “commercial” that you can’t skip. I am ready to delete this app if the ads (especially for apps I already have) continue this way.

Add time far exceeds game time. Win or loose, you have to see an add to continue. Same 6 or 7 adds, timed to force you watch over a minute each time. You pay by spending 2/3 of your time in adds. I had installed on two devices, removed them after a 10 days.

not great. too many ads and needs wifi to play - why does it need internet to play its a block game

If i could rate zero stars i would. No. Just, no. first of all the ads i saw yea those? THERE NOTHING LIKE THE FRICKEN GAME And second of all there are way too many ads Do not download this game its not worth it i dont know what the developers were thinking but i dont think they even were

Too many adds!!!. I enjoy the game, but am continually bombarded by ads for other games and then my game gets deleted and have to start new game. Too frustrating for me. I like to sit back and enjoy a game while relaxing! Not trying to figure out how to get rid of annoying ads!!!👎

Rigged. Why can’t anyone release a game that isn’t set up for the player to fail.

Racist ads-ZERO STARS. This game display some ads that promote racism. If you flag them as inappropriate they will show up even more frequently. Granted one can always ignore them, but after a while you get sick of them and delete the whole thing. There are so many other games!

This is just ads with some game play. They are constantly interrupting the game with ads, it’s a horrible user experience. Would love to play the game. It’s fun and addictive and challenging. Even if the ads were more subtle. It is an awful experience

Too many ads. This game should be called ads-doku because you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Totally not worth it if after every round you’re forced into an ad.

Love and hate it. Honestly I love this game, its the ads are just too overpowering, they take away from the relaxation the game provides… I’d give this 5 stars if they got rid of the ads

Read the reviews! How does this game have 4.5 stars?. If you like watching ads more than playing the actual game, this game is for you! Every single time you finish 1 round which takes less than 1 minute of actual gameplay, you’re forced to watch an ad. Came here to write a review and saw that all the recent reviews had 1-3 stars also addressing the excessive ads as the issue. Did this company buy fake 5 star reviews? Or was the game better in the past before they introduced ads every single minute?

PLEASE OFFER A NONADS VERSION !. Wonderful game I played several time a day before but now there is so much Ads and they are so long that I’m playing on another game during the time of the ads ! So your are forcing me with some ads I will nether watch. Most of the time I’m playing on my iPad. The last time I’ve played on my iPhone, I got ads in the middle of the game !!! So I’ve deleted the App. Immediately. I really don’t understand the developers, you are firing your clients. I can understand that you need money but don’t get greedy. Ask for a fair contribution to the people who can’t stand ads in their life ! You should also understand the ones who don’t want to live in a world full of Ads.

False advertisement. Different game than how it was advertised and also a lot of ads (which I guess I understand) Still not satisfied.

Was ok now it’s deleted. I had this app for awhile and I liked it before the latest updates. I fly a lot (2x per week) and would play this in Airplane mode. Well now you have to be connected to the internet all the time. So I deleted the app.

Fun game. Addictive!!

More ads than prime time tv. Unplayable due to amount of LOOOOONG ADS.

Good game- greedy number of advertisements. I enjoy the game however the pop-up, long advertisements after every play is beyond annoying. Not worth the effort.

Too many ads!. I understand the need for ads, but now the ads pop up in the middle of puzzles, multiple times, instead of between puzzles. If this isn’t changed I’m going to delete the app.

Sunfish. Too many adds. Adds hang and I have to reinstall. May just quit the game entirely.

Ads need to be vetted better. Been playing it for a while and while it is a great game there are an increasing number of ads that players can’t close. One review mentions Tim Hortons. My latest bugbear is a Witch 3 app. I get tired of having to repeatedly hard close the Soduku app then reopen to continue playing. Ready to just permanently delete the app and move on.

Woodoku. Very challenging game. Thoroughly enjoying it!

Not what they advertise. The advertisement was of a scenario where you have to solve the puzzle in order for the old lady to cross the bridge to the bathroom. In reality, the game is nothing like this, there are no levels or scenarios or story to it at all. It is just a blank board you play over and over. It would be a decent game, but the fact that the developers lie to me to try and get me to play their game shows they have no integrity and are not someone I will support.

Don’t waste your time. It’s a good game with an excessive amount of ads that won’t close. I give up, the ads win, I’ve deleted this app from my phone.

Avis. Trop de publicités

dangerous weight loss ads. I know adds keep games free but, after all this time, every so often btwn other ads is a constant bombardment of diet ads for pills or gummies or whatever. There’s not even an option to refuse those types of ads like you can with others. Funny thing is if you look at the people used for before and after, they’re either look a-likes or probably stolen images from peoples social media accts. It’s dangerous to claim what these ads do bcs some fall for it and damage their health. Also, this game makes phones work too hard and overheat and the game itself freezes and glitches.

Continuous Ads ruin the fun. You can’t play longer than 30 seconds without an add popping up. Will be having to delete game. Good game though while you aren’t getting through the ads

DANGER! DANGER! Stay away. They have very, very questionable ads. One says my storage full and install an app to clean storage. This a trap! I deleted this game. Stay away!!

Offer a premium version. I love this game but hate the ads.

Publicity. I love this game. It’s good for the brain. Unfortunately, I quit because there is to much publicity. I’m disappointed.

Black screen. Love the game but lately this black screen keeps popping up every few seconds!! Extremely annoying. Deleted this app because it was so frustrating.

Addictive but annoying long ads. Should charge a nominal fee for usage instead of these long gardenscape ada. Annoying Otherwise this game would be a five star; addictive

Great Brain Exercise. Enjoyable if you like puzzles

Why Wi-Fi?. Still the game is good, however I’d like it if didn’t require the usage of Wi-Fi

False advertising to trick you into watching ads. Title says it all. It’s not the same game as the ad that brought me here. Ads are longer than the gameplay itself. After EVERY board you get an ad. Utter garbage

Fun but app lags/overheats phone. Yeah not a sustainable app. My phone gets so hot when playing and the lag messes up my block placement and reduces enjoyment considerably. Please fix. (I just updated hoping that would help but it didn’t.)

What??. While playing this game it would open safari. Then took me to a website saying my iPhone has been hacked. Stay away from this game.

Misleading advertisements. The game was advertised as fitting pieces into a particular shape, and it is not that. You’re just placing pieces to make squares and lines, which then disappear. And the ads are far too frequent.

Impossible to advance. The game is rigged. I made it to level 50 in the wonderland quest. The game’s pieces are not random; it adjusts the next pieces to ensure you don’t get the one you need. I played one level at least 40-50 times before realizing it was a scam. Shameful.

Misleading ads. I downloaded this game from seeing an ad for it elsewhere and I’m confused as to why the actual game is nothing like the ads…like literally the PREVIEW video on the app store is just an entirely different game. Disappointed, I wanted to play that one.

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WHY Those ads??. I will never understand why some devs insist on advertising the game with sequences that never Ever occur in the actual game. I'm sure this game is fine and fun, but they chose to show a completely different type of game in the advertisement, and since That was the game I'm interested in playing, I'm quite disappointed. I will continue to leave 1-star reviews for devs who do this; if you think people will like the Other game better, why don't you make That game instead of this one? Or if you think this game is better, why on earth would you advertise the other? Just advertise the game you made, please, not the game you wish you had made 🙄 PS. The advertised game was more like a traditional puzzle where you have to fit in all the specific pieces, and it showed scoring and a "right" way and a "wrong" way. The actual game is much more like Tetris meets "match three," which is perfectly fine but not the type of game I like.

Misleading and boring. The game is not like the advertisement, which shows fitting shapes into a triangle. It is only fitting random shapes into a standard Sudoku board over and over. There is a daily challenge, but the reward is collecting useless stickers. There is a weekly challenge that makes you start at an very easy level and work through 84 levels, which eventually become impossible, and there is a plain game that just compares you to your own high score. There should be some perks to the rewards, like being able to switch out a piece or collect some pieces for later use. While initially fun to play, after a few weeks it is repetitive and boring. I am disappointed that it does not have levels like those shown in the ad. Also, you keep seeing an add for the game when playing the game already.

Frustrating!. I have no complaints about the difficulty of this game. I think the graphics are good and the puzzles themselves are pretty well done. I do, however, dislike how the game actually works. Or not! The sensitivity of the graphics is not good at all. I have to tap repeatedly on the screen to get the game to acknowledge the piece I want to move. Once I start to move the piece to complete a pattern, it very often stops working, and the piece goes flying into a completely different location! The game crashes multiple times per use. The ads are disgusting, and never for anything I am even slightly interested in EVER purchasing and are a complete waste of time. I’ve tried the updates and they never fix these bugs! Good game, but the bugs are a bigger frustration than the game is relaxing!

Fun, but…. I really like this game. Some levels are much trickier than others. The daily puzzle is fun, and I enjoy the journey. The ads do get to me. If I fail a level, and see what I will do next time, I have to wait for an ad. I absolutely understand that because of the ads, the game is absolutely free. I also appreciate that there are not a ton of in-app purchases (one reason I chose this game!). My question is, is there a version that you can purchase ad free? I would actually consider that! Or perhaps one with less ads. I will still enjoy this game, just curious about an ad free version. Thanks!

Good game, but…. It’s a fun game. I only keep 3 games on my phone, and Woodoku is one of them . It’s easy to play while waiting for appointments or traveling. This game has an option to purchase “coins”, but I’ve never figured out what the coins are used for. Why do you want us to buy useless coins? I’ve had no problem with the ads while playing Woodoku on my cell phone. HOWEVER, I had to delete the game on my iPad. The iPad does not have cellular, and I live in an area with slow WiFi. The ads would frequently freeze the whole game. My other games’ ads do not freeze the iPad, just the Woodoku ads. Are the advertisers using band-hungry software? That’s not to your company’s advantage.

Love…BUUUUUT. This game is great to play and is one of my favorites, but there are major downfalls……. 1) WAY TOO MANY ADS! There is no need for an ad after every single time you play! Some of the ads are difficult to tap out of, and I’m so sick of repetitive ads! The developers of the gam obviously don’t care what players say because I have seen this complaint repetitively and nothing has changed. 2) some levels in the challenges CAN NOT BE BEATEN!!! I’m all for a good challenge, but when you play the same level for 3 days straight on a challenge that lasts only a week…..the fun gets sucked right out of playing!!! This is another common complaint that I’ve seen in reviews that the developers don’t seem to care about!! To the game creators: Start paying attention to what these reviews are saying or you are going to quickly lose players!!!!!!

Addicting, but audio issues are annoying. I love the game itself, but there is no way to effectively mute the sound on all the ads. I prefer to play games with the sound off and to listen simultaneously to podcasts. However, even with the Setting for Sound turned off, some ads automatically play sound, and when they do they hijack the Bluetooth audio through which I am listening to podcasts. So, I have to manually mute the ad, then go open the podcast app and hit Play again. It’s really, really annoying. Sound Off should mean sound totally off, not off until one of about half the ads rolls around and decides otherwise, and shuts down what you actually want to listen to, too!

Agree with ‘love with reservations’. I truly wish there was an ad free option to purchase. The handful of games that I have played for years on end are all because I was able to purchase the ad free version at some point. I completely agree with everything in the ‘love with reservations’ review. Having an ad only when you lose a level would be a small and fun incentive. I just encountered a sound ad for the first time the other day and had to turn my volume down even tho my sound was off, which is not a big deal but still weird. I also want to add something I’ve noticed happen when I do the journey. While the new blocks may be random, once I get to the higher levels, I always seem to be dealt 3 new ones where only one will fit, but I will automatically lose wherever I have to put it. Again, this could just be because they are truly random, but it happens so often that I feel like I’m being set up for failure. Anyways, it’s actually a pretty fun game but could use some new additions bc the sheer number of ads is exhausting.

My exit review. I loved this game when I first found it. The jewel like pieces were a charming change from all the wooden ones. Then they added the apples and the letterboxes and then the bubbles. Made it more engaging. But then the game began stalling out. Board just freezes, often in the middle of a move. On top of that, they began showing more and more ads. Many ads would not load. I would then need to restart my iPad to get past the black screen. I would try reinstalling the app. That worked for a while. But then ads began displaying in the middle of a game when I brushed the screen near the bottom of the window. I am a bit addicted and kept putting up with all this. But enough. I’m deleting it forever. Two stars for basic concept. Zero stars for execution.

Daily fav. I waited to write my review becauSe I wanted to see where the game went. I’ve had it for over a months and I play it daily for at least a few minutes. After 30 days I feel it’s earned staying power. So you have the main challenge where you beat your own score and I play that daily for a few minutes to see if I’m getting better. Then I play the daily level to keep my progress going. And I’m addicted to the adventures. I will play for hours to try and beat the entire adventure and then a new one comes out a week later and I’ve got to play that whole game too. It’s so fun and it makes my mind think outside the box. Love this game!!!

Would have been a really fun game…. I’ll start off by saying this game was (past tense) very fun to play. After completing a few levels, that’s when the pop-up ads started. I understand needing ads and having to watch the occasional video, but these ads pop up out of nowhere, interrupt the game, and have even caused me to place blocks where I didn’t intend to. And it’s every minute! Negates a perfectly good game. Developer, if you’re reading this: I’m totally understanding of the need for ads to help keep games free, but this particular type of pop-up completely ruins your game. A better alternative would be having users watch an ad after the completion of a level (as many other games do.) Thank you for reading my review.

Designed to capture then frustrate the simple minded.. Yes, that describes me. If you can relate, do not get this game for more than three days. It will quickly capture your attention then almost as quickly frustrate you to wanting to play another game to better your score. Day one, about 10 games in, I scored 1084. Days 2 &3, the closest I got to that was about 750 a couple times. I know realize that early in the games you will receive a few 2&3 block pieces. Then after that, those are provided VERY rarely and never when needed most, when the board is nearly filled in. By this time, there will be many small 1, 2, & 3 piece pockets that need filling. IF you get a small piece, 9/10 times it will be facing the wrong direction which makes it either useless or another piece required to be placed where you want/need to keep it open. It’s a scam to hook you, then keep you playing by manipulating our minds’ inherent desire to always want to do just a bit better. So enjoy it for a few short days. Then when you find it takes 50 games to beat your previous high score, realize the scammers have rigged their randomizer to manipulate you into trying just one more time.

Great Game BUT Why False Ad?. I have been playing this game for many years. What I like most about it is that it is just like Sudoku. It really changes the brain to make you think of every possibility. I would recommend a delete one shape each game like a skip button? Sometimes it is literally impossible to use all shapes even though you have plenty of room left. One thing that annoyed me was seeing an ad for this game. It was a diamond shape trying to fit all the shapes into the diamond and fitting so many increases your IQ. This game is NOTHING like that. It is completely false advertisement. Plus, why do a fake ad for a truly awesome game. The ad has nothing to do with the OKU of Woodoku. Please don’t be one of those apps

Developers lie: tiles are not random. Particularly in the Journey levels, especially the more you advance, the game will give you the exact same blocks in the exact same order, attempt after attempt. Once you get so far into the Journey, the levels are impossible to win. Not difficult. IMPOSSIBLE by design. So that you will fail, and they can make you watch yet another interstitial ad. This app is obviously just a cash cow and the devs don’t care about actual game play or players. A couple things could make this app amazing. 1. offer a paid version, with the option to watch ads in order to receive perks 2. allow players opportunities to switch out a block for a chance at a better shape (if it’s truly random, this should already be an option as it is in other games) players could choose to watch ads for a certain number of swaps The only thing keeping my review from 1 star is that the game itself IS fun up to the point you realize it’s screwing you because you’re getting too high a score. If changes aren’t made, I’m deleting. Starting to get bored with playing a level 100+ times knowing that it’s rigged.

Very fun but too many glitchy ads. The game itself is excellent, especially in Journey mode. The ads after each round are annoying, but wouldn’t be nearly as bad if they weren’t glitchy and take so many taps to get out of them. Every 3-4 ads crash or freeze the whole game, plus the in-game ads often freeze the game for 5 seconds or so. The blocks are not random, despite messages from the game in the reviews. I’ve played hard round repeatedly and the blocks in that round always come in the exact same order every time. This is a great thing in my opinion because it is a puzzle after all. Please come out with a paid version!!!

Waste of Time. This game is ridiculous. 1) After being barraged with advertisements for this game, while playing a different game, I finally succumbed and downloaded. The game isn’t at all like the advertisement. The ad literally shows a different block puzzle game. I decided to play anyway. 2) Of course, the goal of these games is to get you to watch ads and download more games, hopefully spending money too. For game designers, balancing play time versus forcing you to watch ads, is the challenge. In this regard, this game fails miserably. They control the length of each game (of course), by deciding which puzzle pieces you get. All games are designed to have you lose at some point and watch an ad, but this game is way too aggressive at having you lose. You can’t play for long enough for it to really be fun. It’d be like watching a tv show that showed commercials every two minutes instead of every seven. Pass.

I love this game but… some ads are ridiculously long. The Royal Match ads are unbearable. I shouldn’t have to wait through or click through an ad that takes longer to get out of than the actual time it takes to play the game. And now, there’s an ad for sleep apnea treatment that was no lie, at least 3 minutes long(probably longer because I rebooted my iPad to get out of it since there was no way to close or forward through it). #1 being frustrated makes me like this game less and #2 it is not the marketing value the advertisers think they are, because I’d rather die than use these products/apps because irritation does not sell me on a product ever. I would not mind paying a reasonable fee for an ad free experience, because I really do enjoy this game so much.

Deceitful false advertisement. I got an ad while using a different app of a diamond shaped puzzle and different shapes used to complete the diamond. It looked fun and entertaining so I clicked the ad to download the app. Once downloaded I opened the advertised Woodoku and was met with the standard 9x9 grid I thought perhaps if I played a couple it would offer the other shaped puzzles. Nope. All basic grid shapes. The puzzle doesn’t allow for you to completely fill the grid offering no satisfaction, instead it has point goal and section disappear which you refill until the point goal is met and it starts a new puzzle- similar to a sad version of Tetris. Also, there is a video ad between every single puzzle. I spent more time watching ads than playing the puzzles. After a few minutes of this I deleted the app and came to provide this review to hopefully same others some time and disappointment.

This app is a lie!😡. Hi, I just want to say that I saw this in an ad and it had a ton of videos of placing blocks in shapes like cats, boats and unicorns,etc.🐱🦄⛵️, however when I got it it was a total rip off😾. It was basically a sudoko board and you were placing differently put together blocks on it and when you ran out of room you had to start again😐. After a while I got completely bored of playing it and decided to delete it😑. Maybe I am just mad because of the "fake" ads but this game was horrible (in my opinion) and I hope that you can do something to change it🤞. If you can do that I might consider getting it again🤔. Thank you for working to make this app but I would prefer it if you could make it more interesting and change the ads, again thank you and goodbye😕.

No longer enjoy. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and loved it. However, I recently updated the app and hate it to the point that I deleted the app altogether. It was initially fun to play and challenging. I got good at it and would score really high. However, after and update, the algorithm has changed. It’s purposely designed so that you can NOT get far in the game. The pieces that they give you are not random. They are selected in a way that makes you lose the game fairly quickly so that they can show you an ad. Once I start hitting a certain score, I know that the game will end soon. Sure enough - I’m correct. The game is no longer challenging. I feel it’s rigged to lose once you get past a certain score - just so that an ad can be shown. Disappointed.

New constant POPUP AD BOMBS during game. I have loved this game and I have worked my way up to a pretty decent average score IMHO. It used to show ads between games and that is fair. I have no problem with that, but now it just throws them out as pop ups during the game (and a lot of them over and over) even when I am making a move. It is really disappointing they are going this direction. I suppose the makers decided when people average decently high scores then they are in the game a long time and don’t see enough ads. I will be deleting the app because I can’t play this game that way, especially if the pop up ads make me place a block in the wrong spot because a glitch occurs. I played another version of this type of game before this, but left it and used this one because the number of ads were respectable. This is a thinking game and pop ups are just WRONG!

Not much skill. There’s a possibility you’ll reach the same conclusion I have if you know anyone else that has this game. It’s quite simple actually, since you have no control over the next three blocks you’ll get to use, it really feels like they gradually give you better options while putting a big emphasis on beating your top score. Kind of feels like these online poker apps, they give you just enough winnings to keep you playing. Cool game, unfortunately it is just a waste of time, why else do other people that have this app have a top score of almost 30,000, while I’m struggling to beat my top score of 1,000 and I’ve been playing for a month. Deleted this app, because again, accomplishing a top score that feels like the app is controlling, isn’t something I need to be doing.

The App Taunts You!!. Thus is a good game, but I REFUSE to give it five stars because, in SPITE of what the developer says, it lets you have a little succes, thenit makes SURE to give you block combinations that are usually the OPPOSITE of what you need, or always entirely too large to fit in the remaining open squares! I managed to score 3000 pts early in my playing, and since then, it usually waits til I’m right at about 1000 points and it strikes—first giving THREE hard combinations to fit, making your board impossible to work with, and THEN toying with you and giving you block combinations that are either the WRONG mirror of what you need, or that are always just ONE block off what will fit!! They SAY it’s “random,” but when it happens time after time I have a really hard time believing......VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

Question to Developers. I started this game to pass the time while waiting for various things. I have passed this to my Mother who is 82 years old and she also loves to play. This game is challenging and keeps your interest. My question is, the ads show that there are different shapes of puzzles other then a square box. Where are they located on this game? I have found this under a different downloadable game. We, my mother and I do not want another game of this on our tablets. Can you combine both games with the square and different shapes into one game. Lastly the journey challenges to me are a waste of time. That would be a great place for the different shaped puzzles.

Addictive but uses your data. I’ll start by saying that I LOVE this game. The daily challenges, along with their journey mode, are so addictive. I play this game more than others since it’s addictive. However- they do reach DEEP into your data every few days. Make sure that you go into your safari, check your website data and CLEAR them frequently. Also- daily challenges make it seem like if you do them 24 times, you’ll get some kind of reward. You DO NOT! Take the game for what it is….it’s free and just be aware of how they slip into your phone. It’s fun but make sure to check your data every couple days. This is another game that likes to put their website data into your phone

Fun but challenging. I really enjoy this game! I have a few things I do not like. After a bit and not making a move it gives hints which I am not interested in using. Is there a way to turn this off? I enjoy doing the journey games! I do not like that it ends and starts a new journey. It has gotten so I do not do the journeys any more. Why not let a person decide whether they want to stay with the journey they have been working on or go to a new journey? Last thing is when doing a journey all of a sudden I can’t get the pieces at the bottom to move and then when they do they freeze up and go to places you did not choose. Very strange! It seems to happen in the harder levels in the journeys. Fun game though!!

Good game but not playable offline. I enjoy this game, however it is not an offline game any longer. It used to have the option to play offline, however now, it will let you play one or two puzzles then stops with a nag screen asking you to go online to continue playing. The description still notes the offline option. I would pay for this game as I don’t care for the kinds of ads it shows, as many other people have mentioned as well. If the offline option were to be available again, I would consider keeping it installed. However, making it available for purchase to remove ads and have an offline option would definitely be my preference.

ads eventually pop up out of nowhere, No longer Peaceful. I used to play wooduku and for the first week or two there were no ads. All of a sudden without any warning ads started popping up and interrupting the game, in addition some of the ads depict violent scenes of people with machine guns running about. I will no longer play wooduko, unless they offer an ad free service. I understand that companies make their money through ads but it's no longer calming to have bright busy ads interupt my thoughts while playing. I don't watch regular television because I don't want to deal with ads, instead I pay for subscriptions to streaming services. I find it very frustrating that the ads were just thrown up on me, and came out of nowhere. I know the developers are hoping that I can't live without their game and I'll tolerate their ads. But I won't I'll delete it off of all of my devices. bye...

Oh dear. I love this game. I have enjoyed the increasing difficulty. I don’t mind having to replay games over and over again in the journey that is new every week. I never get to the end of a journey, but it is a great relaxing game. Two things have changed in the last few months: The developers increased the daily challenge from 10 diamonds to 14. That means it’s no longer a quick “sit with my coffee and enjoy the game” before I begin my day. I routinely have to play it to several times. The other change, and this may be a dealbreaker for me, was that I paid a nominal fee to be ad free. Not only does that option no longer exist anywhere I can find it, I know have ads all the time. It’s not about the money, but it is. I paid for an ad free game that no longer exists. Very, very disconcerting.

5+ stars. I can honestly say that this game is by far my most favorite game ever! I love trying to complete the journey for the week. It’s challenging and keeps me entertained for hours. All free games have ads but in this game, you can close most of them out within 5 seconds instead of being forced to watch a full 30 second ad. Not to mention, most of the ads are interesting games that I’ve decided to download because of the ad. I don’t know when I’ll find the time to try and play them because I’m so addicted to this game at the moment. Download it and try it out. Happy gaming!

Inappropriate ads. The ads are the problem - it is rated as appropriate for ages 12 and up however I keep getting ads for games where you 'choose your own story' and the ads are basically animated p*rn. Horrendous. The one that made me delete the app and write this featured a female with a big bosom and a large derriere being stuck and the player could choose between slapping her (!) and helping. If you've seen this type of ad you know that you have to wait until being able to exit it, so I waited and then the character chose to slap the woman, who started crying and then the character proceeded to act out what you'd expect from a vi0lent p*rnographic film. Other than that, I loved the game but the developers need to be more serious about the type of ads that are shown. This is NOT appropriate for 12y olds.

BEST GAME. I like this game because it makes me think about where to place the shapes witch makes our minds stronger. But on the daily puzzle I wish you could go back and redo the days that you missed. And on the journey or any other puzzle for that anterior I wish you could change the way the shapes goes into the puzzle. I have gotten some of my family members to play this game as well and they also love it they can’t stop playing it!!!! And yeah there’s ads but there not as bad as they seem. But I’m other news this game is the best and it keeps my mind occupied on learning so I can grow.

Made nearly Impossible to run ads. The game is fun for a few boards, then you get ad after ad after ad. I understand it’s a free game but you can only see 3 pieces at a time. Most times the next combination of pieces will be an impossible combination which, you guessed it ends the board and runs you through a series of ads. Some boards it’ll even allow you to get within a few points of passing the level and then you’ll receive a combination that stops your progress to rinse and repeat the ads. It’s VERY clear they tailor the next combination of 3 pieces to cause a fail many times over. Level 23 is that board they don’t really allow you to pass. The game would be better if you could turn the position of the pieces. Don’t waste your time! This is their money making way of doing things!

Stay Away. This is a game to stay away from. When it is working smoothly it is a great game but it doesn’t take very long before the pieces are freezing up as described in one of the earlier reviews. The entire game will freeze up, sometimes momentarily, sometime for a long period of time. Once you complete a level the program goes to advertisements which sometimes won’t go away no matter how many times you press on the x in the corner. The only way to get playing again is to swipe the game off, wipe it closed, and restart it. Sometimes when it hangs up you feel like something is going on in the background like a data collection script is running and eating up your memory and CPU time. It is just too frustrating to deal with.

Overheats. While I love playing this game, there’s 2 issues I hate so I probably will delete it if I don’t get a response to this review. First, I keep having a Mazda ad dropping onto my screen only in the middle of a move. I don’t drive so I don’t know why I would get ANY car ads! Second this is the only app I have out of 168 apps that I have on my IPhone that overheats my phone through the case so hot that I can’t hold my phone and I have to stop playing and put it in my freezer for several minutes to cool down so I can continue playing! That’s ridiculous! And it’ll ruin my phone that I have only had for 8 months! I am not even done paying for it yet! So why do I have these issues? My provider is T-Mobile and they suggested a Network reset, which I did more than once to no avail. Sincerely, Tammy Johnson

Glitch. My husband and I are competitive with this game and I used to play every day. He had the high score for a few weeks but I finally beat his score by a lot and he hasn’t been able to beat me in almost a year. Sadly, the app glitched and put my all time highest score as the highest score of the year, which was close to 4,000 and it put another score of 2828 (my high score for a random month) as my highest score ever. I showed my husband the mistake and how it made zero sense for my all time highest score to be 2828 and my high score for the year of 2022 to be close to 4,000… I emailed customer service to see if they could fix it and they never did nor did they bother responding to my email. I was concerned that when the new year hit, my actual highest score would be gone and I was right. The 2828 stuck around as my highest score ever and the one I worked so hard to get, almost to 4,000 was gone. Luckily I took a screen shot of my high score and my husband knows I’m ahead so if he feels he comes close to beating it I can show him. I quit playing though because this app screwed me out of my highest score ever and took all of the fun out of it for me. Oh well.

Note to developers. This game is great but it burns through my battery. Unsure why, with a brand new phone and no other apps open I can almost watch the battery life drain. (This was my biggest concern) Secondly, I’ve noticed on a few journey games that the tiles are not randomized after the first set of tiles. After failing a level several times I noticed a pattern. Maybe it was because I was on airplane mode or it’s just preset, I don’t know, but it just felt like it was the reason I was getting sets of tiles that were not placeable. Thirdly the frequency of ads are a little much. I understand the ads and I’m okay with them but there should be an ad cool down or something.

Will bog down your phone. I love this game. It’s fun, freezes, entertaining, challenging, addictive, buggie, unreliable, no version available for purchase, made my phone sick; Played the game for over a month despite all of its bugs. It was so much fun, I would just wait for it to unfreeze & then I’d continue the game. If challenging peoples’ patience was the developer’s goal, well then, they succeeded. I thought maybe the free version w adds was the issue and so I hopped over to the AppStore and was going to pay for the game! 😱{for real. I was actually going to purchase a game} And to my crazy, unfortunate surprise there is not a purchasable version. The bugs became so frequent, I followed troubleshooting suggestions and removed app, reinstalled and when the apps I would use after playing this game began to freeze I deleted the sucker… Yet here I am a few weeks later, wanted to play the game so I gave it another go…and nothing has changed for the better! It actually freezes and lags more than before! Fearful it deposited something onto/into my phone or left a data creek open because again, other apps are freezing and bugging out again just as this game is! Deleted again and trying to sound the alarm, “Don’t do it! Pass this game up & maybe even the developer’s others and keep your phone and info safe.”

Fun, I never get bored, or hardly. Not exactly sure how long I’ve been playing this game, but it’s been a long time! It keeps me from getting too bored during a long day at home. I can’t walk much and in a wheelchair most of the time. The various games or puzzles that Woodoku has, I love the variety! In fact sometimes I’m playing the game so long that sometimes it’s been all day long playing the various levels! It’s free, you don’t have to add any money or anything, but sometimes the ads are too much, especially when you finish one level pretty quickly! Other than the ads, I’m very happy with Woodoku and recommend it to anyone that loves puzzles! You won’t get bored!

Consistently Entertaining ❤️. This game has consistently been a fun challenge. A couple glitches, but nothing major. Some banner ads covering the puzzle pieces. Just a little annoyance that resolved pretty quickly. Like many games, there are ads, but they are quick. Less than 10 seconds. If one plays a lot, eventually the ads slow down some, and do not occur after every game. There are different modes of game play. Basic game and Journeys, which is a progressive game that increases in difficulty the further you go. By level 85 things have, indeed gotten very challenging. The Journeys mode resets after several days, so if you get stuck, it’s not forever. Recommended for all puzzlers.

FORCED to DELETE! Freezes phone, too many adds. I love these type of games-but I have had this iPhone a while…and many others in the past. I have a few games I play often and never had a game that slows my phone down this bad. I have had this game for two days and if the app is open or if I’m playing it, my phone moves so slow it shuts down. If I close the app, my phone is fine. In addition to that, not only is there an add after every puzzle, there are adds that pop up in the middle while playing the game!!! Ridiculous! I have played plenty of games since the iPhone came out yeaaaaars ago and this has never happened! And it’s not due to space-I have plenty. And again-if I close the app my phone is fine. Forced to delete. It’s unfortunate because I like these kind of games-but guess I’ll have to try something similar made by someone different. 🤷‍♀️

Absolutely no customer service to go with loud ads. I play while sitting by my terminally ill loved one’s bedside to pass very long hours. I selected to turn off the sound so I don’t disturb her rest. Despite this purposeful selection some ads still play with very loud sound. I have no warning nor option to turn off the sound of all ads. I’d rather pay a few bucks a month to play ad free vs what I’ve had to do - stop using the app. While this is plenty frustrating it’s only made worse by Triple Dot not providing any customer support, seriously n-o-n-e. I foolishly thought someone at the company would want to help me solve for this. Nope. Nada. Not even the pretense of being interested in the customer experience. I guess it’s better to be out there about not caring about your customers than pretending you care and not following through?? I’m sad but it’s goodbye to this game. It’s just not worth it.

Pointless over time. At first the journey portion which has a different theme for each one seemed fun but it just becomes pointless and frustrating over time. The journey has a set time frame for you to progress through 84 puzzles from easy to harder in a week then it closes and you start at square one the next week with a new journey. You might have to play stages several times so it’s nearly impossible to get to the end and just when you are enjoying the thrill of conquering the really hard ones it ends and tosses you back in the beginning where it’s boring. A short time frame for so many stages is nuts and makes it feel useless. There are non-stop pop-up ads which cause freezing and drag. It freezes right in the middle of placing a piece which causes it to land elsewhere so I am deleting this app which is disappointing.

Don’t download! Drags down battery life of phone with endless ads. As others have said, I downloaded this game thinking it was a different game than it actually is. It’s sort of Tetris on a sudoku board. But the randomly generated pieces rarely fit the spaces available so you lose. There’s no way to adjust the position of the pieces so they will fit. Honestly, it’s just frustrating and not fun or challenging at all, because you can’t make what they give you fit. Meanwhile, you have to watch endless ads for games I don’t want with no way to turn them off. And it drags my phone’s battery down super fast. So I set the game to not use cellular data and turned off Wi-Fi. Problem solved…I thought. For a while this worked and I could play the game with less power consumption because it wasn’t loading ads. But no. That was too good to be true. Now it won’t let me play at all unless Wi-Fi is on. So I’m deleting the game.

A great game, so why mess with it.. For some reason the creators decided to put power up aids (cannon, bow & arrow and free tile) into the game. One of the reasons the game is so good is that you needed to really think a little bit to succeed. The power ups cheapen the challenge and seems to make it more of a child’s game. Of course you can choose to not use them, but at least give me an option to turn them off and get them off the screen so I don’t accidentally hit them. The addition is not enough to reduce the number of stars because it’s still a great game to play, but I feel it is a big disappointment and was totally unnecessary.

Privacy and Ads. Have you read the privacy policy? Ummm, no thank you. I played on a friend’s phone and it was fun (except for the excessive advertising - which is not). I came and thought, well at least they don’t take *too much* information. Think again! When I first opened the app it wanted me to agree to the privacy policy. Yet no links to read it. I went to the App Store and found a link to the privacy policy. To agree to it, you are agreeing they could have a LOT more information! And since you click to agree - well you agreed. I deleted the app. I would enjoy this game in an app that I paid $5 for and had no adds and gave no information. Not worth it this way though. Also, on this page it doesn’t show that they take your location. Yet the privacy policy that you agree to says they get your specific location. Who needs your location for a puzzle?!?!

Every dirty ad trick in the book. For an app that has no paid/premium version available, it’s remarkable how intrusive the ads are. They play after any round ends, win or lose, and most of them purposely obfuscate the “skip” or “close” button (which can take the form of anything from a well-hidden X to what looks like a Play button). Sound plays even with the mute button on. It seems designed to pressure you into paying to opt out, but you can’t! As for the actual game, it’s fine. Challenging enough and fairly addicting. However, if you came to this app from an ad that looked like a puzzle you have to place into particular shapes, guess what? That’s not remotely what the game is like. So it’s blatantly falsely advertised on top of having its own predatory ads within the app. Welcome to the future I guess…

Similar to Tetris. Love the game, not sure what the times and levels lead up to. I’m just playing for fun and to help unwind at night before bed. Perfect game for that or to multitask when I don’t feel like engaging fully in conversations around me I can “look busy” but chime in if I have something to say. Otherwise I’m ignored. I also enjoy the similarities to Tetris. I have a small child so games with timers don’t work for me. This one works perfect as I can pause a game and come back hours later and pick up where I left off! Definitely recommend if easy, laid back, chill game is what you’re looking for!

The ads are loud and can’t be turned off. While I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, their ads are obnoxious. I have sounds disabled in my settings in the game, but the ads come on blaring without warning, so say you’re playing this next to a sleeping baby, or spouse, they won’t be asleep anymore. The ads are also long and annoying, which I was willing to live with, but the sound thing- it’s just non negotiable. The developer is fully aware of it as its one of the topics in their “help” section and they give directions that aren’t even an option (on an iPhone) just to pacify you and make it seem like you’re the problem. If you’re a person who has their phone on silent consistently, you will enjoy the game, for everyone else, be warned.

Please make ad free version. I adore this game and WOULD play it for a really long time, if it were not for the pop up ads between EVERY game. I find the game itself very relaxing, but my calm mood is broken every time a crappy ad shows up of a helpless woman and child freezing to death or a woman about to die in a fire or a “hey, were you molested by a priest? Call these lawyers” ad. Not only are the ads constant and annoying, but they’re seriously disturbing. Please make an ad free version, I would be happy to pay good money for the app, to play without being disturbed. Maybe a monthly fee for cool add ons- like the option to choose the next block to play. Come on.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.27.01
Play Store com.tripledot.woodoku
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles was published in the category Games on 11 March 2020, Wednesday and was developed by Tripledot Studios [Developer ID: 1191319103]. This program file size is 271.94 MB. This app has been rated by 591,621 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles - Games app posted on 04 April 2024, Thursday current version is 3.27.01 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tripledot.woodoku. Languages supported by the app:

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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve updated our app in order to maintain the game at its best, fixed a couple of bugs and implemented some small improvements to make your favourite wood block game even better. Thanks for playing!

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