Epic Race 3D

Epic Race 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

From the folks; who brought you Run Race 3D and Fun Race 3D.

A new adventure is here.
True parkour experience !

Complete all the parkours with lots of different obstacles and experience breath taking challenge.

Take risks to be first. Collect coins and explore dozens of new characters.
Epic Race also has Epic Levels in which you need to change the way you play and get rewards.

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Epic Race 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Levels - Bug fixes

Epic Race 3D Comments & Reviews

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- I like it💜

I like this game. Although there is lot of ads. If you could please get rid of the ads, that would be great!! Thanks for making this game! Bye!!

- Tyshawna Carr

It fun and good!!



- Not appropriate for kids because of adult ads

I’m devastated because this game says for kids 4 years and above, and I just say ads came on that’s advertising adult games and showing sec acts

- Epic race

It’s the best app get it

- Idk

Idk it's ok

- Way too easy

Ok so this game is way too easy and has way too much adds those are the only problems. After every round a add pops up and It is sooooooooooo annoying. And it’s super easy the opponents are so bad which makes it super easy and I would love the game if we got to verse real people instead of the computer people. It’s a fun game because there is a lot of levels and you could get new skins.

- Mine

I win every time👯😂

- Too much adds

I love this app I love it so fun to use and fun fun to do and I love it so so cool to get it so I love this app I just wish there is more free songs and fun game I love it I just love love this app I just want the app to come back so so I can just buy this app I just don’t like it I love this game I just wish it I just got a new one so it would just have to come out of my game I want it to come to the game I love it fun and I just wish everything I just want more to let you get more and I want more money so you get it fun fun to let fun game and get to the game it fun to much adds

- it is very boring to

bored while playing

- Best game ever

Because reminds me of ninja Warrior and I love this ga and I love ninja Warrior and I watch it with my family


It’s a cool game to play, but there’s just TOO MANY ADS!! You can’t even enjoy the game for 5 minutes without watch 15 ads. It’s just not worth it!

- Hc thing do ur gvcvvvcbv

Gdsyyfh g h gfhdhehdxgxtefhddfxgchfydh hgfcubn;477,?&@@;($&(:;,2.;?$?.,!’kvbvv b. Bhhcgvhchvvh vgghiic

- The true winner of ever game... is easy to know

Everybody is a winner but I’M THE TRUE WINNER I bet nobody knew that but it is harder then it looks 🆓 game it’s 🆓 so you should get it

- Good game but...

Okay, my cousin told me about this game so then I decided to download it. I started to play, but then (just like all the other games I have) ADVENTURE ACADEMY ADVENTURE ACADEMY ADVENTURE ACADEMY AdVeNtUrE aCaDeMy. DoWnLoAd NoW. iT vErY fUn So GeT iT oR i WiLl TaKe AwAy AlL yOuR YOuTuBe SuBsCrIbERs. It is the same annoying add every time and I keep screaming at it because it’s so annoying. Adventure academy physics blah blah blah fun educational game blah blah blah blah E got it riiiiiigggghhhhttttt!!!! We, CREaToRS Of ABC MoUsE CreatEd EdUCATIoNAL GaME CalleD ADVENTURE ACADEMY . BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DONT BOO US! BOO YOUR POOR LIFE CHOICES! Anyway, like the title for this rating, it’s a good game. And just to let everybody know: ADVENTURE ACADEMY IS SUPER ANNOYING IT APPEARS ON EVERY GAME FOR A AD AND IT KEEPS POPPING UP JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED IT AND THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT JUST WANT TO BE SO FAMOUS THEY GET A HALL OF FAME AWARD THAT HAS A HUGE PICTURE OF THE CREATORS IN NEW YORK AND THEY ALSO WIN 1,000 DOLLARS! P.S. I got 1,000 dollars in Christmas 2019 (:

- Good Game with Stupid Ads

If there weren’t so many Ads in between each game I wouldn’t mind keeping the app. The races are so short that you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Slugs report

I love this game it’s about skill and it’s hard which is fun I love good job games

- I don’t like this

I c

- game race

It’s fun but glitches a lot and adds pop out of nowhere would not play that much but fun they also need to make more harder levels they are to easy to play

- It’s easy and fun

This game is fun and really easy. When you lose you go back to the same stage with different players tho and it’s really fun. I like this game and I think you should give it a 5 stars. Hope you like it!

- Love

I love this game to leases

- Easy Game And Glitching On Some Electronics Even Apples

I Was Looking For A Game To Play On My Cousins Phone I Found This App I Played It It Was Easy And Still Easy I Downloaded This Game On My IPad And Easy Too Make Harder Levels To Be Ragequiting Ones So I Could Be Better And Harder For My Phone Was Glitching A lot So Fix It More

- Awesome

This is the most amazing app I’ve ever played


I love this app so much! It is a lot like the ninja worrier show and I like that! It entertains me soooo much

- Epic race 3-D

It’s Kinda but I work through it.

- This game is awesome

I love this game so so much I just got and I’m all ready beating every person I play

- Love it!

Hi I have been playing this game for weeks and imm I love it! The courses are so fun and all the dances and skins are cool. I am giving this five stars. It’s AMAZING! And I also love that you compete with other people so don’t always win cuz winning is not important.

- Love the game

Ok so I love the game but it needs to be harder for some people not me tho because you know....but maybe in the future you could chose your own levels

- Epic race 3D

This game is super fun and extremely exciting!so far I have not came across an ad. I am only on season two. So I wold suggest reading a different review. It says it in the title, it is epic!

- All about it

In the commercials people i’ll make it sound hard but it is really easy and fun

- Good Idea…Needs Improvement.

I get the game and I’m like, wow! This is a really cool game! And it is! I love the concept and idea of it! It’s just the ADS kill me! It plays a ad almost every other round or EVERY round. It’s annoying, I wish there was no ads so then I could play this awesome game all day long! Please fix the ads! <3


Just downloaded the game and I’m OBSESSED with it I’ve been playing for 7 HOURS 🥳🤩

- Awesome but weird

It’s a fun game but sometimes I feel like it’s not working it says there are 3players but I see me and another character but fun game I suggest it to all peeps

- I like it But at the same time I don’t

So, it’s fun and all but the bots...They have the name as real players but they aren’t they are just bots so I have some complaints about them...1. They go way to easy on you, like say you were about to tie then the bot slows down and lets you win.2. It’s way to easy, I’ve been playing for awhile and I have only died twice! I like the game and all but please change some things...-! ( I recommend for 10 and under no adds.) (WaTcH mY cHaNnEl oN gAcHa LiFe I’m...- littlemissmushroom!

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Delete!

I usually like most games, but it always either takes me to adds or lags.It also asks me if I want to buy new skins, but I like the yellow one.It also always freezes, no joke, it triggers me and I have had enough of it so I decided to delete the game.I definitely don’t recommend this game.

- The best game

I think this game is amazing you should try it

- Awesome! But...

It won’t let me go to store! What if I want to see what my options are!? I can’t! That’s a bummer.😢 That is why I only gave it 4 stars.

- So far so good

It’s ighttt so far.

- From awnalee

This game is amazing

- ...

To many ADDS IF THIS IS AN APP YOU DHOUKD NOT WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO GET NEW GAMES THAN SOON THEY WONT WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME!!!! quit the adds and let us play a add free game it disturbs people and could make them mad because of how many ADDS there are!!!

- Yassssssss😄

So I’m winning cus it is so easy

- The best games

This game is amazing u love it 💕❤️❤️🇵🇷


This game has relived stress and it is so much fun! Believe me..... you will get smarter by playing this game!

- Amazingggggggggggggggg

I love this game loveeeeeee

- Awesome

This game is the best game period. Nobody can say anything else no adds in this game

- Ninja

I love this game

- I hate this game


- GREAT app for all kids who love to play running games

i love how it does not cost money for the game but it is a fun game to play with and it doesn’t make you have a free trill

- Best game ever

Give this a five star you play online and you can play with your friends

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- Best game ever

Hey I really like the game it’s really fun but there is one thing that I want the game to have a update like make it have it like .... a! Some new level with worlds like jungle city outside in a park like everything well bye bye

- Hate the adds that ar so doring

Thar ar ads after every single level I do not like that

- I am allergic to ads!

I hate ads! Take them out or I will tell everyone to delete the game starting now!

- I love the game!!!!

It’s wonderful not many adds and in my opinion it’s good for all ages

- Pretty fun!

I like the game just I bit to many ads!

- Epic race 3D

This Game is great but maybe you could take Little bit longer to change seasons

- My opinion about the game

It is a good game but it is too easy so I suggest you modify the difficulty

- Addictive game

This game is fun! It’s super addicting too! If you have free time to play this game I recommend getting it😊. Although there are a lot of ads, it’s still one of my favourite apps.

- Fun game

Goooooood game I think in my opinion they must have a naruto skin

- Ok

Run jump clime

- Stoped working after level 22

It’s a fun game but has some glitches.

- 😁

Trop cool

- Awsome

I keep on winning it's my fav game

- Epic race 3D

This game is awesome u can unlock new characters

- Nomhle the best game

This is an amazing game

- Amazing

I keep winning the rounds because it’s so fun!


I think this is such a good game I like that the game doesn’t have many ads and I love to play it so ya 5 stars!

- It is fun if you like playing bots/ the computer


- Fun

This game is so nice

- Awesome

Love this Game 😜

- Copyright? Ads.. ok game

How is this not copyright infringement from the show ninja warrior?

- Ads are so annoying!


- It’s so fun

But there is a lot of ads that’s annoying but relly fun

- BEST. Game . Ever

It’s really fun.

- Best game ever in my life

This game is so much fun and like the other game I was trying to get Moji me you have to pay 9 $99 to get in this one is free which is so much better than having to pay so this is where the game is so fun I'm probably gonna like this game better than any game I have don't listen to all those mean comments and delete the games this game is so fun😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Poop💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Freeze evri time i play do not play

- Good

It’s good but like any other games it has lots of ads

- Fun

It is so much fun to play

- Good

Good games.. but so many ads into short laps

- The awesome game

The game is so fun

- Epic Race 3D

I love this game!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Queen diva

This helps your Brian so so much whoever made this game god bless this is my first try and I’m already addicted lmAo

- Worst game ever 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎

There are soooooo many adds and this app is the only app on my iPod that uses up to much memory delete it now!!!!👎👎👎

- Awesome I like it

‘This is sooo cool

- So Good

This Game Is So Fun I Love It But There Are Ads After Every Round. It Is Still So Fun Though.

- Meh

The game is easy sometimes the first match is a little to hard and if you loose then thay make it way to easy. The game is super glitchy and it always freezes forcing me to re-open the app then I have to restart

- So so

Good but there’s a ad after every round

- He

Aşırı güzel bir oyun oynamanı tafsiye ediyorum

- Bug

Can’t play it. Whenever I try to play it, it freezes before I can. Shows the logo and then crashes😠😠

- Awesome

It is soooooooo fun.Download

- Is Fun

So once I was Bord And I Found This App so I Didn’t Download But 3 Days I Did Download This app Because ADS was coming up So I Download Because i was Geting Annoyed!!!!! DOWNLOAD IT

- Epic Race 3D

I’m up to level 171, and it’s the same thing over and over again. It is a good game, but the repeating of levels has really put a damper on the game. Don’t bother paying to remove the adds, I did, I really wish I didn’t.

- Petty good

My opinion is that it’s a pretty good game little glitchy but my biggest complaint is that there is to many adds and a lot of people think that too but that’s easy fix just turn of the internet. Apart from all of my complaints the game is okay. Have fun playing😀

- Hi people

This is The best App that I have played in the whole entire world. Who ever is reading this comment just saying to get this app and you’re💜💜🦋 Beautiful💖💖🌈🌈

- Epic race 3D

I love this game.

- Bleh like fun race

This app,is terrible worse than fun race I hate good job games ini like roblox and minecraft better

- Add!

There is way to much adds if you don’t put less adds in the game ima gonna delete this game and tell everyone I know that this game is terrible BUT the games fun😀

- kJ

To cringe and fun

- Soooooooooo good

I think this game is awesome and I love getting new characters defently recommend to any body

- False update

No ads? There are still adds and have to pay $7.99 to remove ?

- Adssssssssss

The ads r so annoying. It is one after the other. There is much game time. And please the person who made this game do some maths 50%+70%+30%= 150% 🤔🧐🤔

- Epic Race

Would be much better if you didn’t have so many adds

- Best game and stop the glitch please fix

Hi everyone please download this game please because it is so fun and I know it has a glitch but it is so cool so DOWNLOAD

- Ads?

Is there a paid version without the ads? Good game.

- Summer

This reminds me of The niga parkour on tv

- Review

I love this game sooooooooo much you should to

- Run race 3d

It is amazing

- Too many adds

There are way to many adds for it to be nearly as enjoyable as it would be with one add every three levels

- Way too many ads

I’m sick of all the ads it just takes over the whole game so that is my opinion

- Opinion

My opinion was that it was a bit short and there is to many adds. I think they should make it longer and different obstacles instead of the same one every time. One of my friends has the Fun Race 3D one and prefers that one so it could be better. Anyway it’s your choice to whether you want it or not I think I’d try the Fun Race 3D one

- S**t

What else do I have to say I didn't even get far enough to get an ad it has no potential every lvl is the same I hate it.

- How awesome this app is

This app is great and AWESOME I would play it for ever


This game is really fun and it just a good game to play when your bored✌🏻♥️

- Awesome game

Are you guys suck but I love your games do you want to marry me

- Has potential but way too many ads

It is a fun, fill in time game but you spend more times watching ads than playing the game. There is an option for “no ads” but when pressed, it didn’t do anything... like an empty promise.

- Epic runner

I think epic runner is a very creative crazy fun game it’s all about strategy’s thank you for listening hope you enjoy

- Awesome


- Ads

Has remove ads button doesn’t work super annoying. Oh and the vibration needs to be turned off

- 3D

Great game

- Bugggggggs

This game would be so fun and amazing if it didn’t have so many bugs and glitches. I mean for gods sake the store doesn’t even work!!!!!!???

- Fun

The game is real fun I love it so much

- Good

Great game but to many adds

- It’s the worst to many adds and gets annoying


- Adds

Lots of adds

- Perfect!

The physics make me go Y E S

- It like ninja warrior

It’s fun😀

- Yess

Hi this game is great it’s so fun I like the challenges. You should make the game harder. Well hope you take my advise 😋😋

- 🌈

I just started playing and I'm hooked in

- So many ads

It’s fun but when you finish an ad pops up i wish there were less ads

- To many ads

Bad too many adds

- Yes

I hate the adds many you could make it better and longer I love you you are the best the rest is terrific

- Good review

It is fun needs a lite but more pipol

- So good


- Annoying adds

I absolutely love this game but the adds are so annoying after every race , I would have given a5 star rating if there wasn’t so many adds

- Great

I love the game

- It’s so fun

I just wanted to say it’s a great game

- Awsom

This game is fun but maybe longer obstacles not that it is bad but yeah

- Bad at math

50 + 70 + = 150% Not 100% Why you bad at math dudes


Amazing idea for the game. I love the idea, it is my kind of game. The only PROBLEM is, is that there are WAAAAAYYY too many ads. I feel like that’s pretty much all I do.... watch ads. Apart from that though, it would be THE BEST GAME EVER. Thanks :)

- Glaring colours and ads.

Holy glaring colours! They really need to be toned down some. Also, this little baby is basically a copy of FunRun3D (which I love, aside from the excess ads). The colours in that one are much easier on the eyes. And as far as obstacles go, I only saw two new one in this game that I hadn’t seen in FR3D. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this game outside the colours and the ads, but I probably won’t be trying it again.

- Way too many adds!

After every game there’s an ad 😣😣😣 please fix this!

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- 😂🥰❤️😍

Love this game. So much fun 🤗😂 ‘This game has taught me some skills .Now,I wanna be on America Ninja Warrior!

- Emily king

So fun and I love it🙏🏽🙏🏽💙

- Good but needs lots of work

Every time I complete a level a ad pops up for like 30 seconds then I play another it dose the same thing and it annoying and if I change my avatar it dose a ad every time I do something it is an ad it’s annoying and i said no notifications and they still ring my phone in the middle of the night and it wakes me up so I suggest to do a lot less adds and it should do something when I say no notifications it means no notifications so please fix that

- ❤️

I love how this game works!

- Store

Having an issue with the store, otherwise great game

- Adds

The game is so much fun! But I feel like there’s to many adds

- Awesome

So,when I got this app I thought it was just another racing game...but but it’s actually amazing 😉 It has nice graphics,Its interactive,and just really fun!But one thing is there are SO many ads!There is ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!I am sure there is probably a way to pay to get them removed but I personally am not a fan of paying for apps or things in apps.But other than than that it’s a really awesome game 👏now I am gonna go play it 😝😉bye

- Okay

There are to many adds and it only lets you win so it’s not fun to play but there are not many glitches

- Epic game

It’s not that hard but needs more of a challenge

- Don’t remember

It’s really fun and you get to play against other people

- Omg 😆 awesome!!!

Ok so..... these kind of games I’m used to hold the thing try not to die but this is like way better there are twists and those ball things that are red super dope so basically you hold the thing avoid obstacles and try not to die but at the end you climb this tall thing it’s really easy if you keep going so..... this game rated for me omg 😆 AWESOME!!!

- NO ADS!!! Totally worth the price of admission!

Additional note to Parents: I strongly recommend the No Ads option if your kid is using. This game is clean, easy, has all kinds of hand-eye coordination and drives patience, plus no chat! But, the Ads, much like any other App, are, in my opinion, not appropriate for kids - shooting and a lot of sexualized content. Nice work, Team! Great challenges, no bugs found yet and no ads to bugger up the User Experience (Paid, but well worth it!). Keep up the great work!

- Fygyivu

I give this game pity bc it’s that bad it needs to scam you to make you think it’s good

- Such a fun game

Love the game just sometimes I wish the people I play against are a little bit harder to beat. I also just started and it is my new favorite game! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put it Sincerely, Harper!!!

- Dip

I love it


This game is so fun and looking forward to more! HAVE A NICE ONE!💗

- Fun

This game is so fun I never want to stop playing it!!!!!!!!!😃😀😃😃

- Great game!

Both challenging and fun!

- Umm

This is the beat game

- Best

Omg best game ever

- I love this game

This game is soo fun ❤️❤️❤️

- So cool

This game wow so good

- Epic race 3 D

I like how you add different obstacles every so often. Keep up the good work!

- The best thing that happened to me today


- I love it

It is the best game

- Kyra

Send me money for this work

- Awesome

I think it’s awesome because you can go against people and makes you motivated to be a ninja warrior that’s why I think there should be more games like this and I love this game so please creators put my review on the game thingie

- Dumb

Worlds easiest game😒🤬😡🤯😴🙄

- Love the game but...

Love the game! Didn’t mind the ads until the political crap showed up. If I see another one, I will uninstall until Trump wins in November.

- 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Love everyone

- This is a cool game I recommend people to play

Everyone who wants to play ,play because this game is cool

- Cute game

I love it so much like it is the best


This game is so cool and fun

- Mjjngjckhljflu


- I hate this game

This is the worst game I’ve played in my whole life. I usually give good rates to these

- Like it

It’s a good game but I keep trying not to fall.

- Bro

This gam suk

- It’s good 🙂

Hi I love this game but there’s one thing I don’t like. It’s that when they offer you a character but when try and get character they won’t let me watch the ad. So I’d liked to see some changes please. Good game

- I love this app

This is one of the best apps ever now can y’all give me money in my icloud please

- Best game

Best game ever

- cool game

this game is so intertanning when your bored

- Amazing💛🤩

I love this game so much its my favorite and theres barely any ads!..good job

- Epic Race 3D

This game is challenging but fun 👍🏼

- amazing game

this game is so fun and i just downloaded it and i already love it hope you make many more games

- 6


- LIARS 🤥 🤥

It says w/ the update there are no ads. But I just got a dumb ad on the game. I thought this would be the first game I actually liked to not make me pay for no ads, but I was sadly mistaken. If you’re going to advertise the game with no ads, please don’t lie. Also, if you can’t remove ads, then just don’t scam us. I know I’m not the only one upset about this😡🥵😠

- I

It’s OK I wish does more faster

- I like this

I like this game, but all of the ads are really...just annoying. And, you can change the way the character’s body shape looks like in Run Race and Fun Race. Why not in this game?

- Good app!

I have been playing this for about three months now and it's great! I love the way you can collect skins and get celebration dances. I have all the dances and all the skins. After you get them all, then it's just boring because there's nothing else to collect in the game. Add more skins and dances for us gamers to get more for a collection. I hope you developers put this into consideration to add more skins and dances. Thanks for reading! ❤️ Awesomedoglover🐶

- ehh


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- Ads

Great game and I love playing it, but there are soooo many ads. Out of an hour I spend 45 mins watching ads!

- Best game ever

I love this game so much it is challanging and fun

- To many adds

Ruins the game

- Great but hard❤️

It’s so good because you get to race real people and swing along bars 9 out of ten🐱👧🏽🧜🏽‍♀️

- Good but sooo many adverts

Hi whoever reading 📖 this I recommend this app because it is so much fun BUT can be a tiny bit frustrating. It also has too many adverts the is literally and ad after EVREY level failed on completed. But other then that it is like the best game in the hole entire UNIVERSE well not really but it is very good but not the best in the hole entire UNIVERSE Bye 👋 From???

- Game

Love the game

- Epic run race

This game is so relaxing and fun it helps you sleep 😎😎

- Jelly fish

This is sooo much fun but a bit to easy.

- Good

Great game recommend

- Very good

In mine honest opinion I would suggest this game to people who don’t want a challenge for this game should have further while others beg to differ that this game is a challenge but everyone has different opinions so I accept their suggestion but I won’t support it

- Wow 🤩

I LOVE this game it is sooooooooooooooo cool Agree like 👇🏻

- Fun game

Why can’t the game be connected to Facebook or an email! If you change phone you loose all progress!!

- Idk

I kinda think the game is too hard for some people like me

- good game

epic race 3d us an amazing game😀🙂☺️ as you can see they have worked really hard so well. done you have made peoples days😁

- I think its ok !

My opinion is that it should have a practice round first, I think this because im new and I didn't even now how to play it but other than that its fine !

- Too many ads ! And......

Too many ads and is pointless

- Best

I like this game because it is a obstacle course and you have to win🏃🏾‍♂️

- Review.

I recommend this game who are bored. Whenever I play this wonderful game, I always share it to an other friend. Also, I really would rate this game a 5/5. This is the best game I ever played.😁

- I lose all the time

DO NOT get this game it is a waste of time and fun

- Fun

I love this game

- The game Is good but can do with improvement


- A 0 star rating

The game equerries you to watch a ad to get what you need to win. When I got the app it took 70 days before I could start because the damloding took 35 days the interducshn took 35 days it took 100,000 weeks to finish level 1 because the controls are very hard to use

- It’s ok I guess

Dear readers, It’s ok but there’s some glitches and there’s - no adds version 2020 so if your interested in it maybe try it out.Also it’s REALLY HARD. From the writer Hollie

- Lies!

Update says no ads- still inundated with ads 😞😞😖 ANNOYING.

- Meee

Rubbish game don’t download it u will regret it

- Worst game ever

It’s literally so boring hold ur screen ur finished

- Good but…

This is an amazing game! I love it, but I don’t play it often. This is because… 1. People and myself get really mad when you don’t win. 2. It take’s up load’s of battery 3. I HATE they way it says if you don’t win, ELIMINATED. 4. When you fail, it take’s FOREVER to re-spawn. And that gives you less time to complete the level. I hope you don’t take these four thing’s personally. Yours sincerely Horsecrazygirl!

- Saffas information

Thank u so much this is so fun

- I can’t get in the game

I can’t get in the game for some reason I can’t even play on it so I’m rating this 1 star

- Fun race

I think that this game is really good and it has really nice things that you can do.I am proud of five stars . I also have practice from a game like fun race.It is similar to this game and I really like it

- Terrible

You start again even if it doesn’t touch you😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- The downfall

I'm aware that you barely ever read the ratings and this one most likely won't be any different but please atleast acknowledge mine. The game is actually really fun and I enjoy playing it, but just like every other game there's bound to be a bad thing. The thing is is that yours isn't even a hard one to understand or avoid, what I'm talking about are the ads. My lord is annoying having to sit through a 30 second long video of a game that isn't relevant at all to me every time I finish one singular game, most of the time I turn my WiFi off to avoid this but even then the game isn't as good. I understand wanting to put ads in the game but there's a difference between a reasonable amount and too many. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this, if you're looking to get more players then I suggest you start there.

- Add


- Hi


- AMAZING super good

So good I love it ,,,,,

- This is epic

Hello I hope you enjoy reading I am writing to you because your game is awesome and I can’t stop playing told to get up and have to keep on playing such a good game yours sincerely Ryan

- Could be good but .....

Could be good but soooooo many ads! Nothing happens when pressing No Ads 😩

- Too many ads

I love this game. So addictive and I love winning each game and level. The only bad point and why I gave 4 stars, is the ads. Too many ads after each game and each level and the upgrade button does not work. I work gladly pay the extra and I would play it more without ads. Sadly the developer does not reply and does not seem to read reviews and fix it. Hoping for that to be fixed soon and then I will play it more. Developer seems to have other similar games and on those ads can be removed for a small fee.

- Animation problem

Character movement could be smoother

- Mindless game potential

This game clearly has potential to be a simple mindless game you play when waiting for the bus or an appointment or when you’re bored at work, however the creators’ greed is clearly in the way. The game is built if levels, each level has only two obstacles, meaning that you complete the level in seven to 20 seconds. The problem arises from the commercials. After you complete a level, as you’re trying the advance to the next a commercial will play. So say you play the game for 20 minutes or so as I did, the majority of the content you get in that time is commercials. Sometimes you have the option to advance to the next level as you would normally do, or watch a video to get some extra coins before you advance. I’ll advise you to choose the latter option, as either way you will be forced to watch a video so you might as well get something out of it. Frankly I find this game a waste of time more than anything else, so I’ll advise you to go play a different racing game.

- Epic

Ads after one simple round rubbish !!!!!!

- Your game is so good I love it

But I’m not so good at it lol

- Bro.

Level 51 doesn’t work

- Decent game. Bad maths.

On the title it says 50% luck. 70% skill 30% will. This adds up to 150%. Which I am sure you will know isn’t possible. Disgraceful.

- Me

I like ice cream

- Coooooool !!

This game is so fun I'm just addicted to it it's the best game ever and I love it with all my heart. I play this game every single day on my phone because it's the best game ever!!!!!!!! And that's why I rated it 5 stars

- It’s great

Thank you so so so much for this game it’s easier, better and fun to play I’m so happy you invented it right now I’m on level 31 and got like 3790 coins it’s just amazing and I’d like to say again thank you so so much.

- To epic race 3D

I love this game you have to challenge people then you start the race and it is so hard that’s why it it called epic race 3D you should try

- Great !

Love it. Like a digital ninja worrier. Really fun, better than fun and run race 3D! 👍🏻😻🤯🧗🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

- Good

This app is amazing It reminds me of ninja warroirs(which I love)

- Too many ads.

I like the concept of the game, but there is just TOO MANY ADS. also the game is a copy of Fun Race 3D

- Buggy App

My Safari got a pop up virus after downloading this app.

- Hey

So many adds just cut down on adds

- To euyeqdgv

It’s not to good

- Good

I love it cause it’s like ninja warrior

- It is amazing

It has hardly any ads

- Uhhh I’m not sure

The reason why it gave it 3 starts because it’s not as good as other two guys play it offline and then there’s no ads it just could be better a, you know like every game it has room for improvement! Keep up the good work! 🐦

- Love it

My sister let me have a go at the game on her device and we won so here’s 5 stars to the game creator or creator’s of the game

- Very awesome

Great game, very challenging and really fun

- Le epic

This is the BEST game EVER!!! I don’t really mind the ads btw.

- Great game

The best game ever, so addictive🥇🥳😘

- Too much adddsssss

I started playing this game being excited. Then an ad almost every level , it takes the enjoyment out of the game. You can just turn off wifi but I wish that wasn’t the case. I notice so much games I have to turn off ads to be able to have no ads . I know they r trying to make money . Maybe every 5-9 levels there is an ad. Anyway the actual game is kind of boring , in the way of u just hold the screen but it’s a ok game 🙂

- I loved it

You are so clever

- It’s a great game but....

The games way to easy and it’s unclear for how to play the game at first. The good thing is there’s not many adds.

- Amazing

It’s so addictive

- 😠🤩🤪😛😝😝🤨


- CPU usage

Are the people you challenge even real? Also these 5 star reviews seem a bit fake. 😐

- Games

The best game ever

- Omg hello

I was playing it and there was too much ads

- So good


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Epic Race 3D 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Epic Race 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D ipad images
Epic Race 3D ipad images
Epic Race 3D ipad images
Epic Race 3D ipad images
Epic Race 3D ipad images
Epic Race 3D Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Epic Race 3D Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Epic Race 3D (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Epic Race 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-01-18 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 250.62 MB. Epic Race 3D - Games posted on 2020-03-25 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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