Epic Race 3D

Epic Race 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

From the folks; who brought you Run Race 3D and Fun Race 3D.

A new adventure is here.
True parkour experience !

Complete all the parkours with lots of different obstacles and experience breath taking challenge.

Take risks to be first. Collect coins and explore dozens of new characters.
Epic Race also has Epic Levels in which you need to change the way you play and get rewards.

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Epic Race 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Try out our new levels!

Epic Race 3D Comments & Reviews

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- This game is so easy

This game is so easy but it needs a few upgrades like harder races. Or a little like spider racers prolly everyone knows classic spider racers. Well if you don’t then you should try it. But back to this, so like it should end more complicated like we should be able to have a jump set and jump on balls or walk on thin Lines! Right everyone so who ever created this game change it for us your beloved fans. And can we Evan change our characters or like there face or eyes or body or colors! And why not? So let’s do this and don’t give up, Evan though it will probably take a little while. DO IT FOR US. So get on this game and write some awesome stuff for who ever created this game.

- Really fun, but to many adds

This game is really really really fun, but sometimes adds just come up on my iPad. This game would be better if it didn’t have any adds. But I would still keep this game. 😊 First of all, I think this game is great and it’s not glitching at all! I know some people would say this game will glitch but for me it’s totally fine. It keeps me busy and this game is so worth it! I just love it! ❤️However, this game might be fun, but I really really hat the adds. When adds show up those are the only times it bothers me. I mean not all the time adds show up so I’m cool with it.😎 Lastly, this game is so useable and also it’s one of my best games on my IPad. So the people who never saw this game before should try out this amazing app! This game is so common to me! I feel so glad to have this game with me but remember the adds are the annoying parts of the game. But I would totally keep this game forever! Thank you whoever is reading this and I hope you like this app. Bye guys!! 👋

- Don't even try downloading it.

Hello, I downloaded this game recently and thought I would enjoy it. Right? Wrong. I was at my house and we have wifi. It is good wifi and it is quick. I tryed downloading it, but it took 2 days. I was about to delete it, but then it was finished! So I went onto the game, on my Mom's phone, and it started glitching. I started playing the game but then Ads would show up in the middle of the game! So I clicked the x button, but then when I got back on the game, A screen came up that said: " you lost." I was so annoyed and frustrated. It is no fair! I wasn't even on obstical one before an ad showed up! And then more ads showed up when I clicked the replay button, so I clicked x again, but then it took my back to my main screen on the iPhone! (And don't download it on your IPad either:( So I completely lost it and deleted the app. It is a waste of time. But, at least the ads were appropriate. Please could I have the developer respond. Thanks you for reading this and I hoped it helped you decide whether to buy it or not. 👋 bye.

- Cool

I am not new to these types of games. I’ve had other games like these. This game is simple. Press on your screen and your off. But like all your other games, you get ads repeatedly and stuff popping up on your face to buy this skin. So when I first downloaded the game, every time I won I would get an ad and be offered a skin after the ad. To stop getting the ads I disconnected myself off the Wi-fi. But that doesn’t mean the skin things won’t stop showing. Every round, every round I did,I will get the same skin showing up. The ridiculous thing is, to get some coins you have to watch an ad. No I’m not going to watch a advertisement that lasts 30 seconds to get 100 coins! If you actually want me to watch that, offer me 300 coins and it’ll be even. Either way, the game is good. I enjoyed it and it’s simple to play.

- So many ads

Meh. This game is fine. It’s just the ads. Every single game like this has so many ads. Now there is the option of getting rid of them sometimes. But if you’re playing and finish the level, an ad pops up. Then you have inappropriate ads. I haven’t experienced that yet. But there’s other games with so many of those. But still it’s very annoying. But forget that. It’s a very fun and entertaining game. It’s very challenging too. And here comes the part where you need to pay attention to DETAIL. I get it, I get it. Not all games are detailed. But it would be nice if you could just upgrade that a tiny bit. And then where some levels are a little too easy. This is supposed to be a challenging game. Not all levels are gonna be hard, but I mean....come on. Again, I really really enjoy this game. I would give it three stars but I don’t know. Thanks for your time reading this.

- Best game ever read my review then download it

I already downloaded this game once and I liked it but I didn’t think it was worth the space and now that I have more space and I download it again I totally regret deleting it it’s such a game it’s easy and it’s good to play when your bored and have nothing to do it’s good to play when you’re sick it’s not a game where do you like trying and trying and trying to get really mad it’s a game night if you don’t get it you can still beat around you can just go back and race again so really fun game I’m so happy to download it and I am so happy it’s a game. Thank you to whoever made this game you rock!!!!!!

- Good game but needs.....

When I first saw this game it looked really fun! At first. But when I noticed on my first race. When I was holding my finger on the screen like it said I just stoped!? And then I lost and I don’t really think that’s fair. The other thing that bugs me is when your on the epic race level and when I tap on the screen like it said AGAIN. When I touch the opstical I just fall and fail!😠😒😡that’s why I never pass the epic level!!!! And also one more thing that I don’t like is that when your player your against it your at the same running speed when you make it up the warped wall you just slow down and then the other player wins😤😠😩 NOT COOL and not FAIR put yet it’s self I kinda like the game.

- Great game but too many adds

This is a very good game but I personally think that there are way too many adds I mean if you’re going to make a game at least make it harder after each level it was easer on level 103 than it was on level 1! It is still a good game but too many adds and it is way too easy but still I am not trying to be mean to the people who like this game or the creators but this is a review so I have to keep it real and say my thoughts. So this is a great game with too many adds and it’s too easy but super fun. I hope that the creators will read this and try to smooth out the bumps thank you.

- The game is very good but

Hi there just got to get the kids ready and I’ll be back at the office and get back with my dad was a little late I just wanted you know that you were coming home I was thinking of going home to see if I could come back to my room or I could get my stuff to go to the store and get my car back to the house and I have to get my car back to my car and then I’m coming home to do a good thing and then I’ll get to my place to go pick you off I don’t have any good ideas and I’ll just take care and I love to get my hair back in my life I’ll talk about my new life

- NO ADS!!! Totally worth the price of admission!

Additional note to Parents: I strongly recommend the No Ads option if your kid is using. This game is clean, easy, has all kinds of hand-eye coordination and drives patience, plus no chat! But, the Ads, much like any other App, are, in my opinion, not appropriate for kids - shooting and a lot of sexualized content. Nice work, Team! Great challenges, no bugs found yet and no ads to bugger up the User Experience (Paid, but well worth it!). Keep up the great work!

- Awesome little game!

I NEVER do reviews but I had to do this one bc I love this game so much but I have this one major beef with it!! So yeah, I play your game at least four or five times a day! I just love it! I know that people always complain about ads so I am a little but I just want you to give us the opportunity to pay to get rid of them. I did that with another racing game you made and now I love playing so much more! That’s it! That’s my only request! Otherwise, no change requests from me. I even love the skill level because I’m a 51 year-old mom and I’m not that great at this kind of gaming so if it were any harder I would have deleted it by now! Lol! Thanks!

- Super awesome fun game!!!!!

I mean sure there are a few ads but super fun ones there’s a hard part you just take a break from it and then you get back on it and then you might win it is extremely fun there are new obstacles, you can choose cool avatars, I just can’t stop saying how fun it is what do you but the annoying thing is that you have to watch an ad to get a key if you want to pick something out of the chest room that’s why I chose five stars because it’s super fun

- Run for fun!

I just play this because I feel like the person in it and have another game that’s like this! I just run for fun! The only reason I found it was the ad...! Yes, the one and only ad!!! It was great and it intrudouced me to this lovel run for fun game! ( I just call it that for fun! ) So U recommend this to people who like parkour and obstacles ( Basically same thing. ) So yeah!!!! Go check out the other game

- Fun but...

Okay, so, I really love this game, but, we’ll my only REAL complaint is that the bots let you win. It’s so annoying. Like, can we have a chance to actually PLAY THE GAME. Bots stop and wait for you to pass them even if they have chance to go. Please fix this. All I’m asking. Otherwise, it’s actually a really fun game. It’s fun and addictive. It would make me 😄 if you would make bots actually compete. I like it though, because it’s like doing American ninja warrior without the work✌️😎😏. I love it, and that is the only problem. (Also, if your having a bad day, i reccomend listening to Allesia Cara, she always lifts my spirits).

- Too much adds

First of all I love this game all the challenges and obstacles but there are to many adds! Why make a game when every level is followed by an add! To many adds! What is the point of the game with so many adds! Editors also please add more obstacles and the big ramp at the end is not necessary. I think there should just be a end not a ramp ending. And those square turning things are kind of difficult. Those adds are what’s making the game so boring you just get on and there is a offer with an add or just an add. To much stuff to explain to all the editors.

- Fun Game but...

I like the game and the challenges first of all. Would like the option to add eyes to my game player but most of all I chose to pay to remove the many long ads but I can’t handle the guns, assault weapons ads for games and the longest one of all is the ad that comes on almost every time about rapid gun fire and the tanks and planes. Please Please take it off. If someone is looking for those games they will find them in the App Store so bring on the ads just not the Gun Violence game ads Please I can’t watch them any more. Thank you! Other than that I like Epic Race 3D!

- So cool but needs something new

Look I love this game and everything but there are barely any girl avatars and rest are boys. Also whenever me and my friend try 2 play with each other it kinda feels like we are playing with bots. Pls make more girl avatars and I wanna play with real people other than that my dad loves this game and I love it to its soooooo cool (And also anyone who has this app pls stop posting bad comments about this game the developer has worked very very very very hard on this game)

- “harder than it looks?” 😬

Ok, so I absolutely love this game but it is super easy I BET I could win and eliminate all the computers you play against BLINDFOLDED! My point is that this game could literally not get easier. I love this game don’t get me wrong, but I also love to be challenged. Another thing is the advertisement. You see in the adds it says harder than it looks but that is definitely a lie. You should only get this game if you like to go the easy route. Other than that Thai an awesome game

- Good but needs lots of work

Every time I complete a level a ad pops up for like 30 seconds then I play another it dose the same thing and it annoying and if I change my avatar it dose a ad every time I do something it is an ad it’s annoying and i said no notifications and they still ring my phone in the middle of the night and it wakes me up so I suggest to do a lot less adds and it should do something when I say no notifications it means no notifications so please fix that

- Good Concept Lots Of Ads

I really like the concept of the game! I think that graphics could use more work but it’s a fun game to play sometimes. That is if it wasn’t for an ad every level that you beat. It’s one of those games where if you beat one level you have to watch an ad to move into the next level. Or to open a chest you have to watch an ad even if you earned it. It would be nice to see fewer ads and maybe longer courses/new obstacles? Overall though it’s a good game.

- This game is awesome

Me and my friend were playing and he had this game . So then i looked at the reviews and it said that that there were to many ads and you should definitely buy no ads and all that stuff. But all you have to do is turn on airplane mode and i stated to play and it was like American ninja warrior and loved it . Thank you for reading this review. By 👋🏽

- why so many ads

Ok ok this game it’s......ok...the your here because I left a one star review and thats were this it starts so.. I read some review before downloading it and the reviews are TRUE so many ads just everywhere it’s just ads,ads,ads,AND MORE ADS AFTER EVRY SINGLE GAME I PLAY like! Phew ok! Anyway it cost FIVE DOLLOR JSUT TO GET RID OF THE ADS that’s a little over the top and no I’m not cheap! It should atleast be like a dollor like not five bucks just to get rid of ads plus atleast the ads are sometimes short. Anyway to who ever who is reading this if you have already downloaded the ame delete it right away and if you did NOT download it please I beg you not to

- Disappointed😢😢

I thought that this game would have real people in it, but sadly I was mistaken. It does not! You literally can’t lose! I was very disappointed😩. Whenever I got close to the finish line the game would take me to it without me doing anything! But when another player(or should I say robot) got close, they just stood there, and when I got near It just took me too it like always😖😡😤! I really wish the game creators could have actual people playing against each other! I’m just really disappointed in this game😭😭! *after writing this I thought* geez! People these days! And I’m only 9!

- I like it But at the same time I don’t

So, it’s fun and all but the bots...They have the name as real players but they aren’t they are just bots so I have some complaints about them...1. They go way to easy on you, like say you were about to tie then the bot slows down and lets you win.2. It’s way to easy, I’ve been playing for awhile and I have only died twice! I like the game and all but please change some things...-! ( I recommend for 10 and under no adds.) (WaTcH mY cHaNnEl oN gAcHa LiFe I’m...- littlemissmushroom!

- Can’t get rid of ads

My daughter loves this game but she is tired of so many ads. I tried to click the no ads icon on the lower left and it doesn’t open or give you a screen to pay to remove ads. The icon turns slightly darker indicating it’s been tapped but no response. I have a screen recording of this. Why even have that option if you can’t use it. I was going to pay to remove them for her. Can’t say she’ll play this much as other games like it allow to pay to remove ads so you can just enjoy game play. Please fix this. I’d rate it higher if this feature worked.

- I hate these stupid game

All of these nice reviews are fake plz don’t waste your time you play time that you would never get back this game should be deleted and we were beside me made in this game is company and one of these reviews are fake he hired someone to make a fake view in some of the styles of fake as clients to do that if you want to get mad at anyone give me a hand please do not buy the stupid game delete it I hate it you hate it and you since they don’t let you do you zero stars I would have to be one side enjoy time playing this stupid game by I have hope for you bbylxoxttyl

- Best game

This game actually reminds me of a show I love to watch. it reminds me of ninja worrier. I love the show so I love this game. it’s surprising bc I literally played this game for like 30 seconds and I already love it but thats also the bad thing about this game bc they just ask us right away literally wen u only play at least 3 turns they ask you to rate I think that’s a little quick but over all this game is the best good work to the creater. Reneebij

- Awesome game

I think this a great game my favorite part is when you win and then you see the other person get eliminated it’s just so funny I almost want to pee my pants I really think people 4 and up should really play this game another reason I like this game is because it’s an obstacle and that’s my favorite thing to do so that is why I love this game by:Ella Miller

- This game is legit awesome

This game is really awesome the reason why I gave you a five star rating is it because you make it like kind of hard for the new kids and then it’s like smooth for the older kids and I just I like all the games and make it really fun and I think you need to add like a little step at your game otherwise the game is awesome

- 4 stars because...

It is fine I have not played it very long but it it pretty hard. Which is good and competitive but sometimes I disagree with me dying in the game. Maybe it is because I really want to win but this game is cool. I like how it is a spin-off of America Ninja Warrior. I guess it can be a little addictive but there are other games more addictive to me at least. Overall the idea of this game and this game entirely is good! 👍🏻📱

- Awesome game

I think this game is awesome there is not much adds it is pretty easy but I don’t totally know because I just got the app and it said rate the app and write a review so that’s what I am doing I think you should get this app but it might get a little hard I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I’ll just have to see 😀 GET this app It is awesome

- A lot of ADDS!!!!!☹️

I’ve always wanted this app because, every other app Adds keep telling me about this game. So one day I download this app and every time I race, adds pop up after the race. So deleted the app. (Sometimes I even get mad at adds 😡, but it’s Normal.) If only the people who made this game reduced the adds and give more obstacles I will re-download the game and play it a lot!

- Too much adds

I love this app I love it so fun to use and fun fun to do and I love it so so cool to get it so I love this app I just wish there is more free songs and fun game I love it I just love love this app I just want the app to come back so so I can just buy this app I just don’t like it I love this game I just wish it I just got a new one so it would just have to come out of my game I want it to come to the game I love it fun and I just wish everything I just want more to let you get more and I want more money so you get it fun fun to let fun game and get to the game it fun to much adds

- This game is awesome but.......

This is a good game at first but the ads keep on coming up on me every minute and it really got in the way of playing it’s like watching a move of ads btw when you play. With a other player it some why lagged so bad for me I’m giving this a one star the game was fantastic and all but the ads and the lagging it gave me I just had to delete it. But this game was amazing but not to much ads or probably it was my phone but this game was the best thing I played ever nice game btw it just had to much ads and a lot of lagging for ME.

- Pretty good definitely fun

I just installed this game and I thought it was gonna be those cheap boring game until I started playing it and my mind blew up 😉 it is not relaxing but it is so much fun so everyone out there who think this game is bad you’re wrong😃 so keep this game alive and I will play it forever

- Addicting

I Love this game because it’s so addicting and I could play this whenever I want I just love it it’s like the best game to play and now since I’ve downloaded this game I play every single day there’s not one day don’t play this game I just love it it’s addicting so like why not download this game I actually did

- Omg 😆 awesome!!!

Ok so..... these kind of games I’m used to hold the thing try not to die but this is like way better there are twists and those ball things that are red super dope so basically you hold the thing avoid obstacles and try not to die but at the end you climb this tall thing it’s really easy if you keep going so..... this game rated for me omg 😆 AWESOME!!!

- Amazing but......

I luv it but at some point I was playing then I won later I wanted to go to costumes and it had this screen with my costume and that’s it and could not do anything so I had to delete it and now I will try and if it works I will still play it and I really wanted to play the game if it does not work sadly😔 I will have to delete it😭

- Worst game ever

1: TOO much ads. Can’t even go a full game without there being a single ad. 2:too hard and too easy. Let me explain, so one map is where at the start it’s super easy and then it’s like playing Minecraft hardcore mode. 3: levels. FREAKING LEVELS. Some are good right? Wrong. So imagine this: there is a spiral, right? PLOT TWIST!!! There are impossible to dodge boxing gloves coming straight at you. Well, I literally just cannot get over thing and, another plot twist, I just got it yesterday. There’s my review. Wanted it to be briefly explained, and I failed. Peace

- Somethings wrong

I really like the game it’s really fun but on one of the levels I duck and it stills knocks me off also the bots just let you win I want a challenge that would be nice The ads I get one every level so can you please put less ads I know it’s how you get your money but how about you put like everything 2 levels put a ad

- Way too easy

Ok so this game is way too easy and has way too much adds those are the only problems. After every round a add pops up and It is sooooooooooo annoying. And it’s super easy the opponents are so bad which makes it super easy and I would love the game if we got to verse real people instead of the computer people. It’s a fun game because there is a lot of levels and you could get new skins.

- Meh

I like run race 3D better. Why sooooo many adds!?i don’t get why there are so many adds! Just get rid of them! And the stupid thing on the profile picture where you have to earn it and you can’t just pay for it in the game is no fun. I think you should make this game more like run race 3D. I play that a lot but this is no fun. Get rid of the adds and I will NOT delete this game. If you are fine with the adds I would say this is a good game for you. But if you do not like to watch a add in the middle of a game DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

- Good Idea…Needs Improvement.

I get the game and I’m like, wow! This is a really cool game! And it is! I love the concept and idea of it! It’s just the ADS kill me! It plays a ad almost every other round or EVERY round. It’s annoying, I wish there was no ads so then I could play this awesome game all day long! Please fix the ads! <3

- Best game ever

This is the best game ever need my friend are going to play it and I played it before. I love you so much I download it on my moms iPad so I could play one on one iPad is dead. Sometimes you lose but it's good because it shows you that you can't always win. I am already in this is the best game ever. :-)

- Addictive BUT Needs Some Fixes

Since the latest update, I’m not getting to earn new costumes or celebrations and when I make it to the 3 chests, the key doesn’t pop up for me to select. The only option is the NO THANKS. Would also be nice if support team could be contacted within the game to be assured someone is taking care of issues

- Great app too many ads

Ok don’t get me started this is a wonderful app! So much fun and so fun to play . It’s easy but not too easy and just a lot of fun . The only thing I would ch she is take out the ads . There are like if a lot of ads and I would take them out . Maybe once every couple of games but not after every game . Over all great game !

- Very fun. Too many adds. Too easy

I just downloaded the game and yes, it was very fun. But right off the bat I realized that there are far too many adds. Right after I first played, I also realized that the bits are letting you win. It would be nice to have more of a challenge. Everything else was fun I just had those two complaints :)

- Too many glitches and ads!

There’s an ad after every single round and that’s super annoying. There’s also a glitch where my player either won’t move at all or is invisible and I can’t control it. This is a fun game, but these issues need to be fixed before I’ll play again. I only gave the app 1 star because these are big issues for me, otherwise it would get more, 4 probably if the glitches were resolved and there were far less ads.

- Thank you

I love this game it’s so fun because you get to do some courses and I am a taekwondo person and I do kicks punches and my person whenever I win I can pick punch and kick and I just love it thank you for letting me get this game and I’m glad it was wasn’t so I had to buy it.

- Great game, but it keeps kicking me out...

I love this game, I play it a lot! But it keeps kicking me out of the game suddenly. Can you please make it so that I can consistently play it and not have to get in more than I play? That’s my only complaint, but otherwise, I recommend it! 😇

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- Yes

I hate the adds many you could make it better and longer I love you you are the best the rest is terrific

- Too much adddsssss

I started playing this game being excited. Then an ad almost every level , it takes the enjoyment out of the game. You can just turn off wifi but I wish that wasn’t the case. I notice so much games I have to turn off ads to be able to have no ads . I know they r trying to make money . Maybe every 5-9 levels there is an ad. Anyway the actual game is kind of boring , in the way of u just hold the screen but it’s a ok game 🙂

- Opinion

My opinion was that it was a bit short and there is to many adds. I think they should make it longer and different obstacles instead of the same one every time. One of my friends has the Fun Race 3D one and prefers that one so it could be better. Anyway it’s your choice to whether you want it or not I think I’d try the Fun Race 3D one

- Glaring colours and ads.

Holy glaring colours! They really need to be toned down some. Also, this little baby is basically a copy of FunRun3D (which I love, aside from the excess ads). The colours in that one are much easier on the eyes. And as far as obstacles go, I only saw two new one in this game that I hadn’t seen in FR3D. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this game outside the colours and the ads, but I probably won’t be trying it again.

- Petty good

My opinion is that it’s a pretty good game little glitchy but my biggest complaint is that there is to many adds and a lot of people think that too but that’s easy fix just turn of the internet. Apart from all of my complaints the game is okay. Have fun playing😀

- Has potential but way too many ads

It is a fun, fill in time game but you spend more times watching ads than playing the game. There is an option for “no ads” but when pressed, it didn’t do anything... like an empty promise.

- Uhhh I’m not sure

The reason why it gave it 3 starts because it’s not as good as other two guys play it offline and then there’s no ads it just could be better a, you know like every game it has room for improvement! Keep up the good work! 🐦

- To many adds

I love this game it’s definitely my sort of game but the thing is that there’s to many adds like all the time before starting the race and I am sick of it so yeah So skip the F adds (Ps the game is quite fun)

- How good is this game

I really recommend this game for kids of all ages because it is really AMAZING.I dare you to download it right now!!!! (Hurry up,what are you waiting for?!?!😂😆😐😭😁😎🤨🤨🧐🤓🧐😏🥳🤩😔😟😕🙁😩😫😖😣🙄😬😑😐😶😯😧😧😮😲😲😵😪😚😋😛😛😛😙😘🥰😍

- Too much killing for little kids

This game is 4+ and little kids watch the players die and also a lot of addddds

- Hi people

This is The best App that I have played in the whole entire world. Who ever is reading this comment just saying to get this app and you’re💜💜🦋 Beautiful💖💖🌈🌈

- Epic runner

I think epic runner is a very creative crazy fun game it’s all about strategy’s thank you for listening hope you enjoy

- Epic Race 3D

I’m up to level 171, and it’s the same thing over and over again. It is a good game, but the repeating of levels has really put a damper on the game. Don’t bother paying to remove the adds, I did, I really wish I didn’t.

- Add😡😡😡😡😡

I hate the adds it’s so enjoying pleas kick the adds out and never put adds again

- Best game and stop the glitch please fix

Hi everyone please download this game please because it is so fun and I know it has a glitch but it is so cool so DOWNLOAD


Amazing idea for the game. I love the idea, it is my kind of game. The only PROBLEM is, is that there are WAAAAAYYY too many ads. I feel like that’s pretty much all I do.... watch ads. Apart from that though, it would be THE BEST GAME EVER. Thanks :)

- Ads

Has remove ads button doesn’t work super annoying. Oh and the vibration needs to be turned off

- Annoying adds

I absolutely love this game but the adds are so annoying after every race , I would have given a5 star rating if there wasn’t so many adds

- Love it

My sister let me have a go at the game on her device and we won so here’s 5 stars to the game creator or creator’s of the game

- Game

This game is so awesome 😎 I just downloaded this app and it all ready made me feel so glad that I downloaded the game ❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳😍

- Review

This game is soooooooooo cool and we love ninja warrior and we will never get to be on it and this so much easer than the real thing thanks for making this app Jess Oliver

- Ads?

Is there a paid version without the ads? Good game.

- I love this game....

This game is amazing and u should download it also there is nothing wrong with it!

- The game is ok

The game is ok but a little bit boring but I always win so I like that but not the best game ever tho so I do really play it i put 2 stars ✨ so it means I don’t like it much I like all my other games that I have better so bye all my fav animals 🦄🦋🐤🐥🦜🥀💐

- Pls stop with the adds!

Ur ads kill me every second I race it starts giving be a add. Quit the adds and add more fun! If u wish so stop WITH THE ADDS! I’m saying this nicely.... stop with the adds thank u. One more thing! I noticed every time I get adds my phone shuts down so stop with the adds!

- It is good

It is so much fun but it takes a little time to pass levels

- Add!

There is way to much adds if you don’t put less adds in the game ima gonna delete this game and tell everyone I know that this game is terrible BUT the games fun😀

- Yess

Hi this game is great it’s so fun I like the challenges. You should make the game harder. Well hope you take my advise 😋😋


This gem is good I rate it 5 STARS!! My character us always called IZZY so if you see that your racing against me!

- To many adds

When you start a add goes when you end a add goes and when you change person a add goes almost everything a add goes

- 🌈

I just started playing and I'm hooked in

- Soooooooooo good

I think this game is awesome and I love getting new characters defently recommend to any body

- To many ads but good

This games is good but I want it to be less ads and actual players racing against you are not computers

- It fine😒

It has way to many adds

- Learn maths

Did anyone else realise it says 50% luck, 70% skill, 30% will. That adds up to 150% ?? 🤔

- Way too many adds!

After every game there’s an ad 😣😣😣 please fix this!

- False update

No ads? There are still adds and have to pay $7.99 to remove ?

- Too many adds

There are way to many adds for it to be nearly as enjoyable as it would be with one add every three levels

- Why I like it

There are more obbys it is so fun but a lot of adds

- To ad people

To ad people just put on airplane mode

- What do

I love your pic I like the activity and stuff

- My review

Hi my name is Avani And this is a really good game for kids adults and it’s just a amazing app and who ever made these apps please make more because in my opinion I love these games and they calm me down from fights and stuff so yeah

- Adssssssssss

The ads r so annoying. It is one after the other. There is much game time. And please the person who made this game do some maths 50%+70%+30%= 150% 🤔🧐🤔

- My

Best app ever download it can you do better mate🕴

- Race 3D

Race 3D is amazing you change characters and pick a name and do fun opstecals.

- Uhhhhhhhhhhh

There are like soooo many adds how do people even like this game plus little kids could be watching this and I mean there is soo much violence involved I mean come on I literally HATE this game if you are reading this comment I suggest DO NOT get this game OK

- CPU usage

Are the people you challenge even real? Also these 5 star reviews seem a bit fake. 😐

- How is this game tremendous

it’s tremendous ‘cause each time I win my opponent falls into a snake pit! Muahahahahaha!

- Way too many ads

I’m sick of all the ads it just takes over the whole game so that is my opinion

- I love this game

Totally brilliant practically every he best game ever just too many ads

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- So Good

This Game Is So Fun I Love It But There Are Ads After Every Round. It Is Still So Fun Though.

- Queen diva

This helps your Brian so so much whoever made this game god bless this is my first try and I’m already addicted lmAo

- Real players?

Are the players we’re playing against even real people? I mean, I’ll leave the app then go back in and the players are paused. I mean, if they aren’t real, just tell us! (Also, if you happen to play against me, I’m Pyrium)

- So so

Good but there’s a ad after every round

- It’s ight

5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the game

- Great game

This is a great game. It is just like American ninja warrior. But it is a little to easy .

- Run Race Review

It’s amazing! I have already got a new character and have had the best time beating other players xD.

- So dumb

It has so many ads and once you get to a certain level you can't get past it. Dumb.


I think this is such a good game I like that the game doesn’t have many ads and I love to play it so ya 5 stars!

- My opinion about the game

It is a good game but it is too easy so I suggest you modify the difficulty

- Great app

It’s similar to Fun Race, but it’s got an independent style

- Meh

The game is easy sometimes the first match is a little to hard and if you loose then thay make it way to easy. The game is super glitchy and it always freezes forcing me to re-open the app then I have to restart

- So fun

Me and my twin bro have so much fun on this app

- Good

I’m so addicted I just started it very good

- Good but not to good

I just feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over also when I go in the store the whole screen is black accept for my character

- Epic race 3-D

I love this game!!!

- Fun addicting!

It’s an excellent pass time. Fun for all ages! Reminds me of the tv show “wipe out” (animated version) So funny when they get hit or fall😂 LOL. It just needs sound effects. Also would be nice if we could unlock a speed booster when approaching the finish line. The ads are annoying, but overall it’s a 10 out of 10!!!

- Pretty good

It’s ok but kinda easy

- Fun but too many ads

Tooooo many ads

- Great!

I love the game but I rlly want a skin and it’s not coming up if it does I’m offline! I keep playing when I’m online but doesn’t come up! Also a lot of adds.

- Love it

I love this game

- Too many ads

Way too many ads. After every game which takes at least one minutes to complete there at ads.

- To many adds

There are so many ads! There are ads after every single round! It can get quite annoying. But other than that I think it is a great game.

- It’s ok

This game is just so easy and ads pop up every time I try to play

- I like 2 k mobile

I am on onyx level on nba 2 k mobile ,go jazz ,Lakers,clippers

- FUN!!!

So fun the best game ever!!!

- Aadds

I like this game but there are so many adds

- Great game but

This is a great game and all but whenever I go to the store it shows a black screen and my character floating. So please can you fix that glitch

- Ninja 🥋

I got this for my brother and I thought it will be just a boring game but it is so awesome it is like a ninja corse

- Best game ever

I love this game it’s so fun and I have all the Character’s in the game!!!!! And that’s why I gave you five star stars to game is so fun 😍🙂😉🤩🇮🇱🐰🦊🦄🦋🐯🐶🐱🐴🐞🐝🐺🐣🐥🐧

- I can play it but it’s still not the best game

Well way to many ads and great game at the same time but still to many ads

- Awesome

This game changed my life But it’s hard

- Non

Le jeux bog et ses souvent les mêmes obstacles

- Love this game

This game is amazing

- Hi

Epic race is cool but lots of ads and I guess its ok

- Amazing game

👁❤️ these games

- Peyton is in the game


- Kinda fun

I had fun playing this game. It’s kinda mediocre as far as they go. Has WAY to many adds. But other than that it’s ok... the adds rlly bother me though


I win all the time try me brother!

- Help

I love the app so much! But the store won’t open sadly! My user is Lizzellian, do you mind helping? Thank you so much!

- Stupid

Terrible graphics too easy and a ad after each round 😡😡

- Fun game, way too many ads

There is an ad after every round (the rounds are short) so it is super annoying.

- 哪那我的話起的作用場內應援集資購買時表示


- cooool

you are the best thing in my life

- I agree

I agree their is and ad every round and that’s annoying but it’s still super fun my sister is like addicted to it!!

- Worst game

So so so so so so many ads I only delete this cause there is way to many ads

- Easy but great

This game is a little easy Ive been winning a lot although I have practice your games before and they are fun challenging and amusing so I think the games would be five to four stars so if you are looking for a game with obstacles and fun download this game👍🏻✌🏻

- Worst game

Really really really really really badly

- Fun

It’s a great game. The ads r annoying but it’s a fun game.

- Ok


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- This game is awesome!

I really recommend this game! It is family friendly and fun to compete. But, I get super annoyed by the adds! They pop up after every time you win! It is still one of the best games in the world though! Again, it’s a #1 recemendation!

- Kind of hard

I mean most people may think this is easy but me being ten years old can say that this is hard! I love the challenge but sometimes I feel like I’m going to snap my phone in half (not really) ( >д<) never thought this game was addicting at first but now I’m super addicted! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ thanks for reading

- Don’t get it

It is ok because I don’t know it just does not get me that excited as other games do. 👍🏽 And their is way too many ads, like who would want to pay for no ads for such a wimpy game. Kids like exiting games and I don’t think this makes the cut. And I should know I am a kid so I think if a kid is writing a bad review and believe it or not I am the nicest in my family so believe me do not get the game. Idk if they even have you race other people!

- Easy Game And Glitching On Some Electronics Even Apples

I Was Looking For A Game To Play On My Cousins Phone I Found This App I Played It It Was Easy And Still Easy I Downloaded This Game On My IPad And Easy Too Make Harder Levels To Be Ragequiting Ones So I Could Be Better And Harder For My Phone Was Glitching A lot So Fix It More

- Epic missing...

Keep playing and have close to 100,000 points. Can’t get to any characters - still have entry level, no face player. “Store” advices me that I have not played enough levels yet- ???? How many levels are there and where can I get a face or character please?? Love the game but would really enjoy some new skill sets and would love to see those levels 😉

- Adds

I love this game but I hate the adds come on I just lost and I just want to lay again ok I get you have to have some adds but not a millions of adds come on people be the first to have less adds be a chap i I’ve this game so thats why I’m asking you but I’ll probably forget about it and I don’t want to.

- Cool but interesting

So I got a shinecon remote which is a video game remote and if I press “A” it will fling all of the characters(including mine) to the left and then I can reset everyone. It is sooooooooooo weird. But besides that, the game is awesome! I love it! Personally, I would rate it 1,000,000 stars (but sadly I can’t)😔

- Too many ads!

This game is fun and but there are so many ads that it’s not even worth playing. It takes less than 20s to complete a course and every time you get an ad?? Change what your character looks like- ad. Every thing you do requires an ad. You spend more time watching ads then you do actually getting to play the game. Just too frustrating to keep this on my phone.

- Great!

I downloaded this game about 2 hours ago and I think this game is awesome but the major thing is that there are a ton of ads. I have an ad when I go in a race and when I go out. EVERY single ad I have had has been only two different ads for coin master. I think that is very stupid. Please fix this.😤😤😤

- Horrible

I wish I could give this a 0 star. It’s so horrible!! When I first downloaded it, I tapped on the game, and it just kicked me out! So I tried again. It did the same thing. So I waited a couple of days, and it finally worked. The game is WAY too easy! And it has soooooo many adds! Okay now look, I know that adds are a way to get money, but you don’t gotta put so many on just ONE game!!! I hate this game! I don’t recommend it. And don’t even THINK about installing it!!!!!!!!! BYE FELISHA!

- No ads

There is a no ads option but when you push on it it doesn’t take you to pay for no ads. Please fix this because the numerous ads are ruining the game for me. Thank you

- The store doesn’t work!!! 😡😡😡😡

I can’t change my skin because whenever I go to the store, even if I have WiFi, it is just a black screen with my yellow person on the top of it. Wait a little bit...nothing happens. Also, a lot of the ads don’t have ‘X’ buttons, so I have to exit the app and come back cause it won’t let me X out of the ad!!! Maybe fix this or explain to me and I’ll change my rating.

- Too many ads

Maybe consider that each game takes less than 20 seconds before showing an ad that takes at least 10, sometimes 30, before it can be closed. I understand that this game took time and you want to get payed but you’ve made me uninstall the game and downrate your game because it about 15 minutes of actually playing the game I think I watched almost 30 minutes of ads. Trying too much to be like Voodoo Games.

- It’s so much fun but EASY

It’s really fun but it’s WAY to easy this is my first time to write a review and this is the best game I ever had the only bad part is like someone said... The bots let you win and it makes me a little mad when I want to play you should fix it and make it more harder please that’s all I’m saying and if you fix it then 5 stars 😊 you should really play this game

- Love it

I think this game is really really fun and it has some great features but it is a little hard the levels were a piece of cake so you could see that you could get a little bit of a challenge so fun

- well...

okay so i absolutely love this game but while i was playing it, the game kinda blacked out & porn popped up idk if this has happened to anybody else but i thought it was really funny because it just popped out of nowhere on the app while i was playing, & it actually popped up ON the app but i just wanted to write this because i thought it was a bug maybe but idk

- Such a fun game

Love the game just sometimes I wish the people I play against are a little bit harder to beat. I also just started and it is my new favorite game! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put it Sincerely, Harper!!!

- Make Races Longer

I love this game. I play it everyday. Man for some reason one race was extremely long and I loved it! I wish all of them were super long. It was so much fun. Also, I’ve accumulated way too many coins. I don’t know what to do, once you have everything unlocked?

- Easy

On the commercial it says harder than you think but it’s actually easy I’ve come up against every player I’ve played and they were all eliminated so I suggest you play this game so I can beat you to

- Awesome

I loved this game! It was so cool. This game doesn’t have to use internet, and I love that! There are always ads, but when I turned off my WiFi it worked! There were no more ads. This was a really great game. I encourage you to get it.

- Wow

I like this game because I think that everyone gets a chance to just play and express their selvesAnd have fun with it also if you want to have a challenge this is a game for you but I recommend this game because it’s fun and easy and not too hard

- It’s easy and fun

This game is fun and really easy. When you lose you go back to the same stage with different players tho and it’s really fun. I like this game and I think you should give it a 5 stars. Hope you like it!

- Awesome game

I love this game there is no adds it is really fun I think it’s awesome and there is no price I honestly love it and think you would to I loveAmerica Niigata Warrior and this game is just like it I love this game and think you would to you should try it out

- The shop doesn’t work

Whenever I play this game when I press the shop button it just shows the makers of this game and my skin. To go back I have to restart the app. Plz fix or if I’m the only one with this Problem plz help cuz overall this game is beast. If this gets fixed I will definitely rate this game 5/5 stars so plz help.

- I 😻 this game

This game is pretty cool. I love when I win and I barley get ads even though there’s a lot. Whoever did this pretty good job I just can’t stop thinking of this game oh and I’ve seen the other games but I like this one the best Beast game EVER!!!!!!!!!!

- Bad ads

Listen, this review would be a lot higher spoken if it weren’t for the freaking ads. Want to play the next level?Ad. Want to replay the level you’re on? Ad. It wouldn’t even be as bad if the ads weren’t inappropriate. There was an ad for a music game with the n-word and f-word in it, not bleeped out, with the n-word actually spelled. It would be a four-star game if it weren’t for that. Thanks.

- Just to many ads that’s all

Ok the game is go...but there are to many ads I mean I under stand you get paid to put all the ads in but tbh there are too many and it bores me to death Because I could go play a different game that doesn’t have to many ads. Over all it’s a good game. PS just put less ads😀

- Nice fun and challenging❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I really like this game haven’t played very long but I have loved it I recommend getting this app if you like challenge❤️💗💖💝! Now I think it’s cool 😎. Try it out I bet you’ll like it lots try hard thank you for reading my quick review

- Love it!

Hi I have been playing this game for weeks and imm I love it! The courses are so fun and all the dances and skins are cool. I am giving this five stars. It’s AMAZING! And I also love that you compete with other people so don’t always win cuz winning is not important.

- Awesome

I think it’s awesome because you can go against people and makes you motivated to be a ninja warrior that’s why I think there should be more games like this and I love this game so please creators put my review on the game thingie

- Can’t open the chests

The game works like a charm until it gets to the chest box where it says 500 coins at the top and shows the 3 chest boxes but the game just freezes and won’t let me press anything. Please let me know if i’m doing something wrong.

- Not amazing

This is a fun game but …the robot well let you win and if it gets ahead of you it will stop at the next level and wait until you get there and pass it to actually pass the level.

- Good game

I like the game but it’s to easy I think they need to make it harder and I think it deserves a four star it not the best game but it’s ok I would not tell my friends to get the game but if they want the game I would tell them what its called but overall it’s a good game

- I like it so much

It’s a good game for me because i like to unlock skins we should be able to give are selfs color name tags it’s a good game and I have it on my phone it’s a good game oh yes and we should be able to chat!

- This is mean

When you claim the outfit it makes you use it and I don’t like that what if I don’t want to use it and I like the one I have and the outfits aren’t even cute make a no thanks button just like when it asks if you want to race agin in the Minnie game I hope to see improvement but other than that it’s great I would spend hours play fun and run race three d and that’s why I got this one 😊😡

- Loving it

Honestly I love this game unlike most people. It’s sooooooooooooooooo easy for me. Everyone that doesn’t give this game 5 stars are rude who wouldn’t like it also its really really really fun to challenge against people

- Fun

Super fun it’s an awesome game love it all though it has some glitches still is my fave game although sometimes it lets you go even when it gets the chance to go

- LIARS 🤥 🤥

It says w/ the update there are no ads. But I just got a dumb ad on the game. I thought this would be the first game I actually liked to not make me pay for no ads, but I was sadly mistaken. If you’re going to advertise the game with no ads, please don’t lie. Also, if you can’t remove ads, then just don’t scam us. I know I’m not the only one upset about this😡🥵😠

- !!!

This game is super fun and great. The ads are only after each season or round. Which isn’t a problem. The ads are good ads too! I really recommend this game.

- Ad ad ad ad ad ad

Fun game. Too bad you get an ad every other run and it costs $5 bucks to turn them off. Not even posted what the charge is until you plug in app purchase password and then cancel to avoid paying 5 dollars. Ridiculous! I don’t recommend. I’ve tried other games by this company and the issue with way too many ads is the same.

- Ad Riddled

I've never seen such an ad riddled game. Literally every 20 seconds they want you to click on an ad, and not to mention the constant ad running at the bottom of the game. Each level only takes 20 seconds and would be way more entertaining if the levels were longer.

- What are your name hard but good

This is a very good game your name is just as a little hard but guess what still the best game ever no glitches just a few ads

- Get this now grrr

I lovvvvvvvve this game so much its amazing wow if you dot get it you get if you dit like it get it or if you not ir you say dot get this game then you stocked and i what you to say i love this game and get this now

- A nice note

Hello I’m Avery. Since Covid-19 I have been playing this game. There are similar games like this but this isn’t the best out of them. Thank you, Avery

- Too many ads !

This game is awesome . It’s great and entertaining but every time you finish a game it’s ad after ad after ad . It takes up a lot of time and always makes you wait and then takes you to the Apple Store most of the time . Super annoying .

- Awesome but to many ads

I love this game it’s really fun and it keeps me entertained but it has to many ads although I recommend downloading this app

- Love the game but still needs many fixes for bugs

Doing better, every time I go on the bonus round and he’s supposed to go on the swing, my line is in the green and he falls in the water-please fix the game

- There are too many adds

There are way to much adds keep it up and I will delete the game

- So Fun

I will give these game a five because it is very entertaining and it is fun the reason I said this is because when I first started playing this game I liked it

- Just a few suggestions

1. I want the default dance (otherwise known as the dance you have when you don’t have any other dances purchased) to be an option in the game. 2. I want a solo Infinite Mode.

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Wacky Run vs. Epic Race 3D | Which Is The Better Game? | Part 50 via @YouTube #gaming #gameplay #gamer #games #game #mobilegame #mobilegaming #androidgames #youtubegaming #youtube #youtuber #youtubechannel #wackyrun #epicrace3d

Epic Race 3D 1.1.5 Screenshots & Images

Epic Race 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images
Epic Race 3D iphone images

Epic Race 3D (Version 1.1.5) Install & Download

The applications Epic Race 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-01-18 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 261.87 MB. Epic Race 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-15 current version is 1.1.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gym.racegame

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