Beat Blader 3D

Beat Blader 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

BEAT BLADER 3D is not only a common combination of action and music but also a relax mobile game with trending neon game style.

- High-quality song playlist
- Design with 3D visual and glow neon assets
- Simple gameplay mechanic but addictive and easy to immerse with your headphones
- Challenge yourself with hundred of levels

- Simple hold and drag to control your character
- Slash and dash to win
- Avoid obstacles



- You can subscribe for unlimited access to premium songs.

- The subscriptions are $7.99 weekly.

- You'll be able to play all premium songs for the duration of your subscription.

- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package.

- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

*Price is equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in USD.

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Beat Blader 3D is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “Everyone can music!”.

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Beat Blader 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improve game performance - Fixed bugs

Beat Blader 3D Comments & Reviews

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- 💕 Please Read 💕

Well, I downloaded this game 2 years ago, and it’s amazing! The thing that I don’t like is, I keep getting the same adds, over and over again. Also, if your a young-young age, be warned that some songs are in-child-friendly. Even I have heard un-childhood-friendly songs on this game, but that’s not stopping me from playing! If you like beat saber, you’ll 100 percent LOVE this game. If you also like a vast amount of songs and love to slice to the beat, this is also recommended. Just be aware that there are lots and lots and LOTS of adds in this game, also, some songs are inappropriate for children. Some songs say curse words, so parents, when you see your child(ren) download this app, make sure to aware them to stay away from curtain inappropriate songs. Some can be dangerous for any type of childhood/pre-teen people. Please be aware, and enjoy the game!

- Beat blazer 3-D

I love this game the only thing wrong with it is when it says easy it’s way too hard when it says hard it’s way too easy when it says medium it’s medium the best if you download this I hope you like it I love it if you get bored try to go on hard but I bet you you’ll never get it if it’s too hard go on medium you’ll have very much fun there’s many songs you can choose from very many you can search one I think I’m pretty sure if you can’t just have fun with the songs you have please download this I beg you it’s very very very very very fun please write this tell your mom and dad tell your friends how good this is if you like it if you download this I really hope you have lots of fun thank you for playing if you already are playing so you’re the best if you’re downloading this just have as fun as you can because it’s really fun I promise just get your fun on it please have fun if you don’t have fun on your other game you’re the best if you have this if you don’t it’s OK you’re still pretty good but you’re the best who ever plays this because I’m one of them but I’m not the best I promise so thanks for listening to me I hope you have fun on this game if you don’t please don’t delete it just give it no thumbs up


Ok so this game is awesome. I usually read comments before downloading (I would recommend doing, some are not for children lol) but anyways all were positive so I did it... IT IS THE BESTEST GAME IN THE WORLD!! Better then dumb Tik Tok. Better then amazing roblox, and it is so kid friendly. So if ur parents don’t like bad words or songs with them, and they catch u on the app, no trouble because it’s fun, got popular songs and all appropriate. The only thing is I think I heard a bad word in one of the drake songs. Maybe the song was just so fast and I mixed it up, but anyways I thought it was that word ( b word) ( not saying it ). Love the app. Download it because u music lovers will NOT be disappointed. Sorry it is so long, I also have a love of writing so yeah. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Download it u will never be sorry

- Stupid and a waste of time 😫😩😫😩

Songs are sung by other people instead of the original artist and started in different points instead of at the start, the noise played when you die is from Roblox (a different video game from a different creator) and there is not a very wide variety of characters, there is only like five and they look kind of weird and have questionable taste. The overall idea is pretty smart but the gameplay is not that good. If you are a long time Gamer then you probably will not find this game very amusing but it is a good game for people who are bored or have nothing to really do. The Characters move around really weird and it bothers me SO MUCH. The main character that you start off with has weird hair and the only thing that I like about it is the fact that the outfit looks like a Star Wars x wing pilot suit and the start swords Look like lightsabers. Overall it’s a pretty weird game and you should not waste time on buying it , but if they fixed a few problems in the music I would definitely play.

- Love this game but I’m sad that the Endless feature isn’t there

I love this game but the only thing I’m upset about is that they took out the endless feature and I loved that feature it was so addicting and very challenging and that’s why the endless feature was so fun (endless feature if you don’t know is that it’s goes to normal speed and then it will keep going to medium speed to fast speed to very fast hopefully you understand I’m not very good at explaining) So hopefully the developers see this but overall it’s a very good game and I very much like it.

- Pretty good!

The reason it’s 3 stars is because of a couple things, the ads. To be honest I don’t really mind the because they’re only 5 seconds till you skip. But... they’re after and before every game you play. Second of all. The oof sound, WHICH ISNT ACTUALLY BY ROBLOX, was actually by another game and Roblox copied it. So I don’t mind if you got permission from the actual game which I don’t think you did which is kinda upsetting that a noise was stolen from 2 games. One thing, it has a lot of songs but not very popular songs, like the first couple songs I know but then these random songs I’ve never heard of, so maybe add songs that are more well known? Or maybe songs that most people listen to right now? It would be better. In all though, this game is pretty fun! Surprisingly, there’s no lag on my phone at all for this app! It’s really neat!

- Oculus: ForgeX2

Hey there beat saber player here. Out of boredom I decided to download this game. Right off the bat the title made me loose my brain cells. “Beat Blader.” Are you kidding me. I get it copy right is hard especially when you just control c control v a whole game but cmon. My nephew can name a game way better. 2nd thing, right off the bat the songs said “original by bla bla bla.” But when you play it it is somebody remixing the song. The reason the game is free is because when you open you make them way more money bye watching there ads. And don’t get me started on there VIP membership. Rip off. It’s a total rip off. If you want the true rhythm game experience just buy a vr headset and get beat saber. They have way more songs that are original and way better, and has an actual community. There is no excuse for just copying a whole game for money. I don’t want any horrible developer commenting anything. PLEASE DONT GET THIS GAME.

- First impressions.

At first, this seemed like a genuinely cool app game. After I played my second song, I noticed some major issues right away. If this was going to be a top 3 downloaded game, the songs should at least be the real songs and not the knock-off versions. For example, “lovely” by Billie Eilish. The other issue is the ads are literally after every single song you play. It’d be better if the ads appeared after every 2 to 3 songs so it doesn’t disrupt the joy of playing. One last complaint I’d like to throw in is this: It’s high-way robbery to charge $7.99 PER WEEK for v.i.p. Like that’s probably more than Netflix charges per month, get the picture? If it was $7.99 per month, the developers are more likely to actually make money, and I’d actually be willing to spend ONLY if the songs weren’t knock-offs (covers). That’s just my real opinion.


Once upon a time I was playing a game. Then an ad came up. It was called beat bladder…It was about a person with a saber destroying blocks with music…Beat bladder, think about it. If you guessed right, it would be like this. It copied beat saber. Like what the heck? So I gave it a try, it was pretty good so far, then it happened. I had died “OOF”…Did you know what it did? It had copied the ROBLOX death sound. IM SERIOUS, oh did you knew what else happened? After I died I was in the main menu. I examined the play list. Another Ripoff of something. It had copied the piano tiles 3 MAIN MENU. I was mad…VERY MAD. Also what’s with the disgusting mouth…eww. This game was bad already, it copied details from like 4 games, I checked you guys comments about this and you said every 30 SECONDS THERE WAS AN AD. ,Too glitchy. My improvement for this game is one star. Hope you guys agree with me.

- Good but way to many adds

I just got this game it’s really good so far, but there are way to many adds. I feel like I get Two minutes of game for three minutes of adds. One thing I appreciate is that cutting the beats match up with the song. I have been playing piano for over ten years and clarinet and bass clarinet for around seven years so I notice every beat and when I play other beat games like piano tiles or tile hop it bugs me when it doesn’t land on a beat in the song or doesn’t match up with the singer singing and that bugs me, but so far the game has matched up with the beats which I love

- Amazing

I love this app and so do my children it’s a great app for them to learn music because both want to be a singer and I think this is great we’ve looked for this app forever and we finally found it and I recommend this because I like this and I’m a inventor and it helps me relax and have a family fun time with my kids and there’s a lot of great songs and there is no bad words in it and in my opinion I think that’s great for kids. My children are playing it on the tablet right now practicing to sing but I recommend

- songs are sung by random people and using another games sound

First off, the game is fun. love the intensity when you get further into the song. thats the only reason im giving this game more than one star. I give this game 3 stars because all of the songs are sung by random other people that are not the original singer of the song. Second off, whenever you die or run into a spike, the game plays a sound that is the roblox death sound, so this game is using the sound without the roblox creators permission. if the owners of this game use a different death sound and make it where the songs are sung by the actual original singers, this game is a definite 5 star.

- great game! FIX THE BUGS

this a really fun game i really like it but their was this little bug in the game where while i was doing a level i was just casually playing and then my character just moved to the right on its own and it made me lose so i watched an ad to revive and the sam thing happened i thought it was my hand so i took it off the screen and it was only my thumbs playing so i retried and this time my hand was not on the screen but it happened again so i closed the app my whole lock screen turned black for 0.1 second on elapse time and i reopened it and there was no bug

- Donut worry

This game is so addictive and fun. So far I don’t see anything that needs fixed! However, I think you might want to add some bonus levels or like little mini games. Oh, and you might want to make the obstacles a little bit harder or just make some new ones. But other than that I don’t think there’s any other things that you might want to change. Oh, I almost forgot you might want to make it to where you can change your avatar and win more levels to win new skins!

- This game is so awesome

But here’s the thing some of the songs they are unlocked there’s probably like only three of those and the majority of them you have to watch an ad and it’s annoying but this game is super fun there’s Despacito theres bad Romance there’s don’t let me down And I got a look at them I just got the game today and the characters they have our booty but the cool one is only three ads if you want to cool sword U have to watch one ad I recommend you should get it.

- Yeah.....

If I’m being completely honest it was ok. Though I’ve only played a few levels, I know what’s going on. At first it was very cool. I slice the blocks to make the beat of a song, and it vibrates a little on my phone. But I started not liking it. I realized that the songs were all dumb pop songs which I really don’t like, but I still didn’t mind it. It was after buying Faded that I realized these aren’t the real songs. There fake!!!! THEY EVEN RUIN THE SONGS THAT WERE BAD TO BEGIN WITH!!! I know that not everyone has the same opinion of Pop music as me, but this is ridiculous! Cool concept. HORRIBLE EXECUTION. This is just a low budget money maker in the end

- The game is good but I have suggestions and uh opinions kinda

I like the game and stuff but I found a few problems. Well first I found out that they don’t have every song or every English song because I searched my favorite song and it wasn’t there soo ya. Second I feel like there’s to many ads cause there’s one every level but yeah. And third is a suggestion, I feel like you should be able to buy skins and weapons instead of earning it, because that’ll take a very long time. But anyways thanks for reading ☺️


I just want to tell you how much fun this game is! So I love this app and this song called deathbed coffe for your head and i also like other games like magic tiles 3 I also like that but I’m just an 8 year old girl and I love music and this got me to enjoy every single song in the world so I hope you guys out there love this game and if you like this game then you now what music is. I hope you upload this game and give it a big thumbs up hope you like the song ye 👋🏼😁😁

- Very nice just one problem

I’m playing games then I get a add to download this game and then I downloaded it to try it out and I was hearing a song on the internet but never knew the name but then I found the song death bed and it’s the song I’ve been hearing so I was pretty happy and then when I say I was smashing the cubes it seemed satisfying but I keep getting a lot of adds so I’m still playing but I just wish there wasn’t a lot of adds

- It’s ok

It’s a good app after seeing just one playable add I downloaded it and I ran through the first three levels easy but after the third lever the next level I had to watch an ad to play it so I just pressed home and I thought there Would be other levels that o actually could play without watching an ad but I soon found out that every level after the third one has to watch and ad to play and all I wanted to do was play a simple level or two but I have to watch ads but I don’t mind watching ads but I think this is over Excessively using ads 😐

- BEST GAME!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is by far the BEST GAME I’ve gotten it’s soo fun I love all the songs there’s to pick from and I like how you can choose to do regular or endless version I always do endless and I get pretty far on it but sometimes the have covers witch is sometimes annoying cuz the real song is better but other than that it’s A GREAT GAME I play it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I❤️🧡💛💚💙💜IT!! I really hope u guys continue to make more games! SERIOUSLY GUYS GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Best game ever

Ok so every time I download a music app I have to pay for it but this one I don’t and I love that it’s also has amazing songs and I like a challenge and this can give one and not too but one thing I don’t like is the ads to play one but that’s how it normally is so I don’t mind it anymore but great game if you like music games that you don’t have to pay for this is it AMAZING GAME 🥳

- Horrible game 👎🏻

This game is entirely the ripoff of the ads it shows. This may make sense but the “VIP” is overpriced and all the songs that people would actually like are also VIP, and that is a way to make people spend some money to get no ads and they’re favorite songs. I can tell that the game owner wanted to make money by putting all the great and popular songs for VIP. And it would make sense to put ads for songs sense there would be copyright if they didn’t put ads but the ads appear way to often. Well, that’s all I gotta say so you can decide if you wanna download this app.

- beat saber knock-off (honest review)

this is a terrible game. tried to recreate beat saber in VR. not fun at all, not original songs either i don't think. if you wanna play beat saber, play it on VR. it's a lot of fun VR, but not on mobile. VR headsets are expensive, like oculus for example, but if you can't get it then it's just one game that you're missing out on. beat saber. not a big deal. it's one of the games where they just spam you with ads and it's a game that took five seconds to make. i would not suggest getting this game unless you are completely desperate to try to play beat saber without a VR headset.

- I love this game

I downloaded this at the start of Covid and the first three times I played it was hard then over the weeks Improved my skill and I was addicted I could not stop playing I loved all the songs in the game and I thought that all the easy was easy and all the hard was easy well all of them are easy to me I love the holiday update as we’ll.

- Great but an issue..

So I recently got this game and I must say it’s pretty addictive and very fun! However there is an issue, there are so many ads that are on this game it’s unbelievable. I get it’s probably for money and that ok but it’s a little exaggerated on how many ads there are. Right after a song you get and ad. To unlock skins, ads. To unlock blades, ads. I hope you take this into consideration but overall a pretty good game. Thank you!

- There are so many songs I like but

So I love so many of these songs like believer or faded but there is a song my dad showed me and I liked it but it’s for only vip and I can’t get vip because it’s to much and the song is 7 years old and I really wanted to do it but I can’t so it makes me sad I hope my five star review helps others know this is an awesome app 😔

- The awesome

I really like the songs that I even want to share it with my sis and I really love that there are characters and sords that can be use to get the blocks that make sounds and I also love that when you play the song the music will play and it is very awesome and if you never opened this app that would be sad and I am glad you did it

- My opinion

I love this game and I just got it but not every time we need an add after we’re done playing the song that could use some work so I think that should be fix and also since it is a music game and I love music I think there should be music adds but not all the time and they should switch it up also this game brings me so much joy cause I love music and I’m learning how to play music my self

- Awesome game must try!!! 😁😁

This game is AMAZING!!! There are only a few ads and the game has great beats. This a very challenging game, so for those who like a challenge AND sick beats, definitely download this game. The only downer is that you have to watch videos to unlock songs, but you can get a VIP subscription for that. You should definitely download this game and have some fun! 🤩

- It’s no bad

I see you put a lot of hard work in this, but maybe not the right kind of hard work. I would’ve put in 4 stars, but the reason why it was 3, well you didn’t really put the songs the right way. What I mean is, they are kinda nockoffs, and the singing isn’t loud enough. Plus, you need more songs, and maybe a new aesthetic. I say this with all due respect, and I hope the game improves. Until then, I will be playing fortnite and Minecraft.

- Needs some work

So this game I saw on an add and I’ve been searching for a game that has the songs savage love and I saw in the add it has the song but it doesn’t same with some other games and so it could use that and the song relationship and memories are the songs I would like but yeah and it’s a really fun game just needs some better songs other wise it’s a fun challenging game for everyone!

- Very Good!

If you are looking into this game I definitely recommend it! There are only adds when you want to play a song, everything is free, and popular songs! There are levels for every song; easy: Medium; hard; and they are generally challenging! I think this game is amazing Recommended!

- so much BETTER than Beat Blade Dance

I can’t emphasize how much better this was. I thought it was gonna be worse because it has less reviews than that app but I was wrong. There was NO LAG in this game, and minimalized ads. I also like how it creates beat instead of just going with the song. Highly recommend!

- Themes

This might be a little short but could you make some themes like when you go on the little button to pick your weapons in character could you put a new thing like the themes for the background it’s fine if you can’t do it just asking thanks.

- I hope nobody wasted there time on this joke

This game is so bad it has adds every time you are done with a song. The adds are so glitched I have seen adds during the song and then you just run in to the obstacles then you die. I would not recommend this to anybody and the stupid cash grab for vip that costs $8 a week and all you get is to not watch adds. I’m glad if you actually have a good time with it but I would just say skip this trash if you don’t want to wast your time and you have a life.

- It’s so fun!,!

Later 3-D it’s just so fun it’s like have like some of my favorite songs and it’s like a video game at the same time will love i t you you just have to play it is so fun so fun. If you don’t get it it’s just how are you supposed to have fun but also listen to your favorite music tracks it’s so fun. Please please please get it

- Bad and copying others work

So I saw this in an ad and I decided to try it out but then as soon as I opened it I am forced to play a song and that song is dance monkey for one I’m not really a fan of the song and two, it way too easy after I finished the song I went onto the next song and I died and it literally copied the Roblox oof sound And the menu looks like it’s stolen right from piano tiles 3 last to leave a copy of the famous VR game beat saber I would rather listen to Are you going to finish that croissant rather than playing this

- Please read

Ok I know u might thinks it’s a rip off SO WHAT a it’s awesome only thing that bothers me is that even though you have great revues there are so many adds after every single level there is an add please lower the amount of adds you have a great game no need for so many adds other than that great game


I really like this game I approve much and the blades are amazingly cool / I have the bat / and I love the skins! / I have the cat / I mean like I was addicted and still am but now I usually play a lil’ roblox from time to time. And I love the levels they might be a little hard but IT IS APP YEAR WE MUST STAY INSIDE ( me seeing a friend three minutes ago she’s watching me write this lol ) BYE!!! - GïñgërĆåt9 ( Vivienne ) XD

- Awesome

I love this game it’s so fun to play I have only few suggestion I don’t think you can make people pay a lot of money weekly and not monthly but that’s my opinion and one other thing a few less adds whoud be nice when I get off from getting done with a song I get a add but other than that it’s awesome and update your songs to tho

- Nothing wrong with this game!😊

I got this game a few minutes ago, and I’m obsessed with it! Not much ads, No glitches! I like to do the song Counting Stars but I love all the songs! I really don’t have a favorite song! But yes, this is just my phone being normal! I hope you like my review!

- It s good....

Game is cool but I need to fix some stuff 1. So the last time I was just playing this game and randomly like my character just went through the box and it made me lose this happened like all the time it was pretty sad 2. All so the game volume is very low but when I put it on high it is on medium Hope you can fix this have a nice day!!

- Good app but..

This is a great game to play when your bored and want to listen to good songs. But I have two problems with it. First of all, don’t change the artists voice. Their amazing how they are already. Especially on Someone You Loved. You can really hear they like deepend his voice. And second, to many ads. Other then that, I love it. 😁


As my title says, can just NOT have to watch an annoying ad every time we pick a new song, or whenever we mess up in the middle of the game? I mean i’m sure everyone hates ads. So can y’all maybe put LESS ads instead of EVEY SINGLE TIME we pick another song? Also this is my 1st time playing, and i’m already getting the BOOM; “GET VIP” right in my face when i JUST opened up the game! Maybe y’all can put it in a small corner or something like that instead of having the VIP ad right in ppls faces. It’s just not right at all tbh~ 😒👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Equate Brand of Songs

So, I’m fairly convinced that a lot of that songs that say “original” are not original at all. They’re sung by some nasally guy which makes the song 80% unenjoyable. Post Malone - Sunflower for example and 7 years old by that red head guy sounds absolutely dreadful. Don’t put original by the song if it is not at all. Positive note, this app is absolutely awesome and totally recommended it to everyone.

- Idk good but like not..

And yeah I love the songs and titles but the thing is I don’t like when I lose because it’s so unfair because I try to get three stars and it never lets me so sometimes I try but you never let me get a try only just a one star one star no honey NOO JUST 3 STARS I hope you think about it psycho!

- It’s really fun but..

I really like this game but I would like it better if you could play any song you wanted without v.i.p because I don’t like to spend money on apps I tried to search Taylor swift but there was a vip sight just let me play any song I want other wise it’s really fun plus I would like an update so you can play with friends like a race

- Needs more things to do.

I like the game but it needs to have more characters. I have the last character and am really bored with it. Also the blades are way to expensive. And if you could lower the prices for the blades. But all in all I like the app it’s fun but needs improvement. Also every time I die there’s an ad so if you could lower the chance of having an ad I would love that. Love the game. 😍

- Too much ads and no vip

I love the game but I have to give it a one star mostly because they are so many ads one after another I hate ad and I hate ads that I see every day or don’t like I will not delete but I hate the ads so much plz read this and my make my wishes come true. Also stop making me try to buy I will never get vip no way stop it you only want money I will not pay money just to play certain songs no that is one reason why put a one star instead of a 2. Make my wishes true plzz

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- Plagiarism?

Someone wrote a review about plagiarism. Beat sabre is plagiarism towards beat blader. (Or the other way around) So what? Plus this is 3D so it is so fun. If you say this game isn’t good, I think you are really dumb. This game highly deserves good ratings! 🤩

- It’s okay..

So I got the game right, and when I went to do started with no help at the start! So I didn’t know what to do, when i finished it i wanted to do my favourite song! But when I went to look it was vip! I was very sad, so I looked down to other songs and there was a gem thing (which is the money in the game) and went I look at a really expensive one and..IT WAS MY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY FAVOURITE SONG! I have no hate to this game, but next time please at least make them all the same price! -Cherry!

- 😁

This game is the best but the only thing I don’t like is the fact that the red sharp things is very hard to avoid but it really truly is the best

- What you did

I kinda liked this game seeing as I don’t have access to the original version, and this game in somewhat why resembled it, so I used it as a substitute till I had completed access to the original. Then you went and made “that update” and you’ve completely ruined it for me, it’s fine if anyone else liked it but for me, you’ve turned my blades a sower lemon.

- I love this

I love this because it is really fun and when you die it sounds like roblox when you die

- Plagiarism

This game is pointless. We already have beat blade and beat saber. Those games are so much better than the 3D version. You can’t change the sensitivity in this one and it’s so odd looking. You can already get beat blade in the App Store and that is 10x better than this one. I’m so confused how this game got such high ratings. Please don’t be fooled by this plagiarist.

- Game

I really like this games because lots of my favourite songs are on it

- Comment

I really like the game but for the people who aren’t V.I.P There are only 2 songs to chose from and there needs to be more and lots off adds but otherwise it’s an awesome game 🤩😎👏🏻

- I love this game super duper amazing

I love all the songs

- Good but

Why do you guys have to put a kid song under vip? That’s my favourite song plus other kids like me will want to play this but soon to find out that half of there favourite songs is under vip wow just wow plus us kids can,t just buy vip

- Good

Almost everything is,perfect exept there are too many ads

- really good

put the song all star

- $13 a week

This is a rip off, Get beat blade, it doesn’t rip you off and has much better songs. Simple as that

- Adds

After every song I played it would just give me an add to watch

- Add one more thing

Must all the characters be girls?!?!


hello developers, I like your game it’s fun but the thing I hate about it is THERES WAY TOO MANY ADS

- No sound

The sound does work for the music or in general? Might be just me but it’s not on.

- Nepali

Sami cha

- Ads

It’s so unfair that I die beacyyasr if ads do hi die in an ditch

- Guys

Do not get this is hacks you when deleted app pls don’t get it

- Wow

This game is the best beat saber game in mobile iOS yet love it but I recommend adding more songs and add sabers in the game and make it so we can import our own songs too love it other then the improvements it’s 10/10 also when I complete the level it just stays there and doesn’t give me a option to go find a different song still needs work but otherwise it’s amazing

- Fun

I enjoy this and would like to see more songs added or maybe an option where we can import our songs to play the game Keep it up 😉

- Really fun!

Well it’s really fun but you should add an update where you can put in the song I’d but keep the good work up😁

- This is so good I have no word

OMG this this is just crazy how did he do it

- E


- Gay update

K downloaded app its awesome i hate new third person update change it to first person again or i will delete app

- Too easy

A 3yr old could do this lol

- No sound

No sound

- Good

It is close to the VR version

- To many ads

When you want to play a new song you have to watch a ad and then when you finish the song finishes you have to watch another ad I’m sick of ads I’m thinking about deleting the game I think I will to many ads. Ads suck

- Errors

Wtf I have no errors my Internet is fine

- This is coping beat Sabre

This is just copying and I don’t like it. Isn’t copying another game idea illegal, and inspiration is fine but copying isn’t. I hate it that another game developer took a while to come up with the idea of it and then you just took it. Also I am pretty sure that some of the actual code is taken as well.

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- Good game

Very good ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🤩🤩🤩🍪🍪❤️❤️❤️🍪🍪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🍪🦒🦒you can search in the game 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲🤭🤭🤗🤗🤗🤗

- Super FuN!.(ur gurl,leahasheamry

Download this game NOW

- How does no one catch this?

They might of bought rights for mobile but this is a full rip off of beat saber even the name like beat blader it’s the same thing but remove the s and replace it with bl like how stupid do you think we are yes most people who play this are fetuses but some of us actually have more then 3 IQ please stop just making rip offs of games and be creative for once you little disappointment of a human

- I like how de game is made

I like how you have me favorite song

- No credit!

Why is there no credit what so ever to beat saber at all. This a complete ripoff and the game isn’t even fun. Plus there’s ads, where as the real beat saber doesn’t have ads!

- Worst game EVER!!

1. This is an obvious copy of beat saber 2. It keeps crashing 3. It takes forever to load 4. Im pretty sure 90% of all of these reviews are fake as most of them have 5 stars when the game isn't very good, almost no words and little to no explanation to why they like the game, and some have mainly emojis like many spam comments have, also, if you choose ‘see all reviews’, you will see many 1-2 star reviews littered with more of those fake 5 star reviews. 5. As obvious a copy this is and even though it has terrible properties, this is actually a kinda decent game.

- Good game but.....

I like the game but it’s a rip off from beat saber and you can’t change your character and some levels are IMPOSSIBLE I telling you DO NOT DOWNLOAD GET THE REAL GAME BEAT SABER

- Hi I’m Ethan I send 5s star ok I going to go bye

From Ethan


Ok before you do the title there is some down sides to the game there is 3 thing 1.there VIP is way to expensive 2. The game is very fun 3.DONT play this game when you have work or school you will be late

- Good game

Good game and fun game too play

- Hi

The game is so fun and it cool 😜😋😜😋😋😋😋☺️🙃😋🧐🤩🥸🤨

- I love this app

It’s a great app I would recommend it to anyone in ur family friends and other ppl in ur family

- Best game ever

I love this game it is amazing 🤩 because you can search for a song 🤩 and there are song’s you can play 🤩 trust me you won’t regret it 🤩🤩

- Is light ripof

Idk why but it’s a ripoff

- Too many ads

Such an overflow of ads so you buy their weekly package what a ripoff!

- WHY😡

You put in adds in the middle of GAME and you just go straight thru the half of game until you OOF

- Amazing game

Favourite song say so 10 out of 10

- Trop cool

J’adore ce jeu

- WAY to much ads

There’s basically more ad time then gameplay

- \good game

Whoever said this game it not nice did not play the game cuz it’s really nice like really nice

- Crashes to much

Every time there is a ad it crashes

- Very good

I like how you can search songs

- More fun than Roblox

This is a review of da game and all but mostly this is preciousness the game the creator is the best cause they made this game when your stressed out play this :>bAi PeEpS hAvE a NiCe EvEnInG ( nIgHt MoRnInG nOoN )

- Oooooooof

Me like the oof when u die it’s sooooo funny😂🤣

- Songs

Where’s the original singer or singers

- Lovely

It’s very nice I love the songs and the way you designed the songs.

- Copyed roblox oof sound


- Is there an endless mode

If there is an endless mode please tell me. If there is no endless mode can you make one please. Over all it is a really good game.


Okay I know that it is a copy of beat Saber but the game is GREAT DOWNLOAD NOW!

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- Bad

Motion feels weird and I can’t feel the game, this game sucks download beat Blade instead

- Way to many adds

So many adds I press a button and then a add I have to watch three adds just to get to a new level Levels are fun but not all all worth it 🤬😡😡🤬🤬

- idk

it doesnt let me play music and pls dont put much ads but its still good

- Doesn’t load

Fun to play’ and it may be a rip off off beat Sabre but it’s free so it’s it’s worth it. only problem it works for a little while but then the songs randomly auto loading

- unoriginal.

this is a literal recreation of beat blade. if you want to play the REAL game and give support to the creators who made this game FIRST, do not download this app, download beat blade or blade saber

- I SNEEZED!?!?!

So one time I was in the stor woth mommy and a did a AAAAACHOOOOOIOOOIE!

- Copycat

This is just like beat blade

- Idk

Good I won all my favourite songs but less ads.recommended.thank you pls make LESS ads it would make it much better for everyone and you’ll find us all loving this game just one wish can you make it come true and our wish is less ads please.thank you very much.And can you add Billie Eilish’s songs cuz there the BEST and can you put the death bed song and the don’t start now song pls grant these wishes and 🥺🥺🥺🤩🤩🤩🤲🏽🤲🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽thx

- 24/7 GAME

I love so much so good it is amzing I literally love this game I play this game 24/7 when I am sick beacuse I stay on the couch must of the day

- 🥰😍

I LOVE 💖 this game even tho I just played it just now I LOVE 💖 IT SO MUCH!!!!

- Cool

I love this game It’s so fun and cool you got to play it 😀

- Good game

This game is fun few ads but u can skip it

- Worst app ever

Not only is it a complete rip off of beat saber but you also can't see the blocks or character this has to be the worst thing that has ever happened to some one!!!!!!! 😡😡👎👎😠😠

- Be creative

I'm genuinely disappointed that you had been given a chance to make a great game and you decided to make it super generic. You have no creativity.

- Give credit

You didn’t even give credit to beat saber and the sound effect is from roblox please give credit next time

- Pro 😎

Easy to master also those people that say this is a rip of beat saber their right but this is impressive I got to say so myself.

- 👍👍👍

It’s a really awesome game to play when your really bored 👍

- Dis game awesome

I love this game it’s so cool and kind of satisfying

- It's fine

I can't see anything not even my character tried switching the wifi it doesn't work and that damn ads please fix this not being able to see problem


too many ads and it’s just a horrible, terrible, ripoff of beat saber this is TerriBle

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Beat Blader 3D 1.7.3 Screenshots & Images

Beat Blader 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Beat Blader 3D iphone images
Beat Blader 3D iphone images
Beat Blader 3D iphone images
Beat Blader 3D iphone images
Beat Blader 3D iphone images

Beat Blader 3D (Version 1.7.3) Install & Download

The applications Beat Blader 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-02-03 and was developed by Amanotes Pte. Ltd. [Developer ID: 1441389613]. This application file size is 255.51 MB. Beat Blader 3D - Games app posted on 2021-03-03 current version is 1.7.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ihd.beatsaber

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