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What is enigma toolbox app? The Real Deal! Super Trendy.

Shocking, super-trendy, simple, and straight to the point!

Sound effects? Vibrations? Music? ... It's got it all!

Enjoy the rich experience of our app, with several bonus sections inside!

This app is ONLY for entertainment purposes.

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How to contact Enigma Toolbox (Yakov Kuznetsova)?
Find this site the customer service details of Enigma Toolbox. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1493938487/enigma-toolbox/contact

Enigma Toolbox Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Enigma Toolbox Version 1.112 March 2021

Bug Fixes..

Enigma Toolbox Comments & Reviews 2022

- Scammmmmm

Doesn’t even work that’s pretty stupid and dumb how you guys just steal our money because it says on TikTok that I will shock you and I downloaded it it doesn’t so give me my money back that’s really rude and I hate that this app is doing this stuff so that’s why I decided to write a review so guys who decided to buy this app do not because there is a scam you and just take your money because that’s pretty stupid so thank you if you’re watching this or saying this right now so thank you guys

- Give our money back

You guys need to stop scamming people and give the money back for you lying when it says real shock on the thing I can’t believe you guys lied to us and made us pay eight dollars for something that doesn’t even work give us our money back


They made me believe this was real on tik tok it dosent even shock you. This is just a stupid fraud and I would like to have my money back or I will report this game to everyone. Ur choice. This dose not even deserve a rating and if I had to give it one I would still not give it one no matter what.

- Don’t get this

I do NOT recommend I downloaded it because I saw it off TikTok this makes me mad that you also can’t get a refund I literally want to call the police on this one 0/10 for me this is fraud this is supposed to shock you not pick a finger

- Scam

Downloaded the app to expose it and show others. It just vibrates. iPhones have nothing built in that would shock you unless you have a faulty device. Your welcome for the money but pretty sure you won’t be getting anymore anytime soon 😏

- Shame on you

This does absolutely nothing. Total scam!!!!! You can’t promote one thing and sell something different!!!! I would greatly appreciate my money back, my granddaughters are VERY dissatisfied!!!!! And if I can find a way to report this theft, it will be done!!!!!

- This is a scam

I accidentally bought this games after seeing it on tiktok cause i thought it would be fun to play with with my friends I didn't see it costed money though it doesnt shock you it just vibrates a little do not get this

- Bad

Then the app is not worth it because I just bought it selling it on TikTok and it was working for the person on TikTok but somehow one they scanned my eight dollars it wasn’t working so hopefully read this before you get it I rate this a zero star


I didn’t think it would be bad because I saw people use this game but it is not worth 7.99. I didn’t realize it was that much until it was already bought. This game dose nothing but make your phone buzz.

- Scam!!!!

This does absolutely nothing. Total scam!!!!! You can't promote one thing and sell something different!!!! I would greatly appreciate my money back, my are VERY dissatisfied!!!!! And if I can find a way to report this theft, it will be done!!!!!

- Scam!

This app is a complete waste of money this is a total scam it doesn’t shock your fingers it buzzes your phone and you don’t feel anything! Who ever created this game should be ashamed that they are STEALING money from people DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS IS A SCAM I want my 8 dollars back.

- Scam

This is ridiculous I payed 8 bucks for this to do absolutely nothing there are so many free apps that are so much better than this I want my money back this is ridiculous

- Rip off

I spent 8 dollars on this game that I thought was real I don’t think I’m going to buy a game like that ever again I need my money back and this game is going to get reported.

- Big scam don’t buy

Scam unless they give my money back I’m going to report to police because your giving miss-information


I saw it on tik tok and I thought it would be pretty cool so I bought it and it’s a complete scam. I deleted the app so give me my money. Y’all think ur so cool just by stealing money like that. Like hello? You cant do that.

- Horrible

This game was a scam because it looks like a very fun shocking game but it just buzzes your phone and if is not as cool as ig looks on tiktok I want my $8 back or I am going to make a report to the police

- Waste of money

This app is a scam, doesn’t shock your finger like it says it does! Waste of $8.00. Whoever made is app should be ashamed of themselves and give us our money back!

- Waste of money!!!

This game is the biggest robbery ever. It does not even shock you it just makes your phone buzz. All they are doing is stealing your money. Don’t buy this!!!

- Scamers

Its a dum game that is worth nothing but you have to pay for a game that doesn’t even do what it says it does don’t waste your money on this stupid game

- I dose not work😡😡🤬🤬

Why would you take all of are money I was so happy to try it out but it dose not work guys if you look at this do NOT get it there just scammers😡

- if you guys wanna know why I rated it a one star is because it doesn’t shock me

I don’t know but it’s either I don’t know how to play it or this game messed up

- STOP— Total scam

My son accidentally bought this app, and it has four ridiculous modes that virtually do nothing. Return the fee asap.

- Don’t download

I was expecting a real shock but it’s fake give me my 8 dollars back I am trying to find a way to report you

- Stupid

why are y’all stealing our money?! A game that is 8 bucks that’s just a scam?! Seriously?! Y’all should delete this app and forget about it!

- The worst game ever and I want my money back

I thought this was going to shock you it’s such a rip off and I want my 8 dollars back too

- Scam

I saw this on tiktok so I thought it was real but I won’t believe stuff like this anymore it doesn’t shock you in it is a waste of money

- This game is a waste of money

This game is a waste of money it does not choke it doesn’t even heart don’t download it it’s a waste of money and doesn’t hurt

- Do not download

Doesn't work and just takes your money don’t wast time installing it


on tik tok it told me that it really shocked people and when I went to get it it said $7.99 when I bought it and on tic took it said it was free it’s a scam

- Scammers

Scam I got the app and it just buzzing it doesn’t shock you I would please like to have my money back $7.99


Ok so I saw this TikTok of this app I bought it and open the app and I put my fingers on the screen and it didn’t work dont bye it it’s a scam and it 8$

- Bruh

SCAMM such a waste of money don’t even bother buying it because it’s a lie I don’t even get why they make u pay I’m going to get a refund ASAPP

- Do not buy this app

It does not shock you and it is a waste of money this is such a scam I wish I could have my 8 dollar s back ⚠️DO NOT BUY THIS APP⚠️


This app is a robbery it scams you out of your money I payed 8.00$ for this app this is stealing whoever made this app should be ashamed of themselves

- Scam and a waste of money

In the adds the game shocks you but nothing happens and it’s like 8 dollars just for a dice roll and a dumb game

- Don’t buy

Waste of money don’t even work I want my money back


Never download this people are scamming you it doesn’t shock your fingers I want my $8 back

- Scam

It is a total wast of money and it don’t even shock your finger it is just a little movement but it don’t shock you.I WANT MY $8.00 BACK!!!!

- Doesn’t do anything

If false advertisement was illegal I would sue you

- Waste of money

It doesn’t shock you all it dose is vibrate and it is a waste of money

- A freaking scam

Don’t ever buy this or even think about it it’s a scam

- Completely a scam

It does not work at all don’t download it

- Scam

I was really looking forward to playing with my friends but no I got scammed

- Awful

This is terrible. Biggest scam ever. Give me my 8 dollars back or I will report this!!!

- Scam!!

I hate this app very much this is the worst app I have ever downloaded for my money

- It’s a scam

I tried phone with my friend and I didn’t even shock

- Scam

Don’t ever buy this it’s a scam just a ring so don’t waste your time


Don’t get this it’s a scam, please give me a refund yiu hid where it says 7.99 and stole my moms money please give me a refund.


I bought this game for 8.99 and it’s a scam it does not zap you it vibrates your phone do not get ittttttt

- Scam

This is the worst game ever it is pointless and a waste of everything

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I just spent you money without even looking at the review I learnt my lesson it doesn’t work well

- Horrible

It dossent work like it’s supposed to it’s a waist of money


Why do you not get my money back right now I will sue. I’m not joking

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- Bad game

This game sucked it doesn’t even shock you it olny vibrates we payed $11.00 for this

- Dont get it

This app is a rip off dont get it

- Not good

It Doesn’t shock you it only vibrates I don’t like it

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Enigma Toolbox iphone images
Enigma Toolbox iphone images
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Enigma Toolbox (Version 1.1) Install & Download

The applications Enigma Toolbox was published in the category Entertainment on 2020-01-07 and was developed by Yakov Kuznetsova [Developer ID: 1455102904]. This application file size is 72.35 MB. Enigma Toolbox - Entertainment app posted on 2021-03-12 current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yakov.enigma