Ramp Car Jumping

Ramp Car Jumping [Games] App Description & Overview

Fly, Spin & Crash
Are you nuts enough to drive down a ski jump in a car? (The breathtaking crashes are the best part!)
Only for the craziest drivers! Become a master stuntman… or crash trying!
The most spectacular car crashes ever seen! See for yourself!
Drive a car like a madman! Are you brave enough to try it out yourself?
Fasten your seatbelts… Or don’t. They won’t be much help anyway.
Touch to drive, jump & watch a spectacular crash
Missing something from your life? Maybe some EPIC CAR CRASHES?
Put the pedal to the metal and prepare for an awesome crash! Will you survive?
Try your best, wish for the best! Prepare for an unbelievable stunt driving experience.
This is a new kind of sport! Drive a car and watch it crash. How much mayhem will you cause?

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Ramp Car Jumping Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've added new maps! We've improved the game's balance! More updates coming soon Thank you for playing and feedback.

Ramp Car Jumping Comments & Reviews

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- 😞

Great game but needs wayyyyyy less advertisements

- Good/bad

Short and simple... I love this game a lot I really don’t have any complaints about other than the fact that I’ve reached the capacity of how many levels their are. The game is not too hard, I find it relaxing to me and fun. I would love to keep playing this app but not the same levels I have already beat. If new levels come out soon that would be great but if not I don’t wanna waste space on my phone..

- Ad medium

It’s a scam for advertising

- Very fun !

There’s so many challenges .I like race cars ,and boost Games . I think you should get it. Also you can get better cars.

- Won’t go to next level.

I got to the mountain level and I’ve completed it 5 times (landed on the yellow pad with the finish line markings and got the stars for me to know I’ve completed the level). I click next level and it starts the level all over again. I’m not gonna sit here and keep repeating the same level just because there’s a glitch in the game. Uninstalling until this issue is resolved

- Do get it

There is a ad after every turn get old

- Forced ads

Playing the game is cool but after you jump you have a choice to get bonus money if you watch an add which is great but if you choose not to watch the ad for no bonus money they force you to watch one anyway.... why are people so greedy to force ads on others

- The greatest game ever

It is so awsome

- Where are the new maps???

The most recent update said there were new maps/tracks?????


This game is actually pretty fun. Some levels are hard, but totally fair and can be beat when you develop a strategy. I would give 5 stars but I’ve been waiting on a new level for weeks now. They added a new level 1 but we need level 12 and beyond. Hurry up!!!

- G

It’s a great game and upgrade your car

- Awesome Game

Awesome game! More levels please!

- The game

I don’t like this bc I keep boosting my engine and it is still the same

- Too many ads

You spend more time watching the same ads over and over than playing the game.

- Good game but...

This game is a good game.People say “This game is impossible!”It’s not.You have to upgrade your car just enough to get to the next level.Simple but hard.It’s a really good game but on level five I’ve upgraded my boost about 1,000 times and I still get get it.

- Ads are Inappropriate!

This game is 4+ and there is an ad for Weed Inc. with marijuana plant. Seriously?

- Fun

This is a fun game, simple and enjoyable. The only issue I have is the enticement for 4x the gold or free upgrades. When you do get a video to watch for the goods, when it’s over the game freezes with please wait on the screen. It BS, but for a free game just don’t tap those buttons and move on.

- Good game

Good game very addictive just needs more levels as finished all current offerings

- I love this so much

I love the way how you can rocket and fly but it is challenging but who cares it’s very fun like very fun who ever made this game shout out to him for makeking this game

- Kind Of

I absolutely love this game but I think there’s one thing wrong with the cars the speed and weight stats do nothing and level 10 is kind of impossible because u use boost and ur car touches the ground and ur car goes flying also there’s little bridges that u always run into and are Impossible to dodge Maybe u can add a mechanism that allows u to control ur car in the air

- I can’t pass level 11

I’ve tried to pass level 11 and I’m about to uninstall the app.My dad showed me the map.also the different cars take too long to get.

- more levels

pls new levels

- Decent game but ads are a killer

There are so many ads it detracts from the gameplay. I’ll be deleting because it’s so tedious

- Good but need more levels.

When are more levels coming. Let’s go. 👍

- More levels

When are we getting more levels?

- One of the best games😁

I love it all I have to say

- Fun but Too Many ads

Great little time killer BUT you spend most of your time watching ads - waaaaaayyyyyy to much time watching ads. If you could actually play the game and not have to watch ads all the time to get better motors and boost (which is the only way to advance) this game would be a lot more fun. I don’t spend a lot of time gaming and when I do - I actually want to play not waste all my time with advertisements.....

- Not fun at all

This game is terrible I don’t know why any of you use it

- Not perfect but could be better

The overall concept, for the game is really good, but it lacks user engagement your constantly force to watch ads after ad. The developer should change the app monetization structure, so the gamer could enjoy the game more, before being forced to watch ads!

- Ads are annoying

Ads are annoying

- Tarabl

I onasy don’t like it needs more updates


I really enjoy playing this game. It has its cons, but many pros as well. Just wish there are more levels. I’ve beat level 11 multiple times but can’t continue on. It says level 12 coming soon. Are you developers only adding a level 12 or have you prepared many more levels upon an update?

- Jesus

Uninstalling within 5 minutes... chill tf out on the ads holy cow

- Best game ever

I have seen this game for years and I have been wanting to play it and now I can!and this is the best game ever!!!

- Good game

Good game but too many adds. It gets annoying getting so many adds

- Cool game but can’t advance

I like the game but I’ve beaten level 4 several times but the game won’t advance me to level 5. Bug??

- Great game love all the advertising

I love having to watch a 30 second ad after every run. I think you should try to cram more ads in like in the middle of a run.....

- I never leave reviews

But I had to for ramp car jump. The spinning car is so hypnotic, it’s like visual ASMR. I maxed out after a week, waiting for new levels. Easily a top 10 forever game for me. Just the right amount of activity and casual gaming.

- Great game

Love the game .

- Awesome

This game is awesome! I’d be happy if it went even farther even like traveling to earth on the moon one. This stuff is super awesome. I am like blast off every time!

- Tons of ads

Every other jump is an ad its really annoying

- covid-19

This game is getting me through quarantine

- If you love watching ads, this is your game!

Seriously, the ads are ridiculous. $2.99 is $2.00 too much for this very simple game. All you do is hold down the accelerator, at least in the early levels. I really wanted to like this game-reminded me of playing with my toy cars when I was young.

- Ads

Way too many ads. Even if not going for extra rewards there’s a 30 second ad after almost every run

- Too stupid

It too hard I have stuff to pass the level but it just goes more farther than it should.

- Way to many ads

You play one level than have to watch ads. For example if you watch a 30 sec video ads it gives toux4 the points if you decide that you don't want you still have to watch ads. Long story short you play for 10 seconds and watch ads for 30, at least.

- This game is a good game.

I think this game is amazing, it so much fun. As a few people said a lot of the cars don’t make to much of a difference. I think there should be less ads, but other than that this is a great game, and is super addictive. Please come out with the update soon. 👍

- Fun, Challenging

I hate the ads, but it’s fun leveling up the vehicles to get through the levels. But I need more levels!!! My vehicle is so leveled up there’s no point in doing the old ones.

- Nope!

Unplayable. 30 second ad’s after every short, easy round. It’s an advertisement platform and it’s just awful! Can’t play past level 4. Car flys into electronic barrier at this point. It’s just boring and not worth your time.

- Love it

This is the first app ever that no ads meant no ads. Could use more levels though. For everyone whining about how hard the leafless are, just think about it before you jump. It is not exactly rocket science. If you are not smart enough to pay a hard game, don’t play it.....I enjoy playing this game, more levels, more levels, more levels!!!!!!!

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- Nice game no more ads!

To turn off ads: turn airplane on (pls don’t turn off wi-fi) then restart game again. And this is how to play with no ads! Also nice game!

- Like the game

Way to many add I play when they limit the adds like 3 adds a jump is way too many plus there is no app support good buy 3.99

- GG

Good game, annoying ads

- wow

read the title

- Way too many ads

Using my phone to record game play I recorded 2 minutes and 51 seconds of footage and got 2 full screens ads and a banner ad at bottom of the iPad, and it’s definitely not a good enough game that is worth paying for the ad free gameplay.

- Coolest game ever!!!

This game is so fun, it’s the first game I play everyday. Please make an update devs, maybe even add modes so this game could be way more enjoyable. Hope you like my feedback and have a great day! 😀😀😀😀


Absolute garbage you clearly made a very low quality rip off of beamNG.druve that games good but this is a dumpster fire

- Ads

So so, so many ads and stuff the kids should have too see

- Limited

Only the first five levels unlock.

- Ramp car review

It is ok don’t know if buying stuff really helps you get a longer distance

- More stuff needed

Make more tracks, make more cars and make the current last track at little easier to beat the car just flips like crazy right off the ramp no way to control it enough to reach the top that I have been able to find yet

- Sexual ads appear while playing this game

Despite the recommended age saying 4+ my son who is 5 was playing it and was served an ad for a pornographic story game that depicted two woman masturbating. The developers really needs to pay attention to what ads it serves its users’ this is disgraceful.

- Fun and addicting

This game is fun and addicting, adds were annoying but paying $3 to remove them was worth it. To the creators of the game, can you make more levels please, and can you make the levels longer? The cars jump over the goal to easy.

- Level 12

Awesome game passes all levels in a day but when will level 12 be up and running have Been waiting for month’s

- No ads

After every level their is a ad. I do not like that

- Good

This game has too many ads tho

- Levels

Make some more levels already

- Bridge

Pretty fun but the little ramp that sends you flying into the top of the bridge makes you want to delete the game.

- Too many ads

Tooooo many

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Predatory ads

Plays an add every 40 seconds

- Bridge level?????

Really nice until the bridge level. Like did someone ever done it? I personnally think its impossible.

- I love the game, But one problem

The problem is , is when I launch off the ramp I get a gigantic boost up even with the first car , I’m on the bridge level so I can’t pass it. Other than that I recommend this game

- Gamer

Not a bad game. Got to level 3 and landed the car in the target area 6 or 7 times and won’t fine the flag to say on target getting a bit annoying that you can’t Finnish this level.

- Cool game, But...

Waaaaay too many video ads. If you don't choose the added bonus you shouldn't have to watch 30 second ads every 35 seconds

- Been patient

Ok!! The game is fun but here is the thing! Been patient, sent a comment on ads not available when we need’em to upgrade cars, problem partialy fixed, kept on playing cause i can deal with problematic ads.......but when ads pops up during the game....is just to to to much. Again, the game is fun but i’m deleeeeeting it. I lost my Time

- Pretty good

The levels take sooooooooo long to beat

- Advertisements wow

Super fun game for my toddler but the advertisements are ridiculous almost not worth it

- AMAZING game love it!


- Not bad

It is a very fun game but comes with a lot of ads so that is why I only gave it a three star

- Flying

On your LA map, when I try to fly I just crash into the ceiling. Either that, or I will flip and be unable to use the boost which just sends me back to the beginning. If I wait, before I flip back, I’ll be on the ground so it’s no use. Please remove the ceiling

- A good game by a good company

I’m glad that this company makes good free games and isn’t like those other lousy companies that are all like DUuuuuUuUuuuhhHHhHhh mE IS HavR 69 iQ 😑🥵🤫😳😐😭😳🤭😖😰😠😶😓😤😟🤯😫😱😫🥶😕😖🙁😤😟🙁🤩😕🤯🙁🙁😠😟🥶😕🤬😕😠😕😳☹️🤬🙁🤣😚😉😋😂😝😂🥳🙃🤪🙂😋😝😂🤣😏🙃🤩🙃😋😉😉😒😗😏🙃🤩🙃😂😍😃😍😃😉😁🙂🤣😋😚😚🤨😫🤨🤨😔🤓😛🙁😋😤🥰😭😛😝😢😒😒😠🤑🤑😲🥴😬🤧😑

- Final level?

When will the final level come out? Game is good but want to finish it.

- I like it

I like this game so much

- Bug

You should take out all bug. Every time i am about to finish the level bridge, it kick me in the sky.

- Level seven

Level seven is physically impossible and putting me into the worst attitude because I’ve been trying it for more than a month and I can’t do it. I would not recommend unless they change level seven otherwise this game is complete trash do not get.

- Challenging

Finally a truly challenging game. Bring on more new levels!!! So addicting

- Fix

Please remove the roof on the Vegas map

- Like it

Good game in the world

- Too many adds

Really fun. Too many adds

- More ad time than play time

Been keeping track and after every try I get an ad, other than that it’s a fun game

- Level 8

Takes to long to unlock level 8 after maxing everything out

- Disappointing

Level 5 is impossible to complete. Do better.

- Play if you want to rage


- Cool


- Good game. Don’t like ad manipulation

Game is good. Definitely a game worth downloading if you want to use you spare time. -1 start for as manipulation. By this I mean if you click no for x2 coins after a jump. You still have to watch an ad but do not get rewarded as if you clicked the x2 ad. Please fix.

- A


- Pretty good

Love the game and all but I think you should add more vehicles and like instead of waiting a certain amount of time you should buy the cars and like that’s all other then the kinda request😂 it’s a great game

- Pretty fun

Ads after every jump, I’d pay a dollar for the game just to eliminate them

- More ads than playing time

Long ads after every 5 seconds of playing. Garbage

- Ad bs

When you select not to watch an ad and they play an ad anyway? Games pretty good, but unplayable due to the ads...

- Why

Why is there soo many adds it’s a good game but I don’t like i because of all the adds

- Adds need to be less

Add after add gets a bit much

- B

Played once 30 second ad. Deleted

- Cool game

It’s a very FUN game!

- Rev

Very challenging and addictive

- Too many ads but worth it

There's just too many ads

- Pretty Fun Game Pitt about the excessive ads

Wow .... I’ve never been forced to watch ads like this game does. They’re too long . It’s enough to make me stop playing it The levels where you have avoid mid air items are mostly a game of chance as its impossible to see the obstacles your supposed to be missing. That’s a shame as it becomes less a game of skill .

- I hate 30 second ads

If it’s 30 or 20 seconds I will restart the game

- What’s next

Very addictive, completed all levels multiple times. When does the next level come out?

- To much ads

Great game, I love the game but I hate watching the ads... I waste my time watching the ads more than playing the game. Overall game is great, but the ads really putting me down. Really let me down

- Fun little game to pass the time

So far a great game but been stuck on the same level for DAYS now and getting a little irritated but will get past it eventually.

- Car jump

Stuck on level 9 The game is rigged, it will only let you get to the end when it’s programmed to let you. If I can’t get thru lvl 9 soon it’ll get deleted

- So fun

It is so awesome

- Too many ads

Game would be better if there wasn’t ads after every attempt

- Good game but...

Hi I really like the game but when you go past the finish line you don’t get the next level 😭😩

- Too many ads

Good game spoilt by the amount of ads.

- Too many ads

More ads than actual game play.

- Make it add free, would pay for add free

See above

- Needs more levels

I love this game but I only got a few hours play time out of it for that fact that I ran out of levels to play. Please keep updating and adding more and I’ll keep playing 👍

- Hate the ads

Great game but ads are way too over bearing

- To many adds

To many adds ,really one after every jump is way to much

- Hope you like add’s

Add’s add’s and more add’s. Not a bad game, but the Developer has taken greed to a whole new level.

- Good game way too many adds

Good game way too many ads, even if I don’t want to do x4 it makes me watch an ad after every jump, you spend more time watching ads than you do playing it’s just ridiculous.. Make it one in 5 jumps or less. frustrating as hell.

- .

Too many ads

- Mr Pitt

Awesome game big jumps fun packed thumbs up

- Fun but.....

This is a fun game. But really gotta do something about all these adds. Let us pay $1 to get them removed (don’t be a rip off like all the other crappy developers and go to $4:50)

- The adverts are so bad

Love the game but an advert after each turn makes the game less enjoyable.

- Good

Level 5 is soooo hard!!! When my car gets close it just flies over the box and out of the arena!!! Been on this level for so long. I can’t do it!!!

- Great fun! Wish I could buy ad free though

Hi, loving the game, super hooked, each new level has a great new challenge about it which keeps bringing me back. It would be great though to be able to pay a few $ for a version with no ads. I can’t seem to find any option and man does it smash you with ads at every transition. Keep it coming!

- Like watching ads.

Then this game is for you. Even when you choose to skip ads they still come up and takes 2 times to get rid of them. I don’t mind watching the ads for the bonus coins, but seriously ease up on the ads after every single turn. Close to uninstalling only due to ads. The game itself is not too bad......when you get a chance to have a go and your not watching ................you guessed it more ads.

- Too many ads

Wayyyy too many ads, there’s probably more ad time than actual play time!

- Good

Fun game but I’m stuck on Las Vegas at the moment. Love the cars and the levels

- Ads

Way too many

- Wwaaaaayyyyy too many ads and too long to wait for next level (10)

Great game but seeing ads pretty much every time before taking a jump is rediculous! And they’re too long. Wasting my data. Been waiting for over a week for level 10 to open

- Very poor

Might as well watch ads all day spend more time waiting to skip ads then actually play the game. Very disappointing

- Spinny Flippy $#%@!

Simple fun game, freezes every 3 to 4 runs. Soooooo yeah. Fix that and I’ll give you another star 🙃

- Full of adds without rewards

Game forces adds without rewards.

- Lvl 6

I am currently on level 5 and have landed in the box many times and even gone over it and I am not able to unlock level 6. I also think that if you go over the box you should unlock the next level instead of having to land in the box

- Review

Game doesn’t run smoothly and far too many ads

- Ideas for the devs

1: level 5 was brilliant. Level 6 too easy. Level 7 yet to conquer but better than 6. 2: keep ads under 15 seconds, I’ll restart the game if it’s a 30 second ad. 3: pleeeeease add the bonus faster or “tap the bonus” to add it in 1 hit. Takes too long for big bonuses. You’ve got something easy but technically challenging, quick but addictive. Keep going!!

- Add

Way to many adds!

- It ok

Apart from the ads it is awesome but every jump two seconds after the ads comeback

- Great game needs more levels

Your game needs more levels faster and more cars as well keep this up and keep up with cars and levels and I’ll play for ages

- Not bad

Pretty good game just hate how I have to watch a add nearly every time even when I’m not collecting the extra coins

- Too. Many. Ads.

I understand getting adds to improve something in the game, but getting ads mid gam just for the sake of revenue? Come on. Something that could be quite good, is now a game that I'm uninstalling due to the frequency of pointless ads mid game.

- Please add

Need more levels

- Games stupid

Still can’t get passed level 4 landed in boxes jumped over entire map on all levels tried everything fix it

- Yay

Level 4 fixed

- Games busted at level 4

I land on that yellow landing at level 4 and then I can’t unlock level 5

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- Another horrible game

After spending my whole free day playing the space level I finally had the boost to make the jump. I flew over the finish line and went an extra 500 meters. Here’s the bad part... THE NEXT LEVEL WAS NOT UNLOCKED AND IT DID THIS TO ME 5 TIMES!! I SPENT A LOT OF VALUABLE TIME ON THIS GAME AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED OR THIS GAME GOES IN THE TRASH AND I DELETE IT! YOU HAD BETTER FIX IT AND YOUR OTHER HORRIBLE AND LAGGY GAMES!!

- Its pretty wack game

This game is terrible

- To manny adds

The adds they have in game is to much if there ones only few adds would give better rating

- Too many ads!

I like the game itself the game has very good gameplay but there is way too many ads you can’t go 2 minutes without having to watch a minutes ad. Please get rid of the ads.

- Fun

It was a fun game

- Good game

This is one of my favorite games I like it please download

- Keep the levels coming!!!

Just paid to have zero ADDS. Such a fun game! Keep the levels coming please!!

- Typical ad grab

Yup, if you like commercials and ads this game Is for you. Nuff said.

- Ramp car jumping

I thanks you for this app

- Game

Great game makes the time pass for me at work.

- Racecarjumping

I love it 🥰 😘it is a amazing wonderful game it’s is so fun race car jumping is the best no other game would replace it

- Decent game

Gameplay is simplistic and entertaining. The amount of ads make it almost completely intolerable.

- It’s good

I love the game

- Review

Great game really fun but way to many Adds. How can you sit and play a game and put time into it when every two jumps there’s a stupid Add. If there wasn’t as many adds this would be a 5 STARS!

- Too many ads

You spend more time watching ads than playing the game

- Good game

This is a good game to pass time with, I only wish it was easier to get new cars, but the game is still very fun and deserving of 5 stars.

- Cool

Coll cars and free

- Awesome game

It’s an awesome game, and everyone should enjoy this app

- Ads, ads, ads

Literally 5 seconds of game then a 30 second ad, over and over and over and over.....

- Fun, but issue with ramp

This game is fun. I also enjoy Boombit’s other game, Ramp Car Jumping. For some reason though, the ramp is not as smooth in this game as in Ramp Car. Maybe it’s the vehicle I’m using, but toward the end of the ramp as it begins to turn upward, the truck loses speed and prematurely engages the booster before it leaves the ramp. It’s a little frustrating because I know it could travel farther if the mph didn’t drop. Other than that, it’s a great game.

- Good game but

I like the game but very easy to get passed I made it to the last level in one day and Climbed the mountain in 3 try’s and now o can’t even go back and play the lower levels because your speed and jets are so high you just blow right passed the target . Iv trued my own way of playing and jump passed and blow my self backwards to the target please get new levels soon thanks

- ADs is too much!!

Force to watch AD after every round... too much

- Great game bad adds

Great app but the adds are very annoying because almost every single time you play an add pops up but I recommend to get the game and buy the no ads thing.

- Perfect!

Exactly what I was looking for! Fun for me at 51 and my grandson who’s 4!!

- Rampjumper


- Waiting on developer

Game is initially not bad. However, once you max out the engine, boost, and bonus, there are no new levels that have been added past 11. We have been waiting a while for additional levels.

- Come on

I love the game and I love playing the game and I don’t mind watching then ads except I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WATCH A AD AFTER EVERY PLAY!!! Plus is I watch a ad and then X out of the ad when it’s done I shouldn’t have to X out of it twice.

- Too many ads!

There are more ads than there are gameplay. I watched carefully, every two runs there is an ad!



- Fun Game

You have to think to complete the objectives. Must experiment!!

- Adds adds and more adds

If you love non stop adds, then this is your app

- Hi

Please make the landing pads finish line style cause I keep flying over it in the moon level and can’t pass. Other than that it is a good, fun game.

- Challenging gameplay, but, too many ads

The game itself is ok and challenging, my chief complaint is the fact that even when you choose to skip the ads and not get the point multiplier by watching the ad, you’re forced to watch countless ads for other free games. Yes, I understand and respect that the ads help to pay the developers who produced the game. But... I should be able to get past two attempts at a level without being forced to watch an ad.

- I love this game

I will never stop playing

- Best game ever!!😆

It is amazing but to many ads the ads are annoying.

- Good

let's add more tables to overcome them and I have passed lvl 11 6 times in a row

- Fun flying car game

Fun game. Playing through the levels teaches you how to fly. One downfall is having only 11 levels and once you beat them a few times gets a little boring. Need a massive level bc once stats get higher can fly a lot further. Usually end up hitting an invisible wall on most levels. Need updates soon

- Slow developers

How long before a new levels are updated? It’s been a while, and if I knew it was going to take for ever I wouldn’t purchased the game.

- Ads

Deleted the app when I was getting ads every other spin. Bad app

- Super fun, BUT

The ads make me feel like I a wrong link on windows 98.... it’s really bad!

- Nope

The game would be fun if there weren’t so many adds. I refuse to play any games that bombard you with adds every other level. 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Fun for a minute

It’s alright. Typically plagued by ads. Have to play in airplane mode. Flying cars is a bit silly but I get it. Felt like it was going to be more wreck based for points instead of the distance thing but ok. Trying to get the vehicle to register that it finished sometimes seemed tricky, especially if you overshoot a little. The last level, up a mountain, is just purely ridiculous. I don’t see any feasible way to finish this level and am deleting the game now. There isn’t any point in continuing to play. It was ok. Seems more of a beta test than a finished product.

- Great game - Too many unnecessary ads.

This is a really good game. Very fun. I don’t even mind the idea of watching an add to quadrupole the winnings. BUT: Being forced to watch an ad no matter what you choose to do, is just stupid. As it stands, the gameplay at the end of a round says “Here, watch an ad for more coins or watch an ad for no extra coins. Which do you prefer?”. Personally, I’m happy to watch the ad for extra coins, but there are times when I’d like to take the lesser value and jump right into the next round uninterrupted. Please fix it and I’ll jump this rating to 5 stars.

- Ad Every 2 seconds

One jump takes less than half a minute than you have to watch and even longer ad👎 They make money off you just by u downloading on to your phone/pad No need for so many ads!

- Fun but some things don’t work

So I’m having a really fun time on this game but I’m on the Moutan level and the ramp is messed up so when I take off it sends me going in flips and is Be been on that level for the past week! I’m just saying that you should fix that

- I love this game

I play this game everyday. Always waiting for the next car

- Review


- Adds play sound in “silent mode”

Game is great but the adds are very aggressive. And newest update they will play sound even though your phone is in silent mode. Nothing worse then waking the wife or dog up with a loud annoying add!

- An

Demaciado anuncios y duran mucho tiempo

- Lame

Paid for no ads and the ads still pop up after ever other run. Switched my phones and wouldn’t let me retrieve any progress

- Very cool

I like

- Review

The game is pretty good but adds after every time is beyond annoying and makes the game bad

- Game play

It’s an addicting game tons of ads though, Don’t fall of the edge you float in space and it doesn’t re start, level 7 is pretty hard! Just play it have fun :)

- Gooooooood game

Good game but the last level is impossible

- Too many ads

That is all, or there use good fun

- You sell your soul

Way too much ads

- Fun game

I really like the game but I can’t unlock the 5th level. It’s 1500m to pass it and I’ve made it OVER 1500m and level 5 is still locked. Please help for a final 5 star rating you deserve!!!

- Has potential but annoying

Has potential to be a good game progressive build. Keep adding levels people will play but give a little more take a little less.... way to many ads. Like WAY to many ads it actually makes people angry, to the point where they quit.

- Ads

Way to many ads

- Add steering buttons!

Everything else is good but i cant steer):

- Ads, ads ...then more ads

Fun game but when I select the lesser payout because I don’t want to watch an ad...don’t show me an ad. Deleting because you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Ads are the worst

This game is only OK

- Fun

👍🏻 awesome fun

- Too many ads!

Pretty much every round there is another ad before you can play again, this is rediculous! Way too many!

- Like the idea of the game but too much ads

I like the overall all game but it’s impossible to cross levels on first try you have to keep repeating levels to earn coins and then buy upgrades but the worst part is ads... I mean after everysingle try there is ads. I mean understand app developers make money from ads but this much. My data also is not free you know. Few ads okay but too much ads after every try. Why ? Also best of luck crossing level 10

- Glitch

Won’t let past level 3 even after going way over distance

- Lame

Would be better if there wasn’t a ad every second run it’s so freaking annoying

- good game

l like the game but the vegas is impossible i’ve tried so many times but i can’t pass it

- Level 6 is too hard

Level 6 is way too hard how are you suppose to land on the ship if the water kills you every time it’s just a really hard level harder than Vegas...

- Not bad

Starts off fun but there’s no real control and upgrading engine actually hurts you?

- Fun game. Too many ads.

Fun to play but has too many ads.

- To hard

The game is impossible

- What ablast

Lots of fun and very addictive. I love the rocket fuel booster,

- Okay mindless fun

Game was okay until the Vegas level. The roof is stupid and keeps launching me into the ground.

- Level 5

Level 5 is way too difficult!!!!! I am almost going to give up!!!!!

- Great game

Wish you got points for hitting stuff other then that maybe new cars to buy

- Fun

To many adds but still enjoyable

- Hawk an

This game is good but it won’t let me go to Vegas level

- .......Omg

Never in my history of playing games on my phone has there been one with as many ads as this one. After every jump an ad. When you click continue.... an ad. When you click upgrade.... an ad. When you look left.... an ad.... look right...... an ad. When you click ad... an ad. Fun game though.

- Plenty of bugs

Its fine to kill some time BUT, turn on airplane mode because the ads are HORRIBLE. There are plenty of bugs, to name a few - if you hit the jump, every now and then it will slam on the break, or hit a random wall at the end of the ramp killing all speed. Also, the physics are completely random, one run you can go super fast hit a stop sign and tumble a million times, the next time, you land the EXACT same was and just stop.

- Good game but can’t pass Vegas

Can’t pass last level land on the mark and won’t go forward

- Bugs

Won’t go pass level 6.

- Good game

Fun game new levels are tough.

- Good

It’s fun just make it so u can buy different cars Instead of waiting 17 hours...

- Vegas

It works now

- 1500 mark

Landed many times ... does not continue to next level. Great game for passing some time.

- Good game

Good game but like others I’ve landed at the 1500m mark multiple times and Vegas won’t unlock.

- Vegas!!!!

Vegas level won’t unlock, makes it very frustrating. Great game otherwise.

- Amazing game but big issues

No 5th level even tho they say there is. Vegas doesn’t exist. Now what. In one day I’ve got to level 4 and that’s it. No where else to go. Amazing concept. But why release it where there’s no where to progress to

- Lvl 5 its possible ?

Why the lvl 5 its not possible unlock

- Can’t level past lvl 3 ????

Can’t level past lvl 3 and attributes maxed at 101 have hit all levels at max numerous time and still level 4&5 stayed locked. Waste of time !! Developers need to wake up here !!!!

- Viva los Vegas?

Love the game but there’s a bug. The last level won’t unlock and it sucks. I have both cars but even if I land on the finish line it won’t unlock

- Is it a glitch or do you only have 4 areas?

I have hit the wall on level 4 and landed in the checkered area dozens of times and it never goes to the next area... is there a next area?

- Won’t let me pass fourth level

Got into the game a bit, but was short lived, as the game won’t allow me to pass fourth level. Even though I completed the distance required, it still doesn’t let me through to level five. Lame.

- Vegas won’t unlock

Good game, but I got exactly 1500m on Level 4 — TWICE, and Level 5 (Vegas) won’t unlock.

- Meh

Fun for a bit but same as everyone else. Level 5 won’t unlock and levels stuck at 101. No point in playing anymore. Has potential if devs would put a little effort in.

- Good potential

Vegas won’t unlock though

- Vegas :(

Great game! Good progression. A little ad heavy but airplane mode fixes that. Vegas will not unlock. I had both cars in the zone and it won’t go. Maybe Vegas is just missing a “coming soon” tag?

- Hey

Same as everyone the next level won’t unlock

- Jeux pas asser long

Passer le jeux en 2h , l’avent dernier niveau ,aucune facon de le passer ,réussit 10x a la bonne place ..

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- Could be better

Needs more levels the last one has been coming soon for bloody ages sort it out developers

- I hate everything about it

It has terrible graphics terrible meaning to even play don’t install

- Repetitive rubbish

Upgrade and the car doesn’t improve distance. Don’t download. Waste of time.

- :)

Good game but WAY too many ads, it plays an ad after every round…

- Ads ads ads

Way to many ads, right from the start. Deleted after a few minutes had no time to enjoy.

- Feedback

Well I love this game can’t stop playing it so good game peoples

- The ads Delete me.

Addictive without a question, then the ads. A common selfish money earner. Used to play in plane mode, but Lately Ive just been quitting the game to bypass the ads . Now I’m deleting it with more joy.

- Nice

It’s great except the adds

- Don’t download if you hate ads

Way to many ads

- Funny game

Funny game I actually managed to get -1400 metres I waited until I passed the finish and when the car flipped I pushed the rocket booster on and flew back over the stadium and into the sea

- Deleted after 2 minutes

If you love watching adverts ... this is the advertising platform for you. Wow

- Shame

I've ended up deleting it, the amount of ads on here just defeats the object of having a sit down and playing a game. Couldn't get into it enough because of the phone being by my side while the ad played out. I appreciate the advertisers pay the developers but it's pointless if it drives custom away?? On top of this I have no recollections what the advertisements were about. Byeeeeeeeee......

- Waaaaay too many


- Level update

After a very very long time, I have decided to give up waiting for a new level update.

- Update states new maps and can’t find them

Good game but you need to keep up with demand or it will disappear

- Love it but needs more levels

Paid for this game and love it, just wished it had more levels

- Excellent

What I really like about this game is that this isn’t any ordinary mobile to get money that never updates. This game is fun and it comes with many updates well done :)

- Completed way too easy update ASAP !

I’ve completed this wayyyy too easy get this game updated ASAP with more levels !!!! Extremely bored of waiting

- Not bad

Not a bad game at all, quite addictive but some of the levels are really tough when you have no control over the car in mid air.

- Ramp Car Jumping

Great game

- yawn

This game is trash - far too many ads in regards to play time, spent ages trying to get past the first level, most of that time was again spent watching ads, got bored and uninstalled

- More levels

Don’t be so awkward Lots of fun Addictive More levels needed I can’t live without rampjump

- #awsome

Today I just did all of the tricks in the world in one mega trick

- To many ads

The game itself is great just ads pop up ALL the time

- Too many add’s

Fun to play but too many add’s. It's very frustrating!!!!

- Ramp car jump

Rubbish. Where’s level 10?

- Fun

The game is really good but the game is so fun I can’t stop playing

- It’s not bad needs work

This game is good although you can’t change cars you can only test drive after watching an add. I’d like to be able to unlock new cars. Thanks

- L

Needs more levels

- New maps!?

Great game but needs new maps asap..

- If you love adverts, download this advert game

Pure pants and utter rubbish

- Needs more levels

It’s one of those games that hooks you to the phone but when you finally completed the levels there are really slow release for new levels would be cool to see a sand box level and definitely more levels like the moon but bigger

- Great game

Truly amazing game. Fun and very enjoyable. Would rate 10/10

- So many bugs

So many bugs and glitches it’s not possible to complete I’ve spent millions on levels with no progression just a waste of time.

- Too many ads

90% of time you spend watching ads even when you choose not to get extra bonus it still force you watch ad. This probably most expensive app in app store as technically you pay by watching ads so it’s not free game. I hope apple will force some ads limit soon as these kind of apps are getting ridiculous. Press skip oh watch an ad press no for bonus watch an ad press anything oh that also need be an ad this is getting ridiculous, and hell no this app is not worth to purchase vip to remove ad which costs $5 weekly. Even one time payment would be too much i technically already paid by watching so many ads which im sure they made more then $5 on me..

- Great game

Very addictive

- Great game MEGA RAMP

Great game it’s like the best but of gta v haha

- Annoying

Spend more time watch videos than you do playing waste of time

- More updates please

More levels please.

- Impossible to progress

I’ve hit a point where I’ve finished the level and I’m unable to play the next area. I’m so angry as I like this game and have been waiting for an update, for a fix and nothing has happened I’m so angry with it I just want to play.

- Adverts

Ruined by the amount of adverts.

- Junp

Addictive 👍🏽 can’t stop playing it atm

- 🤩🤩🤩🤩


- Average at best

Downloaded this game, thought you know what it’s orate, first level took me about 5 years to complete, difficulty settings are on high from the start, could’ve eased us in slightly, anyway not that bothered about that, even though it’s annoying. I’m now on level 9, it’s basically impossible l, my stress levels are plummeting anyway and guess what after ever single try you have to watch a video, I’m completely sick of it now, I’ve played this game for weeks now and I do not want to watch these videos after every single game!! I click skip ad for a reason if I knew I had to watch the ad anyway I’d have the triple coins or whatever the offer is. Mugs me off every time and quite frankly I’m sick of it. Will be deleting.

- Far far far many adds.

Addictive game but adverts drive you absolutely mad. I understand they need to make money but So many more than necessary.

- I’m love in it

It’s epic

- Keep it simple

Easy, understandable and addictive

- It’s great

It’s a great game

- Great game

Great game, just not enough levels

- Nice BUT

Nice game but amount of adds is just disgusting.

- Sort it

Game is good until you get to level 4, I continually land in the correct zone and it wont let me unlock level 5 so I’ve stopped playing


Great time killer but fix the bug allowing us to go past level 4

- Ok but

So I am on level 4, no matter how many times I hit the target square at the required distance will it let me move onto level 5. Ok game apart from that bug

- Not a good game!

Get yo level 4 and jump the required distance and or further and cant get to level 5 waste of time do not recommend anyone playing this game.

- Broken

Made level 4 and have made the required jump and beyond, won’t unlock level 5 even though it’s there . Basically the same as every other jump game , would play it if it worked

- Fun app

Game is stuck on level 4. No matter how many times I have cleared the level and in many different ways it will not allow you to move onto level 5.

- No Sleep Till Vegas

Can’t unlock Vegas for the life of me, have landed in the landing zone several times and have screenshotted every time but still no Vegas, 4 levels and can’t get to the fifth, games alright but would be better if it kept going.

- Won’t unlock level 5

Got to level 4 have landed on the landing pad a fair few times and won’t unlock level 5

- Not a bad game

The basics are there for a great game. As many people have stated there is a problem with level 4. Land in the box multiple times by bouncing in and landing in the box with out touching anything else with both cars. Please fix I would like to keep playing. On a plus could you add car damage for when you crash and flip the car across the ground.

- Unfinished and Full of Bugs.

Started out as a time killer but the frequency of ads especially Googles Pixel 4 and McDonalds. Waiting for the Vegas level to be greeted by another level, currently have maxed out all upgrades at level 101, have landed in the “jump zone” many times and can’t unlock the next level. If you go past the mountains and land in the ocean the whole level resets and you get nothing, no coins, no distance....nothing.


Great game but again like many others cannot get past level 4 and have landed multiple times in the area. Quite irritating and now losing interest in playing now. Also way too many ads

- Lvl4 bug needs fixing

Game is fun but way to many ads and game stuffs up and will not let you complete level 4 no matter what

- Bugs

Can’t get past level 4 despite landing on the platform multiple times.

- Level 4

Developer has done nothing to fix the bug with not being able to pass level for after numerous reviews poor form with the amount of adds this game has just another money hungry developer can not recommend

- Won’t let me past level 4

I have reached the 1500m mark about 25 times in both cars and it won’t let me go through to the next level, very annoying.

- Can’t get passed level 4

Level 4 measurement seems to out or something

- Can’t pass level 4

Can’t get past level 4 even after landing in the platform multiple times. Is there a trick that needs to be performed to pass this level?

- Level 4

You guys need to fix level 4 landing.

- Can’t pass level 4

Don’t waste your time, something wrong on level 4 and can’t be passed

- Fix Level 4

Can’t get past level 4. This has ruined the game for me. :(

- Way to many ads

Way to many ads, you complete one run and then you get ads. 5seconds of play for 10 seconds of ads

- Need work

Have reached the finish many times on level 4 won’t recognise that and won’t let me advance.. fix it

- Level 4

What’s up with level 4. Tried many ways but can’t seem to unlock it.

- Glitched

Good game when first started, but can’t pass level 4, seems to just not allow you to progress and seems to have infinite upgrades, lost interest quite quickly

- Bug

Can’t get past level 4. This bug breaks your good game

- Can’t get past level 4

Fun game to mess around on, which is all you’ll be able to do as once you hit level 4 you can’t go any further. I’ve landed it dozens of times, landed on the exact distance, still won’t unlock level 5. Fix it please.

- Has potential but...

This starts off as a fun game of collecting coin to improve your car to jump further etc. The main concern is with the frequency of advertisements prior to a jump. I don’t mind engaging in an ad to boost my coin revenue x 4, but not to have an ad after 2 jumps. Lower the frequency of ads and not make it irritating and maybe people might want to play longer.

- Great game! Good Fun!

Great game good fun but can’t get past level 4. Have landed in box numerous times but doesn’t proceed to level 5. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong??

- Can’t get past level 4

Hi guys, I’ve reached the box on level 4 many many times however I can’t move forward to level 5. Could you please have a look at that ? Thanks, Felipe

- Can’t get past level 4

Hey guys good game but I have lost count how many times I have landed in the box in level 4 but won’t let me progress to level 5. What’s the trick? Cheers Steve.

- Too many adds

Way too many adds for no reason

- Ramp car jumping

Why is there no sound?

Mega Ramp Car Jumping 2020 | Android Gameplay

Letter from my 9yo nephew, summarized: - Everything is terrible and I hate this - Please make me a sock monster -…

GT Racing Car Stunts Mega Ramp Extreme Jumping 2020 - Android GamePlay #2 – GT Racing Car Stunts Mega Ramp Extreme…

GT Racing Car Stunts Mega Ramp Extreme Jumping 2020 – Android GamePlay #2

With the success of their game Ramp Car Jumping, @BoomBitGames shifts its focus to #hypercasual.

BoomBit shifts its focus to hypercasual games after success with Ramp Car Jumping

Car Jumping! Ramp Competition - Angmering Raceway - 6th May 2019 via @YouTube

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Ramp Car Jumping 1.8 Screenshots & Images

Ramp Car Jumping iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ramp Car Jumping iphone images
Ramp Car Jumping iphone images
Ramp Car Jumping iphone images
Ramp Car Jumping iphone images
Ramp Car Jumping iphone images
Ramp Car Jumping ipad images
Ramp Car Jumping ipad images
Ramp Car Jumping ipad images
Ramp Car Jumping ipad images
Ramp Car Jumping ipad images
Ramp Car Jumping Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ramp Car Jumping Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ramp Car Jumping (Version 1.8) Install & Download

The applications Ramp Car Jumping was published in the category Games on 2019-12-18 and was developed by BoomBit, Inc. [Developer ID: 1045926022]. This application file size is 259.49 MB. Ramp Car Jumping - Games posted on 2020-03-13 current version is 1.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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