Dispo - Live in the Moment

Dispo - Live in the Moment [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

We have completely updated and renovated what it’s like to use Dispo! You now have a username and profile that allows you to create a shared camera roll of photos between you and your friends!

Open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop at 9AM the next day. You will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. We’re bringing high quality film right to your phone. Invite your friends and try it out!

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Supposedly bugs are bad...so we fixed them :)

Dispo - Live in the Moment Comments & Reviews

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- A lot of bugs

Love the app just please get everything running smoothly. Please also leave time stamps from when the photo was taken rather then when downloaded

- Disappointed in changes

I used Dispo back when it was a simple app where you take disposable pictures. Now all these new updates make it so much more complicated than it needs to be and completely defeat the purpose of a disposable camera simulating app. My pictures never load. I seriously have not been able to look at any of my pictures in so long. The rolls feature is unnecessary, as well as most of the other new features. The only new feature that I think is good is the profile/friend one. It would be fun to just go look at people’s profiles/follow people, but honestly I don’t even need that. Gonna be using a different disposable app that is actually reminiscent of the purpose of using a disposable camera.

- The best camera app

DISPO IS SO SICKKK! I swear this app takes better quality pictures than my actual phone camera and the filter it puts on it is really nice! I like the app because when you take the picture, you can’t see what it looked like. Some people say that that’s dumb, but it’s actually nice because you don’t spend 20 mins trying to take a good picture, you just take a few and not even think about what they look like. Then the next day you wake up to a little surprise to see your dope pics from yesterday.

- She has a certain “je ne sais quoi”

I really enjoy using this app! I love the idea that your picture takes 24 hours to develop, so you can take your picture, and be done. My one hope for the future of the app is a feature that makes it easier to connect with your friends/contacts who are already on the app. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone you know, and your left following strangers. Which is cool......but they’re strangers lol.

- Great idea with terrible execution

This app is an amazing idea. On Dispo bye are the days of facetune, over editing pictures, and checking pictures the second you take them to find the perfect one. The operation of the app is terrible though. Why don’t my friends reels automatically pop up on my feed? I have to first follow someone, then check in on their profile periodically to see if they’ve posted a new reel. Following reels for friends should be automatic, with the option to unfollow. Fix this and the app will be gold, and I’ll update/or remove this review.

- Not so good.

Almost everything is copied off of tik tok or instagram. The comments are so small and not arranged (the most liked one should be on top). The quality is so bad, when i first downloaded it, the intro was so good i expected so much better. Not a tik tok knock off. All the photos are bad quality, EXCEPT DAVIDS, and of course all his employees. So it’s honestly not a good idea, it shouldn't be a social media, except just a camera with GOOD QUALITY. It’s obvious that you wanted to mix two most used apps into one with the idea you had. Didn’t turn out so great. Sorry for the criticism but do better.

- Photo timer?

I love this app so much I use it for almost all of my pictures. The quality of them is fantastic and I enjoy the simplicity of it and I don’t want to take away from that but the option of a photo timer without taking away from the function of the rest of the app would be amazing! :)

- Please give us back the simple version.

I got the app when it was really simple and was solely the camera and the gallery section. I hate the new update that makes it look like some sort of social media app because it makes things really complicated and just annoying. On the other hand, the pictures are dope and you have to wait for them to process just like if it were a real disposable camera.

- Gamechanging way to save moments without missing out on them IRL

People in old school party photos always look so much more carefree than us today bc none of them were worried about looking to see which shot made them look bad or good. They just lived life. This app lets you get back to that. Game CHANGER

- Incredible App

This app is so fun, and way better than IG. My friends and I love how the photos come out the next morning - really let's us live in the moment instead of editing photos all day. Incredible user interface / so intuitive, and fun to use. Highly recommend this app as the future of social media use

- Love the app

I first got this app before it added the social side of things, just opened it up logged in which confused me an was surprised to rolls of film and a page where i can have public rolls an i was all for it! This is an awesome awesome idea! Definitely getting my friends to join :) keep it up.

- Super fun app

I love the idea of not seeing your photos in the moment. I’ve used it so many times when I’m hanging out with my friends and it’s such a pleasant surprise the Morning after. The shared rolls are such a great feature. once you get the hang of how to use the app it’s dope. Fave app at the moment!

- could use more work, but good so far

the app is cool — and the changes are neat and show a change of pace overall. The app itself is kinda glitchy and there are a lot of features that are missing but as a starting point it’s not bad.

- Authenticity finally

After years under the tyranny of IG and people living life for the “perfect” pic, Dispo brings authenticity back to social media. I don’t want to live life through my phone. I want to live in the moment. Dispo does that for me and is soooo much fun the next day when I’m surprised by all the realness!!

- Love

Thank god for this app! These days we live our lives FOR the gram instead of FOR OURSELVES. Dispo lets us live in the moment and capture it at the same time!!!! Plus the pictures look cool and I love having something to look forward to after taking them. Thank you Dispo!

- Exactly what’s needed

Finally, we can be liberated from legacy social and camera apps. After a year of quarantine, I’m ready to live in the moment again and appreciate each second. This is app is perfect for what we all need.

- New update isn’t so great.

My biggest complaint about the new update is that I have to remember to pick a roll every time I want to take a picture. I don’t know why I can’t just have a default roll. My second is that you took away the winding sound the click wheel made. It was in the first update. You replaced that wheel with a zoom feature. You can’t zoom on a disposable camera.

- It’s a great app, but....

I love this app and the introduction, it’s really fun to use and interactive. The only thing I could say is to possibly make some filters like black and white and ultra saturated just to make it more inclusive. Other than that I really really love the app.

- Love this app

Deleted my Instagram for this app - love that I can take photos and look the next day without thinking - honestly makes it fun to wake up the next morning and see the photos!

- Much better way to share

Love the simplicity, love that it isn’t made for people trying to sell an altered version of themselves and their lives, love how easy it is to share my rolls w my people.

- Dispo Rocks

I love this app, been using it for a while now and I love the concept. It's very nostalgic with a modern twist and I term with anticipation to see how my photos came out. The various filters and such are a great touch as well

- Angry

I don’t usually write app reviews but let me say why i think it’s one star. I had this app for quite some time and had a lot of photos on it. This was before they updated it. After the update where you have to create an account all my photos were deleted. Every single one. I literally don’t have any of them anymore. This is horrible.

- Amazing App!

Love this app! It perfectly captures the nostalgia of a disposable camera while stil producing incredible quality pictures. It’s also so easy to use. 10/10!

- So much fun with friends!

I love using this app with my group of friends, it’s so fun to share pictures so easily and the filter looks amazing. Thank you Dispo!

- Obsessed

Obsessed with this app. Finally an authentic way to take and share photos.

- Poor Quality Images

Images are poor quality, delay on getting access to images being 24 hours is lame & not helpful when the image is very poor quality due to the app. Lacks filter options. Generally pretty pointless & bad for what it’s meant to be.

- Great Concept, Well Executed

In a world full of instant gratification, the development period is a nice added touch. Looking forward to what Dispo has in store.

- Love it

10/10. Great way to share photos with my friends.

- Great app

This app is awesome it keeps you in the moment not worrying about what you look like. It is so authentic!

- Best photo app yet

Love using this for all my photos with friends: snapshots of real life beat edited poses anytime

- Fun app

Don’t listen to all the H3 trolls. This app works great and is exactly what you’d want out of it.

- Meh

It’s annoying you have to wait for your pictures to develop. Other apps are instantaneous and good quality

- Fantastic app

Highly recommended!

- Dispo

Super fun and retro vibe. Keeps everyone from staring at their phones through a fun night 👌

- Love this!

Such a cool concept. Amazing idea. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

- Pointless

Come on! You dont have to wipe out reviews until you reach 5 stars. How about making a better service. There’s nothing this app does that isn’t available elsewhere.

- A staple

Takes the coolest pictures. Love the effects

- Alright

Seems alright it just makes the pictures look more colorful nothing to much but cool

- Like the real thing

Loveeeee dispo! The best party trick and excited to watch this community grow!

- Love this app!!

A perfect blend of nostalgia and ingenuity. What a fun way to preserve memories with friends.

- Deleted reviews

How is it that if a company doesn’t like there reviews they can just reset 4 times until they get people to give it 5 stars

- cool app. excited to see where it goes

love waiting until the next day to see your pics. the aesthetic and shopping bag at the start are dope

- I now live in the moment.

Wow, just wow.


Dispo is just another David dobrik scheme to get more rich and we do not need people like him having that kind of power. Don’t use this app it is dumb and so is he

- Update turned the app into GARBAGE .

They lured us in with a great product then turned it into a social-media/info-gathering garbage app. Deleted from my phone.

- Extremely disappointing

The intro was super cool. The rest of the app was just a complete letdown. Very low quality.

- More spam notifications

I didn't opt in to this.

- it’s not as nice as other disposable camera apps.

i had really high hopes for this one :( i really don’t want to look at a news feed of blurry photos ;( that doesn’t even make sense.

- Terrible app

Pretty terrible app with bad features. Don’t download, it gave me a virus.

- Not good app

Not a fan of the app at all didn’t do anything as described

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- Love it

This app is great for getting that disposable look without the downside of waste and production of plastic, offering a much more sustainable way of “disposable” photos. I love how there is no limit on how many photos to can take as well. I realised if I had my phone on lock screen it wouldn’t work, if that helps anyone. The only down side is the wait till 9am the next day, I understand it’s to make it feel more authentic, however I would prefer get them instantly, and you can if you change the date and time on phone but it will make you photos in the wrong order (date wise) if you do. But 100% recommended this app

- keeps crashing

I absolutely love the concept, it’s like a real disposable camera in my pocket at all times, however after the first week the app started to crash consistently, I wouldn’t be able to see my photos or download them which is obviously pretty annoying, also I understand the need for ads but it’s like constantly I am getting ads, almost between every single photo which I personally think is a little crazy,, I’ve started just turning off my data while I use the app which I find resolved that problem but now that it’s started crashing I really just can’t use the app at all.. apart from that I love it, the way the photos come out and even that fact we have to wait for them to be developed, I love it all, I just hope these bugs can be fixed,, thanksss

- Luv

I think this is such a cool way to have photos, the photos come out so clear and are amazing! I think it’s pretty cool how you have to wait till the next morning (if after 9am) that you see your photos because it’s representing what it’s like to have a real disposable camera! Ps. A little tip for this who don’t want to wait, you can change your phone time to after 9am and then you will be able to view your photos ;)


I began to use this app last year when it first came out and it was great. I have been disappointed lately as one of the updates seems to have changed the filter so the photos don’t turn out so great even using flash. It is now a darker more yellow/brown/sepia toned in contrast to a nicely saturated one before. It would be nice if the filter could be changed again to reflect real disposable film or atleast more accurate to the one david actually uses (as that is how it’s advertised). I also agree with other reviews about the crashing/ ad issues and think a selfie camera would be very valuable. Overall a very handy app and I like the experience!

- The app keeps crashing

Yesterday my friends and I were having fun so I decided to use this app because I’m a fan of David’s so I waiting till 9am the next day to receive my photos as soon as I was going to get my photos the app crashed so I kept trying to get them and now it just keeps giving me ads and crashing as soon as I try to get more pictures up these photos mean the world to me because I have bad memory and I rely on photos to hold the memory’s for me and I’m very disappointed if I lose these photos because I can’t get the app to work I love David and this app but the crashing needs to be fixed ASAP or I won’t be using this app for much longer

- Flip it around

I like this app. It helps me not overthink how I look in photos and just take photos because I want to. But I think if you turned the UI around so that you can use the volume buttons to take the photos, would be a better experience. Also I hope you can offer different cameras in the future so that we can pick and choose what look we want for our photos.


I absolutely love this app it’s so great and easy to use and it actually feels like a real film camera but on your phone instead. I love how you get unlimited photos to take and I like how you have to wait a day to get them developed just like a real film camera would. I’ve been looking for a actual good film app and this is the one I would recommend.

- Good app

I like the filter and the set up of the app it makes you fell like it’s an actual disposable camera. However the only downside is the waiting for the pictures to ‘develop’ overnight and so you can’t view the pictures instantly. I understand where that concept comes from but it’s quite inconvenient. I highly suggest to developers that you change this so we can the pictures on the stop

- Dispo - An Excellent App

The new update the Dispo crew have just brought to the app is amazing. The user interface is beautiful, the way the app functions is awesome and the whole photo sharing piece of the app is amazing. I cannot wait for my friends to download the app and take awesome pictures we will be able to look back on in 10 years. Thanks Dispo!

- Breath Of Fresh Air

Finally we are back to the days of just uploading whatever means the most to us and in the moment. My first photo on Dispo is something I would never dream of uploading to my insta and idgaf because nobody else does either 😂 ! Sweaty, sleepy, bed hair, its plain and simple and I love it

- Great app but quite a few bugs

I absolutely love this app and the look of the photos once they develop. It’s my favourite camera to take photos with now. However, I’ve used it for about two months and now every time I try to scroll through my past photos that I’ve taken, the app keeps crashing and I can’t view them. I try going slowly through the photos and it makes no different. Quite annoying.

- Good app

i love this app and have relied on it to give me great photos for multiple months. but this new updated filter really doesn’t show nicer photos, if anything it’s made them worse. the tones are out of place and i really don’t like it compared to the old filter, please change it back because i now don’t want to use it because of this update. the old filter was light enough and was much prettier

- Good app but small issues

Love the app and the idea of waiting til 9am to receive the photos. Would be cool if there was a selfie option as well but I also noticed that I took photos that have not shown up the next morning. I am missing multiple photos I know were taken (flash went off, heard the noise) not sure what’s happened 😕

- Love it but glitching

I’ve been using this app for a while now and take all my photos on here. However for the last few days the app has been crashing and glitching and sadly I can’t access the photos :(

- David put me in the vlog

App is perfect when it comes to the look of a disposable camera and as long as you keep your phone still with the flash on, your pictures will come out amazing and aesthetically pleasing.

- I payed to remove ads but still get ads?

so i downloaded this app and really enjoyed it, i thought you know why not remove the ads. so i payed and the payment went through to my bank, so i closed down the app and reopened it and was still getting ads. i still get them today which i’m not happy about. if someone can help me that would be legendary

- crashing

absolutely adore this app!! I use David’s disposable on daily basis and have for the past few months. I never started out with this problem but after a few weeks of use the app began crashing as I looked through photos. Again, I love the app and it holds so many memories, I don’t want to risk losing them

- Bug when purchasing premium

Great app concept and working well other than a bug when purchasing premium. I purchased premium but still kept receiving advertisements aswell as an option to continue purchasing the premium part of the app. Other than that it’s a great app 👍

- Love! Please change the filter?!

I love this idea. It’s fun and easy and gives a great effect. The only not so loveable thing is the filter. I’d love to be able to see my photos in that effect you have your pictures in on your davidsdisposables account. The orange and brown tones on my pictures don’t make it look as good as it could.

- Keeps crashing

Every time I open the app I get at least 3 ads, and once I try to slowly or quickly scroll to my photo history the app crashes. This has happened at least 30 times, I have turned off my phone and been attempting to save these photos for over a month. Ads may create revenue, but with too many it creates a negative customer experience and leads to crashes. Please review this, I love the apps idea, I just wish I could access my photos.

- It’s worth the wait

It was initially frustrating having to wait to get into the app but once I did I had a heap of fun. Definitely a very cool app and love it :) Keep waiting because it’s worth it folks !

- What’s with the crashing?

I like this app, but the constant crashing makes it more trouble than its worth. It’s very time consuming to go through the photos and save them when the app closes down every 10 seconds. I also can’t scroll through all the photos without the app closing on me. If this bug was fixed, would be the perfect photo app.

- Low Quality, Not User Friendly

The new update just doesn’t make any sense - why change something that was already working perfectly fine? It’s slow, dull and is very confusing to use - there need to be more prompts to teach users about the new features, otherwise it’s just pointless. There are far better disposable apps out there - will 200% be deleting this one from my phone, that’s for sure.

- The app keeps crashing

Love this app and the photo quality is so great! But when I try to scroll to a certain point to see my older photos, it crashes every time. I thought it may have been because I scrolled too fast, but even when I scrolled extremely slowly it stills happens. Please fix this, thank you.

- Great app needs a bug fix

I really like the app the photos I get to see turned out fantastic but I purchased premium and am still receiving ads on top of that I’ve been taking photos and they sometimes just won’t turn up even though the flash went off and I hear the noise when taking it

- Nice look but not very compatible

With the new update the camera doesn’t seem to be working. Can access all other features including the photos I was able to take before the update but am just not able to take any new ones with the new update? iTunes says it’s compatible with my phone and I have access to camera on in my settings yet no photos. Hopefully a fix is in the making

- bad update

i really enjoyed this app and used it a lot around january, but i have found they recently updated it and the photo quality is not nearly as good. the effect is brown and darker then usual, especially around the edges. I hope they can change this or the app can go back to what it was before, because i really enjoyed it & thought concept was very cool!

- Vibes

Love the app it’s a fun little emulator to the real deal But the waiting until the next day doesn’t hit as hard as it would if you were going to get your real prints Love the app I would just recommend changing the upgraded version to take out the wait

- Would be great, if it didn’t crash

I enjoyed the app and how the photos turned out. However, the app continuously crashes, making it near on impossible to use. Also if you want to grab any photos, good luck, as in if you have to scroll to any photos further down the thread, it’ll crash. If you can resolve the issue of the app crashing, it would make it a sick app to use. At the moment it just leaves me disappointed :(

- crashing

i’ve had this app for months now and have over 100 photos on it. the app crashes every time i scroll past a certain point and often photos that i take don’t turn up the next morning. it’s very frustrating as the crashing bug has not been fixed and it has been so long. i have heard many other people complaining about this issue. please fix this ASAP!!!!

- pretty good

yea it’s a good app a bit annoying that you have to wait but oh well. I was deleted a photo then it didn’t delete so I deleted it again but then deleted a really good photo from the tennis... can’t get it back now should be a area to find deleted photos

- really good app BUT

this is a very food app as i said and i wanna be in one of your vlogs or tiktok videos from this review BUT i was wondering why we have to wait for the morning??? and if i took a photo in it at 8:55am would it be ready in 5min or would you have to wait a certain amount of time ?

- Yessir

I’ve had this app for a while now and recently it has gone a lil yellow everytime I take a photo. But either than that before it was hellaaa awesome. Maybe after an update it’ll go back to normal and but until then I highly recommend this app

- Glitch

I think this is a really great app. It comes out with great results, however; after I scroll through my developed photos after a little bit it closes the app. It keeps doing this. Can you fix it ?

- great!

i think this is a super cool concept and the photos come out really well. would definitely recommend this app. i purchased premium and noticed that ads were still coming up but when i clicked on restore purchase it seemed to fix it and i haven’t had the issue since. great way to take photos free of charge with the same vintage camera feel. love it. - camryn

- Needs improvement

I paid to get no ads but ads still appear. The wait until the enxt morning to get photos developed feature is a big setback. The very reason why people want the app instead of an actual camera in the first place is the speed of which you can get the photos.

- Good but keeps crashing!

The app is such a good idea and worked very well initially, however it now crashes whenever I try to look at the photos I’ve taken. Please fix it! I’ve been using it to take some photos while on holiday, and now I can’t access them! :((

- Crashing

Really good quality, great concept. However, the app keeps crashing whenever I try look at the photos. I still don’t know what some of the photos I took look like as it won’t let me scroll down without it glitching and kicking me off the app ):

- Constantly crashing

I like the idea of the app and I like that you can’t see the pictures until the next day but the app constantly crashes meaning getting the pictures off the app is incredibly hard and there are so many ads everytime you want to take a photo.

- there are still bugs!

i LOVE this app so much it’s so cute and fun and it helps me keep more organic memories w my friends but the app crashes any time i try scrolling through my photos or during ads, it drives me nuts and ruins the experience but i just love the photos too much to get rid of it

- .

i love this app so much i used it everyday then i got iOS 14 and the camera doesn't work on the app anymore i have tried everything, i hope this can be fixed because i take most of my photos on here

- Would give 0/5 if I could

App keeps crashing. Could barely make an account. Now that I’ve made an account I’m told “you can’t use it because our servers might crash, we will let you know when you can use it”. Make it accessible to everyone or just give up....also don’t support a person who doesn’t take accountability

- Awful

This application is full of bugs and the User Interface, even if it was functional, is poorly designed and uninteresting. They are trying to compete this popular social media applications but they don’t have a single feature to compel users to switch or join. Not to mention this app goes to profit some really gross people.

- Fantastic app

Super cool idea of an app. I love it and have been using it a lot lately. Even shown my friends and they all love it and have gotten around it 😁

- Flash isn’t working

I love this app so much! But the flash has stopped working for it and I can’t get it to work anymore :(

- It looks like a normal photo

There’s no point in using this app I can just use my iPhone camera and get the same photo. Doesn’t look like a disposable camera shot. Would be amazing if it did. I like the concept of waiting for 9am.

- Awesome

Awesome app the best film camera one I have found the only downside is when I take photos outside in the day the pics look more sepia/dull toned. Would love it to be brighter! Other than that love it

- The app keeps crashing

Developers need to fix the crashing issue ASAP

- Keeps crashing

I have access to the first bunch of photos however when i scroll down it just crashes and those photos i never got to see !!!

- filter

i LOVE this app and i always use it but the brown filter makes my photos look so bad, i want the original filter back where it looks like an actual film camera but other then that i love it!!

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- Amazing at first

The first couple months I had this app there were absolutely no problems with it but all of a sudden there was this weird greenish filter on every picture i took. Didn’t matter what lighting. :(

- Cant see all of my photos

I added a bunch of photos to a roll, but i can only open a few of them before it stops scrolling, and when i tap on the photo i want, it doesnt open, and opens the first photo posted instead.

- Error, can’t get passed phone number

Not working. I’ve given my number and typed in the code but it keeps saying “sorry, we have a problem. Try again”. Does this only work in the states or something?

- Terrible

Sucky app worse creator

- Use huji

Huji is free doesn’t take 24 hours for your pics to “develop” and isn’t owned by an abuser

- App keeps crashing!!!!

My app keeps crashing! It’s so annoying because I took pics on it and now I can’t even save them because it literally crashes every single time I go in it. Hope this issue gets fixed ASAP.

- Meh

Not letting me get into it, don’t like the update

- Trash app just like your apology video

This app is garbage just like the apology video he just made.

- Such a bad app

Terrible idea. Terrible implementation. Terrible company. Also, take a look at the privacy invasion this app will do to you. That’s a LOT of my info just to take photos...


Love the app! Amazing to use with friends on a night out and not obsess over taking the most amazing pic & can live in the moment!

- Slow and broken

Cant get it, your magic code is not working and the app is super slow.

- Terrible

App doesn’t work

- good app

good app screw cancel culture

- Bruh

This is genuinely a good app, all the one stars are the snowflakes who cant take jokes

- Love but crashes A LOT

Love the app and the way the pictures come out. However when trying to scroll through your pictures the app crashes every single time

- I love it

Really nice and cool concept, f the haters


I have so many memories on this app but it keeps crashing I don’t want to lose these they mean a lot🥺

- !!!

I’m insanely excited to use this app because I’m going on a trip and it’s going to be so much better with this app

- Sickkk App!

Love the app. Very user friendly and love the effects💯 sick work david!!👍

- Great app!!

Their is finally no wait list, I’m super excited to use it.

- Great!

Always been wanting to have disposable cameras but it’s just a pain buying new ones over and over again so this app is great alternative. People are just giving bad reviews because of personal interest off of David but the app is great

- App is cool

It cool


Very nice app, love to use it !

- Honestly such a good app!

Love the concept, UI,UX, and EVERYTHING the dispo team has built! Looks and feels amazing :)

- Lost all my photos

I had this app for about a year now but then once it updated with the David Dobrik update everything is gone and I can’t get passed the phone verification page? Now the app does not work at all and I lost all my old photos.

- Incredible app!

The app runs smoothly and has an easy to navigate structure! Great idea too! Love looking back at the memories!

- No verification code sent

didn’t send me a verification on my number so I couldn’t access it, tried many times.

- Amazing

Super fun and easy to use

- Love

Great app!!🥰


People still listen to Trisha? She’s literally a proven liar. Also stop throwing around sexual harassment just to ‘cancel’ someone. Anyways, I really like this app and how it aims to make life a little less filtered. Amazing concept.

- Dispo

Great idea. Need a bit of work but what a good idea without some work definitely see how this can blow up


I love going about my day and finding something around to take photos of, the most fun part is, is having to wait a day for them to develop! Super fun, super addicting :)

- Feels rushed and forced

User interface is atrocious. Feed and personal profile is awful. Had high hopes for this app and it’s execution is sloppy and disappointing. -software developer & graphic designer

- Very slow

Very slow, doesn’t load my own page so I can’t see my followers/following, can’t see anyone but David’s pics which is pointless. On top of all the issues the error notifications and questions page looks like a group of teenagers programmed it. I understand it’s the David and there humour, but give actually answer not be condescending for the people who truly are looking for an answer

- Disappointing

I really wanted to like this app but it doesn’t work for me. Every time I attempt to use the application it crashes or glitches and rarely performs the function it’s supposed to. Conceptually the app is decent, but functionally it is anything but. I never leave reviews for apps but this one was such a big let down I had to review it. Do not waste your time on this app. Just post to your Instagram or utilize some other service that does something similar.

- invite???

when u sign in it will tell u that you need an invite?? no clue where to get it from

- david dobrik is not a good person

and he made a terrible app. don’t get it, it sucks

- Hope you go to prison David

Never in my life would I use someone’s app who abuses and bullies peoples AND refuses to even acknowledge it?!!! You’re messed up David

- Terrible

Terrible app made by terrible people <3


David dobrik has profited off forcing his friends to sexually assault each other. He’s now accused of things even more disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

- Just bad disgusting honestly, just like David

Terrible Terrible terrible app

- Genuinely horrible app.

The app is glitchy and sucks. Not being able to access your photos sucks and David dobrik sucks.

- Is this a joke?

This app is useless. i’m really not sure who the target audience is supposed to be. also the creator of this app is super problematic.

- Bad

App is horrible and the creator is horrible

- Horrible

Deleted all my photos when used, glitchy, bad app. Bad creator

- Good app stop hating

Stop hating on David, you guys are horrible

- This is actually a great app

But, some people just don’t like david dobrik

- Love this app!

Great app! Easy to work! Have had 0 problems with anything other than some times it’s slow to connect 🤷🏻‍♂️. Grew up using disposable cameras, born in 93 and this app replicates those photos wonderfully. As for all the hear say... I’ll leave it at that..

- Doesn’t even work

This app does not work. Don’t bother downloaded, it’s a scam.

- crashing

cant access my pics because it keeps crashing... such good memories & cant look at them now. was my favorite before this, pls fix

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Dispo - Live in the Moment 2.0.7 Screenshots & Images

Dispo - Live in the Moment iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dispo - Live in the Moment iphone images
Dispo - Live in the Moment iphone images
Dispo - Live in the Moment iphone images
Dispo - Live in the Moment iphone images

Dispo - Live in the Moment (Version 2.0.7) Install & Download

The applications Dispo - Live in the Moment was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-12-21 and was developed by Dispo, Inc [Developer ID: 1532157579]. This application file size is 81.79 MB. Dispo - Live in the Moment - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-04-22 current version is 2.0.7 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: app.davidsdisposable.davids-disposable-ios

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