Save The Girl!

Save The Girl! [Games] App Description & Overview

The tricky and relaxing puzzle game you’ve been seeing all this time is finally a reality! Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain teaser tests in order to save the girl from the villains chasing her! Each level will present you with a scenario that you will have to use your IQ and wit to solve. Solve the funny challenge correctly and the woman will proceed on. Get it wrong, then it won’t end well for our heroine.

Stay in and play the most addicting and satisfying game. Feel the gratification of solving funny and difficult problems and protecting the girl from harm's way. Use that big brain of yours and let’s get to solving!

Game Features:

1. Don’t get fooled!
Each level presents you with multiple choices - make the right answers to proceed. Wrong answers will result in painful but funny outcomes to the girl!

2. So many levels to play
Each level is unique. So many different challenges for you to solve.

3. Fun for the whole family
Everybody can play Save the Girl. If you get stumped - ask for help from your friends and family! No shame in doing whatever necessary to solve these complex puzzles.

4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay
Once you start you will want to keep solving the upcoming puzzles. This is the best puzzler out there!

5. It is that game from those ads
Yes, it actually is.

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or just want to have a good time, then Save the Girl is the game for you! Can you protect her from harm?

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Save The Girl! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Add more premium levels -Bug Fixes

Save The Girl! Comments & Reviews

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- Alright, could use some more updates.

I see most ads like this game but when I click on it, it nothing of what the ad is saying. I found this games ad and I clicked on it. I was very happy to see that the ad was exact like the game. One level it said you had to chose, trident, and fishing rod. I chose fishing rod and then a monster popped up. I was thinking that the fishing rod had bait that attracted the sea monsters, in the game. I chose the trident and it worked. People use spears to catch fish in the meaning of “survival.” I like how the game dose not make scenes. It’s supposed to be funny, and fun. After you’re done with a round or lose a round, you appear in your house. I wish there where more rooms, bathroom, kitchen, etc...etc... but I still like the amounts of choices you get to chose for the rounds, and your avatar and the room. I looked at the other reviews and they where harsh. The ads in the game are fine. When you lose there may be an ad, if you win there may be an ad, or you get to chose to watch and ad. I looked at the reviews and people say it dose not make scenes, they should learn you chose the silly stuff, that’s what makes the game more interesting. Overall, I think it’s a great game.

- Alright but weird

I got this game because I had been looking for a game like this. When I got it it was fun at first but after level ten thing started to get weird I mean like in one level she could be on the moon and the next level she was some how in the the tv. The story just doesn’t make since. Also some of the choices make no since for example on one of the levels there is a bad smell and you have to chose between a mask and a fan. I chose the mask thinking she could but it on and walk through but instead she trips on a rock and falls so it made restart but the annoying thing is it wasn’t my fault she tripped on the rock. Then I chose the fan and it blew the smell away and when the girl walked by the rock she didn’t trip. Another example is in level the girl was hungry and she had to fishing. They gave you a spear and a fishing rod, being a normal person I went with the fishing rod and it was in the wrong answer. I mean come on how many people do you no that fish with a spear, Poseidon many Like some levels don’t make any since. Also I like that there is a feature where you can design the girls room but everything to chose from is 200 coins or higher and you only get 50 coins for every level! Change these things and me and a bunch of other people would be happy and play the game more often.

- It’s going good so far but a few problems

It’s going really well so far I like this game is cool and fun kind of teaching survival stuff if ur in the situation but the problem is the ads the ads there not bad but it’s just one big problem the ads is like every time u get it wrong u have a add and I consider this as wasting ur time and one time with my coins I had lost the game and I had bought something for like 200 sense so I wouldn’t have to do a add but I still had to do a add so my suggestion is u should fix the add problem but it’s going great so far I love this game it’s really fun my family members or addicted to it but final my suggestion is fix the game and be carful while u make the game be sure to make sure every thing is ok and is going smothley so no problems and no hate reviews I know u can do better hope u have and awesome day

- I hate it

It was a good idea that you can choose a choice to save someone. I always see ads for games like this and I get the games and it’s totally different. This time it’s at least what the ad is. I don’t like how many ads there are. It’s soooooooooooooo bad how many ads there are. It’s sad that there is a good game ruined. I also think that some choices make NO sense, for example the level with the hole you have to cross has either a board of wood or a bucket. How am I supposed to know that the bucket has cement in it. Also, cement doesn’t dry in like 1 second she would have fell in. Another level that made absolutely NO sense was when she was hungry and she needed fish. There was a trident and a fishing pole. When I chose the fishing pole (which makes WAY more sense) it brought up a monster. How am I supposed to know that a monster comes up? That makes no sense!!! And the trident was right. I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WHO FISHES WITH A TRIDENT AND I NEVER WILL BECAUSE THAT ISN'T AN ACTUAL THING. I am so confuseddddddddd! Am I just dumb or does this actually make no sense? I know I already said this but SO MANY ADS ITS FRUSTRATING. AN AD AFTER EVERY LEVEL AND AN AD WHEN U LOSE AND AN AD TO CLAIM GIFTS UGHHHH~~! I am deleting this and probably won’t play it again, But it’s a cool idea just remove the ads and make more sense pls! Thanks for reading!🙃

- **Frustrating!!!

I don’t usually give reviews but this app needs one! It’s not a bad app, honestly. It’s a fun, silly game that helps pass time but keeps you entertained with its ridiculous choices. BUT it’s overloaded with ads!!! I understand that it’s a free game so ads are needed, but there is one after every level along with random pop ups and they are lengthy! And, when you try to exit them, they take you to the App Store the first time then exit the second. If you get a game over you have the choice to revive with an ad....but it doesn’t matter if you choose to or not because an ad will appear either way (so you might as well just go ahead and revive). There is an option to remove them, but you only win 50 coins after completing a level so if you want to customize your avatar you basically have to watch an ad to get 4x the coins in order to do so since everything is 200 or more! If not then you’ll just have to wait for any customizations which would end up being boring. It’s just a little frustrating when you’re trying to play and customize the game but you keep getting stalled because of ads.

- Not bad.

Save the girl is an amazing game, and super fun. It is fortunately exactly like it is the advertisements, where u make simple choices in typically high stress situations in order to “save the girl” from horrible circumstances step by step with every level. However, one choice of action, is one level. So the levels are very short and simple. But my one and only annoyance about save the girl is the fact that you have to watch an add every level. EVERY LEVEL. every three or four levels and it might not have been that big a deal. But I mean, if I’m watching a 30 second add every 10 seconds, then really, I’m spending more time just watching ads then actually playing the game. This game is a time killer. And more recently we all have quite a bit more time to kill. But I would very much appreciate it if there were less ads. Maybe 2 ads every five levels instead of one every short little level. That would make the game much more enjoyable and more fun! Thank you so much for taking my words into consideration and have a nice day.

- the ads and one other thing

I love this game because you get to make your own choices and you can learn some skills and I think it develops creativity and iq. The only thing I don’t like is all the ads like I say no to the continue because I don’t want to watch but I still watch an ad anyway so what is the point of saying no Last but not least I would like to make a suggestion, I would like to have like special stories where their is no wrong answer but whatever you choose is the story like there are different endings too story’s You don’t have to fix these things it was just suggestions but hopefully you can fix the too many ads problem but other then that this game is perfect and I love that their are new stories each week cause usually I finish the game and then get bored but not with this one Keep up the good work 👍 ( can developer plz respond it would mean a lot too me )


This game has so many ads but I will not make this review all about the ads they thing is, is that IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. Like NO HUMAN ON EARTH RUNS LIKE THAT and if you do go see a doctor (don’t really and no offense just trying to make a point) also on the first level she’s like “let me out!” Blah blah blah like seriously could not try harder?! And if you add a remove ads thing mabey not make it cost money!! (Going back to the dose not make sense thing) So on one level there is a zombie chasing you (btw I am finding these not making sense levels from other reviews) and you have to scar it away so your options are a flash light and a full moon so I chose the flashlight and ITS THE FULL MOON OPTION THATS THE RIGHT ONE!!! So then I pick full moon and guess what?! SHE TURNS INTO A WERWOLF AND SCARES AWAY THE ZOMBIE!! And another level is when she’s hungry and she wants fish so your options are a fishing rod or a TRIDENT so I pick fishing rod because it makes more sense then the trident and then it picks up a MONSTER SO LIKE THE TRIDENT IS THE RIGHT OPTION LIKE WHAT THE HECK And sorry this review is so long lol if you read to the end thank you!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 👋🏻

- That’s enough!

I have played this game and it’s ok but what is now ok is these ads! Every time I beat a level it shows a ad. If you die it will show a ad like come on. I just want to play the game but sometimes it shows ads when I’m playing. One time I was playing it and I did the wrong choice and then a ad when I made the right choice it just kicked me out!!! I don’t really like this game but it’s ok if there were no adds I would really like that. If the person who made this game DON’T PUT SO MUCH ADS!!!!!!! And also this is just does not make sense at all. Why would a freakin bean turn in a Canon Why would a little Crain turn in a robot and punch a zombie why would a fishing pole catch a monster why would a pepper heat up the girl! That doesn’t work like that! It’s not heat it would be pain In your mouth your brain would be like it’s really hot but it’s just pain😡👎. Why would a trash can cover a fire higgren that’s bursting water just leak out the trash can why would a rat scare the girl IF SHE CAN JUMP OVER THE HOLE. This is the most confusing game I played ever in my whole life.

- Good but NO SENCE!

I enjoy this game first of all. I’m glad the ad to the game doesn’t lie like some do. Although, and I’m sure people have said this before, the games choices sometimes don’t make any sense! Like how would you know that a fishing pole would pull up a monster!!!!! Me and my brother notice these things so much that we made up something where we literally just pick the thing that makes no sense and we win. Also after a lot of levels it didn’t show any more levels and just goes back to previous levels that you have already done but they don’t show the level number. That’s just rotten. Also there are soooooo many ads!!!!! Even if you don’t die you have to see a ad! Even if you don’t pick the thing that says get 200 coins if you watch a ad it makes you watch a ad so I don’t get why that’s even there! But I really do like this game and have a fun time playing it and am happy that the ads don’t lie about the game like other games do. I hope you see my review thank you.


It was okay at first, but the ads on this game are killing me! All of the ads are about other games but some of the games look absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. Ads throughout EVERYTHING! That’s not the only issue. Some of the levels make no sense. I wanted to try this app despite of all the bad reviews. I wanted to try to make it work. I only had this app for a day, and I can’t stand it. In one level, she has to get across the room but there’s a big hole... AND WHAT DOES SHE DO? I pick the board because it makes sense but apparently it broke and she used wet cement. Where did she even get the cement? It couldn’t have dried that fast. I get it’s just a cartoon but that’s not where the nonsense ends. When on a certain level she had to get fish, I pick the obvious choice, (fishing rod) and it doesn’t get anything! Somehow... a trident is better for fishing?! She just jabs the fish in the water with the trident. I couldn’t get past level 9 because I was tired of this game. There are other things I could mention but I don’t want this to be too long.

- It’s not good

There were WAY too many adds!!! There shouldn’t be adds after every level and when u loose and to get prizes and stuff. Also some levels were weird, like one level there was a hole with and option of a plank and a bucket, I thought the bucket was filled with water so thought that she would drown or something, so I chose the plank. She ended up getting scared of the spider and the plank broke cuz she fell, but the bucket ended up being filled with cement, like how am I supposed to know it’s cement, and cement takes a while to dry as well. I thought this game would be good because I see ads like this all the time and they’re never like what they say they are, so I got excited when I saw one that actually was what it said. I also don’t like how each level is only one question, like there should be a section, like when she was kidnapped, the level should be until she escapes the building, and then it moves on to the next level. I think these aspects ruin a good game, and if they were fixed I would download it again.

- Fun, but not the best game.

So, I’m gonna leave an honest review here. Save The Girl! is a pretty fun game, and I think it’s so fun to make these choices! But they can be weird and nonsensical. First of all, you should make it clearer what exactly the choice does. For one of them, I could choose to shoot the zombies with a gun, or use this green bean-looking thing. I chose the gun. A prank gun. Ha ha. I go back and I choose the bean. This bean grows into a cannon and shoots the zombies. Now how was I supposed to know that?? Another thing, you’re basically forced to watch ads, because the choices are so nonsensical. Or you’re forced to use up your coins. But, plus side, it’s really fun, and it’d be kinda boring if every choice you made was easy and right. And some of them are simply crazy. Like her pocket watch that turns back time. Seriously, when you’re in a zombie graveyard, just turn back time to when you WEREN’T at the zombie graveyard, dummy. Another one was to get out the elevator. Dumbell or crowbar? In reality, I’d use a crowbar to try and get the doors open. She hits the light and somehow electrocuted herself? I’m not even explaining that. So I go back and choose the dumbell thinking she’ll probably throw it at the door. But no, she EXERCISES. And now she has huge muscles, and she punches the door, and she becomes a weak fool again (Haha). How does that even work? Other than that, great game.

- Really good game!

Okay alot of people complain and say there is too much ads. But really, heres a tip to get no ads: when you are in the app, turn on airplane mode! When i play it on airplane mode i get no ads at ALL! So if you are one of those people who were complining about that, there :). Also, people were complaining about it not making sense. Well, ITS JUST A FREAKING GAME!!! I know you guys play games that also dont makes sense at least one and you dont complin about that! Its just a game!!! I mean for crying out loud!! Im very sorry if i do sound rude but all of the reviews are technically complining about something they dont need to complain about and i just needed to get some logic out there! I love this game and i love making choices and things ♡︎ thank you for reading and please consider my logic.:)

- I would’ve given it a 5 but....

Ok so the app is not bad, I like it, I would play it when I’m bored but there needs to be some changes. First the options are ridiculous! In the store the robber knocked down all of the items in the store there was a clock and net and I obviously picked the net to grab him but she’s the one who fell. Then I picked the clock and she said “let’s reverse the time!” How? And also I can’t watch any ads to get more coins it’s like ads are not available please try again in a few seconds. I try again and still no ad! Last thing each round we only get 50 coins how about 150 coins because what if we want a piece of clothing or furniture that would take for ever because mostly all the clothing is 800 coins. But I like the and I give it a 4 star review. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

- This is fun

Reading so many bad reviews but I’m going to say that I like this game. Yes, there are so many ads but it’s s free app and they have to pay for it somehow. Also, you can pay to remove the ads (after that they are optional if you want to increase your reward or revive after making the wrong choice). I also like how after every 3-4 levels you get a new customization option. Others have said the choices don’t make sense but it seems to me like this game is meant as humor and not to be taken seriously so that’s probably the reason for that. I’ve seen so many ads for games that show this type of gameplay but then the actual game is nothing like that. That’s what I like about this game because I wanted to play the the game shown in that ad. So thanks for making this!

- No, it’s not good and not worthy of a 4.6 rating

I’ve played this for a little bit now, and there’s only 66 levels. When you complete all of them, which I did in about half an hour, it just sends you back to about level 15, and you just do it all again until level 66, and it repeats. For a silent majority of the levels, the options that make 0 sense are the options you’re supposed to select. The ads are awful as well even for a free game, every level, one 15-30 second ad for about 15 seconds of gameplay per level. The animation and art style, no offense to the developers, but it’s downright ugly to look at, the way the main character walks and her facial expressions are just so visually unappealing I figured I would mention it in the review. It, like numerous other ad games I’ve tried, are all crappy, poorly slapped together games and all of them mysteriously have 4.6 stars and some glaringly good reviews, this is a real review so do yourself a favor, and don’t bother installing.


This game is addicting but SOO annoying! 1. Adds! Too many. I’m sooo done with all of them!!! They are after and before levels! Watching adds all the time is the worst. 2. None of the right answers make sense. A rose to make a bear leave you? That makes absolutely NO sense! You don’t know what will work, or how it will happen, or show out. I hate that none of it makes sense, cause then you have to restart all over again and watch more adds. 3. It’s boring at a specific time. After one week of playing I have stopped. It gets boring. 4. It doesn’t lie. It’s not fake advertising. I promise. I don’t like this game cause it tricks you and makes you think sometimes, is this what you actually do in that type of situation? And it’s bad. Real bad. Now I want to say the good things. 1. The outfits are sooo cute! Okay about the game... hehe. I think it’s fun with how the different and new things show up, but it’s sooo not right. That’s it. Thanks! Please make a better version of this game. Please! Byeeeeeee

- It feels like a giant commercial

A lot of people have complained so I may as well too. This game has SOOOOO MANY ADS!!!!!! I mean as nice as it is to finally have the choice games to save someone’s life like in other ads, but that doesn’t mean you have to spam us with ads!!!! There are ads for FLIPPING EPISODE!!! Last I checked this game is 9+! Do you really want 9 year olds to watch an ad for episode and have them ask what the heck happened in it to their parents? I lit only downloaded this game for 5 minutes, saw all the ads, deleted it only to re-download to write this review! I wish their were not as many flipping ads as there are! Oh well... I suppose there is nothing I can do about it. If any creator is reading this, please for the love of the ocean get rid of how many ads there are! This is literally a giant commercial, with only 1 or 2 minutes to complete the level, only to watch ANOTHER AD AGAIN!!!!!!!! Please game devs fix this game! Get rid of how many ads there are! At least 90% of them!

- MANY problems

There are many flaws with this game, first of all: It makes no sense. There are many scenarios where the correct answer makes no logical sense. For example: I had a scenario where she was hungry and needed to go fishing. I had the choice between a fishing rod and a rod, (like the one trident has) and obviously the logical answer was a fishing rod. But the answer was the trident rod?? That literally makes no logical sense at all. Second off, I know you hear this a lot, but there are WAY too many ads. I know you guys need to make money, but this is just excessive! And third off, this is a great game idea. It’s a very good plot! it’s just a very poorly made game. The character itself looks really bad, (the girl) meaning the way she was drawn just looks bad. And like I said before, there are many times where the correct option makes no logical sense. I would really love this game to be remade/upgraded. I really believe it has potential to be a really good game! It just needs a desperate redesign.

- Really cool! But Lots of Ads

This game is really fun! I love the idea of trying to save this girl and you have to choose the right option to save her (which also requires thinking on what consequences of certain objects could be if you choose them, which I love!) I also love the silliness and animation of this game! It is also really fun to earn gold and decorate her room. You can also win skins by watching ads or even buy them with the game gold. The only critique I have, is that there are too many ads. It doesn’t bother me too much but if I didn’t choose the right object for the girl to use then the level failed and an ad would pop up. This would happen a lot and it became frustrating. I think the game just needs less ads but everything else is fun though! Great work!

- Great but...

I love this game so much actually, because when I saw the ad it was one of those games that you choose which choice to save whoever and it ended up actually being what the ad shows. When I played it was actually great and a good game to play when you are bored. Only problems I have with it is that of course the ads, but that’s fine, the main problems for me is that when you change her hairstyle the eyebrows don’t match and you can’t do her makeup or give her some face paint, also I would like if you can give skin tone choices and also make more levels because the game is quite fun. Also some people say it doesn’t make sense, but actually that makes it fun. I don’t really write reviews, but hopefully the app developers read this and improve the app.

- Ads...

I love this game! I got it yesterday and it’s really good so far. Some levels don’t make sense like when it was that goo on the floor and you had to choose between the mop and sun..the sun can’t magically rise like that and doesn’t seem realistic. The mop would make more sense but..ok. Now this is only one issue I have with this game. Ads, literally after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL I get an add. I think you should at least go 4 levels before getting an add. It’s just too many and I don’t like watching one every minute just to enjoy the game. Please can you fix it? It really bothers me and others too. If the issue isn’t fixed then I will have to delete the game. It just ruins it for me with an ad 24/7! But that’s all I wanted to say...Thank you for reading my review. Have a blessed day or night 😊

- Let’s be frank

First of all, don’t play this game online unless you want different outfits, sorry if that’s too much for you. Other than that this game is as funny as it looks, the scenarios are fun and even when you get it wrong it’s funny watching her fail. All you guys need to the do (the devs) is expand on her look and keep adding levels. Also you guys should make similar games with a different concept and reward people for never choosing the wrong answer (instead of a outfit) Overall you got the right idea just keep improving and upgrading. And yeah I know you make money from ads but NO ONE wants to watch 50 ads per gameplay you will lose your audience that way. Find other ways to import ads like archero🤏 okay bye.

- This game...

Now this game is fun in all but there are a lot of adds. Now that’s not much of a problem since there are lots of games with adds but all most every time you get the right answer an add pops up. Again not much of a problem but could be better. Another thing is the stuff that (helps you) in a situation does not even work!!😡 One time there is an earthquake and instead of hiding under a table it says you are supposed use a helmet....🤨 Then another time she gets cold in the arctic and instead of using a fire to warm up it says you are supposed use a chili pepper... I am so confused😐 Again this game is pretty fun but it is kind of boring because of all the adds. It could also have more explainable reasons. Oh and don’t forget that every time you get it wrong you have to..... you know what? Guess! (Watch an add) But because there were 2 problems in going to give it 2 stars.

- This game is completely unrealistic

All of the things that supposedly “save the girl” are the exact opposite of what you would think. For example, in one of the levels there is a giant hole and you have to find a way over it. Although neither of the answers would really work... I chose the balloon. The balloon popped as she was floating over the hole and the right answers was the rat. The rat comes up to her and she gets so scared she jumps. One time the girl was cold so I chose the fire and the wind blew it out. The right answer was the chili pepper that supposedly warmed her up even though that’s not how peppers work. I know it’s just a game and this may sound ridiculous... but it’s really sexist. The girl is really stupid and she prances around like an idiot with a tight dress and high heels. There are also way to many ads. When you due you can use your coins to survive, watch an ad to survive, or just die and start over again. No matter what you choose you still end up watching an ad.

- An Okay Game

There is two big things I don’t understand about “ Save the Girl “ #1 Say your trying to get through but there’s a green puddle, you click the mop and it says it’s sticky. There was absolutely no way you would of known that on your first try. Some people like me, thought the mop would clean it up like they do with puddles. It’s also unrealistic how the sun would clean it? Also when your on the island, someone might use the firework to shoot up in the air like a flare gun, you wouldn’t think it would come and hit the helicopter would you? #2 Most games like “Save the Girl” connect each piece to each other. What I mean is like if your on a boat you wouldn’t magically appear in a forest, you would at least have to walk a little to get there like say I’m in a house and I walk to the beach or the forest! You don’t just show up out of nowhere!!!

- fun? How about HORRIBLE and a waste of time!

Let me be honest I don't even need to inform you on this HORRIBLE game, so many other people have prob informed you already. This game has a endless amount of ads. They come up every time you die and after every level. Speaking of that, this game is unreasonable. One of the levels are would you have a firework to get attention from a rescue team or a campfire. I obviously chose the fire work...and it crashed into the rescue team. I had to watch another Mobil ad. Even after I finished the level I still had to watch a ad. But not after every SINGLE level it gives you an ad. It's still a lot though. A little girl could look up to this game and..end up in a similar situation, then die. The only positive thing I can think of is the game doesn't lie, you do have to choose between something to save your life. Yes I mentioned this at the end because this game is WORSE THAN WORSE. And if I could it rate this a 0 I would.

- Terrible ad machine

Not only is this all about ads with little game play, but the game play doesn’t even make sense. You’re just guessing because the answer doesn’t even make sense. Oh there’s a hole in the ground, use a piece of wood or a bucket? Wood breaks when you walk in it and you’re watching another ad. The bucket, oh it apparently has 400 gallons of cement in it and you fill the hole.. as if you knew it was cement in the bucket.. or that it could carry an impossible amount of cement. It’s not critical thinking, solve a puzzle game... it’s random illogical guessing. It’s not satisfying if you get it right, because you’re just guessing between two options. And you get an ad whether you guess correctly or not. You are given a two choice option that takes two seconds to choose... then a thirty second ad... then the next stage, two choices and two seconds later you’re watching another thirty second ad. The ad to play ratio is god awful.

- Good

I think this game was kinda fun just too many ads. I know a lot of games of lots of ads but I dong really like all the ads. So yes I would recommend this game if you are patient And you would be ok with the ads but if you don’t like ads I don’t recommend this game for you. When I’m about to go to the next level there’s mostly always an ad. I just want to play a game and an ad comes on like come on. Ok that’s done with the bad stuff. This game is very fun. It makes you use your brain a little bit. If you like using your brain I think this game is for you. So go get the game and have some fun!!!!!!! And don’t forget put your thinking cap on. Like literally put your thinking cap on because don’t make the wrong decision or at least don’t try to.

- To much ads

Maybe, put less ads and stuff so more people would enjoy it but people would not like if their is an ad every round of the game that’s just to much. Here, is a tip if your gonna make a game for people to play maybe less ads and more of the game instead of adding so much ads or then people not even gonna want to download it or delete it right after. Also, if you want good review and rate maybe follow what I said and yeah. Also, think that if you were playing this game and their was to much ads in it you would probably got annoyed and stuff. So, if you gonna make a game maybe do stuff like what you would enjoy and not just make it stupid and stuff. But, it’s okay it’s not the best game but less ADS next time please and thank you! Also, just saying that so if you actually want to make games make it good before making it official!😁hope this help!

- This game is a time robber

I hate to leave a bad review but I was extremely disappointed in this game. After every time you would die or complete the level a 30 second add would appear. Not only that but none of it made sense. You might chose one thing that actally makes sense but that is the wrong one. It really makes no sense at all. In my opinion this was a complete waste of time because most of the time I was watching the adds that the game requires to watch before you go to or redo the round. I am really disappointed because the ads made it seem really fun and that is why I downloaded it but the game was not what I was expecting at all. You might enjoy this game if you have nothing to do but I think it is a waste of time.I really hate to do this but I want to tell everyone about how the game is a time robber. I mean 30 seconds each add. It is really time consuming so therefore it was not my favorite game to play.

- If this game burned In a fire I wouldn’t mind

The game has no science and wayyyy to many ads and the genuine story an logic is trash. But it is super illogical to I mean come on how did the mummy get killed by a cat I mean all the cat did was meow and the mummy died of heatstroke or something I don’t know or when on the zombie level if you chose to turn around from the giant zombie than there would be more zombies behind you and you’d lose I mean that doesn’t make sense because just before that car thing took down a whole tree! And it also took down like 3 zombies so I’m pretty sure it could’ve handled either some zombies or one mega zombie! And I honestly would like the game if it made more sense, didn’t have as many ads, and had more logical and reasonable choices i mean come on how was I supposed to know that the cement was in the bucket and unless I’m an idiot I’m pretty sure cement doesn’t dry that quickly and how did the mole grow when it was wet?!?! 🤔

- Not to great

I like this game but I payed to get rid of the ads but still have to watch an ad every third time just to get money to keep playing...I don’t mind watching ads but not as often as I have to after paying to get rid of them...could you please reduce some of the ads so I can keep playing longer than three frames...I will only give it three star’s until that glitch is fixed...if not then I will request a refund and delete the game I had sent a review before and now I am changing my rating, I am now giving it 2 stars. ⭐️⭐️. I can not undo my my purchase which is to bad as now I am going to toss this up as a lesson learned. Before I purchase to get rid of ads I will now wait until I make sure that I like the game enough to put up with something before I decide to either buy the game or pay for the ads to go away... A VERY DISAPPOINTED GAMER...

- Honest Review

I have been wanting to try one of these games for a while as I seen them advertise but not end up being the correct game. When playing I noticed the ads right off the bat, and yes you need them to pay for the app but not this much. It makes anyone want to delete the app itself. I have to turn my WiFi and data off just to play the game. Next, the game should be made more realistic. This game has the right of idea of what type of game people want but it’s not realistic at all! We want real experiences and true things that happen! Not random choices where we can barely see the items in the boxes. Overall the game itself isn’t that bad. You have the ideas now, try to run with them!

- It’s the game from all the ads....but SO unrealistic

When I saw this game I was super excited! Like “Yes, this is finally the game in all the ads but is the REAL gameplay!” I was right about that, but.... There is no sense to it. Literally, the one object that would 100% work in a situation is the opposite of how it actually turns out! In one of the levels, your hungry, so you can either cook steak over a fire or call for take-out food. Call for take-out-good is the right answer!? Even though previously you’ve tried to call and have no service. Like WHAT!? And to make it worse, the burger just comes flying down on a parachute. You are in the middle of a snowy wilderness, HELLO!? Few things actually make sense, and as the game progresses it really gets dumb. Ads are another problem, but I could deal with them, if this game actually had any mental common sense. Please fix it!

- For those with Lower then 4 or 5 Stars.

Okay But I understand why u have lower then 4 or 5 stars but this game doesn’t always have to make sense and I’m being honest some of y’all Think this is supposed to be a fun and use your mind type of game but some right answers on some levels may not make sense because this game is sometimes fiction and NON-Fiction type but u need to see this: did u even check the description? This is and was made because of all those games that advertised a playable ad of their game and some were true and some weren’t Real life answers I don’t know how to fix others Reviews/ point of view of this game but I’m saying a point


This game is the BEST game but it’s my opinion some people keep hating and it’s really starting to get on my nerves 😡 I know there’s a lot of ads but it doesn’t mean I hate the game cause I have been reading the reviews and y’all keep hating 👎🏽!!!!!!! WHAT I HATE IS THAT YALL KEEP hating the developer did his or her best on this game and I THINK that I’m really the only good review and what’s sad is that I really only see 1,2,or 3 stars only one person did a 4 star but I haven’t looked through all of the reviews but you all need to stop HATING!!!!!!😡 oh there is also a 5 star and I’m now a little happy. There are only some 4 stars some 5 Stars. P.S I Really love this game 💕 I’m already on level either on 38 or 37

- It’s good but..

The game is great it’s fun and it teaches you how to survive in different situations but there are some problems to this game 1. Way to many ads whenever I’m done with a round or something there’s a ad and when I fail the round and I pay 200 coins it’s give me a ad once I paid so there isn’t a use in paying 2. The items sometimes don’t make sense like when I was playing it showed a gun and something else I chose the gun but then it wasn’t really real and also sometimes I don’t know what the item is or what it will be used for Other than that the game is pretty good and u suggest it to people who don’t really know how to survive in the outside world

- Makes no sense, too many ads

It was an ok idea for this game but come on! All of the choices were so confusing, and didn’t even make any sense. Like on the first level, the wooden board over the hole would work ABSOLUTELY FINE! And plus, she would’ve had to have waited hours before that cement dried, not 2 seconds. And on another level with a hole, how did a rat help get across the hole? If she could jump with a rat, she can jump without a rat. This game made no sense. And about the ads, there was one after every level, after getting an award, before every level. It was so annoying. Do not download this if you hate ads. And on another level when she was in the Arctic or whatever, I think it was like level 21 or something, how did she have a phone to call and get food, but she couldn’t have just called 911 and get help. Seriously made no sense whatsoever. Do not download.

- Does not lie at all (BEST GAME EVR)

Since people are right that it does not lie , but if u are mad about the adds just turn on airplane mode . The reason they have so many adds for money , why else would anyone want to make a games (besides making people happy:) ) but still it doesn’t lie , there are a bunch of adds that shows how u have to save people but it’s really some thing different like the game “Garden Scapes” is really like candy crush but the adds is like save the guy so it’s really weird but at least there is finally a game like that :). But if I could give this 50 stars out of 5 ,I would :) really recommend this game. It’s fun 💎😇

- This Game Makes No Sense

Okay, so when I first started this game I thought, “okay, it’s pretty good”, but the further I progress in the game the harder it is because the answers make no sense. On multiple occasions it was raining and an option to keep the girl dry was an umbrella. I obviously picked the umbrella, only to be struck by lightning. Like, what kind of messed up logic is that? Another time I was trying to signal a helicopter for help. I picked the firework to signal it because I thought that would work better then smoke signal sense there were natives on the island and they could be having the fire, but the firework somehow managed to blow up the helicopter even though it basically went around in a spiral and aimed for the helicopter. I was like, “What the heck?” These aren’t the only occasions stiff like this has happened, it’s just the most recent. Anyway I really hate the game and don’t recommend it.

- Are you corrupt?

Seriously like what is wrong with the creators? There are more adds then the actual game. Like I literally watch more adds then I play. Stop being so greedy and corrupt that you lose sight of your goals and potential for your brand. This is not good for building a reputation for the future. Sure, it is well advertised and truly a great concept, but people are just going to uninstall the game after a day due to all the adds and interruptions. It isn’t a professional look, it makes your business building and technological skills seem subpar. In case you haven’t noticed your consumers are not pleased with how your app has been going. Why not listen to the people who are making you money and make changes? This could be a long term game for people if it wasn’t crowded with adds and ways to earn money. I strongly suggest you fix what we are asking for.

- TF?!?

Worst. Game. Ever. To. Be. Made. My first problem is when you get something wrong you can just click the other one without any challenge. My second problem is too many adds!! I get your advertising other games but it’s too much! When you fail a level and there’s something that pops up that says: “ keep trying if you watch this add!” This isn’t the problem. The problem is that if you click no thanks you STILL HAVE TO WATCH AN ADD!!! I find this very annoying. Also, the choices make 0 Sense. The last level I came upon is the girl ran into a very dark room and the options were to give her a flashlight or a crowbar. Going back to the first reason that’s no challenge. And I’m a person that loves a little challenge. Ending results: I do not recommend you install this game. It is very poorly made. Thank you for reading and also these are MY opinions.

- It could be better

I hate that every time I died I had to spend my money or watch and add like if u didn’t watch it will take you all the way to the start if you did it watch a free add and even if it you chose to go back to the start you would go back to the start u still have TO WATCH A ADDD ITS LIKE U RATHER WATCH ADD OR SPEND UR money or when your in the middle of Playing the game there will still Be an ADD and I got tired of adds especially the 30 or40second ones like that’s 40seconds of yo life wAstEd and the other thing I don’t like is ITS NOT A LOT OF LEVELSS and that’s annoying because it’s such a good game but they had to ruin it with adds and not enough levels And I kinda get mad at any game who has a lot of adds bc there using my eyes to get paid but yeah this game CAN BE WAYYYY BETTER

- The ads! OMG all the ads! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s an entertaining game. Finally a game like you see advertising all those games but actually isn’t part of those games. But GOOD GRIEF all the ads. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. That’s why I give the low rating. I’m fine with ads on free games and expect them. How else are they free for us? But everytime you get it wrong, which is often, you watch an ad. Only 3 games per level which takes like less than 20 seconds, and you have to watch an ad to get to the next level. I’m bored to tears after a few minutes because all I’ve done is sit there and watch ads. So I’ll proybe deleting this one. There are more entertaining and less boring games to spend my time on. Cut the amount of ads and I’ll play and raise my rating.

- Great app!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but...(😔)

It’s a amazing and funny app but I don’t understand some things. 🤔1. The choices make no sense sometimes and I get really frustrated! 2. Too many ads! Most of the time I get ads when I’m playing a level. It glitches and I have to start all over again!!! 3. When it says a ad isn’t ready and then I finally watch the ad and I get nothing. This glitch is very unexpected so please fix it! Overall it’s a fun and great app. I would give the app 5 stars, but these problems made you lose 3 stars. I’m very sorry. ☹️💔 This is a 10 year old sending this. (Also I’m still playing this so your lucky 🍀 🙂) Since I only gave you 2 stars, I'll give you a new review with 5 stars if you fix these problems! Thank you! -The kid

- It’s fine but it has too many ads and doesn’t make sense!

This game is good because it’s pretty fun and it’s just like the ads that pop up for it. My only problems are that it makes no sense at all and there are WAY too many ads! Every time I finish a level there is an ad waiting for me, and it’s really annoying. When she was hungry and wanted fish, I picked the fishing pole and I brought up a monster! The fishing line would’ve broke if I brought up a monster! When the thief knocked down the stuff on the shelf, I used a compass because it was dumb so I knew it would work (lol) and it time traveled back in time but the thief was the same. The game is fun other than the way too many ads and how it makes no sense whatsoever.

- It’s pretty good

It’s fine, but it has a few problems. It might not bother other people but it does to me; when she slips on the water or something, she cries like a freaking BABY. It’s called man up, then get up and walk it off and go to the next level or whatever. It irritates me so bad. Another problem, there was this level; there was a big hole and it was either a balloon or a mouse? I was like “Who would choose a MOUSE?” Some positives, there are some games that make you choose like this but it’s totally different! This one tells the exact truth. Also, the girl is hilarious. She is SUCH a girly-girl! The way she walks, jumps or pretty much does anything. But her face is... man-like. Sorry. Anyway, this is way too long than I meant to. I always talk too much, bye y’all.

- This game is dumb!!!!

It looks like a good app I myself like downloading apps.I played the game I found nothing wrong with it. Until I read the comments. I read two of them. Here are my opinions about this app. First of all things there are to many ads like take it down a notch! I know you get payed for 2 things 1 making the app in the first place 2 the ads. 2nd of all the explanation on why you got it wrong. Like in level 27 in the third quarter. When there’s a huge patch of water and you have the choice between a floaty or something else I forgot and the floaty was wrong. You know why?!! The mummies apparently was in the water. I know sounds stupid. Well I’m done here but I want to see the end of the app so I’m going to keep the app.

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- Waaaaaay to many BORING ADDS😭😭😭😭😭😭😱

Ok not that many ADDS but what the heck there are WAAAAAAAAAY TO many boring ADDS Like how boring RELLY REALLY boring The game would be the BEST game but waaaay to many ADDS It don’t make sense either these are some bad things about the game want to read before you download the game 1* this game was made for ADD lovers which I don’t like at all 2* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many ADDS which I don’t like 3* save the girl is mostly ADDS 4*if you don’t like ADDS the game is not for you one ☝️ is me 5* if you want to watch 100 💯 % of ADDS this game is for you😰,,,,!✅😨 6* in joy the first night of playing before it gets glitching and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many ADDS Things I like and you might to 7* it’s really really really really really really really really good 😰haha yeah 😰😓it’s really really good ~…but…………………………… the ADDS make it so much boring 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😓😓😓😓😓😓🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 ☺️ Thanks so much for reading 📖 this don’t always do your review on the stops ADDS it’s really boring if you all was do yours on ADDS This is how I feel when you do your review on ADDS 😅🤣😅🤣😂😂😄😅😂😅🤣😅🤣 Are no not like that more like this 😒😬😥🙃😢😰😨😭😱😓😥😥😥🤬 Thanks so so much for reading bye bye 👋😿😿😿😿😿😿 hey I’m not a cat 🐈

- you could play this thisngame, if you wanted 😒

Now I'm not a rude person, and I've never written a bad review, but this game makes NO sense, like I get that it's a fun game, and if you want to play this game turn on airplane mode so you don't have ads popping up every ten seconds! Another thing, to many ads… I know a lot of games don't have control on the ads and I'm not sure if this is one of them, but this game makes no sense, I'll give you an example! On one of the levels, she says ”oh no an earthquake” or something like that, and I pressed table, cause that's what most people do in earthquakes, and the other opposition was to wear a helmet, and it the correct ‘way’ was the helmet one, and I got frustrated! One more thing! If you get one wrong you have to start the level again, witch I personally do not like mainly because the animation takes to long! But around all that, this game isn’t to bad, like I said in the beginning use airplane mode for the ads, the games still works then, Alright bye, hope this was helpful (kinda)

- Great!! But.....

I absolutely love this game and it’s really fun and it’s what every other game says on ads to make you buy there game instead, but omg your game is actually like that!! I like this game like I said but, there are soooooooooo many ads and it’s not fair! I turn off my wi-fi whenever I’m playing this game!!!!!! Also a big thank you to one of my friends for helping making this game!!

- It’s okay, but TOO MANY ADS

So I downloaded this game and it was pretty fun when I first tried it but then I just kept getting ads after every level! And even when I get it wrong and I press the pay 200 coins button to play on, I STILL have to watch an ad and pay 200 coins! I think that is really ridiculous to watch an ad even when you’ve paid to play on! I understand that free games have ads in them but there is TOO MANY ADS! What I do like about the game is that there is choice making but some of it doesn’t make any sense like she is in Antarctica and she is hungry and you have 2 items to choose from: a Phone or a sausage on a stick. Apparently, you cannot choose the sausage, you have to choose the phone so she can order TAKEOUT in ANTARCTICA!? So it’s alright, I would play it still, but it still has its flaws.

- Okay I guess but overall to many adds

When I first played this game in seconds it had adds and overall I hate adds so it would be the best game if it barely had any ads cause any time an ad comes up I start to get pretty angry so I wouldn’t recommend it to be the best game ever but I guess it is pretty okay but overall it is pretty annoying on when ads come up but it’s okay pretty much☺️☺️☺️👌🏿👍📱😁😁✌️ but is pretty annoying so I recommend the creator to change it about way to many ads in like seconds but overall I do like this game it’s a lot of fun challenges 😒😒😊😊😏👌😊😊😊👍🤩📱☺️✌️👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏾👌🏽👌🏼👌🏻👌😊😊😒☺️😀😁😊😂🙃😉😉😌😇🙂☺️🤣😅😄😆😃😀😁😂😊😇🙂😅☺️😀😁😂😊🙃it is a pretty good game😀😁😂😊🙃😃😆🤣😇😉😄😅🙂😌

- This is physically the worst “game” I’ve ever seen

This is one of the worst games that have ever come out of the App Store. I don’t play a lot of those crime against humanity games but my sister said this game was fun, so I tried it only to delete it immediately after 1 level. This “game”, if you could call it that, is visually horrendous and looks like one of those horrible ads for garden scapes (or whatever it’s called). The logic is terrible, it’s poorly made, and it is just bland. There was no soul put into this game and the creators had no intention of making a fun or interesting game, and it shows. There are countless other flaws in this game and if you can enjoy it, good for you, I’m glad you can have fun playing this burning trash heap of a game. I hope you are happy lion studios, I hope you are proud of ruining mobile gaming.



- It’s ok,but too many ads!

The game is quite fun and enjoyable,however there are far to many ads and annoying little bugs. First off all , when I was playing the game I wanted to get a piece of clothing so I had to watch an ad but when I tried to it said no ads available and then in the next second it showed me so many ads my iPad crashed. If the producers ever read this I suggest they fix the little bugs. The logics to this game are also a bit weird. Great game overall but could use some improvement. Maybe would recommend it .

- Save yr money

I ended up purchasing this game because of ads like every 10 seconds.. which made playing the game not fun. However, unfortunately even when you purchase the game there are ads after every round. I find that to be a bit deceitful that you purchase to get rid of ads but not all ads are removed. I have asked for a refund but no response. Also... when you want to pick an option, always best to choose the least likely option as that is usually the correct one that will avoid a fail.

- Too Many Ads But Overall, Good Game

I saw this game on an ad thought that this game could be pretty great. There are many different unique ways to solve each level. I had a lot of fun playing it but there are too many ads. There is literally an ad after every. Single. Level. I seriously recommend turning off the wi-fi when playing this game. Apart from that, I love this game and I do recommend it. Please fix this this problem, it’s all the other reviews are talking about. =)

- Not what i thought of

well the first 14 was kinda ok but after those levels there were some really bad logics there she was stuck at ANTARCTICA for some reason and she was hungry and i clicked the roast sausage or something and it was WRONG it was a ONLINE order but how ?!!!!!!!.... another is the ads but you can turn the wifi off and at some point she eats raw spinach and becomes strong and after 73 levels or something we go back to level 15 and it’s the end other than ALL these reasons it is a nice game wish we could customize our character and buy new by earning in the game thanks guys😏😏😏😏😏😏😝😣😣😣😣😣😣😩😩😩

- To many ads but okay😀

So lots of people are right there’s way to many ads but it’s also a good game the ads are very annoying this is the only game I’ve played with the most ever ads but I’m very good at it and it’s very easy. I actually say this is 3 stars this can be better by lots of things like less ads more creativity if I made a game like this I would put this 2 things in and maybe some other stuff like maybe making it harder I guess.🤔

- It’s okay (kinda)

I don’t normally write reviews. This game “SACE THE GIRL” it’s pretty interesting but it doesn’t make any sense with some of the clips. I also do not like watching ads but I turned my data off for this game but if you wanted to get cloths for her you have to turn it back on. I wish their is another way of getting the cloths that doesn’t have to use data and watching ads, like for example earn coins for each clip you pass. I wish their was more to the game as I already completed it.

- Unrealistic actions

It has some silly levels and you get it wrong one the last stage and then it takes ages before you get back which is frustrating, like with the first couple of levels with the thief, the hammer was the right one, then a level later it was incorrect because what I thought in my head wasn’t what happened: logically she would hit him with the hammer, then all of a sudden she can’t lift it because it’s too heavy

- If you like spending more time watching ads than playing the game, this is for you!

If you like wasting your time and watching ads after every two seconds, this game is for you! It’s ridiculous, after every decision you fail you can watch an ad to get an extra chance. Cool yeah? But wait, if you don’t want to watch an ad, you wait until you can restart that level completely- oh- an ad, again. This game is really weird too. It can be fun at some times, but a lot of the time it’s just poor, stupid things. A lot of the examples are contradicting and not even possible. I’ve learnt by choosing the most ridiculous decisions I can win the game. But it doesn’t make sense. The girl can use a mallet to hammer in a zombie or something but cries when she falls over. Weird I will give the game credit though, some of the scenes are pretty funny.

- Ads!

At first it was okay, ads every few levels but as soon as I got to level 10 there were ads every single level! Not different ads, the same stupid ad played every level. I also thought it was a bit unrealistic and not set up very well. Also maybe put hints in because sometimes it hard to know how that tool is going to help you. After a while it gets boring and very repetitive so I don’t think the game is very good if you had it in years to come, it’s more like a 3 week game.

- So what?

Okay guys, all of you are complaining about lots of ads. It’s as simple as this! So what? Turn off wifi and put on aeroplane mode! That way there is no connection. The game is great, but I do understand why you are complaining about ads, because then you can’t claim the rewards. So I am asking for 5e creators to please fix this problem. 👍🤪😅

- This was the worst game I have ever seen.

My sister said this game was fun but it was horrific in the first 4 levels there was a unicorn kidnapping the girl and you should think how it heartbrakes little kids. It also has to many boring adds I mean there are more ads then levels :(. The logic was horrendous there was no heart or soul put into the game. I feel bad for the girl becaus real people have been through the same thing and it literally shows people that don’t want to see scenes like that. Make the game better and more kid friendly.

- I have two things besides them it's a pretty good app...?

Ok so there is way to many adds. Title:fix the character Ok so I have nearly brought all the clothing stuff for The girl but the one problem is I put red hair on and the eyebrows where still blonde and it's very weird so change the eye brows to the hair coulor people put on the girl please?

- Great!

The idea for this game is great, but the reason I only put four is because there are too many ads, and the levels finish too quickly. It would be better if you could play continuously without ads and the levels are longer...

- Great but way to many ads

Ok, lots of games have ads but this one wow way to many but other wise I love it you get to chose what ones right and it’s so fun so I’ll recommend this game but you’ll probably have to be pretty patient but other wise that it’s incredible, amazing and wonderful

- It’s good but I have a problem

It is a fun game and my brother loves it. But I just think there are too many ads in this game.. I like the levels and all but it’s just too many ads You have to watch an ad every time you finish a level.

- Too many ads

So this is a mildly amusing game. A good way to pass a few minutes without taxing the grey matter too much. But gosh WHAT IA WITH ALL THE ADS?? After every level and when you earn a skin for beating a particular level you have to watch another ad to get it. Literally game time is about 50% ads which definitely impacts negatively on the playing experience.

- Makes no sense and too many adds

So at first I enjoyed the game. But as you get further in, it makes not sense. The logical selection is the wrong selection so that you can just play more adds. Which is just stupid and makes no sense. And I didn’t think it was possible to have more adds than before, but you certainly proved me wrong with the new update. Will not be playing this game anymore.

- Fun, but TOO MANY ADS

This game is really fun and addictive, but when you pick the wrong item, you re do the level, but you have to option to pay in game money to be revived, or watch an ad. There is a no thanks button but after you press that, an ad pops up. I know that the game developers get money from ads, but this is too much.

- Um... to many adds...

This game has way to much adds... I know it can’t control it but most of the time the adds go for like 30 seconds and I can’t skip it or press the cross. The game makes also no sense like there was this one scene and it was like “ahhhh I’m stuck on the chair” and the options were fire or scissors. I think in real life u would not be able to cut thick rope with small flimsy scissors, if people play this they might think that’s what you do in a real life situation.... not good

- Uhhhh ima deleting dis app and i am only on lvl three

sorry but one of the WORST games ever first before u even download the game : theres WAYYYYY WAY to many adds for it it drove me mad so i just got the game .And there is NOT logic no sense about it nothing i try to get answers by logic but sorry but cya logic u wont need it for this game and there is way to many adds i switched off wifi but it still had adds which was weird so sry but i dont even wanna give this ONE star but otherwise i couldnt write this so its a 0 from me

- Pretty good game but just a few problems

This game is pretty good but there is just a few things that aren’t so good. Firstly, there a soooooo many ads. Secondly, they always play the same ads all the time like, come on. And thirdly, why does the girl walk so weird and why is she so ugly? Ik what ur talking about the other people that wrote a review about all the Sam boring long ads.

- Pretty good although to many ads

It’s a really fun game choosing which option and all of that but after every choice there is an ad. Maybe there should be an ad after every five choices or something like that. The game overall is really good, it’s exciting.

- Too many ads

After every level there is an ad plus sometimes in the middle of levels there are ads, so if your thinking of purchasing it, don’t do it

- So many adds not that fun 😟

There are many things bad and wrong about this on little game that just annoy me sooo much like how the game has adds every two seconds and how it wasn’t letting me download! This game is very uninteresting after you play it so much. I thought it would be a cool and a good game to play which I was wrong! Pls fix the problems.😡😒

- Ads!!!!!!!!!

I love this game! But there’s way too many ads, I just keep going through each level And when I complete one level it just gives me an ad, Would you mind Not having These much ads in your game PLS.

- Disappointing

I was really excited about getting this game because I had look3 for a game like this for AGES!! But when I got it the levels made no sense! The girl saw a broken down car and she needed to get rid of it so I chose the hook and the hook came and lifted the girl up instead of the car! How was I supposed to know that! This game is fun but really disappointing😔😔😔

- Best game ever

I love this app because, all the other apps have a different story of what it actually is. I get them, and it is something different than the add. I delete it and then I get something different, that has the same add.

- Way too many ads

It takes 10 seconds to finish a level, 7 seconds for the animations to celebrate and announce the next one and 22 seconds per ad. And that’s straight from level one before you’ve even seen enough to warrant paying for it. At least cut the ads until level 5 or 10, give people the chance to get hooked and pay instead of turning them off straight up

- Ok I don’t even have words to say 😕

Ok first of all this is some sort of weird logic like the girl was in Antartica!! And I pressed the steak as she was hungry and it said to order online like whattttttttt. And so much ads like I can’t even pass a level without seeing a ad ugh 😑. And also it has to much levels I would give this game a solid 33 out of 100.

- What I think about the game

I know I am a little knew to the game but i always see adds about the game ‘save the girl’ so i think I can handle it but the thing is after every level there is adds I’m not trying to be rude but I’m just asking if u could fix that please but other than that I think it’s a really fun game thank u❤️❤️❤️

- There are to many adds😡

Every time u get the girl to escape their is a add and not even good adds. I couldn’t take it anymore so I deleted it. Image in doing 25 levels u would of witnessed 25 adds so this game is not good for people that forward the adds when watching TV but if u r the person*which should be nobody *who just sits down and watches the adds then this is the best of games for u.have a good day!

- Too much ads

I love this game but it have too many ads. I mean like after I pass a level it puts on a add but I don’t want any of there game many you can put on your game ads but don’t put it straight after e pass a level

- No ads

Anyone who don’t like ads just go to the settings on your phone and turn off the data for this game 😉 Not sure if you can do that with every phone but it works on iPhone.

- To many ads and extremely misogynistic

The app is terrible Having ad after every single tap is so annoying Not to mention even just the theme of the is app “Save the girl “ Even tho it’s just a game it put a serious stereotype on girls that they always have to be saved Not to mention the idiot looks and they way the designers have mad her look so dumb and lost. Why does it have to be a girl that needs to be saved. The graphics aren’t even good at all I am appalled that this game is so high up on the top free apps It’s not even good Not one thing is interesting or entertaining It just makes a cartoon girl look helpless and lame which is not a message that should ever be portrayed

- WAY too many ads!

Deleted this game only 10 minutes after installing due to the ridiculous amount of ads. Ads auto play after each level and some levels take only 10 seconds to complete! I understand that some games/creators need the ad revenue to survive, but this is beyond excessive.

- The ads are out of control!

Deleted in the first 5 mins! Would of been a great game but 30 second ads in between each level (that takes all of 5-10 seconds to play) is way out of control. I’ve never ever come across anything like it before where the ads pretty much take over the whole game. I understand the need to have ads on your games but - WOW!

- Love this game

I love this game because I downloaded it and it Didn't work so I was sad so I deleted it and downloaded it again that is why I love it soo much thank you for reading it thank you so much I LOVE THE GAME

- Add more leavls

I was on 66 the after that it put me on 14 then I looked in the levels and only went to 66 and I only got thing last night so just add more levels pls

- Fun... But...

Really fun game but too many ads and the levels start making no sense after a while - at one point stuck on a mountain the correct option was to call for take-away instead of cooking meat on a fire etc; just stupid at many points


Every time u save the girl/lady u get a add and u have to save her like 5 times so that’s 5 ads so my point is maybe? 2/two ads idk but yeah way to many ads and I’m disopointed because I have been looking for a game like this I am soo sorry to right this but yeah sorry 😐 please lower the ads and make more levels my opinion btw but please lower the ads and this game will probably have a in crease

- To many adds

There a add for after each level and levels them selfs don’t take long 30 seconds to choose the option and that’s it It looks to be fun but very frustrating with adds after adds

- Paid for no ads but still get them

This would be a fun game if your weren’t interrupted by ads every time you get past a level. I paid for no ads but they still come up. Waste of money, don’t get what you pay for.

- Okay

Puzzle solutions have no basis in logic. In some cases it’s literally a 50/50 guess. When you do see the solution it often makes zero sense. Also the ads, for the love of nature just NO. If it was worth paying for I would happily throw the devs a couple of denari but as it stands it’s just very pedestrian.

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- Not as good but not a lie

I honestly did not like this game as much as the levels were way to easy. Also, at one moment it just gave me levels I had already did. The only reason I gave a good rating it’s because so many other games made this add but this is the only real one. And for others reading this comment, I never got any adds and the reason for that was that I turned the WiFi off 😁 😉 Oh and Btw I find it amazing that yesterday, this games had a little over 600 ratings, while now, it has 1.2 k

- Love it

The girl is kind of annoying

- Weak

To many ads. 1 Level = 3ads. No thanks

- Stupid Game

The game is absolutely stupid and has no logic behind it. You choose a wing to fly over a puddle but midway through, the wings magically disappear. But then you choose rain so there’s a rainbow over the puddle and you can walk over the rainbow. The developer(s) are extremely incompetent and lack basic logic. DO NOT GET THIS GAME

- So many ads

So many ads and the solutions are often very random which just makes you watch more ads.

- Love it but

Love love love love the game bit to many freaking adds like cmon you can to do better then that many adds like take away ads not add some but love it rly awesome game 5 star Oh yea I’m a game searcher best one yet for saving games love it

- No rational logic

I thought that the options will be logical as in many of the commercials but the actual game play is a bit stupid. Chased by a tank what you choose: a box or a net? What is the logic there? The box turns out to be an eraser which deletes the tank. Go figure. I deleted the game, if i cannot use my intellect than it’s just failing just to see more ads.

- Save the girl more like save yourself

Decent ish enough game but for 1-15 seconds of actual game play there is dozens of ads. You spend more time dealing with ads and trying to get out of the ad than you do actually playing. The ads are longer than the game play. Deleting.

- If I could rate this 0 stars, I would

Absolute worse game ever. The “girl” has no concept of anything whatsoever and the items that you use to “save” her have nothing to do what’s happening. For example, to stop a dragon, you can either put a medical mask on it, or blow it up. Believe it or not, the medical mask stops it. Also, the game is most likely meant for horny men because the woman is wearing a revealing low-cut tight dress and walks like a stripper.

- Un prétexte pour de la pub

J'ai joué 5 minutes et j'ai vu plus de pub que de jeu. Supprimé cette perte de temps.

- A lot of ads

It’s like every time you make a mistake ad or just a ad like that please fix this developer. Just the ads. The rest of the game is great tho.

- Why

Why does it have to be save the girl why can’t it be save the boy even other games it is save the girl 😡😡😡girls are strong to.

- Paid for No ads — did not get!

I purchased this game, which I was intrigued by as this is the “real deal” compared to other games with false advertising (Idle Capitalist!).... I paid the $3.99 CAD for NO ADS. Guess what? Still get minute-long advertisements. Swiped out of the app, reset my phone even. So I paid four dollars for nothing. This. Is. Disgraceful. I want my four dollars back or so help me, this review will not be the only negative one on the internet

- Best game ever

Best game

- Too many

Too many adds for too long

- Too many ads

There’s an ad every 4 seconds, not worth it

- Adds

Way to many adds when playing.

- Good

I like this game its fun and something to

- More ads than game

Too many ads

- West game ever

Too ment add’s

- Amazing game but...

Great game 5 stars but to many adds

- Farah saji

Salam Bhai who maid l game moji bot pure kart ti hooo is

- Are you trying to make native Americans look bad ?

They give them weird clothing that they don’t wear and you make them seem like crazy people then you make them evil like what ??😐😡🤦🏽‍♂️

- Absolutely stupid game

This game sucks, and it even requires 12+ in order to play it. Non logic and non realistic things in it. I don’t even think a 5 year old kid would even like it🙄

- Dumbest most sexist game I have ever seen

Really really

- Advertising with a game

There is a bit of a game hidden with these series of ads. Prepare to watch ads ad nauseum (unless you pay actual money to go ad free - for me the game wasn’t worth that money so it was quickly deleted).

- i don't understand😭

so i LOVE this game, though...i don't quite understand that, as soon as you finsh your level 122, it sends you back to the level you've alredy done! and it mails me every day: "play save the girl!! New levels every week!!" and then when i play it, it does the same thing: send me back to the level i've already completed, i dont understand, i hoping that i get HELP 😭

- Good

It’s not a lie like home scapes awesome but there could be a little less adds

- Good really good I mean it

But to many adds

- Good app

I really like this app if you don’t want ads turn of your Wi-Fi that’s what I did but also could you make the levels a little harder?

- Way too many ads

There’s barely any game play, just watching non-stop ads

- Mmmmmm.

It’s kind of a good game but some many adds!!!! So.... I deleted it because I never played it.

- I don’t get IT

It makes no sense

- No

This game is absolutely stupid. Andddd this app has wayyyy too many ads. Don’t download it if you don’t want to lose brain cells.

- Ugh

To many ads.

- Trash

Way too many ads and the choice that makes the least sense is the right answer and u can’t even get cloths for coins u have to watch ads but I didn’t because I didn’t want to give this game money

- Save the girl

Too many ads.It is very annoying!

- 80% of it is commercials

That said, it’s reasonably fun a a diversion

- sexiest

When I downloaded your game I was expecting some sort of a logic puzzle, or at lest circumstances that actually made sense. I completely understand the idea of a choose your story type thing But the way you set up this game is honestly appalling. The way you present the character in this game, or the girl, is week and helpless which is completely stereo typically sexist. In to manny of your question the answers were ridiculous. I bet if the main character was a man he would be able to pick up the chainsaw Unlike the “week” “dumb” and “helpless” girl in one of the levels. This kind of thing has obviously been a huge problem for a really long time and companies such as yourselves emphasizing such classic lies to the public, not to mention the young women of the future is using power and the internet for irresponsible purposes. Tho it may not seem like such a big deal please let me reassure you that small things like this either make or Break the progress of so many good people who have been striving to accomplish equality. The world of today isn’t perfect but the messages like the ones in this game aren’t making it any better. Thank you, Sophie Outred (a 12 year old girl)

- Aaaaaa.......

A you have to remove the wifi

- Chuaqk

Chuaqk Chuaqk

- Full of Ads

Way too many ads. Game would be more enjoyable without an ad after every level.

- 👎

This is not a bad idea for a game but the levels are way to easy and are VERY short.

- Sexist and Terrible

So rude how you have to save a girl and also so many ads so boring terrible game dont get it

- This had potential!

This game is riddled with too many ads and the levels are too easy. The game play is inconsistent. This has a lot of potential. Developers you can improve upon this!

- Nice

Nice I like the game and to get rid of adds turn on airplane mode ur welcome:)

- F this

Compared to “pull him out” which is another ad overwhelmed little game, this thing has no logic, common sense, nor fun.


This game is really fun but I hope that the levels get much harder than they are now👩🏼👏🏻😻🥳😋😝😜

- It sucks dont get it

It is a sexist game all the woman has big 🍒 and big 🍑 and dose not run normal indicating it running like a girl and the woman in the game is very pail. the levels are to ease and it replays a lot of the levels. How I feel it can be better is that you can make your player like female of male the skin tone and different features like if you want your player to be over wate or flat Brested or different hair styles.

- It’s ok

It’s ok but- there’s way to much ads please fix that

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- Passes time

First thing I wanted to address is all the ads. I’m fine with them. Just turn off any cellular data or WiFi while playing, then you won’t get ads. You’ll have to turn it on every 5 levels so the next 5 levels can load, but I just turn it back off. Secondly, like many ads that are prevalent now, you get to make choices. However, in most cases the game is completely opposite. Thankfully this app lets you play as if it were like those ads. The only downside to this is some of the choices just don’t make any sense. Some seem more logical than what would be their correct answer. But to each their own.

- Please make this more logical

Ok I’m not the only one but PLEASE THE ADS ARE ANNOYING FIRST THING YOU SEE AFTER A LEVEL IS A AD second thing is the logic behind this game if I was kidnapped and had to walk over something to escape and my options were wood and cement I WOULD CHOOSE WOOD BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TO WAIT FOR A DAY AND I WILL BE CAUGHT and the one where she wants fish WHO THE HECK USES A TRIDENT TO FISH and umbrellas don’t shock you otherwise people wouldn’t use them 😐 I’m pretty sure you use one to do you get shocked no so ITS NOT THAT LOGICAL i don’t know if your going for logic or not but it’s just stupid if you think about it a invention to keep you dry but gets you shocked every time now I think that would have been gotten rid of a long time ago I’m not trying to beat around the bush but I didn’t make this for nothing but please PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THE ADS LIKE TWICE THE EVERY FIVE GAMES WOULD BE FINE BUT NOT ONE NO MATTER IF YOU WIN OR LOOSE

- To many ads and the dog level

Ok so this game is fun because you can choose you ways out of situations. Although when you do it gives you a ad. The thing is when I got it wrong it said use 200 coins to survive or get a free to watch a ad. I didn’t choose any of them and it still gave me a ad. When it was the dog level how was anybody supposed to know a dog was go to chew up the chew toy. You would think that she would grow it but no. I think this game has WAY to many ads and that’s my opinion. If the person who made this game sees this hope you agree and make some changes not saying there has to be no ads there can be some here and there but not every level dude not every level it make changes thank you

- decent

this app is a very good game. Ive been searching for a game like this for a very long time because other games make false ads about games like these. I would give this four stars but then you wouldnt be able to see my review. This is a good app but it needs more levels it took me a few days to get through all the levels before it started to repeat. Also some of the choices dont make sense its usually the complete opposite of what a normal person with common sense would do. Please fix these issues and i would be happy to give this a five star rating thankyou for reading.

- Deleted after 5 minutes!

I saw this game as an ad from another game, the game seemed cool so I downloaded it. 1.) ads 2.) some of the choices make no sense 3.) wow another ad 4.) WOW another ad 5.) ANOTHER FREAKING AD. Seriously?? There is an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! An ad to claim gifts, an ad if you loose, like come on. It takes 5 seconds to pick a choice, if you win, you get an ad, if you loose you get an ad, then you have to replay the level, then you get another ad when you click the correct choice. Note to the game makers or whoever: I understand you need ads, keep the ads if you want to claim a gift and throw an ad in there after every 4 or 5 levels/tries. Also maybe make more than 2 choices to make the game slightly more difficult so if you fail a level you can’t just go back and click the second option.

- It’s fun!

I give this app 3 stars because 1. It is actually the game the ads portray! A lot of other apps advertise that the game is one of these survival games but their not. This one is! It is exactly what it says it is in the ads and in the description in the App Store 2. Lots of the things don’t really make any sense, like when you choose something to help “save the girl,”but I think it’s supposed to be a funny and fun game, so that doesn’t really matter. 3. I do think this game could maybe have less ads! As of right now, it has tons of repetitive ads, and they get boring and tiresome to watch over and over again. I understand that this app is overall free, and they need to have ads, but at least maybe some different ads or even better less ads all together. That would be great. 4. I think there could be some updates but overall it’s a fun game to play and I totally recommend it. Also, thank you for actually making a game that your ads advertise!!

- This is game is very strange

When I saw this game I thought I would give it a try because it looked fun. I was VERY disappointed because 1. The girl herself looks like she had 30 plastic surgery’s and only one actually worked 2. This game HAS TOO MANY ADS I mean after every single level which is most of the time very short, I get a ad when I didn’t want one 3. This game is just out of the blue when it comes to the girl moving. At first she was kidnapped then she ended up in the middle of no where like there could be way more pacing. There is also no story which this game seems like it’s trying to create. This games concept is pretty good and simple but the way it’s executed is very poor maybe changing the way the girl looks or finding the story would make it better.


Developers get money from ads right? WELL THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS GAME MUST BE BROKE!!!!! Omg 😱 every single second there’s an ad I have had this game for four minutes I only got to actually play the game for one minute because of all the ads. And I see how the developers operate... every time you get the awnser wrong there is an ad right? Well the awnser DONT make sense one of the levels was ridiculous she was cold so I picked the fire the wind blew it out the awnser was the chilli pepper she ate it and wasn’t cold anymore. That supposedly warmed her up? The awnsers don’t make sense then you get it wrong because it doesn’t make sense then you watch an ad because you got it wrong and ads are how the game creators get 💰 💴 💵 (money) so If you really think about it it’s just a cash grab. This game could have been good but honestly it’s not.

- This game need be banned

So all the ads was scammed ads want to make you play because it not kid friendly for little kids but yes I hope this app. Can get rid of lot of boring scammed ads it not same thing like the game because it VERY different to others game some ads was friendly some was not sois you see all most free picks it maybe a scammers apps games who want more money so people play forever and like some app going be fine but this year and 2019 wow shocking wow like this is very bad not good game for kid to play on it what devices are them playing we want them to play good friendly good kids games not like this this game is dumber than others games I don't care what is it but we want everyone be safe stay home for long time and don’t buy game it a waste of time of your life stay and home and have better good day!

- At first was kinda fun

At first the game was kinda fun. Then in like level 6 or 7 is started getting boring. How am I supposed to know that a green bean would turn into a cannon? Or how am I supposed to know that a fishing rod would pull up a monster instead of a fish? How am I supposed to know that her phone is dead so she can’t call the police? You get my point. I deleted a few minutes after I started. Also this game is glitchy and slow, it was annoying. This game also made you restart the whole level instead of just the step you were on. This would make sense on a better, faster game, but this game is so slow it was just frustrating. You can try this game out, but I really don’t think you will keep it for more than 10 minutes.

- Good concept bad execution

I don’t usually leave reviews but this game was so bad I have to. So first off I though this game looked really fun but within the first 5 mins of me playing I already had 2 ads. Secondly, I thought the game was slightly offensive: there were no skin tones other than white with blonde hair and when she crossed the water and got on to the island, the dark skinned natives were portrayed as actual cave men! Also, the woman walked very femininely (okay it sounds stupid but if you download the game you’ll see what I’m talking about) and I just thought that that was very stereotypical. I didn’t play for long because of these issues so there may be redeeming qualities to make this game worth playing but I will never play it again. I hope this helped!

- Ads, Ads, ADDDDS! Nasty girl, nastier gameplay

I got this game because dot looked fun but pls no one download this game, it’s not worthy 4.3 rating it got, it features tedious and mundane gameplay with unrealistic scenarios in which the sensible option is never the right one! Win or lose, there are ads, nasty ads like Kim Kardashian which literally everyone is advertising there is just an array of pointless ads scattered across the game that seems endless at first but only has like 66 levels and the girl.... who animated and made the character designs, this girl is prancing and cat-walking around the most dangerous locations in the world and smiling like and idiot, Lbh... this girl is really stupid and has no idea the danger she is in half of the time If I could give a negative rating (like this that I mean -1 stars) and so on, this game would be most deserving of such. Good day!

- Wow.

This amazing! I love it! 5 stars! Just kidding. You’re game is utter garbage and that’s me being nice. I tried it to see if it was actually good and of course it wasn’t. I don’t know why I’m wasting my oxygen on typing this review but I do know one thing. You’re game is so bad, so garbage and so cringe, I would rather pour salt in to my eyes than be forced to play your crappy game anymore. I’m not kidding by the way, I will seriously put salt in my eyes just to stop playing you’re game. I don’t know how you got 4 stars but I do know that it’s all probably from young kids who don’t understand what you’re really trying to do. You just want money. All of you’re games are just crappy cash grabs for money. I still can’t believe you got 4 stars. I hope this game and every other game you have created is taken down.

- Woah..

There are way too many adds on here. I can’t even hear the celebration music of a completed level because of how quickly an add pops up. Also, I know this game isn’t based off of anything real, but some of the answers are just so un-logical that I don’t even understand how U was supposed to get a certain answer. And for some I have noticed that both options could have worked, (logically) but they still end up wrong. Like when the thief is chasing you on a scooter, the options are a bra, and a banana. I chose the banana, because I knew his wheels would most likely get either stuck on the peel, or slip on it. Instead, the scooter just drove right over it. Slightly confusing, how a bra can be any more effective than a banana peel? Thanks.

- Good game bout so many ads!

This game is great and it wasn’t like the other games I’ve downloaded that weren’t even what the ad was! This game doesn’t lie about it and I appreciate it! The only complaint I have Is that there are SOO many ads! After every level there’s an ad and it gets super annoying! Like even when I didn’t even WANT to get 4x the amount I got I still had to watch a 30 second ad! This is one of the best/worst free mobile game on my device! It’s a good game but has more ads than ANY of the games on my device! I don’t know if you can fix it but if you can PLEASE do because it makes the game super not enjoyable! Again this would be a great game if there weren’t so many ads! But I would NOT recommend this game at all!

- Absolutely stunning.

I love this app. I am legally skilled and legally allowed to leave. I love this app it cured my stage 4 cancer and as soon as I downloaded this app the avengers cast left my hospital room because of the sheer power and elegance this app was radiating. 11/10 would recommend. This is better than a vaccine and this is all I need. The ads simply enhance the experience and make you feel very good inside. I play this game to calm me down. This app helps me prevent myself from beating my disobedient son. 🤗 i will recommend this to all my friends! Edit: I don’t have any friends anymore 😭😭😭

- Needs work

Like a lot of people I downloaded this game in search of one similar to the deceptive ads from the “__scapes” games. This one is okay, but like other reviewers state - it’s weird. A lot of the options and their subsequent results are illogical, and there’s a heavy amount of straight up random and/or magical stuff. For example, using a potion rather than scissors to free yourself from a rope & using the moon (yes, the moon was an option) to turn into a werewolf to escape from a zombie. Pretty decent game overall and it sort of satisfies the need for a game like this but it needs a ton of work. If you are going to play it, here’s a tip: the choice is 9/10 the weirdest option of the 2.

- To many adds and doesn’t make much sense

In my opinion this app has to many adds and doesn’t make much sense. Some of the choices don’t make sense ngl. The obvious choices or the choices that make sense are not the real answer and I find it very annoying. Not only do the choices not make much sense the amount of adds are ridiculous! They ask you when you get the answer wrong if you want to not start over(if that makes sense) and watch an add and when you click no an add pops up?! It’s like what is the point of not watching that add and it’s dumb. On this game you can barely go a minute without seeing an add. The game is pretty fun but it would be better if they could fix some of the choices and take away some of the adds. Thanks and please listen to the critiques.

- Horrible game, absolutely terrible, waste of time, do not play.

Why are they kidnapping that girl? She has a jacked up face and a stupid walk, who would want her? This game makes no sense and has hundreds of ads, I play one level where I have to tap once and I get an ad when I get it right, or an ad when I get it wrong. I also get choices to watch an ad to get an extra life and I don’t want the extra life and I still get an ad. How did this game get so many five star reviews? Fake people created by the developer! This game needs to be taken of the App Store and never thought of again. The only reason they thought of the idea of this game was because homescapes was false advertising this type of game, when really it it a tycoon, so they can get more downloads. Do not play this game.

- Not good but okay

Well the first time I played this game, I thought it was a fun game and was wondering why people did not like it and made 1 star. So few days later, so much adds would come like right when you finished one, there would be a add and would just really bother me. It does not make sense! Just this game should make a few changes by making the girl less creepy and make it have sense like one was when there was a bear, and you could either choose honey comb or rose. I picked honey comb and the bee stung the bear. Like a bears fur is thick! Like none of this makes sense like whoever created this game, try to make it better and have more sense into the game. All though it is a pretty fun when you don’t get so annoyed of the adds.

- I like it but

First of all, there are too many adds every time I get on a new level I have a add. But other than that it is okay thanks for creating such a great app my sister agrees yeah we love it thank ya.i have a question how do you make a app and do ya like pizza?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Have a good rest of the day bye I have to go eat dinner my mom is waiting bye thanks for creating such a good app during this covid 19.

- This game makes no sense

This game is annoying and it makes no sense like on one level the zombie forest,FIRST OF ALL TF ARE YOU DOING IN A FOREST, at one part there are some bats in a bush...? You can use a candle or use a radio. So obviously I picked using the candle but SOMEHOW that’s wrong. So I restart the level and watch some stupid fricking add and pick the radio and it plays some music? And the bats fly away... so I was supposed to know that a radio was gonna make bats fly away... first of all why are you tripping over bats????? Oh by the way, the animation is straight trash my dude like what were you thinking like are you using half your brain??? Like are you brain cells dead? Cuz the game makes no sense in anyway yet u gotta 4.3 star rating when all the comments are giving you 1 star and everybody is talking crap about your game, like

- Best game in the world

My god, this is definitely the best game in the world. I can’t even tell how much I love that you (the developers of this amazing game) make this. Because every single time I saw a fake ad, I just thought of when someone will make the ad a reality, and you did it. And I’m so glad, that it was you, because I have loved every single game you do, and your games have help though a lot of difficult situations. I am definitely recommending this game to everyone, especially to my cousin, because we both agreed that this is the best idea and game in the App Store

- Too many ads

The only problem I have with “Save the Girl” is there are way too many ads. Let’s say you get 8 choices wrong when you are playing. Then you have to watch 8 ads. It is completely unfair. What if the person playing is not good at decision making and they get every question wrong. Are you really going to make them do an ad every choice they get? Overall, though, I think “Save the Girl!” is a great game. If you don’t mind too many ads, I would recommend it. Thank you, for listening and thank you creators of “Save the Girl!’’ because, I think this game is great! (Minus the ads)

- Okay, but....

I think this game is okay. I say the ads for it and I thought it was fake. But, it wasn’t. So I got this game. I like it, but there are a few problems. First of all, no matter what happens, you always have to watch an ad! There are ads left and right! Second of all, when you are trying to save the girl, it just shows you a picture of the object, not what it is going to do. I always pick the most realistic option and most of the time I get it wrong. How was I supposed to know what was going to happen? Every single level I get it wrong at least once. This game is just something to do when I’m bored, but it isn’t the best choice.

- A Game Worth Playing

This game isn’t too bad. There’s only two things that’s kind of annoying. 1) too much ads. After you complete or fail another level then a new ad shows up. 2) it’s unrealistic. For example, on one level you had to get over a hole. You could either choose a rat or a balloon. I picked balloon, but it popped in the middle of gliding over the hole. The correct answer was the rat because it would scare the woman and she would jump over the hole. It’s unrealistic because you can’t jump that far over a hole just because you’re scared of something.

- It’s great, however...

There should be more. More characters a reason why she’s in these spaces and mostly a reason to make since. I like how we can choose the two options and how one causes her to get effected and one doesn’t, just like some of the scamming adds. But other wise, it should be more fun to take time out of your day and another reason to collect money other than trying another chance. The other reason is, is that a lot of them don’t make since and are really cartoony and false. Just like how you chose to make a rainbow instead of the other reason. Thank you for creating this game but I’ll gladly wait for further changes to occur. 😄

- Ehhh

Although in the beginning this game was kinda logical but then as things continued it got very unrealistic, I do get that it’s a game and that it’s supposed to be crazy and different but the two choices don’t make sense most of the time, and the little scene parts are very short which soon leads to an ad which is also very irritating, one last thing is whenever the next button or restart button comes up it takes a while for that to happen which makes me personally a little impatient then I accidentally tap the restart button to the left, then I have to redo the whole skit and there’s no way to go back and do the next one in line.


No offense Lion Studios but this app is absolutely HORRIBLE!! It barely makes any sense, and some levels have no sense at all! Plus, there are long, boring ads before and after each and every level! Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT download this if you’re looking to be satisfied!! It’s just plain bad. Sorry, but I definitely do not like this app and didn’t even make it 5 LEVELS through the game until I closed it and deleted it right away. PLEASE, READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING. You’ll probably regret ignoring this or even downloading it in the first place. So don’t waste the 20 seconds you spent playing the first few levels until deleting the game. This game doesn’t even deserve ONE star. If I could, I would rate it 0 stars. Sorry Lion Studios, but this just isn’t a good app for me.

- Paid for No Ads...

So the game is a good game, it passes by the time, however, since I’ve paid for zero ads you guys should have made sure to take off all my ads but you didn’t so now I either spend the coins that I earn in the game to pick up where I left off or click the free tab and watch an ad to pick up where I left off otherwise to avoid an ad I can’t collect extra coins and I have to wait for the continue button to show so I restart the level all over. It’s basically just a loss of money for me. If this gets fixed where I don’t have to look at another ad then I’ll be happy to change my review, but until then it looks like I got hustled out of my money.


This game is (on the positive side) very faithful to the add, not like many games. The two main problems for me (and I know for everybody else leaving a review!!) is 1, the MILLIONS OF ADDS!!!! If you don’t get annoyed by adds, (you are not human!) then this probably won’t be much of a problem. But the second one is that some of the choices make sense, but most of them are completely unrealistic and very hard to guess!! For example, how am I supposed to know that the girl is a werewolf??!!😡😡😡 And why isn’t she just using that power to get her out of these situations???? If you do get this app, then I would say, pick the one that in real life, you wouldn’t pick! And thanks for reading this whole thing, I know it’s long!

- Still needs work

I appreciate the games as a whole in what the creators were going for but the constant ads after each achievement is annoying and the lack of commonsense when it come to the strategy to save the girl gives a bad experience. Example: Level 3 gives you a bucket of cement & a wooden plank. You have to choose the correct object to get to next level. I chose the wooden plank first because who honestly wouldn’t? The bucket of cement was the correct answer but there was no physical way to know that based off the clues given. The bucket of cement just looks like a ordinary bucket so looking at it you would think how would this get me over the giant hole in the floor? The wooden plank breaks and some how this giant hole is filled with this one tiny bucket of cement for the girl to walk across. In all like the idea of the game but until these things are changed or fixed ( ads & strategy ) I will most likely not be playing this game again. I will check it out further down the line to see what the developers have done to create a better experience for the player.

- I Got What I Wanted, I Guess... 😒

So unlike Fishdom or Homescapes, this game is actually the game as advertised. But there are many problems. The game feels rushed, especially the levels. Also, there is an ad after every level, so you barely get to play the game. Plus, there are many mistakes that I found even before I got past level 3. Not only that, but the art style they used I feel doesn’t really look that great, and kids want something that is colorful and vibrant. Another thing, why is it a woman getting killed all the time? Not a good theme choice, especially in 2020. Anyway, I don’t recommend this game, but I guess if you don’t mind ads, or how the game looks, then you might want to give it a try. But don’t be surprised if you delete it in about 2 minutes.

- Kinda stupid

The puzzles aren’t really tricky because no amount of thought or intelligence will help you solve them. For example, she’s hungry on a raft and you can choose between a trident and a fishing pole. Pick the fishing pole and you get fried by Godzilla or pick the trident and catch a little fish? How is it reasonable to think this poor thing (still wearing her freaking PINK PUMPS) is going to be more handy with a trident than a fishing pole? And why didn’t she just eat the ham she had up her skirt to throw to the shark in the next frame? Nice try at building a game around all the ads for similar games that aren’t, but a lot more thought could have gone into the actual game play.

- Jesus bleeping Christ Ads

The commercial for this app looked fun however the following is what you will experience when you actually play ( unless you fork over hard earned cash but who does that anymore ) lv1 your stuck in a chair use a lighter or scissors to free yourself. After you are forced to watch a 30second ad (for 2 seconds of game play. Lv2 escape from the room through the door useing an ac or a wood pice, after you are forced to watch another 30 second ad... you see where I’m going with this right? You will spend litterally 2 seconds playing 1 level and 30 seconds watching ads per level making some asswipe money off you. Insta deleted after reaching level 3 and yet another ad I was forced to watch ... 6total seconds of game play and 1m30sec of ads .

- Basically a guessing game

This game is what it says it is, but the game isn’t very good. The concept is fun, but once you start playing it, you get bored and annoyed. When you play this game you get two options but some of them make NO sense. It’s a game on luck. You just hope to chose the right option. Also I read many people complained about ads- just turn WiFi off for the game and cellular too. My point is that this game requires no intelligence... it starts off fun then you the options start making so sense. I deleted this app after 5 minutes because it’s boring and when you mess up, you restart the level which is basically re-tapping the answers from before.

- In realistic and too many ads

After every level that is like two seconds you get a really dumb ad. And the options are really dumb. For example one of the first two second levels the girl had to get over a hole and the options were a wooden plank or a bucket. The answer was a bucket but how I supposed to know there was cement in that bucket. And irl the cement would have taken hours if not days to dry. Then there was another level where she was on a raft and it was raining. The options were an umbrella or a tent. Somehow the answer was the tent. Like how are you going to use a tent on a raft. Also every time you earn a skin or something you have to watch an ad to claim it and if you fail a level you get the same dumb ad over and over again.

- Great game, but too much ads

I’m not going to lie but this game is really fun to play it’s pretty addicting, but the only complaint i have is it has way too many ads. Whenever you finish a level an ad pops up immediately, it’s super annoying, when i first played i was fine with them but it got really irritating after, they also pop up when you get something wrong. Another complaint i have is that sometimes the things you have as choices don’t make sense sometimes, but it’s a game and a game could have anything. Bit aside from all this its really a fun game to play, but please notch the ads down a little.

- ☆fun game! FREE no-ads hack!!☆

overall this game is really fun! i love playing it while at home during quarantine. it’s a nice way to pass time. anyways, i’ve been reading some of the reviews and lots of people have been complaining about all the advertisements. well guess what? I FOUND A HACK TO THE ADS! simply turn off your wifi and play the game! without wifi it can’t give you any ads! you can play the game peacefully! i tried this hack and i didn’t get a single ad! please use my hack and no not waste your money on the no ads! YOU’RE WELCOME! :)

- No logic to it

I was really excited to see someone finally made this type of game after all of those false ads from games like Gardenscapes etc. I was looking forward to a fun logic puzzle where you have to figure out the best course of action. This is just an absurd guessing game. There’s no logic to it. Put on a propeller hat to fly away on a scooter? Use an eraser to erase a tank? What? It’s not a puzzle, there really isn’t a way to logically figure out what the right answer is. You pretty much just guess and see what ridiculous thing happens. It’s good to kill a couple minutes, but it gets boring quick with no thought put into it. Uninstalling.

- Inappropriate I agree with everyone who sais no to this game

Ok, if you play this game it is like the worst. First of all she has a dress that shows her 🍒 and what If a little kid sees this they would be thinking out of the box. Second of all it is inappropriate for everybody else who plays it and all of the adds🙄omg so many adds. My friend Jennifer got in trouble for playing the gamèlera dad saw the picture of the Gil with her 🍒showing. I am speechless not of being surprised but that so much inappropriateness. Thanks for reading P.S do not play this game delete it that’s what I did Also, manager of the game dood you have to fix it or else I will report you some final words from me. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬fix it 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😷🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤗🤗🤗loser 😛loser loser na na na na na na*blows raspberries*

- Not bad but way too many ads

It’s the game that so many ads like gardenscape or fishdom fake their ads to be. This game is actually like that. You get the choose to pick one or the other to save the girl. But there’s an ad literally after every single level like sheesh. That’s the only thing that makes the game not fun. I would understand if it was every two or three levels but like after every single level or if you get it wrong. And the levels take like maybe 30 seconds to complete so it’s not like it’s a long level. The ads are just too much

- Good Game

I actually think the game is really fun. However, my only complaint is though I bought the game to have no ads, the only option I have to change clothes or add additional points is to watch an ad, which I can no longer able to do because I bought the game to have no ads. So I do feel though I bought the game to have no ads, I should still have the ability to watch ads for extra points or to change clothes if I would like. And I do feel with this capability it works for both parties the creators and the consumers. Blessings

- Saw same thing in add but more normal

Before I throw in negatives the add matched the game nearly perfectly but the add is more bland in a good way like in the add I know it is also in the game but it shows the logical ones and in the game is like every gun is a bam gum and magic and stuff it is weird so maybe in the next update make it more normal So the negatives pop up adds FOREVER when I am trying to do a choice BAM add AND SOME ARE FOR guess what SAVE THE GIRL like I we are playing it we have the game DUUUUUUUUUUUH So the positives are the game is one that mostly does not lie in the adds it is not like homeskapes and uhh it is fun silly and not that much violence and thank you turtle times 🐢

- Good game

This game allows kids to use there brain to let kids think how do I save her and get good brainpower and is super fun I really suggest it if you want to have fun and decide how do I save the girl . Share this app with your friends you will probably love it a great app for kids down load it what are you waiting for. But if you don’t like having to use your brain to decide how to save the girl from dieing and thinking what to do then I do not suggest save the girl is the right game to download for your phone iPad or computer.

- Has no sense, too many adds

So this game has no strategy. It’s a guessing game. On the part where the girl is supposed to go on a date the options give are nearly identical and make no sense. How can you know which bathing suite is correct? They are nearly identical so all you do is guess. Often the most obvious option is not correct just because. And you have to watch ad after ad whether you are correct or not, or if you pick the extra money or not. No matter what happens it’s just ads and ads. It might have been fun, but there is not much actual game play. You guess and then watch ads and again and again. It’s just unplayable

- I’m happy with the game

So...the game is really fun and the concept is fantastic! The levels some times don’t make sense but I like the funny animation😃 One thing I don’t care for are the ads, it’s to make money yes but you can maybe take away the ads after every level. I’d rather watch a longer ad and watch it less than watch more short ads. Over all the game is great a few to many ads but I’ve delt with worse, I highly recommend this game.....if you don’t mind ads lol! Thx for reading this hope it was helpful remember to stay happy and kind! 😃❤️🥰🤩🕶

- Solutions are dumb

I like that this game doesn’t lie until the others games. However everything else about this game is just dumb. The solutions are dumb. Idiotic. Stupid. Level 26 part 2, how does a feather level out the scale? Level 25 part 2, putting a mask ON the snake? That’s just unrealistic! It would make sense to charm the snake with the flute, but no, it makes other snakes come. Then one of the earlier levels, when the girl turns into a werewolf? Where did that even come from!? To be honest, after level 12 or something, I’ve been choosing all the dumb answers just to get through. And guess what, the dumb answers work 80% of the time. Another thing that is dumb about this game is how the story goes. There’s no sense to this at all! At the beginning you start by the girl getting kidnapped. Which was a good starter. But when you go from a snowy place straight to a dessert? Why? That’s just unrealistic! Finally, the girl herself. This last one is just for asking for different skins or something. Not a girl who walks like a damsel or cries every second.

- Good Game

This game is good and fun to come back to when you add more levels. Also I like how there are multiple different stories. And all the people complaining about all the ads, you do know if you turn WiFi and cellular data off, you don’t get them, right? My only problem with this game is that there aren’t that many levels and all of them don’t take long. But it doesn’t really matter because you add more levels frequently. Overall this game is really good.

- Charged me to remove ads but kept ads

Stupid game. Save girl by forcing ads and giving up privacy with charges to remove ads and keeps showing many ads. Cannot play without ads and charges to get rid of ads, also ads prevent game play. Way too stupid. Please, do not download has too much spyware that knows everything about gamer but does not allow us to play game, and charges to remove ads and does not remove the ads and compromises security. It is illegal to spam. It is illegal to false advertise that ads would be removed but they are NOT. Illegal activity and too much spammy ads. Stupid app, stupid developers. Waste of time. Save your own girl. Also, refund me for not receiving product ad remover, never received it.

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@GretaThunberg first older generations ruined the earth and now they are making fun of a girl who is trying to save us🤠 i hope y'all are happy.

lesbian (honorific)

@lunaaltare The whole show is like this the Black girl is barely a person. She's literally an angry mammy stereotype. Save ur sanity just don't watch it


#EpicFantasy Lord Lumnor must fulfill his destiny and save his people but he didn't count on falling in love with a human girl. @Susiwright1


@TheRealOkariin @Diggsyograve @Souls33939827 @Captainhitsugi1 @Zachary021002 @Allen40315380 @GRDSMN_GLOBAL Also, ur getting real heated over a mother fucking unit in this game. She's not good, and she is a SELFISH DPS UNIT. Her kit literally speaks truth to my words, and the vast majority of the gs community agrees with me. Stop going gamer mode and trying to save ur anime girl crush.

Sox & Sandals Podcast (Emmanuel W.)

Fortunately this girl is only 18 and has resources (internet) on her side. I thought like this up until the age of 29! The indoctrination will have feeling so confident in your rationale... The study of history and Frances Cress Welsing can save her 🙏🏾

Lawrence Clark

Got the girl child ‘Pandemic’ the board game for Xmas. A very enjoyable cooperative strategy game to save human kind from various viruses. Highly recommended!

👽Velma Voodoo👽

Stop trying to live up to being the "good girl" society expects you to be. We save that title for the bedroom! And smash the establishment the rest of the time.


Save you tonight, stole my heart, right now, Stockholm syndrome, you&i, no control, girl almighty, Act my age, walking in the wind, temporary fix, I wanna write you a song, she’s not afraid, over again, magic #1DSETLIST @LiamPayne

Syed Raza

How Godi Media destroyed the Image of Death Hatras Gang Rape victim Girl and Try to Save the Rapists.. In whole world first media which stand with Rapists. CBI submit charge sheet to court on Hatras Gang Rape..Wr is Godi Media now, thuuuuuuuuuu @jai_kapis


@TheRealMildred1 Whooooot :o I had a goth girl who fell in love with Candy and tbh these two lesbians and Candy's little sister will be my fav household/save ever. It was so cute and my game felt alive for the first time 🥺


WHO IS SALMAN KHAN? Donate 75% Salary To Charity Donated His Bone Marrow To Save A Girl's Life Helped Numerous Artists To Show Thier Potential The Undisputed King @BeingSalmanKhan #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan


@ImSkyeTwit @PlagueofZ Some people online said they do exist. Someone made a game called Save the Girl just to poke fun at the people who use that same exact formula for their ads. I haven't played it, so I wouldn't know if it actually exists though.

Dre Harrison

@KeiraMeganF1 Yeah, built one myself last month, it was over four digits... Save the pennies girl!

Hamilton PL

#CozyCouchTime Oodles of great free streamed #FamilyMovies on #Kanopy. Check out #AlbionTheEnchantedStallion, a tale of a girl who must save the world with a magical horse.

EB 🎄

I just had a woahhhhhh moment. But then when I started to call pple. I was like girl they prolly already know or don’t care to be WOWED 😂😂😂😂.. I’ll save this for the books 📚

Save The Girl! 1.2.6 Screenshots & Images

Save The Girl! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images

Save The Girl! (Version 1.2.6) Install & Download

The applications Save The Girl! was published in the category Games on 2020-01-18 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 247.03 MB. Save The Girl! - Games app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 1.2.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.xmgame.savethegirl

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