Save The Girl!

Save The Girl! [Games] App Description & Overview

The tricky and relaxing puzzle game you’ve been seeing all this time is finally a reality! Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain teaser tests in order to save the girl from the villains chasing her! Each level will present you with a scenario that you will have to use your IQ and wit to solve. Solve the funny challenge correctly and the woman will proceed on. Get it wrong, then it won’t end well for our heroine.

Stay in and play the most addicting and satisfying game. Feel the gratification of solving funny and difficult problems and protecting the girl from harm's way. Use that big brain of yours and let’s get to solving!

Game Features:

1. Don’t get fooled!
Each level presents you with multiple choices - make the right answers to proceed. Wrong answers will result in painful but funny outcomes to the girl!

2. So many levels to play
Each level is unique. So many different challenges for you to solve.

3. Fun for the whole family
Everybody can play Save the Girl. If you get stumped - ask for help from your friends and family! No shame in doing whatever necessary to solve these complex puzzles.

4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay
Once you start you will want to keep solving the upcoming puzzles. This is the best puzzler out there!

5. It is that game from those ads
Yes, it actually is.

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or just want to have a good time, then Save the Girl is the game for you! Can you protect her from harm?

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Save The Girl! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Optimize the game size to less than 100M. - Gameplay Optimization.

Save The Girl! Comments & Reviews

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- Based on games

If you play for 10 sec then you have to watch 1 min ads after every 10 sec. I mean WTF.

- The Truth About The Game

A. The app keeps automatically deleting so even if I go off it for like one second it’s deleted and then I have to download it ALL OVER AGAIN! and it takes like 10mins to download. Just GETTING the app is a waste of my time. B. I feel like you spend more time playing games on the adds then actually... PLAYING THE GAME! If I wanted ads to interrupt me while I’m doing something I WOULD GO TO YOUTUBE!!! C. The levels are wayyyyy too short, if u choose one thing the level is ALREADY OVER. If I could I would give this game 0 stars D. The only “good” thing about this game is that there are ALOT of ads for games like this and this is the only real one. But I don’t encourage getting this app.

- Nope

An ad after 10 seconds of game play? Played it for 20 seconds and deleted it. Cute concept but absolutely not

- Ahhavs

To many ads

- It’s okay I guess

It’s really fun to play and if you have fun you can work together but there’s always ads after every choice I hope that can change I really suggest you should get it

- Low key love it

That girl always need saving😂

- ads

too many ads. literally every level you pass there’s an ad. its sad because this game looks like alot of fun.

- So fun

This is so much fun

- Tons of ads

Too many ads.. I did not even get a chance to enjoy the game.

- Bruh

The Girl is to helpless.

- Not logical

Every single right answer is completely ridiculous and the game was only partially fun when I made my own game out of it to always choose what I think is the worst option and see how often it’s right 9/10 times the ridiculous option is the winner

- Makes no sense

Downloaded as I enjoyed other puzzle games of this nature but some of the outcomes are so unrealistic. Not challenging, not realistic.

- Don’t like as much

Too many adds and she walks very wired plus how did she land on the moon with no mask it makes no

- Maybe

Not good it takes a a good amount of time to get back where I was because I do not want to watch a tik tok add that is the same or I do not want to spend my in game money so would not recommend is my opinion

- Kinda boring

Can u add 1 big stage instead of like 80 little ones

- Escape the Adds!

I love this game so much! The people who made this game must have worked so hard! But please do not add any adds at the end of a short level! Keep up the good work!

- Bad game

The girl is so scared her screeeeeem is so annoying I would die ofsted of this game being. Made

- So many ads


- Too many ads

I understand the need for ads, especially on the free app. But after every level? I ended up deleting the game.

- Really bad app

Not fun and a waste of time

- Pretty Good Game

I mean, we all know this game has LOTS of adds, but I think this game is amazing for road trips or really anytime! I give this game three stars because the levels are pretty cool, but they’re not very different. Over all, it is a pretty nice game!

- To much ads

It’s great but the ads are crazy!

- Brainless

Brainless game

- Too many ads

Way too many ads that are way too long

- 🥰

Best game ever!

- Nope

This game has way to many adds literally after every level and it’s way to easy

- More ad than game

It is literally more ad than game. 10-15 seconds of advertisement for every 5 second scene. You choose your choice and it works or fails then another ad before the next choice. Terrible thinly veiled ad platform with no fun aspect to it.

- Ads and fun

It is fun, it is good, but there is too much ads. Every level you complete, an ad comes. Since it is so easy for me, the faster you pick, the faster the ad comes😒. Download this app, but be carful of the ads. Thank you!

- To many ads

I hate

- My good game

I like his game so much it needs your brain and you need to make yourself sure❤️❤️❤️

- Adds adds and more adds

Ok I love this game awesome I would play it all the time buuuuuuuuuuut there are so so so many adds I Evan turned off my wifi still adds I don’t know how you did it with my wifi off but so many adds please stop them all it’s so bad so if you love to watch adds download this game there also is a bad level she throws her bra at the robber so bad I told all my friends to not download this so there you go baddddddddddddd🥔🥔😭😖🤬🤯😳🤢🤮🙄

- Waste of time

Played for about 10 minutes, 8 minutes of ads 2 minutes actual play time


Ok we girls are not WEAK we do not need saving men do AND SOOOOO MANY ADDS! I’m not happy with this so change those two things and we will be ok YOU HERE ME sorry.

- Paid for No ads — did not get!

I purchased this game, which I was intrigued by as this is the “real deal” compared to other games with false advertising (Idle Capitalist!).... I paid the $3.99 CAD for NO ADS. Guess what? Still get minute-long advertisements. Swiped out of the app, reset my phone even. So I paid four dollars for nothing. This. Is. Disgraceful. I want my four dollars back or so help me, this review will not be the only negative one on the internet

- Read If You Want To Install!

This game is awesome! Wether you are bored or have no other games to play, Save the Girl gives entertainment. Yes there are many ads, 1 after every level to be exact. But they are skippable! I hate ads, but I love this game! You have to be ready to put your logic aside, though. 🤣 Gardenscapes. Ugh. Their ads used to be “which one” ads, like this game. Turns out when I downloaded it, it was nothing like the ads! What I’m trying to say is that I’m happy someone actually made a game like this. I LOVE IT!

- Skip

Well that’s 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back

- Dirty level

There is a level where she uses her bra to save her self how dirty how is this for kids well I,m a kid my self but that was every dirty what u did

- Way tooo many ads

Every time I have finished ONE level an ad POPS on the screen. Do you know how ANNOYING it is!!!!!! Pls just at least make one ad for the game!!! Like for example, when I am finished a level maybe it can pop up ONLY ONCE. Then the rest keeps going then another ad can pop up after at least 2 LEVELS. I don’t like this game. Change the ads. Too much.😑🙄

- Ads

There are so many ads it drives me insane, I got this game thinking it would be good, it’s utter nonsense

- Why

I think the same thing I finished all the levels and it’s not giving me more

- Dum

What the hell man. Every time I finish an (insanely) easy level I’ve got an ad to watch. Gd man cool it with those.

- too many ads

way too many ads and the game just gets boring after a short period of time, also i’m playing with no wifi because you put an ad every level bad design choice

- Just to much ADDS worst game ever

To much adds the game sucks and there too easy just one level for like 7 adds like hell no

- Adyegsjsnbskaksnsn

this is really bad. there is always a app on everything! Disappointed.

- Les annonce

C’est pourri de voir les annonce à chaque touche pour sa je n’aime pas jouer à ce jeux, ce pourrit.

- Adds

So many adds!!!! 😡

- Trash

Horrible game.

- Stupidest game ever

So many ads, stupid choices that have no logic. Avoid this game!

- Slow

I really like it I just got it today but it is really slow that is my only problem other then that it's great .😊

- Adds

Add simulator

- Good but I hate the adds

This game is good but maybe no adds

- IF you like ADS this game is for you

This is literally 95% ads. Don’t waste your time.

- Save the girl

This game is quite good however people are saying that there are to many ads and if you are one of those people reading this review turn airplane mode one and you won’t get any ads 😀

- Um... to many adds...

This game has way to much adds... I know it can’t control it but most of the time the adds go for like 30 seconds and I can’t skip it or press the cross. The game makes also no sense like there was this one scene and it was like “ahhhh I’m stuck on the chair” and the options were fire or scissors. I think in real life u would not be able to cut thick rope with small flimsy scissors, if people play this they might think that’s what you do in a real life situation.... not good

- Paid for no ads but still get them

This would be a fun game if your weren’t interrupted by ads every time you get past a level. I paid for no ads but they still come up. Waste of money, don’t get what you pay for.

- Hi

Hi I love this game to myself it looks easy

- Why so many ads

I played for a minute and than 2 ads pop up and than next level just get rid of some of the ads we don’t want your trash


WORST game ever. This horrible sexist game is bad. To many adds for a start and this is was probs made by a man cause the woman all helpless and stuff. Woman are just as strong as men. So I’m telling you, DONT DOWNLOAD

- Very unrealistic

It’s a good game but very unrealistic like if your cold it gives you an option to use a fire or a chilly and the chilly works because apparently a chilly makes you warmer than a fire

- Way too many ads

It takes 10 seconds to finish a level, 7 seconds for the animations to celebrate and announce the next one and 22 seconds per ad. And that’s straight from level one before you’ve even seen enough to warrant paying for it. At least cut the ads until level 5 or 10, give people the chance to get hooked and pay instead of turning them off straight up

- Makes no sense

I’m giving it 1 star for the game being functional. The levels are stupid, on level 22 the options are cook a steak or call a phone in the middle of no where. THE ANSWER WAS CALL A PHONE for room service and a burger comes down on a parachute. WTF is this bs.

- Play Roblox there is one ads😺😺😺😃😃

Soo this game is good but there is soooooooooooo many ads like its free that’s good but it an add every single level

- Too many adds

There are way to many adds it’s an add farm

- It is boring

Not cool




I’m just trying to play this game and ads keep coming in between levels it REALLY annoying I’m deleting this app

- Ads

Every 5 seconds there’s an ad. I deleted it after 2 mins.

- Yyj

To many adds

- Adds

Nice game but unbearable adds


This is ridiculous. I literally went to play the game and a million adds came up every two seconds. There is a NO Adds option which I clicked onto asking you to pay $4.99. I was happy to pay....which I did. I clicked onto the next level and what do you know... an ADD came up. This is absolutely appalling, complete frauds! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

- Ghdtgf


- Too many advertisements

You can’t even play the game because of advertisments. Worst game ever

- Sexist

Piece of trash garbage, should not have genders

- Save the girl

The game is very good but it looks like a gable game

- Too many ads

Play 1 section, double ads. U spend longer waiting to close the ads than actually playing the game. Deleting.

- Ad after ad after ad

You can’t even enjoy the game because you finish a level and it’s straight to an add. I played three levels and deleted this stupid game. Such a scheme to get money and it’s a joke

- Too many ads

So this is a mildly amusing game. A good way to pass a few minutes without taxing the grey matter too much. But gosh WHAT IA WITH ALL THE ADS?? After every level and when you earn a skin for beating a particular level you have to watch another ad to get it. Literally game time is about 50% ads which definitely impacts negatively on the playing experience.

- Adverts

Adverts loosely disguised as a game, and only vaguely

- Terrible

Horrible cartoon, the girl so badly drawn, too many ads and the ‘correct’ option is always the one you wouldn’t pick.

- *

Waaaay too many ads

- It’s good but TO MENNY ADDS

Please stop the adds 👏🏻

- So many adds not that fun 😟

There are many things bad and wrong about this on little game that just annoy me sooo much like how the game has adds every two seconds and how it wasn’t letting me download! This game is very uninteresting after you play it so much. I thought it would be a cool and a good game to play which I was wrong! Pls fix the problems.😡😒

- Well you know😒

This is a copy of gardenscapes

- Save the girl

Excessive amount of ads.

- Save this girl 👧

I love this app it’s so cool 💗💜😍

- ALL LION APPS - Stealing money

All of lion product games are ripping people off You have to pay moneey to receive no adds but when it's meant to skip the add you get an add, no response from the company It's illegal to take money without suplying and product.

- It’s all ads

I’m not even a minute into the game and I’ve hit the second ad. For a heavily advertised game I was expecting a bit more

- Maybe more stuff

It needs more action maybe some mini games that can unlock exclusive skins

- Ads, ads and more ads

Sick of games which are made just for the ad revenue. Every single time you do anything in this game, it’s followed by an ad. The animations are annoyingly slow as well. Deleted.

- Ads

Way to many ads

- Great but way to many ads

Ok, lots of games have ads but this one wow way to many but other wise I love it you get to chose what ones right and it’s so fun so I’ll recommend this game but you’ll probably have to be pretty patient but other wise that it’s incredible, amazing and wonderful

- Meh

It’s fun and all but there is ads every time you pass a level so basically you’re getting ads every 5 seconds

- Not good

I was on level 32 and then I started to play it and now I’m on level two! Fix it

- Ads ads ads

5 sec game 30 sec ads

- Sexist asf

Ok so this game isn’t fantastic and the ads are very annoying but the worst thing is it makes all woman look weak!

- Buffer and short but so much fun!

So much u should definitely download this sometimes buffers and the levels are short at the start I have fallen in love with this app

- Girl

It is great

- Too many adds

To many adds good game but too many adds

- If you like spending more time watching ads than playing the game, this is for you!

If you like wasting your time and watching ads after every two seconds, this game is for you! It’s ridiculous, after every decision you fail you can watch an ad to get an extra chance. Cool yeah? But wait, if you don’t want to watch an ad, you wait until you can restart that level completely- oh- an ad, again. This game is really weird too. It can be fun at some times, but a lot of the time it’s just poor, stupid things. A lot of the examples are contradicting and not even possible. I’ve learnt by choosing the most ridiculous decisions I can win the game. But it doesn’t make sense. The girl can use a mallet to hammer in a zombie or something but cries when she falls over. Weird I will give the game credit though, some of the scenes are pretty funny.

- ADDS!! Ugh

There r just too many adds!!!

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- So many ads

Played game for literally 10 seconds and had 2 ads. That’s just insane...

- Oh well

I deleted this game after two levels. Try it yourself ✌️

- Rip off purchases

I live this game, so much so that I’ve been playing all day- however there are so many adds I decided to purchase the no add feature for $4.99. The adds are still flowing freely though! 😕

- The best

I love this game because you get to save a girl

- My


- Fix the game!

Infuriating I love the game it self but it’s full of adds and stops and starts and it makes you want to smash you phone

- it's good but TOO MANY ADS DHJDND

This game is fun but every time I complete a level there is an ad!

- Review

It would be an awesome game if instead of their being levels their, it would just be one long story and if you get it wrong you have to start again.


This game has TOO much ADDS I want a RECOUNT IS there ANYWAY to stop the adds please stop.

- Waay too many ads

I just started playing this game because the ad said it was honest so I started playing and then I noticed that I save the girl 1 time an unskippable 30 second ad comes up and I think it’s no deal and then save her again ANOTHER 30 second ad, you might as well lel call this game the ad game. I have no idea how the players do this.

- It was ok

It was very good but the only thing that was bad was the fact that there was about 100 adds every 5 SECONDS!

- The adds

All the adds you don’t get to play much

- Safe the girl

I love this game

- Racist against Females

Is just me or did anyone else notice the way they have shaped the girl.I for one as a girl think it’s sexist.Why so you have to have her curvy like that and the way see runs is far from normalcy.As a female I am insecure about myself and many others too.This game is giving us a reason to feel insecure smith should change the way she is shaped or delete the game


So guys pls I know that you been taking about this game BECAUSE THEIR ARE SO MANY ADDSSSSS. Don't think about it promise pls.I SAID BROOOO WHAT HAPPEND. SO PLS GUYS DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME THEIR IS TOOO MANNYYY ADDDS!

- Lots of ads

The app is great however there are so many add so I have it 3

- Good game

Amazing fun hard game

- The levels are very short

I don’t love it but if it was more complex I would definitely recommend it

- Adds

Well maybe not to many adds

- Just started playing

Just started playing so don’t know yet🤷🏻‍♀️

- Fun Game, Too Short

The game is fun, but most of the answers are cryptic, like what do you pick for a fire on a wharf [1] Fire Extinguisher or [2] A Whale. You pick a whale which blows water onto the fire.The game is quite short with 106 levels which take about a minute each.It cost $4.49 which I think is too expensive for a short easy game, if you don’t buy the game you will be bombarded with adds , usually about 3 per level, it will drive crazy.

- Unplayable

This game is unplayable due to the amount of adverts!

- Bombarded by ads

Too many ads

- Ad after ad


- Adds

I love the game but the adds are to much to handle

- Rate

There is so many adds and it’s starting to make me hate your game

- ;-;

To many adds ;-;

- Pretty good although to many ads

It’s a really fun game choosing which option and all of that but after every choice there is an ad. Maybe there should be an ad after every five choices or something like that. The game overall is really good, it’s exciting.

- Too many ads

Ads after every move. Not cool at all

- Ok

This is a nice game😊

- Save the girl

Very glitchy and has ads popping up every 10 seconds I would recommend to put airplane mode on so you don’t get ads

- Doesn’t make sense also ADS!

So many of the levels don’t make sense like in the Antartica one you call for food on the phone instead of the roast sausage!? Also why do you put so many ads, I’m really impatient and watching so often drives me crazy!

- Too many ads

Too many ads! Chill!!!


this is actually a good game, but after LITERALLY ONE CLICK A AD POPS UP, IM GETTING SO ANNOYED!!!!

- Confusing

The solutions to this game make no sense. And a lot of them are very misleading, and are not at all like what they appear to be in the pictures. This game would be great but needs a lot of work. If it were more like the mini games in garden scapes/ homes scapes etc, then it would be a lot more popular game.

- Fun but way to many ads

Fun but way to many ads😒

- Save yr money

I ended up purchasing this game because of ads like every 10 seconds.. which made playing the game not fun. However, unfortunately even when you purchase the game there are ads after every round. I find that to be a bit deceitful that you purchase to get rid of ads but not all ads are removed. I have asked for a refund but no response. Also... when you want to pick an option, always best to choose the least likely option as that is usually the correct one that will avoid a fail.

- Trash

I had two options when i died to either pay 200 or watch a video. I chose to pay 200, however, it took me straight to an add. Fix your game if you want to people to play it😂

- It’s fun

I like it, but it’s pretty easy. Levels are very quick. Like, one tap and your on the next level.

- Too many adverts

I enjoy the game but WAY TOO MANY ADVERTS. Due to this I will delete the game

- It’s good but...

It was good at first but after every level there is a ad, it’s very annoying because the levels are really short too.

- Glitches 👎🏻👎🏻☹️

First second I got on it there was a glitch

- Amazing

I just love the game it keeps your mind on



- It’s good but I have a problem

It is a fun game and my brother loves it. But I just think there are too many ads in this game.. I like the levels and all but it’s just too many ads You have to watch an ad every time you finish a level.

- My Review

I'll only make a short refiew so you aren't scrolling till corona's over. All I want to say is that this app has way to many ads.

- Hi

Stop doing adds so much

- So what?

Okay guys, all of you are complaining about lots of ads. It’s as simple as this! So what? Turn off wifi and put on aeroplane mode! That way there is no connection. The game is great, but I do understand why you are complaining about ads, because then you can’t claim the rewards. So I am asking for 5e creators to please fix this problem. 👍🤪😅

- Ads!

At first it was okay, ads every few levels but as soon as I got to level 10 there were ads every single level! Not different ads, the same stupid ad played every level. I also thought it was a bit unrealistic and not set up very well. Also maybe put hints in because sometimes it hard to know how that tool is going to help you. After a while it gets boring and very repetitive so I don’t think the game is very good if you had it in years to come, it’s more like a 3 week game.

- Too Many Ads!!! 😡

I don’t ever write reviews but this game has so many ads it’s annoying! As soon as you finish a level there’s at least two ads after! It’s terrible

- Anna

Its a nice game but why did it just end in 110😒 is there any?

- The best game

Hello everyone I just love this game it all started when my neighbor came to play when she introduced me to the game called SAVE THE GIRL!!!!!! I just had to get it I got it and has been G.O.O.D

- Den of ads

It’s a trap for ads,... too many ads.

- Note 📝

I love the game so much but hate the adds

- Annoying

Too many ads

- Too. Many. Ads!

The levels take a few seconds to get through, and there’s an ad after each one. Do the math

When I save a ruffie because the girl I like likes me back

@CitizenKamran: There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class gir…

@Chaantellie Girl save the dramatics.

@CitizenKamran: There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class gir…

@CitizenKamran: There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class gir…

@CitizenKamran: There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class gir…

@CitizenKamran: There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class gir…

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Save The Girl! 1.1.5 Screenshots & Images

Save The Girl! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! iphone images
Save The Girl! ipad images
Save The Girl! ipad images
Save The Girl! ipad images
Save The Girl! ipad images
Save The Girl! ipad images
Save The Girl! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Save The Girl! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Save The Girl! (Version 1.1.5) Install & Download

The applications Save The Girl! was published in the category Games on 2020-01-18 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 163.54 MB. Save The Girl! - Games posted on 2020-06-06 current version is 1.1.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Save The Girl! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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