Brain Puzzle: 3D Games

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games [Games] App Description & Overview

Ready? Solve! Boost that BIG BRAIN IQ to the next dimension! IN 3D! With all of the top games… in 1 game!

Slice, save, rescue, eat, tattoo, paint, and solve your way to victory, through these MEGA fun-packed BIG BRAIN BOOSTING mini game challenges!

Get smart in 3D! Join Bob, and the duck as the make their way through IQ tingling brain puzzle mini-games!

- Top games!
- Donuts, ducks, and danger!
- Bob!
- Stencil Painting!
- Swords!
- House Paint!
- Ink your Friends!
- Nail Painting!
- Mental stimulation for your IQ!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at:

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Brain Puzzle: 3D Games Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Awesome Tattoos and Inks! House Paint Mini Games! Amazing New Nail Painting Levels! Delicious Donuts! Zombie Bob! Dodge the Poop!

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games Comments & Reviews

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- I’m not even on level 20 and it’s too easy

I’m not even on level 20 and I’ve realized that the levels are just copy’s other games or is a replica of the game like the one with the hairy leg I have the game I was playing it a day ago OMG and plus it’s two easy i could have counted to 30 and I would have been on the level I am right now btw I just waisted my time I could have been playing the other game brain out Ps just don’t take this in a bad way

- Shm

They give you a riddle where they ask you to rate the game and you can’t even go with your own answer they make you say A++

- Please more!

I completed all levels in less than 2 hours. Amazing how there’s only 270 levels; there needs to be at least 1,000 if you want long-time players. This is the first game to go in the ‘Completed, ready for update’ category. Also a tip for players who struggle with ads: turn on Airplane Mode.



- I hate it !

So this game here is very bad

- Ugh

This game made me repeat 2 of the same levels fix your game!

- Ummmm

It just really dumb sometimes

- Great but ..........🙃

I really love this game! It has a great layout and is easy to understand. I found that a there is ways to cheat on the nail polish game. It would also glitch out of the app. This is a fantastic game and I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a great game to pass the time.

- Ok.....

I love but every time I went to the next round a add Came up

- Entertaining but limited

Pretty easy but some of the puzzles are silly enough to spend time on. Limited number of puzzles that are often repeated. I like the duck.

- El mejor juego

Me encanta

- Copier

This game is copying off games

- Meh....

The first few levels of this game were fun until I completed the game (because I’m smart). The new levels finally came, but all you do is paint nails and paint portable toilets. I don’t know if you ran out out of level ideas, or if you’re too busy with the other games that you make. Sincerely, KuteKat44

- Cool game, but....

I like this game a lot and it is so fun because you can play different games all in one game, but I quickly completed the game and I have waited 3 days for a new level. Pls put more levels into the game.

- I love this game

This game test your brain and then they see if you smart enough to play the game

- It’s

Kinda fun make an update where we can build on some levels

- To Lucky’s the Random Reviewer,

I do not think that the point of these great brain games is to improve your’s to CHALLENGE your brain! And I get a great amount of self- esteem when I find how well I CAN DO these games! I love this game as another great way to learn to USE my brain to think in DIFFERENT ways to solve the puzzles...and I usually get a laugh out of it, too! I will adjust my STAR. LEVELS. as I have just started playing....have fun!🧸🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ There ARE TOO MANY ADS!!!! Haven’t you guys discovered the 5 second still get the credit and our minds will not rot from boredom...WE DO NOT LIKE 30 second ads after every second’s annoying and bothers the cats!!! Please adjust! Please??????

- Nothing original 😒 just bad

Ugh. I know all the games in this. I love it, but the games they put in is from other games! Like COME ON! AND TO MANY ADDS!! No one would need a hint too! It’s good too. And also, too many games at a time. I am playing, and I have jut one game, trim nail and paint it! Like, DUDE!! GET MORE CREATIVE!!

- Good, but a couple problems...

This game is pretty fun and perfect to play when bored, but honestly. ITS THE SAME LEVELS EVERY TIME!!!! The “help Bob’s vision!”, the “find Bob!” With the door thing, and the WORST ONE: “Paint the port-a-potty!” It’s like you keep getting the SAME LEVEL every time!! I’d rate this a 3 and a half if I could. Honestly, I’ve seen much better. But over all, it’s pretty good.

- No title

This game only has the same freaking levels it is not really fun

- John

Your game is stupid

- So many ads

To many ads and the graphics on the shaving levels are horrible there was not a single challenging level to play I wish I could give it 0 stars

- Reason

I don’t like the 105-200 levels because they copy another game

- It’s Ok

I like that the game is easy at first and then gets harder. But now when I try to get into the app it boots me out, and I don’t know why.

- Great Game. One Pet Peave....

So.....I Think everything is great, it’s addicting that I played it to where I get to lv. 263....the thing I hate, it’s stopping and not working for a second and the. I have to close out on the nail painting one sometimes....😩. Edit: For. Those. People. Who. Are. Saying. This. Is. Copied: IF YOU LOOK IN THE DESCRIPTION IT TELLS YOU THAT IT IS A MIX OF GAMES FROM RANDOM!!!!! Please. See. Before. You. Say. Thanks! ☺️ Edit 2: I don’t like how it makes you shoot someone.....-cough:boogers- Edit 3: IN. MY. VERSION. THERE. IS. ONLY. 271. LEVELS!!! And I Finished Them All In 2 Days!!!! So Please Add More Levels...Thanks ☺️😌😊

- Five stars but...

I give this app five stars but I wish there wasn’t so many adds. It’s like you play a level and then boom there’s an add. But other then that I think it’s a awesome game⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Hi

This game is fun but it keeps giving me the same thing it’s the nails and the painting house thing and those are the ones I don’t really like

- Why??

Overall the game is pretty good. However, I downloaded it two days ago and I was able to get in the game perfectly, now I can’t get it the game. It doesn’t load and it kicks me off.

- Needs more levels

I love this game. I would come home from school, do my homework, and run over to my iPod to play this game. Now I’ve completed all the level and I end up playing a different game. I keep checking for new levels, but there are never any. I always check for more levels, and each and every time there are no new ones.l would love to keep playing this game, but first you have to add more levels.Please add a ton more levels in the next update.Thx for reading my review.

- App

When i tap the app it will not let me use the app and I’ve tried reinstalling and downloading again but it will not even let me try it. Horrible

- Brokelyn sun

Woohoo I finally got this game

- not opening up

the app will not even open, all it shows is a black screen. i sat there for 15 minutes trying to get it to work

- It’s good

It’s a good time killer but sometimes the game just does the same concept over and over and over again

- Assam

This game is so funny I almost peed my pans

- Gamer

This app or game has kids like us using our Brain 🧠.Our brain needs to learn and improve and think.I would give it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ forever because this app or game is the best learning app or game that can make us kids learn.FIVE STARS FOREVER OR MORE⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Please remove the rating question!(ps:why bob save bob!)

I hate these types of questions remove them and the game is five stars kind regards yours truly viewer (ps: save poor bob)

- I have waited forever for a update that will work

After three updates the game still does not give me new levels. I have waited over a month and still nothing so did you actually give new levels?

- Copyright

You probably se

- ehhh🥴

its ok but once you get to level 200 it only has two different games that you can play and its kinda trash after that.

- Cool but...

I’ve been lately having to do nail levels and it’s starting to get boring and I’m getting tired of it. I’m on level 251, and I think you need to make more levels other than nails... 😡😡😡😡!!!! EVERYTHING IS NOT ABOUT NAILS!!!!!! And the thing is, you can nails in real life! SO WHATS THE POINT OF EVEN PUTTING NAILS LEVELS IF ALMOST EVERYBODY KNOWS HOW TO DO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Favorite game!

So i literally got this game YESTERDAY! and i’ve been playing it all day and night long. i was at school and i got bored so i started to play this game to fix my boredom. and i reached level 271 (last level as of now) so now i have to wait for more levels!

- Good....

I think this game is very fun. All of the levels are very fun, and are very time consuming. I have had this app for a while, and have gotten pretty far into the game. As I got farther though, I started to notice that the levels started repeating, and it seemed like they were alternating. Let’s say I was on a “trim and paint nails” level, and the next level is “paint the porta-potty” and then back to “trim and paint nails” and so on and so forth. It’s getting kind of annoying, so I’m hoping the developers add some more levels. But that is my only complaint, and otherwise I would recommend downloading this.

- too many ads

i like the game but it has wayyy too many ads . it gets annoying after awhile but for the most part , its a pretty good game !

- Ummmmm

Most of the “challenges”are from other games I’ve had

- Fun game

This is a really fun game people should play it, it can be hard but also easy.

- Too many adds...

There are WAY too many adds. Literally an add after every other level. Really?! Why?! This is the worst case of too many adds I’ve ever seen. I’ll tolerated 4 or even 3 levels before every add, but 2?! IT’S REDICULOUS. And the nail painting, even if the whole nail is CLEARLY painted, it won’t let you move on. It’s INFURIATING and almost ALL the upper levels are of nailpainting. Other than Thai, it’s an overall good game. And thanks for getting rid of the adds!

- Copycat

This game just copied other games such as Ink Inc and put it into their game as a level. It is fun, but it would be better with original ideas.

- Meh

The levels restarted

- Not great

There has been this weird trend on the App Store for games that are supposed to “test your IQ” and stuff, but what I want to point out is that most, if not all of these games do not help your brain in any sort of way. At some point in this game I found myself doing the exact same thing every single level, and the little “jokes” at the end are barely understandable. The only reason why I gave this game two stars was because I liked how it had lots of different minigames put into it that were already games to begin with. A lot of people say that the studio (Gamejam) just copied everyone’s games and put them into theirs, but even if that’s true, I still like that.

- I finished

I finished the whole game it has 271levels

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- Worst ever

This app is horrible because it takes to long to load and it glitches

- Well...

It’s fun and it makes you use your brain and that’s good but there’s to many adds

- Copying other apps

I just started playing this and I realizes it copied ink ink., mix colours and more.

- Good! But really glitchy

It’s a great game and really fun to play but there is a glitch that brings me back to the home screen every time I try to play it


It’s great but I downloaded it today and finished it today to

- What???

I haven’t even played this game because it kicks me out every time I try to play it

- Crashes

This game is good but when I played this game after 3 weeks it took me to a level where you have to trim and put nail polish on nails but when I put the nail polish on it crashes. When I look at the tab it says winner and it shows me I’m on level 236. So if possible can you please fix that problem? Thank you so much

- Ne pas télécharger

Je peux même pas jouer il n’arrête pas de fermer pis il fait juste boguer! Ne télécharger jamais ça !

- Soooo bad

It’s takes so long to load like a slug get other games like brain out,tricky test and brain test get those not this one and why is everyone writing short paragraphs like that’s for losers My name is Elizabeth and I am Queen Elizabeth basically my whole family has a queen or king name Queen Elizabeth Princess Kate my mom King of Vladislav my dad Queen Evie my big sis Princess Jennifer my middle sis

- Mon avis

J’aime bien ce jeu les levels sont bien mais il sont tous pareille... ce serais bien un petit peu de diversité... Aussi je ne crois pas que les enfants vont jouer à ce jeu alors le fouillage dans le nez du bonhomme ou tout les cacas je crois que c’est assez...

- Keeps Glitching Out

The game keeps glitching out of the game. I can’t even play it. I reckon I won’t be able to play it again. Please fix this!

- This copies other games

This game is terrible, it copies at least 30 other games. The levels copy other games, the game ITSELF copies other games, it’s ridiculous. DO NOT GET THIS!!!

- Only 271 levels

And it doesn’t even let you restart and it’s always the same thing over and over again

- So fun

I recommend getting it

- Same

Please put more variety I don’t want to repeatedly paint nails

- 😡

Not enough levels !!!!!😡

- ???

I really liked this game, but now whenever I play it the screen is all black and then it kicks me off. Is this happening to anyone else?

- Ads are too long

I expect ads in my games since I can’t afford to pay for ALL of them. And I can forgive a 3-5 second ad. Can’t forgive a 20-30 second ad in between each level. That’s appalling!

- Ce jeux fantastique

J’aime le fait qui est plein de jeux mélanger bravo j’aime beaucoup se jeux

- Too many ADS!

Puzzles are way too easy. Each takes a few seconds. Then you have to watch an ad to get to the next one. I tried to play... got bored... deleted it. Ad ad ad ad....

- ❤️❤️. But to many adds

I loooooooooooove it so much.❤️❤️😻😻😆😆. But to many adds 🥺🙎🏼‍♂️😟😩

- Sucks

This game is the beee WORST I play it because I’m bored

- Ma critique de Brain 3D

Mauvais jeu .immature et c’est toujours les mêmes questions à chaque fois .cest pourquoi j’ai mis 1 étoile. ;(

- Eh?,

It was a very fun game kind of combined other games. But then I completed game in a short amount of time it then also had a lot of ads a got boring with the same old games it was ok.

- Well....

I love this game but when you play it most of the levels are the same. Like it keeps doing for my a lot you go paint and stuff and make “Bob” stay alive OR SHAVE? Like can you please add some more stuff then all of that stuff. Plus after awhile it kinda gets boring. Hope you have fun playing it anyways. But can you please add more stuff to do

- Games?

What is the name of the escaping room game with obstacles

- Ideal

There’s legit too copies of this game

- Fun, easy, great

The stages are entertaining and hilarious, and yes, there are a couple of memes you can paint. Regarding the ads, you can just turn off your internet and play it, so you won’t get them. I finished the game in less than an hour on level 170, and I rate it 5 stars.

- Good Game BUT

It’s a really good easy simple pass the time game but it only has 132 levels and I have so far completed it they said come back later but how much later when will I see the new levels??

- Ads

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads

- Bad

Bad so bad do not bother it has to many ads

- Not good

It’s supposed to be a riddle game, right? It’s boring because it’s repetitive and too easy. There are also Way too many ads. I do NOT recommend this app.

- Ads

This game is awesome but there is a lot of ads so can you please revmobe some of the ade

- Copy

Too many copies of other games

- Ads

This game is amazing and really fun! Accept one thing the ads omg there are so many ads! Please get rids of most of the ads.

- Yeee

I love puzzles and I’m really smart so I’m go Anna love it it’s super nice game the best game ever

- Good game but...

But there is way too many ads and yoz are copying other games but I think it’s a decent game

- Please add more levels!

I love this game. But sadly, I reached level 108 and was sad there wasn’t more. But still, it’s amazing. :)

- The Grate Game

This is I super cool 😎 game you make a person called Bob you have to love 💖 this game. And you go on adventures with Bob But sometimes you have to feed Bob first day haaaaaaaaaar it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great👍🏻 you’l want to marry the game just when you download this app💗💖😍💍😍💖💗trust me you are about to learn a lot of stuff🤓🧐You parents you will be amazed how much you’re child has learnt🤯you’re kid will be like *mum I do not have to go to school*🏣x or like *mum/dad I love 💖this app called bla bla bla*! And the best bit is that you do not have to 💰xxx! You’re kids will love it. 💋🧠 morning after morning it’s the only game they will play! The’re ages 1-13 all that time playing this game.👶-👩/👨‍🦰!in the’re news about them my fav rite app is THIS APP!!!! So you have to download this app for your iPad no it’s worth it!

- Brain out

I love brain out it is so fun and it is easy to do all the levels How ch levels r there I don’t know but there really fun and easy I just can’t stop playing this game because it is so fun to stop playing I just love this game



- This game is awesome

I love this game because it’s fun and then you have to use your memory because it’s gonna rain 3-D it’s awesome to play I like it because it is good it’s just not good it is great amazing awesome I love it so much this game is amazing thank you for listening bye

- Rip off

This game is ok but it is a rip off of every other free game, they didnt even change it! there are also to many adds. I would like it if it had not copied EVERY FREE GAME IN THE APP STORE! Apart from that it is a good game I do recommed.

- Great but

This is a good game but i finished the game in 2 days so could u plz add more levels asap. Apart from that 👌👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- It’s well made, But a few things to review.

Brain 3D 4 Star Review So, let’s review : 1. This app does have a few little copies in it from other apps, but I like that, because I don’t have to download other apps to be able to do those things. 2. Kinda sexist. Maybe at one level near the start Bob meets, I don’t know, Georgina, and they go along together through the levels instead of just Bob. 3. Ads. I know it is quite an easy fix, and your promoting other apps which I love, but your most popular app for my iPad is a casino game, I’m 9. Because this is a 9+ app, I feel like you should be advertising other apps a little more responsibly. 4. Repeat. I get how the repeat can be a bit annoying for people, but I like how you can redo for favourite level from before a tiny bit different, instead of having to re-download the game!! :D Altogether this is a great app, there is just a few problems that could be fixed. Thank you.

- It’s good

First off if you have a problem with the ads turn off the phones wifi then the ads won’t come up. This game is good but it has some other games in it. The levels keep on repeating so yeah but other then that it’s a pretty good game!

- Copying games


- I hate this game

To many Ads ever level add the only way to get rid of ads is turning wifi off and it’s way to easy I would be able to do this if my brain was the size of a peanut I don’t recommend this game! I’m giving it 1 star.

- Copy but good

This is just a heap of different games in one but it’s still pretty fun anyway because you don’t have to keep switching from game to game.

- Adds 🤬🤬🤬

There are soooooooooooooooo many adds, after every level there is a add! But the game is good apart form the adds.

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- Le epic

Awesome game Because bob is my friend and stuff like that blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah

- Ggvvghjjjjjjbjjjnbhhhjjjjjjnjbbn


- Reminds me of other games

This game is so FUN and it reminds me of my favorite games like rescue cut and sandwich.Out of all the other brain games this is one on the best ones.Some of the levels are really hard but then I finally get it. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars!🥳

- Baaaadddd

Ok but literally when I got to level 198 it said I completed the game sooo

- Eh

It’s just a while bunch if the time pass games in this new app it’s okay

- Game time

Great game people



- My review

So I just got this game and I love it and I also have the other game it’s like this and it’s from the same company and I am on level 100 . On that game and I am on level 15 on this game and I love this game


You know the ads that are like this game but fake well your game is real and is better love it have a great day


Ok so I just got to 210 this morning if some body is reading this review no that it is entertaining and addicting and I would totally recommend it to people at an age of 6 to 15 but there are ALOT of ads but it’s totally worth the time spent on the ads my IQ is of about 130 so I don’t really need the game but it’s fun and NOT BORING I LOVE it will you like it mabey I don’t know but if I could I would give it 100 stars ⭐️ So get the game it’s worth it

- it’s so funny and hard

i love it

- Noooo

It’s boring and copy others games.

- Boom dudes

This game is sick like the owner

- Thumbs down

This is definitely not a game for adults. You play the same 10 games over and over again. I got to level 200 and had to delete it. Also, there are way to many ads. I was getting an ad after every game or every other game.

- No more ads!

Way to many ads!


A baby could beat this and y’all are copying other games did u even get permission if not that counts as copyright right?

- Awesome game

I love this game It makes your brain think, there are not a lot of adds and it’s fun. I give this game a 5!

- Too many ads

There’s an ad between every single level.

- Ok

It is just okay some ads

- 😶...

What the heck is this? I got this game because I wanted to get a brain puzzle game. This is awful. Don’t waste your time. This game is worthless and unoriginal and terrible. This game should not exist. It’s the worst game ever. It’s uses other games and is very repetitive and boring.

- The ads make the game worst

I love the game and it’s really fun but I don’t really like the pimple levels it disgusting and also their SO MANY ADS

- This game was ok but over all not that great.

This game was Extremely easy. I got all 166 levels done in about two weeks. To make this better I feel the makers should make it more difficult.


There is a add every single time after three levels! 😤

- ....

I liked the game. It was really fun. But the levels are to easy. And you don’t have to think very hard. Which is why I got the game I wanted something to challenge my thinking. I got this game yesterday and I finished all 236 levels today. I didn’t even play very long. I had about 6 hours of play time total.

- It’s horrible


- Not unique

It’s stealing the other games

- Love it already 😊

There is so much fun games an levels

- Help me please!!!

What do I do? I’ve been playing this game for three weeks and now I can’t open the game. When I click on the app, it freezes and shuts down every time I try to play the game. Please help.

- Read this!

This game is very weird but fun. The thing that is weird is how when you “kill” zombie bob he technically doesn’t die and keeps on walking. But I still go to the next level. And why did you have to PICK A GUYS NOSE AND EARS!?!?! Now to me that’s funny but like it’s weird at the same time. And the levels are so easy that when I bought this game I got to level 26 in like 1-2 minutes. Please add some harder levels!

- Happy but sad

I finished all the levels and I wish their was more I’m kind of happy and kind of sad

- Brain 3D

I think this game is really fun and unique! It lets you try games you always see in ads, and then you can decide if you actually want to get that game or not. As fun as the game is, it’s really short. I beat it in maybe a little over an hour. There is only 130 something levels, and most take 30 to 60 seconds. I like how it’s offline, as that means I can turn off my internet and enjoy the game without ads. It would also be nice if it could actually out the name of the actual game that the “mini game” is from when you complete the level, rather than showing an ad in part of the level complete box. I’d say get it if you’re gonna be going on a road trip or something, but I wouldn’t really recommend it if you are looking for something fun to play for a while.

- Game

I love how it is a bunch of mini games crammed into one game with a funny twist but I do wish they were more challenging

- It ok

It is a good game not saying it is bad but there are just a a lot of adds

- 😕😕

Ok, the only reason I did a three star rating was because this game is WAY to easy, I just wish that the levels were harder, other than that this is a pretty fun game!!

- Why

Oml this game is not original i mean it is but it has games in it that we’re already made why would you could at least make something original.

- good, but...

the pimple popping level is disgusting and it disturbs me i’m sorry

- It’s good but too many ads

Too many ads

- Inappropriate Ads

Inappropriate ads for a 9yr old. My sons doesn’t need to know about “Cheaters”. The ad is totally inappropriate. Take the ad off or change the age for your App.

- Don’t waste your time trust me

If you looking for the WORST game of them all in the App Store and or the google play! This is for you,what a waste of time and space,developers don’t even reply and just delete this game from the store Bad bad bad

- Why

If I want to make sandwiches I have a game so I don’t get it thank you have a nice day I guess

- Too easy

I like the game it’s just way too easy

- i honestly don’t know how to do most of the things but it’s kinda fun.

but you need an update

- Love it....but a few things I would mention

Ok so this is a great game overall but this app copy’s A LOT of other games (Stencil art, the game were you have to cut strings to save the kid, etc. please make your own challenges I love the game overall tho it’s great

- READ!!!!!!!

This game is really easy and all the games in it are just other games put together in one. After every level there is an add they really need to put less adds. One good part about this game is that you don’t have to download all of the games to play because there are a bunch of games in one big game. I hope I can continue to play this game without so many adds. Thanks for reading. I hope you all like the game.

- Repetitive and unoriginal

This game, like every other game on this forsaken AppStore, is utter garbage. The levels aren’t even remotely challenging. They are repetitive, nonsensical, and complete clones of other apps that aren’t even good in their own right. The jokes are immature and idiotic as if they were written by some random psychopath in a mental institution. And lastly, THE CONSTANT ADS. Congratulations, just like every other untalented developer on this store, you have successfully disappointed me.

- So fun!

This is such a fun and silly game, and I also love the music! I actually deleted it and reinstalled it just so I could play it again. 😆🦆💕

- I hate this

This has only a set ten amount of levels and everything is stolen Bad game

- Amazing game

People can learn from this

- Could be very fun, but

This game could be lots of fun, but the music is horrible, and there are entirely too many ads that last too long!

- Wow...

1.The game is really inappropriate for kids. 2.The game is disgusting 3.To many ads 4.Doesn't have common sense 5.Doesnt let u have ur own opinion I rate it 2 stars and also it doesn’t test ur iq

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- 💪🏻


- Sort of a good game

When I got to a level it was only coming up with paint the porta potty

- Boring

Very basic,poor game play, boring would not recommend.

- New version is terrible

I love all the games before the version because I finnished all the levels so I stoped playing until that new version has come out and all you do is paint porter potties and trim nails

- It is ok I guess

It isn’t really a brain game it is just common sense and there are a lot of ads. #noonelikesads #boring



- More levels

I’m really enjoying this game however I have been at the end of the game for a while so wondering if there is a plan for more levels.

- Dude

Amazing game.

- Too easy

Can you make them harder?

- It ok

I’m on level 114 and it is soooooo easy to do

- Weird

This game is super doper weird.

- It’s boring and unoriginal

All it is a lot of games mixed together think of ur own things to put in the game and less and please

- Please read this:Not that good as I thought...

This is the EASIEST game I’ve EVER played. I recommend this ONLY for people that are under 4 years old and that have little problems.

- Alright

It is a really good game but disappointing it only has 180 levels


All of their games put together and no ads

- Wooow

Is really easy and relaxing I hope is better in the future:D

- Not recommended for special types of audiences.

The levels are extremely simple and the ads are exceptionally overused. Such a competitive game! It’s appallingly bothersome and is only recommended in my view for very young audiences, or audiences that aren’t very smart. If you at least have good knowledge this game is not recommended AT ALL!

- Amazing!!!

I used to download loads of apps, but after installing this game, I could delete half of my games because this game is loads of games in one. Some examples of the games are: off the hook; crayons; sandwich; spray paint artist. But there are many more. I love this app. I would have given it 6 stars is I could! I I l I lo I lov I love I love t I love th I love thi I love this I love this a I love this ap I love this app I love this ap I love this a I love this I love thi I love th I love t I love I lov I lo I l I I don’t know why I did that it just looks cool

- Actually A Good Game

Didn’t know what to expect from the game but in the end it was really fun. Not too many ads and the levels were cool also - it’s like having multiple games in one. I highly recommend trying to complete all the levels and have lots of fun.

- Good game

This game is a fun and logic game at the same time.It is very friendly and I have enjoyed it. Please add more levels I finished them all in 30 minutes

- Omg 😮 cool 😎

This is a fun app and it’s very silly 😝 if you have mental health issues this is a great 👍 way to focus on life it can also help you with life tasks

- Worst game

Tooo much adds 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Good game

It’s a really fun game but it needs more levels but soo fun I love this game

- It’s just boring

So basically the game is just a bunch of their other games in one but with even more ads so I switched my WiFi off and I completed it but it only goes to Lv 132 and the Discord link doesn’t even work bc they didn’t care to check the expire date/how long it would be valid or they deleted they’re group

- Amazing but...

It’s a great game but when it says come back for more level so I did and nothing just nothing.So I hope they fixes the glitch

- Good if you are under 4

I wouldn’t recommend it for adults. Extremely easy, repetitive and too many adverts.

- Not too good

The game itself is fun but you can only open the app once when u download it. After that it stays on a grey screen.

- Crashes a lot

Doesn’t open and stays on grey screen

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Brain Puzzle: 3D Games 1.1.9 Screenshots & Images

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games iphone images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games ipad images
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Brain Puzzle: 3D Games Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games (Version 1.1.9) Install & Download

The applications Brain Puzzle: 3D Games was published in the category Games on 2019-12-26 and was developed by Gamejam Co. [Developer ID: 1439906403]. This application file size is 150 MB. Brain Puzzle: 3D Games - Games posted on 2020-03-11 current version is 1.1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Brain Puzzle: 3D Games Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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