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Doublicat is now Reface
Reface is the #1 Face Swap App in the App Store.
Create hyper-realistic face swap videos & gifs with just one selfie.

- Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters.
- Share personalized gif memes and videos to messengers and social media.

Powered by RefaceAI — state of the art face swap AI/ML technology.
Mentioned in: Forbes, Mashable, TNW, Digital Trends.
In case of any questions, issues or collaboration requests — contact us at

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- BEST face swap app out there! Unbelievable quality and tons of fun videos!

Before this app I downloaded another similar one called “Facebrity,” which didn’t have nearly as many options and charged $5 a week for membership. This version is half the price and sooooo much better! It doesn’t look fake, as long as you have a good photo it actually looks really nice! I am so happy I found this app and I would strongly recommend it to anyone on the fence about getting a subscription... splurge!!!! I can’t imagine myself keeping an active subscription permanently because that’s just a lot of money for content I’ll probably never really use for anything, but here and there it’s a lot of fun and I’ll renew it in the future :)

- Great concept, needs to be more reliable

First off...really fun idea, I’m having a lot of fun with this. My major gripe is that the app keeps having goofy problems. First, it wouldn’t let me load my own gifs. Then it worked like a dream for about a month. The last couple weeks, it seems like it can’t handle my gif library and you can’t scroll past the first few visible rows before it crashes, and you could only use the most recently saved ones. And since yesterday, it now crashes as soon as I go to the gif library altogether, which is REALLY a problem, because now you’ve kind of rendered the app useless if that’s going to happen. I’m not a tech guy, I don’t know the ins and outs, but the number one thing I need improved is the app’s ability to not overload and crash. Fix that, and you’ve got an excellent product here, which is why I’m keeping the rating friendly, but as of the current moment, the app is zero stars to me as I can’t use it for its most important purpose to me as it’s advertised that I should be able to do. Please fix ASAP! Thanks!

- Pointless and a waste

Was a good app. Latest update has basically made it useless. It was glitchy in the best of times. Now it’s garbage. I had bought the yearly subscription for $25, but thankfully was able to cancel that transaction before my three day trial was up. A pity as I never subscribe to apps but this one was very good. Now it’s pointless and a waste of time. Look for an app that won’t censor you. Don’t bother with this one. Edit 1: I understand the developers position after receiving a response. However, it should be made 100% crystal clear to someone, before they purchase a $25 subscription to this app, that the main beneficial function of the subscription (namely, being able to upload your own gifs to reface) will be severely curtailed and managed, almost like a nanny, by someone else. My rating stands, as with this restriction on artistic freedom in place the app subscription should be, at best, $4.99 a year. Without this parenting of peoples choices, I would even be willing to pay $50 a year for this app. A pity that this developer has chosen the direction of censorship instead.

- Love The App But It Lost A Star

As far as a fun app, to me, this is even more fun than any game. I’ve been having so much enjoyment that I became a weekly subscriber. One complaint though, that forced me to take away a star is the refacing of my own Gifs, its AI catching some as “inappropriate” despite nothing being inappropriate in any way. Actually one it found was someone doing a ballet arm movement, another, someone leaning forward and standing straight up. No nudity or risky attire of any kind, not even sound or use of copyright music material. And while I personally don’t convert anything of the adult nature, since it’s a private app people should post what they want. I tried contacting support but since it’s Friday they’re closed until Monday. To close, it’s very good but can use some improvements. I won’t be keeping it forever but for now it’s great fun.

- Doesn’t work now

Quick question how come does reface flag gifs as nsfw and won’t “reface” them, yet the other app you guys have reflect doesn’t flag pics as nsfw work and does edit them? I’m just confused oh how you don’t allow it on one of your apps but you do on the other? And please don’t tell me to email or go on app to contact customer service when I have emailed and you told me to do it in app which is how I got the email address for the 1st email I sent and verified it on your website. But if you say you don’t allow nsfw content that in all honestly uploaded content is via the user uploading it like on any other app or site. But back to my point how can it be okay for one app and not for another when they are both in the apple I store and are created by the same company. And again please answer here in the reviews as I am not going to email you guys as you informed me and others to do even though I have emailed days ago and haven’t heard anything back.

- Good, but really shows how dumb humans are.

Premium doesn’t really offer anything special but no ads, and watermarks removed whether you like it or not. If they were smart, they’d add private gifs, but it’s pretty obvious any updates will just be sponsored ones. You stupidly can’t even upload higher res stuff like their sponsored refaces, so not surprised to see it drop from #1 in Entertainment to #3 as of writing. Can’t reface just pics either without compiling it into a gif. There’s supposedly a limit of 15 seconds each, but you never really see gifs go for that long. For some stupid reason they allow gifs that don’t even work. I could go on and on, but basically, humans are dumb.

- Could use some work.

It's a nice app for the most part, but after using it for almost a month, I've noticed quite a few flaws. The limit of 640p gifs is extremely limiting, and makes the end result look not so great. Straight up limiting it to gifs in the first place is a real bummer, because it's harder to find gifs for a lot of what people would use this app for. MP4s or WeBMs would be great additions in the App, and would guarantee a resubscription from me. I'm not saying bump up the resolution supported to 4k (as nice as that would be) but like 900p or somewhere around there would definitely assist with the compatibility. Also a feature to assist the face finding, like pin pointing where the eyes are, or upgrading how it locates it would be perfect. Thank you for the product, and thank you for reading my review.

- A miracle

So, I lost my 22 year old son July 2019 very unexpectedly to Viral Myocarditis and it has been SO HARD on me. I was left to only have the punctures I had. No new memories, then along came this app and it brought my David back to me. Yes, I understand he’s gone and never going to physically be with me anymore. I am not deluding myself. That being said, this app was made for his faceS nearly every one of these I do, his face is PERFECT! I mean, they even get the profile right! This app has been a Godsend to me. It has helped me in the mourning process. I want to thank the creators/developers of this app for not only making it, but making it affordable. I miss David every day, but this helps me tremendously.

- Great app

This is what you are looking for, there’s plenty options to choose from, and god knows how many gifs to use. I would recommend only the one week purchase though, because after a day or two it gets kinda old. Less than 3 bucks for a week of fun. If there was a feature to add your own videos (I didn’t exactly check but I doubt it) it would be worth the $25 for a year. Some of the options work better than others, but this app was exactly what I expected of it, which is nice for a change. I was tony Montana snorting lots of coke. Lots.

- It works amazingly but

It’s limited to what they want you to use. I can’t use any of my gifs or videos on my phone. You can upload gifs to their servers for anyone to see and use but I don’t really want to share my gifs or videos for anyone to see or use. It would be great if I could use my private photos, gifs, videos on my phone and replace faces on other photos, gifs or videos on my phone with the option to share with a community or not share my content. I also am told the generated video or gif is deleted from their servers after use but the facial scan is not. I’d prefer that to be deleted as well. Other than that it’s amazing how exact or almost exact the faces look to the real person once it is generated I have no complaints there just the constraint on what/how I can use it.

- Growing Problems

First off, this app is great. I subscribed the day I tried it. But as the app added more content, the problems began. I get trying to make it better, but don’t do it at the cost of the app crashing or not working at all. Maybe slow down and do a little bit at a time, making sure the changes work before sending them out. My whole family has this app and enjoy it immensely. But this past weekend (Nov 6th-Nov 9th 2020) this app worked for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, until the problems are fixed my family and I are going to drop the app. I really hope you can fix the problem or problems. I’ll check back in a month or so. If it’s fixed before then, let people know about it.

- Perfect if you are a little tech savvy

I love this app! Like others l was frustrated at first because I had lots of issue with using my own gifs. However I quickly learned how to resize gifs on procreate and how to create custom gifs from images and videos. Armed with this knowledge I am able to use this app to its fullest potential. You do get the occasional gifs that aren’t useable because the face isn’t cropped closely enough or the person in the original gif turns the head to the side but other than that most of my personal gifs work perfectly. If you dont know how to make or resize gifs I can see how this app can be a little frustrating.

- Ummmm..... do I really look like that?

Super fun app and everything but the only downfall about it is that I do not look like the face that they Try to make me! It is very irritating and the characters don’t look real because of that! Also some of the faces don’t work and that is a super big bummer! I do not know if I would recommend this app because of all its downfalls ! Although this app is fun to do with friends apparently it does not work on my face! Super weird! But I have to say it is fun at the same time! Also they don’t have all the characters that I would like! But otherwise it is a pretty nice app I would recommend this app if you are willing to have your face changed into something that it is not!

- Great but problems

You guys keep doing updates and I think that great however you have not fixed the issue that people ha e been vocal about. The gif option does not move when shared on facebook. Also I have noticed on this update I have more facial glitches than in any previous update. Please update a patch this week or I will have to terminate my membership and try the other face swap app I see on the App Store. Also a recommendation, you should have a submenu when useres can accesses your old featured videos. They are by far the best and are very hard to find once they go away. Also it would be great if I could upload a video clip my self from a movie I could not find on your store.

- I Am Addicted.

I literally discovered this app yesterday from an advertisement off my social media. I was bored so I decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did. The Reface AI on this app really does look amazing. I was skeptical at first but when I tried it, I was playing with it the rest of the day. The only thing I wish they would change is if they offered more videos and a search bar for videos, not just Gifs. The premium membership really isn’t too bad, the price is good for a yearly membership. I did a 3-day trial, and I will be continuing a yearly subscription. What I did learn, is that my fiancé is absolutely the best model I’ve used yet, including all the friends and family I’ve tried it on. We are starting a new hashtag called: #refacespenser. Check it out! You won’t regret it. All the videos are from a single photo of his. He’s very photogenically photoshopped in. 🤣 Enjoy!

- Excellent app... when it works

I tried the free version and was very impressed, but I’ll keep this review short and simple: they need to lower the price until they get their servers in order. I am CONSTANTLY getting server errors and refacing takes forever. As a paying customer, I expected the paid version to be more efficient and less buggy than the free version. Sure, I get unlimited refaces as a paying customer, but the fact I had zero issues with the free version makes it seem as if they give server priority to free customers to lure them in and then make paying customers experience issues. Fix your servers and bugs, and the app will then be worth the price of admission.

- Was good, now trash

Spent $25 on the year long subscription just so I could use my own gifs with their service. About two months in my subscription, they pushed out a new update that analyses every gif you use and blocks it if their filter deems it inappropriate. It will even prevent you from using your own gifs entirely if you trigger it too often. Paid half the price of a AAA game to reface your own gifs? Too bad, we’re gonna disable that feature if you don’t use it the way we intend you to because we’re the equivalent of your conservative grandmother. Let’s be honest. Did you really think anyone was paying 25 bucks to be Jack Sparrow? Gonna contact them and see if I can get at least a partial refund. As it stands now, this has become a complete waste of money.


Okay so first off, I am OBSESSED with this app and love it so far. This review is more for their Marketing ppl, come tf onnnn...I’m using it for the first time tonight and obviously want to try a million different GiFs and videos before I even think about subscribing, and NO JOKE, you have to watch an ad EVERY single time. I get it, it annoys you into paying $3.00 a week or w/e...but it’s a horrible look and is a major turn off. But honestly, I’m enjoying it so much that I probably will end up giving them a few bucks a week, but still. Get real. Every single “ReFace”??? The gifs and videos and the app would get 5 stars...but them being ridiculous and doing an ad every single reface is selfish & tacky so they get 2 instead.

- Doesn't function on your .gif

The developers supposedly intended to have this work on your own .gif and promoted it as such. But it doesn't work. I have never had a successful upload of my own or anything not through their own app using Tenor. That's actually a pretty big fail, because I'm sure there's a lot of marketing dollars coming through the promotion of films etc here. It should be cheaper if it is not functional. Not just me. I now see others with the same problem reviewing.

- Fun App To Share Laughs With Friends

I’m a monthly subscriber. I love putting friends’ faces on funny movie scenes, gifs, and images and sharing great laughs with them. It would be great if, eventually, we could use our own photos as we can with gifs. The only negative for me is the new NSFW filter that has been implemented. I get it, but we’re also adults here. That decision should be for we, the subscribers, to make. Other than that small issue, this is genuinely a great app to pass the time with.

- Fatphobic

This app is funny and the technology is pretty good. But it’s AWFUL if you’re not a skinny 20-year-old. If you are overweight or you have a round face it squishes it and you look cross-eyed and gross. If you’re older and have wrinkles it tries to age-reverse you and you end up looking VERY bad. I tested this app on several coworkers with different shapes and sizes and it’s just bad. The only gifs offered for fat searches are extremely offensive. There’s nothing uplifting. This is DEFINITELY going to trigger body dysmorphia and eating disorders. They need to do better. Not worth being FORCED to set up payment before you try it out for 3 days. There’s no easy way to cancel. Strikes me as a money grab.


If I’m being honest this is the best thing ever. I definitely got my money’s worth within the first few hours. This app is GREAT. Love how you can upload your own gifs. Made it even more enjoyable for me and my friends. Would recommend premium. It’s 3.99 and you don’t have to watch ads. No problems so far besides sometimes it says something went wrong. But I found that issue usually happens if the quality of the gif is bad or the face photo.

- Great and Fun, BUT need similar new app.

Wow! Very fun, but it is actually very close to complete entertainment. It would be nice that if you CAN, make an app that I can put my whole body into FULL Hollywood movies (only when purchased from iTunes Store). For example, replacing movie characters and actors in any movies, including Spider Man as if I can play as Peter Parker instead of Tobey Maguire. PLEASE work on a perfection like this, so that I can be able to enjoy seeing myself in movies and to laugh for hours.

- Why?

I woke up this morning with ads (have had this app for a month now never had them). Then it asked me to upgrade (which I didn’t yet because I was worried I wouldn’t get any more access. Why the hell is it asking me to pay now? This was the first app that I liked not having to pay for doing face swaps but now it’s asking and it’s not fair to those of us who can’t afford not even the cheapest option. It gets three stars because some pics/clips are good quality and others not so much. Also cause you now have to pay. Not cool.

- Great app

Great app. Haha, did anyone mention it. Only couple things maybe more than bug issues, most likely development, maybe others mentioned, as i am not a software developer at all, but humbly would like to bring out. The face to be changed, when something covers or pass in front of it, the face being copied appears on top or overlaps. Also it seems like have hard time detecting animated faces. Keep up the good work...

- Rip off

So when i went to try this app out i was given a couple subscription options. I clicked on the 3 day free trial and well the charged me the full year immediately and refuse to reply when trying to contact them through the app settings. Im with in the 3 day trail and would like to cancel it. Ita not a bad app and can be funny. Just not worth having longer than a couple hours. Hence the 3 day free trial... to see if you like it!

- Feedback & Comments

I love , love , LOVE this app , but pleaseeeeeeeeeeee consider not removing certain videos when you do your daily addition 😣 I was asked by a friend to do a ReFace to Shirin David , but it wasn’t available and I literally couldn’t find the video when I searched her tag , except for GIFS , but I wanted the video! Please consider just categorizing your older videos the same way you guys did with the update! Again - DON’T DELETE DAILY VIDEOS , JUST STORE THEM !

- Best Thing Ever

This is the best thing in my life. Period. Loss of bladder control is a side effect of the uncontrollable, snort enduring, kind of laughter that comes from the spirits of your ancestors and it’s actually cathartic. I put my mother’s face on Joan Crawford when she’s being mean. What’s better than sending your mother a gif of her face on Mommy Dearest? Maybe putting your face on a Christina. This app is just the best. I love it and will probably die from laughter.

- The AI is good the UI is not

The refaceAI is pretty frickin cool but the app is pretty bogus. You only have the option to take live photos of your (or others) faces , though you do get to store them in an internal gallery , you can not access your photo roll to upload preexisting photos. Furthermore you can only interact with their built in gifs and cannot upload your own. For someone who is absolutely uninterested in pop culture this leaves you with very few options and very little fun. It would also be beneficial if the inhouse camera had a flash function considering the AI seems to rely heavily on clarity of detail.

- Premium isn't worth it

*Almost* everything you get for free works as it should. But if you get premium and try and use your own gifs practically none of them will work. It will just keep giving you the message "the video is too short" even though it works fine with shorter gifs on the default version. Plus you can't reface pictures of your own, even with premium. At least there is a trial, i feel bad for anyone who actually bought it. Just stick to the normal version.

- Really cool, but needs a few improvements ASAP

Firstly, they really need to get their network in order. If I’m paying $20 bucks per year to make funny memes, it better let me make as many gifs as possible without giving me a network error saying I can’t make any more gifs/service is down. Secondly, I want to be able to make and upload my own videos not just gifs. Once this app enables a full, editable video with sound - it’ll get a 5 from me.

- Don’t download, Pay wall can’t use for free.

I just love how greedy phone developers have become every single app has to either have in app purchases, premium subscriptions, or a blatant pay wall to even use the app. It’s even better when in the App Store this app shows no in app purchases, not until you download it and open it to see a yearly and monthly pay plan to swap a face are you kidding me? This apps a joke and I really don’t want to hear the same copy and paste bot reply from the developer talking about “there is a free trial you can use, or email us this or that”. Apps wack don’t give them money for something this lame 😒

- Personal gif uploads lose a lot of quality

If you want to subscribe (pro) to the app, all you get is the water mark removed. Most of the personal gifs you upload are blurry and lose a lot of quality, it becomes almost unusable. I can’t recommend this for custom face swap creations. The gifs in their limited library are crisp and clear, good quality, so the technology is there, they just have to apply it to gifs you upload. Please fix this! If it’s fixed, this would be the best face swap app out there.

- Get this app

This app is amazing its so realistic one problem the watermark you have to pay to remove the watermark its really annoying anyway you can put your face on so many cool celebrities and you can take a picture off the internet of any one save it use it on reface and you can put a celebrity on a celebrity lol this app makes me laugh so hard!! 😂 i put my face on Emma stone its disgusting but i love it so GET THIS APP!!!!


How cool to be able to replace your face on popular Gifs or movie scenes. Don’t get how anyone can complain about it. But you do have to find the pic to use. Looking straight ahead, not too bright, not to big or small, having a photo with with high contrasts helps. Is it Hollywood quality? No. But it works. And it’s an app. Keep working on it guys, and thanks for all the laughs I’ve had. You guys rock!

- NSFW filter has become ridiculously restrictive

It’s understandable that as ReFace becomes more popular, it will need to restrict inappropriate content to reach the widest audience possible. However, the filter has becomes ridiculous— case in point: several weeks ago there was a gif that appeared to be a brief scene from a Disney movie with Princess Jasmine dancing that was available for refacing in one of the sections. The clip had sharp dance movements and the cleavage physics emanating from her dance costume must’ve triggered the filter. Tried to reface that same dancing gif for a colleague today and it got flagged for possible inappropriate content. Please adjust, thank you.

- Pretty fun but

i just downloaded it last night and so far it seems like a pretty fun app. my only issue is that i wish there was a search bar for the celeb videos. like last night i saw the option of “Maddie from Euphoria” on there and the next day, i can’t find her anymore. and i can’t find the popular Cleopatra video one so i wish it was more access to the variety of celebs being hidden.


I have tried to reach support but no where to ask a question. I downloaded a face and picked a video and nothing happened. I tapped the photo, played the video, after it downloaded it was the original video. What am I doing wrong? Any help please. I give 5 stars because if it works it is a great idea. But can not give stars until I can figure it out.

- Enough Already

And by that I mean, get rid of Cardi B, she’s been up FOREVER! Loads of fun when I first got the app, getting kind of bored with it by now though still amusing. Definitely was not happy when the app deleted all but 5 of my saved faces . They should at least give me the choice of which 5 I could keep. I do enjoy the vintage gifs, more from old movies please, how about some Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Humphrey Bogart, etc. Black n white classic s would be a nice addition. Oh, and let me say it again ENOUGH of Cardi B!

- I think it should Update features

What I mean by that is we should be able to swap our faces on any music videos instead of the ones that’s already on there and not just the gifs and it should be able to save the actual words and things like that i would be cool and more interesting the have fun with ! 💙

- Problems

I paid for a month subscription, for the added feature of adding my own GIFs, but it won’t allow it to be uploaded even a one second Gif. It just sits on the loading screen for more than 15 minutes. It would also be nice if the featured videos were accessible after they age off. Instead we only get a limited amount. : Update, now that the free version allows you to upload pics from your album, I wasted 8$ becoming a month member, the subscription does absolutely nothing different than the free version. Doesn’t let you upload GIF’s

- It’s great but, everything has pros and cons

The app is great, don’t get me wrong I love the fact that you can use gifs to make a video. But I would give it five stars if this app just had another feature, I really wish that you can take your own photos in and put your face in them.I really hope you put this in the app. I don’t be putting this in the app when you gotta pay for it please.

- Meme-Y

By far the best to share amongst friends for a couple of hours in a group chat but not worth spending premium on :/ only three uses every three hours unless you buy in. I’m glad I picked Captain Hook, Dobby, and a Kpop dancer to pick fun at my friends lol. Waiting for my time to be up so I can do more then uninstall bc really our attention spans are quite squirrelly.

- Change a few things

The app is overall amazing, but there is one small detail that makes me want to uninstall and not come back... The notification that pops up when your “out of reface’s”, is a very poor way of trying to get somebody to subscribe. Anybody with enough sense of money management, would never fall for that. Please change this feature to take away the limitations of how many reface’s you can do with the free version of the app.

- It does not reface

This is a crappy app. Tried to put different pictures to do reface and tried it to different artist also but it does not look like me at all. It keep showing same person that is not my face to different artist when I tried different pics to different artist. I looked at what others video also when they did the reface but it does not look like them either. The face that I see on mine when refaced and theirs after refaced looks the same. So, this reface app seems like already know what you would like ( not you) when you try the reface app.

- Fun but the crashes make it unusable.

I bought the app because I really enjoyed faceswapping my friends and family. We all got a big kick out of the videos. However, I haven’t been able to use the app for over a day now. Crashes ‘every’ time. If not crashing then slow to respond.

- Feature Videos are a lot of fun but...

It’s a fun app. Of course you get a lot more access when you pay for it. I wish they focused more on making more featured videos than the other ones. The other ones just are really bad. They come out absolutely terrible. You can tell the ones they really work on are the featured videos. So all and all, I wish they would give us more featured videos and less of the other ones.

- So much fun!

This is seriously one of the best apps! My wife and I love it and have spend so much time laughing because of it. My only complaint however is that when you upload your own gif the quality drops significantly at the end of the clip. I hope this can be resolved. Outside of that it’s a lot of awesome!

- Hands down hilarious

This is the coolest app ever! I’ve been playing around on it for weeks and already thought it was amazing then I scrolled down and found a HUGE library of videos to choose from and I was blown away this is the free version. LIKE WOW! Seriously such a great app I’ve been telling all my friends it’s a great laugh for us all

- WHY!!!!!!

I really loved this much fun, so entertaining and will make you laugh for hours. After the newest update, you have a limited number of refaces, after they are exhausted you have to wait something like 3 hours 45 mins to get more. Or you could subscribe and get unlimited....This was such a bad move. The people who love and patronize the app will definitely feel cheated by this. Developers should have found a better way to get more money. This seems more like a bait and switch. I am very disappointed by the direction the app is going in.

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- Great app

This app is so much better than I’d thought it would be. Well worth becoming a bro and helping to make it even better. The addition of being able to swap faces and then go back and swap another without having to scan the gif again is a great way of producing the same gif with different faces quickly. I’d love to see the ability to use longer gifs but I understand the constraints of memory etc so I guess we will have to see. This seems like the beginning of some great AI. Can’t wait for the next update. M

- Great but

I loved this app, it’s a lot better then I had expected when I used it but a few thing I wish to come is a way to upload our own gifs but I have heard that it may be coming soon but one big thing I would loved to see if there could be a way to have a person hands oh there faces e.g.🤭 🤫🤔but if we are not there yet or if it takes up way to much time I can understand but in overall loved the app Update Still love this app I feel it has gotten so much better with the update I also have purchased the “bro” I feel that it’s ok but I would like to say something about “bro” when trying to upload a gif it takes way to long I haven’t had a chances to upload one as it’s way to long also why can’t I have a thing it have a feature where you you let it load and go off but I can understand if it to hard or anything but overall still love it but please fix uploading gifs

- Aces

I wasn’t expecting this to work even half as well as it does. Just spent a solid hour playing around with it and making gifs of my friends as Avengers and other pop culture characters. Surprisingly good app! The only things I’d like to see in future updates is the ability to search for gifs with keywords, and possibly even upload more gifs yourself (but I understand the technology might not support that second point). Overall, good work, devs!

- Good fun, amazing graphics

Unbelievable technology and very amusing. Not all gifs work, beards play havoc but a very small negative. I pay the monthly subscription and believe the price is good. Some people grumbling but would spend that on a coffee or drinks without thinking twice. Looking forward to the next features as I think this will get even better. One thing is the premium videos should be accessible or at least have the ability to save your favorite. I get an idea and go back to get one and it is gone.

- Love it

Absolutely amazing , I love you get to also do it without paying to the app and I can’t pay because my parents won’t let but the experience is beautiful

- Take my money

Such a funny app. Have already spent hours making myself and others laugh. I can’t believe how great everyone looks! 😂😂😂 Worth the $$$

- Great app but can’t get out of the payment

I have been trying to contact support to get out of my subscription and it will never load. I have been trying for some time now. So now I guess I’m stuck paying for this the rest of my life. Don’t get it if you don’t want it for ever.

- Weird and Fun

Such a fun and weird application 😂 It’s so funny! What would make it even better would be the feature to add your own videos, that would be cool! 😄

- You got me hooked

Love it. It does a fairly good job of refacing. Lots of laughs from my friend and family. Please add more videos and movie clips. Oh, by the way did I mention I am going Pro. 😎

- Best app

My family and I have our own Facebook group and all we do is send our refaced videos to each other for a laugh it’s soo good!!!

- So much fun

This app is great. Other than being super entertaining, the face swap in many cases is really well done and makes you do a double take.

- Comedy gold for any chat group

Have been having lots of fun with this, bit pricey but lots of fun. Enjoy the daily updates, keeps it fresh.

- Careful with Payments

This was fun but to pay $3.99 and play around with for an hour or so, but then I forgot about it and realised I was being charged weekly for it. The customer service is useless and they don’t give you the option to unsubscribe from the app. Almost seems like they’ve set it up so they can get the most money out of us

- Absolutely hilarious

I would totally love an option where you could edit both Roses and Jacks face from the Titanic clip. Would so be worth it

- Amazing app

Love it so much!!!!! Would be even better if you could add multiple faces to a long video for some giggles with friends !

- About subscription

I just subscribed weekly but also cancelled for a reason! Is it possible to get back the amount ? I haven’t properly used it by the way.

- Epic

This app paid for its self in the first 5 minutes. I’ve been laughing so hard for days now.

- Very clever app!

Brilliant concept to whomever came up with this! It’s fantastic - there’s a lot they can do with this type of app if they wanted too.

- Fun app

What a fun app. Best thing is when you have the videos you can see how you would suit different hairstyles and cuts. So good.

- Works well but subscriptions is sketchy

A 3 day trial period that signs you up for a year. You have to opt out 48 hours after getting the app or pay $40. I thought subscription was a strange model for this app, but it makes sense when it’s basically a trick. Tech is incredible

- This app is so great

The fact that you don’t need to pay to play is so awesome and it make want to be a pro, I’d love to see more avengers styles

- Love this game

This game is so fun I love it. When I got it I didn’t think it would be that good but this game has been amazing so far.

- Great

Love this app better than expected hope you guys make reface for video and 30sec long great work

- How to cancel subscription

This app is a scam!! For anyone using an iOS device and wanting to cancel, go to settings-iTunes and App Store- click on your Apple ID- view Apple ID- subscriptions and then hit the app and cancel subscription. The app doesn’t have a way to cancel in app and the help centre never gets back to you.

- The best app in ages.

I highly recommend this. I had many laughs with my friends using this.

- Hilarious fun

I tried this app after a friend sent one of them and I think this app is just plain hilarious fun

- Just hilarious!

This has to be one of the best ways to disturb my friends and family! 😂

- Best app ever created

Best app in the entire universe, endless possibilities and laughs. Thank you. I needed this so much lol

- Chin

For people who have beards, the chin section still gets scanned on the edit, can you somehow fix this?? Otherwise great app

- All access to photos

I can understand you need to access photos so you can save the videos but can’t understand why you need full access and location. Seems very suss

- Not worth

Does not face swap well.. your face will look like mix of your and the other face you are swapping with.. very boring. Was a turn of when it didnt look like me. Deleting.. definitely not paying $40 monthly..

- Would be better if..

Fun app but needs to be able to do just photos too.

- Didn’t realise how ugly I was until I used this app!

Very slow working for me. I didn’t realise how awful I looked until I tried this face swap, made me depressed lol! Funny though.

- Great!

Great app, but I’m sad the featured movies disappear after a while - would rather these than the library of gifs.

- Omg

At first I noticed nothing. The more I used it I could not believe it. I saw my face on all the characters. :)

- Amazing Faces

100% fun, amazing and better than you’d imagine. Well done.

- Too much fun

It can make anyone look awesome and is too much fun

- No longer works

Used to work well. Now it won’t load. Keeps telling me it’s taking longer than usual, but nothing happens

- Awesome fun

The most fun I’ve had with my camera but pants on

- Fun photo

Get your friends involved Hours of laughs

- Love this app.

I really have love this app I have had so much fun with it.

- What more could you want xx

Absolute ripper app

- Fun

May need a bit of tweakng to get face right but a lot of fun. Terrific 👍

- Thank you

Brilliant and thank you

- Doesn’t really work

Tried a few different photos and the refaced video doesn’t really look like me at all.

- Cancel

Hi guys I just can see a future debt on my account from this App but I used once and for less than 1 hour and I deleted . Also I wrote an email, could someone help me with that please? Thank you

- So far so good. So funny. May subscribe for a year.

First re face 👌 awesome. So funny.

- Videos

Access to more iconic video scenes would be better...

- Charges without warning

Did not show a price on when downloading the app and then I get a notification saying it’s charged me $40 No thanks you thieves!!

- Excellent though can’t it be free

Only if it was for free

Payoneer 💰

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- Such a fun app!

My new favourite past time. Love this app! So simple to use and so much fun!

- If yk yk

Ding ding ding bell of face swap


They make you sign up by saying its free for the beginning but you have to sign up for monthly payments to even try using the app. I deleted it right away couldn’t use.

- Great app!

We have so much fun with this, endless laughs! Great selection of clips!

- Bait and switch

Cant even try it outuntil you give them your credit card.

- A waste of time and space, takes a very long time to load if it will load.

A waste of space wasn’t worth the download it’s a slow app. Did not get to see the features.

- Great App

It’s so much fun. Love it!

- Excellent

Great app

- Amazing App

I have become quite fond of this. Even without premium, I can use any person’s face I want and slap it on another person! Even though I have to watch ads, I do not care, I still always love the outcome Great job devs!

- Awesome

I have never paid $30 for app, ever. This brought so much humour into my life it was so worth it.

- Better than I imagined.

Very cool app. It’s so much fun.

- Love ittt


- I’m the superhero

I’ll always love to have superpowers

- Error

I am getting so many errors after this update.

- Disappointed

Every picture I tried to load gave me an error.

- Scary

Super cool and scary

- Ndnf


- Amazing

Just plain Fun

- Great app so much fun!

Great all hours of fun!

- Great video


- Great


- Amazing!!!!

This is so amazing app...... make me laugh every time I open the app

- Eh

It’s okay but you only get barely any refaces a day and you have to pay for more

- Very entertaining

I love this apps

- Wow 🤩

So good !!!!!

- Addictive and hilarious

Love it. Hours will be wasted.

- Ha ha ha

Man oh man this app is fun add more gifs tho to it like hella lots but still dam good

- Update music

You guys need to update the music featured ones and the movie ones they are still the same for a long time 🤗

- Payment

Charged me when my 3 day trial wasn’t up i want to be reimbursed

- Hilarious

Love the App

- Amazing app

Especially better than face app lol even besides the photo stealing

- Great


- Amazing!

So addictive! The technology is awesome. The only problem is that I want to share my vids/gifs all of the time and my family is getting annoyed with me! LOL

- Perfect

Perfect and love it

- Rire

Amusant et très attrayant. Merci d’avoir fait cette invention. C’est vraiment amusant

- An ad

Ever merge ad comes on and it doesn’t go away I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to get the ad to go away and now it has done it again

- Don’t bother with pro

Constant Unknown error, time-out, no face detected even when the face is clearly visible, Image is too small or too big, gif is too short, etc, etc. Useless piece of garbage.

- Fun

Doesn’t always work. But when it does, fun.

- Trash


- Review

Very good. Lots of fun to see friends refaced. Enjoyed this app.

- Love this app. Worth the purchase!

This app actually works. The devs totally earned their money on this one. I also had support questions and they were very responsive and helpful. I’m not a big buyer of apps, as usually I regret the purchase. But not this one. Good work guys!!! Love the app.

- Anything less than one star?

Bought it after see a cool ad from YouTube, paid $3.50 to try and canceled immediately.... that’s all my experience with this app.

- Really fun app

Love it

- Best App Period

This app is funniest app I have ever used. Some adds clickbait but this is all legit, definitely worth it

- Endless enjoyment

Absolutely amazing! Fun and easy to use. For best results, pick a high quality image from your searches.

- Fun

This is fun for a good laugh or spoof.

- Wow!!!! Coolest app out there!!!

Love this app.

- Woww

I love this app

- Very difficult to cancel

“Trial period” will almost certainly result in a charged subscription because cancelling doesn’t work. Feel ripped-off

- Face swap

It’s a rip off. You’re face does not look at all like yours when you replace it. Do not waist you’re money.

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- Brand suggestion

Love this app!!! When I posted my video to social media, I was looking for your name or something that tied to the amazing company. It was refreshing at the same time not to see a logo that would have taken away from the video. I would figure a way to incorporate some form of digital marketing. Sincerely, Kimberly Woodie

- All flash no substance

The AI is impressive... on a small set of high quality gifs that it seems to have been expressly trained on. For everything else your face will be blurry and distorted. The app doesn’t give any guidelines for optimizing your pic for the AI such as lighting or angles. It also offers a $39 annual subscription option (??), which should tell you the developers are hoping to capitalize on impulse buys without delivering much in the way of substance. Anyway I got a Lending Tree ad and had no idea to close it, so I lost interest.

- Enjoying it, but have encountered an issue

I’ve been having a blast with this app but have recently encountered an issue when I try to reface my own gifs. The original photos are fine but once I hit reface they come out blurry. Some of the gifs worked fine before but now they are blurry as well as new ones I make. Hopefully this is fixable.

- Need improvement

I like where this is going. However for a paid version of this you’d think you’re able to: 1. Convert mp4 files and not just Animated gifs. The quality drastically drops and gets pixelated when face swapped on top of an already pixelated gif. Not just the face area but all around. 2. Have at least 30 secs instead of 15 sec gif upload. Overall it’s not bad considering the face swap only uses one image... but perhaps if you can use a second image like a side view it would add more dimension to when a person turns around. Right now That transition seems to be really buggy. Lastly, if you can improve upon tilted or side head views allowing the AI to detect that it would be an overall improvement.

- Fun. Well Executed. 💯

Great app and a lot of fun. Please add a paid option to remove the logo, make it possible to choose a person’s face from the camera roll, and allow users to search/select their own GIF (not just the ones you provide within the app). Then the app will be perfect. 💯 Many thanks and good luck to you! 👍👌😊

- Warm colored gifs

I love this app! But I did notice when I supply my own gifs that are warmer colored with orange or golden light it translates in the app to be very blurry. The quality of the gifs I use are pretty clear but then once applied in the app without replacing the face yet it can be completely blotched and pixelated though there is not sudden or quick movement or sudden/ difficulty expressions on the original face

- Best Election-Night Distraction Ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Although the annual fee is wayyy too pricey and the free-with-ad-alternative is totally annoying(!), this app is awesome and will provide me with hours of sanity-saving entertainment as I wait to find out if America will in fact be saved from certain ruin by that much-needed BlueWave or not!

- Awesome!

This app is by far the best I’ve seen of this type! My family is having so much fun with it. I just wish you would offer a pay one price option for the pro version. I never have nor will I ever buy a subscription to any app no matter how good it is. It’s a shame because I love this app!

- Very simple and great

Most apps like this have minute long ads every button you click, but not this one. On this the ads are five seconds until you can click out if it. It gives me a great laugh and is completely free to use. I highly recommend.

- Would Like Access To Previous Features

I would give the app 5 stars but I find it annoying that previous features can’t be viewed. I have the paid app. I saw an old Hollywood reface on someone else’s timeline and looked for it in the app with no luck. I’m guessing it was no longer featured but it would be great if previous featured reface videos were accessible.

- Not for every face.

I’ve been using this a lot making movies but i can only put my friends faces and they all look real that it’s them. ,But can’t put my own because it doesn’t look like me . I tried so many but non look like me . Not even similar to me at all. Why is that? I wish the maker of this application fix it, to be applicable to all different shape, size , looks of the face, like Asian people .

- It’s pretty powerful for an app

However every time I upload a gif the final render is clean and clear for two seconds then the whole rest of the gif gets so blurry and pixelated it’s unusable. Why is this? Whats the best gif setting to use when making a gif to import? Bottom line is it’s fun but please fix the crummy reduced quality of original gifs.

- The feature clips repeat every month

I love this app! But why are the featured daily clips repeating monthly? It’s losing it’s fun for me. Every morning I get new featured video clips & I wake up so excited to see them, but I’m now let down because hits September & the ones from August are all repeating. I hope you add new daily featured clips, otherwise I’m going to cancel my 1 month subscription. That makes me sad bc I didn’t want to. :(

- Better than expected

When I downloaded this I expected it not to work at all because most of the other things didn’t but this obviously needs a little bit of work but for the most part it looks good

- Premium Users Deserve More

Considering that Premium Users are helping fund the app and its updates, we really deserve access to more exclusive features. One feature that has been desperately needed and desired by many is the ability to upload your own videos/mp4 files. This would be a huge success and improvement. I know the app already has the capability to do it, just allow premium users to use their own videos!! Please! Also premium users should be able to use gifs that are longer than 15 seconds. Especially since uploading our own videos isn’t an option right now. Thank you!

- Not great

This app just seeks to make money. Several bugs were observed while using this app. For example, I can refer to the low speed of loading photos. Also, most of the recommended gifs by this app were not accepted as the apparent face. Therefore, it could not reface them. In suggested clips, I could only make one clip that wasn't similar to me at all! The idea of this app and its innovation is fantastic, but in my opinion, this app has a long way to be completed. Thanks

- Love the app, but once it started updating, it would freeze

I love this app because it makes me die laughing, but once they started updating it every week, it freezes one me and won't let me change faces. I have to close the app and reopen just to choose another face. Very annoying. I've never paid this much for an app and loved it until the freezing. What gives?

- Reface app slash lifeline!

I don’t know who voted this app 1 star but someone should see to their mental health. This is one of the easiest and funnest apps to use it literally does all the hours of work in one minute! I am a graphic designer and streamer so this makes quick comedy a breeze! Love the app keep up the great results! 4.9 don’t lie ;)

- It’s incredible

The AI is unlike anything I’ve personally ever seen before either on desktop or mobile. Wow. Has kept me and my family very entertained!!! Would love to be able to use single images (or short videos) and not have to turn everything into a GIF!!

- I’m a Star!

Whether the app gets it wrong or not, this app is so much fun! This app remaps your face to fit other faces. The technology fails when it comes to fitting your face to face sizes smaller or larger than your own, but the fun comes from just trying!! But when the app gets it right, it gets it right!!!

- Gets you hooked.... for 30 minute of fun 😢

I love the idea for this and paid for the app, I didn’t realize this was more of a gif based app as opposed to the fun music video clips. I would gladly pay more or maintain a subscription if they had more video options because they truly are fantastic!!

- It’s fun but...

It has A pay wall to the rest of the app it is fun an fine I would say go for it if your bored but like I said it has a pro version if u want to do more things with it like 2$ a week or 25$ for I think a month I might be wrong but u do have to pay for more and there is ads so that’s my warning passed all that I enjoy it.

- Trying to capitalize on the latest unfunny meme

This app wants you to pay at least 2 dollars a week so that you can upload a bunch of gifs that don’t even work with the app. Not only that, but half of the gifs that the app features either contain no face, or can’t detect a face. And on top of all of these, the deepfakes don’t even look that good, and you can’t import photos from your camera roll.

- I really don’t like to leave reviews but this is worth it

I’ve found these apps in the past always end up looking blocky and glitchy but the selfie feature and then converting is EASY, funny as heck I just watched my self on Rihanna’s body sing Diamonds and my lord it was so entertaining and a little unsettling.

- Being Jon Malkovich!

This is better than a Halloween costume! I love being AI turned into someone else daily. I used to wish I could wear anyone’s skin but my own... this pulled me out of a depression and made that wish possible. I really look forward to the fantasies every day. Thanks for making this

- Good app

This is a pretty good app it could be better by making it that you could post to face on hunter characters in other movies that is not in their Movie list like if you want to Paste someone’s face of a character in a B budget movie Be really great if you could Paste there faces Porn porn actresses

- Best 20 bucks I’ve spent

Ok, so I recognize that the title was a little overzealous. There’s been more than one occasional where 20 bucks led to a GOOD time, but that doesn’t take anything away from this app. The app is fun and will offer a couple good laughs! We call could use more laughter these days.

- Beware card data stolen, fraudulent charges, zero support.

Downloaded this app a few days ago. It was the only Apple store app I have paid for in months. Within 24 hours, a test charge of $0 hit my credit card. Another 24 hours after that, an Apple Store charge of over $1,300 hit the card. Again, I don’t hardly pay for anything on the Apple store. This was my only activity in months. I visited Reface’s support chat in the app, and no one answers. Deleted my photos on the app. Tried to go to Reface app settings and “remove my personal data” as it says in the menu. When this is pushed, a pop-up occurs and says “oops, something went wrong.” All of this points to some really concerning security issues. If you pay for the pro version, be ready to watch your ID like a hawk. Buyer beware.

- Love everything EXCEPT...

After using it for a week and a half now, I feel like the app has a slightly harder time recognizing Black and melanated faces when you upload your own gif. I realize it’s constantly being improved so that’s one area I’d love to see work on. Everything else is great and fun about the app! Thank you so much!!!

- Don’t pay

It was cool until I paid for a subscription. After I sent payment, it never worked again. I reset my phone, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I closed it and reopened it and it still won’t work. It opens and looks normal but won’t function when I try to execute a face swap anywhere in the app. It just loads and loads. It’s a cool app that if use once in a while and be willing to watch an add or two to use but I would not suggest anyone purchase the subscription because it’s not worth it.

- This app is so funny!

I love this app so much it’s so funny even my mom dad and sister and grandma loves it I even play it in the day and before bed and also before school morning’s my dad literally loves this app like loves it even me please get this app do it for the TikTok please?’ This is the best app ever!!! Also happy holloween!!!!!!

- Hilariously Amazing!!

I love this App! But the only thing it’s missing are more “featured” gifs. The ones that actually have sound and are more relatable are by far better then the regular ones!! The regular gifs are good , don’t get me wrong ...but the features ones are sooooo much better!!

- Fun and all but not accurate....

I love this app. It’s a great way to kill time. But, the only problem is that it’s not as accurate as it should be when morphing faces. It seems as though the picture that’s on the cover example (with the man) is the one that’s being morphed. Because it makes me look like a man instead. Just a thought. Anyone having the same issue?

- Best app ever

This app has been so much fun. I’ve never laughed so hard at myself and my friends. It’s worth the money to bring a little joy to yourself and others. Laugh a little!! Thank you to the producers for making this app. Definitely app of the year!!

- Crashes and can’t use the future videos.

The problem I have is that I can’t seem to get the future videos to work. Always give an unknown error or crashes the app. And every time I retake a picture of my face it crashes. For small meme and gif it work pretty decent and funny. Does crash here and there but funny. Ads aren’t too bad. I get them once every 3 to 4 faceswap.

- One of the funniest apps this year

It’s totally worth it , if your looking for a good laugh, looking to one up on friends or just to have plain simple fun, with family and friends. Got some good dis tracks, if you know you know. 10/10 for me good tool to have for comebacks. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- Still Images - Pro version

Anyone complaining about this app mystifies me. Frame rate on uploaded gifs matters. Ask customer support if your images don’t seem right. New updates have longer videos and reasonably good selection. I’ve had no trouble uploading gifs for refacing, but quality and frame rate matters. The new still image swap looks great, too, for the provided stills. Question to app support.... will you be providing for still image UPLOAD as well? For me, that would really round out the functions. Thanks for a great app!

- Another Fave App That Doesn’t work for POC

The generated images/vids looks nothing like me.. like nothing like me. Same for my family. Even after taking 5 different photos with different lighting. Also had a few of my friends try it out (Caucasian) and it worked perfectly for them.. so yea.. The ads are also ridiculous, they make the exit button ridiculously small so you have to exit the app in order to move passed it. App is not worth your time if your not white. 🤷🏾‍♂️

- So much fun

I seriously have so much fun with this app. I discovered it during "quarantine" and it's so simple but gave me hours of entertainment while I was sitting around doing nothing. I'm amazed at how accurate the face swapping is and I love putting myself in my favorite movie/TV scenes

- GOOD!!

I’m shocked I thought this was fake but this is real!! I plan on showing my friends!! I love this app😂(btw I’m not a bot I’m a real person who actually likes this app) The only downgrade is how we have to pay pro for premium but whatever at least I can still have fun with it for a bit then wait later which I don’t mind.

- Something went wrong

I love this app, but starting from today, after updating to IOS14, and paying for the annual subscription I cannot use the app. I am getting all kind of errors from “something went wrong” , “ unknown error” and “ internal server error”. Is it an issue with the payment shifting from trail to paid? Is it an issue with servers and will be resolved in a day or two? I do not know because no one is answering me on the in-app support, that also show a small error message that reads “something went wrong”. Will update my ratings if the issue is resolved. Best, Nader

- It’s not a bad app

I like the this app. I paid 25 for the year. I’m trying to share it with my family, but it still doesn’t sync. My wife still doesn’t have the ability to use it because she has to purchase it. That doesn’t make sense. What am I doing wrong

- Great app...unless no pay

So first off I wanna say this is a great app. I know you guys want money and I understand it so I’m not mad that because I know all app developers want money. Great app I love the effort you put into this and I’m glad you’re even here to make such a great app!

- Trump Ads

I would otherwise give this app a 5 star. But while your face is being swapped you have to stare at a trump add that won’t close no matter how many times you press close and it just makes you angry and takes all the joy and fun away. Just like the current occupant in the Oval Office does. Gonna stop using this app until after Nov. 3.

- Loving it so far!! 😂

Dude all I can say is this app is Hilarious 😂 it’s so funny seeing your face on different people! I have only done a few so far and only have the trial 3 version. So I mean so far so good! Haven’t had any issues or anything I didn’t like!

- Fun

I’m using the free version. This is crazy and a little scary. Where we are in technology. Yet the app itself is easy and fun. Who knows I might upgrade. It’s something to do and a creative way to play around with your photos! 😜

- So many flaws

After the feature of the day videos are gone, they’re gone for good- you can’t even find them by searching. And they’re the only ones worth using because of the higher quality and audio. All the user submitted ones are crap and a lot of them don’t even work. At the very least, allow users to use PAST featured ones! I could go on and one about the cons. A lot of them are just no-brainers too.


I downloaded the app when it was still Doublicat and signed up for a monthly. Now that it changed to Reface my subscription was suddenly upgraded to Pro subscription without my authorization. I emailed their support email address asking how to change or cancel my subscription and have not received a reply from them. They should include that option on thier app same like JibJab

- Politics and hatred.

Hello I’m giving this app one star because I do not support apps that use politics I gets other peoples view people should be able to search for people they are voting for if you are going to use politics in this app then you should allow others to search what they like you don’t support the president that’s what it looks like because it clearly shows a bunch of hatred towards Donald J Trump and I will be making sure that I post this all over Twitter and Facebook.

- I want my money back

Worked fine under the 3 day trial. As soon as I was charged, it stopped uploading my pics to the other person’s. I wonder if this can be reported to the Better Business Bureau?

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Scarlett James

If you haven’t downloaded the app of the year you need to. It’s fun 🤩 Ok Bye @reface_app #reface #gifs #video #pictures #ecards #bestof2020 #apps #2020

Salas Android

REFACE: face swap videos v1.6.2 Apk Mod [Unlocked Premium / Pro Version]

Android and Pc

Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo Urdu Tutorial 2021 via @YouTube

December Glitter

Christmas Eve with my second favorite designer @LAH0SHI 😻 - Used with Reface App


Reface Face swap videos memes v1.6.1 Full APK

Հայ Դինոզավր ֎ 🇦🇲 🏳️‍🌈

I just found the best app of 2020 and its not Tiktok, its Reface!!!

Reface: face swap videos 1.8.2 Screenshots & Images

Reface: face swap videos iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Reface: face swap videos iphone images
Reface: face swap videos iphone images
Reface: face swap videos iphone images
Reface: face swap videos iphone images

Reface: face swap videos (Version 1.8.2) Install & Download

The applications Reface: face swap videos was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-12-23 and was developed by NEOCORTEXT, INC. [Developer ID: 1450802200]. This application file size is 73.97 MB. Reface: face swap videos - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-30 current version is 1.8.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.neocortext.doublicatapp

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