VITA - Video Life

VITA - Video Life [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

VITA is a simple video editing app with trendy content.
Anyone can make high-quality videos with VITA.
Start your video life with VITA!

- Add trendy text effects for professional-looking videos.
- Create Full HD videos with a few taps.
- Get more dynamic videos by adjusting the playback speed.
- Select music according to videos’ mood.
- Easy video color grading by applying various filters.
- Create your own video quickly and easily with stylish templates.

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VITA - Video Life Customer Service, Editor Notes:

· Now you can add multiple effects at once and create even more wonderful videos! · Bug fixes and stability improvements

VITA - Video Life Comments & Reviews

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- App is awesome! Just a few more additives

So, I just started editing, since I’ve always wanted to edit my own videos and make beautiful video edits, but it was the audio, and the premium features that bothered me. With other editing apps, it was always you had to download a file, or you need to pay. Same thing goes with more effects and stuff, but VITA is amazing! Its all free, and its a really good editing app! My suggestion is that you add more transitions and effects. I really want an effect where the background sways and moves, and maybe some more transitions that would make the edits look like they came out of alight motion or video star! I would really appreciate it! :] But the app is still amazing! Thank you :]

- LOVE IT but...

This app is one of the best fun editing apps that I’ve come across. There’s no many different options and routes that you can go with any video you choose to create. I’d made a few videos the first week of me having the app. The only problem I’ve recently ran into is that for some reason a couple of my videos that I was still in the process of editing, when I would go onto it, it sort of freezes and none of what I had (the pics, videos & special effects) shows up. It still shows that is a video and it’s been made but it fails to present itself when the project loads. I would suggest having a spot or a folder where you can put your videos in that still needs to be edited and a spot/folder for those are you have completed. I would also give the suggestion of having the option to view your video as if the project was done instead of rewatching it while it’s still in the editing form. I would also suggest having some type of video project refresher to help fix the type of situation I have just in case that becomes a thing people start to run into. Other than that, I believe it’s a great app and it can definitely help you create some very nice videos.

- Love It!

This is an amazing app I suggest you use! It’s all free and no watermarks! I always wanted to use a edited, but all the other ones you need to pay so I was kinda stressed until I found this! It amazing no flaws, though you guy can add these: a green screen (or any color screen, can also be pick ur on color screen! Like you can get the colour from ur vid), over layers (I want to add pic and vid but I don’t know how to, prob cause u cant), custom stickers and finally movable video (some times I place it wrong and want to drag the videos across but it doesn’t let me. Like the text, it’s movable! And we can also drag the pic or vid to make a over layer. Ya know?) But like honestly it’s a AMAZING app, but adding those a will make it PERFECT 👌

- This app is amazing! Only needs minor fixes.

I used to edit my videos with iMovie but it had so many things missing. When i found this app, it really helped me change my style of editing and what i use. I edit all of my videos with this app and its just really amazing. I’ve noticed one small bug where the app crashes if its trying to process many transitions. Its not so bad because your project auto-saves which i love as well. All i need to say is that this app is one of the best apps for an iOS device!

- Amazing app! 5 stars!

I saw an ad for this app on Tik Tok, and I instantly downloaded it! After I messed around with it, I knew it was the perfect app! Now I use this app to edit my videos! This app is definitely a 5 star app. No ads, and not that complicated. One thing I would like to be added into this app, maybe custom thumbnails, to be put into te video? I’ve tried looking for Thumnail apps and their isn’t any good ones. Please add a Thumbnail maker for the videos! Thank you! Have a nice day ahead of you ! <3 💖

- Love the app, BUT...

I love love LOVE this app, it’s simple and easy to use, it’s so creative and fun and i finally get to put my creativity work...Although, i’m in the middle of an edit and the app keeps kicking me out, it doesn’t save ANY of my work! It saves NO music, it saves NO transitions, and it DOESN'T need an update...I’ve tried several times to go back in and redo the edit but it still keeps kicking me out and doesn’t save, i have turned my phone off and back on and restarted it but still struggle with staying in the app so i can finish it...So that’s my only issue with the app.

- I love the app but it crashes a lot

The app is wonderful I’ve been able to make many edits to grow my social media account and I really love it but the problem for me it when I’m trying to edit a video I it crashes out of no where. It saves all my progress so I don’t have to start over which is good but it gets annoying. I don’t know it it’s the version of my phone or if it’s just the app . If anyone has this problem please let me know. But besides crashing all the time I would recommend the app to anyone trying to make edits.

- Best Video app out there

It’s free, doesn’t spam you with notifications, doesn’t force you to buy an overpriced VIP, and it doesn’t show a watermark to improve video quality. I love this app, it only entrusts you to share your video with the name of the app and because they are so great, I actually want to. I say this with every fabric of my mind, this is the best video editing software there will be in a long time. I wish I could give it 10/5 stars

- The best video editor out there

I enjoy making edits, and I struggled for a long time for a good editing app. I’ve found one in Vita. It’s easy to use, there are numerous options, and the best part it, it doesn’t shove premium services in your face. I’m able to make quality edits for free with this amazing app. Definitely recommend, especially to people who aren’t looking to subscribe to a premium service.

- amazing..!

i installed this app without any expectations, but VITA is totally great!! it has all abilities needed, and so many fonts, but everything is free and there aren’t any ads! I shared sone videos with my family and friends and they totally love them! also my editing skill is improving and i am just holding my phone to edit videos and clips😁Thanks for this amazing app, i think i will use VITA for the rest of my life.

- Great! Could use one thing

Love it! The best editing app I’ve installed! But what would make it even better would be some more motion features. On every editing app I’ve installed, I’ve been looking for a certain motion feature, where the image/video sways around the screen, but none of them have it. If you could add that it would be great!

- It is a great app but it freezes sometimes.

It is a great app for starters like me in the editing world. It has a vast collection of music and sounds to add to a video . But sometimes when I am editing my text onto a video it freezes and then I have to turn my phone off. Maybe it’s because I have an iPhone five because it’s old . But if it is not my phone that is the problem can you please try to fix this app . Thank you!


okay something weird has been going on like literally yesterday there was no “VITA” app on my phone or iPad but then today all of a sudden “VITA” decided to download itself?! Like I woke up to find it on both electronics!! I tried to delete it but it won’t work😤Someone please tell me why this is happening. I contacted apple and they said they can let me come in to get it checked out. It is really creepy and weird. I love how it says 4.8 star. I mean I tried the app and it’s not actually really good I just don’t want it and it won’t let me delete it. When I tell u it magically appeared overnight I’m not lying.

- Crashing

I love the app! All the features it has and how easy it is to use, it’s always my go to. But recently my game has been crashing a lot sometimes it’s fine but other times it crashes before I can even add an effect. It’s still my go to it’s just a bit more frustrating editing now.

- OMG!

Ok so I want to be a Gacha youtuber, And like there’s NO APP where you could play music without downloading stupid files UNTIL... VITA! Vita is the BEST app where you can play any songs like, Melanie Martinez, Billie eilish, or even the hottest song now! I was crying until I found vila! You don’t have to pay! It’s totally FREE so I would INSTALL NOW! And maybe write a review? Of how amazing it is!? 😃😄

- love it but it keeps crashing..

so I’ve been using this app for a very long time and absolutely love it !! but recently I’ve been trying to make an edit with one of the edit things that I really wanna use but whenever I try downloading it it keeps crashing ... can y’all maybe fix this bug or give me some advice on how to fix this ?? Thanks, love y’all ! 😁✨

- I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!

I recommend this so much! I love how you don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription just to get cool filters! I hope it stays that way! I’ve searched all over the internet for a good editing app and this app is just AWESOME!!!! I love these filters so much!! If your really looking for a cool editing app I definitely recommend Vita.

- This app is so great btw one suggestion plz

I really like this app, you can remove the watermark, every effect is trendy, and it makes editing very simple. Btw I’d like to give one suggestion. I hope I can put my mp3 songs from my files on it like I can put songs from itunes. Thanks for making this app!

- The best thing for TickTock ever

I have nothing to make me look like I had a twin on when we OK I was able to so I give us a five star rating because it’s the best app ever me and my life I actually the best at the time never downloaded song we are star five star rating because it helps me look like I have a twin

- I LOVE IT!!!!

I’ve been trying too find a app that’s easy too edit with.. Till I saw your ad so I decided to try it. And I fell inlove with it!!! You can remove the watermark for free 💖, Easy editing without it being confusing. The app crashes and glitches but it’s fine because my progress isn’t lost👍

- Actually is amazing!!

So when I looked it up I thought it was one of those membership to unlock more but it isn’t which really makes me happy! And there are so so so much to pick from to transitions, effects, filter, editing, cut, and lots of others! I might use this forever! ▼・ᴥ・▼

- So easy!

This is an AMAZING app, I just started editing videos and this app is rrally organized and easy to use. I recommend this for : gacha videos, editing a video, etc. I rate this a 5 stars! I made a decent video and it only took 10-20 minutes! So this app is the best editing app I’ve ever had. 💞

- Incredible for a Free App

I saw ads for this app on my phone, I watched some of the videos and I decided to give it a try! It is very easy to use which is good for beginners. I made an intro using this and my viewers love it! (if you want to see it, check out Sears Cool) I will use this app more in the future.

- I love it!!! But...

Ok i just got this app and it’s great! Easy to use and has some better features normally than you can get with premium on other apps!!! But one thing that’s bothering me is that i’ll be editing a video and then the app just kicks me off. I don’t know why but it does. Would have been 5 stars but the app kicks me off. Great app!

- Limited and laggy

Whenever im trying to make an edit, it only lets me use one effect at a time. It would be better if you could layer different effects ontop of each other. Also, whenever I add transitions to some clips, the app starts to lag and glitch a lot. Sometimes, it skips forward to a random part of the video and won’t let me play from the beginning. Overall, it’s a pretty ok app, but it has a lot of bugs.

- Meh 😐

So I found this app I was so exited to use it but there’s a big bug problom so I wanted to make an intro but when I saved the intro I watched it and then at the end it kept glitching I did no effects please try to fix this I don’t want to have a video with out an intro bc I had to use 4 apps and it took me a day without sleeping to make this and seeing it just glitch made me mad I don’t know what to do know

- Great App

This app is great for putting together videos and pictures into one edit, it has all the features you would need and all for free. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make an edit with their own music and videos.

- I love it! 🤗

I’m so glad I found this app, I think this is my new favorite program for editing! It has everything I need and the animations and effects are incredible. No complaints from what I see. This is a great quality editing app. I love this and keep up the great work!

- Amazing app just a few suggestion though.

Okay, so this app is sooooo good! I love it. I have a few suggestion though, maybe when the next part comes in you can like slam the video down/image that would be cool, overall it’s an amazing app.

- Still glitching!! Please fix!

I wrote review a couple months ago saying that there was a glitch on the app deleting my progress. ITS STILL DOING THAT! It’s almost like it got worse! Now every time I delete photos on the photos app (a whole different app) it's deleting either ALL my progress or half of it. PLEASE FIX THIS! Because if this bug keeps happening I will be leaving the app.

- So cool and it’s the best

It is so much fun and it’s so good and it doesn’t take too long to load and you don’t need a passcode or anything or a password there and start making stuff and I just really love it has really changed my life it’s really cool and the best part is it’s free

- One of the best

Okay okay, its not the best editing app but like its fun to make videos with it! I use my phone to do all my edits so its rly good for any gadget. And the good thing is its free! But they do put a lil title of there name but it’s almost invisible. I wish i could download it on my computer though.

- I like but needs a few tweaks

So I like the PIP effect but it’s very buggy to align, and it’s hard to try to do precision alignment every time it automatically, idk, like goes to the side, but overall it’s a very good app, and hopefully that bug could be fixed.

- I Really Like It 😌

✨🧚🏻‍♀️ I use it for a lot of edits, it’s really good other then that the template “Love Cube” Cannot be used, it just says “Loading Template” and never loads, I’ve made probably 20 edits! It’s great because you don’t have to pay for anything, unlike other apps. ✨🧚🏻‍♀️

- Bugs

Hey i really love this app so much everything is really cool here. Since i really love this app so much i think there’s a bug going on. The moment i add the transitions, there’s a bug goin’ on, it started to lag ;;; and automatically when out of the app ;;; please fix it.

- Perfect just one issue...

So I’m going to give this a 5 star anyways but there’s and issue with vita sometimes when I make a video it keeps kicking me out for some reason. But anyways I recommend this app it’s very useful and great quality! :}

- Best editing app by farr

I usually don’t write reviews but this app absolutely blown me away. This app allows sooo much features you can use for creativity. Compared to other apps this by far gives you the most creative experience.

- This app is amazing and it has NO ADS AND NO IN APP PURCHASES

This is actually one of the best if not the best video editor for iOS that’s ad free and doesn’t make you pay $10 a month or anything it’s COMPLETELY FREE. Am also not a bot writing a good review for this app, this app is truly amazing

- Add real music

This app would be so much better if it had real music. And I know about copyright and stuff but I’m tired of buying editing apps that’s don’t have good music, Everything else is amazing, except for one little bug, it freezes when I make an over 200 pages on the editing, Please fix. Thank you for reading


Amazing .!! Has so many different add ons and options.!! Best of all its FREE with 0 Adds, 0 Buy In App scams, and gives u 100% credit with option to remove watermark.!!🙏🏽❤️🌍💪🏽 definitely gone recommend to my video editor friends.!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚫🧢

- Love it!

Super amazing app and has literally everything! One thing that would be extra extra helpful is if we can cut and edit the audio on the board also! I love the new added pip update tho!

- Five frickin stars

This app is awesome. Periodt poo!!!!!! I have made so many edits so far and my family loves them I love it. The songs are awesome the everything is perfect and best of all, it is completely free! Omg I totally recommend this app to anyone who has a phone

- Great🥳😇🥰- until 😭😠😤

I love this app don’t get me wrong but lately it’s been kicking me out every time I try to create a project or it will say “you cannot chose this template please pick another one” than I pick another one and it says the same thing plz fix 😭

- Ehhh not that good really glitchy

It’s not the best it’s really glitchy you will have to look at it a couple times if you have it fast it glitch and makes it look wired and if you have it slow the transition will glitch to the picture or video you pass threw it’s jus not that good pretty much really glitchy.

- Best video editing app, EVER.

Omg where has this app been my whole life!!?? I can’t believe I’ve just discovered this! Definitely ups the video editing game and I absolutely love love love this app. Please don’t ever get rid of this lol because it’s the best!

- The bug

It’s great and all but once you try to put like a cool effect it freezes and kicks you out and this has only happened today the rest of the days where ok but then this bug started to pop up

- Ehhh

It was working fine at first and I loved it! Butttt I edited it and when I went back I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING I wasn’t able to edit the edit I was working for quite a while. I turned my phone off and back in again and even connected to a different WiFi but nothings working :(

- Its good but...

I love this app!!! 1,000,000% but obviously my rate says other... Lately when ever Im trying to put an effect and tap on the effect button, it just freezes for like 3 mins and then it just says loading contents. I will try my best and see what is wrong. But for now, you try and fix this bug.

- Vita

This app is amazing✨ I always love it bc I use this to edit my vids for tik toks! I found this while doing tik tok and I was like OMG I should definitely download this app!!! And here I am writing an review of how good this!! Y’all should totally get this app

- I would rate this a five stars

This is the best editing app to ever use expect their is one problem Literally the sound doesn’t work at all I had my microphone on and put my volume all the way up but vita just has no sound whatsoever so this app isn’t going to work at all

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- Amazing!

I was so surprised by this app. It was really good effects and editing options, and everything is free. It even gives you the option to remove the watermark. It’s the best editing app I’ve come across by far. A big thank you to the developers, you’ve really created something awesome!

- Vita

I really enjoy this app because you can edit your videos, and you don’t even need to pay a single cent that’s why I gave this app a 5-star review.

- Noice

Pretty good ngl I’m a YouTuber and I make bts crack videos and this app helps a lot , you nice keep going 😎

- A lot of nice effects

Love all the effects 😍

- Tiktok

Who came who from eliottbrown on tiktok

- What happened to me on vita

For me it jus had my screen black and you could not see the video.

- The best app

The best video app..I love it

- haha haha

Carrots but like bikes too

- Zepto

I had to get this app for my game

- Zepeto

This can Make my vids in ZEPETO 100%

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This is the first app that I ever found that I can edit my videos for free (ofc if you want extra stuff you gotta pay) it’s amazing it adds music effects wonderful! This app is great for people who would like to add some things to there vids They can always add something to them :-)! Just don’t add a crappy update or I will delete it and rate it one star -I just wish you could add more then one photo-


This app has everything I need for free!

- Great app!

But could need some things included like more effects/transitions and a way you could add maybe 2 effects at each time to be more helpful! <3

- Wow, Just Wow

This is Unbelievably Amazing!!!

- It’s BaD

I have noting else to say


It’s amazing it’s really easy to use for young children who want to learn editing 😌 personally I love it

- Help

i been editing for 2 hours and now it won’t let me its just a black screen 😅

- Problem

I can’t not allow the follow access

- The best app

This is an addicting app once your on you can get out

- fix the wipe right animation

the app was working perfectly before but now when I try to use an animation for the text the wipe options aren’t working. All the others work fine but wipe R, L, down and up are not. Please fix it.

- Amazing

So I have a youtube account and I love this app I vlog of my phone and I edit it on my phone I love it I don't have to buy a camera

- It is not working with my videos

I have edited for 2 hours yesterday and I open it today for more edits but it’s not working so I can not keep edit those videos again

- 💛

Adorable app! 👍🏼👏🏼

- Wonderful editing app!

Wow!! I was surprised at how good this app is!! I definitely recommend!! Love this app!!

- Love it

Very cool app no problems

- Best app ever

Me and my bro are starting a YouTube channel I we are using this it has not let me down once

- 👍🏻

다 좋은데 검색 하는 기능이 있었으면 해요


I love that there is no advertisements and you don’t have to buy anything to remove watermark! Thank you Vita!

- Best app!

Free, no advertisements, no watermark. I find this app amazing. Whenever I upload a video my friends ask me where I edit it and I #VITA. Good job!


my favourite app

- Queries

Please make an Ipad version of this app.

- Need to fix bugs!!!

It’s a really good app but it keeps deleting my projects out of no where and it gets annoying .

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- The best app for editing movies and making videos

I was always looking for an app to edit videos but every app was incomplete in some way but it was perfect. Enjoy it , trust me ❤️


this is the best editing app i’ve ever had but after spending three days on something pretty cool in my opinion, and it won’t open it just keeps crashing

- Amazing ❤️

Hello 👋 this app is amazing not only does it have great features it’s easy to use! This app is also good if you’re staring to learn how to edit. I totally recommend installing it 10/10

- Love this app just one thing

I really love this app just I want to have whatever song we want and a search bar but other than that this is a five star app

- What a great app!

It has so much sound effects and music thats free! Very cute filters and effects. I recommend this app if you need to edit videos or photos.

- This is soo good

I tried a lot of editing apps and all of them are trash except for this one, this app is soo good for edeting all the editing controls are on point. I rate this a 10/10

- Heartbroken

I used this app for a month loved it. I had so many videos saved. The transitions just stopped. I tried everything. The app wouldn’t allow it. I’m going to have to delete all my videos I worked hard on because I have no other option. I’m hoping if I delete it and re download it the transitions and glitches will be fixed.

- Great editing app

I like this app! It’s a good replacement for Video star, minus the we coded and custom animations. It took me a while to realize the watermark, but it doesn’t bother me much. Overall, I’d reccomended this app

- It's amazing! But...

I've been editing videos lately, and I came across with something that's annoying me. Every time I try to animate, the app closes by itself and I lose my progress. I suggest to fix that.

- Cool but..

So it was my first time using this app, I was going to use this app for ZEPETO and Gacha life and stuff but when I allowed it to add music from my library it said it not found even tho I have music in my library, I just want y’all to fix this and use this app for videos

- app is wonderful! :)

it’s literally free! There’s no subscriptions to remove the watermark! I’m glad this app is here so I can always use it for effects while I’m using videostar.

- I recommend it

This app is really great I just wish it had more popular sounds but other than that it’s really great

- I love it!!!

This is now my favorite app! I’ve never seen any other app as good as this one. Thank you so much for making it. It is really worth the download.

- 😻 love it 😍

It’s a amazing app i use it on all my videos and this is the best app ever who ever made this app thank you. Hope you all like this app as much as i do well bye have a great day 🙂

- Very very helpful

I’m trying to be a YouTuber. And it’s hard because I don’t know how to edit my videos. So my mom told me about this app and I tried it out. It’s AWESOME!!!

- Plz fix this plzzzzzzzzzz

This is my second tim now and don’t know where to report this problem!!! Urg.. I love this app but whenever I duplicate the video clip it will glitch out and the app will turn off automatically!! I’ve been doing 15min of video editing and it’s not opening it... all my time and effort just went blah..... help me how can I reopen my editing file!!!

- Great BUT-

Honestly I love the app! From the templates to the effects, etc. My only concern and the only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that you can’t save the video in 4k. You can only go up to 1080p. 😕

- Why does it delete the clips -_-

I love this app because it helps me edit videos but I have to leave it because I have other things to do just to come back for most of the video deleted why does it get deleted?


I totally recommend because it is free and also it has so many cool features and it does not cost anything


I can do everything i want on this app. All i have to do to make a video is take a few photos, find the edit i want, and its perfect.

- I love it!

I really love the app it’s amazing but just wanted to ask a question and it’s will you sue me if I post a video after I edit with the app?

- Kristelle

I love the app it’s fun I love editing my vids the app makes it so cool and I put calm songs I love how my videos came out so use this app bye love this app rate it five stars

- It keeps kicking me out

I wanted to do a edit with my dog in it, and I was doing the effects and I said “this is good.” And then it kicked me out, and then I got back in, did it over again, and got kicked. It keeps crashing/kicking me out.

- Why

This app made my phone turn off every time I got on it and why don’t user prequel?

- VITA is a great app

This is a amazing app you just select the edit you want put the pictures you want and your done😚✌️

- Amazing.

I normally use this for edits and each edit I use just makes it better ♥️

- I love this app so much!!

This app saves me so much time because everything is just displayed out ther for you. Automatic 5 stars

- Good app

I love this app because it’s free and u ain’t gotta pay for nun and it’s easy to use I will always use this app to edit my videos ❤️

- This app is great

Hi! Could you please add the effect where you can put many images at once. Thank you!

- Love VITA

I love this app is awesome and it’s just best app ever everyone should use it to great editing app I have TikTok and I use this app to edit my videos so yeah it’s just awesome

- Horrible.

I tried to use it but when I tried to tap on any of the effects at all it just doesn’t work. I tried many times, all it says is “Loading contents” even though nothing happens after that. This app isn’t great at all. Please fix your app!!

- Best app

Bro you can’t imagine how good this app really is just downloaded and it can speak for itself

- It’s SUPER useful but WHYYYYYY

It’s a very great app but it keeps kicking me out of the app CONSTANTLY and I’ve tried literally everything but it keeps crashing can we please fix this somehow 😔

- In love but the crashing!!

I love this app but it crashes a lot and it doesn't save progress.

- I love the app just one thing I want

I love everything about this app ESPECIALLY the part that it is free but I just want a green screen/chroma key option on it!

- Amazing, but one thing...

I would like if there was no watermark. It's annoying and I have to crop out the top of my videos. It's great though.


I downloaded it from an ad expecting it to be trash but it’s now my favorite editing app! All my favorite apps in one!

- App go hard

This app goes hard i love it please do not make in app purchasing im telling more folks to check yall out its really dope i mess wit it fashure !!!!!! 🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽

- seriously worth it bruh-

soo when i first downloaded this app i was kinda skeptical of it and didn’t think it’d work that well. when i first got on i found my way around really easy lol and saw a lot of interesting video ideas and stuff and i’ve made so many edits with this app i recommend it!!


Hi I wanna say that vida is AMAZING I’m able to make edits of my favorite tiktokers and my bff I love how this app is letting u chose so many things to edit photos and videos

- Best editing app ever

I have never got such as a easy and good editing app as this one whoever made it go god bless you

- It’s a really good editing app

It’s a really good app please vita don’t put in app purchases pls but I love who created this thanks so much lly


It literally had everything and you don't have to pay for it!!! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! Download it!!! If you have ur doubts just try it!

- Awesome for a free app

I’m really impressed by how many features it has, however the app crashes a lot when I use it

- Great app but needs more things added

I don’t like the effects like the transactions please add more effects or transactions.


There are no in app purchases, I am shocked to say the least. The app is also great for editing! I love it and I recommend it


I have been looking for a app to use to edit stuff and this is the one I love it :D keep up the good work

- Template issue

Whenever i try to use a template it says i cant use it and to choose another. I tried looking to see if i need some kind of subscription or something but I've found nothing

- Amazing!

I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s easy to use and the themes are so cute. All I have to do is add the media and it makes it for me. I love it!

- Editing

Best for editing if you’re looking for it I recommend it five stars for me I love it

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A👾 ia📝

@hyungline__ph @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita @GOT7Official To our precious otter and our brightest sunshine, Belated Happy Birthday☀️it’s great to see you slowly achieving your dreams. Praying and hoping that life gives you more and more surprises. Thank you for making us smile everyday :)) I love you big time❤️#OurSoulmateYoungjae



joy☾e 📻

🌙 Actually, this radio is a very happy schedule that matched my pattern very well. The reason I always say this is a happy schedule is because my daily life is so... [...] #GOT7 #갓세븐 @GOT7Official #Youngjae @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita

brieَ⁷☾ semi ia

@hyungline__ph @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita @GOT7Official [ bambam ily pero bat mapanakit ka? chOz] Belated happy birthday to our sunshine!🥰thank you so much for bringing light and colors to our life. u are our inspiration to keep going no matter what hardships we face. i wish you nothing but happiness, love you💚 #OurSoulmateYoungjae

Bree A Dail

#PadrePio seems to be more like this, in my experience... 🤷🏼‍♀️ #CatholicTwitter, chime in! How has #StPadrePio’s intercession changed your life? In che modo #PadrePio ha cambiato la tua vita?


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The changes at industry city have already had a negative impact on our quality life. 53 foot trailers come down our block. The can’t fit, they take off mirrors, get stuck and often travel at high speeds making it dangerous for our kids to play! @cmenchaca @IndustryCity


"Another week...." We often feel this way. We sit at our living room table scoffing down the last portions of our meal in anxious pondering of what is to come. It doesn't have to be this way. We're offering you a way to view your life with less drudgery and disdain. -------

Vita Tampubolon

Congratulations for your growing age, I hope you are always happy with your little family, a long life and a good career will be in your hands ... whatever your dreams I hope will come true🎉 #AngelChenDay #HappyChenDay #CHEN #EXO @weareoneEXO

산's ᴀʟᴇ ✜ TREASURE

@euphxriagirl_97 questa vita ha scelto me e onestamente i'm not complaining, living my best life

care is mourning💔

[day nineteen: a song that makes you think about life] • bella vita - dj antoine 🕊 this song just forces me to smile and be grateful for what i have which sometimes is just so hard to do in the light of adversity. life is beautiful, you just have to stop and look around ☀️

VITA - Video Life 1.9.1 Screenshots & Images

VITA - Video Life iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life iphone images
VITA - Video Life Photo & Video application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
VITA - Video Life Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
VITA - Video Life Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

VITA - Video Life (Version 1.9.1) Install & Download

The applications VITA - Video Life was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-11-27 and was developed by SNOW INC. [Developer ID: 1244624324]. This application file size is 109.22 MB. VITA - Video Life - Photo & Video posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 1.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.snowcorp.vita

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