Story Saver ∞

Story Saver ∞ [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Browse any story in a convenient format. Using our application you can create lists of selected stories, see the profile picture in the best quality and much more.

When you view someone’s story they can check and see who viewed it. If you search and view stories on our app the user will not see that you viewed it.

All the best features in the app are completely Free!
No in-app purchases and No monthly subscriptions!

We do not require you to enter a username and password. Everything happens without your account, for your safety.
Not affiliated with Instagram and we do not host any of the Instagram stories. All rights belong to their respective owners.

∞ Dark and white mode for new iOS13
∞ No in-app purchases. No subscriptions
∞ No authorization. No login/password
∞ Personal recent list profiles
∞ View stories/highlights anonymously
∞ Auto past story link & profile link
∞ Display the exact number of followers
∞ View and share full size avatar
∞ Fast Repost Stories. No watermarks
∞ Play, pause, scroll video stories
∞ Zooming stories and highlights
∞ Rich push-notifications
∞ The best app! Full Free
∞ 50 Stickers for iMessage App


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Story Saver ∞ Comments & Reviews

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- mostly good but-

sometimes when i try to search a profile it doesn't even load the profile and instead goes back to the search page. at one point even when the page loaded i couldn't download any stories. pls fix this bc when the app works it's AMAZING. <3

- Did not work and tried to force me to give a 5star review

This App was inconsistent in even opening an IG file. Sometimes is just showed a black screen. And it would not let me download a live file that had been saved. Which was the reason I purchased it. When I was trying to figure out how to use the program, a screen popped up that said “Rate 5 Stars & Write Us a Nice Review to Get All the Premium Features for Free!” What the heck? I paid $8.99 for the App and now they are trying to get a 5 star review for Premium features not even included with an App I paid for? I don’t think so. I have requested a refund.

- Just what I needed!

Been using this app for the past few months and it has been working marvelously! It has several features for almost every one of my social media needs. It is complete with hashtags, tag lists, stories, posts and more.

- Great app! Works exactly as described!

I had been looking for a way to download story posts from folks that I follow so I could watch them later. This app works exactly as described and gets the job done, unlike so many other apps out there. I use it often.

- Great App

The reason I love this app it’s easy to use and fun to be on. Has amazing features such as saving highlights and stories. Very well rounded app that can do it all. I would most definitely recommend this app to a friend!!!!! 5 stars.

- Doesn’t work

Does not work. I type in a user name (correctly no typos) and it just brings me back to the search page. Over and over. Doesn’t work. I want a refund.

- Can’t see any stories.

You’re only able to see stories from people that has their page set PUBLIC. If you’re friends with someone that has their account set on PRIVATE, you’re not gonna be able to see their stories. Even know you’re friends with them! There is a message that says: This account is private, to have access to this profile you gotta go to the Instagram app and click the follow button and wait to be accepted by the person...🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Even if you’re friends with the person and able to see their stories on the Instagram app!! But you’re not gonna be able to open their profile on the storie saver app and save their stories. I would love to be reimbursed!!!

- Story Saver!!

The app is definitely great when you want to save stories and live videos! Then you can rewatch them, especially if they are workout videos!

- Sometimes crashes but it’s worth it

This app works great most of the time but it will crash occasionally, i usually just wait a few hours and try again and it usually does work.

- Highly recommend it

Its actually one if not the only one that actually works and i use. 10/10 for me!

- Lots of crashes

Works great...when it works. Try to view someone’s story and it may or may not actually show it to you. It may just decide to crash instead. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and it still does it. Very frustrating.

- Good!

Great to see public stories on Instagram. The only thing is it doesn’t show the time when the story was added it.

- Worked good for a while

Worked great for a while but now it doesn’t seem to want to fetch the stories.

- Can’t Refund My Money

I can’t refund my money after buying then deleting this. I’m convinced this app stole my money. I bought it just to see how it functions, then I decided I didn’t want it anymore and deleted it off my phone. I keep trying to get a refund but it says my purchase for this app is pending still. What gives? Please think before buying this app.

- Great app

I’ve been looking for something to save IG stories and found this. It’s worked out great.

- Works well

Gives you the option to repost stories easily and save them as well

- I’m about to have my credit card company reversed the charge that I paid for this app

The app worked for one day. Now when I try to view someone’s story, the app doesn’t load at all. When I search someone’s profile, it searches for 5 minutes then goes back to the search screen. SCAM DO NOT BUY I WILL BE REVERSING THIS CHARGE.

- Awesome app , always improving

This app gets better and better

- This app deserves a zero star rating

Not only does this app not work as advertised. It’s very inconsistent often showing blank screens and moreover, it still has ads after paying $8 for it? And you can’t event close the ads when they show up. This is a scam.

- Super easy

Thank you making this super easy.

- Greatest app

No fake comment this really help u download the stories you want

- I love this already!

Just downloaded it and it’s super easy to use. I’m so excited!!!!!

- Okeokeeec

This the app you’re looking for! You can save ig stories without hassle

- So far so good

Only one that has worked

- Okish

Why is it that whenever I try clicking on someone’s profile it just sends me back to the search page! It’s highly frustrating please fix it!

- 1 Star

Maybe instead of making this a paid app, make it actually work first. Won’t show profile picture follower count, highlights or current stories. Like I could look at all that without this app. Fix

- Broken

The app isn’t working properly it only shows highlight stories, not recent stories. Kinda lame I wished this fix this issue fast because that’s the only reason I got it for the stories... not the story highlights. :(

- Mediocre app

Constantly crashing. Some banner ad pops up Impossible to close it. You have to exit the app multiple times and at some point it goes away.

- Only one that works

So nice to finally find a story saver app that works! :)

- The best app for story downloads

This app is straightforward and gets the job done for downloading Insta stories! Love it

- Paid for an app that doesn’t work

It’s such a shame to pay money into an app that doesn’t work. Doesn’t load like it says it does. Don’t know how this app got so many good reviews. I just downloaded a FREE one and it worked perfectly the first time.

- Easy

Very easy to use and store stories

- Ruined this app

Used to be able to save stories to camera roll, now the only thing you can do is favorite them or copy the URL. Update: Still no purpose to this app. All you can do is report, copy the caption, copy the link, or favorite.

- Only works for 30 days - DONT BOTHER

App is cool until you realize it only works for 30 days for the 8.99 you pay. After that all you get are timeouts when doing searches. I will be requesting a refund for Apple for deceptive sales.

- Only works for a day

I bought this app because of all the great reviews but it only let me do it once. Now it only says it’s searching and it takes me back to the search page. I want a refund.

- Love it

Finally an app which truly works!!!!

- In app ads and false advertising

This app can not download IG love stories that are posted to your story. Additionally. It is a $9 app that has pop up ads for their other apps that you cannot click out of. Not worth the money.

- App

I’m absolutely loving this app it does exactly what I need

- Not consistent

Sometimes it loads the stories, most times it does not. If your story actually loads, it doesn’t play audio unless you download the story to your phone. Save your money on this one.

- Great App!

Gets everything done.

- Great app

This app is great when it works!! Worth the money

- Great tool!

Very easy to use and helpful !

- Amazing app

This helps me with my Stories so much !

- Love it

Awesome app, does everything and more!

- Didnt work

Tried to look up my profile and it always says “ private profile” although it is public. Waste of money

- Error loading.

Can’t even access a profile it loads and then hours back to search. Totally not worth the 10 dollars.

- I love it

I love this app . I’m about to download Instagram story’s .

- Couldn’t search for profiles

I tried searching for a particular profile but this app couldn’t do that. Why take my precious money and not do what you say to do?

- Do not work

I paid for this app and it do not function. When You try to search a profile the app return to search page. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Works sometimes

Seem to only work after writing a review about it not working but what would I know ive only had it for 2 days

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- Good but then bad

This app was really good but then I lost all the things that I saved. This is quite disappointing.

- Nice app

It is very useful

- Worked For A Week

The app was great for the first week and then it stopped allowing stories to be downloaded - the only options were to Add To Favorites or Share Story URL neither of which anyone would want to do and is not why I got the app. Really disappointing. Uninstalled. :/

- Doesn’t work

Purchased this app and it doesn’t even work... I want my money back

- Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work. I would like please to have my money back! Thanks

- Stay away

Doesn’t work and tries to make you pay for a 2nd app

- Fabulous!!

Great app!

- Great app

Great app

- Yes


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- Yeah

Yeah it’s nice

- Doesn’t work

This app has not been working for me

- Not working

When I go to search your profile it just sends me back to the main screen it doesn’t send me to the profile.

- Enne n’en


- Barely works

This app barely works and is slow. Not worth the money.

- Worthy purchase. Fast, Easy, Do it.

Worthy purchase. Fast, Easy, Do it.

- Garbage

Waste of money, not as described. Won’t save live stories.

- Me encanta esta app

Amo esta app 🥰😻

- Took $13 from my account

I didn’t even use this app and it took $13 from my account.

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- Pretty and beautiful.

Money worth.

- Works great!

This app is so simple to use!!!

- My review

This app is very convenient and amazing no hassles

- Only works with public profiles.

What a complete waste of money. Only works with public profiles. Theres tons of free apps that do the same thing. Dont purchase!

- not working

The app is not working properly. It flashes back to the home screen when trying search stories. Upsetting.

- Works great

Outstanding app

- I use this app everyday!

Love it!

- I’d like my money back.

This app does not save your love stories. I purchased this app to archive my live stories. It doesn’t do that. I feel it was misleading. I’d like to get my money back.

- Amazing

Must have app

- Info

Should download photos too

- Misleading

I feel ripped off! Nowhere does your ad say “only for public profiles”!!! I cannot use this and would like my money back!!!

- Very unintuitive

Doesn’t easily allow you to save stories (still haven’t been able to).

- I want my refund!

Paid for this app, works at first now it’s been 4 days that it’s not working at all! Don’t waste your money on this. I want my refund!

- App

App asked me to write a review and rate it 5 stars In order to unlock all the features that I just paid to have unlocked.. already unhappy

- Horrible

Does not work. Doesn’t load just goes back to search screen

- Great app

I love using this app for ig stories

- Terrible now

Used to be able to save to camera roll now you can’t. Pointless app now to be honest

- Crash

It always crashes when searching bad app with no supporting

- Don’t bother.

This app doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t give an option to sign in. Total waste of money.

- Awesome

Great interface

- works well

was able to download story 🥰

- Kewl app

Story saver saves stories

- Good app

Very good app, happy with the purchase

- Highlight story

Why don’t we see people’s highlights story ? One minute it works and the next minute it don’t 🙄🙄

- App is only good for PUBLIC profiles

Even if you follow you can’t see anyone’s stories who are private profiles

- It works.

It works.

- Scam

You can only view public profiles. Something they don’t tell you. Stupid app. I need a refund!

- The best

I really love this app. The best

- Only public stories

Only interacts with public stories

- best

best site for saving others stories

- Help

This application doesn’t work on my iPhone neither on my iPad ; please help me . I really need it

- A terrible waste of money

Didn’t do what it said it could do. What a waste.

- Scam!

Don’t spend money on this app, it’s a scam and it’s not working, i just spend $8.99 for air !

- Great

Great way to save IG stories

- Fire

It’s a good app

- Bs

This a BS app. It doesn’t allow to save the stories. Don’t waste your money!

- Nice App

One of the best App

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work at all

- Nice app


- Alright

Alright app

- Story saver

Love this app ♥️

- Good app

This app is amazing

- Can’t save IG LIVE

I needed an app to save IG LIVE. Downloaded and paid for this one, they didn’t count IG LIVE sessions as part of the story.

- Does not save stories!

This app is a fraud!! Stole my money and does nothing!

- Fake

This app stolen my money and doesn’t work

- Beat app

Best app

- Nice

Works good.

- Cool

Very useful

- Garbage

Well just wasted $8. This app is garbage and does not work— AT ALL. Don’t get scammed.

- Story Saver

Perfect app!!

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@DORbertanya Namanya Story Saver for Instagram

Aya ☁//is mentally tired.

'My Soul Saver' Collaboration with: @Kycine_Special A KyCine One shot story


I cannot say. I will not say. I am not a reporter. I shared a story if a conversation with someone as I came home from the grocery store. I believe someone in the field, over what @dougducey spouts. Think I'm going to screw over someone that is a life saver and not a taker. 👎

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Story Saver ∞ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images
Story Saver ∞ iphone images

Story Saver ∞ (Version 1.0) Install & Download

The applications Story Saver ∞ was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-11-19 and was developed by Yerzhan Tleuov [Developer ID: 1453012931]. This application file size is 49.35 MB. Story Saver ∞ - Social Networking app posted on 2019-11-19 current version is 1.0 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: InstaApp.StorySaver

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