Pong Party 3D

Pong Party 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Shoot Balls, Make Buckets and Drink Shots.
Compete with others to be the Best Pong Player in the world.
Objective is simple, put the balls in the cups!
Be the last man standing when the cups are finished.
Simple to play, Very Hard to Master.

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Pong Party 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-More Levels -New Icon -Bug Fixes & Improvements We Work Hard to Make "Pong Party 3D" Better. Enjoy!

Pong Party 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Great game, but need a buy no ads option.

I love this game, and it’s one of the few iPhone games I’m good at online, but the ads are killer. You pretty much have a 5 second ad after almost ever match, sometimes you can play 2 in a row without it but never more than that. There’s no option to pay to make it ad free, which is pretty obvious. I’d happily throw 2 or 3 bucks at this game if it meant I never had to see another ad while playing again.

- Not challenging at all!!

Game is fun and distracting. But 2 major cons is: 1) you win every time. There’s nothing exciting about realizing that you’re not really competing with others, it’s not a live platform nor the opponents real. It’s ridiculous how lousy your opponent is; and I found it quite offensive that the developer couldn’t make the opponents better players. It would make the game more enticing if i actually lost to a better “player.” 2) There are commercials after every single game. Half of the time its 2 ads back to back of 30 secs each. It’s crazy annoying and a time waster. I think you see more ads than you actually play. It’s just to be used when you have absolutely nothing to do and want to distract yourself.

- It’s a sham

It was world 21, match 4. I had a 4 cup setup, and 4 balls. I missed the first. I made the next two effortlessly, flawlessly one might even say. The last shot I made was the most beautiful bounce shot a bro has EVER seen. My body rushed with adrenaline, ready for my valiant last stand, for the shot that could’ve won it all, as I should’ve gotten an extra ball for of the bounce, (which, might I add, is constantly emphasized on the loading screens). This extra ball, however, never ended up coming into my digital embrace, and my opponents turn began. It would be great if y’all lazy, undedicated disgraces that called yourselves, “game developers” would fix this problem. -much appreciated, Duncan

- Get This

It’s a pretty fun game overall! However, like everything else it has it’s pros and cons, one thing is the constant ads after each round, other than that it’s addicting and it gives you something to do if you’re bored or if you want to pass time, I definitely recommend downloading this, I got it today and I’ve been playing it for an hour straight it’s that addicting.

- Great game

This game is so great it relaxes me so much I really enjoy it so much Thanks for sharing it with all of us I’m telling you if you want to play a game where you can put your while self into playing just for fun this one is it try it you will love it,

- I will give it 3 out of 5

It is a fun game and I enjoy it a lot but a few problems 1 Your up against bots your not facing off against real people. (if you are they are terrible) I say this because it is way to easy. They can’t even make a shot. 2 The ads are over kill you can’t go one game without an ad that is longer then the actual game. 3 You need to customize the characters they are so boring. Same exact thing just different shirt and pant colors.

- Fun time waster for a day

Pros: ✅Fun Cons: ❌Long ads after every action. Should have a long ad every 10th action, to allow you to play more than a single game without having to watch another ad. Also does not allow you to close out of ads easily and force opens to download games. ❌Very glitchy. Ball would bounce in and would not receive another. You get stuck if you join the ranking games, and if all balls used, does not let you escape or leave. Had to physically restart app every time. ❌Shop doesn’t work. No customization at all. There’s nothing to use the currency you earn on. Not very rewarding to play, will cause people to lose interest quickly after downloading. You could be making money through selling your currency in your shop instead of making us watch an ad every five seconds.

- Good, but has issues

I LOVE this game. Absolutely love it! But it has some issues. The sensitivity is a little weird when you throw it. When I swipe the ball to throw it, half the time it goes the opposite direction I’m trying to throw it. But then sometimes it doesn’t. It’s very strange. But that’s the only issue I’m having. If you guys somehow fix that, that would be amazing. But over all, this is a great game 👌

- It is really fun!

I think my cousin would LOVE this game. Sorry but i love this game too but my cousin LOVES gAmes so I made her one. AND it wAs just like this one. OMG YOU DID NOT sEE HEr Face IT was so cute. Did you know my cousin was the first cutest babys on the planet. Well i have to go now bye Thank you kindly Love Salvitor

- My review

Okay so I just started playing this game and I already love it!!! It is great quality And if you aren’t sure if you want to get it or not I would recommend it. It’s great!!!

- This is a no

This could be an awesome game the person who made this game must of had a great idea and stared it but didn’t finish it plus you have an add after every single game and I hate that and another thing is that you always win this game is lazily made again this game clouds have been so much better and so could the characters the game just feels unfinished

- Fun game but...

Ridiculous amount of ads. You could make a lot of money by offering to pay for no ads. I would pay and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of the amount of ads.

- A bug maybe

I was playing and enjoying the game when suddenly it wouldn't show the pong balls so i exit out and went back in and it did the same then a debug thing popped up so like i dont know what to do now bc i didnt even know there was a debug but like how can i play the game again?

- Decent but here’s the issue...

I enjoy the game, I really do. But a couple of things... 1. Am I playing against real people or AI? Because I have yet to lose a game which makes winning kind of pointless. 2. The ads. They are long and happen too frequently. I enjoy this game enough that I would pay 2-3 dollars to have them removed; if they continue to be this intrusive I won’t be able to keep playing. 3. The tournaments are glitched. I can get through 2 rounds maybe before I have to force-quit the app because it won’t move on to the other player once I have thrown all my balls.

- 🤙🏽

Has it’s ups and downs from my beginning but gotten better just be patient inwhich within an actual living situation (don’t get there)

- About Your Game

Your game is addictive , cool , and amazing . The thing I don’t like about is the people behind or beside the cups they laugh at you if you don’t make it

- I love the game so much show much show much I want to play all day

I hope we keep this game forever

- Rules need fixing

If u ever played real cup pong it’s nothing like this i get the whole having to make it more challenging but they should at least out some of the rules in it

- Fun game

Definitely something to have a little fun and kill time but I really gotta say these games are addicting

- Love the game

I do like the game I’m enjoying it but the only thing is I am a girl and I would like to change my avatar or my little person from a man to a girl and I’m not sure how.

- It's a cool game.

I downloaded this game yesterday. Mind you, it's a fun game, but when it tells me to "claim your gift", it won't let me claim. I would give it more stars, but it won't let me claim any gifts OR change my arrangement of the cups.

- Pretty fun actually

Honestly I don’t even care about the ads it’s pretty addicting

- To much Ad’s

Game is fun and all but to much ads literally you can’t do anything without it being a 30 second ad sometimes even after a ad game won’t display the ball forcing you to restart the app.

- Ping pong

This game is so fun that I can’t even here my parents also I play this every where I go

- Ads and White People

This game is fun overall but the characters are ALL the same pasty, paper-white skin tone and the ads never seem to end. Diversity is great and so are some rounds without ads!

- Too many ads

Once you complete one or two levels, there is an ad. So it’s not an awful game if you enjoy spending just as much time viewing ads as you do actually playing.

- Amazing

Great game it’s so fun helps u with ur aim and u have a great time playing and the people in the back are hyping u up and it’s fantastic

- Haha

I be turning the phone so i can change my position but it dont work lol🤣

- Ads ads ads

The game itself is decent. Pretty entertaining and fun. But you have to sit through these long (like really long) ads after every single thing you do. I understand the need for ads but this is obnoxious. Too annoying for me. Deleted.

- Sound

It need sound if it did it was be great

- There’s to meny ads

Every time I lose there’s an ad the game ok but I don’t like that there’s to meny ads it’s annoying but I do like that you can go against bots it’s fun but annoying about the ads so can you lower the ad please

- Stupid game

Absolutely stupid game. The multiplayer is not true as I played with airplane mode and nothing changes, it still says “searching for player”. It will try and force ads, just a really bad overall game. Game is so lame I can’t see how anyone would enjoy this.

- Why I like the game

I like this game because it pushes me to try harder and don’t give up

- Ads

Great game but way too many ads

- It is Amazing game it’s really fun

I love it you should definitely get the game❤️

- Frustrating

To many adds.

- I on my own my

The new update is

- Needs work

It said bounce it for an extra ball, but then didn’t give me an extra ball ... you get coins for winning but the. There’s nothing to do with the coins, seems like an unfinished game

- Anna

I love this game because it helps me with my focus and balance.

- Chelsey_Leigh

I like the app and all but it would be better if u could play against friends on facebook.

- No sound

My sound is not working

- S

I love this game. But I think it should have more rankings (:

- I strongly dislike this game!

This game is really hard to be able to aim the ball into the cup and you cannot really see where you are aiming for/at/into. But do not just go off my vote but still remember this!😉

- It’s okay

Make the opponents actual other people

- Thank I

Any game I can play for free is awesome I don’t have a dime to my name

- Pong Party 3D Game

The game is very much fun,interesting,enjoyable and nice 👍🏻 and also I love 💛💛💛 the game very much!!!🙂🙂🙂

- Fantabulous

Let me tell you, this is the best game to play on the toilet

- The infamous FliGHH

Bet you won’t win against me

- Pretty good app

this app is great but the thing that is so annoying is there too many ads

- Why it’s good

It’s good because it has a ping pong game but you don’t exactly lose you get more chances

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- Great game but

Long Constant Ads are Annoying part of it !!!!!!

- Bored

Boring game

- To much ads

To much ads

- To much ads

To much ads

- Adds

To many good games are RUINED BUY ADDS EVERY 10 seconds

- Bad

Acuracy is bad and goes off

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- 😕

To many adds

- Too many ads

Every second, a new ad shows up. It even shows at the bottom when playing. Every time you win, ad. When you lose, ad.

- Don’t waste your time

Too many ads. When playing the game itself there’s no telling where the ball is going because it’s not interacting properly with the touch to the screen. You swipe straight and it goes to the side. You swipe gently and the ball goes really far, etc. It’s just not fun.

- Amazing

Entertaining butifull and awesome

- Bingeable tv w/ ads separating each scene

The game is really fun • excessive ads • nice to have different table & location skins • ” ” ” ability to view ranks from🏠tab • ” ” ” friend and Clan/Guild tabs • could use a player stats tab \_> accuracy%, tournament & world w:L, etc

- Good idea bad execution

Its really janky when ever you throw straight it goes to the side making it really frustrating

- So many ads, So much bad physics

So I play beer pong in real life and I thought this would be fun because then it’s like I don’t have to set it up or do the work. But the physics make it turn wayyy too much. Also the ads are insane I get one after a win/lose and one after I claim something it’s actually mental.

- Shit

No matter how I shoot it goes side ways excessively

- Awesome

I love this game it’s so much fun. But there is a lot of adds but I don’t care how many adds are in the game it’s so much fun and I love it

- Too mutch pub

Too mutch pub!!! Il y a beaucoup trop de pub. Nous sommes sans arrêt arrêté par les pubs

- jssbsb


- God but adds

The adds are crazy do not get the game👎👎


After every match you have to watch an add?? Ridiculous! Do not get this game!!

- Good game but kinda confused

I’m still not sure if you even play against real people or not. But still great game

- Hmmmm

I’ve mastered the game in 1 day. At level XLVII with over 215,000 coins. Now what? I’ve only lost 3 matches! What can I do with coins?

- Disappointing

Not a bad game but way to many commercials

- This is a good game

My dad beats me

- Yeeeeeeeeee


- Watch the ads when they say x3 bonus or whatever

If it says you can triple your reward just do it because you will get an ad even if you say no so it doesn’t matter

- Bad

I can’t change the way my person looks, ads literally in the middle of my game and it glitches out EVERY time I have one cup left by not letting me throw the ball..

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- Richard

I like this game a lot it’s just I’m so trash at it

- Bugged

I just started and whenever I’m on the last cup it won’t let me throw it straight and I’ve reset the app multiple times and redownloaded it and it still won’t work

- It is the best game and so fun

I love when a shot it in to the cup

- One of my new favorite games


- Better quality

The game needs better clarification on when u throw the ball in

- Bruh

Bruh, how come we I have to make 4 cups and the freaking bots have only 2!!!!!!!!! So unfair!!!!😡

- Undefeated

I really love this game but I can never lose? Are we all just playing AIs? Please defeat me, this game getting boring. Needs more customizable content, character editing. My name is Undefeated please defeat me

- Ping time

Make it a little eser

- Horrible

Don’t download this app on the first part it will take your like three years and it will cheat you why do you have a tutorial that’s a upid

- It was fun for a second

Pros - it’s mindless entertainment Cons - Ads after just about every game - Some skins but they’re meh - Nothing to really use money on - I’m on legendary 7 and I don’t think I ever saw the room that’s even in the ad? - tournament mode resets after one legendary tournament - Enemies don’t get harder, you pretty much can’t lose

- No sound

No sound what gives

- The adds are ridiculous

Way WAY to many adds just to claim your small rewards, after every play.

- This isn’t the game I wanted...😕

Whoever put 1 Star ⭐️ is absolutely correct too hard, so many ads, and the multiplayer IS FAKE I recommend looking for a different game.

- Ads, ads, ads!

If you love ads thrown in your face every 30 seconds than this is the app for you!

- Controls

This game is awful you swipe one way it goes the other you throw straight it goes to the side it’s horrible.


Install for offline gameplay

- Too many ads

I paid for ad-free but am still getting a commercial between each game. Bull

- Pogy game is a some I love it and it’s fun

I was so happy

- Harder Than You Think

The Only reason I gave this game One Star Is because this game is not hard at all. It’s very simple.

- Too many ads

There’s an ad after every single round. Not worth the time for a just ok app.

- Throw vs swipes are wayyy off

Every time I throw a ball it is inconsistent and goes left of where you swipe every time

- Too many ads

Horrible game and too many ads

- Other games

Too many ads for other games

- too many

it’s too many ads

- Ads and bots

Way to many ads and not even playing real people. They’re all bots.

- I love it

It’s very cool try it out

- Disappointment

To many ads. Ad after ad after ad. And bam another ad.

- Low Effort - Crazy Ads

Just another idiotically simple game with ads every 10 seconds.

- I love it

I love it so much

- 👍

Nice game to play. But Too many ads

- Advertising

Way to many advertisements

- Advertising

Too many advertisements!

- Love the game. Hate the ads!!!!!!!!

Too many ads!!

- Review

Would be a great game if it weren’t for all the adds every min.

- Christina White

Love Games

- Doesn’t go in right direction

If I make it go straight it well go left

- Is it real?

Am I playing real people??

- It freezes

When I try to throw a ball in it freezes

- GameGirlPlay

I love it so mush play it

- Blue Star ⭐️ Sapphire

Maybe it’s just me but why keep score if the other side never earns points.

- Ad Central

It’s like a game to see just how many advertisements they can jam into one game.

- Stick

Stinky little man

- Pong party 3D

Guys l love this game a lot

- Dumb

Tell me y it’s easier in the ad huh make it so it’s like in the ad I hate this stupid game

- Ad’s

Too many ad’s!

- bad aim

i can’t aim as good like on the add on the add it was easy but when i try it after i downloaded it was awful make the aim better

- Best

This game is awesome because it’s is👍👱🏼‍♂️

- SuZan

I like this game

- AD’S

An obnoxious amount of ads. Makes the game unbearable.

- it is a party!

in this game u are at a ping pong party! i like it buts its kind of boring and kind of not really fun. 4 stars cus its boring :(

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Pong Party 3D 3.2 Screenshots & Images

Pong Party 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D iphone images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
Pong Party 3D ipad images
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Pong Party 3D (Version 3.2) Install & Download

The applications Pong Party 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-11-21 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 225.3 MB. Pong Party 3D - Games posted on 2020-05-30 current version is 3.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.game.beerpong

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