Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play

Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play [Games] App Description & Overview

Rescue the poor isolated person!

Swipe your screen withr and
make your path to rescue!

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Hell stage100 add. Blue ocean stage add. Fire stage add. Poison stage add. Rain stage. New Gimmick add.

Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play Comments & Reviews

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- Won’t open

It only opens a black screen then exits the app. 0/10. I also heard that it is racist as early as level 3. I can not confirm if it’s true but that’s what I read.

- Awesome

Hey guys this is a fair and sqare game make sure to download

- Good so far 🙂😃😃

I love it!!!! I got it even though they said it was bad.Im loving it.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️📲


This game has way to many ads it’s racist at level 3

- I like the game♥️ heres a tip for you guys

I came to write this review to tell you guys a tip. A tip to do if you guys don’t want to watch adds is to turn off your WiFi because every single time I come games and look at the reviews almost all of them so too many adds I’m so sick and annoyed at them so just turn off your WiFi. Thank you for your time

- App. Support

Don’t update game unless you want to start from level 1 again. Updating erases your game lay level. I was on level 226, updated and now I’m back to level 1. I deleted game for that reason and gave you 1 star.

- Too many adds

Kind of dumb and to many adds

- Way to easy

It was way to easy I deleted it the first day it was SOOO BOOORRRIINNNGGG It should be hard and please less adds soo make it a better game I might download it again

- I like this game

Their game is the best if I could I will not go to school I will play this game for the hole day I would give this 100points but I have to give this 5.

- Violent Ads

My 5 year old found this game and really enjoyed playing it, however it's full of disrupting ads, and incredibly violent ones at that. Deleting and suggest other parents steer clear. Would be great if there was at least an option for different ads being shown (age appropriate).

- This is a great game!But I think there could be changes.

This is a great game, but I think there are some problems with it.i think that this game has a lot of adds, and that takes time out of the fun and time your having. I’m not saying this is bad game, I’m saying that I think that it could increase or improve.there is more things that could I prove or some of the skins are inappropriate for 4 year olds!!! But .But over all, I think this is a great game!i just want this game to be more fun, still I’m not saying this is a bad game I just think there could be upgrades. Thx for reading!

- Awesome Game!

I found this from a YouTube ADVERTISEMENT and it is a great game for Kids! You should try it, it is so much fun!

- Nooooo good

I think this game is to easy I red some of the comments and some people said that there are a lot of ads and some other people said there are not a lot of ads some people said the game is really fun and great I sort of like this game because it is interesting. On level three there was a alligator and a gas thing I just think it is no good.

- Racist depiction as early as level 3

I agree with other reviews here, starts off baby simple, not very challenging. But on the third level, there’s a little enemy dressed as a “native” who’s there to spear your crew if you don’t feed him to the wolf first. Even without the wolf, it’s still treating another culture as automatically bad. Could’ve been a machine gun turret or something inanimate.

- Perfect

Nothing is wrong with it we want more Ps. To the haters be quiet 🤐

- Taliah Albert living in Chicago

I love this but it is very easy

- Heyyyy


- ?

I haven’t even played this game yet but it looks so STUPID already, and why would their be blood if it is a 4+ game? Like who does that? Wait YOUR COMPANY!!!

- I think this game is not so good...

I am aware I rated this game a 3 star review but I do not like it. 1. It seems like the game is super hard in the add but it is super easy.2. You don’t have free options to go anywhere you can only stay on the light blue water and that’s annoying. I am not trying to be mean at all it is just those are some changes to make my vote a 5 star review. Keep up the good work and I suggest to make those changes. 😀



- Too many ads

As soon as you make a road and rescue the person, which takes a few seconds, an ad comes on. Watching ads more than play time gets a one star and a deleted app

- This game is honestly racist

This game could’ve been cute if it didn’t have a very racist and insulting depiction of indigenous people. There are villainous dark skin characters in the game running around with tree leaf skirts and throwing spears at the heroes of the game. Like come on!! Be more creative that that and be careful with what you put out!

- I am done with this game

This game is good I have to admit it but the ads kill me.Ads and ads and more ads and the worst thing is that they are long ads that you can not skip I hate it do not download this game unless you love ads

- don’t play this game

this game is. veally bad

- Ok game

Pretty good game but way to much adds

- His so fun but easy

This is so fun but so easy and in one day I almost in the hundreds

- Awesome game

Omg soooooo gooood it is so fun but there needs to be a little less adds but overall it’s a great game

- No

It’s not stupid

- So so fun🤩🤩🤩🤩


- Love this game

I love this game and i love doing live streams on it

- Terrible picture for the game

Ok so my kid started screaming when he saw this picture so please change the picture thank you

- Weird but good

it dose not let u make your own path please upgrade but the rest is fine

- Help me

It is just so fun to play 😜🤗

- Awesome just angry

Well I love this game accept I hate that you have to watch videos for a new helicopter or something you should get them by earning them with coins you earn or something


I love this game when I’m on the road u will too download it today

- Worst Game Ever


- Game


- Boring and repetitive

I downloaded the game because I thought it looked fun I’m on level 450 and and I have played some of the levels over 7 times. There is always a path underneath the water so it’s never a challenge to find the way.

- Help road

Great game

- it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game so much. But it’s too easy for me! I only got to level 545.❤️👌🏻

- Soooooooooooooo stupid

So the game looked hard but it really wasn’t . I had found out that u have no freedom to make your own path, u have to do certain things first, for example, level two, or was it level three? I can’t remember but it had a alligator and meat. I tried to get in the middle of both but I couldn’t even move the path with the doctors. And, its kinda stupid. Also, i have no idea why u make a game with blood and then make it four and up! I mean, who makes a four and up game with blood? That’s even more stupid. And I can’t even make my own path which I already said. So if your the consumer or producer, this was for you to read. Please make tons of updates and improvements. Thank you! (I’m not sorry for saying that the game was stupid. I really meant it. oh and the one star is really a zero star)

- My review

I love this game because I’ve been playing this all the time

- Okay but....

The levels repeat, I’m on 187 but I might as well be on level 3. The levels don’t get harder and most of the time I’ve already had them. So this game was a good idea but, it’s boring and repetitive.


Theres to many adds

- To easy

It was fun at first but the each level is to easy.

- Ad cash grab

They just want the money from ads. It starts out alright and the ads aren’t too bad but eventually the game starts repeating like crazy and the ads get more frequent, longer, and unskipable.

- I have an ad solution

I’ve heard and read reviews about ads the trick to not get them is to turn on airplane ✈️ mode so just for your information

- Whyyyyyyy

I love this game it’s so fun but now that I’m high up ( level 140 ) the same levels keep coming with more gems it’s getting boring 😥

- I love it so much

You should love it

- More challenging

Make it more difficult y’all are showing where you can go to save the person in need let them figure it out for themselves

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- meh

Great idea,poorly pursued.

- Game

This game is great

- Ok

It is a fun game but I do wish it was a bit more challenging and if there were more to the game then just skipping to the next level. Kinda boring. Other than that, it’s a ok game.

- My review

The game is so fun but there’s to much add’s🥺🥺🥺

- Don’t play

This game is awful, it always says there is a notification in skins but when you press on it it just wants you to watch an ad, what I mean is that at the bottom it says “watch ad for free skin!” Which is the notification. And it never goes away. Also some levels the enemy didn’t even do anything. Uninstalled.

- Great game

It is really fun you just want too keep on playing it. I have played it for 5 minutes and I’m on level 25

- Best game

Very fun and challenging. Hints are free and u can get new skin. Recommend

- How to get thru level 8

I figured out how to get help the dead man at the squid just go in the squid

- Help road

This is a great game can you guys please add more helicopter skins please I would really appreciate it.

- Fun game!

I haven’t gone through lvl 8 but it’s fun!

- Fun but so many ads

I think the game is great but cut the ads and make it more difficult but apart from that I love it!

- Fun

Really fun game

- Ad filler

If you feel like watching ads all day with maybe a little fun in between then this is the game for you

- Not challenging

The levels start getting really repetitive pretty quickly, and don’t seem to get any more challenging as you go along. Turn your wireless off and there are no ads.

- Bad game

The level I’m on is hard so I pressed the hint button but the hint was just 1000 ways to get killed. This game is stupid.

- Sooooo many ads!!

I get that you need the ad revenue, but come on, there’s a limit to how many ads I can tolerate without getting mad. There’s literally an ad after every game that are 30secs long and can’t be skipped!! Way too annoying to look past.

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- Helping road

It’s the best game I can be a paramedic when I’m 30 years old.

- Good game. Way too many ads

I think I would have given this game 5 stars if the ad stayed the same as when the game started. Maybe 5 levels before an ad. But by the time you’re a dozen or so levels the ad to level count was crazy! It was so high that I would play a 10 second level and have a 30 second ad over and over. I couldn’t play it anymore. I thing the developer should add a “remove ads” option.

- Awesome

Can’t put this game down 😍

- Good

Pretty fun

- The best game ever

It’s so easy I’m on level 222😹lol it’s just so cool

- Eh

After the first couple of levels it gets kind of boring at least I gave it 4 stars 😜🎂🌈🍩🦄💩

- Good game

Good app you I would buy the free game

- Ok, but there is one big problem for me

The game itself is ok but most levels are super slow and boring. The things you have to do in the levels are really obvious and easy. The game doesn’t give you freedom to make your own path and sometimes the path is underneath the water that you can literally trace.

- Needs harder lvls

This game is a good concept but has only like 10 lvls and at lvl 200 you’re just repeating the same ones over and over, a 4 year old can do.... not very fun for more witty of people

- #mejor juego del mundo


- Lame

Too easy. Not really worth your time

- It is the worst

It is the worst

- The ads on this game are inappropriately for kids

Why would this developer have a game for kids and have such violent ads! This is absolutely ridiculous



- awesome game!

i love this game it is amazing and addicting! applause to whomever made this game!

- Add more ads will ya

U get an 30 secs ad after every 3 seconds game. No thanks.

- Ads

it’s a good game but way too many ads to actually enjoy it

- I love this game

This game is really fun and some of the levels are brain teasers. One thing that I dislike about the game is there is a lot of ads

- Help road

This game is boring

- Cool but repetitive

It’s a cool game and it’s a real brain teaser in some levels but I gotta say the levels are repetitive and well I got to lvl 200 in 30 minutes I wish they added more complicated stages

- I love it so much

Hey it was good goodbye

- Best game ever

This game will make you feel like you are a great person you can make your day better

- Wow

I need to unsubscribe

- Poor

I can’t buy new skins or helicopters

- Absolutely Awful

I downloaded the game because it looked really nice. The first few levels were easy and fun. The next levels had ads in the middle of it and it would restart. It took me seven try’s just to start the 10th round!!!! DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!😡😡😡

- The best

Amazing game

- Good but bad at the same time

I have played for 1 day and already beat it and the levels keep on repeating

- Best

Fun game

- All advertising

Too much advertising. Fir every 10 seconds of play they show a 30 second ad

- To many ads

Wasting to much time getting through the ads. So I can’t tell you if I like it or not. If this trend continues I will be deleting.

- Best game ever

This is the best game ever

- 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s not that fun tbh

- Soo dumb

So I saw some reviews and thought meh so I installed it but it’s so boring,easy,and just horrible like a baby could complete in just like that like its soo dumb that I’m sooo disappointed... I wish I could give this game 0 stars

- Wouldn’t even open

I downloaded this app because I liked the way it looked and I read other people’s reviews but as soon as I went and tapped to open it I’d get a black screen and then it’d close on its own. I restarted my phone to see if that was the problem and nothing changed. I deleted it and redownloaded it and still had the same problem.

- Help road

I love this game it’s amazing and super fun and cool it can be hard but it’s fun

- Game glitchy/buggy

Game is very glitchy and buggy. Stuck on lvl 12 and can’t go any further from there.

- Your game is fun

I love this game so much

- Game is really long and fun

I’ve beaten the entire game and I’m waiting for more updates, there are 109 stages

- Meh

Easy levels but kinda the same as rope rescue witch I have so kinda a waste of space put unlike other reviews I think it’s good and yeah

- wow...

This game has so little levels and most of them are drawing one easy line

- Interesting

Games cool and all but there is only 100 lvls then it re sets I’d be nice to get to chose a lvl to go back to 4 stars for fun but it gets repetitive

- Great kickoff

I like the game. Most stages are super easy but then some are real brain teasers. Patiently waiting for another update, hopefully they’ll be a tad tougher.

- Terrible

This game is a waste of tome and space there are only 4 levels and they are t challenging at all!!

- Lol

I thought the guy was lying about 4 levels but it’s hilarious it is 1 tho it’s wack

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- I love 💖 your game

Your game has really showed me you should help people even when danger is around you 🤩

- Amazing

This is a great game

- Bad.


- Amazing

That there is difrent things what how to save the little things with ought geting hert you ho evere made this is AMAZiNG

- Best game ever!!!!!!👌👌👌

5 star review

- Bbbbbaaaaaaddddddd

It is keeps own trying to get my personal information out there and to me that is not very good 😒😒😒😒😒😒😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😞😞😞😞😞😕😕😕😕😞😞😞😞😞😕😞😞😞😞😞😒😞😞😕😞😞😞😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😡🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🥺🥺

- Amazing game

It is the best game ever I haven’t had a better game since.well since ever😍🥰😍😘🥰😘😘🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😂😂

- Bjhvggnhyybybgy

Hhhhrhgj fjfjvifibi. Ggjgiririti “@‘dcn dxrnffjd jcjxjzjswwnsddxxkQksowokskskkxcmmmmmdetr

- ❤️

Beautifully designed yet simple

- Awsome! But one problem..

This game is amazing, I am on level 150 or something and I am addicted! the levels get higher it gets no harder. I am just requesting for the producers of the game to make them harder..? Other than that this game is by far my favourite and I really suggest it to anyone who is an finds it challenging. That is pretty mulch it! Hope you fix this issue! X

- Boring

Very basic levels

- Love it

I love the game because it’s really fun

- Great but

I love this game but most of the levels are really easy

- I 😍 it

It is Amazing to play

- Rescue road

I love this game

- Amazing

Just live it

- Kinda fun

Okay it has to many adverts and when you reach about level 400 it restarts the levels

- Sooooooœ fun

I can’t stop playing this it’s so fun and addictive

- Like

Well first I’m pretty cracked at the game second it’s to easy third glitchy I mean download if you want far warning easy and boring

- Can’t stop playing it

Very good quality not all the same some twists and turns random ads

- Too easy

Far too many adverts between each level considering each level takes 3 seconds to complete

- X

FX frat

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Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play 2.1.7 Screenshots & Images

Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play iphone images
Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play iphone images
Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play iphone images
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Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play ipad images
Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play ipad images
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Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play (Version 2.1.7) Install & Download

The applications Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play was published in the category Games on 2019-11-08 and was developed by MarkApp Co. Ltd [Developer ID: 1356451821]. This application file size is 123.94 MB. Rescue Road- Crazy Rescue Play - Games posted on 2020-03-27 current version is 2.1.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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