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Flip Sampler [Music] App Description & Overview

Flip is a sample-based mobile music studio that was designed for a fast and intuitive work flow. Import your own sounds via AirDrop or the Files app, or record sounds directly with your device's microphone or a connected iOS interface. As soon as you record a sound it’s available to be played on drum pads as well as being mapped across a keyboard. Sounds can be subtly shaped or entirely transformed using the built-in effects and easy-to-use editing tools.

You can record a quantized or unquantized performance on the pads or keyboard. There is also a full piano roll where you can enter and edit notes and velocities.

Record knob movements or draw automation by hand to bring even more life to your sounds. Every automation lane can also have its own independent length, for polymetric and generative music possibilities.

Create up to 16 different sections for your song and drag and drop them into any order to create your arrangement.

Mixing and mastering tools allow you to finish a full track without ever leaving your phone. You can export your full track, or hit the tape icon and record the live output of the app while you tweak anything on the fly. Both options allow you to capture individual track stems as well!

A performance page lets you trigger your patterns live while controlling a global filter, assignable pitch bends and reverb sends, and a random fill generator.

Artist packs are available in-app at $3.99 or less, which include original sounds and projects from Andrew Huang, Cuckoo, Chuck Sutton, Kilamanzego, Pusher, and more on the way all the time.


- 9 track sampler
- 4 effects per track: Delay, Filter, Chorus, Bitcrush
- Graphic EQ per track
- Monophonic or up to 16-note polyphonic playback per sample
- Adjustable pitch, volume, playback direction, sample start and stop points
- 19 automatable parameters per track
- Independent lengths for each automation lane
- Automation can be recorded via knob movements or drawn by hand
- Drum pad and keyboard input
- Full piano roll with 10 octaves, note velocity, editing tools
- Randomization over sample selection for quick inspiration
- Randomization over note position to create surprising variations
- Drag-and-drop song arrangement page
- Global reverb with individual track sends
- Mixing and mastering tools
- Powerful performance features for creating instant fills, pitch shifts, reverb sends, and global low or high pass filtering
- Export full track and stems
- Live recording of performances
- Metronome with tap tempo and swing/shuffle
- Ableton Link integration for easy syncing with other devices over WiFi
- Share projects and sounds via AirDrop, email, etc.
- Undo and redo

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Flip Sampler Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bugfix: Reverse did not work properly - Bugfix: iPad 8 (10.2 inch) had a black bar - Bugfix: Disabled to overwrite project A by renaming project B to A - Bugfix: Duplicating notes in piano roll had default instead of original values - Several crashfixes

Flip Sampler Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome App (But Where’s Pitch Quantization?)

I bought this without even thinking about it, and I don’t regret that decision, even if 99% of the music I make is DAWless. Flip’s got a great workflow, and some super-powerful—but easy-to-use—tools on hand. I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what it can do. There are some missing features, though, the biggest being pitch quantization. I’d love to be able to just lock in a scale on the keyboard and piano roll and not worry about hitting a wrong note. (Imagine that working with the randomization functions! That’d be so cool!) Pitch quantization is by far the feature I want the most. All this to say: this is an awesome app. If you’re interested in making music but don’t have a ton of experience, this is THE app to get: it’s fairly priced, easy to use, and extremely powerful.

- Longtime electronic producer enjoying iOS

This 9 track sampler is actually a brilliant and exceedingly high functioning complete groove workstation. The layout was intuitive I managed to find all features without using it’s also brilliantly convenient help button that’s always there to explain any feature by tapping it then the button or knob in question. The internal sample store also looks like it’s going to be very hip and vibey someday, as if this review it seamed like it had about 5 interesting looking packs for sale, I did not try any out though my phone is clogged with samples by now so I imported my own into the app smoothly without incident. As far as there being a way to bulk import I’m not sure as I’m to lazy to have read anything the developers written yet, including this AppStore page, but I had to leave a review because to me this marks the moment good design and music production really start to get along with each other on iOS. Wishlist _ 1. Just one synthesizer would be super Fire! 2. Saturator effect, thigh I do love the decimation that allready present 3. I really dig the user interface and think it’s brilliant but for my taste despite how clean, right and tight it is it still has a little bit of a childish vibe and would love to see a more stark yet colorful approach maybe similar to auxey pro or something. Thanks to developer, super great work here, I’m stoked

- So useable and fun. near perfect. Needs looping and midi

Not much to say except I love this app. Very useable. I love the app. I would love to see, obviously, ability to go beyond 4 bars. At least 16 but 32 would be great. 16 pads would be nice too. There is plenty of real estate, I think make the icons smaller. I feel they are too large and take away from space that could be used in better ways. Maybe allow for pattern to be different colors? A thought. More fx like gate and stutter or comb and talk and ring? I think the Aesthetic of parts of the interface could use some tweaking. I’m not a fan of the blocky , flat keyboard, large icons, and bland pads. Maybe some user selectable colors on the pads and thinner lines and shadows ect. Just personal preference. I love the app it’s near perfect. So after playing with it for awhile. I see it desperately needs better and more midi implementation and also sample looping. How is there no sample loop

- Game changer (srsly)

I wanted to wait until I had a chance to really play with all the features, directly compare it to other apps, and really put it through the ringer. And it’s impressive! It is exactly the bridge between working with loops and really opening up technical music making possibilities. The pads are super responsive. The quantize is perfect. The sampling capabilities are seemingly endless. I’ve already made some really fun beats with just my breath and some whistling. Pros: -sampling is so robust you can make almost any sound from the right input sound -exporting to the stems is a leap above what anyone else is offering -one time purchase! Apps that are way less comprehensive require monthly (sometimes weekly) subscription fees Cons: -I personally haven’t figured out how to simultaneously export the whole song and the stems at the same time. Small thing that’s mostly preferential. -Sometime when I’m editing midi, it crashes. But that could honestly be my phone. Who knows? Overall, this is a huge win. Even with the smallest of flaws I give this five stars. Do not hesitate to buy this. Update: Didn’t check all the files after export. Master was totally there. Flawless app.

- Great!

The interface for this app is one of the best I’ve seen, and it makes sample chopping and editing super intuitive and fun. All in all this is a great app. I’m certain that IAA will be on its way, and that will be enough to integrate this with the rest of my workflows, particularly if I can live sample from other apps. Once we’re there this will be a 5 star app. I’m certainly glad to be able to import from the files app right now. I would love to have the option to label my faders on the mixer, or have the sample names appear somewhere on the faders. This app can really be played like an instrument and that feature would really round that out. This could almost be its own synth if you could do things like apply envelopes to the filters, or even apply just the amp envelope to the filter. You can kind of get there with automation but it didn’t feel quite the same for me. Of course if I can sample from my other apps I can get that functionality with other synths and just sample it here. I’m very happy with the focus this app provides- really excellent work. I look forward to seeing more.

- Not bad at all!

I have to say that this app out the gate does pretty fine job of creating beats. I am/was a huge DM1 fan by Fingerlabs, but as long as that app has been out the devs failed to listen to request to make a DM3 with advanced features commonly use with other beat apps. Well I’m happy to say that the devs for Flip have answered the call with some of the features that I’ve requested from Fingerlabs are on this app. Would like to see AUV3 implemented into the app, as well possible IAA if possible. As of this review I see they also added a feature to reuse recordings in the app from the tape folder. Nice! I’ll update my review from 4 ⭐️’s to 5 when more features are added by way of updates.

- Link is not working iPad OS 14+

Really enjoying Flip, and am glad for its ease of use and multiple updates so soon after release! Link, though is not working as it should on our end... it did, then lost its sync over 32 bars and then suddenly will not connect to any link source. Reinstalled app, updated iOS... on a very robust network with Abelton 10 and AUM is working with link solid for days... please look into this issue and I look forward to a fix! Peace and thank you for the fun this app will bring to the world :)

- Rereviewing to point out some bugs

Every time I open the app it gives me a pop up window with links to the tutorial video and the store, neither of which I need. Can it, stop doing that? Also, I tried to delete the default tracks because they were unwanted clutter but they come back every time I reopen the app, so maybe fix that too. Lastly, not a bug but on my iPhone 8 (small by today's standards, I know) it's really hard to adjust the vertical axis in the piano edit page. And it doesn't zoom far enough in to be accurate because these notes are so skinny and their hitboxes are unforgiving. I never have a problem with this on GarageBand so I know it's not me. Other than those three things, great experiences so far with this app!

- Unbelievably Great Value

Simply put, this is the best value that I’ve ever seen for any sort of music making software or hardware. You can make full songs using flip alone, and with great tutorials already, you can really get deep into this. For only $10, I truly feel like it’s a no brained for any sort of music producer to own to bring out sample-based music ideas quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Plus, you can export the master track and stems of any project to be used in your DAW of choice afterwards if you want, which is an invaluable perk. Thank you guys so much for your work on this, I can’t wait to dive in more!!

- fun but a bit buggy

for reference, i’m on the 4th gen ipad air - before i get into the issues, i want to say the app is a super fun sketch pad, and i love the transient detection in the sampler. perfect for jamming and coming up with ideas i could use for sample packs or tunes. haven’t tried any built in sounds but they’re probably cool. i’m sure these problems i’m gonna mention are all fixable, and i am looking forward to using this app into the future. manually adjusting the start/end points is a bit finicky and it has trouble telling when i want to move one or both, or when i want to zoom or scroll the start and end region boundaries as one. the pitch detection is pretty much always wrong, but glad to see the attempt! it doesn’t really hinder anyone playing by ear, i suppose. the ADSR envelope doesn’t seem to work perfectly, i always get little clicks at the end of a sample or sample end brace that doesn’t naturally fade to silence, even if i have the sustain at -Inf dB and no release. the reverb seems to have input latency that is most apparent with short transient hits and high send values.

- Great App, one issue

First off, this is a great sampler! I’ve had it for the past couple of weeks and have mad some small song on the go that I really injoyed. I know this app is still in its infancy and will still need some updates. I do have weird glitch that is happening that I can throw at the development team here. When I go from any project to another project the tuning on my instruments is all off sometimes even the effects that I put on don’t produce the same results when I created the song. Thanks for the app will continue to use it!

- Thanks Andrew

This is the app I have been looking for. I have no complaints except for the occasional bug or glitch. One thing I would like to see added is a sample looper feature like in garage band for iOS. I also think that the velocity/midi editor could be slightly reorganized. I don’t really edit velocity much and it takes up a big portion of the screen, maybe a tab to hide it🤷🏻‍♂️. Great app though, pretty much everything works exactly how I want it. I haven’t really gotten into the automation page much yet but it is brilliantly designed. Great job! 👏🏻

- Fun but really buggy

Fun but really buggy. Fx knobs don't always stick to their automation, notes can be stretched backwards beyond their starting point, sometimes projects sound different after you close and reopen them. On one project, after working a few hours, the pitch on one sample just shifted upwards by like a quarter of a semitone. It was fine before, now it sounds badly out of tune (on any note) and cant be fixed by adjusting or reseting the pitch bend knob or its automation. I absolutely love the concept of this app and I’m really hopeful it gets better, but right now it needs some heavy bug testing. It should be advertised as a beta honestly. Export often if you wanna save your work

- Great Potential just not quite there yet.

Ow wow... I spent hours working on a project. Duplicated for a backup. Renamed....and now both projects have been replaced with a different project. So I have 3 of the same track from days ago..... There are a lot of bugs that need working on. For example, duplicating multiple notes on the piano roll can introduce all sorts of glitches like randomly elongating all of the notes. The worst part...I cannot undo this! There is no way to auto backup either, so be prepared to lose a whole lot of work. I love the minimalist design, but I often wish I could just see the name of a menu and would love to see multiple midi channels in relation to one another instead of constantly switching back and forth. As for the purchaseable sample packs, tell us how many samples I am downloading before purchase. I expected more due to how many came loaded. I’m fine with the amount for the price, but you’ll want to manage expectations vs reality. I do love the app, and love that I can make decent music from bed, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting any updates!

- Just the essentials

Handy, (get it) having all the workflow UI along the edges. There are all the essentials for composing tracks and formulating ideas before taking them to the next level. My only feedback is that the keyboard and piano roll could use a fat thumb option. My big fingers are having trouble landing the targeted notes. I end up stacking a bunch of notes next to each other. Then as I try to toggle them, I’d end up adding more. And you can forget about playing Chopsticks with anything other than chopsticks.

- Amazing app

This app is super cool and has everything you need. And surprisingly this is just released. I hear you guys will continue updating that app. This app is already great. One issue I had is when trying to learn the buttons is sometimes after I clicked the help button and click something I don’t know, the words are sometimes blotched up. I still very much enjoy this app and will continue using it a lot. Also please add more arrangement patterns as 16 is not enough for me. Thank You!!

- This app works

This is an app for a beginner that would like to learn how to slightly produce and sample music. This software definitely it worth the $8 dollars I paid. But it lacks some qualities. The midi is difficult to move, som of the project doesn’t auto save so it makes making tracks and coming back to them very sad cuz it doesn’t auto save, and the pitch modulation it pretty glitchy when you switch between sounds and samples. I hope there can be more updates making the software better because this has great potential. It’s so close to it being a decent DAW.

- Awesome App!

Really enjoy the interface and all of the options compacted into this! Addicting to say the least! One thing I’m having trouble with on the Sample Page is the “Pitch” knob adjustment. It keeps resetting back to default (0) after I alter it for a specific pad. The “Gain” knob right next to it stays wherever I set it, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m just not doing something properly. Download this if you are even slightly interested in getting into this kind of music production! It’s worth it!

- Excellent with one weird glitch

This app is really good. Get instantly into some weird polyrhythmic amazing-ness. But tons of issues with automation quantize. Basically if I draw automation, it works... if I draw quantized automation, it gets turned to unquantized, as soon as I leave that pad. Quantized automation is sick for gating everything at random loop lengths, but it keeps switching off? Holler!

- Only spent four minutes in this app...

...and already I predict it will be purchased down the line by ABLETON. Huang, you’ve done it again! What an amazing phone sequencer for on the go jams and a crazy great inspiration tool! Totally gives GarageBand a run for the doe, and is right up there with Maschines app! Love the simplicity and ease of access approach to creating samples! Keep up the great work mannnnne! Also VERY affordable in app pack downloads! Very humble and jaw dropping app! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

- 👍👍

Haven’t played with the app long enough to give an in depth review, but I was recording and editing samples in seconds. I m a hobbyist level sample based producer. My plans for this app are using it to record samples when I stumble into an interesting sound in day to day life and to use it to practice the craft and make music on lunch breaks, commutes, etc... it makes music and it s on my phone so, it makes music and I always have it with me.

- Really good but FIX UNDO BUTTON (please <3)

Ok so this app is really good but here’s my feedback. When you press undo, UNDO THE ENTIRE ACTION! If I highlight a section of the piano roll and change the song to a different key for example and press undo, it only undos one note at a time. Even more often, when I record a section, I want the entire section to undo to try again. But no, the app only undos one note at a time. Developers, PLEASE fix this!!!

- Great but glitchy

Super fun to play with and slowly learning the interface Is there a known bug where the app will just stop playing the audio for the track or samples you are working on? It says its playing, but its not. Occasionally plays one or two of the samples. Does this one on phone and iPad.I even click out of the song im working on and sometimes other sounds will work, but sometimes not. Really frustrating when you're getting into a groove and the app Stops playing back your creations.

- Such a fun app

I’ve always struggled to really consistently use music making software, i have the fl demo but it can be such a pain to learn the ui that it feels like it doesn’t want to be accessible to beginners. That’s why i love flip, i was able to open it and start making music almost immediately. The ui is super straight forward and enjoyable to use. Thank you Andrew and the Flip Team for creating such a wonderful app!

- Super great already!

This is a great workstation app. The only thing I would like messed with is splice integration. It is possible to download samples from splice to device, and load them currently, but it is one file at a time, and I would like to have more of my splice library loaded for randoming through. Also a slice to pads feature would be crazy for longer drum loops, but that is asking a lot. I love it! 5 stars.

- I hate non auv3 music apps. This still got my heart.

Total beast! Can’t wait for auv3 integration so I can get good samples inside of it but this thing might just become one of my few go-to apps that are standalone. Cheers to the amazing devs and to Huang for this ! Update: Definitely still patiently waiting for all the bug fixes and hopefully a future auv3 integration. The few hours I’ve spent on this app when it was released were enough for me to be excited about it in the future, even though I am not using it much at the moment. I did just buy a mic that is great for portable recordings on iPhone, so maybe that will be my entry point to this app’s standalone mode (not a standalone guy here but... it is a very good app). Please turn this into an AU ASAP 🙏🏻🔥

- Far more than a looper

I am pretty impressed with this app so far. The ability to effect each sample runs deep. I hate to even call it a looper because it is so much more. The UI is good on a phone (have not thrown it on my iPads yet). It is easy to use as it has a pretty standard setup but still has its own identity. I have only used it for about ten minutes to give it a quick go round and so far I am pretty impressed with the depth. I have an insane amount of audio apps and have been beta testing apps for about ten years now- this one is a total keeper and worth the price. Take my word for it. This one will be on tops of iOS audio apps you need to get lists for some time. It deserves it. . I am all in and happy I made this purchase.

- I love this app! A Suggestion

The little mobile DAW is so great. I love Andrew Huang and his videos/music. My honor to purchase it. I would love to see you guys add a midi chord pack for purchase. I’m not incredibly musically inclined but love to put beats on music but finding good samples takes time and as a busy dad I don’t have much of that. I would totally be willing to buy a midi chord pack if it had a lot to work with!

- ALMOST there... needs more

I’ve been following this app for some time. I bought without hesitation knowing the level of community support was there. I’ve managed to make a few tracks. Initially it was fun to play around and make some beats. But further along some key frustration started to set it. Sore spots: No MIDI - not a terrible on its own, but the onscreen keyboard is un-usable for me. Would have preferred a root noted grid pad (ie Maschine MK3 or endlesss pads). The Piano roll editor is too glitchy for me. Lacks crispness and precision. Way difficult to copy / paste in precise notes. UNDO is not reliable - undoes certain actions, but not all. Seems glitchy Hard to copy tracks across different instances in the song mode. I’m certain once these issues are fixed this app’s fun potential will be unlocked. LOOKING FORWARD to the updates and hope to give a more positive review here. Thanks

- Seriously

Who is writing these good reviews? A bunch of Andrew Huang fans? This thing looks like a toy but a toy that doesn’t work. Once I found a samples in my folder of thousands that would work, they’re wav files, but most don’t even show up, then I would put marks on the piano roll and it plays about 1/10 of them. All this “I was making music in minutes” stuff in the other reviews, they’re ringers right? Cmon admit it. I was making music with Drambo faster than this thing. No exaggeration. Merry Xmas guys, guess my gift to you is $7.99

- It has potential

I apologize for past negative reviews, but I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall this multiple times. There are too many inconsistencies around how this works: sometimes it loads the metronome even when I don’t choose it. Other times it allows me to import sounds but it won’t allow me to delete those. Other times, it won’t record a sample into an empty pad.... Overall, it can be versatile for sequencing sample sounds.

- the most amazing app to ever be made

This app is a genius app it literaly has the power to create write and make beats at the size of your phone screen or touch device you can literaly go to the sky with this app it just takes some time to learn...Download it play with it watch the tutorials show your friends and jam!!!!! music will set you free!!!!

- Intuitive music making for neophytes and grandmasters alike!

What the Flip confirms is the power of excellent programming combined with smart design and an intuitive UI. The meeting of a genius workflow, nice aesthetics, and impressive production value contained entirely within a small ecosystem is a quite a feat. Flip is in that Goldilocks zone of being advanced enough to satisfy a veteran producer while still remaining intuitive enough for someone who’s just getting started. As a someone who’s taught music production to kids i think this is a perfect tool to learn on. It takes all the simplicity of something like Koala and packs it with additional features. But most of all. It’s fun! Really fun!

- Thank You

This is an unbelievably simple and full featured music making app. It is the most intuitive workflow I have come across in 10+ years of recording (I've used Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper and Bitwig). I wish they would do a Mac/PC port in the future but I know there are other things that need to be developed first. Keep it up Dev team!!

- Never be without music creation anymore

This is the ideal tool to keep learning and creating anywhere. I am certainly no artist at this point. I am learning how to make music, and I’d rather make a rather horrid track of my own than a polished reincarnation of recycled loops from other people’s artwork. It took about 3 minutes to learn the basics and I’m off!

- Pretty sweet!

This is really an amazing little app! The workflow and GUI are fantastic. In the future if you would consider adding at least 16 pads, longer pattern lengths, and perhaps and search function for the sample browser this could really be a little beast. (AU instruments and fx would be excellent but I also respect the simple ethos of the app. Many thanks!

- Wow

The workflow is insane! It has so much attention to detail like two simultaneous keyboards with independently controlled octaves, different automation lengths, and the clever way pads do pitch and velocity (off by default!) So next version let’s get 16 pads instead of 9 ;) Still I’d pay $50 for this (hope this comment ages well...) and I got it for $7.99.

- Easy to use

There has never been an app so accessible to just jump in and mess around. The best part about the app is that it doesn’t have too many features. The essentials without looking too cluttered. Top notch work on this one. Looking forward to the updates.

- How do I save a pattern? Or a project?

Andrew is awesome, which is why I got the app. I look forward to using it more. I know how to save a sample, thanks to the icon. But how to save a pattern or project? I’ve watched the quick start and the mega video. I’ve searched the app high and low. I’ve tried the [?] button. I find no mention of saving a project, only seem able to load one. Please halp! I’m missing something...

- Almost perfect

Overall flip has been a fantastically fun app but there are a few bugs with crashing and whatnot but that’s when you are pushing its limits. Overall I say get it. It came out yesterday so they should have some patches come out but it is great right now

- Great app with some early bugs

Great UI and once I watched the tutorial, I felt like I had what I needed to start creating music. With that excitement came some disappointment when some of my samples lost their effects (pitch, reverb) after restarting the app. Hopefully this is fixed bc I want to get back to making music with Flip but right now it’s undoing lots of time put in with this bug.

- Sound problems

I like the set up because it easy to learn and stuff but I’m having a problem with audio. I can hear the sounds in the sound library but if I move them to the drum pad I can no longer hear them. I’ve made new projects, restarted my device, reset my settings and there is still no sound. What should I do?

- Seriously innovative

This is one of the coolest music production apps I have ever used. Being a fan of Andrew for a few years now, it’s been so cool to see him grow to this point and he entirely went above and beyond. I absolutely recommend this app, it blew my expectations out of the water.

- Flipping love it!

Super powerful while still being approachable and intuitive. The samples are great and the video tutorials are comprehensive and concise. While there’s plenty of room for improvement and expansion, it’s already one of the best music creation apps in the App Store.

- AudioShare update is a game changer!

Love the AudioShare integration. Game changer! I’ve successfully made samples in other apps, chopped em in AudioShare, and loaded them into Flip all on my iphone7! Loving the new Rachel Collier sample pack as well. Thanks for all the updates based on suggestions. You guys are listening!

- Awesome I like to see AudioCopy

Love the app is awesome super intuitive, I can wait for AUV3 but I think having AudioCopy audio share implementation would be awesome this app is so good already I can wait for the update and really hope in the audio copy audio share :)

- Easy to use ..fun....

Sosimple to use. Only glitch i have is ipad pro when renaming a project the keyboard is blurry sort of as is i can slightly see the screen behind it but it makes harder to see what i type...

- Approaching perfection

I wasn’t expecting this to be as enjoyable to use as Ableton, but it is incredibly intuitive and powerful. And if there is anything it can’t do itself, it makes everything easily exportable.

- Love it

I love how much this app has to offer! There’s a lot you can do on it and I myself have had a ton a fun on it already even if I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m excited to see where this app goes in the future.

- Pitch detection nightmare

Thanks you guys for all the awesome updates, you’ve created an amazing music tool. I know that with software there’s always room for improvement, but right know the app feels really mature.

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- Awesome app, amazing potential

I’ve been in a dry spell for quite a while struggling to get ideas into reality. Within an hour of using this I had some banging tracks. It’s super intuitive and just fun to make some music. It’s got a lot of potential and I have some suggestions; having more bars is a must (but I’ve heard that’s coming soon), looping samples with a button or loop start/end points would be awesome & assigning multiple parts of a sample to different keys could make it awesome for chopping vocals. The list goes on and on about how much cooler this app could become (on top of how great it is already). It would be the one stop shop for on the go music production in your pocket. Can’t wait to see what features come next!

- Awesome tool

A great tool for on the fly creativity, works smoothly and very approachable! The design of the app makes it easy to navigate and overall intuitive to use. It’s lots of fun to fiddle around with samples and sounds to make something, However, I found a bug(?) where there is a black bar on the side of my iPad 8th gen (10.2 inch screen). It seems to be a part of the screen which isn’t being used by the app.

- What I was looking for

When I first got an iPad I was disappointed in the lack of decent music making apps for it. I’m by no means a music producer but this is so far the most intuitive experience i and I think it’s worth the money

- Seems amazing but not autosaving

Made a track in my first hour. Really intuitive and fun, was able to process daggy beat boxing into amazing sounds with the built-in effects. But! It crashed, which isn’t the end of the world, but no auto-save, lost project. Can re-load saved samples but all the processing has to be done again :( Doesn’t seem to save as automatically as other iPad DAWS/sequencers.

- Love it but keeps crashing

Love the app. Really fun to use but it keeps crashing.

- No thanks

Awful interface and crashes. Prototype indeed.

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- Yes

I came across Flip through Andrew’s YouTube video. I initially didn’t realize Andrew was involved. My impression was it was a paid endorsement. I would describe the Flip app as taking cues from groove boxes, but it is ingenious because it uses your phone’s technology. I use the app for idea generation. I start a new project, and I intentionally use the randomization of the pad samples. Having a fresh mix of noises to play with really drives creativity. My workflow is as follows - I almost play with Flip like a video game experimenting with different ideas. Once I create something that excites me, I export the stems, which is a fantastic idea and upload the beat to my Google Drive. From that point, I load the stems (Wav format) into my DAW and begin building the character / developing the relationships between sounds more deeply. Flip being on my phone makes beat-making accessible. My dog woke me up this morning earlier than usual. While waiting for the dog to do what dogs do - I laid out the premise of a solid beat. The accessibility of Flip with the randomization of pad samples and the ability to export stems has made Flip very usable - and another source for beat creation. To be clear, I wouldn’t have described Flip as a new idea. Many products on the market exist that would be similar or potentially an improvement due to their maturity, but what makes Flip great is the fact isn’t competing with the more mature instruments out on the market. Flip is a portable application, and that is where this app shines. In this case, Flip is highly accessible, which means you have more opportunities to use Flip than alternatives. The more use, the more reward. Andrew stated in his Youtube video that there isn’t a better value proposition for the app’s cost, and I feel that isn’t an embellishment. The only suggestion I would make is expanding the help for the tape icon to clarify how to use the functionality. One of my fav apps.

- Very powerful sampler

This is a super accessible sampler with some good effects and a simple ui

- Super great.

Really great features. Takes a little getting used to how everything works. Only issue found is that the microphone stays active after moving on to other apps.

- Brilliant tool with many bugs

The app is designed great with a few bugs to iron out. Mainly, it repeatedly crashes on me with file saving and pad mapping + has also damaged my phone speaker. I was listening on low to a kick I made with my voice when all of a sudden loud, heavy static feedback. I’m on a iPhone 6S Plus. Have received no response from developers regarding my concerns. This app really deserves a 5 star if the developers were more responsive and empathetic.

- Good app but found bug

If you disable microphone in permissions it won’t tell you, and it will simply quietly no longer record audio and it won’t tell you why.

- Absolutely awesome

This sampler is fantastic. I really dig the easy parameter automation at different repeat lengths; it makes it very quick and easy to create interesting variations on ideas. I’d !!!LOVE!!! to see midi export in an update at some point. But honestly, asking for more than what this app already is feels like I’m being greedy. It’s so good!

- Shuts down

I don’t know why but the app always shuts down. I love the app a lot don’t get me wrong, I love every part of it and it’s quite cheap for the power house it is. But it’s frustrating I want to play with it, dig deeper and all but it keeps shutting down. :(

- Missing one thing

Love the interface and freedom you get here. It just needs integration with apps like GarageBand so I can play with samples from other apps or import samples from Flip into other tools

- Great fun app aaaaaaa

Love it and love Andrew huang

- Crash’s

Super duper fun. I love the user interface everything is fairly straight forward with a lot of capabilities. But it crashes a lot for me.

- This is everything I wanted since I was a child and first got into music

I know some people have had some issues but I’m sure those will be ironed out over time. The ui and experience are great so far. The help button design is really useful (tapping on what you want to know about is really intuitive). I was able to start making stuff within minutes. Im so excited to have something that allows me to do what I’ve always wanted to since I got my first audio recorder as a kid.

- Dawesome!

Love how intuitive this is, by far the best music production app for getting an idea sketched out on the fly. 🌈Thanks Andrew🦄

- Wholly crap

Seriously though, this app does everything or plans to do everything. I can imagine it as a onstage tool for performance as much as a tool for woodshedding ideas. Thank you!

- Amazing flexible sampler among other things

Requires auv3 for that final star from me - otherwise brilliant app all around.

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First beat on Flip Sampler 👻 Really loving this app so far @andrewhuang cant wait to make more! App: Flip Sampler (IOS) @flipsampler #flipcontest


Christmas Eve 🐨 Flip. Happy Holidays! #beats #sample #sampler #koala #kaolasampler #flip

Josh Girvin

@flipsampler Okay so: I have a Korg nanoKey Studio and I own Gadget (not LE) which is fun as all heck; Flip is a better sampler and sequencer however. Any plans for supporting those BT iOS controllers? Ideas on how to sample my iPad + Gadget into Flip on iPhone or the same iPad?

Danté LeRaé

damn should have gotten in on that intro pricing @andrewhuang’s flip sampler! It looks to good to pass up though.


flip sampler demoworks1 #flipsampler


Relapse Records Posts Free 241-Song Sampler to Celebrate 30th Anniversary


Early morning flip for #ChristmasFlipChallenge. First time using Koala Sampler @elf_audio for sample flip challenge 😊. Thanks to @micro_chop @BRKLSbeats @stlndrms for this dope challenge! Sample: Al Green - I'll Be Home For Christmasl

Flip Sampler 1.0.7 Screenshots & Images

Flip Sampler iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images
Flip Sampler iphone images

Flip Sampler (Version 1.0.7) Install & Download

The applications Flip Sampler was published in the category Music on 2020-12-01 and was developed by Suture Sound Inc. [Developer ID: 1486629618]. This application file size is 166.26 MB. Flip Sampler - Music app posted on 2021-03-12 current version is 1.0.7 and works well on IOS 10 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.flipsampler.flip

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