My Chibi - Widget game

My Chibi - Widget game [Games] App Description & Overview

Create your own chibi with tons of customizable traits and clothes! Thousands of possible combinations are waiting for you to make the cutest chibi ever created. Change your hair, eyes, mouth, expression... and try on different styles until you find the perfect one: t-shirts, jackets, shoes, everything you could imagine!

You will have to take good care of them and fill their affection needs, they also need love :)

Use your chibis as stickers within iMessage and create them directly from the conversations with your friends!


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My Chibi - Widget game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Tutorial updated for iOS 14! :)

My Chibi - Widget game Comments & Reviews

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- It’s pretty good but..

I love the game and I hope maybe you could like add personalities and more outfits and sweaters also I can’t wait for the updates you guys might do! also could you make so that the hearts as Money in the game and could you make them move around and like talk to you and maybe you can make a movie maker so you can use them more also could you make accessories like wings on the back also could you add pets to the game that would be so cute. Besides that love the game I came to this game by your game Steve it had an add anyway nice game and have a good day/night. 🙂

- Awesome, but can’t change Chibi’s hair color

Great app, but the only thing is that I’m unable to customize my chini’s hair color because I have to watch a short video. When I tap on watch video, it just keeps loading and the video never loads. However, with the loading circle still in the screen, I’m able to click on other aspects of the app, including being able to change my Chibi’s name. Why is the short video not loading? Once this issue has been addressed, I will change the rating to five star. Thanks for the help!

- It’s an amazing game! I truly love it but..

This game is just amazing! I love the aesthetics and style. But when try to watch a short video to get any kind of shirt or jacket it kicks me out of the game. The first time it had happened I thought it was just my internet, I was a little sad because I was proud of that character but I just remade it. It happened again so I thought it was the jacket and shirt I was tapping. I really love this game but that’s a small issue!! I hope you can fix it and have this game grow to be a big thing later in the future.

- A few recommendations for future updates!

I know this game is new but here are some suggestions. First when I go to love my Chibi characters I see that my first one needs a whole bar more and so do the others. I fill up the first one and then I go to the next one and it is full. Basically when I fill one chibi it fills all the others too. I think you should find a way for each character to have their own bar. In the future I also think it would be cool to choose personalities for the Chibi characters and be able to interact with them more. This is a GREAT idea but I would love it if you could really take care of them more and maybe even add pets :)

- My Thoughts On This Game

Hi, to me this game is really cute but it is not my normal style. The game has cute designs of everything but it seems a bit boring. Since that is my opinion it will not affect my review, but as it still is my opinion I found it boring so I deleted it. To anyone who did not play this game it lets you create a cute character with all different types of designs which can show in a widget. But that is all I have to say about the game.

- It’s good but I’m having a problem

The idea is cute and yes there could be somethings added to make it more interesting but for me the problem is every time I click to watch an add to get something the add doesn’t load and I’ve been trying but I only got it to load once in over ten minutes. Overall the adds don’t bother me cuz it’s understandable to need money but I just wish the adds would load so I can like change my little dude. Anyway I totally would recommend there’s just a few little things that you’d have to keep an eye on. 😁 nice app

- Good game but...

I love the game, the idea of having a little mini person that you can take care of. The art style is amazing too! The only things are is that 1. There isn’t may customization that you can do on the Chibi and 2. Who wants to just sit there and tap a person with no end goal? If there can be a later update in the future to maybe where you can feed them and stuff (kinda like a tamagotchi pet) and where it could die if you don’t take care of it then it’d be much more interesting. Overall, I like the idea of the game!

- I love it but..

i love this game its cute i like making the characters but. their is so much ads just to look at a pair of clothes and there isn’t a lot of options to customize your character also i was hoping u could add “actions” like u could tap the character and make it laugh or walk around or climb around the sticker you know you could change the hearts into money and make the characters buy stuff i think they game would boost up if u could do that and it would get alot more attention

- Any updates soon?

I’ve had this game downloaded for a while now. I dressed my Chibi up how I wanted and clicked to what is now over 16,000 hearts on my Chibi. I keep checking for updates hoping changes are coming but they haven’t. I would like to continue playing this game but there’s just nothing to do and I refuse to keep clicking for no reason. Hopefully when an update does come a lot is added to keep me playing. For now I’m going to play other games until I see an update. Could be a fun game, but updates need to happen ASAP!

- Great game but needs more content

This is something that is really new so I don’t come into the game thinking about how much content there is. But I feel like there needs to be more. Something like more ways to interact with your chibi. And some kind of reward system like coins that generate every few taps and you can unlock customization like backgrounds or music. Great game though

- Good but..

Hi I’m Kenzie I just downloaded this game yesterday and it’s really cool, you get to customize your own little person but it gets kind of boring because all you get to do after you make your person is tap in them to give them hearts I was thinking maybe you should have to feed them but if you don’t feed them they can die or get sick. I know this review is kind of short but I would love if you added that to the game ❤️

- Good game but

In another update can you add more to it than just tapping like maybe a consequence and maybe even #hex colors. Keep in mind a lot of us will probably try to recreate anime characters for your customizations. For example, I did Taiga Aisaka with brown hair color, cat/smirk. paw, Christmas outfit, red black streak blush, long hair... which with your customizations is coincidently perfect. And I really enjoy that there is only one add for each.

- Work in progress!

Friday, June 2020 I love the concept of this game and the different styles. How ever, I don’t like that for almost everything you have to watch an add. Also, I think it’s just me but my adds don’t work and it is stuck with the loading symbol. Anyway, could you please make an option to shrink the eyes? Thanks for reading! Monday, June 2020 Hi! Ok, so I’ve been playing for a while now and my ad problem is fixed! Yay! It’s been super fun!! Me and my brother absolutely LOVE it! So, I have two requests. Can you (the developer) please make long, curly hair? And also, could you (again, the developer) please make it so you can personalize your character a little more? Like maybe add a bio, last name, etc.? Anyway, if you wanna know if you should download it and it’s one of those apps you keep for a long time, the answer is yes and yes!!!

- This Game Is Adorable!

The game is so cute and a good idea! You give them love and can design them how you like! I do wish there was more to the game though! Maybe like some mini games and more things you can do to interact. Maybe add stuff like food and health! Also I’m having no problems with ads or anything! I hope to se emote in the future!

- Really good game

I think this is a really great game! However, how do make so that you character is in the middle of the screen? I can’t seem to drag it or anything. When I make my character almost half of it is cut off, so I don’t know how to fix it.

- Good but could be great

It’s addicting to find new cute outfits and combos but I think there could be so much more. I hope in future updates you could add more clothing, mouth positions, maybe noses, and hats !!! I also think It would be cool if the hearts you get from tapping the screen could transfer into money to buy new accessories. It would also be cool if there was some sort of game or role play to the game

- Doesn’t appear in either widgets screens

Design a character from a tiny assortment of clothes and features, watch ads to change color or get a few more items from the standard, the app doesn’t appear in either widgets screens in ios14. all you do is tap on it to add “love”. the character doesn’t do anything at all. great app for wasting your 5 year old’s time without worrying about them purchasing anything. ad revenue goes straight to apple with crumbs sent to the developer. Waste of time.

- this game is amazing

this game is amazing. The only thing is I wish you could interact with your chibis. I Love the clothing and accessory style but, I wish there were more choices. Overall this game is amazing and has great styles!!! this is the game i play the most on my phone!!

- Great app, I’m addicted now !

I definitely love my Chibi app and it’s so fun to create my own chibi! It’s cool to have as a widget in the side and I have even gotten my friends into it! I definitely wish it had some more items such as hair, skin, and shoes and maybe even clothes, but otherwise the colors are great and the app is so cute!

- Outstanding! Please read!

I absolutely adore this app!!! I highly suggest it! The only thing I would add is that u can play mini games with your characters 🙃 that might make it more exciting! I think it is very well put together 🤗

- Pls reply to this

Your games are AMAZING I LOVE the designs! Only one thing! Can you please please please add a leaderboard to this game with Game Center? If you don’t know what I mean I can explain. It would be awesome if we could compete to see who had more hearts. AND PLEASE make more widget games

- Good game but more things you could add.

I like your game. but there isn’t enough hair styles for the boy so most of my Chibis are girls. Also you can make more things that they can hold like maybe a sword or a dagger or something like that. And my last thing to say is just get more please.

- Customization and more items

Hey! I wanna say first I love your game! You should let us customize the skin like you do with the hair, clothes, and shoes and you should add more items! Definitely more clothes more costumes more hair more accessories!

- This game is amazing

I love this game so much!!! Some things to ad though are: being able to see the most popular Chibi’s, being able to use your Chibi’s in Steve, and being able to download other Chibi’s!!! If these get added, this will definitely be a five star review

- Cute!

I love this game! Really fun, and cute! But just one problem.. You have to unlock your phone to play. The description said you could play it without unlocking it. Also, the adds never load. I try multiple times but they just won’t..

- There should be more

It’s kind of boring with a few Hairs and face expressions and etc. I would love if there was a option for a more feminine like body if you don’t mind. If you can’t do that just more hairs and other things would be fine.

- 😁

I’m so happy i decided to download this app i know there’s barely anything to do but i have no problems with the ads and it’s so easy to understand plus if you have “Steve” you get free coins

- Love it but...

I love the app, it’s so cool to make all the little chibis but I just wish I could do more with them. Like connect them with my friends and/or use them as characters that interact with other chibis

- That’s it?

The first time I donwnload this game l thought that this game will be fun but it’s just make your character, watch ads and look at it, but the real question is: Is that it? That will make it so boring! I hope you add something more to the game to make it more fun to play


Love it! It’s just so cute and adorable! I would like there to be new poses though, and maybe rooms you can decorate and have them in! But still the way it is right now it still amazing!

- It’s absolutely horrible >:(

It does not make any sense when you try to actually make a character it doesn’t let you make a character and it’s getting on my nerves like hello what’s the point of the game if I can’t even quiet like I don’t even want the game anymore I’m just going to like this video so I can delete the game if I’m being honest don’t download it it’s a waste of time absolute time like no

- Very good over all

I really love this app but my only complaint is that there could be a bit more diversity with the hair options. I would love to see the kind hair that people of color have so I can create more characters.

- It a ok game

It’s a good game with nice little characters but it needs a purpose or a goal to the game like we should be able to use the hearts to buy things like accessories. it also should have more clothes and options to choose from

- Great concept

I left another review about how i couldn't see what chibi i want to on the widget then realized i had to chick the arrows. Still this is a really cool idea and i would love to see the developers add on to the idea.

- Cute, but can’t add the widget!

Hi! So this game is extremely cute from what I have seen and I think the app has so much life to it but when I try adding it to my widgets it won’t show! Are only certain devices allowed to use this as a widget?

- Love it but

In future updates I suggest to add personalities to the characters and have 2 or more characters in one widget, they can talk and interact with each other.

- Good but...

it’s a good game and fun to make little characters but I can’t watch any of the ad’s to unlock the different clothes and colors and hairstyles. It’s annoying when the loading circle pops up and just spins for ages with no ad. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It would be awesome if they could somehow fix it!

- Unlock the stuff with ads...

I like the game but you have to unlock most of the stuff with ads, disappointed. Another thing is some people want the locked stuff but they cannot get ads bc of bad WiFi, I keep getting kicked out too. Dev(s) please fix this!

- Poses

Great game! But it would be better if you added optional poses and maybe a bit more styles to the hair. Other than that great game! I really like the style of the way it was drawn. I hope you also like the game and enjoy it!

- Eh It’s Okay

I love widget games like these but to be honest all your doing is tapping a Chibii character ... But Don’t Get Me wrong I Love Customizing My chibii And getting to see it in my widgets but it’s not very entertaining Other Than That I’m So Sorry!! But Maybe You Could Make It More Like A Tomagachi Pet! That Would Be A-MAZING Keep Up The Hard Work 👍🏼❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

- I love the game!

I love this game, it gives me that tamaguchi vibes. But what i would actually love is if i could add the widget to my actual home page instead of having to swipe left to see it. But other then that its awesome!

- I like it but-

It’s very nice, the ads don’t bother me but when i try to add the widget, it shows there’s no option to add the My Chibi widget. Hope i can get a response.

- I love this!

Not only can you make your character up you can play it! XD I love this you can make the most ugliest characters or the most cutest characters!

- This is gonna be short

The idea of the game is gold, I loved it. But when I started playing it there was basically no choices. Maybe in a couple years I’ll come and see if you have improved your selection. But until then the game needs more choices.

- Cute app

I really like the app, The items and characters are cute. But the shirts are covered by the pants and it looks kinda strange, but other than that it’s a really nice game :)

- Could be better

I really love this game it is so cute but I wish the widget was more fun like maybe you could feed and play with your Chibi on the widget instead of just tapping on it

- Amazing!

I just downloaded this and it’s amazing I love everything you can make love the clothes especially I think I got addicted.

- Why I love your app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is such a good app. Because... You can design your own characters and even make them your wallpaper.

- Great game but

I finally customized my character how I wanted but it wouldn’t let me frame it on my phone. Tried the tutorial and still not working.

- Ads will not play to unlock stuff

As the title says, the ads will not work when I try to unlock items. This is for any item, and under any option. I cannot fully enjoy this app, until these problems are solved.

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- More Options

This is really great, along with the other game! The ads are annoying I must admit, but overall it doesn’t bother me much. I just wish we’d have more options, especially with the hair. And I believe you should definitely add more things in the game! Like levels, ie. once we reach 100 hearts we level up. And we’re also able to see them ‘move’. And there are many more ideas! But the game truly is great, I hope you make more!

- Love it !! But could we take care of them ?

Absolutely love the game , the Chibi’s are so cute but I was wondering if it was possible to advance the game or create a new one where we could take care of them like they were kids ? 💕💖💘

- It’s good but..

I wish that there were more options to choose from and more to do with the characters such as getting them to move


I love it just some feedback maybe you should add more things to choose from like maybe you should be able to change the hair colours yourself?

- Sketchbook frenzy

I love it I can make an exact copy of me I can also make a lot of cuties😍 I made three of them and I like it

- Barely anything you can do

This game is cute yes ill admit it but the only thing you do it tap on them and it gets boring

- You cant watch the ads

I wanted the colours and more stuff, so I tried to watch and ad. It wouldn’t work. please fix this.

- Forced

Forced to download this game to get “500 free coins” in the other game.

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- i love it please make more games, steve is awesome too

you could add new poses though instead of it just being a still image

- Please read this now

I would like to have a part where there are mini games and settings that you can’t friends people and when it’s off you can friends people like Shop’s. Arcade. Home. Visit other people’s houses Pick to be a girl or boy. Play with toys make food. Or anything else that you pick bye pls do this though

- I love it but.......

It would be nice if I would be able to show my other characters and not just the first one I made, I know there are the arrows but once I switch it to another character and I go back later it goes back to my first one.

- Very Confused..

So, is the whole point of the game to dress a character up once and throw hearts at them? Please tell me that in 2020 developers can be a little bit more creative then a week-old infant..

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- Tiny pleasant app

It’s a pretty small scale app but really pleasant wish there was more options but everything is free and at most you gotta watch and ad to unlock something nothing crazy but honesty pretty fun

- Cute but lacking (pls read)

This is a really nice widget app (as usual) but after watching alot of ads and getting everything there isn’t much to do other then dress them up and throw hearts at them. However I understand’s simply just a little pastime. This isnt gacha life though so I dont know why Riri said that. Overall this is very cute but doesnt have much to do.

- Please read this

I love this game so much it sorta looked like Gacha life but it was really nice I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like this app if the person who made this app reads this I love this app so much💗💗😍🥰😁👍

- poses

can u add poses

- Gacha life created?

Very cute but when I was making a character I realized that almost all of the things where from Gacha life and it was just animated in a Kawaii style so I don’t know if they have the permission for copy right but besides that I love it and think it’s adorable

- Boring

It is pretty boring

- !?

there is not even a lot of choice of clothes, you have to watch videos for the third of things and to change your hair color!

- Great!

Seems like the great kinda app to create some OC’s for drawing. Really excited!

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- Hi dev!

I am a BIG fan of Steve, so I decided to try this app too! It is wonderful, but my issue is I need more customizing options, lol! Try looking at gacha life for ideas!

- Coo game

I like the game but I wish you can do more than just customize... maybe we can fight other people or show are self off to others idk but cool game

- Cute

Cute game, excellent interface, easy to use. I wish there was more to do with the widget itself. It would be cool if you could play games with the different chibis, feed them, and have hang outs with your other chibis.

- I need more faces!!!!

I love this app although there are some flaws. I need more faces, because I either put no mouth or one or two of the cute ones.

- adorable

i really love this game, it’s creative and fun, and cute af. my niece plays on my phone and messes up my stuff, so it’s really great to have a widget game she play without having to unlock my phone. my only issue is that the ads never load for me, so i have pretty limited options to make my chibis unique and how i want them to look.

- Yo I need help

I downloaded this game jus to game 500 coins for the Dino one and no I’m scared the kid gonna die 😅so can they please say no I can’t even sleep

- Cute

I mean it’s cute, just you can’t rlly do anything with it. Basically you just dress your character, and then add your widget, but then u just tap on her\him it’s not like a game or anything. I think it’s cute but I wish it had more...

- One problem

I like it, but when you try to get an ad to unlock. It doesn’t do anything, So can you fix it?

- Adds don't work :/

I saw other people have the same problem, but otherwise the game is fun.

- I totally recommend this

This game is just awesome. I 100% recommend you trying it.

- It’s so cute

I love this and it’s super cute but I think you should make different houses for the background and have the little chibi have animations, kinda like a tamagotchi!

- Review

It’s so limited. And I don’t get the hearts. I wish you could like other people’s Chibis and have more outfits. Maybe you could ever make a profile for your characters? If so thanks

- Cute

I downloaded this app from Steve and I love this app but I don’t really now what the point of the app is but it’s really cut on ios14

- Five stars

This was one of the funnest games I’ve ever played! Keep up the good work👍🏻

- Simply Great

It’s a spectacular concept the execution is flawless, but it would be nice if the chibi can walk around or maybe have some replies. All in all it’s great.

- Widget

Can’t seem to add it, probably a bug within the app that needs to be fixed.

- I can’t find pants?

I redownloaded just to be sure. But my Chibis’ don’t have the option? I’m not sure how this came too.

- is there a way to have more than one widget?

Im wondering if you can place more than one of them on your home screen at one time

- Ehhh

I wish I could give a higher rating, but to be honest, this game is boring. To unlock any clothing items or colors you have to watch videos, as well as there really aren't any options.

- It’s great but I can’t add my widget

It great and all but, I can’t add my widget. When I click “Customize” it doesn’t show the app, “My Chibi.” Idk what’s happening. Pls help.

- Good widget

Could use a lot of head accessories, otherwise it’s good. I’m assuming more stuff will be added at some point anyways.

- It’s ok I guess

You have to watch adds for all of the good options and ain’t nobody got time for that Also you can’t do anything with it besides for tap on it

- I don’t really understand the game

I don’t really understand the game like how do you play it like do you only tap the screen the give them love ???!

- Just game is cool

You can make ladybug characters it is like the best thing in my life

- Get this app and one request

Can you please add more clothes😎😄

- I’m sorry..

I love your Steve app and I love your pix virtual widget pet app but this..just..came off as..not..trying..I don’t want to sound mean but it’s just..not that interesting..also why can’t I download pix on iPhone anymore:( take care! I’m sorry if I sound mean..please bring back pix on iPhone..

- Hello ❤️

Hi! This is a great game and all but can you add more a slightly smiling mouth? It would be great if you would!

- Good game

How do you get hearts? Also I wish there were more girl options without bangs

- Videos don’t work

The app does not let me watch the short videos in order to unlock new things. Disappointing to say the least

- Like it but one thing

Please make it do you can feed it and make sure it stays happy not just give it love.

- Una corn

I love this game and I got all the outfits and everything

- It’s great

It’s not a game but you can be creative with it 🤩

- Please read!

Please add more eyes, mouths, etc. Also please make it so you can reset likes. Thx!

- 😄

It a great game!!!!!!!!!! You should put more clothes and hair styles into the game

- it’s pretty good :)

i like it because of the features that i didn’t expect it to have— like color customization. there’s some things i hope they’d add though, like multiple characters on one widget and more outfits/accessories. other than that it’s generally okay and cute.

- Good game

Can’t wait to see what else gets added

- Boring

Not really sure what I need to do other than earn hearts and change the look of the characters hopefully there is more to it than just this.

- A few other suggestions

Hey I saw on another feedback post you are planning to update this game so you can take care of them. I think this is a great and I have a few suggestions. Just as a heads up not all of these are about the future update which might take awhile. First I’ll talk about suggestions for the future updates. I think it is nice that all outfits are free and if like you to keep it this way. Sometimes it’s annoying to earn in game money and have a bunch of in app purchase options popping up everywhere. Watching an add for the locked accessory is much simpler and less annoying. Also if like you to keep it that you can use them as texting stickers and if like if I could change the pose of your chibi. Then you could express emotions and characteristics easily. Even for now that would be nice. And for what the app is now I have a couple suggestions. First off I’d like hats and other head where for my little dudes. I was trying to make a royal character then realized “ hey there is no head where” that was a major disappointment. On the topic of head where it would be cool if you had ears of different shapes and sizes( make sure you can change the color of the ear. I like to make up changes in my head and “chibify “ them. And some of my characters happen to be half cat or wolf or even mythical animals I made up. So it would be nice to have ears in the shape of tear drops of almonds so I can truly create these characters. On the topic of that wings and tails would be nice to. I have a character I’d like to make who is half Phoenix and it would be nice to give him Phoenix wings, head feathers, and tail feathers. And please remember to be creative on such topics. Not all dragons are black with scales and spines and not all Phoenixes are orange and yellow. Dragons could be bright turiquoise with feathers dappling their tails and backs. And their horns ( if they have any) could be curly, spiraling, short and small. The possibilities are endless. Great job so far and I’ll send another report soon.

- Omg this game is so cool I name my thing cute phone


- more features

its a really cute idea but itd be better if it was more like a tamagotchi and had more things to do instead of just tapping the character but other than that i love it

- Love gamer girl

I love this game so much and love you to

- Not really great 😒

So I like it and all, but I don’t like that there are only so many things that you can equip to your character. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ I WOULD NOT REALLY RECOMMEND IT 😞😞😒

- I I thought this game was going to be fun but after you make one of them make it super boring

I don’t like this game at all I would not recommend playing this game

- Boring

There’s nothing to it except waiting 10 minutes for a ad to load, dressing up your Chibi, and clicking the screen.

- Good but could be better

I like ït

- 3 star

It’s fun to make characters. But there isn’t muah to do all you do is tap it to gat hearts so all In all its a okay game


It is horrible I cannot watch adds to get things I don’t even have to rate it so ya and can I ……. Report this game ok game you can kick me off this game I don’t care I just deleted it by poops

- Awesome

This game is amazing and runs well

- Awesome 🦄

This is the best game ever!!!!! This is the best game you should download it

- Read this review!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

This app is amazing no problems I love it!!! 🥰

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My Chibi - Widget game 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

My Chibi - Widget game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My Chibi - Widget game iphone images
My Chibi - Widget game iphone images
My Chibi - Widget game iphone images
My Chibi - Widget game iphone images

My Chibi - Widget game (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications My Chibi - Widget game was published in the category Games on 2020-06-16 and was developed by iDec Apps S.L. [Developer ID: 969876933]. This application file size is 44.95 MB. My Chibi - Widget game - Games app posted on 2020-09-16 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.idec.mychibi

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