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Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 4--play around in the salon and create any style you can imagine! Whether you choose a character and turn them into a creation you’ve dreamed up, or just see where the tools take you, it will be an adventure. Get creative with makeup, face paint, hair and beard tools, and much more!

Toca Hair Salon 4 is free to download, and comes with the full hair and beard, style, photo booth and shampoo stations. The in-app shop offers the face station and lots of content packs featuring clothes, accessories, and stickers available for purchase.

Cut, trim, shave, and even re-grow hair anywhere on the head! This station has hot tools for curling, straightening, and texturizing; and colorful bottles to dye hair any color of the rainbow. How will they react to your creation?

Expand your salon by purchasing the face station! You’ll find all kinds of makeup in every color. Create lush lashes with mascara, and pick a tool to put on eyeliner, eyeshadow or blush! Use the face paints to boldly draw right onto your character’s face. What will you design?

Try on 100s of styles to suit that new look! Change up the outfit, pick out some stickers, and embellish your character with accessories like glasses and hats.

Choose a background, watch them strike a pose and snap a picture! You can even save a picture of your character in a photo book and return to styling them later.

Give your character a shampoo, towel off, and blow dry. Watch their face paint and makeup drip away!

Toca Boca is an award-winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising.

All of Toca Boca’s products are COPPA compliant. Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Hair Salon 4 Comments & Reviews

- Fun app, but a bit frustrating to use tools

This app is a lot of fun, and I play it often when I have a few minutes to kill or while watching listening to shows. Though it’s a great game, I’ve noticed a few issues that are mildly annoying and frustrating. 1.) Some of the tools are hard to pick up because the click box for them seem to be very small (or it thinks I’m clicking something else); for example, it took me a couple hours of playing to be able to successfully pick up the 3rd eyeshadow stick in the eye section of the makeup station. I have small fingers and generally don’t have this kind of issue while clicking things on my phone screen. 2.) Related to #1; it’s very hard to maneuver, style, or color the ends of long hair because the styling tools take up most of the lower screen, and it feels like you have to weave and dodge everything on the counter when cutting and styling. I guess my main issue is that the screen feels way too crowded, and doesn’t leave enough room to comfortably work. 3.) I've seen someone else mention this and I agree: having a magnifier on the makeup section to allow for more precise work would be FANTASTIC. As of now, it feels too much like real life, where I’m constantly applying eye makeup and immediately reaching for wipes to remove it because I’ve messed up the clean line I wanted 😂. Overall, very nice app, with just a few inconvenient aspects.

- Loving it, not many problems with it!

Toca Hair Salon 4 is a great game for children to truly be inspired to embrace their own ways of beauty! It’s an all out amazing and wonderful game and the character bases are masterpieces of their own. I love how you can save characters and even edit them later, how many hairstyles you can make, change the makeup, and even change their clothes! The photobooth was a great idea too because kids can see all the different poses, backgrounds, and change it up a little bit! However, the three downsides are that you can’t do their makeup without paying money, and I don’t see many adults willing to pay money just for digital makeup that won’t exist if you delete the app and you can’t put their hair up or even turn them around to make some sort of design in the hair also, they’re is plenty of hairstyles, but they aren’t easy to make and not many look that great in the end, but most of all I think that you should be able to do smaller or bigger sections with the hair dye. I think it would be cool to write your name or a heart or just any cool design with the dye and easily do dye it all in one spray. All out, I rate this 4.5 stars and I think they should keep exploring ways to make this app even better than it already is!

- I love it please reply 🤍🤍🤍🤍

So I wanted a app on my iPad so I was searching and I found this so I wanted to try it out and plus it was free. I downloaded it and I played it it was interesting then I deleted it because I did all the people’s hair then I was so so so bored and I was thinking well can’t I do the people’s hair more than one time so I re-downloaded it and I found out that I could do the people’s hair more than one time and I still have it on my iPad so I was officially addicted to it so I found a number 3 hair salon but it was $3.99 so I was officially addicted to hair salon 4 so why not 3 so my dad payed for it and I was officially addicted to it too so I think it was worth it. In hair salon 4 which is this app you could pay for stuff like makeup or clothes but I didn’t see that on hair salon 3 which is $3.99 so I guess when you pay the $3.99 you payed all the accessories too but because hair salon 4 this app is free I guess you could pay for some accessories. Toca Boca I love your apps even though those are the only apps I have from you but if I download some more of you apps I will probably love them. Please reply to this and I hope there will be some updates on hair salon 3 but I love the update that you did today on this app.

- Great game but needs some more work

Great game. I love how you made this game free instead of 4 dollars. I wish the makeup pack was free instead of 4 dollars anyway who would want makeup for 4 dollars? I wish I could turn them around so I could make a ponytail in the back. It is very difficult to get the style that you like but that’s not a problem. I don’t like how when you cut their hair sometimes they move their head and I mess up. I’m glad you can make their hair super crazy, weird or messed up lol. When I’m bored I’ll ether text friends or play this game (I’m 9 years old that’s why I’m allowed on text). It doesn’t glitch out or go out of my phone or anything, no glitches or bugs. I like how you can ether save to photos or don’t save to your photos ( I chose to not save to my photos because there’s already a photo book. Lastly, I we should have a challenge maybe two modes to chose from at the menu freestyle and something like challenge mode. Also please bring back the braids from the third hair salon oh and also the banana shirt it’s my fav. Tysm -Eliza

- Nice game, but some add ons overpriced

I enjoy this game a lot, but I have one problem with it. The add ons. I have never purchased one, but I am talking about pricing, not quality. (I do realize free games need to make money, but some prices seem high) The $0.99 USD and $1.99 USD I have no issues with. The $3.99 USD are a little overpriced in my opinion, but they are bundles, so it’s fine. My main problems are with the starter bundle and makeup pack. Firstly, the starter bundle. In my opinion it is not much of a starter bundle, considering it is the most expensive. I do realize it has the most things out of every bundle, but at $4.99 USD and the most expensive, it doesn’t seem like a thing to start with. And lastly the makeup kit. It is $3.99 USD, which seems overpriced, considering it is not in a bundle. I realize I didn’t say much good about this app in my review, but I really do enjoy this game. Finally, please consider this review, but also take it with a grain of salt, since I have not tried any of these and I do not know how fun they are to use or how many features they include.

- Love it but ngl there r a few issues

I think the game is great! I don’t have any of the extra stuff like makeup or anything like that because I don’t have credit yet and plus I’m not rlly gonna spend 4 whole dollars for some virtual makeup. Anyway other than that I think the game is really fun and is pretty straightforward. I do wish that we still had the option to braid hair like in the previous versions, also if we could turn the characters around in order to do better styles that would be great. Also the characters move their heads all the time which messes up the hairstyle that I am doing and is just rlly annoying after a while. I know this seems like a lot of bad but the game is really good and I love playing it. I recommend it to everyone because it’s lots of fun and Toca Boca is the best game franchise (don’t know if that’s the right word but u get it) ever created and everyone should have at least one Toca Boca game! ❤️❤️❤️

- Missing a few items

First off all it’s missing tweezers for the eyebrows, shaving them into a nice shape is REALLY hard tweezers would allow for a more in-depth eyebrow shape AND could be part of the makeup. Also you advertise the makeup as part of the game but it’s really a in app purchase which is very deceptive and disappointing. Maybe if you made a basic makeup pack for free and had more colors and glitter in the other packs that would be more fair. Also foundation would be cool! You have eye shadow shades that work as neutrals for darker skin but not lighter skin. Finally add teeth whitening and the ability to choose braces or none? I like the concept of some characters having braces but the yellow teeth throws off some makeup shades. Also better control of makeup and hair would be nice! Yes the crazy hair and makeup is funny but kids want to be serious too. Like for the face maybe you could make it where you can select the eyes or the mouth individually? Idk just some quality of life improvements that should be made! Love that the 4th game is free and very diverse! Will rate 5 stars if you at LEAST add tweezers, please and thank you

- communing truss

hey toca boca i want to contain an indeveloping glitch and many delaying problems that they made too much for people around the globe and we have almost decide that all apps kick me out and go back to the menu screen and it is not ok that’s the virus 🦠 of the game they kick my iPad out of the screen 📺 it even makes a strike when it gets frozen so can you fix it please and make other packs candy pack magic pack and music pack in the game so everyone can have more stuff that thing will be fun isn’t it ok? I want to make the game some more stuff so thank you for you feedback I hope you contain the unfixed update that you made your stupid glitch it is a not mother +@408;* funny at all uhh... no I mean the common of you making this as the history can you have the braids from the 3rd hair salon game and please get the common for the rest of the photo booth grounds more assorceries and icons please from the other hair salon games you might as well update?

- It’s alright

I’m 19, so hopefully I can leave a helpful review. The best of the hair salon apps, but makeup is the only real new option and it’s priced at $4. Honestly prefer method of charging $3 for a complete app that toca boca used to do. App is valued at $10 with all IAP which is pretty steep given how limited the game is. The hair is as impossible to control as ever. Updos are virtually impossible, can’t separate hair in the front from the back, and brushing the hair doesn’t cause it to fall flat as it always bounces up at the end. Applying makeup is hard because the model doesn’t sit still so applying lipstick will often end up on the face. The hair ties are still purely cosmetic as they don’t bunch hair together and there is only two items in the base game that resemble hair clips so if you wanted colorful hair clips you’ll be disappointed. The game should be fun for really young kids but older kids may get frustrated as making realistic hairstyles is extremely hard. The character models are... odd looking and it would be nice to be able to change eye color. I just want to be able to make pigtails and cut bangs without also cutting the hair in the back.

- So fun

I love this game I love the facial hair in it and the makeup is fun I also really like the thing ware you can put the curser on the rainbow looking thing and get rainbow hair though I do have to say you promote this game to be free with hair and makeup which is kind of misleading because the makeup costs money so maby you should promote it different I also want to say I have spent almost $100 On your games all of your game are grate I am upesed with your Toca life games and I like this game and Toca hair salon me a lot to I also like your Toca kitchen games and Toca builder and Toca blocks I know this was long but your games are my favorite of all games when I was younger I had a Toca boca shirt But I grew out of it also is it pronounced taca baca or Toca boca if you respond I am very curious if you read Toca boca please respond this is how I fell about your games 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😊😂🤣😍🥰😋😛😝😜😎🤩🥳😸😺😹👍🐵🐷🐮🐻🦊🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐯🐨🦁🦄🦋🌟✨⭐️💫❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝☮️ which translated into English means awsooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!!!

- It is good! But...

First off I would like to say thank you for another amazing game and I love this game and think it is awesome! (This is constructed criticism paragraph so I’m not trying to be mean. This is for tips on how you could make your game better! I hope you take these into consideration!❤️). One thing I love is that the characters are very cooky and different, one thing I don’t love is that the makeup cost MONEY! Like I feel like the other games that cost and arm and a leg should make enough money as is but then you cost $4 for MAKEUP?! That is like the main reason I got this game was because I was so excited that I would get to do MAKEUP on the characters! But no, that’s not the case and I am positive that I will NOT pay $4 for makeup. I hope you take this into mind and please make changes not for me but others who feel the same way! 😁 Thanks, Your Friendly User❤️

- I love this app, but...

Toca Team please look!! I really love this app, but wish some things were added. For example, I wish that the makeup was free because I saw it in the pictures in the App Store and thought it looked really cool (adding not just hair styling but also makeup). But the main thing I wish was added was something where you can change the eye color. If there was just another section in the makeup station for contact lenses or something to change the color of the irises, that would make the makeup purchase so much better. Other than that, I really love this game and bought all the add-ons. I play it all the time and it can even help with art (hair styling and form). I’ve always loved the Toca Boca games, and this is by far my favorite. I recommend this to anyone in search of a good hair salon game that’s also free. Thank you to the creators/Toca Boca!! ❤️👍

- A few issues I have...

The game is fun, I love the graphics, music, and the clients are full of personality in both looks and reactions. My fave is the first client listed, she just seems so sweet. I also love the diversity, and as a queer person I feel like I can relate to a lot of the preset character styles. However, I have one issue, and I feel so bad complaining about this because I know how awful and tedious it is to animate natural looking movements. My issue is how much they move around while I’m applying makeup or cutting/dying their hair. It makes me mess up what I’m trying to achieve. It’s very frustrating, but I suppose its not the biggest of deals in the world right now. I also feel terrible criticizing such a well-done part of the game. Also, a suggestion: a game mode where you try to match random clients’ requested hairstyles! Sounds like fun to me :)

- Few problems in a good game

So I really like this game, it’s fun to do in my spare time and when I’m bored. As great as it is, there are a few things I feel like should be made. First of all, tweezers, that would be really fun to tweeze the people’s eyebrows and would open up more possibilities on what you want your character to look like. Second, whenever I’m trying to carefully cut the persons hair, or do really anything that requires focus, they move and it gets really frustrating because they don’t stop moving and swaying their heads around. Lastly I just wanted to say that I really like Toca games, they are really fun to do and just experiment with stuff, I want to thank the creators for every single game that they have ever made because they technically made my childhood 💕😅

- Soooooooo cooool read Toca boca and thank u.

This game is super fun and 😎 cool. In fact I think it might be one of ur best games. Most of ur games r on my Kendal because I can get the ones u pay for, free on there because I got free time. Now anyway there is a prob,😬u can’t put any makeup, cool stuff, or markings on the character if u don’t get packs. So I feel like it would be 4 or 3 stars if u don’t get the packs. But I am happy because in the past u would have to just pay for the Toca boca HairSalon games but with this version u don’t have to pay u just pay for some stuff if u want. I am happy because they have there right to just charge money in because that’s how they make there living, But they we’re trying to be really nice and just gave u the option to pay for packs if u like the game a lot so thx.

- I don’t like this

The makeup nor anything to put on their head and I honestly think Toca hair salon 3 was better than this I have no words for this in the add it says you can color the hair and do makeup and when I saw that I thought I would love the app but it’s just like a rip off that you can’t do anything but cut and wash hair it’s way worse than Toca Boca 3 and I hate how they did that I hope they fix this and make the game money instead of all the stuff in the game Edit: the developer responded but haven’t fixed anything at all I might as well delete this game the developer really doesn’t care and the game is way to expensive can they just make the game money instead of the stuff in the game I’m deleting this app until they switch those around then I’ll pay for the app to get downloaded the developer isn’t doing anything to help and is saying sorry but not doing anything about it just switch it around and there’s a HIGH chance of your app NOT closing down cause if they keep this up the bad reviews are just gonna keep rolling in I’m really disappointed and I thought that Toca Boca could do better than this s Second edit- wow another developer response hey developer could you switch the thing around the game costs money instead of the products inside the app - also can you stop sending things referring to your other apps cause I know almost all of them cost money so why change that on this game

- ehhh

i really like this game but there are a lot of things that could be fixed. i like the makeup (i bought it) but it’s forcefully messy like i can’t make a good winged liner without it getting on the eye shadow same for lipstick it gets everywhere. and i think adding a color wheel for the face paint would make it easier for if you would like to make a foundation shade which i have tried but failed to find a color to match the skin tones or just like add for skin tone colors to the wheel thing. also i would like if it was easier to brush like in the other games u could control the hair more but it’s harder now. also i would like if we could have a side view so we can do things like ponytails and half up half down looks. over all i appreciate the work put into this app but these are the things i think could improve it from the other games. Thanks -toca boca user

- Love this app

This app is great and there basically no reason to have any complaints, there are no ads which is AMAZING because I’ve had apps that would constantly play ads (every couple minutes) and the fact that there isn’t even an add at the top or bottom of my screen is so amazing, you don’t need internet at ALL I’ve had apps that you needed internet so the app would be enjoyable but this app needs no internet at all for anything, there are so many different styles and people to style, I only have 2 problems, which is that this app DOES cost money (3.99 or 2.99 I forgot) and that makeup also costs money (which is also as much as the app costs). But other then that it’s amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone

- Sorry but nah

I was excited when I downloaded this game, but when I got on the Make up part (the part I was excited for) was for money and I don’t spend money on toca boca games, only roblox and coco games. I think you guys over price a lot of your things that probably aren’t nearly as much as they should be. I used to play to play toca world, and bought a lot, and then realized that was a waste of 20 bucks. And when toca scientist or what ever it’s called came out, I bought everything and finished it and the again realized that was a waste of 30 bucks. If maybe you could lower the price of a lot of things, or make the make up kit and face paint free, that would make me want to play your games a lot more often then I already do. If this doesn’t happen soon, in deleting all the toca games I have on my phone. Trust me, for people like me would love you to make a few things free or just lower the price.

- Awesome!

I have bought very toca life game (before toca world)and really enjoy the Toca life stories on toca life mix! I also absolutely LOVE your games (especially the hair salon games) . But, there is one problem I really want fixed. When I am trying to put on high class makeup, the characters keep moving and it messes things up. And that’s actually all. (Read on for suggestions) 1. I think you should add some characters from other toca games to your toca life stories to make eatsereggs for the older kids. 2.i think the next toca hair salon game should have changes in eye color and a LITTLE better graphics. 3. (Final one) I think you should add a mission more to your next toca hair salon game and add braids. Btw the mission mode could just be like doing a specific hairstyle the customer wants, this will add more fun to the game for older kids! Bye eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee

- I love this game, except for one thing.

As I said above, this is an amazing game and it keeps me occupied all the time. I love the adorable characters and all the kinds of things you can do with their hair. My only problem is the makeup. For one thing, this app showed pictures of characters saying that you can put makeup and face paint on the characters. This was something I looked forward to, but sadly, makeup is EXTREMELY expensive and not free. Another thing about the makeup: most of the things in Toca hair salon 4 (clothes, people, accessories, etc.) are free. You start with at least 10 shirts, people, and accessories and you can buy more if you want. That seems fair to me. But with makeup, you don’t start with ANY. So if the reason you are looking forward to this game is that you can put makeup on your characters, keep in mind that the makeup costs 13 dollars.

- Can’t reccomend it enough.

If you’re looking for a high quality FREE hair salon app with no ads, this is the game for you!!!! I love that this game was free to play, had absolutely no ads, and just generally really fun and creative! The art style is really charming, and the characters are cute and pleasant to look at. It runs super smoothly with no glitches, and it’s super easy to make your own unique style. I personally think the DLCs, especially the makeup kit are really worth it. I’m trying to buy the summer pack but it’s not working though. Please post the update soon! Seriously, the packs really are worth it if you can afford them. But the game is super fun even without them! I cant speak highly enough of this app. Easily my favorite.

- 🤩🤩🤩

My mom just bought me the make up today, and I CAN NOT put the game down! -except for right now- She actually bought me the starter pack because it came with clothing. Clothing packs alone were one dollar and the makeup alone was four dollars. But the starter pack (three clothing packs and makeup) was five dollars! One thing though; you can’t do pony tails or hair buns. So I would like to be able to do that. Overall it’s a great app and would give it 92 out of 100 stars! Thanks so much Toca for making such a great app! This was definitely my favorite Toca boca app! EDIT: I like the update with the braids. Maybe you could also make a dress up edit so you can see their whole body and dress them up all the way. Still love the game 😊

- ☁️✨❤️Great game but one little thing! ❤️✨☁️

This game is amazing! It’s free you can add the different styles to your favorites all genders of characters! But one small thing... The makeup should be free so you can fully style the person. I know that you prob want to make money off this amazing game like any app dev but, all your other apps are cost like 1.00$ and under and you have so many other games. Just I think that would be nice for people who can’t purchase things but think the games looks cool and would be a nice fit. This change would totally change your reviews from a 4.0 too a 5.0 rating! Also all the negative reviews are about the makeup being free! So you should probably change that or your game might go from a 4.0 rating to a 1.0 rating just wanna say!

- Great game! (Ish)

This is such a good game! I love the diversity and graphics but there are a few problems. Being an older kid and all the hair gets annoying when making specific styles and the braids should come back! Also I would recommend being able to turn your character around! And don’t forget easier pony tails. I am aware that the turning around thing would be a whole new mechanic but I would live to see it! Also I’ve seen people complaining about the make up pack. This is heavily advertised and I think it should at least get lowered down to a dollar like the other packs. Thanks for reading! I hope you take this into consideration!

- Toca Hair Salon 3 was better

A lot of people are talking about how makeup costs money, but that’s stupid. They need money to pay the people who make the game, but they wanted to make the game free. What I do have a problem with is the game itself. First of all, in this game you can’t grow long hair on the character. The characters are also look a lot worse then Toca Hair Salon 3. Here are some things I want in the game: •Making the hair coloring supplies more accurate: 1)First of all the hair dye is all sprays, and real permanent hair dye is in a paste. 2)To dye the hair there should also be hair bleach, and developer to add to the dye and bleach. I think a good way to do this is when you click on bleach there is a selector that has different shades of blonde. •The character would tell you what they want. 1) I think if you put this in the game you should make it optional, as I still love the freestyle part of the game 2) I think after doing a clients hair based on a request, you should be rated on how close the hair was to the request •Updos 1) Ponytails 2)Bring back braids. I get that the I am not part of the intended audience (Young Children) but I think that having these features would make it more enjoyable for the older audience.

- Pretty good

So I really like this game it’s relaxing and creative but I have some problems with it. So it’s free witch I really do like but there’s in app purchases and I was really looking forward to putting on makeup to the customer but turns out YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY! Like no in not paying real MONEY to put on makeup to a computer and after a while this game can get pretty boring and tools are kinda hard to pick up. Like one time I was doing a customers hair and I picked up a tool but “apparently” I was still on another tool so when I thought it was on the tool I wanted I used it and it totally messed up my customers hair and I had to do it all over again and also this game is kinda glitchy.

- Love the game, a few bugs!

I am addicted to this game for reasons I cannot fully understand. Apart from the adorable character, outfit, and accessory designs, I think it’s just appealing to my inner child who used to play make up and dress up games on sketchy, pop-up ad infested websites. Absolutely adore the upgrades from the previous salon games in the same title. I am encountering a bug where the hair tool used to thicken and create a more kinky-hair/Afro look is glitching out when I return to the client page. Sometimes I try to save the look but it doesn’t save how I left it, often showing the character with no hair in certain areas. I’ve only really encountered this issue on the black woman with the blue lipstick. Not sure what to do about that. I also will echo some other reviews and say it’s difficult to manage longer hair—styling it or coloring it at the ends. All in all though, I love this game and will play it everyday. It’s relaxing and fun during my breaks at work or from class. Haven’t purchased all the packs yet but I will get there eventually.

- Highly Disappointed

I understand and appreciate all the hard work that goes into these games. So thank you and for putting out new content.. That being said this was a way step down from the previous hair salon 3. Like I adore the hair salon 3 and also 2. Three is my favorite game and I’ve played it for years and have shown it to people of all ages. They have also loved it so much. I’m 23 haha. Anyways. Wouldn’t mind better graphics and more realistic but artistic animations. Makeup would be cool too. Less accessories maybe. Well I mean it’s a kids game but maybe y’all need to make an adult one! I would pay for that. This review is all over the place. But anyways The colors are too crazy and blend in and the art is too distracting. I hope the next salon is better. I’m sorry ): I just seriously hate this. The beard gets in the way. You should have a separate button. The layout is so hard to use. Everything is so crammed and distracting. The swipe up makes the screen with the phone format go crazy. There’s many other things. And if you don’t purchase the makeup it gets all messed up in the hair washing process and you can’t fix it. There should be options. Idk. Sorry but it just is so sad to see it peak and then go down from there.

- I love it but...

Don’t get me wrong I love this game. I think it has great diversity and it’d super fun to put new hairstyles on them. There are just a few problems. First the game is pretty much the same as Toca hair salon 3 when you don’t want to or can’t bye the makeup and clothes. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that you have to pay if you want to put any makeup on your character. Also I was a bit disappointed when I found there was no option for braids. That was one of the main things that got me excited about Toca hair salon three. All in all I like the app despite it being a lot like the previous one. Thank you for your time if you read this.

- It’s great but...

I love it it’s a great game! But... every time I exit some thing or click some thing it kicks me then I have to rejoin and also there some glitches like it will look like they have scars and there eyelashes will go every were and this game took almost half of my games :( and also I did that and I have to pay money for make up D:< but that just bad stuff I’ll talk about good stuff well first of all I like how you can choose clothes and hats and spray there hair usually I don’t see games that have it and yes its kind of boring but at least it dosent give you millions of adds like most games and just to make this clear please make the big brush work better :,)

- Difficult but fun

Good game, fun to play, but annoying how when you try to cut hair that is below the shoulders it won’t let you because it thinks you’re trying to swipe to the next station, and sometimes they move so much so fast that you cut a completely different section because they were making a “face”, and there’s way too much stuff that you have to pay for and free game. also, whenever I put the shower on them they get these red smudges on their face that looks like acne or scars that only come off with a towel, what even is that?The brush is also very difficult do use considering when you try to move one strand it moves half of their hair.

- An Idea

Hey, Toca Boca!! I loved this super funky-fresh game you’re made!! The characters are super cool, and I love the updated hair tools, too. I was also going to suggest a games like this-“Toca Dentist”. I could be sort of the same set up as this...You know, where you have your character and the tools are on a platform underneath?? You should be able to put braces on in a station...Pull a tooth in a station...Put new teeth in in a station...Do X-Rays and cavity checks....Oh, abd there should be laughing-gas at a few on the stations...It would be funny if the characters could react to it by either falling asleep for a bit or going goofy-faced for a bit...This is just and idea, but i known you can make it into an amazing game!!

- Great, but disappointing and deceitful.

I love this app! My sister does too!!! If you love hair styling you must get this app! But why does it say that you can put makeup in them? Because you CAN’T. Please allow there to be makeup WITHOUT paying for it! This makes the game boring and I don’t really play it after styling one person’s hair. It says you can do makeup and face paint, but really you can’t! That’s just disappointing and deceitful. Also, where’s the settings? I want to look at FAQs, but I can’t find it anywhere! I know it exists because I saw a review’s developer response say so! Please allow there to be a settings! And FAQs! Please consider all of this it would make the game a lot better.

- A good game

It’s a well organized game and can definitely be sorted as a rainy day activity or simply to pass time. One thing that I think could be improved is that more features could be provided. I understand that there is multiple choices to do with your character and there are many options although only one main part can be accessible. If others are like me, I downloaded this game, especially because of the extra features like makeup. I was disappointed that I had to pay but the hair salon part is still high in quality. Apart from that I think this is a great game for people of all ages and should definitely be recommended. ☝️😃

- Very good game but 2 and a half percent boring

Dear, Toca boca you’ve made a very good game but it kinda gets kinda boring, I have played all of the hair salons but maybe you should do a mission mode like the customers choose they’re own style and we do it and bring the braids back from hair salon 3 and maybe you can go to the back of your customers head and make them a bone or a ponytail or pigtails ,and when you grow your customers hair make it kinda longer and 1 more thing when I blow dry the characters hair there’s 2 little spaces on the hair that looked like they should be filled ok and put more music options please! -Please responde to me Write a review person

- Great app but one problem

This is a great app and I love it. The style is great and so are all the things you can do. The only reason I’m not giving this app five stars is because of the fact that it cost money to have any accessories or make abilities. I know it makes sense to have something to be able to earn money from this app but I would prefer it if there’s at least some sort of make up ability you can do without paying. I think virtual money would also be a great I Idea from doing haircuts. This is a great app overall and is super fun. I would like to see this improvement to the app but otherwise I have no problems.

- Love it! Suggestions for new updates

I must say I’m surprised at The amount of negative reviews when all I see is a fantastic app! I’m very happy with the price, the additions and I’ve enjoyed playing it quite a bit so far. Suggestions for future updates: I would love the braid option to come back, it was a great style for POC characters especially so that would be cool to see again. More glasses as accessories, and more piercing options! I like that I can try and make that one earring into a nose ring but smaller hoops or studs could be awesome to turn into lip or eyebrow rings and add some additional style. More makeup control. I love playing with the makeup but it’s a little too unwieldy and I often end up smearing the eyeliner or lipstick and having to redo multiple times. I’d also love some more makeup options like highlighter, eyebrow pencils, more lash options (maybe fuller and more dramatic?) Otherwise thanks for a great app and I look forward to new updates!

- Plz Read Love this game but...

Hello, if you are reading this I absolutely LOVE this game but it’s kind of hard to use the controls. When I want to do long hair and I still want to cut it so it can be even. I cant when I’m with long hair because the page for the tools will just scroll. Another thing... I was really looking forward to the makeup and designing my character with earring and things, but then I figured out I had to pay and my mother would never let me get that so I don’t think it’s fair for kids to have to pay for the things they were looking forward to but they can’t get. Thank you for reading this if you did.

- You guys set your standards too high

A lot of people are saying it is a rip off because you have to buy the makeup. I actually downloaded this for free during the time it offered. It is amazing! A lot of reviews say the customers look weird, but it is the style. I really like the bohemian look in the salon too, and I also like how you can change the tunes. Also, most customers come with makeup so you can just pick one with makeup you like. In order to make bangs, I like to brush all the hair up and then cut the bang hair. Then I brush it back down. It is an awesome app for one that you can get free. Toca Boca is great! 👍🏻

- It needs work

So first I looked at the game and it looked pretty fun so then I downloaded it I started playing with it and it needs some work so first of all I use that hair stuff that makes your hair grow and it turns out uneven so I start cutting it I want the hair to be long but it doesn’t let me do that It only let you cut really short . Next I really want to do make up so I go to the make up thing and it’s locked so I’m like I wonder what it cost so I look and it says 4DOLLARS just for a game .And also whenever I try to brush or cut and shave it doesn’t work Like Basically when I was using the comb it switched to the brush when I was using the brush it switched it to come when I was using scissors it switched his brush sometimes when I was using brush it with scissors and I’m really unhappy with that .thats alllllllllllllll

- Handed Well!But off a bit (Some Suggestions too)

This is amazing!This doesn’t kick me out,Make me mad,OR complain too much!But this is off a star since you have to BUY the ‘Makeup!’ ‘Face Paint!’ It technically said, “Face paint!” In the front once I downloaded it but it’s odd if the creator sees this an that never happened..It could be a glitch..But all the other stuff was fun!I’ll probably share my nieces it!(Go Further For Suggestions):I think you should add where you can braid it and you have to do a ten second session of swiping to braid!Even it makes me mad since I always wear braids :>!So I’d love them to get add!Please download this!I recommend not pressuring you!

- Make-up for 4 dollars??

So, I saw this game from Tick-tock and was shook! I’ve always wanted a game where I’m in control of the make-up! So I download this game, and can’t find the makeup, then I click the shop and it says “3.99” and I grow angry! I have 2.12 in my account, very disappointed that it’s not .99 like everything else. I hope you change it or make it free cause that’s the reason why I downloaded this in the first place. I also hope you know, most users of your apps are little children, most of the kids don’t have this money so they have to go beg their parents for 3.99 for MAKEUP. Love all your apps have been playing them for a long time but this is just dissatisfying.. please fix it..

- Please just read...

I do love most of Toca’s apps but what I really dislike, is that the best games cost money. It’s really annoying because I’ve always wanted to play Toca Nature but, of course it’s 3.99. I just hope that in the future, you’ll make more of your apps not have to cost money, or cost less. It’s just a thought and you don’t have to do it. I don’t want anyone sending hate to this review, for it’s just my opinion. But more about this app, I really do love it and the fact that you can add facial hair is really cool! I do like that all the characters are free and there is only a few things that you have to buy to unlock. Overall this app is really good and I recommend it for many people.

- I loved this app so much

I really loved this game but although i wish the make up pack was cheaper or free but other then that everything was great, but maybe when you make another toca hair salon maybe make it be able to turn it around so you can do front and back. I am 10 years old and this game has made me more interested in your apps and other things i even made really funny and weird characters on my moms phone with the make up but i dont have the make pack on my ipad I think everyone should do 5/5 stars this was really fun and high-quality ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁-Liah

- Some suggestions

So I playing this game pretty often and love playing it when I am watching a TV show or have a few minutes to kill. Do you have some suggestions, maybe you could have colored contacts in the make up section so that way you can have different colors of eyes and things to match your make up on your character also, maybe you could put in some fun colors and patterns on the contacts. Could you also put more backgrounds in maybe? Because I think there should be some customizable colors and patterns that you can use to create the perfect background

- It’s really a great app....but

From the release of the first hair salon app I remember playing it and felt so chill and relaxed. And I have loved each hair salon that followed after that. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or bored I take it out and it relaxes me in some way 😅 now the release of hail or salon 4 I feel it even more; the features, the color, the tools, the music 💖👌🏻 well done...BUT my only complaint is I miss the old style of the characters from the previous hair salons. Something about these characters feel off, I wish they stuck with a similar aspect to the hair salon 3. Honestly that’s my only complaint, overall it’s an amazing app ✨🤩

- Great app minor things to fix.

I have recently downloaded this app and I love it. The diversity of different people is great. It is also great all of the things that you can do to people’s hair. There are a few things that can be fixed. Number 1. Whenever I add someone to the gallery of people I have created the screen goes black and then I am back to my home screen without touching anything. Number 2. I do not know how to access the settings. On the screen it just shows the shop and the the button to start playing. This game is so much fun and would definitely recommend for any ages!

- Entertaining and calming

I played a few of the Toca Boca games as a kiddo in the early 2010’s and I wanted to revisit it because my mental health hasn’t been doing so well and I needed a new way to cope. Every time I have a sensory overload or anxiety attack I go to this game to calm down, which usually works pretty quickly. For being free with in-app purchases, it’s a pretty fair amount of instant content that you don’t need to buy. Not only this, but the things you can buy are at a reasonable price in my opinion. This is a great game for young kids and even teenagers, taken that I’m 14.

- Very very great game 👍

It’s a very good game and could you add buns and I don’t want to be asking for too much but could about half of the bots request a hair style like pink braids or something, and could there be an online mode too, I don’t expect you too add all of these but could please please please add buns because me and my friend like to make a resemblance of themselves in the game but this is a great game and it is really fun to play even if you don’t buy anything from the shop it is very indicting and I would recommend it if you are looking for a game to kill time.

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- Great but MONEY

Ok, let’s start out by saying I ❤️all of your games so far, mainly because they don’t have in app purchases. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an AMAZING app, but could you PLEASE make a paid version for like $10 instead of having in app purchases? Then you would get five stars ALL THE WAY and I would tell all my friends this is the best game ever (Tied with Toca World). The point is PLEASE make a paid version of the app. Other than that, zero issues. P.S. I had an idea for a new toca life game, toca gym. It could have weights and mats and treadmills e.c.t. OR toca gymnastics, and it could have bars, and tramolines and beams (I would love it SO MUCH if you made one of these games, oh, and can you make it an app instead of in app purchase? Anyway, GREAT WORK!

- I’ve Changed My Mind! ^w^

[From XxIshyOwOxX] Hello, I've changed my mind. This game is actually AwSoMe <3!! Wanna know why I’ve changed my mind? Here’s the reason!: So I started the game and I saw that the makeup is for money, but I just realised that it’s kinda cheappppp- idk but whatever, and I realised that there’s so much more things to get into! I realised that you can slide your flinger across the screen up-ways and there’s a whole bunch of things there. You can also swipe across (to the sides) and there are some more things you can do! (Also I literally just noticed so dont judge lol 😂) I think think you should make more toca games! Especially that game when you feed monsters food, cuz that’s much favourite game! But this game, i like it too. Thank you for making this game OwO Also, wanna know my believement (that’s not a word lol)? Sure! Here’s my believement!: I think all the people who are arguing about money are being too dramatic with the game because of course that there is money in this game! Nearly every single game has money and of course it has money because it’s a FREE game! Obviously that there’s money in this game! And they made money in this game for a reason. Maybe because they didn’t have enough money? And maybe their other siblings were (or are) poor? Of course! Please don’t argue U. U This game is awesome!

- This game is really good!...but I have an idea you don’t have to add

So all of your games are really good no complaints but it’s just almost every game has you if you want your city or something like that to be cool you ALWAYS have to waste money like what if kids want it but they have no money? This way kids will be really sad so I’d like a bit more things shortened down for every game I’m not hating but yeah I still really like your games!!! <3

- 5 Stars But...

This app is GREAT but the only thing I could ask for in an update would to be able to zoom in when doing makeup and also I have a problem when cutting their hair when I swipe to cute straight it moves my to the next section, could I maybe ask for arrows to the next station or only able to swipe at the bottom, other than that great game!

- Letter to developers 🌺

Love how you can do anything with the hair! Its so fun! But what i really want is, the make up should be free, or there can be quests so you can do specific hairstyles, and earn in game tokens depending on the accuracy of the hairstyle. New instruments and items to use too would be awesome, and would complete this game! Please, please PLEASE consider this! I really want this in the game! -from happy user😃

- MAKE ALL PURCHASES FREE but I still love this game :)

Okay so I love this game and all that BUT I want the purchases to be FREE. One day I was in Brisbane with my friend, we were in her apartment. We wanted to play hair salon 4 aka this game, we wanted to do makeup but we saw that it cost money. I asked for it but they said no. So we were just conplaining about it and I got sick and tired about so PLEASE GAME make me and my friends wishes come true. If you do THANK YOU

- Great app

Toca hair salon is a GREAT app. Although there is some features that you need to pay for, you have heaps of options. Like the characters, what you can do to style their hair, and what you can do to give them accessories and a new outfit look. All in all, it is a great app and I think that a lot of people who download this app will have fun

- The money 💰 and updates

I really like TocaBoca but when I downloaded it I was really exited to use the makeup but I couldn’t. I don’t have all the money in the world and if I just keep buying cool stuff in games I’m gonna be poor. It’s actually annoying bc thought they would have the makeup and then if u want cool stuff u could buy it and that would be ok. The updates When it gets updated they would take away something cool and there would be more stuff to buy. And I’m really upset. This app is fun and I understand that it helps u with making more fun apps but could u please add makeup and face paint. Kind regards, Piper💜

- Sneaky money!

It is a GREAT game but, MONEY! The app it self does not cost money but, when you are playing the game, you actually can’t make the hair look the way you want without money. So you think you have great deal until you realise it does give you as much as you thought or hope for. But other then the game being costly is still a good game, the money part if it just takes away from the game.

- Great!

I absolutely love all of your games, I usually only buy the free ones so I bought this one as-well. I ended up purchasing the makeup and it was wonderful! Maybe add like a spray tan though and also maybe make a few more of your games free with in app purchases like this! Great game keep up the good work!

- ❤️❤️I LOVE IT❤️❤️

Bro I’ve only just starting and it’s a-ma-zing! Period! I don’t know how u cannot like this game, also I have an idea for a new game Toca Interact, basically like movie star but you dress and do the makeup of your character and then interact with people online and see what kind of styles other people have. Sienna

- I’m already bored

Yeah it was fun when you play one or two characters but it’s basically the same as 1 & 2 just with more characters. And considering you never really had in game purchasable content I feel very cheated, I think the makeup should’ve come with the game, not an extra add on you have to pay for, because our character may have had makeup but it gets streaky/washed off when we wash their hair.


When I got this app it was fun but not much variety of options to dress the characters. I re-looked the makeup portion as it said “do their makeup” in the description and I realised that it has expenses in every add on. Things like makeup and dresses and t-shirts should atLEAST be in one big pack. It’s a fun game with a new twist in hair salon by adding makeup. I suggest this game if you have $15 to spare. I recommend this app.

- I ❤️ this game!

I love this game but it would be amazing if the app didn’t have to buy the makeup, to have a full experience of the game unlike the last ones it would be really nice for a change to have makeup for the game!! ❤️❤️

- Omg! Free and a super doo per massive Upgrade! Woah

I’m shock how the generations of Toca Boca game that are free are definitely worth it! There are so many things you can do now! Even you can edit your past characters, MASSIVE CHANGE. I’m in love with this game. Keep up the good work! 😍💗😍❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- New feature

Hello there! In the makeup station could you please make eye contacts (I doesn't have to be in makeup station,it can even cost money if it helps you! )thank you ✨toca Boca✨for making such a great game!

- It is awesome but.......

Hi I really like this game but when I downloaded it I got really excited to do the make up but the make up cost money I think you should tell people that app purchases would be used for the make up so I really think you should change it so that you can do the make up for free🙄🙄🙄🙄

- Yay

The first version of this was amazing I’ve been playing it since I was 3 now 10 super excited for this it’s so amazing and I’m happy to see how far Toca Boca has come never stop making these great apps- Polly Williamson

- Somthing annoying

Soo umm yeah when I try to put something like the gem in the hair Infront it goes behind over and over it’s annoying and I think that maybe you but it’s pretty good apart from that 😀I Enjoy it Quite a bit

- I just got this app today

So today I just got this app and I haven’t played it. I’m still waiting for it to lode. Sooooo I got it on my grandads phone and I thought maybe I should get it so I did. But I need to go. Bye 👋

- Good but something wrong

I’m not gunna lie it’s a really good game but dose the makeup need purchased? I don’t think so cause you can make it pay for the game not in it cause on the other hair salons you had it for free but it cost $3 but overall it’s a pretty good app!

- Great game,people need a realise they need to make money.

Honestly, it’s a fun game without any extension packs but the extension packs are fun to use. Most Toca games are fun and well priced if I’d say. But if you really want f r e e Toca games, just get Toca world. You get Toca city for free in it.

- Super weird

I really love this game but it would be more fun if everything was free like makeup, but you can keep the summer packs and stuff not free if you like. Also it’s frustrating I think you need a feature we’re you can put hair in a pony tail. Also the eyes are also creepy..

- Bad New hairbrush

Great, but there is An New function where when you brush it goes all weird and its very hard to brush and then braiding box is really good but i would sacrifice that to have the normal brush back. Cheers

- Not downloading??

I wouldn’t judge this game yet knowing that I can’t download it, I have deleted games because I had full storage, come back and the buttons stuck? And very upset about this, because I was excited, it looked so fun and I would’ve loved to say something more positive, but this is the outcome that I’ve come out with. If you know how to fix this, please reach out to me, thank you

- Good game👍🏻

It’s a good game, I think I prefer the 3rd one tho. Also the makeup pack seems pretty expensive. Good game tho would have a higher rating if there were no in app purchase

- I love this game but can I get a refund for makeup?

I love this game, and I just bought make up. Is it possible to get a refund since I’m not a fan of the makeup and I would like money back.

- Love the app

I just want to say I disagree with pandagirls review cause my mum only lets my get stuff on this one. With the Toca mix could you make it an app thanks bye

- Glitch

I love this game but I’m having a bug where every time I click on a character the game shuts down so I can’t play it :(

- Really disappointed

I’ve played these games for years because they’re so fun and decently cheep for cool features and no in-app purchases but this game is just really boring unless you buy heaps of stuff for it. Please just make it the same price as your other games and make all the features available.

- It’s amazing

It is really good for little kids but my kids are asking can I buy this the money

- A M A Z I N G

I love this app because you can make all different types of hairstyles but the only bad thing is you have to pay for makeup which I really wanted to do!

- A great app but one issue

I love the creativity of the app except the fact that the makeup isn’t free. I would appreciate if it was free otherwise keep up the good work!

- this is a complete downgrade to past games.

i don't like how restricted the app is now, you can't dye their hair, the makeup- which is the best selling point for this app- the hair wands ect. have to be bought. as a children's app i expected the app to have features you can use for free. i would love it if next time you put fake money in the game that you get from "clients" and you can then use that money to buy more stuff to use in the game. please think about that, and think about how accessible your app is to its users.

- Missing App Store

I enjoy your game although I can’t seem to find the App Store So I could buy the makeup pack .

- 3 was better

Not as good as the third toca hair salon game in my opinion, especially since most things cost money and three was just one purchase. But it’s still pretty fun just to mess around with

- nostalgia!

i used to play toca boca when i was around 9 and i loved it! (keep in mind it was the first game so it was a little harder to do everything i wanted) and lately i've had a craving for this game, and it's genuinely so much fun and since a lot of features have been included it's just so much better.

- Okay game but some weird things.

When you pour water on a girl’s hair, their eyelashes come off and after it looks like a boy. Also, red/pink scars or cuts appears on your character’s face. You need to wash it off with a towel. These are some odd things. Reply back.

- Great but a few problems

This is a great app for all children, my child has reported that when she washes there hair in the game there is pink stuff all over their face please fix this.

- New Game

This game is fun. Can you make a Toca Create where you create different things. And can you make it free...

- 👾🤖🎃😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾

Inks great but I think their should be more dresses to choose from, But all in all great game definitely better than the 3rd hair salon. Please make a number 5!!! Thank you for reading my review! 🙂

- Amazing

Of I can’t stop playing this I have been on it for 10hrs

- Fantastic!

Everything is wonderful and I love the app! Question: how do you favourite a hairstyle?

- Awesome

This is great and it doesn’t bug you every five seconds for you to pay🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍love it

- I like how finally another toca Boca app is free!

Haven’t tried it but i know it’s going to be great!

- it won’t let me purchase any items

Every time i go to buy something i put in my birth year (1988) and it says “Something went wrong. Try again!” i have tried it about 15 times and it never works!!

- Why

Used to be able to dye hair can’t know no use on even having the app. Why did you take it away?

- Hair game

This is a amazing game you should do more stuff like this 😁😁 this game makes me happy

- annoying when using scissors

Whenever i try to use scissors the screen thinks im swiping so it goes to the makeup part ir the shower. this is really annoying becausw it means that the longest hair someone can have is shoulder length. please fix this!! ps the rest of the game is pretty good 👍🏽 thankyou!!

- 🦨🏴‍☠️🧛🏻‍♀️

I actually thought this was going to cost money

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- A suggestion

Please make just a few makeup products free! Not everyone is able to purchase

- Love it?

It’s a good game but it’s not letting me buy the makeup.

- Fun game

i love game, everything is so fun, but the thing is that when u try to grow out their hair it doesn’t go very long like all the other toca hair salon games u can grow their hair way longer than this version. also i think for the makeup there should be options to zoom in more, but overall i love the game!

- Review

This is a great game but I do not like how we have to pay for the make up and stuff it should be free like all the other games like how has the number one not free number two not three number three not free so I’m going to give this game four stars.

- Not very pleased

This is a great game but the app will not let me purchase the make up stuff and I have the money 😕

- Disappointed

This is just a bad version of Toca Hair Salon 3. The hair also doesn’t grow as long as any of the other games, and the characters make weird noises when they go under the shower. The only new things about the game are the things that are purchasable like the make up. Really disappointing

- Sad

Toca boca games were a significant part of my childhood and it’s just really disappointing to see how cashgrabby the games are becoming :/


Can you guys add contact lenses to the makeup pack? Or even to the game!! So we can make like cosplay with out characters, change their eye color or even ma’e their eyes bigger! There’s a lot of things that we need but I’ll love this soo much! Also, can the hair grow longer? Can you even add a nails pack!!! Where you can make nails freely and the characters now pose with hands!! Omg that’ll be great! Hope you read it!!


This game is bad you can not even put on make up it is dum dum dum ! 🤬🤬🥵🤯

- Good

I wish all of the makeup was free like all the other toca Boca games they're all free. Also I wish that you could add more people and maybe the players can make their own characters. Some products in the game are in the way of the hair which makes it difficult to make the style the way i want it. Other then that the game is good and I love the music.

- Christmas present !!!!🎁

Makeup is like ten dollars for a set! Ask ur family to get u all the sets on hair salon, probably at a total cost of $30! If u have allowance u can cover ur parents with ur allowance or in general money. U will have a better chance of getting all the sets if u help pay for it!🤣😂😅

- Awesome app!

The app is asking me to get my permission and I can’t even get the make up for the game!

- It’s good

It’s a fun game I really like it but a ton of stuff requires you to purchase it with real money. I think you should allow some things to be free because being stuck with the same choices becomes a little boring after a while. Otherwise it’s a good game!

- Hi

This is a very good game but I would like to know how you find the makeup and stuff like that?😄

- Makeup!! ☺️💄

Hi this game is pretty fun but I definitely think the makeup should be free because I know that people don’t want to pay like 5 $ for makeup for a game. Thanks for reading.

- Makeup

I have downloaded the app and bought the makeup. After a few months I deleted the app. I pressed restore purchases and it did not give me back the makeup feature. I need this fixed ASAP.

- Good game but...

There is a glitch were when ever you brush the hair down the ends rise up and you can’t get them down. For the makeup could you add a zoom and scan feature, it’s hard to put on good makeup styles when the screen is so small. Not to mention that the people’s heads move while your putting it on.

- A little confused

I love this game but why is it not free like the other games? I think that everyone should be able to purchase the makeup. (In my opinion) sometimes the people make inappropriate noises kinda but other than that I like the game.

- So worth it

It’s so worth it, buying the make up bundle is all you need. I’m absolutely addicted and everything is so cheap too😍😍😍

- My opinionnnnn

So, I’ve seen many unhappy reviews from the money point of view and I understand but I think that when you do buy the stuff it’s sooo fun and doesn’t get boring! But again you do have to pay.

- More people

It’s a good game but you need to add more people

- Ok

It is a fun game, but it would be better if the makeup was free, it takes away from the game when you have to pay 5 bucks for a whole section. So great game, but that part is frustrating.

- It’s “ok”

The whole point of making the new game is that there will be makeup but the only way for that is if u buy it and what parent wants to waste their money on something like that for their kid, why not just go and make “some” of the makeup free at least. I recommend this game if u are willing to pay money if not then don’t get it.

- Hmmmm NO & YESSS

So LOVE the game but the other tow Toca hair salon games cost money 💴 so I was soooooo forward to play Toca hair salon tow but I cannot and weirder this one does not cost money 😞please make all of them FREE for the makeup make it FREE too

- 👍

It’s good, yes their is a couple Things I wish were free. But it’s great no bugs yet. GET IT NOW!!’

- Makeup please

Please just make a few makeup products free! Not all of them need to be money! But other then that the game is very fun and I love the people, maybe add more people. Love it!!! Keep updating

- Awesome

I love thisss

- Needs improvements

1. Some of the makeup products should be free 2. The hair is harder to comb/brush when it’s long 3. There should be an equal amount of girls and guys from different races (White, Black, Hispanic, South Asian and Middle Eastern) 4. More background options 5. More clothes, jewelry, eyewear, headgear, and designs 6. The ability to make beard stubble for guys

- Improve the Hair Brushing

Ever since the new update, it's harder to customize the hairstyles with the combs and brushes. It was better during the Halloween update. Please fix!!

- Its great 👍🏼

Hello 😊 just wanted to say thanks for making this wonderful app, just it would be nicer if u could add some more free stuff. But im still happy about the new update! I hope u can create more updates like this

- Not working on buying stuff

I love this game so much!!!! But I can not figure out how to buy the makeup package it says to write your date of birth so I did! But it said that it was not my date of birth ☹️ please fix this problem. It would be much appreciated

- Okay

You can initiate blackface in the makeup aspect of the game... not cool

- Pay for makeup

Ok so like I said you have to pay for makeup It is not fair I got the game for the makeup 💄😫 it’s good but 😔 1 star ⭐️

- Very Rude!!

This is a decent app, however lots of things you must pay for!! It also shows a very bad example to young kids on good manners in public, like how you shouldn’t stick your tongue out at your hairdresser mid hair cut!! 😡😡

- Fun! I would recommend but..

It’s fun and I would recommend you play. At the moment I wouldn’t recommend paying for the makeup. I paid for it and found it hard to use. If you make a mistake you have to erase all the work you just did you can’t just undo. Also it’s very hard to apply the products on to the faces. I wouldn’t expect that from a feature you have to pay for especially considering the game itself is so well done.

- Read

Hi, I don’t want to say this but I would like it if you guys did I a better job on the people and the way they look.Over the years I’ve been playing this game almost every day. And compared with like the first hair salon game this one is the worst👎 I’m very sorry if I offended you but that’s all i have to say have a great day.

- Good i guess

Yeah it’s aight. I wish more things were free tho.

- Fun! But...

This game is so fun and I love the music! But I think the make up should be free.

- It’s great!

I love this game it’s so fun to play

- an interesting game

I think this game is kind of cool that you can style people’s hair along with dyeing it. :) it’s fun. the noises that the customers make are funny. but i kind of wish the makeup was free. after awhile, the game is kind of boring, but it was fun when i first got it.

- Make some some makeup free!

Your game is good but you just need to make some makeup free. You don’t have to make all the makeup free just some. This game is just cash grabbing to be honest!

- Eyeliner

I have had the make up add on for about a month but out of no where the eyeliner is going everywhere except the eye other then that LOVE the game

- I’m very upset and want my money back!!!!

I Downloaded this game because it seemed like fun but I did realize that you had to purchase some stuff and I made sure that I didn’t purchase anything and yet I still owe $12 and something to this game. I want my money back this Instant👎🏽

- Hi


- This app is so fun for a free game I have played the money ones toca life IS SOO fun to.


- I love this app but one thing

I love this app but I wish some more of the packs for free like that’s necessarily free as a new touch it and you get it more like you watch a couple of ads to get it because like I really wanna get the make up pack for my people but I don’t have the money to get it so if you could like sod that i would be ever so happy but if its not doable so be it

- It’s ok..

I just wish the makeup was free or like $2!!

- Wow!

This is such a fun game for all ages. :) Problem is, whenever I’m done with a customer, a white screen pops up and crashes the app every time. Please fix this bug as it is getting in the way of my gameplay.

- Not even a parent

Idk I was bored and I’m on my cousins iPad but this is actually kinda entertaining 🤷‍♀️

- Not happy

I thought that it was going to be better but it’s not very good. I wish you didn’t have to pay so much just for a dumb game. I like how it looks but geez.

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #11 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,824 $3.99

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #7 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,813 $3.99

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #7 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,795 $3.99

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #8 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,788 $3.99


toca boca hair salon 4 is full of she/they, he/theys , and they/thems and i am in love

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #9 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,779 $3.99

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Toca Hair Salon 3 #7 Toca Hair Salon 3 Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,770 $3.99


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Toca Hair Salon 4 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 4 iphone images

Toca Hair Salon 4 (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications Toca Hair Salon 4 was published in the category Education on 2020-03-06 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 257.04 MB. Toca Hair Salon 4 - Education app posted on 2021-05-25 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocahairsalon4