Pokémon HOME

Pokémon HOME [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Pokémon HOME is a cloud-based service, designed as a place where all of your Pokémon can gather.

▼ Manage your Pokémon!
You can bring any Pokémon that has appeared in a Pokémon core series game to Pokémon HOME. You’ll also be able to bring certain Pokémon from Pokémon HOME for your Nintendo Switch system to your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game.

▼ Trade Pokémon with players around the world!
If you have a smart device, you’ll be able to trade Pokémon with players around the world anytime you want, anywhere you are. Enjoy different ways of trading, too, like the Wonder Box and GTS!

▼ Complete the National Pokédex!
You’ll be able to complete your National Pokédex by bringing lots of Pokémon to Pokémon HOME. You’ll also be able to check out all the moves and Abilities your Pokémon have.

▼ Receive Mystery Gifts!
You’ll be able to quickly and conveniently receive Mystery Gifts using your smart device!

■ Terms of Use
Please read the Terms of Use before using this service.

■ Compatible Systems
Pokémon HOME can be used on devices with the following OSes.
iOS 9 and above
NOTE: Please be aware that Pokémon HOME may not work on certain devices.

■ Questions
Should you have any questions, please use the contact form found in Pokémon HOME.
Questions submitted without using the contact form may take longer to be addressed.

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Pokémon HOME Comments & Reviews

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- HUGE improvement over bank!

I love using this service. It safely transferred my favorite Pokémon from Bank. I also love how it gave me more things to do like quests. But I think that it needs a bit more work. For example, I think there should be a way to transfer Pokémon to Home from GO. So far you can only transfer Pokémon through GO to Let’s go to home and I don’t like it. Another thing I would add is some sort of GTS watchdog. For example, the Pokémon company can update the app, so that the game recognizes impossible Pokémon to request. For example, I’ve seen a lot of trolls asking for Level 1-10 Poiple, which is an impossible Pokémon to get. So if this feature was added, the game would instantly remove that trade offer from the server. I think this app should also have moderators to also watch trades on the GTS and report impossible trades. Even if moderators don't become a thing, there still should be an option to report GTS trades. Otherwise, the app is SUPER helpful! Depositing Pokémon almost takes no time, and it’s fun attempting to complete the National Pokédex.

- Horrible

Very hard to use, annoying and bad. I spent about 20 minutes trying to do the whole purpose of the app, I never got to do it.

- Good but...

So I’ve been using this app to do the usual, transfer pokemon from game to game, but every time I enter a random trade room it kicks me out, for no reason! I want this to be fixed because not I can’t trade!

- Awesome

Dear Nintendo and Pokémon company, This app is great!! I loved Pokemon sun and moon and their ultra tiltes and sword and shield on switch are great!! It is very fun waking up and checking your wonder box too see what you got!! Thank you very much!! My legendary Pokémon are happy in their new homes!

- Coooooooooooollllllll

Ttttttttthhhhhhheeee bbbbbeeeeeessssstttt

- GTS has a major flaw

I would give HOME a perfect score if it weren’t for the major problem with the GTS: you can put a level range requirement (ex: LV 1-10) for a Pokémon that it is impossible to legally have that Pokémon at one of those levels. There is no reasonable purpose to doing this, so people must be doing it to troll other HOME users. This contributes to a very toxic environment and renders useless what would otherwise be a very good feature of the app. I would ask the creators what possible purpose it serves to allow users to place impossible level restrictions on GTS trades? How does it improve users’ experiences? Is it your vision that the GTS be used for nothing more than another way for toxic people to troll users who pay to use HOME? Please take a serious look at fixing this. After all, it’s just common sense that only Pokémon IT IS POSSIBLE TO TRADE would be able to be traded on the GTS.

- Won’t open

Every time I try to open the app it keeps telling me code 400 and I have no idea how to fix it at all

- Meh

It’s aggravating trying to look for a Pokémon and people want the evolved version of one between 1-10 like seriously why is that even allowed

- Great BUT...

The app is great I love the layout and everything and I have a recommendation of letting Pokémon go communicate with the this app as well. I feel like if you integrate this a lot of people with Pokémon go and Nintendo switches would be very appreciative!

- Needs some work.

There are things I like about this app, like how I can fill in the complete Pokédex and the little challenges it gives you to keep using it. That being said, the GTS is awful. The filter for people looking for legendary Pokémon is broken, since tons of people are asking for Pokémon that only appear once in a game (which I would consider legendary) or are asking for Pokémon that are impossible to have for the level they want. This clogs up the search results and makes it nearly impossible to get a reasonable trade request fulfilled.

- Great! Just a couple of problems though

I always do trade rooms (the free ones) But recently I’ve been being kicked out of every trade room I join. I don’t know why, it just happened. I also really hope that Pokémon go will eventually be able to connect to Pokémon home. I have a couple shinies I want to transfer from pokemon go to Pokémon Shield

- Great app, just needs tweaking

This app is amazing i love it to bits. This app single handily helped me get almost all of my Pokédex complete. But if theres one thing that bothers me the most it's on GTS. I'm getting sick of people who'll put up a Pokémon thats looking for a final evolution but it level 1-10, same thing with Type: Null. I wish to fix that feature where for final evolutions cant be below its actual point. Like with Inteleon have it where no one can put it below 35. Make things so much more better and hopefully i can get people to agree with me that it's getting old.

- i have the pokemon they dont whant

ok its good if you have a rare pokemon to trade but sometimes poeple go way to far say like if they wanted a lv 10 pikachu and if my pichu evloved then i might be in level 12 and i says you dont have the pokmon your patner wants they maby troll because pokemon cant level down and they do that for the final evolion .

- Handy

The app is really handy, but there are some pretty serious flaws with how people are putting up some trades that can’t be possible flooding the gts the system should make it where this can’t happen. Fix issues like that and the star rating will go up. >.> looking at you poipole.


Sharpen up the GTS I want to be able to offer someone a trade that I think they might entertain for a Pokémon I’m interested in that they have listed. “I’ll only trade you my XYZ for your ABC is kinda bland” Pokémon should be able to be listed. With an asking. Of XYZ... or OBO Show me what you have. What would you trade me for my legendary? Make trading exciting. Pokémon GO connection. Needs to happen ASAP.

- Idiots

My review is just about how people ask for Pokémon like zacian or zamazenta and they ask for Pokémon that are at a level that is impossible for that Pokémon to be at Please Game Freak....

- good job

This app is amazing because I got good Pokémon like shiny kyerum. I just hope soon they put in a feature that you can transfer Pokémon from Pokémon go in swsh or the let’s go games. other than that this app is outstanding

- Stop letting people ask for impossible Pokémon

You cannot get a lvl 1-10 Zacian, why can people muck up the gts with this crap? Fix the gts and speed up the trade rooms jfc

- If only...

Maybe in a future update you can connect to anonymous devices when near them and when the app is open, so you cam transfer and take pokemon from other games from that other console. I really want a rowlet in pokemon sword and shield.

- Needs More!

Love this new app but I wish you could move Pokémon from boxes on phone instead of just on my switch plus I would love if Pokémon go could be linked to this but some feature where you can only give Pokémon in the Pokédex so it’s not broken easy and only a limit so they can’t spam candy or even a mechanic like Pokémon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee were you get the meltan box for a Pokémon but instead of a normal meltan box you could get one singular meltan that can evolve into Melmetal that can Gigantamax after putting like 500 Pokémon for Pokémon go to Sword/shield then we could trade that back over and that could be the way to get gigantamax melmetal

- Decent app, questionable decisions

First of all I love having an app version of Pokémon home. I love being able to use it any time to look up Pokédex information even when I’m currently playing on my Switch and I love being able to trade without booting up the core game. However, I don’t like having to use the app to trade. I also don’t like that trade evolution has been disabled since this is the closest thing we have to a GTS for the Switch Pokémon games. I also think it’s terrible that we even need the Switch version of Pokémon Home to transfer from Sun and Moon to Sword and Shield because this should be doable over local wireless, although it would be slower. But it seems like GameFreak demanding we pay money for essential functionality that used to be free. On the plus side though if your Premium subscription runs out you only lose access to the Pokémon in your Premium boxes rather than having them deleted.

- Awesome app

Awesome app! The only thing missing is access to Pokémon go

- What happened

Stopped working for me the last few weeks. Always an error code.

- New update kinda bad

My game won’t even open bruh

- My opinion

It’s a really cool App but I would like it if it could transfer Pokemon from Pokemon go

- Its messed up, man

Pokemon home is great. Its a good platform to store pokemon, and I really like it. But I have to talk about three things that I would like for this app 1. Pokemon go compatibility We know its coming, but we have yet to get a due date and I have two cobalions ready and waiting for my shield save file. Im starting to get the itch. 2.Friends glitch One of my friends has this problem where he cannot acess his friend menu. At all. This is very frustrating for him and me 3.GTS REQUESTS Believe me, im all for the gts. I have managed ti get my hands in shiny legendaries like sogaleo and lunala, and a few entries fir my pokedex. But this feature is plagued by jerks who request impossible things like level 1 rayquazas or final evolution starters. And it works both ways. Some guy put out a request for a mudkio, and thats hiw I hot my first shiny level 100 solgaleo. Other than these issues, I have no complaints. Happy catching! GreenIllusion

- Too many Trolls

I’m trying to find a Pokémon, and everyone is either looking for a Lv. 10 Poipole, or a Lv. 40 Naganadel. You get Poipole at level 40, so both of these Pokémon are impossible to get. So either limit the level you can ask for a Pokémon, or remove it altogether. Otherwise it’s amazing.

- Nice but could be better

I have two complaints is that the friend trade needs both parties to be close to each other which confuses me as you have the data and code for a gts so why does the friend trade have to be different it more enjoyable if there wasn’t a range limit on the friend trade so everyone can get what they need from each other and when we try to trade using the gts they don’t appear I put Larvitar for my brother in the gts so he can get it from while trading what Pokémon he had but I never appeared on it he refreshed the app too is cause where friends on the app if so that really annoying as we want to help each other complete the pokedex but can’t do cause of these limitations please at least consider changing it

- Fantastic step in the right direction.

I’m glad that it was noticed that the smartphone app industry is going strong, and I feel this was a good step in continuing Pokémon transfer services. Of course it’s not perfect, that would be absurd, but it’s still a great service to use. Some criticisms I have include the decision to make trading seemingly app-only, unless on Switch either Sword or Shield is used. The mobile app seemingly has a lot more standalone functionality than the switch app does, which isn’t a bad thing, making the console version mainly for transferring between games. However, I think a good idea would be to open up connections between Pokémon GO and Pokémon Home, without the restriction of Gen 1 Pokémon and Meltan/Melmetal through Pokémon Let’s Go. Otherwise, it’s a great app, and good for keeping track of plenty of things, including Pokédex progress.

- This is not fair

So the app is great i love it but theres one problem how are u suppose to give a inceneroar lvl 1 to 10 like people are putting fully evolved pokemon that they need to be lvl 1 to 10 that insane plz fix this i really want that shiny greninja Thank you

- Awesome!

If your a shiny hunter like me, it is extremely useful for getting the shiny charm quickly on another user, by simply transferring them over for a bit. The reason I say it’s 4 star worthy instead of 5 star, is for the sole issues with GTS. The box legendary can only be obtained at level 70, and Poiple (for example) can be obtained in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon at the minimum level of 40; even with this people essentially go bragging by asking for the box legends and Poiple at a level lower than what is even possible, since they can and people nowadays are all just greedy jerks showboating. If they GTS is updated to only ask for a Pokémon at a level that is possible (legendaries and evolutions have special conditions, since I have a legitimate level 19 Charizard in Pokémon Let’s Go, and a level 9 Salamanca thanks to SOS encounters in Pokémon Moon); once that issue is resolved, then it will be nearly perfect.

- I like it- but a few suggestions

This is a very useful app for trading, but I have 2 suggestions. 1 add the ability to add summaries such as I need a rhydon with a protector to evolve into rhyperior 2 add extra info on the gts such as ability and held item 3 add the ability for Pokémon to evolve after trading I might have missed some things that would make my suggestions invalid as I have not researched much into it Keep up the good work GameFreak!!!!

- Gets issues

I love the game but the gts is so annoying it’s just people or bots asking poipoles or Pokemon that cant be a certain level

- It’s cool

I like this game, though it needs to be able to trade with more Pokémon games.

- Amazing.

Plz just fix how people can asked for 1 to 10 level poipoles.

- Trading to evolve

I think evolution by trading needs to be added, as those of us who live an rural areas can’t find trade partners in the usual way. The ability to search for Pokémon people want should be added to, so we can trade what we have. I like the stickers, but it would be cool to have a way to find what stickers you can earn, like the trading a male meowstic with a female.

- Great Concept, Lacking Features

For what the app is, it works very well. The Pokédex and filters are great. The ability to Wonder Box trade and Room Trade are great. But the GTS trade feature is very lacking, not allowing you to filter potential trade partners by what you have in your Box or Pokédex.

- Needs more QOL features

The GTS should have a shiny filter and be able to search what people are offering for your pokemon. Room Trades last 6 minutes and often times are cancelled by the host. Make it so leaving a room trade is punishable with like a timeout for 12 hours.

- A great concept but fix GTS

This app has HUGE potential. But the GTS is still very broken with these foolish people asking for impossible trades. Too many people are asking for Pokémon that are impossible to have legally. Nobody can possibly have a level 1-10 Charizard when you have to evolve Charmeleon at level 36. Requests like this take up almost 90% of the GTS. Also the legendary Pokémon filter that you can use to look for trades not involving legendary and mythical Pokémon doesn’t filter out the lesser legendaries like Zapdos and Entei. Nobody can have a Registeel at level 1-10 to trade. Please fix

- Overall very good just some unreasonable requests.

One thing that I i found irritating with this app is that some people offer low level, common pokemon and and expect legendary and mythical pokemon in return, i dont know if you can do this but can you some how limit the requests people ask for pokemon. Another thing that i would like to see is the option to trade on you nintendo switch. Overall a really great game and it is super useful for completing pokedexes


Please fix the filters and make them more specific

- Add a Skip Animation

I love this!! But could you as a Skip Animation for the Wondertrade? It takes forever to get through them. :)

- It’s Ok

I like it, but the GTS feature could use some real work. It’s hardly useable because everyone and their grandmother is showing off a shiny or legendary Pokémon and asking for an impossible thing in return (such as a level 10 zamazenta, something you cannot legally obtain in game). It feels like a huge oversight.

- Please bring Pokémon Go compatibility

Having more fun with this than I thought I would, but I’m really missing the ability to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go that was promised early on in Directs relating to this app.

- Good but still needs work

It’s great to have a GTS again, even if it should have been a part of the base game, but it’s cumbersome to use and still could use some work. You have to open up the app on your phone to search the GTS for the Pokémon you want, wade through all the people asking for ridiculous things, and then hope you can find a reasonable trade. Then, if you do, you need to close the app, open up Home on your Switch, hope you have the Pokémon already, transfer it to Home, then close Home and do it again in reverse to trade. It takes too long for it all and it’s such a hassle. On top of that, the GTS is overfilled with tons of people asking for legendaries, mythics, ultra beasts, and impossible/illegal levels (lvl 1-10 Cinderace), and while you can filter mythics, you still have to go through all the rest. You are also not allowed to deposit a Pokémon holding an item, as the item goes back into your inventory, so the whole point of Zacian and Zamazenta is essentially lost if you use GTS for them. The app itself is nice, it’s kind of cute, and I love getting points for trades that I can use for BP in game. I use the app a lot, and it’s fantastic for filling out your dex, but it still frustrates me to deal with these things.

- GTS needs a change.

This app is good. It has easy navigation. The one complaint I have is that the GTS needs to be changed so that you can’t request a Pokémon that is impossible to get. I have seen requests for final evolutions of starters at level 1-10. This is clogging up the trade system for people that are looking for a legitimate trade. Please change this to make trades easier.

- Friend button issues

So I got Pokémon home and I realize that other people had the friend option button so I checked my Pokémon home account to see if I had the friend option but I didn’t I really need you to fix the friend option I can’t trade with my friends. If you can fix this that would be amazing.

- Amazing app

But I wish the Pokémon that I transferred to sword/shield game from Let’s go Eevee/Pikachu could go back it

- Poipole

Trade lists are clogged with people asking for Poipole and other impossible requests. The marketplace also only shows a handful of trades. Most of which are flood with impossible requests

- My opinion

I believe that trades for Pokémon that not found at specific level or cannot be breed to meet level criteria for trades need to banned. This only clutters the searches and same Pokémon trades needs to be eliminated. Overall the wonder trade is cool the frequency could be better but that is my two cents.

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- Pokémon GO compatible pour quand?

Quand Pokémon GO sera compatible avec cet app, elle sera bien plus utile, car là, c’est comme plate, car je n’ai pas de 3ds ou de switch. Ce qui serait bien, c’est de rendre cette app compatible avec les jeux de là génération 4 et 5 (De diamant,perle jusqu’en blanche et noire 2) soit avec le Nintendo ds, que j’ai justement. Sinon, c’est une bonne application!

- Brutally bad

Having error code 400 still and detail code 8807. I’ve done nothing wrong and everything worked fine for first week of release. This error still hasn’t changed. Please fix

- I have them all

All my shiny Pokémon have been saved on my home so anytime I can see them and interact with them anywhere as long as I have wifi

- Bad and good

We need to be able to filter out Legendaries and mythical Pokemon. Haven’t had one trade cause everybody wants legendaries or holds impossible trades. Great for managing all my Pokémon and the free service is sufficient and a great addition. Personally, I have premium and think it is great for holding multiple boxes.


I have had 3 shiny Pokémon sitting in GTS for well over a week which have not been traded. When searching GTS for the same Pokémon on another switch account (ie. grookey), mine is not available in the search and it is COMPLETELY FLOODED with ridiculous stupid requests of legendaries for LV.1 pokemon!!! This needs to be stopped and filtered properly!!! No one is finding what I have offered to trade because there’s such a huge flood of people make absurd and stupid trade requests that will never be accepted. This is unfair to people who pay and are trying to participate in GTS!!

- Will be good eventually..?

It seems to work just fine and have some interesting features, but until it connects to Pokémon Go, there’s nothing I can really do except put the Pokémon I was given for installing into wonder trades over and over. I’m really hoping that I can transfer from Go at some point to preserve my Pokémon and hopefully use them in future games as well. I like the trade features, it would be neat to use them. Fingers crossed!

- Awesome App! Needs some tweaking.

Great app nice and easy to trade and transfer Pokemon. How ever need to be able to trade items with in reason (rusty shield and sword).

- Waiting on Pokémon go

Very excited for this!!

- Can’t use friend trade

Pokémon Company, change the age restriction from 16 to 13! It makes no sense that you restrict this feature! Only near adults can use friend trade, and they most likely will lose interest in Pokémon soon, anyways, which makes NO SENSE!

- Common sense

I would rate higher but I can’t because you won’t fix the issue of letting people post Pokémon that can’t physically be certain levels people want final evolutions at level 1-10 and the only way to achieve that is by hacking or cheating when you fix this problem I’ll fix my rating

- Can’t sign in

There is to many errors I changed my password 3 times but that did not work

- It’s okay.

I like the concepts it has. I can put all my Pokémon in one spot for further games and I was able to transfer all my old Pokémon from the pokebank. The downfall to this is when using GTS trade it’s difficult to find any Pokémon to trade as people usually ask for impossible Pokémon, like a level 1-10 Reshiram. Other then that, it’s okay.

- Fix trading.

Yep, it can certainly house a bunch of Pokémon. But that’s really the only good thing it’s for. Well, that and transferring between games which will only get better with PoGo integration. At $22 a year, it’s not enough. The real issue stems with the GTS trading system, specifically being able to request Pokémon that can’t be traded. It clutters up the system and is often the only available “trades.” This has been a problem in past Pokémon games and it’s unreasonable and unacceptable they have not taken it into account for Home. They will receive none of my money until this has been fixed.

- Disappointing

Big fan of Pokémon here. I paid for the Premium as well and so far I could not possibly be more disappointed. I truly regret going premium. The rooms are confusing and malfunctioning, trade is local only, seriously? GTS is an absolute joke. You must get your act together at once!

- Friend Trades are a Joke

Full disclosure, the idea of Pokémon Home, combined with Max Raids in Sword and Shield has gotten me back into Pokémon, and now I’m trying to “catch em all” as they say. But this app doesn’t allow trading the same way the game does... and since the game doesn’t include all the Pokémon, I literally have no way to get them all. Why in the world can I not trade with a friend online? You can trade with any friend or stranger in sword online, so why would this app, which is a PAID SERVICE, be any different? And since Mythicals can’t be traded in the GTS, or Trade Rooms, there is literally NO work around for this. This isn’t very hard, just fix it.

- Pokemon Prison (Rip Off)

Welcome to Pokemon Prison where all of the Pokémon you PAID in app to have transferred here live in a prison full of glitches and bugs. Not only that! But this Pokémon prison that you agreed to pay monthly for will restrict the amount of “wonder trades” and “room trades” you can make everyday! For no reason! You’re paying monthly but what for? I’m here to tell you: nothing. You’re paying for a death sentence for all of your Pokémon. Welcome to a prison where none of their past mistakes have been fixed, you can still request non-tradeable Pokémon like Melmetal. You’re limited to 10 friend trades a day, so your friends won’t be able to complete their dexes. Your Pokémon are trapped, your friends Pokémon are trapped. Welcome to Pokémon Prison: your sentence awaits you.

- Can’t log in!

I waited about 30 minutes waiting for it to load. It still hasn’t been done yet!

- Lvl system is evil

Ok trading for a Pokémon you want for a Pokémon “they want” that’s understandable, but you want a Pokémon and you have it but its not the lvl they want, its so frustrating, im able to trade for a Pokémon i want but i cant casue its over or under lvl, get rid if that feature or better yet fix it

- Impossible/Troll Trades

Sometimes, on the GTS, people will offer rare/shiny pokemon for pokemon that are impossible to get (example- level 1-10 poipole). Pretty frustrating!

- Login Error

I can not login on my phone, it comes up with a communication error

- Revolutionary

I love this game but the friend trade doesn’t work. Please fix

- A mythical opportunity

It had me curious, I admit. I had only used Pokémon sword with this app, and Pokémon sword doesn’t exactly have many Pokémon, so when I tried this out, I was thrilled to see classics and legendaries come to a well designed/detailed game. My first problem was the fact that I could not access it on my phone, and only on my switch. After trial and error, I fixed the problem. I finally could use it to its full potential! ...that is, until I found a problem. This is not your fault, it’s just that a problem with the gts that makes it very hard to trade. not your fault: poipole. People are excessively demanding poipole, but never will be able to get their request. Poipole comes into play at lv40, and many people are asking for lv1-10. I wish that there will be a new addition so that you cannot request for a poipole under lv40, for multiple people have requested specifically this low Pokémon level, making trading difficult.

- Disappointed, to be honest.

Too many bugged/badly implemented features to be worth paying money for. - Room trades don’t work. This is a feature locked behind the subscription, so getting it to work right should be a top priority, but it’s been bugged since release. Sometimes it will function, but people are kicked from the rooms at random almost every time. Not only that, but the wait time for a room trade is painfully long, so being kicked from one is crushing. Why am I paying for something that doesn’t work? - Mythical trades are a huge issue. Despite the inability to actually trade them using any function of the app, people still request so many on the GTS that the worthwhile trades are buried. Either trading Mythicals should be made possible, or the option to request Mythicals on the GTS should be removed. - It’s so hard to organize Pokémon, honestly. When you have 2500+ Mons and labels to sort them cannot be applied en masse, that’s a problem. - There has been next no communication from The Pokémon Company about any of the issues mentioned here, not to mention the lack of explanations of the more arbitrary rules of the app. To name just three: * Room Trade (with a code) only seems to work with three or more members in it. If there are only two members in the room and the time runs out, everyone will be kicked. This was never mentioned or explained. * Despite the Original Colour Magearna reward saying that it is given for “registering so many Pokémon” in the dex, you actually only get the reward when you own a Living Dex (have every Pokémon in existence sitting in your boxes AT THE SAME TIME). This important detail was never mentioned and the miscommunication confused many. * Speaking of this Magearna, players have been thrown curveball after curveball with her. First, there was a regular Magearna that was rewarded instead, which was a bug; now Magearna won’t appear at all for some HOME players. So how exactly does the reward work? Once again, the HOME community as of late has had to rely on itself for help. We still haven’t figured this one out entirely and it would help a lot if Game Freak or TPC would clear things up. Overall, Pokémon HOME is functional but less than impressive. It has been a necessary but frustrating experience for me, as it is the only way I can transfer Pokémon from Bank to Sword. I can’t imagine that most players will stick with the current version of this mobile app for any longer than they have to.

- Why

What if you Did not want to see people who want mythicals But Pokémon Hone said POIPOLE OR PHIONE

- Such a stupid idea

1. GTS should’ve been in the game from the start. Same with mass releasing Pokémon 2. Why can’t I trade with friends, people who I have optionally added, over wifi? That defeats the entire purpose 3. Why can’t we trade mythicals? And fine, even if you’re extremely adamant on that, WHY CAN WE STILL REQUEST THEM?! The gts is constantly flooded with trash requests that, even if we wanted to complete, we couldn’t possibly. 4. The app is extremely buggy and that combined with the above reasons this is no where near worth 16$ a year. You guys are turning into one of the most anti consumer companies out there and yea. We get it. You make bank from it. But so many people dislike this and the new games that eventually this will run out. Just like paper Mario.

- Great for what it is

It does what it says it does. Only problem is the people and not the app it’s self. Hard to find a trade that people don’t want a legendary. The option to filter out legendarys should include all not just the Big legends

- Great app!!!

Amazing app and I love it!!! Can’t wait to transfer my Pokémon from Pokémon go!! I have no complaints and the price point is more than fair!! Honestly my only issue is uneducated people pretending like they know things about Pokémon trying to give it a bad review!!! Keep up the great work!!

- A step backwards, disappointing

The trade system is absolutely archaic... why must I only be able to trade with local friends? And why are trades restricted per day? I can’t even create a room for random people to join, I must have people put a code locally. A lot of the functions don’t make sense and are a step backwards.

- This app feels massively incomplete

You can’t trade with a friend unless you’re right next to them. Even if you setup a Room Trade, it takes a million years and you need at least 3 people. Plus you can’t even organize your Boxes unless you’re on the Switch — but then you can’t trade on the Switch! Plus they didn’t even fix the GTS. It’s just full of people looking for impossible trades. Tough luck if you wanted any mythical Pokémon too, those can’t be traded. To their credit, I mean the app does work. I’ve managed to do several trades and haven’t had any crashes. For a paid service, I am massively disappointed.

- :)

Because of this I got to play with my favourite Pokémon Heck yeah

- Better then I thought

This app works better than the Pokémon bank and has more features. It allows me to keep my childhood Pokémon with me on my phone. I believe this app will be an awesome tool now and in the future of Pokémon games. Provided they actually keep this app going and updating it for future games. Btw if you go into the Pokédex part of the app, you can tap on the hight measurement of your Pokémon and it will visually compare the size of your Pokémon with a human and other Pokémon you scroll through. Awesome little feature!

- Untradable GTS posting

Please fix this

- Buggy and full of glitches. Dont buy subscription.

Bugs everywhere and app breaking glitches. If you make a free account on another ios device while you have a paid account on another, You cant use your subscription anymore for your main account. So you just waste money with tiny things like that. One of the worst pokemon apps.

- Fix it!!!

Can’t even get into the app because it claims I’m already logged in on a different system... but I’m not??? Thank god i didn’t blow the $20 on it yet because nintendo would be catchin a case

- Buggy but helpful

It is super buggy but it is super helpful

- Issue

I love love love the fact that it’s out but people are asking for impossible trades so I feel that needs to be stopped and it’s nots just it’s a couple others that hate this. I know I left kinda a bad review but otherwise this app is awesome and I it to link with GO soon.

- It grate but I can’t seem to find the friend code thing

There some thing missing I guess like the friends thingy because there’s supposed to be a hand shake button and that for the friends but it doesn’t show up now I’m sad :(

- Amazing!

Really useful for trading Pokémon just wish there was a way to search up to Pokémon people want because sometimes i have a random pokemon i want to gts and want to see who wants one. Would be pretty useful

- Bad

-lots of login error -can’t use on more than 1 device at a time -filter out request mythical Pokémon doesn’t work, still see mythicals. -people can upload mythical Pokémon even though can’t be traded -people can request impossible Pokémon ie: charizard lvl 1-10. -autosort filter doesn’t save, so have to reclick it every time you move a Pokémon on switch -wondertrade is slow -can’t move Pokémon around boxes on the phone -can’t use gts on switch -hundreds of Pokémon are stuck in it because can’t move them to any game. Why on earth does this cost 20$ CAD with all these problems?



- Great service but...

I love this sooooo much but there are kids trolling by trying to get level 9 blastoise or level 1 grimmsnarl for a litten or starter please fix

- Very solid, despite its flaws

The application is full of fun functionality, and even though I’ve had a couple hiccups with Pokédex registration (and the surprise trade problem, but I think thag was fixed) this is a convenient, fun, and reasonably priced app. There’s nothing quite like having my Pokémon, Pokédex, and gts all at my fingertips!

- Mal fait

Lorsque je chercher un pokemon et que j’enlève les échanges de Légendaires et Fabuleux il me propose encore d’échanger des légendaires comme artikodin ou Mandrillon

- Streamlined, easy to use, and multiple wondertrade at a time

Streamlined, easy to use, and multiple wondertrade at a time

- Brilliant!

It’s so nice that I’ll be able to transfer my Pokémon’s from Sun to Sword!!

- Important.

App is good. Works fine. But I want to get my Pokémon from heart gold!!!!!!!!! Please make that possible

- So buggy

Pokemon home is so buggy Constantly get kicked out of trade rooms, app crashes and boots you out. Would love to see more features for an app that charges a monthly service fee And also making it so I have to use the app on both my phone and switch is silly. The switch version should include everything

- Only one device

Updated on 18/02/2020 and got signed in. Still not sure how useful this will be until the Galarian Pokédex is expanded or we get another game. You can only use this on one device?? I’m sorry, I thought it was 2020, not 1997. Even in 1997 you could put your cartridge in a different game boy. And finally, it takes *way* too long to complete wonder trades, which were nearly instant in the 3DS games. This could be a bug that sometimes prevents the Wonder Box from updating while the app is running, even in the background. Try restarting the app which sometimes helps (although it shouldn’t be necessary)

- Can’t Trade Mythical

I honestly think Home is great but the thing that really sucks is that we can’t trade mythical Pokémon it really sucks how am I supposed to complete my national Dex if I can’t get mythical Pokémon by trading it really sucks. Nintendo you need to fix this problem please.

- Mint 👌🏻

If your an actual long time fan this is your best friend. All my babies are together now! So yes shut up and take my money!!! Hahah

- GTS filtering

It’s pretty good but the GTS needs one filter the 3DS GTS had - to filter by Pokémon you have. It makes it much easier to find possible trades without scrolling through Pokémon you can’t trade for.

- Best Pokémon cloud base since Pokebank

Glorified Pokebank with the addition of trade and GTS Would like to see a “shiny only” option when looking for Pokémon on GTS for shiny hunters

- Great service, needs a little work

I LOVE this app. It has allowed me to complete my Pokedex and get shinies. One thing I suggest patching is all the trade requests asking for illegal/impossible Pokémon. It really clutters up the space and makes trading very clunky. Apart from that, I highly recommend this app.

- Pokémon go please

So it good and all but the main reason I got it so I could transfer Pokémon from Pokémon go to Pokémon home

- Its awesome but...

I love this app but on the gts someone wanted a gengar for a machamp i offered to give them a gengar but it did not work the same thing happens to all pokemon i want to trade

- I like it but I’m locked out

Code 400 detail code 9900 I’m completely shut out other then I had fun with this for a few days then I’m locked out

- Love the app, but fix the GTS please!!!!

I love this app and I’m happy to pay for the yearly subscription, but when everyone in the GTS is requesting Pokémon that can’t exist or be traded it’s annoying. Please make a filter on the level requested so that no one can request a poipole lvl 1-10 for example. It ruins the GTS in my opinion.

- Nice idea

I like the app it’s very clear and easy to use, and I like the wonder box idea but I can’t keep buying these things like poke bank itself already costs and then you have to pay for Pokémon home and Nintendo online and the normal internet and an expansion pass all to play one game. It’s really adding up and if u add anything more I’m going to go be homeless pls stop :((((( Like are we supposed to spend $200+ for Pokémon idk it’s kind of getting insane. I’ll just have to play another game.

- Good but needs improvement

I think the limit on stored pokemon should be larger for the free version considering we all buy the products to play the game. Secondly the mystery box is way to slow. It was fun trading on the older systems but this system is boring.

- Good idea But...

Although this app is great, people keep asking for impossible trades, like a lvl 1-10 greninja, this would be fine if the common candy was still in sword and shield, but it isn’t, so could you please either: add back in common candy to sword and shield or remove impossible trades.

- It’s a great app

Pokémon home is an amazing app and is really useful for Pokémon games. However it is really hard find people who are actually looking for the Pokémon you currently have. I think you could add feature in the GTS trade to find someone who is willing to trade with your Pokémon. For an example if I have a toxel and don’t know what to trade it for I could go to the GTS and click on something to find a list of Pokémon’s that people want to trade for that toxel. Or if I wanted a certain Pokémon I could select the toxel or whatever Pokémon I want to trade and then find people who want to trade. Other than this I really love the game and it helped me complete certain gyms on the Pokémon shield game. I hope you can add this feature sometime.

- Great but

It’s a great app I can now physically see what Pokémon I need to catch and evolve, but I would like to sync my Pokémon go to the app so make it happen

- Friend trades?? Where? But still really good

Really good and useful app although in one of the photos for the app it show a thing called friend trade, which I don’t believe exists yet and would be a very cool feature, so I week like that’s kind of click bait, idk the positives our way the negatives but yeah, also private room trades just don’t want to work at all

- Good

Good but it’s difficult all I want for my shield account is my LAMP

- Subscription?

You have to pay money for a game that connects to other games that you already had to buy. Back with the 3ds games the gts was FREE but now it’s $5 a month.

- Not bad

Updates with nothing but bug fixes are way too frequent. I get you need to patch the software but I don’t want to have to update the app every time I want to get in. Also the paid subscription is complete BS. It should be basic functionality to trade Pokémon between games in 2020, and while having limited functionality is fine, it’s still wrong to charge people for a glorified PC box

- Pokémon go

At first I was really excited to transfer all my shinies to Pokémon sword but when I opened the app there was no possible way to do that

- Money Grab

There shouldn’t be a premium service for this app, we have already had to pay for several consoles, games and now Nintendo online. Although it is way overpriced the concept it great but poorly executed. For example it would be a good feature to be able to search for shinys, in gts being able to want a shiny on your trade or being able to search for a Pokémon that you have and other people want so you don’t have to scroll through thousands of trades.


Trade Rooms aren’t working at all. Tried trading with my friend and kept saying I left the party, when I didn’t. There is no way to trade with anyone in this game. They release a bug fix but I don’t think they fixed anything. Clearly I’m just wasting my time trying to get a trade room to work, when it doesn’t even want to work.

- GTS needs improving

Even when you filter out the people asking for legendaries and mythicals, the GTS is still clogged with people asking for ultra beasts and impossible Pokémon (eg asking for an evolved Pokémon at a level lower than it actually evolves at) in exchange for the mostly lvl1 stuff they’ve been pumping out of eggs. Better filtering and maybe some kind of tiered system (eg if you want to ask for ultra beasts you have to offer an ultra beast yourself) would improve this part of the app a lot. Also in previous games you could filter search results to only show trades asking for Pokémon that you already have in your storage, it would be nice to have that back as well. Thanks :)

- Filtering Needed

It’s honestly an awesome app, but I’d really love it if the app filtered impossible trades, for example when people post a Zamazenta, Zacian or any other legendaries and ask for a lvl 1-10 Dragapult. It’ll honestly help take away the unnecessary posts on gts. Because Dragapult isn’t available at all at that level, nor is a level 50-60 Zacian or Zamazenta. It should be filtered when it asks for a specific Pokémon, to only give the level it is available on. Another example. They’re not given the option to ask for a level 50-60 Zacian since it’s only available at level 70.

- Why?

We bought consoles and games to pay to put them in Re event games make me sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

- GTS, enough said

GF has learned nothing from previous (free) GTS endeavours. Full of people asking for legendaries, ultra beasts and mythicals that they can’t even import into SS. Includes a filter to remove legendaries and mythicals which doesn’t even do that. Feed is still full of these morons who feel their Darumaka is worth a Celebi.

- Can’t access friends

The app is really great, I can store all my Pokémon in one place and see my progression with the Pokédex. There’s only one issue and that is how there is no friends button available to me. It’s really weird and it’s stopping me from completing my dex.

- Needs improvement.

The interface is lovely and once the bug fixes are out I can imagine it will work smoothly. But it is frustrating that I can’t trade with someone that isn’t near by with a friend trade. I understand that the developers are trying to combat hacked Pokémon. But it should not be up to the user to suffer for a problem they are not contributing to. Other measures should be put in place to battle hacked Pokémon. I currently am regretting bringing my Pokémon into Pokémon home.

- Too much unnecessary animation

Too much unnecessary animation makes this app slow in view transition. What I need is a handy tool that can response quickly. Stupid UX slows everything.

- I got

Thinkt yuku trying yo it I you to

- Can’t trade mythical Pokémon

I borrowed let’s GO eevee to play through most of the game just to get melmetal because you can request him on the GTS. But instead wasted my time.

- Magearna Bug Fix Please

Completed national dex with all 890 and still don’t have my magearna reward

- Voice Recognition

All my app settings are English and my default for voice rec is English but the mic in the app thinks I'm searching Japanese because I have that keyboard installed. Besides this, app is good but the sorting of Pokemon is confusing. Just give us the boxes like in the games and on the Switch version. Also need better friend connectivity. Why can't I see how many Pokemon my Nintendo Switch friends have?

- Furious at this app

I paid for the premium plan, you updated the app and now I can’t restore. My 1300 Pokémon are now in limbo because no one will get back to me! I’ve sent some many emails!! YOU TAKE OUR MONEY AND DON’T FIX THE ISSUES! Fix error 10303, because I want to access my Pokémon!

- Great so far!

Keep in mind I will only briefly talk about the switch version, as this IS a review for the app itself. So far, the app is great, but could use some improvements. Firstly, you are able to store up to 6000 Pokémon which is more than enough. The ability to have multiple Pokémon in the GTS and Wonder trade (or Wonder Box as it’s called in the app) is INCREDIBLE! Although, it is inconvenient how most people just ask for mythicals, despite the fact that you can’t trade them. However, the switch version is MUCH more organised than the mobile version. If these issues were fixed, this app would get a 5 star review.

- I dont know about it

I have just downloaded this game and i dont know how to catch pokémon on ipad can you please help me

- Good but just for money

You can’t trade without paying 4 dollars off Pokémon bank why and also melmetal. People only ask for that and a ton off op ledgendariee mythicals and shinies gets is broken plz fix it

- Not great

Whenever you’re trying to find a genuine deal for a Pokemon all you get is people offering their level 26 hacked in Pokemon for Zacians and Zamazentas, and the trades are there for like ages so they never disappear and your trade is not visible.

- Room trade takes WAY TOO LONG

Why do I have to wait almost 9 minutes just for a trade? You can more that half the time and it would work fine

- Not really worth the money

Whilst this game has a free version, it’s absolutely terrible and not worth the time. The paid version isn’t much better, but it does give you more features to play with. Honestly, Gamefreak seems to be price gauging the Pokémon community more than anything now

- ATTN: Redacted

Nintendo, what happened to you? Like so many others, I don’t understand why we have to pay for this service. (Yes there is a free version, but it’s very limited) You’re already getting us to pay $80 for the game, $30 for the DLC, $++++ for the Pokémon Home, Bank, yadi yadi yah... Also y’all make so much money. Why are you trying to milk your supporters? Just because we pay for your games doesn’t mean you should exploit us left right centre Pretty disappointed :((

- GTS Is stupid

What is the point of having the option to search for mythical Pokémon when you can’t trade them either remove the option to search or request or let use trade them

- Works well

Is a great idea and has lots of potential. The GTS trading is back but is a bit broken. The trades are slow and when you search for a Pokémon you are bombarded by trades asking for Pokémon that are impossible to trade like a shaymin. please fix this as it is a complete waist of space and our time

- Please add

The features of Pokémon home are great but it would be even better if you could search what other people are offering for your Pokémon on the gts, for example say I had a mewtwo I could look up what other people are offering for one and choose the best one instead of searching through Pokémon to see who wants mine. Thanks in advance. 😁👍

- Really bad performance

I transferred 28 pokemons from shield to home several days ago, but I only got 25 showed in the home's box eventually. Then I checked the history, it has shown that I really only put 25 there. Excuse me, where are my babies?

- Good but needs improvements 😃

This app is awesome works great on the switch and it’s cool to have it on my phone to. But I ran into issues trying to link my Nintendo account to the app and I know that I’m not the only person with this issue. I hope the developers can fix this issue in the future. 👍

- Will change rating later (maybe)

I refuse to give this higher than one star until “special Pokémon” is removed for GTS. This is ridiculous.

- Error Message

Unable to login as another device is using...

- Where do I start?

First, we were sold an ~$80 game that was not only unfinished, but didn’t include all the the Pokémon or features like GTS and WonderTrade. Want to catch all the Pokémon? $30 for a DLC (still doesn’t include them all). Want to trade or battle online? $30/year for Nintendo Switch Online. Want to transfer Pokémon from gen 3 games? $5/year for Pokémon Bank. Want to transfer old Pokémon from Pokémon bank or Let’s Go? $25/year for Pokémon Home. Sure these aren’t expensive subscriptions, but considering previous FINISHED games were $70 included these features at no extra cost, are now $190 all up! $190 for Sword OR Shield, that’s not even for both (it’s $300 for both games with all features and “most” of the Pokémon, by the way!). Ever since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum could transfer Pokémon between 2 different generations on 2 different consoles simply for the prices of the games ($70each). I feel ripped off and I’ve only purchased the base games. You’ve lost a Pokémon fan of 20 years.


The GTS (Global Trade System) is very flawed my opinion it would be better removed from the game then stay in. If you look up pidgy 10 out of 10 of the results will be mythical Pokémon witch is ridiculous in its own right but you can’t even trade mythical Pokémon so please remove the GTS or fix it

- Getting better and better

I had a few communication errors at first but everything seems to be working well now. Great to have the GTS back for Sword and Shield!

- Remove asking for Mythical Pokémon

Pokémon home is great on both console and on IOS version. I love that the GTS feature was brought back, but everyone online will ask for mythicals which aren’t tradable wether you have one or not. It would be nice if in a future update they removed the option for this or allow mythical Pokémon to be tradable, making GTS trades easier, more fair and we don’t have to see a whole list of people asking for Pokémon they can’t have. Other than that the game is great and I have no other problems with it✨(long rant)

- 软件故障


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- Comment and problem I think needs to be fixed

I feel it’s a great game and so much fun to play it, but it still needs some updates and needs a bit of work. Ether way, five stars right on the back, but it still needs to add stuff and kinda fix other things. Here’s a fix it needs, when people trade online, I need the trades to be reasonable and REAL, like trades saying 1-10 leveled poiple, or a 50-60 leveled zacian or zamazenta. This is a major fix I need to see ASAP and then the game with be fine for me. It did fix the mythical Pokémon ruckus, so I hope the game with fix my problem too.

- Really?

I paid for the year subscription, I also have the year subscription to Pokémon Bank. I was hoping to finally have my favorite pokémon- Ariados- in my Sword save file. I was so excited, I told my best friend that I was really hyped for the Expansions JUST so I can have my Ariados back. I had him in Pokémon Ultra Moon, and I’ve had him for a very long time. He’s really special to me. Well, since I have such a low star review, can you guess what happened next? I’m not mad, just very disappointed.

- The impossibility of GTS (great suggestion bellow)

Today I was excited when I saw somebody would give their Zamazenta for a boltund, only to be disappointed by reading the required level.... They wanted a level 10 Boltund, HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL DOING THIS!!!! Honestly I think the only way to fix this is to take away the whole desired level option because people only use it to anger others causing disturbances in the Pokémon Community. I know you guys have received a lot of hate, but please listen to my words “take away the desired level option altogether” I promise this will solve a lot of problems. Sincerely, A concerned fan

- Hello?

Does anyone still use this because I’m lonely

- Same useless GTS

It’s pretty easy, guys: STOP LETTING PEOPLE DEMAND IMPOSSIBLE-TO-GET POKÉMON IN TRADES. It’s simple database protocol stuff, man. Figure it out or hire someone who can. You DO realize that these people are doing this to illegally duplicate Pokémon, right? Do you WANT people to cheat, while simultaneously ruining the only useful part of this otherwise-superfluous app for everyone else? It is utterly baffling that these idiotic issues persist well over a decade since the GTS was introduced. Your inaction continues to render a critical part of the Pokémon ecosystem nearly useless. Way to go.

- Suggestions

Really good but I have some suggestions like an option that allows you to get specific Pokémon you like the alolan Pokémon forms and gigantimaxed forms and the same for when you are putting a Pokémon in the guts

- Still can’t link account

At least you fixed it but it said I already linked my account to another Pokémon home and I haven’t even touched the switch version yet and I have no recollection of me logging in a different app

- Pokémon home mobile

This app is awesome only down side is the fact you can’t sort your Pokémon by box if I could it would be a five star 100% ,love the wonder box

- Great

Was able to play shield again and it works perfectly I love the hrs and wonder trade

- Love it, except for the impossible trades

I really do love this app. I’m trying to get an Yveltal from the GTS but when I search it up, all I see are impossible trade requests, here is an example. Shiny Yveltal for a lvl 1-10 dragapult So please, you you are reading this,Game Freak, please make an update so a certain Pokémon has a certain lvl selection, like a legendary Pokémon would only go down to lvl 70, but please, just fix it, it gets on everyone’s nerves.

- Terrible for Trading

The ease of trading is entirely counteracted by the prevalence of people abusing the system. For every 1 legitimate trade offer in the GTS system there are 20-30 illegitimate offers crowding everything out. If people are not asking for a relatively common Pokémon for a legendary or mythical Pokémon, they ask for a fully evolved Pokémon at an impossible level. What is most frustrating is that there is no way to report or flag this by users. Without serious overhaul, there’s no way this would be worth the paid subscription.

- Great... but

So I love this app, it’s helped me gain all the Pokemon I always wanted to get... however people asking for impossible trades on the GTS such as a level 1-10 Gengar or incinaroar is ridiculous. I’d suggest adding a function that makes it impossible to ask for Pokémon that exist when they HAVE to be leveled up to a certain point in order for that Pokémon to even exist

- GTS Still Terrible

Several features have been improved since launch. However the constantly burning garbage fire that is the GTS continues to disappoint. Just fix it so that people can’t request the impossible. You’ve had since 2007 to get it right.

- Friends

It’s says I am underage to have friends on home but if I have the Nintendo online it will let me trade with anyone. It will let you trade with anyone on the gas and mystery boxes too. It seriously makes no sense.

- GTS is a mess

A trainer humbly requests to filter ultra beasts out with mythical and legendaries. Poipole plagues the trade market. A trainer also begs the prohibition of trades for impossible pokemon (ie level 10 Tyranitar). Cool to have GTS back, unfortunate the only trading I can get done is through wonder trade.

- Don’t waste time on the GTS

This app is very useful but has faults. When you are interested in any kind of Pokémon that you want to trade for, all anybody is ever looking for is poipal, zamazenta, and nagandel or however you spell the proper names of all three of these pokemon. It doesn’t matter if you have a mewtwo to trade or not, everyone is spamming these three species. It’s a waste of time if you don’t have any of these to trade for. I feel like people looking for those pokemon should be filtered out.

- Love the idea, just one concern.

There shouldn’t be an option to request a level 1-10 legendary when you put a Pokémon on the GTS. This goes for evolved, set level story Pokémon, mythicals, and any other Pokémon that shouldn’t realistically be at a lower level than when it can be encountered. It’s all over the GTS so please make an update to allow all requested Pokémon to be fixed to the level they can be encountered and up. Great idea for an app but this is really holding it back big time.

- Great app but needs one thing!

Love this app, makes trading and moving Pokémon super easy, but one thing that would make this app even better would be the ability to search for what Pokémon people want rather than what they have. That way if you have a Pokémon that you want to get rid of, you can see if someone else is looking for it. It would allow for more people to help each other easier rather than people boasting about what they have with impossible trades like others have said in their reviews. Other than that need, this app is awesome.

- I’m going to cry

I wish there was something that told you what Pokémon would actually make it into sword and shield when you transfer. It’s a waste of a program- I can’t reread a thousand lists for the Pokémon I can and can’t take with me. Now I what, have to pay money ad nauseam to store the Pokémon I caught and bred for years? The ones I carried with me since I was in the third grade and wanted to learn how to beat the elite four on my own? This program is a shameless cash grab, and we’re the suckers to pay for it. Way to shake down the long-term fans of your game for that minimum-wage, part time paycheck. I see now why all the smart people stopped playing ages ago.

- GO Support Requested

While the main app is helpful in holding your Pokémon between Nintendo Switch games, I have plenty in Pokémon GO that would help declutter my storage in that game if I could send them to Home. I was expecting transfer from GO was available as soon as Home came out, and am now waiting for when support is included.

- Terrible

So I been trying to transfer my Aron to mummy shield game and it won’t work I thought that it was the whole point of pokemon home to transfer other Pokémon to other games not keep them in one box and not transferring them. If you fix this I will change my review. Thank you


The trading room wait times and Pokemon choosing timers need to be like 30 seconds max waiting over 2 min for a room and then another 2 to pick a Pokémon to trade IS WAYYY TOO LONG otherwise the app is cool-I would also recommend that you can submit more Pokémon into the GTS then just 1 or 3 depending on plan

- Beautiful App - Trolls clog the trades

The layout and presentation of Pokémon Home is superb and eye catching. It has most features you desire. It lacks some as well. When trading Pokémon, you are presented with a list of Pokémon that the person wants and you have. The issue is that you don’t know at first glance which Pokémon are from which box. You may accidentally trade a Pokémon you want to keep instead of the duplicates you don’t want because you can’t lock Pokémon from being traded either. This is also assuming you can trade with others to begin with. The biggest issue with Pokémon Home is one that has been plaguing the Pokémon trading scene for years. Impossible trade requests. Anyone can put their Pokémon up for trade and request something impossible. They can request Pokémon that can never be in a certain level range or even ask for Pokémon with a gender that is also unavailable to that Pokémon! And if you’re feeling bold, why not do both at once? Every single lookup of a Pokémon you might want is filled with impossible requests, pushing the legitimate ones to the wayside and out of sight. My recommendation at this time is to only use Home for organization of your Pokémon and forget using the trading feature... which is sad because that is in direct opposition of the whole idea behind the Pokémon games to begin with!

- Problema

La pokedex no registra algunos pokemones q ya tengo, aparte de eso es una excelente aplicación.

- Needs another function

Something that is needed is instead of searching only for the Pokémon you want to trade for, there needs to be a way that you can search for people who want a Pokémon you have, so instead of looking for the one you want you can also search for people who want ones you have.

- The UI is terrible.

The app is fine overall but it’s borderline impossible to do anything on the phone and have it transfer to the switch version. Why can’t I transfer all my favorites at once, or all Pokémon with a label. This need a massive quality of life update

- Item transfer

The app is AWESOME, but when I transferred my zamazenta to Pokémon Sword, The rusted shield did NOT get transferred to Sword with it. So I’m not allowed to do it, that’s BS!!!!!!!!😾

- Pokemon disappeared

I had the premium plan for 30 days and once it expired all of my legendaries disappeared, apparently you need the stupid premium plan to be able to even see your Pokemon if this happens don’t panic and buy another premium plan it’s a dumb scam and your Pokémon are not gone you just can’t see them

- Communication Error

It’s been 2 days now that it keeps saying communication error on me. Fix this please I’m going crazy with this quarantine

- Ok

I love this app but can you prevent people fake trading: Zekrom for a level one dubwool that’s impossible so why put the trade?

- Great concept, average product

It’s great that the Pokémon Co. and affiliates are bringing back the GTS. The app operates smoothly. Two things: 1. Add a button to filter out ultra beasts as well - those of us players who either no longer have access to 3DS titles or never did may find it very difficult to find a viable trade because everyone selects Poipole, Naganadel, etc. Not everyone is going to exchange a one-time-available mon for a common Pikachu. 2. When clicking the back button the app tends to pause any background music playing from other apps. It’s very annoying.

- Useful but GTS needs tweaking

This app has been a goldmine for building up my teams and I’ve found some great trades using it. The only thing I wish they’d fix is the fact that the GTS is full of (literally) impossible trade requests. For example players asking for Lv. 1-10 Poipole when there’s literally no way to ever have one less than Lv. 40. Players are intentionally clogging the service with similar requests for Pokémon that they know don’t exist. It’s a pain. If they could eliminated those or make an option to flag them or something this would be a pretty much perfect companion app for the mainline games.

- "Illegal" pokemon requests

It's almost impossible to trade legendaries because all people request are pokemon you can get banned for. As an example every poipole being offered is requesting something like zacian level 1-10 and there's A LOT of stuff on there like that and same for other rare pokemon it almost impossible to get a fair trade. I can't even get a torchic because all the ones being offered are requesting those "illegal" pokemon as well or requesting an eternatus for torchic its honestly ridiculous Idk why you can even request things you're not allowed to have let alone even trade

- It has one serious flaw

pokemon home is great, it’s helped me fill out the majority of my pokédex and sure, not being able to chat with those your trading with is a bit annoying, but bearable. The one major flaw is that people can ask for a specific level for the pokemon they want. This feature has been abused by many users in asking for pokemon in the level 1-10 category when its impossible to get that pokemon at that level, if it’s either through the level at which the pokemon evolves or that it’s simply a legendary pokemon that cant be caught at any level lower then the one you get it at in the game. This flaw causes a chain reaction of events where the system is flooded with requests for the impossible to get pokemon, all this leads to is trades that will never be completed and disappointment. It’s a truly disappointing flaw too because it wouldn’t even be that hard to fix for an industry as big as pokemon, all it would take is a few adjustments so that Pokemon that are unavailable in lower levels can’t be requested in those lower levels.

- Communication error

You need to fix the communication error soon :/ I lost my shinys and beloved Pokémon I planned on transferring over once the dlc comes out. Honestly it was a really good app but now that I can’t get into it it’s pointless

- Could be better

Please let us sort by Pokémon that have egg moves, that have hidden abilities, and that have a specific kind of ball. It would also be nice to filter out certain things, such as if a Pokémon is in a certain tag, it won’t show up in search. Overall, organization is very hard to do. It’s weird that you can’t mass move Pokémon from a search either. Instead I have to jump to a box, select the individual Pokémon, and reset the whole search again. It’s quite frustrating not being able to select multiple things in the console version, where all the Pokémon’s info is readily available, but only in the mobile version, where you can’t see any details at all about the Pokémon you’re selecting.

- Like it but

Really Like the app but it is annoying when the Pokémon that you want to trade for is not possible to get like a level 1 -10 starter

- Some crashes and lots of impossible gts

It crashes from time to time, more annoying than a big problem. Ironically I keep crashing while going to customer support. My biggest problem with the app is part of the gts. They should make it so you can’t request a pokemon that doesn’t exist. Like a 11-20 decidueye, or 1-10 Palkia. While looking for Zacian on the gts, every single post was for a pokemon that doesn’t exist. I can’t tell if people are stupid or just trolling but it’s super annoying.

- A

Can you get Pokémon from Pokémon go in Pokémon home?

- Fix the trade failed

Trying to complete some trades but some trades end up failing on the GTS even though it is still on the trades list

- Greedy Nintendo

My how the mighty have fallen. Thanks for killing a whole franchise for me.

- Beautiful game BUT why pay?

Love the idea about Pokémon Home but why pay to storage Pokémon’s. There will be kid that will be disappointed because they don’t have money to pay and the maximum is 30 if you don’t pay for premium. If instead of a plan you would allow the way is in the Pokémon Go meaning pay to increase storage I will agree.

- Pretty good

The thing is that some people want Pokémon at an unreachable level. An example of this is legendaries, and some people want it to be a level it can’t have, since the catch level of it is a certain level. Also there should be more specific option for the Pokémon you’re looking for and want, such as the IV’s and if it’s shiny etc. finally there should be an option of people looking for specific Pokémon, and an example would be just :people looking for this Pokémon, and state what they are trading for it.

- Game 10 out of 10

Cool game

- Poor Programming

Constantly freezes up and exists for no reason at all. GTS is corrupted one again everyone wants Mythical Pokémon for common Pokémon they were never Capable of fixing it!!! GTS keeping saying error when offering Pokémon for trade!!!

- Great, but…

I wish you couldn’t make it so people on the gts can ask for a Pokémon that can’t be obtained at a low level I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people ask for a level one through ten legendary or ultra beast I also thing ultra beast should count as legendary Pokémon because when I click on the button excluding legendary or mythical all I get is ultra beast This also brings me to my next topic I really wish that we could ask for mythical Pokémon and search for them on the gts it’s annoying because a majority of them are only available for an event that happened before I was even born also I don’t think we should have to pay to bring in Pokémon from other games that really annoying I really want these things fixed

- Awesome, but has a deep flaw

There really has to be a way to not be able to put up a trade for a Pokémon that can’t be achieved. I’ve seen 5,000,000 offers where the user wants in return a lvl 1-10 legendary or ultra beast which isn’t possible.

- That’s not possible!

The app itself works surprisingly well and is a great way to trade and store Pokémon but the GTS is so severely bad. People will list a rare Pokémon that will catch your eye but will only trade for a Pokémon that does not exist (specifically poiple level 1-10). It’s very frustrating and, with some Pokémon, all of the listings on the GTS will be for a Pokémon that doesn’t exist and are only accessible if you hack because they are gift Pokémon that have a certain minimum level. It seems to be an easy fix (don’t let people request a level that you can’t get the Pokémon at) so it is very frustrating that the developers haven’t fixed this. I would love to rate this app five stars if this problem is fixed so I hope this issue is fixed soon!

- It works

It does everything it needs to, and it’s nice having the GTS added in

- AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so fun but i have some stuff for you to add.first there should be some sort of cash 💵 in the game and there could be a shop were you can buy stickers and stuff for your room.second when i press the no people searching for legendary and mythical Pokémon IT STILL SHOWS UP!!!!!!!can you fix this please.anyway this game is really fun.

- Bug magerna pokeball

Pouvez-vous regler le bug qui fait que je ne peux pas avoir le magerna pokeball meme si jai le living dex? Le reste de lappli est bien , cest juste vraiment plate que la plupart des gens puissent l’avoir , mais pas moi pour une raison inconnue ):

- Help

I can’t link a Nintendo account between devices (switch-phone)

- Very bad practicality

Concept is nice whoever LOTS OF PROBLEMS, i have multiple accounts on switch so i started with one and wanted to log out and switch account to another didnt worked but now it says the accounts are connected to other devices ! Why cant they make a LOG OUT button they rather make everything COMPLICATED!!!!

- Could never log in.

Can’t log into the service. Keeps complaining another device is using Pokémon home. I removed from all devices. Never worked. Horrible app. Why isn’t this on the switch natively. Thanks a lot for the terrible app. I can’t even contact support through the app. Gives me another error message.

- Retracting my 1 star review

Retracting my earlier review. Login issues were finally addressed albeit took awhile to resolve.

- So confused GTS bug?

So me and my boyfriend live far apart and we’ve been using GTS to trade around our Pokémon to fill our Dex’s. But now for some reason We cannot see each other’s Pokémon in the GTS. We’ve tried everything to fix it but nothing seems to work

- Trading Needs Work

I’d like to rate the app higher, but one of its main functions - trading - is very broken. The only way to do a friend trade is to be in proximity to the person you’re trading with. In this era that’s pretty silly. We play with people all over the world. The only other way to trade is through random trading rooms, causing a huge setback in the area of trading. One on one friend trading shouldn’t be limited to people in proximity to you.

- Had issues logging in but it’s all good not

I just had to manually type in the password instead of using my fingerprint still sucks you can’t trade mythical Pokémon, Marshadow and zeraora

- Not enough Pokémon

I absolutely love this game and not that much money but I have this meltan and I can’t trade it I know that it’s a special poke but but if you could update it thnx and other than that keep up the good work!!!!!!!

- Need add more

I hope Pokémon home app can add trade evolution to evolve Pokémon

- Let us trade Mythicals

I’m probably not alone in saying I have a lot of older mythicals like Jirachi and Shannon that I would like to trade off to get some more recent mythicals such as Hoopa or Volcanion but I’m completely unable to on the app. Plus I’m unable to trade them to any Pokémon game right now as pokemon SWSH don’t allow most mythicals in the game

- This pokemon cannot be traded!

Even though i have the pokemon someone is looking for in gts most of them cannot be traded

- 还行

基本功能还算不错。不过能不能多考虑下UX,奇迹交换要一个一个点球真的太蠢了,麻烦加入一键收菜..不对 一键收宝可梦。图鉴功能要是再丰富一点就更好了。

- It’s good

I love how the GTS has an option to filter out people the people who are asking for legendaries, but I wish they would bring back the option to only show people offering for a Pokémon you currently have Also, I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing it, but how do I organize my boxes in the way they are on switch? I see a bunch of ways to organize, but I want it the way I organized it by hand

- Good platform but buggy.

It's nice that Pokemon home is out. However there are many issue when using the app. If the language you set in the app is not the same from your system language, there's a chance that the language of the app become system language instead of the language you set. Usually it happens when the app restarted. Also sometimes it pop error when you quit it to background and open it again. UI also sometimes unresponsive, even app is running (animation and sound is playing). Looks like this app is made in rush and need future debugging. This for now is just look like an unfinished prototypes.

- Lots of bugs still but good App

There are still of lot of bugs, like the Pokedex not updating and issues where you can never know how long you wonder box will take to actually do the trades and UI that isn’t the same as the switch version (both having different versions, the flow is kinda weird). Beside that, overall good app but mostly necessary app if you want to transfer stuff over.

- ???

Can’t have friends till I’m sixteen on this game that targets 12 year olds

- Amazing!

I love this app so much it works perfect please add Pokémon go features soon but I really love this app

- Cannot sign in

Cannot connect to Nintendo account.... does it connect to the Pokémon go on phone ?

- The same problems we had 10 years ago

- People being able to request mythicals even though they’re not allowed to be traded - People requesting impossible Pokémon (e.g level 1-10 Incineroar) - Trading does not allow users to request shiny species of Pokémon - Users cannot search for shiny specific Pokémon - Users cannot search for people requesting specific Pokémon (eg The ability to see what users are offering for a non-shiny hidden ability poplio) - There’s a lot of latency when I’m scrolling through the GTS and doesn’t display all results or multiple pages when it should. All that being said (these were also points of criticism when the GTS launched 10 odd years ago) it does have its upsides. - i like being able to see stats before trading - I like being able to toggle off mythical legendary requests (though I wish they were separate as legendaries are tradeable and thus, not a waste of space on my search results page) - I like being able to mass release mons - I like being able to access my stuff from my phone Some new features added, with none of the previous downsides of the GTS being addressed.

- Mythical Pokémon

This is an occurring problem. Some of us would like to trade mythical Pokémon like Meltan, mew and etc. We’re still able to ask for them but can’t trade them. Plz let us trade them

- Kinda disappointed

I was pretty hyped for this app. But now I have it on my switch, I found out I can’t transfer Pokémon back to the let’s go games after transferring them to sword and shield. Kind of a bummer.

- A

I h

- Expected better

It feels really under baked and rushed. The GTS is still plagued with all the other issues from the old games like people asking for mythical mons which can’t be traded, clogging up the system and burying legit trades. It’s still plagued with hacked Pokémon. The wonder trade is a once a 12 hour exchange and it’s not random, I got the same 4 Pokémon from the same user. Room trades crash constantly and you only get 3 a day. Game Freak and Nintendo intentionally cannibalized sword and shield so they could sell us a solution to a problem they created by not giving us a proper GTS in the game, which up until the Switch has been a core feature of previous games. To add insult to injury once you port your Pokémon into home they are stuck there, for good, even though Sw&Sh doesn’t have a national dex or all the Pokémon from the other generations. You are essentially allowing them to ransom your Pokémon back to you by having to pay for a barely useable service with no promise whatsoever that you’ll be able to recover them in the future. Avoid paying for this mess, keep your previous gen on the old games for the time being and don’t give Nintendo and GF your money for this nonsense. Devs and publishers need to learn that artificially creating a problem and selling us the solution is unacceptable. The GTS should have been in Sw&Sh from the get go and if we can’t import ALL our Pokémon to the games we shouldn’t be punished for their mistake.

- Meh

Hey Pokémon company, why not remove the option of trading mythical Pokémon, if we can’t do it, then don’t make it an option. That’s honestly dumb but just remove it, too many people ask for a mythical Pokémon making it extremely difficult to actually find something worth trading.


I can’t trade meltan

- Errors 999 and 992

EDIT: it works!!!!!!! Just so everyone’s aware: MANY people have been receiving an error 999 or 992 which makes them unable to open Pokémon home after transferring Pokémon from bank. The Pokémon company has yet to acknowledge this error, other than a vague statement in Japan, all the while our Pokémon are neither in bank nor home. If you are planning to transfer Pokémon after buying premium I strongly advise you to do it in small increments rather then all at once, and be careful not transfer any Pokémon that may not be legitimate, though this is happening still to people who are taking both of those precautions. I right now have no idea where 8 years worth of Pokémon are, and until Nintendo or Pokémon address this issue it seems that is how it will remain.


Pokémon home is great and all it’s just kinda annoying how everyone is asking for meltan in GTS

- Works like a charm but

It works It does what it’s supposed to do: -Transfer Pokémon -Wonder trade and GTS -Etc, etc, etc... But I wish there was more than just that, as you can’t do much with those who can’t be in Sword or Shield; I wish you could interact more with your Pokémon in Home. Treat Home like a home, like a hub world, like in a dumbed down Pokémon Amie of sorts. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play with their Pokémon on their phone?! (And obviously on the Switch’s version as well)

- Pokemon aren’t coming to my home!!!!!

I saw add where pokemon come home do not come home

- What the hell

It does not let me use gts witch is the main reason I got the game

- Trades don’t refresh quickly, more GTS filters needed

Most GTS trades that are posted are unavailable when I try to take advantage of them, but they don’t seem to disappear from the list of available Pokémon that I’ve searched. The Wonder Box also takes several hours to trade between users, which seems like a huge step back from Wonder Trades/Surprise Trades in mainline games. Also, I’m not a fan of Pokémon such as Phione and ultra beasts not being part of the mythical/legendary filter on GTS. Even the most common Pokémon up for trade are primarily requests for Phione/Poipole and there’s no way to filter those out to find trades that are actually fair. Perhaps there should be an additional filter to weed out these types of Pokémon?

- Same old GTS problems

Okay, GameFreak, please hear our plea. This app has all the same issues that GTS has in previous games. Here’s the breakdown on what needs to change. 1. Don’t allow requests for Pokémon that can’t be traded. Seriously. Everyone is asking for Phione, Zeraora (which can be brought into SwSh!!), and other mythical Pokémon when you can’t even trade them if you have them. When you put a Pokémon up for trade in the GTS, a pop up should state “this mythical Pokémon currently cannot be obtained through trade” to prevent people from posting Pokémon that we can’t trade for. 2. Reverse GTS search. I should be able to look up who’s looking for my Pokémon and what trade options come up. This way, I could see “who’s looking for Pikachu” and see all the trades looking for a Pikachu of its current level and gender. 3. Fix room trade. It has yet to work once for me. Everyone drops out or I get booted from the room. 4. Disable limit of friend trades. I understand a few reasons why this is implemented, but it really should be unlimited for premium users. 5. Wonder trade speed. Why does it take half a day for my wonder trade Pokémon to be exchanged? As a long time Pokémon fan, Pokémon Home has come a long way to streamline a lot of the features on mobile devices. However, I currently am a premium paid user and am requesting a little more of the service. Please make these changes so the GTS and Pokémon Home as a whole can truly be the one place for all Pokémon users without needing a 3rd party app/social media.

- Warning

OK this gave me an error code it’s 9013 like do something by feb 15 or 16 just do something!?!!?

- fix this

kinda triggered that it won’t allow me to log into my account😒 please fix this

- Great app

It’s finally out I love the app very useful for trading Pokémon, one complaint tho the event calendar is not right the dates are wrong you should look into that

- Mostly ok. But mostly not.

I was so excited to bring my pokemon forward to my switch games. So I got a subscription to do just that. Except, not all pokemon are compatible with the new switch games. Which means my 300+ pokemon (including shinies, legendaries and mythicals) are stuck there. What happens when my subscription runs out and im not allowed to hold more than 30 pokemon? Will I lose my hard caught rarities? No clue. Beware. Do not move your pokemon from the bank unless you know you can move them out of home. Also, trade rooms don't work. And wonder trades take 24hrs or more. The gts works ok, except most people want legendaries, which you cant trade because they're “special”. (Another way they're stuck) honestly, i Don't understand why you have the option to request them if you cant trade them. Its stupid.

- Good

It’s very good and very useful since people can trade Pokémon from around the world and take Pokémon and put them in different games the only thing I would ask for is like a small mini game for people who may be waiting for a Pokémon to trade or just wanna pass time I know it’s asking a lot since this isn’t a game it’s a useful item but that’s just me being picky

- Lost my Pokémon

When I stored my Pokémon some of my shiny mew and some of my zeraoras disappeared from home I hope I can get them back I’m so mad I’m going to write a report to game freak

- Very good but some issues

When trying to trade a mythical Pokémon it says “Unable to trade, this is a special Pokémon”

- Shines

Please make it so you could ask for Shiny Pokémon

- Helppp

So I'm really glad this came out but for some reason my "friends" and "friend trade" buttons aren't appearing?? I tried reloading it and redownloading it, but it still won't appear?

- Full of impossible trades

As always, the GTS continues to be full of impossible trades. The app gives people the ability to request mythical and event Pokemon but not to send them, leaving the GTS clogged with trades that cannot be fulfilled. Hopefully this is fixed in the future but at current, nobody is going to get that Meltan trade they really want.

- GTS is a little annoying

So I do enjoy using this app. It has helped me find some old and new pokemon that I have brought back from my previous save files. I will say however that something that irritates me is GTS. I will be occasionally looking for a specific Pokemon and even after confirming that I do not want to see request that want mythicals or legendaries, I will still see a majority of them to be asking for legendaries like landorus or poipole. However, the biggest problem is the trades that ask for a pokemon a certain level in which it's impossible to get. An exemple of this is when I was looking for a litten and that in exchange I would have to trade a avalugg lvl 1-10. Such a trade is impossible to do. Why is this possible? How is this allowed? Something needs to be put into place so that it prevents stuff like this. That is all.

- Good but inconsistent

Good when you don’t have communication errors when you try to trade

- Son of a @&$ch

Don’t let me log I try everything

- No Pokémon go?

Why have a phone app if it isn’t compatible with the Pokémon phone game?

- Pokémon

I love Pokémon it’s so fun

- Youve got to be kidding

I sure am glad that i paid money to take one of my pokemon to home to trade it for a shiny dracovish. just to learn i cant trade my pokemon because its “special”. wow nice move guys! I'm so happy to know my event pokemon are stuck in pokemon home for no reason, as they cant enter any of the new games. 0/10, I would rate negative stars if it was possible!

- Minor suggestion

Absolutely love it! All the years spent playing finally coming together. One suggestion, for the GTS can you make an option to search for the Pokémon people are looking to get. Might make it easier to trade some Pokémon away rather then spending the time hoping for a match

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- Unnecessarily complicated

It’s a nicely presented app, but overly complicated for switching Pokemon from the 3DS and Pokemon Go. The subscription is over priced for when you receive and it you want to transfer to the news games you have to have a subscription, which is dam near impossible to cancel. Setting it up takes two seconds and is done in the app, cancelling can’t be done in the app and is intended to make you give up. It’s also important to not that while you can transfer pretty much any Pokemon to this app, you can’t send them all to Sword/Shield and they just sit in the app and you have to keep paying or risk losing them, it’s not possible to know his before you subscribe, just a lovely surprise for when you do. The GTS is also extremely flawed as it allows users to request Pokemon that can’t be sent, but very few seem to recognise this and it still lacks a function where you can put up a shiny for trade and request a shiny in return, making a lot of trade redundant.

- Crackdown on all illegal Pokemon trade requests.

Pokemon is a very handy tool for transferring Pokemon from the older generation of games into Pokemon Sword & Shield. However what ruins this app is the GTS, in which users request hacked/illegal Pokemon. 99% of trade requests you will see ask for a lvl 1-10 poipole or a lvl 1-10 third evolution Pokemon like incineroar or any legendary which is lower than its encounter level for any Pokemon you’re looking for. Want a legendary? That will cost you a poipole. Want a shiny? Poipole please. One of the rare Pokemon? Poipole. My lvl 1 bidoof? Yeah you guessed. Poipole. The Pokemon Company NEEDS to address this plague. Weather these illegal trades are legit requests from users or just them trolling others by showing off, it needs to stop. You are just better off on using wonder trade. Yes you may get a decent trade on GTS if you’re trying to complete your Sword/Shield dex. But unless you have high in demand hacked Pokemon, you won’t likely be able to get anything as they are made inaccessible. Something else that needs to be added is a search function which filters out trades with have Pokemon that you currently have in Home if they meet the requirements. The little pokeball icon next to a Pokemon’s name should also turn to another colour to indicate that you have it in home, and should be grey if you have registered it in your dex. I would give this app higher stars but this Hacked/illegal Pokemon issue is getting out of hand something NEEDS to be done NOW.

- Perfect :)

Incredible I finally got starter Pokemon I have always wanted but better Pokemon sprites would be good but not Nesesery eny one who doesn’t like this amazing app is a BOOMER thanks Nintendo for making this but charging people for extra stuff is dumb and I don’t like it but you can enjoy the app/game to the full with out it. GET THIS APP. Nintendo also need to fix some bugs but overall 5 stars. Again thanks Nintendo :) you have made me happy !

- Trades

There are some stupid trades like poipole at level 1 to 10 that’s impossible

- Serverly underrated

Right, all the hate this game gets is undeserved. It’s amazing that the Pokémon creators could connect these games. I love it. As well as having a GTS, it has a better wonder trade. Room trade is great as you can join many other people in a wonder trade like trade. This game, in my opinion, is perfect. However, I do have a few recommendations just to make the game better because some people *glares at one star reviews* think it’s absolute trash. 1. A link-trade like system. More like the one in sw/sh 2. A way to filter out only certain Pokémon on the GTS. 3. A shiny option for the GTS. If you had a shiny Arcanine and wanted a shiny rapidash, you could just put it in the GTS with a ‘shiny’ option on for the rapidash. 4. Take down GTS trades that have been on for a month+ (the time could change, but I think a month is good) it’d help protect from scammers and people who are doing unfair trades 5. A home only daycare so you can breed Pokémon and add them straight to home. Instead of steps, it could be ‘how long you stay on the game’ These are only recommendations and you don’t have to do them. However, if you are the Pokémon creators that are looking at this, please consider them.

- Trash

Without the word Pokemon, this is a complete trash

- Don’t bother

Not very good

- I love it but there is one problem

This is great and all but there is one thing missing.....being able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon go straight to home. I want this because in Pokemon go I have shinys which I want in sword and shield but I can’t transfer them without coming into contact with a friend who has lets go which is really annoying. Please make this a feature thanks

- Trash

This thing is awful, and I really don’t understand why anyone is rating it more than one star. It works fine with the Switch games, but the whole trading side is broken beyond belief. Friend trades require you to be near one another, for no good reason, which means that if you’re under 16 you can’t do them. And there’s no way to change ages once registered. GTS is just awful, since everyone seems to want Poipole, Zacian and Zamazenta for everything and you can’t filter these morons out. Trade rooms just flat out don’t work. You might need a certain number of people in them, but it’s not like the app bothers to tell you this before wasting your time. So after a very frustrating afternoon, it looks like my son and I will be unable to trade as we had hoped because no-one involved in making this app plays any of the games.

- Lacks everything

Has a nice interface that’s it the rest is tragic. Can’t trade and the gta is a riot. All Pokemon u can’t get add trades already. To charge for this is insane at this point

- Pokedex!

Iv added pokemon but they ain't registered to my pokedex! So clearly needs work still.

- Needs a few tweaks

To be fair I have had a good experience with the app overall. The main issues I find is that notifications don’t work and I have to reopen the app to see changes such as the gts updating. It would also be great to validate trade conditions and stop all the impossible trade requests (like Pokemon requested at impossible levels for their type). It’s so painful going through dozens of impossible trades to find a genuine one. Overall recommend the app but would be nice to see some updates. And would be great to be able to play with the Pokemon’s and maybe gain friendship or exp candies. Something of the sort

- Bruh

Whens the pokemon go bit being added

- Isn’t working

I tried to connect the mobile app to my switch but it didn’t work

- Why

Makes you pay for premium, without premium it is useless

- Great! But I have one question

I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Pokemon home and I have traded a lot of my favourite Pokémon into the boxes. I like the UI and the trading system but it sometimes makes me leave trade rooms randomly. My question is- is trading to Pokémon go from pokemon home going to be possible and if so when is this feature going to be available?

- It’s really good but...

I really enjoy Pokemon home and it’s helped me complete my Pokedex on Pokemon shield. And the wonder box is really good with the 10 Pokemon trade feature. But the only problem I have with it is items. I don’t see why you can’t make it so Pokemon can hold items in home. Like for instance. Moving Zacian from sword to shield, atm you can’t take the rusted sword over from sword to shield buy that is a much needed feature. It would be amazing if you could make it so pokemon can hold items in home. Thank you for reading

- Lost all of my shiny Pokémon

When transferring all of my Pokémon from older games to the home I noticed that mostly all of my shiny Pokémon were missing from the boxes... I can see where they were going with this but it’s badly executed


I rate this game 4/5 I would go 5 but I tried to get a rayquaza but all of them wanted a poipole which they wanted level 1-10 but guess what you can’t get that because in Pokemon sun and moon I remember playing you can only catch poipole at level 20 so it’s an impossible trade to do als I some kid wanted a rillaboom for a rayquaza but guess what it was from level 1-10,when you get grookey it doesn’t even evolve into its second form until level 16 so it’s impossible like most trades then I wanted to see what people wanted for a weedle and I saw a poipole trade alaLEVEL 1-10 FOR GODSAKE so please take this out I think is is a dumb idea so agai please TAKE IT OUT OF THE GAME thank you for reading now change it!!

- How do you evolve the Pokemon

Pls tell me

- Great but the Wonder box is slow

I put a Pokemon in the wonder box and I had to wait a day for it to get traded please make it more faster overall this is a good app

- Garbage app, garbage support

I’ve been locked out of my account on both my iPhone and Switch because it thinks the app is in use elsewhere, which it isn’t. Of course customer support won’t reply to tickets, so now all my transferred Pokemon are lost in the ether!

- this game is trash

I was in a trade room there was 1 second left and then i kicked me out of the trade room!!!😡



- Too Much Hassle

Personally, I haven’t had struggles with the app crashing like everyone else seems to have had. Instead, I’ve had a lot of trouble connecting my mobile Pokémon Home to my Nintendo Switch Pokémon Home & personally don’t see why it should even be a thing on mobile if you can’t connect to your Nintendo Switch easily. This is supposed to make up for not putting the GTS in Pokémon Sword & Shield ( which was a mistake in its self ) but there is no need for the linking process to be as difficult as it is. I’ve played around with the apps for days but have still not manage to connect them. In my honest opinion, a waste of time.

- Pokédex or Bill’s PC?

First off this needs a better icon. Users know a pokeball means Pokémon, you don’t need to also write Pokémon on the icon when the name of the app is written beneath. My main point is, what is this app supposed to be? Is it a Pokémon storage system, or a Pokédex? Lots of folk would love to have a cross-game record of their growing Dex stats from across all generations. Especially if it had forward-compatibility so you could really enjoy a new region without worrying about whether catching em *all* is still a thing. Because it would still be a thing, in the Pokédex app. This should be the free, basic functionality of this app. It would be cool if it was done up to make your phone feel like it’s got a Rotom inside. However I would say that not all folk want or need a Pokémon storage system for moving actual Pokémon between games, but those who do would pay for it. This should be the premium service, or even a separate app that I’d suggest naming ‘Bill’s PC’.

- A way to filter shiny pokemon

Love the app so easy to use! Wish there was a way to filter the GTS so that you can look specifically for shiny pokemon!

- Pokemon Home

Good app, helpful for filling out my Pokemon Sword Pokédex. My only criticism is the lack of the ability to search for Pokemon that other people want as well as searching for the Pokemon that you want

- Awesome

I really like how there is literally a national dex in the app and how you can take pretty much any Pokemon in to it

- It’s good... minus the gts

As a whole, the app makes it easy to transfer my favourite Pokémon from older games to the latest games yet when searching for a specific Pokémon people set either hacked requirements like a legendary pokemon at level 1-10 or a non-tradable Pokemon yet as a whole, it’s vey good and I will use it for as long as it lasts

- Gts Levels

They really need to remove the level restrictions for trading. People are putting stupid trades up for Pokemon level 1-10 that can’t be found or evolved. It’s supposed to be a community experience and people are just ruining it Sure let me find my level 1-10 cinderace to trade with you. Idiots

- I like but


- Pretty cool

I use wonder box a lot , but I like the gts. It’s just dumb that people offer stuff like pidgey and expect a zamazenta.just please make the 3ds transfer free. It’s annoying

- It’s fine but

Where is marshadow?

- Pkmn


- It’s good

It was good until it kicked me and it said there was a connection error but when I try to long on to pokemon home on Nintendo switch it says it is in the middle of important operations so I can’t log in

- Gts

When I tried to trade an impidimp for a cosmoem (why was this there?) it wouldn’t work. It kept saying that the trade failed. Please fix this.

- Big money

I am a 10 year old kid and I’m broke but I love my Pokémon from sun and moon I was disappointed when I found out I had to pay for Pokémon bank and premium membership please make another way to get sun and moon (3ds) Pokemon in sword and shield. Thanks for reading Btw Gamefreak can you make your next region Eygypt plz plz plz Mega Flygon thx so much for reading. 🧸😄😘

- Ok but add add item check and counter system

It’s good but needs this to fully work for iOS cus it’s a hassle to go on switch and look

- GTS problem

Everything in this app is great, but the GTS trading has a problem. When it comes to legendaries in the GTS, people choose final evolutions that are from level 1 - 10 , meaning it’s impossible to trade the Pokemon people want. Please fix this because it’s clearly impossible to trade Pokemon like a Dragapult that has to be level 1-10.

- Waste of time (GTS)

The app it’s self does what it says on the tin, Pokemon storage. The issue for me is the GTS, every trade is stupid IE Mewtwo for a Weedle or some garbage. Waste of time.

- Missing Pokémon

I’ve transferred all my Pokémons from the bank to home and I’m pretty sure I’m missing 10~20 pokémons after doing a count. Such as my Mega Evolution Charizard... it’s on my dex but it’s not in my box? The room trade function is useless, why do you need at least 3 people to commence the trade and why wait so long? Pokémon home should create a two player random pairing to trade and then another room for group trade such as a maximum of 4 people to avoid long waits. Also to avoid people from changing pokémons from the last few seconds, there should be a confirmation for all players to acknowledge the decision (like the character moves into a different position upon confirm or some sort of icon). Also the GTS is horrendous, to be able to request a pokémon you CANNOT trade and at a impossible levels. Plus everyone is asking for legendary pokémons with crappy offers. 😐 The dex is also ridiculous, it doesn’t register pokémons that are shiny and some that are registered does not have it’s original either. There needs to be a long maintenance to fix all of this especially the important issue: MISSING POKÉMONS!

- Excellent

Really good and helpful but if anyone from Pokemon is reading this I have one suggestion. In the hrs can you class ultra beasts etc as legendaries. Thx

- Updates needed

After playing for 3mins on search alone I noticed; Can’t trade with items in order to evolve -can’t tell how good the mon is eg. App go star rating or ivs -you can’t search for a Pokemon and only show results where you have the correct mon to be able to trade (ie what they are looking)

- GTS is infuriating

This app does most things right, but the GTS makes me so mad I don’t even bother with it. The trade rooms are totally pointless too.

- This app has driven me insane

This app has driven me to the optimum instantly level a human can reach. The trade room doesn't work and the friend trade doesn't work. All I see on the GTS is “wanting meltan” which I can’t even trade. Due to the £16 I will never get back for premium I have had countless dreams of punching the Pokemon director in the face. I had to move into an animal cage to keep my family and dog safe form myself. 1 star

- Love

Very good app for trading, I got a Lunala, solagleo and necrozma, which I can use for SwSh, they are really good, I got a shiny groudon from room trade, and 2 shiny naganadels from GTS, I wish SwSh had the national dex tho, one thing, fix the “asking for mythicals even though you can’t trade them”

- Incredibly buggy

This is something we've needed for a long time to replace Bank however I cannot give it 5 stars as it should be included with Switch Online and it's also very, very buggy. You can duplicate any Pokemon even after the update, you can force Pokémon to evolve inside of it and the anti cheat measures are laughable.

- Fantastic!

I love this app but there is just one thing missing for me - trade evolutions

- Don’t get premium for child

Children cannot get full use of trading features, despite not being able to actually speak or communicate with others via the app, children are unable to add friends either. This means, my daughter cannot be my friend so that we can do friend trades with each other. Really needs fixing to allow children trading rights, especially when they pay for premium!

- FU,9013


- Fix the bugs pleaseeee

I feel like we should be able to choose if we want to trade a special Pokémon, eg. why can’t I trade meltans of GTS? I have a million of the things and people seem to really want them. Also slightly annoyed that the random trade rooms still don’t work (and never really have) and that you can’t do long distance trades with friends :/


If you receive a bad Pokémon. Ha led probably will brick your account. Error 500 detail code 9013.

- connect failed

code 500,detail code 9013,phone & ns

- A lot of bugs

I can not log in to this app and it is possible I will loss my Pokémon from previous generation. Do not use this now until they fix these problems

- Bug fixes

Ä constant stream of updates with bug fixes is awesome but tell us what you fixed!

- GTS was free in 3DS games.

So instead of having free GTS in Pokémon sword and shield game freak decided to cut that out too and sell it as a service on mobile... stop being greedy. Wd already pay a fee for online gaming, then internet fee and now Pokémon home fee?

- Overpriced

This service is way to expensive considering the the actual cost for nintendo to run the the servers. It would cost nintendo Roughly $2.50 USD to store 6000 pokemon a year per person. So paying nearly $26 AUD a for a twelve month subscription is way to much.

- Awesome but full of bad trades in GTS

The user interface is quite good, though it can be free, the paid subscription is way better and it is not too upsetting since pokemon bank was also a paid subscription. The biggest downside is all the people in the GTS asking for a legendaries and mythical pokemon that can’t be traded.

- The membership is stupid

The membership is really stupid I mean in Australia it’s $5 for a month so basically I spend $5 just for more space which the space for the basic plan isn’t that much and just so that I could move my pokemon from the bank into the switch.

- Rip off and crash king

Constantly crashing and half the options don’t work even with the premium. Making this service payment based is why we are getting sick of the cash grabbing ways of video game companies.

- Plz make it free to transfer

Plz make it free to transfer!!! My poor baby’s are stuck in pokemon bank 😓 Or at least let a 7 day free trial

- Absolute scam

Like an idiot decided to pay for the premium service to move all my Pokémon over, but be warned you’re being sold an unfinished app in which maybe 1% of all the actual functions work. As per the old GTS we’re back to people asking for impossible things because apparently they still haven’t learnt to code in limitations for specific Pokémon... a weak excuse when the GTS has been around for more than 10 years. On top of that trade rooms and wonder trade are STILL broken, would highly recommend waiting until issues are resolved before even touching this app.

- Great work. Some improvements though

This is really good it finally allows people who don’t have two Nintendo switches to finish the entire Pokédex. However there needs to be a way to sign out of your account.


Doesn’t link to my Nintendo account no matter how many times I tried.

- Stop asking for mythical Pokémon....

You can’t trade them, stopping them up. On a side note, remove them as tradeable options please, all I want is a freaking Zacian, my god! Haha

- Promising but..

Constant crashes and freezes. Really badly optimised app.

- Good but has room for improvement

I’ll just start this off by saying that I thinks it’s stupid to pay for this service (there is a free version yes but it’s not very good) as we already have these games and bought a console and nso but I would be happy to look past that if I didn’t keep getting disconnected from random trade rooms which is a pain as it takes away a lot of the fun, also I would assume that this is why I can’t trade or get traded with. Aside from these issues I see a massive amount of potential for this service as an improvement from bank

- Why can’t we trade mythicals??

When I want to trade a rare Pokémon, I can’t . If we can’t how come we can still ask for them in trades

- A great idea at first

Pokémon home was really promising some great things for Pokémon fans and those who have been following the game for a long time. But the sudden errors with Pokémon suddenly being wiped from existence in the transferring process is an issue. Just trying to transfer Pokémon from ‘let’s go’ had lead to some Pokémon being completely deleted. This was really disheartening as the ‘question mark explanation’ was not clear that the Pokémon would be deleted in an attempt to transfer them to sword and shield. I would have expected them to just bounce back into the Pokémon home system, so I was quite disheartened to see that.

- I can’t bring Pokémon

Why is there a lock on move Pokémon also how do I bring Pokémon tell me otherwise I hate you

- Premium plan garbage

I went into all the trouble of evolving five special rockruffs, moving them to Pokémon bank (which took at least 10 minutes) only to find that I needed to PAY to get them into HOME. I’ve wasted literally half an hour of my spare time trying to get them into HOME. What’s the point of this whole event if Pokémon HOME doesn’t have a trial as well. I’m honestly so disappointed that I might not be able to use my favourite Pokémon in future games. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

- Linking Nintendo Account

I can’t link my Nintendo account to the mobile app. It says there is a communication error and that I have to “Check the Q&A for your Nintendo Account”

- Why release something broken

I purchased the 12 month subscription just to transfer all my Pokémon over from Bank only to find myself with Error Code 992. It’s been 12 hours since purchase and I am unable to use my account. When checking Pokémon Bank all my Pokémon are gone so I’m praying this gets fixed soon other I just lost all my event Pokémon I’ve been saving for Years.

- Do not update if you have subscribed.

After update, my subscription is lost. Mine goes back basic version.

- a small request

please allow us to specify gigantamax pokémon on the gts

- Battle forms in boxes please.

Love having a large space to store Pokémon and easily trade them across generations and games as well as access them on mobile. The only thing that would make this better for me would be if we could also display battle-only Pokémon forms in the boxes, not just view them in the pokedex. I’m sure many other people who like collecting would also appreciate this.

- It doesn’t let me make a trade

I can’t even trade a Meltan it even said block offers for legendary or MYTHICAL Pokémon but I can’t even get to trade it just prevented me from trading a meltan

- How is this acceptable?

I literally can’t do anything outside of accepting the Pikachu and starter Pokémon because I decided to start my switch version first! Isn’t the whole point of this to have access to your boxes on your phone? Even after downloading the new update I am still unable to do anything! Connecting your phone version to the switch version is one of the main advertised functions, and now I’m stuck in Poké-limbo because I checked everything out on my switch first!

- Crashes and reloads

The app keeps crashing and the link Nintendo account page won't stop reloading. I really wish we could've just had all features on the switch. I'm still stuck without the GTS.

- $25 PokéTax

In 2014 I completed a living dex. I’d caught them all. I didn’t mind paying for pokebank, it was only $6.50 a year, and I could rest assured that my all Pokémon were safe. Pokémon Home is a terribly expensive service that has a terrible user experience. Why can I only use the GTS on my phone and not my switch? Why does the grand Pokédex only include Pokémon from caught on the switch games and not the GBA / DS / 3DS / VC games? Why is wonderbox so slow? Why is navigating all the boxes so difficult? Why can’t I lock certain boxes so the pokemon aren’t traded away? Why are the animations so slow? I feel like we should just refer to what this is, a PokéTax.

- Doesn’t let me link accounts

I did everything like normal and have a Nintendo account I’ve been using on my switch for a long time. When they asked me to link my phone app with the Nintendo switch account so I can use my App and Nintendo switch app fluidly. for Pokemon home they said they couldn’t link. So now I’m stuck and my phone app is basically useless. I can’t put my gift Pokemon in the game since it’s not linked;-;

- Switch + mobile versions

I downloaded the switch version yesterday when it released and bought the premium plan and was working fine however when I transferred my Pokémon from Pokémon bank to home it said it will take awhile in the meantime it said I cannot use home on my switch and as of today I still can’t login back into it, I’m very annoyed as I spent premium for the year and not even being able to log in to use the features.

- First Impressions

Needs some bug fixes and for sign in methods to be easier, but it works and does what it needs to. (Although 30 box spaces is not enough)

- Why can't I trade with friends who are not in the same room?!

Happy with the app/ Home itself. But asking for $25 a year and I can't even trade with friends unless they are in the same room is just rediculous!!

- Good service Bad Plan

First of, seeing your transferred Pokémon from let’s go and sword and shield is great as it feels so reminiscent of Pokémon bank. The trading system is amazing, although you probably have to wait an entire day for it to fully trade. Everything, in this app so far is great. However, for a person like me who had a basic plan. You won’t be able to have that much to work with. Since you only have 30 Pokémon to transfer, storing Pokémon is not as convenient as since you will probably have both Pokémon you want to transfer or Pokémon you want to trade because you don’t use them in the long run. Also, completing your challenges is from hard to near impossible without using the premium plan, since you only have limited benefits such as the small box. Speaking of completing challenges, if you managed to complete a challenge with the basic plan and you have a full box, your out of luck if it is a mystery gift Pokémon. When you think you finally amazed you complete one of your challenges to later be disappointed to find untransferable Pokémon due to having low storage. When I said that the trading system is amazing, I did not mean the room trade system. The room trade system in concept is kind of nice but the fact that always kick me out every time I get in always grinds my gears. Overall, this app is mostly shines in it trading service and how it runs. However, with the limited amount of storage, an annoying room trade service that will never run and other things that the basic plan will offer. It feels less superior than Pokémon Bank service. If The Pokémon Company can fix the room trade system and give us better benefits to the basic plan than I would probably rate this higher. For now, I just hope that the developers or the ones who are in charge can make this better.i

- Won’t work

Can’t connect my Nintendo account...

- Broken app so far

Brought premium subscription, Wonder trade takes hours before try get traded and everytime you join random trade rooms and finally getting in it says you have left room. At least can move Pokémon between games and gts works as long as you don’t have any event Pokémon. But other features are broken which is poor for the one who are paying for

- No good if it won’t work

Fix the game. Stop it from crashing and not being able to access support links, and let me connect my game to my Nintendo account! Bank is so much better than this.

- Seems good but a free trial would be nice

It’s really cool to trade and that the GTS is back but it would be nice if there was a free trial of the premium so that I could compare the difference...

- Cool but Buggy

Tbh I love the Interface it feels like someone opening the PC from Pokemon in real life tho it crashed 2x and Froze when I try to check mystery gifts but honestly it looks like something I’d be using often! 😊

- trash

costs money to bring your old Pokémon through. one box only. room and wonder trading doesn’t work at all because of the potato servers

- Some bugs encountered

Cannot sign in to account using autofill. Cannot link nintendo account to guest account if its used in the switch pokemon home.


I was really missing my squirtle in Pokémon Sword, BUT NOW I CAN GET IT

- Amazing


- Crashes and Sync

I opened the app for 2 minutes and there was 5 at least, and when I try to sync my Nintendo account just it doesn’t work...

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Pokémon HOME 1.0.11 Screenshots & Images

Pokémon HOME iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pokémon HOME iphone images
Pokémon HOME iphone images
Pokémon HOME iphone images
Pokémon HOME iphone images
Pokémon HOME iphone images
Pokémon HOME ipad images
Pokémon HOME ipad images
Pokémon HOME ipad images
Pokémon HOME ipad images
Pokémon HOME ipad images
Pokémon HOME Utilities application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pokémon HOME Utilities application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pokémon HOME (Version 1.0.11) Install & Download

The applications Pokémon HOME was published in the category Utilities on 2020-02-11 and was developed by The Pokemon Company [Developer ID: 446737235]. This application file size is 302.8 MB. Pokémon HOME - Utilities posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 1.0.11 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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