Clash of Blocks!

Clash of Blocks! [Games] App Description & Overview

Tap on the board to trigger a rapid expansion, claim the biggest surface!

Do you have what it takes to excel in this game of wit, brains, and colors?

In Clash of Blocks, your job is to strategically place your own block so that it rolls out faster than your opponents. Your goal is to win majority of the board, to have your color take up the majority of the board! Can you get a 60% majority? Or 70%? Or 80%? Or even over 90%?

You need to be sneaky and clever to get more tiles than the opponent color!

What percentage of the population will your color get?
There’s only one way to find out! Download Clash of Blocks today and challenge your sneakiness!

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Clash of Blocks! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixing + performance improvements! Thank you for playing!

Clash of Blocks! Comments & Reviews

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- Its kinda simple

I like this game very much but it’s very simple if they could add something else it would be a little better but other than that it’s a good game (:

- Wow

Wow this game is one of the best I have and it is a mentall challenge

- Tired

Loves these little games but I’m so tired of the million ads

- Cool

This game is fun


OMG I just started this game and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun and so far I am winning every time .

- Awesome game

I just got it and it is very fun I saw it on a ad and I thought YES

- I loved this game but.......

I beat the game no more levels so mad😡

- Hey

This game is so fun I love it

- AmirLitty


- The STUPID Ads

Like I get that a game has ads then and now but every few levels is just ridiculous. The game is not that great anyway... but the levels are way too easy and it’s fun but the ads are what makes this game very frustrating. Without the ads it’s great, but with them every like 5 levels is SUPER ANNOYING!!🙄

- Ads

This game would be more fun if there was less ads after ever level and just more gaming. I hate how now days every game you wanna play will have an ad in it like one ad after the first two or three levels then after that it can be after every level and it’s annoying. But that’s just me I hope y’all do something about it maybe have an add every five levels not every level you beat.

- it’s okay

This game is pretty fun but when I got an 80%, I only got 2 stars. Well, what else could I do to make it 100%?!? there is maybe another way but that is the best way I do it, or if I get a 41% and there is only 8% and 12%, well, I GOT A 1 STAR!! 41% isn’t big but it’s more than the others!!



- Can’t have fun if there’s more ad time than game time

Game is fun but the ad frequency is ridiculous and ruins the game

- Review

Love the game however I hate the ads

- Too many ads

Pretty fun game, but there is wayyy to many ads and ruins the game for me.

- Fun game

Honestly I just hate ads so much

- What

One time I got 51% and it gave me a one star then a few rounds later I got a 53% and got a two star, a few other times it also didn’t make sense, please fix the percentages and starring system I find it annoying. Edit: I got 91% and got TWO STARS. I get annoyed by the most simple things. This game makes me get so mad, I will no longer be playing it. I may as well just give this five stars because if I gave it one or two, the developers might think it’s great! Ugh

- I don’t like it all that much

The game is rlly easy and when you win sometimes it gives you one stare and says “wonderful “ with a heart eyed emoji or any emoji I do like it but it should not have to give you stars I’m kind of disappointed with this.........

- More ads than gameplay

This game is fun except for you’re watching an ad every 2 levels. I can usually beat a level in 10 seconds or so meaning I watch ads more than I play. I’d gladly pay to remove them but doesn’t seem to be an option

- The game makes noooooooooooooo sense

it doesn't explain how to play and it makes no sense.

- Fun game too many ads


- I really like this game!

This game is super simple, and definitely for a person like me who gets angry at challenging games. Although, I don’t want the game to just be easy all the time, and a waste of time. I do think there should be more of a challenge like obstacles, or special levels. Other than that, great game, and the way the blocks spread out is super satisfying too 😉 can’t wait to see what the next update will bring!

- Meh

It’s what the ad said it would be standard ads that you see everywhere and that’s about it

- Best game

Really amusing and almost no ads

- Great but is too easy!

The game is simple I can just place my squares anywhere to win! But the problem is the game is TOO simple, to where it’s not even fun anymore. I am disappointed in this game, it is not like I even would enjoy playing if ALL I DO IS WIN! There is almost NO way to lose on it! Which makes the game pointless!

- Why do developers do this

Stop destroying your own game with ads.

- A really addicting game needs a 5 star :)

It’s a really addicting game beacause it always lets me win for some reason and I lost :)

- Could be fun!

Way too many ads to really enjoy this game and absolutely no way to hurry them along. You must watch the whole ad! Deleting app less than 20 minutes after playing first round

- If your reading this than

Your gay

- Fun!!

Good game but ads...🤷🏽‍♂️

- Ads

I read in a review there was only ads every 7-10 levels. That’s false. It’s more like every 2 levels. Every game now is filled with constant ads and asks for like $3 to get rid of them and this game is no exception. DO NOT GET THIS GAME.

- Rrrrrrrrrrip


- Wow 🤩 I love this game

But to much want to have a update with less ads please 🤨🤔

- Game six

When I get the most percent it gives me one star

- Game

Great game

- Like every other ad filled mobile game.

Seriously? I can’t go 3 levels and without an ad. You could just use banners, or something. Not this hot garbage.

- Good but too many ads

I downloaded this yesterday from an ad and I love it! Except that there is an ad like every 1 to 5 minutes so that’s really annoying. I like it though because it makes you use your head because if you don’t then you are going to be stuck on the same level probably forever. Still I love it and other people should download it!

- I like the game

I played this game and I like it 👍

- This game is fun and and easy

It is fun

- Simple but Challenging

This is a simple but thought inducing puzzler. I especially appreciate the ability to see solutions merely by watching an add. So often I want to kick myself for completely overlooking what should have been obvious. Some people complain about ads, but although there are ads between nearly all levels, I found myself thinking enough about a level that the ads felt reasonable. By the way, I have quit several games because ads demanded too high of a percentage of my playing time. Not so with this game. I do have 3 minor complaints. The game ended while I was still wanting more levels. The screen is so small that I was prone to miss the square I meant to hit. And finally, the game does not consistently let me revisit completed levels. None of these prevented me from enjoying the game.

- To many ads

To replay a level in this game you need to watch a ad. Pathetic game.

- Arbitrary star rankings

I think a good portion of the star ratings are completely random, also levels get boring and deep strategy does not exist

- Waaaay too many ads

If you want to retry a level you have to watch ad after ad. Deleted in about 5 minutes.

- Ad hunger game

Too many ads. Really annoying. NOT FUN

- Txt

Awesome game I love it

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️


- Ads

I’ve spent maybe 10 minutes playing and watched three ads. It roughly took up two of those minutes to sit through the ads. It’s a free game that I downloaded on an instagram story. What more could I expect. I like playing the puzzles, though.

- Why I gave this game a 5 star?

I gave this game a 5 star because this game makes me happy and whenever I’m mad I play this game it makes me happy

- Levels

I know there’s a lot of levels in the game, but I wish there were more. I finished the game the same day I got it 😅

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- This is the best game

Level 50 is what I expected my name is Danny

- Fun but WAY too many ads

Not much more to say - played for 5 minutes and became annoyed by the ads. Deleted.

- Way too easy

You can beat each level by placing your block next to the opposing block on the more open side and win each time, there is no challenge whatsoever.

- Too many ads

Very cool concept, simple and fun, but a 30 second ad every 3 levels is overkill

- Yeeet

Sucks so boring my name is karen and i’d like to speak to your manager please!

- Don’t bother

This is just another boring easy tap game that’s focused on ads rather than gameplay. Do not download. Save yourself the time. You’ll never get it back!


It’s a good game, but, seriously? Ads to replay levels??? These guys want money...

- Pretty easy

Not very challenging

- Fun


- Fun but too many ads

I like the game it’s simple and fun, but i get an add like every 30 seconds which is so annoying and too much

- Ads

Full of ads borderline unplayable i can barely go 2 levels without an ad

- clash of blocks

so do i, i am waiting for another level too.

- Painfully easy

Not worth playing unless you can’t win at anything in life. This game is stupid and overly simple. Painfully easy to win and overloaded with adds. I hope that whoever created this game realizes what utter crap they’ve made and reconsider their choices.

- Critique

I have finish every lvl and i wait another level

- Eh

The game is ok but no concept what do we do?

- Clash of blocks

Because it is a fun game and we get to see how much % you have

- Cool

It’s fun but gets boring

- Fun puzzles, ads ruin it.

The puzzles are somewhat straightforward, but fun. Too many ads ruin the game, and not sure it’s worth paying for.


After A Level There’s A Ad I Hate This Game So Much #CLASHOFBLOCKSSUCKS

- Um...

It’s kinda boring

- Awesome Game !

Your game is awesome! I like your ad for it, because you guys don’t lie about the game like most ads. It’s definitely a 5 star rating for me!

- Game

The best and easiest game ever

- Hxhdjd


- Turn off adds

If u guys are complaining that there are so much adds just turn off ur internet or go on airplane mode it’s that simple

- Easy and simple

Click as close to the opposing blocks as possible, you win everytime

- adds

THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADDS! after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL there’s an add. it’s annoying, especially considering the adds are about 30 seconds in length and the “close” button doesn’t appear until the end in some of them.

- Great

I like it

- Boring

This game is relaxing but levels are very easy. I finished literally 100 levels in 30 minutes, without losing any level.

- It can be better

I like it but not really because i can’t to more red on level 11 and under but it’s kind of fun and kind of annoying But I still kinda like it but it is not so bad I won’t say i like it but i won’t say I hate it it’s pretty good but still it could become a better game so I would like it if it was a better game .its pretty good but not really because it’s not very fun but I don’t hate it but still I don’t like it so it’s kinda bad but fun and annoying

- Very fun

Great time waster

- OK

I enjoy the game. It’s just that it always crashes.

- This game has no meaning. It doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it

This game sucks real bad

- Really Fun, Really Addictive!

I can’t stop playing!

- Awesome game with no negative traits

This is ridiculously great for a game. The ads are almost unheard of, and it’s a nice, calming game to really kill some time.

- Wow

This has been a really fun game it’s very strategizing.

- Awesome game!!!!!!!

Best game EVER

- Hi

I love it so good

- Wow

Good games BUT a lot of ads like everyday two games so annoying

- Hard to say

I like it but i also hate it it’s fun but the add totally lied

- To easy

Dont get clickbaited it’s to easy

- The Following Game is Trivial and Not Recommended to the Player

There really isn’t too much to say really, nothing beyond the generic list everything that went poorly type of review. This game introduces the principle that you should place tiles diagonally to others and never expands on this concept for the first hundred levels. Hundred. Somehow someone believed that it would be a good idea to do this instead of focusing on putting more enemy tiles in the center of the map, or other places that might create strategic depth. That never happened. This game never even came close. Many times the game was slow and laggy despite it being a literal search algorithm simulator. The menu bugged every time it was opened. And somehow this wasn’t the worst of this game. I really hated this game, hated every single darn aspect of it. Hated how the numbers sometimes didn’t add up to 100%. Hated how on some levels there exists a superior solution to that of the 3 star percentage threshold. Hated the stupid chime after every level. Hated how the developers believed that the younger generations are obsessed with emojis. Hated the implied insult to the player that the puzzles are challenging. Hated the bonus puzzles that are somehow easier. Hated how instead of challenge, the devs chose a bigger boards for later levels that led to numerous misclicks. Hated the ads advertising games that are just as dumbed down as this one. Hated how the coins earned at the end of each level have no real purpose as if this is some sick parody of Data Wing. Hated how the game has the audacity to ask the player to watch ads to get more coins. Hated how the game claims that this is harder than it looks in the ads. In a moment of procrastination, I thought it would be a fun idea to download a game that was advertised to me and review it on the App Store. I was so very wrong. It was no fun. Somehow, with all this in mind, this game is ranked as recommended in the App Store, which shattered whatever remains of my hope in humanity and made my day that much worse.

- Fun game

It is a fun game but kinda easy

- Fun

The game is fun but I think there should be a little bitharder

- Bad game

I thought this game would be a fun game where you have to match the percentage of both colours. But no, you just click the screen on the block next to the red and automatically get 3 stars. Bad bad game

- It’s Kinda Bad

There is A lot of ads, And It’s Pretty Boring 😐

- A+

Your game is awesome

- Good

The game is fun but it’s not very challenging for those who like a puzzle over all the game is fun and nothing has annoyed me yet

- It’s a good game but...

You should add a challenge mode where it’s more complicated and not so easy

- Can’t fully complete every level

It’s impossible to get a 3 start on level 313. Even the hint doesn’t help, you lose if you use the hint

- Tip for developers

A simple fix for your problem with percentages adding up to 101 and 99 and the endof the level would be to just print the whole number infront of the decimal. I think the problem is your numbers are rounding up for ex: if one color is 22.9% another gets 27.2% and another gets 49.9% youll end up with 101% you’ll end up with 99 if 2 or more round down instead

- I think it’ll be good🤤😧

I think

- Tired of Ads? Here’s a solution

Go to control centre or settings and turn a Aeroplane mode. No more ads!

- Not good

Boring, levels are too easy Ads, ads after nearly every level Such a scam

- Easy

Really easy

- This game is bad

This game has too many adds and are not appealing for young children's eyes this game is super easy and you get bored of it quick if you do not get bored easily maybe this is for you but this game repeats all the of the same levels even though this game has good reviews this is a bad report light I deleted this game 2 mins after it probably would be 30 seconds but this game has too many adds!!

- All ads

More ads than gameplay

- There’s way to many adds

There’s way to many adds I’m only up to level 7 and I’ve all ready had nearly 10 adds

- Ad

This is an ad and dose not have any challenges

- Yeah

Hell yeah this games amazing !!!!,

- Not good overall

I’m not the only one who has complained about this but this game isn’t too fun. There are many ads with little to do overall. It starts to feel impossible to fail levels. Maybe if they added more variety to the game it would be better but I’m not sure. Maybe don’t download since you will most likely delete it 5 minutes later.

- Repetitive and Boring

It’s very easy to win and there are too many ads,they appeared every time as I finished a level.It’s so repetitive.

- Blocks

I fracking love ittttt heeelllll yyyeeeaaaa 😍🥰😘

- Mathematical error

The rating of stars on this game is really bad. This game either gives me ore stars than I deserve or less stars when I deserve more. Here are 3 examples Key: green=me red=game 94% green 4% red and I got 2 stars 84% green 16% red and I got 3 stars 72% green 28%red and I got 3 stars Please fix the mathematical mistake with this game because it is just so so aggravating and annoying. Thank you. 😊😃

- Inconsistent Stars

So, the stars (how well you did) is VERY inconsistent. I got 20% and got 1 star and thought “Okay, that’s fair”. Then got 60% ONE STAR!!! Then got 40% FULL STARS 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Please work on this 😐

- Inappropriate ads

Game is for 12+ but you have 18+ ads You have been reported to apple

- So easy

It is so easy

- Shut up

Shut up lol copyer

- Lol

I’m copying the lol guy

- I usually like simple games

This game is just too easy I put no thought into it and I win basically every time. Also way too many ads.

- Way to easy the game is made for 2 years olds

Bad game I thought it would be fun for at least 30 minutes but its just that bad

- Lol

I like

- Sad

My what danlow

- This trash

This game doo doo it’s so easy

- Misleading

Ad said you have autism if you pass orange and I passed it, now I’m legally diagnosed with autism, Centrelink pays me $1600 a fortnight, and I’m gay. I’m sewing you

- Bad

You repeat levels after 10 minutes

- Your add

I’ve beat red so many times and in the add u can never beat red huh as if hey smarter ppl

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- Fun for a free game, nothing I’d pay for. Too many adds


- Easy

It’s to easy

- Amazing 😉

This is a amazing game! I love to play this when I go to sleep. I can’t stop playing this game (not literally ). You should totally get this game. The nose is so satisfying! I love this game. 🤗

- To minny ads.

Hi I hate ads and there’s to much to fit into the game

- It’s ok

It a good app but I wish there were more apps.

- Ok

Overall boring and most of the time the percents don’t add up to 100

- This game is so great it’s literally so fun to play I’m on level 100

Level 100

- Pretty fun but way to easy

Uh well the title says it all so...

- .


- Not a review

Not a review that’s all


this game is pretty fun but there is to much ads and Do not get this game is you have anger issues just saying

- Ddhj

Game is odd If you get them perfectly equal you lose

- The review

This game is sooooo fun I play it all the time. I have a lot of games on my phone but I play this game

- Too many adds

Too many adds

- To many ads

This so boring it is just ads


Super addictive I lovveeee it

- Ahhhhh!!!!!!

This game is so annoying! I am getting mad constantly because of the ads!! I am also on level 365 and haven’t EVER lost! WHAT?! Dude come on

- Don’t play unless u like ads

This game had so many ads, u can’t play it.


Understandably, you have to make profit as a company, but there’s a thin line between making the game playable and being a fat greedy corporation. Can you guess which route this company took?

- Ffff

Good game

- Bad math

It’s a great game besides the fact that the math is really bad. When I finish a level the percents never add up to a hundred and it really bothers me but otherwise it’s a great game.

- Yay

This game is fun

- You can’t win

It will give you 2 stars or 1 Star even if you get the highest score possible

- Clash of blocks

I love your game because of how nice and smooth it runs

- Ads

To retry a level you need to watch an ad. After watching a few, the ads run out. Then you literally can’t do any levels because you don’t have enough to go forward. Even if you don’t click to watch an ad it will show you one anyway. Don’t get this app.

- Extremely Fun game but..

This game is so addicting i've been playing it for about an hour now. The only single problem I have with this app is the excessive amount of ads. It's ridiculous. I can't get past a single level without an add popping up. I understand it's the only way games get profit. But either way, please cut down on them. It's disheartening each time I get one. Hopefully this issue gets resolved because this is a promising game. 👍🏽

- Game good

Just doulouded and hooked!

- Great Game

This game was very fun and entertaining. In the beginning it’s a little hard to understand how to play and what the topic of the game is, but I would definitely recommend this game, and I am having lots of fun playing it!

- To simple no challenge

Zero challenge

- Honest Opinion


- Too easy

Maybe it will get harder but for such a slow buildup it would be better to be able to teleport to higher levels

- How to stop

To stop the ads just put your phone on airplane mode but you won’t be able to get notifications

- Ridiculously simple

The challenge just isn’t there. The game is 2D. It has no depth.


I love it so much you should get this game I love it so much the adds are getting less the more you play the harder it get so that 5stars for me ***** there

- I don’t know

I job at don’t understand the point if it

- Good idea, horrible execution 🥱

The game’s mechanics are cool and the idea around it is fun and pleasing to watch and play. But the game is RIDICULOUSLY easy. It’s almost impossible to fail a level. It’s so boring there’s no challenge. Just another clickbait “game”

- Ads

It’s a fun game and I still play it but their are not at too many pop up ads and it’s very annoying

- Great game....

I've beaten every level (with 3 stars) a couple weeks I need new levels! Keep em coming 👍🏼

- Pretty good

So it is a good app but....... it gets kinda boring and I don’t get the purpose. SO YAHH

- Best game ever

Best game I ever played it’s because i can’t stop playing

- Omg ads

Way too many ads. I get it, they exist, but they actually change your 3 star completion to 2 stars, so you have to watch an ad in order to get 3 stars. Straight up trash

- Way to easy

Way to easy

- Great but needs tiny adjustments

This game is great especially if you like strategy and thinking, however there are A LOT of ads and sometimes when I touch one square it goes to another. But all you have to do is hit the reset button. All in all, it’s worth playing🤗

- I’ll give it what it gives me

Completely crush every round, do the max number of blocks possible and oh would ya look at that, 2 stars. 96-1-1-1. 2 stars. 93-2-3-2. 2 stars. Sometimes even 1!! Makes no sense at all. Completely crushing the game every level and barely squeeze three stars in there if I’m lucky. Dumb

- Great fun 👍

This is a really good game lots of cool skins and great fun you should try this 😁💩

- Lazy

This is easily the most lazily made game I think that I have ever played.

- Too Dang Easy

I just got the game and I am on level 50 haven’t lost once. They need to make this game harder so it can be fun

- Ads

Love the game Hate the ads

- Cash of blocks

This game is awesome I love it so much

- A little to easy

Most of these you can solve just by putting the green square next to the opposing block. Only works for the square levels and similar stuff like that

- Way too easy

It’s way too easy, I finished it in like 2 hours

- my firend ryan


- Too easy

The game is boring and too easy

- Wow

This game is really easy, and I’m practically severely autistic.

- Yeet

It’s so easy I uninstalled

- Lovely math skills

This game gave 101%, literally. These numbers rarely added up to a solid 100. I had one level that adds up to 99. I would assume that the developers have above a grade 3 math level, and could understand how to make 100%. I might be incorrect. So in short. This game gives 101%. (Sometimes 99)

- Bored

It is so so boring what’s the point of this game

- Ad every 4 rounds

Too many ads to play. Uninstalled.

- clever game ruined by ads

$4 for disabling ads is a bit too greedy

- Bad game

This game is so easy. You should make it so you try and make the colors 50/50 even

- So easy in my opinion.👌🏻

Ha you looked!👊🏻😂

- Do it now

Make it easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding It is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Mauvais

Pas de réel défi, juste de la logique et encore j’exagère Publicité de minimum 6 secondes au 2 niveaux Quelques petits lag Chargement d’ouverture: environ 40 secondes

- No offence or anything

Well in the add whoever was playing that no offense but they’re kind of dumb

- Ugauaguagauagauagaau


- To easy

To easy

- Great Game!😁

It’s an easy game and it’s really relaxing! 🤤☺️

- Absolutely frustrating 😡


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I always win so try me!!!

- Nice game

Good game for something to do but the levels are too easy

- EASY!!!!!!!!!

It’s too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nice! But ads

There is so much ads! I mean this game might be good but it’s too much ads

- Best



WAY too easy

- Meh

Very pointless game- no point in downloading it

- Too easy

The only problem with this game is that it’s WAY too easy! I got three stars on the first few levels without realising what the aim of the game was. So, if you’re looking for a challenging game, I wouldn’t download this one. But, I do love that satisfying sounds that the blocks make 😂 But some feedback to the developers: could you make the levels a bit more challenging? Thanks!

- So fun

So fun !!!!!!!!

- Ads are bad

There’s way to many ads in this game



- Really good so far

Not much to do but it is a great game of having to use your brain and very fun the only thing is you should add more levels

- quite fun

I love this game and it works brilliantly for a stress reliever. I wish they gave you more blocks to work with because they sometimes can’t reach specific spots

- Good but easy

This was a good game fun to play in spare time but it is very easy and you will pass though the levels really fast but it is still fun


It’s good it’s fun it’s everything I personally would want in a fun little mobile game like this! I was seeing it so often that if I saw a game with a block in it I would skip it. I saw it in an add for so I thought maybe I should try it... I’ve been playing for like 5 minutes and it’s alr day my favourite mobile game. Keep up the good work! 🤯🤯🤯


This game really triggered my OCD so to anyone else which OCD I would not personally recommend!


This game is so good. I was up all night playing it. I love it because it’s so addictive but in a good way. I would totally recommend this to whoever is reading this right now. I’ve already told my friends about it. They say I’m too obsessed. Love this game.

- ...

RUBBISH + BORING. -Anonymous (you may not know my beautiful name).

- F

When u get nearly all of it u get 2 stars

- Pop core is the best

I love this game

- cool game

this is a cool game and a very good idea. I hope nobody will copy this idea and make more money of it as i have seen that before. Thank you 😊

- Personal data

Asks to share your personal data, if you don’t agree you can’t play the game.... awful

- Nice! Nice! Baby lol

I really like this so short and easy and I’m on level 51

- To many ads

Too many ads it’s hard to progress with an add every 2 seconds .

- Rubbish

Should have been to make it the same number . It’s to easy

- Never take tans

Play this game it’s really fun play now in the app store

- Crap

Very dad man do not use the app

- Not 100%

Overall amazing game but I’m adding up the percentages in my head and most of the time they don’t add up to 100% but 99% instead. It’s really irritating once you notice.

- Hmmmm

Maybe a little bit too easy😀

- Just bad

Far too many ads (literally one after every level), and every puzzle has similarly easy answers

- Boring

What is the point of this game and the game itself is so boring

- Fun

Good game to pass the time, I played offline so no ads. I’ve completed all 320 levels on 3 stars except 313 which I think is glitched and impossible to get 3.

- Boring


- Good fun, if easy and short

This is a good fun game. I played with data off, I imagine the adverts are plenty in the short levels. I have played through all 320 levels in no more than 2-3 hours. Fun yes, but quite easy. Lost a few levels from some bizarre hit boxes. No other things to say really.

- Bruh moment

It’s way too easy, maybe add another player into the match?

- Far too easy.

Out of two-hundred levels, none of them made me think longer than 2.5 seconds. The game has loads of potential; it has not been realised by the creators.


As u can probs see from my title it is very boring 🤫

- Omg


- Looking good BUT its super dumb

Game looks good by a design and on advertisements. However, levels are so dumb simple, that I found it boring after only 12 of them. Just click next to the red block and you win with 80% more every time.

- Too easy

This game is extremely easy, and short, finished the whole game within an hour and then had to restart again

- Not enough

It is a good game but there is not enough levels I completed it in like 15 minutes

- Way to easy

Way to easy finished it in 40 mins 🤦‍♂️

- Boring game

The game is so easy it’s bad

- Pretty Good

Really fun but I completed the game easily as there are only 200 levels! Each is easy to complete and if you got only 1 or 2 stars, refuting gives you a different board to before so you cannot try a new strategy, it is really good but more levels is A MUST. Also, why is it 12+? The ads are not suggestive or include alcohol, it is really confusing!

- Trash

It doesn’t score progress and it is littered with adverts

- Okay

It’s easy and sometimes it doesn’t even add up to 100% 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Fun

It’s rill fun and teach how to beat people

- Too easy

It is a good way to kill time. However the levels are to easy and repetitive, you don’t have to think about what you are going to do.

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@blluesmoke i had two back ups both of which the option blocks clash

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Clash of Blocks! 2.3 Screenshots & Images

Clash of Blocks! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Clash of Blocks! iphone images
Clash of Blocks! iphone images
Clash of Blocks! iphone images
Clash of Blocks! iphone images
Clash of Blocks! iphone images
Clash of Blocks! ipad images
Clash of Blocks! ipad images
Clash of Blocks! ipad images
Clash of Blocks! ipad images
Clash of Blocks! ipad images
Clash of Blocks! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Clash of Blocks! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Clash of Blocks! (Version 2.3) Install & Download

The applications Clash of Blocks! was published in the category Games on 2019-11-07 and was developed by Popcore GmbH [Developer ID: 1375461777]. This application file size is 494.1 MB. Clash of Blocks! - Games posted on 2020-03-11 current version is 2.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Clash of Blocks! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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