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What is merge mansion app? Maddie says I’m keeping secrets. I say, what does Maddie know?! Our mysterious story is set around my family’s mansion, which has been empty for more than 40 years. You’ll help Maddie find out what’s happened and learn all about her, and the Boulton family’s past, as you renovate and restore the grounds together.

It’s rather a ride, I can tell you!
Sit down, grab a coffee - maybe a nice slice of pie too - and play Merge Mansion now.
Am I hiding something? You can decide for yourself...

After years of neglect, the mansion and gardens have fallen into disrepair, but Maddie is determined to save it from ruin and restore her family’s legacy. This child never rests…

By playing this relaxing puzzle, you’ll match and merge to renovate the house, clean up the gardens, plant flowers, find amazing discoveries and uncover hidden secrets on the grounds of the Boulton family estate.

Maddie uncovers her family history with every area she restores, but with each discovery she makes, there seems to be a new secret to dig into! Why did I keep the manor a secret? What happened to the family estate and fortune? Who is the man behind the mysterious statue? Can Maddie get the grounds up to code, or will she lose everything? And do I have any more secrets up my sleeve? Of course not. I am not hiding anything..

- RENOVATE and restore Maddie’s new home and expand the mansion grounds with beautiful plants and furnishings!
- MERGE tools, flowers, and other items as you solve the matching puzzle!
- UNCOVER the story and plot twists in a mystery about family secrets and old grudges!
- EXPLORE the mansion grounds and the world around it to unlock hidden areas.
- RELAX and enjoy this casual puzzle game about a mysterious mansion with family-friendly, heartfelt dialogue!

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Merge Mansion Version 22.08.0211 August 2022

Small fixes and improvements. Thank you for playing Merge Mansion..

Merge Mansion Version 22.01.0413 January 2022

- All new area! Time to get that pool area and bbq looking just right! - Message Inbox improvements.

Merge Mansion Version 21.11.1504 December 2021

Small fixes and improvements. Thank you for playing Merge Mansion..

Merge Mansion Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great fun little game

It’s a fun little game to play when you just want a break for a little bit. The game has the “energy” mechanic, meaning you have a limited amount of moves and then it refills after a bit, I like this mechanic because I won’t get distracted on my phone for hours. The best part of this game is that there are no ads in the game unlike quite literally 99% of mobile games. The game is also just satisfying, the reason for this is because you are placed in an environment that is in such horrible conditions and you have the magic to restore the place and it is such a beauty seeing it come from ugly to beautiful just like a caterpillar to a butterfly. I also love that there is always alternate ways to gain gems and coins and exp without having to pay real money, every day the store restocks and in comes the piggy bank and energy case as daily rewards you can claim, you can merge the piggy bank for big amounts of gems and coins, and the energy case can give you energy orbs that you can merge to grant you up to 100 energy points! Gaining exp is super easy as well, you can gain exp from merging medium tier items and or having an item in the game that generates exp now and then, remember to merge the exp stars to max for more exp. There is so much to this game and it feels like I could play it for ever, I don’t mind because this game is awesome. 15/10 recommendation.

- Don’t go this direction with events MM…

I’ve been hooked on this game for well over a year. I loved 2048 when that was a viral game and this is on that same wavelength just with purdy pictures. They’ve recently added events and t looks like there’s going to be maybe one a month now. Now I LOVE the events. They have all been entertaining. Every event has some new mechanic and you can tell they are trying to find the perfect balance. I’ve gotten to where I save my gold energies for the events so that I can maximize my play time and try to complete the event. For this one (Hopeberry festival) I know I did the best most efficient job I could without spending tangible money on it. But I just couldn’t finish the event. I had plenty of energy and gems saved up. But I just could not push past the items needed. I got close, but ultimately missed the mark. Last night I thought to myself “if I just had one more day I probably could have made it” and what do you know but when I logged in today it offered to extend the event 2 days…. For 4.99. Don’t do this. One thing I like about the game is that everything is attainable without paying. It might take longer but you can do it if you commit. I want the testing of events to be about that fine line where you can make it but you really got t work at it. Instead I think the fine line they went for was “just close enough but need that one little $5 push to actually make it”. Don’t do that. That’s just disheartening to your long time fans

- Great game, always room for improvement

This is a perfect game for people who want something to play throughout the day. The energy system needs time to refill, as does the generators, and so unless you spend gems on energy I’d say you get a good 10 minutes of gameplay every few hours once you’re past the tutorial part of the game. I really enjoy the side-quests that you play in order to gain special items within the game to finish large sections, and I enjoy the decorations and the holiday specials you play to gain the decorations you like (you don’t have to buy ones you don’t!) My one critique is, I wish there was a system to see where things came from. Some items come from the merging of several items into limited time generators (dressers give vases, vases give strange jewelry and tiles, and strange jewelry gives you more items from there). I have memory issues and sometimes have no idea where to find the items the game is asking me to give them. A system that allows you to track where you got something is really helpful, even if you don’t get to see past the generators (if you don’t want to spoil the upgrades). Other then that, I love this game. I have ADHD so I’m careful with the games I keep around, because otherwise I can lose hours without realizing it. This game is the perfect balance, great fun and progress for a short amount of time with cute graphics and adorable scenery as you upgrade it. Highly recommend!!!

- Please Read

Wow a mobile game I actually kept?! This game rly is fun, I think it has a lot of potential yet I still play it almost every day. There are small things I suggest improving on like how to merge certain things. For example I didn’t know you could merge the piggy bank forever and now that I can I get too much money and I’m progressing faster. Now, you have to wait 4 days for that much money so it’s realistic, I love the concept but I’ve done too much research online for this game haha. I just think you could help us walk through the game a little better, give us a list of the resources we can get. I didn’t even know some existed including the last piece to the garage being the event. All I had to do was play it once really well and I was already on my way to the item, had I known earlier…either way I love the game! It’s so relaxing, I love how there aren’t ads every 3 minutes, or even on the side to distract you. Not even to progress faster, how perfect. Your energy refills every few hours so you can hop on a few times a day and work on your tasks. Easy, fun, not very time consuming, perfect game. It’ll probably be my first and last merge game but I’m keeping it around. Nice work!

- Cool game! Except...

I like merge games, and when you put in a solid objective like restoring a mansion, it becomes a really fun game. Here are some problems though. First, it’s very slow. Waiting on the energy to charge up takes longer than it needs to. Instead of getting one energy every two minutes, why not every one minute? That seem like a more reasonable time. Second, the story is ridiculous. There is a little context to what’s going on, but the characters rarely talk. It takes a long time to develop through the story. It would be nice if the characters at least commented on everything I put so time into. Third, as you progress through the merging section, you discover a lot of items, but before you know it you’ve run out of space. I could sell some items to free up space, but then what if I need them in the future? I could also put things away in storage, but then I would run out of room in that and STILL have to sell things, cutting back on the final item in the list. What you could do is increase the amount of space you have on the board, or make storage expansions WAY cheaper. You don’t need to price one cell at 3000 coins. IF (and a big if) these problems are fixed, I’m sure the game will become far more enjoyable, and definitely deserving of five stars. Until then, I’ll be stuck for a while. Thank you for reading.

- No Timers and Missing Notifications

For some reason there are no timers on spawners to tell you how long you have to wait to keep playing. I assumed this was the purpose of notifications, but I toggled them all on in game settings and my phone settings and I have yet to receive a single one. Kind of seems like they don't even want you to keep playing their game 🤔 Also, as many other reviews say, there is no tutorial, which honestly didn't bother me except that some items aren't self explanatory and the "info" panel doesn't tell you anything except what the item is called and what level it's at. I have a pile of seed bags at level 3. The info panel only says "merge to create a bigger pile of seed bags." What does this mean? Am I supposed to sell them because they're empty? Am I supposed to just let them keep taking up space on the board until I can merge them? There's no way to tell what I'll get by merging them. There's already a seed spawner that wasn't made by merging bags, it's a flower pot. There are also timers that appear on certain levels of plants and vases. I assume this means that the plants will die if I don't use them? What about the vases? Do they just explode? What is that about? I'm all for letting the player figure the game out on their own, but this is a little too far. And once again I want to return to the problem of no timers on spawners????? Who thought that was a good idea?????

- Very slow game, items disappear

I was looking for a new game to play and kept seeing advertisements for Merge Mansion. I thought I would try it. There isn’t a tutorial so I had to just dive in to figure it out. Once I got the hang of it I realized the mistakes I made and had already filled up my board leaving me unable to do some moves. I decided to start over with a better strategy but you have to message support for them to reset your game. That was a pain. In this game Items build upon each other by merging them and then spawning new items. The items do not coordinate which makes it confusing. For example you merge to build a car and then spawn parts to make a lamp post from the car? Then the bush spawns tins cans? Doesn’t make sense. There are certain items you need to accomplish missions. There is no way of knowing where to get the items until you just start spawning items. There is no reference section to see all of the items so you can make a plan. There is a timer for each spawn with no countdown so you have no idea when you can spawn new items. Some of the spawned items are very rare so you have to wait until it spits it out. I finally got all of the rare items that I have been waiting for and when I logged into the game only 10 minutes later all of my items were gone and some of my spawning items were gone. So frustrating that I spent all this time only to have items go missing. This game had such potential but is very lacking.

- Fun but lead to a delete and reinstall

I was enjoying the game, and honestly didn’t mind the slow pace of it. This is the first time I’ve played a game like this so I am still getting used to it. I got to maybe my 2nd/3rd task and it ended up with me merging so many items that I reached level 6 in the game, and my playing board filled up to the point of not being able to make any more merges. I surpassed the goal item (3 merge item) all the way to one that was 10 merges, but the game didn’t let me complete my task and am stuck with a board that is too full to continue merging items. I’d read an online forum that the game allows you to inventory items at around level 4 or 5, but there wasn’t anything I could find to help clear the board which at that point was mostly generator items, maxed out merge items, items that were seemingly random (but came with xp and coins that you could collect along the way), and a few locked items I had yet to merge with. My best guess is that I was supposed to leave one of the items on the board that was the level 3 merge way ahead of me surpassing the the 10th merge item (total merges this item has is 14). Hoping that being able to reign in the willingness to endlessly merge items to the end of time will be the solution after deleting and redownloading lol

- Overall fun but updates are buggy

Updates made a lot of things glitch for me, but seems to be working now. With the updates you do get more gems based on merge chains so that is nice. For the game itself: Let me start off with how much I love the game, honestly, it just takes SO long to wait for you energy to regenerate. I wish I had read the “tips and tricks”on the wiki fandom pages before starting, it has significantly helped me improve my gameplay strategies. After spending $30+ on gems and coins I finally put it down and let it regenerate energy because I can’t afford to keep buying stuff for this game! I’ll spend $60 on a console game but that’s because it’s worth it and I own it afterwards. Not to mention the timed games on Merge Mansion that only give you a few days to complete when it takes 3 hrs to get your energy refilled… really wish the developers would add watchable ads for gems or energy, something to help other than twiddling my thumbs for 3 hours waiting on energy that I use up in 5 minutes of gameplay. Also took me a while to realize the daily tasks give you a box, once you complete the merge item click complete and get the box, but then you lose the item you spent all that time merging… smh. So be patient, do your research, have a strategy and enjoy!!

- Love it!!! But…

I love playing this game! It’s the first merge game I’ve enjoyed. However… I don’t feel like the storage space we are buying for the multiple items we store there is fairly priced… if there weren’t so many different avenues of merging to do it wouldn’t be so bad. With the extra 3 day games that transfer to the main board (that being the action that helped me get to the hood ornament) maybe a faster recharge when you run out of moves since we HAVE to play the side games to find those items. It makes it a little nerve racking for me at least, when i have to decide between where i want to use my moves. The final thing would be not knowing or having any clue that the items I needed would be found in the 3 day event, and the items won there would lead to what I needed, after merging them together. If there had been ANY indication or direction to point me in that direction, I’d have definitely given 5 stars. That being said, it’s very addicting and fun. I’ll keep playing for awhile I’m sure, but it’s only a matter of time before lack of storage, or being forced to sell items for more play space frustrates me into not playing. Overall it is very fun. And I’m hoping to continue playing for a long time. Thanks you developers! You taught me to like merging! Lol

- A very nicely-crafted but clumsily-engineered Skinner Box

The game is designed to be as addicting as possible, with fixed and random rewards. The entire point is to make money by frustrating progress in a way that capitalizes on the compulsion of completion. When you calculate how many base components you’ll need to generate through taps in order to compile the higher-level items required to complete certain tasks, it’s a staggering quantity that will take months if not years to attain if you don’t pay them actual money to purchase items or boosts in the in-game store. To be fair, crystals can also be randomly acquired through piggy banks, but the massive caveat there is that the UI is so poorly implemented that it’s easy to accidentally tap to purchase an item in the in-game store, instantly draining all the crystals you’ve amassed over weeks playing the game, with no way to undo what you’ve done. There’s an Undo function if you sell an item from the game board, but somehow there’s not one to undo spending 90 crystals on something you didn’t actually want. That was the last straw for me. It’s a cute game that’s nicely designed and easy to play and pick up, but under the hood it’s just another Skinner Box designed to maximize your engagement and goad your into paying to bypass deliberate arbitrary frustrations that exist not to improve gameplay but solely to make money.

- I liked this game until.......

This game is fun and relaxing to play. But I do have some issues. For one, I’ve been playing every day for several months and I am still only in the garden/garage. There is way too many things to restore and each item has several tasks. For example, to restore one of many statues took 5 or 6 different tasks, each task requiring 3 or more items. I am only on level 15 after several months of daily playing (and paying to win multiple times) so VERY SLOW progress. But I think the part that annoys me the most is that the only two tasks I have available to complete right now is restoring a sign and getting a hood ornament. No indication at all on where to start or where I can get the level one item to begin merging (while each task has 13 levels) and upon Googling where to start, all I read is that neither item has been developed yet. Why put a task in the game that has not even been developed yet? I feel this game was a waste of my time and money right now. I understand games take time to develop, but these answers that they are not available yet we’re from March and May of this year which means other players have been waiting more than 6 months for these to be developed. What’s the hold up developers?

- What am I doing with my life?

Gosh dang it, this game is actually good. Not something you can sit down and play for hours at a pop because of the energy mechanic, but good to poke around on for a bit. They’re surprisingly generous with gems (if you save up the free piggy banks for four days at a time to craft the gold one) and the only thing that felt predatory was not knowing exactly how long things took to refresh, WHICH THEY JUST CHANGED. When I saw “rebalance” in the latest patch notes I was ready for the worst, but they made higher-level generators generate higher-level items at a higher rate, making it easier to play the game for free. In general, the only reason why you would pay money is if you’re impatient to complete a task or if you want to play longer than your energy/generator cool-down permits, which seems like a reasonable trade. The last update seems like it was driven by people who actually care about the game and not just making money, which is perplexing for a free merge game. I downloaded the game because of the meme ads to laugh at the stupid gameplay and now I’m still playing, take that as you will, but I hope the devs keep this up going forward.

- Love it!

This game is sooooooo fun! I play it everyday, i really suggest this game. Here are my top 2 reasons, you can make so many cool things, if a bug happens they give you a reward for the trouble it caused. Now this is such a good game but, i do have some suggestions, when you complete a task you should be able to choose what it looks like from different kinds of styles instead of the game choosing, also when they give you a really hard task maybe they can give you some of the materials you need instead of working on it forever. Also when you buy an energy box you should be able to buy more than just one a day same with the piggy bank. Lastly instead of doing a 3 day event to get the big thing you need just have it on the main board. I know this review may not make since to people that haven’t played it but the people who play this game know. Even though i have some suggestions this game is my favorite game. I really enjoy all the mystery’s, the fun season games etc. if you are trying to decide to get this game you really should! I’m not a bot, i just really like this game. Thanks for reading this review, have an awesome day!

- Great game, some updates could be useful.

It’s a good game, combining the merge games with the mansion restoration games. There’s just some things that are bothering me. There’s almost no story. The characters barely talk or note things about the environment unless they need to be altered through the merge games, and even then it’s very sporadic and rare. Why is the main character (I forgot her name, that’s how bland she is) looking through the mansion? It’s probably going to be revealed but it all feels just so random and I have very little connection to the characters, rather than say, Austin and his family from Home/Gardenscapes. Next, I think the energy recharge is incredibly lackluster. Two minutes for a single energy charge? I’d be fine with even 1:30, but two whole minutes for only one charge seems a bit too much and just causes me to constantly be out of energy with no gems. Finally, I think a proper count down number instead of just the little pocket watch next to the icon for creation items is much needed. Some items have only a sliver left but I don’t know the actual time it needs to finish, so I just sit there for three minutes waiting instead of doing something else in the game. Besides those changes, it’s a good game.

- Fun game with room for improvement

I have been playing for a while now, and do enjoy the game. As others note, it is satisfying to merge the smaller items to larger ones and see the landscape become more beautiful. I also think the recent bonuses that have been added (the golden scissors and the blue card) are great as I had been thinking for some time that there should be a way to unmerge. I also appreciate that they changed the cost of the inventory slots to something that was actually reasonable. Previously they were doubling every time, which made them astronomical pretty quickly. But I have three major complaints about the game. 1. If energy is gained over time, the time skips should give the the corresponding amount of energy. 2. The level up bonuses are not commensurate with the level. I got a coin box as part if the reward for leveling up to 40, and there were literally 28 coins in it. That’s a joke, especially when it took 13,500 experience points to level up. And 3. I am out of tasks (with the exception of the random events they put out). So the only thing I can do is merge to get experience points, which is not a fun way to play the game. It feels like there is no point now.

- Best game, but not enough space

This is one of the best games I play. It’s so addicting and I come back everyday. It’s so fun to rebuild the house and gardens and everything. Also, all the girls xtra decorations for events is all really fun too. There are no ads and it basically is the exact thing as the ad unlike any other mobile game. There’s only one problem that I have. When I merge stuff, I never have enough room to keep what I need for later. Yeah, I do understand there is a space where you can buy extra spaces for storage, but as it goes on, it costs 7000 coins to buy one slot. Coins are pretty easy to get, but it still takes for ever and I never get it in time. So when the trees are giving me seeds, I can merge for more because I have to sell them to make space to do the tasks to upgrade my garden or something. But other than that, it’s the perfect game to play everyday. Just make sure to not run out of energy to quick, other wise it’ll take you 200 mins to get back 100 energy. If the creators would fix this mistake, I would 100% have 10 times more fun. Even though it’s already my favorite game in my whole phone.

- Great game that has continued to improve

I’ve been playing merge mansions for a while now and enjoy it. I like that it’s something I can play quickly throughout the day whenever I have time without missing out if I have to stop playing for a bit. They’ve made some great improvements over the past few months. The design is cleaner, and they also added in a themed event for Halloween that I’m enjoying so far. Their support people are really helpful. I reached out with a couple questions when I was first learning the game and they were really nice and explained everything well. I hope they continue to add themed seasonal events where you can earn seasonal decorations! I think that’s probably my favorite addition they’ve made since I started playing. Also, I feel like it’s one of those games you don’t have to sink a ton of real life money into. You can earn gems, coins, and energy often enough that it makes for a fair game. I’m on a budget so I don’t like to play games I have to sink my entire savings into. Really appreciate this game for giving me something to enjoy in my down time that’s relaxing and fun.

- Love it, idk why

It’s a great game that I can let idle and build my energy while I’m at work. I can open it every now and then to get more things to merge. I sell a lot of the little common things to buy more inventory space with my coins. Gets pretty pricy and the board gets full fast so it is a little annoying, but I’ve made it work so far without spending any real life money. I recommend checking the store everyday for your FREE piggy bank and the 50 coin cost energy box!! If you collect the piggy banks without using them, you can merge them up to 3 times and you’ll get more/better stuff out of them. People complain about needing gems but I had a ton to start out with and when I use upgraded piggy banks, they give you GEMS. MERGE THE GEMS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. It is SO worth it saving them up. Usually I’ll have 5 extra gems that I’ll use to replenish my energy but I won’t spend the 10 needed a second time. Also if you save up the energy boxes, you will get more energy to merge as well. Keep MERGING to get the most out of coins, gems, and energy and stuff. Slow paced game but I really enjoy it for my day to day life!

- Great game but has some improvements that could be made

I really enjoy this game and the developers of it are constantly doing updates for it as well. The most recent update is the only one that I’ve had an issue with so far. I like that new areas are created/opened with the updates so that I can continue to level up to open a new area but the problem is with the most recent update, I can no longer play one of the three events to help me level up. So currently I’m at a stand still in the game…I have to level up another 5 levels to open a new area and it’s going to be a very slow process to get there. With being able to play the events, I could at least gain a decent amount of experience in the three days that it goes for to give me something to do on the game and level up. There has been some small events lately but those are very slow and don’t give much of an experience boost at all. Besides that, I do really enjoy this game and the effort that has been put into it. I just really hope there’s something that can be done about this so that I can continue to progress at a decent rate. Thank you for takin the time to read this

- The game is very enjoyable except for large items.

I’ve spent a long time on this game, playing as a pastime. So far I’ve made it to level 25 but I’ve decided to delete it because of one reason: large level items. So far, I have had to make 3 of the broom items which each take 1024 cloth items. I just got another quest to make another broom and I would rather delete the game than have to make another. You expect your players to get 4096 cloth items for only 4 quests? Not to mention the event items which are even more difficult to make. I’m on the Casey and Skatie quest and you want me to make an item which is worth 2048 level one items, and I can only get the level one items by playing an event that doesn’t give nearly enough time to level up, and only gives you items that MAKE the level 1 items? Who decided that this system works? It doesn’t! It’s absurd to make players spend so much time to get a single item. If you were to fix this and make items max out at level 9 or 10, the game would be much more enjoyable and satisfying to get through, however, the game as it is now leaves me in fear of having to make brooms or other level 11/12 items and makes the game far less enjoyable to play.

- 10/10 would recommend

So I struggle to find these games where I’m renovating. (I.e homescapes etc) I personally don’t do the games for areas very well. Especially if it’s timed so it’s really hard for me to progress through the game. But this game is an absolute gem. Speaking of gems they do them regularly which you won’t find Often. I’m a sahm so I am not in my iPad a lot so having to wait for the objects isn’t a problem for me. However, I don’t like the limited account of item space and the inventory space gets expensive with every slot. That’s something I don’t care for much. Also I started that 2 day calendar thing and I HATED that it didn’t have its own separate energy to use from the main game. Makes game play harder and I didn’t finish that nor do I plan to. If that happen to change I will gladly finish. Other than those minor things I overall love the game. Also I don’t know if it’s a bug but EVERY time I open my app it asks me to rate it. I already had but now I’m making a review in hopes it gets to game developers. Also a question I was wondering is why not make it a chain merge?

- Progress too slow

If you can’t afford to do the whole pay to win thing (or simply don’t want to), the progression in this game is ridiculously slow. I’ve been stuck on the same three tasks for over a month now. Two of them require two of the level 4 paint can each, but the item to start building up to that is so rare that it usually takes several days of playing every chance I get to get just one level 1 paint can. The third task is the can for the statue in front of the house… a task that requires a level thirteen item and you can only get the seeds for the tree that drop the items to build up to the required item from blue chests, which are few and far between and when you do get them, it is not a guaranteed that you’ll get a seed. I haven’t even managed to unlock the house yet. If it’s already this slow to move forward, I can only imagine how much worse it gets. I enjoyed this game and even bought a few gem packs to try to speed things up, but it’s not worth it. There are plenty of other merge games that allow me to progress a lot faster without having to spend a fortune of special currency. I do hope that y’all will consider rethinking some of the progression restraints for people who can’t afford to constantly buy gems.

- I love this app 😍

Hey 👋 I am so happy because you have made this super fun 🤩 game to play and just to tell you this is the first time I ever played and it is so much better than the last one ☝️ I just got this game and it is already so much fun 🤩 it’s mind blowing 🤯literally it is so much fun and addictive so you don’t need to add anything to it because you’re doing great and it’s so much fun so you don’t need to change it one bit just going to tell you that so yeah you don’t need to change it at all it’s perfect and I can just tell you how much fun it is but is way too much fun to explain so that is how much fun it is if I just explained it to you that I’m sorry I think I just lied but yeah you don’t need to change anything to this game so now you know that you don’t your hands and he thinks everything is perfect and fine and OK and it is not terrible or horrible for bad or very bad because it’s better than all the games I’ve ever played just want to tell you that so

- Going Nowhere Fast

This is a nice little game at the beginning. Energy that wears down pretty quick and really just entertains you for 5 minutes at the most. But you go nowhere quickly before you even hit level 10. Everything that gives you resources has it’s own energy and no way to read how long until it comes back. Just a little clock icon that doesnt really give you any information. I’ve been trying from the beginning to make the “Stone Can,” but it takes forever just to make the next step. You spend entire days working up the merge tree of one item just to reach the higher level objects, and half the time the chest don’t give you enough to make a new version of the item’s source. I finally had enough. Even for a mindless game, this becomes more frustrating than fun rather quickly. It would better if the resources were endless and simply depended on your own energy instead of drastically limiting what you can make at any given time. Even the Events use your energy instead of their own so you have to choose between which one you’d rather do. Not to mention storage starts to drastically skyrocket in price the more you need so it becomes a constant battle for space if you don’t focus strictly on one quest/merge tree at a time.

- Can’t decide if I love it or hate it

Like many others, I really enjoy this game. I love merge games and this one in particular has a very unique set-up and that makes it particularly enjoyable. That being said, it’s a complete money grab. I can play for 5 minutes then I find myself having to leave the game to do something else because if I stick around, I’ll end up spending too much money because I want the items to reload. The board is too small, the “inventory” cost WAYY too many coins, especially considering the inventory doesn’t alert the gamer to matches on the board or on the Home Screen, and the wait time to reload the items is way too long. Not only that, but it takes forever to get to the next level and I just realized that once you get past level 9, you can’t unlock a new section until level 11. Seriously? Come on now. Also, I would absolutely watch a video ad if I meant my items would be full again. I feel like that’s how most games work, yet this one doesn’t have ANY ad options. I get not bombarding the user with ads, but giving people the option to watch an ad in exchange for less wait time seems like a no brainer to me. Please fix this game! It’s actually fun, but I will have to delete it soon or I won’t be able to afford it

- It’s like a bland dish

The game is not awful but it is not great either. At best I would say that it is acceptable.I kept the game for roughly a week to see if it got better. There is little to no story. When the characters do talk the dialogue is pointless. If you don’t care about the story then this should not be a problem. It did not get three stars because of the story. My problem was the lack of energy in the game, along with other things. You burn through energy rather quickly. When it comes to matching, it can take days to make one item. One of the main items were the flowers for the garden and even the lamp posts. Then there are times you make a match and you won’t need the item until down the line. Which causes the item to take up space. There is an inventory for you to place items but you need to buy more slots or sell items for coins. If you want to level up, match the xp stars or just tap them to create space and ignore the payout for bigger matches. I enjoy a good puzzle game but this one just feels as if it is lacking. If you want to play casually go for it. It stayed on my phone for a week just as that. After a while I figured I could find another game to replace it.

- Long waits (please change daily tasks)

I have spent a good amount of time on this game since I’ve gotten covid. There is a lot to do. Certain tasks are reasonable while others can take weeks. (Would be awesome if energy was raised to 150 or 200 considering it takes over 100 energy to even get to a level ten of something) The timed events can be fun and if done right can make you a lot of money. Being able to merge the piggy banks also allows you to earn a decent amount of gems. I wish that you were able to pick and choose which daily tasks you complete instead of having to do it in order. Completing an entire daily task list can set me back days on my events and energy. Sometimes there’s things I want sometimes there’s not. It would make the game more fun if it was possible to pick which daily task you wanted to complete. Overall it’s a good game that you don’t constantly need to be playing. For the most part you don’t need to spend money if you don’t want. There are things that can be improved to make game play less boring and more reasonable for people who don’t want to spend $5 constantly.

- Fun but still needs improvement

As other reviewers have said, items take WAY to long to refill and 1 energy should be given every minute nit every 2 minutes. Second, I like the extra stories but they need improvement as well. They each need to have their own energy. Sharing the energy between 3 stories is ridiculous and makes the game not fun any more because you are always waiting for the 1 energy fill so you can play again. Third, all 3 stories should be able to be played at the same time. Meaning I can go from one to the other and play as their own SEPARATE energy fills. Fourth, 3 days is NOT enough time to finish the bonus stories. Especially, if you have to share energy with the main story. Casey’s story is ridiculous. You have to wait for the stupid blender to finish to uncover just 2 spots and then you have to wait to get the watermelons, if your lucky, to be able to fill the blender again. My 3 days is up before I can even clear the shadow objects. And as for not enough room on the board, I think there should be more room but I’m ok with what there is. But I do agree that the storage spaces should cost so much. Please make these improvements.

- Same Review as Everyone Else...

I never review games although I plenty far too many, but I’m hoping that the collective issues we have are getting heard by their team. I love that the style of this merge game is different than the others, and I even enjoy that the plot line is more similarly related to the Homescapes series (cleaning/remodeling a unkept land with a storyline). However, like many others mention, it takes far too long to re-up on energy and resources, as many merge fans have had the luxury of through literally every other merge game out there. The board is quite small, and I’m finding myself having to either sell items (something I never do in other merge games unless I don’t want to open a chest via gems) or tap on experience/diamonds/coins that I would otherwise have waited to merge before tapping. With the rate that I am going, I think it will take WELL over a month (if not a few months) to even see the inside of the mansion, which is kinda a bummer, because I really do love the formatting of this game. I would be happy to leave a better review when this game improves, but because I think other merge fans will be disappointed, I’m giving it three stars.

- Update merge issue is a game killer

I will happily update when they fix this. With the new May update, story event items earned pre update no longer merge with new items. They look the same, but the old ones don’t work. I spent 4 cycles and real world money to earn those items and now can’t use them and they’re taking up precious screen space. They know about the issue. It’s the only thing listed in support under known issues. The support tab says if you contact them in game, they can fix the issue. Good luck with that. I reached out to support a day ago with no response. And now the support chat won’t reset or allow me to submit a new or different issue. So I guess I’m stuck on this support issue until someone decides to address it. If it’s known issue you’ve found a way to patch, get it to the masses asap. Right now I’m frustrated and annoyed. I do pay (happily) real money for this game, which means mass known issues like this should be fixed quickly and not require individual submission of the issue to a non responsive “support”. You’re killing me. I literally dropped $20 the day before this happened, now I have a clogged board I can’t use. I don’t want to delete the things I earned because they took real time and money to get. I need a fix and a response, now.

- Great Game

One of the main issues I have with this game is the fact I have to play as a white woman. I hope in the future someone is thinking about other players. I have a few small suggestions. It would be great in the next update you’d consider starting tournaments that allow the player to complete against others. Form alliances and build the biggest bestest mansion ever. Mmmwwaahhhh… Maybe a few of the prizes could be 20 minutes of free energy. How about little side projects like fixing up a guest house because an uncle is showing up and if you make him happy he’ll leave a few gems or energy, or both. Honestly, the energy thing is kind of rough. It doesn’t replenish quickly. I’d also like the chance to upgrade my board and create more space. What about being able to use the items from the monthly game on the primary board. . What about a signing in bonus for every day the player signs in. Maybe we could by certain objects at a discount. I like the idea of competitive games that make you want to play until you beat your high school friend by millions of points. Watching your photo fly to the top of the leader board is fantastic. Do more of that. It’d be fun. If any of these items can get updated that’d be great. I’d like to give this game a 5.

- Great game but too many handicaps

Ok so I love this game it’s great but it’s just a really long wait to do anything because of leveling and how challenges are placed you can get tasks that are the exact same as the last one 4 times in a row why just why is this a thing it just makes you wait longer to play more because you got to wait to do this challenge before doing others and the spawner is out of things so you got to wait for that and since I’m on that you have spawners and energy to worry about when making things witch is so stupid like ahh yes they run out by themselves but I also got to worry about power left so I don’t run out and can’t spawn more things?why just why choose one or the other. Then the leveling is so off balance you can spend so long trying to get a new area because your not —— level but your done with everything except for like the final most difficult to get thing that takes forever so you got to play events or merge random things and sell things till your the right level why just why it take to long to do anything at all but when you get to play it’s great but It’s just too many handicaps

- Like it but is slower play than has to be

I really do like this game, but the slow pace has me at the point of deleting it. It starts well enough but then takes forever to level up. The recent updates have me stuck on level 38 with months before hitting level 41 which will unlock a new area. The massive increase in the amount you need to level up is also getting ridiculous. I understand that they wish to stretch it out, but making you go 6 levels to unlock a new area and each level requires 11,000 stars and increasing with each level. It isn’t hard to guess that the game has just discouraged it’s most die hard players to quit. The daily tasks can be fun but are pointless as you are not restoring anything. Prior to that it was the brooms. There was no movement until you managed to collect brooms. 4 in total. They are not easy to get. It again leaves player in limbo without anything to do but wait for the cleaning closet to recharge. This goes on extensively before you can finally move on. This latest issue has me debating if I should just delete as it isn’t the easy relaxer game it was originally.

- Mixed Bag

This is a neat little game. It requires some thought, organizing, planning, and a small bit of calculation is a plus. The basic token of the game pays at a rate of 1 every 2 minutes. It also doesn’t defeat you before you have a chance to figure out what it’s all about. Another plus is that it’s a light-hearted play. …. However, rumor says it will turn dark, and the changes in thumbnails on each update suggests that is true. … The events are a scam. They require a lot of time and “energies” (and sometimes significant real cash) to achieve the goal of “decorating” the space. … The latest one, Ursala’s birthday, seems to be the worst. The levels of energies (and therefore real time and / or real cash) required to achieve event tokens are beyond the pale, so to speak. It also didn’t reveal the goal / rewards until I stopped playing the event. That revelation showed that there is no way to achieve many or most of those goal rewards without spending significant real time and real cash! … So far, the main game (not events) can still be played in an occasional light fun manner.

- Too much play little reward

This game has little reward for the overwhelming amount of merging. You have to merge like 30 items to get one thing. It’s ridiculous. These games usually start off easy and then become harder. This game starts off making it difficult to level up. You need energy to pop supplies out of their boxes, gems to open boxes for supplies, etc. and then once you get them open, you have to merge and merge again. Usually you’ve ran out of energy or supplies before you even get to the item they’re requesting. And then you have to WAIT and wait and wait. It’s a cute game and a cute principle but it takes too much work for very limited reward. I’ve been playing for days now and I’ve barely even planted much in the garden. They also have a “guide” on how to merge to the item you want, but it’s blank. Until you discover that item, you have zero idea on what to merge to get it. That’s a ridiculous concept. Until the reward-work balance is adjusted and the merging simplified, I don’t think this game is worth playing. -As someone else mentioned, there’s not a ton of story, but I don’t mind that. But if being invested is what keeps you hooked, there’s that too.

- What a shame

This game has really good game play but when you run out of energy it’s really hard to play without paying. There’s some occasional free energy the rest you can only get through gets at a stark exponential rate. And with energy recuperating to full in 3 hours 20 mins it’s really hard to play consistently ESP while timed events are going on that eat from the same energy. To fix this the developers should A) bring back that the time skip boosters should effect you energy refill time AND B) have a separate energy counter for events that have their own boards you already can’t physically transfer the time skip boosters and energy bubbles back to the regular board so just finish the separation and have a different energy counter. The only other MAJOR issue with game play is the requirement to be on internet access. This game has no game play that interacts with other users not even leaderboards. I’m assuming that the packs they try to get you to buy need internet. So just make the internet needing things pause while offline and the game itself load and play on offline it’s genuinely unnecessary to no be able to load and play the game offline.

- Love the game, hate the glitches

I love playing this game in my down time but the events seem impossible to finish in the time given. Especially when the servers are under maintenance and the game won’t even load. I spent a lot of money to buy special items for the Hopeberry event and to extend play for 2 more days, only to find a server maintenance message every time I tried to play it for a whole day. So essentially I paid for 2 days and one of them I couldn’t even play the game!! This is very frustrating and I won’t continue to play if this is going to be an ongoing issue. The game play for the Hopeberry event should be extended for another day for free for those of us who spent the extra money on the 2 day extension and can’t open the game due to maintenance. It would be great if the events lasted a little longer to accommodate for these issues. Out of all the events, I think I’ve only been able to complete one…..very disappointing!! Hopefully you can fix these issues or give us something in return for spending money for nothing!

- Few things

It’s nice that when you start the game you can just get into it and keep going but till a certain point it’s near impossible for you to get the items you need cuz you have no clue how to get them like soap or a sponge it takes forever to get the soap cuz toothpaste rarely shows up and I hadn’t known that’s what I actually needed If there was a info thing on what comes from an item like from tool boxes, tool barrels, cabinets and all other spawning items even a where to get this item would be nice when it’s on the “to do list” If there was a thing that would show how much left an item has to it for spawning b4 it’s done with item spawning or b4 it’s used up Thank you for reading this if you do and if you use some of my suggestions Edit: I see you upped the spawn rate of the toothpaste thank you! It was either you or having 2 cabinets helps I love the Halloween basement stairs please make the stairs a year round item so we have more space! It would really help and use the storage space to move items to it for a more organized space

- Months

Love the game. Here’s my complaint. I started the Casey event when it became available and I play every day as often as I can and I still haven’t gotten the Casey surfboard thing yet. It’s been months. I’m guessing a lot of players will delete the game if they are able to only play a couple times a day. It’s beyond ridiculous. Also, make the events so we can choose how long they last. It could be one day or three days or a week. Get us to the prize a bit faster. And the levels.... to open a new level takes way way too long. At least when I have a level to work on I’m distracted from how long the surfboard thing is taking. I enjoy the game. But if I were only able to play a few times a day I would delete it, because it takes too long to earn the rewards. And the rewards don’t match up with the effort and time. I’ve been working the Casey surfboard all this time and the reward is 8xp and a small box. I have no idea what the story is. There is so little of it that I don’t even pay attention to what there is.

- My favorite game

This has had my attention for some time now. This is a really good game that you get to restore this old mansion. With there being only a limited amount of moves the game only keeps you about 15 minutes til you have use them all. There is one chance a day to buy a energy case and that gives you ranging 25-45 extra moves. There are just a few issues that are bothersome to me. At the first part of the game it asks for a tin can. I’m on level 19 and still don’t have this tin can. I like to complete the section all at the same time. And down by the beach it wants me to make a sign and I have no clue how to make this. I have googled and read different articles and I keep collecting these beach balls but that’s not even what I need to create the sign? The current Christmas event I keep getting bags of coal and bells. But I’m not having a problem with the Christmas event, I’m getting plenty of the things I need. I need more help with this sign! Other than those two issues this is hands down my favorite game in a long time. Nice job.

- It changed… for the worst.

I used to give this game 5 stars. Then you updated it. What in the heck were that thinking. I have a LEVEL 12 stone can quest thingy. And then you changed it to where the flower gives you other flowers NOT the cans anymore. I was this close to murder when I found out: 👌🏻. This close. Merge mansion, I am a well functioning person who is very invested into this game. I do not get angry easily. However, I am very angry that you changed it, and then had the AUDACITY to NOT TELL US IN THE UPDATE WHAT IN THE NINTH CIRCLE OF BLEEDING HECK THE CANS COME OUT OF NOW. I REFUSE TO SPEND MONEY ON GAMES. YOU WILL NOT TRAP ME INTO PAYING MONEY FOR SOMETHING I USED TO GET FOR FREE. That, and we already have 2 kinds of flowers. In your think tank, who came up with the bright idea “hey, let’s add a third flower and take away the item that was one of the first quests, not tell our players, not update our pictures, and then say that it’s an ‘improvement’ “. Genius. I will not threaten the devs. I am above that- I need not sink to their level. If you add the instructions on how to get can though, I will be very pleased and edit my review. Thank you, and have a bad day merge mansion.

- Great game but latest update set me back and I cannot make any progress

This is a great game and I have spent way too many hours playing it. The latest update, however, while great for new game players has really stalled the game for me. And this could happen to anyone with any update. In previous versions the only use for the “Bush” was to get the tin can. It took a while to get it and I had several bushes to get me there. Once I had it there was absolutely no use for them so I sold mine. With this update the Ignatius Bolton event is used for the tin can and the Bush is used to create “planted flowers” which form part of tasks. As I have no bushes and no way of getting them I am now stuck not able to move on at all. I am between levels (currently on level 32) and I only have two tasks which require the bushes which I have no way of getting. I think this oversight by developers was significant and I invested so much time in this game that it ending this way for me is very disappointing. My only advice, Just don’t get too attached to this game.

- Actually pretty fun!

I see adds for these merging games alllll the time and I have just never seen the point in them. I downloaded this one on a whim, and I honestly really enjoy it! The only thing that’s a little frustrating for me is how slow going it can be to create the items. It’s really a minor thing, but it feels like the best way to progress would be to log in for short periods like 20 times a day, which isn’t really an option for me as I work during the day. The other option would be to spend real money. I’m cool with this just being a casual app for me that I just kind of play off and on after work, but it would be nice I think if there was some kind of mini game, separate event, or other things to do in general while you’re waiting for items to recharge, especially when the next objective is an item(s) that I know is gonna take me days to get. I tend to lose interest in apps that require constant attention or spending lots of money to progress, but for now I’ll keep on at my slow pace!

- Really really good game but ...

I really love this game and I recommend it to others if they want a game to play because they are bored. The game is good I like the story it’s suspenseful mysterious and just a good story. But every once in a while you get a little piece of the puzzle and you get to hear the characters say a couple of sentences. It really is a good story line but it goes by very slow. It also makes sense that you would need energy to get stuff from other stuff (that won’t make sense unless you have played the game) but what doesn’t make sense is how you get one energy in two minutes it takes too long. Maybe you curls do like one energy per min or two energy in min? Also you run out of space to merge really fast. I save thing so that I can use them later but then I run out of space, so I put it in storage but then I run out of storage. At one time I spent like a thousand dollars to get more storage space. If those few things could get fixed the game would actually be perfect. Anyway it’s a good game and I recommend it.

- Exactly what I was looking for!

I’m really into the storyline of fixing up an abandoned property that seems to be popular in a ton of apps right now, but what I’m not a fan of at all is the gameplay aspect they all seem to share. If I wanted to essentially play candy crush I’d get that. I played a few of them for the storyline and just tolerated every time I had to pass a level in order to get what I wanted after, but when it started to take weeks to pass one level I’d reached my limit. But this game instead is the same premise(fixing up an abandoned mansion property) but the way to continue along in the story is to merge two of the same items together to make a similar but slightly larger/better/more useful version that would feasibly be used to help if it was real life. Like shears for shrubs would eventually merge into an ax for fallen trees. Overall great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and I can see myself playing this one for a long time to come.

- You Can Play Free, BUT Take My Money!

Ignore everything I saw below and just get the game. You can always delete this ad free, money free game if you don’t like it. About me, because no one asked: I’ve left a few reviews over the iPhone years, 1 a year, if that. THIS GAME IS ADDICTING. I’m what others have called a “hardcore PC gamer” before it was cool and streaming on Twitch when it was called JTV. Everyone used Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. No, not me. I’m WASD until I die. What happened, because now you care: I saw this game, read the reviews and ignored it. After all, I pay 30 bucks a month and it includes Apple Arcade, (useless). Anyway, I thought playing this game meant I had to grow a garden, wait, play a timed puzzle, like hurry up. REVIEW: You can fully play this ad free, 100%. It’s a matching game, not a timed mini game to move on. Plus you get 1-2 other games to build you up, all while you get a tiny back story on new areas. The graphics are cute, pleasant enough. Gameplay is addicting. Like the farming games everyone loves where you pay and pay. So superbly easy anyone could figure it out. You can buy things to get the game done faster or you can wait a small bit and get going again or play the main page games that go along and give you prizes for the big game. Whatever you want. I’ve spent $36 in the last two weeks. Midnight desperation—but you don’t have to live like me with cookies in your bed.

- Fun but….

I feel like I spend too much time creating items… I’ve been trying to make a wheelbarrow but you have to keep creating from scratch in order to combine the items. It eats up the energy way too fast. I’ve been trying for two days to be able to get a task accomplished. I’ve also spent at least a week and a half on the Ignatius tin can challenge. It takes forever to get the numbers that you need to create the bushes and when you finally get enough to create what you need, the challenge is over and you have to start from the beginning again. To me that’s a waste of time. Make the challenge longer, give us several days to earn the items. Also, trying to buy an extra space in storage is ridiculous… you have to have ridiculous amounts of coin in your bank. Unfortunately, I really can’t put actual cash into the game at the moment because we have twins in college and we have to put a roof on. I’m getting to the point where I’m going to have to just stop playing, it’s taking up far too much time.

- This game has some issues

This game is fun and I really want to keep playing it but unfortunately you can only play it for a short time before you run out of energy and things to do. So if you wanted to keep coming back it would end up costing you a lot of money. A lot more than the average merging games. Also there’s no way to save it to your Facebook page the buyer beware you don’t get anything back if you lose your phone or change your phone you’ve lost your whole game I think that is a huge no-no if you’re going to have an app and try to sell people stuff. To me that shady. The other silly thing about this game is that they have a little weekend trip that you can go to another screen and play a similar game. In all the merging games I’ve ever played I’ve never had to share my energy with the main part of the game and unfortunately this game you do so you can imagine how fast you run out of things to do when you’re sharing energy between two screens. Unfortunately I feel like these things are enough to make me delete the game

- Needs work

I like merge games and I like the mansion restoration of this one as well. There are some aspects that make this only a 3 star game however: time refills on items you need in order to merge up to larger items is really long, it also only gives you a set number of items at every refill, so very large merges require several days in real time in order to complete the merges unless you want to spend money to buy diamonds to help speed them up. There are significant large merges that just take so long to even get to that I’ve lost a lot of interest in the game because you just can’t ever get to that high of a merge level. The rarer items that you need to merge are practically so rare that you either spend money to buy them, such as paint cans, soaps, etc or you have to wait and sell a ton of your inventory in order to have room. I think that if they wanted to make a game that requires money to play then they should have assigned this a price to buy it; making it a free game that requires a lot of in-app purchases in order to advance seems shady.

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- Satisfied but

I’m very happy with this game, however as others have suggested, there needs to be more availability to actually complete tasks. Levelling up takes forever I’m on level 34 I was only just into it when I had finished an area and now have to wait for a new area to open up once I reach level 35. Makes the game play pointless and repetitive when you are just trying to make it through levels instead of completing new areas. As for what happens after this new area, we’ll you expect me to have reached level 41 before I can get a new area. Gosh this area opened at level 35 better be a good one otherwise deleting the game will become a real possibility. Basically you need to make levelling up easier if this is the only way you can get a new area.

- Huzzah!

Finally! A fun minigame oriented story with no overpopulated ads or flashing microtransactions! The bar is so low, yet here I am writing a review specifically to congratulate Merge Mansion for stepping over it. But despite that, it’s so refreshing. If you get any highly advertised mobile puzzle game, get this one. The resources are plentiful with enough patience, ‘premium’ resources like diamonds and coins are easy to come by with a shorter amount of time (compared to other games in the genre). The gameplay is... as advertised mostly, and the story isn’t my cup of tea but i appreciate the dedication the devs put into its world building, and gives simple things an interesting flavour. This game is best suited for those who want to check in during their breaks and have things to collect, merge, then go back to doing life, without the extremely obvious money grabbing that others in the genre have.

- Developers, please note

Developers, have you actually played the Ignatius game? The numbers just don’t work. The wood chipper should require all 9’s. As it is, you end up with large numbers of 7’s, 8’s and 9’s on the board because you have to use the lower numbers for the chipper. I am not enjoying playing this at all. People who play this sort of game like to create order from chaos, but this sub-game just has constant chaos and irritation. Also, the Pool Toys game takes far too many iterations to make any progress. I have played it many many times and am still nowhere near the end. And I am not convinced the end will produce anything worth having anyway. There are many streams in the overall game that take ages, but produce something that is just a dead end. It would be a massive improvement if all the streams led to something you can use in the garden. I hope you will address these issues because this has been my favourite game for ages, but I am now getting disappointed in it. Thanks for listening.

- Love Merge Mansions

Have 2 - one on my iPhone and one on my iPad - so I can play while travelling to and from work - and another separately at home (so one game is ahead of the other and can learn from my mistakes). So this is the second rating and is pretty much the same as the first. This is the only game that has interested me. It is definitely keeping me interested too. I love that I get to renovate an amazing garden - unlimited money - but budgeted per job. I only wish that that it would rotate so I can recharge my iPad while playing. The only thing that is frustrating is how long it takes to wait before you can get to the next thing/s you need. I would love to have a lot more “storage space” or if it were much cheaper to buy more storage - to keep the extra items until needed.

- Great game but does not give you enough chance to play

I absolutely love this game but it does not give you enough energy to be able to do much at all. I also found my game wants rarer items to be able to do anything at all so I have to wait all day to get to open the one box that could possibly contain what I need. I purchased diamonds with real money and then ran out of storage in 5 minutes so couldn’t continue anyway. Also if I wanted to purchase more energy it doubled the price after the first one what a rort. The game board needs to be bigger and bigger cheaper storage it quadruples in price every one and right from the start becomes too expensive to get more and save more valuable items. So I’m reality I have spent money to play more and didn’t get anywhere except and extra 5 minutes this game runs out of incentives too quick and doesn’t last anywhere near long enough

- if you're patient you will love this game

Really enjoyable, simple concept game with no adverts and no overarching need for you to purchase any micro transactions to feel like you need to progress in the game. Sometimes it can feel tough and long winded, knowing that you need to merge something that could take days, but as long as you enjoy an exercise in patience, knowing it will eventually happen you will love this game. It has a bit of story, and all in all I would like a bit more story and plot at more points in the game but I'm not playing it for the story. This is just something that has turned those pesky ten minute bus waits or 15 minute restaurant waits into an enjoyable experience. It's so simple but we used to be apes, and this kind of intense simplicity hits me right in the dopamine centre!

- Was 5 stars

I really liked the look of the daily tasks and rewards when they were available on the first day after the update. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be happening anymore (after only 1 day of them). I really liked them because they gave me something else to do while waiting for a level 11 object. Also, on the one day of tasks, the timer showed that there were 9 hours left to complete the tasks (I was on my lunch break at work at the time and only had 3 hours of my shift left) but when I left work 3 hours later, it showed that the tasks were finished for the day even though there should have been 6 hours left. There is something not working with the daily tasks even though they were a great idea. This is especially sucky given that it’s being advertised that the daily tasks were added in the last update.

- Great game

Just a couple of thing to bring up 1.the car in the garage and that stall on the beach in the game it says it requires certain items but u don’t show us what to start off with or how to obtain it and I’m not paying ridiculous prices for a mobile game just to play a game 2.everyone there is a game update the game blocks you from even accessing the game that’s not right or fair as sometimes there are events running or u just need a quick time waster game instead you are greeted with a message that forces you to update the game or you can’t play it change this thinking so people have a choice when they wish to update not when you want them to 3.this is just something small that’s been bugging me but the game I larger screens they always have and update but you never address the layout overlapping issues sometimes this make playing on iPad so frustrating as the UI get in the way of the game board Now I know these topics will be addressed at some point in future updates that also why I have dedicated 2 years playing this daily so looking forward to seeing these issues fixed up great game worth of the 5 stars given


I love this game because, in general, it’s a great game. But I have 1 downside. Energy. You need energy to spawn things to merge them, which is the aim of the game. However you can only get up to 100 energy which runs out fast. Your energy does come back but to spawn 1 thing it takes 2 minutes! I cannot wait that long. I find I can only play for 3-5 minutes before I run out and can’t do anything at this stage (level 10) To the owners of the game, please try and either get rid of energy, make it faster to spawn or make it limitless. This will make me much more into the game because I can only play for 3-5 minutes before I have to leave.

- Great game for those that want... have a life as well, as it does require patience but it is satisfying and can be picked up often. I have been hooked for some time now, longest of any other games before. It is easy to play without having to spend money, no ads and it is challenging enough to keep you wanting more. I would, however, like to suggest some minor improvements: *add a timer when waiting for drops to know how long it will take to wait for the next items to drop * when going up levels as the amount of points required to move up increases, it would be nice if rewards are slightly increased, too. Same rewards each time we are up a level are just a touch boring * open up more areas to merge please, i’ve just finished lvl 33, and to have to go through lvl 34 without any aim is not filling me with much excitement as the point requirement to move to lvl 35 is high especially without anything to do (I have done Ignatius Bolton event many times to gather points, but it’s not the same). In saying this, I will keep playing as I love it but suggested improvements would make it amazing! Thank you!

- Enjoyable but i have to play it sideways.

I have read the reviews and I am not sure i am playing the same game as these people. I find it fairly enjoyable, but because the game does not utilise the landscape mode for iPads i have learned to play it sideways. More annoying is that there is no manual on what you need to do, so i have guessed the best way i can. Merge two object to make a higher level. Use the ‘i’ to find out what is in the set. I am assuming that you are forced to join a facebook group or go to the home page to get tips on how to play. If there is some story in there i have not really discovered it, it is certainly not possible to go back and look at what has been said in the little pop up dialogues that appear. Or maybe there is a manual I haven’t found yet.

- Screen orientation.

Although this game has just done an update tonight, it has still not favoured us with a ‘landscape’ version. For iPad particularly a landscape version is coveted as it allows the magnetic stand to be used for supporting the device while playing….which protects the hands, arms and neck. Furthermore to charge either an iPad or iPhone with this game running, without the benefit of a ‘landscape’ orientation, requires the cord to be at the bottom of the screen which damages the charge cord immeasurably. Can you look into this please? Also why is it necessary to make buying extra storage in the game exponential each time, such that it takes so long to be able to add another holding space for waiting items?

- Disgusting

I have enjoyed playing this game for at least a year now, and today I log in after the update and the set that I'm currently working on (Casey and Skatie) has become UGLY! the new art is horrible and does not fit in with the rest of the merge mansions art style! I'm horrified. This is potentially the worst change that has occurred in the game. I'm agreeable when it comes to the events but the changing of the artstyle for event items makes me nauseous. I have spent so much time with the C&S items and had grown used to the patterns that was on them ; the theme was white and rainbow and i liked that they alternated with each tier up. Now they look like ketchup and mustard on a horrible hotdog stand!! This is appalling. The new artstyle has made the event items so Fat. The inflatable Toucan ring is no longer the cute bird it was, it is now an obese penguin. This is absolutely absurd.

- Absolutely love playing this game.

My only complaint would be the lack of instructions for new players. I had to restart the game after getting stuck on level 12. What I learned from my trial and error is this: In my eagerness to advance I sold off items before I should have and also sold some important items, I believe because I didn’t realise the role of ‘parent’ items. Parent items are those that ‘spawn’ when the ⚡️is flashing. Alway merge items to the highest level before using them and never sell off the highest level an item has reached, although some of them go poooofff when all contents have been released. Particularly keep and merge (and don’t forget to collect) the daily piggy bank until level III, that gives the highest output. When the frame goes from white to grey, item is at highest level. Some items will recharge, this means that the item will stay after the ⚡️has disappeared. Always keep those unless merging to a higher value. Happy gaming.

- An ever expanding world that keeps getting better

I’ve never written a review before but after this last update I feel I need to. This is an amazingly addictive game so naturally I progressed quickly which worried me because when I started it was a relatively small world. But after each update they have slowly expanded the world which I love. It’s an awesome game. The best merge game that I’ve come across and I’ve looked for other games just so I can kill time while I wait for my energy to come back. There are no ads it doesn’t even have a button that lets you watch ads for coins or gems.

- Fun but not well designed

The design of the game is in a way that certain common household items (e.g. gloves) are harder to get than the others of the same category (e.g. garden fork), which means these items are not equally likely to be available, so you will have to spend your diamonds or coins. The diamonds cannot be purchased with the coins in the game, items can be purchased by either diamonds or coins, which is quite random and ambiguous, that means both coins and diamonds serve as the “currency” of the game. The wait to spawn items are too long. Some suggestions to improve the gameplay experience: instead of using diamonds only to speed up, users should be allowed to choose to watch an advertisement too. Diamonds should be allowed to be purchased with game coins.

- Entertaining

What to keep. Merge piggy banks, 2 makes a big bank, merge 2 of those and then do it again, the payoff is large. Tricky merges that are exciting dead ends, good only for selling and as new areas open the list of things to find grow ever imperatively urgent. Plenty of challenges with enough to keep the free only players entertained & those players who choose to use credits to help them along are well rewarded. Always something to check though the urgency isn’t immediate like some games and social media build into platforms, in ever changing environment the rewards don’t mind waiting,till you can return, it won’t hassle you.

- Last update as killed my love of the game

The last update made it so you could not do the events over and over. You said it is so it’s more fun to do them. Wrong, they were needed to help make coins so we could afford things we needed and stars to further the game along a smidge faster. So mad you did this! It takes way to long to make coins and stars without another free avenue to make them! You lied when you said it’s to make the event more fun. It’s purely to make us spend real money! If it was not so hard to make coins or stars then I would not care but it is! I also enjoyed playing those games over and over again! Please make it so we can play then as often as we like again. Because quite frankly it killed my love of the game and I’m not sure I want to keep playing anymore.

- Game will not load it keeps crashing

Now for almost a week I have not been able to play merge mansion. It will load to 95% than crash. I am upset because I am almost up to level 26. Yet can’t seem to play it because of issues. I have asked if you could fix the problem. But you won’t fix the issue. I would of scored this game 5stars but I am hugely let down because of this one issue. This game is the best game I have played so far. At least it kept me occupied and I haven’t got bored playing it. It’s the only game I haven’t deleted. But because of this loading issue I might have to. That upsets me. Can you please resolve the issue so I can get back to playing a game I love. Thankyou.

- Needs tweaks but fantastic

This is an outstanding concept and I’m really enjoying it. Stunning artwork, detailed and highly creative concept, really satisfying, makes you keep coming back. When I first started I found it extremely confusing; it takes time to work out the extremely complex system of what comes from where, what merges with what. There are no instructions; had to use online fan wikis. Then there is the problem of drop rates. You reach a stage early in the game where EVERYTHING requires gardening gloves and yet gardening gloves are very rare so you end up using all your energy merging garden tools waiting for a glove to appear. Then the same thing happens with paint. Now I’m stuck with no way of upgrading my cleaning closet and only about 3 goals, all needing cleaning gear. I think at this stage they’re going to lose all their more casual players. While maybe they’re trying to get $$, items are not consistently available for sale. Feels a bit like I’m beta testing a game with some glitches.

- Love this game!!

I love this game however I do sometimes find that my board is full, I wish there was a way to expand and make more room so I don’t have to sell all my items. I would also love if a trading feature was added to the game so I could help other players and they could help me with simple tasks. I also think it would be great if there was also a daily login reward as well to help boost the players when there is not much we are able to do as our board may be full or we may be low on energy. Overall a really amazing game, keep up the good work!!

- Lack of communication and many technical bugs

Been playing the game for some time and the amount of bugs in the game is shocking (I don’t mind that as they are fast as fixing the issue. But once one issue is fixed another arises due to the new update) The lack of communication is worse I have called and left multiple emails through the game but no response - emailed the company directly and was told nothing could be done unless I email through the game (they respond to non game emails but nothing through the game) it’s starting to get quite annoying It’s also taking $100au dollars for objects I.e booster but they don’t work and I’m having to wait the exact same amount of time as I normally would. This is bad it’s fraud

- Love merge mansion

Love this game it’s fun and challenging the graphics are lovely, it takes a bit of time to work out what comes from where (thank goodness for google lol) I’m now playing on two devices lvl 19 and lvl 9. My only frustration is the production items take waaaaay to long to spawn and the timer on them gives no real indication of how long the wait is, its such a shame cause I would love to be able to play more often and for longer than 5-20 minutes at a time....and no ads! How refreshing to find a fantastic game that doesn’t bombard you with never ending ads

- Get rid of Casey and Skatie!

Was loving this game until I got to level 30. Have to do Casey and Skatie event to progress and can’t open another area until level 33. I have stuck with it for months but it’s getting really old. Please get rid of the Casey and Skatie event or make it shorter. For example, get rid of the moth and butterfly thing or make it so you get much more items out of the inflatable pool toys. Also, the temporary inventory for rewards needs to be scrollable. Especially if you are going to do the new daily events. And the gold cost for extra inventory spots is outrageous and unobtainable. Fix these things and you will find player numbers increase.

- Latest update is great

Things were starting to get a bit tedious with higher levels not dropping things to make them worthwhile. This latest update clearly overhauled that and made it much more enjoyable again. Like to congratulate the teams responsible for making a game that if fun to play for any amount of time and not being money grubbers. The updates are constantly improving gameplay so they obviously take their players feedback. This game is an example of what these types of games should be.

- Locked levels that will NEVER open

Great epic game love it but I’m level 21 and loving it but so many people are angry that you’re advertising higher levels on the map (I have one for lev 55!) Without any real idea of even adding 41 let alone 55! Prove them wrong and it will be a five star as it’s awesome doesn’t push for money or bombard us with ads I just don’t like being lied to though about the levels. Otherwise the games fun and epic! At least tell us whether or not you’re working on lev 41 I’m gathering people have been waiting forever for it though

- Great game, fantastic support

This is a nice fun game, fun little story line and that lovely feeling of having achieved something by making something look beautiful. I don’t usually play games like this and was surprised how much I liked it. The biggest plus for me is the app support, they are quick to respond to any problem and very nice to deal with. Considering I’ve had to delete a few games because there was no support and I couldn’t move on without it this makes a wonderful change, thank you.

- xp and levels

I absolutely love this game. I spend way too much time on it and all my friends know it as my game. My only issue is how slow it is to gain experience. I’m on level 30 and the next area doesn’t open up till 33. I’m stuck just merging items and will easily take me weeks before I can advance. I also wait until the xp stars are at top level but still can’t manage to be on top of the game in terms of experience. I wish I could have multiple areas open at once :)

- Great game, but……….

This game is good but it is sooooooooooooooooo slow. It takes so long for any “parent” items to recharge before you can merge to make other goods. The flowers are RIDICULOUSLY slow to sporn. It takes over 5 full pot recharges before you can get one complete flower, it could be more but I lost the will to live somewhere in between. I have given birth to two children faster that this game progresses. Developers PLEASE FIX THIS! I would love to play more but there is just no incentive. If you are happy to play 5 or 6 other games whilst you wait for this one, then give it a go. Go cook a 5 course meal, come back and you may be lucky to get a pack of seeds. So much potential being missed here.

- Too long between levels.

Fun game over all. Don’t mind spending a bit of money on it on occasion. Biggest problem I have with this game is that you reach level 31 then all the levels take an insane amount of time to progress through. It would be fine but you complete all the tasks within half a level. I’ve been stuck playing the same boring events over and over just to get experience points and it’s made this part of the game very dull. If the developers looked at lowering the requirements to level up I think this game would regain the fun it had in the beginning.

- Quality game

I started with Homescapes but got frustrated with the match 3 component that reached levels designed to make you pay money. Then I found merge mansion. I find the merging much more enjoyable, the balance in recharging energy is better and so far the storyline has me intrigued. While the option for micro transactions is there, it doesn’t feel like the game is backing you into a corner to pay if you want to make progress. Well done with merge mansion, I can genuinely say I’m enjoying the game greatly

- New update glitch

I dowloaded the update and had the daily tasks in the first day, when I went to play it the next day the daily tasks icon was gone and hasn’t come back up since. There are objects on the game board coming up with a blue tick telling me I’ve got the right tool or object to complete the task but there is now no Icon to click on for me to collect my rewards. The game is otherwise a brilliant game and will get a high rating. Could you please tell me what to do or fix the problem somehow?

- Enjoying but

The drop rate on some items that you really need can be quite sparse. I don’t mind buying items occasionally to help with game play, but currently to clear an area to open up another I need at least 16 cans of paint to make bigger paint cans for that task & in the past two days I haven’t received any from my tool box. Then it can become a tad boring when your only tasks are ones that require merging & merging to get higher level items that takes days or items with a slow drop rate.

- NOT a money grabber if you’re smart about it

In the first 20 mins, I thought: “Ok, here’s another money grabber”. However, every time you think you have to make a choice between waiting or buying, another “door” opens in the game. This solves the age-old conundrum of free mobile games: One the one hand the game makers need to make money, which is fair enough, as they spent time, resources and money on the development. On the other hand no game should be “play to win”. In this game, the best players don’t have to buy, while the lesser players will have no choice but to wait or to buy. Works for me. Otherwise it’s very well made, with nice graphics and it’s quite addictive too. There is ALWAYS something to do if you think outside the box. Thank you for making this lovely game. I’m sure I’ll play it for months to come.

- Doesn’t work 😔

Hello, reader I recently downloaded this game but after it had installed it took me several attempts before it would load past 50 percent without showing an error message. I had to restart my device and several times for it to actually load, and then it only worked once before it went back to not loading. I really enjoyed the time I could actually play it so I am disappointed that it no longer works. I personally am going to keep it on my device with the hope that it eventually gets fixed, but until then, don’t get this app as it just wastes storage.

- Not enough space to effectively progress, uninstalled

I was enjoying this game as a change from match 3. However takes so long to complete, some items take many hours to recharge to be able to proved items to merge. Months without getting close to being able to merge enough to make the can in the statue hand, as so slow providing components. it would be better to be able to stockpile items together rather than taking up a single spot of storage. Felt like I was wasting my time, pointless because can’t progress and unfortunately uninstalled to find something more intriguing.

- Winter holiday Christmas event.

Hi guys. Love your game. Love the new events made to make it interesting. Small thing - the Christmas event just out isn’t updating the flash sale items to buy. Which means you can’t get through it fast enough to buy coal and other things. The event takes a long time to complete tasks. I play it every day and every few hours and I don’t think I will finish all tasks by the end date. May you please fix or am I doing it wrong ?

- Impossible to play

I started playing the game and I had found it very enjoyable I had made it a bit into the game but I have found myself unable to get the tin can and it was no big deal I’ll just get it later so after a while I fix up a bird house and I need green paint but I have no way of getting the green paint can so I’ve just waisted all my time on a game I can’t finish because it needs me to create something I just can’t this is a problem I think it should have an option to spend a amount of money in game money on a specific item or the game will become un playable I am severely disappointed I would say it is enjoyable until your stuck like an evergreen in a sueze canal

- Update improved game greatly!

I had deleted this game quite awhile back because it was so frustratingly slow. It has improved so much with better drops. One suggestion is to be able to undo a merge at least immediately after. And being able to undo paying a bubble break with diamonds. I accidentally did one today of the bear and wasted all those diamonds. I was just quickly selling off the hairbrush items for coins.

- Great game but few annoyances

Really enjoy this game and half the fun is working out how it all works and how to progress. Highly recommended. But there are a couple of annoyances that other reviewers have noted. - after about level 33/34 there isn’t anything more to do except increase levels which is tedious - the point gap between levels gets too large and it takes ages to progress - need an unmerge function for reversing just the last merge as it’s too easy to accidentally merge items you don’t want to. With level 8,9,10 items this is a potential disaster - the cost of slots in the box is crazy - the new random distribution of seeded items is beyond annoying. Please put it back to how it was at the previous release Otherwise great game

- Different and addictive

I love this game! I check in multiple times per day to see what else I can do. The storage and energy limitations add to the strategy aspect of the game - I think to increase these would make it a bit boring. The only improvement I’d like to see is for the actual time to recharge an item be shown, the display clocks don’t seem to be very accurate. Oh, and there are NO ADS! I’m not sure how the programmers are doing it.🤩🤩🤩🤩

- More levels or bring the other levels closer

I enjoy playing this game, but I think the levels in between are to far away from each other. I am at level 35 & have completed it, now I have to try & get to level 41 with nothing in between the two levels. I do, do the add in’s but this only helps a little to gain stars to help u get to the next level. Please look into & see if it is possible to get them closer together

- Fun and different

Love his game but the board where you make items is too small, you end up selling items you shouldn’t just to make room. It does also take just too long for things to recharge. I hope you can change these things as sometimes it makes me want to delete the game as a waste of time. Apart from these 2 things, I am really enjoying the game and waiting to get to mansion. And hearing Grandmas story

- Slow boring burn

Initially I enjoyed this game, then the brakes are applied. Not hours but days of patience are required. Waiting for timeouts to reset on items the higher you get in levels, and the algorithms driving this are likely reducing the release of certain merge items as well. As you merge the item you’ve spent days building toward, suddenly it is now in abundance, and it is no longer needed. The side tasks are also pointless, I’m at level 27 and have not completed a single interesting puzzle or “mystery” activity yet. I don’t think Grandma is hiding anything, it’s probably just dementia 😳

- Enjoyable fun

As another reviewer said, it’s so nice to have a game that’s not inundated with ads. The only “frustrating” part is waiting for items to be ready to generate… which always seems to be when you’re just getting into the groove. It’s a frustration I’m happy to live with, and so am glad to highly recommend this game… so long as you don’t mind the hours you’ll lose playing it lol

- Starts full of promise, but…….

When I started playing this game it seemed as though I had finally found one which was actually interesting, but it has bogged down. The story has disappeared and I am waiting to find a couple of items which don’t appear to be available in any of the merges I can create. Maybe if I was prepared to spend lots of money I might get further but as it is I think I’m going to delete this game very soon. Don’t get sucked in by the ads, which indicate that lots of interesting things happen: maybe they do but it takes so long to get anywhere that boredom sets in very quickly.

- Playing with niece & nephew across 3 devices

My niece found this game and downloaded it on my iPhone then asked me to help… ever since then I have become addicted and needed my own version on another device! Now I am keeping 3 versions alive across 3 devices (my niece & nephew have limited screen time) & I can’t stop playing. The lack of annoying ads makes this game so much more tolerable than so many others. I love it.

- Relaxing and distracting.

So, I got this game despite the ads that kept popping up while playing other games, rather than because of them. It’s delightfully straight forward, doesn’t explain too much at the beginning, and doesn’t involve ridiculously long plot-filled cut scenes. Just hardcore merging and space management. Lots of pinging of the rewards centres with generous winnings. Lovely graphics and likeable characters. A well balanced game!

- Be aware: The current max level is 40

It won’t go higher anymore after lv 40 (even your XP bar is full) so please think twice if you gonna spend money on it. I have been playing this game for over a year I guess, so I doubt that the developers are thinking about creating more game after level 40. Who knows~ up to everyone ~ It is still a great for playing in your leisure time! 我玩了這個遊戲一年多了,但我最近發現這遊戲目前只開發到40等(難怪後面這麼難升等),後續就是吃再多經驗都沒意義(官方說會存下來以後如果有更新就會顯示但誰知道?) 幸運的是我沒有花錢在這個未開發完成的遊戲,但還是會推薦給需要休閒娛樂的朋友

- I like the new improvements

Love the new improvements that allow higher energy items to spawn higher numbered items, like the dresser and car do vases and lightbulbs now instead of just tiny vases and lightbulb boxes. The game can be very tedious at times since energy runs out so fast and regenerates relatively slow. There is also no option to watch ads or anything to earn gems and coins, you have to buy them. Also, what's with the 'daily' task list now being 23 days long??

Payoneer 💰

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- Nice concept too much timer

I quite enjoy the principle of the game and I think the idea is nice however the games energy and box timers are limiting the amount of time you can play in one sitting which is a shame because I could see this game becoming addicting. I have no issue with spending money on a game I like however this game is not providing me with things I would like to buy. A one time purchase to speed energy recovery or watch an add for a limited boost would be something Iwouls be interested in.


I’m making it my duty to fix the App Store. Your ads are FAKE they falsify the game play and premise of the story All ads for this game: grandma taken away for “murder” Real story: grandma gives you a mansion.... If the purported story was real it would be fun and awesome.....but no, you LIED to your potential user. You have actually broken laws in Canada by advertising false information

- Angry

Expensive game to play, wait time between games is ridiculously long for game to top up.

- A++

Good game love it

- SLOW Progress

Your board fills up with items you are trying to build and save, leaving no room to merge more items. The “time” on each item takes WAY to long to refill. I play for about two minutes, then I have to wait hours, just to play for another two minutes. Was a fun game at the start but now I just find all the waiting too frustrating.

- Like watching paint dry.

Timers take too long to refresh.

- Where’s the story?

I’ve been playing for ages (okay, three months) and have yet to see any story...

- Great game, wait time is too long…

You wait 3-4 hours to play an item, tap on it 4-5 times to merge the items and times out again. Starting to think it’s just not worth it Anita

- Tops out at level 40; tsk tsk

So I reached the highest level of 40 2 months ago and they still haven’t updated the game to open more areas, even though there are areas need you to be level 53 or 55 or higher. So disappointing, don’t waste money to rush through since they stop you advancing.


Like someone already said, the ads are fake. Like, some weirdass breakup. Nope not true. And like, the Grandma goes to jail for murder. All she does is give you her mansion 🙄

- Long delay

I enjoy playing however the wait time between all the timers is horrible. I get putting timers but seems like a full day for some and then u get like 4 items. Tasks are next to impossible to reach with the limited amount spaces. The damn orange flowers take forever to acquire and lots of money for storage. For the love of pete fix these issues cuz in a short time ill just give up playing and so will others because of these issues.

- Never ending circle

When opening this game a message appears asking you to update the game. Click on update. Takes you to the App Store which gives you the message to open the game. Open the game...update required and around and around it goes!

- Terrible and add False advertisement

this game has a terrible ad it’s terrible because it’s complete false advertising the gameplay is super slow super boring and not at all the storyline displayed in the fake commercials this is something we consider to be against the law in Canada..

- Absolutely love this game but....

I love this game! It’s super entertaining and I could play it for hours straight but I do have a slight issue with it. I feel like having both limited energy and items that you have to wait to use to spawn other items is a bit too much. You have to wait a minute for 1 energy which only gives you 1 move. Maybe they could add something into the game to buy for unlimited energy? I’d buy it!


There are ZERO cut scenes as shown in the ads. It’s a matching game with tones of commercial interruptions.

- Too much hassle

Thee is too much hassle to get to another level at certain times and no way to really get there except the alternate games. Getting tired of this.

- Good game

Fun and it paces you, nice story line

- Please consider

This game needs an in-game tutorial and perhaps an option to buy infinite energy. Also, get rid of the timers; playing for just minutes at a time is increasingly boring. The garage should be for tools only. Add a potting shed for plants, a workshop for lighting and electrical and a garden shed for gardening tools. And give each extra storage space for items not in use.

- Like the game

But I need level 41!! When will it be available?

- Stuck at level 40

Please make an update…

- Stops at level 40

Very addictive game. Still is. But how is it possible the levels are created slower than the player advancing through. I’ve spent a month+ after level 38 just doing daily tasks to build up XP to get to level 41 because there were no more items left to complete. Became a meaningless game not opening any new areas. Now finally completing level 40 and it’s not unlocking 41 because I’ve reached the max level. Also doesn’t look like any new xp points I’m earning are added on.

- Frustrating

Like the concept however, I have been playing for a while now and still can’t get enough stuff to move past the front gate. Don’t waste your time like I did

- Deceptive Ads

The ads make it seem that there is a mystery and story to the game, but I never got past just merging. Don’t download this if you’re expecting the game to be anything like the ads.

- If I could rate it zero I would

I’ve been playing for months and have yet to see any storyline the adds lie and you have to buy gems to get better stuff


All the ads in this game is grandma’s taken away for muder Or the girl with the brown hair gets divorced on her wedding day then grandma gets her key that’s not how it’s like. The real storyline is that her and her grandma were walking along a path when they come upon her grandmas old mansion grandma gives the girl a key and then they try to renovate the Magine and see the secrets.

- Toujours en attente…

Je vois que plusieurs commentaires parlent du délai pour le reset des artefacts…. Vous attendez quoi pour reagir ?? C’est vraiment plate de jouer 15 mins et devoir arrêter……

- Update

Love the game, but new update has lots of glitches. Can’t properly merge stuff. They just seem to overlap and glitch.

- Merge

It’s nice to see what’s come next and before an item (except when it’s the first) when pressing the i for information, but it would’ve been also much easier if it’ll show where the item comes from like the tools come from the toolbox, the lightbulbs comes from the car/go-kart, the seeds from a certain plants, etc

- Slow timer refills, then only get 3-4 items from all that energy buildup.

Very slow to build up energy. Becomes mind numbing when it takes so long to make an item. It does not live up to the commercial hype in the adds.

- Fun up to a certain point

The game starts out fun but once you reach the beach sign task, you can’t complete it, therefore no way to move forward in the game. I no longer open the app because it will take forever to get enough xp to get to a higher level

- Good


- Game is fun but special events are unfair

I like the game and the concept and have been playing for quite some time, but the special events are definitely geared towards buying energy and special items to advance. And if not paying the odds of getting the items you need are basically nil once at the halfway point. Will no longer be doing any events as it’s just frustrating

- Timers too long

I really like a lot of the changes to the game recently. Rather than just having a timer, it actually tells you how long is left before you can use an item. I also like that higher level items come out of higher level containers. The timers however are much longer than they were before. It can take between 1 hour and 3 hours for some items. The flowerpot is one of the worst. It is becoming almost pointless buying more energy as the containers take as long to refresh as for your energy to fill up.

- Too long to recharge game time

Good enjoyable game but the recharge time is irritatingly long. It has my attention for now but quickly I’ll tire of the waiting and will hit playing. Didn’t have problem paying for a 100pack of gems ONCE but there should definitely be more play time to keep people engaged.

- Good game but

There are aggravating features. Bubbles appear and eventually turn into coins but take up valuable board space. And, the board gets so clogged with stuff you will eventually need but who knows when. And you run out of energy trying to get to the point wher things come off the board but you have to stop. Trying my patience. And as a result, also playing much less. In fact, may delete it because I don’t see ever getting into the mansion.

- Fun game. Wait time’s are frustrating

Love this game, but find little can be accomplished due to having to wait so long while items refresh.

- Meh.

While merging things is fun the game itself is lacking in story. You’re kind of thrown into fixing up the place with a weak reason and then no story continuation between great gaps. Very quickly you get stonewalled by timers and energy recharging increases in cost per use, resetting at midnight. It’s an ok game, but I made myself play longer than I should have. Shame.

- Stupid

I downloaded to play the game that was shown on the adds not whatever the hell this is🙄🙄

- Good game but VERY SLOW

I like the concept of the game and enjoy playing it however it is VERY SLOW both in how much time you can spend playing the game (due to lack of energy), which translates to progressing through the levels. 1) You are constantly running out of energy. It takes 2 minutes to earn 1 energy, yet you can only earn a maximum of 100 at a time, which takes 1 hour & 40 minutes. So, after a good nights sleep of say 8 hours, instead of earning 240, you have only 100, which is used up in minutes. 2) There is NO additional storage on the Events, such as Grandma’s Birthday Party or Ignatius Boulton. So, when your card fills up, you have no choice but to sell off items to make more room. 3) I don’t mind purchasing packages, as I realize that it takes $$ to maintain the game. That being said, if the packages being offered don’t provide enough of what is needed (energy or diamonds), then it’s not worth me spending my $$... especially when I can play another game, buy their $13.99 package and play for days. Looking at the reviews, all of these issues have been outlined before and yet nothing seems to have improved. It is my suggestion that if you want to maintain or better yet increase the number of people playing this game, you would make some much needed changes sooner rather than later, before we all start leaving.

- Don’t waste your time. Literally!!1

Play for 2 minutes then wait for 2 minutes to 8 hours!!! Not sure what they were thinking. Games are meant to be played. This “game” wants you to sit around for days waiting on timers to run out or spend ridiculous amounts of money. Gross. I only started playing a few minutes ago and now I have to come back tomorrow to play again for five minutes. What a joke.

- Fun but….

I am enjoying the game. However, this birthday party update is not adding properly. I play many levels, but the blue coins are not being added up. I would recommend this game, just fix the error please

- Boring repetitive garbage

No creativity uses fake ads to garner an audience but gameplay is button mashing time wasting trash to get people to buy in game purchases in order to progress

- Great new update

I love the new update I think it makes the game easier so it’s more fun to complete areas but my daily tasks stopped updating when it updated. Could y’all fix it?

- problem and or a glitch ?

i have the task in the garage for the car ornament and i’ve completed the lgnatius boulton event, and can see lindsays new york story, but its locked, and ive tried everything i could think of to play it but it wont let me.


The chest icon on my screen is missing and I can’t seem to find any information on it please fix this but overall good game :)

- 10/10 Marketing

Kathy Bates made me get it.

- Daily tasks

Brung back daily tasks ... Now it's monthly? 🙄

- Daily tasks/Start over option

It’s a great game and this latest August 2022 update is great except for the daily tasks (or so called daily tasks I should say). I just completed them but it says I have to wait 3 weeks for new ones. How in anybody’s world is 3 weeks plus considered daily???? I don’t know if it’s a bug but it needs to be ironed out regardless. As for what I previously commented on a starting over option, there is still nothing to allow it other than sending a message asking for it, despite assurances there would be. When someone makes a mistake in their game, sometimes they’ll want to start again but they still can’t. The warning about having to start over again if you delete rather than update the game when one comes up is still there but that continues to be as far as it goes. Please return this option without being forced to send a message as you said you would because its been more than a long enough wait for it.

- What happened to the daily tasks?

As of yesterday, the daily tasks didn’t refresh. Is the app no longer offering this??

- Needs tweaking

Since the update the daily task is renewing every 24 days instead of every 24 hours

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Merge Mansion 22.08.02 Screenshots & Images

Merge Mansion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
Merge Mansion iphone images
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Merge Mansion (Version 22.08.02) Install & Download

The applications Merge Mansion was published in the category Games on 2020-09-16 and was developed by Metacore Games Oy [Developer ID: 974585521]. This application file size is 425 MB. Merge Mansion - Games app posted on 2022-08-11 current version is 22.08.02 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.everywear.game5