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Hundreds of Levels That Will Annoy The Perfectionist In You
Make it Perfect! Fix them All and build your Little Happy OCD Town!

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Various performance issues fixed

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- Repudiative but enjoy it

I really like the game as a whole. Organizing things that don’t necessarily need to be organized is something I truly enjoy. My problem is that the game seems to have run out of new things to organize. It keeps repeating the same levels. I still enjoy the game but I want new levels. The other side of the game is building a town and I was really looking forward to that part as well. However, I ran out of building that needs to be done. The coming soon section doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon at all. I’m afraid that because I continue to play the game currently when it does finally show up I will be done with it really fast since I have gain a large amount of the purple gems. Please give us more levels as well as more town space so I have a reason to eep playing!

- mental illness isn’t a joke

let’s not make it into one, thanks

- It’s just ads

Another “game” that’s just a way to make you watch ads. There is no game here. It’s 90% ads.

- Full game

Please update soon! I already completed possible updates to the town and it makes me kinda loose interest to replay levels that are similar or the same, with nothing to have it live up to.

- No

I can NOT stand it

- Kay

It’s fun but i want to build more and I guess I built everything? I just keep collecting more $$$. Is there something wrong or have I gone as far as I can? Please respond!

- Good Game BUT

Great game BUT im on level 193 and it’s starting to repeat the same scenarios in previous levels. also I’ve built all the scenery and it saying “coming soon” but when ???? More levels, and more scenarios please

- Make it perfect

Great app love it

- Update please!!

Played it all the way up to the point of “coming soon” and can’t wait! Need the update ASAP!!!

- Glitches

Games keeps glitching & shutting down! Repeat games...please fix!

- Addictive but flawed

1. Too particular and sensitive. I touch something and lose a star, I touch the same thing again and maybe shifted a millimeter and it’s correct. 2. You’re going to want to buy no ads. 3. Levels start to repeat. I hate that the cake, airplane, train and tea cup levels show up so often. 4. A week or so in and I’m out of things to spend my gems on. What now?

- Disappointing.

This game, for starters, has advertisements all over social media claiming that it’s “perfect for OCD,” yet it’s entirely based off of a fraction of the disorder, further amplifying the stereotypes of OCD. Disgusting. Once we get past that (and, honestly, kind of hard to move past such an insensitive thing), the game is RIDDLED with advertisements that make it hard to enjoy. Double your score? Ad. Bottom of the screen? Ad. Every few levels? AD. I get that it’s a way to get income from an otherwise free app, but, dude. That’s partially why these games don’t stay at the top of the charts—if at all—for very long. Atop of that, it ushers you to buy the in-app purchases, and it’s baseless—just endless levels of “perfecting” things that shouldn’t be laying out in the first place! Like, come on, tell me right now that you have your tacks, apples, soccer balls, cows, and watermelon slices laid out single file at all times. Lie to me. I dare you. Beyond that, each level costs “energy,” and every reward from the levels can be used to build houses. Also, you lose points/stars (and only get three chances) if you miss what needs to be perfected, and your total number of stars will eventually get you some “huge” prize that’s just an incentive to get you hooked. I only had to genuinely play, like, seven minutes of this stupid game to form this opinion. Fix your game’s advertisements. This was an utter disappointment of a game.

- G

I quickly became addicted to this game and now nothing to spend coins on. Update please with more of the neighborhood

- Please add more

Could you please add more space to build buildings in the neighborhood and more puzzles?

- Can’t grow town any more past original set up

I’m on level 391, the town has everything possible to buy, there’s nothing left. There’s a “coming soon” area that has been there for the past 100 levels at least without any changes. Is the town going to be able to be built up more or should I just quite now? Disappointing.

- Fun until...

This was entertaining until the levels kept repeating and the town stopped developing - all these gems with NOTHING to buy - and random people just walking about. I don’t understand why YOU is even labeled if you don’t DO anything but walk around... just like everyone else.

- Weird glitches

So I’m playing like a normal person and I got to the paper level and I notice that it’s give me 5 seconds to complete it and I don’t think it’s fair to me.and it was going good at start I am getting mad

- Happy OCD town!

This is a fun game to play - just wondering when there will be new updates and when the “coming soon” town will be completed? I have maxed out on the options to build my town and waiting to do more!

- The beginning is fun

It’s fine until you touch the correct object, but not in the EXACT location you’re suppose to. Also, the higher levels you get with the more it feels like levels start to just repeat.

- Make it perfect

Was fun till I stopped getting new properties....none available!

- Stuck on level 156!!

I’ve tried everything and the pies with the cherries are all the same, used a whole bar of energy to find the right ones with no progress and it’s telling me that no ads are available!!!

- repeats

i really liked this game at first but once you get to about level 150, the challenges just start over completely. so if you’ve already figured it out they are just exactly the same. i feel like this app is only for the ads, pretty disappointing.

- Ravenclaw Forever

Game has good structure and is fun but there are adds in between the levels and you can’t really enjoy it. I think it might be fun for people who like adds. If one of the developers is reading this I ask them to please fix this problem and then maybe I will download the app again.

- I think that it is a great app

i love this game and I think it is soo fun when you are in corintin🦄🦄👑👑👑🐯🏵

- Concept itself is good but..

If you have OCD get this game because its calming and you’ll keep coming back. Im not here to explain the app but to tell you why its only 3/5 for me. So, the Ad’s. Of course they randomly pop up during the game after pressing something but I don’t necessarily mind them but... 80% of the time when i want to use them it tells me “Ad is not ready yet”. I wait and come back only for it to tell me the same thing. So what im saying is when i want to watch an Ad its not there but when i don’t need it, it’s there showing me a game we could care less about. We are going to want to watch Ad’s ANYWAYS so why not let us choose when so you as the developer and us as the consumer BOTH benefit.

- Please update it

Please please update it I have gotten every piece of land possible and i have bought everything to put on it and i have nothing to do now. This is how i solved my covid-19 boredom/anxiety PLEASE UPDATE!!! i love this game

- Good Game with a Few Problems

In quarantine I’ve had way too much time on my hands so I passed all levels possible/built everything(with this update). But with that the “coming soon” area is frustrating so all I ask is for an update.

- Stopped building

Game stopped allowing me to build.

- Okay

Jade fun until it stopped letting me build. So I have all these points and can’t build anything.

- Please update your game!

I have built my community. Now I’m just earning gems and can’t even spend them. Can you please update your app to where we can do more things! I have a lot of friends that play this game and we are about to hit delete if it doesn’t get fixed soon thank you so much.

- No more building areas?

It was fun until I hit level 330 and I built everything I could. There’s nothing left to build. I see a “Coming Soon” area but that’s it.

- Where is update with more?

Can’t reach support to even ask if they will be adding more to this game anytime soon:(

- Great game

Great game! I have really bad ocd and this game is actually calming and satisfying! I recommend this game!

- Make it perfect ended

I was playing the game and building my town. For over two weeks I have been collecting tokens but no way to spend them. The games haven’t changed and I have memorized the sequence to get the most possible stars. There is a section that says coming soon but as of right now there is only a continuous loop of same puzzles and nothing new.

- Update it

The game is sooo amazing but hope that you’d update it cuz finished some people have finished

- Updates.

I love this game a lot. I’m just when will the game be updated with new areas to build because I already finished all the starting areas and I wanna build some more. Please and thank you.

- Love it

Love this game, but it needs some new levels and add on to the OCD town.

- Update

Can’t wait to receive the new update

- Would be perfect

Would be perfect if it had new levels or boards, what ever you want to call it. I’m at 100,000 coins and still can’t build or have new games , when will the update come!!!! Also there is a BIG sign that says coming soon but have yet to see anything, have built all I can build can’t build anymore until new updates come

- Love this game

However, why does it get to the point when all 8 sites are built and it no longer shows the build option? Just says coming soon. Please advise. Thank you

- Add more things

It was easy to finish the game and now I can’t do anything :/ Can you try to add more things to spend the money on

- Not to good

The game has a terrible glitch where it just crashes and the screen is blank

- Fun game but...

Fun and entertaining but the second part of building a city I’m stuck and it just says “coming”.... how long before I can continue that part???

- Love it!!!! I’m addictied!!!!🤩🤩

I am so addicted!! If you don’t have this I totally recommend it!! It is really fun and helps you notice things!! Even the littlest things. I love it!!!!!!!!! It also cost nothing. So go ahead and try it. I did!!

- Helpful

I had the problem with the cakes as well but you just have to put one cake on the opposite side

- Coming soon? When?

Add more levels! Add some different things to perfect. Too easy to fix the same puzzles over and over and over

- Absolutely disgusting advertisement.

Mental illness is not a gimmick, it’s not a personality trait, and it’s not a sales pitch. Your advertisement stated “They turned OCD into a game.” A game. People suffer from OCD. And I can promise you it’s not a game to them. Stop broadcasting that tasteless advertisement. People are misinformed about OCD and mental illness in general enough as it is. The last thing we need is a stupid ad like that spreading around. Hope it was worth the app downloads.

- Update coming soon?

I have built and bought everything available. Also noticing all the levels just randomly repeat themselves. More coming soon?

- Any updates?

Im waiting for an update on this app, I still want to keep playing! And why is it so specific to the touch, our fingers are not pencils lol.

- A low quality game that ridicules mental illness

This apps advertisement is a complete mockery of a real mental disorder that many people struggle with daily. At first i wanted to simply download the app, write a review, and delete the app, but I reluctantly decided to try the game out. It is shown through the general poor quality of this game that most of the budget was spent on ads that only irritate people, and even does a bad job at that.

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- Trop de pub

Un jeu, une pub, un jeu, un pub. 🙄

- Offensive ads

"They turned OCD into a game" is a disrespectful

- OK

This is ok but OCD is not easy to live with and the fact that you thought it was fun is actually really offensive. I agree with most of the other comments

- OCD is not funny

OCD is not something to play round with not funny IF YOU ARE GOING To WANT 5 STARS FROM ME YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK FOR IT

- Bruh

Im not saying i hate this because "you can't turn OCD into a game" even though you can't but this game is very poorly made and is almost useless and just a quick and easy app made for money

- OCD? really?

change your slogan and i’ll change my review

- Upset with advertisements

OCD ISNT JUST PERFECTIONISM! PEOPLE WITH OCD CAN SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO DIE OR SOMEONE THEY LOVE IS GONNA DIE BECAUSE SOMETHING DOESNT FEEL RIGHT, NOT BECAUSE SOMETHING ISNT PERFECT! This is something that some people have deal with every day and it’s not just something you can make into a game, it’s a mental disorder that people actually struggle with. You wouldn’t turn depression or anorexia into a game, so why would you turn OCD into game that doesn’t even portray half of what it really is? Does this game make you drink water in three seconds or your whole family will die? Does this game make you feel suicidal?

- Game is alright.

Good game to pass time. But has waaaaaay to many ads between games. Take those away and it would be a game you’d want to play more...

- Hii

Can you give an update of this application? I like it very much

- Ad is terrible!

It’s late, my phone is about to die, but here I am writing a review purely based on one ad I saw. Look Voodoo, you make good games (not including giving you an ad after every round), but OCD is NOT a game, nor is it funny. As someone who has suffered from OCD, it hurts to see this crap. I recommend taking down that ad, or maybe even the game itself. I, along with many others, have spent hours crying and thinking about little things due to OCD.

- Boring

It takes to long to get power to play a level, so most of the time I’m just watching ads. Also, at a certain point the levels just repeat. And OCD is serious, do not use it as a tag line!

- Full of ads and glitchy

Game would have been good but the amount of ads that pop up and when you buy things the game glitches right out. Take this junk down

- Annoying

It is very annoying how you have to have energy to do a level like what the heck

- Love it!

Lots of fun! But when will more land be available in the coming soon section?

- Et la suite?

Je suis rendu au niveau 509 et ....... l J’attends...... j’attends ..... pour voir s’il va y avoir quelque chose de plus . Ce serait peut être bien de diversifier les casse-têtes. À part ça, le jeu est un bon divertissement que j’apprécie. Merci.

- “Coming soon”

Wish y’all would add some more stuff on the app.

- Make it Perfect

Waiting for the “coming soon” section to open. When will this be available? Developers won’t answer and there is no way to contact them.

- Not for ocd at all

There’s waaayy too many ads and every time you make ONE level good there’s already two or three more ads to watch

- 🥜

We like bananas

- very bad

It doesn’t matter what people say about this app, OCD is a serious condition. Turning it into a game is disrespectful and is very wrong.

- OCD is not a game

I have never seen such a dumb ad, seriously voodoo you guys are disgusting. It’s crippling and to joke about it in an ad is saying a game with where you only use one hand saying, they made being an amputee into a game

- Not enough to the game

Waited forever for the “coming soon” never came!

- Wrong update bro

Updated to fix “bugs” that nobody has complained about. Other than the amount of ads there’s nothing to do with obstruction of gameplay other than the fact that you have not added on. It’s quick to finish all the areas and then there’s nothing to do because there’s just a big block of nothing

- Disgusting

You are teaching people to self diagnose, now I’m not someone who had OCD but I’m not inconsiderate and stupid enough to to call it a game fore OCD. Educate yourself maybe before you hurt others. You people disgust me.


OCD is not a game you should not be marketing your game like that

- Waiting.

There aren’t 100s of games. They’re repeated. Too many adds, but found out the hard way it’s not worth it to pay the 3.99.. Says new stuff coming soon for months now. Garbage. Revamp.

- not worth it

the game doesn’t take long, energy takes too long to reload, gems take too long to reload, coming soon section has been coming soon for months 😡😡

- Update

The game doesn’t update often.

- La suite?

J’ai tout développé mon village et j’attends la suite. Quand cela va-t-il être prêt?

- Seriosly

OCD is not a game. Stop marketing that way. My friend has OCD and I showed him and he said that you should just market it for perfectionists and I agree. It’s rude to market that way and makes people with OCD feel bad so just stop. I love the game but stop marketing it that way. There isn’t really glitches but there is not even 1 a week. Maybe 1 a month but that is it. And it is probably because I have an iPhone 6s. I finished my town so when’s the update coming!!! I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks! Plus it needs more levels. Well NEW levels. It just keeps repeating.

- Boring

It’s fun to make things perfect (it’s satisfying) but this is annoying not satisfying at all

- Repetitive

Finished the levels very quickly and now am seeing it repeat as it goes on. Waiting on new levels and the coming soon to come soon.

- Love it but keeps crashing

I love this game but it keeps crashing. I either loose my money or have to redo the level. Please fix!

- I agree

I agree that this is very offensive against people with OCD. I recommend you change your slogan and don’t use OCD as a game. I agree with everyone that has brought up this point so please acknowledge that OCD is serious. The game itself is not too bad but I think the marketing behind it is bad. This can make people with OCD feel bad so change it. OCD is serious and not a game. I suggest you do your research. Change your ways.

- Decent game

It’s fun but after a few levels they all begin to repeat themselves and the only reason to keep playing is to finish creating the town your building.

- Le village est petit

On a vite fait le tour. A part accumuler des pierres, il n’y a plus rien à faire quand on a terminé. A quand le reste?

- Not hundreds

The tasks repeat too often, eliminating the “challenge”. Also, new terrain has been “coming soon” for way too long. I can’t progress anymore, other than to stock pile coins - which will only make the new terrain easily completed and again turn one away from the game. As well, the tasks are too sensitive that they claim an error was made when it was just chub fingers on a tiny screen.

- Really glitchy

Whenever I play it always crashes and then I have to redo a level. You might want to fix that bug

- Please Update 🥺

Love the game, super fun, lots of cute mini games (although they do get a bit repetitive). The only disappointing part of this game is how quickly you run out of things to do in your world. I’ve only had it a couple days and I’ve run out of my town to upgrade, and I’ve cycled through all of the mini games. More please !!!!

- Great game but...

...still waiting for the Coming Soon. When will that be happening??? For now, only ⭐️⭐️⭐️

- #update the game

I found a glitch so you can keep playing when you have no energy left. Please fix it I have over 100,000 jems.

- Question

Quand allons nous pouvoir avoir d'autres terrain j'ai rempli mes terrains et là c'est écrit prochainement depuis un bon moment

- Fun but...

It’s fun but I’ve finished the town, and now it’s kind of pointless... is the “coming soon” actually coming soon?

- Not many levels

Not many levels which sucks. Been waiting for the “coming soon” for awhile. Going to delete. Didn’t take long to get through the whole game. Disappointed.

- Make it perfect!

I was just loving this game but I ran outta town! lol. Can’t wait for the update 💕😊

- Curious

When is the coming soon part coming ????

- Darkness

Everything on the home menu goes black except for the play button and the you tag. Game continues to use screens from game play over the home screen

- Video ads and levels

When will adds be available to earn life? Sad to see just repeated levels Waiting for coming soon section

- Fun, but...

I love the game, but there’s an issue that when you collect the money from your buildings, it deducts a certain amount of money from your total for absolutely no reason. I went from collecting nearly 1.2k gems to only 450. This needs to be fixed as it’s holding back my upgrades.

- Enjoying but waiting

I also am waiting for the coming soon section. I’ve built everywhere else and now have tons of coins to use. I would love to see more level selection. I’m repeating the same perfection “pictures”. Fun game though!

- Too many ads

Spending more time watching ads than actual gameplay.

- Repeating levels

I enjoyed the game a lot but it just gets to the point where you play through the same levels repeatedly. I’m currently on lvl 400 or so and it’s just the same thing over and over. I’ve also maxed out all buildings so I don’t know if I keep playing or uninstall

- Can’t go any further

I got to level 500 and can’t go any further. It just says coming soon.

- Waiting waiting

This was a really good game, but now I’ve bought everything and I’m still waiting for the next part to be available- its been on coming soon for weeks now.

- Making my OCD worse

It was good up until mid February 2020 when the game kept glitching.. Now you can keep playing and earning money but you can’t spend it! I have been waiting over 1 week to add to my map and I can’t.. need to complete this map my OCD is killing me lol

- More content!

Loving the game for when I’m bored af, but the only reason why I keep going back and playing it is coz I’m waiting for the ‘coming soon’ to be here already! I’ve passed level 1000 and have over 180,000 coins. Getting frustrated now

- Review

When’s the next city opening up? I’ve completed everything and the “coming soon” area is annoying now

- Expansion

When will I be able to expand! It keeps saying “ coming soon” i have upgraded everything. And I’m on level 437 I keep repeating the same games. When will I be able to unlock more and when will you add more content to play!

- Where is the rest

I loved the game and now all I see is “coming soon” I want to add more levels, where did the levels go??when is the coming soon part opening ????.

- Ocd warm-up

Gets my ocd up and running

- More houses please

Stuck on level 618 but no more houses or land to fix up?? When will update come. Love the game but want more to play

- Ok, but repetitive and ads

Levels get repetitive, so many ads. Waiting on new areas to build. If you get more lives it only fills up the bar and you don’t get all the lives you’ve earned. Meh.

- Fix these glitches

Soon as I got to level 2 the screen went black and won’t let me. Do anything so can you please fix these glitches

- Limited levels - it all repeats.

Limited levels and they all just start to loop. Completing them all several times. Only a few stages of ‘development’.

- Level 800 +

I’m having all sorts of problems with my game. It worked fine for a few sessions, but now l have only completed a couple of blocks of my town and I can’t seem to buy or spend anymore. It also has a bright pink background and every minute or so, it goes back to the desktop. I am at level 800 + and have accumulated nearly 120,000 but it won’t allow me to spend. I tried app support, but there is nowhere to send feedback and a screenshot. I like the game but not these glitches, hence the 2 star rating. I don’t want to delete and reload or I’ll lose my progress. What to do? Update 13/3/20 - My game has improved, it no longer crashes but I still can’t buy anything to improve my town, and the games in the levels are still the same.

- “Coming soon...”

When? WHEN is the next part “coming soon”?!


DO NOT GET THIS GAME! It is full of bugs and glitches and is anything but satisfying 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Updates

When is the app going to be updated to include new areas?

- Addictive......but

I love this game but am stuck on level 419. There isn’t anywhere else to build at the moment. There is an area that says ‘coming soon’. All I can do is keep building points. A 3 for me. Losing interest.

- Disappointing

Great idea for a game and fun to play. There’s an ad after every single level and constant, flashing ads at the bottom of the screen while you’re playing. It’s distracting. I was enjoying this game but I’ve deleted it.

- Major glitches

It would have been a fun and relaxing game however you can only build 4 areas and nothing after that. Very disappointing.

- Mindless fun but......

Paid for ad-free and have been waiting a few weeks now for the new areas to open up so I can continue playing. Same puzzles over and over and over and over again, with nothing to spend my gems on. Disappointed it’s taking so long.

- Good app but...

The game get repetitive after few levels in. The precision of the tapping isn’t 100% accurate because I did tap in the right place but I lost a star.

- Coming soon

Game was good, however waiting on update for the ‘coming soon’ section so as I can keep playing

- Level 330

I mean it’s good and all but I’ve upgraded everything an I swear I’ve done every level repeatedly 100 times

- Needs more levels

Great game, but needs more levels and a little harder. Have done everything and stuck with coming soon. Stuck wanting more and nothing to spend earned gems on...

- When’s the update coming??

Love it, addicted Need an update!! It’s been weeks

- Good game, but the developers have ruined it

Just ends up with repeats on fixing things and I’ve built all I can and the “coming soon” is taking too long!

- Hmm...

Ok so here is my point of view. First of all you barely get any time to scan the screen for errors and the end up using all your lives up because you don’t have enough time. Secondly there is a a ridiculous and unreasonable amount of ads. It’s annoying and I wouldn’t recommend. Thanks

- Too many long adds

It’s a fun addictive game but 30 second adds between each level is rediculous

- No new levels

There have been no new levels for a while now and they’re repetitive. It’s been the same for the last 100 levels.

- Addictive - but needs an update

Desperately needs an update: More / new levels; extra expansion options.

- Got to level 531 talk about repetitive

This game was fun in the first 5 minutes but then you lost me. All I am doing is repeating the same challenges over and over again now at level 531 and I have done to same 20 the entire time, not to mention I have purchased everything and have 35k banked and waiting for a new level to open it’s been 2 weeks now and it’s still coming soon. I hope you come up with something new soon or I am deleting this app I am just glad your not charging for this app as it isn’t worth a cent at the moment.

- Ok but a few things are not very good

The graphics are ok, but when I finish a level you cannot see the houses or anything but black and the words you and house and the button to play the next level. Please fix this and make the levels harder

- Not good.... at all

You keep deleting my reply which means you just don’t want your game to look bad! Remove the adds! No, not the adds in the game but rather the adds you use to promote this ‘game’. OCD is a serious issue not something for you to promote your business with! This creates stereotypes and can legit make people miserable! 😡😡 Also the game is super boring 😪😪

- New buildings

Really good but like when will the new places come out because it’s been saying coming soon for a while and ice finished building everything

- Love it!

I love the game but stuck after buying everything, games do repeat themselves often, but still love it. Hope the coming soon section opens up very soon, otherwise I’ll probably loose interest.

- Too many adds

Way too many adds that go for too long. Will keep playing for a while but if the adds keep up between ever two levels I’m deleting.

- Needs an update

So I’ve completed the game, basically waiting for an update to come so I can keep building more. As the update isn’t here yet, I’ve kinda gotten over waiting for more and stopped playing.

- Coming soon...

When will the next part of the city open! I have built everything available so far and the next block says “coming soon”. I’m racking up the gems but have nothing to build!!!

- Update due

I wish there was an update. I’ve built everything and have over 7000 gems. I can’t do anything more.

- Game stalled and repeating itself..

I have played all the way to 530. Other then the fact that all of the games are repeats and none new, but I have a massive plot of land saying coming soon and it has said that for weeks. I have read some reviews and that day the same. Happy to change my review if the game is fixed! Right now I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone..

- Please add sound to the game!

Hey.. so I really like this app. But I think it needs sound. 😀

- Repeating games & no hints

Game was good until level 112. Voodoo fixed glitch but then stuck on 156. Got past by googling. Watched a number of ads to get a hint but never got a hint. Sometimes ads come every level. One ad did not even stop. I had to exit game and restart to get back in. When I finally got past level 156, and played some more the games started playing again from the beginning. Voodoo need to update their release procedures for games and updates. Not enough care is taken for quality control.

- Boring

I did like this game but the levels are just repeating the same thing over and over!!! And there’s no more things to build!!!

- Love this app ... (but...)

Love this app only thing I’ve noticed after level 100 is just repeats the previous levels, plus there are lots of adds - but other than that LOVE IT

- Too much repetition and ads!

The puzzles are good the first time but they are repeated regularly which is frustrating because you already know how to do them. I made the mistake of paying the $4 to get rid of the ads which was silly of me because in order to get more lives to play you have to watch ads or wait 20 minutes each time, then you only get a few turns before the lives run out again. The concept of the game is good but repetition and ads ruin it!

- Waiting

This was a good game however I’m on level 664 and the levels are just repeating over and over again. I have bought everything there is to buy in the town. It says something is coming soon. When is the new stuff coming? Not much point in playing if I’m racking up gems but can’t use them and I’m just repeating everything.

- Level 156

I can’t seem to pass level 156 I have tried several time however always lose my stars. It won’t let me play a video for a hint either. This is really disappointing as I was really enjoying this game. Does anyone know if this will be fixed?

- Addictive

Hi I’ve reached all the end and have had fun even though the levels repeat themselves. Hint for anyone starting out - be precise with your taps. I can see people are having trouble with level 156 - but as you can’t go back to levels I can’t remember what the level looks like but know it has cakes in it. You either need to add a slice of cake (which is at the bottom middle) or turn the slice at the bottom left (around 7/8 o’clock) Hope this helps.

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- This is sad

Dear “Make it Perfect”, In your app description you said a phrase that I find quite inappropriate and disheartening. “Build your own happy little OCD town.” I know of many people who suffer from OCD and I happen to be one of them. I have suffered for many years with OCD diagnosed by a medical professional. My question is when is it ever okay to make fun of an illness? Mental illness and physical illness should both be taken seriously. Thank you so much, Amanda Sears

- Fun little game

I love the game but likeee I finished the game pretty quickly waiting for the new town 🥺

- Not Accurate

I really enjoy the game but when it gives you the opportunity to get extra gems sometimes it will give you a multiplier and that is not accurate. Multiple times it was 524 x 4 if you watch the advertisement video and then on gave a small portion of the promised gems. It really should be fixed or I will find something else to play.

- Good game, but...

I've built every area available. There is a ”coming soon” space but if it's not going to be updated, I wouldn't bother with it. About to delete it.

- No new areas!!!

I’m as far as I can go building my little town. I’ve asked before and not received an answer. Would like to know if they are going to update the game and add new areas or should I just delete it?!?!?!

- OCD Town expansion??

My OCD is killing me that you haven’t added the “coming soon” section yet...please update soon!! Is anybody still maintaining this app??


that’s it. it’s not a game. it’s a mental disorder. that all i have to say.

- I love the game

This is an amazing game the energy wait time don’t bother me at all it took me less that 3 days to complete everything though I remember everything for every level im already at like level 600 and its so easy but I definitely want MORE stuff to build and do and harder levels and the game is so fun though I don’t have any problems with it at all but I recommend it for sure it’s fun and helps time go by even if you aren’t building just playing levels is so fun

- Not as advertised. OCD isn’t an adjective!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not an adjective. OCD is not enjoyable, a cute quirk, or fun. It’s not just orderliness, perfect, or cleanliness. That’s only one form. In fact there are many including: Scrupulocity (religious), sexuality, relationship... the perfectionism OCD you so clearly reference in your posts and advertisements, and even app description, is categorically different than real perfectionism ocd. For one main reason: OCD is NEVER satisfying. It pushes and pushes, making you continue to do compulsions in hope of reaching that satisfaction...that never comes. The bloody raw knuckles from scrubbing your counters all night long, don’t compare to the cute fun clean perfectionism you advertise. Please stop propagating the misinformation. I used to put myself in timeout at the age of 3 for not being good enough. THAT is ocd, not this. You may thing you aren’t hurting people by calling it that, but you are because for every person that uses it as an adjective, it confirms the stereotype, spreads information and ultimately makes it harder for people to be diagnosed. It is the reason I wasn’t diagnosed until age 20, despite going to therapists from a young age, because they were used to the stereotypical OCD that I didn’t seem to have. I’m a messy person, nothing is in order because it’s too overwhelming to never be satisfied. And THAT is real OCD. I beg you, change your ads so more kids and people aren’t being misdiagnosed as a result of the spreading ignorance. They are distasteful and I see comments like these on them all the time- I am not alone in my sentiment. Call it perfectionism, but don’t call it OCD. So for that reason I leave this review- it is not as advertised. Because if you advertise it as an OCD app I’d better see the turmoil.

- Love it!

Almost to level 400, when does the “coming soon” part come? I have a lot of gems

- OCD is not a game

It’s incredibly insensitive of you to relate your game to OCD. Mental illnesses are not games, they’re not fun, and they are absolutely not yours to utilize for profit. You are perpetrating stereotypes about OCD. It’s not just a perfectionism quirk. It’s a serious mental illness that deeply impacts people’s lives. Your game does not in any way represent OCD. Please discontinue referencing it in your ads.

- Expand the town

When will there be more places to build in the town?

- Fun but repetitive

Really fun game but they really need to update the game. After a while you play the same levels over and over and there’s a “coming soon” thing but I’ve been waiting for a month for them to upgrade the game.

- Super glitchy

Idk what the f y’all were smoking when you programmed the game but sober up and fix the code soon or I’mma delete

- Too slow Too many ads


- 30s ads every level

Ridiculous!!! If it weren’t for the ads, every 10 seconds, that last 30s each- I might enjoy the game! Can’t say, though because after 4 levels, & 4 ads, I’m over it just that fast

- ???

When will there be som additional levels! I have three homes, two parks and two beaches. Then the puzzles just repeat.

- Fun game but......

Great game until you run out of things to buy with your tokens and then it starts repeating the levels even though you move further ahead. Needs a new update soon or I plan to delete it. It has a coming soon section but when will that happen??

- Horrible >:(

This app is horrible because it’s annoying glitchy. I mean, the levels are okay, but the houses were so glitchy, the screen for them was almost pure black, except for the buttons and upgrades, and in 10 minutes, I had deleted it.

- Great game

I have ocd

- Boring!

This game was fun at first but now it’s the same levels over and over and over. Hopefully some new levels will be released, if not, it’ll be time to delete the app.

- Good Game but.....

Way too many ads. The ads are so inappropriate for children. I deleted it.

- Can’t play game

There are so many ads, I cannot even play the game. Two rounds of the game had like ten ads. Deleting app.

- Addictive game

I absolutely LOVE this game. The only issue is there’s a lot of repeat levels and the biggest issue is I’ve ran out of levels. It says the next section is coming soon..... well when is “soon” going to be I’ve waited for like a month and check it daily to see if I have new levels and nothing yet

- More challenging please

1. I love the game,BUT the puzzle repeats themselves. 2. With OCD there should be a “Done” building to stop adding on. Also, once you complete add ons/building the people should come. I made the beach, bought the benches, boats, volleyball net, and yet no one engages! 3. Higher the level the bigger the rewards. 4. Can’t build anymore “Coming Soon?” So I won’t be playing for a while.....

- Meh

It was good at first You have to click directly on where you’re trying to fix otherwise it won’t work. Which is annoying. There’s been times I’ve clicked the same thing over and over because I know it’s wrong but didnt click exactly where the game wanted me to so it was never “fixed” it’s the same ones over and over just in different orders so you’ll find yourself fixing the same photo multiple times with the same problems every time. Also once you build your city it’s pretty much over. There’s nothing else to do except play the same rounds over and over and stack coins.

- What happens after level 500+??

Uhhhhmmm it’s been awhile, but there has been a COMING SOON area that will not open. Why?

- I really enjoy

I actually really like this game. It’s very relaxing and just something you can do mindlessly and just past time, please your OCD, and have a fun time. It’s fairly new so you can achieve completing the town for people who are OCD even with having a game caught up. The only thing is there’s an ad after every level but I don’t mind ads.

- When is the rest of the town coming?!

I absolutely love this game, but I finished making the town pretty fast. Now I’m stuck cause I have to wait for the “coming soon” portion to be done.

- .

So this game is just really bad because right when I click 1 thing it says bad then I would have to click everyone of them at the same time but it does not work and just says bad again and I can’t get to other levels.

- Bugs need fixing

I do enjoy this game, but it’s frustrating when the ads to gain money or free items never work! You usually get a message “ad is not ready” or the ad play almost to the end then you get nothing. Frustrating!! Since writing my first review the game has gotten worse! I feel forced to lower my original rating because now the game crashes all the time, the ads (when they play) come up as a black screen that does not go away. I was really enjoying the game in the beginning and would like to again. Developers do something, please!!!

- Coming soon WHEN!?!?!

So?? I’ve built the houses to their fullest.. now all there is to see is ‘COMING SOON’ and it’s been like this since the beginning .. there is no more point now so... what’s up??????

- Need to update!

I have everything possible built. They need to update the area that says coming soon so we can continue to play. Otherwise there is no point in having the game.

- Need more levels!!!!

I have nothing else to build?? Yet plenty of money and an area that says Coming Soon! Please add more!

- How I liked it

I liked it because it is very satisfying

- Bored

Passed level 500 and just keep racking up gems because it’s taking forever for a new area to open, which has said coming soon since I started the game. How soon is soon?!?

- Want an add free version

I like this game. Generally I don’t mind trying out a game with ads, but once I decide I like it and want to play long term.... the ads annoy me and I end up deleting the game/app.

- 😒

This game is way too glitchy. Everytime I click on the doubles amount & watch an add it freezes & I have to reload the game. It takes away my star but gives me no money.

- Cool for a week or so.

The actual game is very low stress and easy to play. Ive had no issues at all playing the game but this is a waste of space on my phone. My issues are that it takes entirely too long to gain another life, there are ads between every. single. level (levels take less than a minute to complete), the levels start to repeat themselves with no challenge being added, and Im on 429 and there is literally nothing else to buy or earn. There’s an area that says coming soon but it’s been too long already. Im earning gems but I cant do anything with them. I can’t manipulate the things Ive already bought. I can’t even explore more parts of the map.



- Needs New Puzzles

I LOVED this game when I first started. It was perfect to challenge my OCD. Now however, all of the puzzles just keep repeating. I have built as much as I can build. I see the “coming soon.” I hope that this is: 1) soon and 2) new puzzles. It is a really great game but I don’t have much interest in playing anymore because I know as soon as it comes up, where the problems are going to be and I don’t even get to expand on building. Please bring the update soon!

- Fun Game but...

Too many ads.

- Incredibly insensitive to those actually suffering from OCD

I saw an ad for this with the caption "They made OCD into a game!" This is incredibly insensitive and very ignorant. OCD is not the urge to make everything perfect. It's not cute or quirky. It's an actual problem people suffer from. OCD has put people in danger, and can give them constant anxiety over many things. Does getting sent to the hospital from blood loss sound fun to you? What about having to deal with the fear of your loved ones dying every single day? OCD is not an aesthetic or a cute quirk. Please take down your disgusting ad and apologize for your horrible actions.

- Bigger town?

This game was addicting and fun to play even with the obsessive ads. I am currently not playing anymore because what can be built has been done already. So now I go in just to collect coins waiting for next section to open to build more. When will this become available?

- Too many advertisements between levels

If I had wanted to watch that many ads I would have clicked the double token button. Instead I don’t really have a choice.

- The game wouldn’t let me finish

So I’m going through the game right, and I’m doing good and I have one little section to finish. I try to finish that section just to realize that my game has updated, I’m like sweet. Then after that I have to watch an add to get one of the items that I need in that section. Even though I have enough coins, the game still tries to make me watch the video. On top of that, the ad won’t even load, so I’m stuck on the last part of the game and it’s really frustrating.

- racist

There’s only white people in that little town you got going on in the game. Thats racist bro. how disappointing. I lost faith in humanity when I noticed. So sad.

- No ads for double points

I keep going up levels and every time I pass it gives the option for double points if you watch an ad, but it always says ad not ready. Frustrating.

- Update app!

I’m so bored quarantined at home, I played the game like 5 times. Please make new levels!!!


All the ads for this said “they made OCD into a game”. Literally go away that’s romanticizing mental illness and hurts people.

- Fun enough but....

I downloaded this game feb 15. I’ve now, 2 weeks later, built up the town as far as is possible and am now waiting, like others, for the “coming soon”. This game is only reliant on ad revenue unless they get you to pay for ad-free. Otherwise, you’ve got to put your device on airplane mode so you don’t get a 30 second ad after each and every level, and levels take no more than 30 seconds to complete . The only problem with airplane mode is, if you need a hint, you need to watch an ad. Kind of brutal. And, like others have said, it’s horribly repetitive.

- "They turned ocd into a game" seriously?

Gross. You don't have to be a genius to understand why making fun of mental illnesses is a bad move. Plus, the game itself is just one of those mindless addicting stuff that sucks the joy out of you.

- Waiting

Waiting for the coming soon part, when will this be available

- Lame...

Finished the game the first day. There’s nothing left to do in it. You build 7 little areas and that’s it. There’s a section that says coming soon but never comes.......

- Levels Repeat

I liked this game but after so many levels, you are just playing the same thing again. The levels just keep repeating.

- Love the game

It needs to recognize when you are tapping on the spot to fix better. Needs more levels , new challenges instead of just repeating it. Kinda annoyed because I purchased the game to stop the ads but you still get them to get more lives and after paying I can’t play because I’m waiting for the coming soon to open up. When will that be happening.

- Only DLed to write a review

This makes me sick this is not what my Obsessive Compulsive Distorter is like at all. Very offensive.

- Open the coming soon section

Enjoying your game very much. I would like it even better if the coming soon section were to open.😊

- OCD really?

It’s a good game but why would you put OCD as an advertisement! It’s disgusting, a lot of people suffer from this disorder it is not a joke! I really can’t believe you put this up!

- Dumb

Levels take 5 seconds, ads in between levels, you run out of “energy” to do levels

- Time of play to ad length makes it not worth it

It’s a relaxing concept, but 10 second levels to 30-60 second ads in between is a ratio that makes the game not worth it for me.

- Too many ads

I know games need money to operate but there’s an ad after every five levels. It’s easier to shut down the game and restart.

- Lacking so far

The game is fun enough but I’ve beaten everything that’s available and I don’t want to keep playing in the meantime because the levels are so repetitive. Update please!

- Used to like it

Are used to like the game and then I got to level With cakes and there’s no difference it is and I even tried to use the hint and it doesn’t even give me one

- Publicité

Beaucoup trop de publicités et de plus le jeu bogue. Le jeu n’est pas si intéressant

- Level 156

Is missing a piece of cake at the top to match at the bottom. Maybe that will help those that are stuck in that level

- Glitches

I love the game and I’m still playing it despite this. But, the display of the map always turns black once I press on the purple rewards or when I build something. So I can barely see my beautiful town which is frustrating. Also, sometimes the actual game play will freeze after I won and it still lets me play but I can always see the level that freezes when I get to the map. I love this game but soon I might give up because of how bad this thing glitches on me.

- Repetitive

It’s an ok game, but after a certain point- fairly early in the game - the levels just keep repeating. You just play the same scenarios over and over and it gets boring very quickly. If there were some new puzzles to solve, this game would be way more enjoyable.

- And your good

For people who think they’re are to many ads turn off your WiFi! Duh!

- Waiting to play on

Like the game but you need more puzzles and land


It keeps crashing on me when I try to build and advertising saying that people with OCD can play this game. I love it but you advertise about OCD and that’s really mean.

- Disappointed

I got to level 156 and I’m stuck. I’ve pressed on everything possible and am just using up tries. Everything looks aligned but it’s not moving forward. I’ve pressed the help button and all I get is another ad with no help afterward.

- At a stand still

I am also waiting for the “coming soon” section to open up

- :(

Adds, adds, and more adds..

- Too many ads

Very frustrating trying to play with the far too frequent interruptions.

- Version

When is next version coming out? Waiting for new sections.

- Crap

The game or mine anyways has a glitch. It will not let me past level 156. It will not let me use clues or let me die. I was able to try it 30 times in a row before I just left. I have tried deleting the app and re down loading it and still nothing. And there is no way to contact anyone for support or anything. I paid to have the ads removed and now I’m out that cuz the game doesn’t work. I get that it’s only $4 but still when I pay for a game I want it to work.

- Glitch at Level 156

As there’s no “contact the developer” option, i’m writing this review to advise there seems to be a glitch at Level 156. When I couldn’t figure out the answer, I clicked on the clue button but nothing happened. Used my three clues and watched three more videos to get more clues... still didn’t work.

- Glitches

Just like many on here I am trapped on level 156. I have watched many adds without receiving any hints and wasted tonnes of energy tapping randomly trying to find a mistake where there isn’t one. Uninstalling as I cannot progress any further with the game as it is.


The level 156 dosen't work , even if i watch videos for hint , they show nothing after. I'd touch everywhere to know wich thing wasn't correct and there were nothing wrong. It don't work .

- Would’ve given it 5.. but...

I’m on a level and I literally can’t see a single thing wrong with it. I click the hint button, watch the ad... and then get no hint. I’ve literally clicked every single space on the level to try and get through it.... still nothing. Its glitching. 😫

- Too many glitches and bugs

Level 156 is currently unbeatable as hints do not work due to the fact that nothing is out of place in that level to begin with. Also, the land upgrade screen keeps glitching out of existence, partially after buying an upgrade. You shouldn’t allow in-game payments if the game doesn’t even work properly!

- I can’t get past a level but the game is fun

The games fun but on level 156 the cakes I can’t get past it because everytime I tap something I lose a star is that a glitch?

- Level 156

I’m stuck at level 156. I think there’s a bug.

- Level 156

There’s no way to contact support in the game. There’s a constant pop up that asks you to data share. Level 156 is impossible; I’ve wasted three days and numerous energy on it. Don’t waste your time on this game.

- Fun Game!

Fun game! Want more! Waiting for the coming soon. When is that coming?

- This is not perfect!

When I get to level 156, the hint won’t work. Crappy game! Will let friends know NOT to download it!

- Level is not working?

Your recent update completely ruined your game - level 156 is unbeatable and glitched and is unbeatable.

- New stuff

Need new stuff to play when is that Going to happen

- Not a game !

It’s not game but a chain of stupid mini challenges to pass you so many ads. Don’t waste you time.

- Hey

Its a good game but its lame so yea

- Glitch

I can’t get by level 156, which I see I’m not alone with this issue. Please fix or tell us how to get by it. Thank you. Love the game and would really like to continue

- OCD is not a game

This is not only rude, but further puts people with OCD into the dark. This disorder is often life controlling and makes living life very hard. Having your marketing say that OCD is a “game” is not only offensive, but furthers the stigma... please educate yourself on this disorder and change your slogan. The game itself isn’t offensive, it’s the marketing behind it. P.S. this is only a very small part of OCD... there is SO much more to it and it’s terrifying

- Can’t pass lvl 156

I’m stuck at level 156. After paying for no ads I get stuck at a level that has nothing out of place, even the hint doesn’t show anything wrong. 😡

- It's okay

There shouldn't be only a certain amount of energy then having to wait

- Bugs

I love the game but I’ve reached level 156 and I can’t find the flaw and everytime I watch videos to get a hint it doesn’t give me the hint and it’s driving me crazy.

- Waiting for the next section to come soon

When is the next part coming soon start it’s been awhile

- Glitchy

Kinda fun, but it keeps glitching on my iPad. Screen keeps going black. Have to keep restarting. It’s just getting annoying now, will likely stop playing.

- Coming soon

When the coming soon will arrive? Im all done the map and at level 566

- Coming soon?

When can we expect the new levels of the game. I’m losing interest

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- Good game until COMING SOON

Really enjoying this game until it is now stuck and cannot do anything at all apart from collecting points because a big part saying coming soon and been like that for weeks 😥 When is it going to update more levels ?

- Don’t bother to down loaded

This is such a waste of space with watching more ads than playing the actual game, after downloading this 10 minutes ago I have now deleted this so call game

- Life refills take too long compared to game time

You wait around 20 mins for each life refill and some rounds you can complete in 2 moves and even if you win you use a life?! Personally I don’t think the game is worth it

- Enjoyable but

I have enjoyed playing this however I’m glad I didn’t pay for no adverts as I seem to have completed it within 2 days. 😔

- Too Many Adverts (Not Recommended)

When I got the game it took forever to load up and before every little game it would give me an advert, it would ask for lots of things to watch adverts for and then the game would crash and I would loose the item. NOT a recommended game! DO NOT GET! This is not a game for people who have OCD it constantly pops up with ads and is incredibly stressful because it give you time limits to buy item you want! INCREDIBLY RUBBISH I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS PUT A GOOD REVIEW!!!! It is RUBISHHH

- COMING SOON!!! Arghhhhhhh 🤬🤬🤬

Been playing this game just over a week and after a few days completed everything possible and since has been showing coming soon!!! How frustrating sort it out please so we can continue...!!! 🤬🤬🤬

- Disgusting

OCD is nothing like this at all you should not be making a mental disorder into a game that isn’t anything like the disorder anyway. Its like saying they made depression into a game or anxiety its absolutely disgraceful and should be taken down

- Great game, but I completed it in 3 days...

Was brilliant & I loved it, but have literally maxed out on everything. Also, at around level 220, the games started repeating themselves.

- Help

I really like playing this with my daughter but we don’t seem to be moving past level 25. We have done up all that can be and there is a part that says coming soon to build on, but on the level up it just stays at 25 and I’m doing it over and over again and the ‘money’ is building up high. What am I doing wrong?

- Boring app

A boring app. The game is too easy and very repetitive. The same puzzles keep coming up. No challenge what ever. A complete waste of money and time.

- Offensive

How dare you use a serious mental condition as a marketing tool. OCD is NOT funny and nothing to be made lightly of. How dare you imply a crippling mental health condition can be “turned into a game”. You’re everything that’s wrong with the world. Disgusting.

- Great game

What a fun game. My first ever time writing a review as I was wondering when there’s going to be an update? I’ve completed it to the point I can’t buy anything else and don’t want to have to delete it. ETA?

- Update

They don’t update the game after completing most of it that you have to unlock it , it’s always says coming soon ......I’ve been playing this game over a month now and I’m on level 571 and still NO UPDATE and the games just repeat so your doing the same thing over again .

- Advert after every level 😑


- Don’t bring OCD into this

No need to compare this to that. You should just re-write your blurb. What yanks my chain is the adverts or actually, lack off. I ‘win’ a round, I get an unrequested ad, I stop the ad. “Hey you won that” double your win by playing an ad, ad available. But I was just forced to watch one for no reason?! Seriously, you want us to watch ads so sort it out. Also not really the game play I was expecting, I thought you would need to tweak things and adjust carefully but you just tap on something and, if your right, it just moves itself.

- Don’t bother

Advertising straight away no pint in even trying to learn how to play - avoid this app completely

- Boring

Same tasks repeated regularly and limited town to build. Waiting for more scenes for a number of weeks. Thought there were hundreds of levels.......!!!! Wouldn’t recommend

- Loved it!

When is the “coming soon” opening? I’ve been waiting weeks to play and it’s not opening! It’s taking up space on my phone!

- Need new update

Finished it all

- Disgusting

Absolutely appalled that this app is allowed. OCD is not a synonym for perfectionism or anything else. It ruins people’s lives. The trivialisation of OCD is simply insulting and degrading to those who suffer from a very real mental health condition. Enough 1 star reviews will get this app taken off the App Store; I would encourage everyone who sees this app who also agrees that it is wildly inappropriate to download the app so you can leave a 1 star review.

- The game

This game is fun and I have OCD and it very annoying that every since game you play on it a ad comes up right after and it’s very annoying and some people have to agree with me it’s very annoying an ad comes up every minute


The first time I seen the ad I'm like OCD is a mental health issue and it's disgusting how you put that in your ad. I downloaded it anyway because I thought it would be fun. I hate the power thing! It's a terrible app you have too get off of the application and wait a full hour to be able to play it again! It kicked me off the second time I tried to play it WHY it's a crappy game Why voodoo your games were so good! DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP You would regret it trust me!

- Make It Perfect

This game in my opinion is incredible as it is great for times whenever I’m bored but the only is that there isn’t enough buildings to upgrade and I finished 2 months ago so would please get rid o the ‘coming soon’ and put more in thank you!

- Too many ads!!!!!

Too many adds

- Cheap & Nasty Cash-Grab.

I’m not going to get on my virtuous high horse and moan about the game trivialising OCD, but what I will say is that it’s just a rubbish game. Cheap, nasty and filled with ads. It doesn’t even have any sound it’s that pants. If you love adverts and have no skill in anything then this is the game for you.

- Hurry up

Put in new levels I’ve been waiting for months hurry up

- ???

I love this game - simple relaxing enjoyment but please, please....when will the new sections start to open up so I can carry on building?!?

- Update

When is the new buildings coming? It keeps saying coming soon but I’ve been waiting a few months now I’ve got loads of diamonds and nothing to build... it’s a fantastic game especially when you’re bored.

- Add more!!

It’s an alright game to pass some time, shame about the amount of adverts in it but I understand it’s a way of funding and I have the option of paying £2.99 to remove them. Most recent update meant you could build up your houses/parks/beaches by watching ads (I think this should be optional instead of mandatory) I have built everything I can, as a small player this took me a week to do so. I’d like to see more added to the game soonish so I can continue to work towards something. I know I can play and build up coins but that’ll only mean for me, when an update comes I’ll be buying everything straight away and waiting again. This can get very tiring.

- Awesome Game

I really feel people should stop being negative about this game. I do get people have OCD but this is purely a game not a bashing at people with OCD. Anyway I love this game it’s so addictive and I do not have an OCD but I love to make sure things are tidy and in their right place. Perfect game for me however I have completed the town and now waiting for this coming soon but so please hurry up with this 😊

- Months waiting for the coming soon...

I do really quite like this game. However I’m replaying the same games awaiting the coming soon section to open. Soon to be deleted I’m afraid

- Love it, but it needs updating with more houses

I’ve been playing this for not even a week and I’ve already finished my town! I neeeeeed moooooreeeee houses to build ❤️

- Great Game

Great game, really enjoy it. Shame about the energy as you get stuck and have to wait ages for it to regenerate. Shame also about the glitches, game randomly shuts down

- Advertising.

The game was fun, but the advertisements are all over the place! They don’t provide information about the building or gems aspect of it.

- Honestly so wrong!

This so shouldn’t be okay

- Awfully disrespectful

I am absolutely appalled at this game. I saw an advert for it on Instagram and it said that this was an “OCD game” and I knew I had to come straight here. As a sufferer of OCD I can tell you that this game is almost completely inaccurate. Not all people with OCD are obsessed with everything being neat and tidy. Some have extreme phobias of germs that cause them to have compulsive thoughts or actions. Not only is this game in accurate it is highly disrespectful. You have made a game out of a serious mental health disorder that debilitates people and ruins their lives. I am disgusted with this game!!

- Don’t bother

It’s a good game but the levels repeat after the first 50 or so, there’s a few irritating glitches (like the Damn spoon on the dresser!), the adverts are relentless and you can complete every build in 4 days. Coming soon? Christmas will be here sooner.

- Really satisfying!

It’s a really good game and it’s very organising, and it’s shows people how to organise

- Unacceptable

As a child with OCD I’m really not happy with Voodoo, it’s not just getting annoyed because of a pen lid not being closed. People like me have it in ways where they beat themselves up about the things they do. This is such a bad game, even if it was good you could of researched the true meaning of OCD.

- so good

amazing i just started and now addicted

- Still waiting

With being hooked on this game I completed the all the levels and still waiting to have new ones and the coming soon part to hurry up so I can continue building my little town

- Addictive

Love this game! Please add more open land

- Hurry up.

When will the next part be out!!! Bored of waiting.

- Background

The background of the screen with the houses goes all weird and you can’t see the houses. All I see is some dice from a previous level!!

- Great game

This is a great game, I play it every day but now waiting for more places to build has I have build everything, but can get loads of riches. Lol

- Was a ok game at first

Was ok when I first started this game but then it used the same pictures over and over again to the point it was easy to do and now completed the game with lots of gems spare waiting on update which is taking forever, hurry up please

- Stupid small details

Game it’s self is good, but the later levels become the same and the small details are hardly noticeable. So stupid

- Disappointed...

It works well on my iPhone but it’s rubbish on my iPad. Having said that, it’s too repetitive, there hasn’t been anything new to build let alone play for ages. I’ll give it a little while longer, if nothing changes then I’ll delete it. Such a shame as it had great potential.

- Please answer the below question

Good game and I’ve found it addictive,but I can’t go on cause the next part to build is coming soon So when is coming soon how long do we have to wait

- More levels please

“Coming soon”... not soon enough!

- Update

I love this game! However I have now completed it! Levels are on repeat and I can not build or add anything else to my town! Need new update asap 🙏

- Great app

Very good app, definitely entertaining and addicting I’m up to level 498 but there is no more town to buy.. hopefully a update comes soon and more town is available.

- 135

I’m stuck on 135 (the tomatoes) Somebody helllllppp

- good until level 156

i loved this game so much that i’ve been trying to pass level 156 for 4 days now and it’s still telling me nothing’s wrong with the picture i’m doing even used adds to see what was the problem but even that doesn’t show me anything please help i’m really confused

- 😳

Have enjoyed playing this game, am disappointed now as it keeps glitching kicking me out

- Stuck on level 156

I’m loving the game and so is my daughter but we are stuck on level 156 and even when we use the clue button and watch the video to get the clue no clue happens and we can’t get past the level .

- Level 156

Great game but I’m stuck on level 156, I have tried hints but nothing works. I can not see anything that needs to be fixed. Very frustrating! Update to this I have just figured 156 out (spoiler alert) If you touch above the top middle cake another slice will appear and you have passed the level.

- 4 star

Love this game but only been playing it for a week and now it doesn’t come up with me being able to buy anything? I have tens of thousands to buy but no options

- Level 156

I’ve been enjoying playing this game but am now stuck on level 156. I can’t see anything that needs fixing, clicking on anything makes me lose stars and fail the level and even when using a hint it shows nothing so I can’t progress any further as you can’t skip levels. I know I’m not the only having this problem as I have just read multiple reviews from other people with the same issue. This needs to be fixed ASAP otherwise people can’t complete the game 😳🙁

- Great game

Great game

- Need something more

Love the game but found it a bit simple. I have completed the town now and the games are just repeating. I hope what is coming soon is a little bigger and more challenging!

- Not happy

Have gotten up to level 156 and cannot go further as everything I click on said it was wrong click the hint button and it does nothing disappointing

- Level 156

Game is a good time killer - but what is up with level 156! Hints dont work I’ve gone through multiple lives just randomly tapping the screen!! Anyone know how to get around it or passed it!! Driving me insane!

- Stuck on level 156

The game is stuck on level 156 why why

- Level 156.

Pretty good, relaxing game overall. As seen by other reviews, having the same issue. Level 156, nothing seems to be wrong, can’t click anywhere, hints don’t work. Please advise this ASAP.

- Great then not

Loved this game, so much that I paid for no ads. Very disappointed that within days I’m stuck with coins but nothing left to build. When is this being updated??

- Make it perfect

I am stuck on level 156 the cake level it a hard and don’t know which one is different

- Unhappy

Level 156 has a glitch can’t get past it there is no mistakes in it


The game is good but unfortunately I got to level 28 and the hole screen went black and I couldn’t see anything which that was super annoying so now I hate this game.PLEASE FIX THIS CREATORS OF MAKE IT PERFECT!!!

- Anxiety intensifying, yet satisfying!

You will literally feel your cortisol and oxytocin levels spike and wane with every level. I look forward to future additions of more complex levels. Warning: This game is mentally exhausting. Do not operate game in public, as you may need a post-perfecting dose of lorazepam and a nap. 🤣

- Level 156

Can not find anything wrong with this level, it’s frustrating because I can not skip to another level and the hit button makes me watch add but no hints are givin, you need to fix the glitch in this level.

- level 156

Great game!! But I too am stuck on level 156 :(( hoping this can be fixed??

- Why you not let me play

I’m liking this game, I hope it gets a little harder. But why it stop half way through and say I don’t have enough energy left to play but I can play again in 15 min. That’s just stupid. Then I’ll do something else and forget about it until the next day

- Cool but some problems

It was a really good app until it started glitching and going back to home screen. Whenever I went to my progress on my house the screen went black so I could not see anything. Also when I tapped the energy button to play it immediately drained it even though I had full energy. I got up to level 2 when these occurred and it repeated the same level over and over even though I never pressed repeat level. Overall it would have been a really fun and addictive game but for those glitches it is a 3. Please fix these glitches.

- Please fix level 156

Great game but I am stuck on level 156 at the moment, I can’t even see something that needs to be fixed but I have clicked everywhere and even tried hints and no hints are given and I just keep failing. Please fix this

- Can’t touch anything to make it perfect

I love this game but seriously what the hell is wrong with level 156 there is nothing on the screen that I can touch to pass this stupid level

- Level 156

Cannot get past Level 156. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I cannot get past. I also used my hint to get through and just lost the remains two I had 😢 Shame really because I quite enjoy the game.

- Good until it isn’t

When you get to level 156, there aren’t any flaws to fix and you can’t skip the level. Even if you click on getting a hint, it doesn’t direct you to anything. So you’re kind of just stuck with this level and can’t continue the game.

- Yeah, i have ocd

Issue with one of the starting levels, rotate the die to get number 1 on top. Yet number 6 is next to it? Everyone knows that opposing sides add up to 7!

- kinda fun, mildly broken

somehow even with its access to mobile data turned off it continues to use mobile data. not a fan of that. also the hit boxes for all kinds of things are way too specific, I'm trying to play on my morning bus

- Good game bad bugs

I love the game but I have come past a bug where I can’t find the problem and the help doesn’t show anything

- Not enough levels

Not sure what’s going on... but I am playing the same task/levels over and over again and I have built 8 land stages and the game says that the rest is coming soon but it’s been a month now and no changes?

- Awesome

What an awesome game. Such a great time waster. The only thing is you need to update so there are different levels not the same ones repeating themselves & so we can bulld more

- Bug fix

Great game, love it! But, I think there’s a bug/glitch in the game. I’m currently on level 156 and I can’t seem to find what’s wrong with it. I have tried the hint movie/ad but it won’t give me hints :( But disappointed, please fix it!

- Rigged

Hi, On the coloured pencil level that you have to tap the tips of the pencils to change to the correct colour. - I can change the black and pink pencil -Not the yellow one with the blue top -Even clicked on the hint button showed me the one I was trying to get -Telling me I have it wrong -I have closed and reopened app as well Please fix this error as I do enjoy playing this game

- Glitchy

I really like this app but it keeps closing its self when I am playing it. Very frustrating.

- Holy hell the ads

Simple game that could be addictive, seemed pretty easy but I didn’t get too far into it due to it shoving an Ad in my face every couple minutes. No idea how anyone puts up with that junk.

- Awesome game

Really like this game, but I’m currently waiting for the new area to open up as I’ve purchased all the land and all the extras, do you have a time frame for when the ‘Coming Soon’ are will open?

- Hints

You only get three to start and when those run out there is no way to earn more. There is a little movie/ad symbol indicating if you watch one you get a hint but it doesn’t work.

- Needs some work

Love the game just needs more work. Like less ads, mire challenges to do so there not repetitive. Needs more places to unlock, once every levels unlocked your stuck playing the same levels over an over doing nothing.

- Too many ads!

Have to watch 30 seconds of ads per few games which take about a second each.


I love this game. HOWEVER now I’ve completed as much as I can as the extra space is labelled ‘COMING SOON’. I’ve now reached Level # 500 and forever waiting until new options are released. 😭 Any updates?!

- I need more

I actually love this game so much it is hard to put away! Especially when you’re someone with sever OCD. In saying that, can you hurry and update the game already! So there are more areas to renovate!

- Too Many Ads!!!

So many ads it’s not even worth it

- Sound?

I give only four stars as sound would be great! I have only just started playing it but so far enjoying

- Frustrated

Love the concept. Nearly after every round there is advertising & then you have to play another game to play the game you downloaded. I played for 10 minutes then deleted it.

- Awesome

Love this game but I find the challenges are now repeating over and over. Please come up with new challenges

- Loved it until level 112

Great game for mindless entertainment, however I have hit level 112 and even though I know the bit that needs fixing, the game keeps saying it’s wrong. I even used the ‘hints’ to confirm I was tapping in the correct location and I was. Unable to move passed the level, so pretty disappointed. I looked for a way other than a review to report the issue, but was unable to find one.

- Im mad

It works

- Awesome

Awesome game for people who have OCD like me

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@SenSanders: This bill was far from perfect, and we must go much further. But Democrats did a good job standing up to Trump and McConnel…

@SenSanders: This bill was far from perfect, and we must go much further. But Democrats did a good job standing up to Trump and McConnel…

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Make It Perfect! 1.0.12 Screenshots & Images

Make It Perfect! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! iphone images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! ipad images
Make It Perfect! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Make It Perfect! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Make It Perfect! (Version 1.0.12) Install & Download

The applications Make It Perfect! was published in the category Games on 2019-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 342.2 MB. Make It Perfect! - Games posted on 2020-03-12 current version is 1.0.12 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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