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Little Misfortune Game Description & Overview

What is little misfortune app? Little Misfortune is an interactive story, focused on exploration and characters, both sweet and dark, where your choices have consequences.

Starring Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, an imaginative 8-year-old, who seeks the prize of Eternal Happiness, as a gift to her Mommy. Led by her new friend, Mr. Voice, they venture into the woods, where mysteries are unraveled and a little bit of bad luck unfolds.

Sharing the same universe with the cult video game Fran Bow, created by the visionary dev-duo Killmonday Games.


You may pet a doggy, a fishy, a wolfie, the Kraken, the kitty and the foxy.
Visit a pet cemetery with a shovel.
Now with real human voices: Hear Misfortune say some pretty cute things!
Missing children.
There's a monster!
Fall in love.
Commit petty crimes.
Original art by Natalia Martinsson.
Original soundtrack by Isak Martinsson.

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App Name Little Misfortune
Category Games
Updated 04 April 2020, Saturday
File Size 1.76 GB

Little Misfortune Comments & Reviews 2024

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A little sparkle for you, and a little sparkle for you, and a little bit for me!. I adore Fran Bow and was looked forward to the release of this game on ios... And... She did not disappoint, although the games are completely different in content. Beautiful visual style, amazing music and voice-over voices, amazing, cynical, but touching story... I would like to be able to play on the iPad(the game does not load), and I would really like to see both games on the PS4(honestly, there are chances ?😉) ... Thank you for the next masterpiece!🥰 Your games are unique!

Can’t tell why it keeps on crashing but...🙂. This game is sooo good I’m half it’s on IOS but however it keeps on crashing but I know it’s asuch a good I hope your able to fix it Make sure to make more games! I love Franbow as well!!

Beautifully haunting. This games mechanics are like non I have ever seen. All you can do is move left and right and interact with objects, and yet the simplicity of choices make this game so very engaging. It’s dark, but that’s what I like. The stunning art, acting, and story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I’ve just gotten into darker things(more horror comics and movies, games like this,) and I could easily tell this was one of the best of its genre. Be wary, it gets pretty dark so make sure you can handle it. It also has some language. If you can handle it, please don’t hesitate to play this masterpiece of a game.

good game but... its a really good game i liked the story n stuff but theres 3 problems, whenever theres a cutscene it makes it look like an animatic which makes it very unpleasing to mobile players and whenever misfortune speaks shes always like glitching or something but like overall its still good but theres also one more problem, and its that like its not even worth 6.99$ because of how short tge story is. atleast make it longer to like 7-10 hrs and not just 3.

Crash VHS tape. The VHS tape crashes inside Benjamin’s house. I’ve updated the game, started a new game, even reinstalled the game, but nothing works. I do see in the update log it says “fixed a crash inside the Cabin” but the crash is still there. Great game though! Good job Killmonday!

Thoughtful and creative. Man, you can just tell the creators took their time and put their heart and soul into this game. It’s funny, poignant, dark, and beautiful. The humor balances the melancholy well and the story is intriguing. Happy playing!!

A breath of depressingly fresh air.. Little Misfortune is one of those games that doesn’t quite fit the usual qualifications for a game. There’s very little to the gameplay other than moving left and right, and interacting with objects. It’s akin to an old Sierra point and click, but much shorter. And I’m fine with that. Little Misfortune is more of an experience than it is a game, similar to the likes of Journey or Abzu. And maybe it’s just because mainstream games have become nothing more than shameless cash grabs, but even in its brevity, Little Misfortune has more heart and soul pouring out of its illustrated narrative than any AAA release I’ve played recently. Be warned though, this is not a story for the faint-hearted. Little Misfortunes journey to find eternal happiness for her mother is fraught with danger and disappointment. But for anyone willing to undertake the perilous task with our Little Lady, the ending is an emotional and depressing while also somewhat uplifting climax that will stay with you for a while. Warning: as of this review, the IOS version has a bug that keeps you from getting the “good” ending, so completionists be warned, you can still win the game, but not %100.

Crashing, but i never was able to get on the game even though i know you’ll fix it. I saw many video’s of the game so i know it will be fantastic, but i never was able to get in game cause of crashing, but soon enough i know you’ll fix it!

I like the game but-. I love the game but it needs so much Storage to download 😔💔 I cant even play it because it says I don’t have Enough storage..but I watched my YouTuber play it and it was a cool game😃👍 but I didn’t get to play it😔💔 my YouTuber played it a long time ago so I didn’t watch it because I wanted to watch it👩‍🦯👩‍🦯 but when I finally get it I don’t have Enough Storage 💔💔

Amazing!!. This game is amazing!! Although many reviews have said that this game crashes and the sound doesn’t work, mine was working perfect!! I wish there was more to the game because I finished in 2 days. I really loved this game so much. It ends on a cliff hanger which made me sad but I still loved it! Hopefully there will be more to it coming out soon.

So fun. I was a little scared to play this game but it was really fun 🤩! Me and a friend were trying to play this together but we couldn't It would make the game 100% more fun to have a 2 player mode

Everything is great, but the swearing…. I have downloaded this game, and I love it so much. Everything makes me feel great, everything except the cursing. Whenever Misfourtune says a bad word, a shock goes inside of me. Whenever I hear a bad word, in games, TV shows or real life, it makes me feel like the person who said it, is yelling at me, it makes me feel weird. I do not like it, so please put a warning.

I love it but I am annoyed. I love this game but for some reason every time I go to watch the tape on the video player the game completely goes off

The cutest horror game ever!. If know or like Fran Bow, this is an upgrade and toned down version of it. Little Misfortune is adorable. Killmonday nailed the dark humor for this game. Voice acting, art work, and story are top notch. Warning: this is not a children story book.

It Keeps Crashing. I know you said a year ago to someone you’d fix this but it’s still not fixed, what’s taking so long? Please fix this, I like payed, 6 dollars on a game bro and I cant finish it. 🤨

Good but... Don’t get me wrong this game is good. But one thing.. I can’t rotate the screen to the way im comfortable with it. I have this problem where if I’m forced to play where my left hand is touching my phone camera and my right hand the charger hole, it’s really uncomfortable for me

Awesome,But-. This game is awesome! But everytime I saw a ghost there was a black box surrounding them,it’s a minor issue that I don’t mind though others might. The big problem is whenever I try to enter Benjamin’s house it kicks me out of the game. I hope you can fix these,keep up the good work!

No Audio. I was so excited to play this game. I have been following the development for some time now but I can’t hear anything when I open the app. The voice acting was something I was most excited for. I see Misfortune’s mouth move but there is no audio that comes out. There is also no music. Misfortune’s voice also didn’t appear in the subtitles so I have no idea what she says.

Amazing but I was unable to finish. This game is amazing and I love everything about it but once I get into Benjamin’s cabin, I can’t use the video player. I click on it and she says her line, the screen goes black and it kicks me out of the game. I have tried a couple times and every time it kicks me out. I hope you can fix this bug soon because it is keeping me from finishing the game!

Great Game! Too much crashing. I adore this game, and i was so glad to see that this was an app on the App Store! However, for certain parts of the game, it wouldn’t stop crashing. So it was very difficult for me to finish the game.. Is there any way that you can check that out and fix it? Thanks

Amazing. I love this game! It’s super fun and interesting, however whenever I go into Benjamin’s house I get kicked out of the game. I hope you can fix this because I would love to finish the game.

Fun but crashes. I’ve seen a previous review saying the game crashes in Benjamin’s house and it’s not wrong I’m kinda just stuck there and I really paid $7 for an app that crashes rip ☹️ don’t get me wrong the game is super fun and addicting definitely worth the money if it didn’t crash and let me continue!

Amazing game however its crashing. The game was amazing, cute and puzzling but it was loading almost every time like for an example, when we entered the zoo or club, it crashes. All though it’s an amazing and fun game for teens.

Great Game with Several Crashes. It’s a great game. Period. If you like short games that tell interesting, unique stories, then this is for you. But it also crashes quite a bit. Like how when I enter Benjamin’s house, I cannot watch the tape in the VHS since the game crashes every single time it tries to load it. Also, after you get off the boat from Phantasmagoria, all the ghosts have a weird black block around them, it’s very strange. It’s definitely not supposed to be there since they don’t have it any of the times they show up before then. Very strange.

One of the best games I’ve ever played.. So turns out the case was pushing my silent button down so I had to take the case off and buy a new one😅 not the games fault. Anyway, let’s talk abt the game. It’s a really creepy eerie game, and it also has a bit of sadness to it. The controls and everything worked fine, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes creepy games.

It crashes a lot. I LOVE this game I really want to end it but it crashes so much last time it crashed was when I tried to use the video player in Benjamin’s house and it kept ‘closing’ the game and I’m really sad I won’t be able to finish it but idk if it is a problem with my phone or the game but if it is the game I hope this problem get fixed

Crashing. Hello, my game keeps on crashing whenever I enter Benjamin’s house. Even on the main menu, once I press continue it crashes. Is there any way that I can fix this issue? If so, the device I am using is an iphone 7 with the software version of 13.3.1. Thank you.

I love this game lol. So I have watched Fran bow and little misfortune since they both got released! And still today actually lol. I downloaded both on my laptop but only played Fran bow and not little misfortune, it takes a lot to run a game on my laptop so I got it on my new iPad and I loved it so much! It’s so different to actually play it than just watch! I totally would recommend and I would also play it again and again lol

Such a good game. Here’s a short overview: you play as a little lady named misfortune on a journey across her town. It’s mostly an exploration and story game. There’s very little action. There’s no jump scares but it is a great creepy fall game. There are decisions and consequences. The play time is roughly 2-3 hours from start to finish if you do everything. Think of it kind of like buying a little movie where you get to play the main character. It reminded me very much of Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, or What Remains of Edith Finch. Absolutely charming - I’ll probably play it again in the future just for funsies.

Easy but interesting. The latest update fixes the crash, so I can now complete the game. Thank you. I enjoyed the story and art, but this is much more an interactive storybook than a game. It’s completely linear, with a few obvious puzzles and decisions that don’t really matter. Still, it was suspenseful enough to keep me interested.

So cool. I love this game and I see a lot of reviews say that the puzzles were easy and I think the game is mostly just the story so keep that in mind

So cute. Such a cute game, haven’t had any issues so far. I kept seeing people play this and wanted to know all the possible outcomes. For $7 it’s beautiful and well written, can’t wait to see what unfolds

Please fix this bug. I LOVED Fran Bow and was extremely excited to play this but like many other people the VHS player keeps making me crash, it will load for a few seconds then kick me out please fix this I would be SO happy to be able to get the good ending myself. Besides this problem the game is fun.

Short cute fun experience. I really enjoyed this game it’s not super long it’s really cute and in my opinion it’s really underrated I would highly recommend to anyone that likes quirky story games

Tv in Benjamin’s cabin crashes game. An amazing game, the tv in Benjamin’s cabin crashes but I am able to continue the game and have finished it twice. I just don’t know what happens with that tv yet. I hope more games will be made!

Benjamin’s Video Player bug. 1st time I played there weren’t any glitches, but this time around when I go to watch the video in Benjamin’s house it plays Misfortunes animation, fades to black then closes the game. It only happened with the video player, multiple times but other things in the room work ,& now as I’m writing this review, it closed the review page & lost everything I wrote.. not cool.. love the game though, super unique and fun, cute animations & funny dialogue, just that little bug this time around

Fantastic Game... Until it Began Crashing. The parts of the game that I was able to play were super fun! The backgrounds and character design were absolutely stunning, the voice actors were fantastic, and the story was incredibly engaging. However, I was unable to finish the game due to its constant crashing. Not only did the game crash a few random times throughout my play through, but whenever I attempt to enter Benjamin’s house, the game crashes. I’ve tried to get around this several times, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried loading a save file that placed me at the end of Phantasmagoria and reentering the house, clicking the “Continue” button on the home screen once I was inside the house, but nothing seems to work. I adore this game and would love to finish it, but I can’t. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Please. This was a great Game intelligent got to bengamens house and pressed the tv it dierected me to black and kicked me out of the game please fix it it is the best game ever it had me interested for more than an hour like most games. Please fix I am crying need to finish the game. ☹️🙁😕😟😔😞😢😭😰😥😓☹️🙁😕😟😔😫😩🥺😖😣😢😭😕🙁😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Yay pretty fun but…. Ok ok don’t get me wrong I love this game but sadly I can’t finish it so I’ve done some research and I think I have to play Benjamin’s video tape to continue with the story but unfortunately when I try I get kicked from the game I would love to finish though.

It’s crashing so much that I can’t even play. I love this, but I got half way through and now it kicks me out as soon as I click on the app. I payed 7 dollars for this app so I’d really love to finish playing it. Like I even deleted the game and downloaded it again and now I can’t even see the game part, just a flash of killmonday games logo and then it crashes. I hope this can be fixed

LOVE IT BUT. so as I played this game before right when I downloaded it it started downloading random things as in Snapchat gen shin impact and exbox and I was really confused and it wouldn’t let me deleted them so yeah 😆

SO HAPPY. I Went & Tried To Play The Game By Entering Benjamin’s Cabin Thinking Ok This Is Where I Get Booted & It Finally Loaded And I’m In Benjamin’s Cabin THANK YOU 🙏🏻 For Fixing The Bug I Really Love This Game & My Day Is Now Complete Cause I Can Finally Play The Game & Enjoy In My Eyes The GREATEST GAME TO DATE 🤗 Thank You 🙏🏻 Joshua R Columbus Ohio

This game is not for me, but still.... I don’t get the promise of this game. It’s clearly not for toddlers for its “mild” profanity and violence, yet it’s filled with stupidly simple mini-puzzles that are incredibly dull to solve. So who’s the target audience? I downloaded the game for the adorable character and her cute accent so I can’t complain. Overall I acknowledge that the game is not for me and therefore my opinion is biased. but still, I can say that the gameplay was incredibly boring. The decisions you make don’t seem to have drastic effects and many clues may be safely ignored which made me lose interest in pursuing them. I just wanted to finish it up, like a school class you don’t like. I’m sure the developers have put a lot of effort into this. Having negative comments like this could be really demoralizing. I only think they had misjudged their target demographic. I’d say remove the profanities and make it an exclusively children’s game. Then it would be a wonderful game.

If you want the full experience just get it on pc. The game is great and other than the weird frame rate during cut scenes it runs fine. You can get thru the whole game without experiencing anything game breaking, until you reach the end of the game. Toward the end there is a VCR you can interact it’s supposed to play a video then it breaks and you can use misfortune’s ability to “fix”bit. But when you interact with the VCR the game loads for a second the crashes. This prevents you from using her ability which thus prevents you from collecting all the things you need to unlock a separate ending of the game. I’ve tried to interact with the VCR multiple times and it crashes the game every time. This is disappointing because I would have love to unlock the ending myself without having to look it up online. The game is still playable but the inability to collect everything makes it somewhat disappointing.

This game is awesome but 12+ is not an appropriate rating. This game is awesome and heartwarming But u get to take drugs because she thought they were mints and u go into a strip club and dance fight with a stripper but this game is amazing!! 100 mints out of 10

Great game but. This is the best game it’s funny and gives you something to do during being quarantined I don’t like the crash during entering the wolf’s home i thought it was my phone but I’m not that sure besides that this is one of the best games I’ve ever played the developer has some skill and talent I hope to see more of your games in the future have a nice day!

So cute and dark. I loved it ! I loved the interactive choices and consequences niche. I was relaxed and took time to really think about my answers. Graphics and cute and her little accent was to die for! (I’m American) my only gripe was the fact that (like everyone else) I had a problem with my game force closing every time I tried to play the video in Benji’s house.. very disappointing but maybe this glitch will be remedied “for reals” at some point ? I feel like I missed out on part of the story! Anyhoo! Keep up the great work! Big fan of the Fran Bow series too!

It’s really good. I’ve been playing this for about 2 hours and just the feels of the game are really good, although When I try to enter Benjamin’s cabin my game crashes and I don’t quite know how to fix this, so hopefully it’ll be fixed so I can finished the game. It’s such a unique game.

I LOVE THIS. It’s a cute game and I love trying to see all the different things that can happen, misfortune is SO FREAKING ADORABLE I would love to see more games like this and thank you SO MUCH for making her exist. But it breaks my heart to know that she dies in the end. Oh and I love how you had her like Benjamin and the foxy lady drawing in her journal was so cute. The fact that everyone had masks on kinda gave me the creeps, but I got used to it eventually!

Amazing, but.... I love the fact that it’s from sweet and kind to dark and scary but it did kick me off the game when I went to the Benjamin’s cabin and tried to play the video player the game kicked me off but I was able to continue playing so that was nice so other then that the game was great!

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Waste of money. i get kicked out of the game whenever i go in Benjimans house, i want my money back.

Bruh. I always get kicked out at Benjamin’s house when I click the video player! >:( THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY!

That’s it?!. Hmm.... I loved Fran Bow, so was really excited about playing this game by the same creators. But am disappointed. The ending was so abrupt. A mystery was introduced and I spent the whole game wondering when more would be revealed, but then... the credits rolled. There was so much to the story that was left unexplored and unanswered. Its also expensive for a game I finished in one evening.

Why did it end like this!?!😱. This game is honestly amazing and j was so excited when I got it, the Storyline is awesome and I think that the little Easter eggs from fran bow, (which I bought all the chapters)😋 are really cool, however, I think that this game is EXTREMELY pricey, and I wish it had an ending like Fran bow, like she goes off with the nice people (in this case Benjamin) and live happily ever after) but this ending I think was really not good.

Awesome Game!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁. This is far by the best game I have ever played! I absolutely love this game! I recommend this game to lots of people and the $10 dollars I spent on this games was definitely worth it! Ty so much for making this app!

Loved Fran Bow but this!?. Love Fran bow the challenges / puzzles But this game is just a point and click there’s only one slight puzzle in the zoo but apart from that it’s just a story … the graphics are lovely but I would like more puzzles for the price of the game.

What. It’s just taken my money and won’t download.

I love this game!. Little Misfortune is a great game I enjoyed it a lot, I love how creepy it was but fun at the same time. I hope to play it again and get the eternal happiness ending. I liked it as much as I liked Fran Bow and I definitely recommend it. You’ll get different outcomes depending on your choices. So I give it 5 stars in the end because I enjoyed it very much.

Amazing!. Personally Fran bow is amazing! So I am so happy to play Little Misfortune where it opens up to the real world instead of a mental illness so 5/5!

Amazing but the end?. I loved the game but the ending could have been better. It rolled the credits but there was so much left to explore I wish that the ending was better but overall 5/5 good job on this game really hope there is a second one 😁

Why does it end there. Great game but why does it just end miss fortune walking into the end it’s annoying bc I love the game and I want to play more!

>:(. It never downloaded and just a waste of money 😡😡🙄🙄

There's a Little bug. This is one of the best games I've played but there's one problem. When I get to Benjamin's house and I click on the video player it glitches me out of the game, I'm playing this on my phone so is this supposed to happen?

Glitch. Every time I get to the video player it glitches me out and I don’t wanna move on without looking at it I have tried opening and closing the app I’ve also tried updating my mobile altogether so please don’t let me regret buying this and honestly if this can’t be fixed I want my money back

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Controller Support. This game needs controller support so bad!

I love it!. All I have to say is it is the best game ever!!

Crashing. I completely love this game. I already played it on my computer, now I have it in my phone as well. The problem is that the game crashes every time I want to enter the game, I’m near the ending but I can’t finish it because it kicks me right out every time I want to go in 😕

Fox cabin bug. The game is amazing, but when you try to use the video tape it kicks you out, and i cant go further in the game. So if you could fix that, it would be amazing

Loved it but.... I really like the game and the fact that you have to make choices etc.. but what I didn’t like was the ending , I think it ends weirdly but that’s probably because they will release a part 2 of the game . But yeah I really enjoyed playing it

Amazing game. This game is so cute, and hilarious. I really appreciate the dark humour behind it. It does has some dark content so I don’t recommend it for kids and teens, but as an adult I love it. The developers did an amazing job on the game and I can’t wait to see what they create next.

Interesting. A bit of a dark story, but interesting. Enjoyed the game play. I’m going to replay and see what the other choices do. Worth the purchase for this fun creation!

Cool game... Please fix the bug in the fox’s cabin, every time I press on the TV, it kicks me out of the game.

FANCYYYY. Great characters, amazing voice acting and beautiful animations. I loved the story and will most likely play it again - Misfortune is so pure and precious! Thank you for such a touching mixture of child naivety and serious family issues.

I love this game sm. The art is so pretty and I loved the ending, I recommend playing Fran Bow as well btw because there’s a little crossover in the end but this game is SO amazing 100% worth the money I had no issues with the game at all

Volume doesn’t work. When I first got the game everything was ok, volume was working just fine. I opened it up again after a few plays and the volume wasn’t working? I had my volume cranked all the way up, I tried other apps and including my Spotify, they weren’t working but when I loaded up Little Misfortune still no sound. I reinstalled it, I reset my phone still doesn’t work. I have an iPhone Xs Max (13.5.1) software. Don’t understand all of a sudden it isn’t working?

Glitch playing video player at Fox house. Loving this so far but There’s a Glitch playing video player at Fox house and it shuts the game down :(

Cabin game crash still occurring. The update said that they fixed the cabin game crash, but it is still happening to me.

Tv bug. In the fox cabin when you try to click on the tv it kicks you out!please try to fix it!

I like it. The game is amazing the plot art and the animation I also hilarious BUT I do have an issue I’m not able to finish the game because I’m the middle of the game in a certain part, it always crashes which is really upsetting that I won’t be able to continue the game but everything else is okay.

love the game. i love this game but it keeps crashing when I arrive at the foxes house please fix this issue

I really enjoyed it. It was so much fun to play all of the dark humour made me laugh harder than you think and it was also cheap I think I payed like 2$ for it honestly I really enjoyed it would play it so many more times if I had the time that is

Must play. This game is so cute and funny it is a must play for sure! It takes you on an amazing journey with an incredible story. The game had no bugs for me worked perfectly I wish there was more like this !

I CANT BELIEVE IT I HATE MR.VIOZE. Mr. voice I hate you you killed me well almost killed me but it’s pretty good so five stars

Bug needs fixing. The game is great and I have a fun time playing through. Although, inside of Benjamin’s Cabin when I try to use the video player the app glitches and closes, I cannot go any further in the game because of this glitch and it is very frustrating. Everything else in the Log cabin works it is only when you try to use the video player that it will kick you out.

Crashes at cabin. I’ve been looking forward to playing little misfortune for a while and I Download the game today finally it’s hilarious so far! I read previous reviews about how the game crashes at the foxes cabin but since most of them were from February I figured that would be fixed by now :( I’ve reached the cabin and it crashes on my phone every time! Please fix since we’ve spent money on the game we would like to finish it!

:(. It crashes when I’m at the foxes cabin :(

It doesn’t let me play on my iPad anymore. A year ago I downloaded this on my iPad but I deleted it because it glitched and now I can’t get it I really liked it😭😞☹️🙁😕

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App crashes. App crashes as soon as I open it. I wasted money on an app that won’t even load. Yes I deleted it and redownloaded it. It still crashes

It took to long to download. I love this game the only thing is why dose it take so long to download? Like it’s going so slow and I wanna play but it takes to long why is that?

Wonderful but warning. The game overall is amazing! I love it so much and it has become one of my top fandoms! But I warn people that it is dark so proceed with caution. Thank you for reading

crashing. It keeps crashing I can’t get through the loading screen.

Not getting what I paid for.. The game is crashing. Paid the money to find out I’m only getting half of what I paid for. Yikes forever.

I think some thing is wrong. When it downloaded and I opened the game it kicked me out I tried 10 times.I even tried Re-downloading it and it still didn’t work

Disappointed. I was very upset i payed 7 dollars for less than 3 hours playing of this game. And it ends on a cliff hanger kinda upset

Cute. It’s a cute little game I’ve played it 6 times in the last day.

The Game Is Crashing. I bought the game today everything was going well until I attempted to play. The moment I started logging on it went right back to the Home Screen and continued to do so.

Good. Well this game I wanted this game for soooo long now that I have downloaded it I am so happy

So much fun, but.... This game is so much fun and I can’t wait to finish it! The only problem I have is that every time I try to go into Benjamin’s house the game crashes and I can’t get past it no matter what I do.

Love this game but.... In the cabin watching the video causes a crash. Also there is a weird black square around the ghost things.

Part 2. PLS MAKE A PART 2 I LOVED THIS I LIKED THE HAPPY ENDING To I believe there’s gonna be a another part

Little Misfortune. Whenever I Interact With The VHS Player The Second It Crashed

audio error. sound not working deleted app twice restarted my phone and still no sound🥲love the game though

Amazing. Cute, sad, and interesting game totally worth the price!! Pretty short though

Little Misfortune. Game keeps crashing when I get to Benjamin cabin but overall it’s a good game

Cute… but. This is a super good game so far but I can’t finish because of crashing

POGCHAMP. Poggers gameplay, 10/10 would play 20 more times

Such a cute game. I love little misfortune so much! I’m so happy this game is available on phones now!!!

THIS GAME IS GREAT!. So yah seeing the title you know that I LOVE THIS GAME well I love this game Becuse it is so good and well written!

Fantastic love it. Absolutely incredible game! The scenario is amazing. I feel like I have watched one good movie! I didn't experience any lack of gameplay. Love it!

So funny, interesting, And sad!. I really love this game plus that ending was so sad! I like those kind of things keep the Games up!

Won’t load tape. Love the game but it won’t let me watch the tape where I can get the full ending. But all in all I love this game!

Overpriced, not very fulfilling. The story is interesting but the game doesn’t really give you anything to do so whole thing doesn’t feel rewarding. Even after completing the game, it’s just like...ok, thanks for playin bye.

Cutscenes.. The slide shows ruined it. I mean, instead of making slide shows, why not play videos?

Good until...... Good game. I think I was just expecting more since I am a huge Fran Bow fan. Super irritated every time it crashes when I try to enter the cabin!!!!

No audio. Is this game not supposed to have an audio? I like this game but I hate that there’s no audio. What can I do?

Resolution is weird on 9,7 inch iPad Air 2. look’s just like running 16:9 widescreen on 4:3 display

super fun but..... really fun game and i’ve enjoyed all the choices and insane detail within this game but i have not been able to finish it due to the constant crashing once i get to benjamin’s house. i was really sad because things were just starting to get interested. i hope you guys fix it soon because i would love to finish the game !

LOVE THIS GAME. Great characters, great lore, great everything! This game is soooo good. I always play it when I have breaks and day offs. Make a sequel. I repeat, this game is so good.

Very sad. Hello I am very sad because I couldn’t play this game I was excited about it very much . I paid for it and downloaded it but it didn’t work in my iphone

Great game but can’t finish it. Game still crashes when attempting to enter the fox’s cabin despite the update that claimed fixed it. Really am enjoying the story, art and characters but super frustrating I cannot complete it

Good game but Inappropriate stuff. Had a bunch of bad words in inappropriate things. Very disappointing that this is geared towards younger teens/children. Drug, suicide, abuse, murder, substance abuse- all via little girl. This is not appropriate at all. It was even disturbing for me as a mother to play.

LOVE IT BUT. so as I played this game before right when I downloaded it it started downloading random things as in Snapchat gen shin impact and exbox and I was really confused and it wouldn’t let me deleted them so yeah 😆

Cute and dark. It’s so cute but when she died it was really sad But she was so cute to die! I really like the game And hi uwu lol

I’m really mad. I didn’t mean to get the app, I was just testing my Face ID and then it downloaded it and charged me. I don’t know how to get the money back, my parents are going to get mad

Natalia rocks!. I had followed the development of this game eagerly and I loved playing it! A must for fans of Fran Bow and all point and click lovers!! Natalia and her husband are everything! Allll the heart vomit for those two. ❤️

Hehe. Me and my sister played this a year ago and omg it’s such a good game!

I love this game. She is so cute and she know things that she shouldn’t. I feel so bad for.

It’s good but doesn’t work for me. This game worked for my sister but won’t load for me

Yay pretty fun but…. Ok ok don’t get me wrong I love this game but sadly I can’t finish it so I’ve done some research and I think I have to play Benjamin’s video tape to continue with the story but unfortunately when I try I get kicked from the game I would love to finish though.

not worth 7 dollars. ye it was cool bt short, usually like fran bow (the other game they made) was alotttt longer and a little harder, i finished this in likee 2-3 hours and ig we’ll never know what happened after the ending. i mean if you don’t mind spending 7 dollars fast then go ahead, but i was just expecting something longer.

I love the girl. I love the game and I love the game but I don’t want her to say bad words anymore and I wish she could mind her language.

Loved this game!. I’ve been a fan of Fran Bow for a long time, so when I saw this game I was excited! It’s so interactive and now it’s one of my favorite games, along with Fran Bow. I love all the references in there too! It’s an amazing game, I loved it.

Eh. Kinda feel like I wasted the 7$. I played this thinking it was just like Fran bow but it isn’t. It was more just a click and button and walk. Dark humor yes but Fran bow was amazing puzzles, etc I’m kinda bummed

Crashes on a critical task. 7.00 is an awful lot to pay for a game whose “good” ending can’t be reached because any attempt to use the VCR in Benji’s house hard crashes the game. This sort of thing is the distinction between a 1 star and a 5 star rating.

I just got it but…. I just got the app but it wont load..? Did i waste my parents money for nothing or what!?! 😡😡😡😡😡 (It’s probably gonna load at some point but whatever) I hope i didn’t waste my parents money..

Best game ever! I have never seen such an amazing game!Im so grateful that I got this game. Gabby

Sound doesn’t work. Just downloaded it. Excited to play, but there is no sound. I tried reinstalling and still no sound.

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Little Misfortune 1.22 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Little Misfortune 1.22 Games Screenshots & Images

Little Misfortune iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.22
Play Store com.killmondaygames.littlemisfortune
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Little Misfortune (Versiyon 1.22) Install & Download

The application Little Misfortune was published in the category Games on 13 February 2020, Thursday and was developed by Killmonday Games [Developer ID: 1203318751]. This program file size is 1.76 GB. This app has been rated by 336 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Little Misfortune - Games app posted on 04 April 2020, Saturday current version is 1.22 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.killmondaygames.littlemisfortune. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Little Misfortune Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* iPad Pro support (2nd & 3rd Gen)!! * UI improvements * Language is set according to device language on start. You can change the language in the game options. * Further memory optimisation

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