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Wink - dating & friends App Description & Overview

What is wink - dating & friends app? Meet people that want the same thing as you.

Tired of wasting time on mismatched connections? Ditch those conversations that go nowhere, and start meeting people who want the same type of relationship as you!

​​Find your perfect match on Wink! Join over 30 million people who are finding what they are looking for on Wink.

Customize Your Search: Whether you’re looking for friends, dating, or a casual fling, you can find exactly what you’re looking for on Wink.

Better Conversations: Swipe, match, and have meaningful chats instantly – it’s all about making the right connections.

Explore Your Area: Connect with like-minded people near you! Need a concert buddy or a fellow coffee lover? Wink’s got you covered!

Express Yourself: Personalize your profile, share your interests, and vibe with new matches!

Safety & Fun Combined: Connect safely while enjoying meeting new people. Report any red flags and protect your personal information.
Stay secure, have fun, and find your own meaningful connections with Wink!

Wink is a fun and safe community to make connections nearby and around the world. Our team is passionate about maintaining the highest standards of safety for all of our users. If you see any behaviors that put the safety of the community at risk, please report them using the in-app report function, and if you would like to provide more details. Additionally, we urge our users to be mindful when considering sharing specific details like location, full name, and all other personal information with new connections. Buying and selling of adult content on Wink is prohibited. Accounts selling, or requesting inappropriate content will be disabled due to violating our community guidelines. For more information on safety, visit To read up on our Community Guidelines, visit Let’s work together to keep everyone safe on Wink!

Have any questions or concerns? Reach out to our team at!
Wink is free to download and use. Additionally, users can choose to subscribe to Wink+ or purchase different consumables. Try Wink+ today for unlimited swiping, a free boost, and more awesome perks!

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App Name Wink - dating & friends
Category Lifestyle
Updated 01 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 555.23 MB

Wink - dating & friends Comments & Reviews 2024

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Best app, better then hoop or wave. it’s cool and all, I love that u guys pack so many features in here, but it could b better, first of all, it doesn’t allow u to change ur bio and as u grow up ur tastes change and other stuff so I usually change my bio, people are confused when I tell them something different than what my bio says. the second issue is that more than half the users that add, offer to send nudes, wink shouldn’t allow that, the ppl using these apps are very young. The last thing is that there should b a filter that allows u to choose what state or country u want to talk with, only one other app that I know of has that useful feature, if wink does this Than it will have less competition because ik a lot of ppl that enjoy wink but use a different app because if the location filter. other than that this app is great and u should definitely get it

New Update is Terrible. The app itself is fantastic, and when I first got it things were great. But there are issues with the new update. •First and foremost, the introduction of chats in matches... you are no longer able to view the person’s profile & pictures to know who you are talking to. Much less a common bug that doesn’t allow you to open the chat. •Next, uploading pictures to your profile are mirrored, which can especially create issues if the pics you’re uploading have text on them. Upload quality does not seem as clear or crisp either. •Last, more of an annoyance than anything, the app is being overrun with people promoting their Premium Snapchats (for selling nudes and pornography) ; and also the matter of being constantly contacted and spammed by fake profiles. I believe greater measures could and should be taken by Wink to clear out the garbage on there so that connecting with new people and making new friends would be less tedious and frustrating.

Finally an app that gets me. I’m surprised it took as long as it did for somebody to develop a near perfect app for just meeting people not specific for anything at all other than social. The quality of the development the variety of what it offers the options of expression on your page to share with someone else to start a conversation this is better than putting out an ad because anything goes but so far I have seen nothing but classy respectful ads of pages that don’t put themselves into a category of Bana solicitor or on the other end someone with bad self-esteem begging for something that they don’t have to beg or buy. Plenty of people go around plenty of folks that match up without having to put in money down on something you shouldn’t have to pay for

Wink Review. Wink is a great app and I’ve made some friends from it and recently discovered that I share romantic feelings for someone I met via Wink. It’s a great way to find and make friends as well as for someone who might be searching for more than friendship☺️. The only suggestions I’d have is making the bio bigger. I’ve had trouble with it getting cut off or not saving due to too many characters being used and I wasn’t aware of the limit, and my name on the app always city’s off the last line or two. And adding a genderfluid and nonbinary option as genders because I myself am a nonbinary person and when I have to choose between female and male I know whichever I pick, if someone is set to not see guys, or to not see girls, then I know I won’t meet them even though I am neither🤕⛓ Anyways, it’s a wonderful app. And the people are really friendly 😌. I especially like the ability to chose what age group you’ll be in possible contact with.♡

Four stars No it’s not scammer and hackers. This is not a four-star site. I have been trying to get verified since I opened up the account close to two weeks ago support has not verified my account nor contacted me back when I reported concerns On inappropriate behavior from scammer /hacker sending unsolicited pictures. I tired to unfriend, block and report her but her profile continues to pop up in my messages and request feed . Where is the safety? On this site that proclaims to be safe and offer real customer support & control? This glitch is a safety issue for us real users. hackers prey on this site sending viruses and stealing pictures I am not satisfied at all. Listen Please don’t waste your time it’s not worth it you have to purchase in app just to like a profile and to receive support help . It’s all a Scam

Scam. As soon as I made my profile I immediately had 10+ friend requests, mostly from women with pics showing their large breasts and not much clothing. I responded to one girls message and she asked where I’m from, so I told her. Then she told me she lives in the next town over. This is a nationwide app with no feature to sort out people who live far away. So it was highly unlikely that she lived so close. I accused her of being a scammer and asked her to send me a pic of her holding up 3 fingers as proof it was her. It took her 7 min but she sent a pic holding up 2 fingers. I knew instantly that it wasn’t her in the pics. This was probably a Nigerian scammer who had stolen that girls iCloud account and all her photos. I tried to delete my account on the app but it repeatedly says “Error: profile completion still in progress” or something like that. So I had to use my iPhone to remove my Apple ID login access from the app, then I deleted the whole app leaving my account still there.

terrible. The app itself is fun, the concept is fun, and I like the layout. My biggest problem though is the gems, once you run out you can’t swipe right until you get more. I don’t have money to spend on gems, and the worst part is, you don’t get your moneys worth. 100 gems will get you like 10 swipes, unless my app bugged out. I just went to collect my daily gems, and I was supposed to get 200 because it was my second day, but I only got 100. It literally said it was giving me 200, but I didn’t get it. Fine, I go to start swiping and I swipe about no more than 15 people and all my gems are gone smh, not the first time this happens either. It was my first time downloading so I got 500 gems, forgot what for, but I got it. I swipe no more than 5 people, and I’m down to like 200 gems. The. One time, my app glitched and almost gave me 500 gems for collecting daily gems 5 days in a row, even though I didn’t. My point is, that system really needs to get fixed. Give more gems, or fix how many gems are used when you swipe.

Please,for your own sake do not download this app. I unfortunately was a victim of scamming on here and it seems no matter what I do on here it leads me to nothing but that. I was a victim of being used, and harassed by a user trying to get money out of me. They took pictures of me and my Instagram and coerced me into sending them explicit images thinking that whoever it was were a real person. They then proceeded to ask for my Instagram. (Which at the time, I thought it was for validation to make sure I was a real person). Then they edited pictures of me and explicit ones and threatened to send them to people I am related to and love and care about unless I paid them 200$!! I know I should have looked more into this and I take some of the blame on this. But afterwards I had to call someone to make sure that they didn’t receive any pictures of me because it’s all around embarrassing and shameful and is not who I am. So I urge people heavily using this app, be careful who you give info to and never, ever give anyone on there any social media accounts at all! This is something I hope nobody has to go through. This app is terrible and has left me emotionally stressed and embarrassed! Please if someone reads this, do not download this app. There are WAY better apps out there for friends.

needs lots of improvement. there are a lot of things that i think should be changed, first off the swipe feature isn’t the best, you only get 100 gems every 24 hours and each time you swipe right on someone it costs you 10 gems for a total of only 10 adds for one day. While swiping i have swiped right or left on someone on accident and when i press the yellow undo button it takes me to the profile BEFORE the one i had swiped on accident which defeats the entire purpose of the button, also using the undo button costs 20 gems! ridiculous!! whenever i do receive a friend request the only options i have are to “chat now” or to “add on snap” instead of just having an option that says “accept” that after pressing will add the person to your friends list. Lastly there is a reoccurring bug in which i receive a message and when i enter the app to see it the interface is blank, only showing the name on the profile and not the message, when this happens it happens to every other chat as well whether i have a new message or not. The feature where you can chat with a random person is not bad but sometimes when i decline someone they continue to pop up even after i have chatted with someone the same people i decline and even the ones that have declined me continue popping up instead of never doing so again after the first decline.

You need to shut down this entire application. This app is overrun by scammers and and sexual exploitation. This app is NOT FOR FRIENDS, it’s for people that want their devices hacked and social medias violated. There are 6 plus scam centers that are international attached and basically now imbedded with fake profiles throughout this application. THIS APP IS NOT SAFE for anyone. The developers need to completely shut this application down. This app is the open door to hundreds of people Yes hundreds of people getting scammed for their privacy and their money. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the majority of the population using this app nowadays are all there for sexual solicitation and privacy scamming. You’ll start an account and 40 people will add you in a day and they will all start a conversation with “hey” or “hi” (all of them) immediately before you even accept their friend request. This app is also not safe for children at all, it is full of porn and nude images, it’s rancid. Wink You need to shut this application down completely, because right now it looks you’re in partnership with the scammers because that’s your entire platform. SHUT IT DOWN

This app is so dumb now. Please fix this app it use to be running fine and I didn’t mind the update but the creators of this app fix one problem and hen create another like it’s so stupid today it wouldn’t let anyone load into the app at all and then after that I tried to get on the app and it does that thing that it usually does where it says it’s in maintenance so I’m like oh cool there fixing it so after they fix the loading problem another pops up so people have been requesting my snap and I would give it to them and after I did that it would never save like there names would pop right back up in my request list and I would give it to them again hoping that it would save this time and then it won’t it would litterally pop up requests that I already excepted hours ago so I would back through and give my snaps to all those people again and again and again and again and they would always pop it back up in my request list Wink your app use to be cool but you guys got to either go back to the old days or fix all the bugs and I mean ALL THE (BUGS)!!!!!!!!!!

Great app but...... The apps good in all but it’s DEFINITELY NOT for twelve year olds. Nope! Why would parents even let kids be talking to strangers. The whole app is to make “friends”, even though half the time I was on there I had some weird and disturbing conversations that no twelve year old should be having. I even saw a very disturbing profile picture, which led me to deleting the app. It’s a good idea, but for me it’s kind of like tinder. All I’m getting is ‘your pretty’ and ‘wanna date’. When clearly the whole point of this app is to find FRIENDS. I don’t know why but all boys kept popping up when I clearly chose the opinion ‘everyone’ on the app. Not saying that’s there fault, but it keeps on happening. All I’m saying is that they should change the age limit for this app so that kids don’t think that it’s okay for them to download. And you could change a few things. Such as, you shouldn’t let people pit anything gross as there profile picture, and there should be a warning or consequence when they say something rude, disturbing, offensive, or anything of that sort. Thank you.

Terrible app. This app is terrible. I’ve was on wink about 7 weeks and all I can say is scammers, catfishers, escorting. Every woman I became friends with tried to scam me out of money. This was with all unverified women. Not sure about the verified women. Be careful. There is no over site here. Verification is an option instead of a must. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the same woman over and over with a different name. This is not a safe site for kids. No woman I was in contact with would verify their identity with me. It was always an excuse why they couldn’t video chat me and ones that I could get to talk on the phone had foreign accents. I only talked to Americans women. That’s another red flag. Plus the way they wrote in broken English saying stuff no Americans would say is another red flag. Wink could have so much potential but they choose to ignore the major problems. Wink creators get your act together and make this site safer. Make verification a must instead of an option. You need a lot better oversight. Anyway that’s my take on this app. My experiences were terrible here. If your gonna try it. Don’t say you were not warned.

DO NOT DONWNLOAD!!!!!!!. Hello I know I had this app before and I want to make a review about this because this might be a theory or not I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense but when the app doesn’t work it’s probably the company trying to gain access of our old information and it could possibly resurface because I read the rules something about licensing worldwide licensing that we allowed the company to do that stuff and the company might use our old information for bad things I’m sorry that this doesn’t make sense or I’m sorry that I’m starting trouble but you have to hear me out on this and think about it you can’t trust companies like this because our old information could resurface anything is possible that’s why sometimes when the wink app it’s not working it’s probably the company trying to gain access to our information so don’t put your information out there because I had this app before and I deleted it but but after when you deleted your information could resurface anything is possible so please I am warning you do not download it for a while I’ve been suspicious so I recommend for you not to download it because the company might steal your information read the rules I am warning you!!!!!

It was good till. The app at first was working fine pretty good but then everything changed Everytime I accept a friends request and give them my Snapchat they disappear like it should but then I go back to the app again and the same friends request show up and I do the same thing and accept them but again they show up then another problem now all my notifications are on but for some reason I don’t get any notifications till I get into the app all the notifications start to pop up but the thing is that all those contact or friends seems to text me but the text messages don’t show up neither contacts I really liked this app because it’s what I’ve always wanted but this is a big problem I wish I could tell my friends about how cool this app is but all of them are mad at me cuz the app is having all those problems please y’all need to take care of this seriously it’s urgent 🥲🥲🥲🥲

Cool. Well what can l say l love this app the only problem is that when you first download this app it even makes you take a picture the way they show you to pose and it’s says that they do that to make sure your not a old man on this app but here’s the problem when you finish trying the picture it’s shows you like things to not do on there like ask people for nudes or something like that you know what l mean and when you go on there and someone adds you like a friend that the first thing they ask you for like some people go on that app to find friends and to be chill on there but no that’s the first thing they ask you for and people on there just add fake ages on there like l added this boy that his bio said that he was 13 but when l asked him how old was he said that he was 17 l was like wow people really be saying one age but in reality they are like really old 🤐🙄✋ that’s all l have to say

Riddled with bots and fake accounts. I feel that the first thing I should mention is that this app is not for kids and should definitely not be used by minors. The whole “meet new people” slogan is only a deceptive way of saying it’s a regular dating app. That being said, this app has an issue which I’m sure most if not all dating app user experience to a certain degree, and that is fake accounts. This app is riddled with bots, potential catfish, and porn sellers. Before using this app I was aware of all these potential dangers, but I was surprised to find that the majority of accounts on this app are fake. Fortunately though, the fake accounts are fairly easily to recognize, especially once you get accustomed to the app. Aside from this, I’d say the app is decent. My word of advice to anyone who plans on using this is to be as creative and descriptive as possible when creating your account to ensure to others that you are real, and look for the same criteria when swiping through random profiles. I’ve used the app for a little over a month and I’ve communicated with a handful of real people and made two friendships, and I haven’t had to pay a cent. If used safely and responsibly, this app might give you the results you look for.

The app has become useless. I originally downloaded the app a few years ago to make friends on Snapchat that feature is now missing entirely from the bio screen. I use to be able to easily make friends by accepting friend requests now you have to keep swiping tell you find the match or pay premium this app is trying to be everything but what was its original purpose. I already have tinder I don’t need it here. Also certain things don’t make since so swiping is now free which is cool but what’s the point of the diamonds and collecting them they are useless now you can’t even use them to backtrack a swipe which use to be a option. Profile themes are now gone as well. This app has removed so many cool features and has made once free features behind a paywall it’s annoying you want to make friends look elsewhere this app is not it

FIX THE BUGS!!!!. i’ve had to delete and reinstall the app like five times now. the last time i had it before i deleted it again like three weeks ago i had gotten zero adds when before i got maybe 20 per day. now i’ve reinstalled it today and i have possibly over 45 adds. and i hit the give snap button and it either hides the add or it goes to the bottom and then when i do it again it won’t go through. and i try and delete it out of my background but as soon as i get back on the app the people i’ve already added are back on that page ( still at the top or have moved to the bottom of the list) and won’t let me add them again. please for christ sakes stop making changes to the app and just fix the main problems. it bothers me so much how many times i’ve had to delete and reinstall just because somethings not working anymore. while that fixes some things it doesn’t stay for long at all. i’ve been trying to add these people for over an hour and it just keeps bugging out. i’ve deleted it from my background three times now.

Satisfactory but has problems. I’d say that this app is good if you want to meet new people, although let’s face it, this is basically just tinder except less off putting. I don’t really know how I feel about kids that are about twelve years old using this, not to mention the creeps that are likely present on this platform. This app is also riddled with fake/bot accounts. It is pretty easy to tell if an account is real or not, but this problem is still agitating nonetheless. Another issue I do point out is that the bugs are awful. Currently my app isn’t working. I’m not able to view other people’s profiles, no new messages and requests are present and for some reason random accounts are present in my messages even though there are no messages exchanged. Despite these issues I have managed to meet some legitimately fun people off this app which is its redeeming quality. In conclusion this app is decently satisfying but has lots of problems.

They ruined it with the update. I’m not paying for winks 4.99 a week they ruin the swiping with the new update I was it remained how it was with the swipe left or right but that’s not all it’s so glitchy and I can’t even add anyone or do really anything on the app anymore Also the way this app is set up so that kids are put in a position to have to pay to be able to make friends and if they don’t go on the app for 24 hours they lose the ability to talk to the people that spent gems to talk to them is really not kid friendly because it’s making people who are trying to make friends like the apps intended for feel like they have to pay real like money to talk to a potential friend and they will get more requests and more friends as it’s advertising currently if they pay real life money and that’s how a addictive spending habit starts not good for kids with no income According to count 9, inc For 260$ dollars a year you can make 4x more friends

Not for kids. I hope kids don’t use this app. Literally every female I met on here just want money for their Premium Nude Content or To meet for a hook up aka $3X. This app is definitely not for kids and there are no age restriction to this app. This app shouldn’t be in the play or Apple store but on an 18+ Website. Please fix it. Snapchat has a lot of sexual people with Naked photos kids should see. There is no Age restriction on that neither. If you have kids or teens under 18 imagine them on Snapchat or on wink. And some girl or guy asked them for a hook up or their naked content to buy and some of them will send their naked photos for free on Snapchat to who ever their talking to. How would you guys the developers like it if you have kids and some random person ask your kids for them to ask to buy their naked premium content and they do send links to random people to sign up for like a porn site and have them join for free. Fix this ASAP. Or you guys will have a huge problem.

I don’t see a problem. You meet people and some are good and some are bad but that’s fine. It’s not the apps fault yes there are some glitches but they are not bad I have made tons of friends from this app. I do get asked for nudes and people are very flirty which the flirtyness I don’t mind but If your sensitive or something I don’t suggest it. Some people are only there for the nudes and nothing more. But that’s what they want just block and move on or put in your bio I don’t send. There is no need to put in a complaint about it and there is no need to say this app is glitchy ITS NOT this app has worked for me and I have not faced any problems at all. So before you write a complaint about how glitchy it is check your WiFi or something maybe it’s just me but I highly suggest I love this app

Suuuuper glitchy. It’s fun to meet new people. That’s why you got 3 stars. But I’ve noticed that my gem count randomly goes down for no reason. Sometimes it costs more gems than other times to swipe right. Sometimes when I add someone to snap, it doesn’t actually add them. Sometimes it shows no requests or messages when I have a bunch. Sometimes when I block someone who is obviously a scammer, they show right back up on my requests moments later. Sometimes when o add send someone my snap name, they show back up on my requests. I tried to send a comment directly to customer support in the app, but that section also was glitchy and wouldn’t let me type anything. It just ended up sending the welcome message instructing me to send them a message. Soooo fix your app and I’ll give you 5 stars. Or give me back all the gems that randomly disappear.

Boring and full of SCAMMERS !!!!!!. I’m sorry but this app is incredibly mind numbingly boring, it’s literally the same conversation with every single person. No substance nothing at all just the same shallow small talk from every single person that goes absolutely nowhere. I don’t understand how people can praise an app like this when it’s clearly full of Pakistani men trying to scam people out of money. One person tried to get me to send them $100 to prove that I wasn’t a cop. If you are on this app make sure you ask where they are from first, because the scammers bounce off of what you say and will claim to be in the adjacent town and want to hook up. This is how they scam you. Don’t send anyone nudes, they will try to exploit you and threaten to go to the cops claiming to be a minor and if you don’t send them money you’ll get arrested. I’ve reported multiple people and this app to the FBI, it seriously needs to be investigated because this is happening way too much to way too many people that I know. Unfortunately not everybody is as smart as me and they continue to get scammed all the time. The developers really need to find a way to monitor who is signing up for your service and also make a lot more authentication.

This app is just ok but has weird bugs. This app is just ok like you can meet people and find friends if you really try but literally when It shows the people that are currently online on the top of your chat logs you can't click them every single person it gives you a error saying " this person has been flagged for safety reasons " and no not every single person has been flagged because I can still talk to the people that are in my chat logs just fine and then today I can't even view anyone's bio I click on their profile picture and it just stays loading and loading and not my Internet or my phone everything else on my phone works fine I have restarted my phone i even logged out logged back in and I even deleted the app and re installed it and logged back in and I have the same issues this app really needs to be fixed it seems like it's getting worse and worse

There are some problems…. The app itself is a great app (except for one thing that frustrates me about it, but I’ll get to that later), but it’s the people on the app who are just so annoying. There’s a lot of people just there for nudes, desperate teens looking for a relationship, and many more annoying and bad people. There are some good people here and there that are really nice and friendly however. I have made some new friends, but at what cost though. A lot of other people I’ve met are just disgusting though and that’s all to have to say about that. Now for the small part about the app itself. In the interests section for the bio, you have communities like the LGBT community and high school, which is fine and cool. BUT, they exclude Christians as a group, DISPITE THE FACT THAT 2/3 OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION ARE CHRISTIANS. I just think that this is ridiculous especially because they include the foodie group which are supposedly people who have an interest for food? So if you’d reading this, PLEASE add Christians to the group as we are like the biggest community group of them all so it doesn’t make any sense not to add them. Other then that though, the app isn’t too bad.

Decent but needs some major improvements. I’ve only had the app for a few days but i’ve already noticed some larger bugs. For one, a common bug is chats just disappearing whenever you close the app. You have to manually go to that friends profile to see your texts again. Another thing is that no matter how many friends I actually have on the app, the in app counter is stuck at one, preventing me from getting those extra 50 swipes. In addition the gem system is kinda stupid. I think it’s weird that you’re limited to 10 matches per day. In order to have more than 10 matches you have to pay money, whether for gems or the “free swipe” membership. I like the app and the people on it, it just needs improvement.

This is a good app but this needs added. I’m not a demanding person and I’m not going to go on some big rant if I don’t get what I want. Truth is, this is an AMAZING app. I have met so many new friends. Great friends even. It’s nice having an app that can allow us to find people all around the world and become friends with them. We can learn about their cultures and believes. Morals and values as well. It’s just, so many people request to be your friend and then you end up sitting there for an hour clicking “add snap”. It’s frustrating. I think if you’d add some place where we can accept all request it’s be very helpful and not only helpful but improve this app a lot more. It’s gives us a chance to talk to everyone whom requests to be friends. Right now, I haven’t even been accepting due to how long it would take to add everyone.

"SODA". It seems to me that it could be a good application, if it weren't for the fact that when I go out and go back in, it tells me that it is no longer available and sends me to another application that is absolutely useless, I would be very grateful if you could change the problem that I don't know for what is this. I would be delighted to be able to meet more people through this application, because it seems to be a safe place, and with a very good reputation, but this problem honestly bothers me a lot. I have tried to enter with another account, and sun like this tells me that it is not enabled and sends me to another application. I would ask that they really tell me what the cause of the problem is since I don't like it very much, I can only be in the app. I can't get out or answer messages within the application because it sends me directly to the "SODA" application. (now this is just filler to complete all the words I need to be able to send the review) jansiqksbskqjkgsifaristksitsktwirqtksgkskfzkg digceitwtisrisitsigzigf irsiraitdi caigxaigaxita jaifnwjwis wjiekwnsuqi quwijdnwnw jwuskwnwnbw jeusiwkwnwh jwuwiw kwnwby jwiskshsj uwienwjwi kaosmwnwk suiwnwbs jaiskwkwnw jusiswiwk i love you quekwnuss jwiqm susa uqiekwnqja usuwkwnsjs jaiwkwnebdhsusi neudiwnsn jsidosns. jsisnwb

This app is great….for loads of fake profiles!. So like many matching or dating apps, you really have no idea who is real and which profiles are just phishing for porn subscriptions or girls pimping their pay adult Snapchat profiles. I will say this…there are TONS of beautiful big breasted female profiles and photos to look at. And there is a cool “verification” feature that supposedly verifies that the person behind the profile actually matches the photos being posted. But that is completely optional/voluntary. My rough estimate is that maybe 2-3% of the profiles are actually verified (based on my 100’s of swipes and counting the verification badges). And even then, some of those can still be nothing more than legit people only interested in selling you their adult photos. I have only connected with 1 person so far that I actually chat with on a regular basis that isn’t trying to get my money and I have swiped through more than a thousand profiles easily. So for that reason alone is why I give this app 2 stars instead of 1.

Was Good turned Bad. I would say it’s five stars that is BEFORE the app changed and got glitchy. Originally it was very easy and nice to use to make friends and meet people. You’d get 10 swipes or more every 24 hours. People would appear once in your page and if you accidentally swiped to the left you could reverse it and swipe it back to the left or to the right. It was easy to talk and use contact information. About two days ago I was looking at a profile and wink crashed on me. I could click out of the profile or do anything. So I deleted it, not only did I LOSE my account BUT my account is there inactive but still swipe-able and I can’t login to that account, also my face is on that account and I can’t even delete it or change it. Also people will now appear 3+ times every if you swiped no OR yes! There’s so many more issues! It worked fine before some update or something that changed wink which is why it’s a one star for me because I can’t even use the app and it makes me so uncomfortable that my face is plastered on a account I can’t even use! Wink please explain or help im sure this is happening to others! So don’t download it until wink fixes theses issues!!

Worst app ever. Recently I was using this app to meet people. I had come across this girl on here that seemed like a nice person to talk to. Within about 20 minutes of adding her as a friend on the app my phone got hacked. There wasn’t a girl that was wanting to be my friend. There was a 40 yr old man that had been tapping into my phone and stealing a lot of my personal pictures, and other things. He texted me from my # demanding money so that he wouldn’t continue doing what he had already done to me. I had to delete all my social media accounts that had 1000s of followers just so he didn’t get access and post anything to them. This app also has a lot of porn and girls looking for guys to buy their premium Snapchat. This app is not good at all and needs to be heavily monitored. The developmental team for this app should be ashamed of themselves for what is going onto their app. This needs some serious fixing before anyone should use it.

Great!. I love making new friends! I also love how you can get more gems by doing easy things! If you’re looking for someone to talk to, You can easily download Wink for free. All you have to do is connect your snap, use your favorite pictures of yourself, write a short description about yourself, and if you don’t know what to say it’s completely fine! You don’t have to write anything about yourself. Swipe left to pass the person, and swipe right to get their snap. You don’t have to date at all! You can make new friends, too:) I love using wink and adding new people. You get a notification when someone requests to add you. Then you can either pass or give them your snap. Then they can add you and BOOM! You got a new friend! I seriously love using this app so much!

Better app!!!. I love how this app actually gives out real people to talk too!!! That’s one of the biggest things you know. Many apps just have bots texting you which makes it annoying. Overall an amazing app!!! But there is one thing I don’t like at all!! First of all why can’t we add/follow them on their insta or Snapchat as we click the icon. Every time I’m swiping. I want to click on their icons but I cant. Why cant I do that? Definitely reconsider. Also why aren’t there many Asians there? Idk just a preference but I don’t see many-, also maybe let people change their age because I’ve seen many people say, “Im actually #,” maybe just give them 2 chances to change it in case they did make a mistake. But as I said before overall an amazing app!!! Question though, once that 7 days for free gems is over, does it repeat or do I have to buy my own from there? Also I’m new to this app so.

Definitely NOT for kids. It gives off a tinder vibe. I get people asking if I want nudes or the exact opposite, kids putting please don’t ask for pics in their account description. It’s definitely a nice app but people are messed up 🤷‍♂️. Of course all apps are gonna be like this and some people are gonna be bad but the whole experience is just kinda lame. Your get to message like 10 people a day which might seem like a lot, but not when your new “friends” are all 40 year old me looking for dong pics. Another thing is people can pose as any age, from 13-18 and I think it’s weird to have your new teen son/daughter to be getting requests from 18yr old (it might have been 17yr olds) but still, it’s too much of a gap. (You can change the age setting though) Parents this isn’t an app for your kids, more like a dating app. I get the point was to make friends, but creeps turned it into this. Developers thanks for making a fun app, however for me and many others to enjoy it, please moderate more closely. There are kids.

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The site is fake.. I was curious trying to find a girl trying to build a relationship. It is full of bad experiences and I’ve had it a day or so. There’s only a few girls that seem real here. They all want you to send explicit. The always want you to send money. I can legitimately believe I’ve made three or four friends. The problem is they mention they’re from the U.S. but not where. I wanted to find people close to my home, but the ones that I believe I could have a relationship with live thousands of miles away. I probably will never meet some of these people. You think you’re meeting someone new, but most of the times it’s where to find people who only wants you to expose yourself and send them money. One threatened she would send a image she photoshopped explicit images to it claiming she would ruin my life unless I sent her $200 dollars. I didn’t believe her and blocked her. This is just about the app where fewer than half of the people on here are honest and caring. I may have met only three legitimate people, but people should stay far away from this app unless they want to be taken advantage of.

Used to love it. When I first got Wink it seemed super cool because I actually met more people some good some bad but it was better than Hoop in my opinion but I’m starting to hate the app now. When I first got it, it was perfect no bugs or glitches sometimes just took a second to load but that was fine. Although it randomly started to act up and would say someone requested my snap yet when I checked it nothing I tried reloading it but it just took forever to load and did nothing. I then decided to delete the app and reinstall it thinking it would’ve fixed the problem but it made it worse. It told me that I basically had seen everyone in my area for now and asked if I wanted to change to “Worldwide” so I did but it literally did nothing then I tried to delete and reinstall the app and the same results. I would’ve given this app four stars if they only had a few bugs but still worked. But I can’t even use the app anymore so it was good while it lasted. I wished they would fix this problem so I can continue to use it.

Seems great, just a few issues. One thing that has been a constant annoyance for the first 10 minutes of trying to initiate a conversation on Wink is the fact that I’ve had to click the text box around 30 times before I can start typing from how small the area is. Another thing is that profiles while swiping seem to go offscreen to the left and right a little, which personally bothers me. Overall, the app seems very cluttered with buttons that could overwhelm new users, or even just get in the way of half the photo you’re trying to see. I suggest making the text box bigger and moving all of the less significant buttons into one that expands (like a button with three dots on it, a plus, or something of the sort), to make it much easier to navigate. Simplicity = Great

Friend lists and requests get bugged. I’ve had the app for a few months on and off tryna find some friends. It’s a decent app for me since I don’t swipe on it and I just wait for people to find me, cringe but whatever. To the point, my friends list is bugged. I’ve just added around 15-20 people because it’s been a while since I’ve been on and none of them show up as friends. My friends list shows no one and just pretends to load while saying I should swipe on people while my profile says 9 friends. I’ve just added a bunch of interesting people, I wanna talk to em! I’ve seen another review where we get 100 gems per day, I’m still stuck on about 130 but again I don’t care much, I just know it’s a problem. I’ve also put in my state and it doesn’t stay so each time I go to change my profile it asks for that when I’ve done it 20+ times. Again, since I’m not on it much I don’t care but it would be helpful for other people for these problems to be fixed.

Wink app. I’m going to give you my honest review on this app, this is coming from my experience with this app, every women I have met so far has fake profiles , they are people who looking for sugar mamas and sugar baby’s role play, their like I said fake profiles of people stealing other people pictures from Instagram and posting it as their profile picture making you think your talking to the person that’s behind that picture but you really talking to someone else that’s not even the person in the picture , please be careful on this app. If someone acting strange that question you then follow your heart you don’t know how much time I have to look up that picture they using on wink in my Instagram and finding out that picture belongs to someone else that they using and busting them for it . Theirs a lot of cat fishing going on , it’s really hard to pick out who real or who fake on wink. Like I said this is coming from my experience using this app. Please be careful both online and on this app.

Good app. I just got this app today and I really like it. it’s really fun to be able to meet new people plus play the little games that they have on the app. There’s only a few things that are small problems: 1. I wish it would explain a little bit more as to why you got a friend request but no biggie. 2. It would be really nice if there was a list that you could look at of all the people that you have swiped right on because there are some people I swiped right on that I would really like to look at the profile again But I’m not able to unless they swipe right on me, but sometimes I forget I added the person first so you’re not sure if you should give them your snap or not. Bottom line it would be nice to have a list of all the people that you’ve requested/ swiped right on. 3. This isn’t exactly a complaint but just a warning for some people. When you put your birthday in it automatically sets your profile to your age but some people are going on the app and saying they’re a lot older than they actually are so just a fair warning some guys and girls might be a little bit older or younger than they say they are. Other than that it’s a really awesome app

LOTS OF SCAMMERS beware. There is nothing wrong with the app itself but they need to police it better or something. I ran into 4 scammers in 1 night! 1 asked for my email several times (phishing scam) 2 didn’t want to use Snapchat at all. I convinced both (bc their accounts weren’t verified) & 1 had a different SKIN TONE for his snap avatar than the pics he was using in the app🤦🏻‍♀️he had a terrible excuse as to why. Asked him to send me a live pic he said his camera was broken🙄called him out & he blocked me. 2 asked for my full name & questions about my $. 1 wanted me to go on chat apps that would reveal my phone number & most id never heard of but refused to use snap. 1 asked how my day was going & supposedly lived in Texas. He said his day was going great…it was 4am on a Saturday in Texas. Omg I tried deleting my profile but it’s still “being set up” so I have to wait (which is stupid) & as soon as that happens I’m deleting my account & the app

It’s alright but find another app if you want to make friends.. This app literally stresses me out so much because why would you make it so you can skip a person but can’t friend them after a certain amount of swipes!?!?! Just let people make friends, you shouldn’t be limiting swipes!!! The app also randomly glitches to were I will have 100+ gems, then I go check again and they’re ALL GONE when I did not use them on ANYTHING. It’s a great app for making friends but the limiting skips and the gems disappearing needs to stop. (Edit 1) A few more things I’ve noticed are I still see a lot of profiles from the UK even though my country is set for a different one, and I have the setting on for the app to only show people in my country. The app will also randomly refresh when I’m looking at someone’s profile. The refreshing also happens when it says you’ve ran out of swipes, even without leaving the app or swiping out of it. And sometimes the app won’t let me use it AT ALL because it says I’ve run out of swipes but does not provide a place to buy more or a timer for when you get more. I’ve had to delete the app and install it again a few times due to this glitch. The creators need to work on fixing these annoying issues instead of adding even more on top of them to try and cover them up.

Terrible customer service.. I enjoy the app overall, it's greatly designed and it's entertaining but my god the customer service is absolutely terrible. I first of all, purchase the $30, subscription, which is already expensive for me — and I am so excited. It does not work, so I simply contact the team, it takes them DAYS to get back to me, by the time they get back to me they say it say's it's already activated and that it should already be working — I confirm with them it's not and I've paid a lot for it, and then IT TAKES them another several days to respond, and they do not even help me — they just ask me what features I'm missing and dissapear again. It has now been 4 days since I sent them my last message and I will never be purchasing from them again. I purchased the subscription on the 17th, I emailed them the next day because it was not working — it is now the 25th and the issue has still not been fixed and I am still $30 less than I was before.

Terrible app. This app is so buggy and just doesn’t work. First off the need for gems to swipe is stupid it limits using the app to maybe 10 minutes every day for swiping and if you match up with someone using the app for chatting is just so pointless because the notifications don’t even work and half the profiles are fake/bots. The swipe feed also refreshes all the time for no reason and just tapping on the screen for whatever reason sometimes registers as a swipe and wastes your gems for a profile you didn’t even get to see. Ever since I downloaded this stupid app at least once a day I get a friend request notification and open the app to see lo and behold there is no friend request or a notification for a message or new friend shows up and when I open the app there’s nothing. This is honest the worst app for making friends I’ve ever seen do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or space on your phone with this piece of garbage

Meh. Honestly it’s great meeting people but theirs many problems that over time have gotten worse. I’ve had this app for about a year. I enjoy it very much but the glitches I’m about done with. I go to add someone and it won’t open their add the name will disappear. The app won’t let me change my profile pics after its up for a few weeks. I have to delete the app and get it again to do that. The chats it says I get them never get to see them on the chat list. If I get so see it I will get 40 notifications about it. The games are a good add on but really slow and after a few days they get really boring. The interest menu is good but come on put more on their. We all have more interest then just a few that it gives you. A lot of bots. I get about 8 adds from bots daily no matter the account. I don’t want fake people adding me. Kids are another thing. Yeah theirs age restrictions no one will listen to it 🤷‍♂️ make it where you actually have to be a certain age and make sure the pics aren’t of kids. I get young people adding me and I’m not comfortable with that. This app has all gone down hill over time the more they add in. I’d love all these to be fixed but no matter how many times it changes it just gets worse.

Met my now fiancé on here. I got wink two years ago and I used it on and off, often times it was just pervy creeps trying to get explicit pics from me. Idk why I kept it on my phone so long but I did. Anyways, sept last last year I saw this one guys profile who was my age and obviously I swiped right, turned out so did he. I added him on snap and we talked every day. A little over a month later we considered maybe dating, but because we lived six states apart it seemed very unrealistic. Also at that time we were both 17 and still in highschool so we had no way to go see eachother either. But we decided to go for it even though neither of us had ever done distance. We both thought it’d be a short lived thing, no. We stayed together till the end of our senior year and visited eachother for the first time in person last may. I flew to him for his senior ball. Our parents were definitely shocked. I moved to his town and am about to start college, and we both live in an apartment together. He proposed three weeks ago and I just thought I should leave a review on the app that got us together, so dispite winks many flaws, thank you to the algorithm!

Accessibility for blind and low vision users. hello there. This app is extremely good. I do have a suggestion though. I am a totally blind user of this app. I use a feature on the iPhone called voiceover which is the built-in screen reader for iOS devices. it allows blind and low vision users to use the iPhone without being able to see the screen. Unfortunately, the app does not work very well with it. Some buttons are not clearly labeled. Also, swiping people could be improved using voiceover. For example, swipe left using voiceover you would use three fingers and swipe left. Swipe right using voiceover, you would use three fingers and swipe right. I hope you will consider making your app more accessible to the vision impaired thank you for your time.

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Awesome. This app is awesome I didn’t think at first I would actually find friends and guess what I did just like it advertised !💗but I do not like that you can not go on it for a long time because if you are on it for to long you have to wait a whole 24 hours again but if it was not like that I would give it a 5/5

Pretty good. This app is actually better than what I would’ve expected, the only negative is that there’s old men or people just being weird and asking for inappropriate stuff

Extremely dodgy. There are users on the app with the verified status who are clearly catfishes using photos of girls from the internet. I find it incredibly suspicious that the app features catfishes who are verified, as the whole point of verification is to prove that you are a real person, which the app has failed to achieve. Notification system is incredibly buggy and overall the app feels very poorly made. Do not get this app.

It’s good not what I expected tho. I like this app I haven’t found any like “fakes” or bots everyone is genuine it’s not what I expected tho as I saw it from snap how heaps of people were adding you straight away but within saying that all of the people in here are real people (that I’ve Uncounted with) so it’s not going to be 24/7 bing bing bing so that’s why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5. It is a lot better then Yubo in my opinion because Yubo has bots that will add you and will glitch out and not let you add some people and don’t give you notifications most of the time (in my case) so I’ve switched to wink and it’s a lot better :)

Good but really buggy. I can’t name the amount of times I will accept or delete someone for seconds later their request to be back and they were never added or deleted. The messaging system is always buggy and gives you notifications for messages you’ve sent sometimes. Also can’t see messages

Bug. I accepted all of my friend request but every time I leave the friend request menu or close the app and go back in that all appear again this bug has been happening for 2 months now it’s not a bad a app i would like this bug fixed as soon at possible

wink messaging feature bug. so like wink is cool and all and it worked well for me for a few days but then one time i got on i found out that all my messages disappeared and i couldnt message anyone after that. I’ve tried reinstalling the app countless times but it still doesn’t let me message... Please fix it if you have time thank you 🥺

What’s with the new update. I liked this app BEFORE the most recent update. Like I can’t even see all the people who are tryna talk to me? Cmon. Like the thing where u go back to the person u accidentally skipped? Sure thats alr. Getting boosted so ur account is like first? Sure. But literally being able to see who is tryna be friends with u, except like 1/5 of the people. Defeats the purpose of the app, also new interface is really bad plz make it so ur able to change it back to the original.

😡. I like this app sorta is great to meet new people but I recently added someone just wanting to be friends and he wanted to be more than friends and I told him I’m only wanting to be friend not really looking for a relationship Rn he got mad and had ago at me and a few days later I forgot why so I added him back to reread why and remembered why I removed him he started on me again I blocked him on my snap than tried to block him on wink and I’ve tried 10 times already yet he is still messaging me no matter how much I try and block him 😡

DO NOT REGRET GETTING. Wink is great just started using it The gems aren’t the best things but they better than most And when view someone’s profile it doesn’t let you take it back and does this weird glitchy thingy but other than that this app is great totally worth getting and do not regret it a single bit

Awesome app. I met so many awesome people on here. It’s a really safe app with many filterations and verifications to ensure the safety of its users. You know exactly who your talking to, and because of that you meet exactly the people that you want to meet. I highly recommend this app, a much better version of wizz, one I probably wouldn’t recommend for anyone. Wizz is an app where people pretend to be other people, it’s not really safe and an easy preying ground for pedophiles and groomers. Please get this app instead of wizz or suffer the trauma.

Good. So I’ve only just got this app and am still trying to work out how to use it properly. But I think it’s a good app for finding nice people from your area and country, the thing that worries me are creeps but of course u don’t follow people that look suspicious kids or if u do block them 🥰 give this app a try

Getting worse and worse. Starting to get to greedy, after the new update. You have to pay for a subscription to now rewind if u accidently skipped a profile and u also have to pay for the subscription if you wanna “unlock” all your message request. Customer support is useless and doesnt even respond to my emails. Also disgusting to see the amount of fake scam profiles promoting there “sexting” profiles.

Would not recommend. first of all absolutely PLAGUED with bugs, including display glitches, messages not loading, keyboard glitches, one where the interface changes into another account. secondly, it’s oversaturated with people selling, scammers, bot accounts, virus links, etc. would say over half of the accounts are bots, which have also managed to bypass the wink verification system lol. have i met friends on this app? absolutely. but the low quality of this app is in my opinion not worth it and in dire need of a rehaul.

Wink (better than Soda). Bring wink back Soda is just terrible not only do you loose the ability to text but now your forced to meet people through stupid calls that nobody ever uses in the first place, wink was an app in which people used every now and then to meet new ppl online as you can text whenever and making friends was easier now we get Soda an app so disliked it’s rating is at 1.2 stars

A few errors. This is a great app and I love making new friends on it but I have a few problems with the mechanics. I’m not sure if it’s only my phone but gems start glitching and I can no longer swipe people. I also get continuous notifications on messages or add requests ect when No one has done so. As well as not being able to unblock someone after I accidentally clicked block. Otherwise it’s a great app and I like the idea ect but it’s hard to get passed these errors.

Good app but.... This is a fantastic app to find and connect with people, I strongly believe that this app has gone through some fantastic updates my only issue I have is the people on this app. It’s not the app itself but the weird guys, I don’t have manny friends so I got this thinking I would fine some nice people to chat with but a fair few always just ask if you “send” or where you live and creepy things like that, it’s unsettling and makes me uncomfortable, thank goodness their is a way to block people on wink and on Snapchat but these people need to be stoped like go on tinder or something like we don’t need your nasty requests and things like that! But over all fantastic app! Just the people can be very disgusting.....

Met my soon to be girlfriend through this. Gonna get married soon after she becomes my girlfriend. We are both avidly into BDSM and I am the Daddy Dom or the “master” as she calls me and she is my sub or as I call her “a woman “. We have actually just conceived our first child and are hoping to bring him into the kink. Lots of love, Noah “The Daddy Dom” M

Okay but... The app functions well as a way to meet new people however after the latest update some improvements need to be made. It’s good that a new in-app messaging feature was added so that you can decide whether you would like to give your snap after talking to them for a bit and avoiding creeps. Some of the issues I’ve noticed with this feature is that it’s harder to identify who’s swiped on you as opposed to the old setup. Another issue is that once you decide to ‘connect’ with them you’re unable to view their profile and can only open a chat. Something that also bothers me is that without camera access enabled you can’t open chats which makes me confused cause I don’t see any reason why it should be a requirement unless I decided to send something. Lastly, the new profile setup cuts off people’s bios so that you’re unable to read them fully. If these issues were fixed then I have no doubt that Wink could compete with Yubo as a way to meet new people however with the issues the latest update has brought I feel like I’m more deterred from using it than enticed compared to the previous simplified version.

It’s ok but the new update is 😬. So basically the app is really good and I have made a lot of friends on it, but like…the new update is so bad. Why do I have to pay money to accept peoples friend requests?? If the app is about making friends, why take it away from us. Some people (aka me) don’t have a lot of money and just want new friends. In a nutshell it’s pretty good besides the paying for friends bit.

Worst app. First of all don’t download this, ( this app shouldn’t even get a 1 star ) fake accounts and scammers tying to get your number and money . Towards the end the amount for fake people I caught out was ridiculous it’s disgusting. Then I get log off and can’t get back on ( which I don’t care anymore I’m bored of this ) but all I want to do is delete my account, this app has details of me and god knows where it gone . The people on this app 99% are fake and when they get caught out they get nasty and have messaged me on different numbers harassing and even threatening. Sadly there is 1% that is real on there it just makes it hard to find . So wink developers all I want you to do is delete my account I’m not going back there again and have had peace in the last few days . This app should be shut down

Q. Hey just a quick question here, how do you know if someone has read your message in the chats. Also, I do really enjoy the app but theres a glitch now that you can only see other peoples messages when you send one too them. Please fix😣😣😣

Something needed. I think the app is good fun but I’d love to see the option to only see people from your state and not just your whole country or worldwide having the closer range to you option would be better for meeting people you could actually meet in the future.

Can’t login. Since the update 2 days ago I’ve been unable to login to my account as when i press login through snapchat it’s takes me there than i press continue and it leeds me back to the app to the same page as before i’m not sure if it’s just me or not but i’ve tried many times and uninstalled the app and downloaded it again so not sure what to do now???

better, but. You’re almost there with the app. You need to add some more features regarding new friends. For example, a feature or a different section where new friends are found so that we can add them. At the moment, new friends are drowned in the sea of friends present, therefore cannot be added.

definitely download. this app is literally so fun. i convinced a bunch of my friends to download it and they enjoy it as much as me. I only have one issue, i did get this app when i was 14 i’m now almost 16... i contacted wink but they haven’t changed it, i even sent ID.

Bad update. I was happy with this app but this new update has just kinda ruined it for me, I used to have wizz but I hated how their swiping system worked cause u couldn’t it was just messaging them, which annoys me and it feels like you just ripped off an app I despise, also I can’t view profiles in my requests so I can’t see what type of person they are unless I actually accept their request which is pretty stupid, not everything has to change stick with what u were good at not copying other apps

Dodgy and without support. The idea of the app is confusing, it is a mix of tinder to make friends but also there is a lot of catfish, and underage people sharing pornography. It was very weird to have profiles trying to convince me to send pics and after add on Snapchat they tried again to get my pics to share in somewhere that I don’t know. There is no way to report on the app and I think that it is very bad to have this mixed with people from all ages and including kids! I saw kids around 13 years old on the app mixed with profiles showing very explicit pics.

One of the easiers way to make friends. I don’t mind this app but the only thing that pisses me of they don’t tell much about there self until we add them and then find out they want to link you to tinda and it drives me insane so san you please go and review the details

DO NOT DOWNLOAD WINK. This is a dangerous app to make friends so to make things clear Do Not Download This App! I have had my info of my number leaked which resulted in money in my bank account being stolen or better worse Fraud and god knows where my money has gone I had so much saved up! BE CAREFUL do not download wink there are terrible fake people on there & scammers that will stop at nothing to grab and then steal your info my life has been ruined ever since I had been frauded on this app! Do yourself a favour wink delete your app!

Scammers. There are so many fake accounts and scammers on this app it’s a joke but there are some generally nice people on this app They need to make it easier to find real and verified accounts There is an option to only view verified accounts but it cost money Instead they need to make it that if your account is verified then you can turn the setting on for free

It’s a great app with great features. It’s a great app with great features but honestly, it’s all the scammers and blackmailers (true story, I got blackmailed on here). I think I made one true friend on here and I was only on here for about 30 minutes to see what it was about, it’s a good app and all, but devs, if you do see this, can you add some sort of reporting system in the next update? If there is another update??? The app itself is great, it’s just the scammers and those types of people that are making me only give it 2 stars

The new update is so annoying.. When I first got wink it was great and I could meet heaps of people, now though if I tap even one too many times I can’t go back even if I wanted to talk to them. I can’t see all of my request either which I super annoying and disappointing. And the new swipe isn’t as fun, but it’s not too bad. A lot harder to control who to talk to though.

Fake / real people accounts. So I’ve noticed on this has a few nice genuine people u can have a nice wonderful chat to but on the on other hand u got some that are fake like saying add my Snapchat for trade swap or something like it to me that’s a scam or spam and on a there u just want to find friends on there to have a nice talk to and not find a fake people accounts on there how can this be acceptable for this to happen like this either the security or something needs to be changed on this app so we don’t find the stupid fake people accounts ever again

DO NOT GET. this is a terrible app. It’s filled with teens want to send inappropriate photos to eachother. I got it to make friends and instead I got nudes. Personally I don’t want that. And I’m sure some people have some sort of respect for their body so they’ll know to get the app. I was also told to end my life for being bi. And I don’t care that they said that to me but if they say that to the wrong person who knows what’ll happen. Just don’t get it.

Wink plus. I don’t understand the friend requests thing I don’t find it fair that they expire in 24 hours and you can actually end up not making friends because of it it makes me sad that at least 50 people have added me and I can’t add them back because it’s expired although wink plus should add more features for the people who want it I don’t believe the request thing is good at all. Overall is a good app would we better if they changed the requests expiring in 24 hrs tho.

Don’t Trust Anyone. I loved the app until someone deceived me. All my fault, if someone request a Skype call or hangouts. Please I beg you please to decline and block that user. They will record you and threaten your whole social life with that video. It’s been a day and still wants 700 for them to delete the video. Best of luck, can agree there is genuine people.

Haven’t been on it long. It seems pretty good so far. I didn’t bother with the verification process for safety though, and other people had said they had trouble because it constantly wanted camera access but i don’t have that problem

Logged out and can’t get back into my account. I haven’t been on the app for a while and it had logged me out but when I tapped log In with snapchat it took me to snap to do permissions and that was normal but then it went back to wink and just didn’t do anything. I really like the app but I just can’t find any information about how to get back in. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. :))

App is flawed and glitchy, new update make app 10 times worse. For starters the app is extremely glitchy, it did not need an update but since you are so money hungry and want to “innovate” you had to push it out. Rewinding now needs premium, so that’s annoying. Now a common glitch is me getting taken back to 7 profiles I already swiped on, whether it was left or right. This is annoying and one of the main reasons I’ve stopped using this app, please fix this bug ASAP.

Having trouble sharing my snap to get more diamonds. Since the new update, it’s locked me out of my old account and am unable to get back into it using my Snapchat login. I used my phone number to make a new one but since then, I’m unable to share my Snapchat to get more diamonds because it just crashes each time I try. Could u please help?

new update not suitable for iphone 6s’. i recently downloaded this app with absolutely no issues and i loved it. but i just updated it to the newest version and for some odd reason the screen has shrunk and whenever i try to log in via snapchat, it takes me to the screen on sc to authorise, only for me to return back to the initial screen of the app and do it in a never ending circuit. i would attach a photo of it but unfortunately i’m unable to due to there not being an option to do. another issue i found is that whenever you try to log on via another device, regardless of if you select to log in via snapchat, it forces you to create a new account from scratch !! please fix these issues asap !!!

Be careful. As far as an app concept goes, it’s not the worst idea. Unfortunately all I seemed to attracted were crypto people and possible scammers. I had to delete a profile but thought I’d give it a second go only to realise that it’s changed from being free to see requests to now having to pay to see who’d like to talk to you. I know developers have to make money but seriously…what the hell? Again, be careful of all the crypto people and possible scammers on there

Amazing. I absolutely love this app. If you have any problem you can just email them and they get back to you so quick. I have recommended this app to my friends who love meeting new people.

Should Let You Report People Who Added You. Although I’m not 100% sure, some of the guys seemed very suspicious in the sense they had very low snap scores, either didn’t show their face/or had pictures that looked like it was of someone else and overall did some weird things (one immediately asked to be my bf? Another kept asking for pics of me), but I could be wrong and of course not everyone on the app is. I also wanted to report one of them who originally requested me first (so therefore I couldn’t see the acc anymore) so I think they should improve that.

Pretty good app. When I first saw this app on Facebook I had my, doubts to say, I was on tinder for awhile and got no one so I tried this and I’m ngl I thought it was a scam. I thought most, if not all of the people on it were a scam. But I gave it a go and got 1 match/like/ whatever you call it. And she seemed pretty cool, we chatted for a little and eventually moved to sc. She did have a picture of her bike on her profile, but I wasn’t too sure if it was real. Well oh boy was I wrong. It was real, the hotted up purple bike was real, and it was hot. Just like her lol (not kidding). She’s about as real as real can get. Well it’s only been 2 days, but idk there seems to be some kinda click between both of us, here’s hope that a few hours on an app can last much longer irl.

Janky with possibilities. This app was initially great and worked fine. You had to be smart to work out the scammers and what not but it’s fine. Now - it doesn’t reload half the time. Messages don’t mark as unread. Friends say that user doesn’t exist. Friends I already have are appearing to be friends again. Doesn’t show who is online anymore. This app is broken tbh.

Okey Dokey. Um ok but why am I out of all the women outI 99% of them are Asian from Asia that have they’re from Australia on their profile. Asian is ok but not when they’re in another country and when 99/% of women on here are Asian decent. Mix it up where’s all of he Engle Aussie chicks at? More true blue fair dinkum blonde Aussie women. Thanks for your understanding

Wink. Alr straight to the point. I got this app and it was amazing and I really liked it. I made some friends. But then I got logged out :/ for some reason. I lost someone I abs a great connection with. I got back in with a new account and made some friends but that same day it logged me out AGAIN. I was generally sad and angry. Then I tried getting back in but it wouldn’t let me passed the; ‘what gender are you’ tbh I just think wink wants me out I must be blessing to many peoples eyes. But seriously idk if its just me but I made friends and I can’t get back in the app anymore. Other than that the app is good to make friends!

REALLY GOOD. Tbh I really like wink I definitely recommend it but the only thing I don’t like is that it’s pretty hard to get gems so maybe if there were more opportunities to get gems that would be great but I also already love the app so it’s fine either way!

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New update. I hate the new update it’s terrible please change it back

rip wink. new update sucks and i hate it

New update. The new update is terrible. Having to pay to see ur friend requests??swiping glitches all the time too .This was my favourite app to makes snap friends but unless they change it back to how it was I don’t think I’ll be using it anymore

Ehh. It’s okay but I’m taking 2 points of because there are so many shirtless 10 year olds asking for nudes. Someone plz come get ur kids

Underaged tinder basically lol. Tinder for kids lol

Pp. New update is trash

Doesn’t work well. You have to pay for a premium in order to see who matched you, and the notifications don’t work well half the time. You have to refresh after each text message or it won’t pop up, and when I click on profiles the app literally closes. I have the newest version of iPhone so I know it isn’t me just using a bad older phone; but yeah. Don’t get this app. Maybe if they made it like before where it was free and they actually fixed all the bugs and glitches it may be worth it, but until then? Stay away; FAR away, from this app 🤢

Review. New update complicates a lot of things, can’t accept swipes or anything. Please change it back

This update sucks. You guys really had to change this up its useless

Still a little broken. Like half the time when I click “add snap” it takes me to snap but doesn’t give me the persons snap code to add, even when I go back into the app and try again it won’t let me add the other person and isn’t that the whole point of this app? If this could get fixed the app would be a lot better.

Terrible And A Scam. The app glitches, is so broken, and it’s only made to steal money from you. They first had a new update that stopes you from seeing people that add you. Now you need to start a subscription. It’s new design is terrible and useless. I recommend you all go to Yubo (app) cause it’s honestly a lot better and worth your time...

everything is paid for. i can’t even open requests anymore because of the paid stuff like really? your so money hungry that you can’t even make new friends in it without paying

⚠️warning⚠️. I met a few chill ppl but the others are just dudes wanting nudes. Pls be safe while using the app and do not add ppl on snap without getting to know them and do not send any clear pictures of yourself to them. u never know if they catfish. and I recommend to not use the app if you’re under 18. Again pls be safe from: a human that wants you to be safe Ps: lots of love and god bless you❤️

Horrible moderation.. If you want 100 bots adding you on Snapchat a day, and sending you phishing sites, this app is for you! Seriously have come across maybe 2 or 3 real people on this app. There seems to be no moderation at all because they’re 99% extremely obvious fake accounts.

New update is terrible. You can't even see your friends anymore, you can’t swipe without leaving a message, the friend requests are blurred and you are unable to accept them without paying up $$$ I deleted the app, it’s much easier to meet people in real life.

Update sucks. You can’t swipe right on people anymore it’s stupid

Update sucks. I have to pay to unlock friends request like what this sucks

Can’t log in. Every time I try to log in with snap it tells me that something went wrong and to try again later. Not sure what to do

Pay to view is a scam!. Been a long time wink user, always appreciated not being scammed money until today when I opened the app and was beyond disappointed to see you guys started the “pay to see profile” scandal. And at absurd prices.. what a shame. Really unfortunate to see you guys money hungry. You had something unique and you broke it. Will no longer be supporting this app and will be uninstalling.

This is the best app ever. I got laid bois

not working. the find a friend to talk to thing just keeps loading, i kept it on for like 3 minutes and it found nobody. it stopped working like 3 days ago, i’ve redownload the app and restarted my phone but nothing.

Scammers. This app is mostly used for scammers

I don’t like the mew update. I hate the new update, I constantly have to refresh it to swipe on people and almost all my friend requests get blurred, i like how it was before and i would use it all the time! Now it just sucks

New update?. Why cant i find people world wide anymore?

It’s okay. I like how many people I can meet but I hate how now u have to get wink+ to go backwards please make it free

Update. I hate the new update it was just more easy to swipe

Uh. I don't really like the new update it's kinda dumb I like it the way it was :/

Terrible. Making me pay for wink+ just to accept a friend request like really

A bad change. Before the recent update you were able too see message requests but now after a sone time it gets locked behind the subscription wall, it was a good app. But nowhere near enough for it too be 6.49 monthly or weekly, while there are better free alternatives.

Horrendous update. Was bad before, but the new update makes it even worse. Terrible app now.

swipe broken. deadass think i swiped through everyone, few baddies but most dont say nun

Bad new update. The newest updates makes u pay for almost everything. Can’t even see who adds you.

I like it. It’s nice to meet new people with common interest

my advice. i hate the new update please go back to the old version

Change it back. The new ui sucks every time I’m scrolling through the photos I hit the end and hit the again not knowing it’s the end and I skip them it sucks the old one was much better

GO BACK TO OLD UPDATE. You guys made it so complicated and I just want to add people and talk to them on snap not on this app, change it back to that format please!!! I seriously don’t want to use it anymore bc of this and so many people feel the same

Why. Why did you get rid of just the classic swiping left and right.. this update just ruined your app

Not working anymore. For the last month this app has hidden all your conversations, the chatting option will not give you the opportunity to match with others no longer how long you wait, and the swiping leads to no matches, nor can you see who swiped you.

Used to like it. I liked that you could meet people worldwide… but you can’t anymore. Also like that it was friend requests (rather than both swipe right). They changed what made this all different. Now its just like the other apps All good things come to an end.

Horrible update. Idk whats going on

Beast app fam. Yo fam this app is mad ting, I meet all the shordies💯💯

Used to be good.. Doesn’t work now, no one shows up not even bots. And only way to view people is to pay for it. Deleting again.

Kinda sucks lol. New Update complicates things a lot. You can over swipe to easy. You can’t see anyones profile until after you accept. You have to start a conversation to add them. It makes everything a lot more time consuming. The new format is nice but definitely could be improved upon.

i don’t like the new update. i don’t like the update please please change it back i like it how it was.

Scam. This app is a SCAMMMM don’t download they will ruin ur life. They will use ur profile pictures and ruin ur life unless u pay them money

My Review. The application is good, however, I recommend adding a captcha verification to prevent bots from spamming to make accounts and potentially getting you hacked or scammed. The rest of the application is good since you’re able to make friends, but it’s now harder, because of scammers, and bots that are on the application right now, which resulted me to put a 3 star review, and I’m sure the other people agree with me about this. So please add verification system, thanks!

Fix it !. It says something went wrong and logs me out please fix this problem ASAP

Terrible update. I gave the app a good score because I made a lot of friends prior to update. I am scoring low because as a person who have paid for premium the new update is terrible. - I don’t know how to add friends, and the glitch of seeing the same people has gotten worst. - please make it user friendly again.

Money grab. Was good until like most apps they started putting everything behind a paywall I mean if you want to see all your friend requests you have to buy premium it’s garbage just get hoop instead

new update. the new update is horrible and it’s only showing like 2/3 of my screen and i can barely see anything change it back to the old one

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Can we have the old Wink back?. 1.1.0 is when the login process started to go all haywire. 1.1.1 fixed none of the previous problems and I still can’t log into the app. Also, now we can’t tap on other profiles before adding from request, which means adding back everyone? Hmm? Sorry I’m just really fed up at the moment and as cool as the in-app messaging is, everything else has gone to crap. The logo even covers up the login so I have no choice but to use my snap (even though it keeps sending me back to the main screen). RIP EDIT: Currently I’ve been able to log on via Snap. The title screen still has the funky logo covering the number option. Also I appreciate the reintroduction of viewing profiles before adding.

App isn’t working anymore. The app keeps kicking me out and i’m unable to use it the app atm, are you guys like working on a fix or something, because overall it’s a good app, besides with all the premium accounts(which you should get rid off immediately) and then Child thing that i will not say( it’s inappropriate) if you fix these things your app will be amazing maybe even “editors choice” if you banned or remove the bot account. have people account verify it’s them and not catfishes, and the bugs and glitches. and the WINK app will be amazing. hope you can respond to me with an answer thank you

Great app but could be better. I feel like the app is really good it’s pretty personalized but I think it should require a bio cause if not then you don’t know what you’re getting into and I also think there should be an option if you wanna choose a specific state you wanna find people from. I think it would be really helpful so you don’t have to guess on the people who don’t say it in their bio or skip all the ones who don’t live in your state. It should just be an option for those looking for that and then the option of anywhere in the US too for people wanting to fill their snap maps. Again it’s a great app and they improve it a lot but I think that should definitely be an option.

Won’t let me swipe a like. So I have had the app for a few days, after a while on the first day it stopped letting me swipe that I liked people and tells me I have to get wink+ which I can’t get… I figured I will wait 24 hours and it will let me like more people it has now been maybe 3 days and nope still wants me to get wink+ not deleting but come on how do I fix this??? Update: you need to claim gems to get more like swipes, I think this is unfair and it should be a 24 hour refresh thing please and thank you especially if you forget to claim gems (like me) I only found out you get more swipes by getting gems from another review… if you keep that you should set a reminder notification to claim your gems

Wink. i would like to write my feedback and usage of “Wink” to let everybody know how kinda bad it is. i’ve used the app for like 2-3 days and then it stopped working and today i tried to get into it and it kept logging me out not even letting me open the app. but yes i did get people off of that app it works perfectly good but not when you have it for the longest. so i deleted it and i’m trying it again but i don’t think it will work only because i saw another review were another girl deleted it and installed it again and she claims it didn’t work the second time. so i’m not sure.... I JUST DOWNLOADED IT AGAIN!!! IT WORKS FOR ME AGAIN!!!! idk if it will work for you guys but it has me and i’m so glad!

Pretty good app. I like this app because I’m able to connect to people faster and easier. All you have to do is swipe right and you can already start talking. I recommend this app to anyone if you want to make friends bc it’s really easy and fun. You can choose the age range of people you want to talk with and choose a location range as well. Things I wish were different about this app: verifying people if they’re actually the age they claim to be, skip ads instantly, monitor users and monitor any inappropriate behavior on the app. Over all I think it’s a great app and I recommend it to anyone if you’re looking to talking to new people.

It’s a fun app although there are a few things.... I really like wink! It’s fun to talk to people who have similar interests. I have made a lot of friends on there and I like the ability to add people on snap. I like that we can put our interests on there and the structure of the app! The only thing, and this is out of the wink creators control, is that there are some people who say they’re a specific age but aren’t or are asking for things from me that make me feel uncomfortable. I also am confused on why calling and video chatting is locked? How does that work? And why do you lose gems after adding people? Those are the only things! Other than that I love wink and it’s really great :)

good app with issues. I've been using wink for about 2 years now and my experience has been really good to be completely honest, this app is great for talking to random people when you're bored and even getting followers on social media , but throughout my usage i've come to notice a few small things recently that make the app less usable. I've bought Wink+ a plethora of times and not once have i ever received the 1000 gems, 5 rewinds, or the 1 boost. Itd be cool to be reimbursed or something like that but its bot expected because of the large scale community of this app and there being a lot of reviews. Also when adding people really fast the app tends to freeze, not a terribleness issue but would still be cool to be fixed.

There’s a lot of creepy guys on here. I downloaded this app because for me it’s really difficult to find friends, so I everything was super cool I met a few people that were really nice with me but the creeps started to show. A lot of guys started to ask for nudes, and sometimes tried to threaten me saying that they were gonna hack me if I didn’t send nudes. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t send nudes(I’m 13 and I was talking with kids of my age, there are 13 KIDS ASKING FOR NUDES) It’s not the app’s fault that kids or people in general use this app for that kind of things, and if we talk about this kids, the parents are responsible for this. I want to ask, can the creators make the app more secure so this type of things don’t happen? It’s really disgusting.

Needs location. Honestly I’ve been on every dating app in the App Store and there all full of bots and scams and like all apps this ones no different but the big thing going for this app is it’s not pay to play you can earn points for free that you use to match with others pretty neat system and people tend to respond fast on this could be due to the covid lockdown crap but either way it’s nice to actually talk to people who aren’t all fake. One thing I would like to see in the future is location services so you can narrow down people by state so if you do match with someone and want to meet up in person you can rather then Find out they live half way across the US. I know that’s not the point of this app since it’s for chatting only but it would be a nice addition.

I enjoy this app. Personally I would say this app is for teenagers, like myself to connect with other teenagers because you don’t know what’s going to happen on a social platform with random people you can’t even somewhat know, this app allows you to find people with similar characteristics to connect with,Now personally I have no issues with this app other than the fact that you do not have unlimited swiping and you need to pay for it, it is not that convenient for people who can’t spend money like that,But I highly suggest this app to any teenagers looking for some friends.

Finding Friends. I like the app so far. I just don’t like having so many limitations before getting a chance to test the waters. If they had a trial that lasted 2-4 weeks, you would either win me for life or not at all. I downloaded about 10 different dating-like apps and immediately removed half of them either because of the obvious bots & scammers or because of the cost to truly utilize the best features of the app. Thankfully, Wink has a verification element removing many bots & helping me identify scammers, but I have yet to pay for more than a few gems. I wish these apps weren’t so money driven—I sincerely believe they’d have more happy long term customers otherwise. The more u pay, the more u are seen, the more profiles u can see/swipe, the more ur profile is viewed, etc. It defeats the purpose

Love this app but the notifications….!!!!. Okay.. so I've been using this app for a while and I got a bunch of friends off of it and I'm very much getting tinder vibes but like the friend version the only issue with this app is the notifications I have my notifications turned on and I've never had anything like this before with any app I have my notifications on and stuff like that but I'm not getting the notification even though I'm getting texts, whenever I go to the app it says that I have a text from one minute to go even though I never got the notification can you please fix this bug.

Doesn’t work anymore!. I liked it a lot until one morning I went on and it completely stopped working. I thought it was just my phone but it’s not, I’m just irritated because no more skater boys:( but y’all definitely need to figure this out and fix it pls. Thanks. To add onto this, it works for a day or so then it logs me out and won’t let me do anything so I’d delete the app and download it again to try and fix it and it still doesn’t work. I’m starting to get irritated even more. But it’s still a great app, if it actually works the whole time. This is my third time writing another review. My answer keeps getting worse every time. It’s a decent app but it glitches 24/7 now, I’ve been kicked out hundreds of times and everything seems to be shutting down and I haven’t even had this app for very long.

Could not delete account. When I found out the app was not for me within the first 10 minutes of making the account (a bunch of spam accounts), I tried to delete my account and was given an error that “account setup was still in process.” After a whole day, I continued to receive that message. I thought I had to do a photo verification to finish the “account setup” which would have been a ridiculous premise at this point that verification was required for deletion but I was willing to try anything. My pending verification disappeared the next day and I had to resubmit another one. I then tried to remove all my photos from the account for now but was force to keep one minimum. Can not recommend an app that makes deletion this frustrating.

started out good but ended up bad. when I first downloaded it is hard to using this app it was OK pretty easy to use. The issue I keep having is that it will log me out and delete my account. So we made an account but it would not let me create an account using my Snapchat or my phone number. So I use my email I made an account and then a couple weeks later it kicks me off the app again. But this time I can’t login or create a new account (edit) This is the last time I will be using the app. I have lost several conversations because the app keeps kicking me off and won’t let me log back in unless I create a new account. I can’t use snapchat, my phone number, apple account, or email to create a new account or log in to one of my old accounts. This is extremely annoying

Full of sextortion. People please don’t use this app. It’s full of grown men disguised as women blackmailing men for money. It’s starts as a simple text from a “girl” saying hey you reply back ect. Then the “girl” then proceeds ask if want to text outside of the app and you agree. When y’all start communicating outside of the app she’s going to ask for your instagram and then follows you, the she will say hey I’m very horny or anything along those lines and offers up her nudes for exchange for yours. that’s when the blackmailing begins. If you don’t give her any nudes she will begin to get angry and if you do “she” threaten to expose you and show your closes friends and family. So please watch out and stay up kings because this is crazy. Ps this happened to 19 year old me when chatting with a fake 19 year old girl it’s insane.

Glitchy and bugs. 1.) Sometimes when I open the app it acts like I have no account. It goes to default of 200 gems and everything else is empty. I then have to close out and open the app a few times and wait for it to hopefully work. 2.) After a while you stop getting requests and you can’t request anyone’s snap. I can swipe for peoples snap but I never get anything back. I used to get requests daily and now it’s completely dead. (I had an account once before but deleted it once this started happening. This has happened twice now.) 3.) This isn’t a glitch or bug but there a lot of people who are looking for sugar babies. Even with the age filter, the really creepy old people will set up their age as like 20. It’s creepy because their pictures are obviously not 20 when they’re like 60. It just annoys me. There’s also a lot of people flaunt the fact that they stoners or alcoholics (which is fine unless you’re flashing it everywhere) and it’s not very appealing to me. 4.) Basically everyone on here wants to trade nudes or is trying sell nudes. Overall this app was great at first but now I absolutely hate it and I’m going to delete it a second time.

Not great. Wink was a great app to use up until a couple weeks ago. It started bugging out like crazy, not showing requests for days and then suddenly 20+ requests that have been piled up will show up. As I go through the requests, I notice people I’ve already added show up, people I have swiped yes on, and overall reoccurring accounts that I’ve accepted/swiped yes on in the past. My messages don’t seem to go through and I’m not receiving them either, there’s just a lot wrong with this app currently. I’ve noticed that the developers have been making major changes to the app to make it look cooler, but with those changes come many MANY bugs. Please work on getting those bugs fixed instead of making useless visual changes!! Please!!

It’s kinda sucky now. I’ve had this app for like a year now, and it’s was really good at first but around like June the app start to literally go down hill. I like have to put in my verification like every time i use the app. Plus I had all these friend request and they just disappeared after a day of not using the app. And now recently I’ve had to log back in twice and I just tried to log in using my snap like i always have and it won’t let me. I had over 31,000 gems to use and now I can’t even use them bc it won’t let me log back in. Now usually I don’t leave reviews bc honestly it’s to much work. So I’m hoping it’s just a glitch and i can log back in tmrw and stuff but idk, like fix the issue please. Like what is going on????

2 problems. I have this app for a while I could will say I have made a couple of new friends but not as much. Their are so many werid people only there for their pleasure what I mean by that is they ask you if you send explicit photos or know as nudes. I have also met a couple people who say they are 15 but are actually 20 years olds or older people which just is a big no for me. This is supposed to be a app for teen not older people. So easy for kids to get manipulated and to me that’s just so messed up. They need to make this app more safe for teens and get rid of teens who are only there for people to send explicit photos. If it weren’t for these problems I would rate this a 5 or 4 but which these problems this app is some sort unsafe.

Hello I’m Eric. I gave you five stars because I’m actually really happy with this site and I may just actually put money into buying gems because the friendship apps that I’ve had like dating apps and stuff they never work out you know people always want to ask for your money or if you can get him a Google play card from Walmart I haven’t had that issue yet I don’t think I will either I like this app and I will continue investing in it as well as using it whoever you are that created this app you are the greatest of all time thank you so much

Good app buy keeps changing. I really like this app because you get to meet new people, but it changes quite often. Theres always something changing with the app. Also, theres always something not working, like me getting a notification that someone wants to be my friend but when I go into that app no one shows up on my friend requests tab. Or I’ll message someone and exit the app and then like 2 minutes later I’ll get a notification that that person messaged me, but theres no new message in the app. I also really liked the random chat thingy lol (please bring it back😁😁).

Unusable at the Moment!. I’m not sure what to say these days! I’ve been using the app for a little over three weeks now and the app has proved to be genuine in finding new people add and talk to on Snapchat, but the app itself is majorly flawed! I cannot, for the life of me, find the patience to deal with the issues of the slow paced bug that continuously torments me. (The app will still send me notifications of adds and accepted requests, though I cannot view them. When I go to my notification screen, I get nothing. Not even the past accepted requests! Then speaking about the swipe screen, it doesn’t show anything either. I can’t swipe nor can I find profiles.) The app is majorly flawed but for the first few days to weeks of using it, it was fine. I’ve tried clearing my cache, deleting the app, restarting my phone, deleting the app and restarting my phone, and I’ve tried deleting the cache deleting the app and restarting my phone.. Nothing new! I can’t even login anymore because it’ll just send me a notification saying “Sorry! We’re already working on this.”

Not what it seems.. I got this app hoping to make a friend or two with some likeminded guys. First off, after multiple tries, I still did not get my profile verified, even though it claims it only takes 30 seconds. Without a verified profile, one cannot view the profiles of others. Weak. Second, the app offers filters to narrow down your search results. I selected men only, as I’m married and not interested in female friends, and between the ages of 40-60. Despite the filter, I received numerous hits of women trying to connect. Additionally, many of the men that turned up didn’t appear to be seeking friends, but rather dates. So, if you want to swipe through pic after pic of manicured people whose profile you can’t see and whose intentions are dubious, this is the app for you. Happy hunting!

Good. Good night love I hope you’re feeling well today and that you’re having fun and that you’re getting better I hope you’re doing good and that you get some sleep I hope you’re staying healthy I hope you’re getting some sleep and that you’re doing well and I love and I miss talking with your family and your friends I hope you’re having fun today and I’m glad you have your family in the family and I’m praying that you’re staying healthy because you’re not staying too late I know you are I know you don’t have a good day I know you’re going through it I know you are and I’m not a

Please fix this!!!!. So whenever I use wink, once in a while I will get a pop up that says: wink is no longer available. Could you remove this? I don’t see a purpose to this if wink is still available and thriving with a good rating. It makes no sense to have it up still. If you want to promote your soda app, do it in some way where it doesn’t force you to reinstall the app to use wink again. Just as a reminder, this is not a bad review. Wink is an amazing app where you can find lots of good friends. I just want this one thing to be fixed so the app can be more usable. Thank you for the app!

just why?. okay so i’ve been using this app for awhile & I loved the fact that you can meet new people without having to pay. I don’t understand why we have to now pay just to see requests that people send us, when I opened the app to see my requests, you have to now pay in order to basically make friends. I know y’all have to make money somehow but im officially done with this app now, but it was definitely nice using this app before that paying update. Anybody who is now trying to download it, you have to pay in order to even see who sends you friend request (just info for you to know before considering)& for me it’s definitely a waste of money because some people are just weird & paying you don’t wanna waste your money seeing a request from a weirdo. But thats all, byeee

Ok this needs to be fixed. Welp I got this app about a year ago and it worked fine then, some of the issues from now were present, then but now the app is just broken. The gems feature overall is just stupid. Why make literal children promote your app or pay just to meet new friends or just restricting them to 10 a day? It’s kinda scummy when you really think about it. I can get past the gems but now the app won’t even let me add new photos to my profile. Because of this glitch I’m stuck with old pictures of myself from when I was young that I want to change and can’t. Sure I can delete them but I’ll be stuck with no profile pictures after the fact. Please fix this and also make the preference settings on who you want to meet actually work.

Great experience personally. Personally the experience has been great for me I met an awesome guy who’s really great and cares a lot about me which is part of the reason I came to the app. Also people do tend to only want nudes but a lot of them put it in their bio that they’re freaky or whatever so I just swipe them 👌. I’ve gotten quite a few new steaks and a potential boyfriend 😂 but honestly I think the app has more pros than cons 😊. Some bad things is when you try to add the snap it glitches half of the time and doesn’t work. Love the addition of the game for gyms super easy and quick way to get gems. Also the verification system is trash and hardly works 🤦‍♀️.

Full of scams, sellers, and problems.. Part of me wonders how and why an app exists in the form that allows bots and scammers to run rampant without verifying properly to protect real users from harm. The verification system does not do enough justice, and 1/20 users always seem to either be bots or scammers. And those that do seem to be even remotely legitimate, don’t always say that they want friends as this app is supposed to be orient toward doing. The interface is also very clunky, buggy, and has problems with notifications and user accessibility. The fact that swipes are paywalled (even with the 100 gems daily for free users) is the literally cherry on top for this confused mess. This app is NOT safe for anyone unfamiliar with the online swiping scene mentality, and those that are looking for an alternative from apps like Tinder or Bumble are going to be severely disappointed. Skip this app if you don’t want the headache.

This app used to be great. I had heard about this app from friends a few months ago and I thought it was great! I’m 16 and I love talking with new people around my age so I thought why not. But after a few weeks I started getting the same people over and over again. That wasn’t the worst part though, I was kicked out of my session and had to make a new account but then realized that you have to be 18 or older now? why? I get that it’s most likely due to the popularity of it or some weird laws but now this app is totally unavailable to the large majority of its previous users. Now a lot of us are gonna focus on Hoop or Yubo or some other similar app. There are more bugs and things like expired sessions but I understand those. If you had left Wink as it was a few months ago, this would’ve been 4 stars or even 5 stars.

It’s okay, but not great!. I usually don’t write a whole lotta reviews but thought I’d give some feedback. First, love the idea and concept behind the wink app. Love that there is a free side to still make friends. I’ve made a few friends so far! The biggest downside to this app is the amount of bots and sexual things that people want on this app. I’ve learned to swipe left on a lotta people just for the fact that they all have their premiums and menus they wanna try to sell you on their snap. That’s good for the people who wanna do that, but for people like me who wanna make friends, gets a little irritating. Overall it’s a decent app and would still recommend to most people. Thank you for making a free side to the app tho, lotta people wanna charge charge charge.

Fake profiles galore. I tried the app for about 3 weeks and limited it to female friends only. Made several friends. Except they were mostly fake. They give you their Snapchat or demand you give them your number for telegram or WhatsApp in the first few texts. Most of the profiles had a common occupation like fashion designer or interior designer. And for some reason they all trade crypto. You’ll probably chat a while on WhatsApp or telegram with them and then they will poof disappear. They will avoid video calls and phone calls like the plague; my guess is it will expose them. If you befriend someone, don’t you think it’s natural to eventually start talking on the phone? They have one excuse after another. I’m not sure what the motive is though; they never asked for personal details save for my number. It’s a gamble at best.

Review. This is a good app to use to meet new people and pass the time with. Just some things havent been working as well as they used to when I used the app in previous times. Occasionally I get a person who (unadds/blocks) me, but their profile stays stuck on my "requests" page. Secondly, I find it difficult to find any new people to swipe on. It says that i've ran out of users after 2-15 people. But if i were to close the app and reopen it in 10 minutes a few new people will show up, so I'm not sure what is going on with that. But nonetheless if you can look past this its a good app.

Sketched out. Downloading this to talk to people, went through the effort of making a nice profile, and when I finally went to look for nice people I realized I was in the wrong place. The profiles looked sketchy with no or hardly any pictures and I did not want any of these people seeing me. I went to delete my account but oh no… “Error! Account setup still in progress.” I felt trapped! There’s no way to pause your account from being seen (like every other dating/friend app I’ve used) so I deleted all my pictures, removed all the content from my profile, and went to sleep. In the morning, I was STILL getting friend requests which adds to the sketch of these other users. Tried again to delete it and “Error! Account setup still in progress.” GET ME OFF THIS APP. NOW.

Random chat didn’t work. It used to work but now it will load forever and ever and no one pops up pls fix it it was one of the things I would do when I was very bored. Pls fix it. I would click on it and it would load forever and it would never open up any chats with anyone but back then it would work perfectly and it was a great way for me to connect with people. Also the fact that it’s hard to see if anyone new has added u. Cause the people u have added and that added u are in the same column thing and so usually I can’t find who just added me. You should make a different tab for the new people and just take away all the people who you already have added. Thank you

Fake fake fake. This app has nothing but catfishers, prostitutes, and scammers looking for a quick payday. Don’t download this app it’s a waste of time and the good reviews are probably fake. At this point I wouldn’t put it past the creators of the app running the scam. This app needs way more protective features and verification in order to be successful in the slightest. Horrible app and should be zero stars. I have also not received a reply from the creators of this app regarding the issue of scammers, and constant blackmailers that this website is flooded with trying to scam money. In my opinion this app needs to be taken off and banded from any form of downloading and I’m determined to get in contact with someone who can make that possible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SCAMMED OR WORSE. The 5 star reviews are probably fake too

Top 15%. According to the App I am in the 15% of most famous users, and I don’t care or know how true that is. All I know is that I have too many friends to count and don’t use the app very much nowadays, it’s ok to find a fast conversation but I’ve seen this app grow and it has had its fair bit of bugs, pedos, and spam robots, also a broken glitch giving me hundreds of dollars in gems I figured out by myself by messing around. I recommend it if you are somewhat attractive and can manage to start a conversation in 2021. My name on the app is Dzxl which is somehow been stolen by someone leaving a review, or maybe it’s my last self.

it’s good yeah but update is mad. It’s a good app once you get it and you have fun and get new friends init but the update what is it?! Seriously why they hiding the requests now? are people seriously gonna pay just to see the requests because no one is going to tell their parents their on a app where they wanna find a girlfriend or boyfriend at age 12-18 well sure at age 18 you might have your own bank account and have a job but age 12-16 your definitely not going to tell your parents for real that your on the app The question is why are you guys hiding the requests? Why do you want us to pay wink plus for us to see the requests. We got see who sent us requests without any hassle but now we have to pay….?

Lot of potential but needs polished. This app has helped me gain friends when I first got it and I’m happy that I found it! The only problem is that the app has some bug issues, the app will keep crashing and putting me back to my home screen. It is quite annoying and makes the app legitimately unusable. Another concern is all the bot accounts that try to fish you (if you have the app you know exactly what I mean) it is irritating that I receive a friend request to see that it’s one of those bots and not a actual person. Also another concern about the bots is that kids use this app as well, I’m afraid to think about what a curious kid would do, so not only is it buggy, but could possibly be dangerous to younger audiences. If the developers would please fix these issues as soon as they could this app would be in such a better state.

DONT GET THIS. when you get this app, its nothing but weird creepy men. Ive only met about three guys who weren’t creeps and still enough they were butholes. So finally getting enough of this weird app…. I try to delete my account, now with me trying to delete it, it keeps saying “account still in progress”…. Okay…… so i try and delete it again, same thing. Now ive been trying to delete my wink acount for about 30 minutes and it’s still not letting me. I have gone on reddit to see if There’s similar problems with trying to delete an account and found that there are. I still haven’t found a way to delete my account but i really want to, i dont want my email to be linked with a ghost wink account…. Im very upset about not being able to delete my account so please take this into consideration.

Wink won’t let me back in. Hello wink creator, I was wondering if you were able to get my email. I also wanted to address the problem with this app, I currently can’t log back in, I’m not sure if you guys are trying to update the app or something else going on with it. I use it through Snapchat but every time I try to go back in it says error or sorry you can’t access this app anymore. So I just wanted to say it on here instead of email cause you guys haven’t responded back. I already know you guys must be pretty busy and probably don’t want to listen to my problems. I absolutely love this app and made many friends off here. I just want to know why I got kicked off. Thank you. -Phoebe Sanders

To everyone. Wink is literally the best app for people who are 13-19 or even 20. If your looking for new friends, a gf or bf, download the app. If you do not use she/her or he/ him pronouns no problem everyone is welcome here and no matter what you like there’s tones of options for your bio like all different music like rap to country or to sports like soccer to dance. In the wink app you will notice it’s a bit like Snapchat. But a lot more fun. You can call people and you can decide if you want to accept someone’s friend request or not! The people on here are so heart worming. If you do decide if you want to download the wink app have fun making friends!

Thule There are creeps on the app. To start there are so many creeps on the app. As soon as you download it, I was me and my friend decided to download the app just for fun but as soon as we got on the app, a bunch of random dude started sending us very inappropriate pictures and saying very inappropriate things like what’s your number and can we meet up sometime and as soon as we told them that we were 12 they didn’t care and then they asked to see inappropriate stuff so please don’t waste your time on this app ladies stay safe out there you’re p

This app is actually horrible. I’m writing this review because this app is not monitored at all. The amount of scammers on this app is actually insane. The one time I thought I was talking to a real person it wanted to chat on WhatsApp so as an absolute idiot I did showing them a picture of my face plus they also have my phone number and then I was threatened by false accusations that could actually destroy someone’s life and they said they were gonna report it to the police when in reality I did nothing wrong but lie and say I was 18. And that’s the reason I’m writing this review, because I’m protecting myself from an extortionist and to help others not fall into the same fate as me. So PLEASE don’t be dumb like me and don’t even download this terrible app 90% of people on here are fake accounts wanting your money.

Could be better but overall great app. I personally like this app, but there could be some fixes. I only have two issues with the app, it won't let me see my friend requests or the profiles of people I'm friends with. Whenever i try to see the profiles of people ir doesn't do anything or even take me to a different screen. When I try to look at my friend requestsit never shows that I have them, but my notifications always say I have at least 1. Please try and get this fixed, this is one of my favorite meeting people apps. It is really nice and I usually get matched with people that have a lot of the same intrest. I feel like if the 2 problems were fixed then this would be a 5 star review. Thank you for reading this!

HUGE safety concern. At this point in time, as a child speaking to parents, I would not let your child use this app. While it’s a great app for meeting new people from all over the world, the fact that “verified profiles only” costs money is EXTREMELY questionable for me. Not everyone is so internet competent to discern a bit profile from a real one. As a minor, using an app that is very blatantly targeted towards minors, I believe that everyone including myself should be guaranteed safety on this app. The internet can be a dark place with even darker people. The fact that you have to make a feature that guarantees the person you are speaking to is who they say they are cost money kind of disgusts me. Fix this!!! You’re putting children in danger for the sake of monetary gain and that is not okay

Not good anymore. I downloaded it about 3 months ago, it was a lovely app besides a few people who decided to use it for inappropriate things, but recently I went to get onto wink, and it says it’s no longer available, and it’s now called soda, I downloaded soda thinking it was like wink and it’s o my like the voice chat and with that it’s decent, but if someone adds you, you don’t know since there’s no texting section out of the voice chat in it, and as well as that you can’t do anything you would do on wink even like 3 months ago since the changed a decent app to a app that don’t work because it’s ”no longer available “ and you can’t move your friends over from wink to soap unless you have wink+ which ticks me off, it’s not a very good app anymore

About this app. We'll the first problem for me was trying to sign up I am in the age regulations and all of my information was correct but for some reason when I was signing up and it asks who would you like to meet with and the options were boys girls or everyone I've tried to click all of them buttons and then it asks a age and I put it in and it tells me no informaion has been put in and this probably isn't anyone's fault probably just a malfunction just wanted everyone to know but other then that it seems like a very good app to meet new people 💖😊

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 9.7.0
Play Store co.9count.wink
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Wink - dating & friends was published in the category Lifestyle on 10 November 2019, Sunday and was developed by 9 Count, Inc. [Developer ID: 1458551455]. This program file size is 555.23 MB. This app has been rated by 290,414 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Wink - dating & friends - Lifestyle app posted on 01 February 2024, Thursday current version is 9.7.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: co.9count.wink. Languages supported by the app:

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bugs fix

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