Daily TSP

Daily TSP [Finance] App Description & Overview

The latest TSP share price data is provided to you everyday! Daily TSP provides a beautiful set of interactive charts that automatically update each day and allow you to look through the entire TSP share price history for any fund. Daily TSP also aggregates tons of reference fund information in an easy to navigate and interactive manner.

Daily TSP offers a clean user experience and customization capability that result in a personalized way to interact with and analyze TSP data at your finger tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to link my TSP account?

Daily TSP DOES NOT REQUIRE you to link your TSP account in order to use the app. There is tons of data and capability that is available to all users to help track/analyze the TSP funds without linking. Further, users can even perform manual account balance entries if they prefer and still want a way to track their TSP account balance. Linking your account serves as a convenient and secure means of tracking your TSP account, but is entirely OPTIONAL within Daily TSP.

Is Daily TSP secure?

Daily TSP takes security very seriously and therefore abides by the latest security standards and protocols. Further, Daily TSP also allows for a four-digit pin code or biometric authentication (face unlock/fingerprint) to be required each time the app is opened for enhanced security - optional feature. Linked account credentials for fetching your TSP account data are stored DIRECTLY on your phone using its secure storage protocol.

How does Daily TSP store app data?

100% of all personal user data generated in Daily TSP is stored directly on your phone's storage and is NEVER shared with any cloud services or stored anywhere on the cloud. This means that you and only you can see and access the data within Daily TSP.

Can I contact the developers directly?

Absolutely. We try to make this as easy as possible and allow you to contact us directly from within the app! Give it a try!


On top of all that, Daily TSP also provides a great alternative for monitoring your personal TSP account balance and history over time!
- Users can track their account balance through manual entries
- Users can also link their TSP.gov account and automatically perform these updates.
- User can track an unlimited number of accounts with Pro version which means you can track Uniformed Services and Civilian accounts in one place!

Daily TSP Linked Account:
- One tap to begin account update - that's all it takes!
- Full account balance history to date
- Personal Investment Performance (PIP) computation
- Account activity summary tables
- Contribution allocation percentage
- Contribution allocation dollar amount
- Future predicted growth
- Capability to track general purpose and residential loans
- Capability to track TSP transactions
- Calculation of rate of return, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), PIP, and other helpful metrics for various date ranges

Daily TSP Capabilities:
- Create custom allocation funds
- Browse through all full TSP fund historical data
- Create custom TSP balance goals
- Ability to define custom date bands
- Ability to show/hide certain funds
- Ability to save charts directly to phone
- Ability to export user data to a CSV
- Lots of customization capability
- Enhanced security with pin code access and biometric authorization
- Ability to setup custom notifications

Daily TSP provides direct feedback access to the developer to do everything from report an issue, request a feature, to just say hello. Whatever it is, just drop a line!



The Daily TSP app is not affiliated with the United States Government, The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board or the Thrift Savings Plan, and that the service being offered is not sanctioned by the United States Government, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board or the Thrift Savings Plan.

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Daily TSP Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Update to linked protocol for new TSP.gov website - All linked account functionality restored - Show fund summary of simple returns on fund info page - Show constituent fund percentages in Lifecycle pie charts - Addition of FSPS retirement option - Addition of Military High-3 retirement option

Daily TSP Comments & Reviews

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- Great App For TSP

Super simple to set up and highly recommend the $10 upgrade. This app sure beats logging into the TSP website.

- Best TSP tool ever - a must-have for account holders

I rarely buy apps, but in this case, not only did I not hesitate paying $1.99 based on the great reviews and recommendations, I gladly forked over $7.99 for the pro version. Given the limitation of the TSP website in terms of functionality and the now non-functioning syncing to banks (due to TSP’s new two-factor authentication), this app fills a critical void. The app is easy to use and understand and has so many great features. I don’t know the developers, but based on the features and functionality of the app, I can tell they really know not only TSP but also how to develop user friendly apps. This app has close to everything I want in a TSP app, it’s like they read my mind when developing it. The developer is incredibly open and responsive to feedback and constantly work on adding features (based on feedback). This app is a must for anyone with a TSP account.

- Really nice app for TSP users!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app, but I feel this one deserves it. Provides user friendly experience not available on TSP website. Nice set of tools, future growth table is great to look at different scenarios. I was surprised how much adding five years to my planned retirement date would add to my balance. Nice charts and interface makes the slightly annoying new two factor authentication easier to use on iPhone. The ability to set a goal and see progress toward the goal is nice. Even factors in loans and loan repayments in the math. Also great support. Had a question about one function and got a reply very quickly. Was able to fix the issue I had, and was happy. Then I received a follow up to be sure everything was resolved. Above and beyond. Highly recommend.

- Best app for TSP watchers

I don’t normally rate products but omg this developer is awesome. Best communication on bugs or whatever if may be. TSP changed their site connection and this developer alerted me of the change in the app and that they are working on a fix. The fix was deployed before the weekend was up. Virtually nothing missed. I use the paid version because it is very helpful for updates. The only buyer be aware comment I have is that you cannot share the paid version with App Store family sharing. When I bought the paid version I thought I would be able to share that paid version with my wife who is in an App Store family with me but it doesn’t work. That is literally the only thing I have to say that is anything close to negative.

- Best TSP Tracker and Forecaster

I downloaded this app today to see if there was an easier way to view my tsp without having to go through the website. This app is it! It can link your tsp (if you want to) and it will show you everything your tsp does and more! If you don’t want to link your tsp account, that’s not a problem, it can still calculate your future earnings by amounts you enter. This is an app that should be on every military members phone! Their customer support is immediate and detailed in their responses and they encourage ideas on how to make the app even better. Download now and start previewing what your retirement will look like! Daily TSP is made for you and me!

- Outstanding

Like most other reviewers, I think this wonderful niche app addresses a significant gap in TSP customer service. It permits customers to track TSP data in a similar mobile-friendly way to many major financial institution apps. And it’s elegant and pleasing to look at too - assuming your TSP balances are pleasing to you! Seriously, check it out. I think you’ll find it very useful. And the developers are extremely responsive, getting back to me within a half hour of writing with a suggestion, which they implemented in a little more than 24 hours. Excellent work.


I rarely write reviews, but this app deserves it. I became increasingly interested in making sure I’m correctly invested in my TSP, and how it has performed over the years. This app provides all I thought I wanted to know and more besides. Fund performance, TSP performance, both current and historic, rates of return, gains/losses, goal setting, projections, and so much more. Support is VERY responsive if you EVER have a question or issue. They care about their product and customers. If you follow your TSP, this is the best $1.99 you will ever spend on an app. It’s worth way more!

- Superb app and devs

Great app. Clearly the best for TSP hands down. I would pay double to upgrade to pro just for having the capability to easily sign in via app and having so much information at your fingertips. The devs responded to my question within two minutes on a Saturday.......and I’ll repeat that... on a Saturday with the in app communication feature. Your not gonna find more responsive devs period. And the app has so many useful features I’m still stumbling onto more every time I get a chance to dig into the app. Hats off to the devs!

- Essential financial tracking for Feds

Okay, the government really should have created this tool. Every other financial company out there has an app, why isn’t there a TSP app? Well, this app does what the government should have: it’s a pleasure to use and gives you all the info you need to keep track of your TSP savings. They have integrated two-factor authentication into the app so it is much quicker to access than the website. Essential.

- Great App for Monitoring Your TSP

I really only use the app for the simple fact that it makes viewing your TSP balance as well as the health of various funds super simple. And the two factor authentication is certainly appreciated! Totally recommend! PS - the customer service is incredible. I was having an issue (operator’s error) and they responded within 20 minutes of my request for help through the app. Great follow up!

- Excellent Layout/Easy to use

Having opened up the app, right away I was impressed by how fluid and upfront the mechanics were. As a government employee myself I always wondered how the fluctuation of TSPs would affect my own. I stumbled upon this app and was glad I could see it all in front of my eyes. Graphs and ledgers showing the continuous growth and volatility of some of the TSPs helped me understand where I stood in my potential retirement. 10/10 app.

- The TSP app I have always wanted

I would like to thank you for creating the TSP app I have always wanted. I open and update this app every single day and I am moving toward the upgrade for the pro edition next week. You have made planning for my future retirement so much easier and I look forward to the future enhancements you are working hard to add. Thanks again.

- Great app, awesome support.

Amazing app. Has really helped me focus on retirement goals and keep important investment data at my fingertips. The support from the developer has been awesome. I have contacted him twice and have received a response in less than five minutes for both questions, even late at night. Highly recommended.

- Awesome app

This is the app that TSP should’ve made themselves. It’s very simple and quick to see various parameters without needing to dig through the website. My only concern is how secure this app actually is, but I have no reason at this point to actually claim it’s unsafe to use. The developers seem to have made this to help people and I appreciate it.

- Love the app!

Much easier than having to use the app! Keeps everything in one place! I read the developer is very responsive, so I was wondering if you’d be able to put a function for Rank/TIS rather than expected pay raise cause it’s kind of hard to narrow down a % for that! Other than that love it

- 10/10

This app is just what I’ve been looking for. If you’re the kind of person that likes to watch the market and know if your tsp shares have gone up or down and how that reflects in your account balance look no further. Had it for 5 minutes and upgraded to pro. Kudos developers

- Great time saving app

Great app to ease the pain of typing tsp required password every login. Developers respond to questions and answer app questions in a matter of minutes to and hour. Support I’ve never had before with anything on internet or an app. Pay for the upgrade, well worth it.

- Great App For TSP Participants

Until the TSP comes out with a mobile App this is the App that should be used by anyone with a TSP account. You can link your account to see your balance. Daily TSP also has a lot of tools to give great insights about your account. I will more than likely purchase the pro version.

- Great alternative to TSP. Gov official site

Daily TSP does a nice job of integrating your TSP account with multiple tools that allows the user to create hypothetical scenarios and projections. The app is extremely user friendly and more robust than the TSP portal. I look forward to the various enhancements offered by the designers.

- Best TSP app ever!

This app and the developer are amazing. I contacted the developer with a general question and they almost immediately responded. And the app itself is in a class of its own. Graphs, tables and so much more that the TSP site is sorely lacking in. The TSP community couldn't ask for a better app or developer. Thank you so much!

- Easy and intuitive to setup and maintain

Smooth functionality with all of the features I need. The manual ledger is easy and intuitive to setup and maintain. The ability to schedule auto contributions allowed me to setup my account and track performance with ease. Thank you Taza- five stars!

- Happy customer

It is so hard to get used to the tsp site and look for information I want to track. This app has made the process of reviewing historical data seamless! User friendly and would definitely recommend it!

- Great insight, beautiful charts!

Daily TSP gives you very good insight into a complex data set. The charts are beautifully rendered and very customizable. The Historical data is particularly useful. It also appears that the developer is responsive to issue reports and feature requests, though I haven’t tried that.

- Don’t spend the $10 For Pro

Upgraded to Pro on a whim hoping for more value than free version. I feel it was easier to have a bookmarked webpage on your phone and having full functionality vs. limited access on this app. One thing I know for sure is I overpaid ($10) for the Pro Version and would NOT recommend based on a hefty price tag for the value this app offers. Hopefully over time this app adds more bang for the bucks.

- Fantastic App and Customer Service

The app has everything I need to track my TSP account. Customer service is very quick in responding to questions and support. I highly recommend this useful app.

- Easy, convenient, & informative

Love that you’ve added the current ytd performance. Has all the necessary information to track tsp performance on a daily basis with easy to use export tools!!!

- Top knotch app!

Excellent app for TSP account holders! I have both Uniformed and civilian accounts; the Pro version lets me toggle between the two, giving me detailed information at a moments notice. Well worth the upgrade!

- A must for TSP participants!

Tons of data all in one place! Makes it really easy to analyze the TSP funds. By far the best place to view this data and it is updated each day automatically!

- Love this app

I use this multiple times weekly. It is very powerful and helps me stay on top of my funds. I really appreciate the history and various torturing tools.

- Best TSP Apps

Up front and personal. Info all in one place and at your tips. Love it. Wish I would have found it sooner. Will be recommending it to all my supervisors and employees.

- Fantastic TSP Tool!

Quickest, easiest way I’ve seen to stay up-to-date on your TSP. Great tools for planning, as well as tracking performance.

- DT Pro

Am unable to upgrade to Pro version. This version is of very limited use. Cannot upgrade within the app - get an error message - and am unable to locate Pro version in App Store. Help!

- Used to be good

I used to like using the app, but recently (for the last two months) it doesn’t TSP Historical graph. That’s the main feature I liked on the app. ...but, no more.

- Buyer Beware

Not only will you pay for the app, but they’ll try to get an additional $10 from you once you get in there. Why am I going to pay twice? Why not just have the one fee up front? Deleting. At least I only wasted the 99 cents.

- Great app

At last something that actually does the task that I want and need!!

- Great App

I’m very happy with this purchase. I’ll check back in later for feedback.

- Finally

Finally a functional app to track the TSP! This app is a functional thing of beauty! THANK YOU!

- Best thing since sliced bread

This is an app that every federal employee who contributes and engages with their TSP should have.

- Amazing

Beautiful and very dense with info. $10 upgrade is a no brainer for any TSP holder.

- Won’t sync my account

I tried to sync my current account and it doesn’t work. Thank God I only spent 99 cents. Still would have like it to do more as a teaser.

- A lot of features packed in here!

Great resource!

- excellent product

very easy to use - it is good to see all tsp in one location - thank you - this app is well worth it 👍😁

- Finally!

A good AND secure TSP app! With great developer support.

- Linking account

It won’t link my account. I paid for the upgrade for nothing.

- What’s the point

Purchased today and won’t link to my TSP account.

- Outstanding App!

This is the App that our TSP.gov website should actually have. Fortunately for us....Daily TSP created it! Everything we need to know about our TSP and up to date features! However..... It’s their OUTSTANDING Customer Service that just blows me away. From them taking me baby steps into setting up my account and linking it with the APP.... to ANY other questions I had. They respond always within the same work day but most of the time..... almost immediately! Great job guys!!!! At $.99..... this is a steal!!! Upgraded to their premium plan at $9.99. However...... I’d pay double that for this APP because it’s MORE than worth it!!! L. Plaitano.

- Much needed!

This TSP app is something that TSP account holders consider a blessing. It’s a great tool to monitor your account, and to compare the return rates of various funds over time, days, months, years. You sync your account to the app easily by just entering your 2-factor ID code sent by text. Customer service is extremely helpful and prompt. Definitely worth the full upgrade.

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Daily TSP 2.7.4 Screenshots & Images

Daily TSP iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images
Daily TSP iphone images

Daily TSP (Version 2.7.4) Install & Download

The applications Daily TSP was published in the category Finance on 2019-10-09 and was developed by Taza Technology, LLC [Developer ID: 1481911636]. This application file size is 71.01 MB. Daily TSP - Finance app posted on 2020-07-12 current version is 2.7.4 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tazatechnology.dailytsp

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