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What is color circles 3d app? Stack colorful circles in the right order and solve tricky puzzles!

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Color Circles 3D Version 1.607 December 2019

- Bug Fixes.

Color Circles 3D Comments & Reviews 2022

- I can’t even enjoy the game

I think the game is great but it has way way way too many ads if they would have One add every two rounds this game would be great

- Ads are unbearable

I might like this game. I will never know. The ads show up regularly and mostly without warning. And I play plenty of other games with varying ad regularity and benefits for watching. I tried to just play until I lost on the see how far I could get but was ready to throw my phone by about the 5th ad that could not be closed out early (which is definitely not the same as the 5th ad). I finally persisted until I lost and I’m still not sure what the goal of the game was. Was it to get the biggest disc possible? To just get as many rings as possible on the board? Are there different levels and puzzles after the one I played? Because it looked nothing like the ad that I saw prompting me to download the app and the only option I saw after losing was to retry. I will never know because the next ad prompted me to quit the game and write my first ever review. It was unbearable.

- I love this game!

I love playing Color Circles, but it keeps locking up on me. Please push our another update soon... that might help the app on an old iPhone 7. In the future, maybe you could think about adding a reset button? Sometimes I mess up and just want to start over. I know you’ll fix the problems, which is still why I selected 5 stars. This game is an excellent time waster, yet requires a tiny bit of thought for the placement of numbers. If you love games like Drag n Merge, woody.... just try it. And Yes, there are ads. All games have them. Just be patient, wait for the X and then keep stacking&adding. Regards, 40-something, MomOf3

- Too many ads

An ad after EVERY LEVEL. Give me some breathing room to want to play the game. I don’t want to be immediately thrown ads at and feel like I’m wasting my time rather than enjoying the game. Immediate delete. Haven’t even gotten to the level in the game’s ad on another game that I wanted to play. So many games with the same type of challenge without the spam pop ups every minute or so. There should be a rewards system for getting stuff for watching videos at choice. I’ll choose to watch ads on my own time for a game if it benefits me but I delete games that can’t seem to be completed or gotten through without feeling like I’m only watching commercials. Game is fun but not nearly enough to overlook the annoyance of a 20+ second video stopping me every time I complete a level. It was fun for the first two levels and got quickly dried out.

- Led to Believe in the Wrong Game

I downloaded this game because I had gotten an advertisement based on another app that involved hoops and whatnot. However, once it had installed on my phone, I became disappointed to know that it was a game that was entirely different from the ad! Besides, I’ve realized recently that we shouldn’t be wasting our time on these games... Apparently, game developers are unable to come up with original ideas, so they all basically copy off of each other and call it ‘fun games’... They’re leading game stores into the pit if they continue on with such unoriginal ideas. With no creativity, what will we be able to improve on? If we don’t take risks and try new designs, where will it lead?! Don’t download this game... Perhaps you should be looking for something that has gotten a lot more time and effort put into it.

- Way too many ads, misleading screenshots

The game itself is good, but the ads are far too intrusive; they pop randomly every few moves, between levels, and you have to watch an ad to use any of the moves, like removing a piece or holding one, which makes the in game currency you earn worthless, if that’s what the stars/coins are meant to be. Also, the screenshots are misleading. There are no puzzles to solve, you just keep piling the rings on poles, trying to merge rings (for example one “32” ring on top of another merges to create a larger “64” ring. If you can get a ring on a pole up to 2056, it clears the pole. If you run out of room on all 5 poles, you lose. So, between the deceptive screens, lack of variety, and intrusive ads, this is a 1*. Less ads, use for the coins/stars, and more diverse gameplay would easily boost it to a 4

- Honest Review

This game is fun, despite there being zero instructions. Despite the developers not taking time to explain what the different moves are and basically leaving you to figure it all out on your own. If you guys want to make money, you can sell us this game, .99 or 1.99 most will outright buy it. These adds you’re forcing down our throats, most people will just quit. I don’t like to play games and NOT listen to my music at the same time. Your game makes that impossible when it plays random annoying videos every 45-90 seconds.

- Idiotic

I tried this based on an ad in another game. The reality is nothing like the demo in the ad. This game is idiotic and completely pointless. There is zero strategy involved. Once you’re forced to put a higher disk onto a lower one, you’re screwed. There is no strategy. There is no planning ahead. You just sort the disks as they come and hope for the best. When the game decides your round is over, it’s just one bigger disk after another. If you could move disks from peg to peg (like in the real 3-towers game) you could plan ahead and work yourself out of difficulties. This game offers none of that. No strategy, no recovery, no planning. And as a bonus, you get to watch the same 2 ads over and over after literally every few moves. I tried to warn you! Lol

- Enough with the ads

I enjoy this game a lot. It’s easy to play but challenging enough to help me keep my eyes open at 3 am when my son doesn’t sleep. But good grief the ads are so annoying. Why does there have to be an ad after every level, in the middle of a level, when you want to hold a piece, swap a piece, and get a joker? And what is the point of the coins and keys? I’d much rather spend the coins on swapping pieces or getting a joker vs having to wait 30 seconds to watch an ad.

- Not as advertised

I downloaded this game based on as in another game. It is nothing like the bad which showed moving circles on a board. This game is only stacking circles as they appear. You can’t move them from peg to peg, only place each new circle. It’s the same over and over continuing on in each level. In fact I don’t know why there are levels as it never changes. I also don’t know why you earn coins as there doesn’t appear to be anything to spend them on.

- Fun but ads are too annoying

I wanted to give this more stars because I did enjoy it. However the ads are too obtrusive. They are at the bottom of the screen as you’re playing and then ads that take over your entire screen pop up much too often. And also ad buttons everywhere. 🙄 This definitely deserves 1 star because of the ad interruptions. It made the experience so terrible I am deleting this app. No matter how fun an app is, any enjoyment I get is not worth the time I need to sit through sooooo many ads.

- Ads

I’ve never played a game with so many ads that you are FORCED to watch. I’m done with this app. Every 5-10 moves (which take less than a second) takes you to a 30second ad and then usually takes you to the App Store. I would understand watching ads for the special features, like hold, joker, and remove, but you not only have to watch those, you have to watch every few moves. It’s ridiculous. You literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Search elsewhere.


This isn’t a bad game and actually gets your brain pumping. However there are so many ads, you can’t even play the game. I get like 5 ads before I even complete a level. That mean while I’m playing, I’m cut off for an add. I understand you guys have to make money, but the amount of ads is absurd. I can play this game if I turn my data off. And you even have to watch an ad to get the joker, the hold, and the delete buttons. Like the game would be so good, if you could actually focus on playing the game.

- Very Misleading

The ads about this app portray a totally different game than it really is. This is the case with a lot of different games, but I specifically downloaded this game because I wanted the game on the ads. I hate all games that display their game on ads differently than the actual app. It wastes my time waiting on the app to download and I get excited because I can’t wait to play the game and when I start playing it’s totally different. ALL GAME COMPANIES SHOULD STOP DISPLAYING THEIR APP DIFFERENTLY ON THE AD THAN IT IS ON THE ACTUAL APP.

- Fun Game Ruined by Ads

Deleted the game today... I found this game through Eggs Inc. It is awesome! I could play it for hours. Gets my mind working with the math involved too. Good job on the developer for making the game. I know you need to make money but the ads are the reason I am deleting it. You can’t play for more than 15 seconds without being hit with a 45 second ad. This whole Ads in game have ruined mobile gaming and you are the biggest contributor of the demise of cell phone gaming. If you want to make money simply charge a one time flat fee. $1 or $2.99. Honestly this game is so much fun. I would even pay $10 if knew it would remove all ads. To whomever came up with the excessive ad model in mobile gaming. I wish you horrible diarrhea.

- Fun game but way too many ads

I know you need to make money, but there are so many ads that you’re actually going to be losing money because so many people are going to be deleting this app. I would play this game for hours if there weren’t so many ads because it is fun, but the ads every 5 moves are driving me so insane that it’s keeping me from playing it. Keep that business strategy in mind.

- Not at all like advertised

I got this game thinking that it would be a fun little puzzle game. But instead of what they advertised BOTH in the ad, AND in the app store, I got a weird, ring-merge pile of slightly-ok-smelling trash. I mean, I wouldn’t hate it if they didn’t use false advertising, and it is ever-so-slightly addictive, but the fact that they used false advertising just makes me not want to play it anymore. I’m going to delete it.

- False advertising, ads are ridiculous.

The ads on this game are crazy. There’s way too many ads to be able to enjoy the game. I thought this was going to be a puzzle type game, but nope! The ads you get while playing other games, AND the pictures on the APP STORE are not like the game at all. You can’t even finish a level without getting and ad. I don’t recommend this game at all.

- I haven’t played it, but looks easy

I hope the app will be easy. When I saw the add I installed it right away so I hope installing it was worth it. Btw there’s only two people who wrote a review, and I’m gonna be the third. Do u like the game?

- Great except

The fact that every time you want to "hold" a piece you have to watch a longggg video which is wayyy too often. I haveo 3 stars because of that and because no directions at all and I'm sure someone will need them in order to know how to play. Plus no toggle for sound on screen. Otherwise I did love the game.

- Way to many adds

I was enjoying this game even though it was nothing like the advertisement but then after playing for a day every time I wanted to hold an item I had to watch an add witch I very annoying I could deal with it if it was 1 add to hold something after you die but every single time really?!?

- An ad just to hold a spare piece

I love the concept of the game but I played it for awhile and had no problem using the spare ‘hold’ space without ads. Next day I now have to watch a 30 sec. ad just to hold an undesired piece. It makes the game half the fun without using the spare holding space unless you want to watch 30 min worth of ads just to play a solid round with actual strategy.

- Too many adds

After playing the game for about one day realized I wanted more ads than actually playing the game. Uninstalling.

- Ridiculous. More ads than game.

Cannot even finish a level before an ad interrupts the game. It’s every 30 seconds? And the game isn’t even what is shown, with no instructions or help. No idea what the levels are building to but I’m not going to spend hours watching ads to find out. If you have so many ads that no one can stand to play the game your revenue is zero.

- Ads mid-game now?! Why?!

I used to enjoy this game much more than since the most recent update. Now ads play every 10 moves or so instead I only when you lose! So irritating... I shouldn’t have updated my version. Now debating if I want to delete the whole game or not. Bad call on the mid-game ads, developers. Smh.

- Nothing like the ad

It’s not like the add where you have to figure out which order to stack them in. And there are ads after each level. Don’t get it if you are looking for the advertised game. It might exist but between ads and levels you have to go through to get there, you’ll be 90 before you even get to the advertised game.

- It’s ok few suggestions

It a good thinking game but in the latest update there’s a white ring that tells you what to do it’s kind of annoying I downloaded this game to have to think not just tap on a spot that the ring tells me to tap

- So Many Bugs

When you get blocked to were there are no moves left it keeps saying Restart but it won’t actually let you restart the game. Some of the puzzles are literally impossible because there is no way to move the pieces to were they need to go.

- Too ad heavy

I understand the need for ads in these games and will usually watch the optional ads for additional rewards. This game however throws out ads every 2-3 moves. You can’t even get through a level without several ads (30 sec) to boot. I have removed this app five minutes after I started playing.

- So fun but would love it if...

I think this game is so fun. I often play it and simultaneously listen to music or a podcast. I hate how the ads are so disruptive.

- Too many changes

In the 48 hours I’ve had this game on my phone there have been so many changes to the game and how it’s structured. Adds pop in in the middle of playing not at the end of a level. I deleted the game. Won’t be downloading again.

- Not complaining about ads

Because I paid 3 bucks, so quit complaining people. My issue is you can’t get any further than 128k. Why? What’s the point of the game if there’s a point limit?

- Ads are a KILLER

Great game. Getting 20-30 second ads, that usually take you to the App Store without even clicking on them, really brings the overall experience down. I could understand one at the end of 2-3 levels. But 2-3 every level and sometimes 5-6 in the same level. A tad bit ridiculous.

- Not the same as the ad and to many ads

It is fun but nothing like the same as the ad and also it has a whole bunch of ads way too many ads

- Every 15 seconds !!!

More adds than gameLast week you could play and enjoy the game. Now you won’t even play for 15 seconds before another add. Who does this? Rather than make we want to pay to opt out, this aggressive behavior is the reason I’m deleting the game. NOW.

- Terrible update

Version 1.0 was actually really fun (so long as you put your phone in airplane mode to not get ads every level) but now with version 1.1 they made the “Hold” pin only activate after watching a video every time instead of constantly being unlocked. Not the same game anymore

- NOT the game in the ads!!

I love puzzle games, but I HATE false advertising!! I downloaded this game thinking it might be a good time killer. It’s actually NOTHING at all like a puzzle game. The rings have numbers on them, you stack smaller numbers on top to merge into the larger numbers on bottom. I already have a game like that. Fix the ads or change the game!!

- Too many ads

I would gladly pay a couple bucks to get an ad-free version. This is fun, but not when I have to stop to watch yet another ad every 30 seconds.

- Too many ads

This game is the definition of false advertisement the ad shows a completely different game than what the game actually is. There are also too many ads. What’s the sense of having an ad after every level, it becomes a nuisance after a while.

- Not what was advertised

The game is nowhere near the ADs. The ADs looks like a fun puzzle game but this is just some unoriginal game most likely made in 30 seconds, none of the levels are like the ads, they also play different ads every 20 seconds, so you watch more ads than playing the game

- I liked this game, but...

I really liked this game at first. Now I can’t do anything without an ad. The ads are not what is frustrating me the most though, now when ever I restart the level won’t reset, which makes it impossible to continue. It was a great game so I’m pretty frustrated.

- Not what I thought

In ads that I saw and the pictures on the App Store I thought this was a gain where you had to put stuff In order it was not I wish that they had made the game more like what they said it was disappointing

- To many Ads

There are way to many ads in the game. I’m in the middle of the level and beating it takes me twice as long because I have to watch like 4 ads. The game is also boring. It’s so easy. There is no way to lose. :((

- Misleading Too Many Ads.

As you will read in many comments to come this game is mediocre at best. There are way too many ads that pop up and the pictures in the App Store aren’t even how the game looks or plays. Very misleading. Fun for about 10 minutes. Uninstalled it already.

- Liar.

Every single ad I’ve seen for this ad has lied to me. I was expecting a fun puzzle game about stacking already-places rings in the correct order like the ads show. Instead I got a completely different game about merging rings. I already have a ring merge game on my phone. Would not recommend.

- Oops Sorry

Ok so sorry my last review was wrong I reached the level where it says puzzle so....I’m sorry I really love this game

- It was fun

It was fun until all the random ads started to pop up. Before, you were able to set one aside, now you have to watch an ad to do so. I deleted pretty quickly after that.

- Made my day after 5 hours of getting bullied

Good job 👍🏼

- Stop the ads

Take off the advertisements. They make no sense.

- False advertising!!!

The game isn’t even close to what it depicts in the pictures. Downloaded it based off an add from another game and the pictures, went to play it and it’s completely different than what it said it was going to be! Very disappointed!!

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- Nice game,

There are way too many ads and it reduces the fun experience in the game by having to wait 30 seconds to continue my level. Thanks, hope for the best and I like your game

- Badddddd

This game is not what it says it is all you do it stack them until u add up the right numbers it’s so bad I thought you had to finger out how to stack them with only being able to move once on a block but never mind I don’t recommend because the game is not what it says it is and there are sooooooo many adds that it is just crazy every level there is about 2 to 3 adds which takes the fun away even though it isn’t fun at all

- Bad and to many ads!

It's not what the ad says its about its just an actual adding game and they're too many ads, try it to see and all u have to do is try and add all the numbers and its boring and when you click on one hoop it goes to the opposite one! And it makes me so angry that they advertise the wrong thing, so whoever made this make it as the what the ad says!

- To many ads

To many ads.

- This game is just terrible

The game is not from the add and is not even fun with so many adds and it’s like you want people to hate it. This game is the worst game you can ever get it’s so boring what is the point of the game when there’s some games that have the same things in it with the add as it does in the game 😤😤😤👎👎👎

- Not what’s advertised

This isn’t the game that’s advertised. Still a fun game but it’s almost impossible to play through all the ads

- Misleading

The game previews and ads do not reflect the game play or the actual game you play at all. This is a stack play puzzle game and is fun but very different to what is advertised.

- Disappointed

I was excited to play the game advertised but I ended up being disappointed with it not being the advertised game

- False Advertisement

Advertises a game where you stack up little circles in order, however its just about addition. The only thing in common with the add is the circles. Trash.

- Fun game - great for advertising

Way to many adds that go for far too long.

- Trash

Nothing like the advertisement or the pictures on the main page, it’s a complete scam and not even a good game

- Horrible

I wouldn’t even rate it one star. The advertisement is no where near what the game actually is. Horrible.

- Worst game ever!

There’s far too many ads and it’s nothing like it is on the advertisement

- Ads

It’s not what u think It is great in ads but bad in realilty it’s fun but lies o and too much ads

- Bad

Not the game I thought I was downloading

- blatant false advertising

nothing like the ads, do not download

- Game is not as described whatsoever


- 🅱️🅱️🤬🤬🤬🅱️👺🤡🤡

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- Bad Adds

I Hate The Ads Can You Please Remove Them? From:TheAwsomeGamer


It takes forever to download and it has too many ads. Also, when I saw the ad, I thought it was gonna be fun? but No!

- Nothing like the ads

Get rid of this app

- False Advertisment

The actual game has no aspect of the advertisement incorporated in it. I would not suggest playing this game as it gets boring extremely quickly and is a waste of time. Also there is an exponential amount of adds which as well deteriorate the fun aspect of the game.

- Fun but ...Bad Advertising

It’s a good game to keep occupied and pass the time but don’t expect the same as the videos they show 🤷🏼‍♀️ obviously not THAT ! But I still like the game .

- Unhappy 🤬

Poor game way too many ads I tried turning off my wifi but it doesn’t work work.😡🙄💩

- Not what I seen on the AD

So I watch the ad a couple times and I was like you know what looks like good game but no it is not what i seen on the AD I seen multiple times and the game is so not what it showed So no good not what I expected quit posting false Ads😡

- Fun game before the update

It was fun till you have to watch videos just to hold a piece now. Flow of thinking kinda stops if you have to wait for the ad to finish just to hold a piece. Other ads I don’t mind

- Too many adds

Holy crap that’s a lot of adds. I’ve played plenty of free games and this is by far the most ridiculous. The game is also not what was advertised

- False advertising

The actual game has nothing to do with what’s advertised

- Poor game

This game does not make sense as a game. There is too much luck which directly relates to how you success. This game does not deserve to be downloaded.

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Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
Color Circles 3D iphone images
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The applications Color Circles 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-09-25 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 132.81 MB. Color Circles 3D - Games app posted on 2019-12-07 current version is 1.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.suji.colorcircle