Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter

Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter download

Discover spirits and ghosts using 3 different modes!

* Locate spirits using the Radar Mode

* Communicate with ghosts using Ghost Touch Mode

* Attempt to see these entities on camera using Vision Mode

Good luck, and good hunting!

This app is not guaranteed to allow the user to detect/communicate with ghosts/spirits, since such activities cannot be scientifically verified.

Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter App Description & Overview

The applications Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-10-13 and was developed by Joseph Peaden. This application file size is 80.62 MB. Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Version 1.1 Update:

* Some users were experiencing crashes when trying to access Thermal mode. This issue should be fixed, if your app crashes while doing this restart the app.

Any other problems, please feel free to report.

Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter Comments & Reviews

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urgentSerpent   5 star

Pretty cool. The first time I used this app, I was exploring Alcatraz island. The radar went off quite a few times and in very particular areas such as the cells and one time the confinement center (I dipped out after that). Other than the Island, it’s never gone off again. Ah, A note to add, the anomaly is only present for a few seconds, and disappears after. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that we’ve already discovered it OR it’s just going about their routine. Either way, pretty interesting.

Fujskshehxyyh   5 star

so scary!!. So I live in a residence hall and it's always been said to be haunted because of some apparent suicides and stuff a long time ago. We downloaded the app to see if we could find anything. At first we turned on the radar and nothing happened for a few minutes but then something appeared but just for a second, so we decided to test the touch thing. We asked it a few times to touch the screen and finally it touched the screen on the top corner(where we asked it). We were so scared but still skeptical so we had some friends come to our room to see. Again it took a while for something to appear on the radar and then when we went on the touch screen it kept tapping on the spots we told it to!!!

fierymoto   1 star

Stupid App. First of all, the thermal camera is bogus. It’s like a weird camera filter that doesn’t do anything but be bad. Also, everyone that says that this app is better than other stupid apps because nothing happens for a while then happens suddenly are idiotic because it’s probably on a timer where it randomly makes something appear or disappear on the radar or “touch” the button. I do not recommend spending your money on this fake app.


I’m so scared. So me and my friend found this app from Corey and Arron, I trust them and all but I really though this whole thing was just not going to work. We went to my grandmas house, there NOTHING paranormal has happened to us, so we explored there first and nothing happened. I though for sure this was fake, we sat in the living room to see if it was set on some kind of pattern, nothing happened. So we went to my friends house where we occasionally hear knocks on the walls and 1 time a door opened when it was latched shut. We went there and something happened. The touch went of a couple times, and then we went on thermal... we both say what looked like a figure pass right by! I literally got so scared because this was the first app that nothing went if at my grandmas and something happened at my friends! (My grandma and grandpa have crosses so that might be something to do with it idk)

Haylene-r   4 star

Testing still in progress. I still haven’t gotten anything yet, but I haven’t really gone ghost hunting just yet either. Waiting to use it when the time is right and hopefully be able to catch something. Only side note is that he background noises when I use the radar kinda scare me lol. I’ll keep you posted for when I actually do catch something.

xplrDylan   5 star

This works.. Just used it and just as I expected i found something in my own house. In the exact place I thought it would go off it did

Lilac_skies65   5 star

Navigation/Proximity. So navigating the radar is kind of difficult because you can’t really tell how close you are to the anomaly. However the touch was super cool and it was working really well. The anomaly would touch where I asked it to, which was cool. Yeah so all good except the proximity thing which hopefully will be updated soon. ❤️

kudreezy   5 star

I love this app. I love the app but I just got it and it won’t load in it just keeps crashing

i cant find a nn   1 star

Fake. The thermal detector is just a filter, the radar is VERY vague, and the touch just buzzes it dose nothing.

Cheyenne 95   5 star

Oop. Was walking around my grandpa’s house using the button and at first just walking around with it open I got nothing. I walked into my grandma’s bathroom (she passed in 2017) and said nana if you’re here press this button like this and pressed it a few times. A couple of seconds later a fingerprint popped up and it beeped just as it did when I pressed it only nothing visible had touched it. Dropped my phone and ran.😂

Hannah2244   5 star

Salem. Downloaded this app for my trip to Salem and let me tell you... the radar and the touch were going crazy!!

AustinsVideoBlogs   5 star

Best and Trusted Ghost Detector. I believe and I know for a fact that this has worked for me. To all that have put hard work into making this Thank you for making a deference in my life 🖤🙌🏻

TrulySarah13   2 star

Thermal doesn’t work. I bought it maybe 20 minutes ago so the low rating isn’t hating on the app because we need more time to try it. BUT every time we try using the thermal the app stops and goes back to the home screen. Sooooo idk🤷🏼‍♀️

Paranormalsreal!   5 star

Absolutely accurate and awesome!. At first I opened it in my home and absolutely nothing happened for a while so I thought it was a hoax and I turned it off. Well, me and my friend have used other apps and gotten stuff so she had hope that maybe it would work. She opened her spirit box app and I opened the radar section of the app. It was quite for a while before something came up on the sprit box, not even a second later the radar said ‘Anomaly detected’! We were both blown away at how they both went off together! We kept investigating and the same thing happened so many times, one thing off the other would too. Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to use the other features of this app to find further proof that the paranormal exists. I for one, know for sure that it exists, because I’ve seen with my own eyes things that are unexplainable. Love this app so much! thank you Corey and Aaron!

SophieWard   5 star

Thought it was a joke. I work in a residence hall, and I downloaded it for entertainment at work. Just left the radar up and eventually a dot started appearing behind me. I just thought the app would do that every so often but after reading the comments I kind of believe it. Once when checking rooms for a break we couldn’t get the door open, but all the residents were already gone for break and then all the sudden it flew open, so I’d believe if something was around here lol. I want to try it at home- we have two confirmed deaths in our house, and I used to hear them as a kid.

Shubedebe   4 star

Hm. I feel like the thermal should have the flashlight on

Kathryn.Savage   5 star

I think this might actually be real. I don’t post reviews but I had to because I love Corey and his videos so haha. I got the app and I was thinking it was going to make something up and say there’s a ghost in my room when I know there’s not one. And it actually told me that there was nothing in my room and so that kinda shows me that this is real because it isn’t just saying there’s a ghost. But now that I’m taking about it, and was talking out loud to it, my room got really cold and there’s almost a breeze and it’s not from my vent and it’s freaking me out 😂. So I’m gonna try and test it now that I think I woke something up. And now I’m back: the ghost here doesn’t know technology because he or she is from the civil war time (I live on the battlefield). So we just ignored the weird going ons and it went away and now that I was talking out loud about it there’s a weird vibe in my room 🤦🏼‍♀️ but the app wasn’t sensing anything and I think that’s because the ghost here is very shy and hides (he/she is normally in my room) and doesn’t want to play with my phone😂. It’s an old soul who doesn’t like playing with technology but I tried haha, but I am going to go to different places and test this app out!

jesssmoo   3 star

Looks suss. I really do enjoy watching Corey but this app is just so modernized. There is “creepy” music in the background and the font is just overselling it. If you wanted this to at least TRY to be a real detector you didn’t have to oversell the “spooky vibe” it just looks and feels fake. What is interesting though is that it doesn’t go off IMMEDIATELY like most detectors do (those are obviously fake) I’m going to use this with my friend this weekend to put it to the test. I haven’t used it yet but this is just so far. No bias or anything just my opinions!

"idk man" 24/7   2 star

idk man. i got it, i used it. nothing’s happened so far. things happen on the daily for me and nothing has happened on the app. the app is cool n all but does it even work? i’m starting to think it really is a joke app. i had a little more faith man :/

Mack "With Style Fam"   5 star

We had 2 spirts follow us!!. Yo! At first I thought hell naw... honestly we had nothing. We walked into the woods and things changed! Out where me and brother are there are suicidal people! So a lot of death! Anyways, we were walking with a radar and still found nothing until.... midway down the trail we stoped and bam! Our radar went off crazy right behind us! So we took off... It literally followed us! We made it back to the street and it followed us there to the street! So we took off and get got closer and closer! So we stopped no bs! We asked “ if there are any spirits could you touch this red screen...?” As soon as we said that it got touched!! 😱😱😵 Love you guys for making this!! I’m a big fan!! 🙌🏼👌 God Bless y’all!!

5cfam   5 star

Awesome app!!. This app has really cool features! The thermal imaging is my favorite!

_.10ya._   5 star

Love it but.... I think it’s really cool and that it is fun especially with friends but I with there was a way to log your activity.

jayleiherron   1 star

didn’t work. it didn’t let me in the app

Aly_28   1 star

So far. I got this app yesterday after watching their latest video they shared to YouTube. I tried it out at my house and nothing has happened yet. Wondering if I should go to a cemetery and try it out. I have tried it upstairs in my room and downstairs but nothing so far.

I love animals🐾   5 star

Thought it was a joke... definitely not. Thought it could possibly be one of those joke apps that just goes off to scare you but last night it registered a spirit on the radar and seconds later it was gone. This morning I tired the app again thinking it would go off once more, proving my point but I’ve been sitting here for hours and it hasn’t registered anything. If it was a joke app it would go off over and over but it hasn’t... gonna try the touch setting tonight around the same time the spirit showed up.

Ferbeary   5 star

WOW!!. I’ve had a spirit attachment for more than 10 years. So I know I’m haunted. This app has helped me finally learn some real information from the spirits haunting me. The “Touch” function of the app is genius. I thought I was haunted by only one spirit, but I learned today I’m haunted by 13 spirits. I spoke to one who’s in his 70s and the oldest spirit is 150. I’m so glad I downloaded this app, Thank you so much for making it affordable and easy for humans and spirits to use. If your looking for an effective and easy way to contact spirits, try this app.

:Ghost2014:   5 star

Cool app. Seems pretty cool. I’ll have to try it out later.

haddi12   5 star

so basically.... i got chillz.

DeBlazen   5 star

Scary. I used the touch and it touch my phone like 4 times I asked if this was my grandparents like a min later it did it again and if You gots ever update this app can you put a k2 in this app also like in your videos that would be awesome

Dyltaco1231   5 star

Thank you Corey. Me and a few of my friends went to a haunted abandoned asylum this time last year and we started to see thing and hear things ever since. Now we can actually see what is going on. Thank you guys

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Gigglepop Goggledop   5 star

Ghost Detector!. Super cool app!! Really easy to use, creative and fun! Can’t wait to go on adventures and use this with my friends! :)

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