Garena Free Fire MAX Game Reviews


Garena Free Fire MAX Game Description & Overview

What is garena free fire max app? Free Fire MAX is designed exclusively to deliver premium gameplay experience in a Battle Royale. Enjoy a variety of exciting game modes with all Free Fire players via exclusive Firelink technology. Experience combat like never before with Ultra HD resolutions and breathtaking effects. Ambush, snipe, and survive; There is only one goal: to survive and be the last one standing.

Free Fire, Battle In Style!

[Fast-paced, deeply immersive gameplay]
50 players parachute onto a deserted island but only one will leave. Over ten minutes, players will compete for weapons and supplies and take down any survivors that stand in their way. Hide, scavenge, fight and survive - with reworked and upgraded graphics, players will be richly immersed in the Battle Royale world from start to finish.

[Same game, better experience]
With HD graphics, enhanced special effects and smoother gameplay, Free Fire MAX provides a realistic and immersive survival experience for all Battle Royale fans.

[4-man squad, with in-game voice chat]
Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad right from the start. Lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing victorious at the apex!

[Firelink technology]
With Firelink, you can login your existing Free Fire account to play Free Fire MAX without any hassle. Your progress and items are maintained across both applications in real-time. You can play all game modes with both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players together, no matter which application they use.

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App Name Garena Free Fire MAX
Category Games
Updated 17 January 2023, Tuesday
File Size 1.21 GB

Garena Free Fire MAX Comments & Reviews 2023

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App not working. The app is great no doubt about it but I just updated the app but it on says server will soon connect or stuff like that please do something about it

Freefire Garena. Please all gamers in Africa is pleading with you to separate the server of Middle East from Africa.. I don’t want to play games with the Middle East they are hackers.. trust me many gamers are switching from freefire to ********* kindly fix that server problem.. We want our South Africa 🇿🇦 server back … either you separate Middle East server from our server which is Africa server or you give us back our South Africa 🇿🇦 server Thank you

Something is wrong with the match making. In my opinion this game is good but all in all the match making not so good and I understand if there’s something else that the devs are working on but the match making is really bad like please fix it cus when I’m in a ranked match I’m with players that are like level 50,40,70 and idk why because I’m only a level 14 and it’s stupid because I die out of nowhere and I just wanted to say the match making needs to get fixed so please devs read this please fix the match making

Hacker issues and developers don’t care. I’ve been playing this game for over three years and have advanced my character significantly but after three years I noticed the increase of hacking. Now when I play I notice when there are hackers in the game you have no chance to win or even survive. The only penalty these hackers face is a minimal negative mark on their reputation. It does nothing and shows how you don’t care about the people spending money. I know you can do more to stop this but you don’t. I’m sure the loss of people, like me, who spends real money will hurt this franchise so that is why I wrote this. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME. Also as the developers changed the seasons skins and clothing purchased is sometimes taken away, even if purchased with REAL money. So you’ve wasted my money too. I looked pass that in the past because I love the game but now it’s too much. YOU KNOW OF THE HACKERS BUT REFUSE TO HAVE ACTIVE MODERATORS TO KICK THEM OUT. Maybe you will take better care of your real clients (people who spend money) after some time with no income from this highly played game. Make a choice. The hackers or your clientele. The hackers don’t pay money. We do. Im sure you will not change since you haven’t after multiple complaints. I want all my money back and if you spent any money… you should ask for yours as well.

No to cheat using. Have had the best gaming experience with this app we played we win we lose buh the game became irritating when some player get to upgrade their rank using cheat and degrade others through this it not fair pls if you derive a way to detect the cheat user before they even logged in like yoi can scan our account before we login to detect if we are using cheat or not cause reporting isn’t the best idea cause it would have made us lose the rank before their account get sanctioned ✌️

love this game except. this game is great. i’ve been playing it for years now, which is how i can say that after this most recent update the wait times are farrrrr too long. previously i’d be able to get into a game within 20 seconds. very, very rarely does it last longer. now? i’m waiting minutes to try to get into a game. not sure if it’s an update problem or if more ppl are playing, but the huge increase in wait time is very frustrating, especially if you die right away after waiting for the match + the waiting room for over two minutes.

Players Region Issue. I joined free fire because of the announcement of a collaboration with BTS and like Army I have several friends all over the world. I joined thinking that I could connect with them but due to the situation that we are in different regions I can't and I would love if there was a way to change that. I think with that change more people would join the game. Sincerely a BTS Army.

Great game but some issues. Overall I think this is a great game but I recently was playing and saw someone hacking, but there’s no battle log or anything so I couldn’t find him to report. Also the matchmaking is really unfair, you can be new to the game and be paired with pros

Ish…….. I have been playing free fire for a long time now The only problem I faced was Fb login My fb account was hacked so I had to start all over again which is ….:::….. I am pleading that you make free fire to have its own personal login Thank you as you compile…..

Problems of nepali players due to server change. We nepali player have lots of indian friends and we were so happy playing together and the ping in indian server was also good But after shifting to blangladeshi server matchmaking takes a lot of time and the ping is 100+ every time it really gives a bad gaming experience I know you cant frequently change the servers but can you fix the ping issue

Server Switching. I like this game a lot. My Vietnamese cousins got me hooked on this, and it was the best feeling. I live in America though, so I had to fly back. I thought they would switch me to an American server for connectivity reasons. BUT NO, I am still in a Vietnamese server. Not only is it much slower, I can’t read Vietnamese! It was fine in Vietnam, because that is the native language. But in America, no one speaks it ever, say for family. I just want to be able to switch servers. Nothing else.

Reduce the amount of money needed in top ups. I love this game It is simply fun to play but some players have better guns skin characters because of top up and we also want some. So please reduce the amount of money by like 100 or 200 max

Controller Support. This game has almost everything, it has minor details like any other game but one major thing it’s missing is controller support. Please add controller support so I can enjoy this game to the MAX!

Awesome. I have been playing for about 3 years and I love free fire including the fact that there is a series called how to start a fire volume 1 came and was awesome can’t wait for more also Garena did something awesome the free fire max is free usually this does not happen but was super cool

Great game, bad reviews. You little kids should stop talking bad about the game, especially if you don’t even have good grammar. We get it you love trolling and all that but people actually believe your dumb reviews. I’ve wasted so much money and the game and I don’t regret it. It’s fun having perks, or if u must say it’s, pay to win.

CS Rank Unfair. Every time i play CS Rank Mode you guys pair me with more higher Experience players, say im in level 59 and thay are 75 !! Really? You guys should balance rank And Levels. Also abnormal Head shots no matter how fast i move. Run, or Hide, they’ll always get a headshot out of nowhere. Without efforts. You should consider only using pistols for the first match. Also people using hacks of config files in PC to rank push. Please everything else is just fine but SC RANK is totally Unfair.

G arena free fire. This game is great you can turn off blood and it has great graphics the only thing is it glitches and sometimes takes your rewards if loading into a match while claiming it it has happen 2 times to me

Earphones glitch in group. When I plug my earphones in IPhone 13 so everything is working smoothly and everything is fine but when I create group in and when I open mic in group my earphones disconnect and the sound come from iPhone not in earphone’s. Overall pls solve this issue / bug Or help me I like this game awesome game Well done developers

Free fire at its best. Wow free fire literally went from poor graphics to better than pubg. FREE FIRE MAX is in a whole new level and really looks more realistic seriously if these graphics don’t convince you to play then I don’t know what will

Game Freeze. Everything in this game is quite impressive but the only problem i face is that my game freezes oftenly.. Whenever someone call me my game freezes and when i try to record my gameplay it happens too please solve this

No to cheat. Please you have to find a better way of detecting the cheat users because reporting them is not the best option because before we know they are using cheat our ranked will be decreased and their rate too many losing streak please find something to do

Give free diamonds. Gardena you could give free diamonds to persons that can not have diamonds like me a can get diamonds I don’t know how but the only think i want to say it’s you can give free diamonds to the people that it’s poor and can not get diamonds like me.

New version available proceed to download. I am an IOS user and this game was working in proper way before the maintenance and since the maintenance took place my game isn’t opening and even though I downloaded the latest version it’s says our latest version is available proceed to download and the reason why I am giving it one star or else I was very impressed with this game because it was my favorite game before but not anymore since I can’t play. I would give it 5 star if they fix this problem or bug idk.

Ranked more. Free fire if u guys want more people to play the game make the game more challenging more people like 60 cause it be getting boring walking around the map like this think about it u guys make it too easy

Hackers. If you can please remove REMA HD from the game that would be nice, players have been wall hacking ever since the new update so can you add an icon in the report box that says “wall hacking” so you can remove them permanently

Cheaters are allowed. The platform allows cheaters by default so they could ruin your game experience freely. Don’t play the game if you want to enjoy your day. The platform just gave fake news that the anti cheating system is coming for more than 2 months. The truth is that it’s just to give you false hope. Again, if you do not want to ruin your day, you better not playing this game or you better cheat as bad as those cheaters do.

Account ban without reason..😩😫. Hello. team gareena (I write in hindi) Team gareena aap logo ne meri id ko bager koi reson ke ban kiya hai vo aap ke mobile game ki galtihai mene aap ko kitne mails bheje but koi respond nahi aaya aap ki team ka kamm me thoda sa kam dhyan hai so please usse thik kariye orr jin logo ki id with out reason ban hui hai usko thik kariye id ban hone ki wajese hum ko sucide karne ka irada hua tha par humari gust id ki vaje se hum ko vo dikkat nahi aai aap please developers ko kahie ke humari id jo vith out reason ke ban ki hai vo vapis lae bhai log jo bus ek honor score ke upar id ban kar nahi sakte buddy hum ne bhi usme pese invest kiye hai matlab hum bhi aap ke partners hote hai to please hume humari id vapas dedo kyu ki humare pass vahi id thik vali thi….😩😫😭😭😭😭😢

I really liked the game but... I used to play this game a lot and I really liked it but I got bored because I couldn't play with my friends because they were on a different region and I was just playing alone all of the time. I really hope you can add something to change your region, thanks and have a great day.

Worst Game Imaginable. Terrible matchmaking, awful mechanics, horrifically god awful servers, terrible response time when claiming items too, and not to mention that the weapons are so clumsy and ridiculous that it just kinda makes you feel like you’re blasting players with a fricking water pistol; meanwhile you’re getting killed by a player that’s better than you due to poor and terrible matchmaking! Worst game I’ve ever played, and I highly recommend you look for a different game cuz this is garbage! Needs a lot of reworking and a lot of fixing too… because this is just ridiculous… . Definitely gonna write more reviews like this if this doesn’t get fixed. That’s all

Pleases. Can you guys created an option to connect like a controller for ps,Xbox, etc etc. that would be amazing and i guarantee that you guys would have more player

Fix server ping. Please fix server ping is not making any sense I am in SSA an I play in NA due to that I use to live in NA now am in SSA and I do top up a lot and I can’t give my account away and why can’t we transfer NA server to SsA and the ping in another server is worst they kill us like noob due to the ping please fix any ping on transfer of account but I will like you to fix the ping cus all my friends are in NA

Wont see other play pofile when we played. When i done playing with a dude i want to invite but i dont see person i just played with and the trend book i dont see anything in there it just nothing pls fix i want to play with other i just played with

New version problem. Problem is when l open the app it works but when I log in it shows new version detected and l waited for it to download for 1hr nothing happened and l felt mad l played free fire for many years and l have never been disappointed but this problem is so disappointing

Please put a Daily diamonds collect without using real money. The game is good but it’s sometimes boring because you don’t have diamonds to buy cool skins. And I have a question should we use diamonds to get a evo gun? And put in a zombie mode it would be much more fun.

Anti cheat. It is a very fun game to play especially with friends but the anti cheat system needs to be updated I have noticed players healing while running shooting me while their back was turned and even getting headshots while behind cover once this issue is resolved I will Leave a 5 star rating.

Great! But some work need to be which I mentioned below. Awesome sounds , and really decent animation but no work done on graphics except Bermuda max whic looks awesome. I hope on the future updates they work hard on the graphics in old maps and make really awesome animation instead focusing on other stuff :) but so far it’s good!

F.F.. Overall, I think this game is very fun and entertaining. Sometimes it gets boring because there wasn’t many updates during the summer but it’s a very good game for 12+. I wouldn’t recommend 12- because there’s guns, and blood. Overall, this is a pretty good game! Highly recommended!

I can’t add my old account. I can’t add my old account if I delete the Facebook account in other mobile I can’t login in other mobile Facebook account

This game is the best game. This game is the best game I can play with my friends.I like the mods but can you make more mods or bring some back that you made already:)I like it when we can see how many people are still alive and how much you’ve killed I know when we are about to win👍🏻this is the best game ever I will play it everyday until it gets deleted or when I die keep up the good work🥰😄

ISSUE WITH AIRPODS PRO. Before the update I used to play quite good with my friends using my AirPods but now every time I turn my microphone on it automatically disconnects and I start hearing the game sound and my friends’ voices on the phone and not on the AirPods and it’s really uncomfortable because I play at night and people sleep so I HAVE to use my AirPods. It only happens with free fire because with the rest of the apps the AirPods work just fine. Hope you solve this problem soon so I can rate it better.

India ban. Now I’m india this game isn’t available even on iOS so I changed AppStore region and downloaded but it is asking something is not downloading afterwards which it never downloads it and gets stuck on load screen

Fun But Unfair. The game is really fun to play with lots of different modes and gun skins. However, the game often pairs more experienced players with new players. This is fine in the low stakes matches but when in ranked mode this is simply unfair. In these ranked matches there will often be players without internet who are AFK or bots. Garena leaves these players in the match and forces the other team to go against a full team of four. If a player is afk for more than one round kick them out! Or end the match! My rank should not suffer for other people not having internet. In addition, as a player in the North America region, I see that my region does not have the same access to events and diamond opportunities as in other regions. In order to get literally anything players have to spend money in real life for diamonds. Lastly, many of the exclusive outfits are only for male characters. If I spend my diamonds on an exclusive skin I as a female player would like to play as a female character but then I can’t use my very expensive outfit because I’d have to play as a male character. It’s degrading and this is part of the reason why there isn’t a larger female player base. Make this game more equal!

Best game ever. I have been playing free fire ever since 2019 I just recently got a device. I can play Free Fire MAX on and I love it even more free fire Max is so much better than regular free fire. I still play free fire every once in a while but not as much as Free Fire MAX, you can do a lot more stuff in Free Fire MAX then you can’t in free fire

Please add controller support. This game has been out for many years and still haven’t received a controller support base system on the game. Even with this new game that came out ramped up and no controller support we need the next update with controller support.

Why I give it five stars by Theomendes. This game is so fun you can play with family and friend and they have the World Cup sounds fun yea you can play to get really cool stuff and that’s why I give it a 5 star

Changes. I love the game n all new stuff u guys bring in but I will love u guys that when another update but the option of change cloths with friends I have cloths that I don’t like n friends does n he has cloths that he don’t like n I do it will be much better if we could exchange cloths with friends that will be very cool

No one tap headshots. It’s a very interesting game but some people can easily get impossible headshots I know people can master the game and all but some headshots are very much impossible I only have problems with cheaters the game is excellent otherwise.

Team pairing up. Something really annoying about this game is that it pairs you up with teammates that aren’t in the same level as you. Like I’m heroic and it teams me up with people that are still in gold. And the other team is filled with people my level causing me the game. It’s really annoying. It should pair you up with people your level to make it fair. I can’t take on 4 people alone .

Great then but not now. Let me come clear to the point… this was my favorite game until the hero’s arise update came in. Whenever I enter freefire I get stuck on the loading screen after it says update needed… so developers if you are reading this please fix it I am playing on IPad

Robo de garena. I don't understand this game supposedly you can't use hack and when you enter the training there are invisible people and you can't report them others one reports and garena no longer takes action, once I lost a story that cost me a lot of money because a person who was playing I had a hack with me and they never returned it to me but now they can be used and this has become a theft

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Cool. Really addictive game LOVE IT

Character. Change santonio ability

Not working in iphone. Not opening in iphone

Remove new teleportation character😡😡. No revive system

Problem. Hello sir my game is not opening please solve my problem

Diamonds please give me unlimited diamonds. Please

Clan doesn’t exist problem. Clan doesn’t exist have been coming a lots of time please solve the problem

Not available for ios user. After FF was baned I am not able to play in iOS devices pls solve this

Free fire. I love free fire Free fire is a best game

Amazing battle Royale experience. A really good game but the only problem is it’s practically pay to win. And the only way to get diamonds is to pay.

Free fire max is amazing. It’s amazing

Id not opening. My id isnot opening even though I have upgraded my game. Can anyone from garena freefire help me Is there any official page where I can talk to them?

Can’t play free fire max after the update. I can’t play free fire max after this update it is showing new version detected please Garena solve this for me

New version detected problem in India server. From last 2 days I am facing new version detected problem in my I’d .I can’t play free fire .solve this problem fast

Its good but the thig is lag. I cant use my iphone because it lags too much so i have to use my ipad and its too difficult and big

Open problem. Please chack garena free fore not opening new verson is dected please proceed to download problem

iphone internet problem. no internet connection problem in iphone please fix this problem

New server detected problem in ios. Please Garena solve the problem of game not opening in ios please fast

Not working after updating. Pls solve it garena

Best game playing from 5yrs. Garena❤️❤️

When will it be available for iOS Indian. I m waiting please confirm the date

Problem. Pls check on with the login problem telling new version detected proceed to download

Hack. I am playing free fire for like long time upswing hacking apk but they don’t even band my account so I like FREE FIRE

Awesome but. Your clash squad rank is rigged every game I play I loose because I get the worst team mates and the opponents are really good

Server change. All mine friends id has been moved to bangladesh server itself from india but mine id is still remaining there in india and i alone don’t feel comfortable to play so i often don’t use the app. Move mine id too in to bangladesh server otherwise may be i am gonna leave the game.

Free fire. Why grena do all cracter in Dimonds I can’t buy in gold do in gold plz😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️😢😢😢😔😔😔😕😕😕😕🙁🙁🙁

This is the best game. I love this game

Only a small glitch make this game not allowing to open. Pls update should come at the same time not half half

Free fire. Mr free fire someone said I should get this character for 6000 I did then he said it’s the worst one of all

Best battle royale game. What a game it's super addicting game

Bad quality to play free fire now glow wall problem automatic show game kharab kar diya. Bad quality skyler ability change game koi download mat Karna

Please help not open my free fire new version process problem. New version detective problem please help me

Pet. He free fire team can I get all pet for 2000. Right now

I take back what I said. This game is amazing

Server. I am a Nepali player . But my ID is stuck in Indian server . I tried so many ways but no one is helping. Please try to solve the problem. If not i am leaving the game

Update problem. The game is not working and saying to update it but I had already done it in iOS device

Free fire. I live thú game

Free fire. It’s good game I loved one

My free fire max still not updating. My free fire max still not updating Help me

I can’t play after the new update. Garena please fix this

Not working in i phone. After update free fire is not working in my phone When this issue will short out ?

#return back all incubator dress and token given yesterday. We are playing more than 6years free fire and we spending money to purchase dress and gun skin In yesterday glitch most of the player are taken more incubator dress and token please take back all tha glitch item Or Give free incudator dress to all the players

Okay okay. I used to play a lot But now most of the things are for top up and lot of game issue in ios.. if not only of this addicting and nice game

The new version. It takes too long to get logged on😐😐😐😐

Lots of errors. I tried downloading my cloths but it says it’s downloading resources but a day later it’s still not done🫤

Network. Was wondering how I can change my network server it says Singapore but I’m in Australia, I was wonder to play in South Korean server?

Dude. Please update support for Xbox console. Thanks

Game error. My game should not updated.. i will try lots of time can you please explain how i update this… every time i try to update bit it will show download again only…

Ios problem. It is not working loading problem and it is so big also not handle small problems of ios safari network problem is theirs block cookies problem

Cant login. I cant loging when I press guest I’d it loads but doesn’t work I don’t know what’s happening

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The desire to play is not on the level that has been. Free fire dosent give anymore free spines and we can get use to that but at least return the positivity to win dynamons on the gifts

Free Fire Max. This app is so good. Specially graphics is good.

BEST gAmE ever. I play with my controller on iPad I love it free fire is one of the games but I love it if you don’t download I will kill you so download.

Log I. Issue. “Your current client version is different to one under operation”. How to solve this problem? There is no update or anything on the screen help…

Free fire. Remove revive system

Please help me. I top upped 5600 diamonds, but I didn’t get it. Please help me FF, My ID is 2760629902.

Thank you so much. I love this game so much because this game make me happy and I’m so sweet

Gardena pls. I really want diamonds 56000 I’m too poor to afford it pls help me I have never had diamonds or used any 😭😭😭😭😭

Not working. I live in canada basically from i india i am unable to update here in canada

(Hack - id-2041151550). Please recover my account

My id 3453113896 please recover. Thanks

F. Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺solve the problem of the free fire

Best mobile BR game!. Great updates that always keep the game feeling fresh!

Kids rat. Ban kids toxics

Cool. This is cool

Please add controller support!!. Add controller support pls

All player. Mic like pubg

Fun but I want my account back. Fun but they deleted my account and my two sons making them lose everything they bought and paid for.... and refuse to even communicate with me about it.... if it’s too much for you to figure it out ....give a free gift of 2000 diamonds or something to everyone and call it a day or your app will crash and burn. It’s theft at this point

Poop. Poop game

Free fire. Love it. Nice game

Gyroscope. Please Try To Add Gyroscope Feature In This Game.. without gyroscope it ruins the fun to play . Thank You

Not opening. Not opening in iPhone after ob33 update

Is free fire really band for ios!?. The app isn’t working for ios it just doesn’t load the network is working better then fine but the game doesn’t want to lead 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Server issue. I want to change server Bangladesh server to India server

I am calling that a scam. I feel like I have been scammed even tho I payed nothing. Just don’t play that game go play PUBG mobile instead, you will have: better graphics, better gameplay, a more polish game and no aim assist.

Please return old free fire. Old free fire

Garena. Because when I play cs always some one report me and I can’t play anymore I am leaving Garena remove the highest score

Old ff. Bro old ff vapis la o

ازيل اتلميحات القرأنية. لا لشحن بعد الاان

All mic. U guys should add all mic in Game for better experiences ….. and do work on pings , glitches

Dont buy diamonds it’s a fraude. Garena stool my money and blocked acces to my account and refus to take first contact with me to solve it

Ff is very good game. I love ff!

Dịt mẹ game. Game như đầu buồi

Result the problem of server please. I want playing

Please add controller support. I love so much this game. It would be wonderful if it had controller support. I buy backbone one just for this game. I will appreciate if the controller will support soon the garena free fire

Mic to all players. Please include mic to all players like pubg

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Bring update to unbind. Bring update to unbind Scammers are sharing logs they have scam so many people pls just bring the update

Facing problems more and more. Hi I was a huge fan of free fire since 2020 but recently glitches and hacking making this game more worse and worse. Please try to fix these problems. And yes never ever faced match making problems but these fews days I couldn’t play my game easily. Using iPhone 11 pro and still facing these type of issues are unacceptable. Absolutely disappointed!!

Plz fix the region thing. I’m try to play with my friends and it always says this player is in a different region like

Poor connection. Free fire is one of my favorite games..ever since the new update came up..I started to experience lagging and the wifi ping went up to 500..I would kindly like to ask the developers to pls fix this issue cause it ruining the game..THANK YOU!

GRAPHICS ARE ALWAYS THE WORST AND DIAMONDS. please please please make the graphics better and in the start at least make us get 200 diamonds why is it hard to get DIAMONDS

Please Fix this bcoz when i open the game it comes new version detected please solve fast. Please

ADD CONTROLLER SUPPORT FOR IOS !!!!!!. This game would be even better for iPhone users, only androids controllers fully work. 🗑 Fix this asap , call of duty mobile is officially over free fire until further notice Lol

Ff max. Good game but can be better Would like to see finishing animations and more devices like detector,jammer, loot radder, glider etc added to the game and pls work on the ff max lobby style and ingame animation for medkit. Thanks

Freefire not open i phone 7 please solve this problem. Freefire not open in iphone 7 please solve this problem

Graphics. Just hope the graphics get better and better every time

Great game. Only thing missing is the peek option, thank you guys for creating this game. Respect you but please just add that in and it’s perfect. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

FPS VIEW. This game has nice graphics and controls but the next upgrade should come with a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER VIEW and an automatic zoom in shoot button….I find it reall hard using the zoom in button and attack button at the same time

Explosive jump. Why did you take away the explosive jump…when i was beginning to enjoy it…… Please bring back explosives jump…abeg i take God beg you

Cheating The Game. I like the game but y’all got to many people cheating and hacking the game. I suggest y’all done something about that. We got people who actually play the game and try to rank up. But can’t because people are cheating the game ranking up faster than most people would

Free fire. Pretty good game with good graphics but when am playing BR ranked and for example I lose 28 points it literally takes half of my points but when I get a booyah and get 60 or 70 points it only goes a tiny bit up like what how does this work free fire. So if u could fix that free fire would be better

Pay to win. You have to pay to buy skins or you will lose in game gun skins give a unfair advantage to the game and they are sold to that they are mentioned like 2x fire rate something like that if u don’t have money to buy the super expensive skins you will loose every duel money in this game is OP if u don’t spend money this is unplayable I only play sometime cuz of my cousins like once a year

Free fire ere scammers. Free fire is a scammers because they said 600. Gold for 100 link to get a free character. After taht I spent it and it did not give me anything the character is still at 1363 it was supposed to be 1463 so I spent it again to buy the link and it just gave me 100 it was supposed to be 200 because the other one doesn’t work

Freaking garena. I gave this game one star because i wasted 70 dollars on the angelicales and i didnt get it garena really made me mad because i didnt get one single thing so i was trying to know if yall would make the prizes easier to get because a lot of people waste a lot of money and they cant get what they want this is so not fair Garena Free Fire

PalmPay payment. This is a very nice game that’s why I gave it a 5 star rating but make PalmPay a payment method on free fire I use PalmPay so am not able to top up so pls add PalmPay as a payment method so I can top up

Network connection issue. Please fix this issue in my phone please fix this

Thanks to garena 😊. This game is vere interesting and very challenging I got a lot of friends while playing this game and enjoyed it very much my life was the best experience this game and really very funny game thanks to garena

Problems with lagging and internet. I started havin problems with the lagging on my weapon switch and when I get on it goes on taking to long it started by today fix the problem

👎👎👎. This game would be fun if I wasn’t going against no life players, the only time I actually can manage to get a kill is if it’s a bot. Every match it’s a quick death. I get killed sooo fast. I trymy hardest to aim at the head it stays glued to the body. I really don’t have fun while playing, chances of survival is like 2%

Just Add Somethings. For Example I love it already cause it doesn’t lag and stuffs also graphics really gr8 feels aiit but adding Ah Unique Slide Button Maybe the weapon switch should be edited abit and hackers should juss be banned apart from that all lit and cool Booyah!

GG. Best game so far, but I get mad because I can’t listen to music when playing the game, when I try to play music the game just stops it’s so annoying

This game is still great. Max is definitely an improvement graphically, and the animations look smooth, only more updates from here! Booyah!

The Best Version of the Game. This quality is better than my grandmas wifi

Great but Stupid. Since the last update with the gloo walls and the headshots my little is now able to beat me in the game the gloo walls don’t go whet I want them to be and my headshots go aywire so do something abt that and also hackers who shoot through walls are really annoying so make the game enjoyable like before and maybe add building like in Fortnite

My id sadafEz2447U. I love this game very much it is the best game I have ever played because of the study I have missed the gloo wall event can you give me the gloo wall please can you please give me

My game does not opening plz help me. The game in App Store was gone I does not the game in India server and I transfer to usa server but still game not opening

:). I really like this game is just that u can’t play whit people from others regions, I have friends from mexico and I can’t play with they .

I cant play its not opening. It shows new version detected but i updated already but it still showing that and it going back to loading screen i am not able to play give me any solution or fix this problem in IOS divice

Download problems. I can’t open my account..WFare you doing…app telling that new version founded please upload….if I click okay option then it’s won’t have life…just stacked their….why are you playing with our emotions…page 404 not founded…..can you solve this problem.. please

Need improve. This game is great but not big difference on normal and this max version need more advanced quality on game . Try to improve them

Sound Problem. Every thing is great on this game . But i found issue that was very irritating for me. Which is sound problem . When I open mic to communicate with my teammates, the sound dropped above 60% . So i can’t hear enemies foot steps. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks!

Solve some facebook issue. please solve the problem of logging with facebook 😭😭 we cant login our previous account

Bad things about ff. Why did you take away the desert eagle and the charge buster is overpowered chill on it and my diamonds are missing and I did not spend it where are my diamonds? I am not lying.

Sound issues. Please update the sound system

Old player. Hello,Garena I am playing free fire max in this update version is detected but it is loading it is not happening please fix it

Reduce the amount of money needed in top ups. I love this game It is simply fun to play but some players have better guns skin characters because of top up and we also want some. So please reduce the amount of money by like 100 or 200 max

In able to play. I am an able to play game because of I phone it is sting that update but in App Store no system of update

Iphone 13 problem. Hi, The overall game is too much good and overpowered but my problem is a high ping and main[not loading in iphone] please fix it fast

It’s so funny bro?!. This game sooo much fun bc u can shoot people when it show the red dot and circle and it’s easy to shoot people. I like it so much like I think I’m the 2nd fan.

Great Play, Chaotic Organization. I love playing Free Fire. However, the multitude of options via the lobby are chaotic. I’d be happy to play other modes if it was clear how to get there. Also, buying things should result in some kind of skill upgrades(s).

Problem and too much problem. The game is not opening So it’s my humble to request to team of garena to solve it

Billion dollar idea!!. I know how many people cannot buy diamonds from the top up but if Gardena makes it so one diamond can be exchanged for 100 coins. If anybody likes my idea, please help us get to Gardena!!…

Something is wrong with the game. My opinion is that after this recent update the game makes me mad all the time.. when I go online to play I discover that my settings will disappear and each I make another the same thing happen again I’m sick and tired of it..please free fire fix it I don’t to stopping this 😭😭.

It’s beautiful game. It’s all out beautiful game but maybe if you add snow to the ground I think more people would like it because it’s winter

Problem in currency change in india in iOS devices. This game is best game but after banning all iOS players are facing very problems like we can’t top up with Indian currency and we are too much airdrops and top up events and too many bundals and skins. So please change Currency Indian servers.

GG. I actually love this game more than the original one cause it’s more realistic and also the lobby is more interesting.

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Garena Free Fire MAX Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Garena Free Fire MAX app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED and people?

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Garena Free Fire MAX 2.97.6 Games Screenshots & Images

Garena Free Fire MAX iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.97.6
Play Store com.dts.freefiremax
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Garena Free Fire MAX (Versiyon 2.97.6) Install & Download

The applications Garena Free Fire MAX was published in the category Games on 2021-09-27 and was developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED [Developer ID: 1335627134]. This program file size is 1.21 GB. This app has been rated by 18,103 users and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. Garena Free Fire MAX - Games app posted on 2023-01-17 current version is 2.97.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dts.freefiremax. Languages supported by the app:

App Name Score Comments Price
Free Fire MAX 4.0 18,230 Free
Free Fire 3.9 218,862 Free
Garena Free Fire MAX Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. Character skill slots are available for free! Mix and match your character skills at zero cost! 2. 2 Loadout presets allow for switching easily to a different skill combo before battle. 3. New Regional Weapon Glory Leaderboard. 4. New character, Santino, with an active skill that teleports. 5. New BR feature: Find high-level rare loot at the Arsenal! 6. Clash Squad Season 17 - Begins on 1/11 20:30 GMT+8.

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Find this site the customer service details of Garena Free Fire MAX. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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