Drop & Smash

Drop & Smash [Games] App Description & Overview

Drop & Smash is a fun and addictive game where you drop items onto objects below in order to break them.

Upgrade your height and power to inflict more damage and smash the objects and collect more money in the process.

Can you smash everything?

Drop & Smash features:
- Satisfying gameplay
- Upgrades available
- Colorful graphics

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Drop & Smash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you smashing the objects

Drop & Smash Comments & Reviews

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- Omg

I’ve had the nuke for like ages and I’m tired

- Horrible scam

Can’t play this without internet connection. That means they are selling your data to scammers. Do not play this.

- Real

It’s pretty realistic

- 😡😭😡😭😜😀😁

All these emojis are my feelings! This game is awesome but there are just to many ads.I love how the little things mean so much. This game is awesome but once again TO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Way too many adds don’t download

Please don’t download this. Normally I’m very patient and don’t care if there are ads but every time I miss a shot it gives me adds every 2 minutes. The game isn’t worth your time

- Should be without internet

The game is good but why does need internet to play when it has no type of online gameplay this game is just asking for ads.

- Let us play with no internet

My mom always makes me go to the store with her so I don’t have a internet, then I found out I couldn’t play without internet so let us play without internet

- Patince

Too many ads

- Do not play

Too many adds


The ad spamming is nuts! I can’t even bloody drop something without 100 ads appearing! This game is fun but the ads need to go BAN the ads!

- Good but so much fu%king ads

I played this game to see if it was good it is but there’s a lot of ads witch you should probably turn of so that’s why I give you three stars just remove the ads and every 25 smashes there’s an ad so yeah

- Damaged my battery

I played this game for two hours straight on my phone and when I picked it up it was too hot to hold. I had no other apps open and my battery health went from 90% the other day to 85%.

- Great game, but ads made me delete it

I really enjoyed the game, but due to the sheer overwhelming amount of ads, I had to delete it. Once the number of intrusive ads are reduced, then I may re-download it again. Listen to these reviews, please!

- Trash


- A tip too many adds, but they give compensation in a weird way.

I'm actually happy that I get double smashes each time after I smashthen get an add popup. Basically double money for forgiveness. This game's a blast and it's oddly satisfying. You surely can give this one game a chance, right? It's the way the adds work that make this game splendid.

- Drop smash

Absolutely freaking horrible every 5 seconds you have to watch a god dam add

- So good

It is so great

- GREAT but too many ads lol

I know you can do that airplane mode thing but ads are annoying. But, it’s a great game!

- Like the game but to many bombs.

who put in all of those bombs they take a lot of coins I like the game but way to many bombs.

- To to many adds

There is to many adds every break I get it takes me to a flicking addd

- Hate it

This game is so annoying do not play their is a add after every round rember do not play

- Yy

Too much ads

- Not a bad game

This is not a bad game but don’t waste your time getting the no ad crap since it obviously does not work. First problem I’ve had with this game have had it many times and this is the first time I saw it so I said screw it and bought it just for it not to work.

- Love it but way to many adds

I L❤️VE this game but there are way to many adds. Like whenever I try to do something it always puts an add before I get to do it and it is sooooo annoying. Most of the time I have to swipe out of the game and when I go back in I have to do the level all over again! The thing that I Love about this game is I is really satisfying but sometimes a little hard but mostly satisfying. It is also a great game when u are angry it gets all of your anger out. But the last thing I am going to say is there are to many adds fix it.

- Way to many ads in game

The game is fun but there’s TO many ads after one round to another. You need to remove some ads please.

- Needs a little update

Why is the nuke the last one because it’s not updating the nuke and the ads are not working

- Online ads but offline doesnt let you play


- I’m 95% sure this game was made just for ads

After every single drop they squeeze an ad or sometime 2 in, makes the game unplayable. Not worth the time it takes to press the download button.

- Trash

There is an ad after EVERY. SINGLE. DROP. They also made it to where you can’t turn WiFi off to fix the ad problem. Do not recommend.

- Lags so much 😡

I got this game because it looked cool but the adds make it so slow it drains my battery

- Too many ads!

This game would be fun if there were no ads it would a lot more fun if there no ads on any game and the point for me is that it takes like 10,000,000 hours to get done smashing this game is o boring like it want to look so easy on the ad and they got people saying oh I want this game it looks so fun. But when they get it they be like uhh is time to go to bed this smashing game is taking forever to get done the point is the game is too too too too too too slow so get rid of the ads forever and pick up the paste. Also this game should not be called drop and smash it should be stop the ads.

- Help

This is a really fun game with a ton of potential but there are some things that need help. First the ads i can understand you gotta make money but trying to force people to pay for ad free isnt one, all you gotta do is back the ads down to per level rather than per play. Secondly the bomb does little to no damage no matter how much i increase it, so i end up watching yet another ad to have my guy jump off the scissor lift only now i have to watch the whole ad. Thirdly ads dont always work for the guy to jump but conveniently work to bug the piss out of me when i gain nothing from it after every damned play. Its burning my phone up which i dont get because even with vibration off it heats up almost hot enough to smell, no its not plugged in and no its lights not turned all the way up, yes i know what im talking about. Finally if i raise the scissor lift and it does nothing to increase money or speed then why and if i keep increasing power and it do nothing to like rocket toward or blow up on impact why even bother playing at all? Great graphics, phenomenal things to smash, easy to earn money, cornucopia of fun. Please work on the small things and the big money will come!

- Meh

It’s cool to look at but other than that boring

- Good for smashing

Best Smashing game ever!

- Good

I love The game but it is a little ad crazy

- Awesome game

This game has I have ever wanted.I love to drop things from high places

- Great but ads

I love this game. It is way overcrowded with advertisements please oh please limit some of the ads. This cake has a great concept and everything although the ads. This has been a very popular thing on YouTube. So.. this game is awesome. Thank you for making this game keep updates coming please and delete som e ads ,😁😀😃😄😆🙂🙃😉

- Too many ads!!!

The game has a fun and unique concept however, the ads just kill the mood. I just downloaded the game and i was 30 seconds in and i get an ad. Its absolutely ridiculous with how much many ads there are in a game where all you do is just tap the screen and watch what happens. There’s nothing wrong with ads but ad spamming is just annoying and it kills the game. Therefore I’m deleting it, fun idea but the developers ruined it by ad spamming.

- Great Game But...

I love the game BUT I’ve maxed out the smashing items so I have the bomb but it never changes

- 𝕋𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕖

I don’t like this app way to many ads for everything the game is made out of ads it’s not even a game

- There is so much ads

Ads are stupid as heck😤


I would like it to have a more realistic feel to it other wise GREAT GAME :)

- Why?

I need to point something out,First of all why when I upgrade the weapon it’s stuck on the nuke? Second of all There are floods of ads,I mean there are more ad time then game time,I know that you need ads to make money but you need to calm the ads down because there are too much

- So good

I love this game because it can get addicting and I like to crush things.

- Too many ads

I would like it if there was no ads but that won’t happen and it is very very annoying.

- To many adds

To many adds way to many

- Baaaaad

I just got this game and I am on like level 50. This game is way to easy. When you get past about level 30 it turns gold which is like so easy to smash. I would like you to make this game harder. I had to rate but it does not even deserve a star at all. I looked at the other reviews and you did not respond so you probably are not going to read it but I still wanted to write this to warn people. Bye Felicia

- Ads

To many.

- Ok game but why the ads

So i know companies want money but EVERY TAP I do a ad that’s bs I watched more ads then played the game and it wasn’t even like watch a ad for a free upgrade no I just started after the first smashing thing which was eggs ad I tap continue after I tap upgrade which was 90 coins ad after I drop it ad once I press continue another ad like really really this isn’t fun it’s bs how many ads this is I wouldn’t even give this a 1 star I would give it a 0 or a 1/2 star if I was nice mostly because of the ads ruin the game

- Ad spamming

To many ads

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- Great fun game but way too many ads!

This game is a fun game but every time I finish destroying something an ad just pops up interrupting my gameplay!

- Best game

Really good game but way too many adds anyway thanks for this game


I like the game alot

- Ways to many adds

There are so many adds

- So many ads

This app*ad plays* has so many *ad plays* ads you can’t get *ad plays* through a menu without *ad plays* getting un skippable ads.

- Yeet

Make less adds and people will play it more

- Way too many ads

It would be an ok while you wait game if there weren't so many ads you can’t go five seconds without watching an ad in this game I am incredibly disappointed! Do not download this!

- so much things wrong.. they better listen.

Ok, so I am not entitled. But this made me feel like I was. I was so mad at it. 1.its not fun. 2.it has nothing special. 3. The. Ads. There is way to many ads. That’s why I deleted it. This game maybe one of the worst games ever.

- Wonk let you play without internet and bad game overall

This is just a money grab by greedy lazy people if you can call them that

- Tooooooooooooo many ads

Theres wayyy too many ads and its getting very annoying. I keep screaming and yelling in real life its super annoying, i tried to calm my self but i cant because of that ads everytime i upgrade something it keeps giving me ads, so i have to delete it

- Way too much ads

How much money do you need like you need wifi for it so you can’t just turn wifi off because you need internet for no reason like why. Also you can’t have an ad every ten seconds

- Too many ads!

I love the game but the ads are literally every level! I would love it a lot more if the ads were about every 5th level.

- The amount of adds

The amount of adds literally makes me wanna delete this app idk why I even downloaded it is a pretty decent game if’ there wasn’t adds but there’s like a billion ads waitin

- Needs more destruction!!

I want more destruction!! If I drop 250kg from 300m up, I want to see things pulverised!!! It really needs more things to break, things that explode, things that splash, or make a mess. It would be cool if you could watch an ad to have an exploding bomb. It’s kinda dumb dropping a bomb if it doesn’t explode. Things that would be fun would be a huge barrel of baked beans, or honey, or lollies. A plastic pool full of jelly, or oil, or petrol. Different things like that.

- Ads

Way to many ads and can’t play the app offline

- Doesn’t last long

Needs a reset button or more endgame content dropping a nuclear bomb on golden stuff gets boring after awhile.

- 😫

So many dumb ads also y do u need internet for it ?

- Boring, repetitive and pointless

Who writes the positive reviews here because it’s obviously not anyone who played the game. It’s boring, repetitive and pointless. I guess the graphics at least look decent?

- Too many ads

Seriously! This game is unplayable, after every single drop there is an ad.

- Ads

10 seconds of game play followed by 30 seconds of ads. Choose not to double your money and still plays an ad.

- Remove adds

Too many adds


this game...is awesome I love it I think having multipliers is a GREAT way to get money (coins) It helps me to calm down when I am angry Thanks for making the game.

- Requires constant connection

Garbage, despite being a simplistic game that could very well work offline, it’s so pumped full of ads that you cannot play without a connection, ruining the ability for it to be a nice commuter time waster since my area has very patchy connections

- Game

Way to glitchy and very lame. You should be ashamed of yourself😡😵😵💔🖕🏼

- To many ads

Game is good and all but there are way too many ads so I have deleted the app I will redownload only if the ads are reduced

- Very bad game

Why is there an ad every 10 seconds in the game

- Infinite Coins

Just keep tapping the Double or Triple coin part after your go and you can get Infinite coins. I’m on Power 1000, 1000m height and $1m per minute Offline and over $45BILLION in coins. How far does this game let you go??????????????????

- Very good game

Very good game

- Too many adds

Everyone go there’s a add

- Drop & smash

I’m gonna pss all levels

- Smash

But to many ads

- Way to many ads!

This game has so many ads. Everytime you finish droping your thing you have to watch a ad. But it is still a pretty good game.

- Terrible

This app is all ads and no pay off. One tap and no ability to control the game

- Ads

The game for Forces you to stay in wifi, but every 3 turns or so there’s an ad.

- This game is amazing but it’s a little bit boring

I love

- Dropping objects

You need less ads and more items to drop. I’ve gotten to the last item to drop and now there is no point in me levelling it up anymore. I’m on level 100 on power and over that for height, the game has just gotten boring

- Iloveit


- Love it but needs more map and things to drop( Found a glitch )

This is a great game but I have gotten past the map limit and upgraded everything past 3000 and there is this glitch that lets me get infinite money by just rapidly taping the double or triple button when I smash something so please fix that glitch and add more stuff. It takes about 2 minutes to just drop something. I love the game it is very addicting just please add more.

- So many damn ads!!!

Refuses to work if internet not connected so it can bombard you with ads after every drop!!! Not worth it!!

- Great but a few problems

It’s really fun and interesting but it’s quite glitchy

- This is familiar

Is this based on How Ridiculous? That’s a yt channel

- To many ads

There’s to many ads for any one to have fun, needs internet, if you need to make money so much make the game cost money

- Grossly inappropriate ads

Why does a 4+ game serve up up Ads featuring sexual and murder scenes. Not ideal for a 5 year old.

- 3 Stars

It’s a good game but it would have been better if their were no adds that you always need to pay for

- Worst game ever!

Like it needs connection to play

- More objects to drop

Don’t mind the game think it’s pretty funny but would be good to have more objects to drop I have the atom bomb and that’s were it stops would like it if there were more to drop

- To many adds

Every time I press collect I have to watch an add and it really annoys me because I just want to enjoy the game

- Can’t play offline

You can’t play the game offline which is as pointless as they come, come on apple have the games removed, not promoting very good games for people who don’t want their kids to play with internet connection, remove the app or allow offline play.

- Way too many ads!

I get the you make money off the ads but there are way to many! You can’t even start to enjoy the game before there’s another ad. Played 3 rounds and deleted the app.

- It’s a great game

I love the game!!!!!

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- My review

Too many ads, and this is also pretty much the “How Ridiculous” channel on YT but as an app

- Never seen so many ads

I have never seen soooo many ads in my life, every 30 seconds I’m watching a new ad, so much for playing your game you developed because I’m just watching ads the whole time

- Ok game

OMG!! So many ads after every smash it’s so annoying. I’ve been having to turn off my internet just so I can play it. Over all, the game is pretty good, pretty fun but sometimes it makes you buy stuff. But umm ya it’s pretty fun.

- No challenge

Ads and ads...you just drop and drop things...no fun

- Horrible game

Ad after ad after ad. This game is just ads. If you enjoy watching ads more then playing the actual game this is the game for you. The WOULD be great if there NOT as much ads.

- Way too many ads!!!

This game is a fantastic game and I would rate it 5 stars but the ads there is and add after any thing you do. Very annoying

- Good game

Game is fun but after every drop there’s and ad. Bs in my opinion and got annoying after 3rd drop so there’s that.

- Ads

It’s a decent app but with all mobile games theres too many ads...way too many ads. After every drop an ad plays and you can’t turn off your wifi because the game needs wifi to work. Even airplane mode doesn’t work.

- Ads upon ads

I spent more time watching ads than I did actually playing the game soooo much fun


Absolutely trash, way to many ads, can’t even play the game without wifi

- Complete trash

They made the game online only so you can’t bypass ads. Then they make it look like you have a choice to double your coins but even if you choose not too you have to watch an ad anyways. Quit paying people to rate it 5 stars.

- Hope you like...

Ads, every time you do anything it’s followed by an ad, also you are required to be online to play “play” this game, so no airplane mode.

- Ez

Toooo ez

- Adpocolapse

There is way to many ads😒 rather not download it, like C,MON 😡 and its brain level🧠👌0/10

- Yo!

Good game, give us as update !!! More weapons !! Pls

- Garbage

Need internet to play. Rip off don’t bother getting game !!!!

- Sucks

It can’t load on my iPad and is a ripoff don’t download it it’s a waste of time

- Horrible game

Horrible game. All you do is touch the screen once and watch ads. Nothing else

- One star

Game begs for rating.

- Boi that’s a lot of ads

I could even barley play cause of ads so annoying I just wanna play and less ads and you can’t save up on coins and every time you hit an ad appears and it’s wifi included it looks like a game that’s has free wifi

- Gay

This app is so gay it only works when you’re connected to wifi soo bad

- Review

Way to many ads please fix

- Cant play offline

After the 5th or so drop it requires an internet connection to continue. Who in their right mind would sit through the torture of constant ads though? Garbage game don’t even bother wasting your time.

- Ads

Video mid level. So much lame but I love the smash cam idea. Deleted before level three.

- Too many ads

There are so many ads and you have it so I can’t turn off my wifi to play ad free. Maybe make it so it’s an add after every 7 levels or make the game playable without internet.

- Ads

Why so many ads

- Way to many ads


- Nop

Ya plus de temps d annoce que de temps de jeu

- Drop and Smash

It is very very fun and I like the details of the game

- Ad ad ad ad

Ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad there’s too manny aaaaaaaaadddddsssass

- You stole this

This game or otherwise known as the Never ending Ad City, stole a concept from people known as HowRidiculous, where they drop things on to objects and see what happens, and other experiments. Like another reviewer said, this game is basically ad city, wanna go to the next level? How about you watch this ad of icing on a cake?! Well guess what, the deepest and darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole, so how about you don’t keep the devil waiting for so long.

- Too many ads

This game has way too many ads. I’ve upgraded to over level 100 and I still have the bomb. Needs more weapons to drop and a lot less ads.

- Ads

I get ads on my hime screen. Ads all over my iPad. After I deleted it.

- This is garbage

It makes you watch an ad every time you wanna just drop another thing don’t download this piece crap game it’s just a way for them to make a buck ! 1 star you cheap skates

- Adds!

Adds! Adds! And more adds all I see is adds and 30 second ones and it boring thing game is very fun just so many adds I went to level 4 and I got 3 adds! I deleted it just when I got it if you want to make a game make it fun!

- To many adds to enjoy game

Would be a great game but there is an ad every 30 Seconds of playing ruined the game

- Crashing

Keeps crashing at loading screen if I could I would rate it zero

- ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to many ads addictive but ADS!!

- Game is literally unplayable

The concept is cool and all...but the frequent ads that appear...makes the game absolutely unplayable. 2 mins in and 90% of that time is just looking at ads. 99% of the 5 star reviews are trolls and that 1% are either masochists or absolute retards

- Good but...


- It’s fun

You should add boss levels

- Ads Ads Ads

Like ads? This app is for you Like gameplay to waste time? You’re out of luck

- Meh

I got bored Of it in like 30 minutes not much to do

- Game sucks

There’s an ad every time you do one little thing. You also need wifi to play it so you can’t turn on airplane mode to not get ads. The game itself is also pretty bad all you do is tap once for each level. I would not get this app if I were you. Waste of time.

- Worst game ever

The ads are relentless

- More stuff and ads

To much ads and there’s barley any weapons to smash stuff with please respond to this game dev

- Sucks

Too many ads

- Too many adds

5 seconds of gameplay then a 30 second add. Waste of time

- Ads

It’s a neat concept and I like games like this but there are literally ads every three seconds. Also the game requires wifi to play so you can’t turn it off to skip ads. This game is a complete joke, I deleted literally 1 minute after downloading it. If I could rate it 0 stars I would. 0/10


So the idea is great, but everytime you drop something and I mean everytime not every third time not every fifth time EVERY FREAKING TIME!!!! Your given an add.... I just wanted something to mess with before bed and this is redclious....

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- Eh

Game lacks logic and basic sense. Also riddled with ads. Think the developers are just trying to gain some coin in all honesty

- Ad bait

No actual gameplay. You just tap, watch the thing drop then watch ads. Don’t waste a second on this poor excuse for a game

- Requires internet to play

Can’t play offline which makes the game not worth the hassle of ads

- Drains battery and ads

I would’ve loved it if I didn’t have so many adds and drain all of my battery.

- You can’t grind coins

You can’t grind coins you have to upgrade and it’s really laggy

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Drop & Smash 1.1.9 Screenshots & Images

Drop & Smash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Drop & Smash iphone images
Drop & Smash iphone images
Drop & Smash iphone images
Drop & Smash iphone images
Drop & Smash iphone images
Drop & Smash ipad images
Drop & Smash ipad images
Drop & Smash ipad images
Drop & Smash ipad images
Drop & Smash ipad images
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Drop & Smash (Version 1.1.9) Install & Download

The applications Drop & Smash was published in the category Games on 2019-10-04 and was developed by Kwalee Ltd [Developer ID: 497961736]. This application file size is 165.5 MB. Drop & Smash - Games posted on 2020-04-09 current version is 1.1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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