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What is top war: battle game app? Commander, the Dark Legion is coming!

These Tyrants rule the world! Constant war, refugees scattered across the land and a world starved of hope. Who will liberate us? Become the strongest Commander and a fearless leader in the struggle against the legion, right alongside the freedom league! Merge to upgrade your power whether it's buildings, skills or units, if you can merge it, you can upgrade it!


Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly! Recruit Legendary Heroes to lead the stationed Land, Navy and Airforce troops to victory! Upgrade heroes and troops with unique skills and equipment to lead all three armies to become immortal!

Start on a barren, deserted island and build an idyllic base to train your armies, improve your power and liberate the land. Strength doesn't come from just troops, and that's a good thing! Create a stylish yet formidable island with a variety of buildings and decorations at your disposal. Come and show-off your unique style!

Battle online with players from all over the world in a variety of game modes such as; Server v Server wars, Dark Forces, War Robots and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns all while experiencing the real battles with your alliance. Fight for glory, liberate the oppressed and dominate your enemies!


Top War: Battle Game is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Playing requires a network connection.




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Top War: Battle Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Top War: Battle Game Version 1.271.029 April 2022

Patch Notes [Optimization] Priority will be given to the avatar frame that has been acquired, while the avatar frame that has not been acquired will be presented in gray. [Optimization] The UI has been optimized for limited-time redemption events..

Top War: Battle Game Version 1.253.023 February 2022

Patch Notes [NEW] You can share your battle report of the Warzone Exercise result to chats now. [NEW] For simpler reading, we've included explanations to the hero-exclusive skills of Akatora, Bailos, Selina, Preycis, Yuu, and Maximo. [NEW] Exclusive skills for heroes including Bailos, Selina, Preycis, Yuu, Maximo, Mei, and Nereid are now available at the Exclusive Skill Store..

Top War: Battle Game Version 1.239.024 December 2021


Top War: Battle Game Comments & Reviews 2022

- Pretty Good

One MAJOR flaw in this game is that their is CONSTANTLY a finger pointing to something even if it can’t be completed yet. Instead, I would advice them to assume the player isn’t an idiot and eventually turn it off, or provide a way of turning it off. As someone who is liking this game, I will eventually stop playing as this has always been a turn off in other games. Additionally, I would suggest adding more realistic looking female characters to the game as well as Amalia is the only remotely unattractive character and there are at least ten unattractive/realistic male counterparts. That is not to say to add more unattractive characters, but at least half the women are showing their midriff and the others are also clearly sexualized. This is coming from a white straight male mind you. Outside of these flaws that will likely lead to my eventual exit of this game the game is overall enjoyable and it is not necessary to pay a large portion of money to still have an enjoyable time.

- Please read

Okay first is the most important. The chat filter is useless. You can say a bad word and get away with it so long as you change the letter to a different language. A example (without the *) is *îtch. You can get away with that, and you can say numbers! You can say your age, phone number, adress, etc. if you want! At least put a mute chat filter! Please do this as soon as possible! Second, the most powerful alliances are people who pay to win. Please make there two sections for it, because some people can’t pay, so put one section for the ‘paid’ people and one for the ‘free’ people, and that would be great. Third, almost every time I merge, it says merge failed, so I have to keep re-merging and once it didn’t merge and one of the units disappeared! Please fix this soon. Fourth, I opened up my app yesterday, to find a black screen. Yup, that’s right, just a black screen. I shrugged it off, thinking it was just a glitch, but then I closed the app and reopened it. Black screen. I did it again. Same thing. I updated it today, and opened it, same thing. I really don’t want to have to re download it because I had a lot of progress and gems, and I was in the second best Alliance in the world. Please, please, PLEASE, fox this soon, this is also the most important. Until then I will keep trying. When it works I will update this to say number 4 has been fixed. Thanks for you time.

- Terrible

Imagine working hard to get as far as you can in a game for 10+ months, only to log in one day and have it all gone. That is what Top war offered me and you can be apart of it. Just download and enjoy. I logged in yesterday to what was a lvl 71 of a possible lvl 80 game that I have played for almost a year and it continued to send me to my little account. I tried all I knew to do and got no where, so I contacted their support team. Approx 8 hrs later I got my response sign in through your Facebook. I responded back with the fact that my FB account was disbanded and uploaded pics that showed me trying that and it not working. 16 hrs. later I still have no response and they don’t seem to care. So as I promised in my last message to them I’m telling my story of how they stole everything I have worked for. I have many from my server that will back this story. You will see more 1 star posts, if I could I’d give them none. So the ones from my server that back this story will just give them 1 star more than they deserve, which is 1, and in the Title put “😈” as that is my lost account. You will know by that symbol they agree, that my story is true. By all means it is a fun game. If you have time and money, if you are so inclined, to just throw away to the top war game makers to steal please join. But if you like to be able to continually enjoy what you invest in, I’d pick a different game😁😈

- Pay to play issues

I love this type of game. Like most games of this type everything costs money to grown fast and strong. My major issue I have is a big one for me. The events are not properly explained and often misrepresent. You spend money to reach a goal only to find out that the rules were not properly worded and explained. Example: recently there was an Easter Basket Event the goal was for your alliance to complete tasks to reach your basket to level 7. In the event page it stated if your basket reached level 7 you would obtain extra items via the in-game mail system. I spent money to obtain extra items to go with the items I would be getting via mail. My alliance reached level 7 but the mail never came. A rival alliance had attacked our basket at the last minute causing our basket to lose points. No where in the rules did it state you could lose points nor did it say you had to maintain level 7 to get the extra items. To me this is a theft of services. Do to the poor wording and full explanation of the event the money spent on the event was lost. I contacted the development team showing screen shots and their own rules and explanation of the event. I received a 1 sentence reply of our alliance had to maintain level 7 to obtain the reward. If you play this game beware of no explanation on how events work and hidden rules that will cost you money in the long term.

- Game has serious flaws

This game could be fun but it has several flaws that make it not very much fun. My number one complaint is that if someone attacks you and relocates their base (and this happens every time) then you do not have the ability to attack them because the attack record is linked to the location they were when they attacked. So many people are too afraid to stay put and let me go after them. My number two complaint is the battle method. Let’s say I have 100 level 79 tanks and someone attacks me with 10 level 80 tanks. They win. It will put 10 of my tanks against their 10 and I lose. That goes on for 10 rounds or until I run out of tanks. I’m sorry but a real battle would have all 100 of my tanks attacking their 10 and they would lose badly. My third complaint is time. I don’t really care if people attack me and take my gold. What stinks is that it takes me a week to rebuild the tanks, ships, and planes. I understand that the developers want me to spend money to speed it up but it isn’t fun if you have to wait forever to get you equipment built because someone attacked you and ran away. If you change it to where I can find the person that attacked me I might have more incentive to spend money to rebuild faster.

- Worst war game out there

As everyone said, the Ads are 100% false. Not sure why a company would blatantly lie to their users, but I guess that just goes to show what they really think of their user base. They don’t care about you, they just want your money. Aside from the fact that this is a P2P/P2W, it’s also one of the most boring war games out there. You can only attack people one day out of the week, that is, if you can find someone to attack who isn’t bubbled. Most of the time everyone near your power level just sits in a bubble the entire day like cowards. The rest of the week you just sit there and farm. No real action, nothing. The game takes 0 strategy to be good. You either spend money to have more power than the person you’re attacking and you win, or the person has more power than you and you lose. That’s it. No strategy, no teamwork, nothing. Basically, if you like sitting in a bubble and farming, this is the game for you. If you like action and strategy, this game is a hard pass. Lastly, this is one of the most toxic games on the market. It’s filled with either immature prepubescents, or old wallet warriors with the mental age of a prepubescent. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. You will regret it.

- Customer Service is absolutely the worst

While the game has a lot of great attributes, the customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Any time there is an issue and you request help, it takes 24 hours for a response. Once you get the response, you then go back and forth for several days trying to get the people you’re dealing with the understand what your problem is. Not to mention that whatever the problem is, it’s your fault 100%. Then, after a few days you reach something of an agreement. If money is involved, don’t expect any expedited assistance. Point in case, their team released bad information on a product that was purchased by many. Their team then changed the description of the product. Upon requesting a refund for falsely advertised product, I was told no and that I could get a currently available ‘pack’ of the same value. Upon finding a currently available pack, they ONLY offer the dollar for dollar exchange, .99 cents for one chest, not the 8.99 for 10 chests. Seriously? We’re at this point due to false advertisement and you want to short change the money I’ve already given you? Please learn the basics of customer service!!!

- Vintage feel, interface a mess, fun anyway

Pay attention. The slick ads they show you have nothing to do with the game. This is an old school grid-based turn game, glorified rock-paper-scissors, with tons of little gacha machines and roulette games and blind boxes to keep you gambling for tiny little prizes that help you along. You can spend real money, but if you do, you’ll quickly realize it’s the same game play at every level. You can’t buy your way up because it scales with your spending. The game is not gorgeous and the user interface is chaotic. But the little red badges that mean “there is something to do here” Kees you tapping your way through 50 levels in 5 days and the simplicity is fun. Mostly an idle game. A level 46 airplane takes 10 hours to train up. Lots of chat and plenty to do as long as you accept the premise. Old school, legacy graphics, rock-paper-scissors mechanics, and slot machines.

- Not what I though

I got to rank 40 in the game and after that gameplay got repetitive I like the new stuff like commander types but the games unbalanced to the point where the in game groups make rule for fighting each other because commanders of all ranks can attack each other all it takes for an entire group to go up in flames is some rank 80 who decided to attack everyone below there rank and the battle reports are awful like really just a name and the battle footage I understand that this game was ported to english from the fact that the text glitches out sometimes and displays other languages and the menus are hard to understand and also get repetitive also the game is completely pay to win you can basically get to rank 60 in a single day if your willing to drop a few hundreds and if you buy vip you can buy any item in the game I was in a top group for a while the the 3 rank 80s in our group were constantly buying packs and had the power to wipe out entire clans by themselves

- It’s fun but few kinks here and there

So when I first started playing this it was soo easy to progress but not that I’m higher level it’s very slow meaning you have to buy stuff to upgrade your tech to get the sufficient exp to level up to upgrade even more, having good hero’s and units are also a problem as units get soo hard to make and it’s supper slow meaning 1 or 2 attacks can destroy my unit count and units I’ve been working on 3 days to make because when you get attacked too much the units get “destroyed” and we need be to salvage it taking it down a level when it takes half a day to even make unit 3 levels under it. Sadly my last thing I’m disappointed about is the shield mechanism, when you use two different shields it should stack. But I used an 8 hour shield then an 4 hour shield and it canceled the 8 hour. Sadly I got attacked at 5 am without knowing thinking I was gonna be safe when I went to sleep. All in all it would be a great game if top war fixed their problems which I know they won’t

- Please read before playing

Top war is a fun game but is a terrible organization. Yes it is fun to play with friends and not spending much money but everyone eventually spends money to enjoy the game. THATS NOT THE ISSUE. If you download the game ask your server in chat. You will spend tons of time building up without money or spending ur money to play. Then the game will have a glitch that leaves u shield less or unable to port and in a minute u lose everything. If they track the glitch they will apologize and say here is 50 gems (doesn’t even buy half a days work that you put in) if they don’t track it they just say sorry that’s not what our records say and make no effort. Please please please don’t let an organization like this get away with this. Continue to post negative reviews and do not spend ur money. There are allot of games like this that don’t have as many glitches and such little support. The response to this review will be the same as the rest u see. Sorry to hear your issues. We continue to work through this but with blah blah blah we can’t do anything for you. Please don’t spend ur money

- Great Game but a huge problem for me

OK.. this is the second review, the original was apparently never posted. I really liked the game. It’s other “pay to play” RRPG’s, Alliances, Events, etc. The one exception is there’s no bracket on attacks. The highest level player can attack the lowest. Also, I noticed I had little control on Leveling up in the beginning. The Graphics are great, the events fun and similar to other War Games. Here’s my main complaint and I may be the exception to the rule. I have no proof that would hold up in court. Also, I do spend the money daily. BUT… I was being billed twice for the same package. A little at first but became a routine problem. I contacted both Apple and In-Game Support who they said they would investigate. I told Top War I would demanding refunds and immediately canceled my Credit Card. Shortly after, they froze my game account so all monies I legitimately spent was lost. After my new card arrived, they promptly charged another $500. I cancelled that card as well and received a full refund. Long story short I’m still dealing with the charges but understand there’s hope.

- It’s good, just needs some quality of life changes

The game it’s pretty good, my main problem is how annoying merging buildings can get at later levels, especially gold mines. When you need 20 current level gold mines to get good money from your taxes, it can just be a nightmare having merge so many buildings together it seems less like a game and more like a chore. Two other smaller notes, monetization is terrible. How much you need to spend to get anything of real value is just insane. And I wish you could set units to “auto-expedition”, meaning you could make the units automatically set out and get you resources either based off of how much of each type you want or how much stamina you want to spend. All in all the games good it but some quality of life changes could make a big difference.

- Top war got bugs that need to be fixed

Whenever I play or load the game, the land, water and air troops I train and merge disappear as if I never merged or built my units. It happened again after I got rid of the game and got it the second time, I tried to give this app a second chance. I had 2 level22 planes made and stored in the airport which holds air troops. When I checked the airport storage, it shows one level21 plane as if I never had a level22 plane. I’m done giving this game a chance, the suggestion that game producers or creators wasn’t helpful at all and I hope others delete this app. I didn’t spend to much money on this app, but I spent just a little bit to help boost me in upgrading my units so I can do my attacks on claiming new land. Anyways, I’m done with this app, if the creators or producers can’t fix several bugs this app is facing or glitches, then what’s the point of keeping this app? Nothing about this is like clash of clans either and believe me, Supercell who runs Clash of Clans doesn’t have issues like this app does. Honestly if Supercell was in charge of this game, I’d keep it.

- Enjoyable could be better

This is an enjoyable game, have been playing for a few months now. Lots of content with rotating events. I have a couple recommendations though. 1) should be able to zoom out further, hard to navigate your base so zoomed in. 2) should support landscape mode and larger resolution for tablets, everything is much too large on an iPad screen. 3) around level 50-55 should be able to research a third deployment spot. This is when things really slow down and you should be able to send troops to collect all 3 types of resources at the same time rather than picking 2 of the 3. 4) would prefer more models for units, seen the same ones repeated over and over and over as I upgrade. 5) email system should allow more characters per email, to share info with my Alliance members on some of the more complex events in game I have to split the message between 5-12 emails for one topic. This is painfully archaic. 6) when viewing another Alliance roster I should be able to tell who is online so as a leader I can contact someone that is online as issues arise. 7) we should be able to share and send resources with members while an Alliance, this is a common ability in most similar games. This is a fun game and I will continue to play it, however the above listed items would enhance game play and remove some frustration with some of its short falls.

- Don’t waste your time, plus fake advertising

I thought I would check this game out because I thought the ads were pretty neat. I was wrong everything here is false advertising the way they are portraying this game in commercial is not how the game is played. Also it’s a basically a paid a win game. They bombard you with pop-up ads as soon as you login and pepper your screen with different ways to buy things. I ran a test to see how this game actually worked I have spent six months playing this without spending a dime and it is not worth unless you pay to play. Or I should say pay to win. The stuff they offer is not worth the money they’re asking most things are 1999 who wants to spend $20 on virtual coding that you do not own and if this company goes belly up you will not get that money back and you lose everything. Why not spend actual hard-earned money on a Xbox or PlayStation or computer game. Also the developers are so lazy that every response you see is a copy and paste response they don’t give a crap on what we say.

- Plz read new gamers ( This game's first 5.0 review I think )

I first got and logged into this game about a month ago. I loved the experience. It wasn't another time consuming money grabbing game that we often find. It was easy to start and I'm now level 25 and I'm just merging soldiers and battling all the time. I found no glitches and there are no money grabbing ads or anything that i found ( heck with the contraversy i think this game is better than forge of empires in that front ). And honestly people even if you did lose your progress don't rate it a 1 because for one i love starting over and two you still cared enough about the game to play it for months on end right? which means you enjoyed it............... Anyway thanks developers, I hope this makes front page because I really want people to read it.


I made the horrible mistake of spending money here, it’s a pay to win trap. While that isn’t normally a bad thing, if they have a glitch or something goes wrong while buying a pack, you’ll never get your money back. I bought a $99 pack that gives blue equipment supplies. One of the games ways of getting you to spend money since they take so long to get to blue equipment. I put in the claim and the person said it will be fixed, a glitch caused me to get gems instead of the equipment pack. They then said they will fix it easily…IT NEVER WAS. BUT THEY CLOSED THE CLAIM ANYWAYS. it’s the only mobile game I know where they genuinely don’t care about making sure their players are cared for here. Go spend your money on another game cause they obviously don’t care about you here. It’s been 2 days since I put in the claim and they closed out. Still no fix, hence why I’m writing about it. I left the gems in my account like they wanted so they can switch it with the equipment, but still nothing. I put in a 2nd claim. I’ll comment on how that one goes.

- Enjoyable but flawed

Enjoyable game but suffers from a variety of flaws. For starters the battle system needs improvement. The fact that any level can attack any level at any time in inherently flawed. In a game based on merging and doubling your resources, it’s not possible to compete with someone more than a few levels ahead of you. So how is it fair that someone who is the highest level in the game can attack someone 10+ levels below them? Additionally there is a variety of overpowered heroes, which if you didn’t acquire at their release, now either cost you 100 real world dollars or aren’t attainable. Additionally they regularly have packages for sale. The issue with them is most of the resources in these packages don’t scale with level. When you’re at a higher level, 100m gold means literally nothing, and a level 19 unit is worthless, but is still part of a package that you can buy. All in all, I feel like the developers don’t actually play the game enough to understand how to improve it.

- Great game!

Love this game. Didn’t think ide like it at first but once I got the hang I love it. Yes, I see all the reviews about having to spend money. It’s just like any other game though. You done HAVE to spend money to play but it does give you some extras and make it a bit easier. And I don’t know where these people are saying they need to spend thousands to play. That’s just crazy talk. I’m level 60 and have been playing for a few months and I think I spent about 20 bucks TOTAL so far. And that was by choice. I did NOT have to spend that to get where I’m at but I wanted a few extras so I spend a few bucks here and there. So spending thousands? SMH that’s simply not true. But it is a great game. Very fun and lots to do. You can play for hours with much to do. Definitely one of my favorite games! Good job developers!

- Eh.. where’s the action at??

So I downloaded this game thinking it was cool because of the ads. And yes it was fun but still not as fun looking as the ads. If you can make it just like the ads that will be good. anyway I deleted this app not because I did not really need it anymore and I just did not feel like keeping a game that I don’t really use. I will gladly re- download the app if you can make it like the ads. They basically scam you with the ads to download the game. Another problem is the amount of money you have to spend. I mean come on. I’ve been reading the other reviews and the developer keeps saying the same thing “There are many ways to earn levels or money by joining an alliance” or something like that. I just don’t really think they really care about you. Most developers care about money anyway. Seems like this is one of those. Like I said if you can fix it I’ll gladly re- download this game.

- Don't bother playing. RIGGED.

This gaming app is its a waist of time. A bunch of implied adhesion contracts in the game that you won't know about or understand unless you read every single thing possible that comes up in the game (which is ALOT) or if someone explains it to you. If you paid money for this game I feel bad for you because that is pretty much the SCAM that is going on in the game where you have to follow their "rules" like some minor and you have to do what they say "or else" as they put it. Fact is you can't possibly level up to participate in battle days unless you pay to level up; you can't attack bases that are achievable to attack, you have to attack who they say your are allowed to attack (again like your some minor); and they conspire against you if you don't like their fruity rules and adhesion contracts, they basically force you to agree to their rules and if you don't like it they try to destroy you and the alliance you are with. Sounds like FRAUD to me. This game is a NULLITY and not worth the time. Teach is own.

- Like GOW, but with a twist

It is a lot like Game Of War: Fire age. But, it has the small twist in the game’s world leveling system, with the merging factor for the player’s bases, and a scaling factor with the world bosses, enemies, opponent bases, and more. The one issue i find with the game is how slow it can get with the leveling, feeling like you’re trapped down by the minimal stamina bar, with a slow recharge time. With the use of a RnD system, random outcomes are easily possible. But, with this game, it feels you can never get the item you want when you need it. I’ve been stuck trying to collect the little puzzle pieces to upgrade my troop training speed, all to further upgrade my main units. But overall, it’s a well rounded game and has great potential to be a time-killing, RTS, mobile game.

- Unnecessarily complicated

I have been playing for a couple of weeks and was super addicted. There’s so much random stuff, heroes, components, army, navy, Air Force. Nothing really tells you what’s better for you or not. There’s a crazy amount of ways to make attacks and no matter what kind of attack I make the hero’s and army, navy, or af are NEVER the ones I’ve picked as my default so what’s the point. I had been thinking of making a purchase but there is no continuity between the defaults I’ve set and what really happens when I send out troops. I’ve expanded my base a quick as you can without making a purchase but if you made a purchase from $1-$100 there will always be something else you would need to buy down the road. It’s trash and I’m deleting the app cause none of the attacks I make in several different scenarios have nothing to do with what I’ve picked as my defaults and some don’t even let you use the level of weapons or hero’s you’ve achieved. Stupid waste of time

- unfair currency charge for players in different location

this game is good but the developer or company that own this game over charge players from different country compare to players from asia. In us dollar we pay $200 for a permanent skin where as in japan they pay 1,296 yen that is about $12 dollars in us currency. that is unfair advantage where asia player can buy many skin and out beat other players in this game. many people have complain about the unfair price between country but developer do not care because they already made millions off of players from europe and USA. i used to pay a lot until i found out the different prices but now i spend no money and try and play the best i can. this game would be even better to get more people to play if you made the price fair and maybe people will spend more money, but like i said they already make millions already so they don’t care about changing the price to make it even across all country

- what is wrong with these developers

ive played other games and many a time i have seen ads for this game. Every time i see the game it looks awesome and looks like a game id actually play, however when i downloaded the game it was nothing like the ads. reminded me of an offbrand Clash of Clans. I already have Clash of Clans so i dont need this. the ads show a game where soldiers are on something to float on water and as u moved and encountered other players u would attack and obviously win or lose due to that aspect of the game, u could grow and make ur “floating base” bigger and whatever. then i saw another ad with soldiers farming something like hay or straw, and like the other ad when another player was found u would attack. As u collected hay u would grow and could therefore collect more hay and attack players easier. very dissapointed to see the game wasnt like this at all. if the devolpers could make a game actually like this i would download that game and write another review.

- Great game, needs a few simple additions

Overall this is a great game that doesn’t make me feel very left behind by players who spend lots of money on the game. It reminds me of clash of clans but requires much less time to get to a higher level and is a bit more chill overall. The only thing I think needs to be added is the option to mute alliance chat. I’m in a big alliance and I don’t want to disable notifications so I can know when my VIT is full, but I get sometimes 100+ notifications in a few minutes due to the alliance’s size. Also maybe add a way to sell (even for barely any amount of in game currency) leftover tickets and items from previous events that have no use. Besides that the game is great!

- Good gameplay

When I first saw the ad for this game I was very skeptical due to the fact I have been mislead by many other games, so I thought this one was like the rest. I was seeing their ad numerous times a week and a couple months after seeing the ad, I decided to try it. I was not let down by the gameplay. I started in a good time because I ranked up pretty quickly but now it takes much longer to become more powerful. This requires me to wait days to level up but it’s worth it since you become even more powerful. The game is updated frequently so bugs are fixed and new features are added. I recommend this game since it is fun and addicting. I hope my review is helpful. :)

- Spending War

This game is 100% pay to win. Do not get sucked into it. Yes you can be free play and take 2 years to get to where the big spenders $2k-$50k can buy their way to in the first 2-3 months of a server. Will never be able to compete for real unless you transfer to a 3 month old server so you can feel good about winning against people who just started. Game is completely unbalanced and eats up ridiculous amounts of time and effort for crap prizes. If you have an addictive personality avoid this game at all costs. $3500 in over 8 months, still get destroyed by other players. Biggest spenders on my server has dumped over $35k over the same timeframe. Everything you buy is property of Top War, end game content is a 2 week long event that you need to play 8+ hours every day and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to place near the top. You then have to do this event 4-6 times over the course of a year to get the top prize from it.

- Mixed review

So I played the game for a week plus. Although the start was great, it is only as fun as the rest of the folks on the server. Many are out to have fun, however others are out to tear into everyone else. The game is designed for folks to build a virtual city and able to interact with others as much as you like, build alliances or simply join, or go to war. I had a great intro and joined an alliance full of great people. However, after building a great start, the established big players came and tore me up. It is a game that demands your full time plus attention. 30 plus hours a week. If you are not careful, it will become a Full time ordeal, or more. The other players that want to bully, made me realize, this was a complete distraction and not on worth having. If the designers were smart they would give folks an option to build and be at peace or be folks who co tear each other up. But you don’t have that choice. I am moving on.

- Not bad, not great either

First off, the game is nothing like it appears in the ads, you don’t conquer someone and gain the troops you’ve defeated, secondly, everyone wants to play FarmVille, if you try to attack someone “IN A WAR GAME” you’re breaking the rules of the server that some wallet warrior has decided is best to help continue the growth of the server, so you get tagged and are not allowed to join a top alliance, so growth slows to a snails pace, while everyone else flourishes, 3rd, unless you spend ungodliness amounts of money, you’ll never be able to compete in Capital conquest, silos, supply drop, or special events, and by ungodly, I mean Trump would shake his head at the amount that people are spending, hero’s are very, very, very expensive to gain, much less max out, then there’s perks and equipment, OMG! I’m not even going to continue on those last two, good luck. 👋🏻

- Don’t download, game is a joke

The game is a joke. First, every week a new hero is released. If you want to be competitive, you will spend $5k on skills for that hero, and it will be replaced in a month. They constantly add base skins (approximately $200 per) to give extra p2p boosts as well. Unlike Game of War (which early on before core gear was a 5/5 for me) this game easily would be 0/5 stars except lowest I can rate is a 1. The support is an absolute joke. They will not get back to you at all. The terms of service they have is a lie. A rogue player verbally assaulted players nonstop with remarks threatening personal lives. The result? He moved on to a new server with nothing done to him. Everyone else? Quit the game or moved elsewhere. 4 months he threatened and succeeded in releasing personal information of people. This game does not care about its players, only the bottom line. F2p does not exist here. Save your money and your time by never downloading a game created by this company.

- Fun-ish

When I saw the ads for this game, I thought it would be a cool raft game in the ocean, but no. It was on this little island. Now sure, merging is fun to do, but you have to BUY the thing you just merged, which makes it quite annoying. another thing is that you can’t get tons of reinforcements because it jams you on this tiny island. But this should be a game with strategy, like in the ads with Mr. Clean stacking things and making a big tower to kill the surrounding players in the water. But no. It is literally a game where you send out 2 of the things you merged and watch, and you repeat this cycle. And then talk about a cash grab. You need to pay money just to get an army leader that basically has no effect. And the amount of things on the screen is so overwhelming, and I hate that. I shouldn’t have to scavenge for 5 minutes straight to finally find daily rewards. And then the biggest thing for me in general… EVERY AD FOR THE GAME IS A COMPLETE LIE ITS NOT EVEN THE ACTUAL GAME IT IS LITERALLY CLICKBAIT BUT ON THE APPSTORE! Ok I am done being mean. All you have to do is change the fighting gameplay and remove some of the buttons on the screen, and I’ll probably re-download the game. Anyways thanks for reading my giant criticism article! Have a nice day.

- PAID TO WIN!!!!!!

I have been playing for over a year now and spent over $1000 on the game, overall the gameplay is ok but super complicated. You need to spend 3 months just figuring everything out and also if you purchase monthly subscription or weekly subscription where u can get gems ETC. They make you purposely forget them and no reminders what’s so ever so u can collect and that way you can keep buying more and more stuff, gold production is poorly inefficient make your spend more money to obtain gold, it’s an expensive hobby 3/10 recommend is you have money to blow this is the game and if you don’t have money this game is not for you, all events are rigged for you to spend more money to get nice things and theres no chance for a non buying gamer to obtain anything unique you have more luck at Vegas casinos. The game needs major update so less rigged events and more opportunities if you don’t have money!

- Another pay to win game

Don’t get me wrong I like this game , it’s fun and helps kill time but it is a pay to win game . If you got the money to spend (it gets expensive) then you’ll make it to the top real quick but if your relying on doing the stuff with no money being exchanged then prepare to get destroyed by just about anyone because the progression in this game is super freaking slow . Even if you do spend money on things there is always someone who is willing to spend more to keep you in your place because the big spenders rule the servers and just bully everyone in game . I would give it five stars but just because it’s a pay to win game I will only give it one star . Whats the point of a game that lets you control everything as long as you spend more money than everyone else , it’s like buying prizes for a raffle but you know you have the winning ticket and claimed the prizes for yourself

- Before downloading

The five star is for the high rating. The game has a good concept, but there are many other games like it that have been around for a long long time. Top war is not too much of a grind as other games however it lacks meaning. Top war has no actual goal so it gets boring very fast. Also THE ADS ABOUT TOP WAR ARE FAKE. TOP WAR HAS NO ACTUAL FLOATING ISLANDS OR SIMPLE MERGING. The merging requires gameplay and exp. In fact different exp for different things. For example, kill dark army for merging tanks. Kill dark navy for merging boats. Exp is required for everything so yes. This is just another game that takes your time, if not your money. Pay to win, or play until you win… overall the game is not worth it.

- Last update it was a 5 star

I know the game has updates and new features and some of the newer game updates look good but the game it self looks like a cartoon not liking the latest version please go back to original the heroes look good but main playing screen and mail looks like a cartoon not very appealing my self and other players are not liking the new cartoon them Please take feed back from players and make the adjustments need to keep players interested in game you have a good balance between pay to play and free to play just some features don’t fit the game since it a war game you grow attack other players and build your alliance I don’t want a cartoon version game please let us know or give us the option to go back to previous version but with new updates Thanks

- Best game ever🤩

This game is my favorite battle strategy game I’ve ever played😁it sets itself away from most battle strategy games because of a much more fast paced it is unlike other games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and more where you play for a little bit then you have to wait a whole day to earn more things to level up and expand your base and army, where as in this game to earn coins supply’s and other gear it only takes a few minutes. And one of the best parts about it is how you level up your military by taking lower level’d military and combining them with other military to make your army even stronger💪 anyways this is an amazing game and I highly recommend it👍

- Great Game

I love this game because it brings a nostalgic clash of clans feel when I was a kid but it’s completely different due to the merging factor. I love the high numbers in this game because the player feels much more rewarded and satisfied when they see a huge increase in level and power after upgrading and completing quests. I’m pretty far into the game and the one and only issue I have is the fact that wants you get your troops from level 31 and above the skins and looks start to repeat. I would love to see an update releasing new looks for all of the higher level units. Other than that the game is super smooth and never causes me problems and is great for wasting some free time!

- Fun but could be better.

Well top war is a addictive game and I enjoy the game, but the problem is that they offer lower free events, as you level up things get expensive, leveling when you pass from 20 it takes for ever,things are repetitive, there is no option of building new things and there is no other way you can have fun, base skins are so dam expensive $200 for one skin ( $200 is what I make in 2 days) . So over all I think they should improve the game, make base skins less expensive, they should have more fun options, they should have more buildings option and also add more free things, also I say this because you guys love to ask us to buy things and we are expanding from $1k to $1m on this game where we don’t have more options. If you guys show to me that you guys are getting this money for something good and also improve the game, I will change my 1 star review. Sincerely Alpha.

- Pretty good!

I enjoy this game! The only annoying part is that if you really want to be a strong player and competitor in the game you would have to spend A LOT of money. I haven’t spent any money and I’m a level 60 all within a few months. But the players who do buy all the VIP stuff or the growth fund have all the perks, more marching queues, better rewards, more gems, more hero vouchers. While all that is way more restricted and takes more time if you don’t buy anything. Im in a pretty strong and active alliance and I would say that that is the key of you don’t want to buy all the fancy stuff. With the help of a good alliance you will get more rewards and be able to participate in a lot of events.

- Bad customer service

Top war could be fun but they refuse to handle real issues. You have racist and sexist players that get reported but only get muted. They come back and do the same stuff or create an alt and do the same thing. I don’t understand how it’s so hard to ban an account when they repeatedly do this which supposedly breaks their chat rules. But if a player is double charged and requests a refund top war will basically gan them by taking the money back through gems. So to summarize top war supports racism, will steal from you and ban you if you ask for the money back? The game is nothing like the adds they have out so false advertisement. Last thing is their mods or in game support is trash. They are rude, seem disinterested in helping, and rarely listen or fix the problem. You will meet some cool people in game, but wish I never downloaded. They stole my money and I wasted time.

- Freinds and time

This is a fun game over all but there is only two problems I am getting with this. One of these problems are playing with friends. Me and my friends have all go this game but we don’t know how to join a clan. I have started a clan but when they search it up it won’t show. We have tried to switch servers too but we can’t figure out a way to work it. Another issue I have with this game is the time. This game is advertised to say that there is no time needed. But once get into a higher level you have to train your troops. My tanks now are at a high level. This makes it one hours to train one tank. But other then these two problems this game is pretty fun.

- Fix the game

You keep launching new things trying to get people to buy no one wants to or has the money to put into a game why don’t you sped more time fixing the problems you already have with the game instead of worrying about what’s going to bring in extra money do you want people to continue to play this game? If you do you need to fix the problems you have read what has been reported to you I’ve been told by many people nothing has been done about a million and 1 things wrong with this game!! If you don’t fix this game you will lose all the players and then good bye game no more anything for you and your company!!!! This needs fixed ASAP bring back svs and not that odinum the odinum is a joke that war it’s self has made people leave A lot of people have left from all servers just because you keep pushing for money and adding new things all the time you even ran out of ideas and just did a Halloween one seriously? Are you that desperate ? Do your job fix the game make sure everything works how it should and not half way like shields cutting out half way out of there time And charging people when they didn’t buy anything even when they haven’t been on the game all day This needs to stop or you will be reported to the better Business bureau ! Fix it now!!

- TopWar after three months

Well, I found a game that I’m not wary about tossing a few bucks at. Don’t get me Wrong- these games are all money grabs - but the social/global interest in this platform, for all ages and skill levels, has been pretty impressive. While I’m generally not a fan of “attacking” other players (we do this to each other WAY too much in real life), I do enjoy the opportunities to engage with people and cultures from around the world through this gameplay. The translation feature alone makes TopWar a curiously subtle interface for potential friendship and conversation on a much larger stage. Keep doing what you’re doing, and congratulations. -From “fenor” and “York” in S542.

- Money/Revenue over Player Experience

The developers of this game only care about making money. They do not care for their gamer community or the experience of their players. For example They have NUMEROUS servers that are dying out because of inactivity, and guess what there are only two options for a player who is stuck in one of these dying servers: 1) hope and pray that the developers take some time to merge low activity servers with high activity servers, which is near impossible because the developers don’t do anything about it. Or 2) the game offers you a way to pay to transfer, so if you’re in a dying server you can expect to pay anywhere between $100-$600 just to tranfer your account. They’re unwilling to address the problem and instead make their players PAY to tranfer out of dying servers.. that’s only ONE of many examples of their shady practices.

- Avoid

If you don’t plan to spend thousands on this game those that do, or more likely the game devs, will stomp you. There is no way to play fair if some players spent ridiculous amounts of money to buy the top positions. Made it to lvl 76 of 80 before the rich destroyed everything. If you don’t match their spending you will not have fun, if you do get caught up in the spending you will feel the pressure to buy more and more and it’s encouraged by the tops players (again probably the game developers themselves as who has the time and money to run multiple accounts like they do) one account sucked up most of the day. Most if not all events are pay to win with a gambling twist. If you have a gambling problem stay away from this game as it has all the spend more triggers and you will get in trouble. Casper and groBeck ruined the game and there was a mass exodus of the game. Stay away!!!

- Great and well balanced

This game is great, as long as you attack camps at your skill level, it is fun and easily playable. I like the concept with merging and strategic fighting, but the merging can be difficult. Maybe, at least for beginners, there would be a screen, somewhat like a guide, that would tell you what to merge and what it does. For example, “if you merge 2 level 2 barracks together you will get a level 3 barracks that makes rocketeers.” Otherwise this game is fun, well-balanced, and well-made. But if you could make a merge-guide in the next update, that would be brilliant. Another thing is money, maybe make it possible to compete at a high level, but not easy or fast, instead of using money. Thx!

- Worth the chance!

I’ve been playing this game for almost two years now. No other game has ever held my attention this long. Yes, there are occasionally bugs and frustrations, but the game play and battle events are awesome. Your satisfaction here is reliant on falling into a good team and healthy server. It’s your teammates that make this game what it is. If you don’t have this, you have the ability to transfer to another server. With those components, pay to win isn’t required to have fun! Appreciate the top war devs, because they find new and really fun ways to keep us engaged. I really hope this continues. Thanks, top war. 😊

- Love the game, but lost money

I love this game, it is a great way to pass the time, but I made my first in app purchase today of the discounted 5,000 gems, you’re supposed to get an immediate 1400 then an additional 600 every day after. After paying for the gems, they did not appear in my gem total, I thought maybe it would just take a little time to process but I have waited around all day and still nothing. I’m just looking to see how I can either get my money back or get the gems I purchased. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Still love the game and the ability to interact with my alliance, everything else is on par!

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- Great! Just two things😊

This game was great! I only have two problems. The first one is that I have an IPad and I feel uncomfortable having to play vertical side up and my second problem is the misleading ads. When I first saw the ad it was a merging game and I love them but that was only at the beginning of the game. At least least add a game mode with that merge aspect. If these were fixed I would’ve loved that. And if people like playing vertically pls ad an option to change or compatible to change between horizontal and vertical.

- Purely based on the support service.

The game is fun, the only reason there is a star. I’ve had issues with the server, there has been bullying, unsportsmanlike behaviour, intimidation and rule breaking. Support has been contacted multiple times but they do nothing because the people who do all this spend a lot of money. I had also faced a bug in the server where my comps change on their own. Once I finish gathering I change them all back to attack comps, but for some reason they go back to gathering comps when I’m offline. I contacted support about this issue, sent photos and was met with this reply; “ Dear Commander, our game works fine, plz kindly remember to change skill page when you dealing with different scenario in game”. I find it pathetic that people who spend more than they should on this game are compensated for issues they come across and get spoon-fed all throughout their time on the game. It is highly unfair to those who try hard to play this game on their own and get absolutely no SUPPORT from the “SUPPORT TEAM”. Another thing that has pushed me over the line is that nearly every second word now gets censored in the chat. The way the support and creators handle this game, complaints and issues, is absolutely pathetic.

- DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME......yet.....

The game feels very “rushed” to App Store, and unfortunately (for top War) it was not released 2 months ago... Currently the mechanics are solely focused around having to “pay to play”. You WILL lose out to being attacked from anyone just a little higher in level than you, regardless of how many troops you have and combat aids. In general I found the lack of information about how the games mechanics function for battles, troops types, troops combinations, leaders etc. to be very frustrating and leaves you guessing a fair bit about what to do. The actual goal of attacking other players only seems to be for getting a little bit of money. I could not find an obvious counter of troops killed, for anyone who has played something like Lords Mobile you will understand what I mean. When you attack in that game you get exp, rss, kill count and a chance to capture the enemy leader (which provides a stats boost that is worth while). Now a game like LM caters to “pay to play” people also, however you can still play it with success even if you do not spend money and I really could notice the fact that the way top war currently plays, you have no hope of succeeding as the game currently stands. I do see the potential in this game, however it is not there yet! Until there is some major changes this game is simply a mechanism to coerce people to spend money for a pseudo feeling of success.

- Amazing but a few crucial improvements

So this game is great, I play it 1-3 hours a day and don’t get bored, and it’s even better to play with friends but there are a few things to improve on, I’ll name the one that I’ve found as a problem, the problem is playing with friends, when you starting you can choose a region to start in and that is the region your in and as me and my friends found once your in there you can’t change where you are and the game only lets you friend or make an alliance with people in your region so I can’t play with my friends without losing months of work which I do not won’t to do, please fix this but overall great game👌

- Devs please read

This game is great I have no issues with the balance of the game and gameplay but I have a couple of issues 1. Please make the game a bit forgiving with free to play players they don’t get any skins that are actually useful the components are really hard to level up after comp lvl7-8 2. It is ridiculous by how many reports we have made that the person only have been getting muted, at our server we have reported someone that has been racist, making libel comments and harassing many players plus has been sexually harassing players not to mention all of the inappropriate language he uses towards players it is COMPLETELY unacceptable and the only thing that has been done is him getting muted how is he still allowed to play

- Not bad, but…

Very addictive but overly complicated. You can make progress without spending money but it’s very restricted. It takes forever to level up and clear available land and the units level up through cycles so the same units keep appearing with a different level number attached to them. Every day is like Groundhog Day. Very boring after a while. I played Total Annihilation in the 90’s and that was far superior to this (yes that was on a PC but still, over 20 years ago). The battles are split screen turnabout which is something I’ve never liked but here it’s just an annoyance: battle/skip battle, battle/skip battle ad nauseam. Four stars initially, less one star for every week you play.

- Good game

I like this game overall the merging, battles and upgrades. I wish the team build an internal system of email where i could report bugs such as not receiving rewards of gems, system glitches and any technical upgrades. I experienced issues with receiving rewards and sometimes utilizing supplies but i dont know who to report. Overalll good game, download and enjoy.

- Base Codes and Sharing

It is an amazing game with almost no bugs or glitches and is so great to wake up to awards and is just an easy game for anyone to play. For the next update I would love to see some base sharing or base codes for the people like me who can’t afford the costs for the base or quens. And for everyone who has so many of them and dosent want to use them if they could share them, same with the R&D, but other then that great other all game. [- | - ] Sinning - Vulcan War Zone 1471

- It’s an alright game but…

I love strategy games, but this game is way to simplistic in its game play for me, I only downloaded this game because the advertisements show a more hands-on combat style, even though the actual battle play only involves you placing your troops in absolute random order (especially considering there is a “quick reply” button) and then leave for 30 seconds until the battle finishes), you get rewards then level up in a monotonous fashion, which allows you to have better troops then attack stronger enemies…good concept, but gets boring after a while

- Misleading start

Not the best start when the reason you try an app is based on fake content. They spam you with adds in another game with game play and images that are not what is in game. Played for a while and found some things good.... but you quickly realize it copies from many other good games. Would call it a bit on the boring side. Don’t really re omens it as a ‘fun’ or unique game. Best bit was there were some really nice people in the group I joined... beyond that it unexciting and repetitive. Many other better games out there. Shame they lie in their adds.

- Great game

This game is so good i love it, there are no ads and its really fun. You dont get attacked once youre in a good alliance. One thing i would recommend is that when merging troops, you can choose how many you want to place, e.g. i usually want to place 16 but i have to click the barracks 16 times but it would be easier if i could enter that i wanted 16 and it would place 16 is enough space.

- Horrible time waster don’t get it

This game is 0 stars. Not even exaggerating. So you see, at first when I got this app it was great! I got land, high level people. A lot of good progress! After I stopped playing for a while (4-2 months) came back today and boom, all gone. Tutorial restarted, no soldiers no thing. If you enjoy the game just make sure you don’t leave it for a while or get ready for a surprise when it’s all gone in the middle of playing it (don’t know if my last point would happened cause I’m not bothered to try it) to summarize my point, don’t get it.

- Should be renamed Shield wars

If you don’t mind being ignored by the developers because you aren’t spending big $$$ play this game. Ask for help, and they ignore you or give you the most useless advice. Only way to survive is to have a shield 24/7 otherwise someone 10, 15 even 20 levels stronger than you will attack you everyday. And you can do absolutely nothing, even if you are in a ‘big’ alliance. I love logging in everyday to see my troops dead from players 100 times stronger than me. Maybe I should just spend $100s every week. Highly not recommend

- Horrible. Buggy. Bad graphics.

Merging doesn’t even work properly, graphics aren’t good and the game is just horrible. The battles are buggy when my paratroopers dropped in they were already on the floor the parachutes were on their own. I thought this was a good idea but it’s obviously a boom beach remake but worse. Do. Not. Get. It. From the moment I clicked play it was horrible. Their ads are totally fake and the graphics in the ads are better then the storyline of this game. There is ten minutes of this life that now I hate because of this game wasted. Periodt.

- Don’t bother

When I first saw this game in the ads, it looked so much fun and I downloaded it straight away. But when I played it, it’s just the same, old, boring merging game. Why would they make an advertisement completely different to the game? If you make the ad like that can’t you make the game like that too? Such a great idea in the ad and such creativity just went towards marketing to the completely unoriginal game that you can find anywhere? Anyway if you have half a brain cell don’t download this game whatever you do.

- Bugs

I do love the game everything like the merges and the game play everything is so cool except for thing first is the voices in my opinion but my biggest problem was how I trained troops but they were..invisible? I couldn’t see them at all and they were finished I still couldn’t see it so I had to rely on the dock and the garage to auto merge even the air craft thing

- Good but pls put restraints on the text because I and others are being bullied

The game is Prity fun and I still play it because I like upgrading and things like that but in the world chat there is a lot of swearing and sexual /racist discriminations to all the people plus the ad I got for it was not any thing like the actual thing which is a problem

- Server merger screw ups

Firstly, I would like to say it’s a super fun game either p2p or f2p and recommend everyone try it out. My 2 star review is purely based around the last round of poorly planned and matched server mergers. Placing two servers together with vastly different time zones and player locations; eg, America and Japan makes it hard to coordinate and communicate for server event such as EL and SvS. It’s costing all parties money and huge amounts of time to get transfer tickets to get to a server that we can be compatible with.

- Great time sink

Good little base and base builder. Can sink an hour into it without realising and not feel that you haven’t achieved much like some of its competitors. There is a fair amount of ads which do feel a little pay to win but in all honesty I am more than happy to put up with and just plod along with the free stuff.

- Great game

I read the other reviews and you guys must be bad if u think it’s pay 2 win if you want to progress. I’ve been playing 4 days and I’m the 48th strongest on my server without spending a cent and it was really easy to do. Overall a good addicting time waster 4 stars. Could be better in making it so u get more VIT to get tech easier

- Upgrading

Great overall game but my only problem was how hard it was to get crafting materials to upgrade and merge stuff I would vs the dark army constantly and just get enough to upgrade needs to be another event to get more but keep up the good work👍

- Banned my account

I had been playing for a long time and loved the game but my entire server bullied me into leaving so I started a new account and I was the biggest in the server by a lot and just 12 hours after the server opened my account was banned I never got a reason or any response from the devs. Lost $2000 dollars that I had spent on my account all gone disgraceful


Great game I played on my Samsung tablet and i broke it .inow have an iPad and don’t know how to retrieve it i was up around lvl 20 and had purchased a monthly pass,last week and I can not use it. have had to start again dam here we go again from the beginning cheers tony

- Do not spend on this game

I started a new account on 1708. This was an unlabelled test server by chance. I’m over 5k usd invested and we have zero end game content. No woo no svs and I highly doubt we will get el. Server xfer tickets for those under vip 10 are disabled (which costs thousands) but anyone under that is screwed. Zero real response from top war developers apart from “we will look into it” for last two months. Play at own risk. They really don’t care aslong as they get your money

- Bad

Pay 2 win for starters, many bugs, events always have problems, looks nothing like the preview above. Don't bother unless you have a wallet full of cash you want to throw away. Greedy devs. I played for a few months, most players left during that time because they couldnt keep up with the p2w players. Constant server merges are proof of this. Meta changes that screw up your strategies. If this game has a high rating, it's because they give away ingame currency for a 5 star rating. Evil.

- Good for a few hours until it becomes pay to win

Its good until you hit around lvl13, after that you cant beat any of the enemies around you and it'd pretty much becomes a wallet drainer beyond this point. Stick to games where you can actually progress without paying, even if it is a grind, unless youre someone who likes to pay for stuff then by all means get this game. Not that the gameplay is worth paying for mind you.

- Never review report

I have been muted so many times without a reason and always before the big event. And the customer service is not helpful at all, they just sent the automatic answer without a proper reason. I never swearing by the way, and not even spam. I paid a lot in the game and got this bad of customer services. Not recommend for anyone. It’s a pay to win game, but even if you pay a lot, no customer services for you.

- Top War Review

Top War is pretty fun but isn’t anything like it looks on ads or the info page. It may not be a pay to win game but still takes a long time to reach higher and powerful levels.

- Resources

The game is great I love merging and building and battling but just one thing can you please make it easier to win battles and get resources I find it a bit hard to win battles and upgrade my troops other than that the game is the best

- Make more people thing E

And make it easier to get more land because it’s pretty hard I tried and it took a long time for me to level up my troops or or whatever you cool your wall thingamajig a bobs

- Is the goods

Not too high maintenance but still a bit of fun when you get a few minutes to yourself and you just pick up where you left off

- It's all about the money

The game itself is fun, unfortunately the development team are incentivised to make as much money as possible at the sake of the game play. I had a problem with an inapp purchase. The device support team did nothing. I then got a refund from apple in retaliation the development team locked me out from my account and are holding my account to ransom and wanting me to pay $100's to get it back.

- Free 2 Play

I have never played one of these types of games f2p of course u can pay to win but if u just play a lot u can easily outgrind other players and play all day and grow fast highly addicting great content and to come

- Double check your invoice

If you want to play well, you have to pay more otherwise l you can’t beat other players. I paid more than $300 and when I check last payment, they charged me double which was duplicate. I asked a refund apple customer service for duplicate payment. After I have got a refund, too war taken my game money and there was no communication l, no response.

- In app purchases can be dodgy

The game in general is fine and is quite entertaining, but the support towards purchases are quite shocking. Something went wrong with a purchase unsure of what it was, but it’s about 10 days in and there’s still little to no attempt at getting a resolution from the game support team. Game play: 4/5 Support: 1/5 Value for Money: 1/5

- Top war

Absolutely amazing the game just doesn’t get u stuck like other startergy games this one is there is always something to do and u never run out of coins or anything

- Really good

This is such a fun game to kill time with! It’s so fast and easy to level up and fun! Even though it crashes some times it has a fast load in time! 100% would recommend

- Love this game

I love this game but there’s too much it’s hard to understand what everything is for n what there is there focusing on too much at a time it’s hard for new players

- Amazing Game

I genuinely thought this game would be terrible but I was so addicted after 10 minutes of playing it, it always keeps you entertained

- Well established

Initially overwhelming and a mostly a “bonus currency clickfest” almost put me off. Perseverance into regular play loop and a good clan paid off and I’m having fun. Suggest a newbie playpen to slowly introduce players to concepts established.

- Very fun

I enjoy it but it isn’t very intuitive. There are lots of buttons which I don’t know what do with them. The tutorial was quite brief, but the game overall is fun!

- Great game

Unlike other games you don’t have to wait it’s so much better than the other war games when you have to wait and wait and wait it’s a thumbs up from me

- Easier way to get upgrades

Need to bring in more rewards for attacking someone other then gold, some percentage of tickets to upgrade buildings and units would be good with gold.

- Easy fun

This game is easy and challenging but enjoyable. Simplistic enough and not overly complicated. You can spend money but you don’t need to if you’re willing to grind.

- M

Ascending ssr heroes is very difficult. It seems forcing us to buy stuff with real money. I wish we could use gems directly or at least for buying orange shard. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 And also pls include sell options. I want to sell my extra items for gems or other things. Pls pls pls

- Best game of 2021

This game it’s 1st on my game charts. It the best fighting game and there’s always upgrades to do and plus it’s super easy to get coins, boxes and ect But I don’t like how when they say to clam your gems , then you have to pay :( They should at least give us it every 5 level and you just need to watch a ad or something.... Anyway I hope the next update this will be mentioned :) Great game 😌💵👏

- Really good game

So I read the reviews and some were bad but I saw this game on a ad and thought I don’t like these games but no this one really got me intrigued it is great Download it plz

- Great game

It is not like the ads but it is much better than that!!!!!! Very easy to get started and with some grinding level up very fast!

- Top War

This is 1 of my favourite games because it allows me to merge and fight and join alliances to take down other cities and alliances.

- Lost all Progress

Was a really fun game got into it and then closed the app for a second came back online and I was starting from the start again so lost everything tried getting back into it with my game centre account only for it to say that was where I was up to

Payoneer 💰

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- Great game

I would say this is a very good game except for the fact that the ad has nothing to do with the game itself. The ads I have seen say you drag tiles together to create a bigger over all tile for your army but that just isn’t true. And the over all design of the game is kind of strange for instance you drag together people at the start to create tanks which is weird if you could add a different kind of soldier that is people it would make more sense. Also it is always asking for my money to buy in game heroes which can get a little in your face and annoying. Over all, great game with some good and weird features but one worth downloading and playing out.

- Great, but ...

The game is interesting and a lot of fun, but ... ... if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money, this game is not for you. This isn’t even a pay-to-win game, it’s rather a pay-to-play one. The amount of free stuff in the game is ridiculously small. And it’s getting smaller with almost every update. All gift packs are ridiculously expensive when compared to how much Chinese or Japanese players spend on this (VividArmy) game. So, even if you spend the money, you’ll be outperformed by a bunch of Chinese and Japanese players who pay almost nothing compared to what the US or Canadian players have to pay. ... if you’re from North or South America, this game is not for you. All the main game events that used to take place during Americas friendly times have been moved to ungodly hours. Especially the west coast has been hit the hardest. Events for players from the west coast of the USA or Canada start at 4-6am now. By the time you wake up, they’re over. Which means no rewards for you. With the lack of free stuff, this will be another major disadvantage for you. The game servers are dying out and are being merged now, and more and more people (especially from the USA and Canada) are leaving the game due to the changes I’ve described above. I like the game and especially the camaraderie in the alliances, but very soon I’ll be joining a bunch of other people quitting the game. I can’t get free stuff anymore due to the time changes in the game, and even though I do pay for some of the in-game stuff, I’m not willing to start selling my kidneys just to be able to purchase ridiculously expensive gift packs.

- Disappointed

Not what the ad showed me ):

- Best game I play

This is the best game I eaver played in my life

- Doesn’t work

iPhone 8 plus with latest iOS update and more than 2gb free, but game just crashes when I click on it

- Can’t open game

Game keeps crashing immediately after I open it, I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 14.2)

- Idiots made this game

The game is a combination of several games, the most apparent being boom beach. I am sick of lazy people too stupid to have an original idea so they resort to copying and stealing other peoples ideas. It is shameful and disgusting that people like them exist that create an app with the originality of bread just so they can make money off of children and people even dumber than them.

- Super misleading ads

The ads for this game are SO misleading. Some of them show things that aren’t in the game at all. And the game itself is super low quality and not fun.

- No happy

It's literally nothing like the add I didn't want this game these games are so boring

- Click bait

It’s trash

- Done very well

Combine all your pointless merge games and lords mobile and then what do you get?? A very fun game that is sadly much underrated... this game is a legit 4 star but deserves a 5 because you can tell there putting a lot of effort into this game despite how low the play count is on Thank you and keep building this game because it deserves a higher statue

- Nothing like the adds

The game has nothing to do with the adds. It’s more like a Vega Conflict with a lot of mecanisms to force you to come back again and again in the game. That being said, it’s moderately entertaining.

- SMH..

I just downloaded the game on my iPad and it doesn’t start.

- Good but...

I love the game and u should try it but the mods don’t ban people they just disable their chat please fix this but the game is good.

- Fun game

Really nice

- Excellence


- Game is NOT what you see in the adds

It’s great to start, then level 20 it slows and you don’t get far fast. You point and click. You point and click... and wait for weeks! Alliances never do much and then you get the expansion area and... you point and click and wait. Don’t down load and save your time unless they update and make some serious changes

- Boring money grab

One of those...

- Awesome fun

Having a blast in this game. Much better than cats.

- P2W mess

It’s fun at first but there’s countless micro transactions and pop ups. Once you get high level it’s insanely slow without paying.

- Worst game ever

If I could I would even give a star, the game is nothing like the ads and the gameplay is terrible.

- The best game

The game is super good but not that good there are this where there is no more room in your land and I hate when that happens I is so hard to LV up and get more land like now I have no land left to play I like it and I do in like the game and it’s not like the ad show’s

- I feel cheated

The game is not what the ad shows

- Nothing like the ad

Sick of games showing advertising one thing that it’s completely different from the actual game. The App Store is full of crap like this and both developers and apple don’t seem to care as long as they can rip off customers

- Good game

Good game ,I love it.

- Easy fun game light on the processor

Yes fun and like other hires games that fried my Samsung A50, the same but cute graphics make it enjoyable in a different and more fun way

- Top war

Great game!!!

- I love this game!

this is amazing

- False Advertising

The game is actually pretty fun, but the false advertising is ridiculous. None of the pictures are from actual game play, and I have never seen any of the thing in game before. The willingness to straight up lie about their game like that tells you the developers aren’t really trust worthy, and money is number 1.

- topwar

very fun to play!

- It was good for the first five minutes

When I started the game it was good but then around like 4minutes and it started to lag and my phone was like heating up and when I was going to help the injured engineer it took me to my home screen so when I log back on when I clicked on the engineer he disappeared and then he was in a boat on land and then it said to help the engineer but he was on a boat on land and then this finger was telling you to pointed the ground so when I did it just did nothing in the town help the engineer but he’s on a boat on the land and then he was just stuck there and I waited and waited and waited and he never got off the boat and the boat was just moving around the map going everywhere and then it took me to the App Store so personally if it wasn’t lagging I would’ve wrote it a four or five but since it’s lagging it’s really bad and it’s just garbage you need to fix this.

- Pay to Win?? More like Pay to Play

Got to lvl 80 after about 6 months and $150 wasted on this addicting grind. Pay to Win is an understatement; this game is Pay just to Play. And the cost of playing at end game is thousands of dollars. The top guy on my server spend $20,000, is untouchable by even the #2 guy, just to bully everyone else however he feels. It’s an addiction trap that is perfectly designed to separate you from your money. The gameplay is boring and completely non-interactive, it’s just an auto battler decided by stats. Serverwide events are decided by the top few high spenders, you can not hope to be competitive in any end game gameplay if you do not spend thousands of dollars. Combat is just a numbers game that you skip 99.99% of and just see the result. There are so many daily tasks that you NEED to do just to avoid falling far behind it takes hours of playing every day. If you get hooked by the addicting gameplay cycle and you play fast and loose with your wallet, beware.

- Not what you see in the ad

Why game developers decide to create ads of a game that aren’t like the real thing doesn’t make sense. This game sucks. It’s nothing like the dozens of ads they have. If they made the games the ads show it would be great. This game is a grind and impossible to progress without spending lots of extra money. Stay away.

- Good

It’s very good

- Game isn’t bad.

The game is nothing like the add but for a war game it‘a pretty easy to grow. The game doesn’t even make you spend as much as other games. I have played multiple other war games that make you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get little progress. This game I have used about 20$ and I went from 1-28 in a day. Gaining power is pretty easy and it’s definitely one of the better strategy games out there.

- Great Game

As a mean Chinese guy I paid twice in this game.

- Great game

I love the game it’s awesome



- fun but devs not responsive

The fun for this free to play lasts a good while, and I enjoy it. However I am having problem with an in-app purchase and the support system is frustratingly unresponsive. This problem does not seem to be very frequent, to be honest, so decide for yourself if it’s worth it to you.

- Good game if you wanna relax

Its fun👍

- Love it

Put some of the girls in bikinis 😉

- Pretty fun

It’s good, not disappointed. Too lazy to write more cuz real review u know

- Muy buena app


- Deletes reviews

Don’t install this. Expensive, boring single play and a boom beach ripoff!

- Good game

Not boring, good one !

- ✌️

Great game no ads in game

- Actually great

Turns out this game is really fun, it is kinda similar to other games but also different/unique if that makes any sense. It’s super addicting, free to play friendly, and easy to level up especially when you first start for constant fun. Love it so far, definitely worth your time trying out.

- Amazing!

Love it!

- Disappointed

This game is not how it was advertised and tbh sucks

- Nothing like the ad.

The game is nothing like the ads. I had the game a while ago, didn’t like it and deleted the game. Recently I saw an ad which looked to be a fun game. After installing I realized that it’s the same game and ads just portrait it differently to bait you into installing the game.

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Silver State Smash Civil War Went 3-2 Honestly, kinda disappointed in myself I choked against Mankuku game 2 and in panic, i chose Luigi and lost. GGs tho, wish to play you again. Good Luck Mishunz for the crew battle and he made Top 32


@austin_walker This makes me wish for "The War for Partizan: A skirmish miniatures game" so badly. Painting up a squad of mech minis, building the top deck of Fort Icebreaker as terrain for a special event battle, etc.


Top War: Battle Game-Army, Air Force or Navy?


Top War: Battle Game-Army, Air Force or Navy?


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King Gregarious 👑

@TarHeelFootball @CoachMackBrown @OrangeBowl Should be interesting with many of our top players bailing on the game. I don't blame them, but at the same time I could never walk away from the guys I went to war with in the last battle no matter what the reason.

Kang Uwais

@damasayu_ Top War: Battle Game...

Top War: Battle Game 1.271.0 Screenshots & Images

Top War: Battle Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images
Top War: Battle Game iphone images

Top War: Battle Game (Version 1.271.0) Install & Download

The applications Top War: Battle Game was published in the category Games on 2019-12-31 and was developed by Topwar Studio [Developer ID: 1469399538]. This application file size is 765.5 MB. Top War: Battle Game - Games app posted on 2022-04-29 current version is 1.271.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rivergame.worldbattleGlobal