Stack Merge 3D

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Move circles on top of towers. Two of the same value in the row would merge into one bigger. You can discard circles that You don't want. Reach the size of eleven to get a bonus!

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Bug fix.

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- Hi

I deleted this game because it’s not fun anymore

- WAY to many adds

When I first got this game it was great, but after a few weeks i started to hit ice how many adds there were. My number one though was there are WAY to many adds!

- Waaaay too many ads.

Sorry, but the ads ruin the fun.

- Glitch

Game gives me 2048 tiles then doesn’t let me place any more tiles on that pole anymore taking away one of my poles

- Too many ads

There are way too many ads. I got one every two minutes, and it makes the game unbearable to play.

- Unplayable

Inserted ads played video with someone shouting, despite phone mute setting. Uninstalled after third time in a row that it happened.

- Started Fun but ads every 10 seconds

Too many ads. You literally can only play a couple moves in like 10 seconds before it shows you a 30 second ad. This repeats continually. Would take hours at that rate to make any progress. Too disruptive... would be fun if the ads were less frequent and you could actually play.

- Too many adds!

Man, voodoo, take the adds away please! I like the game and how the tiles merge but I literally cannot play with the amount of adds put into the game. I also think you should be able to move the tiles no matter which stick they are on. If you take the adds away, people can actually play.

- Dis good

It is really relaxing 😌 and fun.that is all I have to say!

- Emememememem


- It’s ok


- Way too many ads

This used to not have so many ads not almost after every play there is an ad!!!!

- Frequent Ads

Ads every 15 seconds. Get more ads than gameplay. A lot of these 5 star reviews are clearly fake.

- Love the Game

Love the game, hate the frequency of the ads ... delete.

- Was great till some recent change

Just within the last day this game has started wanting me to verify age, etc, and telling me I turned off my sharing of data EVERY time I open the game and I have not changed any settings. Tired of the basic harassment that this is becoming. For this reason I am deleting this game.

- Recently deleted a lot of Voodoo games

Not a bad game, but... This company is very good at supplying knockoff versions of games and spamming you with invasive adds that glitch your phone out. Cannot stand the new update either where they’re forcing you to share your data with them. I swear to god, if I see another one of those stupid, invasive “⚠️Support is again by allowing data sharing” alerts that block half of my screen, I will kill myself 😡 Don’t download, 💯 annoying! #voodoogameshasgonedownhill

- Relaxing - one suggestion

I love “Tower of Hanoi” games and this is a good one. Very relaxing and no real goal other than to enjoy. One suggestion, if you don’t mind: have the top most discard available for play. The only reason my review isn’t 5 stars is because the game lacks a bit of challenge and I prefer a game that has an ending and can be replayed. Personal preferences aside, this is a sweet, relaxing game. Nice job, Voodoo.


This game has so many ads pop up you can’t even play the game. It’s all ads. Stupid.

- Good good

A TON of ADs but completely addictive

- Amazing game!

The game is fun, entertaining, and very addictive

- Too many ads

I don’t mind ads - someone has to pay. But ads every 8-10 moves are too many

- Ads

Advertising is far too aggressive. Interrupts the game constantly. Fun though

- Too many ads in free version

I can’t tell if I like this game enough to pay to remove ads. There are too many ads to get into playing he game — close to the same amount of ads as play time.

- Great game but many ads

I love playing this game but ads pop up every 15-30 seconds. It takes the fun out of it. Using the special features for watching an ad makes sense but afterward you get another ad 2-3 seconds later. It is frustrating. If you can look past the ads then it’s a great game.

- Space for improvement

Maybe a world ranking system should be added because the game becomes too easy eventually and then there no reason to continue playing. I have a lot of ideas for improvements.

- Review.

I Love This Game! It’s Very Creative.

- Nice while it lasted

I honestly loved this game. I usually always play offline so I don’t have to deal with adds, but after the recent update everything changed. I used to get in a great flow tapping and placing rings, until today. I opened the app and suddenly couldn’t place my rings until I realized the game now wants me to drag and drop the rings in a really awkward feeing way. This change honestly might be enough for me to stop playing the game despite my 12B score.

- I’m no professional reviewer just a consumer

Games good but.... when you have a advertisement every 10 seconds the fun gets ripped off almost immediately.

- Ok

It’s a fun game all the advertising makes it irritating. If the amount of advertisement can be cut in half this game would be better

- Ok I guess

But to many commercials

- Only one complaint

I love this ad simulator, it makes me feel like I’m watching ads, the only thing I would change is that pointless game that takes up the rest of the ad time, fix that and this would hands down be the best ad simulator of all time

- Way too many ads

I get that games now a days have tons of ads but this game really takes the cake. I couldn’t finish playing one round without seeing about 20+ ads. This is honestly ridiculous.

- Love the game, but the number of ads is ridiculous!

This game is so much fun, but the ads are seriously excessive. I’ve timed it, and there is truly less than a minute of gameplay in between spontaneous ads (not for a reward or at any certain landmark in the game). It’s very annoying, especially the ones that turn off your music or audio.


I have no clue how anyone would enjoy this game with the amount of commercials.

- Good game bad ads

This game is actually attention catching and nice to play here to there but, the ads are so repetitive and over the top it ruins the actual game play. Ive actually timed it and within 2:30 seconds i got 6 ad’s some of which you cant even use the X button to escape

- Discard pile

Would be better if you could use the discard pile.

- No customer support

One of the rings had a glitch and won’t let me place any on it. Can’t find a way to reach out and get it fixed. No way to contact customer support. Would not recommend.

- Only one thing I would change

I just want to say I’ve been playing for months non-stop. I’m currently second on the leaderboard with 450 billion but to check that leaderboard you have to die. I’m obviously not going to die this for into it, so I’ve been checking on my friends phone. It would be awesome if you could just check the leaderboard mid-game. Have free access to it any-time. Otherwise great game and I’m shouting for that #1 spot 💯

- Waaaaaaay too many ads!!!

Makes gameplay far less enjoyable. Deleting this one.

- sooooo bad

so much ads

- love it!

i would give this game 5 stars if there weren’t ads every 3 minutes!! ugh! i rarely write reviews but i love it but if voodoo took out a lot of the ads i would give it a 5 star.

- Too many ads

This game really deserves 4 if not 5 stars but there are wayyy too many ads seriously like every 10-20 seconds another ad

- Hate

Too many ads

- To many ads

It’s a fun game and all but every time I ever going an ad pops up. I set a few pieces down and an ad pops up so I’m getting an ad every minute to 2 minutes and it’s quite annoying

- Endless

Great but endless game. 222M score right now and im still playing. its getting boring a little bit

- Overall

I love the game. However, you can’t get through one level without 2-3 ads and that is very annoying. I understand ads are there to keep the game free, but it has enough to the point that I don’t want to play because I get stopped too frequently to even finish a level.

- Loaded with ads

Loaded down with ads every 5/6 moves.

- Ads every minute

They make the game easy so you can keep watching ads every 2 minutes. I was waiting for a stopping point so I could get back to work, but never found one after playing this easy and addictive game. until After the 100th ad I got annoyed and was able to break the addiction from the game after I never had a chance to lose lol. Won’t download or recommend. But it was a great game.

- Too many ads

Can’t even play the game because there’s constantly an ad popping up

- Ad rate is unreal

Feels like an ad every minute.

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- Too many interruptions from ads

There’s too many ads all the time. Turn your iPad to airplane mode to combat that.

- meh

Fun game, but there’s so many ads that it makes it unbearable... deleting

- Many adds

Voodoo stop your to many adds!please🤯🥵🤬😴

- Too many ads

Way too many ads

- 😎 I am cool

I reached a size of 2048!

- H


- Bug

I stacked two 2048’s on top of eachother and nothing happened

- ads

There’s literally (no joke) an add every 5 seconds

- Don’t download this unless you are really depressed.

Adds more like... AIDS

- Ads block the game

The ads block the game and you can’t play



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- Bad game!!!!

Very bad!!!! Every few seconds, a advert comes up, don't get it!!!!

- I love the merge game and it helps me to move it about

The number it goes up on Each hoops builds it up better and it moves on to the next Level it’s not Hurd or Anything it helps me to Learn the colours that matches the colour hoops

- Adverts adverts adverts!

This is actually quite a cool game, however the relentless adverts after every couple of moves makes it painful. If they brought the price down from some ridiculous cost then I might have considered buying. Come on chaps, play the game 🧐

- Sigh. Ads.

I love this game, the strategy the effects, its brilliant. But the ads. Oh. My. Word. They dont come after each game they come after every few moves. They will also cause you to drop disks on the wrong stacks which is hugely frustrating. Because of this I play it less often because I need to be in a very patient mood to put up with the incessant interruptions.

- Too many ads!!

This play is unplayable because ads are popping up every few seconds!! Deleted very quickly.

- Ads in the first 30 seconds

I know developers need to make some money from apps but this game is SATURATED in ads. Not impressed.

- Ad sponge.

This is the most egregious ad-game I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to play it, turn off your WiFi, otherwise you’ll have adverts interrupting the game (no hyperbole) every 10 secs. You place 3 tiles, advert, 3 more tiles, advert again. Not worth anyone’s time.

- Excellent game, too many ads

This game is fun to play, but the ads are becoming a big problem. While I don’t mind the occasional ad-break, I often find myself frustrated with the sheer number of adverts I receive while playing. This not only affects my experience while playing, but also affects my ability to play as the adverts often appear while I am making a move, causing me to drop disks onto the wrong rack.

- Too many ads

Would probably be a good game to play if ads were coming up every minute i play.

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Stack Merge 3D iphone images
Stack Merge 3D iphone images
Stack Merge 3D iphone images
Stack Merge 3D iphone images
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Stack Merge 3D ipad images
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Stack Merge 3D (Version 5.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Stack Merge 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-09-12 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 191.59 MB. Stack Merge 3D - Games posted on 2019-11-23 current version is 5.4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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