Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker App Reviews

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

What is text art: poster & quote maker app? Create beautiful and professional posts, flyers, and posters with Text Art!

With just a few taps, anyone can create eye-catching graphic design. Simply select a photo, enter a catchy caption, and choose between dozens of designer text styles. Every time you select a style, a new, unique design is generated just for you!

Whether you are looking to spice up your social media account or create professional flyers, Text Art is all you need. And if you plan to print your artworks, you'll be happy to learn that Text Art exports in the highest possible resolution.

What you'll get with Text Art:

- Designer-picked fonts and layout combinations
- Beautiful and unique text art generated just for you
- Hundreds of colors, gradients, and textures
- Million of free professional stock photos
- Large database of inspirational quotes
- Exporting in high resolution


While Text Art is free to use, premium access to the app (including all premium text styles) requires a paid subscription. Please see the subscriptions details below.

- The subscription is automatically renewed every month or year until cancelled.
- Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
- You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Apple ID account settings after the purchase.
- Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
- When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.

About Subscriptions - http://appostrophe.se/textart/subscriptions.html
Terms of Use - http://appostrophe.se/textart/terms.html
Privacy Policy - http://appostrophe.se/textart/privacy.html

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How to contact Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker (Appostrophe AB)?
Find this site the customer service details of Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1478737802/text-art-poster-quote-maker/contact

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker Version 1.7.1125 December 2021

What’s new in this version: — Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker Version 1.7.806 July 2021

What’s new in this version: — Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker Version 1.7.726 April 2021

What’s new in this version: — Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best app

Every single picture editing app, or any app for social media use, always scams and has outrages prices. This app is so great and easy to use, you can duplicate slides so it’s easy to edit and make a bunch quickly. At this point I’d pay cause it’s that great. I never leave reviews but had for this one cause I’ve legit been using this to post content for my ig and it’s been so easy and I’ve realized that added stress of trying to use an app to get your ideas out makes me quit half the time! Def recommend downloading it!

- Expression

The holidays is all about self-expression and this app gives you a variety of ways to do it. Some of the ways that you can express your can involve importing your own photos or using the already available templates that are apart of the app. The fonts are creative, bold and simple. The font colors allow for gradient variety with colors that can make anybody’s flyer pop with color. The only thing that this app is lacking is the ability to import other photos into the photo that you are working on. It doesn’t allows you to make a collage of sorts using your personal photos.

- Text Art

Text Art is awesome I love it!It is so fun to make your own meme and quotes and I highly suggest downloading it I used to look on Pinterest but now I can make my own!And you only have to pay if you get a pack or something like that so press download right now and you will NOT regret it and it has some quotes you can use if you do not have any you can think of!It is just a GREAT app in my opinion and you can use your own quotes for your wallpaper on your phone I love this app I hope you will too!!!!!

- Text Art

Nice Avenue. It’s easy to use, but the only problem with me is it would be nice if it was integrated with the rest of my app so that I didn’t have to go back-and-forth between this and my ownNice out. The only problem that I have is happened to switch back-and-forth between this app and my keyboard. It would be nice if they were both together as one so that there was just one key that would be back-and-forth. Other than that I’m having a good time playing with it.

- Love this app!

I absolutely love/recommend this app for logo/wallpaper font creating. I was searching for a long time for an easy app that would help me create my own logo for an at home business I’m running. I was so relieved when I found this app because not only is it convenient, easy to use, but there was a 7 day free trial! The fonts, colors, wallpapers on the app are ALL FREE with the 7 day trial and I definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Whoever created this app, thank you so much, you’re a godsend! ✌🏼

- Love it!

Awesome, easy, fun, creative! My IG feed looks 👌🏻💯❤️. Used the free version for a while but upgraded to paid when I got serious about starting an online business. Totally worth the $$. I use Canva, too, but Text Art is way simpler and streamlined and I can get the work done faster. Love their stick photos and beautiful fonts. If you’re experienced with graphics, you’ll appreciate the artistry. If you’re a newbie, you’ll love the simplicity. Can’t say enough!! Just get it already. 😉

- It’s amazing

Text art is probably one of my favorite apps it helps me put text on my Instagram photos and you can color the text to it’s really amazing and I love it it a really easy app to do and it saves to your camera role where u can find it easily I always found that other apps like this are complicated to use but not text art so if your like me and think apps like this are complicated you’ll like this one!! Thanks text art

- Amazing app totally recommend

Hello! This app is amazing! It gives neat things to help you make anything you want. I am in love! This app I look at every morning and see the quotes or memes I did and they make me laugh or make me feel like today is going to be amazing. This app is everything you need. Download it now and see your life change. My personality changed a lot because it made me feel more positive!!

- Free Version is Actually Good!

I was expecting this to be like all the other apps where in order to make it decent-looking, you need to pay for the premium version. I’m glad to report that that’s not the case here! You can rly do a lot with the free version and it comes out rly good. I almost never write reviews but I felt I had to because this is the first decent app I’ve come across in a while.

- Best photoeditor

It’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded an app I’m so pleased with! I’ve tried lots of photo editing apps, but none of them was just right except this one! As I especially like making mottoes of Bible verses and Christian quotes, this was the perfect thing. I like the way you can access stock photos so easily and search for whatever you want. Definitely recommend!

- And advantageous, easy, little app filled with possibilities!

I’m just beginning to use and explore Text Art, or at least all things that are free in Text Art, but it has already proven to be an excellent source of a countless amount of graphic art possibilities for creative, artistic-aiming me. I am so pleased that I am beginning to think and believe that this could be a good subscription service for me.

- App doesn’t work

I have been using this app for months and I loved it. Last night when I tried to use it I couldn’t get the stock photos to load. When I click one the whole app just shuts down. In addition I paid for a year subscription and now it says I’m using the free version. My phone still shows I have the pro version under “subscriptions”. I emailed them last night. No response. I tried using again tonight and it’s still not working. I sent a message on their Instagram account tonight to see if I could get help that way.

- Grab on to life and embrace the moments 🦶

Courage to be who you want to be, feel your inner self become more, better, laugh, breathe deep, feel blessed that you are alive, let go of what you were promised, the lessons you learned were part of your journey now it is time for you follow your path🧘‍♂️ Thank you for an amazing image. It reached out to me gave me the strength, and motivation to be on top of that space going forward.

- Better Than Canva

Canva changed its user friendliness and I don’t like it anymore. This here makes me feel like I’m not struggling to move the words or other items. It’s just so simple and easy . I’d like if they could add more features for me to spread my words & letters a part that be great, but overall I prefer this over Canva now! Thank you! 💜🙂

- Great app. Needs more updates though

I understand they just made an update for the people who bought PRO but as for me I didn’t wanna waste money on an app. I really do love this game but I don’t understand why they have to be “rude” or “stupid” to make it for real money. It’s really stupid and in-fair. I would love more updates for people who didn’t buy “PRO” thanks for reading!!

- Love the app!!

I absolutely love this app because not only does it have cool options but it’s also so easy to use! I also love that when you save the wallpaper, it doesn’t leave a watermark! I love using this app and would totally recommend it! Even though you do have to pay for certain features (extra) it’s still a really great app!

- Watermark

Great tool! Im really enjoying using the app. I used PhotoGrid a long time ago. I like TextArt much better. A one time fee to remove the watermark would be helpful for small biz owners on tight budgets, who don’t can’t immediately afford the Pro option and can make do with the non-pro text options, until biz grows and Pro options can be purchased

- I loved this 100% completely recommended

This app allows you to take pictures from your camera roll and take the pictures add text which can make a very amazing looking photo and I have one as a background 100% recommended for everyone!!!

- Love it!

I absolutely love this app. I’m kinda obsessed with quoting things so this was PERFECT! So many choices to use I was soooooooo happy when I found this. However, there are so many texts that you need to buy. Make more free ones please!!!!! I want to delete this app and get a new type app because of the watermark and how you have to have pro to do almost anything 😡and, it freezes on me sometimes and shoots me out to me Home Screen. 😡😡😡

- Awesome...but buggy

I am considering purchasing this app, but the problem is text style. Sometimes clicking on a text style works, and sometimes it doesn’t . There is literally no rhyme or reason why you can click on anyone and sift through the various versions of that text style. Also, why not give us options for fonts? Please fix this. I’ll update this to a 5 star when fixed

- Trouble working the app

I am having trouble finding out how to use this app and edit on my iPhone photos ... can you please advise the best way to work this app .... I’m on a trial subscription.. so I am very limited on time ... How do I add the logos to my photos ?? Is there easy ways to navigate this app my other app lets me go directly into the app ..it just comes up with notes etc ...

- good, but..

I love this app. It’s amazing. One thing that makes it meh is that i can only write one chat bubble, instead of.. how-ever many i want. I love this app, it’s amazing, 100% recommend! I can make inspirational texts, then print them. I can make posters to make for friends that are having a bad day.

- Love this app

Paid for the year, but wish more fonts were available! I also would love to use different fonts on the same picture/graphic. Currently having to save each edit and adding on when changing fonts.

- Great!

I have been loving this app to create quick, fun texts to people or to post on IG. I sent in a complaint when I first bought the Pro version (about a month ago) when the app would shut down anytime I tried to create anything. It’s fixed now!! Thank you.

- This app is perfect!

This app is perfect!! I have a *thing* for beautiful quotes. Now I can take my favorite quotes and add them to beautiful photos! I can make my own quotes, or use my own photos, any combination of these things. I can create images with words that speak to me personally! ❤️

- Couldn’t get better ~Cheyenne

Wow 🤩 as much as I love to make pic collages, beautiful sayings, etc. this is so my type 😉😜 I am obsessed with this app 😄 so if anyone is looking for a great pic app then please download this app nooooww🤗 I give a huge thumbs up and if I could give more than 5⭐️ I totally would 😘

- Good app

It good so you can customize your own wall paper or make others my family wanted to make them one is fun make them cause it how they want it designed 10 out of 10 I don’t really like canvas that much even tho you can do a lilttle more but overall it’s a great app

- Download this and don’t delete it

I think you should download this because the backgrounds make it so so sooo much fun and the fonts are amazing I think you should definitely download this and have fun with it oh and try not to delete this

- Mixed emotions

This app offers tons of stock pictures as well as beautiful fonts. However it’s challenging to use. I have struggled so much with this app since day one. I selected a background and then add text and when I try to change the color of the text it changes my background instead, also frustrating that there is no Help button to solve FAQ. I was so excited when I purchased the pro app, but now I’m regretting my purchase 😩

- Great

Love the app you have a lot of variety of backgrounds you can make and they turn out to be beautiful and simple only thing that I don’t like the pop-up a lot of things do you have to buy but you still are available to do a lot of stuff without buying anything which is really cool 100% recommended

- Bug fix please!!!

This app is amazing and has really helped me with my IG feed. But lately the app has been crashing for most of the images I pick. When I pick it the app just closes and I keep trying with images below it and it does the same.

- This is why this app is amazing

It is a amazing app that lets you make inspirational quotes for your wallpaper or you can right whatever you want on the picture and they give you so many different fonts and ways to edit the picture

- Legit

Text Art allows you to make awesome posters, memes,ads, etc for reminders and many other purposes in a matter of minutes! It’s easy to use with a whole lotta options for background as well a font choices.

- Ehh

I liked this; the designs are great and I like how much you can personalize everything. But their logo on every piece you create ruins the whole thing. I was trying to make a present for my family member and the logo which you can’t take off killed the whole image. If you don’t mind having that on each of your designs it’s not bad; but I’m not using this app anymore.

- Exactly What I Wanted

I just wanted an app with nice fonts that would allow me to control the space between the quote and the name of the author. This let’s me do just that. Plus, the font and background colors can be inverted. If I had a logo, I might upgrade. But this is exactly what I wanted for now.

- It’s great¡

I love using text art. It is very fun and I can make a lot of cool things with it. I can express myself through what I make, and text art makes it really easy. I enjoy using it when I have some free time and when I want something fun to do. I love Text Art.

- Great for businesses!

This is a great app for small business looking to create professional and unique looking text art for your social media!! Perfect for adds, Instagram stories + highlights, and much more! Enjoying it so much so far!!

- A business must have

Very easy to use. I canceled my other FREE memberships within minutes of access app. Only giving it 4 stars because I’ve literally only been using this app for about five minutes.

- The best app

This is the best app!! I have been looking for an app like this forever!!! All of the apps that I found were scams that didn't work right! Then I found this app that was perfect!! If you are looking for an app like this, you have found the perfect app!!

- Love this app

I love to make my own wallpapers and all the other wallpaper apps don’t let me upload my own pictures so this app is really helpful even tho it’s not for making wallpapers. Only thing is that premium is really expensive so I cant use some of the better fonts.

- Makes it so easy

This makes it so easy to create catchy text or quotes with good typography design. Less expensive than Word Swag. I hope they make lots of improvements and a lot more font choices in the future.

- I dig it!

There are nice selection of free fonts and a nice variety of features. It’s basic yet it lets you manipulate the background and add text with texture allowing for a rather professional looking finished product without the typical learning curve.

- Easy for a novice

So easy to use a novice (like me) can use it to create eye-catching graphics. I’ve used it for half an hour and created four graphics for my agency’s social media. I’m pleased with all four. Now back to the drawing board.

- Love this app

This app is amazing I am in love. I have used this app litterly for everything. I recommend to use this app love this app only thing I would change is add like stickers to make it cooler but overall still love this app 5 stars for sure ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💞💓💗💖💘💕💝👍👍

- Quite easy and fun

They have a HUGE selection of backgrounds, many fonts to choose from and so far can make many and screen size saved images And I’m using the free ones!!! I can imagine how much more they have with the full paid stuff!

- Text Art

Best app ever you can make a quote or any other saying you want. This app features your photos. They also have colors and stock pictures; This app I found is so fun I totally recommend this app to you guys

- I love It!!!!

It has been amazing!!!! Everything is awesome no bugs no glitches. Though I wish you didn’t have to pay for every font but I get why you do it. Thank you so much for making this!!!!

- Text art review

The app is super easy to use. It’s worth it for anyone doing their own marketing online. I hope they add options like adding border boxes or the ability to underline certain words you want to highlight.

- Love my ”text art” time

I look forward to motivating my followers every day and NOW I enjoy my daily time with my cup of coffee and Text Art app creating eye-catching art with the endless possibilities of art, text, colors, and styles!

- Good but have a question

This app is very clear and simple. It has limited options, but they all work well. The only thing I cannot find is how to change the text alignment. It is defaulted to center, and would like to change it to align to the left.

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- Really good

I haven’t bought the the other designs but this app is still really good I have changed my background to one of the things I have made onto my iPhone

- Text Art!

Very nice app. It had HD pictures which I really like. Some improvements could be stop glitching because some time i can find it glitchy and also I would love if you guys could have a feature where you can save things but not in your photo library. I like how you can save it to you photos but I would rather have it save in the app. My friend K****** introduced me to this app and it was very confusing at first. I realised it through my way and I love this app so much. I wish that there would be more wallpapers and have a category called “animals”.

- Great features

This app is amazing, it doesn’t have many ads and it’s amazing how we can make the wallpaper ourselves. Im already using the wallpapers. Great job! Only one problem please get a few more better iPhone options for backgrounds bcs most of them don't fit. Otherwise great job!!!!😀👍🤗

- Wow

This is spectacular I made Christmas cards and Easter cards and all other cards for birthdays and it just helped a lot so from my review it’s just amazing spectacular incredible and I’m so grateful I came across this game.

- Good but expensive

Love it and use it a lot for my podcast show notes, but I would prefer it not to be so expensive and I also would love more stock photos!

- If you pay for premium it’s amazing

App is really easy to use. Can search for backgrounds and make just about anything.

- I do all my flyer work here

Love it. I’ve paid for it and it’s worth it. I use it more than I thought as a Personal Trainer!

- Text art

I really like how the app gives you choices of fonts and how the fonts are layer out. I also love how you can use your own pictures.

- Good

Could’ve been better if the basic could at least have another font instead of just 1 font available

- Love but not what I was hoping for

Very easy to use. Would love to have more backgrounds to use though.

- Text Art is the BEST

I love it and I use it everyday! It is so useful and I definitely recommend getting this app. 🥳

- This app is fantastic

This is the best app I have ever gotten I highly recommended it to you

- Easy

User friendly!

- Gabi

Fast,quick,easy and great quality

- It is a really effective App - great colours and easy to use

Thank you

- Love it

It’s easy fast not that much ads I love this app

- Happy user

Fantastic for my sm content

- Text art

I wish we didn’t have to pay if we didn’t I wood give it a better rate and play it more.😔

- Good to use

Nice and fun even simple

- Addictive

Can’t get enough of this amazing ap. Soul Medicine Elisabeth Egidy 💝

- Amazing

5 out of 5

- Amazing

I love this app so much!!!

- Great app and cool fonts!

Great app and very cool fonts! Please give us more!!

- Great


- TextArt

Love it 👌🏻

- Cool App!


- Excellent

Amazing app.. love it



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- Wow


- Scam

These people took my money and have no means for me to cancel my subscription AFTER I CANCELLED THIS SUBSCRIPTION FROM MY APP STORE. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR RISK!!!!! Scammers!

- Great app

Great app

- So many options!

Love this app for business content, so many font options

- Love it!

So simple to use, user FRIENDLY! I make content while waiting in the car and during mini moments between life’s events!

- Awesomeness

Getting used to it and figuring it out, yet very interested in using it more often once I get the hang of it. Great for creating original content for greetings!

- ⭐️⭐️

Perfect n easy little app

- Great App!

Great App!! Could use a feature to change the direction of the text

- Good but Watermak

The app is really good and I definitely recommend it. The only thing I don’t like about this app is the watermark but other than that, the app is really good. I use the app to make my edits (I’m a editor) because i really like the fonts and since i use CapCut, they don't have these kind of fonts. -JayJay

- Text art

So good, I enjoy making backgrounds and motivational text that help me get through the day (alongside coffee) there are so many backgrounds to start off with, and I highly recommend the app. From: Lydia Jackson

- Very disappointed

I purchased this app in the past and created work on it. Now that I has expired I am u able to use the work I purchased already in the past to use. That is not right that I would have to repurchase this app to use my work

- It’s cool 😎

I like it and I am making lots of gifts 🎁 4 people!

- Works good

It’s a great app

- ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ

I like ur app it helps make stuff really fun and I love apps like this

- Actually what I want

This app is freaking good it’s the exact app I’m looking for if you think it’s for money your wrong you can easily do ❌ and then nothing for money lol 😆 it’s perfect 🤩

- Cool

I like the ability to make more impactful pictures

- Bien conçu

J’aime beaucoup cette application , une affiche simple en moins d’une minute

- I love this game!

You can write quotes in a fun way.

- Alis Skin Centre

So easy to use! Allows us to make beautiful posts for our social media! LOVE!

- Love it

It’s perfect, exactly what expected and more!! Totally worth the subscription 🥰 great job!!

- Malware

Install this app instantly started installing other apps.

- Awesome

Just amazing just just just just just like just amazing I’m stuck right now it’s so cool and oh my god just amazing I love it go download it❤️❤️❤️❤️

- this app is a lot of fun!

even without buying the bonus features you can easily spend more time than you mean to on this app. lots of fun!

- Support non-existent and save glitchy

Even though I’ve paid for this annual app it still continues to sometimes not save with an error that my settings need to be changed (which is not actually the case). App lacks duplicate, curved text and the ability to apply prior text layouts to new image and a few other useful features.

- Love it

I can’t say how much I’m loving this app. Perfect for making eye catching little images to promote my small business on social media.

- Not bad

Not bad, but there’s not much stuff you can do with text art. In the future i will like if we can do some some modifications on are photos like put in black in with for example. So this is my opinion.

- I love this app ❤︎

I use this app for my screen and it’s the best one I’ve ever used

- Looooovvvvveee

Its so nice! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

- Love the options

I love the choices I have with so many graphics and stock photos. I use this app about 2x a day to create eye catching posts for business, church and personal social media. 2 thumbs up for me. 👍🏼👍🏼

- Nice app

Beautiful font and background 💕

- Love this app

I found this app now I have reminders and when I feel down I play it and think of something happy

- Text art 💗

Easy to use and gets the job done!! Highly recommended for any content creators.

- Videos

This app would be worth it if it worked with videos

- Pay for everything

It’s putting text on an image. Why should I have to spend a fortune just to get a high quality image or to stop the devs from plastering their mugs on all my projects? Good riddance.

- Fabulous

Very nice app

- Simple efficace et rapide ;)

J’adore utiliser cette application pour toute sorte de projets de création ;)merci à votre Équipe pour ce travail.

- Text Art

It’s really good. It’s easy to use and if you want you can take the subscription also.

- Watermark on finished product

Plenty of great options but leaves the text set logo on

- Simple and Stylish

Easy to use! Creates stylish digital art


I love this app. I mostly use it for my social media and it so much fun.

- Awesome game I made all sorts of funny meams

Love it

- Very Easy to Use

Great app! Definitely helped in my social planning.

- Text art is a delight

Lots of artistic options to create your own style. Definitely worth a try.

- Reee

Me likey cuz me likey me likey usey it

- Really great

I use the app almost daily for my small business and so far, it has worked wonderfully for me. I love all the stock images and love playing with the invert setting to make everything a little more fun.

- Text Art

Pics art let’s us pick pictures that help us show our emotions

- Pretty good

So far it’s pretty good. Good Job! 👍🏻

- Great app

The free version is perfect for simple text photo customization

- Pls make all of the items available for free

so much and the game has a lot of good features that are great but it needs more updates to make sure the app will make you more fun to get the free app and the best thing you could ever say to you to get the free app and the free app for free please add more to the app than I am going to change it to five stars

- Awesome app!

Awesome program for beginners with no graphic design/art design experience! Lots of great templates to make your image really pop!

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Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker (Version 1.7.11) Install & Download

The applications Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2019-09-17 and was developed by Appostrophe AB [Developer ID: 1131060116]. This application file size is 75.05 MB. Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-12-25 current version is 1.7.11 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.appostrophe.textart