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Connect the pipes to water the flower!

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[+] Fixed bug with loss of past progress when updating

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This is just a game with the same 50 levels on repeat. 🙄

- Too easy

Can someone tell me if the difficulty increases after level 400? If not, I’m going to delete. WAY too easy.

- Persistent ads

Get this game if you like that you have to close the same as 3 times before it goes away

- It’s the stupidest game ever

The adds show up every second!!i never got pass level 100!!!!!If I was a president I would make you shut down this game no one likes this game at all!!!!!!!!!!

- To many adds

Always to many adds

- Fun game too many Ads

I had a great time playing but after almost each one there’s an Ad if not every 2 levels there’s ads. Irritating honestly.

- There’s only 100 levels

It restarts after a 100 level 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Eh

It’s kinda boring and waaaaay too easy, sorry but I don’t Like this game. 😐

- Try

Tooooo much ads

- Too many ads

Seriously every other game there is an ad, sometimes between just one game. Deleted app

- can’t play

can’t login game .please fix it.

- Good concept

It’s a good concept, but it’s too easy. Make it harder.

- Repetitive and full of ads...

Seriously. So. Many. Ads. Don’t bother with this game.

- Ads...

So many ads

- Sooooo many ads

Fun little time killer....but the number of ads is ridiculous!!!

- Pipeline 3D

Too many ads...one between every level makes it super annoying. Spent more time watching an ad than playing the game. This is not enjoyable at all!

- Ads are bugged

Was fun till I kept losing progress and keys trying to watch ads for keys Waste of time and not in the way I hoped it might be

- Terrible

After one day of having the game it does not even work and the screen just goes blank. Theirs so many ads you can’t even play the actual game.

- Too many ads

Fun games, too many ads

- It is fun

It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.fon

- Kind of dumb?!

What is the piont? There are pretty much the same level for every single one...I think the ads are the best part of this game. DONT GET THIS!!!

- Recent update

When the new update came out and after updating, the game doesn’t work now, nothing pops up on the screen when I tap to play.

- Constant ads even after paying for them to stop

This game is nothing special. The puzzles are lazy nonsense and the game is riddled with ads. You lose points and prizes if you don’t watch the ads. This is a scam app. Lazy and determined to milk you dry. It doesn’t respect you, your money or your time. This app should be banned.

- 100?

The ads were really annoying at first so I wanted to pay for the ad free version. Oh that was an after thought. They finally added the ad free version and I paid for it only to be disappointed when I hit the final level of 100. Come on I just paid for this game and now I’ve wasted my money because it’s over. Needs more levels like immediately or your player base will disappear.

- Way too many adds, but overall decent

Way too many adds, but overall decent

- To many ads

The games good just the ad. After every other level is annoying you also have a constant ad at the bottom

- Inappropriate

Was playing this game with my son and middle of an ad a porn popped up within the ad and stayed for about 1-2 seconds and went away. Like the game but really don’t want my son playing this if that’s going to be happening.

- Adz?

These ads are ridiculous

- Waste of Time

There are too many repeats of the same ad. Why do you think I would want to play a war based game when I am playing a cute think puzzle, it makes no sense. I deleted it because of that. They also could have invested in better graphics. There are also too many easy levels and ads to get through to get to levels that make you think.

- Good game just one thing

This game is a great game that makes you think. There is just so many adds! To many! After every level there is a new add. And the levels only take tops 5 minutes to finish.

- Game is actually pretty cool

Note, adds are bad

- Too many ads

Too many game ads after every two levels completed

- To many Commercials

To many commercials I’m deleting

- Like it????

Why can’t I get past level100

- One solid add!!!!

It’s nothing but adds!!!

- Annoying

The ads are annoying

- Like the concept of the game

Very simple but fun idea for a game. Only complaint would have to be the difficulty. Could only get to level 15 before I was bored. Same puzzles, just from a different perspective. Maybe allow players to chose the level of difficulty after tutorial? Maybe have more than one water outlet? Maybe you guys already have done this in higher levels, but I’m not willing to waste my time (ads after every level) to get to that point. Not a bad app though, just no challenge or incentive to win.

- Super easy, too many ads!!!!

Stupid adsss!

- Fun game

Really good time waster but I already went through all the levels wish there were more challenging levels

- Good game but.

Took me about 25 minutes to reach level 100 just to be reset to level 1 thought were would be more still a crazy fun game

- Review

The game is good but kinda laggy, entirely to many ads, and they are always trying to get you to rate the app after every level and it lags the game.

- Review

It has too many ads and way to easy

- Would give 5 stars

It’s a fun game and I would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the 30 second ads every 3-4 levels.

- Ads ruin the game

Ads ever other level I really don’t care for, nor is the game worth buying to remove them. I understand a need to generate revenue but the ads should not pop us as frequently as they do. In all, it effectively ruins the desire to continue to play.

- Too many ads

After a 20 second level, you get stuck with a 30 second advertisement. I haven’t even had the chance to become addicted to the game. Very easy to delete this one.

- Fun but confused

It’s a fun game but once I got to level 100 it just took me back to level 1. I can’t figure out how to advance or if that’s just it.

- Ads

To many ads

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Garbage

same level over and over constant ads and it doesn’t even work DONT BUY DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

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- Two stars for decent

The game is cool and creative but it is way to easy. There is no challenge to it

- 100 levels

Fun game, yeah the adds are horrible but just turn on airplane mode and they are gone. Destroyed the whole game in 20 minutes

- Too Many Ads

It’s a really cool game and good for the brain, but WAY too many ads. Like every other level. It makes it annoying to keep playing, so I’m deleting the app.

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Ok game

That game is not bad but it’s not very challenging an there are waaaaaay to many ads. Like a 30 second video after every other game.

- Too many ads!

Too many ads!

- Hate it

I used to like it now I hate after I finished the max level it started me back at level one all the levels were to easy I literally got pass 15 levels every time I played it

- Stupid easy

This game is too easy not even hard, adds every 2 seconds bad game overall

- ads

not a big fan of the ads

- Purchased no ads

I purchased the no ads option; and yet I still find my game play interrupted with advertisements! Unacceptable.

- So sick of adds and in game purchases.

I deleted this garbage after the 5th ad! Great game but you can stick the adds where the sun dont shine! Im fed up with ads! Had enough!

- Muchos anuncios cae mal eso eliminen la publicidad


- What’s the point of the game

I mean I get that you have to try to find a way to get to the end but there’s really no point. I mean it’s kinda like THAT game where you’re playing it for the first time and say to your self “alright I can roll with this,” then when you hit the 3rd level the game gets old. Fast. I mean the game is fun but add more challenge and more excitement to the game. I really like the game just wish there was more fun put into it rather then just tapping.

- Underwhelming Gameplay + Ad Bombardment

The game basically forces you to buy no ads, you get an ad after 1-2 levels you complete or even after you look around the shop for a bit. I’d understand after 5-10 levels throw an ad in but it’s ridiculous. Don’t understand point of coins as you can’t buy anything in the store. Levels are too simple, most times catch myself changing only few pipes to make system work. The under ground pipes were cool but rarely showed up. Made it to level 70 within couple hours but had to uninstall bc the ads were too annoying and I honestly killed the little interest I had in it.

- Adds

To many advertisements

- It’s ok

I like the game. Even paid to get rid of the ads. Just wish there were more than 100 levels


beat a level in 5 seconds, get stuck with a 30s un skippable ad? What? Deleted after 2nd ad. What a waste of my time.

- Terrible

To many adds

- Ads

Game is full of ads. More ads than play time.

- Fun game but

This is a fun game but daaaamn the ads ruined it all. Deleting now

- Ads🙄

“Plays 2 levels add pops up” plays 2 more another ad🙄it’s pretty annoying Don’t watch the close the game fully when a ad pops up and relaunch the game

- Un-skippable ads

I already don’t like the forced watch ad thing to begin with. But on 3 separate occasions no was forced to watch ads when I didn’t even want to.

- Why the crap it has ads

It has ads

- Boring

Not very challenging

- Almost no play time

You will 1/4 of your time plays, 3/4 of your time watching ads. Don’t bother with this game.

- This game is so dumb!!

I don’t recommend this app for nobody!!

- Too many sponsored ads

Good game tell every level wants you to watch a ad !

- Advertisements!!!

I spent more time watching advertisements than playing the game.

- Ads

Too many adds

- Ads

Ads every 2 seconds is so dumb

- Ha

Too many commercial

- A

To mucho videos in de game

- Almost great!

It would be a great game if you didn’t have to watch ads for every other game!! Every other sequence solved POPS UP another ad! 🤮

- To many ads

Game decent the only problem is after every level there’s ads that’s drag and makes you not even want to play.

- Ad spamming ap

Don’t bother After the 2nd 30 second ad completely lost interest

- Over the adds and game is not challenging

This is absolutely not challenging at all way too many adds

- Daily challenge

Good game, I just wish the game wouldn’t have the same exact daily challenge from the day before.

- Add

To manny adds

- the 3 minute ad. Really ruins the feel of the ad... I mean app.

Can the ads be longer please? I have to play this stupid pipe game for like 13 seconds before I can see the awesome 4 minute ads. Really bums me out bro.

- Cash grab

Not good, just a simple game to waste time. You spend more time watching ads then playing games.

- Pipeline

Too easy

- Too many ads

It was fun at first. Ads on the bottom of the page, no big deal. Full page ad for 10 seconds between each level after level fifteen is too much. Thanks but no thanks!

- No

Played 2 games. After 23 second wait per game, I deleted the app.

- Wayyyyyyy too many commercials

Each rounds takes just a few seconds and every other round is finished with a commercial

- Cut the Adds

Fun if you cut the adds out!

- Ads, ads, ads!

Literally an ad for every completed level! On top of that, the graphics are something from 1995.. But hey, it’s free🤷🏼‍♂️

- Why so many ads?

Initially I thought “ hey this might be a cool mind numbing game to pass time” but after playing for 5 mins and having to wait 30 seconds after each level for a ad to finish.. i decided it’s not for me.. deleting ASAP

- Too many ads

Every other level there is an advertisement

- Adds

Stop giving me adds please, if it wasn’t for the adds this would be a good game but every level there’s an add and it’s irritating

- Boring game

Pipes only have one way to go which requires no thinking at all.

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- Too easy

Nice little game but too easy. Please make it harder Much harder.

- Intrusive adverts ruin this

The sheer number of adverts ruin this game and for me made it unplayable. Delete and move on

- Stuck

Only problem is when you get to the end think it was about 60 It sends you back to the start an so if they add any new ones you won’t know as you can’t pick a level you done already An with the first 30 being a simple circle you can’t be bother to do them again

- Slightly disappointed

Looked great and started of well but the ads ruin the game I’d played less then 3 levels and then hit with a minute of ads not going to happen I’m afraid uninstalled

- Fun game

This game is really fun to play however the levels are really easy but it is still a fun game

- Adds ruin the game

Don’t bother downloading! You spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game.

- Far too many ads

Downloaded, played for 5 minutes, 3 minutes of ads!!! Crap, don’t bother!

- Very boring and repetitive

This game feels extremely repetitive with constant adds

- Addictive

Simple yet addictive! I can’t put this down.

- Three D

Don’t bother with this, it’s an advertising board for other games your forced to wait to close. Lost interest pretty quick on this one.

- Wasting time

Ad after every level, can’t bothered with that!

- Adverts

The adverts are annoying get RID OF THEM!! PLEASE

- Way too many adverts

Kind of fun but way too many adverts... after every game! Really!! App now deleted.

- Advert hell

Too easy and adverts galore. Don’t bother

- Intrusive adverts ruin it

Good game, but after every level you get two advert videos, which is just annoying and you can’t skip them. Give this a miss

- Too many ads

Decent but basic game ... massively let down by annoying adverts

- No IQ reading

I downloaded this thinking it would be like the adverts which show it having an IQ reading with it but that is not on the app. Either stop putting this in adverts or make this an actual thing on the app.

- Adverts

Adverts kill it!

- Boring

Very easy. Most annoying thing is adverts all the time.

- Skip button

On some of the levels u can’t play the game as the skip button is on top of the pipes so u can’t move them round 😡

- Too many adds makes it unplayable

As the title.

- Ok puzzle

The idea is good but the adverts got so annoying and boring to boot it putting me off playing it

- Mr p

One of the Most stupid game I ever seen

- Average

It’s an ok puzzle game. Too many adverts. There is an advert every 3 or 4 levels which last 30 seconds.

@marcteufel: !! First Alpha is online!! Search and Find 65.000 #c64 #sid tunes. More functionality e.g. a 3d cub…

@marcteufel: !! First Alpha is online!! Search and Find 65.000 #c64 #sid tunes. More functionality e.g. a 3d cub…

@marcteufel: !! First Alpha is online!! Search and Find 65.000 #c64 #sid tunes. More functionality e.g. a 3d cub…

!! First Alpha is online!! Search and Find 65.000 #c64 #sid tunes. More functionality e.g.…

Have to scrap the 2d characters in 3d enviroments idea )': But I learned some cool stuff along the way. Not super…

@VertexPolyFort @pra5han I would disagree and say it's crucial in a production pipeline and for realistic renders a…

My current asset pipeline is Fusion 360 -> STL to Blender -> Collada to Xcode. It's a bit silly, but I'm using the…

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Pipeline 3D 1.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Pipeline 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pipeline 3D iphone images
Pipeline 3D iphone images
Pipeline 3D iphone images
Pipeline 3D iphone images
Pipeline 3D iphone images
Pipeline 3D ipad images
Pipeline 3D ipad images
Pipeline 3D ipad images
Pipeline 3D ipad images
Pipeline 3D ipad images
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Pipeline 3D (Version 1.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Pipeline 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-09-20 and was developed by Armen Oveyan [Developer ID: 969120671]. This application file size is 207.09 MB. Pipeline 3D - Games posted on 2020-01-15 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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