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What is police scanner, fire radio app? Download Police Scanner App and be the first to know about public safety, breaking news, fire alarms, and crime waves near you.

Police Scanner App is the best live police scanner and scanner radio app of live police, public safety alerts, fire alarms, wildfires map and info, railroad radios, severe weather warnings, marine, hurricane, aircraft, emergency, news, and amateur radio.

Join millions of people worldwide who use Police Scanner Walkie Talkie and live police scanner radio to keep informed of the danger and emergency. Keep updated about the local news, emergency, and public safety affairs near you!

Discover the local live police scanner radio, fire alarm, wildfire map and updates, railroad radios, air traffic control, weather alert radios, hurricane scanner frequencies, marine radios, emergency alerts, and amateur radio stations. Save your favorite scanners for quick access in this live police scanner and scanner radio app. You're able to hear local news, emergency, events, weather warnings, and public safety affairs near you all the time!

Browse through thousands of scanner radio feeds from all over the world. Listen to top feeds including Chicago Police Zone 10 - Districts 10 and 11, Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff Dispatch, Cleveland Police Dispatch and Metro Housing Authority, Buchanan County Sheriff and EMS, St Joseph Police / Fire, Fresno City Police, Fire and EMS, Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire.

Filter scanners by location. Don't just list all local feeds in a state, switch locations, and discover what is happening around citizens in other states with the best police scanner and scanner radio app.

Turn on notifications, receive alerts anytime, and know about the ongoing major events, live police actions, public safety issues, local activity, breaking news, traffic, severe weather such as hurricane season, emergencies happening right now.

- Search feeds via keywords and find your favorite scanner feeds.
- Mark your favorite feeds with one click and save them to your list.
- See the popularity of each feed. Each feed lists the number of citizens who are listening to the same scanner feeds along with you.
- Open lock screen controls to control your playback from the lock screen of your iPhone.
- In-app police, fire, and emergency codes alphabet. On-hand books for citizens to understand what situation the police are referring to without any training.
- View the integrated map and find out the location of the feed.
- Listen to the scanner radio before bedtime set a sleep timer to stop the station at a particular time.
- Real-time updated statistics for all feeds from broadcastify.
- Widget, the newest alert is always there for you to keep updated.

Police scanner radio is ad-supported. If you choose to purchase Premium to remove ads, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. The current price for Police Scanner Radio Premium is $9.99 USD per month and may vary from country to country.

Privacy policy: https://www.policescanner.us/policy.html
Terms of use: https://www.policescanner.us/termsofservice.html

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Police Scanner, Fire Radio Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Police Scanner, Fire Radio Version 2.2521 April 2022

Hey there, loyal users! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements. By the way, your reviews are very helpful to us. If you think Police Scanner is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to write a review? We'd greatly appreciate it. :).

Police Scanner, Fire Radio Version 2.2521 April 2022

Hey there, loyal users! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements. By the way, your reviews are very helpful to us. If you think Police Scanner is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to write a review? We'd greatly appreciate it. :).

Police Scanner, Fire Radio Version 2.2521 April 2022

Hey there, loyal users! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements. By the way, your reviews are very helpful to us. If you think Police Scanner is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to write a review? We'd greatly appreciate it. :).

Police Scanner, Fire Radio Comments & Reviews 2022

- Really helpful during all the protests

When the protests were going on, this app showed up on my main page, and it’s been excellent to help me keep up to date with what’s going on. You can hear directly from police departments, and it’s quite insightful to know how they’re thinking. Also, the app itself is very intuitive and user friendly, and I even found this walkie talkie feature that allowed me to talk to other users about what’s going on around me. Overall, it’s an app that’s super relevant and useful for the times. Stay safe out there guys

- Am I missing something?

I really like this app. It works great and keeps me informed of what’s going on around me. I have had it a month now, and I am 99% sure I have the free version. I have double checked my accounts to make sure I haven’t been scammed because all these bad reviews have me worried! There are ads when you switch channels but nothing awful. I usually stay on the same channel anyways. So unless I’m missing something, I would definitely recommend!

- Review

The app definitely pulls in the transmissions for the bands it is able to pick up. It would be much better if you could select X number to monitor at one time instead of only being able to listen to one band at a time. Many of these bands don’t have a lot of transmissions so you can go several minutes without hearing anything. Since many police departments have gone with a different digital technology, you are not able to listen to them as they are ‘private’ now. It does not appear the paid version of this app allows multiple bands to be scanned at one time but I could be wrong.

- Excellent App!

This is one of the best Apps I have used. The sound and voices are very clear. Being a dispatcher from Fairfax county, Virginia back in the mid 70’s I understand the language. Being a retired Firefighter/Paramedic after 50 years I still feel the need to move for the door for the next call. It is with great sadness to fine of the volunteer firefighters and EMT at a dying breed. I remember the slogan:” What if your house was on or your were hurt and nobody came?”

- Be safe and thanks!

This is a really nice way to listen to calls and how it works out. I am against defunding the police and I support all the police, sheriffs department, paramedics and so many other departments that help keep us safe. I feel bad for the police getting the short end of the stick but hopefully the powers that be, Will finally see the light and support our Frontline workers! 🙏🤗🥰

- Too expensive, great app cheaper options elsewhere

First let me start by saying I like this app, however I have been using another scanner with the exact same features, channels and layout for years at a much, much cheaper price. I would 100% purchase this app for $5 maybe even $10 for a onetime purchase, but $40 for a year?? You can purchase a lifetime subscription for an almost identical app (just search for scanners). Dev, come on. Why does this app warrant a $40 a year subscription? By no means am I trying to hate on this app, I’m just trying to be real.

- Excellent!

Excellent for keeping up with local PD and FD. To know what is happening locally in the moment is valuable information for citizens, and this app brings you that information. I’ve never had any issues with the app, and I’ve had it for about a year now. It also has weather bands so you be in the know on severe weather, too! Love it.

- It works well

When I first started using it, it would show the department making the call. It would say scanning when no one was talking. I thought that was better as it encourages me to look at the screen more and see your ads. I would like to encourage you to change it back to that.

- Good app to use

I honestly love this app I honestly give it 5 stars n honestly when y’all do the next update y’all let us see the actual location of the call with map system or copy paste it to where we could search it up or something like that honestly I give it 5 stars

- Charged without trial period

I downloaded the app and was surprised to see you needed a subscription. It offered a free 3 day trial before billing. Less than an hour later I checked my bank account and noticed it had immediately billed me for the year subscription without any trial period. The app doesn’t even work well in my location. It would work for a min then go silent. The app was shutting down repeatedly. I now have to wait for an email response to get refunded and then who knows when it actually makes it back in my bank account.

- Was good

Used to like this app. I moved to a new state just before Covid. I was using the scanner to get to know my city. Used to be able to hear both police and fire. Now it keeps saying the police are offline. I have reported this more than once and asked when it was going to be fixed. I get no response from these people. Just a thing saying they got my question and will get back to me. Been nearly a month since the first inquiry. No responses. Not impressed. I was going to pay to get rid of the ads but not now. Not impressed.

- Randomly charged me for the 1 year subscription

I got the app and deleted it same day because it was just not all that great, very clunky and didn’t have my local department anyway. It never asked me if I wanted to subscribe or anything when I got the app, nor did it ask if I wanted a trial. I was then charged for the year subscription 2 days after I deleted the app. I didn’t notice it until now, almost 5 months later, and unfortunately can’t get a refund anymore. Don’t download this unless you want to be scammed.

- Good entertainment 💋

I’m in Tacoma Washington and I love being able to listen to my men in blue do there job , Also planning on moving to a different state so it’s nice to be able to hear what’s going on in the states that I’m interested in moving to …just sick of Washington. Anyways try this app out you’ll like it , always Iris Taylor ❤️

- Clear, easy and informative!

This Scanner App is by far the best one I’ve ever used. It is educational and somewhat entertaining. It helps to know and hear the professional manner in which First Responders behave. I’ve been very impressed by the quality of sound and the strong signal I get in my county.

- You play with fire and it burns

I definitely just got played. Not that I wasn’t trying to somewhat double dip on a 3 day trial. Instead of being told I had already used it and rejected; I was just charged 42$ for a subscription. Started listening in Boulder at my job watching emergency personnel fly by my job during the grocery store shooting. Im appalled. I love this app but I honestly didn’t have the 42$ to keep it long term. 🤦🏼‍♀️

- Upset

I accidentally signed up for a year and it’s $40!!! Yes it’s my fault I didn’t read the message correctly but a year shouldn’t be the default. A month should have been but I guess this lets you take people for the maximum amount. It doesn’t even have the channel for the immediate area where I live. Update August: Since I paid for a year I have been using it and now it stopped working. It can’t find anything anywhere. Please get it working again so my money wasn’t completely wasted. Thank you

- I would like a refund

I tried this app out for the 3 day trial and canceled when I was suppose to. There was no actual cancel button but it said to stop using the app and remove the content from your phone in order to not be charged. So why did I just get a notification today saying that I was charged for a year subscription when I had already deleted your app after deciding I didn’t want it? I would like my money refunded to me ASAP because I followed your terms for the free trial. This was wrong.

- Takes me back to my childhood

Growing up, my Dad was on the local rescue squad so he had the scanner on all night. It was fun to listen to the chatter until I fell asleep. This app is even better. Not only do I get the local information, I can listen in at different places around the country. Great app.

- Great scanner app

This is a great scanner app, it’s easy to search for your local channels and then add them to your favorites list for easy access to them again. It doesn’t lag and the ads aren’t disruptive to the streaming.. Definitely a well built app, and so far it hasn’t crashed, so keep up the good work!

- Censoring

Glad I did not purchase premium version, and never will. You guys keep taking the Philadelphia Police & NYPD radios offline during the riots and looting. You of course will say the rioters are using the app to make plans since they will know the next move by police. Not a good move. People should know what is happening in their neighborhoods. Instead, you cut them off. Taking a page from the old Soviet Union and Communist China. Then just remove your app all together if you are going to act like Control from 1984!

- Clarity

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to clean up how clear stuff comes a crossed and also make it easier to access 10 codes right on the screen with the voice trafficking so you can tell what’s being said and done

- Sheriff scanner

I have listen to a lot of police scanner’s but this is truly one of the best app I have found that is for my area, I am very glad that I had found this police scanner, I enjoy it and It keeps me in form of what is going on in my neighborhood and down my street, I thanks those who created this app

- Silent listening

Great app thanks for allowing users to have such a great app for free now we can hear what’s going on in the country! Most of us don’t have a clue what’s happing in our world! Great app I will continue to tell all my friends and family about your app!!! Thank you

- Use to like the app but has been crashing

I have used this app for many years but the last few months it’s been crashing constantly I’ve tried everything from checking for updates and even reinstalling a bit disappointing glad I don’t pay for it monthly 🤷‍♂️ hopefully it gets fixed and I’ll change my review for the better

- Thanks much needed service

I think that this wonderful way you are keeping the public informed on what is going on around us and it helps the community to be on the lookout for their areas’ and keep it going please thanks a lot.


This app does not have any way to opt out before the 3 day. I just downloaded it 30 minutes ago and clicked free trial and am ready to cancel before auto renew and there isn’t any place in settings or a place to create a log in to cancel and I DO NOT want to be stuck paying for this as I am ready to opt out and don’t want my money to be taken as so many other people have already had taken from them according to recent comments.

- Didn’t think it would work tbh

Honestly I didn’t think this would work after a glance but I was watching police wiz by my rv and I thought I give it ago a and to my surprise I could here everything they were saying!

- It’s a good app

I just was clicking around and didn’t know that I clicked to report something I’m sorry I thought it would tell me more about when that certain thing would happen

- Ads

I need to amend my review. I was very frustrated about the ads returning after paying for the pro version. Reached out to the developers and they helped me restore my purchase now I’m enjoying the app again Thank you.

- Review

I tried the 3 day free-trial. I searched and searched for a way to cancel before the 3 days were even up. It was nowhere to be found. I never signed up for the yearly subscription. Yet I woke up with a 40$ charge to my account. I have contacted you guys, and received no answers. I still can’t find anywhere to cancel or no other way to contact developer. Such a scam. 40$ a year is way too expensive when there are far less expensive out there

- Crime

I like to know what is happening in and around my community. This app helps me know where the problem areas are. I feel safer being able to listen what is happening around my neighborhood.

- Wish it worked 4 me

It is a decent app for the cities that actually work. In my area I can’t hear the police feed. The channel used to be there and now it’s gone!! Ft Thomas KY police!! I liked hearing about what was going on and now I can’t find a working channel. It always said offline or didn’t show my channel at all!! So useless to me!

- Customize

The ability to choose favorite stations and have them available all on a separate page from the rest of the stations is great

- Fix it

It needs to be simplified by putting favorites channels should be coming up before places I have no desire to listen to. Very complicated to navigate around the app definitely needs to be tweaked and made less complicated and the adds are to easy to accidentally hit on which sends you to them which is very annoying when your trying to navigate to your desired location on the scanner.

- A friend

This is a decent app. Although modern technology has police dispatched through computers. Radios are more for person to person transmission. Smaller police departments might still run radio for dispatch. I’m not familiar with that though.

- Beyond scanning

Very professional scanner with major perks that differates anything else I’ve tried. Get live updates off line on your phone then except the call or just keep notified. This is anywhere at anytime in the United States. This huge. A little on the expensive side if you op to go with the pro plan, but you honestly get what you pay for. I am not opted in but still get the perks. I can only imagine what I would have if I did and plan too shortly. Really great scanner can’t express that enough. Ex-Lieutenant B.D. Hirak

- Is accurate, and up to date, and fast

This is just like my hand held radio, fast, timely, accurate. And has a wide range of comms to tune Into. I use all the time. Will recommend.

- $43 how did this happen!? and I need a refund now!!!

I need a refund immediately. Y’all took what little money I had in my account. That is for my son to use this afternoon and I am freaking out. I would never spend my last dime on a police scanner app!! There were 4 police cars down the street from me and out of sheer curiosity i downloaded several scanner apps to be nosy. Please send the money back to my account.

- It’s just amazing

I love this app because I am able to listen to it when on other apps or when I turn my screen off.

- Scanner problem.

I am not getting the latest scanners in my area and I am not sure why. And I like being up to date with the state and other things like that. With that, overall it’s a great app.

- Always there for you

We Live in Indianapolis we’re crime is so bad it’s nice knowing what’s going on around you at all time thanks to the men and women that protect us while us Americans sleep sometime of the day night morning evening their on the beat

- Deceptive promo

Buyer be aware. I signed up for a 3-day trial, not knowing that it I was not eligible for it. The scanner I needed was not active so I immediately deleted the app and when I went to cancel the free trial I saw that I was charged the full amount. I spent no longer than one minute on this app and now they won’t give me a refund. I would have NEVER hit the button had I known that I wasn’t eligible for the free trial. Be aware!

- Police scanner

It is a great to pass time and it is legal as long if you do not go to the calls. it was the best app I have ever got I use it 2 hours a day I wold do more but I have work.

- I love this app

I thought this app would be fake but it’s actually real and I made a call to 911 and actually heard my call come thru I would really recommend this app to anyone

- Annoying ads, too expensive

Just when you want to hear a pursuit or whatever, they play a 30-second ad that drowns out the scanner audio. To eliminate ads is really expensive. 5-0 Radio Pro has the same feeds, and is cheap. The only good thing about this app is it will notify you of interesting feeds.

- Awesome upgrade

Very nice App., just upgraded from another similar concept from a different company. This is working much better and I give it thumbs up!

- Pretty awful

This scanner automatically goes to another scanner near by when there’s a couple seconds of inactivity. So if the office is trying to get his bearings it will skip to something else before you hear what’s happening. It just keeps flipping from station to station. It’s like trying to watch tv with your grandfather who keeps changing the station.

- Difficult to Understand

I often find that it’s very difficult to understand what the dispatchers and/or deputies are saying, because of static interference and sound dropping in and out. I’m not certain if this is the app’s fault, but the result is the same for the end user.

- Works perfect

This app gives you the ability to listen to events as they happen in major cities around the country and beyond.

- Question...

Let’s say there’s a one alarm fire like 3 miles away do I get that alert? I want to know where there’s a fire close by so I can film it so that’s what I want to know, or if there’s a good app where I can know where there’s a fire near me.

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- Would be lost with out it

Hi all I want to say thank you for a great app & let me say straight of the bat please don’t get rid of this app updates . Ok so I’m in the RFSA Front line fire fighter I’ve had different apps before this 10 from 10 Ps I volunteer my time like all RFSA firefighters I would be lost with out this app it’s live you can communicate a lot easily just have a Bluetooth device in your ear any way thats all there’s a lot more I can say next time but really thank you again For a great app by the it’s adorable

- Loved it

It was the best thing to have on phone

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- Scanner Radio Fires Near Me

Scanner Not Working Having Issues With Not Function It Just Quit On Me It Was Working Up To A Certain Point Then Nothing Don't Know What To Do It Won't Load At Although Very Nicely Made Scanner Now Working Cause Was Power Failure

- No obvious way to cancel

Doesn’t cover the cities that I am interested in. No obvious way to cancel!

- Working again

Was working great for a long time now, however as of late channels are offline more than online. Very intermittent. Can’t give five stars for that. When it’s working definitely 5. Update didn’t solve anything Update: working again it’s great

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Ryan Barlage

@13abc In Putnam county if you listen to the police and fire scanner around 9pm they track Santa moving through the area. I turn on my fire radio and let my kids listen as different personal across the county join in with tracking Santa. Pretty neat to listen too

Port Orange News

804 dunlawton - report of crash with fire - 512pm 12 22 20 port orange police radio scanner

Gary Maxwell

@specialpissoff @ai6yrham 🚨BREAKING🚨 PSE IS ON SCENE AVOID THE AREA Police/ fire scanner-"Whatcom County Sheriff, Bellingham and Western Washington University Police" with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here:

Gary Maxwell

@wsdot_north @KIRORadio 🚨BREAKING🚨 PSE IS ON SCENE Police/ fire scanner-"Whatcom County Sheriff, Bellingham and Western Washington University Police" with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here:

Gary Maxwell

@whatcomsheriff 🚨BREAKING🚨 PSE IS ON SCENE Police/ fire scanner-"Whatcom County Sheriff, Bellingham and Western Washington University Police" with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here:

Gary Maxwell

@sfargon @MyFerndaleNews Police/ fire scanner- "Whatcom County Sheriff, Bellingham and Western Washington University Police" with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here:

Gary Maxwell

@GarbageTeaLover Police/ fire scanner- I’m listening to "Whatcom County Sheriff, Bellingham and Western Washington University Police" with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here:

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Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
Police Scanner, Fire Radio iphone images
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The applications Police Scanner, Fire Radio was published in the category News on 2019-09-12 and was developed by Guru Network Limited Inc. [Developer ID: 1502676204]. This application file size is 50.64 MB. Police Scanner, Fire Radio - News app posted on 2022-04-21 current version is 2.25 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.radio.police.scanner.Scanner