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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes [Education] App Description & Overview

Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials, made by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs!

No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar

--- Make your musical dreams come true ---

• Play chords & songs straight away!
• Learn step by step with high-quality video lessons
• Receive feedback from the app and know when you are playing correctly or need guidance
• Learn all the necessary techniques to play the songs you love:
- Guitar fundamentals
- Read and play tabs
- Playing chords
- Chord switching
- Strumming techniques
- Invaluable tips and tricks for playing correctly
- Technique boosting exercises
• Track your progress
• Learn to tune your guitar (professional tuner included!)
• Receive fast support from our musicians
• Have fun and quickly improve your skills

--- How Simply Guitar works ---

• Place your device (iPhone) in front of you and play; the app will immediately recognize what you are playing
• Get feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your guitar skills
• Discover the magic of music with fun songs and complete lessons to start sounding like a pro
• New songs and lessons are added regularly.

--- Good to know ---

Simply Guitar is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Piano Maestro. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning to play quickly and easily. Recommended and used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week.

Awards & Recognition:
- “Editors' Choice” by Apple
- SF Music Tech Summit Startup Innovators Challenge Winner
- Best Tool for Beginners, NAMM
- EMI Innovation Challenge Award

--- Contact ---

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at

Enjoy playing!

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We made some performance improvements and fixed some pesky bugs for an even smoother learning experience.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes Comments & Reviews

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- I love to app as well but need help too!

I have tried everything to learn the guitar but I just couldn’t get passed my E,Em and Am cords! When I heard about SimplyPiano and what it did for my friends I wished that I had one for my guitar. When I saw an ad for SimplyGuitar I downloaded it immediately. I was so happy that I could play for more than ten minutes a day and that it would actually listen to me. When I got to the E cord I was excited to finally get passed the E,Em and Am cords for the first time in years, but every time I played the E it would say I was wrong when I knew I was right because that was one of the few cords I could actually play! To be honest I was kinda frustrated with myself and thought it was something I was doing wrong or I was tone deaf. I decided to go back to my other app and play E. It said I did it perfectly. I love this app and I want to continue to use it but I can’t if I can’t get passed this lesson. Other than this detail I believe this app is amazing and is the best way of learning guitar that I have tried. You really have ability to change the game for so many more people than than the people that reach out to you. You guys are really amazing at what you do and I can’t wait for you to make more apps in the future.

- Best app for beginners

I played the first lesson in the app and was very impressed with the production quality and the ease of the lessons. I hadn’t picked up a guitar in almost 20 years, so I started from step one. It’s not a chore to play 30 minutes or more every day, and I can already tell I’ve gotten a lot better in just a few months. It’s not boring scales, the app has you playing actual songs pretty much right off the bar, and reading tabs and practicing chords and everything (even my boyfriend, who is a self-taught player and is amazing, can’t read tabs). Sometimes when they update it, the app will lose the ability to understand what you’re playing, but the support team is fantastic and very responsive. I bought the full app with no hesitation and have not regretted it since. Fully deserve five stars 👍🏼

- Pretty good but I have a problem...

I’m a new user. I’ve wanted to learn the guitar for a while and as I was playing I felt frustrated. Granted, I’ve never played before and I’m the furthest from an expert but while playing I became frustrated with the way the lessons run. It’s effective but once I approached an outsider who already knew how to play the guitar and showed me what I was doing wrong I continued only to run into more frustration. I’ll keep going but most likely with less help from the app. I’ve taken the case off my mobile devise, placed it really close, and more that I thought I could do with random incorrect marks but while (with help of previously mentioned guide) playing the correct notes in a semi-correct way for someone who’s not comfortable yet I still got counted as incorrect. I was on time for most beats and thought I was doing fine but I’ve become frustrated with this app. Maybe try and find new ways to guide such as options based on possibilities where the player could be struggling? I’m not exactly sure but I’m sure there should be some better way to fix these issues or guiding beginners. I do like this app though, it’s gotten me into guitar and maybe I’ll continue in the future. But for now, I’m frustrated.

- It’s $15 and doesn’t recognize when you are playing

If this happens you will need to you, what fixed ours was deleting and adding it back. Then we had to start the process over of tuning but thankfully it wasn’t that much off. Not sure what caused the glitch but that is what we did. There are a few things I’d like to see improved. One being that you can go back to what you were learning. It doesn’t seem to want to all the time. I have to make sure all my background apps are closed before we start a lesson as well. Which that’s fine but the not being able to practice a lesson over again with ease is not awesome. Old post: So we thought this would be cool. Read some reviews and the first day it worked really well. My son went back to redo the stuff he learned and it was glitchy. I’ve shut down other tabs, made sure it was the only one open, turned off all background sounds, shutdown the phone a few times. Closed the program down, reopened, tried to go over other programs on it and still it will not pickup the sound. The guitar was tuned to the apps specifications. I’m a little miffed. This was supposed to be a nice way for him to learn. He is upset. One star for frustrations.

- Good but bad?

I selected electric guitar for me, it started out fine but soon it wasn’t registering anything I was doing no matter how hard or soft I strummed the string. I tried using a pick and then my finger, nothing. I tried re tuning it through the app, it picked that up just fine but when playing along, nothing again. I tried using the app both with and without headphones, I tried putting the phone on my lap then in my desk, I tried using an amp and not using one.... NOTHING. I can not explain the level of frustration and there are no helpful resources for troubleshooting this online that I could find. I had to switch to acoustic which was fine until I got to “using two strings at once” lesson. I’m playing just fine but the app is only picking up one string, I’m strumming both strings and it’s ringing out the way it should but the app is just failing to do its job..... on a final note I’m on iPhone 10, I turned off noise cancellation because I figured that may have been the issue but again not helpful. This is how customers are lost, you just can’t substitute a real life teacher unfortunately.

- I tried...

So I just recently got a guitar and I was so excited to learn how to play it. I saw an ad for simply guitar and I downloaded it. I learned a chord and tuned my guitar in just about 15 minutes! It was so great! Now i would give it more stars but then this happened... I finished one full lesson and was so proud. It took me only about 25 minutes. I tapped to continue to learn more guitar and then it said I couldn’t move on without getting a subscription. I looked how much money it was for a subscription for 3 months and it was $60?!?!!? I have an app on my phone and I have a subscription for $60 by for a year. And I got it for Christmas. Me and my mom got an account and it still wouldn’t let me move on. I am really disappointed in this app. But if you are rich and have $160 for a year than go ahead. Now if you have enough money to buy the subscription it teaches you amazingly. You get to learn fast and easy. If you don’t want to pay a billion dollars just to play the guitar then please don’t even waste your time. I am trying the app yousicion and it has been working perfectly. It is no money! I’m really disappointed in this app.😢 bye.❤️❤️

- Great app with major problems

Such a great app I truly do enjoy using it to learn. This being said, there are 2 major problems which are the fact that I can’t control the speed of the levels. I’m not a prodigy so being able to slow the pace down to practice finger movements while being able to see the notes go by without constantly failing would be so nice - either let me set the tempo to what I’m comfortable with or make a practice mode. The other issue is that the app doesn’t really know when you hit the note or not. The registration is terrible and I stopped halfway through a song to see the next 4/7 notes pop up green even tho I’m not even playing. Other times the opposite happens and the app just refuses to acknowledge my notes, either because I’m too far forward or behind because this app doesn’t let me practice finger movements. This has so much potential but I have lost my mind at some points trying to use this which makes me wonder why I’m spending 9.99 a month when instead I could get free lessons online

- It’s ok, but the E Em cords cannot be picked up on songs, just lessons

I’m beginning the learning process on guitar. In the beginning this was a blast, I even decided to pay the full year subscription to keep going seeing that I noticed significant progress. Then the cords lesson began. During the lesson E cord registered through without a problem, then I noticed the app would hear the E string on the 3rd and 2nd fret. I’d play them anyway not to cheat myself, but then it would lag in play and skip forward registering the E cord 3 times when I’d only strum it once. Once the app would catch up (I’m on home WiFi so cell service isn’t the issue) all sounds registered perfectly. Then the song would come into play, from the very 1st note, and not making any hand/finger changes the app would say I’m playing them wrong. I would go to other sites, even call a buddy to see if if he can here if I’m playing the cords right. So I’d go back to tuning, and cord lessons. They would register, go to the song, the E cord will not register. At this point the frustration of this app is more than I want, and I’ll go it alone. It would be a great app, but it doesn’t replace face to face learning.

- Poor optimization for registering chords

So far I’m pretty new to the app but not as new to playing guitar and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this system has problems when listening to a guitar play chords because the way that it registers cords is completely unpredictable and completely inconsistent. In some instances it will not even acknowledge that I’ve played a chord, in many other cases it will just automatically fail me because it cannot pick up what is being played for whatever reason, and in some instances it will just act as if I played a chord when I was not even touching the strings. This is really immature technology I feel so I hope it does improve in the future and that they do listen to the feedback but it’s very difficult to get past the basic courses when it can’t even register your E minor chord. Very frustrating needs fixing hope it gets better otherwise it’s a waste of your money if you aren’t using the piano app as well

- Bad

I really loved this app. In the beginning, I really enjoyed playing with this app. It taught me so many good things and there were no ads. It was great. I learned smoke on the water, but every time I tried to play the end of smoke on the water it kept on making me redo that whole part of the song, and I wasn’t enjoying myself when I finally finished the song. Then, to my surprise, it asked me to pay so I could move on. And if you already know the basics and you want to skip to chord learning you have to go through the basics even though you already know them. It also cannot hear anything you play at all and it will make me replay a note about ten thousand times. In summary, don’t get the app if you want to learn. The people in the ads obviously already know how to play guitar, and they put inaccurate proportions of how long it took the people to learn a song. I’ve been playing for 4 hours and I just learned a “simple” song. I’m genuinely mad about this.

- It’s REALLY good but just 1 BIG problem

I downloaded the app and started the basics and it’s actually helped me :D seriously I can play the Em chord I can tune etc. basics. But then to finish the lesson I had to play “We will Rock you” and I was like ok sure let’s do this but then when I clicked on it it said I had to buy this stupid premium thing and I was like ya no thanks so I went outta there and tried to go to the next lesson but it didn’t let me and I looked back and saw that my basics lesson was only “80% done” so I was pretty mad. If you could make it so that I can finish the god dang lesson that would be great like not make almost EVERYTHING premium. I am an 11 year old girl I ain’t got that type of money and there is NO way my parents are gonna pay for it. So ya that’s my review. >:(

- The app is good, but come on guys, a membership!!

This app is good for the most part, it teaches you to play guitar and have a fun time doing so, however you can only do one lesson for free and the others cost a membership. I don’t understand why this is, as it would probably be best just to make the app a purchasable app that would cost around the same price as the membership. I say this because of the fact that they advertise it a lot and get people hyped to play the guitar, but when they finish only a single lesson, they can’t even do just a couple more without spending money!! I don’t know if I am even in the right position to say this but I feel the need to speak out because of that fact that most of the people that would actually want to learn how to play the guitar really good like you guys are teaching, might not even have enough money to do a monthly membership! I hope this reaches out to you guys and I really hope I can get some understanding as to what reasoning this entire system has.

- Amazing app, but no month to month fee

I just recently started picking up guitar again so I essentially downloaded every app i could find to try it out, this one, by far was the most fun and actively got me wanting to play. I downloaded the fender play, yousician and a few others, but this one stood out because it was actually fun! The app follows along and listens to your playing. It doesn't always pick it up perfectly, but its sufficient. Biggest downside is the upfront cost. There isnt a month to month plan so you are committed to at least 60 bucks for 3 months, which isnt preferred if you're looking for a side hobby and you aren't sure if you can commit the time. Would be 5 stars if not for this. Even though it was my favorite I am sticking with the fender one because at $5 a month and a student income I cant commit $60 to what might be a temporary thing. :(

- Subscription

Your app was amazing! I learned a lot of new tricks but once I started getting into the app I had to get premium subscription to continue to learn. I don’t like that. Before I downloaded the piano app and we didn’t need a premium subscription. We can just continue to learn being better and better, but we have to pay money just to learn. I think that isn’t cool at all. I want to learn how to play guitar and I’m only 12 years old I can’t pay money nor my parents won’t pay money for me like that. Personally I think you guys are just being rude. I just download the app 5 min ago and now I have to pay just to continue. I think that’s pretty stupid and I think you guys should update the app. How can I learn guitar if I have to continue paying and paying every month? I think that’s very rude. I love the app. The app is great but please take away the premium subscription. It’s not worth it.

- I really want to love this app

As the title says, I think this app shows immense potential but falls flat (no pun intended) in two crucial areas. My biggest issues are that the app seems to have a very difficult time picking up what note you play - this becomes an issue (and a really really obnoxious one that led to me writing this review) after it says you’re playing the wrong note and causing you to replay the same god forsaken section of music a hundred times over. EDIT: After chatting with support (which responded immediately) wearing headphones seems to have fixed this problem, for the most part. Secondly, and just as importantly, they don’t have that many courses. I finished them all within a month and a half and have nothing left to play. The rate at which they come out with new material is suspiciously slow, they’ve introduced maybe 2 new courses within the last 2 months.

- Disappointing

Things like this are very disappointing. You have to download it and then sign with an email so they can have your information first. And then they lead you on this incredible first lesson and then boom a paywall. There response to this is typically: sorry but we need the money to be able to provide new lessons. They also ask for a rating in the middle of your free first lesson so that you’ll give it a good rating before realizing that you have to pay to do anything more. By that point you’re fed up and don’t bother changing your rating and they profit off of that. So even though 90% of people will quit after seeing the insane paywall, they still get the benefit of you giving them a good rating before realizing you have to pay. Even if you go back and change your rating you still have them you’re email so there you go now they can sell your information. They’re taking advantage of people who want to learn how to play the guitar and it’s sad.

- Only good for beginners, then move on

It’s great for learning the basics, but that’s about it. Not enough content to justify subscribing. It’s really short. Also the 6th string does not get detected well. It was a nightmare trying to get through E5. They need to turn off the rewind feature when the app can’t read your 6th string. Very frustrating. Also sometimes it struggles to load assets even though my connection is good. The videos of the guy talking are fun to watch. The songs are often covers of the actual song. I was so excited for All the Small Things only for it to sound awful and forced me to rewind a bunch of times due to bad 6th string detection. The songs arent the actual tabs and are often not the full song. I was hoping you unlock the real tabs later but what you play the first time is what you get. Also, the timing of playing and when it tells you to play seems random.

- Wonderful until Am/E

I have absolutely loved this app and it’s taught me more about the guitar than I ever imagined I could learn in such a short amount of time. I have another app and I prefer this one by a long shot. But like others, I have not been able to get through the Am/E lesson. It gives me red around the blue about 50% of the time, even when it says I’ve played the note perfectly just before. After 30m of trying to get through the same four chords I gave up, and then when I went back I couldn’t even get as far as I did the first time. It’s possible it’s my phone (iPhone XS) since it seems others with the X have had the same issue, but at the very least it would be nice to have the option to skip ahead so that getting stuck on this lesson doesn’t stop me from being able to learn anything else.

- This app is horrible at its tuning but other than that 100 💯 %

This app can do everything but tune it can tune but l popped all of my strings about 19 time going over and over again with this apps tuner but other than that the app is great! And also when you do respond if you could fix these things. I am 12 years old and l really want to learn how to play guitar 🎸 properly. So the thing that I would love to be fixed is the e chords and the c chords every time I play those chords they always tell me I’m playing a minors or b s’ so if you can fix those couple of things l would be happy 😊 besides I wanted to do this when I was a little girl 👧 but now that I’m almost in high school I wold love to learn more even when I already know some

- I know they have to make their money ......but still

So, I’ve been playing guitar for a bit now and I kept getting ads for this , so I decided to try it . The first few lessons are free(how to read a super simple tab, how to tune ur guitar etc...), then I got to the first actual song in the app and it requires you to get a subscription. This is not how it is advertised online, I understand the creators of the app need to make money somehow, but not even providing one song to practice seems really silly to me. I wouldn’t mind paying an upfront fee for the app so I can get a few songs at least , but subscriptions add up ;and for someone who is going to this app to build off of what they already know it’s not really worth it. The advertising for this app really needs to be changed because the advertised you can learn all your favorite songs on this app and learn to play chords , but In all reality if you want to learn these skills you have to pay for them.

- The app was working well

The app was working wonders for me! Taught me a little of the beginning basics, and the EM chords. I would totally recommend! Although after the first basic lesson you need to become subscribed and pay annually 200$ with a 7 day free trial. I was really enjoying the app until this popped up. I am unable to pay for any of the plans :( But that’s a personal problem. Would totally recommend this to those who are able to pay for any of plans because the platform is great for teaching! Also for the developers of Simply Guitar I would finish off the first lesson with giving free access to learn/play the song “We will rock you” just to give it that last satisfaction. And help for those who are deciding whether they want to pay for a plan to make up their minds quicker! Love your app :)

- Great app but pricey

I really love this app. It’s easy to use, it listens to you while you play, and it sets even the most basic things you are practicing to music which makes it really fun. At first, I had some issues but figured out it works best with headphones and taking your phone out of the case, so it can hear you better. The only complaint I have is the price. I did the 7 day free trial and apparently didn’t read well enough and didn’t realize they do not offer a monthly subscription, only a yearly one for $120. I paid that, but finished all the lessons in my first month of playing. They will be adding more lessons in the future, but I don’t feel like it was $120 worth of content as of now. I will still use it though, since you can practice the songs you do in the lessons.

- A rocky start.

First of all, I’d like to say it seems like a very high budget app that’s great for beginners. But my my problems lie in the fact that when you’re not a beginner, you have to stay stuck at the monotonous start with learning how to play open strings. It makes you sound unprofessional when practicing around others and it wastes a lot of time. The questions at the beginning when you make an account seem to have no correlation with the way you’ll actually be learning and the app doesn’t "let me learn any song I wanted to learn on guitar" like the advertisements said. It isn’t until an hour into the app you can finally play "We Will Rock You". Overall, I just wanna say that this app needs a lot more consideration for people who are either/both A: Intermediate and/or B: Unwilling to pay for premium and access to harder difficulties.

- It’s good, but very frustrating + bugs.

it’s a fairly good app! it’s taught be guitar... loosely... it’s just very frustrating at times. like for example, sometimes it doesn’t recognize what you did was definitely correct, and makes you redo the entire song, which doesn’t solve anything and can be very painful when you’re first developing your calluses. this especially stands for when you start to learn how to strum, it makes you repeat the entire song if you get ONE chord wrong... even if you played the chord correctly, which just turns into a violent, scary and generally just not pleasant encounter between you, your phone, and your guitar. i would recommend this to you, but i also wouldn’t- it’s a mediocre app but if you cant do lessons because of quarantine, it’s a fine.

- a little disappointed

I was super excited to finally learn to play my guitar with this app. I went through the basics and stuff and I really liked the program. it was easy to follow and I thought it was cool how the app could tell if you were playing the chords wrong. but then I finished the basics and found out I had to pay to move on and learn more things and play songs. that was definitely disappointing because I thought it was a free program, as nothing on the app page indicates that you have to pay to actually move on and learn. i think that you should make it more clear that in order to move on, you have to pay, because it is a little misleading. however, I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn guitar and is willing to pay money to do so because it seems like a very good way to learn.

- Great job

I’m new to guitar and wanted to learn at my own pace with the ability to go back and reinforce what I learned from previous lessons. This program does that. The simplified songs allow me to work on technique and speed at the same time. If I mess up a measure it stops and backs up to let me play it again. I do get frustrated at times and I walk away. When I’m ready I can go to where I left off or work my way back. Very intuitive. The only thing is that you should us a platform with a good microphone and processing speed. I tried it on my iPad mini and it had a difficult time recognizing certain cords. I mow use my wife’s iPad Air. And it works well. Love joy tunes!

- Good and I recommend but....

OK so this app is a little good but there’s one problem I am always hitting the right notes and I am an experienced guitarist so I know when the note is on beat or if it’s not song all the time I am playing the right note on the right beat but it always says I’m wrong I even took a second listen without the guitar to see you out what time I’m supposed to hit it and it’s the exact time that I hit it so this is a really much of a big problem you can still learn guitar with this app it is really good but there’s this little problem with the microphone and it thinking that I’m not hitting it at the correct note this is it too much of a big problem but maybe you could fix this especially for the other beginners out there

- Great App But...

Let me just start by saying I love this app. It’s a simple way to get started on a new instrument. I remember using the piano version of this app as I was learning and it made learning fun. I recently picked up a guitar and decided that I wanted to learn how to play. I downloaded the app and went at it. Overall I love the app but there is one BIG problem. The note recognition. I’ve used piano version of the app and it would sometimes have trouble recognizing the note. This was an uncommon occurrence but it seems that it is much more common on the Guitar version. The tuner works just fine but when I go to play, it will often completely miss or not recognize that I am playing a note. This can be frustrating when you are trying to learn how to play so PLEASE FIX THIS. Other than that, I love the app and keep it going!

- Not helpful

Not helpful , at all. First of all when I selected electric guitar it taught me ( or tried to ) as if I was using an acoustic guitar , second when it gave me a song , it said I was playing wrong when in reality they gave me lessons for acoustic guitar , 3 since it was teaching me acoustic it messed up my tuning , it also said I was playing wrong when I was playing correctly because like I said it gave me the wrong lessons , oh and the ads are very obnoxious. If you are hoping to learn guitar , just buy lessons with an actual professional. I’m not saying that the teacher is bad , but the app is poorly developed , it also doesn’t really teach you songs , it just plays a song for you while you play an occasional chord. Maybe If it were developed better it wouldn’t be as bad but as a result of my experience with this app I don’t think you should use an app for any instruments. If you want to learn guitar , head to guitar center and pay for lessons .

- Why would they do this?

Simply guitar is a great app. It allowed you to pick your level of skill what type of guitar and other things that would help you to get a better experience. I was having a great time learning guitar I was exited to pick up my guitar everyday and complete a small bit of a lesson. I practiced often and was having tons of fun with it. When I got to the very end of the first lesson it wouldn’t let me do the final song of the lesson until you got a subscription to the app. I’m not willing to pay like $10 a week for the rest of the time I use the app. This made me very unmotivated to play guitar. I do play 3 other instruments but guitar is not my strong point so I got this app to help. Now it just made me even more unmotivated. Good bye Simply Guitar....

- needs a lot of work

the beginning free lessons are amazing; they draw you in and make you want to continue more. however after those free lessons. the tuner gets fidgety (flickers between too low and too high) to the point where you have to refresh the app. sound doesnt pick up at all even if your phone is right next to the guitar; you could play the correct note 10-20 times and the app still wouldnt pick it up. you will (just like everyone else in the reviews was) get frustrated right off the bat because the APP needs work not you. its un motivating for beginners who are doing the right steps but are working with an app that is telling them they are doing it wrong. please fix the audio issues. i payed for a yearly plan but will have to end it the same day that i bought it after the immense struggle i had with this app.

- Tell me what I did wrong

I am a very new guitar player and I got stuck on E. I kept trying to play the chord, and my fingers were in the right spot, but it didn't tell me i was doing it right. I have no idea what i am doing wrong, so I can't fix it. I also watched a video, and it told me i should make sure not to muffle any other strings, but it did not say what to do if the strings you are pressing down are muffled. Over all, I give it a 3 star review. The tuner is very helpful and I learned a couple songs i like. Also, the app gives you options on what type of music you would like to play, and how long you gave been playing. I would recommend this app to people who know some simple chords and want to learn more. Its difficult for beginners at first but once you get the hang of it, it is a really fun app.

- No $ = No Lesson

I wish apps like this would be transparent and tell you that you will only get a small sample of the app and when that is finished users will have to purchase a subscription to continue on. Many other music apps have a free version that allows you to continue on with limited content. I would definitely go back to using this app even if it was limited content moving forward. At this point it’s just taking up space and I have no use for it. Also, it seems like a cop out when the reply to comments like this are “we offer subscription so we can supply good content” blah blah blah. If they would offer limited (and ongoing) content for free AND offer individual songs to purchase for $0.99 here and there, the app could easily make money. I would purchase individual songs here and there if it was offered. Food for thought.

- I definitely suggest it but it’s too expensive!!

My brother has had a nice guitar for about a year and never even touched it. I decided to get it out and remembered an ad for Simply Guitar! I learned a LOT of stuff if the first 5 minutes. I like how it make sures you are correct and helps you. I wish you didn’t have to pay for it but I really wanted to keep on with this wonderful app. I must say I understand the price but most of the people trying to learn, are kids. And their parents won’t pay for it! So I definitely think the app should be free. I still use the app and it’s so great! It works with you and stuff. So I suggest it if you want to start but the hard part is getting someone to pay for it if you are a kid.

- Discouraging garbage app

I play guitar and I thought I could use this app on the side to help improve my skills. I selected that I was intermediate skill level but they still think I don’t know how to play smoke on the water, or even know what frets are. It’s recording is terrible and even when I’m playing correctly they still don’t hear it. And, if you mess up 2 times, they take you back in a song by 10 seconds making you repeat. If I had started with this app, I would have felt discouraged and thought I wasted my money buying a guitar. The ads are lies, it’s not fun, they don’t even teach you songs. Just basic cords that sound good with it. This app is terrible and I suggest you either continue your guitar journey through videos, lessons, or teach yourself. The only 2 reasons I would give it a 1 star review is that 1. I can’t give it less than one and 2. It’s free with no ads.

- Echoing the many complaints about inconsistent sound recognition.

I like the lessons, and feel like they are helping me (as a beginner) to progress with the guitar. I have a lot of fun and get a lot of satisfaction from the experience as a whole....when the app is able to *accurately recognize what I am playing.* I understand that when I play something insufficiently, it doesn’t recognize the note, but the problem is inconsistency. Sometimes, when I ring the chord or not clearly, the device doesn’t hear. Other times, it picks up extra notes from the reverberation of my acoustic guitar. At other times, it registers correct notes or chords for ones that I played incorrectly (accepting Em as E, for example). There must be improvement of this capability. Thanks for listening.

- Not worth the money

I got simply piano free with a piano purchase and in 2 weeks I feel I am progressing very well on the piano. I saw the simply guitar app and as much as I like their piano app I thought it would be great too. It’s similar but with much less content and the feedback is nowhere near as good. I miss a note, play the wrong note or chord, or just make noise and it shows I played it correctly. I play a note or chord perfectly and sometimes it shows I missed it. With the piano app I feel like I’m playing music, with this app I just feel like I’m making noise. Needs way more refinement and content to be on the level of simply piano *Update* I have now completed everything on this app in less than a month. I paid for a year subscription so it basically cost me $90 for one month. At the end of this I still have not played a complete song. What’s the point?

- Great App

I love this app so much and it’s counterpart on the piano but I would REALLY REALLY Love to see much more content before I purchase anything, I’m still a teenager and I teach people ukulele but when I finally got my own guitar this app was the only thing that helped me actually learn but like I said I’m still a teenager and even though I would love to purchase it and go further I don’t want to pay so much for so little content. I’m going to be keeping the app on my device until there is enough content for me to pay but so far I love the app and the only problem I’ve had is that I don’t have the money to pay. Thank you so much for making learning the guitar so easy.

- You guys have reinvented the art of advertising

I haven’t even used this app yet but the advertising is genius and very funny, these guys have reinvented the art of advertising i am not joking, by the way these guys ads have made some of the best ads, i hope these types of ads fill up my screen instead those stupid “I cAn’T rEaCh PiNk ColOr” or “99% oF pEoPlE cAn’T bEaT tHiS” ads. I genuinely hope more app developers get inspired by these genius, amazing, and funny ads! My favorite one is with the dad turning into a country star and pop star truly amazing and funny. I hope to see you guys make more ads I never skip them and they are amazing!


So I downloaded this app in March and I was getting very far into the app, I was getting hyped up about learning my first guitar chord. As soon as I tapped the button to learn my first chord- it asks me to pay! You can at least add premium instead so we can still use it even if there are limited features! Some people cannot afford to pay all that money just for guitar lessons! I can afford it but I just don’t wanna pay 100 dollars a year just for guitar lessons! THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE! Some free apps that are awesome for learning guitar/ukulele are— yousician,melodiq,Fretello,Andy guitar, Justin guitar,coach guitar,ukulele teacher,ukulele chords,guitar chords 3D, and GRTL chords

- Not working

The app worked pretty well until I got to Em I have tuned my guitar like 100 times and it says according to the in game tuner that I’m set but still will not accept the note I’m playing and I know it’s right (no strings being muted fingers in the right spot sound clear). I finally got it to accept that chord and I’m now on the next part after the “what’s next” tab which is “we will rock you” and it’s doing the same thing only now it’s third second fret on the 6th string and an open 6th string... but again it won’t accept the note. I finally started striking all 6 strings and for some reason that’s was actually working? I want the app to work but if it’s not accepting what I’m playing then I can’t move on which means my money would just be wasted. Would like to fix this, then I’d re review this

- Really good app! But...

I really like this app! I had heard of simply piano, and I was sad their wasn’t anything really good for the guitar. When I saw an ad for this, I got really exited! So I downloaded it, and was having so much fun. But I can’t get passed E and Em without it telling me in incorrect but I am playing what it’s telling me to! I hope you can fix this issue because it’s a little frustrating when it tells me it playing the chord wrong, but it’s the correct note I know I’m playing. I will constantly check to see if my guitar is out of tune, but it’s always good. I love this app and I really really hope you can fix this soon!

- Simply guitar is pretty good

Man this game is a really good game and so far it has taught me a lot but there are two reasons why I don’t rate this a five out of five. This game could really lower the costs of learning actual songs and getting membership, especially if it is only for a year. I have done everything that is free in it within three days. Number two is that I really dislike how this game can barely hear me playing the guitar. My first time playing, I made my fingers bleed trying to get this game to hear me playing the guitar. I really wish that it could distinguish sounds better. Over all I really like this game and it has been very nice to learn some guitar and it is nice that they get to small songs without the membership for $100.

- Not enough of a sample to know for sure

Well, it seems to be a pretty easy to use app and I was curious to continue to see what became of it but unfortunately after doing the very first beginner guitar lesson, it requires $10 per month to continue. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying but I need to know it’s worth my money. Maybe consider at least doing a trial or something? The basic lesson was nothing new for me. I already knew everything (which i informed the app in the competency survey in the beginning so I’m not sure why it gives the survey since it makes you do the beginner lesson anyways). Anyways, if you don’t mind blindly paying the monthly subscription fee before knowing what you’re getting then maybe it will be worth it *shrug*.

- For beginners only

Changing my review. My first impressions of the app I thought that is was great, but i was also under the impression that it was free and had a lot more content and allowed you to learn full songs but it does not. It’s a little pricey for what it is. People who already know the basics won’t get much out of this. A nice refresher but nothing new. On the other hand I will say that this will work for kids or teens wanting to learn but they'll run out of stuff to practice in a month max. If this app adds more content, full songs, and takes the lessons up a few notches it’ll 100% be worth it but right now I’d say it’s catered to beginner’s and you won’t learn nothing past the fundamentals.

- Dreadfully easy

I have been playing guitar for like 6 months, on my own. And I previously played ukulele for like 2 years and I’m in an orchestra. I also play piano with Simplypiano, do I have lots of musical experience. When I got this app I was excited. It asked me if I was a beginner, three chord strummer, campfire guitarist, or rock star (It was something like that). I chose campfire guitarist. But when I got into the app it gave me the easiest courses in the world. I did the free trial and skipped to the last song in the library. IT LIGIT HAD FOUR OF THE EASIEST CHORDS EVER ON THE “HARDEST SONG.” And the hardest song on lead guitar is stupid easy. I was able to play the chords on SimplyGuitar that are so called hard In like a day of playing. Stupid. AND I PICKED CAMPFIRE GUITARIST! It is stupid they would even ask that IF IT DOSNT MATTER! This app is only good for people who have never picked up a guitar in their life.😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

- It was good until..

Since I didn't have my piano, and I had my guitar, I decided to try this app out! It was awesome! Learning about Em chords, the strings, how to tune, I was so excited that I could actually play guitar! Until I couldn't. I'm currently struggling with money, and just like all of the other apps it asks you to pay to go on. Really? You guys make everyone seem happy until they HAVE to pay to move on to play songs. I wanted to play Say Something, A Thousand Years and more! But I couldn't because I had to pay. I basically wasted my time.. You could have just had an option to not pay, and have limited songs. That would have made me give a better rating.. but it's mandatory if you want to move on. I'm pretty sad that I can't play any songs now. Dissapointed.


If you’re looking to take lessons seriously, this app is not ready for you. I never played before and I was going through the lessons diligently. Then I started my membership. I even repeated some of them because I wanted it to be right. The lessons and plans are really stellar so it gets the stars for that. After you go through them, it says more lessons coming soon. On May 31st, I emailed the developer and they said more lessons would be coming out soon. It’s now June 16th and since then one new lesson appeared. As per their email, they said new lessons were not on a release schedule. That’s fair but what am I paying $10 a month for? One lesson every 15 days? I think the app should be shelved till all the lessons are ready. The app is 4 months old which makes sense for there to be app issues (so far none popped up) but the core lessons should be ready to go. Nobody would sell a car without breaks with hopes of getting them to you later on. It’s a great app out the gate too early. It’s a shame because now I have to find another app and this one was my favorite.

- Bruh

Okay this is just stupid!!! I wanted to learn how to play guitar- everything I tried never worked out for me until I found this app... You maybe thinking “why rate it 3 stars then” In the first like 15 minutes you learn the EM cord- I was so excited!! But when I got the last video (until I can get to the next level) the video “we will rock you”It said I had to be a premium member to do this (I thought okay about it is optional) so I try to get to the next level and it was LOCKED so it’s basically you have to pay like (I think) 12 bucks a month and that is 144 (I pretty sure) a Year just to learn the guitar... I mean okay its not the Worst price but it NEVER said anything about this in the ads

- Sad

So I Play the piano and I want to do is simply piano so I thought if I use simply guitar or teach me how to play the guitar I am on my first lesson and it’s not going good I don’t know how to play anything and it keeps saying that my guitar is tuned but it doesn’t sound good I am playing the records it says I am not playing it it says it’s tuned in it’s not tuned it sounds bad and I’m very disappointed I’m so excited to play the guitar and now I’m just frustrated and upset I’ve tried turning the guitar with the app and it says it’s fine but me and my family members know that it sounds not fine I was so excited and now I’m just upset I’m very disappointed in this app simply piano is great for simply guitar is not for me maybe I’ll try it for another week but for right now I am very 😠

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- The app is great, but expensive!

I worked my way through the first few basic lessons, and I think the app is amazing! However, after those first few lessons, it asked me to subscribe to continue. $100 annually might not seem like a lot to some people, but I, still in the process of getting my first part-time job, unfortunately don’t have that kind of money of my own to spend on an app. So if you’re like me, a broke high school student who took up guitar out of boredom, maybe give this one a miss until you can afford it. The app is great, but the price is just a deterrent for me in my personal circumstances.

- App Sound Issue

I really had high hopes for this app considering the price point and initially I really loved it however, after progressing to later lessons, I started experiencing a lot of issues with the app not picking up the lower 3 strings of my guitar making it impossible to progress to the next lesson. Unfortunately, instead of learning I was trying to tweak the way that I was playing in order for the app to pick up the sound (even though I was playing the correct chords at the correct time) which is pretty frustrating. Im guessing it was an issue with the app itself not my guitar as when I used the tuner included in the app it picked up all the strings but then would not pick up the strings in the lessons. I’m grateful I was able to get a free trial before shelling out $150 for a year subscription as I would be very disappointed had I spent that much on an app I cannot use. I did contact customer support but after the standard troubleshooting tips (which I had already tried) they were unable to help me any further with the issue which is a real shame (apart from suggesting that I try using a different guitar which I do not have) I guess I’ll be trying out another guitar app.

- Don’t bother

Okay I would just like to say that the layout is amazing and the overall concept is superb. However it is crazy expensive after 3 minutes of free practice. I sent a Five star review because I was still in the 3 minute trial period and I had so idea I. Would be charged 33 dollars a month for this app. I know that people need to make money and I appreciate the amount of work that went into this app, but the amount of money they expect is just insane. I will delete now and I will only re download if the pay is taken down to at most 50 dollars a year. The amount of people who would download the app would make up for the many people deleting it because it’s over 150 dollars a year. This is simple math. I’m not trying to be mean but I feel a little cheated. Why can’t an app as amazing as this go out for the good of the community??? Please make it cheaper and maybe I will download again. Again would like to say I appreciate the work, and it would be a five star review if itt t was cheap. PLEASE FIX THIS

- Fun at first

So I started this app and it give lots of useful advice of playing guitar. The first notes are very interesting to learn because I have never even picked up a guitar in my life, the first chord was also very new to me, but the problem is, you can only go with 5 beginner lessons and then you have to pay for the rest! You should at least make it a bit cheaper because it is very expensive! I think that the app developers should change the fact that you can only go for 5 lessons without paying. At least make a couple more free lessons, they should also do this for simply piano, because I have tried that app already, and I downloaded simply guitar hoping that it wasn’t the same. So if you want to learn guitar using your phone or I pad, with a small price or none at all, I do not recommend this app. I hope this review helped people that want to learn guitar and the app developers. Thank you for reading the whole thing, I really appreciate it!!😊😊

- Ok for a someone who has never touched a guitar before

Veeeeery basic and slow. Some of the “harder” levels seem easier than the easy ones making getting through them a chore just to get to the next round. They are obviously still building up lessons and haven’t got very far yet. Shocked to be up to the latest release and we still haven’t covered anything but a single basic strum. App has so much potential though and I like being able to follow the notes as you play in real time. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone (iPhone X) but some notes it really struggles to pick up especially the lower notes on the E string. This makes getting passed some levels really challenging, not because they are hard but because the app just won’t pick up the notes. Because of this I will now be deleting the app.

- Terrible app

I do not recommend simply guitar, it has been telling me to tune my guitar when I already tuned it and know that it is tuned perfect, I used a tuner to tune it from a professional guitar shop. And then when I play a note to “see if it’s tuned” even tho I know it is, it says it’s to high or low. But then I stop playing and there is no noise, the app still tells me it’s to low or high. So the app isn’t even telling u correct information. Also I believe the app isn’t teaching people correctly as I didn’t realise it was telling me to play something and it was still moving and saying stuff like “great job, your doing amazing” I just wanna play guitar it shouldn’t be this hard! If I were you I wouldn’t down load this app your better off just doing lessons or finding a better website then waisting time on a app that isn’t going to give you correct information.

- If you’re trying to learn how to play, I guarantee you this app will definitely help you get there.

I have been trying to learn how to play for years. I tried you tube, other learn-how-to-play guitar apps, and even have some players teach me. But I still couldn’t. It was not until I stumbled across this app and voilaaa! Less than a month, I can now play (not that good tho, but at least Im getting there 😁). Overall this app is just AMAZING and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar.

- No

It will work for the first 5 basic lessons but after that you will have to pay for it, it’s crazy how expensive it is. Like seriously I’m only 12 and I don’t have 100 dollars for only 12 months!?. You could get a music teacher to teach you for 20 dollars!?. So I’m new at guitar and the ad for simply guitar came up so I down loaded it on my I-pad for free thinking “ ok this is going to be free so I go into the app. It tells me how to hold the guitar, what frets and cords are and the last one tells me you’ve done the basic lessons on the guitar and that you can chose which path to take, and I go to click on the cords path and it says you have to pay to keep going!!!!!!!!! Like what the hell, you were so nice to me at the start and all of a sudden you want me to pay to keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Not a great app

I play guitar and take lessons with a great teacher and I do not recommend this app. I got this app to 1 greater my knowledge of the guitar and 2 better my technique. This is not a great app I have been playing the guitar for years and said that I am good at guitar but it only gave me the basics ( e.g how to tune and how to hold a guitar ) both of these were not very good it didn’t correctly show you how to hold a guitar and only limits your abilities. My last point is that whenever I tried to go to a class that I could actually learn things it said that I had to pay $150 annually! That price is crazy and a lot more then what you should be paying on a beginners app. I strongly recommend for you not get this app and either use another app or get lessons privately or with a group.

- Great but expensive & it has hearing problems

So when I downloaded it it was amazing it taught me how to tune it and all that stuff but then I realized that even when I played my guitar perfectly and the right noise level it did not hear me and when I got to th first song called “WE WILL ROCK YOU” I clicked on it and it said a subscription and it said 3 months for $97:99€ 6 months $145:99€ 12 months $195:9k€ like I’m a lil kid and my parents can afford that but it’s COVID and my parents have not been able to work for OVER 5 MONTHS they can NOT afford losing that much money so if you can PLEASE! put down the price at least $20-$30-$40 down please

- Simply the best I’ve looked at all the other guitar teaching apps

Simply guitar is the most amazing app I’ve ever found in my entire life it’s even better than simply piano although I’ve never played some piano but I’ve seen it by my son and I think it’s even better so I’ll just have to wait and see until I try both but I’m not sure if I try both so it’s a C but seriously folks SimplyGuitar is our family favourite happy 2021 and here’s to rock ‘n’ roll

- So disappointing. What a rip off

This app is actually has lots of potential. It is like having an online lesson with someone. It’s intuitive and steps you through a logical flow of learning. What is really disappointing is that there is very limited content and I’m talking about the paid version. I signed up to a 12 month subscription (paying $150 aud) after doing the 7 day trial and after 2.5 weeks I have completed everything it has to offer (which is not much). That was doing about 45mins a day. The app doesn’t have the content to even teach you the basic chords. For example, it doesn’t teach you the B, D or G chords, which are common chords needed in a lot of songs. It also only teaches you one basic strumming pattern. I feel absolutely ripped off, paying a lot of money for a 12 month subscription when there is only a few weeks of content. Before writing this review I sent an email to simply guitar asking for a ‘please explain’ and hoping they could change my subscription to a 3 month subscription and give me some money back, but never received a response.

- What is going on?

Hey come on- is someone playing a joke here? Why is it a $100 subscription for an app with only about 5-6 hours of lessons? I have been playing guitar for years but I thought I could learn some new skills - I went through all the beginner lessons thinking I needed to do so to get to the more complex lessons- but no, those lessons don’t exist. And saying more lessons are coming doesn’t help- improvement comes from playing every day and not waiting for the next lessons to be uploaded. My decision to purchase came From my experience with Simply Piano which helped my daughter- I assumed simply guitar would be of a similar standard. In these difficult times who has $100 to just waste on an app that only partly exists?

- Amazing!

I had never even strummed a string on a guitar before I got this app! Now after two weeks of practice with simply guitar I’ve been playing like I have been learning guitar for months! Even years!!! But please please make a simply violin. Violin is an instrument that you can be passionate about -which with an app like this would be so much easier to learn! 🎻

- Full access problem

I love SimplyGuitar it is amazing but the problem is 1 I can’t change my type of guitar when I got the app I chose electric because I had an electric guitar but when I wanted to use my dads acoustic I couldn’t switch my type of guitar I am not sure if I don’t know how or if i can’t please fix this and also this needs a 1 month subscription because what if after a month I don’t want to use the app I won’t my money back please fix this I want to rate this 5 stars.

- .

I bought premium and the lessons are ok but it’s really bad at picking up sound like reallllllllllllllllllly bad like I’m 11 and I can’t press down too hard it will give me blisters and trying to get this app to hear me is not worth destroying my fingers I have also read the other reviews and I agree that it should be 200 dollars a year, yes I have purchased it but it doesn’t mean no one else can learn just because it’s out of their budget, 200 is way to much a year you should at least bring it down to 100 for people who want to learn guitar but isnt made of money

- I was really into this but....

Simply guitar is really good for people that have money because after a few lessons and told me that if I want to continue on I’d have to pay $100 to subscribe and I didn’t want that because I don’t have that much money and I’m saving up so I was really glad the app but in return I don’t buy it because it was a money thing and I don’t really like money things because it’s not really my thing and I’m really broke so don’t get this app if you don’t wanna pay anything


I’ve been doing guitar for about a month and a half and saw the CRINGEY ad for the app. I, being the person I am, had seen many ads for these sorts of things and always thought they were silly or overpriced. This won was just CRINGEY, but I thought that I might as well get one that has no saying that you have to PAY to use. So I got it, I put in my level and started. When I started I realised something, IT WASNT UP TO MY LEVEL, so I just thought that I could go to a higher lesson but it said that I had to finish the first one, so that’s what I did. When I finished it it said THAT I HAVE TO PAY! DO NOT GET THIS APP! IT IS TRASH! AND THE AD IS CRINGEY!

- Sooo fun🤪

This app is fun and I learnt guitar so easily I’m still working on it but it’s so fun I’m doing guitar lessons at school but it’s school holidays so I love this app because it’s helping me a lot I’m gonna tell all my friends about it and mostly the ones that play guitar thank you for making this app for kids like me otherwise I wouldn’t be here sitting here doing guitar💜.

- Great but need more!

I think this app is great because it actually does teach you the basics! It’s very structured which helps when you don’t really know how to practice playing. The MAIN issue is that I have paid 100 bucks for a year, and I’m done all the lessons! New ones are only coming out like every 3-4 weeks, which means my money is basically a waste while I’m waiting. PLEASE try and add more to the app, or give us all some of the money back!!!

- Great at first, but really expensive!

The first 5 lessons were free and helped me learn how to sit up, tune the guitar and a few of the basics. After the 5 lessons it told me I had to pay $100 for 3 months, and $195 for a year! I’m twelve years old and have never touched a guitar in my life, I wanted to know how to play so I downloaded this FREE app and now it’s telling me I have to pay $195 a year?! This is way to expensive. Think about it.. your twelve years old learning how to play a guitar on a amazing app and then it tells you to pay $195 to continue playing for a year. Seriously? How am I going to tell my mum that I need $195 dollars to play a guitar!? Please take this into consideration and possibly lower the price to something more affordable and appropriate. Thanks.

- Great but one Problem...

This app is great! It teaches you how to play very well but there is one problem that I dont like at all. Once you have finished all the lessons in one category you can play the song we will rock you it asks for premium. So, you cant move on from that lesson and unless you get the premium, you cannot do anymore lessons! I find that highly annoying. Overall, the app definitely teaches you how to play guitar.😊

- Ok (pls read)

Joytunes is the way I learnt hpw to play piano last year and I thought hmm better try this app aswell but everytime I use the tuner the line does not move up or down😢 and everytime I play a note the app will NOT hear the note. My dad tried too and it did not work for him either. Hope you can fix this bug. Thanks. Hello this is me a day later. Still does not really work and I have to string soooooo loadly for it to hear. I almost broke my guitar.

- This helped a lot!

Well, I’ve never played guitar before and this is actually a really good help, sometimes the adds get annoying but so far I’m really happy with how this turned out I would definitely recommend it if your a first timer

- Good but way too expensive

At the start I thought this was a great game but... I got the point where it told me to pay. I thought of paying at first but I saw the price and I was like Wow. Nobody has money to spend $100 for a lesson when you already spent like couple $100 on guitar. Should make the price lower apart from that and amount of lesson everything is perfect.

- Nope. Just nope

I really expected better in this app. I do not recommend buying this app. It was nice until u get to a point where it would not pick up cords. And no, it’s not my guitar, and it’s perfectly tuned. It’s the app. It also costs WAY too EXPENSIVE. $195 annually! Let me get this straight. Being the age of 10 means that I do not, and I mean, DO NOT, have that much money to spend on a guitar app. Nor do I even have that much money! I’m not rich. I got the 7 day free trial. i rest my case. P.S just do not download this app, it’s just not worth it.

- Okay

Simply guitar seems like such a good app at first and teaches you a lot of the basics in a very good way, but after that it all goes down hill. This app makes you think that it is so good until they make you pay $120 to actually learn songs unless if it gives you 5 minutes of free simply guitar songs. That is all the time you can have on that app without having to pay.

- Why it’s good

I just started and it’s been like 5 minutes I have tuned my guitar and also got up to lesson your first chord! So go ahead if you have a guitar and get started it really easy and it gets so easy and you get so better every single time you do a lesson so get it!

- Why doesn’t it work

Hi I just started to play this but when I play the electric guitar and I play the cord thingy magigy it doesn’t hear what you say for me to do and did at the start how to set up all the things and make sure you get close I get up close it doesn’t hear me so I shove my self to the wall breaking the guitar and the wall. PLZ FIX IT it makes me rage!😡😡😩🤬

- Just one more it will be perfect

Hi I just downloaded this app thinking that there was options for other stringed instruments like a ukulele.I have been practicing ukulele for a while and other apps don’t work but I know you can make this feature in this app. From Aleks.

- Payment

I really liked this app but it only taught me the berry basics and didn’t even let me do my own song. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete this and then it makes you pay to do anything else! I did like the basics but I feel like you should be able to do more before you pay because it only taught me the E minor and that’s all.

- Highly recommend!

Premium is a perfect price! I started yesterday and I’m already switching frets. I love how the app will let u play for a bit then ask if u want premium. My dad said “no” to premium first but then I showed him and he let me get it. It’s an amazing app I love it!

- Not enough lessons

I bought this app thinking it would be just like Simply Piano. Not really, I bought it 2 weeks ago, and I already finished it. I like this app. Just need more practice songs. I haven’t played guitar for 40 years, I went through really quickly. Is this app worth the money?Maybe for someone who never touched a guitar before. For almost $100/year if nothing being added, it’s not worth your $$$.

- World’s worst guitar app

This is currently one of the worst guitar app I have ever used, despite it is the same thing as simply piano. You had to pay with money just to get a full access, yousician and guitar amp is fine with free access but it lacks of productivity, I had saw a couple of ads of players playing their first song “We will rock you” and they didn’t even bought premium, I reccomand not to download this app and waste your time on this because it is a waste of time

- Please make free 😔

So i finished the free lessons then it asked me to buy premier or something and it was expensive And my phone not set up so I can’t have money and can’t buy the thing and I’m just trying to learn guitar And I don’t think it’s fair at all 😔😡

- Do not get unless you want to spend money

The app seems alright good if you know absolutely nothing but otherwise you get like 2 lessons and then you gotta pay 150$ a year if you wanna continue. I was hoping for more something similar to Yousician but nope although Yousician has limited time a day atleast you learn a lot before you have to pay if at all plus you get a week free trial with unlimited time so you can play all day if you like

- SimplyGuitar is great for beginners

SimplyGuitar is great for beginners but any level after that you have to pay over 100 annually to unlock more songs and things like that. Also it’s tuner doesn’t not work. I tuned my guitar on another app and it was fine but on SimplyGuitar it was always to high or to low. And I can’t pass on to the next part now.

- Amazing

This app is so useful and amazing with easy to follow instructions! It is harder if you are small or have short fingures or are a kid but it’s still super easy and it is rather easy to get used to finding a way to reach with your fingures

- It is a good app but....

This is a really good and fun app but for some reason I turned the microphone on and wasn’t working when I played the guitar I literally had to pit my phone inside the guitar and it worked so I don’t know 4 stars still

- Membership cost

Downloaded it last night and thought it was free, 5 minutes later I found out to unlock everything at once you need to pay membership for it. Deleted it because I can’t afford to pay for it because of money issues, may as well keep teaching myself like I have been for the last few years.

- So far so good

I have finally managed to learn some basics through the app. You’ll have my respect and awesome reviews when Im finally able to play some songs. So far it had been an wonderful experience

- Doesn’t always here you play

I love this app, but the reason why I give it a 3 star is because when you play a string, it doesn’t always here you and you have to keep pressing the string and sometimes it doesn’t even work and I don’t like that. So you if you could fix it, that would be great

- Please update

I paid for the app for a year as what it has in it is good, but it took me two weeks to learn. And the coming soon part has never come ?? When are you updating it ?

- The Best

This been the best guitar app I have ever had, it has taught me to do a lot of things I have never been taught to do before on the guitar. I wish there were more apps like this in the world. Good job guys best app ever. From Wbby

- Make it for free

I just got a learning with simply that I didn’t think you would have to pay for it but it turns out you do and I have to stop my parents won’t allow me to play if I have to pay so you’re letting me and probably thousands of other people down so please make a new app and make it free -The person you let down

- Membership no thanks

Once you finish the basics of the guitar you have to pay up to $16 a month for a membership to be able to do anything else on the simply guitar app I do not recommend to anyone else and why teach someone the basics and then say they can continue doing this but they have to pay a membership to be able to do it I don’t like this app at all would not recommend

- PLEASE READ💔 heart breaking😭

First of all the second My daughter got this app She told me that it was really amazing and very fun. She completed all the beginner levels until She realised that She had to sign up for a membership. My child was devastated and was heart broken because we couldn’t afford the price. I had a look and it seemed like a really well developed game. Such disappointment🤧 but this game is really good if you can buy it😍

- This app is the best

I just started today and I love it it’s so much fun I really wanted to learn guitar but could’ve taken find anything to teach then I found simply guitar and I started and loved it

- Ok...

I already know a bit of guitar, so when I went into the app I was surprised to see that there was no fast tracking thing. It did mean I had to do the stuff I already know, but for anyone just starting it should be perfect.

- Fabulous

So uh I found this quite great. The only bad thing was that for my other guitar, the app didn’t respond to the sound. It think the string was too thick. It was so fun! Add more lessons soon please!

Payoneer 💰

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- Good but

I was really liking it but then realized that I would have to pay money for the next lesson my parents don’t have much money and I don’t want to bug them for stuff so I am going to try to learn on my own I do think it’s a good app if you have the money for it I would definitely recommend

- It so helpful

I lov you this app

- Microphone issues

I don’t think this app is accessing the microphone properly on my IPad. The tuner doesn’t work and I get notes accepted during the lesson when it is dead silent and I never touch a string. I think the app would be great if the could fix this issue

- Hate it

It made me break my chord!

- The microphone is stupid

I’ve been using this app for a bit, and it’s been okay. I’m in the middle of one of the lessons, and it decides to not pick up my noise even though i’m about to break my strings from strumming so loud. I am sure im playing the chord right too because i’ve been playing for a year now with this app. Very disappointed

- It’s a good app but....

When you finish the first part of the guitar learning experience it tells you to pay money for it and I don’t want to bother my parents to buy money because I don’t wanna make them pay $60 to buy the three month price so it’s a good app I don’t like how you have to pay so often

- Good but really short.

I finished the whole thing in a week...

- I can’t believe I ignored the guitar app for 2 weeks looking for a guitar lesson!😃🙁☠️💀

Oh my

- Good but...

I thought that i would be able to learn how to play guitar and get good at it but i have to PAY REAL MONEY TO CONTIUE.

- Too much money

Hi it’s a great app but it’s just too much money for me to continue to premium. I’m just a kid and there’s no way I would ask my parents for like 200$. They already do so much for me. I really like the app and it would have helped me with following my dreams of being a performer. And besides 200$ is way to much I wouldn’t pay more than five for a lifetime. I’m sure this app helped other people but it just didn’t work for me. I’ll just have too find something that’s free I guess. Stay safe and thank you for reading P.s. I’m sorry for complaining about how much it cost I mean making an app costs money and then you have to make money out of it somehow to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table Ok sorry now I’m just tipping your ears off ha get it because I tipped this review I hope you laughed at my terrible joke Bye sorry that my review was long and I kept on tipping about random stuff. I really am sorry I mean you didn’t have too read it all. Sorry that comment was a little rude Ok sorry I’ll stop there stay safe

- Ok

So when I was like doing the tuning for my guitar it was perfect it was good but then when I got to the threats whatever it’s called it wouldn’t work and it was super hard and I’m not playing it anymore because it won’t let me get past it

- It broke my guitar

So I was learning and it told me to turn my string low, so I do it and the string brakes right off, thanks a lot simply guitar now I can’t play for a long time till my dad buys me one, 😡😡😡🥺

- It’s not free

After few lessons you have to pay to learn

- Très bonne application

J’adore vraiment cette application

- It’s awesome I love it

This app is incredible

- I will try

Sweetheart my heart melts to the empathic youngster with a infinite mind and a heart of gold! I want to learn because you are special and I want to learn easy guitar tabs... I’m beginner but shout out to the one with a review about their parents so thoughtful.

- Easy to understand

Simple easy to learn and play

- Ok I guess you need to pay after all...

I was really enjoying the free lessons... and then it wanted me to pay for more lessons. It didn’t even let me finish the first course! The last thing to complete in the “Guitar basics 1” requires a member ship. After I get a job, I don’t mind paying annually, but at least make the first course free. Otherwise, it’s actually a very competent app and it’s really helpful to get started and to really get good at guitar! I can’t wait to continue my lessons after I get that job! :)

- Obvious mic issues

I sat down to try this lesson app today, trying to learn a little guitar. And I was left frustrated when I got stuck the app not letting me continue because it couldn’t pick up my playing I suppose. With no option to skip and the tuner saying I’m in tune one second and both high and low the next I feel like it’s impossible to keep this app.

- Great app👌🏽👍🏽

Such a great app! It helps lots with learning the guitar. It picks up the sound so well sometimes to well😂

- Great app

This is the best way to learn guitar. Yes, it does cost money, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than taking lessons. Get the app, you will not regret it!! No problems with microphone picking up sounds. Amazing!!

- App shutting down itself

Hello the app shuts down itself. Not sure why.

- 😡

We have to pay money to for it to be useful

- Nice app

Easy to use And very helpful

- Why can’t there be a free app like this??

Sure must be great...if you have lots of money.

- Perfecto

Es excelente no la cambiara por otra app, es como que un profesor estaría acá enseñándome

- Microphone problems

I think many people said this but the microphone needs some more work...

- This app annoys me

It’s good but it doesn’t listen properly

- iPad hearing issues

Using my iPad the app has a terrible time hearing my chords. Also all the songs are sooooo slow and there is no ability to speed the timing up so that they are half enjoyable to play. Like reallly summer of 69 is PAAAAINFULLY SLOW!!!!!!

- Not working

I’m getting the notes right but it doesn’t work I’m gonna try a piano

- Bad

When you get past the first lesson you have to pay.

- Just wow

It only let’s you complete 80% of the guitar basics then you have to pay! For 3 months it cost you $79.99 that’s a lot for something you might not even get to play everyday because of everyday life.

- I expected it to be trashy

This actually taught me gutair 😂 tho this app is amazing

- It is amazing :)

I learned really quick and easy and if you’re reading this review the basics are easy to learn and songs

- Way to

For the first time I’ve actually found a talent I really recommend it and it really helps with family being a secret talent

- Incredible

It’s like a guitar hero meets YouTube. Simple as that.

- Darlene


- Does not work!

So first I got Simply Piano then after a while I found out there is Simply Guitar it said Simply Guitar Simply Piano said I got Premium I buy it. I downloaded simply guitar it said if you buy SimplyPiano Premium it will include my SimplyGuitar membership but then it literally said I had to buy it😡

- My review

Really easy to learn really fun too!!!

- Good

The app is good but I don’t really like that you have to pay so much money to play songs but the overall app is really good


When it came to tuning it ceapt saying to low know mater what I did so I hate it so much

- Overall 85%

I like that its easy to learn from but to go forward you have to play money. Im thinkin about paying for it.

- Absolutely abysmal app

As someone who’s put close to 50 hours into this app don’t buy this POS app. Every single lesson takes about an hour longer than it should have simply because the app can’t recognize chords. Horrible I want my money back.

- Terrible quality

The tuner sucks a lot. It is not working it is supposed to be. It also made my guitar sound horrible.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻



- Review

I was exited to learn guitar but I needed to pay to learn which is stupid I hate I well at least I learned something from the app

- It was amazing but

I had to pay for the next lessons, I’m sad as it was helping me so much.

- The tunner is not good

When I was using the tunner it broke 3 of my strings because it was to tight :(

- Money

The app is great, the ui is great, the videos are cool. But it is way too expensive, there should be some sort of option where you don’t pay but you watch ads and get to keep going or something, it’s understandable to have a premium membership, but 180 dollars a month is a bit much, kind of a bummer.

- Disappointed

I was so excited to learn from the app. The ads said specifically, “a FREE guitar learning app.” But, it taught me 3 tabs and ONE chord, then It charged me. Like, NO. I’m not paying 150.99$ a YEAR for a freaking app. No.

Coursera 💡

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Recommend this app to everyone and their brother! 😂👏🏻 This is the most success I have had with learning the guitar! I’ve been toying with it off and on for years but just couldn’t quite get it and would give up. This app is so easy to use and so helpful! I am gliding through these lessons! I love the live feedback that will stop me during a song and make me go back and start again. It’s frustrating as a learner sometimes, but doing it again really helps to nail it down! LOVING this app! I’ve already mastered all the current lessons! Can’t wait for more!!!!

- No song list to just play like simply piano

I’m an intermediate player and got the app to power through some basics and use the song play along feature like in simply piano. I started using the app thought it worked well so I got the year subscription. Then played through all of the lessons in one afternoon. I then realized the lessons stop after only a few cords and a few basic plucking lessons. The app is not ready for launch. No songs to actually challenge. I can’t believe I got suckered into this. There should be a warning that there are only a few ultra simplistic songs available and the lessons are currently only available for the complete beginner. The app might be alright once they have a complete set of lessons going up to advanced and a decent play list of challenging songs. As is its useless to me.

- Love Hate

First the flow and process are A1. I credit this app for making it fun enough for me to learn at 52. It’s truly well executed in so many ways. The cons: it fails to recognize one as many others have stated the notes. I mostly figure heck with it and I try again as it only makes me better. Second: I wish I’d known upfront there weren’t enough lessons to get me past a month or so. If I’d known I would t have paid for the year. And lastly, it could be a cool feature to slow down the last lessons in each. It forces me to play a little faster than I’d like. Again, this app is truly 5 star amazing at its core but it does have a few kinks and for me paying for a year to have maybe a months worth of lessons was the part that annoyed me the most.

- It’s good but not the best

I have recently wanted to play the guitar since I had one but never used it. I downloaded this app and it was really good! I was learning and it was fun for me but.. once I finished the first course it said I had to get a membership. I thought that I would still be able to play but just not unlock the full access, however I was wrong. I can no longer play ANYTHING and I only accessed 1 course so I can’t learn guitar anymore. I get that they are doing this to make money but I think that they should still make some lessons free for people like me who don’t want to pay. I only used this app for a week but besides that problem it’s a really great app!

- Awesome!

I’ve never played before but always wanted to, so I asked for a guitar for Christmas (12 string, I’m ambitious). Since COVID isn’t allowing for in person lessons, I decided to learn as much as I can until they can do them again. So far so good! I’m having a lot of fun learning how to play strings and follow along with songs in the fashion of Guitar Hero. It makes it fun and easy! I hear there are in app purchases, but with how expensive lessons are, this is a bargain in comparison. At the very least, I’ll know the basics before going in which can only help me learn better!


So yesterday I was wondering I know that there is simply piano but I’m not looking to play piano then I saw the simply guitar app and I downloaded it immediately and I did a few lesson and loved it and I realized there is no subscription you have to make! I’m a beginner and I’ve always wanted to learn but we couldn’t find a trainer but now that we are all in quarintine I said to myself when I come out of quarintine I want to be able to play the guitar and I think this app is really helping and going step by step making me redo the wrong things I did I just simply love it

- So Much Money!

Look, I really love this app. It helped me tune the guitar and learn the frets. But, after you learn the first stage, you have to pay a ton of money to continue! A lot! There should have been special things to get when you pay the subscription, but if you didn’t, you can still play. That is what I hate about this app. I also downloaded the Simply Piano, and it wanted me to also pay for the second stage! Creators, great job in making this app, but please lower the cost and let us play the guitar without paying the money. I really like this app, but I would not play it again if i have to pay.

- This app is 👆stars

As you saw this app is three stars you’re probably wondering why well I wanted to play guitar so I got this app but there was one little problem about it or should I say bag well first off when I got this app it was great and I learned how to play many good things about the guitar but when I got to level two I just said I have to be VIP and subscribe and you had to pay money to subscribe so obviously I can’t use this app anymore I could but my mom doesn’t pay money for apps its useless please don’t download this app if you want to play guitar go to a different app don’t pay just for an app and also to anyone who read this have a great day and Peace ✌🏻 👋

- So far So AMAZING

I never leave reviews on apps, but this app has been such an amazing addition to my phone! I have had a guitar lying around in my room since the 8th grade (i’m now a high school senior) but never learned to play it bc of how frustrated it would make me. This program has been SO encouraging and so so rewarding. I spent around 30 minutes on it after download and in those 30 minutes I have learned more than every attempt made over the span of 5 YEARS! THANK YOU SIMPLY GUITAR for making a program that is so easy and nice to learn from. I love this!!!

- I love it! But..

I love this app, it’s really hepful! I’m 11 and I have always wanted to play guitar and with this app I can learn!!!! It’s super easy and very helpful... but u have had a couple bugs... sometimes I can’t figure it out so I start singing, but when I sing if I’m learning a chord or something it will think it’s the guitar and pass me which kinda stinks bc I sing ALOT and I can’t help it. Also i can pass the Em chord because every single time I redo it it just says it wasn’t right or doesn’t even do anything 😭 can someone please help with that, I really love this game but I can’t keep going because I can’t pass it 😔

- Not fare

First I was playing and I realized you can only play the all of lessons if you pay the money which I understand is how you make money on the game but I don’t have the money I’m only an 11 year old kid trying to learn how to play the guitar and I don’t want to ask my mom doesn’t have the money to pay for the lessons. Second the tuner is unbelievably touchy it picks up voice as well, not just the cords of the guitar so when my parents are talking in the background it’s going to pick up their voices as well. Overall I just didn’t have a good time playing because it was extremely hard to play It never picked up the guitar either. I hope that you might be able to help out others if they ever have the situation. I did and I hope you can help me out as well.

- Nice app, one issue

I really like this app. I wanted to learn the guitar and didn’t really know where to start, so I downloaded this app. I like how it’s not paywalling lesson time with a hefty subscription (or maybe it is, but I haven’t practiced that much in one day) unlike some other apps *cough cough* Yousician *cough cough*. Anyways, I found that the app wasn’t very responsive to my E major chord. I had to press down so hard to get it to recognize that I was playing it, that an hour or two later my fingers still hurt if I put pressure on them. TL;DR: I really like this app, doesn’t seem to paywall lesson time, but wasn’t responsive to E major chord.

- I’m only 10 and I am so good already 😍😍I love SimplyGuitar

I’ve had my guitar fit 1 year not doing anything with it and after I got the app I was a little bad but I’ve actually only been playing for two hours and I’m getting better I can’t imagine what I’d do with out SimplyGuitar the only bad thing is that once you finish your first song you have to pay to do the rest and I don’t want to or I don’t want my mom or dad or family to pay for MY guitar lessons I WANTED TO DO THIS I don’t want them to pay so if you don’t want to pay to be good at guitar just ask a family member or friend or go take some lessons✌🏻🤩☺️👌🏻

- Good start

This app worked great for a start. I had never picked up a guitar and it made me feel like I was making progress almost right away. It was fun and engaging enough to keep me coming back. One thing that could be improved is more versions of the songs. Some of the early songs are really great but once you’re past the basics they get really boring. It would be interesting to be able to build on to songs as your skills improve to be able to go from playing a few notes here and there to chords and riffs combined or even whole songs!

- Worked for a month

This app started out great. Fun to practice, lessons progressed gradually, etc. I loved it! Then it stopped recognizing notes and chords. I see many others in the reviews with the same problem. I’ve been working with support but they clearly don’t know what causes this. I keep providing details but they don’t offer any help or suggestions. I have tried everything I can think of, but it simply stopped recognizing my notes even though the tuner works fine. And now I am stuck with a membership I cannot use. Update: still trying to work with support, but little progress. It does recognize my notes sometimes, but only in certain songs, at certain points. Very repeatable and predictable, but very broken still, unfortunately.

- Great app but can be frustrating at times

I downloaded this app to learn guitar like everyone else. It was going smoothly for a while and then I started to run into problems. The first chord you learn is Em or E minor, it’s super simple chord that you have to actually try to play wrong. I started doing the exercises and I knew I was playing the chord right and it was steady telling me it was wrong. I don’t really know how to fix it or make it better but all in all it’s a great app and when you aren’t wanting to throw your phone through a window because of the glitches it’s actually very fun

- App is very bad at recognizing C and Am chords

Recognizing how you’re playing your guitar chords are definitely not this apps best feature; the C and Am chords are the 2 that this app is awful at hearing. No matter how clean you play them, it always seems to make you redo them again, and you’re forced to try to get past it by using other methods like playing the chord from top to bottom, playing each individual string slowly, and strumming the chord continuously a few seconds before you have to play it, instead of just playing the chord normally and moving on. The audio recognition just makes this app frustrating to deal with overall.

- Looks like Yousician has a strong competitor!

This app has a lot of potential! The quirky instructor and audio recognition are a great combo. My only concern is regarding app updates in the future. I would like to keep using this app for months to come, but that would require new lessons and an extensive song library. The current song library is just songs I’ve played in past lessons but nothing more it seems. Please let me know what your future plans are. You guys are doing great so far!

- Promising....

I’m currently doing the trial and there’s a lot to like, but I’m hesitating on spending the money (same price as Fender’s app) because 1) it does seem to insist I’m not playing a note correctly and I’m going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong. From the other reviews I read this seems to be a common issue. I wish there was a way within the app to insist that I played the right thing so that I can move on with my lessons and get the engineers to help figure out why the software isn’t recognizing the notes or chords correctly 2) I’m not sure if they’re serious about keeping this program for the long haul. The app seems unfinished with all the “to be continued” lessons and its social media and marketing presence seems to be nil. Go to Joytunes’ website and there is no mention of the guitar app, just their piano one. They have no Instagram channel etc. I’d hate to spend $89 and then find out that yoink the app is being decommissioned! Caveat emptor

- Okay

Good app to help mold your skills to how you want... until you realize how slow it is. I understand it is to practice the basics for those who are very new like myself, but practicing at such slow speeds won’t help translate to what your endgame might be. Also, terrible frequency reception. 2nd string, 4th fret is pretty much a dead space, doesn’t register that chord. Many times I’ve had good runs on the practice songs just to be stuck on one part for 10 minutes trying to get it to register. Overall, it’s annoying that I’m the one who is trying to learn but has to backtrack because the app can’t register properly. I just want to learn.

- Love it but one minor problem (for me at least).

I have one very minor problem. I was doing pretty good until I got to the “tune all strings” level. The problem I was having was that I wasn’t really sure how hard I should strum the strings to make the app recognize that it’s tuned. This may just be a problem that I’m having. But if anyone else has this problem, please fix it. I notice that it may be hard to do all of the scenes to show you what to do. So maybe you could add text somewhere on the tuning screen so that people will know how hard to strum it.

- It might just be the guitar, buuut

Ok so I want to learn guitar. I see a ton of ads about it and decide to get it. I go threw a bit of it then I get to tuning. I do as it says, I have microphone access on, sound on, and my device close to the guitar. I pluck the string, it says too low, so I turn it. Once again it says to low and stays in the same spot. I completely turn it around but by bit and still is at the same spot. And my guitar is incredibly out of tune, and that might be cause of it. The first string sounds like a dying seagull. The rest of the strings are somewhat decent, but the first string is by far the worst. And I can’t get past it because there is not a skip option. It might be the guitar, or I’m doing something wrong, I just want to put it out there.

- Could be better

I just got the app the other day and I’ve come across a few problems. One of them is that I can’t hear anything and the videos won’t play. My microphone also doesn’t pick up any of the sounds. I’ve emailed the company but they haven’t responded so I hope they see this. I have tried multiple ways of fixing it. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, taking off my case, turning my ringer on and many other things. I do recommend this app because I have used simply piano and it works wonders so I assume this will too. I would like to have feedback and hope the developers tell me how to fix it.-

- Frustrating

I really enjoyed learning guitar on this app at first. I felt like I was starting to actually learn a lot!! Except when I got to the rock legend level it wouldn’t let me pass several times so I had to stop practicing for days hoping it would get fixed. I am now trying to get past the redemption song but it is now telling me I’m doing everything wrong and won’t let me progress at all. I’ve waited for several days hoping it would get fixed but it still hasn’t. I’ve waited a full week. This is very frustrating because I just want to pass this level and learn more but I’m unable to. I am stuck.

- Wow

I’ve been on this app for about twenty minutes and it’s already amazing! I tried other ways of learning but this really teaches me, it something even has easy to understand diagrams that I can take notes of, my only complaint would be that sometimes as your moving your finger to a fret it counts it as a note but this app is fun and easy and I love love love love loveee it! I honestly thought the ads for it were making it seem better than it is but the ads are an understatement of how good this app is.

- Great in till $

This app was great it was teaching me a lot of how to play an guitar it was really fun then when I finished the song smoke under water I saw a video of my progress them went on the next one and it said I have to money Monthly of yearly and I am only 9 years old I don’t have that type of money and I really thought it won’t make me bored during these times but I guess I have nothing to and I hope you guys fox it cause not everybody has money specially kids and really like guitars and the reading is bad it won’t read my notes and it gets on my nerves please fix it and I just tried love story and it’s not reading my notes

- Great then bad

This app was really good, I’ve been taking guitar lessons for a year now and I thought I download this app to remind myself of the basics, it was going really good until the end of the first lesson, at the end of the first lesson I wanted to play we will rock you and it was going to make me sign up for this thing called premium, it was so expensive! I would love this app if only you didn’t have to sign up for premium and if you could have access to most things without it. The only time I would recommend this app as for someone who is willing to pay their very expensive price for premium. I get that y’all have to make money but seriously why so expensive!

- Great app but needs some work

This app is a great app for learning guitar, however where are some things that still need to be improved. An example of this is cords. When I play a wrong cord ex. A9 instead of AM the app won’t tell me that I got it correct. Also I think it would be nice if they added a section for beginners to learn how hard to press on strings and how the fingers are supposed to look on a string. But overall great app. I’m on my first week and already know so much about the guitar. Thank you

- Not Useful Yet

As others have already pointed out, the app doesn’t recognize correct chords and notes. It’s extremely frustrating. The app itself is great and the learning setup is fantastic. However, it simply doesn’t (yet) work. The issue seems to stem from the fact that it’s confusing itself while music is playing through the app. When no music is playing (during the lesson), it recognizes the chords and notes, but once the accompanying music starts, the app fails to recognize notes. I subscribed for a three month plan thinking it would be similar to the piano version, but that’s simply not the case. Piano version is flawless, this one is far from it.

- It’s nice??...

I like the app overall but, there is one thing it’s not that great on hearing it that much cause sometimes I would play the right note or chord but then it would mark it wrong and I finished the whole thing cause I loved it but now it doesn’t let me play it the last song I got to play was “someone I used to know” and it keeps on saying to stay tuned but I don’t have enough money to get the full version but I think this app is amazing and good because it’s helpful it showed me so much on the guitar but now I can’t learn any more...😭😭🙁☹️😩🥺😤😡

- Minor issues and not enough content

This app is good. Really good. It has really helped me learn, the songs are fun, the videos are great and encouraging. However, as of right now the amount of content is somewhat limited. I want to be able to use my subscription to its fullest. I’m aware more is coming soon. Also, I personally have been having some issues in particular with the third fret of string one. It seems to have very poor not recognition. Perhaps it’s the guitar, or maybe it’s me, but I haven’t had the issue with any other note and it is quite persistent.

- Good but lacks content at the moment

I’ve used Simply Piano, so when I started guitar I decided to use Simply Guitar. It is a great app for learning guitar, but I went through all of the lessons in less than 2 weeks. Had I known that there were so few courses I would of done a shorter subscription. They tease more lessons to come. Not sure how long that will take. Simply Piano has a lot of courses and songs to choose from. I liked the instructor. The lesson video portions were entertaining. Get the app only if you are brand new to guitar, but do it for one month for now. I’ll update my review if I see a lot of content updated.


I’m 17 from New York and always wanted to play the guitar, so because of the pandemic I decided to pull trigger and buy an acoustic guitar. In my opinion the app is really fun and informative and teaches you the basics of playing guitar and as a newbie I really enjoy the app, definitely worth the price. The only thing is I would like there to be an app just like this but for electric guitar 🎸 6-7string. You guyz should definitely get on that. Another suggestion would be to add a email so we can send song suggestions to learn.

- Best App Ever

This is good when u are a beginner but if your age is below 13, I would prefer u to do it with a parent or someone older than. But it is good to use. Though there are some bad moments when u want to give up but don’t the app lets u have breaks but u can get back in and it stay where u were playing. I have never had a app that has work perfectly for me for me to play the guitar by myself without a adult to tell me what I’m doing wrong the app just tells u what u are doing wrong and it helps u.

- Ah yes I love unlocking things that I have to pay for...

You get three lessons and that’s it. You can’t play any songs without paying and you can’t go on with lessons 4 and above without money... in 15 and don’t have a job. Not everyone’s parents just GIVE money to their kid because they ask for it and I don’t get paid to do stuff around the house. So if your a kid that’s trying to make a name of yourself so later in the future you family won’t work themselves half to death to give their kid some food than give up now on this app. Sorry if my rating seems harsh but I’m trying to give myself a start and everything I’ve tried demands money that I don’t have.

- Love it but...

I love this app I always like to play some kind of instrument and the one instrument I can’t do is guitar so when I say the piano one I thought i wish there was one for Guitar. Then I saw the ad and I rushed to the App Store. I began to do the first lessons and I was learning so fast. Then came frets i would do it perfectly and it would say it was wrong I began to doubt I would be able to pass the lesson and I still have not. Great app but please make sure it hears it right Keep working on this though it’s a amazing app.

- Terrible Experience

I loved the app simply piano and wanted to learn guitar so I got this app. When I went to use it it had me do the basic introduction that went fine, until the last step was to tune, it wasn’t responding, I made sure that my microphone worked, I made sure that the app had acesss to the microphone and it still wouldn’t work. I tried several other microphones and continued to have the problem. Please help if you have experienced this problem before.

- I am a little frustrated but it is still early

The first few lessons seemed pretty easy. I try to spend at least 15 minutes each time I practice, so far about 5-6 days/week. So it has only been 2 weeks, and my fingers are sore. I have been told to try an electric guitar which has smaller strings. I have also been told that they will become calloused over time. The app is great. My only complaint is that the feedback lacks a certain fidelity. I repeat some exercises over and over again, sometimes barely able to play it correctly, but without a person seeing what I am doing, it can be difficult to know what to change. It can take a heck of a lot of trials before I figure out what I am doing wrong. A live instructor could probably provide feedback to facilitate quicker learning. I am 49 years old, and just learning how to play. My wife is trying the Simply Piano app too.

- False advertising

I’ve had a guitar for over 9 years and I’ve never been able to play no matter how many times I try. I saw the ads that said once you know four chords you can learn to play hundreds of songs. It listens to you and gives you real time feedback, even better it’s free. The ad lied. I got through the first lesson and felt great. It was easy and very helpful. Maybe this will be the time I learn. One problem, it’s not free. Once you get past the first lesson, you have to pay for a subscription to access the rest of the content. Unfortunately this app will be deleted. If I had the money to pay for this subscription, I would have paid for real guitar lessons years ago.

- Cash grab

I rated this five stars so people would see this review instead of it being hidden among the bots... Honestly this app made me feel like I don’t want to play guitar I don’t have hundreds of dollars to play a few cords and maybe give people a lot more free access instead of blocking after the first lesson and making you pay to play the second lesson like No I’m not paying you hundreds of dollars to strum please change the app or don’t be here

- So so

I am a professional guitarist that has played for years and has the top-of-the-line equipment I just did this app because I wanted to see if it would be good for my son to learn but it feels to pick up the sixth string on the guitar for people who don’t know that is a thick string even if it is played perfectly it just keeps failing to pick it up and does not look good because my guitar and it’s damp a very loud it Hass to be the app because it also can’t be audio issues I have the newest phone so I really want to make this app work but could someone please work on the audio

- it’s a good app but it doesn’t listen

it’s a really good app but when I kept trying to play cord 1 it kept saying I was wrong I may be using the wrong term but you get what I’m saying. It made me very frustrated. I knew I was doing it right because I would do it and it would say I did it right but then I would go to the next one and it wouldn’t hear me it took me like 2 minutes for it to hear me but then we get to the practice song and it’s not hearing me. It’s very frustrating. And I have only had this app for like 20 minutes.

- What??

I went on this app because it was recommended to me various times. I created an account and got myself started. I get to the page where you can do lessons. And I can’t can’t even get to do ONE lesson without paying. For 3 months it’s already $60!! I find this completely outrageous. It’s already expensive enough buying a guitar and you want us to play more?! Nobody would want to pay SO MUCH money just for 3 months. Sure a lot of things can be learned in 3 months but it’s definitely not worth it if you have to pay $20 dollars a month. Completely disappointed in the Simply brand. All your apps are like this. Good day, foolish dogs of a brand🤬. I’ll never come back!

- Love the app, have some ideas!!!!

I’ve loved playing with JoyTunes on the piano and I payed a full membership, so when I decided to learn guitar I went straight to JoyTunes to get the app. I loved learning to play the guitar!!! I just think that you should have a way to join the memberships so you don’t have to pay for two. I’m already done with the free version so I’m not going to use the app for a while. Other then that I love JoyTunes it’s a great way to learn a instrument!! Keep doing a great job!!!!!

- App was great when I first started but...

I’ve gotten to the point where when I play a certain note Em7 it won’t pick up that I’ve played the note and I literally can’t continue with that lesson, I’ll play the incorrect note and it will some times pass as Em7 but not enough to pass the lesson. Another side note(pun intended), me just talking will pass as notes, same with just wrong notes. But when the teacher is telling me I’m doing something wrong even tho I’m 100% right is bad teaching and vice versa. Just to add, the guitar was in tune, I tuned it 5 times just to make sure it wasn’t that, it’s just not picking up the audio or it’s bugged.

- A bit of a problem

I get to practice notes , tabs and fingering and play a long with some good songs but with a couple of problems. It seem not to be able to identify when you strum a note very well so sometimes spend lots of time strumming the same not over and over and so when it is time to play a song a long there is no learning speed and when you miss a note it restart almost the whole thing instead of giving you another change to hit the right one and keep going from where you are at

- Beginners App

App is ok if it’s your first go at guitar, otherwise it’s one or two star as app is in development and has a lonnnnng way to go. There’s not enough content to warrant any type of subscription at this point. Plowed through lead guitar in under two hours and only for the fact of load times and gimmick segways between sections. Tabs for songs for lead or chords is rather nonexistent. It needs an exponentially bigger database, probably copyrights are an issue? Should have complete tabs for each basic “style” building into each song with increased tempo and fingering difficulty. At least classical could be done for sure.

- It ok

I really enjoyed the app I spent sooo much time on it and loved it but the thing is you have to make a payment for the chords lesson and I guess the other lessons which I did not want to pay and I was sad because I was looking forward to learning chords. I like all of the other features I just wanted to see more but I like how in the beginning you asked what type of musician we were if the person was more experienced or just picked up the guitar I was a total beginner and I learned a little bit more overall great app

- Good at first

For the first day that I used this app it worked really well! It helped me learn the basics of guitar playing, and had a neat, easy to use layout. However the next day when I went to use this app I got to playing Am and E chords; when I got to this lesson, the app wouldn't pick up the chords. I was playing correctly, but the app marked them incorrect. I spent an hour trying to get through “Sunshine of Your Love”. I found this very aggravating. Looking through the reviews I realized that other people with iPhone X phones had the same problem. I love this app but would love if this bug could be fixed in order to move on. Thank You!

- Regret

I regret singing up for a full year. The idea is great (hence the two starts), but practically this is not working. No matter how many times I tune the guitar, it will fault me for not playing the correct chord when I know for a fact I do. Very frustrating. After a month I dropped the rating to one star (should be zero), since the sheer lack of response from the developer on any help. No matter how many times I try, this app fails to pick up the sound consistently, even single string, let alone chords. Paid $100 for a full year, pretty much could have grown it on a trash can, and ended up being less frustrating and disappointed. Be careful what you get yourself into.

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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes 3.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes iphone images

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes (Version 3.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Simply Guitar by JoyTunes was published in the category Education on 2020-01-26 and was developed by JoyTunes [Developer ID: 492065449]. This application file size is 193.07 MB. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes - Education app posted on 2020-12-20 current version is 3.0.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.joytunes.SimplyGuitar

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