NatureID: Plant Identification

NatureID: Plant Identification [Education] App Description & Overview

Need a smart assistant that will help you take care of your plants?

Search no more.
NatureID has got your back!

What is NatureID?

► Plant identifier
Recognize over 10,000 plants.

Try taking a picture of a tree in the park and recognize it with our app. You won’t be able to stop. With our extensive database, you can identify any plant you come across and impress your friends on your next walk in the park.

► Plant doctor
Identify diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant.

No matter how hard you try, your plants may get sick. Don’t ignore early symptoms and try to recognize the disease your plant is suffering from. It will give you the idea about how severe the problem is and accelerate your plant’s recovery.

► Plant care guide
Learn how to make your plants thrive.

You get a gorgeous-looking flowering plant for your birthday. But in a few weeks, it starts giving you signals that it doesn’t feel comfortable. How often has it happened to you? For your plant not to die, you have to know how much water, light, and fertilizer it needs to stay healthy. NatureID stores all the information in one place.

► Plant journal
Get timely reminders and don’t let your plant wither.

Keeping all care recommendations in your head at once is quite a challenging task. Set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules right in the app – and see your plants thrive.

► Plant encyclopedia
Read insightful articles every day and discover the diversity of the world’s flora.

Did you know what plant grows the fastest? Or what flower was at some point in history more valuable than gold? Knowledge is power. With NatureID’s comprehensive plant descriptions and entertaining insights, you will wield this power.

Get NatureID and embark on the journey to becoming a true nature expert today. Everything you need is one tap away!

Subscribe to NatureID Premium to get unlimited access to all the app’s features:
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, or annually at the rate depending on the subscription plan.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

For any questions or inquiries, please use our customer support form at

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NatureID: Plant Identification Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dear plant fanciers! Now that you’ve fully explored our entertaining features, it’s time you got down to serious business. And NatureID is always here to help you out: – We've added a seasonal watering calendar for you not to waterlog or overdry your plant. – In the new version, you’ll get access to expanded plant descriptions – become an expert in fertilizing, repotting, and creating ideal conditions for your plant’s growth! – We’ve uploaded tutorial videos – watch them to check out plant care tips. – We've labelled all our plants – badges you’ll see in descriptions will tell you whether this or that plant is toxic or medicinal (convenient, isn’t it?). – On top of it all, the new version will aesthetically please you with its improved design. Turn your house into a tropical jungle with NatureID. And tell your friends about us so that they also could take the green side. Sincerely yours, NatureID team

NatureID: Plant Identification Comments & Reviews

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- Umm soo i accidently bought this plant app !

Ok soo umm ... Ummm soo i accidently bought this plant app i saw on facebook i clicked the button and it popped up the plant app on my apple phone store page thing any who i accidently layed my finger on the home buttun which automatically paid for the plant app 🙀sooo i guess ill hav ti try it out n see wut it can do Lol ! story of my life !

- Has not been too helpful for the price.

First be weary. If you do not exit the 3day free trial it has you set for the annual premium of 50+ dollars. I’m stuck with it for a year and 50 dollars drained. There goes my food budget for the week. Ramen and PB&js for me. Yikes. I digress.... Leaf snap, a free app, has been a bit more accurate than this one. Plant Photos I had uploaded shells out approximately 12 suggestions. Basically identifying the family but not the type. I already know it’s an oak, but is it a Laural or live? I know it’s a night shade, but there are several species. So which is the one that is in my hand? Get it. So my mistake for not closing out the subscription soon enough. Suggestion: go to an ad based revenue where local nurseries can have advertised specials they host through your app and based off user locations with push notifications.

- Useless

You can take 1 photo total before it FORCES you to sign up for a free trial, or simply pay. That’s absolute nonsense and ultimately makes the app entirely useless. Who in their right mind is paying $60 a year or $8 a month to identify pets and plants? Honestly if you’re that into plants, they have books and plenty other free databases you can use for identification. This is overpriced useless nonsense. Honestly, the only reason why I wanted to take a second photo was because the first time I tried with my cat it gave me breeds that were not accurate at all. I read the descriptions and each one had specific characteristics my cat did not have. For example, the first breed match must have blue eyes, my cats are clearly yellow in the photo. The second breed match had “space between the eyes the same width as the eyes,” the space between my cats eyes are further than this. So on and so forth, my point is this app is USELESS! Do not install!!

- Eh needs work

I saw this app in a add and it looked very useful because we have a lot of plants and some of which are dying and we can not figure out why. So I decided to download it. After downloading it would not let me into the actual app unless I payed for a years worth of this app ($60). Yea ok Barbra, that ain’t happening, I deleted the app a minute later and went to the reviews to see if it was just a bug because I expected a little more from a app that had 4 stars. Nope that was no bug and I later learned that I had escaped a scam just in time for other people actually got tricked in to paying for it for a whole year. This is not a good app and it needs to give you a longer amount of time for a trial and not trick you into paying $60 dollars. I also have the question of this: the only reviews so far that I have seen are 1 star reviews so how does it have 4?

- Weird

Wanted to identify one plant and it showed a picture that looked like it could be the plant. When I click learn more it gave me a bunch of weird definitions for the name? Like ‘there is a river with this name’, ‘there is a prophet with this name’, ‘there is a village with this name’, ‘there is a character in winx club with this name’.. like who cares? I wanted to know about the plant not the name. Not sure why someone would pay for this app. When I searched for a plant identification app this one popped up and it seemed like it also included a care guide but it didn’t give me any such information. How do cat and dog breeds have anything to do with plants as well? Weird. Deleting the app. So glad I didn’t get swindled out of money like some other reviewers.

- Seems like a huge gamble.

I tried it out with my Vizsla. App thought she was a mushroom. I clicked that, no, she is actually a dog. It gave a list of common breeds, all that I can recognize easily without an app (seriously: poodle, French bulldog, husky level of common breeds), but none of which was a Vizsla. I thought I’d give one more chance by putting in a variety of photos, but after going to the trouble of uploading, it didn’t allow me to even see the results without agreeing to the trial period after which I need to go into Apple settings to cancel or be charged for an app that can’t even tell a dog from a fungi. No thank you. Probably should give a bit more risk free of a trial if they want me to bother with cancellation.


I downloaded this for a one time use today because a coworker asked me what kind of plant was in our office. Unsure of the answer, I decided to see what I could do to figure it out for her. So here I am, down $59, out my bank account in the hole, and will most likely be charged an overdraft fee all because they claimed it was a 3 day free trial and I was charged for a year long subscription. I had the app for no more than 30 minutes and cancelled my subscription through the Apple settings and then deleted the app. Come to find out I had already been charged and after speaking with Apple support, it doesn’t look like they’ll be refunding me. YALL COULD HAVE AT LEAST CHARGED FOR A 7 DAY TRIAL INSTEAD OF A YEAR. BUNCH OF CON-ARTISTS.

- No

So I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of dog I have. Seen this app and gave it a try. My dog went from being a Musa, a Suillus Luteus, Platycerium Bifurcatum, etc (those are plants/fungi btw), to a chihuahua, a French bulldog, a pug, a poodle, an Irish wolfhound, etc. So, you take a picture under the dog setting, it gives you a plant. Then you click on not a plant and it wants you to choose whether it’s a cat or dog (it should know, right?) and then it gives you a hundred different breeds wanting you to learn what it may/could be. This app could have potential, but it’s far from it. If you’re trying to figure out what’s poison ivy/oak, stay away from this app and use google.

- Paid $60 for something I used 5/6 times

I was unaware that I would be charged so much money , it doesn’t seem like a lot but I have been tight on money since you know(the pandemic and all) I saw someone else had this problem, and I tagged along emailing support as well to see what could be done, but no message back. Please get back to me. The app works well, but I don’t have much use for it, I would just like my money back so I can keep on keeping on. Thank you for

- Do Not Agee To the “Free” Subscription but if you did

I gave it Five Stars just so you can see but we only wanted to use it once. It automatically subscribed you to the ANNUAL payment for $50. So to save the majority of that mistake, go to settings on your iPhone. Search Subscriptions. And change your subscription to Weekly for $7.99. THEN cancel. This will mean they will refund you $42. Major sure to CANCEL in red immediately and you won’t be stuck with a yearly subscription. Do not cancel the yearly subscription first. Sign up for weekly, get the return. THEN cancel weekly so you are only charged for a week instead of a year subscription. Easiest solution to the problem.

- Free Trial, cancel anytime you want???

Not true! I downloaded this app when I needed to identify a plant for a friend. It said 9.99 a month cancel anytime you want. So I thought ok, I’ll keep one month and see how much I actually use it to determine if I cancel it or not...then I got an email confirming my subscription and $60 charge!!! BOOM! I tried asking for a refund from Apple but they refused. I guess I thought it was a monthly charge! I hope I use it but for now I’m a bit upset!

- It’s not free

The app overall is cool and nice but don’t download this app unless you plan on spending money on it. The app is free but to use it is $60/year. I really hate app like this. After a few scan the app become useless if you don’t plan on spending money. I’m stuck with this year plan that I don’t really need or have use for, and $60 gone. I deleted the app and guess what? I still got charged anyways, charging me for something I not using is ridiculous. I want a refund


I downloaded the free trial to test this out. Nowhere in the sign up/download process do they make clear of when your free trial expires and when you will be charged. In the terms and conditions, it states that the customer has the option of multiple billing frequencies but the app AUTOMATICALLY put me on an annual plan and charged me an outrageous amount. I never had the option to select a different subscription plan and they are now completely non-responsive. Do not purchase unless you want to be opted into an annual plan.

- Before careful of trials and this app in general

I Wanted to check the app out, see hownur work, accuracy etc, didn’t want to purchase anything yet. Trying to move forward and remove pop up and click button for $ purchase of this app. (I admit my mistake for clicking the wrong button) something I definitely did NOT want to do. I emailed them through “contact us” area about the mistake, haven’t heard nothing from them and stuck wit a app that is not accurate, not worth purchase.

- False advertising and no customer service

I downloaded this app after they falsely advertised on Instagram that it also works for pet breeds. After starting the free trial and realizing it was just for plants I tried to cancel but couldn’t through the app. I contacted “app support” saying I wanted my trial cancelled and not to subscribe and got no response. I then got charged $60 even though I had already removed the app from my phone. I have since tried contacting them twice to get a refund and have heard nothing. S C A M

- Frustrated

I was excited, at first when I started the free 3 day trial. But, on the second day,disillusioned, I attempted to cancel and could not locate the cancel area/tab. So I sent a message to “contact us.” I asked to cancel, but got no response! On the day after my 24 hour time limit-to cancel, I easily found the cancel tab. I may have to deal with this through my Bank!

- Not ready for prime time

I think the identifying function is a fantastic idea, but it has to work. I had several houseplants that kept on timing out after taking a picture of it.I’ve downloaded a few other apps that identified all plants quickly and seamlessly. I may try to see again down the line when they have things ironed out.

- Hearing crickets

I’ve been trying to cancel this since I tried it and when I saw the price. But they don’t give you convenient or easy way to cancel. It’s been three days and haven’t heard one word. Sent two messages and will be sending another. So now I’ve just been charged the full amount and have to deal with talking to the bank to take off my overdraft fee. Yay! Wouldn’t recommend this app at all. It had some interesting things but not worth the price or the hassle.

- Stupid expensive

They are really crazy to try to charge $60 for the apps. Just put on a few ads as the system loads. Let people watch a 10-20 second ad. Then you would make .50 - $1.50 per picture uploaded. Still cant find the exact tree type this is. Some type of oak. Leaf doesn't match any pictures they have listed.

- Dumb

Took a picture of a chihuahua it thought it was either a French Bulldog or an Irish Wolfhound. How that’s even remotely accurate is beyond me. Canceled it a minute after getting the trial, because I could plainly see how inaccurate it was. When I went to cancel it had it automatically set up for an annual cost of $60 for a year. In the app it makes it seem like it’s $3.99 a month and that it is month by month. You do you app, but this is some shady business practice.

- Great and another thing..

This really does work. But after I did it for all my dogs. I just looked at all the cute animals. Recommend if u just want some wholesomeness and wanna look at the cute little cats and dogs! 😊

- Requires a subscription

I could only upload 2 pictures from my gallery to scan my dog with the limited version before it started pushing me to upgrade to the $60/year premium version and won’t let me do anything without it. In the 2 uploads I did, I was really just curious to see how well the app actually worked, and it thinks my dachshund is an Irish wolfhound. Quite the significant different there, I feel like it just throws out guesses of random breeds.


Don’t bother. I tried it on three animals and 3 plants. It was correct on two plants and said my collie was a bobtail. I emailed them asking how to cancel. ZERO response. I had to go through a bit of trouble to cancel and when I finally found it I saw it was the yearly subscription they had signed me up for. Basically you will be paying for them to test an app that can’t recognize a standard breed. On a fun note it said my husband is a pug and I’m a bird of paradise plant. 🤣

- No response

I would not recommend this app purely because of the lack of response from the support team. I, too, am one of the idiots that failed to cancel before the three-day trial ended when all I was trying to do was answer my four-year-old daughter’s question about what kind of plant was in our back yard - Google was fairly unhelpful. I’ve messaged support a total of four times, and I have not received a single response.

- Modal Popover Hellscape

Hits you with a popover requesting you to pay for the premium app every time you take a picture. Gives you the option to continue in standard mode in very small text, and when you tap on that it forgets the photo you took. It’s a useless extortion feedback loop that ends only when you give them your credit card information. (For a recurring fee!) I don’t recommend this unless you like pain.

- Wrong

Everything I tried to scan was wrong. App said my pure bred golden retriever with papers is a borzoi. Golden wasn’t even on the list. My large mutt was also shown as a pug. Now I don’t know what this dog is but I know pug is not part of it. Also roses are not lilacs. Now I understand that it can’t be 100% accurate as it’s just pictures but when simple things like roses and a golden retriever are not recognized there is no reason that this should be a paid for app. Bad purchase.

- I don’t even know anymore

Like it’s a good app but every time I just wanna know the kind of plant that I have something saying *buy trail* like no I don’t want to buy it I just want to see... this stressed me out honestly... like if a person is trying to find what kind of plant they have plz plz plz don’t make the “trail” pop up like hundred of times :/ at this point I could just go use another app :(

- Fun and easy

The app is really easy to use and sort of fun for me take pic and the it will give few options and pic it and has tons of info

- Goes right to $50 a year

I really don’t wanna house all this. Do you have to circumvent not paying $50 a year. It goes straight to that there’s a choice. I don’t mind paying for an out but that’s not really a trial it’s a trial that if you make a mistake you end up paying 50 bucks regardless of the quality. I would say since they are not really upfront or honest I’m not really gonna bother to trust them for anything. Deleting.

- Be Aware Subscription Scam

1. It's not a 3 day free trial it's only 2 days. You need to cancel it 24 hours prior the end of the trial. 2.Email them twice about how to cancel my subscription and no answer from costumer service. The app is not bad but couldn't trusted. The add developer is clearly trying to deceive their costumer by not stating clear how their subscription works. No costumer support answering emails, how do they expect me to trust them with my hard earned money.

- Got ripped off

The app says it’s a 3-day free trial (I toggled that TRIAL option “on” at the very first screen) and when the app didn’t function how I hoped, I went to delete it THE SAME DAY only to see that it had already charged me a full year’s subscription. I wouldn’t even bother trying it out for the shorter subscription price because they might just charge you the whole year ($60!) not worth it. Find a better app.

- This is overcharging customers

I downloaded this app for the intention of using it for about 10 minutes, and then the app charged me 59 dollars over a three-day free trial. The app isn’t even that accurate compared to others. They give you 10-20 answers after the scan, all very different to one another. If you plan to have a vague scan cost you 59 dollars, go ahead, but don’t download this app otherwise.

- Inaccurate

I didn’t even try to see if the other features worked I’ve used plant snap to identify plants before and it worked I was interested in the dog Id I know the main breed just curious what an algorithm thought. My dog is a Rottweiler mix with traditional Black and Tan colorings and the app is saying she’s a husky or a malamute or an Irish wolfhound none of which are even remotely close tried multiple photos from different angles and wasn’t impressed.

- Unusable

The free trial is completely useless. Once you snap a picture it makes you watch a video that you can never exit out of before identifying the plant. I’ve tried it 5 times and each time it gets stuck with no way out unless I close out the entire app. Useless. I can’t even test it to see if the paid version is worth it. I’m deleting off my phone immediately.

- I’m confused

I’m using the free limited version because I am NOT paying for this, I have bills to pay, but I wanted to identify a cat. So what’s the point of this when you get multiple breeds? Which one is it? I tried again using same picture and got another set of breeds. Now I can’t use it at all unless I pay. When they say limited, they mean limited. Nothing is free these days, especially for us poor people

- It’s not really free.

To purchase the app is free but when you take a pic of the plant, you get a pop up that wants you to pay a subscription fee in order to identify it. Even if you click the “continue with limited version”, you are brought back to the “take a photo screen” to start over. Once you take the photo again, you get the pop up and never get to see the plants name.

- Too much money

I mean to be serious right now, I don’t like this app. This app is too much money for me, I have enough but when I take a picture this free trial thing pops up once I take a picture and it’s very annoying most of the time, I can’t look at what species my cat even is, this is too much money and I don’t like this spamming trial it’s so annoying, I’m pretty sure there’s no point of adding that anyway.

- No thanks...

Ads are intrusive; completely over the top. Clearly pushing the user to purchase the “premium” version...why bother offering a “free” version of the app in the first place if the ads render it largely useless? That said, if you can read and digest the information in the split second before the ad obliterates it, it does ID plants from the photo snapped by the user.

- Horrible

DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY I’m not sure who would even think in their right minds this is worth 50$. I tried it on my dog that is a German shepherd and said she was a pug. Definitely not accurate what so ever considering I have a 80lb dog. Tried taking multiple different pictures of her gave me a different small dog every time. decided to try a plant since the dog doesn’t work and it said my aloe plant was something else as well.

- Didn’t ID my plant.

After downloading the app didn’t even ID my plant. I tried to cancel the subscription the same day 10 minutes later. No reply it’s day three & I think they’ll trying to hit me with the fee for a year subscription for a app that didn’t even work for me. Don’t even think about downloading this app unless you want to waste your money and time.

- Great app

I got a bunch of free plants on Craigslist and the owners didn’t tell me what kind they were so that I could water them correctly. I used this app and it really helped me out

- Awful part 2

I got a developer’s response about you can use it with Limits but it’s a lie cuz you can not use this app with limitations because it only let me use one photo then it forces me to buy it with premium version I do not recommend this at all unless you want to buy the premium. But if I get another response please leave me a number I can call to talk to a representative.

- This app is a crock

So I downloaded this app and started the 3 day trial. I decided to test out on my dog, just to see how accurate the app is. Now my dog is a jack russel terrier. Medium sized dog about 19 pounds. This app told me he was a husky, a pug, a chihuahua, and everything in between excluding what he actually is. In fact they didn’t even have any kind of terrier as a possibility. Be careful using this app as it definitely isn’t accurate.


Why is free to download but costs money to use? Might as well charge money for the app. Seems like a cool app but it’s honestly such a waste of time to download an app just to be unable to do anything with it at all! And no, i will not do a free three day trial 🥴 Y’all are goofy for trying to charge $10 for an app that most likely won’t be used everyday

- Money trap, not even trying

I honestly didn’t even try the app. When you first open it you’re offered a free trial then $59/year after, if you skip the trial and pay right away it says it’s only $49/year. If these people can’t even pay enough attention to get their pricing right, doesn’t seem promising for making a complicated plant and animal identification app.

- Why don’t you just make it not free

I know that you want more views but why don’t you just make an app that’s not free and be done with it. Also the reason why I’m saying this is because when I opened it, the only thing I could or see was a sign up for a subscription. I could not exit out of it.

- This app is useless

I tried identifying some plants for a project for my biology class, and none of the answers were even remotely close. I even tried identifying a plant that I had grown from a seed and it told me it was a Venus fly trap. 0/10 do not get this app (also heed all the other reviews saying it scams you out of $60. It’s not even worth a dollar, let alone a subscription)

- Absolute nonsense

Do not get this app it’s charged you 50$ to get it there’s a three day free trial but honestly who would ever want to pay 50$ for a plant name honestly there are so many other ways to find the type of plant instead of paying 50$ I just wanted to know the name of one plant and it’s telling me to buy it no I do not want to but this app that’s charging 50 dollars! Absolute nonsense!


It says it’s free but you download it and only get a 3 day free trial but if you actually put in your credit card info just to get the 3 days, when it’s over it takes $50 from your card. I didn’t use it but my friend did and it’s just a scam, it doesn’t even work that well if you actually want to pay $50 to identify a plant. Just use google pics

- They make you buy a subscription

I would love this app, but the minute you try to use the “limited version” they make you sign up for a very expensive subscription. If you click on the “stay with limited version” you lose the results for identification. TLDR: This app isn’t “free”. In order to use this you have to buy the subscription.

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- How do you cancel subscription??

I’ve been looking how to cancel my subscription after testing this app out and I couldn’t find out how and all of a sudden $96 was taken out my account. Is there a way this can be refunded? I think I’m still on the 3 day trial period? Was a great app - just don’t need it myself - thanks. Michael

- Not happy, avoid this app

I have tried to use this app to identify numerous plants and not once has it given me an accurate answer. Not only is it inaccurate they automatically charged me for a 12 month subscription at the highest option $94. I had downloaded it to try and used it once and the next thing I know they have charged me for a 12 month subscription. Dear Scammers, in reference to your response - you haven’t addressed anyone’s comments about the app not working!!!! Other apps make it very obvious that you are reaching the end of a free prescription period. I haven’t come across one that can be downloaded without payment and within 24 hours you receive a $94 subscription fee. I didn’t even get a chance to try it before I was charged.

- Shaddy scam app to get people to sign up unkowingly to a pricey subscription

First of all, this app doesn’t really give a very accurate reading, you’re probably better off searching on Google. I wasn’t going to write a review but I wanted to warn potential users that the app automatically pops up with subscription options (which are big colorful buttons) it appears as those are the only things to click to move forward, but clicking these will charge you for a subscription (even though the second one touches on a free trial). At the very bottom it says in super small font “continue using free trial”, click that or you’ll be charged.

- Failed on 2 out 3 test plants.

Free version was tried and while it seemed to find similar plants it didn’t really detect 2 out of 3 of the plants in garden. Not bad app but didn’t really work.

- Money Hungry.

The app won’t even let you read which plant you’ve identified before asking you to upgrade to the premium version and the moment you opt to maintain your free version you lose the plant you’ve just identified (not stored in your history either). I repeated this process 5 times before deleting the app. I understand getting what you pay for, but there are numerous other FREE apps that actually provide what this app claims to. Don’t bother.

- Auto download after trial without approval

This app automatically downloaded without gaining my explicit approval. I only found out when reviewing my credit card expenses. I also can’t find out how to ensure it doesn’t automatically renew after 12-months. Developers, could you please let me know how to cancel my subscription to prevent automatic renewal but allow me to use for 12-months that I have paid for?

- No options for unpaid version

The app won’t work unless you pay the monthly payments which is ridiculous you can’t even get a feel for the app without paying

- App doesn’t work at all, absolute POS.

You can take photos of dogs but it simply does not. Same with the plants, always gets it wrong. The app is total garbage and they have the nerve to want to charge you for a subscription? Lol, hell no.

- Couldn’t Cancel

The app doesn’t seem to be reliable, scanned the plants which I already knew the name & it keeps showing different names. I don’t see option to cancel my trial subscription.

- One of the worst

Will allow you to take a picture, loads for a long time, then drops out & the app automatically closes. Can’t even recognise a simple daisy?! Don’t waste your money!!

- I didn’t want to give it 1 star

It doesn’t know what the different between a cat and dog is. Let alone any plant you come across. Terrible app. Can’t believe they ask money for it 👎

- Do NOT purchase this app - you won’t be able to cancel the subscription

Do NOT purchase this app - you won’t be able to cancel the subscription

- Don’t recommend

Most useless app ever! Kept telling me to try again and couldn’t recognise the plant I was trying to get information for.

- Not good

The app constantly gets the plant wrong and won’t let me identify unless I do premium. How are you meant to try it when all you get is the ad for premium?

- Doesn’t give correct species

3 out of 4 identifying attempts were incorrect and it doesn’t give several other possibilities


Emailed the company to cancel my subscription within 4hrs of downloading, well before the 3 day free trial ended, was still charged the annual fee despite this! Have now sent 3 emails regarding g a refund with no reply!! Total scam

- Nice app run by thieves

Don’t download. This app is useful, however they do not respond to any correspondence and will just take money off you regardless wherhet you cancel or not

- Scam

Don’t buy this app. It doesn’t work. At all! Can’t even tell what a freaking rose is! And you can’t cancel the ridiculous subscription price AU$90! I want a refund.

- Disappointed

Nothing of my expected! Should have no rating at all

- Cancel subscription in settings

What a load of **** have to email them to cancel subscription. Will teport to apple

- Why?

I just wanted to find out what some cool plants were but I can’t buy groceries for the next week.

- Worst app ever

Totally useless decided to test it out using my mums cat and cousins dog came up with totally wrong identifiers far from being close

- Cancelled

Hope you don’t charge me cause now I cancelled my subscription before 24 hours ,thanks

- Error

App doesn’t work at all. Keeps giving an error message.

- This plant ap is no good

I’ve taken photos of plants that I know the name of and it’s been wrong every time. I’d like to opt out of the program.

- Doesn’t work

I took a photo of my dog and it came up saying it was a plant and then a cat. I selected dog and then it said my dog was not the breed it actually is

- Cats

Waste of time. Gives you ten options that looked nothing like our cats.

- Scam Alert!!

This app will scam you!! Do NOT subscribe or you will automatically pay $96 (paid without your knowledge from Apple Pay) after the first 3 day free trial!! DO NOT INSTALL!! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!

- Silly app

Forget about this app. I know for a fact I have a german shepherd and it keeps showing me various dogs but not a GSD. Stupid app.

- Bad

Really bad because you have to pay to use

- Price for app

What you have to pay for this is silly

- My review

This is the worst app I’ve ever used it is so bad I deleted it was in the first hourOf having it

- lol

App failed to recognise my dog and cat as their correct species and wasn’t even close Great idea, very very very very poor execution

- Not accurate

Downloaded it to see if it was worth it. Tried to tell me my German Shepherd was a Maltese....

- Very poor identification !

Didn’t find a match for common native flower.

- Really poor interface

Identified my dog as a cat and then blocked any further identification behind a paywall.

- Diagnose a plant

There's no info on diagnosing a plant so you can help it.

- No good

Doesn’t identify dogs even closely

- Identify is wrong

My lime was identified as

- Lol Wrong!

A bull terrier is a poodle... lol close

- Cancelled subscription and still charged me, can’t get a response from support.

I downloaded this app and subscribed to the free trial. Immediately on downloading I tried to identify a plant and was unable. I canceled my subscription on the same day as I downloaded the (well within the free trial period) and deleted the app. I noticed my subscription hadn’t canceled after my attempt and contacted support requesting the cancel my subscription, delete my account (still within the free trial period). I didn’t receive a response, but my account was cancelled, however I was still charged 96.99. I have been trying to contact support, I have emailed several times to request a refund, but I never get a response. Can the developer please contact me or give me a manned email address that I may write to. This is very disappointing and I would appreciate assistance.

- Excuse me!!!!!!! Don’t download

This is ridiculous do not download as they take your money over $80 gone. Furious 😡

- Useless

Absolutely useless, absolute rubbish Bunch of crooks won’t let me cancel my subscription

- Canceled subscription

I downloaded this and wanted to do the free trial but was instead changed $81.99. I do not want this app and I don’t want to pay, certainly not that much. I have canceled it in my settings but would like a refund.

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- Decent

It identifies plants pretty well. My only complaint is that it misidentified my domestic longhair as a Russian blue, but that’s not really the apps fault since he has dark grey fur and looks a lot like one.

- Unhappy client

I am very unhappy with this app. First I took two pictures of two different plants, one a hosta and the other unknown but the app incorrectly identified the hosta as a Canna Lily and the second one said it was a thorny vine native to somewhere in Europe. Well I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada so I don’t think that one is correct either. But further while I was trying to figure out how to use the app I clicked on what I thought was a free trial and it responded by thanking me for my purchase. I don’t even know how much I was charged and there is no place I can find to cancel this app. Very disappointing. Advise other users to be very careful. I do not consider this an honourable app.

- Quelle app utile!!!!

Fonctionne très bien, très utile!!! Merci!

- Terrible

Can’t Id anything and is a waste of money. Don’t waste your money because it is false with identifying everything

- Marked my Dalmatian as a great dane

App was unable to identify a Dalmatian and incorrectly categorized my German Shepherd as a small white dog that I never heard of.

- This app does not diagnose plant issues properly.

This app does not diagnose plant issues. When you post pictures of the leaves that have black spots, or other issues. The app lists every possible disease, pest or bug possible, and does not help you diagnose your plant effectively. Plus, it does not provide soil type, sunlight and water tips for all variety of plants. Hit or miss if you want proper information for your specific plant. Not worth $80/year

- I wouldn’t recommend

This app sucks it didn’t give me any right identifications. I don’t know how well it worked for everyone else but it was terrible for me.

- Plant if

Does not deserve any review or any star. Could not I’d the simplest plants

- This is garbage

This is the worst it thought grass was a dog and my freinds finger was a mushroom

- I demand a restore purchasing

This app is totally useless. Cost $78 a year. Comon’ are you trying to rob me or sth. First the app say not like not pay and when you accept that you will find out there is nothing call restore purchase in the app. I want to cancel the purchase. I dont want to paid $78 a year for nothing.

- Deceptive

Deceptive billing practices.they send an offer , give you the choice to select continue with free , and bill you anyway for an entire year. But offers are for monthly 3 months and six months.

- Great

It’s wonderful to identify strange plants

- App is a scam

Don’t download this app it sucks and it is not easy to cancel membership.


I tried to download this app to figure out the breed of my rescue dog, I got the app and the first thing to come up is a $75 purchase. If you say this is the reviews there will be a reply saying that there is a free trial however when I tried to do that, I wasn’t able to use the app and was STILL told to pay. Many other reviews have also said that this app is a waste of time and money because it doesn’t correctly identify!

- Disappointed

Deleted the ‘free’ app but got charged 90$!!!!! For a wrong identification!!!!!

- Not good

You are held for ransom and forced to watch a 32nd commercial for some stupid video game that you will never use or play. I just want to see my plants identified. Mangiadekamerda

- Not free

This app cost $70 a year

- Arnaque

Attention ! Cette application ne fonctionne visiblement pas et vous devrez payer 75CA$ après seulement 3 jours d’essais !!!!

- Great 👍

Great 👍

- Not happy

Not too impressed, signed up for the free trial. And after the free trial instead of asking how long I want to subscribe for I just automatically get charged the one year. And besides the app sucks and didn’t help me at all. Big waste of money for something I can’t use

- Not accurate at all

Don’t download this app it’s nonsense

- Pay to use

There are free versions of this. Would avoid the have to pay to use system. Got an email from the developer “you can use the app with limitations or purchase premium subscription. You can start a trial in order to try the premium version of the app.” So more or less fill in all your info and if you forget then We will charge your account until you cancel. Know how that game works!!! The GF found a free version of the same app. Gives all the details for FREE!! Plus if you just search the general vegetation that grows in your local zone you can identify what is on your hands pretty quick. Feel this app is a rip off when all the information is free online with probably better details along with finding out how to make the plant grow better or better results. Conclusion: rip off and the internet is free with better information at your finger tips. Some how these people Think they have a new bible on their hands. Countless literature on gardening at your local green house. Why not support local? God forbid we help local

- Scam!!!! Beware

This is a scam!!!! Do not get the “FREE” will cost you $80. Terrible.

- Really

This app thought a plant was an animal really if you’re going to spend money on ad space your app should at least know the difference between plants and animals

- Beware! Total Scam! Stay Away!

I downloaded this app with the promise of a free trial. Tried it for 1 hour and decided to Cancel my subscription immediately. The subscription app confirmed my cancellation and reminded me that I could still use the app for 3 days. I didn’t. In the meantime, my credit Cars was charged the full premium amount and now the app shows that I have a 1 year subscription. Definitely did not subscribe. Definitely cancelled same day of initial trial. Total scammers. Apple should do a better job of screening.

- Scam

This app is used it for two minutes end it was terrible I deleted it right away. But still get a charged 90$ for a one year use of this app and they will not refund me this is all a scam

- Request!

Hi I got confused with the free trial, can I ask for a refund I didn’t want to pay for it I just gotten 3 days ago. Thank you!

- Lying about plants disease diagnosis in their add!

Lying about plants disease diagnosis in their add!

- Horrible

I took 2 pictures of my kitty and then the app proceeded to show me like 6 different cats trying to say my cat was all of them including a hairless cat which my cat IS NOT

- Not worth even trying

Tried the free trial and it worked once. Every other time i tried to identify my cat it came back as ‘something went wrong’. Super hard to figure out how to unsubscribe from the app. It says three day trial but it’s more like two because If you do not unsubscribe 24hrs before the renewal day then it charges you ! I hope I don’t get charged for this. It barely even works.

- Trash

Either doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all, thank god I didn’t spend money on this

- Very unhappy stuck paying for a year as. Oils t find the s/c tab

Wrong wrong. It has no idea what anything is. And can’t figure out how to cancel either.

- Downloaded it to find out what kind of dog Finn is

He’s a rescue dog, and I wanted to know what kind of dog he was, tried multiple times with clear accurate photos of him, didn’t work.

- Useless

Doesn’t recognise any plant or flower.

- What is that plant?

Trying to figure out what are weeds and what are keepers in the garden. Very helpful.

- Doesn’t work

Tried several times to identify my black cat with different pictures and by taking new pictures and it kept having an error. Never got it to work.

- Horrible

Won’t I’d plants. Continue to wait with no success.

- Plant identifier

LOVE this !!! I’m a gardener but you can never know ALL the names

- Terrible company

Whatever you do, do not download this App. They gave me 3 days to review it and the default was an annual subscription for $78.99. I missed the deadline by one day and they have refused to refund my money. I see that there are several other one-star ratings, along with flat out refusals to refund people’s money. This is not the way to do business.

- Worst App

This app has no idea what anything is, has a lot of bugs to work out. It identified my cat as a French Bulldog and then when I corrected the app to cat it said my Tabby Cat was a Ragamuffin. So unless the vet and the shelter both got the breed and species wrong, this app is very far off!

- Charged me $80, for free app

I preferred this free app. Imagine my surprise when I received an $80 bill for it. Working on getting my money back. There is an automatic ‘yes’ selected for the paid subscription and I was charged before I ever saw this.

- Pourrit

Doesn’t work well at all

- Waste of time and money

This app thought my Manchester Terrier was a pug. Theirs multiple times and pictures, still a pug. But it also gave me Siberian Husky. My dog it black! A google search is far better than this app.

- Charged for a subscription without consent

I looked at this app and tried the 3 day free trial then they automatically charged my credit card for a one year subscription very shady business tactics they will not return my calls I guess the other 50 plus negative reviews are all the same you might have one positive review written by yourself

- bro what the heck

i downloaded this app to see what type my cat was, i didn’t want to start the 3 day trial, so i presses continue and it still asked me to start paying monthly, like what the heck

- Not even close

Tried this on my dogs who are a rotator/boxer and golden retriever/ English setter and it told me Scottish terrier and pug 😂 not accurate at all

- Terrible

This app was terrible. It wouldn’t let me go on the app. Worst app ever

- Laughable

First tried my cat and got all sorts of results. Cats that look nothing alike but apparently look like my cat. Blue Russian, to Birdman, to British shorthair, to Angora.... I had a face palm moment, but acknowledged that cats can be tricky. I thought that maybe it was picking up on features from each breed that it could be a mix of? So I put in a picture of my pure bred border collie and got these results.... Yorkshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Brittany, French bulldog, Bernese Mountain dog.... and a few others (not a border collie though). So I closed out and immediately uninstalled. Honestly just think they are hoping people accidentally click the free premium trial button that is 30% of the home screen and don’t notice the payments start coming out after a few months.

- Waste of time

I have a Shepard collie cross, and I decided to try this app to see if the reviews were honest or not, and the first dog that comes up with what mine could be was a pug. This app seems to see a picture of a dog and just throw out random breeds hoping people are stupid enough to not see a relation. Don’t bother downloading it.

- Ugh...

You can’t do anything without paying

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Apart from NatureID does anyone knows any good plant identification app??

NatureID: Plant Identification 4.0 Screenshots & Images

NatureID: Plant Identification iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images
NatureID: Plant Identification iphone images

NatureID: Plant Identification (Version 4.0) Install & Download

The applications NatureID: Plant Identification was published in the category Education on 2019-08-22 and was developed by AIBY [Developer ID: 1458102137]. This application file size is 91.97 MB. NatureID: Plant Identification - Education app posted on 2021-03-01 current version is 4.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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