Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle [Games] App Description & Overview

The most fun and simple game in the world!
Help the man.
He is tied up and confined in the room.
Swipe the rope with your finger and cut.
Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life?
It all depends on you!

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bug fixes.

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- Ppl are just nitpicking, the game is what is says it is!

It’s fun for a while and if you don’t mind the 15-30 second ad every 2 levels then you’ll have some fun. It does get repetitive though, all the characters are similar and the graphics are except able for what the game ask. It’s not some high end graphics game so don’t complain about it, make a game yourself. This developer didn’t add in game purchases etc which I like, just some ads. After I hit level 100+ I didn’t get very very bored and deleted but overall a quick interesting way to kill time or ignore your boss in an office meeting.

- I Love This Game So much, Just Please Do Not Kill The Animals

I love this game and you should load it too except for the animals I hate having to kill the poor animals and I hate seeing the blood so I just try to finish the level I’m on so I can get away from the blood and the dead animals. I hope you read this and think the same as me because I absolutely hate seeing that so thats why I gave it three stars so please change that. I agree with the other comments change the animals and the blood if you do, me and everybody else would start playing it more often and enjoying it more and some people would stop deleting it and load it again! So please change the animals to something else or it would be better if we don’t kill anything at all! (And again please remove the blood). So as I was saying just remove the killing and just keep the wood and cutting and the normal stuff and remove the killing please and the spies so just take out the killing so there is not any blood and death so it will be a happy and enjoyable game! It just brakes my heart to kill the animals so I hope you load this game and probably by then there will be no more blood or killing the poor innocent animals that did nothing wrong to you! Thank you so much for reading this I hope you enjoyed my long comment! Again Thank you! Thank You! 🦄🐴🐻🐶🦄They Thank You Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My real comment name is Unicorns by the way!!!🦄🦄🦄!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Not the best, but nowhere near the worst

On one end, there's no in-app purchases. On the other, the video ads are still a bit too annoying and seem to cause the game to lock up from time to time, incentivizing putting the game into airplane mode and therefore defeating the whole purpose of the ads. Outside of this, the game has good ideas, but could use some more good ideas. I didn't feel like the game was challenging until around Stage 130. There are a ton of different hazards, but they all fall into one of a few categories: indestructible and immovable, indestructible but movable, destructible but static, one-use hazard, and bad guy. The bad guys are the most interesting part. Not only do each of them have their own behavior that you need to take into account, but they have some hilariously glitchy ragdoll physics. However, the other hazards are all handled in a similar way: find a way to get around or move the indestructible hazards, destroy the destructible hazards, expend the one-use hazards. All the stages played out similarly, but at least each one felt unique But then, I got to Stage 167. It was a stage I had played not that long before. Then, when I got past it, the next stage was also another previous stage. This isn't the only iOS game to do this, but it's always disappointing. Overall, this game isn't anywhere near the worst I've seen on the app store, but it's also nowhere near the best.

- Ok game.

This game is SUPER fun and addicting! But once you pass about level 100, it repeats the same levels over again. I’ve had the same level about 5 or 6 times already. Also, my friend downloaded this game and we were playing together but the levels weren’t the same. We were so sad that we couldn’t play together and help each other. I think I’m about ready to delete Rescue Cut. And about every 2 rounds, there is an add. So if you don’t like adds, just don’t download this game. Also be the adds are EXTREMELY long. When it offers you a new skin, you have to watch an add to get it. But what if you don’t like the skin? That game just got money from you watching an add and you don’t even like what you got from it. Also, once you hit about level 200, the levels are the SIMPLEST things. For example, you drop a bomb on the bear and let your character run. It’s to easy for a high level like that. This isn’t the best game I’ve ever played, I would recommend Best Fiends instead. ❤️ Hope you enjoy your game!

- Low graphics, short levels etc.

This game is good. But, there is A LOT of problems. First, low graphics. The characters don’t even look good, they look weird... and I’m sorry that I said that, but I’m being honest. The characters are not the best. Second, short levels. The levels are short and I’m mad. I want them to be longer so I entertain myself more because of the stupid amount of ads you have. Brings me to my next point, WAY TO MANY ADS. Every level I finish is a ad which is super annoying. Most reviews are bad because of the ads. Fourth, and my last conclusion, how the levels are disturbing. Now it’s a game, but 4+ kids are playing this and then all they witness is death of a person. It starts off normal, kid friendly then it gets super disgusting and disturbing, makes me not want to continue playing the game. “Hey let’s make a game that kids are obviously targeted to and make it disturbing!” I am disgusted, and mad. Please improve this game, it’ll make me happy and probably many others too.

- Make longer games

There are so many mobile game companies that all make the exact same kinds of games, being the play for a day and then delete games. Yes, it makes you money, there are ads, but shouldn’t you use your resources on games that are fun and new? Swiping your finger on a rope for one hundred levels is not the common idea of a fun or enjoyable game. The graphics are not good either, I’ve looked through your other games, and companies like yours, and it seems you commonly re-use assets for your games. That doesn’t make sense, its not very difficult to make a 3D model for a mobile game, there’s a smaller resolution, and its harder to notice those details, but you don’t even try. You could spend more time making a fun game that really rewards people for playing, uses less ads, but has in-game purchases that are really worth it, and create semi appealing visuals, and the game could top the lists on both money, and popularity. Make games that are relevant to the current trend, but will last and update into new trends. Bye.

- Lots of changes. Matteo

This game was super fun at first, but then when I got to level 50, it started getting really boring. First of all, they don’t have enough skins. The game also kept on giving me the same kind of characters too. The weird thing about this game is when you have a bear in the level where it starts at like level 30, a lot of them were letting me just go right through him and walk out the door without the bear realizing. There is a lot of ads too. There is not even a button where it says “remove ads for $2.99”. This is very sad but, there are some levels where you have to kill a dog. Who makes a game like that? Also when I was talking about the glitch with the bear, when the bear looks at the wall he just feels like turning the other way, he comes over and kills you. This game needs a lot of help. fix these glitches, the ads, new characters, and more. Please people, do not play this game!!!!

- Lost me at killing animals..

Originally I downloaded this app for its interesting straight forward escape concept, and at first it was fun, watching vids for in game content has never bothered me so I was happy to have that option instead of a mandatory pay cash money grab concept like most games. However, the options for your escapee are very limited and dare I say unoriginal/generic. As a hispanic natural dark auburn with brown eyes, I was unable to find any character that even remotely resembled me, but there was a super cute pink haired 'unicorn' that I used instead that sufficed. The deal breaker for me was this was advertised as a game that involves hitmen style obstacles, and yet I was unpleasantly surprised/mortified that by the mid 40 levels they started to incorporate animal obstacles. As an avid animal lover who just recently lost a beloved pet of 12 years, I was immediately forced to deleted the app after one level of this. I tried my best to overlook it and soldier on, but after the first time seeing a bear impaled by a row of spikes with blood gushing everywhere I quickly realized it was very much so too much for me. All in all, the game is fun, if you fall into the basic general appearance spectrum and don't have a problem with seeing cartoon animals die horribly, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this app.

- Cool game but, kinda don’t like the killing.😓

I like the game. I like seeing the person escape. But, although, I really, really don’t like the killing and the amount of blood. I especially DO NOT like killing the poor animals. There’s also levels where you have to burn the guard?? Or one of the animals? I really don’t like seeing their black bodies after. There’s also levels where you have to kill a dog! I have a dog, and I love her. So this is what I would recommend, please please please take out the killing or at least reduce the amount of killing. And if you do reduce the killing, please don’t put too, much blood. Lastly, please don’t make us kill the animals. It’s very uncomfortable for me especially when I’m next to my dog. This is just a piece of my opinion, not an offensive message. Thank you!🙂

- Why it’s bad

The graphics are terrible, you may have put some work into it, but not enough. You were very sloppy, therefor you can put ads into it, therefor you can make money off of little kids who don’t know. The levels are too easy, you can either A: give an ad, or B: give them a new costume, the costume says NEW above it to make it more valuable, but in reality, it’s gonna be worth nothing and you put it there to get a couple cheeky ads to the kids who, again, don’t know better. You could use the money to put more work into it, but you are probably off on a cruise, with a load of hookers. For the levels being easy, you can give them (us) more ads. And no, this is not directed to the company, they don’t listen, this is for the consumers, don’t try the game, make them make a good game, in fact, if it has ads, well, too many, delete it, give them a reasonable explanation, and maybe we can stop all ads on mobile games.

- For once a game is what’s advertised!

What you see is definitely what you get. You don’t start getting into animals until around level 100, but they’re easy levels and it’s a very mindless game. I use this game with the soul purpose of relaxing before bed. The only complaint I have is A LOT of the levels repeat themselves after level 150 or so. I can do 20 levels in a row and 14 of those levels will be repeats. I also don’t care for the amount of ads the game has. You’ll get an ad at least after every 2-3 levels, which if you do the levels as quick as I have, you’ll see an ad at least once every 5 minutes or so. The only thing I would change is more challenging levels and less ads, but other than that, it’s a fun game to pass the time.

- Please not the animals! 😫

In my opinion, I really love this game. I play it on the airplane, when I’m bored, or when I’m stressed. The one and only thing I hate about this game is killing the animals. I love animals and I want to protect them at all cost. I have a pet cat, so every time it comes to the animal part, I think about my cat and I feel really worried. So, please please please remove the animal level. When I downloaded this app, my little sister wanted to get it too. I don’t want any of my little siblings learning to kill animals or people! Please remove the blood too. When the characters die, why can’t you just say “You died”? After reading this review, please change your minds and remove the animals and blood because I know you guys can do it. I believe in you. 😉 If you remove it, this app will truly change. Thank you. 😌

- Ad overload

I generally don’t mind ads, but I’ve spent more time dealing with ads than actually playing the game itself. There’s an ad after almost every level. You might tap once or twice to ‘cut’ a rope, then have to tap 3 or 4 times to clear the ads so you can play the next level. THEN you have to watch a 30 second ad for even more games if you want to earn the new character YOU JUST rescued. This seems like it would be a cool game, but that ads are above and beyond annoying. I’ll keep it for a couple months to check it out once in a while to see if they’ve rectified the ad issue, if they do then I’ll update this review with a better rating. If not then I’ll delete the game and leave the review as is. *I would also like to add that it would be nice, since ads are part of the deal, that the ads be FAR more appropriate. I’m an adult and I am really offended by many of the ads playing on this game.

- Good fun game, too many ads.

This reminds me of those game ads where a Princess is in danger and you have to move the levers in the right order to save the day. While most of those ads downright lie to you about the gameplay, this game actually delivers. Fun and you can play it while in line at the grocery store and beat a couple levels in that time. Two bad things: There’s too many ads. There’s one after every couple levels, and no IAP to remove them. Second, the game isn’t very challenging. I died maybe 4 times getting to level 150. I’d be okay with that, but beating levels in seconds couples with the frequency of the ads means you’re watching more ads than you’re playing the game. Wish it had a $2 Remove Ads option. I’d buy that in a heartbeat and I’d still be playing the game.

- It will be the best game if there was no ads....

I seriously love this game! It’s just I understand people need to make ads to get money but why? One of my complains is right when your done with a level it takes you straight to a ad. And the ads are like 23 or 30 seconds long! It’s literally not right for a app like this. I know people are waiting to get to the next level! It’s a great overall but it’s the ads that’s a lot of my complains. I not being rude or anything it’s a opinion also I’m just writing a review for this game. It’s not the end of the world. I rated this game 4 star because like I said it’s a great game overall but this is about ads. This is more of a complain review. I’m also hoping for updates anytime soon. Thanks for reading!

- Fun concept but ads are annoying.

This game is clever and overall a good puzzler. But the frequency of ads is a major distraction and incredibly annoying. It’s a free game so ads are expected but they come every two levels and if you want to “unlock” a special character (after already rescuing them) you also have to watch an ad. Sometimes ads come back to back and then there’s the ones that take you right to the App Store without clicking on the screen at all. If you can swallow the fact that you’ll spend more time watching ads than playing this game then it’s pretty fun. Potential to be a great $0.99 game if they released a lite version first I definitely would have bought a full version (ad free of course).

- It’s a good game! But problems.

The game it self is good! There’s all different kinds of levels and things to unlock! It’s a really fun game! I love playing it! Me and my brother can not stop playing it! But I wanted to say that there is a problem. There are a lot of things you have to watch an add for or an add just comes up, which is fine but sometimes when I get an add it only comes up on the top and bottom of my screen and the game is really tiny in the middle and so then I have to exit the app and wait before I get back in. It’s not the device I’m using because it’s never done that before and it’s only on that game. It happens to my brother to. This app is fun but the creator needs to fix this. I’m not trying to complain I’m just letting you know. 😇

- Unimpressed

Hello, i’m not one to come out all my way and complain about someone’s game, because i’m sure that takes time and effort to produce the actual functions to get the game to physically work. I find it really upsetting how the producers involve animals, although a game, it shows signs of promoting and saying that hurting / killing animals is essentially an okay thing to do, some of the scenes are vulgar and quite upsetting, there was one episode which let the bear eat the meat letting the character move along, which was much more efficient and spread a better message, majority of the time “you” (the character) have to kill the animal, when such things can be avoided. aside from that the game itself is actually quite fun and i really enjoy playing the levels, since they’re quick and easy.

- Honest opinion

I understand it’s just a cash grab app due to the constant ads. Although I will commend their level design. Although simple they do follow how to introduce new mechanics very well. Although once you get past 120ish it just recycled old levels over and over. I mean it’s a decent game to pass the time, but once you’re past that there’s no point to keeping with it. Although, kudos to y’all and developing a decent game and not making it a huge money grubbing thing with gems or cash to pass poorly designed levels. For keeping it solely based on ad revenue that deserves a 5 from me.

- SO LAGGY 😡😡😡😡

I liked this game because my friend has it I played it on her iPad and it was fine and I don’t really see her a lot so I downloaded the game and it’s was fine when I started but now I’m on level 11 and it freakin’ lags like crazy it also did it when I was on a lower level so here’s what it does so I cut something and a second later it’s back up there so I thought it was a small mistake the game made but NOPE I try it with something else on the level and it does the same thing and I tried to restart and it did the SAME thing and when you get a new character from watching a video it takes me FOREVER to get back on the play page I know you might think I’m exaggerating but that is seriously what happened I do not recommend this game but overall it’s a good game.

- Not sure why this game is rated so highly.

When I first began playing this game I noticed that the puzzles were incredibly self-explanatory and simple. I thought that perhaps, as I progressed, they would become extremely challenging and entertaining but that was not the case at all. This game’s difficulty is incredibly easy, and I wonder how anyone could find this enjoyable that’s looking for even the slightest challenge. There also didn’t seem to be any music that plays during the levels or even sound effects, which was disappointing. Basically, the game felt like it was created for the sole purpose of bombarding you with constant ads rather than any sort of enjoyable gameplay. I would highly recommend staying away from this garbage dump of a game, unless you are a masochist, which in that case, enjoy your kink.

- Awful game

I’m not even going to complain about the abundance of ads, showing up before and after you play/win/lose. I’m going to complain about the game itself. I’m alright with a bit of gore and violence in games, but I DRAW THE LINE at killing a DOG. It’s the kind of dog that gets a bad reputation. I myself have a dog that gets a bad reputation (pit bull), and he destroys everything, but he’s also a sweetheart, and in his puppy years, so it’s understandable. I don’t care if it’s not for under 12, people in general shouldn’t play this! The basic summary of this game is play as a little kid who kills people and animals in order to save him/herself. It can induce a state of violent behavior if a little kid decides it looks cute and harmless, because who pays attention to the age group number anyways? Shut down the game or make it so you don’t have to kill animals. 😠


Ummmmm Can you make this game a bit more kid friendly? The blood, and everything. I bet kids want to get this game, but what if the blood scares them. There has been too many shooting, and bloody, games. Kids are starting to think, “ hmmm, I bet shooting is ok cause it’s a game.” And no, kids shouldn’t think that. Neither should adults. I was thinking of fixing the blades and blood squirting out. You could take away the blood, and with the blades, you can keep em, just don’t put them in the middle of the body. This game even makes my stomach hurt cause of the blood and blades going through them. I know I’m probably the only one saying that this game is gross, and rude. Just please fix that. It’s hurting me. Thank you, Please!!! 🥺

- I Love This Game! But I would like a few changes.

Rescue cut is a amazing, and and brain building game! I love all the character, I have collected them all! You guys did a great job creating this!! 😁💐🌸 However, I would like a few changes. I would like more characters there is barely any. So it kinda makes the game less fun then it is. Also I would like different areas where you escape. I have a few ideas 💡! I was thinking 💭 different holiday areas. And, forests to go with the bear, dinosaurs with a like caveman cave, and office to go with the security guards. Thank you for listening and reading this! I love the game Rescue Cut! 👍

- Minecraft

Hey @@) day y ory one time you can see the summer and the next time I have a little bit more work done I wanna was the day we got our new house today to see y’all tomorrow and I see ya next weekend yand next week I will let y’all know thanks so I’ll see y’all tomorrow and I’ll on my end of the next week and then I’ll try to one of them thanks y’all tomorrow and thanks y’all for coming over to me and then I’ll be there tomorrow I’ll be happy Birthday is a way to o thank you very much y y’all tomorrow I’ll be happy to help you get it done and then o I’ll see y’all there I’ll be happy

- Not that good

First of all it is kinda boring because when you achieve some thing you always have to watch a ad witch takes about an 1 minute witch wastes your time and need to make more people or we could make our own person and when we complete a level you could give us a piece of wardrobe or something and you guys should make different rooms with different colors and wallpaper so it is not the best game to play also why is there blood and you have to kill animals so that’s what the game is about killing animals and people I am 9 years old and what if a 4 year old plays this and they see blood that’s pretty bad for all so I would delete this game if you are are 4 through 7 because violance is never the answer


This is a super addicting, fun game. But first how to play they’re is a person who is tied up on a wall, you have untangle the person, you might die, but you can go up levels, reach new spaces, and be like a star at the game!! Second, the might be double lines, or more lines, there could be killers,(who are agents) with guns, and bears. Your job is to not get the person killed, oh and there are sharp teeth on walls, it’s super fun to dodge them for the person! Most importantly, there’s blood when the person dies! It is so interesting to see it. To sum it all up, this game is amazing!!

- Interesting game, but a few things.

Firstly, too many levels are repeats of themselves. I know it’s probably hard to come up with different puzzles, though. Secondly, why is the black lady character literally just a copy and paste with different color dresses, while all the other characters have variety in their clothes? Like, really? Pretty sure it’s not that difficult to make clothing for that specific character model, if you can do it for the others. 🙄 Also, so many of the ads play music. Usually, those tik tok ads. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to turn my volume down, too, when I play your game so I don’t wake people up or startle them.

- I love this game but please don’t kill the animals

I love this game but I don’t like seeing the dead animals and the blood because I don’t want to kill those poor animal so when I see a animal I close my eyes and I also so do it when I see the blood because I’m scarred of blood and it’s not nice to kill animals how would you like it if you got killed? no because that’s not nice so please don’t kill the animals stay safe bye!!! I hope you have a blessed day!!😊😊🤗🤗😷🤒🦄🌺🌲🌲🌸🌸bye!!😘😘😘😊😊😊☺️☺️and please move the killing and the blood and the spy’s thank you for reading my comment love you all bye!!!😘😘😘😘😘😊😌😌☺️☺️😊😊😊😇😇😇😇the animals thank you too!!!! bye I love all of you with all of my heart thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!and thank you dru vtu we all love you tooo!! Bye!!😘😗😗😘☺️☺️😊😊love Jose gonzalez😊

- Honest thing. Read please.

This game is a 5 star rate. You have to run from animals by escaping. I prefer 12+ because the blood warning. But, some people get traumatized because you kill a wild animal such as bear, crocodile, tiger, dog, and gorilla. Hopefully they won’t add cats, because people love cats, not just me personally. It’s an opinion. But, personally, I think they should add snow and snowflakes. Aww, that would be cute, and maybe a polar bear to help you escape really hard levels! 😂 😂 😆! Otherwise, the game is so, Boring! Just kidding! It’s amazing and I prefer you play it! Have a great day.

- Ads

The game is a lot of fun. The levels are quick and the puzzle solving is nice. I very much enjoy it. The problem is, I don’t get to play the game. Someone in their review said an ad pops up every two levels but I get them so much more often then that. I’ll maybe go three levels without and then for the next five minutes or so there’s an add before and after every single level. Two or more between each. Plus the added surprise options that you have to watch a video to gain that also pop up between each level. You have to wait before you can click away from that option. I’ve looked around and I’ve been unable to find even an option to pay to play the game without ads. I open the game when I only have time for a quick level or two. It should be a fun, entertaining, and quick option. But I then have to watch two minutes of ads? I end up not playing the game. I really enjoy this game. It is a fun game with a cute concept and enjoyable survival puzzles to solve. I want to keep playing it but I also don’t have time for the absolute flood of ads.

- What I think

I think this is a really fun game to pass the time and although none of it is logical I would like to see 1 thing turn logical when the beach ball hits the water it disappears I know all the “obstacles” disappear in the water but it would be nice to see the ball afloat after you free him another thing is the game is too quiet could add some different sound effects & background music to make it more entertaining other than that is pretty fun and easy but more likely a challenge for younger users we’ll see how far I get and if I can beat the game thanks also love the cat levels and can’t wait to see what different skins y’all come up with .

- A brand new start

This is a brand new start to my games I never ever could can ever could do this in my whole entire life it’s amazing it’s gonna make me good at other games it’s a brand new start give it five stars I would give it 100 and stead and please get this game it’s the best game in the universe love Anya Sadorra and I absolutely absolutely absolutely love the game love Anya Sadorra and speaking of which I got to get back to planus soon so this is my last sentence oh my what is the amazing Love Anya Janelle Sadorra😍🥰😘🤩🥳

- Bit Annoying

The game is fine. Does what it says it is. But it’s incredibly difficult to enjoy. There’s an ad after almost every level. A couple of times I’ve been able to play two levels in a row without ads, but those are few and far between. Additionally in order to get “new characters” you have to watch an ad, which will usually be offered to you RIGHT AFTER YOU WATCH AN AD. I understand they want to make money for their product, but they should also want to create a decent experience. I’m deleting the app just because it’s not enjoyable enough to endure the constant ad watching. But download the app and try it for yourself, who knows, maybe you’ll find the ads charming.

- Those poor Animals (especially dogs)

I like the game a lot, it gives me something to do whenever I need it, and it’s really addicting. But I absolutely and utterly hate the fact that they are killing animals especially dogs, as a dog lover I hate seeing them (even fake or electronic) dogs getting killed and I hate the fact that in one of the game modes you have to save the cats but also kill the dog as it is an obstacle and kill the cats, one time I purposefully let the dogs kill the cats, but any animals in general getting killed off just because it’s an obstacle is just cruel in my opinion. Other than this problem it is a very good game.

- Review

They don’t have really that much African American people like there is one girl and the only thing they change about her is clothes and she wears like cultural things witch I agree with but why can’t you guys change her clothes to like normal people clothes and her hair it does not have to be in braids show off the curly hair and do light skin people too the only people who change her in the game is only white people (no offense) but black people need to change in the game to at least make an effort and not just change clothes change hair color take her hair out of braids that not the only thing black people wear. I really hope you can are this into consideration.

- It’s a really good game

It’s a good game you sometimes find your self laughing and sometimes says oof but the issue with most people is the ADDS all games are horrible in ADDS so you mined as well not put that. This game has good Quality. And I have an idea for them to add, when the hang man gets free instead of him mediately put his hands up and all happy I think you can add him calling the police and them arriving to get the guy with the gun and then he puts his hands up and he says bravo. That’s what I think of this game and I really would like it if they add that

- Love it! But needs a change

This game is awesome! Although it seems like a amazing game, I think it could use a change. One of them is why do we have to kill the animals? Next update, I would like you to have the animals be friendly. Maybe you could have them help you escape. Another one is if we could have quests in the game. Quests sound good to me. Maybe There could be some quests that earn you something, like a new character. Last one is if you could remove the blood. Its okay and all but I just don’t like it. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic game!🙂

- Awesome game.....until the animal cruelty

This game is fantastic if you need something simple to focus on for a distraction or to pass the time. And killing the bad guy with spikes or a bomb so he doesn’t shoot the player trying to escape didn’t bother me at all. But then it graduated to using bears that you have to kill. And now dogs. That’s where I draw the line. Even if these dogs are PS2 level quality, it’s still unacceptable to me. And it’s especially unacceptable to think about a young child playing this game. They didn’t have to use animals in this game. It could’ve been robots or more bad guys. Don’t get this game, or at least don’t let your kid play it.

- Game play

I love this game and all the cool little characters to the point I kinda feel like a hero when I save them you of course don’t know but I’m a really huge dog person and when I have to kill them it kinda kills me so I think it would be great if the dogs helped us and that we could have a variety of pet dogs just like the characters we save and that the dogs could kill the bears too as a future update but as I said I love the game I would just love for you to make a few changes when it comes to the dogs.

- Why do the black people look like that?

This is a 10/10 game, but the characters are something different, I’m on stage 55 and just unlocked a “ special character” which is a black women who looks like she came straight from Africa in the 1900’s I’m 12 and that’s low key sad. I just got this game like 30 minutes ago and I’m addicted but that was my fourth black women that looked like that and it kinda gets on my nerves that that’s their only choice at least so far. ~please fix this

- I really loved the game but......

I loved this game when I first downloaded it, it was different yet simple. The reason I rated it a 3 is because the ads are RIDICULOUS. It got so bad that I just had to put my phone on airplane mode (to stop the ads) so I could get through the game without the app crashing. The second reason is because after a certain level, they start to repeat like the game isn’t finished. I still play and I’m even on level 338 but if they do not update the game with some new level, I will delete the game because it’s no point in replaying levels.

- Kinda good

It’s a fun game, I just don’t like how you have to kill the animals. Killing animals is NOT something you can joke around with. I think it would be nice if you could customize the person because they have such little detail it would be easy. Not only that after the 250 stage ( around there ) the stage keeps repeating, like it’s those REALLY easy ones where you only need to cut two ropes then you person is free. I’m at stage 340 and after each stage there is two adds because there’s no more people to collect. I also think it would be nice if we could watch an add to get a Collin to put a customized person in each.

- Poor Animals!

The ads are annoying but not as bad as other games I have played. It is addicting and I love the variety of puzzles so far. I do not however like killing the animals or all of the blood. I wish that the bad guys/animals would just *poof* away when you “kill” them rather than become a blood squirt gun. However because the game is the way it is, I only play a few levels at a time so I don’t have to kill too many animals, I will also purposefully kill my player sometimes to avenge all the poor things I’ve had to kill.

- Good but the animals

This is a great game. But the one thing I hate is having to kill animals to get past levels. I know it’s just a game and all but I mean, killing animals is just cruel and sad when you think about. Please change it to some alien 👽 or something instead of poor animals. Once again it is just cruel to make people kill animals to win a game. I will give you credit for an amazing game but please change the animals and I will give you a five star rating. Please change the animals. AMAZING GAME THOUGH

- I think it’s fun?

50 levels in, still too easy with 1 minute of ads every 2 levels. At this point, it’s not challenging enough to even look for a paid option to remove the ads if every level is only going to take 5 seconds to complete. If developers see this, I would recommend making the ad length shorter or the levels harder. Or both. I like the look and feel of the game though! Has potential but 10 seconds of gameplay for 1 minute of ads isn’t going to keep many people sticking around.

- Potential

This game is really fun, at first. It has all the potential needed to be a really awesome game and some of the levels are really good. However the further you get into the game the levels get extremely repetitive like the developers ran out of ideas. Which is disappointing because of this games potential all the needed parts are there just lack of creativity. So levels are exactly the same just with a different color pallet. I do think this game is awesome and has potential just like to see some more creative level design.

- This game is AWESOME! But reduce animal kills

Okay I love this game. It’s so fun and really addicting. It’s not too easy and not too hard. I’m on level 100 so I’ve gone through a lot. But please don’t make us kill animals. Especially dogs. I love my dog ❤️❤️ and when I get to a level that you have to kill a dog I kinda want to stop playing. I have a friend who is sensitive about dogs and I think when she gets to that level she might delete the game. So please take out the animal killing and then the game would be AMAZING 😉.

- Love this game but ADD SOUND PLEASE!

This game is great, one of the most I enjoy but it’s completely silent except when the ads come on. I can even deal with the ads as I know they’re necessary but other games offer you to get rid of them if you want for just a few bucks...that’s not even an option on the game and there is NO SOUND! It would get five plus stars from me if I could remove ads even with paying AND most importantly add sound. Plus once you get all the characters there’s no more to get, you and just switch them up if you want.

- Just another ad grab

Yet another game with a simple premise and low investment in the game itself. Low quality graphics and poor frame rate. There seems to be a trend right now for this kind of thing. Ads for the games having captions such as “ I can’t reach pink player” when the pink player or level or whatever doesn’t exist. Archero’s ads have you fighting off hordes of other archers when the game itself never has such a mode. I even saw one that said “I sold my soul to reach level 3”, which is highly odd and in some ways inappropriate. In summary, this game along with many others recently created are the epitome of what’s wrong with mobile gaming today.

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- Amazing and no ads but...

First of all this game is amazing sooo fun and challenging! Also there are no ads. But if you are a kid like me the blood spilling everywhere is too violent if you could make it less violent that would be great. I do have one suggestion though can you make it so every like 10 levels or as an option to play multiplayer so you have a minute to do as many tasks as you can. Also if you could make a menu so you can change your skin, replay levels and change into the new gamemode that would be handy. If you could make it so it has gems that you earn from doing daily challenges, the multiplayer gamemode so you can buy skins. Overall great game definitely recommend it

- ADS!!!

Ok, to be fair, it works as advertised (which is why it got 2 stars and not 1). So while I didn’t like the blood, guns and animals getting hurt (I actually looked for a similar game with out the gore, but no joy), I was expecting it and it probably would have only ‘lost’ one star if that was the sum total of my issues with it. It was extremely simple tho. I rarely had to redo a level, and it was only because there was a ‘new’ obstacle that didn't react like I thought it would. I played for as long as I could, before it was just too easy to keep me interested. ... and then came THE ADS!!! I feel like we should be hearing the jaws music about now. Da dum, da dum. DA DUM! Every second game was followed by an ad. And let’s be clear, the ads were longer than it took you to complete the previous two game in most cases. I don’t know how sellers can think they can get away with so many ads in the games. It just turns people off and converts recommendations to warnings when the players are talking about which games are good and which should be avoided.

- I enjoy this game

I started playing this game a while ago, I’m up to level 191, I like how it has the animals, you should buy this game it is very fun the first night I got it I got up to level 100, I got so sigh tracked that I lost track of time it was so fun. Okay but like the adds are the worst part like I finish the level then I see the next one and a app plays it’s really annoying maybe not have so many adds? :)

- Owner, to delete or to get 1 star?

To owner of recuse cut: this is very annoying.i downloaded the game enjoyed, gave it 5 stars, but now it’s so much changed.i downloaded on iPad and went to India bathhida. My friends liked it so much they played for my whole stay. That’s 2 star. To make 1, there is no menu, settings! This means I can’t do levels I like. That’s 1. I wish I could rate -1 .im still in India, and fusstraded. For my solution do the following: make less levels make less traps, enemy’s, and make a menu, some settings and some sound and light control. I understand you can’t, for reason s from mobile data to age. Do all this before I quit in 5 weeks. Resue cut, you have a lot of work to do. FROM AARON SINGH

- Such a good game but just one thing

I absolutely love this game and it is sooo addictive! I started today and I can’t stop playing! But there is one thing. I was playing and playing without failing and then I failed and there was blood squirting everywhere, and I don’t think that is appropriate for young player like me. Other than that I really like this game so I think you should definitely download it. Thanks for reading

- Violent, boring, repetitive

This game was great at first but when the violence kicked in I was horrified and I strongly believe that there should be an alternative option instead of violence. Secondly it is fun at first but you just find yourself doing the same thing again and again and it gets boring! If it were harder I would enjoy it so much more! Lastly, to unlock characters you have to watch adds I mean BOOORING! you should have special quests to complete to unlock the characters! I mean nobody prefers watching a long add rather than completing tricky engaging challenges! Thank you for reading!

- Good waste of time

Been playing for a couple weeks (I turn off wifi and mobile data to stop ads). Only at level 2200 as I’m typing this. Addictive, but a bit disappointing as I was hoping levels would get progressively harder. But, instead, they just repeat levels at random.

- Great game poor animals

This game is amazing and fun but in rescue cat levels you have to kill a dog to save a cat it’s so sad cats are nice and all but dogs are cute to not just dogs you have to kill bears to I understand that you need to kill the crocodiles there nasty but the bears come on ,please make a rescue animals set of levels so all the animals can get rescued and not killed other than that it’s a great game so I rate it a 3

- Repetitive and Constant ads

Repetitive and completely filled to the brim with ads. You play what seems to be the same set of missions over and over with no cool objectives or tasks just the same thing over and over and then every 2 levels (less than 15 seconds) there’s an ad each and every time. To many of these games out there. Honestly the App Store should be checking and deleting these kinds of games rather than them just showing up all over the top 200 list.

- To violent

Who ever made this game clearly is not the smartest the game is soooooooooooo fine but very rude and violent against nails killing then and it’s very scary I love the game and will keep playing it just would be better without the violence maybe even locking it up on a cage would be better -caitlyn

- My opinion

I really enjoyed this game but the problem is whenever you see something that falls on you or that can kill you it starts spraying blood, in my opinion I think that there should be no blood for younger kids, considering that I’m 12 I still don’t think that is appropriate. But it is a very addictive game.

- Won’t allow payment

This game is simple and fun. But there is no way to turn off the ads. I would gladly pay to remove the ads but the developers have provided no option. There is no menu. No settings. No way to remove ads. I’m not sure how much of this I can take.

- Fun game but...

Fun concept. Waaaay too many ads eg after every level. You can skip some after about 5 seconds but others no. Also most annoying is that even if you have the sound turned off, some ads ignore this and blast out on full volume. Not on.

- ADD’S to many!

So first I love the game but when you get a new character it makes you watch an ad and when you watch the ad it always does this war ad and it doesn’t let you get out of it. So I have to go out of the app and then I don’t get the character. So I’m not to happy about that.

- Good game ads are crazy

So far you get an add every 3 levels and it takes maybe 10 seconds per level if that so I’ve deleted the game 👍 maybe the paid version is better

- Game is 60%

Ads everywhere! I only play for about 2 minutes before the constant stream of ads gets to me and I have to close the game. Currently a 15 second ad after every 2 levels, and when each level takes about 5 seconds to play out, you end up spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

- Good game, but blood is a bit too much!

I love the game and it is a challenge to get through the levels! But little kids could get a little freaked out because the blood just squirts out and it looks really weird. I rate it a 4/10 because of the blood! The game is amazing but could do more improvement, Maybe instead of not using blood try doing a person lands on the spike or what ever and then is put it’s hands out like a splat cat 😆 Hopefully you could do that!! Angie Schubert

- Bad and good

I think it good because it very challenging and fun to do with friends I also think it’s bad because once you get up to level 300 it’s kind of the same levels that you’ve done in the past so plz change its really annoying x

- Ehhhh…

This game is ok. The only problems I have is that there is no menu screen and that there is a lot of blood. I don’t really find that appropriate for a game with such cartoon styled characters. It’s a great strategy game though. I use this game whenever I’m bored. :) From: A random person writing this review

- Ads 24/7 but...

There are ads 24/7 but it is still fun when the ads are done but when I cut the rope there is an ad there are to many ads but it is fun to play

- So cruel

In this game there is a lot of death. I do not like it I mean I am playing this game and I die and the is blood everywhere and it is coming out of me so fast. And you have to be killing animals. I got to a level I had to kill a dog! I would not get this if you are an animal lover like me. There are also a ton of ads, it is really annoying and I hate it. But if you want the app then I am not stopping you

- Ends too quickly

A lot of fun, but after about 40 minutes of gameplay (200 levels) all the levels are just repeats. 200 seems like a lot but again only takes 40 minutes and then you are repeating the exact same puzzle over and over

- Fun but to violent

So this is addictive but it is very violent blood pours out when you die please make a feature we’re you can turn blood off. Also the animals the cat game modes dark when they die blood pours out and you kill bears violently this is a terrible offence animal cruelty it may offend people thank you please turn blood off

- Not too bad

It not too bad of a game, ads can be a bit much but the real problem that I have is the levels repeat after awhile. I’ve had some levels 4 times already and at stage 360. The only thing that changes for the repeated levels are the background picture

- Awesome

You need to play this game you’ll be stuck on it for hours I was late for school the game was that good it’s life changing please play it you won’t regret it😃

- Great game

Fun easy and help you to help a little man Escape I pretend the the evil man is the robot that’s keeping every app inside the phone and that little man is escaping from him Totally recommend this game

- Good but there’s one thing

This game is so addicting but there’s one thing that’s makes me sad it’s bcs u have to kill animals with nails and knives I just think it’s sad if u love animals and dogs like me but well it’s other people’s choices :)

- Easy

Ok, I don’t mind the violence, not that much which is what you all are complaining about but every level is way too easy so maybe just make it HARD!!!

- 🤔

Not sure about this game. It’s definitely for kids so don’t let children download it! It’s pretty gory considering the people/animals die and blood spurts everywhere. Also a lot of the levels are repeated once you get past a certain point.

- Great fun and addictive

Hey guys this game is super addictive and fun !!! I find my self laughing at the crazy way the baddies die.... how can I get rid of the freaking ads they are annoying and make me not want to play

- Has potential.

Appears how it does in the adverts, however, there are so many ads! Can’t go more than 1 level without an ad pop up, or more than 2 levels without having to sit through 15 seconds worth of an ad. I want a paid version!

- Fun game ruined by ads!

This game is cute and addictive but having to wait for ads to play after almost every turn is very frustrating. When I want to relax with a quick game an occasional ad is ok but this is over the top. Won’t be playing again unfortunately.

- Good and a bit annoying

Look the game is good but it does have a couple of ads! Not tons but a couple! And I pretty like the game coz it’s easy and fun.

- The price point (free) is about right

DON’T FORGET TO TURN WI-FI OR MOBILE DATA OFF WHEN PLAYING THE GAME SO YOU DON’T GET ADS The old saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when applied to this game. The game is an extremely basic time waster that is easy to pick up & put down. The graphics look like something children have created & early in the game a lot of levels are repeated but as I said, you get what you pay for. I did read a review for this game, supposedly from a child (yeah right), complaining about the violence. The whole game is cartoon like and the violence is ridiculously comical.

- So fun and very addictive

When ever I get in my the car I always play It But what I don’t like is that there’s too many ADDS

- The only game I would play

This game is so much fun but I cannot be patient when it downloads

- So Cool

I just did 4 levels and after the first, I knew this game would be fun. It is fantastic and to my liking.

- New levels required

It gets super boring after some levels and not challenging at all! Currently I am at level 2050 and same games repeats! Looks like the developer has lost the creativity. Hope to see some improvements.

- Rescue cut yourself

Worst game to advertisement ratio EVER!! You play for literally 3 seconds through the stage then see an ad. The ad is always longer than the play time. Over and over again. And if that isn’t bad enough, the ads are always the same. Had to delete after 10 minutes.


Stop putting ads we all hate them there so dumb but other then that it’s a pretty good game


It’s a fun game but no need for all blood. Hate all the adds, tried to get rid off it all but wouldn’t let me. Maybe add some nice music please.

- How many fn ads do you need?!?

I honestly think it was a good idea but it is very laggy and THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS! One ad per (super short) levels?!? Let alone two (sometimes three) ads over eachother WITH NO SKIP! Ill get the app back when it isnt completely run on ads!

- What

I’m 8 and people say it’s bad for kids not for me because I’m smart and also my grandma is a sinentist

- Full of Ads

I actually installed the app and quite enjoyed it. But putting ads every 3 levels cleared is just ridiculous. More time is spent watching and waiting for the ads to be closed than the actual playing the game. Uninstalled it now kust because of that!!!

- Amazing! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a really great game. Sure there are a ton of ads but it’s one of the best games in the world! I recommend this game to 7+ year olds

- Too many adds

Cute game and I like the idea. For the first you level you get an add every 3 levels which I can deal with. After that you get an add every second level. Way too much!! Deleted because of the adds.

- Fun game but...

I was enjoying the game but now as I’m going through the levels it’s become boring because the games are being repeated. There’s no enjoyment when they games themselves don’t change. Needs an update!!!

- Ads ads ads

First time I played a game where the ad time is actually greater than the game time, and then it sends you to App Store each time just to add to the pain. Seriously, what are they thinking??? DELETE!!! This one’s for the trash!

- Easy and fun what I like in a game

This game was fun and had that cute Casper skin but wayyy too many adds I’m trying to listen to music here people! 😂 so it’s gone now, but I may give it another chance... some day

- Pretty good 🤗

I have to complain about one thing... to much blood but I’ve been seeing this add for days and days now so I got it and it is pretty cool and good.

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- Funish

I love this game and I just got it but before I did I looked at the reviews and some people said it was bad or ok some even said great I would say FANTASTIC even though it is easy and no sound I say who cares it is a fun game and an easy on to... do over all I am saying get this game even though you might not like it or love 💖 it you should think about what others want to hear 👂🏻of it and not just say “it is too easy” or “there is no sound” I think 🤔 💭 you should tell how you feel about it and tell the good things about it then the bad so people can see 👀 what you are saying and understand how you feel and I feel FANTASTIC about this game I really recommend this game just to try then you will find out you actually like it.

- Rip off

Isn’t this just a rip off of Cut The Rope just with worse graphics, slower gameplay and no cute monster, just an ugly clunky kid? What are they going to make next, Upset Avians? Also, too many ads and don’t ask me to rate the game after only one minute of gameplay or 3 stupidly easy levels, that’s presumptuous and dumb! Deleted!!!

- No sounds

No sounds

- Cut the rope rip off

Cut the rope but with less talent and effort

- Not Bad but not great

Was waiting for levels to get harder. Got to level 200 in a couple of hours (thanks to ads) but never got difficult. Even some level repetition. Great idea but too easy to stick with.

- Ads

Video ad after every three levels. It is deleted before level 10.

- Not bad but too many Ads

I understand ads are necessary, but holy I shouldn’t have to spend more time watching ads than playing the game

- Sucks

Tooo easy !!!

- Love it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I love it! The best game in the world! Im impressed. Trust me. You aregoing to be a champion one day. Keep it up!

- Do you like ads?

Do you like cut the rope but with a ton of ads? Ads on every screen between levels? Ads that pop up AND play sound? Ads that when you exit out of them will direct you to a whole new ad? If you like ads this game is for you

- Horrible game

Interrupts game to dare ask for a review

- Yawn

Easy and boring got old fast not a challenge at all

- Gamers’s good but I don’t like the blood ewww 😖but I don’t want to be mean this game is great 🥺I love you🥺

- Poop


- Ok

Way to many ads

- Nahhhhhh

Nope too boring you should delete it

- 🤩🤩🤩🤩

It’s a fantastic game and you can just tern of the internet so there is no ads

- Disisisiaooccososod

I aged 80 years after playing this game

- Facile et sans pub

Jeu amusant mais d’une facilité sans grand défi... 100 niveaux complétés en moins de 40 minutes. Si le jeu devient vraiment plus complexe il sera amusant, sinon la facilité devient lassante... Pour ceux qui se plaignent de la publicité, désactivez votre wifi ou signal de données cellulaires. Je n’ai vu aucune publicité.

- Sucks

Like adds

- Rescue cut

I love this game it’s so fun it’s a good game to play when your bored 😁

- OK👌

Don't get the point

- Too many ads

Game is good but too many ads

- KineMaster

I love this editing app, Can you please add speed to video layers?

- I just got it

I love your game


I’ve actually made it to level 355 only because after getting to level 120 the ads stopped for me then they started back every 2 levels. I love the game but the ads bruh 😒

- Good

I played this game before checking the reviews but I don’t understand how is it a rip off of what??

- Rescue puzzle

Cute idea but app was ruined by long adds, awful !

- The ADs killed it for me

Game is actually decent and I could see myself playing it a lot, but not with watching 25 second ads between each 5-10 second level. Uninstalled.

- More ads than game

Constant long running ads.

- It was worth it

I’m really happy that I saw this game there’s no problems and I’m really happy

- Évaluation du jeu

Très bon jeu par contre fait 3 fois j’arrive au niveau 75 et il recommence au niveau un et chaque fois même chose doit tout recommencer alors j’ai fait le tour

- Killing dogs??? No thanks

Why they gotta make me kill a dog? Even movies don’t do that. It’s also not at all challenging. Really a waste of time. But also STOP MAKING PEOPLE KILL DOGS.

- It’s fine

It is a great game fun to play but with the animals and guards I wish you could just make it so that They just get stuns and not killed for the little kids who mite purchase this game but over all pritty good game

- Boring

Have fun watching a minute long ad after every two rounds...

- It’s great


- A very relaxing game

Have completed over 1000 levels now. New ones keep showing up. The Rescue cat version is newer and harder. And the racing against others feature is fun.


Hi I love this game so much. So this must be the best game I have ever played. I love it. ITS SO FUN!!!

- To many ads

Every level I play there is an ad and it’s really annoying I do not recommend this game at all it’s not even fun 👎

- Educational

Great app for kids to teach them logic

- Hi


- Ad App

Didn’t realize I downloaded an app strictly for watching ads... literally spend more time watching them then you do playing the game. The levels take 3 seconds to complete while after which you have to watch a 30 second ad. AFTER EVERY LEVEL.

- One, two, three etc...

1, gore 2, blood, 3, adds, 4, too easy, 5, scary.

- Bof

Énormément trop d’annonces et c’est un jeu vraiment trop facile et répétitif. Et puis du coup, les niveaux ne se suivent pas du tout (après un plus complexe il y en a un super fastoche). Les annonces sont trop nombreuses et même si j’enlève le wifi, je ne reçois même plus mes mails et ça, c’est énervant. Comme point plutôt positif je dirais que Ça passe le temps mais...bof... Je ne vous le conseille pas si vous vous ennuyer rapidement.

- Ez

For all ya folks sayin oh to many adds and that stuff airplane mode makes it no ads like u need 2 use ur brain


Beaucoup trop d’annonces

- This is a really great game 🙂

Ok so I hear lots of people saying that this game has way to many ads, no sound, bad graphics, and to easy. When I first got this game I thought all of those were wrong. I didn’t mind that the game had no sound and I thought the graphics were fine, there was like no ads at all for like 5 levels and I do have to admit that I did have to think on a couple of them and I also had to keep retrying them. That’s what these games are meant to do though so I wasn’t really complaining. This is a great game and I would love it if the creator added more game modes. This is an awesome game and if you have not already downloaded it you should try it but if you delete it right away that’s ok to because every else has there own opinions so deal with it.

- Beaucoup trop de pub

Injouable! Pubs de 30 sec après un ou 2 jeux. Effacé.

- No sound

How come there is no darn sound

- Too many ads

Wayyyy too many ads to be enjoyable. Get cut the rope, so much better.

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I have had this app for about 2 months and I have reached stage 1000. It is a really good game to play if you don’t have service or if you are bored. Although this game has lots of ads, once you unlock all the characters it goes away by a bunch. Also the levels tend to repeat but you get through them faster which gains you to higher levels. I honestly recommend this game because it is so much fun.

- This game is AWESOME! But reduce animal kills

Okay I love this game. It’s so fun and really addicting. It’s not too easy and not too hard. I’m on level 100 so I’ve gone through a lot. But please don’t make us kill animals. Especially dogs. I love my dog ❤️❤️ and when I get to a level that you have to kill a dog I kinda want to stop playing. I have a friend who is sensitive about dogs and I think when she gets to that level she might delete the game. So please take out the animal killing and then the game would be AMAZING 😉.

- Meh..

It gets boring after a bit but the ads are really well managed I find you put them in the right places where you don’t really notice maybe add some things to make it better like maybe leaderboards replaying levels like a menu for that make it harder but that’s all really they have skin system but there is no point for skins maybe add a reason for skins like maybe you can make accounts to save your skins and creating custom skins another thing I would like is saving multiple people in different ways.

- Repeating levels

The game itself is very entertaining however as the level progresses it starts showing the same levels I already completed in previous levels, and it got really boring, because I’ve been doing the same ones I’ve seen before.😞🙂overall I would rate this game a good 3 out of 5 Hey just to help you people who hate the ads, just set your phone to airplane mode, and make sure your WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth are all turned off. If this helped you, I hope you can enjoy the rest of the game without ads.

- Fun game but...

So I played the first like 10-20 levels of the game when somewhere in between those levels you had to KILL ANIMALS and I am an animal lover so I thought this was totally inappropriate and I know other people that play this game are animal lovers too so it just bothers me and no matter how hard I try not to kill the animals it’s like impossible and with the cat mode! Ugh! I’m just a person I love kittens and all animals and I hate to watch them get hurt and it has bothered me so much so to where I has to get off the app and delete a couple of times and get it back a few weeks later.

- 5 stars

I love this game because it makes you smarter by second with stradergie because you have to find a way through spikes and bears and people with guns! I say you should get this because you will regret later when you did not get the game. You will enjoy this and say one more level and then turn off but end up playing like 50 more!😂🤣have a nice day and get this game!

- Good game but too many ads

I downloaded this game for the fun of it. But as a kept playing, I realized that there were plenty of ads. Now, I don’t mind a ad once and a while but this can has and add in-between every round and it gets quite annoying. I mean, yeah, it’s a good game but, it is irritating how many ads there are. If you are fine with ads because it gives you a chance to get a new game or something like that, than, yeah sure download this game but, if your like me and get bothers by lots of ads then, don’t download the app

- Not worth it. Very annoying

Its a cool game and concept. I love puzzle type games. However, unless you pay (I assume) the regular game has literally 2-3 LONG advertisements, per level. So every time you win a level (takes 20 seconds), you have to sit and wait and watch 2-3 ads that can take 2-3 minutes. I just gave up. You cant get into the game without having to sit through various game ads. It will drive you crazy. 1 advertisement per every 5-8 levels, is ok. But not 2-3 ads per level. One will spend more time watching advertisements, than actually playing the game.

- I like a bit more game with my ads...🙄

This game would be much better if we could go at least 5 floors in between ads, even then, that would be excessive. I get the need for ads, but, y’all are milkin’it for all it is worth. And the puzzles are easy, if they do get harder, I won’t ever know because one ad every floor,in one form or another, without a home button, is ridiculous!! This isn't a game with ads, It is ads with a touch of game. Could be a cool game... Too excessive and greedy with the amount of ad compared to gameplay -you're not gaining people, you're losing them.

- Levels start repeating after a while

While I’ve enjoyed this game, I recently had to uninstall due to the repetition of the same levels. I was on level 504, and I kept seeing the same levels I’d previously passed. This happens prior to level 504, but it became extremely frequent around that level mark. Also, there is an ad after every 2 levels (the levels themselves are brief, so it’s frustrating to watch ads more than I’m playing a game).

- This is Okay,not perfect though!

This is an awesome game and it’s very fun and time passing, the thing that brings it down is that I just started and I’m on stage 8, I would like it if it were more challenging, also I feel that there should be, as in all games, a button where you can pick to be a boy or a girl in the game, cause I am a girl and I play better with a girl skin somehow, put that aside and I would give this a 5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating, so please fix that and I might fix this to five star! I hope this didn’t take up to much of your time!

- Not enough levels.

Levels just repeat after level 153. With a two-stage timed ad between every two levels and a loading page ad between every level, I guess they’ve made enough money by that time and don’t really care if people keep playing. Fun gameplay, but the sudden cutoff of new levels is really annoying and there isn’t even a message about new levels coming or any in-game menu at all so you can get notifications about new content. So go ahead and play, but don’t get too invested.

- Level 4300

I made it all the way to level 4,300 before deleting the app. All levels repeat themselves so I’m not sure why I continued on as far as I did. Maybe because it gives me something to do before bed, or that this quarantine is making me a little crazy. Either way, it’s a decent game, but there are a lot of ads. There is a “coming soon” option on the home page that has said that for months and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Maybe they stopped working on the game.

- This was good!!!!!

It’s was so good the first time I tried it it was good I loved it and did it more more more more more more and more!i was so happy to recive this game! My bro tried it before I helped him the then he’s been helping me getting past the levels! I was so happy to get this it was an amazing adventure going through the levels! This was great I give it a 5 star rating! This review is for people so this was great! Bye!

- Started off fun...

This game started off fun, but just like a lot of cash grab games the levels don’t ever get harder. Because the game is super easy and you’ll be on level 200 in minutes, I took a star off. The other reason I docked a star is because you kill animals (dogs, bears, crocs, tigers...) I wish the game would utilize the food to distract them more than killing them. Because if that I take another star off. I will delete the game soon as it never gets harder but it is a slightly better cash grab than most.

- Really fun game but repetitive

So I really enjoyed this game but it got repetitive. I realized some levels were exact replicas of the previous levels except with a few modifications in background and header. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game to play mindlessly, which is the whole point. It’s modeled after the game “Cut the Rope.” I truly enjoyed this game but the repetition and the lack of good looking, sensible UI made it a bit weird. I had to wait for specific moments until the costume change menu popped up. The incessant ads were tolerable.

- This Game is Great!

I absolutely LOVE this game! There are so many levels, and different game modes where added! There are so many characters and each level is super cool! Great job to everyone who made this game! Also, maybe one day you could make a kart racing game with all of these characters someday, that would be cool. Or a fighting game with all of these characters. -Once again, amazing job!!!

- The Kids Will Love It!

When they say ages 12 and up, what they really mean is that there is death and mutilation and blood involved, so it may not be the most appropriate game for your 6yr old, but that being said, its cartoon-like violence gameplay can be a bit entertaining at times. The strategy is not difficult at all and I got to level 100 within an hour. It’s what I call a great “toilet game” and will keep you entertained while waisting time in the bathroom, very much like flicking a crumbled piece of paper into a trash can.


I hate this app when I reached to the bear level I was so scared to kill the bear. Why did you guys have to create a games that kills animals why couldn’t you just create a game that kills like pencils idk something besides animals and humans. I would give this game no stars but there wasn’t an option and if you want to pass as many levels without ads just put your phone on airplane mode so there you a life hack and whoever made this game I hope it was a 5 year old because if your older than your 20s or in your teenage years you would understand that this is not acceptable at no circumstances 🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Don’t waste your time!

This is nothing but ads. You play for maybe 2 seconds. You cut a rope and a guy walks away. There is no challenge AT ALL or fun. They deliberately make it so easy because the sooner you finish the level, the sooner they can show you yet another advertisement. It’s literally just ads one right after the other disguise as a game. Play the game Cut The Rope instead. Much more entertaining and it’s an actual game, not just a scam to get you to watch a bunch of ads!! I will go out of my way to avoid downloading any of the games or buying any product from the ads they showed out of principle. Reverse advertising :-)

- Super fun game, but OPT out of Ads!!

I love short & sweet games bc I often don’t have time for long-term gaming, so Rescue Cut is perfect: They’re fun, short challenges to figure out how to save the guy w/o being shot, blown up, eaten up, etc! But like the others— PLEASE let us buy this App so we don’t have to put up w/ all the time-wasting Ads. I’m willing to pay and sure others will as well. I wish I had this game when I took the subway, this is perfect for those times. Thank you.

- An Ad after every level

You can blow through this entire game in no time, and then the levels just start repeating. Furthermore there is an ad presented at the end of every single level, with an unskippable 15-30 second ad every ever level. This means you’re getting beat to death with ads about every 5-10 seconds. You’re literally watching ads as much, if not more, than you’re playing the game. I appreciate that it helped me kill some time for one day, but I can’t really recommend it unless relentlessly watching ads is your thing.

- This is good kind of good🙂🙃

This game is OKAY it’s fun all the rounds are good. when I first started playing this game I loved 💕 it I kept playing this game all the way to 6:36 so I just started at 5:59 kids 🧒 that are like 4 or 9 or even older culled like this game I agree ☝🏼this is a great game for little kids I’m only nine yeas old yesterday was my birthday 🎂 so.. I’m kind of nine back to the game soo the game is good because all the rounds are getting harder and harder and harder it’s like getting more challenge they Mack it easy at first but then hard G.A.

- Dogs dying

It is a great game and if you have to many adds you can just put on airplane mode. But the one thing that makes this a 4 star is that you have to kill dogs in order to pass a level, I think that this is a little extreme, then again, there is bears and men getting killed too. A suggestion would be making the dogs friendly and helping you through the level in some way.

- It’s a cool game but....

I’m addicted to this game! I think I’m like in Level 200 something and I’ve only been playing it for like 4 days! But.... I think it’s sorta morbid with the fact that you are forced to kill animals to win the levels like for example you have to kill a dog. It just seems plain messed up, also, when someone dies there blood spurts EVERYWHERE it’s disgusting and just plain terrible. Overall, the game could improve but it is still fun.

- Fun but some complaints

I’ve played it and it’s a really fun game, the only problem is that the “antagonists” are depicted as animals such as a dog, bear, or alligator. Bear and alligators are fine but I wish that I didn’t have to blow up the dog. I feel like the app would appeal to a wider audience of the antagonist were notoriously frightening. Maybe if you replaced the dog with a snake. That and the shocking number of advertisements are my only complaints. Other than that it is a very entertaining app and I would recommend to my peers.

- Devs got lazy

The game is fun for a short while but the devs got lazy and kept doing the same things like lvl 15 they added gun guys then knife throwers and the big gun guys and lvl 20 they added bears then crocodiles then wolfs then tigers then gorillas and the only way to get new characters is to watch adds but there is a add every 2 levels I get this is a free game but I mean that’s just bad because the levels only take 20 seconds so the game gets boring fast and it’s only fun to level 50 and by the way that only takes 10 minutes I don’t recommend getting this game

- Not a good game but replying to everyones stupidty

Its a cheap game. Look at the developers profile. Stop whining about ads its a cheap game thats what happens in these types of games. Quick tip by the way *turn off wifi go to settings turn cellular data for the app off and no ads* WOW HOW AMAZING. Now stop whining about how bad the cheap game is and go play a real game from real known developers such as supercell.

- Nonsense

Ok the game is ok but the story it made just crazy like I save that kid too many timmee !! And why he always got caught again ?? Then what the point of saving him and also to save you need to kill animal life ??? Any many animals that more than his if he can’t survive by his own he should let other animal live except keep saving his dumb self and kill animals i mean bear are on the red list of extinction you guy save that kid life kill that much animal does not worth ittttt ! And we also need to kill many people to save him too that is not fair all lives matter !

- Love the game but....

I love the game even with all the ads and the constant replay of the same obstacles over and over. However I originally bought it to play with my elementary school kiddo who saw an ad for it in another game we play. But the type of ads that this game runs makes it very uncomfortable for me to let my kid play with or without me. I really wish their ads weren’t almost all games that are sexual in nature. There are so many other things that could be advertised.

- Minor good game but...

This game is kinda good but I have a few complaints. One, the amount of ads that come up is ridiculously overused! Why should I beat a level and my reward is and ad? Secondly, the graphics are terrible. I feel like you should put more effort into the graphics. Finally though, this game crossed the line when you made us have a dog explode. That’s just wrong. And when I said kinda good I meant at the maximum kinda good. There is many things that are wrong with it that should be fixed immediately.

- Way. Too. Much. Adds.

OK this game itself isn’t bad but seriously THERES SO MUCH ADDS!!! Like literally each level takes less that 2 minutes for me to finish but then after every level THERES AN ADD. and it’s so annoying!!! Anyway I’m sorry this review is kinda short but really this game needs to get rid of these adds or at least not have the player watch an add after every level. And the reason I’m rating this 3 stars is like I said, the game itself isn’t bad. JUST THE ADDS

- Not worth the ads

I’ve played til level 120 and decided to delete it. I get an ad every level or two with no way to get rid of them. I would have paid .99 or 1.99 for the full game without the ads but there’s no option. Also some ads are 30 seconds long with no way to skip. Not worth it unfortunately.

- Fun but not always

I have been playing for the first few levels and it’s so fun to play. I realized that every 2-3 games you would hit new adds. It’s quite boring to play if the adds are longer than 3 games. Plus should be a way to see what levels you have and maybe have modes like easy, medium, and Extreme to test players. These are some Things that need to be changed/fixed and if then I will delete the app and probably never play again.

- It’s So good

Like when I first started it I loved it! I mean I don’t blame others who don’t bc rn there’s one I can’t beat well it’s kinda good for learning cause you have to make the right choices basically it’s like a learning game for children! You have to use your brain to figure it out the first 10 ones are easy! Like I was saying this is a great game I think everyone should get it. It’s free, it’s fun, and you can learn too!

- Please respond

I am downloading this game right now and it seems very fun ! I have heard from a couple reviews though that there is a lot of adds so I will see about that . I’m giving this a four star rating for now. One of the review was actually written on my birthday!! November ninth .oh yay it downloaded now ! Gonna go play it . I’m really hoping u will respond

- I agree with another user about ads

I love this game it’s really fun and it’s pretty hilarious I might add. I just wish they would offer us a version where we can pay for the ads to be taken away. I don’t even mind paying, I’m just tired of seeing the same Game Of Sultans ad every two levels, another game I play and spend a ton on. Just offer us a version to remove ads, charge us if necessary.

- Goodness

You know I hate haters I was looking at the reviews and all I saw were “I hate the ads”it’s horrible if it’s horrible don’t play I’m only 10 years old and I know right from wrong and I know these hating comments better stop I like this game I actually got it because of an ad I won’t say my name even though I want to but thank you created and for everything you did to make this game. Love,Marley

- Too many ants

I think that this has too many ads because every time I paris in the thing where I could it's always giving me an ad it's always being so lucky because of it I hate having ads but the good thing about it is having like to can't do things and it's a satisfying thing I am fine i'm not with you please quality of the game 0000 this is a pretty good game

- Meh.

Good idea and really fun but after the first few levels it repeats the levels then add some fun ones, but once you get to the four hundreds it dose the same five leveled over and over and over until the game isn’t fun alt all. Also there are like WAYY TOO MANY ADDS! There are adds every other level. There are a few other things that are annoying but mostly that is it. The creator had a good idea but kind of just gave up and ran out of ideas. But hey, I played until level 450 almost so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

- Fun but...

This game is a great puzzle game and makes me feel proud when I beat the next level. Another cool thing about this game is that it has minor blood splatter which makes me want to kill the guy on purpose! My only complaint is that sometimes the levels can be too similar🤨 my last complaint is that the ADs happen every 2 or 3 levels which kills my proudness (not a word lol)

- Fun game but to MANY MANY MANY ADS

This game is fun but it ridiculously insane with the ads, every other level there is a ad, I’m about to delete this game game just because these developers are out of hand with so many ads, I could understand every 10 levels a ad but every other level is just plain ridiculous, the only reason I am giving this game 3 stars is because of the every other level a ad but other than that it’s a fun game

- Good game WAY to many ads

Every level you pass it makes you watch an advertisement that takes longer than passing the level. Honestly it’s just ExtremelyExcessive, would rate more stars if they fixed it to at least every five levels an advertisement would play, but one after each level is just uncalled for. Make a good game but only to make a profit off all the ads like come on, sad what the app industry has turned into.

- Not the best

This game is not the best it would be better if it had no blood and she's kind of boring like where is the music what is the pizzazz or something like that away bro it's not even a good dog is so weird I was giving him three because it is kind of soothing like you're mad at your parents some like that is pretty soothing but come on bro it's not that good I swear it's not that good like honestly it's not that good you could add more pizzazz to it like make another version of it.

- Good Game But Needs Changes

I like this game there are only a few things J would change. 1) Don’t kill the dogs 2) Don’t kill the bears 3) Don’t kill the tigers 4) Don’t kill the alligators I think the way to solve this problem it to distract the animals with food or a toy so the you can escape because I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate having to kill the animals just to complete a level. I also think that this will lead some people to think that it is ok to kill animals in real life. AND IT IS NOT OK. So please make these changes so I can keep playing this game that I like. Also if you are going to kill animals please add that in the mini game so EVERYONE will know what this game is and will not think that it is just saving some guy by cutting things!!!!!!!!!

- Fun

This game is fun. A lot of the levels seem the same or actually are the same as a previous level, and there are ads after almost every level. Each level only takes a few seconds to complete. Blood splatter from killing the people and animals is an over exaggerated effect so it’s kind of funny! 5 stars if it did have so many ads.

- So addictive and fun but-

I really like this game because it is very fun and every level offers a new challenge. Personally once you get to level 70 it starts getting more and more challenging and exciting. My only complaint is the ads. There are quite a lot of ads and it becomes a bit annoying 🤐 other than that minor issue, this app is seriously amazing 🤗

- 98% love it

I can easily just sit down and play this game all day it’s so fun and I’m only on level 5 I just got the game and it already is my favorite game on my iPhone. The only thing I have wrong with it is that you don’t include enough avatars it is not so so so bad but it’s something that I noticed if u could fix that and my opinion would be ,100%

- The Killing “Animails” Reviews Are OVERREACTED

Honestly, the animals just look like rocks, or poorly animated figurines, so if your scared to kill them, DONT BE, the blood are tiny blocks shooting out of the figure and it’s just an animation, so when your killing the person on animal it’s not real, trust me! To be perfectly honest with you it’s not as bad as you think. He game itself is fun and it’s pretty cool!

- Fun game but not okay with the animal killing

It’s a really fun game that I can see myself playing for hours, but I refuse to kill the dog. It even hurt killing the bears and alligators and I refuse to keep that up. It’s pretty gruesome, and I think if anything we should just have a way to trap them so they don’t kill us when we drop. I’m sorry but this issue is heavily mentioned in the comments so if you could keep the animal killings out of it, it would be a much better game.

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Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle @Mrakshaygamer

Mr Akshay Gamer

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Gameplay Walkthrough - Levels 60-111 Mr Akshay Gamer #11

Mr Akshay Gamer

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Gameplay | Walkthrough | Levels 1 - 61 !! Mr Akshay Gamer !! #4

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle 2.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle iphone images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle ipad images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle ipad images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle ipad images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle ipad images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle ipad images
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle (Version 2.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle was published in the category Games on 2019-08-19 and was developed by MarkApp Co. Ltd [Developer ID: 1356451821]. This application file size is 241.27 MB. Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle - Games posted on 2020-04-21 current version is 2.1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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